Cuisinart 7117-16EPS Chef’s Classic – Definite Quality – – Affordable Enough For “Real People” !

Not quite big enough for a 7 rib roast, but still works very well.

The more heavy duty and cheaper culina set because of the stainless steel rack and i am not disappointed. The pan, as some pointed out had some irregulars in finish which after rubbing with stainless steel wool i fine it ok. I know, many would jeer at me for doing this but i would rather have well placed fine scratches (do it in sensible direction(s)) on my stainless ware than the stain (stainless?) that i can’t seem to remove with any other methods. It could be a little thicker but the design of the lip and the ‘juice channel’ gives it more than enough structural strength. To avoid it being warped as some have experienced, you may want to have some liquid in the pan (water, stock,. ) as (i) you would want your roast to stay moist and (ii) add some veggie and have yourself some excellent gravy. Talking about gravy, i wouldn’t even think about using the pan over cook top as some complained about the ‘juice channel’ (not that i can since mine is induction) as i would dump the whole mess into the blender and puree it before finishing it in a sauce pan. The rack is why i chose this and i really like it: strong, easy to clean, sensible shape. As for the accessories, except for the useless thermometer, the rest is well worth the additional $7 at the time of my purchase.

Made a great fist turkey with this. Loved all the accessories too. This was a great price for the quality and what i saw on the market.

I didn’t go for the high ended roaster and i’d say the description of ‘heavy duty’ is a bit over the top. The handles are heavy duty, but the body really isn’t. If you are expecting a thick pan, you will be disappointed. That said, i bought it mostly to make chex snaxs in and it works well for that. It also cleans up easily and can go in the dishwasher. So it works for what i bought it for, but if you want to roast meat in something other than the accompanying rack, make sure you’re ok with the pan thickness (or rather lack thereof).

Good, sturdy product for making bigger pieces of meat such as a prime rib roast or turkey. I often cover my meat but use this roaster when open baking is recommended.

Never had an electric knife before but boy it makes a difference when cutting up the giant turkey. The knife went through the turkey like butter. Never again shall i have to cut turkey by hand. This kit was great for thanksgiving.

  • This pan/rack set was perfect for our 26 lb
  • Good pan, better rack.
  • Cooked a turkey like a champ

Ok, as you can see by the title of my review, i’ve burned my lower arms on this stupid thing, more times than i can say. Because the handles ‘stick’ out the sides, instead of being more upright. When i’m reaching over the stove or the counter to get to other food items, ‘crap’ i get burned again and back to the sink to run cold water over my arms. It’s happened so much, that my sister now drapes a couple dish towels over the handles, so we don’t get burned. That hasn’t happened with other roasters, so i’ll be looking to purchase something else. On top of that, this is not a heavy duty model, it’s thinner than i would like. It also has several irregularities, as some other people have noticed and the price is nearly doubled now. I received this as a gift, but you might notice that most sets that include other items are basically cheaper sets. That’s why other items are included.

Its bigger than i thought it would be but i love it .

Well, maybe not the best ever but it’s right near the top. I bought this set because we didn’t have a roaster pan. We used it for this year’s thanksgiving turkey. We used all the items in the set and it really worked out well for the 16 lb turkey we had, not only for the roasting but handling the turkey for stuffing and carving. Since i am the ‘turkey chef’ i found the set to be a good investment. We don’t roast a lot but i can tell that that might change now. I can’t wait to use it again.

Sent to my son, he loved it, was a perfect assortment.

This roasting pan was perfect for a 16 pound turkey on thanksgiving, and a 10 pound prime rib roast on christmas.

Features of Cuisinart 7117-16EPS Chef’s Classic, 16″, Stainless Steel

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  • Set includes: Turkey Lifters (2) (CTG-01-TL), Turkey Baster (CTG-00-PLB), Electric Knife (CEK-40), Meat Thermometer (CTG-00-MTM)
  • Premium stainless steel offers optimal cooking performance
  • Large capacity roaster fits in all standard-size ovens and is perfect for baking and roasting
  • Removable stainless U-rack is designed for even heat circulation and drainage of fat and oils during cooking
  • Dishwasher safe for added convenience

From the manufacturer

Cuisinart 7117-16UR Chef’s Classic Stainless 16-Inch Rectangular Roaster

An essential piece of cookware for family dinners, parties, and holiday celebrations, the Cuisinart Roasting Pans are designed to hold turkeys, chickens, and large roasts. Riveted stainless steel handles make placing the roasters into the oven, and lifting them out, safe and hassle free. Solid stainless steel racks allow heat to circulate and let meat or poultry drain as it cooks.


– Stainless Triple Ply Construction.

– Heat Surround Technology.

– Solid Stainless Steel Rack.

– Induction Ready.

– Dishwasher Safe.

– Lifetime Warranty.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I got this pan for my four layer lasagna i make. No cutting lasagna noodles to fit pan. I use six lasagna noodles for each layer no sticking. It is also great for 20lb turkey.

Purchased for daughter who is novice cook. First use was to be turkey but she actually cooked 5 bone standing rib roast to perfection. Knife is fantastic for cutting ribs away from roast then cutting into one inch thick steaks. Excellent quality roasting pan and electric knife set.

Excellent quality – heavy made with very good heavy handles. Looked for the best roasting pan i could find. Throwing in the rack, baster, thermometer, knife & fork made this a no brainer. Any one who has wrested a hunk of meat to turn it over or put it on a plate will appreciate the meat hooks too. Can’t wait to use this on thanksgiving.

I’ve thrown away too many of the coated teflon type from stuff-mart because the surface peels after one cleaning. I’m weary of disposable kitchen wares. This is a high-quality stainless pan you’ll be passing down to the next generation someday. It’s great for large casseroles as well and not just roasts and large birds at holidays. The shape of the roasting rack allows air to circulate so the whole bird gets a cooked evenly. The lifting forks are something i would not have purchased separately but now would not want to cook a large without. My only tip is to have an extra thermometer on hand. The one in this set did not work.

Nice bundle kit, excellent quality.

Held a rather large turkey for thanksgiving. The included tools made the job even easier.

Set includes: Turkey Lifters (2) (CTG-01-TL), Turkey Baster (CTG-00-PLB), Electric Knife (CEK-40), Meat Thermometer (CTG-00-MTM)

I really only bought this set for the electric knife, and i only got the whole set because it was $50 at the time. For an extra $10 it was worth it, and i will use everything but the low quality thermometer, but i wouldn’t pay over $100 for this set in any stretch of the imagination. The turkey lifters are nice, and we used them effectively on our thanksgiving smoked turkey. The baster is a baster that bastes. But what i really love is the electric knife. I used both blades on turkey day, for the bird and for fresh home-baked bread. This knife owned everything it touched and it really made the table presentation so much nicer and everybody thought the same. If you’re uncomfortable carving your bird with a power tool, check out alton brown’s electric knife turkey carving video on yt. I followed his directions to a t, and i’ll never go back to an ‘analog’ fork and blade. This ain’t your grandpa’s electric knife.

Makes cooking prime rib a pleasure.

This pan/rack set was perfect for our 26 lb. The tools came in very handy and clean up was a snap. The pan and rack are non-stick and wiped clean with a sponge. I highly recommend this product.

My husband cuts homemade bread with it and it leaves few crumbs. The roasting pan is just what i needed. And the meat thermometer, and meat lifter come in really handy. All in all we got a lot of quality items for a great price.

Used for thanksgiving turkey.

I got this for my mom for christmas and she loved it. Everything came just as it is shown. We had no problem with it fitting in our oven (and we don’t have a special oven it is just a plain old oven).

Premium stainless steel offers optimal cooking performance

I had been considering this type roasting pan for over a year, but i just couldn’t justify the price for the other brand i had been seeing. I’m so glad i waited for the cuisinart. This is definitely a quality roasting pan, and affordable enough for real people. It is not quite as heavy as the allclad, but almost as heavy, and certainly heavy enough.I’m pretty sure it will perform just as nicely and for as many years as the pricier brand. I appreciate value, and i consider this to be a great one.

Great size, heavy duty, easy to clean. The knife is great- very sharp, good weight and tang design.

Order as a christmas gift and did not receive the meat thermometer that it says it comes with.

I got it very quickly; thanks amazon. I already used it to cook chicken.

We needed a new knife, and this one is great; but, for a few more bucks (and i mean a few–we only paid 1/2 of what this is currently selling for) we got a great roasting pan, thermometer, etc. Can’t beat the quality and the value. I love using this roasting pan for roast chicken and turkey. It’s the best i’ve owned.

You get so much for your money. I haven’t tried it out yet bought after thanksgiving. Can’t wait to make a turkey.

Used this when i cooked our thanksgiving turkey for the first time. All the tools were useful and i felt prepared for cooking/serving a turkey for 15 people.

Large capacity roaster fits in all standard-size ovens and is perfect for baking and roasting

Great bundle of all the things you will need for a turkey or any roast.

Cooked a turkey like a champ. Could of put a bigger one on it thankfully 22lbs was enough to feed the herd this year. Cleaned up back to looking like new.

If you have a good cook (or chef) in the family, this makes a very impressive gift. It’s a very nice looking pan that stays nice looking. My only criticism of it is the lack of a non-stick interior. You either will want to line the pan with foil before cooking anything that will generate a mess or where juices might burn, or you’ll have to let it soak with a dryer sheet for a while afterwards. The stainless doesn’t retain messes so much as it just takes a bit of effort to get it completely clean. But it’s worth the effort – the pan cooks evenly, the rack is very sturdy. Watch out for the handles when they’re hot – they don’t fold down and it’s easy to burn the underside of your arm or hands on them when you’re moving it around while hot.

This roasting pan is a prize and well worth the investment. It is heavy duty and i have used it for large rib roasts and a turkey. It is wonderful for making gravy on my gas stove after roasting; the rack is so sturdy it holds any roast i could fit in my oven. It washes clean with little effort so i have not had to use the dishwasher. It looks like new after washing. This pan will be around a lot longer than i will.

Lifted right out on the rack.

My family loves it when i roast turkeys with stuffing and all the trimmings, and this one replaced an old pan that just couldn’t hold a big enough turkey to feed my growing boys. . We’ve not had any problems with too little turkey since i got this one, let me tell you.

Removable stainless U-rack is designed for even heat circulation and drainage of fat and oils during cooking

It’s high quality and sturdy. I’m excited to do my first turkey in it, but so far i’ve done a couple of large pork loins and it’s been wonderful.

I guess i got a great deal on this set when i purchased it 2 days ago it was 36 bucks and now its up to 94 i liked the set so much that i came back to buy a 2nd set for a gift. It was a steal at 36 well made pan and nice extras the knife was worth what i paid for the set. I guess the sale is over but still a very nice gift idea.

This pan is a great pan i purchased it two days ago and made a fresh ham and a turkey in the last two days. I think it is a little thin for such a great roaster pan. But the food came out delicious it cleans very easily but i must admit that the pan is a bit yellowed from the high heat at the beginning of the cooking. Thats ok if you are cooking for a lot of people that doesnt matter. It came with a thermometer and two holders in addition to the rack. I think its a great pan with minor problems. Cuisinart chef’s classic stainless 16-inch roaster with rack and 3 piece roasting set.