Crystal Home Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit : overall good but has become difficult to open and close

Good product not the best design. Well it works great for creating soda and the glass container is really nice compared to plastic. We broke it within the first half-hour as the plastic that holds the base to the base is very brittle.

Overall good but has become difficult to open and close. It does the job of making seltzer water on demand inexpensively. I like that the carafe is glass instead of plastic. I’m taking off one star because the locking mechanism to open and close it has become difficult to operate after 6 months of use and i have to put lots of attention into babying now it every time i use it.

Works superbly for making your soda. Works superbly for making your soda. 1st: it’s made with mostly loose fitting plastic making it a bit flimsy, 2nd: finding places nearby to refill the co2 canister is excessively difficult if you live in rural areas.

My wife drinks 2-3 liters of carbonated water per day. My wife drinks 2-3 liters of carbonated water per day. We had a slight problem with the lever that locks and unlocks the opening and sodastream replaced the unit and provide a new warranty. We have never made flavored soda in it, but it is heavily used and has performed flawlessly.

  • Makes great soda water
  • Great product, AMAZING customer service.
  • Glass full o’ bubbles
  • Go for the glass bottles!
  • Love the glass carafe design

Crystal Home Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

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  • Turn water into soda quickly and easily
  • More than 30 flavors at the touch of a button
  • Leaves virtually no clean up
  • No heavy bottles or cans to carry or store at home
  • Great for gift giving

Works well, love the glass bottles it uses. . This seems like a great quality piece. Have used it almost every day, and it’s going strong. We buy our replacement tanks as a trade-in at target.

I drink so much more water now because i’m not rationing my canned and bottled store-bought fizzy water. Much healthier for me & for the environment since i’m reusing the same two glass bottles. 🙂 also a bonus that i hadn’t thought about until i unwrapped it— doesn’t need an outlet. I’m thinking to get a second one for my office.

My wife drinks 2-3 liters of carbonated water per day. My wife drinks 2-3 liters of carbonated water per day. We had a slight problem with the lever that locks and unlocks the opening and sodastream replaced the unit and provide a new warranty. We have never made flavored soda in it, but it is heavily used and has performed flawlessly.

One of the best investments i ever made. So simple to take tap water put in your brita filter pitcher and pour into the glass container to make sparkling water with no plastic ever. Pour that into your fresh juice for a healthy beverage alternative. Loved it so much bought a second for my daughters bday. If you are health conscious and want to do more for the environment plus your not supporting those big bottle companies, you know who you are. They use tap water anyway with far less regulations then your local towns so stop buying bottled water leeching plastics and polluting the environment plus save money too.

Easy to use; fizz is just right, though you can adjust if needed. It takes less than a minute to make the seltzer so consider whether a second or third bottle is really necessary. Not interested in the soda products.

I replaced my plastic bottle soda stream with this. Same great bubbles (i don’t add flavor), in a classy bottle that doesn’t expire and the hippies say it’s better for me. Never trust a hippie, but trust me. This is way nicer than the other style bottle even if it isn’t any healthier.

I saw some bad reviews for this product, but mine has worked flawlessly. I use the cold filtered water from the fridge to make carbonated water for mixing drinks. Yes, the unit is mostly plastic, but if used per the instructions, it works fine, simple to use.

I’ve had a couple of the penguin style soda-streams for many years. Worthy replacement, slightly less noisy if you care about that stuff.

Works great and it is slightly easier to fill than the. Works great and it is slightly easier to fill than the plastic bottle version i tried at my mom’s house. All the bad reviews are from people who don’t understand, or don’t want to accept, that the glass bottle system is not compatible with the plastic bottle system. I absolutely love the dispenser. It works quickly, easily and flawlessly so far. (i have made about 60 bottles to date. ) the bottles are a bit heavy, so that would be the one reason to buy the plastic system instead. But i love the feel of the glass bottles. They are well made and i find the caps just fine.

I now drink water constantly and don’t have to lug home a week’s worth of 1 liter bottles of club soda anymore. I purposely bought this one because of the glass bottle (i have no desire to either contribute to the slow killing of the earth or leach hazardous chemicals into my water so this suited me perfectly) and i’m glad i did.

I’ve always been a huge fan of sparkling water. It’s healthier than soda, but still satisfying. So the soda stream was a natural choice for me. I had one of the original soda streams for over 4 years, and absolutely loved it. When i saw this, i got curious though. So i ordered it, and i’ve not been dissapointed yet. It works just as well as my original plastic soda stream does, but looks nicer. It also has a nicer feeling to it. The only downside to it is that if you drop this version you’ll have a rather large and dangerous mess on your hands.

We love it, especially love not lugging home glass bottles of seltzer and not hauling off glass empties for recycling. I am giving five buzzes of co2, which makes a highly carbonated drink up to the standards of all of the european seltzers. The glass bottle and plastic lid, all dishwasher safe, hold the fizz very well. I’m glad i ordered two extra glass bottles even though the price seems outrageous. I’m not sure how long a co2 cartridge will last, but i think i will save some money if the system lasts more than a year. With three bottles i was able to keep the seltzer coming for a steady stream of christmas guests. I give soda stream a lot of credit for a fabulous, convenient, easy to use product. I hope the price and replacement of the co2 cartridges will go smoothly. To soda stream, don’t gouge us on the co2 or you will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Mine has been performing completely for yrs.

Extremely satisfied with the simplicity of use. Very satisfied with the relieve of use. Not 5 stars because i am asking yourself how the merchandise will maintain up – the plastic seal appears questionable so we will see.

I was hesitant right after looking through some problems about the soda stream product or service. To place it blunt, i consider most of these concerns are operator error. To be fare, the guidance that are include things like with the soda stream products could be far better. For a wonderful how to video for this merchandise search on youtube for ‘how to use your sodastream crystal beverages maker’ — i suggest seeing this in advance of location up or creating soda with this merchandise. I do believe the selling price is a little superior for what it is. The item is made out of plastic. Just purchased, if the product proves to have any issues i will update. Four stars since of value.

Simple to use and looks stylish the on counter. The sparkling water is the greatest i’ve tasted. I use filtered zero water and was happy i paid out further for the glass procedure. And no extra lugging bottles from the retailer.

Like the glass carafe design. This was tremendous expensive (thus four stars), but i love it anyway. I do imagine the cost is much too high, but due to the fact i did not like the other sodastream with the plastic bottles (plus i like the layout on this one particular greater much too), i resolved to try it. The water preferences a lot far better out of glass bottles, and though the bottles are costly they do not ‘expire’ like the plastic ones, and you can wash/sanitize in your dishwasher. I like the design and style exactly where the bucket will come out to ‘greet’ your bottle, and the quick operation of it in general. Great item, just expensive, but then once again i guess you get what you pay out for.

I made use of to commit a tiny fortune. I utilised to commit a little fortune on not-environmentally-friendly bottled sparkling water, but now it just costs $15 each and every month or so to switch the co2, and i do not have to truly feel (as) responsible. My 1 question would be: in phrases of building and uncooked materials, and in particular offered that there usually are not any electrical areas, is this definitely really worth all that income?. Utility is, of class, in the.