CROQUADE U11000 Traditional Belgian Waffle Maker – From no service to extremely impressive service.

Having the iron is one item, but to find the correct receipe is another. Apparently these receipes sre.

This is my fourth waffle maker and so far, the only one that manages to make waffles in a consistent, even way. Being belgian, i’m very picky about my waffles. Grandma’s brussels waffle recipe came out great, as did a recipe i found online for liege waffles. I have to say though that the recipes provided in the booklet are off. The brussels waffle had way too much flour and no yeast and came out heavy and dense instead of light and airy. Taking the waffle plate off results in the waffle maker falling apart. It’s a weird design but i got used to it – after all, who doesn’t like plates that can go into the dishwasher?. Very easy cleanup, even for the liege waffles. I just soaked the plate in hot water and the burnt sugar came right off.

A company representative contacted me after i wrote my review about the poor service, below. The gentleman was very cordial and explained the service situation and their plans to offer more service options in the future. It was obvious to me that complete customer satisfaction is very important and considered a high priority by the company. I was offered a replacement unit at no cost to me. This was much more than a fair proposal that’s what i call old fashion integrity. This kind of service is sadly disappearing in business today. It is such a great pleasure that this level of customer satisfaction is still valued by some companies. I am very impressed with my experience. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Previous review:the unit works well. However, there is no repair service or service manual available. There are no spare parts available. The plastic handles attached to the heater assembles are fragile and can be easily damaged. A month after i purchased the unit, the handle was damaged because the unit fell off its shelf onto the counter. Here are the specifications for the CROQUADE U11000 Traditional Belgian Waffle Maker:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Back and forth rotating feature helps distribute batter evenly
  • Waffle plates are removable, dishwasher safe and interchangeable
  • Temperature gauge on the top of the machine allows for experimentation with texture
  • Cast aluminum plate is produced with a non-stick coating that allows for the waffle to be removed effortlessly.
  • Easily interchangeable with a variety of 8 different types of waffle plates ( sold separately)
  • Item Dimensions : 4.33 Inches x 8.66 Inches x 12.6 Inches

Irons have large rim to capture excess batter. The outer coating enables easy cleaning. Waffles are crisp on the outside and chewy and moist on the inside. The liège dessert waffle is fantastic.

My mother had a ge waffle maker from the early 50’s. For 34 years it worked perfectly and it was still working perfectly when it was donated. She wanted all new appliances in her new kitchen. Three waffle irons later she still hadn’t found one nearly as good as her ge until i gave her this one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great product
  • Highly effective design and build.
  • stops working

This waffle maker makes amazing waffles and the interchangeable plates make it easy to clean and make different styles of waffle. I am one of many people who had the waffle iron stop working but i found the source of the defect and fixed it myself. For some reason, croquade installed the wrong type of fuse in the iron and it blows easily. It’s a little tricky to replace, but you can order the fuse and replace it with a little effort: here are instructions i found in another review, i followed them and successfully fixed my iron. The problem comes from a thermic fuse located underneath the resistance plate on the side of the waffle iron that does not have the thermostat dial on it. Open the iron and remove the waffe plate. Then remove the the screw holding the resistance plate, lift the plate up and disconnect the white wires at both ends of the resistance where they connect to the heating element. They are under a reddish vinyl sleeve.

Awesome for liege waffles, the removable plates make cleanup very easy.

. But it stopped working after a month of using it once a week. Have been unable to contact the company and receive a replacement.

I have a friend who has had a couple of these fail, so i’m not overly optimistic, but this thing makes a great gaufre liegois. The pearled sugar carmelizes without having to burn the waffle.

Update: after using this iron one time, it failed electrically. It kept blowing the breaker and then wouldn’t turn on. I had to send it back for a full return. It’s a great iron but poor quality. My suggestion is to find another iron. Check out the pictures attached, i made these with the hamilton beach $20 iron here on amazon. Great waffle iron to make liege waffles. The great thing about this iron is. It keeps the heat consistent, its high quality, it changes out irons to make different types of waffles, there is no seam dividing the waffle like you see in many round waffles (because of the seam in common breakfast waffle irons it creates a hard line in the liege, no good), you can flip this over, its very stable and cooked/melted sugar doesn’t stick to the the non stick irons.

The product delivered didn’t work correctly — it didn’t get nearly hot enough. I figured it was probably bad quality control, so we returned and re-ordered. The second copy is amazing – gets very hot, cooks consistently, and made amazing liege waffles.