Coursin Male to 3 – Really red!

This is an amazing microwave oven. It’s not only beautiful, it heats extremely well and extremely evenly.

Works well but the door needs a handle as well as a push button spring opening thingy. Don’t care for the controls. Arrived quickly and looks good.

Cooks the food very well and very fast. . A little noisy but not too bad. Only thing i don’t like is when your pressing the buttons sometimes you have to hit the button multiple times instead of just having to hit it one time. But i really a good microwave.

Got some pretty serious power in a small microwave.

The interior lining peeled and bubbled after 2 years of use. I love this microwave, but now need to buy a new one.

Works great, nice to have a 1200 watt after having a 900 watt for 10 years.

  • shiny apple red!
  • Four Stars
  • flash of red

Very happy with this purchase. It’s a bright pretty true red.

Love my red microwave from day one.

Bought it for my boyfriend and he love it big hold large bowls unlike most microwave.

Great color and works better than our last microwave.

Features of Male to 3.5 mm Female Stereo Audio Headphone Connector

  • Red Microwave Oven Kenmore 1.1 cu. ft. Countertop Ovens

Red Microwave Oven Kenmore 1.1 cu. ft.

I love the red color,because my kitchen counter is red and the back splash is too. And it’s big and 1100 watts of power.

Really pretty shade of a true red color and a nice quality oven.

Not the red we expected but it is a great product.

It meets my expectations and the color is beautiful.

Looks stylish on my sink counter.

So far it’s been working well and i hope it will continue to do so.

As far as i’m concerned this is five-star, but i only use it to bake potatoes and heat up food, so i don’t know how it performs if pushed. All i know is that it works well, is spacious, and is the gorgeous, rich, dark red that i wanted.

I feel like that’s all you can ask for in 2015. I got a great deal on it at kmart and purchased this microwave for $93.Very pleased with size and how easy it is to use.

It has that good kenmore quality with very useable features.

Works well, just a little noisy.

The red microwave was everything i expected for it to be.

This gorgeous red, high-powered kenmore microwave arrived the day after we ordered it. How did they manage that miracle?. And of course, it’s a kenmore, so works perfectly.

Beautiful microwave and the cost was great as well. Would definitely purchase from this seller again.

It looking good with the red color and power i need.

Plenty of power and seems well made.

I replaced this microwave with one ( that is still working) also a kenmore 1999 because i wanted a red one and a backup. I don’t know if it’s because appliance’s are made with less or lighter parts but it sounds very tin like when opening and shutting the door :?. But that isn’t effecting the cooking ability. Overall i am happy with my purchase.

Does just what it should do.

Only had it a week, but it looks good and works well, has all the bells and whistles. I’ve had bad luck with two failing microwaves in a row that only lasted six months each and as i result i have not had a microwave for six years. But they were not kenmore’s, a name brand that i have always trusted.

Great microwavemedium size, beautiful and lots of heating power. I’m satisfied with the purchase.

I absolutely love this microwave. Goes perfect with my kitchen color scheme and works wonderfully. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Works as-advertised, and it’s red.

It was a gift, but person said works great.

But the body and the door are different shades of red for some reason.

We received this yesterday so these are first impressions. For some reason i was expecting a deeper red. This seems to lean toward orange a little. When we turned it on it made quite a racket. I found that if i lifted the left side a little it was much less noisy. I put some cushioning under the feet and it was much less annoying. Actually the rear left foot needed a little more cushioning. The left side panel seemed to be unattached at the bottom so i think it was vibrating. One of the things i use this for is to heat 2 cups of water to make tea. Our smaller 700 watt oven took 4 min. I like the spacious turntable.

Heats as well as 1300 panasonic that went down way too soon. Red matches my scarlet fiestaware exactly. Frankly i don’t think any are made to last anymore. This is good bang for the buck and hopefully will lasts good while.

Great buy, cooks very evenly and fast.

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