Courant TO-942W 4 Slice Countertop Toaster Oven : Five Stars

We bought one to take on trips since there is not always a microwave in the room. Recently we stayed at a really nice hotel and they offer a microwave for $25 a day. We chose to get this nice, lightweight little guy. It worked perfectly to heat up pizza. The toast was different than from a toaster but i enjoyed mine, out on the patio, next to the pool. Whose gonna complain about that?.

I only use this toaster oven for my polymer clay, and so far it was worth the purchase.

After getting used to is operation, i found this to be a wonderful device for a single man. Small in size and prize, but not in performance. I can broil a steak or two pork chops in no time flat. And it’s quite easy to clean.

I bought the 2 toast model for my boat as space and light weight is at a premium. It’s well made especially for the price i just made a piece of toast. It was ready in about 4 minutes and slightly moredone one side but no big deal. I liked the timer, in particular the simple mechanical timer clicking and the bell at the end. Sure it gets hot on the top. But it is an oven so i expect it will get hot so i willtreat it like any other appliance used for heading/cooking.

  • (I like that I don’t have to waste energy heating a
  • It’s a winner!
  • Nice toaster

Courant TO-942W 4 Slice Countertop Toaster Oven with Bake and Broil Functions and 30 Minute Timer, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Toast, Bake and Broil Functions
  • 30 minute timer. Oven signals and automatically shuts off when baking time is complete
  • Fits 4 Standard slices of bread or a 9-inch pizza. Two rack positions
  • Baking pan and rack included
  • Power indicator light, Tempered glass door, 800 Watts

This toaster is exactly what i was looking for. It is a little more versatile than a 2 slice toaster but not trying to be a mini oven that takes up valuable countertop. I can toast, reheat, melt some cheese on stuff in a compact and stylish toaster.

My mom had one for years and it recently broke. I looked around and found this one, ordered it and had it delivered to her home. She loves it and tells me every morning how it makes toast for her just the way she likes it.Highly recommend this toaster.

I was looking for the smallest toaster oven i could find, and this is it. It does all the functions on the dials. 5 inches clearance between the wire shelf and the top heating element, so you cannot put a massive amount of food in it. This tiny little toaster oven is for people who don’t want to use their oven all the time. (i like that i don’t have to waste energy heating a larger oven, and also mine is storing out heavier pots, which i don’t want to move just to reheat pizza, etc. ) if you need a toaster oven because you don’t have a regular oven, i wouldn’t recommend this one. All i care about is the size and that it works, but if i relied on this very heavily, i am not sure how it would hold up.

I purchase this oven for the office and i have zero complaints. Very inexpensive and it does the job. It is small and it doesnt take much space. Warming or cooking my lunch is a breeze with this toaster oven.

Smal, but perfect for my apartment with my limited counter space. This wouls be perfect for any sort of “tiny living”.

Just needed a small toaster with a small footprint to toast high fiber bread that i slice myself. A pop up toaster won’t work because the slices are too irregular in size. Very few options are on the market. Outside does not get that hot, if you are just toasting. Poor mounting design of crumb tray; does not just slide in.

I was looking for an extremely small and inexpensive toaster oven, and this is a true winner on those points. It toasts alright and does take just a bit longer than you might expect but it’s not horrendously slow with bread, english muffins or bagels. However when i used it the first few times, the little thing did produce a small amount of some smoke on the from the right side near the dials. It had only been on for a minute or two on the toast setting, and the smoke was certainly not from the english muffin i had inside (you could say it had a distinct frying-electrical smell). But after the second use, that problem disappeared. You’ll want to find something else however if you like to bake things straight out of the freezer. 2 frozen chicken kievs took slightly over an hour to heat thoroughly when they should have taken about 45 minutes at most. Perhaps smaller frozen foods like pizza rolls would be ok though, still slower than some larger rivals i would assume. There are far better options that are only a bit more expensive, but i really needed the compact size. I’m generally satisfied, and my expectations were not high in the first place.

Love this oven, we got it to use in our motor home, it is perfect.

Great little travel toaster oven. Just took it on a road trip and it was so nice to be able to get up in the morning and have a bagel and coffee and not have to worry about hitting the breakfast line. Other posters have said that it can take a little bit of time and you might want to consider flipping front to back for an even toast but even with that minor inconvenience i still really like this little compact toaster oven.

It is small, just right for my tiny kitchen. It fits a slice of pizza or two slices of bread. The exterior does get very hot, so be careful where you place it.

Great little toaster for small spaces. Takes a little longer to toast than a toaster but then the design of a toaster oven places the heating elements a little further away from the bread than a toaster.

I think most toater ovens are way too big. This easily fits bread and mini pizzas.

I got it for work and it fits in the cabinet in the kitchen and it works great for making breakfast and lunch. Even scrambled an egg in it.

This is a great toaster for a single person.

This toaster oven is just perfect. It is small enough that i can store it in a cupboard while not in use. It toasts and broils nicely.

I needed a small toaster to fit in a tight spot on my kitchen counter this fits perfectly and gets the job done. Width and depth is small so keep that in mind if you need something bigger.

Really nice size to heat up my lunch at work. My wife sends me burritos for lunch and they really need to be toasted to fix of the soggy tortilla. So much better than a microwave to reheat the food, with a nice crisp tortilla. It is slower than a microwave and not super powerful but if you give it a few minutes, it does a great job. Perfect size for my purpose and the price is right.

Cute little oven, perfect for smaller polymer clay projects.

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