Continental Electric Professional Series PS75891 Stainless-Steel Pizza Baker – Ok for the money

It is exactly as it said it would be. It is a good lil oven with the exception that it doesn’t seem to get real hot and bake the bottom of the pizza. We also have to rotate the pizza to keep it from buring on the left side. I was very unhappy that ups just left it on my steps in the rain but that isn’t the sellers fault.

This pizza oven is great for cooking frozen pizza, cooks a frozen pizza in less time than it takes to get your oven to the correct temperature. You have to keep an eye on it as it can burn the edges pretty quick because it is so fast. I do rotate the pizza once durning cooking time as it seems to cook faster towards the back of the oven. It’s great for egg rolls, fries, poppers, etc too as it gets them crisper than the oven does.

Here are the specifications for the Continental Electric Professional Series PS75891 Stainless-Steel Pizza Baker:

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  • COOK A 9″inch PIZZA IN 6 MINUTES! Great for your kitchen, dorm room, camping, and tailgating parties.
  • 30 MINUTE TIMER to remind you when your food is ready. Preheats in minute. Cook pizza, quesadillas, cookies, and more
  • REMOVABLE PULL OUT CRUMB TRAY to clean with ease.
  • Professional Series DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL BODY with COOL TOUCH HANDLE with fit nicely right on your kitchen countertop
  • Measures: 20.45 x 8.95 x 17.95 inches, with 1450 WATT power
  • UL Listed, and 2 Year Limited Warranty

This was a replacement oven for one which needed a new temperature control. I love these type of pizza ovens. They do a great job, just like a pizzeria. Light weight so is easy to move around. I move it outside in hot weather, so it does not keep the heat in the house. Only drawback is that you can only get up to a medium pizza in, but is fine for me as it is only myself and husband.

I had one of these for years and loved it. It finally quit and i found this one. It will cook a frozen 12′ pizza in less than 15 min. I also use it for frozen french fries, reheating pizza ( the microwave makes it soggy) , i also line the tray with foil and cook chicken wings, etc. It is also great in reheating fried catfish, it comes out just like from the deep fryer. My grandaughter uses it for frozen pizza rolls.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Young kid friendly
  • Perfect!
  • It does what it should

I bought this one to replace a similar one that had been damaged in a recent move. The price was very good, and it works like a charm. I use it to cook frozen pizzas or heat/toast sandwiches. It also works great to heat up left over pizza. I have not yet had any troubles fitting a frozen pizza or decent sized sandwich in it. (i was kind of concerned based on the dimensions, i wasn’t sure if it was as big as my old one, which it was. ) it cooks the pizzas or sandwiches much better than the standard oven, uses less energy (no heating the entire house for a snack), and heats up and cooks very quickly. The piece that slides into the oven is a wire rack or grate, so there would be an issue cooking smaller pieces of food. Overall very versatile and good for those of us without a lot of kitchen space.

Good oven, cooks pizzas evenly and fast. However, mine was damaged during shipping.

Excellent when you do not want to use a big oven.

Does a nice job for my money. I thru out an old commercial model that lasted 10 yearsand we no longer have the need for multiple pizzas. Hard to beat the job these ovens do for a frozen pizza.

I love this oven easy to use clead up a breeze i love thim item use it all the time for a number of things cooking of course.

I bought this pizza oven for my son who uses it often to make pizza for him and his friends. They wore out the first one that we had so ordered another.

We have had several of these over the years but this last one only lasted just long enough to be out of warrantee.

I scoured the internet in search of reviews on this product prior to purchase. Most were positive, but some complained of a ‘defective’ baker. I think it’s either the way it’s shipped or perhaps literally some of the ovens are not made correctly and still shipped out. Personally, mine works like a gem. No, but you get what you pay for. If you want a perfect one you have to spend 150+ dollars. The only bad part about this oven is at times it can cook different pizza styles completely different. I can put a thicker crust pizza in for 8 minutes and have it be perfect, but i can put a thin crust pizza in and have it take 10-14 minutes, sometimes with it not being perfect still after that amount of time.

It needs a stop on the grill. Pizza too easily slides off when pulling out to rotate. Otherwise, cooked a delicious pizza. Love the immediate cooking – no heating up the oven.

Not as good as our cheaper one we got at fleet farm. Time seems kinda weird on the thing and its not consistent heat throughout.

This product was great, really large can fit a large pizza inside. My only complaint is how it was shipped, it bwas shipped in its original box with a huge picture of what it was on the outside, letting everybody kmpw what i had ordered and was left outside my house. Luckily i have good neighbors and the person i bought this for wasn’t home.

Not sure why people claim it doesn’t get hot enough – frozen pizza cooked to perfection in 8-12 minutes?. Don’t touch the thing for about 45 minutes afterward because it gets really hot.Mine came with the manual, although if you can’t cook a pizza with one of these without the manual you better just order from dominos.

It works okay but it does not bake a pizza evenly. You have to keep turning the pizza as it is baking to get an even bake.

Works great for our lower level/bar area.

My significant other wanted a pizza oven for the basement; we’ve used it a couple of times and it seem to work great.

Worked great right from the box cooks a pizza from freezer to table in 15 minutes. After reading some of the poor reviews about this item it goes to show that not everyone can make a pizza :).

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