Coleman Quikpot Portable Coffee Maker Instastart – Stainless Steel Carafe – Propane – w/ Carrying Case, Love this unit!

Well built easy to use gas powered coffee maker. The stainless steel carafe is awesome for camping. I was a very popular guy in the am at a weekend camping disc golf event because of this unit. My second camping excursion i didn’t bring it on account my group was supposed to get an rv site with electricity. When that didn’t work out i realized that i will never go car camping again without this unit. If you are like me and don’t function without a pot of coffee in the morning, this unit is worth every penny. Hell, let the coming zombie apocalypse kill our electricity grid. I’ll still have awesome coffee.

Camping with 30 cubscouts, if i don’t have coffee fast no kid eats. This baby from start to finish 12 minutes and cubmaster has a full cup of coffee, a total must for any scout troop with coffee drinking parents,.

Totally met my expectations. A wonderful addition to my hunting cabin. A full pot of coffee in 12 to 15 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes with my old maker.

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“Works OK, but not GREAT.
, Really excellent
, Awesome Camp Coffee

It work like the one at home, only it’s propane. I would give it 5 stars except that it gets really, really hot. It gets so hot it will melt plastic within about 6 inches of the sides. The bottom doesn’t seem to get hot, as i had it on a wooden table and the table did not feel hot. I’ll add that it comes appropriately marked and with all of the needed precautions, but you need to adhere to them. I used it for a week in a montana deer camp in early november and everyone in camp was coming to me for coffee. I recommend this coffee pot with the caveat that you must be careful when using it.

. Don’t place anything next to it, it will melt anything. Took about 12-15 minutes for a pot, not bad.

Came earlier than expected and is exactly as described. Convenient able to be used anywhere.

Beats boiling coffee over on a propane stove.

I recently purchased this coffee maker for car camping. As with anything i use in the field, i test at home. Out of the box the unit looks sturdy. Pieces seem to stay attached to the unit except for the carafe. It’s a simple set up, screw on the gas then light it up. My cm had the auto ignition and it worked well, there was a small puff of flames first start up but i have not noticed it happening consistently, most times it starts up smoothly. If nothing else, the test runs allow you to check coffee grounds level with water usage to tweak the brew to your taste. Sitting on my porch, start to finish the cm takes about 15 to 20 minutes for a full pot but you can draw from the carafe within the first few minutes of brewing if you have the auto stop feature. It took this cm with me fishing and sparked it up right on the ground at the dirt parking lot as most fishing access areas are.

Regularly and often and while camping. Normally we have resorted to a press pot but. The liquid electricity from those things is good for one cup, not for all day long unless you want to appreciate the outdoors as a blur. This drip maker for the backwoods is large, cumbersome and simple to operate – once you understand the rules of engagement. 5 inch base, 8-12 cup basket filters. It doesn’t currently say that in the instructions, it is been briefly mentioned by one or two reviewers but that’s the reality. Even at a drug store, these are really inexpensive for a 100 pack, that should get you through a season or two. I do appreciate the transport case for it but would advise raising the base with a few wooden shims to get the bottom reflecting plate further from the table surface when brewing.

Odd placement of the fuel canister. You will be proud of your coffee at the campsite or in the hunting cabin.

We use it every weekend and it’s the hit of the day.

Very functional on the boat.

Camping has been made all the better for purchasing this. We are the envy of tent city. One full canister of propane can make 3 pots of coffee.

This unit is about the coolest portable coffee pot i’ve ever seen. Took it to sturgis this year (got it the day before leaving) and made multiple pots of coffee every morning. It does take a while to make a full pot of coffee (about 18 minutes) but the quality of the coffee is every bit as good as any home drip maker. The outside of the unit does get hot but that should be obvious to anyone using the unit. My only complaint about it is the un-insulated carafe. I got the steel pot and it will definitely cool down fast. You either have to turn the burner to the lowest setting to keep the pot hot or put the freshly made coffee in a carafe or thermos. I bought the premium maker as i like the black color the and the case that comes with it is a must have. Two thumbs up on this essential camp accessory.

So simple,yet so effective,makes great coffee works for hot water for tea,you can make around 35-40 pots of coffee on one small propane tank,so pretty cheap to run,great for tailgating or outdoor parties,also the stainless steel carfare keeps the coffee a couple hours very happy with this machine.

Have not used the coffee maker yet. But it seems to be a quality coffee maker.

Perfect for a fresh cup of coffee while camping.

But be prepared to wait 30 – 45 minutes because it is not fast. Turning the heat up doesn’t make it go any faster either, just makes the water in the reservoir boil and splatter water all over. So set it no higher than medium heat and wait for the coffee. There is a valve in the bottom of the water reservoir that is supposed to open briefly when the boil chamber ‘perks’ to admit a little bit more water the valve tends to pop out, and it is hard to get it pressed back into place – small area to try to get a hand into. But without that valve seated properly, the water moves into the boil chamber way too fast and keeps it from ‘perking’ properly. And once it does come out it wont stay in place, but comes out repeatedly. If the valve comes out while making a pot of coffee, it will not continue brewing because too much water gets into the boil chamber.

It works great, it would be nicer if it had an automatic shut off.

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