Coldtower Kegerator Tower Cooler : This thing definitely helps to cool the tower of my kegerator

Tower is chilled and beer pours at the right temp.

Works great, easy to install. I drilled a hole in the side of my fridge for the power cord.

This works perfectly just as advertised. I have my tower outside and this keeps the tower cold all day and all night.

Great systems really helps out on the initial pour.

I have used this cooler for a few months now and i can say it does the job of bringing cold air from inside the kegerator up into the tower very well. I can tell it works because the tap sweats on humid days. Mechanically as with any fan it can get frozen over if left too close to the cooling grates in the kegerator. Especially living in phoenix keeping the tower cool is essential for cold beer and lower amounts of head, and if it can work this well here it will work anywhere. The coldtower works like a charm. I only have two complaints about the unit and both of them relate to the power chord and switch. One, the chord and switch are quite short, especially if you run your power for the unit in with the co2 lines. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be an issue, but while moving the unit slightly the chord ripped out of the switch. I have since soldered it back in place and gotten an extension chord but its something to be careful about. My second issue with the power chord is that it would be nice to have an indicator of when the unit is on.

This does exactly what it says and makes the tower cooler. It is a little noisy but you don’t really hear it unless you are trying to.

It very much delivers cold air to the tower. The tower is now quite cold to the touch maybe i should insulate it more to keep loss to minimum. First new keg after installation and i have nice, cold, carbonated but not foamy beer, with first pour. This type of addition should be on the plans of any conversion or as a aftermarket add-on.

Works fairly well in cooling the tower of my kegerator. Previously, i was forced to run about 4 oz. Of beer off with each fresh pour because the temperature in the tower wasn’t keeping the beer cold enough and i would get glasses of half foam. This seems to be very common with low end kegerators. I read lots of forums and did lots of tweaking to the temperature/pressure/lines/etc. , but didn’t have any notable success in reducing the foam on each new pour. After installing this product, i got better pours but still had a bit foam at the start (probably a 50-75% improvement). I went to my local big box hardware store and got some pipe insulation, which wrapped around the outside of the tower to keep the cold in. Now i’m getting perfect pours every time and not wasting any beer. This is definitely a recommended product for those frustrated with foamy keg beer and adding in some insulation will help if this product doesn’t do the trick by itself.

This blower is just what i needed to keep the beer in the top 12′ of beer line cold for excellent first pours. Truth be told, when you receive the product, there is an information card that states that their best prices are available directly from their website at http://www. This may be true of the product list price, but i cannot verify the cost of shipping, and obviously prime is free. As for the product itself, the blower seems well constructed, and it has been functioning flawlessly in my kegerator for a few weeks now. I couldn’t be happier with the blower. Personally, i have a dual faucet kegerator, so my tower is fairly cramped with two beer lines and insulating foam, so if you shop direct, consider the 3/8′ hose rather than the 1/2′, it works plenty wellthe power cord itself is a bit short for my personal application, since you lose several fee inside the kegerator, but i will probably just use an extension cord to get to the outlet with a bit more slack.

I bought this to help cool down my 2 tap system that goes thru garage wall out to my bar in my backyard. So far it has performed as intended.

Works fine, cools the tower as advertised.

It’s fairly noisy, but get the job done.

This was as advertised and shipped on time.

It does exactly what what it’s supposed to do. A little louder than i hoped though.

Does it cool the tower and cut the foam problem?. So jeff, why only 4 and not 5 stars?. Well, i wrote to the seller ( a really nice guy) and we discussed the one issue i have experienced. Because the keg is kept at 40 degrees we have a cold environment. The fan used is a cpu type fan. Very efficient and usually quiet. However, when put into a cold environment it is operating opposite what it was designed for. The design is to be in a hot enviroment and evacuate hot air. In a kegerator things are reversed.

I routed mine with the power cord going inside the door seal. Once my leg settled and got cold overnight i had perfect pours from the first pour. Product seems to work perfectly. I turn the fan off when i know i won’t be drinking. Only had a couple days so i can’t speak to any longevity issues.

I paired this with a wemo insight switch and now before i leave work on a hot day i can turn on the tower cooling fan. 30 minutes later when i get home the tower and taps are nice and cold. The only thing its missing are mounting tabs on the sides of the fan so you can attach it to the cold plate. I drilled through the box and screwed it tightly to the cold plate.

The unit is exactly as described. It does a great job of supplying cold air to the top of the kegerator tower.

My tower is cold to the touch and will actually show a bit of condensation if it gets humid in the room.

Price is right, and my beer is flowing without foam now.

Basically, i turn it on about 15-20 minutes before i think i’m going to poor a beer. Definitely helps reduce the initial first biast of foam. I was fortunate that my kegerator has a small hole already in the back that you can pass the electric cord through, so i didn’t have to worry about drilling.