Coldtower Kegerator Tower Cooler : DIY-ing is a part of the joy of homebrewing

Works fine, cools the tower as advertised.

Works great keeps the beer from foaming. Just get it in the tower in the right spot.

Coldtower Kegerator Tower Cooler

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • IP56 rated dust and water resistant 50,000 hour 34 CFM BLOWER (not a weak computer box fan like you will find in economy tower coolers)
  • Professional 1A Power Supply with ON/OFF Switch and Extra Long 10 Foot Cord (not a cheap cell phone charger with a 3 foot cord, like you will find in economy tower coolers.) Costs Next to Nothing to Run
  • Factory Injection Molded Design Provides Durability and Protects Blower from Moisture and Icing
  • Full 1 year warranty against defects on all units bought after 1-1-2017! Our prices are our every day prices. We do not run phony “sales” like our competitors. Their every day price is the same as their “sale” price. This is done to make customers think they are getting a deal.

Tower is chilled and beer pours at the right temp.

It’s fairly noisy, but get the job done.

Keeps beer tower and lines nice and cold :).

Coldtower Kegerator Tower Cooler : Works perfectly and does what it’s intended. I’m wondering if it would make sense to performance the pipe inside the tower however.

This works perfectly just as advertised. I have my tower outside and this keeps the tower cold all day and all night.

My tower is cold to the touch and will actually show a bit of condensation if it gets humid in the room.

Keeps my tower very cool, love it.

Purchased for an edgestar kegerator which takes two sixth kegs. We’ve been trying to solve an issue where the beer was too foamy, this seems to have helped, it was easy to install and works fine. It’s pretty elegant design, seems to just be a computer fan with a dc adapter and a simple case.

It very much delivers cold air to the tower. The tower is now quite cold to the touch maybe i should insulate it more to keep loss to minimum. First new keg after installation and i have nice, cold, carbonated but not foamy beer, with first pour. This type of addition should be on the plans of any conversion or as a aftermarket add-on.

Could i have built something cheaper?. In fact, i did, with a computer fan and misc. This moves much more air and keeps my tower much cooler. Yes, diy-ing is a part of the joy of homebrewing, but if you’re at the point where you don’t mind having someone else make one of your toys, i definitely recommend this tower cooler.

If you have a non commercial kegerator, you must have this. Fixed the foam first pour issue completely. I have the liquid temp of my beer set at 38. Before i installed this the tower felt warm, now it feels very cold. I inserted a wire probe in the tower and with this installed, it reads around 43-44. For the price, does not make since to build on yourself.

I bought this to help cool down my 2 tap system that goes thru garage wall out to my bar in my backyard. So far it has performed as intended.

Does it cool the tower and cut the foam problem?. So jeff, why only 4 and not 5 stars?. Well, i wrote to the seller ( a really nice guy) and we discussed the one issue i have experienced. Because the keg is kept at 40 degrees we have a cold environment. The fan used is a cpu type fan. Very efficient and usually quiet. However, when put into a cold environment it is operating opposite what it was designed for. The design is to be in a hot enviroment and evacuate hot air. In a kegerator things are reversed.

I routed mine with the power cord going inside the door seal. Once my leg settled and got cold overnight i had perfect pours from the first pour. Product seems to work perfectly. I turn the fan off when i know i won’t be drinking. Only had a couple days so i can’t speak to any longevity issues.

I paired this with a wemo insight switch and now before i leave work on a hot day i can turn on the tower cooling fan. 30 minutes later when i get home the tower and taps are nice and cold. The only thing its missing are mounting tabs on the sides of the fan so you can attach it to the cold plate. I drilled through the box and screwed it tightly to the cold plate.

It does exactly what what it’s supposed to do. A little louder than i hoped though.

I do like the external switch so i can easily turn it off if not in use.

It’s my second one from them. First one lasted almost 2 years before it got too noisy. Only thing i don’t like is where the switch is located on the cord. The switch is 1 foot away from the plug for the outlet. My kegerator is 2 feet deep, how am i supposed to be able to turn it on and off with it plugged in behind the kegerator?. Was excited about this new feature but it is completely unusable with my under counter kegerator.

My tower is colder now, beer less foamy. Can rattle a little sometimes but then so does my ‘budget’ kegerator (that’s why it needs a fan). Great feauture is on/off switch so u can turn off. Be careful and don’t cut off too much hose.

Took less than 3 minutes to hook up and works great. Does exactly what is expected of it.