Clover B9A Hot and Cold Countertop Water Dispenser, Dependable machine

The clover hot/cold water dispenser is as advertised. The hot water is really hot. The unit looks great on my counter. Also love the hot water tap safety feature and that you can turn the tap off if you need to. This unit costs more but is really worth it.

I’ve had this water cooler for a few months now, and i can really only say positive things about it because it’s one of the best one’s i’ve ever owned. The cold water runs cold, and the hot water runs hot. The stream comes out very fast, not a slow stream or drip. In my four months of use i’ve never had an issue, and it looks like i’m in with this cooler for the long haul (hopefully). I know these things seem like simple, obvious things you’d expect from a water cooler, but we’ve had several water coolers at my home and none of them have worked well, until this one. #1 of those would be the price, because it is expensive. Tons of other more affordable options. #2 would be the ascetic look. We use this water cooler in my home, and this looks like something that should be in an office.

I notified the vendor that the package arrived with two loose banding straps around it and only taped on the top of package with no tape on the bottom. If picked up by side of package the bottom slid open over two inches with only the straps holding in the dispenser. Vendor stated that they do not use banding straps. This meant it was opened by shippers and inspected and they did a poor job of repacking. It does work satisfactorily with no damage. Next, the instructions are lacking in information content and confusing. Pamphlet shows a ‘spill kit’ as an option, does not go into any explanation what this is and fails to mention that this ‘kit’ is already attached. Lacks diagrams of the inner workings and diagrams of the hot and cold tanks, how the dispenser works, how to clean. Pamphlet showed the drain plug in the wrong location. The drain in on the bottom, very awkward, but vendor says you can drain out the water spouts, lax on cold temp adjustment. The pamphlet shows a diagram of upper ring with arrows open and close and no detail of why you open or close. (this is the attached spill kit with the spike sticking up that penetrates the no spill 5 and 3 gallon water jugs–you don’t take the top off the water jugs if they have the penetrating no spill tops, only remove the protective tape seal on the jug top). I did call up the vendor about all this explaining i’m a newbie at all this, never having owned a water dispenser. They were very helpful and answered all my questions and agreed their info pamphlet need improving because they had other complaints similar to mine.

Key specs for Clover B9A Hot and Cold Countertop Water Dispenser:

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  • STAINLESS STEEL TANKS: Both the hot and cold water tanks are constructed of hygienic stainless steel which is specifically designed to be contaminant-resistant and protect
  • TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT: Controlled by an adjustable thermostat, the cold water temperature can be set from around 35.6°F-53.6°F. The hot water temperature is automatically controlled (non-adjustable) to nearly 185°F.
  • ENERGY STAR® Rated: This countertop water cooler has earned an Energy Star rating, which means it meets strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy
  • EASY CLEAN-UP: The Clover B9A countertop water dispenser requires little maintenance, just remove the one piece ABS drip tray for occasional cleaning.
  • EFFICIENT COOLING AND HEATING: This hot and cold water cooler has an ultra-efficient condenser that’s cooled via convection and operates quietly.

Comments from buyers

“Good quality
, Fantastic Product
, Excellent- except poor instructional pamphlet and web site. Vendor very helpful on the phone.

I rented one of these for years and decided it was more economical to buy one. This is just a great, dependable water dispenser. Hot water temp is adjustable on the back, it’s very easy to clean and doesn’t require much maintenance at all. The shipping was very fast too.

Instant hot water, or cold water. Easy to access, no ‘taste’ to the water, fits the water bottles used with prior system.

Hot water is hot, cold water is cold. Need a temperature in between – mix hot and cold – what a concept. Water tastes better than it did with my old cooler (using the same bottled water) possibly due to the stainless steel tanks. My previous cooler had a fancy digital screen – totally unnecessary.

This water fountain does have ( hot ) and ( cold ) water not just luke warm. And dispenses at a reasonable rate not just a trickle like some other brands.

Don’t use hot so we also have room temp. Our product is off white and i thought it would be white. Perfect for our bedroom upstairs and we no longer have to hike downstairs for a class of cold water at night.

My husband and i were at our wits’ end trying to find a way to incorporate more water into our drinking routine. We tried faucet filters (which didn’t cut it), in-fridge filters (which were a pain to replace and refill), and even good ole gallons of water from the store (which became old quickly because of the leg-work in carting them around town and into the house). This bad boy does a great job of providing cold water on demand and has allowed us to increase the amount of water (versus other less-healthy alternatives) we drink. The water comes out ***very*** cold and quickly.Overall, a fantastic purchase.

So far i’m very happy with this water dispenser. The price was a little more than some of the other coolers out there, but i’m glad i got it and i believe that it was well worth the extra money. I bought it for use in our small office at work. It’s sitting on a counter which works very well. Customers have access and there are 7 employees that also use it regularly. I’ve had a couple of other models before this one (the last one was haier) and they worked fine for a few months and then either the hot or cold would stop working. I’m really hoping this one will last much longer. To offer a true review, i would need to wait for about a year. 🙂 anyway, one thing i definitely like over the other dispensers is how fast the water comes out. It fills my water bottle really quickly.

Ordered two other brands that were less then quality from another web site. Do yourself a favor and order this one.

I had gone through 4 water coolers in the past 14 years including 2 vitapur hot and cold countertop water coolers. While the price of the former was compelling, each one lasted around 2-3 years before they began to make noise and more importantly, leak. I must admit that i only own this clover for around 2 weeks, however the quality is apparent from the first day and is head and shoulders above the other much less expensive units. I suspect that the investment in this one ought to be worth it in the long run. I will update should my opinion change.

Bought this on a risk after reading about how flimsy other tabletop dispensers were, turns out it works great. Holds enough hot and cold water for a family of 10+, temperatures are both great and flows quite nicely. A little big and the design is a little plain, but it’s sturdy and well built (hot water drain is located under the machine)clover even sent us a thank you postcard, a little but nice touch.

I spent more than i had planned on this item, due to poor reviews of less expensive water coolers. It was well worth the price. The cold water is very cold and the hot water is very hot. The flow volume is at least double that of our old (cheap, failed) cooler. We are quite happy we spent the additional money. In this case, we got what we paid for.

Runs quietly with cold water.

I can’t imagine my life without this. Also it works so fast so the water gets cold right away. I like to stay hydrated and this helps. It’s smaller than it looks which i like so i just keep it in my bar area. It’s not the most pretty thing but i don’t care bc i’m never thirsty. Still haven’t used the heat one yet tho.

It works well and is nice and quiet.

Our clover lasted 4 full years in heavy daily use before developing a leak. We can’t speak to the hot water, but the cold water is very cold, and the machine imparts no foreign taste whatever. The paddle-type dispensing lever is sturdy and convenient to operate. There is a low level of noise associated with the compressor, which we did not find objectionable. The unit overall is heavy and rugged — it handled what were probably hundreds of 5-gallon water bottles being dropped (inverted) onto the receiving port on the top, without any signs of wear. In our experience a great value. And yes, we have ordered another one to replace our now ‘retired’ first unit.

Co gets very cold, and the hot water is very hot.

Works perfectly right out of box.

Works great and fits on the counter.

I also buy ‘greenway water dispenser filtration system’ and use them together for my small office. Very convenient, highly recommend.

I’ve used this water cooler for a few months now. It’s very quiet and reliable so far. The drink cup dispenser shown mounted to the side of the dispenser is not included, but there are mounting holes for it. There is a tiny switch on the back to turn on the heater for the hot side, otherwise it feeds room temp water. If you don’t turn on the heater switch the water is the same temp as whatever the water bottle on top is at. This means you have a ‘difficult to use’ red handle to contend with to dispense room temp water. The red handle side takes two hands to operate, which is fine if you have two hands, not everyone does, so this dispenser is not handicap friendly and could violate ada guidelines for your business. It should have come with a regular faucet along with the hot water safety faucet which is really only there to prevent small children from getting injured. The pointless red handle is my only complaint about this dispenser. If you are considering buying one of these be certain to first measure the vertical space you have, from counter top to the bottom of the cabinets above.