Clover B7A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser With Adjustable Cold Water Thermostat – Cold Water at last!

I needed a dispenser to replace my 4 year old ge unit. These big box units, which sell for a little over a hundred bucks, seem to last about 3-5 years with constant use. When i did my research of the current brands sold by the big box stores, i wasn’t thrilled with the reviews. None of them seemed to be particularly positive. So i continued to look for other alternatives, willing to pay a little more if i could find a unit that got better ratings. That’s when i found the clover dispenser. The ratings were good and i was willing to spend a little more for it. The unit itself is a standard water dispenser, with one hot and one cold spigot. Setup was easy: just clean the exterior, plug it in, and insert a bottle. (i’ve read that some other brands require more extensive cleaning, so the fast setup was nice.

The water tastes great and cold. The hot water is instant as well. It is compact and we are very happy with it.

Ok, to start off, i purchased this item to replace a ge water cooler we had for 4-5 years. I used it with a pur water filter. The ge model had an easily removable collar that allowed for the water filter for the pur. The cooler went out on the older ge. So, i purchased this model for a water cooler replacement. The collar in the new clover did not accomodate the pur water filter–the mechanism to keep water from overflowing is large than the collar. So, we had to remove the collar. It ultimately took simple elbow grease, not strategy. I finally removed the center clear water bottle piercer, followed by the collar.

Well, the product is exactly as advertised. Boiling temperature water from a child-safe spout, and refrigerated water from the other one. Fits our multitude of differently shaped water tanks, very simple, easy to use, works great. We had bought a few different water coolers from other sellers and brands, but had to return all of them because they arrived broken or didn’t work as advertised, but this one had absolutely no disappointments 🙂 pretty good deal for the money.

Water cooler seams to work fine. . Have had it about two months now. Broke both facets when putting them on. . To align the spout vertical, had to overtighten them and they cracked. Bought replacement childlock ones that worked fine. Cheap handles included, not childlock ones.

Awesome water dispenser, highly recommend getting this over one of the $100 ones.

  • Frustration for clean, filtered water
  • Good unit!
  • Cold Water at last!

Cold water is cold, hot water is hot enough to make tea straight from the spout. No problems with leaking or dripping spouts. Really happy with this purchase.

We bought this along with 4 gallon water cooler filter purifier – save $$$ – place on cooler – transform tap water to healthy mineral drinking water by zen water online. Wasn’t sure how it was going to work together with this but everything is working great. The reason i selected this cooler was that a reviewer said it did not leak and lasted. We had a leak when an old cooler finally broke and it created a mess. So we want to avoid this for a long time to come. This cooler does run very quiet as well and the water temperature is perfect – nice and cool.

Being able to set the temperatures to your desired settings is great. Arrived faster than advertised, too.

We love this cooler, smaller profile than our last one, keeps cold water cold and we like the saftey freature on the hot water. Nice not to have to remove the entire water cap.

This is the one water dispenser which covered all my requirements: cold water, quiet operation, narrow, and a spigot high enough an adult can use (i’m 5’11’). I tried to go cheap and ordered a vitapur top load (b00ffc7m72) and it was far too short for an adult. We previously used a discontinued vitapur top load which ran constantly, was very loud and kept the water semi-cold. Clover makes an awesome unit.

Features of Clover B7A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser With Adjustable Cold Water Thermostat

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  • STAINLESS STEEL TANKS: Both the hot and cold water tanks are constructed of hygienic stainless steel which is specifically designed to be contaminant-resistant and protect your health
  • TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT: Controlled by an adjustable thermostat, the cold water temperature can be set from around 35.6°F-53.6°F. The hot water temperature is automatically controlled (non-adjustable) to nearly 185°F.
  • ENERGY STAR® RATED: This water cooler has earned an Energy Star rating, which means it meets strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy
  • EFFICIENT HEATING AND COOLING: This hot and cold water cooler has an ultra-efficient condenser that’s cooled via convection and operates quietly.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Good cold and hot temperatures. Faucet handles are a little wimpy but serviceable. I am using it with 3 gallon containers. Did not impart any weird tastes. But it has only been in service a few weeks. Directions call for plugging it into a gfi outlet (ground fault interrupter outlet) which you might want to know ahead of time if you need to get an outlet modified for it as i did.

The clover b7a hot and cold water dispenser performed as advertised. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a reliable ‘water cooler’.

I purchased this unit for the convenience of dispensed hot & cold water. I based my decision on researching reviews both here and on other sites. The product was purchased almost a month ago, i did not get around to installing it until recently as i was waiting for the bottle on the old cooler to empty. But people kept installing new bottles and i didn’t get the chance until a couple of days ago. The item was received undamaged and in factory packaging. What i did not like was the absence of factory manuals. No problem, i downloaded the appropriate one from the factory website. So far the product has given good service. The hot water dispensed is adequately hot and the cold water adequately cold. There is no sign of plastic tasting water, unlike other company’s coolers in investigated reviews.

I read the reviews and it looked like a good purchase. We are definitely pleased, the hot water comes out so hot i do not have to microwave my oatmeal.

This dispenser served most of it’s purpose for nearly three years before we retired it. The hot water stopped working sometime in the first year, but since we primarily used this for cold water, we didn’t notice for a while and this was ok for us. Like others have said, it’s unclear how to clean it which can be confusing.

Finally a quality water cooler. I had the newair model wdc-200w and returned it. The water runs fast from the cold tap. The water is nice and cold and refreshing. The unit is stable and quiet, silent really.

STAINLESS STEEL TANKS: Both the hot and cold water tanks are constructed of hygienic stainless steel which is specifically designed to be contaminant-resistant and protect your health

I was looking for a water cooler to replace my 15 yr old worn out cooler. This was exactly what i needed. The cold water temperature feature was the final selling point.

A sturdy machine that doesn’t feel like it will shake apart, cold water is nice and cold, haven’t tried the hot side yet(but who cares about the hot side anyways), the bottle cap system is awesome, and it doesn’t leak.

The instructions included were kind of lacking (like ‘turn on the red switch in back for hot water’) but overall, it works great.

Just waiting to see how long its going to last.

Very useful cooler at this point after recent purchase. Only question is the hot water handle. It may not hold up as a dependable handle over long period of time.

My first one had to be thrown away but it was my fault. I had it for a few years and had to get a 2nd one.

TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT: Controlled by an adjustable thermostat, the cold water temperature can be set from around 35.6°F-53.6°F.

I have this for about a month. Very hot and very cold water. Easy to load water bottles because of the safety stick (punctures the water bottle so that it does not spill when turning it on top of the cooler. ) i had one from another brand, and this one is worth a little extra money. It is more professional and has just a few extra touches that make the extra money seem worthwhile. I recommend it for a small business or office setting.

Other dispensers i had in the past were noisy and didn’t last long. This one is very quiet and so far so good regarding quality.

My family love it, mine has a motor that hummed, but we have to listen for it. I read others had complained theirs are noisy but not ours. It has a hot and cold function that works.

This unit replaced one with push buttons that i could no longer use due to arthritic hands. The hot water is super hot and the cold is icy cold – just as it’s supposed to be.

Hot water tap is kid-proof; wish that had been optional. A bit hard to maneuver and the hot water comes out more slowly. Otherwise, only have had it a month, but so far so good.

Have had the clover here for about a month now and absolutely loving it. I adjusted the cold setting to the coldest level and trust me it’s the most refreshing sensation of water ever. The hot water got my ramen right so no complaints.

3 years later this machine is still working. The reason i gave it 4 stars is because you can’t take it apart to clean. We have owned, used and new machines and so far we haven’t found one that can come apart to clean. It might just be an issue on all of them. I’ve ran vinegar through it and it taste and smell like vinegar for a little while after wards.

ENERGY STAR® RATED: This water cooler has earned an Energy Star rating, which means it meets strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and U.S.

Ive had a few coolers that only get the water to the mid 40s, my tap is cooler. But if you like your water cold this is the one to get. Gets the water in the mid 30s. I don’t use the hot, you can turn it off. Skip those $100 coolers this one is worth the extra $100 for real cold water.

This replaced a unit i’d had for about 20 years that had hot, cold, and room temperature faucets. I was worried about missing the room temperature, but it’s worked out fine. The unit is attractive and fits into my decor well. The unit was easy to install and give an initial cleaning before loading up a bottle. Mounting the bottles is straightforward, but i always manage to spill a little. It’s a little lower than my previous unit, so it makes it easier. The hot water is hot enough to brew coffee in my french press, or make tea. This is a great time saver for us. The cold is plenty cold, and we just add a shot of hot if we don’t want real icy water. The drip pan is a little narrow, and you have to be careful about setting a glass on it to fill – it curves in and gets narrow just where the faucets are.

Absolutely love my water dispenser. Had it for about 3 years now. I leave it always on and never had a problem with it. The taste of the water is great and you can adjust the temperature of the cold and hot water. It is extremely quiet and energy efficient.

I just had an impulsive earge to buy a water cooler and i couldnt be happier with this one. Absolutly no bad taste at first. The water is so beautifly cold, and you sit there and chug like 4 or five tall glasses and still have some cold water in the reservior. I dont know much about other coolers, but i decided to hike out a lil extra cash for this awsome one and i recomend you do the same. Just buy a waterjug literaly just throughw it on the top, wait for to get cold, once and only once.

The man who i get my filtered water from recommended this product. It is not the cheapest, but not the most expensive. Luckily i had amazon gift cards to use. In fact my mother says she thinks her cup of coffee stays hot longer. Also the hot handle one uses to dispense hot water is very easy to use. I love it so far and would highly recommend.

Hooked up the zero-water filter to this and happy with how it works well.

EFFICIENT HEATING AND COOLING: This hot and cold water cooler has an ultra-efficient condenser that’s cooled via convection and operates quietly.

Good product we had it for over 3 months now and no problems. Just heads up to have hot water you must flip the switch on in the back.

This probably my best purchase in a long time. It does exactly what it says. I can lift the 3 gallon bottle with no problem. That gives me plenty of hot or cold water.

I’m so glad i ordered this water cooler. I’m always hesitant to order a product like this on the internet in case it doesn’t work and you have to package it up for return. It is the perfect size and color for my space and it gets the water really chilly. We use it with the zero water filter. Our water is cold and delicious.

I have had this unit for several months. Hot and/or cold water in a second.

Have used this model for years sans issue. It’s more expensive owing to it’s durability (and it has hot water). It’s used in commercial applications, and it’s easy to clean and keep clean.

Instant hot cocoa or nice cold water. You can even use it to make ramen within minutes. I love having ice cold drinking water on hand at any time. It only leaked with one jug. I changed the jug and it stopped leaking so it was the jugs fault not the dispenser.

So here’s a simple review of the cooler i just recently bought:-water from cold tap is very cold. -water tastes good, no plastic flavor. -i can watch tv without being annoyed by the sound (the cooler is about 10 feet behind the couch.

I am happy with this so far.

After returning another brand dispenser, i tried this one. The hot water and cold water temperatures are perfect, though you can change the cold water temperature if you desire. It is quiet and the water dispenses at a good rate of flow. It was delivered very promptly, and i would definitely buy this again.

I gave the clover only 4 stars because of confusing instructions. First, in the installation section, item #4 they say to check that the baffle is installed correctly inside the cooler tank then show the proper installation diagram. It shows the male extension flipped over and inserted into the female coupling. I tried to accomplish this but the baffle would not move & appeared fixed and appeared to be installed correctly despite the diagram. I decided to ignore this diagram and leave it alone. My instinct was correct because it works properly. Just a stupid drawing that wasted my time and confused things. Second, there is what appears to be a temperature adjustment on the back but no instructions or degree guide are given?.

After i almost dropped on the ground from trying to lug 25 lbs of water uphill to our apartment an 1/8 mile we decided to get a nice water cooler and a monthly subscription to a water company since we don’t really trust the 1920’s water piping in our apartment. My wife loves to drink only hot water so this having the hot tap is a life saver from having me to nuke water in the microwave constantly too. The only caveat with this item is make sure that you plug it into an outlet, not a power strip. The heat elements are updated from a capacitor in the casing and every once in a while it pulls power – hard – from the outlet to recharge. We know this because we hear a audible pop from the unit and the lights go a little dim (since this is 1920+ wiring it might not like the pull and shows it’s displeasure, but i think more modern electrical systems shouldn’t have a problem. )other than that, i couldn’t be happier with the product.