Clover B7A Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler in – Great Product!

Very useful cooler at this point after recent purchase. Only question is the hot water handle. It may not hold up as a dependable handle over long period of time.

Has been a reliable source of water, both spigots work well and is made very sturdy – no splash provides an easy way of swapping out bottles.

This is a very well made cooler with pre drilled holes on both sides so you can attach a cup dispenser which i did. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a well made water cooler. The hot is really hot & the cold really cold.

We have had this machine for almost 2 years. Compared to more expensive models this is the best bang for your buck. My only very minor complaint is that the water outlets are kind of low. Having to bend over to fill a water bottle is tuff with a sore lower back. The water only comes out at a moderate rate. We did notice a small serge in our electric bill but that was to be expected.

Keeps the water constant and cold. The body seems a little cheap, but hey, if it keeps my water cold, i’m good with that.

The main thing i wanted in a water cooler was to actually make the water cold. I did a lot of research and found that most of the popular ones only cooled water to around 50 degrees f and were not adjustable. All i can say is when i have any kind of drink, i’m the kind of person that fills the cup with ice first. This cooler is perfect for me. Makes ice cold water without needing to add ice to the glass and i don’t even have it turned to the coldest setting. I don’t use the hot water so i can’t comment on that. Water flows quickly, especially more so the fuller the bottle is. For ice cold water, this one is perfect.

  • Smart Purchase, Makes hydrating easy
  • I absolutely love this water dispenser
  • A good solid water cooler

We have had this hot and cold water dispenser for about four months and are very pleased with it. The hot water is perfect for tea or hot chocolate. The only reason that i gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was that i ordered black but received a white one.

He drinks more water now that it’s cold & not faucet water. We have to team up to put a new bottle on without spilling to much. The cold is plenty cold, never need ice. The hot is hot enough for tea and whatever else i need hot water for. Maybe not quite hot enough for hot chocolate but don’t drink that too often.

I’ve had this for about 3 months and have enjoyed every minute of it. It was shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. It keeps the water super cold and isn’t very loud, which is a plus. My wife was worried about it not looking great in our kitchen because it has a plastic looking outside but because it’s black it tends to grab less attention in the kitchen. Another plus is that it dispenses water quickly. It’s almost twice as fast as our previous dispenser, which is really nice. We use our 3 and 5 gallon jugs with screw top lids that we used with our previous dispenser and they fit and work flawlessly. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a dispenser that is reliable and inconspicuous.

Very happy with our purchase of clover water cooler. Had ordered a cheaper cooler and returned it after a few days. Started searching amazon for another brand and found the clover. Decided to order and we are very happy with purchase. Only one thing i don’t like is that the hot water handle is childproof so it doesn’t flow too fast. Otherwise very thing else is great.

My dispenser arrived promptly and worked very well for the first month. During the first month the unit was quiet and you would not know it was in the kitchen. Since the the first month however the unit will make a noise once every hour or so as though it is re-heating or cooling the water. It lasts for about 60 seconds and then stops but it is a little annoying and makes me wonder if it a precursor to a bigger problem. The unit still works and appears to be sound in every other way.

Features of Clover B7A Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler in Black

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  • One piece ABS drip is removable for easy cleaning
  • Offers superior resistance to UV degradation
  • Comes with handle for easy transport
  • UV protected cabinet does not rust or corrode
  • Cold water temperature can be controlled to 35.6? F – 53.6? F by adjustable thermostat

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

We’ve used this cooler for over a year now. It has worked without any problems. We do not use the hot water dispenser, but do use the cold water daily. The water comes out nice and cold. I am glad we chose the cooler.

I purchased this unit for our office as our office and warehouse personnel had been wanting one for the past 6 months. I checked into renting one of these and then compared the cost of renting or buying and i figured this clover unit would pay for itself in 7 months. We’ve been using it for close to 2 months and have went through over 14 bottles of water with no problems whatsoever. You’ll love itregards,jimthe mercantile station.

Would have been nice for them to put a cold hot arrow for tuning the screw on the back.

The clover b7a hot and cold water dispenser works well. The cold seems cold enough, and the hot seems hot enough. About three years ago i purchased a g. Cold, hot, room temperature with a mini refrigerator and a stainless steel finish. It was less expensive and had extra features. Product from fry’s electronics in california and fry’s was out of stock. Bottom line, the clover works well but for the features, it is very over priced.

I’ve only had it about a week but good so far. We don’t use the hot side often so i chose to keep it off until needed. Seems sturdier than the ones i’ve rented from water companies.

Been operating for about 3 weeks. Dispenses mush faster than our previous cooler and is quieter.

One piece ABS drip is removable for easy cleaning

They are quiet nd thecold water is cold. They are small and slide perfectly into any corner.

Works great, the hot water works great for tea.

Luv the cooler but when it’s making hot water, it whistles. Makes really hot water for tea .

Shipment was fast and item described just exactly what it says :).

We had a problem with a leaky cold tap the first day we assembled and used the cooler, and the seller immediately got us a new one shipped. It’s working great now – very cold cold water and very hot hot water. Great customer service by this seller.

Best water dispenser we have owned. Would recommend it and would buy it again.

Offers superior resistance to UV degradation

It is the perfect size for our office kitchen and the option to have hot water too is a bonus, we are extremely happy with it. The delivery was so fast too.

What else can you possibly say?.

Have had this dispenser for at least 6 months and no problems.

No issues after several months. Have not tried the hot water yet, but i like the unit.

This unit is working just as i had hoped it would. It is a nice looking unit, and the hot is hot and the cold is quite cold. No issues or concerns at this time.

I bought one for my mom and one for myself and we both love it.

I got this water cooler to replace an old sunmeam cooler. I hoped for inecold water, instead of the sort of cold water in my last machine. I must say that so far, this machine does the trick. The water is plenty cold, and it refrigerats consistently.

Comes with handle for easy transport

I have purchased 2 of these dispensers. One for the home and one for the office. Hot water is hot and cold is nice and cold.

I have had the item for about two months now and love it. I almost purchased more expensive models and i decided to take a chance on this one and i am happy i did.

My hot water has been hot for months. My cold water is cold as ice. I absolutely love this water dispenser.

Cold water is cold, hot water is perfect for coffee in the aeropress. Have recommended this unit to others, and would purchase again.

We bought this water cooler to replace an old ge water cooler we had. The clover is a good solid water cooler. It’s sturdy, easy to change the water bottles, and easy to clean. I like the fact that you can fill a pitcher with cold water just by having the cold water spout stand up. The hot water has a safety feature on it so the water will only come out if the flap is pushed in a certain way. Overall,it is a good machine, especially at this price point.

UV protected cabinet does not rust or corrode

I bought this for my three teenage athletes who constantly need cold water. Cold water is icy cold and hot water is hot enough to make tea or hot cocoa. And it only takes few minutes. Kids don’t use ice in their water anymore and i don’t boil water for my tea anymore. And we all agree that this was the best investment.

No noise, hot and cold water delivered.

5 years later, still works great. No complaints and water is still ice cold.

Cold water is cold, hot water is hot – works great.