Chef’sChoice Electric Kettle – Hot Water Pot

Just like the model it replaced.

This electric kettle actually boils the water which is needful for the tea leaves to properly steep and make a decent cup of tea. Other brands tend to simply heat the water not bring it to a rolling boil.

Received a chef’s choice cordless electric kettle as a gift from a dear friend 7 years ago. We used it faithfully everyday until the clip securing the top became corroded and fell off. I searched the web for a replacement. The order was processed efficiently and we are utilizing the kettle again on a daily basis. Here are the specifications for the Chef’sChoice Electric Kettle:

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  • Large capacity 1.7L kettle has a concealed heating element so there’s no water build up of mineral deposits.
  • Cordless kettle has 1500 watts of power which boils water faster than a stove or microwave.
  • Automatic shut off; boil dry safe shut-off protection.
  • Convenient water level gauge, push button lid opening and illuminated on/ off switch.
  • High quality brushed stainless steel and cool touch bottom.

I like:- the stainless still design- boils the water quickly- round base – easy put back on base from any directioni don’t like:- the cover cannot be detached – inconvenient to fill water or clean- the water level indicator is behind the handle – difficult to seesummary:does the job very well and also looks good, slightly inconvenient to fill and clean.

I initially purchased a plastic kettle, as that is what i’m used to in hotel rooms when i travel, especially in asia. The first one came cracked and i returned it to amazon and they sent me another one. That one didn’t sit right on the base, and ended up not making electrical contact unless i held it down. So i returned that one and didn’t want another plastic one, and ordered this stainless steel one from chef’s choice. It works as it is supposed to, looks great, and is very solid. The one thing is that it doesn’t shut off right away after boiling. This delay causes a lot of hot steam to rise from the spout until it shuts off, so you won’t want to place this under a cabinet during use as the steam could affect the bottom of your wood cabinets.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great value for me + repair tip!
  • Works well
  • Perfect gift for tea lovers.

After traveling to australia for three weeks, my parents returned with many stories. One was a side note about how every hotel room they stayed in had an electric tea pot, and they had tea every single day, sometimes more then once. I didn’t see a different between a microwaved cup of water and a tea kettle, but since my dad raved about the convenience, i thought it would make a perfect christmas gift for someone who is notorious for ‘having everything. ‘i searched online, read reviews, and contemplated. I wanted to get him a nice kettle. Not something that would break after two weeks. I found the chef’s choice and liked how it looked, liked the price, and was pleased with the positive reviews. So i purchased it and gifted to dad. Since christmas my dad has emailed, texted, and called to say how much he loves this kettle. My mom even tells me how great it is whenever she is drinking tea while talking to me on the phone.

This is the second one and its just what we expectedgrate job chef’s choice.

I ordered this kettle for a birthday present and my son-in-law loves it. Heats quickly and looks great.

After throwing out any number of crummy tea kettles, and after reading many reviews of electric ones, i bought this one because it sounded like exactly what i needed. It looks very smart, and all you do is fill it and then push down the on lever. It heats the water very, very fast, and when the water boils it turns itself off, which i love.

Arrived on time and works well.

I purchased this kettle 9 years ago. Used regularly for about 6 of those years, in storage for another 3. Started using it again and after a couple of months of regular use, it stopped heating water – the light on the base would go on, but it wouldn’t do anything. ‘oh well,’ i thought, ‘it had a good run. Probably the element is bad. Hey, i wonder if anyone on the internet knows how to fix it?’. Sure enough, a little googling and i found the answer – unscrew the four screws on the base, blow in a little compressed air and some wd-40 on the metal bits, and pop it back together. Now it works as well as new, and i don’t have to pay another $55 for a replacement. I still use this kettle and it works very well.

Boils quickly & reliably, haven’t had a problem with it whatsoever. The design feels very sturdy, to boot. (edit: after just over a year of regular use, large rust spots have appeared on the inside. I have not yet contacted the manufacturer regarding warranty or replacement, but my guess is that it is out of warranty at this point. Shame – still a pretty good kettle).

The cordless electric kettle heats a full kettle of water in just a few minutes. It’s does a wonderful job of heating water for a quick cup of tea. Chef’s choice m677ssg cordless electric kettle-stainless steel gray.

The edgecraft kettle is heavily insulated and heats water very quickly. It is nicely weighted and balanced for spill-free pouring. The classic look — stainless exterior and simple, elegant design — combined with a reasonable price puts this unit over the top.

Very good product , on time delivery.

I have had a good few of these kettles through the years as my wife and i like to drink hot tea. This model is very nice works fine. However, after several months of use. I noticed that the automatic shutoff has failed when you lift the kettle. The shutoff switch is supposed to turn off when you lift the kettle. It seems that this has already failed. I am still using the kettle as the shutoff still works when the teas is boiled but i have to be careful when i pick up the kettle and the switch has not yet tripped and then put it back down on the base as it will come back on. Definitely a quality issue on the safety switch. Not the quality that i had expected from chefs choice as i have seen in the past. If this is a current sign of their quality i would look ant a different brand.

Does exactly what it’s supposed to do and looks classy on the counter top. Is it my imagination or does my coffee and tea taste better?.

My last chef’s choice teakettle lasted 8 years and i used it everyday to make icetea and sugar water for all my hummingbirds. The lid broke at the hinge and i ordered a new one. The new lid has a differant hinge on the lid and bounces back quite strongly. I fear this will be a weak spot. This teakettle is a workhorse but skepicial about the lid lasting another 8 years.

Cant live without my tea and this work great.

I bought this kettle to replace another chefs choice that quit working. (i don’t know the model # right off hand and i don’t feel like exiting this to find out, but it is the squatty shiny stainless with black plastic base and handle. ) the last kettle was 3 years old, i thought it should have lasted longer, but i did use it every day, sometimes multiple times a day, so perhaps it lived a full life. I really like this line because: 1) the unit is cordless and can be carried over to my mug. 2) it retains heat well and is warm to the touch even an hour after shutting off. 3) there is no plastic touching the water anywhere, so no weird chemicals getting into my water, 4) it shuts itself off so i do not burn down the house. Some issues: 1) the outer surface will burn you once it is hot, so you must be extremely careful when handling it, 2) the docking portal – where you set the kettle onto the power base, is taller than the last model and takes a bit more maneuvering to set it down, and 3) the top only opens partially and does not lift completely off so there is more maneuvering to fill it up. This may be a safety improvement over the other model – or not. I bought this model instead of getting another of the last one because it holds more water and the surface has a brushed finish and won’t show fingerprints and smudges as easily as the last.

Right – this thing’s a tank. I’ve used this kettle at least once a day for the last six years now and i’m just now smelling burnt plastic when i try to use it. It’s pretty much at the end of its life, but it still boils water much faster than the largest burner on my stove top. For the first five and a half years that i’ve owned this kettle, i’ve never had any problems with it. I used to constantly tote it back and forth from home to work. I see only three shortcomings that keep this from being a great kettle. Otherwise i have no serious complaints and would recommend this kettle. The metal sides become very hot. It’s hard to wind up out of the way, and once you do, it just unravels again. It’s really easy to dump two cups of boiling water all over the place just trying to fill a small teacup. It’s not so much a problem, as it is just plain annoying. You have to be really careful when filling smaller cups. Now that it’s reached the end of its life, and i’m in need of a replacement, i’ve already decided to replace it with the same model. After all, it has reliably boiled over 1,200 gallons of water without misshap.