Chef’sChoice Chef’sChoice 667 Electric Food Slicer 10-Inch Diameter Blade : Near professional slicer

It worked well but wish the manual would have told what number is what. Cause i wanted it chipped or shaved. And meat keep sliding out of slicer. But it is better than the ones i bought at walmart,lowes. But thats my only complaint.

We have been very happy with this meat slicer. It arrived just 2 days after i placed the order. It had a defective part, and the company responded immediately. I would certainly order other products from this company. We have used it a lot, and we’re very satisfied with its performance.

Chef’sChoice 667 Electric Food Slicer 10-Inch Diameter Blade (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Rugged, commercial quality, die cast metal construction
  • Tilted design for fast and efficient slicing
  • Heavy duty powerful induction motor for extremely quiet operation
  • Larger capacity food carriage, rides smoothly on industrial ball bearings and retracts fully to fit extra large roasts, hams, etc.
  • Dimensions 21 by 14.6 by 14.5 inches; weighs 30 pounds

I received the slicer in the mail and was excited to fire it up and slice up some lunch meat for my family of 6. It is easy to use and sliced thru everything i threw at it with ease, including cheese. It is quiet and slides easily. It is a bit heavy, but i expected that. I would not want it to be light as i don’t want it sliding on the counter. I read all the reviews on this machine, and felt this would be the best for my family. I paid special attention to the safety features and ease of use. I must say the reviews did the machine justice, icluding the review about the cleaning of the machine. Here’s where i don’t love the machine. The cleaning is a pain in the rear.

A good slicer that does the job and easily cuts through the meat to the thickness desired and selected. Some minor problems come with this slicer though. With the small area behind the blade, it is awkward grabbing the meat as it comes out after having been sliced. The small tray slides and meat falling down easily pushes it to the side, and in one case, even pushed it off the slicer entirely. Not hard to clean up, comes apart easily. When i was cleaning the slicer, 2 pieces slipped out when i tipped the slicer to reach underneath to the base. These pieces were a shaped rod and a spring. I am having trouble finding out where they go as they are not mentioned in the manual at all, and now the slicer won’t even power up. Trying to get through to the company for help. Overall, a very good slicer that does what is advertised and i would recommend it as long as others were aware of the problems.

Works great but wish it would do wider pieces of meat like bacon slabs.

Chef’sChoice 667 Electric Food Slicer 10-Inch Diameter Blade (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : Weight and size great; works well in a food vendor booth over a prolonged period. Tray used to catch meat very poorly designed-does not fit tight to machine and is small, so meat and juices overflow onto counter. Had to devise another tray to go underneath the entire slicer. The blade comes off easily enough, but it is extremely time consuming to clean the entire machine in between uses on a busy day, which is required by our health department. Price is right and overall, it worked much better and faster than cutting by hand.

This slicer is what is needed to slice appropriately; i. , safe, infinitely adjustable, consistent cuts at all thicknesses. As such, it requires some work to clean it following use.

I purchased the product but apparently received a lemon instead of a slicer. The size and overall construction were good for the price, but the design is flawed in several aspects. I was forced to return the unit as defective after the first attempted use. The three phillips head screws that hold the blade in place were torqued so tightly that they could not be removed. In fact, when i turned the unit on, the blade would not even turn. I had to rotate it after attaching the blade removal tool just to unbind the blade. An allen wrench is included to remove the blade guard. The same bolt size should be used for the three blade retention bolts. The knob that controls thickness of the cut was also defective, and rotated as i sliced, making each successive slice progressively thicker. The food carriage is also awkward, and i had to hold the food(i tried salami, capicolla, and provolone)by had to keep it from flipping sideways on the return stroke, no matter how much, or how little pressure was used on the food carriage.

Now we can slice the lamb meet to paper thin pieces. Liitle bit hard to clean up.

A great slicer for every day home slicing. Wouldn’t recommend for super hard meats like home made prociutti.

This food slicer has to be absolutely the best. The blade slices thru meats like a hot knife thru butter. Nothing buthigh praise for this appliance.

This is the second food slicer i’ve owned in my life. The first was a waring food slicer i picked up at lowes for about a hundred bucks. Com and decided to buy this model. While it is an invested in money and kitchen space, i’m very happy with it. It slices through meat, cheese, and veges like they were nothing. Plenty of hand guards and saftey features to keep you from slicing your fingers off too. The blade is extremely sharp though and should be handled with extreme care. Just remember, don’t put your fingers near the blade while it’s spinning for any reason.

When i was shopping for a meat slicer, my major concerns are quality and whether it is easy to clean. I took the plunge because i know i will save a ton of money slicing my own deli meat (and also a ton of energy and time) for my kids’ lunch (plus there is no nitrites and all that bad stuff). This slicer is designed like a tank in durability but has dummies in their mind when it comes to the ease of use. It works wonderfully and my freshly roasted beef all sliced so cleanly and perfectly, just like how it looks at the deli. But the best thing is: it is very easy to clean. I just need to remove the food carriage (first time is the hardest; just don’t overtighten it when you reinstall it)and use the provided wrench to remove the blade protector and wipe clean with a damp cloth. One more thing, i carefully angle the machine over the sink and spray the crevice behind the blade (and that space only, which accumulates a heck of a lot of crumbs and juice) with my sink sprayer. Take it easy and let the water run through the gap for a minute or so. The water will clean that little space perfectly. At first, i thought i need to use some long tool like a chopstick and a cloth to wipe clean that space after i sprayed it.

I’ve searched the whole internet for under-$500 quality meat slicer and ended up getting this one. Reasons i chose this one over the other $100/ $299/ and 400$ similar slicers. I chose chef’s choice brand for broad availability in replacements. I’ve tried a $100ish slicer and i just can’t withstand the motor noise, plus the blade will just slow down if you cut sticky stuff or frozen meat. I’ve also tried the medium level chef’s choice 642, while noise-wise is very acceptable in kitchen enviroment, the blade has no cover, so if you cut delicate stuff, it will just mess it up because of the friction against the rotating blade, even worst when you push all the way down and your cheese will’spin’ if not hold tight. So this one covers it all, plus a more powerful 1/4 hp motor, and a much larger blade at 9. It is very sturdy, close to 30 pounds (but very easy to move around, not that heavy as you think) ruber height adjustable feets stay in place even for the toughest meat slice. It has a double safe switch feature, on-off switch and a start switch next to it, this prevents accidental start (prevents you from being sliced) should the user left the power switch on and plugged in the power cord. So you have to press one time the start button to get the blade spinning.

This slicer is somewhere between a cheap slicer and the one you really want but can’t afford. The motor is strong and quiet. The blade is heavy duty but a little small to cut larger pieces of meat. The food carriage is a little on the cheap side for the price. Overall i’m satisfied but i don’t have that great feeling.

First of all, let me start by saying that you can’t compare the cheap $90 units to this model. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. If you want a ‘cheapo’ just to get you through a year or two, buy one of those. But, if you want something thats going to around a while, i recommend the 667. I bought this slicer as i am a home butcher/processor. I make alot of hams, bacon and sausages. So, i need something that’s consistant and dependable. Of ham this morning paper thin, and i have to tell you.

First off, this was a long time coming for me, and i wanted to test it before i gave any feedback on the buy. It has been 4 months and i couldn’t be happier. This is a huge buy and most places charged way too much. That’s why when i found a place that sold it for [. with shipping, i had to swoop it up. ]so, as far as use, i’ve done a turkey roast and ham for deli slices, london broil for jerky, various cheeses, and other various pork cuts. The blade that comes with it is all you will ever need. The serrated edge they try to push for bread is unnecessary. All you have to do is freeze the bread a little and cut it. ]

My decision to purchase the slicer was by the reviews. My main usage was for semi frozen meat to be sliced for jerky. It worked excellent and it was received prior to the dates specified. Fast delivery, and glad it came so soon. Very please all the way around, service and slicer.

About twice the size of the toys i took back. But still smaller than the smallest commercial unit i looked at. It is not easier to clean than the cheaper versions, but it does a great job of slicing. And looks good which makes the task a little easier. Portions of it can be removed for cleaning, but not without removing screws, etc. I set it on the edge of the sink and try to spray it off. You could remove the blade, but that appears to be somewhat of a task also.

As with peter above, i had purchased several kitchen slicers which proved not to be up to the tasks i asked of it. I love proscuitto and because of the cost at the deli, order a whole one and slice it up myself. None of the slicers i had purchased could do it. It made perfect, paper thin slices that bring out the unique flavor of the proscuitto without strain. I am so impressed with this machine. It’s worth every dollar paid and then some. Together with my vaccum sealer, i slice it all up, seal it and freeze it. In the long run it’s a money saver.

I brought this slicer primarily to slice raw meat:lamb, beef for shabushabu style hot-pot. So some of the details may not apply to other use. I will skip the good part of the slicer, as it is well summarized by other reviews. The bottom line is: i will recommend it, and will buy it again, there is no better unit out there in the same price range. My biggest complain(which is minor in overall picture) is cleaning: you can not get a real good cleaning of the unit. (again, considering my use is to slice raw meat), the blade assembly can be taken apart fair easily, no issue here. But that is about it, all the other parts are very difficult to take apart, if not impossible. The screws used to put the other part together have falt end (with right reason, since those surface are carrying food/meat), that you can not unscrew all the nuts. I hope chefs choice design engineer can take extra steps to address that details (i can only assume that the designer does not use it or clean it 😉 )the other one is some of the cheap plastic panel, the material, the way they are installed. Again, the unit is good, some attention to the details will make it even better, you will unlikely to see those type of issues from , say a japanese design, if you know what i mean.

Yes it is true that this thing really does slice as a $400 slicer should. That is a given and the reviews here show people agree it does the job. But two things to consider:1) $460 -is- a lot of money. But you make the decision that you are willing to pay that for your own professional slicer. 2) the bigger thing to consider is are you prepared to clean this machine every time you use it???remember, at the delicatessen or market, the jr. Butcher has the task of cleaning it every night. This thing requires that you take apart the feed tray, blade cover, blade etc. , to gain access to the bits of food lodged within. It -is- well designed and easy to dis-assemble and re-assemble, but it does take time. And if you leave it for a day or two, you will have a very hard task to scrape out the hardened food bits.

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