Chef’sChoice Chef’sChoice 463 Pronto Diamond Hone Manual Knife 15 Degree Santoku Knives Extremely Fast Sharpening, Essential to keep your knives sharp!

This knife sharpener is great. I bought it to sharpen my victronix knives and it works great. They sharpen in a few swipes and it keeps the blades sharp. I really like that it has a handle as it keeps the pointy end on the other side. It’s also great because it only takes a few swipes of the two edges to get a good clean edge. This sharpener is not small, but it is of a decent height and fits in my knife drawer.

This sharpener does a good job, considering that it is a manual sharpener. In an article on electric sharpeners a couple years ago, cook’s illustrated noted that it was necessary to sharpen both sides of the knife a dozen times to get a sharp edge–and that was with an electric sharpener. If your knives are dull, expect to use this often and to make repeated passes to get your knives sharp again. I watched a demonstration on knife use once; the chef said it is important to sharpen knives every time we use them. So, complaints that this does not work well simply reflect incorrect (inadequate or too infrequent) use or unreasonable expectations. I recommend this sharpener highly.

I purchased this knife sharpener after reading about it in cook’s illustrated, where it was highly recommended. I have a mix of german and japanese knives and the two have different angles on the blades, which means that you need sharpeners designed for each type. Since i only had a sharpener suited for german style knives, my japanese knives were not being sharpened properly, and they were not performing to their full capabilities. After purchasing this sharpener, i used it on my japanese knives, and they are now performing like i knew they could, and were, when i purchased them. Personally, i don’t like electric sharpeners, but if you do, there are excellent ones on the market. If, like me, you prefer manual sharpeners and have japanese knives, then this is the tool for you.

Key specs for Chef’sChoice 463 Pronto Diamond Hone Manual Knife 15 Degree Santoku Knives Extremely Fast Sharpening, 2-Stage, Red:

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  • Fastest manual sharpener on the market: first stage sharpens, second stage hones and polishes
  • Diamond abrasives are used in both stages: diamond wheels hold their shape, can sharpen any alloy, and there is no need to use messy water or oil while sharpening
  • Precise bevel angle control for an ultra sharp 15-degree asian style edge
  • For straight and serrated santoku and other double-bevel asian style knives
  • Can be used left or right handed, Soft touch handle provides easy and secure grip

Comments from buyers

“The Only Shrpener We Need
, This sharpener does a great job if you follow instructions
, Throw the rest away!

Never been able to keep nives sharp but saw a review of knife sharpeners on america’s kitchen and these were rated tops and seem to be working fine.

Does a fantastic job of sharpening asian-angled knives. It’s also lightweight and compact to store. It’s highly recommended by cook’s illustrated: ‘this economical manual sharpener uses diamond abrasives in two stages: coarse and fine. It efficiently restored a crisp, smooth, 15-degree angle on a completely dull knife—several testers even preferred it to the factory edge. Small enough to store in a drawer, this is the best inexpensive manual sharpener we found for asian knives. Note: this model can only handle double-beveled knives, such as hybrid gyutous, which are sharpened on both sides of the blade (traditional japanese knives are single-beveled). ‘in sum, i recommend this knife sharpener, as well as cook’s illustrated in any form (their website and magazine are both awesome).

This device has steep enough sides to hold the blade at 11 degrees. It results in a good edge consistently. It works on all different hardnesses of blades. Device is perfect for the kitchen to keep all blades at peak sharpness.

Used this to sharpen some ‘as seen on tv’ knives and it did a good job of turning those letter openers into usable knives. Used it on another slightly better and usable chef knives and it turned them into decent knives. I’ve never had much luck with sharpening knives no matter what kind of sharpener or method that i use. They usually end up duller than they were to begin with. But this sharpener seemed to put a really good edge on every knife that i tried it on. It was easy to use and seemed foolproof.

I bought this product to resharpen my victorinox fibrox 8′ chef’s knife. I sharpened the blade through both slots (about 10x and 4x respectively). I was happy to see microscopic shavings form around the blade (this is a good sign that the blade is actually getting sharpened). However to my dismay, afterwards when i held the blade up to the light i could see tiny chips in the edge. After so many years it was probably inevitable. I did a very quick search to try and find out how to fix this defect. Coming up short i decided to pull the knife through the sharpener again. I figured a professional would just sharpen the knife down anyway. After about 10 more pulls through the first slot, i was relieved to see the chips were getting smaller.

Very easy to use, but i found it would move around if not held firmly. After getting the hang of it, i sharpened everything in the drawer and they all came out very sharp. Durability got 4 stars because it’s only 3 weeks old. But i doubt it’s going to fall apart anytime soon.

This sharpener does a great job if you follow instructions; apply the recommended force and number of strokes. For manual sharpeners the best chef’s choice sharpeners are this 463, the 4643, and the 464. The only difference is that 4643 has a choice of two first stages: a 15 and a 20 degree angle, and the 464 only offers a 20 degree angle. I keep all my knives at 15, so the 463 is all that i need. (softer steel may need sharpening more frequently when kept at 15 degrees versus 20 degrees, but 15 degrees cuts better and many manufacturers like victorinox use 15 degrees as the factory setting. ) chef’s choice makes other manual sharpeners as well—these may be older models—go with the 463 or 4643 (or 464) depending upon your angle needs. Chef’s choice also makes an excellent reasonably priced electric sharpener, the15 trizor xv edgeselect electric knife sharpener. The trizor has an extra “stropping” stage that the manual sharpeners do not have, and thus the trizor will get your knives even sharper than the manual sharpeners. (note: as the name implies, the 15 trizor only has a 15 degree first stage. ) but the manual sharpeners do a great job if you do not wish to spend the extra $ on the trizor.

I keep my knives razor sharp. But sometimes, if i have friends helping me in the kitchen, one of my knives will get used on a porcelain plate . this little machine regrinds the edge, then polishes it. Then i use a ceramic rod, and finally a smooth steel rod. It works miracles, and i don’t have to ban anyone from the kitchen.

I’ve been addicted to the accusharp 001 knife sharpener, which works great on certain kinds of knives (i use it on my pocket knife, leatherman. But on the newer, thinner blade knives in the kitchaen (we have mainly victorinox) this thing is like magic. We were having trouble with the wavy-blade thing talked about on ‘cooks illustrated’. I should probably point out that i think the electric chef’schoice knife sharpeners are of the devil. This one is fast, and sharpens blades to scalpel quality.

I am a personal chef and caterer and use my asian shun kershaw knife 6 to 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. Of course that will dull any blade and so far the only good solution was for me to send my knife back to the factory every 6 months to be re-sharpened. Losing the use of my knife for 3 weeks was never fun; i do have a replacement, a victorinox fibrox chef knife, but it is not quite same. So i tried a sharpening stone, the kershaw electric sharpener (mistake, i had to send the knife to the factory right after using that), the wusthof santoku sharpener (not effective enough), a diamond coated steel, built a wood stand for my sharpening stone at the required 15 degree angle (that worked pretty well). I have used it and it is wonderful. The blade is back to factory sharpness and it is very easy to use. Plus i can use it to hone the knife everyday before using it to maintain the edge. To my knowledge it is the only easy to use sharpener on the market that works for asian knifes.

What a pleasant surprise to find an inexpensive sharpener that works. This is the best sharpener i have ever used in my 50 years of professional cooking. As a chef, i used stones to tediously sharpen my knives. This simple to use manual sharpener puts a razor edge on my knives in a matter of minutes. Job well-done chef’s choicecook’s illustrated review:chef’schoice pronto manual diamond hone asian knife sharpenerour previous favorite manual sharpener quickly and easily restores a razor-sharp edge to blades that have no serious damage. Its high guides ensured that the blade met the abrasive at a precise and secure angle so we could put even pressure along the entire edge. The handle was grippy and comfortable, “anchoring itself in your hand,” and the tool can easily be stored in a drawer.

Works really well on my knives (wusthof). Dead simple to use and very quick. Apparently this puts something like microscopic ‘teeth’ on the edge, so it doesn’t feel particularly sharp if you just test it by pressing straight down with your thumb or something, but if you apply any kind of lateral sawing motion, the edge will just glide through.

I had a couple of decent quality old knives that had lost their edge and this put it back brilliantly. Two things, tho’:1) i needed to finish the edge on a steel – the edge as sharpened even on the fine roller is a bit rough. 2) this removes metal – only the second wheel should be used unless the knife is seriously dull. My newer knives just took a couple of passes on the second wheel to get razor sharp.

I love to cook and own many knives. Because i do a lot of japanese cooking sharp knives for slicing is very important to me. I have chef’s choice electric one for the western knives and although it’s great for western knives, it just doesn’t give me the sharpness for my japanese knives. I’ve been using the wet stone for sharpening but being not a pro at sharpening knives, i never did my knives any justice. The first time i used this sharpener i knew right off that it was just what i was looking for. Easy to use and does the work. Great product for great price.

‘generic’ looking in many respects but functionality – plus – sharpening ability is the most surprising. Better than the larger more expensive (but older) ‘cc110’ electric model with three slots that i have had. Deceptive part is that most hand-held sharpeners of this type basically look the same, and many if not most are less expensive, some to the point of downright cheap – and those typically are in all respects: ‘you get what you pay for. ‘though a ‘sawing back and forth’ method is correct in use (5 – 30 times), it seems a bit crude, even feels crude – but who can argue with sharpening success. It genuinely works and produces an edge better-than anything else tried. Huge advantage over the large electric cc 110 model is usability of the manual asian sharpener: easily stored in any drawer, instantly usable. Totally opposite the large electric 3-slot model (clumsy, storage issues, setup, etc)added aspect: i was starting with a full compliment of high-end knives all with the 20-degree edge bevel. Would this 15-degree manual sharpener have the ability to reshape the cutting edge?. Once again surprised – it did.A full set of knives now much sharper than before.

As a sushi chef, my knives need to be precisely sharp. I tried this sharpener on many of my old dull knives and i was happy with the sharpeness i got.

Very easy and quick to use, and now i don’t have to buy new knives. Also i like that it’s quiet, which an electric one would not be. Between this and the immersion blender, i feel like i have a real grown-up kitchen now, lol.

I finally found a knife sharpener that works for asian/japanese knives. I have a few good knives including both european and japanese. Although i have a couple of different sharpeners for my european and american knives, i have had a hard time finding a good sharpener for my japanese knives that really works. So gradually, my japanese knives have been getting so dull that they barely worked. I do have a good electric sharpener that is supposed to sharpen japanese knives, but it really hasn’t been doing a good job. Now that i have this knife sharpener, my quest for an asian knife sharpener has ended. As soon as i got it, i had to try it on my 8′ japanese chef’s knife that i use daily. After about 10 swipes in each sharpening slot, my knife passed the paper test, and it now actually cuts instead of ripping. I was thrilled because this has been my favorite knife. Now i have to find the time to sharpen all of my other japanese knives.

This worked perfectly for my wustof santoku. It’s my second chef’s choice manual sharpener. I’ve had the other for years, for old school knives and i think it works just fine on the santoku as well. But this new one has a great handle on it and was worth the upgrade. Anyone working with dull knives is doing themselves a disservice. It’s such a pleasure to work with a sharp knife. Between the price and the free shipping from amazon, you can’t beat it.

Hi all,so i purchased this chef’s choise pronto asian knife sharpener — after owning this now for a couple of years, i have nothing but great things to say about this little guy. Now i have some shun knives, namely, a shun classic 8′ chef’s knife, a shun elite 6. 5′ santoku, a shun premier chefs knife, and a few other smaller shun knives as well. I was very afraid of initially using this device, for the fear of ruining the edges on knives costing upwards of $100. Shun knives do provide you with lifetime free sharpening, but you have to send off your knives, and i just didn’t want to send all my knives away every few months and be without knives for a while. So after reading some good reviews here on amazon, i decided to give this thing a go. The first knife i tried it on was my little 3. Figured if it did f my edge up, it would be only my smallest, cheapest knife. Boy was i wrong — it got the blade razor, and i mean razor sharp. You simply do a few pulls through the opening 1, and then follow it up / hone it on the 2nd opening. If your knives aren’t too dull, you can skip the 1st slot and run them righ through the 2nd slot. That gave me the courage to try my hand at some of the biggger knives, and i achieved the same result, with just as much of a super sharp edge. I dare say this sharpener gets the knives sharper than they came from the factory.

We bought everyone in the family an 8′ victorinox 8′ chef’s knife for christmas. What good is a knife if you can’t keep it sharp?. So we got all the families a sharpener too. They are both as good as the review on cook’s illustrated said.Great knife and sharpener for 15 degree bevel. We’re all really happy with both.

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