Chef’sChoice Chef’sChoice 130 Sharpening Station : Keeps my knives happy

I was very pleased with the speed that my knives were sharpened. And sharper than with anything else i have used. Would recommend this to anyone who is not afraid of using a sharp knife.

I’ve looked at this sharpener for a long time and finally took the plunge. Knives are revived and ready for serious prep work. The only downside is instructions are a little difficult to follow and the reason for the 4 star review.

You must follow instructions. If you do you will have sharp knives for ever. Dont know why i waited so long to purchase.

I cannot believe how sharp my knives are now. Easy to use, fast and they are really sharp.

  • Good but not great
  • Keeps my knives happy

Chef’sChoice 130 Sharpening Station (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Perfect for all brands and knives, the sharpener includes professional sharpening, steeling and stropping stages.
  • Precision angle guides helps create edges superior in performance to original factory edges.
  • Sharpens both fine edge and serrated blades; produces steeled edges of unmatched quality, sharpness and consistency.
  • Re-sharpens all knives- kitchen, household, Asian style knives, sports and pocket knives with minimum metal removal.
  • 3 stages- 100% diamond stage in stage 1; super hardened miniature steel in stage 2; and flexible stropping disks in stage 3.

Sharpening with this machine is very easy and very fast, and the results are outstanding. If you care about keeping your knives sharp, and don’t mind the high price tag, this machine is for you. It’s a great piece of machinery, and i would recommend it without hesitation. You will be very happy with this choice. Update 2/23/15: initially i gave this 5 stars. After using it for awhile, and particularly after comparing it with the sharpness of a stone, i must say that i’m rather disappointed. Yes, it’s easy to use, and it sharpens the knife reasonably well, but it’s not outstanding. It gets my shun knife just sharp but not amazingly sharp. When my friend sharpened this knife on her stone, i was able to cut a single sheet of paper while holding it in the air.

This works good but i don’t think its all some people make it out to be. I have sharpened all my kitchen knifes with it but none of them are razor sharp. I read the directions and watched the videos but it get everything sharp enough to get the job done. I think it’s a okay system but at this price range i was hope for something that would make every knife razor sharp.

This is a sensational knife sharpener. It makes the blade razor sharp.

A good kitchen gadget to have. Amazing how much a better a knife works when it is sharp. This tool makes it easy for anyone to renew all their knives. Great gift for those who enjoy their kitchen.

I bought it on cooks illustrated advice. The instruction manual alone is worth the price of admission. It explains knife sharpening in exact detail without being wordy. It reminded me of miltary instruction. Exact, economical and correct. I couldn’t believe the edge of a sharp knife actually folds over, but i followed the instructions exactly and actually could feel the fold. Polished it just as instructed. Knives i’ve literally had for 20 years that i’ve sharpened sort of with a whetstone, well, they slice paper now.

I purchased this after reading all the reviews. I have not had the opportunity to really work with the shaprener as of yet, so will have to revisit my review. The product arrived as promised and was very well packed. I am very excited to sharpen all my knives in the coming weeks. I would highly recommend this sharpener.

Bought this because it was so highly recommended by america’s test kitchen, and boy they weren’t kidding. My husband does the knife sharpening in the house, and he sharpens the knives every single time he uses them, even though they really don’t need it. He loves to use this machine, it does such a good job.

For the money, i don’t think you can beat this knife sharpener. We have had our knives professionally sharpened and they were not nearly as sharp. Now, they are like cutting with razor blades. My tomato test was the deciding factor. If i can cut a tomato and not be dull again, i am a happy camper. (what is it that makes a tomato dull a knife so quickly???) highly recommend it.

I have sharpened my knives, several friends knives. . That’s all there is to say. What else can one say about a knife sharpener ?.

My husband love’s the knife sharpener. He says it does a great job sharping our knives. He recommends it to everyone.

I use it almost every time i use a kitchen knife. Once the knives are sharp, regular honing on this machine takes five seconds per knife. I have extensive food gardens and i process a lot of food. This is an essential tool for me. I was so satisfied with this product, i bought my son one too. I’ve had it several years and it seems to work as good as it ever did. You do need to buy a good honing stick to knock the burr off the edge of the blade after using the machine, which is to be expected.

Take the time to learn the correct way to use it and you will not be disappointed. If you have good quality knives then you owe it to yourself to invest in a high quality sharpening device.

After deeply cutting my finger while slicing an onion with a dull kitchen knife, i decided i’d had enough. With my ill adult son living with us and requiring quality nutrition, i am preparing most meals with fresh ingredients. Rather than purchase an expensive set of kitchen knives that would require periodic sharpening anyway, i chose this sharpener. I am very pleased with its performance. A few quick flicks of a clean knife on stage 3 and i’m good to go. The brushed metal case is very attractive; however, i agree with a previous reviewer in that i would like a dust cover option.

. Arrived on time and worked as advertised.

This is a very good sharpening tool. Looks good,does a quality job, and priced at a reasonable level. Great to have such a variety of items to select from on line.

This sharpener makes it easy to keep the knives sharp. We tolerated dull knives most of the time before getting this sharpener and refreshing the edge is a breeze.

From online reviews i thought this would be a good purchase, and it was. I use it all the time on all sorts of knives and it is performing as i hoped and expected. Easy to use, and appears to be very safe.

Do not read any more of this review and. Go buy this kitchen must have chef’s choice 130 professional sharpening stationimmediately.

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Chef'sChoice 130 Sharpening Station (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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