Champion Juicer Champion Household Juicer 2000 PLUS G5-NG-853S – BLACK MODEL, powerhouse

This is the second machine we have purchased, having sold the first one to a neighbor when we moved. The chopping blade does not seem to be as effective as the one in our first machine, but it still works. Got the juicer primarily for my wife to have banana/papaya ice cream as, due to severe dietary restrictions, this is one of the only treats she can eat. I have made juice with the machine, but it really was purchased just to make the iced cream. Very effective and easy to use and clean up after.

The only reason i didn’t give 5 stars is because it does leave a lot of juice in the pulp. When i am done juicing the items i put the pulp back through and i cannot tell you how much juice i get just from the pulp. Other than that the juicer is hardy and powerful.

We bought this juicer for our daughter, we have one that we have had for almost 25 years and bought it used. The champion juicer is a very quality and heavy duty juicer.

Key specs for Champion Household Juicer 2000 PLUS G5-NG-853S – BLACK MODEL:

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  • Large 1.75″ Diameter Feed Tube, 1725 RPMs, 540 Watt Motor, 110V 60HZ

Comments from buyers

, Easy to clean
, Great Juicer

This is our 5th champion juicer. It is working well and i really like the black color. The others were all white and they become discolored by the things we juice, i. We juice everyday and have actually worn out 3 of the 5.

This is the second champion juicer to reside on my kitchen counter top. The reason i purchased it was that my first champion was an older brown model that dad shipped to me in an invincable crate that he hand built for its trip from florida to michigan. It arrived in perfect condition and worked wonderfully 5 days a week for another 14 years. I waited to order this year’s new model only to decide to stick with model 2000 due in part to the 10 year warranty. I ordered the black color to eliminate any potential discoloration as it mightly occupies a place of prominence in my kitchen.

Does exactly what it is supposed to do–you can tell it is a high quality machine.

This is my third champion juicer, there isn’t a better juicer. So i’ll start right off with the facts. If you are buying a juicer for grandmas orange juice once a month, this isn’t the juicer for you. If you are looking for a juicer that you can cram 5 lbs of carrots thru, 5 oranges, some ginger and lemon, then this is your best bet. I’ve seen the videos on here of people using other masticating juicers, and read the review (negative) about champion juicers. If you didn’t read the instructions that came with it, then you obviously aren’t smart enough to use it. So put it on ebayi’ve tried other juicer before. My review isn’t biased (that i know of) but the champion wins hands down. This juicer takes a few runs to get used to it, so don’t get frustrated and give up. Learn it’s limitations and strengths. Refrigerate everything to be juiced. The juicer heats up, so start with cold producerun a few carrots before citrus, then alternate.

I have only had the champion household juicer for about a month now but am using it daily and really like it. We have tried many different fruits and veggie drinks with much success. I usually make juice for the four of us every morning, and my kids love waking up to fresh tasty juices. We also have made sorbets for dessert–yum.My only negative experience so far is that while trying to make almond meal, the motor really heated up and started to smell. The heat from the motor affected the flavor of the small amount of almond paste i did create. I haven’t tried any other nuts for fear of burning out the motor. If you mainly want great tasting fruit and vegetable juice, i would highly recommend it.

This food processor is the bomb. It does everything you will ever imagine. It’s like buying about 6 different foods processors of different types all in one. I love it, although it is expensive, it’s worth the price. I will buy it all over again and agin if it gets broke.

The juicer is performing as hoped. I plan to order me one in the future.

Excellent carrot, apple, etc juice. I hate cleaning it its relatively easy when clean immediately. My rule, juice, use everything, then clean before taking a sip/bite. I recommend making banana ice cream, nut butters & more.

It took me a few times trying to put it together after cleaning. But now i am really fast with cleaning and putting it back together.

One of the best purchases i ever made. I truly believe juicing helped curing my husband from cancer, and thus is the best affordable juicer i could find.

Champion juicer was recommended by a friend, and she was right. Very easy to put together, and, more importantly, to clean.

It is an awesome product that has matched every expectations.

Really the juice has better taste that with the other machines.

I love my champion juicer if there’s ever a fire in my home it’s on the first five for me to take out. It works so hard easy to clean and put together. Everyone comes to my home and wants one. It’s going to help me beat breast cancer.

My mom has owned a champion household juicer 2000 for over 25 years, so my boyfriend bought one about 1 1/2 years ago. He purchased it because my mom has never had one problem in over 25 years with hers. The juicer is heavy duty, literally runs with a small motor. The juice is pure and delicious. There is no other juicer i would purchase.

Absolutely love this juicer. I spent several days deciding between a champion juicer and an omega juicer. Finally settled on this one. My mil has had her champion juicer for 20+ years and i plan on having mine that long.

I have purchased this product in the past and just purchased it again. It is fantastic and i consider the best out there if you want to juice.

It is a home run in our home. We don’t know why it took so long to get one.

Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to assemble. One of the best and most recommended and it’s easy to see why. Produces a lot of juice with minimal veggies.

So far the champion has delivered on its promise as a powerful juicer that extracts all the goodness and makes great juice. It’s relatively easy to clean and i like it for making nut butters even better than my vitamix.