NewAir WAT20W water dispenser : Looks great in a home or an office setting, Super easy to set up too!!!

Ever since i was little i always wanted one of these. So when i got the chance to get this, i jumped on it. I was first surprised by how tall this one is, as i had only used smaller ones. It is pretty heavy too, but it is very durable. Worked straight out of the box. And it looked so nice and stylish. I was worried about using the bottled water, by spilling it everywhere, but it was easy, and i didn’t spill, and if i can do it, anyone can. I am really thankful for the childproof lock on the hot, because it is really hot. But i am enjoying it, particularly after living in a country for a few years, where have a hot cuppa is the norm. This also eliminated my hot water jug on the counter, so now i have more room in my kitchen.

Edited: we’ve been using this water dispenser for 2 years with no issues at all. The water does take slightly longer to come out, but it is still far more than a trickle. Have been using for a couple of months and haven’t had any issues.

We were about to chuck this thing in the trash. I had a couple of ideas that couldn’t hurt to try. I first drained all water then used vacuum to suck any debris in water inlet. After that failed, i grabbed the pliers and yanked the spout. That damn spout is the problem, just get rid of it. Very happy now with this water cooler.

I recently quit drinking diet cola and now drink a lot of water and am always running out to the store to buy it. So when new air asked if i wanted to review a water dispenser, of course i said yes. The newair wat20w pure spring water dispenser makes it easy to enjoy fresh, clean drinking water in your home or office. This hot and cold water dispenser uses a stainless steel reservoir, which prevents mold and eliminates the obnoxious plastic taste found in other water coolers.

  • Still going strong after 2 years. So far so good!
  • The stream is a trickle, and now it’s frozen up.
  • Perfect for Hot and Cold Water Dispensing

NewAir WAT20W water dispenser, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Features a bottle spike for easy, no spill 3 or 5 gallon bottle replacements
  • Choose between refreshing cold or piping hot water outputs for cool drinks or heated beverages
  • Don’t spend excess money on electricity with this Energy Star approved water cooler
  • BPA Free and NSF Certified water dispenser provides only pure, clean water
  • Reliable, child safety lock prevents children from using the hot water so you can use it worry free

“this product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. “i received this from mail today, very much impressed & glad to have this. Been looking around for this, finally i got myself a brand new hot/cold water dispenser. When i got this i was shocked by the tall size, unlike the small ones this is tall, well built design. I saw a manufacturer’s manual that says “a name you can trust”. A brand i will be keeping an eye on, and trust. There in the manual written their contact number for support & vouch that “there are no robots but real people to help you,” a good customer service it is. I didn’t really called up customer service since i never had problem making this baby work. It’s straight forward simplicity out of the box.Unlike other dispenser i have seen with only 2 options of cold & hot water this has additional of normal room temperature water, good for people that prefers not hot nor cold.

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review but i have to say, i am very impressed. It really has a sleek design and looks great in either a home or a professional office setting. I had never actually owned one of these before so i don’t have much to compare it to but it was super easy to set up and it is also very easy to put the water container on it without any spills or messes. I love that it gives you the options for water temperature and when you want it cold it really is very cold and when you want it hot then it really gets hot.It really makes the water clean and taste really fresh. It has a child safety feature that will keep your kids from getting burned which is something i wouldn’t have even thought of but i am really glad is there because the button for hot water is right at eye level for kids and you wouldn’t want them to get burned. The machine is tall but it is very sturdy. I am really happy with the product and i am really happy with the follow up information and outreach from newair customer service. They make it very clear that if there is anything you need help with our that is not working properly that they want to help make it right, i however had no issues and my new water dispenser works great.

There was a little piece of styrofoam from shipping stuck deep inside the water outlet. Used an air compressor to blow it out and it pours normal now. Not sure if this contributes to it freezing, it hasn’t happened since clearing out the debris. Could be a little faster of a pour, but i feel like that’s most water coolers. Up’d the rating to 4 stars. Original review:the stream come out erratically and only at a trickle. It’s more annoying than you might think. The problem was getting worse till it totally stopped all together. All water temps had no flow.

We really liked this water dispenser. It’s an awesome money-saver because i don’t need to buy bottles of water anymore. We used to get those huge cases of water from costco, which were such a pain to carry into the house and store in the kitchen. Now i just fill up my reusable bottle and i’m good to go.We drink a lot of powdered drink mixes like crystal light, so this is perfect. My husband and son also drink a lot of water and they’ve been getting a lot of use out of it too. Another thing i really love about this dispenser is i can make hot water for my tea, instantly. I am finding this to be a time and money-saver. We also love those soup packets. This is much easier than filling up a tea kettle and waiting for it to boilit is also top-loading, which makes it so easy just to pour tap water right in.

NewAir WAT40W water dispenser : It is easy to use and cuts down on the bottled water

This is an amazing water cooler and heater. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and that’s what you’re going to get. I originally ordered this water cooler because my had just kicked the bucket. It took approximately 4-5 to arrive and when it did arrive the product was damaged in multiple spots. I called the company and they were very polite and understanding. That night they sent out a new unit free shipping and emailed a return label for the damaged unit. When the new unit arrived it was in perfect condition and as per the instructions i only had to let the unit rest for about 2 hours before plugging it in. The unit has a door on the bottom half of the cooler with a small handle to open it. When open, it has a large spot for any shape 5 gallon water jug to fit as well as the water pump/lid to fit onto the jug. The tube attached to the lid for pulling water was flexible and it fit in two different shaped jugs of mine.

Works great and easy to use.

I just moved into my new apartment and really wanted a water dispenser. This product is not only very convenient, but it saves a lot of money. I am no longer buying gallons and gallons of water for a buck each and no longer have to heat up my water in a kettle. The water dispenser came basically fully assembled and in perfect condition. All i had to do was attach my five gallon water jug and plug it in, and in no time i had cold or hot water at the press of a lever. I love the fact that the water jug is hidden underneath and behind a door, rather than sitting on top of it – it looks so much nicer and classier than the other ones i’ve seen. I love the black color – it looks very sleek and modern. The lever makes it so much more convenient than the other water dispensers i’ve owned that have buttons that you need to press in order to access the water, especially with the kid proof hot water button. If you are looking for a water dispenser to add to your home, office, etc, i highly recommend this one by newair. I was given the opportunity to try newair’s water dispenser at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

It is all i hoped it would be and more.

  • Great Unit!
  • It is summer so we haven’t used the hot water yet but we have tried it and it seems to work great. I love the bottom mount becau
  • Great Water Cooler!

NewAir WAT40W water dispenser, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Don’t worry about having to lift a heavy water bottle with this bottom loading design
  • Choose between refreshing cold or piping hot water outputs for cool drinks or heated beverages
  • Don’t spend excess money on electricity with this Energy Star approved water cooler
  • BPA Free and NSF Certified water dispenser provides only pure, clean water
  • Reliable, child safety lock prevents children from using the hot water so you can use it worry free

Since we have already owned this for several months now, i’ve actually come up with a couple of suggestions that i believe would make this already great water dispenser better. First: the water catcher should be at least twice as deep that is currently is. It would also help if the water catcher was 3″ – 5″ farther down thereby allowing larger containers to be easily filled ,etc. Second: while the bottom load dispenser is great, it’s still a little bit of a struggle for some elderly folks to push the full water bottles into the dispenser. This issue could be easily resolved by installing a small floating ball-bearing transfer floor. The type used in warehouses (especially the united states postal service) where they are required to manually separate types and sizes packages. By installing such a simple and effective transfe system, it would make it relatively easy for anyone to simply roll in a full bottle of water any time necessary. Otherwise, and despite my suggestions, this is still the best water dispenser we’ve ever purchased. With that being said, it still could be a little bit better.

Called the new air manufacturer and he was sooo helpful and courteous. Told me how to handle it and its been great ever since. I love companies that stand by their product like amazon does too.

Would have been five stars but arrived with the top door hinge broken. However, this is a very good dispenser, easy to understand directions, quiet, and no leaks as is common in reviews of many other dispensers. Very glad i purchased this model. One hint o buyers, do yourself a favor and buy two water bottles with handles, you will thank yourself in the future.

Have had this for a couple months now. Makes a little noise at dispensing but overall happy with purchase so far.

I just bought it but so far it’s excellent. Water temperature is just right for me. But the best feature is the easy installment and accessibility of water bottle at the bottom. No more lifting for me when changing the bottle.I’m only 5’2 so just imagine the ease of not over reaching just to change the bottle when i use to have the top loading kind. Alsox the machine on this one is quite enough. I’m still on the testing stage that’s why i gave it a four star. Might change my mind after 6 months.

I can’t believe how much this thing rocks. It comes in both black and white so you can choose the color that matches your kitchen. Before my kitchen remodel white would have been best, but since we have redone our cabinets and counter tops and are now replacing all of our appliances to black that’s what i went with. At first i was worried about how this little baby would look in my kitchen. But it couldn’t look any better. The water jug does not go on top like typical water dispensers. Instead, it is loaded underneath so you no one ever even realizes it’s therethe hot water is perfect for making hot chocolate, it definitely gets as hot as it says it does, which is 185 f. There is also a safety lock so you don’t have to worry about your children getting burned by the hot water side. This was a big concern for me since i have littles at home so i’m extremely happy about this feature. Plus, the cold water is super cold.

Easy to load, fast cooling, and sleek design. I’ve not had any leaking or issues until cold water just stopped dispensing after about 14 months. Likely needs a good cleaning. Haven’t stuck to the every 3 month schedule on that. We prefer this dispenser over any other option.

We used this for a couple months and it worked flawlessly. I love that it has a hot water safety so young kids don’t accidentally hurt themselves. We only have three people that live in our household. After a couple of months, we decided to give the water dispenser to my parents. My dad went through chemo and everything felt like a big effort, but he really wanted to do things himself. This was one more convenience for him. At my parent’s house, this has been used daily by at least five people a day plus visitors, including small children that like to use the dispenser themselves. They specifically like that you can turn off the hot water for energy saving, and the cold water too. Sometimes, you just don’t want cold water, like winter. The unit is easy to clean and easy to use.

After looking at several models i, decided on model wat40 in black. This model is also available in white. I picked the black to match my other appliances. What else drew me to this unit was that the size was perfect and it would fit at the end of my cabinets and blend in well. But what really got me excited was the fact that the water bottle was hidden in the base of the unit. The newair wat40 is a great convenient way to get all the fresh clean water you want. As i said the biggest selling point for me was that the large water bottle is hidden away in the base of the unit. All you do in open the cabinet in the front, remove the cap from the bottle and put in the pump nozzle, push it down to the bottom of the bottle, slide the bottle into the unit and close the door. No spills or lifting heavy bottles.

I ordered this sept 2, 2016. It was delivered in the expected time frame and there was no damage. I have had no problems with this unit in all the time that i have had it. Sometimes, i notice the sound more than other times but, i don’t mind. The ease of changing out the water is great. I enjoy not having to see the bottle. I love the convenience of being able to get hot water without having to wait for it to heat up. I wish there was a tabletop version of this for my office.

I looked at several water dispensers and read several reviews before buying this one. It is very quiet and the hot water is nice and hot and the cold is nice and cold. The water tastes the best i have ever had. There is no off flavor like some of the other water dispenser brands that i looked at. I did follow the directions and ran water from both hot and cold before first use and before switching on the hot and cold switches. The only bad thing i have room say is that the water jugs we bought don’t fit the attachment. Ours are from walmart and have the straight neck. You would have to have the jigs that have the bump/lip at the top of the bottle.

This cooler is exactly what i thought i would get when i purchased this unit. Hot water comes out hot and cold comes out cold. The best part is that the unit is whisper quiet.

Here is what i like about the newair pure spring wat40b- the water is easy to load. Open the bottom part, take the old bottle out, open the new, cleaning off the mouth, put the pump in and slide it back in. Less than one minute and even my kids can do it- more water consumption. Because it is convenient and the perfect height for kids, they automatically go to it when they are thirsty. Plus i drink a lot more now too. I have no more excuses- the hot water is kid proof. It even took me a minute to figure out how to get the hot water out. The kids have not even tried- it holds 3 or 5 gallon bottlesthe dispenser is high quality, stylish, and functional. An appliance all homes need.

I had been browsing for a water dispenser for a while and i had no clue what i was looking for. I just knew i wanted and needed something because the chemicals our water gets treated with stink and the water doesn’t taste good at all. I received the newair wat40b at no cost to review and i was over the moon. Newair has several different models, including top loading units, but i chose the wat40b because it is a bottom loading unit. I am short and wasn’t sure i could load the water bottles by myself if i got a top load unit. This one is the black unit, but they also have a white one so you can choose the one that matches your other appliances. I have been using this for about a month and i am still over the moon. The dispenser is nearly ready to use right out of the box. You only have to remove packing and move it where you want it to be. It is much easier than i would have thought.

I received this in exchange for a review. We had been wanting a water cooler and really impressed with the quick shipping (i am in california so that helped with the delivery). Pros: easy to change water, my 20oz water bottle fits well for fill up, is overall pretty quiet (sounds like a normal fridge motor) and love that i can turn on and off the hot water with a switch (we primarily have it off due to 2 small kids in the house). The one thing i wish it had was a light when you dispense it. But overall, really enjoy this.

It’s a great water dispenser. I like that the bottle is hidden inside: it makes it look so much nicer. It does take time to bring water to the desired temperature. I get couple cups and the heater kicks in and stays on for about 15 min to heat up the reservoir which is kinda slow. If it didn’t make any noise i probably wouldn’t even notice it but the compressor is actually louder than my fridge and that;s how i know when it’s on. Overall i’m happy with this product which i received free in exchange for my review. If anyone cares- it’s a lot better deal to get bottles from your local grocery store than get them delivered. 99 and i think it’s not bad.

It’s so small, it barely takes up any room in my kitchen unlike the older top loading models with the big ugly bottle on top. Installation was a breeze and i had cold water within 20 minutes of hooking up. I’ve been trying to get my kids to drink more water and this is working perfectly. I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest review. I would have paid full price for this item because the small size and bottom loading features are awesome.

I use this product every day. It is easy to use and cuts down on the bottled water significantly.

Clover B7A Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler in – Great Product!

Very useful cooler at this point after recent purchase. Only question is the hot water handle. It may not hold up as a dependable handle over long period of time.

Has been a reliable source of water, both spigots work well and is made very sturdy – no splash provides an easy way of swapping out bottles.

This is a very well made cooler with pre drilled holes on both sides so you can attach a cup dispenser which i did. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a well made water cooler. The hot is really hot & the cold really cold.

We have had this machine for almost 2 years. Compared to more expensive models this is the best bang for your buck. My only very minor complaint is that the water outlets are kind of low. Having to bend over to fill a water bottle is tuff with a sore lower back. The water only comes out at a moderate rate. We did notice a small serge in our electric bill but that was to be expected.

Keeps the water constant and cold. The body seems a little cheap, but hey, if it keeps my water cold, i’m good with that.

The main thing i wanted in a water cooler was to actually make the water cold. I did a lot of research and found that most of the popular ones only cooled water to around 50 degrees f and were not adjustable. All i can say is when i have any kind of drink, i’m the kind of person that fills the cup with ice first. This cooler is perfect for me. Makes ice cold water without needing to add ice to the glass and i don’t even have it turned to the coldest setting. I don’t use the hot water so i can’t comment on that. Water flows quickly, especially more so the fuller the bottle is. For ice cold water, this one is perfect.

  • Smart Purchase, Makes hydrating easy
  • I absolutely love this water dispenser
  • A good solid water cooler

We have had this hot and cold water dispenser for about four months and are very pleased with it. The hot water is perfect for tea or hot chocolate. The only reason that i gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was that i ordered black but received a white one.

He drinks more water now that it’s cold & not faucet water. We have to team up to put a new bottle on without spilling to much. The cold is plenty cold, never need ice. The hot is hot enough for tea and whatever else i need hot water for. Maybe not quite hot enough for hot chocolate but don’t drink that too often.

I’ve had this for about 3 months and have enjoyed every minute of it. It was shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. It keeps the water super cold and isn’t very loud, which is a plus. My wife was worried about it not looking great in our kitchen because it has a plastic looking outside but because it’s black it tends to grab less attention in the kitchen. Another plus is that it dispenses water quickly. It’s almost twice as fast as our previous dispenser, which is really nice. We use our 3 and 5 gallon jugs with screw top lids that we used with our previous dispenser and they fit and work flawlessly. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a dispenser that is reliable and inconspicuous.

Very happy with our purchase of clover water cooler. Had ordered a cheaper cooler and returned it after a few days. Started searching amazon for another brand and found the clover. Decided to order and we are very happy with purchase. Only one thing i don’t like is that the hot water handle is childproof so it doesn’t flow too fast. Otherwise very thing else is great.

My dispenser arrived promptly and worked very well for the first month. During the first month the unit was quiet and you would not know it was in the kitchen. Since the the first month however the unit will make a noise once every hour or so as though it is re-heating or cooling the water. It lasts for about 60 seconds and then stops but it is a little annoying and makes me wonder if it a precursor to a bigger problem. The unit still works and appears to be sound in every other way.

Features of Clover B7A Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler in Black

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  • One piece ABS drip is removable for easy cleaning
  • Offers superior resistance to UV degradation
  • Comes with handle for easy transport
  • UV protected cabinet does not rust or corrode
  • Cold water temperature can be controlled to 35.6? F – 53.6? F by adjustable thermostat

Make sure this fits
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We’ve used this cooler for over a year now. It has worked without any problems. We do not use the hot water dispenser, but do use the cold water daily. The water comes out nice and cold. I am glad we chose the cooler.

I purchased this unit for our office as our office and warehouse personnel had been wanting one for the past 6 months. I checked into renting one of these and then compared the cost of renting or buying and i figured this clover unit would pay for itself in 7 months. We’ve been using it for close to 2 months and have went through over 14 bottles of water with no problems whatsoever. You’ll love itregards,jimthe mercantile station.

Would have been nice for them to put a cold hot arrow for tuning the screw on the back.

The clover b7a hot and cold water dispenser works well. The cold seems cold enough, and the hot seems hot enough. About three years ago i purchased a g. Cold, hot, room temperature with a mini refrigerator and a stainless steel finish. It was less expensive and had extra features. Product from fry’s electronics in california and fry’s was out of stock. Bottom line, the clover works well but for the features, it is very over priced.

I’ve only had it about a week but good so far. We don’t use the hot side often so i chose to keep it off until needed. Seems sturdier than the ones i’ve rented from water companies.

Been operating for about 3 weeks. Dispenses mush faster than our previous cooler and is quieter.

One piece ABS drip is removable for easy cleaning

They are quiet nd thecold water is cold. They are small and slide perfectly into any corner.

Works great, the hot water works great for tea.

Luv the cooler but when it’s making hot water, it whistles. Makes really hot water for tea .

Shipment was fast and item described just exactly what it says :).

We had a problem with a leaky cold tap the first day we assembled and used the cooler, and the seller immediately got us a new one shipped. It’s working great now – very cold cold water and very hot hot water. Great customer service by this seller.

Best water dispenser we have owned. Would recommend it and would buy it again.

Offers superior resistance to UV degradation

It is the perfect size for our office kitchen and the option to have hot water too is a bonus, we are extremely happy with it. The delivery was so fast too.

What else can you possibly say?.

Have had this dispenser for at least 6 months and no problems.

No issues after several months. Have not tried the hot water yet, but i like the unit.

This unit is working just as i had hoped it would. It is a nice looking unit, and the hot is hot and the cold is quite cold. No issues or concerns at this time.

I bought one for my mom and one for myself and we both love it.

I got this water cooler to replace an old sunmeam cooler. I hoped for inecold water, instead of the sort of cold water in my last machine. I must say that so far, this machine does the trick. The water is plenty cold, and it refrigerats consistently.

Comes with handle for easy transport

I have purchased 2 of these dispensers. One for the home and one for the office. Hot water is hot and cold is nice and cold.

I have had the item for about two months now and love it. I almost purchased more expensive models and i decided to take a chance on this one and i am happy i did.

My hot water has been hot for months. My cold water is cold as ice. I absolutely love this water dispenser.

Cold water is cold, hot water is perfect for coffee in the aeropress. Have recommended this unit to others, and would purchase again.

We bought this water cooler to replace an old ge water cooler we had. The clover is a good solid water cooler. It’s sturdy, easy to change the water bottles, and easy to clean. I like the fact that you can fill a pitcher with cold water just by having the cold water spout stand up. The hot water has a safety feature on it so the water will only come out if the flap is pushed in a certain way. Overall,it is a good machine, especially at this price point.

UV protected cabinet does not rust or corrode

I bought this for my three teenage athletes who constantly need cold water. Cold water is icy cold and hot water is hot enough to make tea or hot cocoa. And it only takes few minutes. Kids don’t use ice in their water anymore and i don’t boil water for my tea anymore. And we all agree that this was the best investment.

No noise, hot and cold water delivered.

5 years later, still works great. No complaints and water is still ice cold.

Cold water is cold, hot water is hot – works great.

Viva Appliances Viva Self Clean Stainless Steel Water Cooler : You can do better for this price

We just received this product from a recommendation from a colleague. We are still in the process of setting it up but are excited for the hot and cold features.

The viva self clean stainless steel water cooler w/ hot & cold has been nothing but a five star product ever since it was delivered. The short story: the cold water is 38 degrees f and the hot water is 178 degrees f. The water tastes great after cleaning the tank via the instructions and running about 5 gallons through it. You can adjust the cold water temperature but i don’t think you can do so for the hot. The long story: the instructions were very clear and easy to understand. Setup was a breeze and cleaning the unit was easy. You need to make sure the unit is upright for at least an hour if not longer before use. Full clean took about an hour (mostly due to waiting for the unit to disinfect). The unit has rubber feet that can be turned to level the unit. I attached round felt pads to them to prevent scratches on my hardwoods.

Viva Self Clean Stainless Steel Water Cooler with Hot & Cold by Viva Appliances

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bacteria buildup is prevented by using reactive oxygen to clean the insides of the cooler. It automatically cleans six times a day. Avoids the muddy taste that develops over time in normal coolers from not being cleaned.
  • Approximately 70% stainless steel front has the most stainless steel out of any top loading retail cooler.
  • Professional grade construction uses a stronger frame than used by normal coolers. Build quality is designed to last for many years of heavy use.
  • IceChill technology powerfully cools the water using a large ice block. Water is maintained at a frigidly cold temperature, making a delicious and refreshing cup of water. Makes 1.6 gallons of very cold water every hour.
  • Proprietary heating technology maintains water in the ideal steaming hot range. Makes robust cups of tea, instead of weak watery tea. Makes 1.3 gallons of piping hot water every hour.

The controls are too high for my one year old to reach which is great because with other coolers he soaks people’s floor because he can reach the lever.

My husband purchased this online, after reading all the positive reviews about it, and it arrived within the time frame (5-10 business days). It was easy to set up and requires you to ‘level’ it (which i have never seen before on any cooler). I love the stainless steel and also love the light that is in between the hot and cold water spouts. You can also turn off the hot water (which we did) spout if you don’t need it (which we don’t).

Set up is easy, and so far it works great. Buy it from sears and you’ll get free shipping. For some reason, the day i bought it there was a big discount andit only cost me $194. Besides, i trust sears if anything goes wrong with it.

Viva Self Clean Stainless Steel Water Cooler with Hot & Cold by Viva Appliances : I just have to find someone who can load the 5 gallon bottles on top for me. Can someone tell me where to get smaller bottles ?.

Update: had this unit almost a year and a half now. Still works as well as it did the first day. Original review:had this unit about a month now. Pros:i use the hot water out of this to brew tea, no additional heating required. It is steaming hotthe cold water is nice and cold. Some water coolers have ‘cool’ water; this water cooler has *cold* water. The self-cleaning feature is nice, less work for me. Unit was well packed for deliverythe hot water has a 2-step button which reduces the chance of a child burning themselvescons:expensiveit is a little shorter than other water coolers i’ve seen (so if you are tall, you will have to bend over quite a bit)it does make more noise than most other water coolers. Not sure if it is the self-cleaning, or because of the extra heating/coolingi think it would tip over without too much effort, so if you have young kids or large dogs, you will want to put it in a corner or attach it to a wall (no attachment hardware is included, fyi). I have a 5 year old and 2 dogs, and in a corner the unit is fine.

Very please with my new water cooler’.

To start, the installation was easy once we got the bottle receptacle up and out. Did the initial cleaning process of it to ensure the product worked to its full potential and the process isn’t difficult. Easy instructions and i like the fact that it comes with a strap to secure it to the wall to prevent any tipping hazard, especially due to the size. I like the stainless steel and the overall design of this cooler, although it is shorter and smaller than my last water cooler.It holds a 5 gallon water container just fine. Tested the cold and hot water, the cold is about 40- 42 degrees f (raytech laser thermometer) and the hot water about 190 degree f or higher (using a meat thermometer). Don’t hold me to these temperatures, i just wanted to give a decent temperature reading rather than saying pretty cold and really hot. I like that the buttons are on top, as a practical ‘child safety’ precaution. I haven’t noticed any noises with the self-clean setting, but if i do i’ll enjoy the reassurance that it’s self-cleaning and i don’t have to bother with it. I’ve researched different water coolers for 3 weeks before purchasing this one and i’m happy with my decision.

We purchased this about a month ago and so far, there have been so issues at all. The design is a lot nicer than many others and doesn’t look like an eyesore in the house. The water is quite cold when it comes out and there is also a nice nightlight if needed for evening/middle of the night usage. Overall, we are very satisfied with the cooler and would recommend it.

The look of this unit is very nice. The cold and hot features all work well. The only reason for the 4 star rating is that at times this machine is a bit noisy. I like the fact that this dispenser is self cleaning .

I gave this water cooler four stars only because it is so little. I am 5’6 and i have to bend over to get water. I replaced a standard sized cooler for this one because my old cooler would no longer get cold. Only the hot water function worked. I spent 2 weeks online researching coolers before i chose this one. I wanted a top loader because i didn’t want to deal with the hassle of leakage and other issues associated with bottom loaders. The self cleaning function is a huge plus. I routinely cleaned my old water cooler, draining it and using a bleach or vinegar solution. It was a pain to do all that work but i felt good about drinking from a clean cooler. It is a little noisy when it is self cleaning but i don’t mind it at all. It’s cute but i wish it were bigger. Other than the size i would have given it five stars.

The cooler is working well but is pretty noisy. Also, we expected it to be higher.

Whirlpool warranty support pushes you to this aging unit as a warranty replacement for their much better built units. This unit only has hot and cold no pot/coffee water non heated dispensing option. Additionally it is very noisy and way too short and i am not a tall person. It does function well at this point i have only had it a couple of weeks. It’s best features are it is supposedly self cleaning and it also has an excellent bottle piercing baffle.

Its a beautiful unit but it is designed for store bought or delivered bottles which have a rubber topper that can be punched thru when loading the water bottle. We fill our own bottles at water kiosks, so loading the bottles is very messy. Trying to load the bottles and hold them at an angle while inserting the hose drips water everywhere. Also the unit still has to be cleaned every 3 months or even when it tastes off, so paying extra for self cleaning feature defeats the purpose. Apparently the lines get clogged.

Directions need to be updated though for new self-cleaning model, they tell you to remove a piece that can not be removed with self cleaning model.

My previous discpenser lasted 4 years. It was a ge profile and the hot water heater went. The white residue from the water was like sand. This self clean is such a great feature. The noise takes some getting used to. It cycles often and sounds like water is boiling. Love the light in the dispenser area and it is small an sleek compared to other models.

Glacial Maximum Stainless Self Cleaning Base Load Water Cooler – but this water dispenser is working great. About a year ago I went with the

This is the ideal water cooler we have at any time experienced. The water continues to flavor refreshing down to the last drop and it drains it to the past fall. With other coolers we have had it never emptied to the base so you would have to vacant it into a container and refrigerate it for later use. The hot water is excellent for tea.

Received the cooler rapidly, with superior, protected packaging. So much i am extremely pleased with the cooler. The cold is good and cold, and the hot water is the excellent temperature for tea. I do not obtain that it is noisy, with it only earning a noticeable sounds straight away adhering to dispensing water, as it refills the cooling reservoir. Other than that, it only can make a incredibly minimal hum. I had read through some evaluations stating that it was very loud – i do not uncover this at all, no vibration or rattling either. Yes, the led lights stay on all the time, but contemplating they are led (really don’t get heat or eat substantially power) and no a single is generally sleeping in my kitchen, they are not bothersome at all. The only matter that makes me marginally dissatisfied is the finish of the ‘chrome’ accented parts. Touching any of these spots leaves a discoloration (fingerprints, wiping, and so on. In get for it to glance excellent it does involve it to be buffed with a fabric. Probably would have been better to make the whole unit out of the stainless metal. Total, i am really pleased with the overall look and perform of this water cooler.

Works and seems to be fantastic but is loud. Normally takes a when to get use to it and of course i recremend it.Here are the specifications for the Glacial Maximum Stainless Self Cleaning Base Load Water Cooler:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • All stainless steel exterior with chrome-nickel plated trim. A showpiece in any kitchen or office. High end look like professional espresso machines.
  • Self cleans several times a day using reactive oxygen technology. The unstable oxygen rips bacteria apart and keeps the cooler clean from biofilm, and murky off tastes.
  • Glacial Chill technology uses a ring of ice to keep water at a steady temperature just above freezing, making a refreshingly chilly glass of water. Produces 1.6 gallons of icy cold water per hour.
  • HotBoost technology injects preheated water into the hot tank, maintaining a very high average temperature. Produces 1.4 gallons of piping hot water per hour.
  • Professional Grade compressor technology turns on about 30 times less than the average commercial grade cooler; which often starts failing after a year or two of use.

I have just had this for a thirty day period but so much its been carrying out its career, it pours pretty cold water and hot water also, not like some other dispensers that just pour neat water. I was in question about acquiring it at very first just after i go through some bad opinions, but i decided to check out it in any case, it is form of noisy when you dispense water, you can hear the compressor operating only for a small when, and every at the time in a when you can listen to the compressor commence and operate, for quick periods. The sounds is bearable to me, when it runs out of water is when the compressor commences and considering the fact that the bottle is empty it doesnt load up on water, so i just open up the door and the sounds stops. I generate about this since some men and women wrote terrible critiques about the sounds, so if you are sensitive you migth want to remain away from it. A different negative assessment was about the water tasting like oil, it plainly states on the box to sit it upright position for 24 hrs if the device was flat on its sides, even though it states do not depart on it sides, my ups carrier left it on its facet, so make confident and just go away it upright 24 hrs to avoid undesirable flavors. Im really content with the device, its pretty classy and has cold water like we like it. The only cause i gave it 4 stars is for the reason that i wish the led mild would be automatic, and not with a change, and if they could locate a compressor that would operate quieter it be superior, then i would definitely provide this one and buy the newer product. All round it is a superior dispenser with nice appears.

Cold and hot water on desire. Exchanging the 5 gallon bottle is easy. Appears to be excellent in stainless metal.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Cold water and hot with good looks
  • but this water dispenser is working great. About a year ago I went with the
  • This is the best water cooler we have ever had

Have experienced this product or service about 8 months now. It was pricey as opposed to what appeared to be comparable items. I took the guidance of other reviewers and purchased it anyway. The most amazing factor about it is the volume of water remaining in the bottom of the bottle when it is time to adjust it out. I use 3 gallon bottles mostly (if you use 5 gallon bottles make positive you modify the ‘straw’) but it routinely leaves about 2 tablespoons of water in the bottom of my bottle. I agree it seems like i am building this up, but that is what i see. Would advise and would order again.

I like the physical appearance of this water cooler. The stainless steel is extremely modern-day, and i prefer the base load to the top load for simplicity of changing. The cold water is extremely cold, and the hot water is warm plenty of for hot tea. The instructions to at first established up the cooler are quite puzzling and improperly published, but at the time i figured it out, there have been no troubles. When i opened the box, the again of the cooler had a dent in it, but all the things works adequately, and as soon as it is in opposition to the wall, you do not even recognize the dent. The biggest concern in my intellect is how loud the unit is. It is louder than our refrigerator and dishwasher, particularly when going through the cleaning cycles. I have had the cooler for a several months now, and if not for the noise, i possibly would have specified it a five-star score (even with the other minor challenges).

It has not been a thirty day period however, but this water dispenser is doing the job wonderful. About a calendar year in the past i went with the stainless metal kitchen area. My sore spot was the previous white water cooler. Now with this dispenser my kitchen appears finish. Arrived on time, set up was only.

Appears to be a minimal low-priced, most likely, but will work good so much.

I gave this as a present but my sister tells me it is great. I know some of the other assessments reviewed the noise of unit but when i visited it was not terrible at all.

Right after owning a primo water tower, and changing it two times, we finally went with this glacial max water tower, and following possessing it for over 2 several years with no issues i am now shopping for an additional for the business. It is a lil little bit loud, but i seem past that.

A wonderful base-load water cooler. The water dispenses at a good constant level (no sputtering like my previous base-load cooler). It appears to be like fantastic, and is also tranquil (not silent, but not loud by any evaluate). The cold water is extremely cold, and the hot water is a perfect temperature for brewing tea or espresso with. It utilizes virtually all of the water in the bottle (not even half of a tiny coffee mug’s worth of water remaining when vacant). Has two small led night lights wherever the water dispenses that are the ideal brightness to discover the way to a late night time glass of water with out being as well bright. Am pretty joyful with this acquire (actual identical design from property depot, saved $thirty and even now free shipping).

Easy to set up, pleasant appears to be very peaceful my only ideas is to insert leveling toes and to incorporate possibly an on off swap or mild sensor to the usually on ‘night lights’.

Pretty simple to set up, will work good. Noise is no far more than a normal fridge. Quick to trade water, no weighty lifting. Only a really modest amout still left in an vacant bottle.

Very best looking by far, and i love the base loader. The cold water is incredibly cold and the hot is unbelievably hot. But it is loud when it is cooling. Fortunately, it only goes ‘on’ for a when and then is silent.

Knox Tabletop Hot/Cold Water Cooler and Instant Ice Maker, Best bang for your buck!

It has a fashionable search and serves me well.

Great all in one functions good many thanks.

Key specs for Knox Tabletop Hot/Cold Water Cooler and Instant Ice Maker:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Dispenses cold water at 45 F and hot water up to 185 F
  • Quickly make ice within 10 minutes with 3 size options
  • Use standard 5 gallon spring water or connect to water line
  • Can make 45 Lbs of ice per day
  • Includes waterline connection kit ,ice scoop and extra drain plugs

Comments from buyers

“Recommendable Cooler ., Before we bought this we had a countertop ice machine , Good Machine Bad Directions!”

Guide and ice refrigeration would make 5 stars. Does particularly what you want, makes ice from cooler or inline water, how?. Which is up to you to figure out. The guide is super missing, and the moment i figured it out, you could timetable it to switch on and then off after a day, extra programming options would be greater. Only does the ‘beeping’ mentioned in other opinions when ice is comprehensive and tries to dispense.

I adore the ease oh this water cooler, and the young ones enjoy to make them selves ice and warm chocolate, and cup of noodles with the sizzling water which is excellent ingesting temperature.

Sizzling and chilly water excellent and 3 dimensions of ice cubes. Truly tabletop and moderately priced.

This product or service performs really very well. The only explanation i am offering it four stars is that it does get a very little noisy at the end of the cooling cycle.

Wonderful item, working with it for my business office.

I took one particular star off for the beeping that it does every time it feels like it. I think it was constructed that way to continue to keep very little little ones from draining the issue whilst no just one else noticed. Also, it is not spouse proof. Mine retains turning off the ice equipment element when he will get chilly water out of it. But i guess i can not maintain the cooler and ship my partner back again. It would be viewed as loud if it had been set in a compact area. But we have ours on the provider porch and our house has thick walls, so except if you are standing future to it, the seem the not an concern. It would make ice very immediately, but does not make all that a great deal of it. When it fills we just dump it into the freezer. For the selling price, it is amazing.

In advance of we acquired this we had a countertop ice machine that we were continually filling. Staying equipped to use the five gallon water bottle is so considerably additional effortless. My family enjoys remaining able to have chilly water at any time. I appreciate the lock function for the very hot water. It is very hot enough to make scorching chocolate at any time.

I have had my device for about a 7 days. It does beep about after an hour.

The seller was very brief to mail it out and it arrived in perfect problem, so the vendor will get a 5 star rating. The device alone ice is just not absolutely frozen it arrives out dripping wet. Water is pretty sizzling and really cold. Not considerably amazed with the ice maker.

Have experienced the item for about a month. Ice maker does make 3 various sizes of ice but there is not a big difference. The booklet that will come with it is just not pretty significant and doesn’t aid you with programming it. Once you plug it in and switch it on let it sit for like an hour or so before you mess with it that way it can start offering cold or very hot water and then you can get it to generate ice as well. If the ice tray gets full and melts it will just re use the water.

I like this solution, but some thing went mistaken with it. Just after some use it commenced overfilling the ice where by you are not able to get the drawer open very easily. We finish up turning the ice component off and on. Actually plastic flavor to it for some time, as well. Desire there ended up some way to fix it.

Enjoy it, ice chilly water, incredibly hot water and 3 various dimension ice cubes as promised. It is genuinely tall, a lot taller than my previous countertop dispenser and it is tough to heave the water on leading of it. I havent gotten my electrical invoice nonetheless, but i think it is using alot of electrical energy based mostly on the loudness of the basic hum of the equipment. The directions for established up are not really beneficial/ bewildering.

We have been working with it for a 7 days now and so significantly its been excellent. Soon after reading through some of the assessments, i was not anticipating a great deal. We maintain it outside on our lanai, so the sound doesn’t hassle us, but i could see how it could if it was indoors. The initial few times it was leaking a minor, but we do not see any water leaking any much more. five stars due to the fact it is just what i needed. We really like the ice and the water. In 1 week, just the two of us, we made use of a 5 gallon tank presently.

I just purchased this cooler and i’m telling you at 1st it really is hard to operate for the reason that of the sophisticated menu buttons without instructions how to do the settings. That is why i gave it only four stars. Nonetheless once you get to discover how to do the settings you will like it. This is a great deal extra quieter than the cooler i rented from the bottled business i have correct now. The icemaker is a in addition, for individuals persons saying that the icemaker is bothersome just convert it off. The cold water is just as chilly and sizzling water is just as hot as my rented cooler. So i’m encouraging you guys to get this. I get compliments from my friends simply because you do not see this generally in homes. Everybody’s pondering wherever you bought this and they want a person for themselves. Like i mentioned in fairness to the corporation who designed this, it’s truly a very good cooler for me.

I just been given this unit, so really don’t have a great deal suggestions however. So considerably, helps make ice and dispenses water as it is supposed to. The cold water however looks cloudy even though i have dispensed and dumped a handful of glasses previously. That considerations me, but i will hold out to see if it ultimately clears. There have been some mentions of folks not obtaining a guide, so i’ve extra images of it underneath.

So i bought just one and then checked the evaluations. Not a evaluation person but i had to compose a person listed here. It does particularly what it suggests it does and functions finethe timer mechanism is a very little odd and the ice equipment drawer is not refrigerated but big offer a truly very good itemtakes about three several hours to get likely from initial put in even though.

Igloo SEPTLS385431 – 400 Series Coolers – 431 : Great size for the 2 of us

Wonderful for building crews.

SEPTLS385431 – Igloo 400 Series Coolers – 431

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Capacity Vol. – 3 gal
  • Color – Yellow/Red
  • Height – 14 in
  • Material – Plastic
  • Type – Insulated Water Cooler

Igloo three gallon beverage cooler. This is a excellent cooler for building kool-aid or lemonade in the summertime time (or any time for that make a difference) we have three boys who are consistently seeking something to drink and this cooler retains whichever we put in it, chilly. Its terrific to get to the beach front or to the park for picmic’s far too. The lid does not screw on, it presses on, but that has not been a issue and it has never opened accidently. This is a high grade cooler created with top quality materials, we really like how properly the spout functions. There is a wonderful take care of for carrying this to the auto, or picnic table or seaside. I couldint consider acquiring any other beverage cooler just after owning this just one. Holds plenty and a lot of ice and keeps everything ice chilly.

Less difficult to have than the five gallon product. I purchased this merchandise due to the fact the 3 gallon is so a great deal less complicated to tackle than the five gallon, and the 5 gallon was all i could discover domestically. This is fantastic for camping, which is why i bought it. It has arrive in useful for gatherings at house as very well.

Filled with ice and 40% h2o had clod water for two+ times then just re included water as essential and i have finished this for weeks constantly having at the very least 2days or extra pretty chilly water. No leaks or drips h2o will come out speedy. As the picture displays generally place deal with up to lock lid down usually it pops up when atmosphere is warm.

SEPTLS385431 – Igloo 400 Series Coolers – 431 : Keeps a 10lb bag of ice for 24+ hours.

This is a fantastic tiny cooler. I have utilised it for a 10 human being crew in a scorching local climate. I fill it completely with ice and then fill it with water. It will maintain ice h2o for two complete times and even a minor into the 3rd working day then i require to start above. The lid does not screw on it is tension healthy. Will not forget to get a paper cup holder if you are applying it as i am for a crew. There is a holder grip on the facet but the cups and holders are offered separately.

Pretty happy with this obtain. Keeps water heat enough to comply with the dept. I acquired two of these alternatively of one five-gallon cooler so that i could carry it without straining my again. Quite satisfied with this obtain.

I have employed this for three seaside excursions now. Each time loaded with some wonderful ‘adult’ beverage. It retains issues pleasant and great, and the spout will make for effortless serving on a windy beach front without the need of letting for sand in your drink.Really don’t overlook to hydrate, but male this cooler is terrific for exciting drinks also.

Appears to be very will crafted and keeps things interesting really excellent. The only draw back is the lid locking gadget is missing. I would obtain it once again and i would advise it to some others as the lid locking is a insignificant matter.

This cooler not only appears fantastic, but is quite properly made. The base and sides are a complete 1 inch thick and the lid is basically two 1/four inches thick, and tends to make a very tight seal. The inside is a smooth white plastic area with proportions of ten inches in diameter and 10 inches in peak, subtract one 1/four inches from the lid inserted depth. For me, this was a perfect quantity and dimensions as the overall top is fourteen inches. Pretty awesome cooler, i am incredibly satisfied with it.

I purchased this induce i necessary a more compact water cooler than my 5 gallon coleman. It looks to get the job done as created and hold ice extremely well. The only concern is the design and style of the take care of locking down the major. If you use this as a lot as we are heading to use it i’m anxious how lengthy the latch is going to maintain up in keeping the best secured to the base, it can be a plastic push in good shape and we all know plastic wears out but we shall see.

I wish the leading screwed on like the less expensive ones and a way to retain it. I would like the top screwed on like the cheaper kinds and a way to retain it secured but does continue to be cold for a longer period.

I acquired this as our key water dispenser for a compact motorhome. The best does not in good shape very very well and is not a screw-on lid. It need to be pressed extremely firmly to get it to sit all the way down, but then it will slowly but surely creep up except if the cope with is up. Which is but another level of confusion. There are no notches in the lid for the cope with to ‘click’ into, and also the lid is so rough that it shaves off the flanges on the manage. I finished up working with a compact file to make tiny notches in the lid to keep it on while the cope with is up. Anyway, the weak design and style/match forces you to maintain the cope with up at all situations which may perhaps not usually be feasible exactly where house is constrained.

It keeps ice all day in sunlight. Acquired it for my brother who has construction business. He required a small fat water can so it would not idea in excess of in his truck.

I like it for the reason that it is not to tall and isn’t going to transform in excess of effortlessly.

This is a great cooler, what else can i say.

Really will work excellent and is tough. I am a soccer mentor and i use this all the time. The only flaw is that the lid is not restricted and it sloshes and leaks in the motor vehicle. Also, practically anyone attempts to choose it up by the pink tackle and it spills (you have to use the white tackle to have. But all-in-all a quite great item.

I checked out youtube and other sites to see which beverage cooler would suit my requires. A person guy performed a temperature exam and the rubbermaid model received out on that experiment, but by only a handful of degrees. The rationale i decided to purchase this unit is due to the fact the lid won’t screw on, which in my feeling could be problematic down the street. I have some modest one gallon beverage coolers that i have to struggle with sometimes to unscrew so i failed to want to offer with that predicament. I like the very simple force on and pull off lid. I have this sitting down in the mattress of my truck, and the tackle is in the upright placement to retain and safe the lid in area. I predominantly acquired this to have fresh h2o obtainable to drink anytime i have to have it and the three gallon sizing is far more than adequate and the 5 gallon measurement is a small overkill for my wants and much more tricky to raise into my truck complete. This one price a tiny a lot more, but its suppose to be weighty responsibility and should really previous a little bit lengthier than some other individuals.

This cooler sat on the shelf just waiting around for us to use it. The men resolved to race, the weather was sizzling. Our location is a common area to halt for all the racers.

Perfect h2o cooler for the kids soccer game titles and observe. Holds ice for close to two entire times.

This arrived way before it was meant to. Husband is a framer and his aged a single bought stolen. Just significant ample to keep sufficient h2o, but not as well significant to carry. Keeps his drinking water cold all day extended.

Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler – Great water dispenser with adjustable temperature.

Either way it is really irritating and the cause for the three stars and. The solution performs well with hot and chilly water and the compressor runs quiet, but there is a rattling seem that is loud, i am not guaranteed if this is on all these coolers or just mine , both way it is really irritating and the explanation for the 3 stars and not five. Seller transported immediately and acquired speedily so that is a positive also.

Will work just like i like it ?.

Fantastic product but quite sophisticated to regulate temperature.

  • Exactly what I wanted.
  • Best Water Cooler for the Price
  • Pretty well built and the storage below is sometimes useful

Best water cooler for the price tag. My wife and i bought this whirlpool commercial water cooler to switch and older whirlpool water cooler that we experienced for quite a few a long time and had began to leak. It lasted a really lengthy time and had been joyful with it first enable me say that amazon did an remarkable career delivery to us immediately with no paying for any distinctive transport. We requested it on 21 december 2015 and we experienced it on our front porch on 24 december. The unit came perfectly packed for shipping and delivery so there was no injury at all to the unit. It was very effortless to unpack and set up. We are really joyful with the unit. It has two switches on the back again of the cooler 1 for operating the cooler and an electricity saving switch to change off if you are not likely to use the hot water portion of the cooler. The other pleasant thing we noticed is that the compressor is so quiet you can’t hear it turn on and off. Which is a person of the most spectacular issues about this cooler. Also, we really like the more storage cabinet at the base to place some items in it. Take note: the bottom storage place is not cooled by the compressor but serves as storage if you need to have some far more room to set a couple of cans away someplace. Also, the 5 feet that screw into the base of the device are excellent for leveling the device if needed.

Finest water cooler i’ve owned. . This is the first cooler that i’ve owned that is built to freeze and it would not end working. You can established the exact temp of hot and chilly water. The only thing that i skip is a fridge rather of just a dry storage region underneath. Guess i’ll keep quick hot and cold things down there and get a mini fridge for the business.

Features of Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler, Storage Cabinet, Digital Temperature Display, Ice Chilled Water, Steaming Hot,Full Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Bottom cabinet is handy storage for your cups, tea instant coffee and soup, NOT REFRIGERATED
  • Digital Temperature Display for cold and hot, so you know exactly what temperature you are pouring
  • Chillingly cold water is cooled by a large piece of ice, 9°F colder than most, The hot water is kept steaming hot at all times to make delicious tea
  • High grade stainless steel front features curved edges to highlight the stainless steel from many visual angles
  • Outlasts other brands as the compressor turns on less frequently because of the proprietary cooling system technology. Robust commercial design has unbreakable water faucets, a solid steel frame that can take over 300 lbs of top weight, and cold rolled steel sides

The water cooler was really properly packaged. The water cooler was very properly packaged. Considering that you have to tip the cooler in get to screw the leveling feet in, you have to wait 4 hrs just before you put a five-gallon jug on and plug it in. The only have to faucet flippantly on the buttons to set the temperature. The chilly is set to 36 levels farenheit and the hot was set to 199 degrees. The device runs incredibly peaceful and appears wonderful. We would most certainly advocate this machine.

I like it, excellent cost and attractive. I like it, great price and attractive. I labored good for a number of weeks then sprung a leak. It’s possible a fluke maybe not we will see.

I can reside with its faults- not ideal, but functions very well. I go back and forth from truly pleased to genuinely angry at this thing- and nevertheless i sustain that i am not completely insane. I’ll clarify:when you put in it, it is important to alter the ‘feet’ underneath so it really is correctly level and sitting on all 5 toes. If it’s not, it will rattle. That’s fantastic, no difficulty, and simple to do. I see many people today on various boards and critiques mentioning a rattle. It receives the cold water actually chilly and the hot water genuinely hot, which is perfect. It’s quiet when set up effectively and it’s steady even with a full bottle on it so no real fear about the little ones or cats knocking it more than.

Water is ice chilly and boiling hot and stays at the temps i set it at. Unit is extremely tranquil and set up was really genuinely straightforward. Just plug it in, established the temps, and fall a jug on major. Took a few several hours to achieve the temps soon after it was established up but the temps keep sound the complete time i have experienced it now. Security lock on hot will work effectively and shut off for hot on back again functions as perfectly. The bottom operates perfectly to keep tea and hot chocolate blend. It is not refrigerated but is a good storage space.

Quite effectively built and the storage under is at times beneficial. Rather well designed and the storage under is often useful for little youngsters to get cups from. Been applying it for about four-five months now and have not experienced any difficulties. The laptop or computer is a minimal slow and buttons are difficult to push to established the values for water temperature and to go via the menu, bit the good news is that is additional of a one particular time setup so you you should not have to deal with the buttons a lot just after that. Hot water is quite hot and can prepare dinner oatmeal, tea, etcetera with it. There is also a button for water ‘as-is’ that has not been heated or cooled. The toes on the base of the device stand-up firmly and look to be really sturdy. There is certainly one in the middle front that would seem to make it harder to tip more than.

Obtained the whirlpool major load commercial watercooler. Arrived in two times from a non prime vendor. Just obtained it these days, effortless set up and performs good, the hot water reaches 199 degrees and the chilly 39 levels. And it has a digital display. Only detail i didn’t like is you have to download the instruction handbook on line. Other then that the water obtained to the temp i selected inside a hour. Also has a smaller storage unit at the base ( this is not a refrigerator) but comes in hand to shop cup of noodle soups, oatmeal, tea hot chocolate.

I bought and returned 3 other water coolers prior to i found this 1. Its peaceful, dispenses water rapidly and the storage compartment is a fantastic bonus. I love that i can handle temperature configurations.

When taken from the box i found the entrance panel was damaged off and the buttons barely labored had to glue back again on.

Great top quality, interesting overall look. Terrific high-quality, attractive physical appearance, and does what is asked of it. It heats and cools water for refilling reusable water bottles and building teas and other hot drinks.

I can change to any temperature i want and its very valuable for storing my bottled water at the base for when i want a space temp after a really hard exercise routine.

It was uncomplicated to put alongside one another and even came forward of the. I obtained this water cooler for my workplace. It was simple to set alongside one another and even arrived forward of the scheduled delivery day. It was a wonderful addition to our place of work.

Really wonderful unit, like the hot water attribute for tea and so on.

Most effective for my family and i uncovered this excellent and incredible device. I researched a whole lot to see which water cooler device was likely to be most helpful for my domestic and i uncovered this great and astounding device. What i liked the most is that it has a compact compartment in the base, it was truly easy to assemble and clean up and that is elevated from the floor with five legs.

I really should of get the one particular with a freezer or a ice maker on the bottom. I like this a ton but when i acquired it the box experienced a significant dent in it so it can be type of twisted w/dent on the facet but i’m superior.

It is uncomplicated to fill your reusable bottles with owing to more time. I have this item about 2 months now and i am acquiring no issue with it. It is easy to fill your reusable bottles with thanks to extended opening where the spigot/faucet is, chilly is fantastic and the hot is hot enought for tea/ espresso or hot chocolate. Safety button with hot water button, so it is protected for kids.

Wonderful water dispenser with adjustable temperature. . Speedy shipping, and it arrived in a incredibly properly packed box. We experienced it for couple months presently without having any dilemma. Really like the point that it has hot, cold and space temperature. Anything will work actually well and it seems really clean up and really. Really uncomplicated to run and it is really very. The only down side is, it is kinda tough to near the storage doorway entirely but that is not a major deal. Over-all, we enjoy this water dispenser.

The whirlpool commercial water cooler for our office and take pleasure in acquiring cold thoroughly clean water. We ordered the whirlpool commercial water cooler for our business office and get pleasure from owning cold cleanse water. We like that we can turn off the hot water element, and that it is incredibly tranquil. Over-all, we are delighted with our purchase.

The only motive i gave it a. My wife enjoys this color since she can have hot water for tea, chilly consuming water, and luke warm water for the espresso maker. The only purpose i gave it a four was the directions do not notify you that immediately after you established the water temperatures the display defaults again to the precise temperature currently. So just after i established the cold water to 39 degrees and the hot water to 199 degrees it would go back to ninety three and 95 degrees. So i saved attempting to reset, finally realizing that the display was demonstrating recent temperatures.

Estratto, Coffee Maker Single Cup & Commercial Water Cooler, Self Cleaning, Bottom Loading, Stainless Steel with Infusion and 5 Cup Sizes : TOTALLY WORTH IT. COOLEST ‘WATER COOLER’ EVER

Only complaint is compartment for coffee pod is a bit of a pain to open.

This has worked well and created room in our small kitchen.

We have had our machine for several months now and truly love it works great i have hot water anytime for my tea and cold water for my water bottle that i carry everywhere and my husband can make what ever kind of by the cup coffee he wants which we both love. The bottom load water bottle capability is wonderful too. I also love having the extra counter space since we don’t need the coffeemaker on the counter anymore. Very nice product you won’t be sorry you purchased this machine. We have had other bottom load water coolers that have been nothing but problems with leaks and such but this machine is so much better we are very pleased with our purchase we are sure you will be too.

It works great and is a space saver with the k cup. It works great and is a space saver with the k cup coffee maker built in and not having to lift the bottles like we did with the old cooler is a huge plus.

  • Ice, Ice cold baby.
  • Totally Worth It!!!!
  • You can’t complain about great it works when it is working!!!

Estratto, Coffee Maker Single Cup & Commercial Water Cooler, Self Cleaning, Bottom Loading, Stainless Steel with Infusion and 5 Cup Sizes

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  • Compatible with the many beverages types available in Keurig® K-Cups®. This 2 in 1 appliance saves valuable counterspace and is clad in attractive stainless steel. Infusion technology guarantees that the maximum flavor is extracted from each cup of coffee.
  • Uses a 640 oz (standard 19 L / 5 gal) water bottle. The largest reservoir available for single serve brewers. Three cup sizes selections. Brews a 6 oz cup of coffee in 32 seconds, an 8 oz in 37 seconds and a 10 oz in 43 seconds. Makes 4 cups of coffee back to back without any recovery time. Suitable for use in restaurants, cafés, hotels and offices.
  • Coffee brews at a steady 94 °C (201 °F), an ideal temperature according to the National Coffee Association. That’s 5°C to 17°C hotter than other single serve brewers! The result is a strong, richly flavored coffee, using the same temperature as your favorite coffee shop. Typical water coolers fluctuate from 77 °C (170 °F) to 92 °C (197 °F), not hot enough to make proper hot beverages most of the time.
  • The Self Cleaning process uses unstable oxygen to destroy bacteria in the water reservoir. This keeps your water tasting fresh, and is more sanitary. FeatherheatTM technology gently heats the water, preventing buildup of calcium deposits. This drastically reduces the need to descale the hot tank to once a year, instead of monthly.
  • Use your favorite brand of spring or filtered water for the purest coffee flavour! The removable drip tray allows room to fill tall travel mugs and water bottles.

We needed a water dispenser as well as a coffee maker. We saw this on amazon and to be honest were a little unsure of a coffe maker and water dispenser all in one. We ordered it and i like loading the water on the bottom and the coffee maker is nice since the water is fresh and you can either use k-cups or has a k-cup you can put your own coffee in. Also has different settings for the amounts of coffee you want. Very glad we got it, totally worth it.

Great machine, i like that the coffee is not. Great machine, i like that the coffee is not coming out from the regular water spout, coffee is really hot – i enjoy the machine every day – easy to use.

We’ve had it for a number of months already and we love it. We’ve had it for a number of months already and we love it. The coffee comes out great and it’s a pleasure not to have to lift the bottles. I highly recommend this product.

It has everything i could ask for.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our cooler since we received it. We have thoroughly enjoyed our cooler since we received it. Our entire team likes using the cooler and it has become a crucial part of our break-room.

Great engineered machine; style and function. We have been using this unit about 2 months now. The hot and cold water temperatures are just right. The coffee maker also works very well and fast. It has style and is very functional. It is pleasant to have the water bottle at the bottom and unseen. This left us room to add wall picture above the unit. The unit comes with a very detail manual at covers everything one could want to know about it use and care.

The concept of the machine is good but there are bugs – even the name brand. The coffee maker leaks and the ounce control is inaccurate. The self fill coffee dispenser didn’t work at all. When the bottle is empty it beeps and there in no way to stop the beep except open the machine. Sometimes the coffee cup controls don’t work. The concept of the machine is good but there are bugs – even the name brand little oval is falling off. I use the machine and like it as far as it works.

You can’t complain about great it works when it is working. So i’ve seen a lot of disappointed customers on this unit having faulty heating controls that fail after the warranty ends. I tried contacting the company to find out if the issue was resolved and i never got an response via email or voicemail. Because of hard water i needed a new coffee maker and i wanted a new water cooler as the refrigeration unit on my 15 year old oasis unit was finally going. This unit lets me use my own ro water in 5 gallon bottles, makes coffee with it which won’t, allow for calcification in the heating elements, i don’t have to coming running when the wife needs the bottle flipped upside down when the bottles need changing as the bottom load feature is wonderful, and most importantly, this thing just looks beautiful. Yes, the cheap warning stickers on the unit shreds apart if you try to remove them, which is very annoying, and yes, a year from now i may have issues with the heating elements too, but when it comes to the pre-infusion model i bought. Omg it makes cheap crap coffee taste wonderful. How i did this as 2 separate appliances for so long i will never understand. I hope the old issues are all fixed so i won’t have the old reviewer’s issues, and i really wish a company that makes such a great product could have even sub-standard customer support, but as far as quality of the product goes, i’m so happy with it, if it broke down after a year like many others, i’d probably have to buy another one as it’s now my favorite “kitchen gadget” in my arsenal of kitchen toys.

Best watercooler innovation in decades. I have owned this product for about 2 months now and use it daily. Here are my opinions on 7 different review categories:visual aesthetics: this is one of the best looking water cooler units i have owned. The stainless finish compliments the other stainless appliances in my kitchen. The led light above the tray creates a little light at night which i find makes a great night light for the kitchen area. Cleaning: the auto-cleaning feature is one of the great features of this unit. The unit is easy to clean by following the provided instructions. Functionality: i have owned keurig machines in the past and i am very impressed with the coffee maker on this unit. It operates just as if not better than my keurig machines. The water heater and dispenser operate very well, the large dispensing buttons are a great feature, which making dispensing water very easy when compared to other water coolers with regular lever handles.

I bought a primo water dispenser and was extremely disappointed with the fact that the compressor was made to break after a year. I then bought the estratto, hot and cold dispenser and was pleasantly surprised with the iceberg cold water and the quality of the product. It just feels and looks like it’s on the high end side of things. I don’t know how to turn the light off though. Other than that everything is great.

Combines two machines into one. Combines two machines into one.

The coffee brewer makes a stronger cup of coffee then my keurig for some reason. I find that it tends to be a little noisy every time you get water, the water pump pumps water out of the jug into the reservoir. I wish it would wait until half the reservoir was empty and then fill it back up in one shot. Also, i can’t figure out how to turn off the led light in the front. Seems like a waste of electricity. If i could i would give it 3.

I experienced a various version that mysteriously stop. I had a unique edition that mysteriously quit earning coffee following 20 months, so not positive i preferred to get yet another version of the same, but this is a great deal improved with the choice of sizes of coffee built. It did have a little bit of an odd taste of the cold water and i had run three gallons via all the hoses right before working with, so i am hoping that will get much better with time. The refillable cup that was equipped with the machine and the refillable cups that i have will not fit, the lid will not near so individuals are not usable at all, i experimented with removing the plastic insert and the metallic pan at the bottom and checked the sizes of the kinds i had from my other dispenser and the a person provided by the corporation and there is no dimensions change. If everyone has a suggestion on why it will not healthy, i would respect it. There does seem to be to be a significant level of maintenance if you browse the manual and it arrives with some picket stick to reset the motor if it gets caught. I was hoping for the value, it was less routine maintenance or did not call for repairs.

Intelligent blend of products and solutions.

I am savoring this water dispenser. I don’t like the point that the warning signal commences when there is so much water remaining in the bottle. But that is my only criticism. The water is very hot not lukewarm like my former dispenser.

This water cooler/coffee brewer is astounding. We had been able to get the keurig off the kitchen counter and the brita out of the fridge with this equipment, and tuck it absent in the corner of the kitchen. The water is generally the ideal temperature and the coffee brews substantially hotter than a keurig does so you can delight in it longer. You will not be dissatisfied with this purchase.

Newest addition to my kitchen area. Really like it, & so does everyone that sees it, appears terrific in my kitchen.

Hassle-free, is effective perfectly, seems to be good. This water cooler/ coffee maker works terrific. I individual a yoga, pilates and useful coaching studio. I like to go in all through the early morning, deal with a very hot cup of coffee and convert about get a chilly cup of water for the duration of the exercise session. Clients adore filling up with chilly filtered water and leaving with a cup of warm tea of coffee. The water modifications out effortlessly. The bottom load is effortless to slide in. I will not have any concerns with the noise. I imagine it truly is amazing, i might get it once more.

Elkay EZSTL8LC ADA Compliant Barrier Free Dual-Level Water Cooler, It went in fairly easily and works well

Desire the water was colder but all went well.

I bought the product or service a several weeks in the past but havent been capable to correct the water strain, the stream is to low, and i havent been in a position to uncover the regulator. But the product would seem sound, and the water is comming out cold, so the product or service its alright.

Excellent rate for a excellent merchandise.

Key specs for Elkay EZSTL8LC ADA Compliant Barrier Free Dual-Level Water Cooler, 8 Gallons Per Hour:

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  • Capacity of 50 degree Fahrenheit drinking water
  • Completely lead free
  • 8 GPH base flow rate
  • 115V, 60 Hertz single phase motor
  • Refrigerant type HFC-134a accurately controlled by a calibrated capillary tube

Comments from buyers

“Great drinking fountains, Meeting ADA Compliance? Shop Diligently., best price we could find”

Fantastic cost and brief transport creates loads of chilled filtered water – we are very pleased.

Terrific value on an ada compliant consuming fountain, specifically for a single with a cooler on it. Consider observe although, even if you really don’t want to operate the compressor, you do will need energy, and you need to have an outlet for each individual facet. The buttons activate a solenoid that lets water by, so no electric power, no water. Also, make confident you really don’t throw out the delivery box. The mounting template for the fountain is printed on the shipping box.

Excellent item swift shipping and delivery thanks.

In get for one particular of our new stores to pass ada compliance we ended up expected to have this device. Nothing at all to genuinely complain about, the water preferences fantastic, has a right stream arc and is generally cold. The only concerns i have is that the unit is a minor noisy from time to time. I want i knew what to contact it, but after you acquire a consume or two it appears like the device is recharging, potentially it is temp related. This ‘recharging’ can take about a minute or two but it is noticeably loud. As perfectly, you’ll want to buff out the capture sink as tricky water stains will appear. I believe elkay has the sector cornered on these units. Store sensibly and get the best value, the selling price ranges on these are very spectacular but there are promotions to be had if you shop diligently.

Just love it for our church good buy.

A most have, just what the little ones desired at. A most have, just what the children necessary at college (and church). Obtained it as a replacement of a solitary one particular.

2 fountains that do the job fantastic.

Wonderful merchandise,install and total performance fantastic. Shipped sooner than envisioned,excellent sale all the way all over.

Arrived quickly and previously in use.

In get for one particular of our new stores to pass ada compliance we ended up expected to have this device. Nothing at all to genuinely complain about, the water preferences fantastic, has a right stream arc and is generally cold. The only concerns i have is that the unit is a minor noisy from time to time. I want i knew what to contact it, but after you acquire a consume or two it appears like the device is recharging, potentially it is temp related. This ‘recharging’ can take about a minute or two but it is noticeably loud. As perfectly, you’ll want to buff out the capture sink as tricky water stains will appear. I believe elkay has the sector cornered on these units. Store sensibly and get the best value, the selling price ranges on these are very spectacular but there are promotions to be had if you shop diligently.

2 fountains that do the job fantastic.

My to start with time installing consuming fountains, all went properly and they have been doing work fantastic for 3 months now.

Just love it for our church good buy.

Fantastic solution and excellent value.

Water cooler has labored wonderfully from the start. Pleasant to have cold water at the heights that preschoolers and grown ups both of those can enjoy. Recommendations had been pretty easy to stick to and mounted to the wall easily. Wanting to use in other locations of the college in the future.

Maker routed a wire behind hardware that built it extremely hard to join to electric powered source. Then hooked up and works excellent. Would get again, but would look at wire routing prior to i threw the box absent.

I bought the product or service a several weeks in the past but havent been capable to correct the water strain, the stream is to low, and i havent been in a position to uncover the regulator. But the product would seem sound, and the water is comming out cold, so the product or service its alright.

Desire the water was colder but all went well.

Maker routed a wire behind hardware that built it extremely hard to join to electric powered source. Then hooked up and works excellent. Would get again, but would look at wire routing prior to i threw the box absent.

Excellent rate for a excellent merchandise.

Good value, went appropriate on wall as substitute.