Hamilton Beach 22502 Digital 2-Slice Toaster – Toasty Toast

Excellent toaster that i am very happy with.

Have only had this toaster for a couple of weeks, but so far, so good. It toasts nicely, and the price was a real incentive. This is the first pop-up toaster we’ve owned after several years of malfunctioning toaster ovens (5 or 6) that die totally or partially after a few months. Hope this simple toaster lasts .

This is a great toaster for our needs, going from 4 slice to two slice. Find the the toasting is accurate and fairly fast. The unit itself is sleek and stylish. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach 22502 Digital 2-Slice Toaster:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Smudgeproof brushed finish
  • Digital display shows toast shade setting at a glance
  • Bagel, defrost & cancel functions
  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Smudge proof brushed finish
  • Digital display shows toast shade setting at a glance
  • Bagel, defrost and cancel functions
  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • Automatic shutoff

I like the features like the wide slots and the ease in changing the toasting time.

I love the controls on the front instead of on the side where they are hardly visible. The toaster very accurately toasts the items and i’ve had no problem with over or under toasting. It is a solid, well-made product with easy to read controls.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Hamilton beach
  • love design & look of toaster – this is the second one i have purchased
  • Great toaster for the price

I just received it and i’m in love. It’s compact and is perfect for a small space. I have their waffle maker and i’m pleased. Will give update when i start using it.

Consumer’s report was checked before hand. It looks great and it toasts beautifully 🙂 easy to set the level of toasting and good quality for a great price.

We purchased it as a replacement for the same model we had for several years. I had thrown out the original toaster before the new one arrived but it appears that the new one is a little bit smaller than the original one.

The toaster works ok, but it doesn’t toast english muffins well at all even on the bagel setting. It arrived looking fine, but when i opened the box, the toaster was dented across the front. Didn’t return it only because our old toaster had died a week ago, and i didn’t want to be without a toaster.

I got this toaster for christmas 4 years ago, never have had a problem with it, light still works, i did notice it didn’t toast enough on one setting, so i just upped the number & it toasted perfect. Minor thing, i don’t like how the logo on the front, if you clean it with say windex,it comes off pretty quick, so only part of the logo ‘ hamilton beach is missing’ other then that, i love this toaster, clean look, like the light up blue numbers, and settings for bagels and for defrost. I even will toast those texas toast garlic bread, instead of heating up the oven, i just pop 2 in set on defrost, then switch totoast. I went to toast and nothing, no lights on it worked, i had to hold the handle down in order for it to toast. It did last at least 4 years. I’m not sure how long toasters are suppose to last, but i’ve been married for almost 18 years and this was our 3rd toaster.

This toaster corrects the faults that previous reviews had mentioned – that the blue light is always on and therefore becomes warm, or burns out, or uses energy. Now, the light goes off when the toast is finished. The shell does not heat up to burn you, like other metal toasters often do. I only give this toaster three stars because it does not toast evenly. Most times, one side of the bread is toasted more than the other, so i have to turn the bread around & re-toast, monitoring it so it won’t burn.

This is the best toaster we’ve had in a very long time. It toasts exactly right and the choice for light or dark can be made digitally. Very easy to use, and easy to clean. The crumb tray slides in and out easily and the stainless steel body is wipe clean with no streaks.

Once again it was chosen by consumer reports write up on it. The outside doesn’t get hot, you can see the toaster setting and will heat a bagle or muffin without toasting it. Doesn’t dry out the bread or bagle when toasting.

I like the fact the you can turn it facing you rater than sideways.

I owned the exact same toaster for approx 10 years with no issues with evenness of toasting or buttons resetting themselves. When that old toaster wore out, i specifically went looking for similar model. I love the sleek compact look & location of the buttons. I found the 2nd one at amazon. This second one is not as good as the older model, in that the temp control resets itself every time to 5 and each side of bread is toasted unevenly/differently (burns at 6). Still glad i purchased it, but don’t expect the 2nd toaster to last as long as the older model did at approx 8-10 years.

This toaster is attractive and easy to use. One drawback is that it tends to toast one side a little more that the other. Once i figured that out, i just set it for half the time that i want and flip it for another cycle. It does have a bagel setting that works well.

It fails to completely toast around the edges of each slice for about a quarter inch to 1/8th inch top and bottom of the slices. One complete side of each slice comes out darker or lighter than the opposing side, with the darker and lighter sides being uneven in their coloring appearance. I attempt to correct these problems by manipulating the slices and changing the timing numbers. This uneven toasting problem was the reason i got rid of my last toaster. However, i don’t think toasters have improved much, aside from wider slots, since the very first automatics from my earliest experience and i’m 86 years old.

My husband wanted this toaster because he was tired of uneven toasting from our previous toaster. Now we just set the desired number for english muffins or toast & we always get consistent browning to our expectations . We have been using our digital toaster for about 1 month now.

After reading consumer reports, this toaster lives up to the report. It does everything well, including the bagel function which justs toasts one side of the bagel.

We tried several toasters (from average price to more expensive) and they only toasted one side. This toaster was recommended to us and we are quite pleased with it. It was a good price and toasts both sides better than any other toaster we triedl. We have used this toaster for about 3 months. It doesn’t do as god’s of a job on muffins.

Works very well and i love the custom darkness buttons and the fact you can use a button to pop up the toast at any time without forcing the handle up. Only problem i see: i like my toast on the darker side, but even and not black so i set it to 7 or 8. The unit tends to burn the very outside ‘hills’ of the bread surface while the bread surface flats and valleys are still white. T’s like the elements are too hot in an effort to toast real fast.

Nesco T1000-13 Two Slice Toaster Wide Slot : Like the retro look

My husband and i are very satisfied with the purchase of this lovely toaster. We have had it for over a year and use it frequently and it still performs great.

I went with other reviewers and bought the unheard of brand because it is 1000 watt. Toasts faster and more evenly than other toasters that i’ve had. Very lightweight so it gets put away after use, saves counterparts space. Easy to use, indexed toasting, wide openings and such. Just do not put too thick bread slices in, and best to stand by because it does get hot. I really like this toaster, it’s all we need, will probably last too.

NESCO T1000-13 Two Slice Toaster Wide Slot, 2, Grey/Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Toast 1 or 2 slices at a time
  • Extra-wide 1.375 Inch bread slots with self-adjusting guides
  • User-friendly control panel / Shade control dial with (6) shade settings
  • Bagel, Defrost and Cancel functions with blue indicator lights
  • Lift & Look lever for checking the toasting progress

Works great and toast fits in slots well.

Wide openings and variable settings for toasting. Took a little getting used to but now get perfect toast and english muffins every time.

Pros: consistently perfect toast. Basket holds artisan breads in place. I freeze some breads and the defrost and toast feature provides a crisp outside and warm inside. Cons: outside of toaster can get hot. Wish the lift-up-to-see feature lifted the toast a little higher.

NESCO T1000-13 Two Slice Toaster Wide Slot, 2, Grey/Stainless Steel : It’s bigger than i expected, but it still fits in my cupboard for storage. I recommend you set it on 4 or 5, don’t put bread in, and let it run a cycle before using. Turn your stove fan on and/or open the doors and windows. But, after that, it is good to go. I used it to make rice bread toast and it did well. It’s 1000 watts and wow, does it get with the program. It doesn’t get hot underneath and not much on the sides, mainly on top, so be careful not to put it underneath cupboards when toasting. I love the checking feature, where you pull the handle up and look at it if you want without canceling the toasting. I wouldn’t say it’s the most handsome toaster, but it appears to be very functional. It says black, but mine is dark gray and highly polished chrome, much shinier than the pictures. I’m quite happy with it, so far. Update:i changed it to 4 stars, only because it does not brown evenly. I have been using flourless bread now, not just the rice bread, so thought i should update.

This is the first toaster i’ve had in 5 years that i haven’t wanted to throw out the window after 2 days. I can make several sets of toast and have them all come out pretty much the same color. It works great with my heavy homemade bread, haven’t tried bagels yet. I really, really like the ‘lift up and check’ feature.

Nice looking toaster and works well. Love the different heat levels and how easy it is to use. Looks great on my counter and the small footprint.

Fully meet our expectations. Great to get a toaster that works like one should. We have purchased several and returned them allover several months trying to replace our old one that stopped working. After researching and reading consumer reviews, decided onthe nesco and could not be happier. The wattage difference and quality of build makes this an outstanding choice. Would recommendto anyone looking for a new toaster.

When i was reading reviews about other toasters everyone was saying how the toasters they bought wouldn’t toast the bread equally on both sides. That is not a problem with this toaster. I’ve actually never seen a toaster toast bread equally on both sides ad this one does. All the ones i’ve had i would have to flip it half way through. It may cost a bit more, but the saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ is a great example here. Best toaster i’ve had by far and i’ve had many.

Absolutely wonderful toaster. I am real fussy, like most savvy buyers, did all my homework researching, and decided on this one. Finally a toaster that works like you want it to.It toasts well consistently to the darkness we like (medium) on slightly over the 2-setting (goes up to 5), and quickly (around two minutes). It is made wide enough to toast bagels, and looks great on the counter top. It also has a well constructed look and feel. We like the convenient toast crumbs clean-out tray.

Nice even color and works very fast.

I was not familiar with this brand but was pleased with the outstanding reviews so took the chance. The design is exactly what we wanted to replace our ‘vintage’ russell hobbs as we leave the toaster out on the counter. It toasts beautifully, has an icon by the slots so you know how to position bagels properly and includes a very useful defrost feature. We also appreciate that it has the ‘lift and look’ feature which does not override the actual toasting function. The only drawback, for us, is that it has a short cord. I love this as a safety feature but our outlets are under the cabinet and so the toaster has to be plugged, unplugged and repositioned for use and storage. But that is the ‘fault’ of our upper cabinet placement, and my own preferences, since i don’t want the appliance placed directly beneath the cabinets or to use an extension cord. Though not enough to deduct a star, our instruction book is incomplete in english.Particularly strange for an american made product.

The nesco t1000 i bought was made in usa. Powerful and pretty versatile. Heated it full blast first time empty to burn off the filaments.

Slots could be widder but toast comes out good.

Buy this one after purchasing and returning 4 different toasters over the last year — toasters that either didn’t toast evenly, stopped working, or fell apart, including two very expensive models — we are in love with this beauty of a toaster. It is solidly made out of metal. The bagel function actually works. The controls are simple and functional. The doneness dial produces consistent results even when doing multiple batches. Thank you nesco for making our mornings toasty and happy.

Best toast so far that we’ve ever had.

What can be said about a metal box with elements to brown bread other than it works as described and without fail. Hopefully it will hold up like the toasters of old.

It’s great to have toast again.

I love the retro vibe of this toaster. Toast is not quite as crispy as i would like, but better than other toasters i’ve had. Not crazy about the crumb tray as it is small and shallow, but it’s ok. Overall, a good purchase and i’m happy with it.

Very cool, retro looking toaster. It is supposed to be black but is actually a dark gunmetal gray, which looks even better than black.

Sunbeam 3819 2-Slice Wide Slot Toaster – Not seeing red

I was doing some brick-and-mortar shopping looking for a red toaster. Most were too big, others not the right color. When i indexed red toasters online, sunbeam came up. Sunbeam is a name i will always remember, and my red toaster is excellent. Since i have a small counter space, it fits perfectly on it. It fits bagels, toast, and english muffins. And it has a small grill where the crumbs fall out of it.

Its easy to empty the crumbs. The toast does not pop up very high but the lever does allow you raise the toast for easy retrievel. My only complaint is the cord is too short and seems to be mounted on the wrong side of the toaster.

I’ve have this toaster for almost 2 years now and it still works like brand new. I use it at least twice a week and have had no problems at all. I love it, and of course, i bought it because it was red. All in all, works great, toasting settings are right on. Here are the specifications for the Sunbeam 3819 2-Slice Wide Slot Toaster:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Anti-jam mechanism for safety, 2 slice capacity
  • From sliced bread to hamburger buns, extra wide slots allow for a wide range of bread types and sizes
  • Remove toast easily with our high-rise toast lift
  • Never burn yourself with our Cool Touch exterior
  • Toast outside the loaf with bagel, and cancel options

Bought this for a gift and they loved it. It was just perfect for them.

My old toaster is literally 36 years old. I received it at my wedding shower. I figured it was time to get a new one, but while this one is ok, the old one still works better. But i guess they just don’t make things like they used to.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • red toaster
  • The Toaster That Fits!
  • Sunbeam toaster

This was exactly what my mother was looking for. She uses this just about everday, and says it’s perfect for small spaces.

I am less then impressed with this product. It burns toast quite easily. I put the setting on 2 1/2 for the first two slices of bread and get nice pieces of toast but if i put two more pieces of bread in right away. It has to be watched very closely. Also, the dial moves very easliy so you have to check it before every use.

It has nice wide slots for my morning bagel which i really appreciate. The only small thing i noticed is that one side sometimes toasts a bit more than the other so it is not always completely even.

This toaster works just fine, but i was disappointed and surprised at the plastic casing. Just didn’t live up to my expectations from sunbeam.

Excellent toaster – the kids love it.

I love my little red toaster. It’s shiny, has nice wide slots for bagels/english muffins, and toasts perfectly every time. It has a couple of features that i wasn’t expecting that i also like: the side lever that’s used to engage the toaster, can be used to lift the bread item a little high than normal to make getting them out easier. There’s also the area you can push to disengage the toaster early. I rarely use this feature because it usually comes out perfect at the setting i have chosen.

This works perfectly with all kinds of breads, we esp like it for our bagels.

This toaster is a must have,wide slots ,for your bangels, toast, muffins, etc. Excellent price, tray pulls out, so easy to clean. You can make it light, med dark and more. I would recommend this to everyone.

Like the color but didn’t last long enough.

The new design and cool exterior make it safe. One thing i especially like is the pull out crumb tray.

This red toaster was purchased for my daughter’s first apartment. She loved the color and the toast.

This item was a gift and the owner of the toaster loves it. It took some getting used to as the settings are a bit tricky, they don’t toast the bread the way the settings say they will, but we figured it out in our home. She loves the color red and is decorating her kitchen in red. This was the perfect item for her. It was packaged well and arrived in a decent amount of time.

Perhaps the toaster has been redesigned since some of the reviews. The color reminds me of a ruby red, rich and bright. Bread toasts and browns on the first setting however, the toaster has 7 levels. There is a stop button so if you just want to warm and not toast, there you go. Or just stop the toaster for any reason. The cord is stationary and reasonable length for my needs. The size is perfect for my counter and does not take up to much space. Price was right and delivery was speedy.

I love the toaster, nice bright color. It arrived really fast and in excellent conditions. I use it for sliced bread and bagels.

After reading other reviews i just wanted to confirm; the product is advertised incorrectly. It is great for bagels only. Yes, the electric cord is very very short but you may not mind that. The color is bright; may not match other shades of red in your kitchen but honestly if your thing is using it for bagels then this is totally the right product for you.

BELLA 13701 Dots Collection 2-Slice Toaster : and I’ve spent a lot more on other toasters that don’t do 1/2 as good a job

I like the toaster as the color was perfect for my kitchen. I had a little trouble at first adjusting the temperature so as not to burn the item. It has a cancel button that is very handy if you think the toast is burning.

I have a small guesthouse and hate the way most toasters look after a few months of use. I had bought the coffee maker from bella and was very impressed by the choice of color and ease of cleaning – so ordered the toasters. Now i have matching appliances that are both easy to use and easy to clean.

BELLA 13701 Dots Collection 2-Slice Toaster, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Includes easy to use bagel, defrost, reheat and cancel settings
  • Precise sliding browning controls with reheat function
  • Removable crumb tray for easy and quick cleaning
  • Anti-jam with automatic shutoff for your safety
  • 2 year limited warranty

Love the bagel option and the fact that it is made in hot pink so i can match my other appliances. Now if more companies would get on the hot pink bandwagon i would be a happy girl.

Came with scratches on the chrome, and whomever decided the electrical cord should be placed in front, was an idiot; seriously, who puts an electrical in the front?.

Dark, burnt ,or not dark enough.

BELLA 13701 Dots Collection 2-Slice Toaster, Red : I bought this red one for the office and i liked it so much that i got a purple one for my dorm. Very cute, very easy to use, fairly cheap, makes great toast, and stays cool on the outside. Also it is easy to clean the little crumb tray.

If you’re looking for a toaster with barebones, basic functionality, but also has a minimum of designer fanciness and would like to pay twice as much as for a toaster that does just as much but is not brightly colored, then look no further.

It matches my kitchen nicely. It has been working just fine. I like that the openings are big enough for bagels and that it has a bagel setting (button) that works really well.

It doesn’t toast very evenly. But it’s inexpensive so i wasn’t expecting much.

The color is a bit off compared to other bella teal appliances. Toasting can be inconsistent with even a slight movement of the setting. You kinda have to find one suitable setting and leave it there. If the setting lever is bumped a tad to the right stuff will burn.

This toaster is about as hot as a toaster can possibly be. . And it toasts perfectly even too. And i’ve spent a lot more on other toasters that don’t do 1/2 as good a job. Thanks ‘bella’ and amazon .

I like the toaster and purchased because i just redid my kitchen and need some accent colors. I wish there was more red on the front because its difficult to even notice it is red when looking at it head on.

Nothing bad to say about this toaster. It does what it’s supposed to do. No issues with it after about 6 months of use.

Toasts like a toaster should. Goes well with my bella coffee pot. A nice combo for my kitchen countertop. What you see is what you get. And would re-buy if need be.

I purchased this for my parents. Their toaster at home is toast. I needed something not too complicated with buttons, dials and numbers. It is nice looking and the orange covering with compliment the kitchen.

I love the color and i love how fast it works. I saw a lot of complaints about it burning people’s food because it cooks so fast. But that’s what i love about it. I can toast my bagel in minutes or even seconds sometimes. You simply have to watch it to make sure it doesn’t burn. I’m such a last minute person so when i decide to toast my bagel 3 minutes before i need to walk out the door and it cooks as fast as this one does to where i still have time to cream cheese it before walking out the door, hey that’s an awesome product to me. The only thing i don’t enjoy about it, is that the cord in positioned right at the front of the toaster instead of the back.

I needed a new toaster, so i appreciate now having this one. But it is no different than any other toaster. Maybe toasters are all the same?.

Took a week to get the setting right the way i wanted it, and beware it will smell very chemically for the first little while. That does go away however and works great- also very stylish and looks good too.

This toaster added some much needed color to my kitchen and it does its job quickly and efficiently. It feels a bit low quality in terms of materials but it performs well and looks nice.

My daughter loves this toaster, partially because it’s her favorite color. It is very pretty, and she has used it already and it works great.

Purple toaster that heats bread. It works as you would expect and has a crumb tray that slides out to remove any bread crumbs from the appliance. It apparently comes in many different colors, but you have to go to their website as they may not be available on amazon.

I went to wal-mart and they wanted more for this toaster and they didn’t have it in red. I ordered this one, it arrived in hawaii within 4 days and i paid less than i would had i purchased it down the street. Needless to say i am a happy customer. It is exactly as described and works perfectly.

Cuisinart 4 Slice Toaster : Toaster Perfection

Only a little experimentation required to find out what settings give the desired results. Performs just as i expected – nice product.

It seems faster than the one it replaced and we like the fact that the two sides are independent so that she can be heating her eggos while i am toasting an english muffin and we can set each one to be done the way we like them. It does pretty much everything we want. The only thing i don’t like is that the lighted dials for the settings are on all the time. It is obviously using electricity even when you are not using the toaster.

New toaster fits the decor great. I had to test out several of the settings. One weird thing i noticed is that pop tarts don’t need nearly as much time as toast. My old toaster cooked them at the same rate. It’s actually a good thing, because who wants to wait that extra minute or so for a pop tart?. 🙂 beautiful style and design, too.

Love the pull out trays for crumbs.

  • Cuisinart CPT-140BK Toaster
  • Pretty Toaster
  • Can’t turn it up to 11, but it does go up to 9.

Cuisinart 4 Slice Toaster

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4-slice toaster with dual control panels makes this two toasters in one
  • Streamlined and specially designed to sit sideways or facing forward on kitchen counters
  • LED display with touchpad controls features 9-setting browning dials, LED bagel, defrost and reheat touchpad controls
  • Convenient cord wrap
  • BPA Free

My husband usually complains about a toaster and 1 month later no complaint. Great toaster and looks great also.

We have had this toaster before. My only complaint is that it doesn’t toast both sides of the bread evenly.

I bought a refurbished cpt-140bk and after a short time it started to be inconsistant. I got in touch with amazon and cuisinart and they sent a new cpt-140bk and it has been the best toaster i’ve ever had. I am so glad that i ordered another one just to see if i would like it. I got a good new product and it toasts evenly all the time. I checked them both out when i recieved each one. I wanted to like it and i love it. Every product can fail but when you get a good one you have to tell people about it. I recommend this toaster because it works really great for me. It may feel cheaply made to some but after using it i am greatful that when i want my bread toasted it’s as even as it can be with a nice brown color.

The product is awesome and makes perfect bruschettas. Thanks for making our breakfast a little more interesting.

Well there’s not much to say. I’ve had the toaster for a few months now and it is still toasting. My parents bought the same model a long time ago and also have not had a problem. It’s a great toaster, toasts well, and looks great.

I received this toaster as a gift, and it has been a delight from day one. Granted, i’ve owned it for less than six months, and i use it only for toast (i am not a bagel fan), but the ease of use and quality of the toasted bread (from very light to very dark) is excellent. In addition to morning toast, i also use it to make toast for grilled cheese sandwiches. (i don’t like to do them in the pan anymore as the amount of butter and oil needed is excessive, so what i do is toast the bread, grate the cheese, add a bit of butter, and microwave it. Still the same delicious sandwich with much less fat. )so far it has worked like a charm. The crumb tray is a breeze to empty and clean, and the toaster itself is solid. Since i don’t like having a lot of appliances on my counters, i like the fact that aside from its solidity it is sufficiently lightweight that i can move it from its cabinet storage to the counter and back again quickly. It works very well for me, and you can’t ask a toaster to do more than that.

Just what i wanted and at a great price.

Cuisinart cpt-140bk electronic cool touch 4-slice toaster, blacki purchased this toaster back in august of this year(’07) from amazon,com as remanufactured unit for $17. 00 (good bargin), and it is one of the best toasters i have ever used,it does a excellent job of toasting particularly for bagels, it does take some getting used to and experimenting to find the right setting for the bagels or bread you are using as different breads and bagels require different settings the selector on any toaster you have to find the setting that works for your taste. 5 works for most bagels whether they are from a donut/bagel shop such as dunkin dounuts or from the super market such as tomases or peperigdge farm this toaster does an excellent job of toasting them and is well worth the price paid for it reduced or regular price. I like the fact that it has such a high lift for removing your toast,bagels or english muffins by moving the toasting lever all the way up it lifts the item high enough to make it easy to remove it, and one touch buttons for different features is very good and the fact that it has to be plugged in in order for it the carriage to stay down and locked is a good safety feature on any toaster. Over all it is well worth the money and an excellent value, if want an excellent toaster than i recommend this one to you will like it i am sure.

I unfortunately got one that wasn’t working, but they replaced it with a brand new one that works greatit’s convenient, easy to clean, looks great, and works great. Not sure what else you’d want from a toaster :).

I have 5 people who have to eat breakfast on the run in the morning. So i was looking for a good quality 4-slice toaster to stand up to all the bagels and toaster strudels my family loves. This cuisinart cpt-140bk is perfect. The settings are accurate, and the special bagel button is a nice feature that makes them crunchy on the outside and still soft on the inside.

I was looking for a good quality toaster. I’m no expert on “toastology” however i have always purchased bargin lower quality toasters that would konk out after a few years. This toaster has been great. It toasts evenly on both sides and offers various settings for your choice of browing. It even offers features for frozen items, although i have not yet tried that feature.

The toaster arrived on time and in perfect condition. I slightly overtoasted one slice of bread learning what number to set, but that accomplished the toast comes out perfect every time. It looks good, and works great. What more could you ask for?.

Does bagels perfectly on both sides, settings 3 or 4. Reheats(button)when forgotten about. Just remember to push the right button after sliding in bread/bagels. Obviously these other folks(complaining)are part of the einstein family. ‘amazon guarantee’;guess they forgot about that.

Well constructed and toasts nicely–good for bagels.

I was especially impressed with the speedy delivery of my new toaster. I ordered it and i received it just two days later. That was with the free shipping amazon offers. The toaster was well packaged and arrived in excellent conditionthanks alot.

We got this toaster in december 2008 and liked it a lot. We don’t use it on a daily basis but it did a respectable job. As noted by others, it didn’t toast the same on both sides but not so much that it was a problem. And, best of all, it did our sunday morning bagels great. The lever on one side has now stopped working. It won’t click and hold it down. Under 3 years of light to moderate use is much less than i expected from a cuisinart product.

One of the only toasters that needs only one ‘cycle’ for browning my daily english muffin. I like the assist with getting toast out by lifting the lever up.

This was a gift for my sister. She absolutely loves it and continues to tell me how great it is to use.

Hamilton Beach 24502 Digital 4 Slice Toaster : great toaster

Toaster looks and works great, digital read out is easy to read and does a excellent job toasting bagels.

Looks great and does the job. This one doesn’t stay lit up when not in use though which is preferred.

Had the same one before and needed replacement.

This item came in about a week and was a refubished toaster and it works and looks great i like it alot.

  • Broken right out of box. Replacement the same.
  • Love this toaster
  • Perfect

Hamilton Beach 24502 Digital 4 Slice Toaster

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Smudgeproof brushed finish
  • Digital display shows toast shade setting at a glance
  • Bagel, defrost & cancel functions
  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • Automatic shutoff

Received the toaster and within a week only one side works. When you try and activate the right toaster it does not activate at all.

Consumer guide said this model was the best. Doesn’t brown the toast the same on both sides haven’t tried bagels yet .

Let me first say that this makes very good toast, however, the first one we received didn’t work on the right two slots. The toast lever would not stay down. We contacted hamilton beach, and they sent us another one. Although you shouldn’t have to do this with a new product, my electrician husband took off the cover and found that the right toast lever wasn’t making contact when pushed down because the circuit board wasn’t mounted close enough. He fixed it, and it is fine now. Ham beach needs to correct this poor design.

We have been using it for several months. It does a good job toasting bagels, bread, english muffins, and waffles. The hard part is figuring out the settings for each. With trial and error, you can get very consistent results. Cleaning is easy with pull out drawers.

Very happy with it it toast all of whatever you put in it not just half all the other toasters i have had only toasted half the bread.

Its attractive, fits in the place it is stored in, easy to use and easy to clean. The consumers guide rated it high as well and that is why we purchased it.

Was looking at some that were much more expensive, but this one scored pretty high with consumer reports so i gave it a try. Glad i did, the settings actually change the doneness of the toast, same for first or third slice, very nice.

I like that you can control the settings for everything.

Very handy to have when cooking for more than one at a time. I am not really happy with how slowly it toasts, but at least it consistently hits the mark with how dark or light you like your toast.

This was a consumers report best buy, so we looked for this exact model. We have not been disapointed, its a great product.

Consumers report best buy toaster what more needs to be said. Get it, buy it, use it, love it. You want need another toaster for a long time.

Very functional and does not take up much room. Easy to use and not too expensive. Bagels fir into the slots easily.

Its bout time that toasters cook and toast instead of deep crusting to a chard.

I had to return this toaster the first time. The second toaster toasts unevenly,i. Dark on one side light on the other. Unfortunatly, i discarded the packaging and it is too much of a hassle to return it.

When i was a kid, toast was made over a gas flame on what is used today when camping. Then a new electric toaster was shaped like a two sided tent, and opening the door on either side, turned the toast and when closed, the other side toasted. Having gone through at least a dozen toasters in over 80 years, this one is different. It takes longer to toast items but can toast only the inner side of muffins & bagels. It takes some getting comfortable with, but it toasts pretty evenly, which has always been a problem with most toaster, even the modt expensive. Shipped quickly, well packaed and priced to my satisfaction. Also recommended by consumer reports.

Lasted a long time – works great, double toaster is a must. Bought this for a gift because we liked it so much. The digital read out is great. One setting for me and a different setting for my husband.

This is my second time with this toaster (someone broke the first one). I like how the digital readout has changed. Now it only lights up when it’s turned on.

Very high-tech looking but simple to use. The blue indicator lights are very bright and i’m a bit amused at the overall look- i’m quite convinced that this toaster is cousins with r2d2. I bought it for the office kitchen and so far it works well. Haven’t had it long but it held up fine on the last ‘bagel friday – although the little pictures of how to load bagels on the top did have some people asking me if it’s ok to put regular bread in it (but that’s not really the toaster’s problem – just proof that there is no way to truly idiot-proof something).

Chefman 2-Slice Toaster : Cute Toaster For a Great Price

Bought this toaster weeks ago, and i couldn’t be happier. Toasts quickly and evenly and oh.

It is not very pricey, is pretty good-looking, and brings color to your morning ritual. It has been working for more than 2 months. Cannot ask for more for the price. Update: still working great after almost two years.

2-Slice Toaster with Extra-Wide Slots – Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Toaster with 2 extra-wide slots
  • Auto-centering food guides in each slot
  • Patented anti-jam protection
  • Cancel and Bagel modes
  • Precise browning control dial

I love the size and the way it toasts. . It matches the color in my kitchen. Should not make a requirement on the total words we can use.

The toast is different each time we toast. ‘darker dial’ doesn’t stay at the same place.

It’s a plastic toaster that matched our red kitchen that was less than $10 bucks. . So of course i am going to buy it. But keep an eye on your bagels people. Some cook more on one side than the other so you have to flip them around a bit. Get what you pay for is the motto correct???.

2-Slice Toaster with Extra-Wide Slots – Red : I saw this online and loved the way it looks. Since my old toaster had seen better days i decided to purchase it. The price was reasonable and i like red. Also it had received good reviews. One said that it toasted more evenly than the average toaster, which i also liked. As it turns out, it pretty much toasts like any other toaster but with much more style. And i love the wide openings. I would recommend it to anyone.

I love the color and the design. It was a bargain and works a promised. The color is a sort of subdued cherry red.

I ordered it and it was here within 5 days, just what i needed for my red kitchen.

I received this as described and it met every expectation given. The price was also terrific. Thank you amazon, this was very good.

It still works two years after.

I have gone through 3 toasters in about 1. 5 years, proctor silex, hamilton beach, cuisinart. The last toaster i bought didn’t work correctly so i tried to fix it instead of a trip to the store. That toaster lasted about a year after i repaired it and even then the toast would come out too black or not done enough and not evenly toasted. I decided i would get me a good toaster, the chefman toaster which works like a toaster should. Turning the knob actually gives you fine control over the toasting, set it and forget it. Also with the chefman the toasting is very even. With the others i had it was either black or nothing, so i would end up standing over the toaster looking inside trying to pop my toast up at the correct moment. The retro red color was a perfect fit for my kitchen. I 100% recommend this toaster.

So adorable and the right shade of vintage red. Toaster works very well too and has extra large slots for bagels.

The toaster arrived promptly. Before purchasing i read some comment about it being made of plastic. The exterior is plastic, so it’s very light weight, but it toasts fine. There were other comments about the cord length. It’s not a very long cord but that’s not an issue in my kitchen.

The wife and i love the red color, it adds life to our kitchen. We’ve had it for several months and it has provided consistent service in toasting bread and muffins. The price at the time of purchase was cheaper than any toaster in the stores. I would recommend this item to anyone.

It looks great, toasts great. The only tiny drawback is that it doesn’t pop the toast up quite as high as i would like.

Want to dress up your kitchen?. Try red, really stands out and gives your kitchen a dash of color. Plan to add coffee maker in the future.

Seems to work just fine so far. Was surprised to find the body of the toaster was plastic – every toaster i have owned has been metal, so will see if that is a good or bad thing – at this point, it is mostly neutral, but it does stay cool to the touch. Seems to be adjustable and you can override your setting, which is a plus – w/my last one you had to wait until the thermostat cooled to early-pop up the bread. Looks great – as noted, the only unknown is the plastic housing vs.

T-fal TT7061 Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster – Nice design, but toasts unevenly.

I had only used it 3 times when it was hard to pop up the toast. Luckily i don’t use it a lot but i don’t think it will last very long. I guess because the toaster i had before was so sturdy. What i really liked was the slant but after a few uses it was kind of hard to pop up.

I checked all over including ebay and found that this seller offered far and away the best price. Great buy and a great toaster. Product is exactly as seller described. This is our 2nd t-fal toaster. Our first, which is 12 years old is going to our summer retreat.

The toaster works well enough. I really like the size and shape, and it is large enough to take my homemade bread. I have noticed, as other have commented on, that the heating elements do not heat evenly, so i need to flip the bread for both sides to toast evenly. Even then, each side will have dark spots and light spots. The defrost works very well, which is great for my gluten free frozen waffles. It does occasionally eject the toast out onto the counter top. What irritates me most is that it is made in china, which is not shown anywhere in the description. I went to the t-fal website prior to purchasing, and this toaster is supposedly made in france or in the usa.

Delivery was on time and the price was right. Toasts fast and the bagel selection was great. The only slight flaw is if you put in one piece of toast, the spring is so strong sometimes it pops the bread onto the counter.

This toasts a bit unevenly with the bottom of the bread done more than the top. Also, it pops out the toast very strongly – right out on the counter. All in all it is okay and seems well made, it’s just the uneven toasting that is a bit of a problem. Mechanically it functions well and its controls are nice as they have included the right hand knob to lift the toast out of the slot (which i don’t use too often as it has usually been jettisoned out on the counter.

This is my second t-fal avante and i love it. Very fast, love the ‘lift’ button that helps you get the toast out once it has finished toasting and love the button that allows me to stop the toasting process before it has finished when something toasts quicker than expected. The wide slots are great for thicker slices of toast or bagels.

  • Great Toaster but Appearance is Different Than Shown
  • Speed Toaster. Muffin Launch System
  • A jazzy-looking toaster that works!

Definitely different looking from your normal elongated cube toaster. That may be a deal-breaker for some. Nice wide slot for bagels, with one-sided toasting option. Slots come with an integrated internal frame that squeezes together as the toast lowers, and it holds thinly-sliced bread or thins flat. Many toaster lack this, and the very thin items can end up curling while toasting and coming in contact with heating elements – not this one, therefore no charring, smoke etc. Left hand lever lowers toast (only when plugged in, btw), right hand one lifts smaller toast up so you don’t come in contact with hot internal parts. Add pretty fast toast times, even toasting, easy browning adjustment, and we can recommend this based on functionality.

This one is showing signs of age within a few weeks. I guess they are inconsistent in quality.

Like the concept of the toaster’s design. Most of the time, though, it toasts unevenly, but too much hassle to return it. It is true what other reviewers said, it often pops up the bread so forcefully, it literally pops onto the floor.

I liked it but eventually the lettering wipes off making it look cheap. Otherwise it looks pretty sharp in your kitchen.

Love the look of the toaster. It toasts perfectly, browns the bread but does not make it hard like so many toasters do nowadays. The only reason i did not give it 5 stars is because the bread actually pops out of the toaster when done. You need to be there to catch it which is very strange.

Features of T-fal TT7061 Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster with Bagel Function, Black

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  • 2-slice toaster with slanted design and extra-wide, self-adjusting slots for even toasting
  • 7 electronic browning-control settings from light to dark
  • Bagel, Defrost, and Stop functions; Anti-jam function; High-lift lever for easy removal of bread
  • Crumb-tray for easy cleaning; Cord storage on base of the unit; Elegant stainless steel and black plastic housing
  • 1,200 watts of power; 1-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

We really like this toaster. When our other one died, my husband did a lot of searching for one that was fast and had at least 1100 watts. We did buy one at walmart, the ad said it was 1100 watts, but when we opened it there were only 800 watts. So when we found this one, it really is what it says it is. Kinda had to get used to the slant of it, but it’s well made and a lot faster than our other one. We should have bought from amazon in the first place.

Toasts faster than our old base quality one, which is why i purchased this one. It is 1200 watts, which is really a minimum for a toaster imo, if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life waiting for your toast to get done. I like the right lever feature that lifts up the finished toast high enough so you don’t have to stick your fingers down into the slots to grab the hot toast. The slots could be another 1/2 inch longer, but i see that as a minor ding.

More than a year ago, this one replaced an ‘under-cabinet’ b&d toaster we had for many years. In a word, it is outstanding. The counter-top footprint is not too big, and performance has been great. We couldn’t be happier, and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

The toaster is a little big for my counter. So glad i didn’t get the four slice. The booklet said it is faster toasting,nope afraid not. I have it it on the darkest setting and still have to push down bagels and english muffins twice.

We had our previous one about six years and bent something when we attempted to remove a piece of toast that was caught. We liked it so much that we wanted the exact same item. After searching for it, we found out it was no longer being produced but we were able to still find a new one still available. This is the best – repeat the best – toaster that we have ever owned. (we have been married for 30 years so we have had a few). I would not hesitate ordering the new model at all.

I like this toaster, especially the angle of it-fits under the counter top neatly, without having to move it around. The bagel function (btw amazon, learn to spell the word ‘bagel’, it’s not ‘bagle’) works great. Only problem so far is that toasting is uneven-darker at the bottom, lighter as it goes up, probably due to engineering for a lower price, but not a huge problem for me. I really do like the lever on the right side that raises the toasted items up higher to allow you to remove them more easily. Sure beats sticking two forks into the holes to remove my toast or pop tarts. Well worth the small price increase from the cheapest toasters i’ve looked at.

2-slice toaster with slanted design and extra-wide, self-adjusting slots for even toasting

Bottom line what makes a good toaster is the wattage, or heat, it produces. Unlike many toaster with 900 to 1000 watts this toaster has 1200 watts so it does the job fast and better than most of the others. By the way, the 4 slice model does not have as high as wattage, so suggest the 2 slice model only. Wide openings for the toast is a plus. Spring release is strong if only one slice of bread in slot. A damper on the release would be a plus someday. Are you listening manufacture?????recommend. Great toaster for the price.

I bought this for my parents and they love it.

Have been using this toaster for several months and love it. Nice wide slots for bagels, cooks things fast, accurately, and has a convenient little crumb catcher on the back bottom side. The first couple of uses it projectiled the item out sometimes clearing the toaster completely, but after a couple uses the springs relax and you don’t have to test your catching abilities, lol.

I loved the fact that the toast comes flying out of the toaster when finished toasting. It makes me smile and is a game trying to figure out where to place my plate to catch the toast. It does an excellent job toasting and dethawing as i keep my bread in the freezer. I did not experience the middle of my gluten bread not toasting as noted on one review. I highly recommend this toaster.

Item was received on time and in excellent conditionthis item was as described. I selected this item for its perceived value and quality. After receipt, i can confirm that this was a wise purchase decision. I would purchase this again. I would definitely recommend this item. As a consumer like you, i rely on honest reviews when i purchase items and only offer my genuine interpretation. I encourage positive or negative feedback of my review. If my opinion assisted you in any way with your decision on this item please feel free to click ‘yes’ that you found it helpful.

I like the looks of this toaster but i really ordered this one because they claimed it toasted really fast. My only complaint is toasting one slice of bread is exciting. The slice pops out and onto the floor if you are not standing by.

7 electronic browning-control settings from light to dark

Very happy to locate and purchase this toaster for a family member who loves this model. The manufacturer’s website had the item on backorder but amazon. Toaster arrived ahead of scheduled delivery date and in excellent condition. Toaster works well and family member is very happy to replace the one she had for years that was worn out.

I recently bought this toaster as a replacement for a t-fal toaster that i loved. This new one has a defrost feature that my old one did not have. That makes this toaster wonderful. Everything that i love about my old one has now been perfected with the defrost button. This toaster toasts evenly and very quickly. It has ample space for bagels and long bread. If you are wondering why i replaced my old toaster, it is not the fault of the toaster. Unfortunately in a recent move our toaster took a deadly beating. I knew that if it were an option, i wanted the same toaster, as this toaster has been proven time and time again over the last seven years, that is how long i had the first one. This is a great, sleek looking toaster.

I love this toaster so much. I love the feature where you can push down a lever to help get the toast to pop up so you don’t have to burn your fingers retreving the toast. I loved this so much, i bought my son one after he was divorced.

Ordered this because i liked the contemporary look for my new kitchen. Took up much more counter space than my current toaster and looked huge compared to the other appliances. Can not comment on its performance because i never used it.

I bought this toaster as an exact replacement for one i had bought about 10 years ago that stopped working well but that i really liked. The first one sent to me smelled of smoke when i plugged it in, so a replacement was sent (went very smoothly. ) the new toaster is great except that if you have a light piece of bread or a half piece, the pop up mechanism is so strong that the toast ends up on the counter when it’s done. I’ve never had that happen before with a toaster. Otherwise, i really like this toaster.

This is a great toaster and kind of nice looking – a little different than the boxy toasters. The only problem we have had is that once in a while it pops the toast a little far – has landed on the floor once. I know i saw this from at least one other reviewed and opted to buy it anyway. Most of the times, we don’t have the toast fly (not sure if it is the weight of the bread or the mood of the toaster that day). One really great feature is a lever that raises the toast higher when it is done (of course this is not needed when it has already popped all the way out of the toaster).

This is a sleek toaster that is just beautiful and equally functional. I do wish it had a digital timer but that’s no biggy.

Bagel, Defrost, and Stop functions; Anti-jam function; High-lift lever for easy removal of bread

Purchased this for our cabin. Just the two of us, so the 2 slice is perfect. It toasts bread evenly and settings work just fine. A toasters a toaster, pretty much, but i like the cool design of this one.

This modern looking toaster is bigger than the standard toaster but is an excellent one. I love the fact that if you have smaller sized bread, bagels or english muffins that sink down lower than regular bread, you can hit the eject lever after they’ve finished toasting and they pop right out. It’s very attractive on the counter but it also fits easily in the cabinet if you prefer to keep your appliances out of sight. The heat settings are very accurate, no burned toast yet.And, yes, the front is stainless.

I tried two other toasters from the big box store and was less pleased with those toasters. (+)heats up quickly and toasts bread faster than my old toaster. Good if you are feeding a large group. (-)larger footprint than my old toaster. Very small difference on dial between toasted and burnt. Resetting the thermostat to a previous setting does not always give you consistent results. Crumb catcher lets crumbs spill when moving toaster to clean counter top.

This has been a great toaster – we use it almost every day, often several times a day, and mainly for toasted bread, bagels and waffles. Some people have said it tends to shoot the toast out onto the floor – i have never experienced this, even with smaller breads and small bagels. I have had this toaster for years (8 years?) and just recently ordered another because the inside elements stopped working and it started toasting on only one side, but this toaster has had a lot of use over the years in our family. My only complaint is the picture is not representative of the way the toaster looks now – they changed the front, which now is a bright stainless finish with a raised inset, the levers are smaller as well (to see the new front design, go to: http://www. Com/all+products/cooking+appliances/toasters/products/avant%c3%a9+deluxe+2+slice+toaster/avant%c3%a9+deluxe+toaster). My old one had the sleek, flat, brushed stainless finish as shown in the picture, which was much more attractive – i don’t know why they changed it, and i am quite disappointed with the new finish and front design. Otherwise, it goes well with my other stainless appliances, while the black sides makes it look cleaner, hiding fingerprints and smudges. The slots are wide, easily accommodating large bagels, and if you push the bagel button, it will toast only the one side, leaving the top crispy, but bottom soft. I really like the high-lift lever to help lift smaller pieces out without burning your fingers.

Takes up a lot of counter space for just two toaster slots. Also sits on four small legs. Unless you get the cord positioned correctly the toaster wobbles on the four little legs.

We have to remember to turn the toaster toward the wall so that the toast will hit the wall rather than flying on to the floor – or be prepared to catch flying toast. We have noticed that the frequency of flying toast is slightly less when toasting two pieces versus one. Very attractive on the counter. And, it does make for entertainment.

Crumb-tray for easy cleaning; Cord storage on base of the unit; Elegant stainless steel and black plastic housing

My bachelor son had researched the internet for a good toaster for a christmas present, so i ordered it for him as a gift. After the holidays, he called to tell me how happy he was with it. He said it was the best toaster he has ever come across. He highly recommended it to me, as i also need to by one. Will be ordering one in the near future for myself.

Best toaster i had in quite awhile. Toasts fast compared to most of the othertoasters available in the marketplace. Tried it on bread, muffins, and toaster cakesso far, and all toasted fast and to my perfection.

Oster 3905 4-Slice Retractable Cord Toaster – 4-Slice Toaster with Bagel Settings and Retractable Cord

I recently did a makeover on my kitchen and all the appliances as well as decor is black and red. This toaster is the best i have yet to see, it has so many settings which makes it so easy to use. The color is very rich looking and the retractable cord is a major plus.

I purchased this toaster over four years ago only expecting it to last a year or so based on the reviews. Well, here we are four years later and this beast remains a workhorse in my busy kitchen. I use it for both toast and bagels, and the only time i’ve burnt anything was because i had it up too high and left it unattended. There are toasters on amazon for over $100, but this little guy outperforms them at a fraction of the cost. I mean, come on, its sole purpose is to warm up bread. If you’re shelling out more than 50 bucks on something like that, i have a bridge to sell you.

Love that we can have 2 different toasted settings for my husband and i and also make 4 pieces at once. I appreciate the retractable cord as well. Here are the specifications for the Oster 3905 4-Slice Retractable Cord Toaster:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Model_Number – 003905-000-000
  • Depth – 12.60
  • Height – 9.40
  • Width – 12.10
  • Weight – 6.0500

I always depend on oster to make a great product. I have been a loyal customer for 30 years. This toaster however, in my opinion has chincy plastic levers to push down the toast. Seems flimsy and perhaps not toolasting as the rest of the toaster seems in great condition.

Does the job, however, the handles that you push down to toast are flimsy and you have to push them down several times before they click to toast the bread. Aside from that the unit toasts both bread and bagels well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Be patient!
  • Toasts well
  • loved it then

Nice toaster for the price since it has an option for bagel toasting which is convenient. I find that the bread does not toast evenly and burns on one edge even though the dial is adjusted.

This worked wonderfully as a fathers day gift since our old toaster is junk, i love the wide slots, you could put texas toast in there there.

I love the way the cord retracts when not in use. It browns my toast so evenly.

Black profile 4-slice/bagel toaster. It has buttons on both sides for bagels that lights up to let you know it has been set to bagels. Both sides have separate toasting controls. It has a retractable cord to keep excess cord off the counter top. It is deceivingly lightweight. It was packaged well and as toasters go was easy to figure out settings. Low end pricing on a middle of the road toaster that for the most part does an ‘adequate’ job for both toast and bagels. Sometimes you have to push the toast down more than once to get it to stay down, we aren’t sure what is up with that. The settings dials are extremely sensitive. As far as evenness of toasting it is about the same for bread and bagels and does an adequate job at this point.

Nice toaster but the push down handles are cheap plastic. Just 2 of us using toaster so if you had a family using this, the handles would soon break.

I have had one of these for many years. Very consistent to this day.

I bought a dualit toaster with some gift cards from my wedding. I’d heard this toaster was top-of-the-line and not to be missed. I was so excited about that toaster. I was heartbroken to find out for myself that it was nothing short of an expensive piece of junk. It would only toast one side of the bread, it often smoked and overheated, and it finally just flat out died only a year and a half after i bought it. I actually did the happy dance around the kitchen when i could toss it into the trash. I decided i was really going to do my homework when buying my next toaster. So i read umpteen reviews and i heeded consumer report’s reviews of toasters. Based on consumer report’s word, i bought their lauded haier tst850ds. I thought for sure i had finally found a winner.

Had the same toaster before, loved it then, love it now.

Waring (WCT704) Two-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster – Looks nice. Toasts evenly so I kept it

For some reason toasters don’t last long. This looks sturdy and is simple to operate.

Like other reviewers here, i had the cuisinart doppelgänger toaster for many years before it finally gave out. I was happy with it and wanted to get the same toaster, only to find that it now carries the waring name on it, and also lacks the slot selection switch (which i kind of hated anyway, because you’d always forget to switch it back if you ever used it). The first toaster i bought to replace my old cuisinart was the breville bta830xl die-cast 4-slice long slot smart toaster. I did tons of research and read a lot of reviews and recommendations and took a chance on the leverless toaster. I was apprehensive of all the fanciness, but so many folks loved the thing, that i thought it just might work out. I ended up returning it after it stopped working and started flashing all the lights, customer service couldn’t help me, and everyone who gave it a bad review had the same exact problem with only one resolution – return it. So i returned it for a refund. This waring toaster, however, is still going strong after just over two months’ of near daily use. It works just as well as my old cuisinart.

Kind of a no-frills, high horsepower toaster that (to my family) is well worth the price. Thick wide slots and a tray to clear crumbs in the bottom. While this is not ugly by any means, it is not nearly as fancy looking at some of the mainstream ‘high end’ home toasters, but this definitely outperforms any of them. Lacking a bunch of extra features, i would imagine it will outlast most of them too. This is not to say that it will last forever – this is my second in 6 years – but i had two others that quickly died or just failed to toast acceptably since the first. Here are the specifications for the Waring (WCT704) Two-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This 4-slice bread toaster is constructed of durable chrome plated steel
  • Includes 2 extra long and extra-wide 1-3/8-inch slots
  • Features self-centering bread rack for thinnest sliced breads; Great for bagels and thickly sliced bread
  • Comes with easy touch control and LED indicators: Defrost, Reheat and Cancel
  • Comes with rotary dial browning level control and quick clean pull out crumb tray

How can it be commercial and light duty at the same time?. I think it’s more of standard duty for home use.

Updatewell, after a bad experience with a cuisinart a couple of weeks ago, i pulled the trigger and bought the waring. It’s my old toaster all over again (except without the single side selector switch (but that’s okay)). This toaster smelled horrible for the first couple of cycles but that’s normal. It also buzzes a little when starting up but that goes away in about 10-15 seconds. It toasted unevenly for the first couple of go-arounds but then calmed down. I have absolutely no idea why it did that. It seems to toast better if you don’t center your slices in the slots, lengh-wise that is. I don’t know why this is either. They’re easy to get over and then it’s smooth sailing. )original reviewi gotta chime in even though i remember this unit as a cuisinart.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Hums While it Works, But It Works Well
  • A Great buy, you will want to keep it forever
  • Waring Toaster

Took more than 3-4 weeks to arrive – way beyond normal expectations. Took more than 3-4 weeks to arrive – way beyond normal expectations.

One kind of bread we use the edges are burned so have not figured out how to prevent it from burning. Another kind of bread we use it is okay.

I bought this toaster in 2006. At that time is was a cusinart model cpt90. It still works but the electronics are cutting down the juice to the ribbons so they are not getting as hot and it takes longer to get the toast done. As i liked all the features of this toaster & felt it’s longevity was fairly good i wanted another one. Cusinart quit carrying them in 2008 but waring took over with the model wct704. I was glad to find i could still get one as there were no problems other than explained above with the cpt90. The only difference between them is the wct704 does not have a switch to turn off one outer bank of ribbons for one sided bagel toasting or when only using one side for toast. It must have created voltage/amp issues like i was experiencing so it is now gone. I gave 4 stars because i would like one slot to have one sided heat at times.

. This model is really the old cuisinart toaster. We were looking for a close duplicate and found it in the warring commercial series.

Although pricey for a toaster, it works great. It appears to be sturdy, but only time will tell.

With toasters you get what you pay for. I have both this toaster and the smart toaster from breville and i love them both. This isn’t quite as sensitive as the smart toaster with toast. It is more basic but does have a defrost button which is important in our house. I like that it can do long loaves of bread or use one slot to toast two regular slices of bread. Nice clean lines if left on the counter.

The toaster is okay, better than our last one. However, it seems to toast darker around the edges. If you keep it in long enough to toast it in the middle, the edges get too dark. Update 4/2/15: the toast is now toasting evenly and quickly. We love this toaster and upgrade it to 5 stars.

It does the job straight forward and to date no issues. Gauge for darkness of toast is ok, a bit on the side. Our previous, non warning model, had the gauges on the front which i preferred. But it stopped working after a few years so we went with the waring model this time.

Toasts all sizes of bread and works and looks great. I like the numbered dial on the right side that makes it easy adjust the toasting time of a variety of types of bread.

The one flaw with this item is that there is no provision to stop the toasting cycle before it completes its cycle except to unplug it. Very inconvenient and it will eventually damage the plug.

After an extensive on-line search, i could not find a good quality toaster that had deep slots and length for all bread sizes. This toaster meets my needs perfectly. You can toast 4 regular sized slices, bagels, or english muffins at one time or toast 2 artisan sized slices.

I threw away a perfectly good toaster after i got this one. You can do 4 english muffins, 4 bagels, the really looong pieces of good rye or sourdough bread. Toasts very evenly and the controls are easy to judge how long you need to toast.

The slots are wide enough for a bagel and long enough for artisan bread. Just be careful with the toaster settings – we usually keep ours on 2.

Owned this about a year now and was purchased to replace a similar toaster made by cuisinart (this model is supposed to be the closest replacement for that one). So far everything is working fine and if its anything like the cuisinart, it will work for many years. (we still have the cuisinart stashed away as a backup, which is over 15 years old and still works, but my wife wanted all steel instead of white – alas). Long wide slot toasters are the best as they toast just about anything from bagels, french breads, muffins as well as the typical store sliced breads. I personally like the toasters to have basic functions, because the more moving parts and controls, the more stuff will break. This toaster is used daily by family members and is not treated as kindly as it should, but continues on without error. Very sturdy construction with solid cording.

My cuisinart 2 slot, 4 slice toaster gave up the ghost after many years. Cuisinart no longer makes this 2-slot style. This is an exact replica sans the 2 or 4 switch. If it lasts as long as the cuisinart, its a bargain.

Love my new toaster it is durable and should last for years.