Calphalon 2 Slot Stainless Steel Toaster – Great toast

I like the 2 slot toaster and it doesn’t have quite as many buttons on it as some models. Easy to use and the toast always comes out the way i like it done. Easy to keep clean on the outside and an easy crumb tray to empty.

Easy to useeasy to cleaneasy to empty the crumb traycord length is lacking (but that goes with any toaster, so you have to deal with it)a little expensive, but sturdy enough.

While a little more pricey than a lot of the toasters on the market, this beautiful sleek toaster is well worth the cost. It is simple to use with just one knob. Settings are super easy to change. With just the touch of a button. This toaster toasts more evenly than any toaster i have ever used. The lever is great too, once the toast pops up the lever can be raised up which raises up the bread that was toasted, making it easy to grab with fingers instead of having to use a toaster tool. I love this toaster and would highly recommend it.

Tired of toasters that toast one side?. Tired of digging out sticking bread?. This toaster seems to toast fairly evenly. Not perfect, but in a world where almost no toasters understand the words ‘even toasting’ this gets closer to the ideal than any others we’ve tried. We’ve had it for several weeks and are quite pleased. The next few months will be the real test.

This may be the best toaster i have ever owned. Consumer reports had it right when they rated it very highly due to the even toasting on both sides and to the edges of the bread. I am not going to give it 5 stars though because it won’t fit slices of high end bread without trimming — dave’s killer bread, orowheat 12 grain, etc. Everyone has emphasized thicker breads such as bagels, but no one has built longer slots for breads such as above or san francisco sourdough rounds. Still, best toaster i have ever owned.

This was bought for office use and worked real well at first. However, after several weeks it doesn’t toast evenly on both sides. Perhaps we over use it and this would be a good unit for home use.

  • Terrific Toaster
  • Top Rated is Relative
  • Solid performer. Lot’s of options.

Will no one ever make an infallible toaster?. This one frequently toasts just one side as if it automatically switched to bagel setting. Perhaps what we need is a simple narrow slot toaster and put the bagels in the toaster oven. Just push it down and get quick, evenly toasted bread.

I am probably not as particular about my toast as other reviewers are but for both ordinary bagels and toast i’ve had no issues with the toaster. If you expect a very even toasting all the way across the bread you may be disappointed but in my view the quality of the toast is not affected by a slight variation from side to side. It is much better than my previous toaster that never toasted consistently.

This toaster is absolutely amazing. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone. There are multiple settings, which are great. The defrost setting works great on frozen waffles, pancakes, etc. And the bagel setting is perfect for bagels and english muffins. The crumb trays make it super easy to clean too.

Toasts very quickly, fastest toaster i have ever owned. The lift-up handle that raises the toast for removal is a nice addition. Reduces need to unplug toaster and dig out shorter pieces of toast. Dial and push buttons work well. Reheat is particularly good for toast that i have forgotten about because i got sidetracked. As with any new toaster, there is a learning curve on how dark or light the settings should be for different types of bread. I used the defrost button on a toaster waffle and it burned it pretty bad. Better to just toast it or else turn the darkness knob down. Cord can be securely routed underneath the toaster to come out in any direction which helps keep the cord out of the way. Body of toaster stays relatively cool.

This is a very good looking toaster. It’s actually metal rather than plastic that looks like stainless steel. I’d planned to keep it hidden in the ‘appliance garage,’ but i keep it out all the time. The reheat feature is useful and works well. Being able to wrap the excess cord out of the way on the bottom is handy as well. The slots are large enough to accommodate the thickest bread. I like that you can raise the bread up higher to easily remove toast that’s a little below the top of the toaster. What i don’t like is that with one slice of bread, it comes out considerably darker on one side than another. Also the width of the slot isn’t wide enough to handle some bread.

Features of Calphalon 2 Slot Stainless Steel Toaster

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    by entering your model number.
  • Extra-wide slots for bagels and thickly sliced bread.
  • Bagel, Defrost and Reheat settings.
  • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.
  • Extra-lift lever for safe toast removal.
  • Opti-Heat System for accurate temperature control and even heatdelivery.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I’ve had a few toasters in my day and this one is certainly one of the better ones for the price. Having said that a couple caveats. If only toasting one slice at a time, it does not toast both sides evenly but i’ve yet to find one that does. It does a good job with two slices of bread, english muffins, or bagels. It is rather strange that the cord comes out of the front versus back but i stash away after use so not real issue for me. Tray removes easily for cleaning.

This is the best toaster i have ever owned. It actually toasts the bread without drying it out and its fast and fairly evenly toasted. The levers have a nice feel to them and sunday i will try the bagel mode, but expect it to work well also.

Way too short a 18*’cord that comes out from the front of the toaster for some reason and the control knob gets knocked and turned everytime we put it on the shelf. Doesn’t toast equally on both sides of the toast. Crumb tray leaks and leaves a mess anytime you pick up the toaster.

Like so many people say, i spent way more time than i should have choosing a toaster. For me, the reason was my husband hated the last one i got and mentioned it almost daily. So the next one i knew would have to be a lot better or i would have to listen to his whining some more. This one seems to have placated him. The bagel setting works great. All in all just a great, simple toaster.

Bought this because of the high reviews elsewhere, but it very inconsistent. Some of the bread toasts perfectly, but others being toasted at the same time are too light.

Bought this toaster on the recommendation of consumer reports, which usually is pretty good. Unfortunately, this particular toaster did not live up to expectations. Biggest problem is uneven heating. The top of the what ever you put in it browns well, while the bottom only warms up and gets dry. The bagel setting does the same thing. I can’t recommend this appliance. I’m unhappy enough to get rid of it, but happy enough to hang in there hoping things get better. I remain a pessimistic optimist.

Extra-wide slots for bagels and thickly sliced bread.

Does a good job on the bagels. It is a bit slow, but that’s better than burning everything if you turn your back on it for 30 seconds like my last toasted did. I like how easily the crumb tray slides in and out for cleaning. The top and sides wipe clean easily, and the sides seem to resist finger prints. I’ve had it for over a year and it’s still going fine. The crumb tray is attached to the back, and the cord is attached to the front, just the opposite of the most sensible arrangement.

Before i purchased this toaster i had another one that cost 3x as much and worked for about six months. I’ve had this one for over a year and it works daily with three kids jamming pop tarts, bagels, toast, etc into it. We use the bagel and defrost setting at the same time to defrost bagels we buy at costco then slice and freeze in individual baggies.

Toasts evenly and does a good job at both light toasting and dark toasting. Depending on your bagel size the openings can be a bit slim. We’re in new york where bagels are quite large. The toaster has a crumb catcher but i’ve had many crumbs fall under that and i can’t get them out. Seems like it will last a long time.

Very well made and consistent toasting results. I’ve never owned a really nice toaster before, and i was surprised that a toaster could actually toast so evenly. One issue is that the crumb collector is very small and does not actually collect enough of the crumbs – a small inconvenience for such a good appliance,.

This is a very good toaster and consistently provides a well toasted bread. I have to say that the toaster was purchased on the basis of consumer reports recommendation and i found their ranking of the product well justified. We prefer ‘dave’s killer bread’ which is a bit wider bread and did not fit our previous toaster but is easily accommodated in the calphalon toaster, and the toasting is just magnificent.

Im betting it will meet the quality i was looking for. Toasts very fast and looks great. I am unhappy with the online warranty process though. The form didn’t like my address and then it didn’t like my email address. All done with that waste of time. If i need the warranty, this archived review will have to be it.

Bagel, Defrost and Reheat settings.

Looks attractive, but performance is just average. I like my toast very toasty. The darkest setting isn’t powerful enough to thoroughly toast heavy breads such as pumpernickel, and the bagel setting leaves a bagel hardly toasted at all. If your’re a white bread type of person, this probably won’t bother you, though.

Okay, so i’m a little crazy about my toast. I like it a very specific way. This calphalon toaster has lots of toasting options; frozen, bagels, reheat and full range of light to dark. Because i tend to like darker toast, i often use the frozen setting. Doing so gives a much darker, deeper toast (dialed all the way to dark on the setting). For whole wheat bread, this unit does a great job making a nice, even toasted slice of bread. One thing i did notice, on the regular toast setting (not bagel or frozen) the toast doesn’t appear very hot. This doesn’t matter as much to us anymore as we no longer butter our bread but it would be nice to have a hotter slice of toasted bread. Overall, i am super satisfied with this purchase. Having 4 slots gives us plenty of toast without having to wait and it delivers a great finsihed product.

I was never one to give toasters much thought until we replaced our functional toaster that served us for years before giving up the ghost. In all those years with the old toaster, i guess i just got use to the fact that it did a mediocre job and had quirks. When we got the new calphalon toaster, i was surprised at how well it did it’s job on a variety of bread products. We use whole wheat, bagels, and raisin bread on a regular basis. Using the instructions, each one had its own setting that would consistently cook it to perfection.

Works well and toasts promptly. Best with 2 slices in, not one (as with most toasters, i read). Slots should be longer – doesn’t fit one of the brands of rye bread we buy. The finish is easy to clean.

This is a substantial toaster. Everything about it show that you got what you paid for. I got tired of buying $30 ‘good deals’ from wal-mart that lasted 6 months and didn’t work well on their best day. Only reason i didn’t give it a full 5 stars is that it still takes (1. 5) trips to fully toast an english muffin. However for standard bread it’s very even and the controls hand very well.

I just received this in the mail this past weekend, and it is wonderful. It does well with poptarts and regular bread. I am eager to try bagels in itit is very nice looking, lightweight, and perfect for my household of 2. I’ll have to expand to a 4 slot when we welcome more people into our home.

This is one of those classic style toasters you always see depicted as tossing the toast in the air, not as extreme but funny to see when it happens. Style is nice, cost is nice, works well. Inside toasting elements appear to brown the bread more than the outside elements which is manageable. The setting for bagels shuts off the outside elements completely in order to avoid overdoing the bagels exterior. Set browning dial halfway for toast, all the way for english muffins and work from there for your needs.

Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

When the toasting cycle is completed, the lever releases with a sound of a fine tuned piece of machinery. You get the feeling of how well built this toaster is. The shade selection gets precise results. The modes work just as described. When a manufacturer provides a 16 page user guide and a quick start guide, for a 2/4 slot toaster you know they believe in their product and want customers to not miss any features. Other reviewers have complained about stickers on the toaster. Step 1 in the guide states to remove all stickers/labels before using. Mine came off with no residual marks. Also, only the top is polished ss. The rest is brushed, looks great and doesn’t show smudges.

Purchased this based on consumer reports recommendation. Works well except for bagels from my local bagel shop are slightly taller than the slot so a piece of the bagel was untoasted. When the bagel was frozen, that part would be cold.

The only things i toast are bread and english muffins. I like my english muffins pretty crispy and the calphalon was unable to toast to my taste in one shot (at maximum). My previous toaster was much better at this. On the other hand, i like being able to push the lever up to make muffin removal easier. I also think the calphalon creates a more consistent piece of toast. Also, it is easy to pull out the bread crumb drawer underneath (even though the drawer is located on the opposite side from the controls). The four controls are good and easy to use (cancel, defrost, bagel, reheat).

At last, a toaster that toasts. This is my third toaster in 6 months, a frustrating process at best. My latest effort was a kitchenaid that took forever and left me with a dry, unevenly toasted product. I purchased the calphalon because amazon listed it as 1800-watt in the product description. It arrived today and i toasted an english muffin in it side-by-side with one in the kitchenaid. At the end of a very short toast cycle i had one evenly toasted, crispy but not dry english muffin and the other one hot but not even begun toasting. The element of the calphalon glows a glorious red and does a perfect job. The element of the kitchenaid never gets red and the cycle indicator showed it was approximately 1/3 through the toasting process when the calphalon popped up the perfect muffin. If you are looking for a fast and efficient toaster that produces an excellent product, this is the toaster for you.

After purchasing two toasters that committed suicide with a year and a half, we decided to defer to consumer report’s recommendations. This toaster was rated at the top. I guess ‘the top rated’ is a relative term to quality. The slot openings are short, so toasting artisan bread, or any bread that’s longer than the norm, isn’t doable without cutting the bread. Anything toasted results in uneven browning, both in terms of each side, and particularly top to bottom. The darkest setting isn’t, by far when toasting english muffins. I didn’t think the cord located at the front of the toaster would be much of a problem — it is. Likewise, the removable crumb catcher located at the back rather than the front is a pain. The exterior is far from a ‘cool touch. ‘ the ability to raise the toast after it pops up so fingers aren’t burned is mediocre at best.

Dear calphalon, the toaster works just fine, but please explain why you placed a large sticker squarely on the stainless steel front?. I cannot get the residue off, and while i am sure no one else notices, i can see the large mark.

Extra-lift lever for safe toast removal.

This toaster was everything it promised and then some. It not only looks great on the kitchen counter but bagels & english muffins come out perfect every time, even when you toast one right after another.

I bought this for the family lake house. The controls buttons are too small. I have to point them out to people who just overlook them. That’s okay, but they miss the very nice bagel/english muffin feature.

You’ll have to get use to the shade setting. Plenty of width for the bread or anything bigger. Easy tray at the bottom to get the crumbs out. My old toaster required pulling on a hinged bottom door.

My husband and i are really glad that we chose this particular toaster recently. It’s quiet while toasting and even the ‘pop’ is gentle. The shade dial from light to dark is quite accurate. It toasts english muffins very well. The toaster stays cool to the touch throughout toasting. The crumb tray is easy to clean and replace. The toaster uses very little space on our kitchen counter. We would recommend it to whoever says they’re looking for a really good toaster. The only downside in the toasting is that one-eighth of the longer/wider slices of bread may not be fully toasted.

Just received this toaster and it works very well, browning both sides of the bread. Appliances must be attractive as well as functional for me, and this toaster’s simple clean lines meet this esthetic requirement as well. I’ve only 2 minor issues with this toaster: 1) interestingly, the handle fell off as i was wrapping the cord to store it beneath the toaster, and 2) i think the overall design would have been more appealing if the top were brushed stainless steel like the sides. (it’s shiny and will be prone to showing fingerprints). Regarding the handle, it was easy to re-attach, but i hope this isn’t a bad sign of poor quality/craftsmanship.

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster : pretty good deal

My husband and i are very pleased with our new toaster. It toasts evenly and fits bread and bagels. Also, it’s stylish looking with its stainless steel exterior.

We had the 2 slices version. Worked so well that we upgraded to a 4 slices and donate my previous version (still working very well).

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Smudgeproof, brushed finish
  • Bagel, defrost and cancel functions
  • Slide-out crumb tray for easy cleanup
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Extra-wide slots

Very durable and worth the money. I have had this product in the kitch for 1 year and works like a champ.

Some of the slots burn on one side but it’s only one on each side. You have to make sure to flip them if you like your toast well done. It looks nice on my counter, though.

This is a great product – toasts evenly, looks great, doesn’t show fingerprints, and at a very good price. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster : I’ve had this a while now, and its worked ok. I ordered it for the 4 slice and bagel capability, but its had a couple problems. After about 3 months, the handles wouldn’t lock down anymore. I was able to repair it by taking it apart and cleaning the connections for the magnets that control the pop up. After about a year, the bread is not evenly toasted on both sides. In one slot it only toasts on one side.

This stylish and cute toaster worked right out of the box, looks great on the kitchen countertop, and gets my toast to the perfect shade without any issues. I recommend this toaster to anyone who needs a four-slot toaster that also does bagels and has an extra-wide slot to fit texas toast or waffles. I recommend this toaster, so you should get one today.

This toaster looks super cool; kind of futuristic retro. You know, like what we thought all appliances would look like in the future, back in 1969. It makes toast tender yet crisp. What i love is the bagel option where only the inside of your bread/bagel gets toasted. Works excellent with buns too.

I really wanted a stainless steel double toaster for under $50, and thought this would be the perfect product. Only 4 stars because one side doesn’t pop up all the way when the toast is done. Also, i have limited counterspace and this thing is about a foot wide, so be forwarned. Other than that, it does the job like any other toaster and it looks really nice.

I bought this toaster because the price was right and consumer reports gave it a good review. It also looks nice on the counter. It toasts well for bread but only toasts on one side for bagels. The picture shows that the bagels are toasted and sit high in the toaster for easy removal when finished toasting. The toaster shuts off when it’s done toasting but it does not hold the bread product high enough for easy removal. You must hold onto the small lever high with one hand while you’re removing the bread or bagel with the other hand. It’s a nuisance to have to do this but you have no choice. I talked to my husband about returning it, but he didn’t feel the problem was big enough to make a change. I, however, disagree, but am willing to live with it.

Great toaster, exactly what i wanted. Extra large slots, adjustable dials, smooth finish matches my other appliances.

Toast comes out evenly toasted. Heats up reletively quickly. Looks nice, feels like a solid made appliance. Tough to find a reliable toaster now days. I just can’t see spending $100 plus for a toaster, when half the cuisinarts and so called ‘upper end’ toasters get just as bad or even worse reviews. I have been looking for a replacement for our not so old sunbeam toaster which was becoming dangerous to use as it sometimes would continue toasting after the toast popped up. After very extensive research and sifting through all the overwhelming bad reviews on almost every toaster out there i decided on the hamilton beach 4 slice. Less than $36 and free shipping through amazon. Has blue light to show it is toasting, nice light to dark adjustment knobs, defrost mode, and a bagel setting which toasts just the face of the bagel.

This product came well repacked with no manual or oem packing, but it works just fine and had a reasonable price. So we gave it a shot and have had no issues to report, we are very happy with our choice.

We bought this when our sunbeam toaster (white plastic, ugly) bit the dust, so to speak. Purchased it based on consumers reports ratings, and of course, the great reviews here on amazon. It is great-looking, and easy to use. It works well, and yes, it can leave some streaks on the bread, depending on the darkness you choose. But it doesn’t make a difference to us. . I guess we’re not toast connoisseurs. It has some nice features for bagels and defrosting, which we don’t use that often. The slots are wide and we can fit some large slices of bread easily into the toaster horizontally, not placing the bread upright. So the whole slice gets toasted.

Large, stainless, each side works independently, slots large enough for bagels and hand-sliced pieces of bread. Light-dark controls work well.

This is a very high quality toaster at a very reasonable price. It toasts bread uniformly on both sides and consistently maintains the desired level of toasting where ever it is set.

My daughter-in- law loves this toaster, it is her four slice toaster and it had to be able to do bagels.

We’ve had it for almost 6 months, and it works great. Toasts evenly and it looks good in the kitchen.

This toaster is exactly what we needed. Toasts bread and bagels very nicely.

Best toaster i’ve ever owned.

Solid toaster, looks good with the rest of my countertop stainless steel appliances.

This toaster was a very good buy for the money and it fits bagels perfectly and you can pop it up with a button.

Cuisinart CPT-435FR Countdown 4 Slice Toaster : Nice toaster

Love the new toaster, but the plunger on the right side sticks and you have to slam it down kinda hard to get it to stay down. Other than that great buy and would still recommend this to others.

This is the best toaster we have ever had.

Cuisinart CPT-435FR Countdown 4 Slice Toaster, Silver (Renewed)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stainless steel housing and blue backlit LCD countdown feature display
  • 7 Shade settings as well as Bagel, Defrost and Reheat options
  • Removable crumb tray
  • 1-1/2-Inch wide slots
  • Blue LED function buttons

Nice toaster and was rated in the top 5 toasters under $100. Toasts very well and fast which i like but the only thing i don’t like is the slots are short and made for regular white bread. If you want to toast any other type of bread you have to cut it in half.

I compared features and prices and this one was my choice after a long decision making process. I really like the beeper telling me toast is ready. I can hear it from the living room so do not come back to cold toast. I will post later if it does not last my complaint with last toaster. Electronic toasters have a tendency to die quicker than the toaster of my youth. I hope cuisinart lives up to its namesake. Have now owned for a couple of months.

Was looking for a modern looking stainless steel toaster, world all when received. Now its 2 months later and the one side won’t stay down to toast unless i stand that’s and hold it down. I had my last toaster for about 10 years and still works great, only updated to match kitchen remodel.

Cuisinart CPT-435FR Countdown 4 Slice Toaster, Silver (Renewed) : Though this was a refurbished item, it looked new when it arrived. We have used it at least once a day for five months now and it is still working just fine. The beeping sound when the toast is done is annoying, and i wish there was some way to turn it off, but it is not a deal-breaker. We don’t like the bagel mode because it does not toast the other side of the bagel at all (other toasters still toast both sides in bagel mode, just less on one side), so one side of your bagel stays chewy. The reheat function is nice and keeps you from burning toast when you just want to warm your toast up a little. The price on this has gone up by about 20 dollars since i bought it, so it’s not as good of a deal as it was, but i am happy with this purchase.

This is a high tech situationthat is super easy to use. The setting buttons give many options. I’ve used them all and they work perfectly. All the small kitchen appliances in our house are cuisinart.

My family loves this toaster. The digital display and countdown are great.

I am so glad i ordered this product. I have had it for months now with no problems and it makes perfect toast and bagels.

Toasts the bread fairly evenly, not as good as expected.

We bought a refurbished item and have been very pleased with it. I especially like being able to control the amount of toasting heat/time. It has a lot of options — far more than your typical toaster.

Nice upgrade to my kitchen counter.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect toaster. I had one of these at a vacation rental used sparingly and loved it. Bought another one and have used it 3-4 times a week. I like everything about this toaster except on the one i use frequently, it has the same issue as my previous 3 toaster and that is that it has a setting for darkness 1-6 and a countdown timer. Works great but i have to set the darkness level at 5 for toast. For a crispy english muffin, today i put it at max (6). Toasters should work for 5-10 years. Still looking for one that works to my satisfaction.

Doesn’t really toast even all over the toasts, but its good enough for me 🙂 i just love the fact that i can toast 4 toasts at the same time. We have three children and they all want their toast asap in the mornings haha. I really like the fact that i can choose bagel/frozen/heat up as well.

This is a great toaster for people with weak hearts or ptsd. It has a countdown bar that lets you know when your delicious perfectly crisped bread is about to jump in your face. It could potentially save lives.

Very glad i purchased this toaster. I felt like i got a ‘deal’ since it is refurbished. . And honestly, no one would ever be able to tell.

The toster looks great but doesn’t toast evenly. Looks like the element is wound to tight in some spots.

Great toaster, love the fact i can make both mine and the wife’s bagels’ at the same time.

I was so upset when my older toaster stopped working and though to try this one. It does a great job on english muffins and bagels.

Refurbished, and works great.

I love the digital screens and the buzzer to let you know when your toast etc.

Hamilton Beach 31137 4-Slice Toaster Oven, Just what I wanted:

When i received it, i was diasappointed as it was so small. But, after using it, i love it and it gives me more counter space and not so much heat in the summer.

I was misled by the ‘fits 6 slices of bread, a 6 lb. Roast or a 9′ pizza’ product description. This is a very small toaster oven. (discovered later that very same quote on lots of hb to descriptions. ) i returned it for something more useable/larger — something you could actually cook a chicken in, though maybe not a 6 lb.

Appeared to be larger on line. Disappointed about the size.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 31137 4-Slice Toaster Oven:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Second oven convenience
  • Saves time & energy – reheats 28% faster and uses 80% less energy
  • Fits a 9″ pizza
  • 30 minute timer with automatic shutoff and ready bell
  • Fits 6 slices of bread, a 6 lb. chicken, a 7 lb. roast or a 9″ pizza
  • Second oven convenience
  • Saves time and energy-reheats 28% faster and uses 80% less energy
  • Fits a 9″ pizza
  • 30 minute timer with automatic shutoff and ready bell
  • Fits 6 slices of bread, a 6 lb. chicken, a 7 lb. roast or a 9″ pizza

Comments from buyers

“One Person Delight!
, OK toaster for the price
, Description inaccurate

Smaller than the picture makes it appear. Not sure what pizza they used, but you can not put a small pizza in here unless it is baby size.

I have gone thru many toaster ovens – well i finally found one that does everything it’s supposed to – i toast bagels, rolls, etc. Toasts perfect – love the bell – oven works great – looks good to – best perk is bright heat rods inside – you can actually see what’s cooking – never had a toaster oven with this feature – great buy – thank you amazon, you did it again.

I have only had this item 1 month, but so far it is excellent. I am using it more than i expected to, because it is so easy & convenient. It is not cheaply made as some toaster ovens are.

I loved the price of this toaster oven and i am very pleased with the look and function of it so far. I’ve used it mainly for toasting bread and reheating pizza slices. It does exactly what i wanted it to do and has plenty of room for a couple pizza slices or 4 pieces of small bread. It looks great and appears to be of very good quality.

Does the job ok but the classic old type timer can’t be turned back or off once you dial it too far.

Bought this toaster oven for my daughter in college. She is in an apartment that has a full size oven. When she wants to cook or heat up something for herself, she doesn’t want to warm up the ‘big oven’. It doesn’t take up too much counter space, so her roommates don’t complain either.

Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it .

I’ve had toaster ovens made by oster, and this oven is far superior. The size is excellent – not too large and bulky, and it does everything it’s supposed to do well. I’m so pleased with this purchase.

I am happy with it thus far, but knobs are hard to turn and not real heavy as the previous one i had for many years was, just do not make things like they used to. . Would give it 4 and a half stars.

Bakes and toasts as promised. Control knob a little awkward but not a big deal. Appearance ok but not most elegant available. I am satisfied i got what i paid for.

Works for warming pizza and making toast. It was delivered on time in good condition.

Great price and good quality toaster for cooking small portions.

I use a lot and i have toasted bread 4 pieces at a time, cooked meat, frozen meals, fish this product is great for the price.

Though a bit on the small side you can still do alot with it. Cooks, heats up, and bakes food really well. It is a useful and convinient miniture oven.

Got what i wanted: an oven in which to toast bread and to heat frozen foods. Also, does not take up much kitchen counter space.

I’ve been looking for some time now for a toaster oven. I even bought one a few weeks ago at a very nice department store. I bought a brand name that is very reputable; however, when i tried to bake in it a sound like a jet plane came out of it. I decided to look on amazon. I started to read the reviews and decided this little oven seemed perfect. So far i have toasted and baked with perfect results. The salmon burgers i love came out better than in the regular oven. It also is very quiet running. I would recommend this oven to anyone who is single. It is small but that’s exactly what i was looking for in a toaster oven.

Got this to replace my old and dying toaster oven. This is way better than a microwave, food tastes better, heated evenly, crispy rather than soggy from a microwave. I highly recommend this product.

I got this for my husband at his request for a father’s day present. I love having toast from fresh italian break but using my toaster i always had to have thin little pieces, but with this i can toast up some big, thick pieces of toast.In addition, i use it for my kids. They love chicken nuggets and french friends and this toaster oven allows me to bake them in virtually the same amount of time but without having to use my oven and thus making my house a lot hotter than it needs to be. We’ve made mini pizzas in this as well. My husband and i just love this product.

Works great, but smaller than i thought when purchasing. One of the reviews said that it could toast six pieces of bread at a time, only four fit into this. The other reason for my score of three is that the toaster rack and oven tray do not both fit in the oven at the same time. One has to be removed for the other to slide in. All in all though, the product works great.

Make sure to clean the tray under it to prevent fire hazard. It has worked very well for our household needs. Not safe for teens since they forget to clean the tray. Be around, when they are using it.

BELLA 14326 4-Slice Toaster Oven – Toast : Great Product!

I’ve mainly used the toaster oven to warm up cold pizza and this toaster oven does a really good job in that regard. It does take a little while longer than i would like, but my pizza comes out crispy in a way that it wasn’t before. I’m pretty happy with this toaster oven now. Original review:i only got this because it was $10 after mail in rebate. So far, i don’t really like this product. When you turn on this toaster oven, it ticks loudly whether you use the timed, toaster or oven function. When it turns off or you turn it off, it gives out a loud ding. Not a great toaster oven if you’re trying to make breakfast while someone else is still sleeping and your place is very small. My last toaster oven was designed a lot better.

We have been looking for several years for a toaster oven that toasts evenly and this one is excellent. Would like to have a tray that doesn’t bend when heated in the oven. Bella has mastered the small appliance market imho.

We have had this toaster oven for 5 months and have not had any issues. So far it has been a a great value for the money we paid. Works well and is more versatile than a pop up toaster. Bakes small items and is really good at reheating leftovers, and obviously makes toast.

  • Why Don’t All Toaster Ovens have a Fold Out Door?
  • Five months and no issues so far
  • Only had a few hours

Bella 14326 4-Slice Toaster Oven – Toast, Bake, Broil, and More

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Includes bake rack, broil pan & crumb tray
  • Fits 4 slices of toast or a 9″ pizza
  • Ready indicator light & 30-minute timer
  • 2-position grill rack
  • Settings include bake, broil, toast, bagel, stay on & warm

Great price – replaced my black and decker toaster over ( was just old).

Best toaster oven we ever had.

Fantastic it works better than any toaster oven i have ever had.

Amazon already asking for an review.

It doesn’t take up too much space on the counter, looks nice and sleek, is easy to use, and makes great toast. I had never heard of bella but decided to buy it after seeing it on a department store website with 99 positive reviews. It is big enough to make two slices of sourdough toast or to put in a load of snacks for the kids. It is not quite big enough to hold an 8 x 8 brownie pan – the door won’t quite close. But for reheating or making snacks, it’s ‘way better than firing up a big oven.

I ended up buying locally as carrier delivered package elsewhere by mistake. This bella is well worth the money. It does get very hot on top and back so have to be careful where you put it and it does have a short cord. I like the simple dials and it can bake broil or toast. It cooks a bit faster than i thought so be conservative on temps and time in the beginning till you get used to it.

It’s a nice toaster oven and does what i expected, but the exterior does get rather hot.

I have had this oven for a few months now and so far it has done very well. The exterior does get a little hot so i pull it away from the wall and other counter top items when in use. The reason i bought this oven over the others listed, is that this oven has a pull out rack that peaks out over the door automatically when you open the oven door. This oven cost a little more than the others i was looking at, but for me i couldn’t put a price on not burning my hand when reaching in. To clarify, the rack does not come completely out when you open the door (only a an inch or so), but still allows for better accessibility.

I have had this toaster for a year now. I use it in place of a microwave and in a single day it gets multiple use. I use it to warm food, bake or broil. I have used other bella products before and it was easy to purchase this. The toaster looks sleek, its easy to use and easy to clean.

I love the convenience and reliability of this oven, but the measly 22″ cord is kind of stingy. The timer is just like an egg timer and doesn’t rely on electricity. It can run without the oven being on. But the oven heats up very quickly, which is the whole point of having it.It’s a quick way to heat leftovers or bake a few potatoes without having to heat the entire oven or kitchen.

I chose this toaster because of space limitations in our rv. Although small, it toasts and bakes as well, if not better than larger units. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

We bought it from kohls at 50% discount for 19$ and there is 5$ mail in rebate for 15 bucks only. It works great , light weight , take little space and design is nice.

It’s beautifully designed, a;; features work like charm, and it’s nice to look at. It’s 10 inches long and 9-1/2 inches from wall to front. There’s no feature or design detail i’d change. At the modest price we paid for it through amazon, it’s a giveaway.

The dials are nicely marked and easy to read.

Looks attractive in the kitchen. It is solid easy to use and works well. Was mailed via priority mail. Very pleased with my purchase.

Really like,comes in handy when in a hurry.

Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome 2 Slice Toaster – Updated design takes 2 stars off what was once a 5 star toaster

Hamilton beach classic chrome is a nice little toaster at a good price. Works nice and is compact in size. Bagel setting toasts one side, the flat sides of bagel. In front of the slots, there is a picture that shows which way the bagel should be placed. Toast setting has many settings and toasts just right. Crumb tray is large and easy to access. The hamilton beach toaster is replacing a very expensive name brand toaster that worked for only a few years with very light usage and it burned everything. No matter the setting, so for such s small price i am very pleased.

My way-too-large toaster oven died, may it rip. I used the oven maybe 10 times a year and debated if that was enough to warrant the size of the footprint. I opted to go with a toaster – and was overwhelmed at the number of and prices of toasters. Jeez – i just want crispy bread with some convenience. You could easily spend $80-$120 for a toaster – it really was more than i expected. I decided to narrow it down to amazonprime and under $60. It was down to this one and two others. I just liked the look of this one and it had the features that i wanted. It came super-fast (as always) and it looks very retro. Nice, shiny chrome and good design on the knobs.

I had the previous version of this toaster. When it finally gave up the ghost, we looked at other toasters and quickly came back to the ‘tried and true’ for what we saw as the best build quality for the money. What we didn’t realize is that hamilton beach has tweaked the design of this toaster. The cord is shorter and starts in the middle of the toaster’s underside. There are cord guides to take up excess cord and to make it easier (i suppose) to have the cord come out the back, side, or front according to user preference. I don’t like cord clutter any more than the next person, but we had to move the toaster closer to the outlet so that it would reach. The other design change is more of a hassle: the crumb tray that used to pull out from the front of the toaster, now only pulls out from the rear. Emptying the crumb tray is no longer effortless – our toaster lives on a tiny counter that doesn’t have a lot of space for maneuvering it so that we can turn the toaster around (and wait for the it to cool off first, if we’ve just used it), in order to extract the crumb tray. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome 2 Slice Toaster:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Lifts slices higher with toast boost
  • Cool touch exterior
  • Auto shutoff
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Toast boost

Received this hamilton beach toaster yesterday. Last toaster was also a hamilton beach, which we had for many years and is still working, but not all the heating wires are glowing red hot, so it doesn’t toast evenly. This new one also has heating wires that aren’t lighting up red and it’s brand new. That worried me, so i tried a couple pieces of bread to see if it toasted better than our old one. The toast does look fairly evenly toasted, even though a few of the heating wires don’t light up red. I could return it, but another one would probably do the same or worse. This is made in mexico like most everything else, so i wasn’t expecting the best toaster for $19. This toaster some what (this is shiny stainless steel and no part is brushed stainless steel like it kind of looks in this picture) matches our kitchen appliances, where the other white plastic hb toaster didn’t. The old white plastic toaster didn’t get hot. This toaster does get very hot on every part of the toaster except the black plastic parts and amazon says the stainless steel doesn’t get hot on the sides. If you have young kids keep them away from this toaster when it’s hot.I think every metal toaster does get hot as it would have to be very well insulated not to get hot.

This is an awesome toaster and works exactly as it states in the description. I had no problem browning my toast to golden perfection on both sides of my toast. Be aware there are bagel slots which will toast one side and warm the other, as that’s how bagels are toasted. The biggest issue i had was the price. Toasters should not cost $35 but it seems all good toasters are running about that price these days.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Made in Mexico and their quality control isn’t very good, as I found out with this new stainless steel toaster!
  • Updated design takes 2 stars off what was once a 5 star toaster
  • Nice little toaster!

I had gotten this same toaster as a christmas gift 15 years ago and one side finally gave out. I was super sad because i loved this toaster, so i hopped on amazon to search to see if they still made them and they do. My only complaint is the crumb drawers are now on the back instead of the front. I think the front was better because it was more convenient.

T-fal TT7095002 Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster : We love this toaster!

I recently purchased this toaster after reading many reviews. I enjoy the slanted slots, the lever to lift the toasted item up and the various settings. I would recommend this toaster to anyone.

I have had this product for ~3 years. It has done quite a good job in this time, evenly heating and being reliable. The only thing i don’t like about this product is that it has relatively short slats. While they are wide enough for bagels, they are too short for even slightly long pieces of bread. Although i do enjoy the ability to hit the bread push button hard and the toast ends up on my plate. Unfortunately after these 3 years, 3 moves, and a lot of use, it has started to go down hill. I keep having to up the browning setting to get it to acceptable heating. I will probobly need to get another toaster soon unfortunately. Since i like to eat a lot of handmade breads i will probobly try to get a toaster with a longer slot.

T-fal TT7095002 Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster, Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1200-watt 2-slice toaster with high-speed heating mechanism
  • Extra-wide slots; self-adjusting guides ensure even toasting
  • 7 customized toasting levels; lighted reheat and bagel function
  • High-lift lever; cancel button; cool-touch exterior; removable crumb tray
  • Measures 9 by 13 by 12 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Looks sharp, works great best bagel toaster i ever owned. Does not heat the outside of toaster or counter which our last hamilton beech one always did.

This is a great toaster and it does everything they said it would do.

Best toaster that we have ever had.

T-fal TT7095002 Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster, Stainless Steel : Pros:toasts evenlyangled entry makes it easy to loadunloading is very easy (even with stuck toast) with eject buttonswide slots for bagels or thick toastlooks good in a modern kitchendurable – 15 months later still working like newcons:none.

We are very happy with this purchase. This toaster is a replacement for an older avante that also had the bagel feature. The toast and the bagels are not dry, yet nicely toasted. I tried another brand that advertised a bagel feature, but it toasted both sides (not a good thing). The avante deluxe toasts the inside and leaves the outside alone.

It comes from canada, where not every complication is prevented. Thus this toaster can actually burn bread. But if you set it right, it produces the most beautiful evenly toasted slices you have seen – just like downtown. If you make only one slice, hunt for your toast on the counter where the springs toss it. If you forget to set the toaster to the right time, expect to be disappointed. You will quickly learn how to feel a slice of bread the turn the dial for the right moisture content.

This toaster has some good qualities and features. The one i was looking for is not on this model. I wanted a toaster that can toast evenly on both sides with one slice of bread. The avante does no better than cheaper toasters.

I know we just received this toaster yesterday and used it the first time this morning, but i think it is going to be the best toaster we have had in years. For the past 15 or more years, we have been using toaster ovens, but decided for just the two of us now, we could get along with a toaster. Used it for our fresh homemade bread this morning and it was phenomenal. I believe one reviewer said something like: ‘the toast was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, the way toast should be. ‘ well, i am here to say, it is. Can’t wait to try the bagel button out. I highly recommend this toaster to anyone. 2/09: wanted to add this important note: we did try the bagel setting and it is the greatest thing since sliced white bread.I also love it for english muffins.

This toaster is the best machine built. It can handle a bagel to a thick slice breadmy go to gift.

Slots are not long enough for certain breads.

Absolutely love this toaster. I have a toaster oven but it takes too long for it to make toast. On this one i can put all sizes and types of bread. The best feature is the refresh button in case you forgot you had toast in there.

I bought this toaster on faith and i was dissapointed. The dial to adjust the degree of toasting is wobbly and cheap feeling. The slots for bread are wide thickness wise but not long enough to accomadate a slice of pepperidge farms double fiber bread. It toasts okay but i will give this away and continue to look for a quality toaster priced reasonably.

I never thought that i would be so estatic over a toaster, but this one is special. It toasts very fast and evenly. Even small muffins can be extracted easily.

The first one lasted 10 years. It still worked but one of the plastic levers were broken.

We bought a cheaper brand and immediately saw a difference. We returned and got this toaster again because we loved it so much.

This toaster is quite functional but is too large and really doesn’t look as retro as it does in the ad.

I bought this as a christmas gift for my father. Before this toaster he always used a knife to lift the toast out of the toaster slots to avoid burning his fingers. Of course this meant always unplugging the toaster. I bought this for him because of the angled slot design and lift lever and he is really enjoying it as he has toast for breakfast everyday.

I purchased this toaster for use in my office, so needless to say it gets a lot of use. The bagel feature is a big plus. Would definitely but the same one again.

This is the second one we bought. The only drawback is the lettering comes off after a while.

Have had one of these for 4 months now and it works great, what a novel way to design a toaster- slope the slots so they are easy to get the bread in. Ours is on the counter under the cabinets so it really works great. Well made, slots are wide enough for bagels and has a really logical-easy to use temp adjuster. The lever on the side that lifts the finished toast out is also nice to have. It’s rather big but anything other than grandmas old toaster is bigger nowdays to accept those bagels. Stainless steel is easy to clean, has a little crumb catcher in the bottom and the price was good. I’d highly recomend if you need just a two slot toaster.

Wolf Gourmet 4 Slice Toaster, This toaster is awesome. My husband loved the “keep warm” feature

Excellent product, best toaster ever.

This is an excellent toaster if you have the counter space. It allows you to choose a lower setting for the white bread since it burns faster than the dark bread. The toasting doesn’t take a long time at all (as others complained), i’m glad i didn’t believe it. This is a reputable company which delivers excellence in its products. Although it’s an expensive item, it’s made sturdy, looks good on the kitchen counter, doesn’t leave a mess due to the trays underneath. I expect to have it for many years. We toast bread daily, we are very happy with this toaster, it’s done well.

One of the best features is that it will keep your bread or bagel or muffin warm while you wait for your eggs to finish cooking.So many times i’ve had to try and mostly toast the bread and then try to finish it to time with the eggs, etc. Can’t tell you how many times i’ve over-toasted and ruined the bread, delayed the breakfast and when you’re cooking for others, that’s stressful. Lives up to the wolf brand name.

Key specs for Wolf Gourmet 4 Slice Toaster (WGTR104S) (Red):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Extra-wide bread slots fit a variety of bread types, thicknesses, and shapes. After toasting, bread is automatically raised to the ideal height for easy access
  • Self-centering bread guides – toast the thinnest to the thickest breads with confidence. Each slice is held perfectly upright and centered to ensure even browning
  • Two slide-out crumb trays
  • Keep warm setting
  • Bagel settings – toast the inside of bagels and warm the outside

Comments from buyers

“We had a very nice Cuisineart that had reached end of life, We love our new toaster, Crumb trays are awesome. One of the best features is that it “

Heavy materials make this toaster a gift to pass on through the family. Although slow, bagels are toasted to perfection.

Wolf branded but made by hamilton beach.

I love my new toaster and it goes great with my new wolf range. I love the size of the slots for bagels.

Expensive yesit’s still a toaster.

Perfect color, even toasting.

Love it and use it every day.

Handles all thickness breads well and evenly toasted my muffin once set on the properly high temperature. Looks as good as my wolf range and works as well.

Always wanted this toaster but oh the price. I had been using a british make for years and didn’t have the quality over the years. We love this professional performance.

Works well, looks great along side other wolf appliances.

Made in china but very well-made you can tell that it’s top-of-the-line frozen bread and bagel toast evenly one of the best toasters i ever had i bought the two slicer.

Many reviewers expressed dismay that this toaster, and other wolf products, are made in china, because the feeling is that chinese products are ipso facto inferior. Iphone glass is made in china, for example. The problem is not that chinese factories can’t make quality products. It’s that american and european manufacturers don’t want to spend the money for the good stuff. That’s why wolf products are worth their high prices. If you want to buy a chinese-made toaster for a fraction of the price, expect to get a fraction of the quality. That’s on the manufacturer, not on the chinese.

This toaster exceeded my expectations. I had been searching for a toaster that had features i wanted and also one from a company i trusted to build a quality product. When i saw this toaster i knew i had found what i had been seeking. Having a wolf range and a sub zero refrigerator i was familiar with the quality of products from the manufactuer.

I am very happy with this toaster. It does an excellent job of toasting evenly and even has a warming setting. It’s attractive and very sturdy.

This toaster stands head and shoulders above all that i have used. We had a very nice cuisineart that had reached end of life. When i did my research for a replacement, the wolf 4-slice stood out. I was concerned about the price (it is expensive) but the performance and features are well worth the price. The warm function is a great addition and the toaster’s ability to toast frozen bagels all the way through is much better than any other unit i have used. I hightly recommend this toaster to you.

It looks fabulous in our kitchen with the wolf cook top. It toasts any type of bread perfectly and quickly and is great at keeping it warm until ready to use. We read some reviews that we totally would disagree with now that we own our own wolf toaster. One was that the wide slots (that are wonderful for bagels, thick sliced bread, etc. ) did not hold thin bread well (that the bread fell through somehow). We toast very thin diet bread with no difficulties frequently. Another customer felt that the cord and plug in was big and bulky and they needed an extension cord. This toaster has a normal plug and cord-nothing out of the ordinary. This toaster is beautiful, worth every penny, and makes the kitchen experience easier.

My husband loved the ‘keep warm’ feature. The first time i ordered the toaster it came damaged. Amazon was quick to resolve the issue. Now that we have a new one that is not damaged we are happy. The only reason i gave it 4 stars was due to the price.

Given the $400 price tag, i expected this toaster to do everything except butter my toast. Instead it doesn’t toast evenly across the slice and when i tried the warm function – it burned the crap out of the slice. I love a good piece of toast and had high expectations of this unit. Frankly i am disappointed given the price.

We remodeled our kitchen with wolf stove, double oven, sub zero fridge. When we needed a toaster i read many reviews of toasters. I was hoping, like other wolf products the toaster was made in the usa but alas, it’s not, right on the bottom it says jade in china. We have been using the toaster for only a week and so far really like it. Time will tell if it us worth the money. We really like the look and so far performance.

T-fal Avante Icon 2-Slice Toaster : the quality of the toaster was good, but sometime it doesn’t toast as well as

My family is all about food and design. We all agree: this toaster is the very best. Provides easy access to the toasted bread since the toaster is angled and easily accessible, even when located on a counter under a kitchen cabinet (as is often the case in modern kitchens. )function: flawless — speedy heating, accurate controls, pops finished toast up well above the frame so you can easily access without danger of burning yourself.

Awesome toaster, have used for over a year. The bottom tray is easy to pull out and clean. The stainless steel looks great too but can be hard to keep clean, lol. Only issue i had so far is the nob that you push down to turn on the toaster came off the lever.

It does toast quickly which is awesome. You can put a single piece of toast in either side. I use it exclusively to toast gluten free bread. My only complaint is that the middle of the bread does not toast as nicely as the outer edges. However, that could be the nature of the g/f bread. When i broil g/f bread in the oven the edges burn and the middle stays pale. This t-fal high speed toaster is a far better alternative to broiling and much faster. I have the same toaster in the 4 slice style for regular bread which is what prompted me to buy this one for gluten free toast.

Tonight the plastic lever broke. Thinking about replacing it with a new 1.

  • the quality of the toaster was good, but sometime it doesn’t toast as well as
  • Not quite as good as old toaster
  • Works Great! And its 1200-watts!

T-fal Avante Icon 2-Slice Toaster (Brushed Stainless Steel body)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Full brushed stainless steel body toaster
  • 900 watts, high speed toaster
  • 6 browning levels, bagel, reheat, stop
  • High lift lever, Crumb tray
  • 1 year limited warranty

It came very quickly and i was pleasantly surprised that it is so nice looking. I like the speed and general overall toast quality of this t-fal 2-slice high speed toaster. The toast was evenly toasted on both sides. All-in-all i’m very happy.

For the price, i did some research. In the end with many options in the $40-$60 range i liked the look of this one best. Its speed was definitely impressive. And you will quickly find the range of doneness you preferonly downside is there is no “defrost” button. I didn’t even notice this when i was comparing, or overlooked it. But i used to use this feature on my previous toaster to toast frozen store bought waffles. Since there is no defrost button, i have to toast it 1-1/2 times to get it just right. Very sleek toaster, looks great.

So far so good it is wonderful brand love it.

This toaster looks and works as advertised. Very sturdy brushed stainless steel with easy to understand controls. I especially like the “bagel” button that you push so that the cut side “toasts” while the outer side just warms nicely. Someone else noted in their review that it launches the toast when popping up. We have not experienced this noting that their are internal metal brackets that lightly cradel the toast as it is pulled down inside, then gently releses the toast as it pops up.

It toasts bread nicely, looks nice, and is light (i store it in cabinent) but it flings the toast/english muffins out so far they often land on the floor. Even when i turn it lengthwise to the wall, they fly out onto the floor.

Due to the sloped top, which the t-fal customer service person told me would not be a problem, only a portion of a slice of bread goes into the toaster; toast one side and then the other. I wouldn’t buy this item again.

Generally, it toasts well, but there is a tendency for the toast to come out lighter on the outside sides and darker on the interior sides. It does sometimes propel the toast across the counter when it pops. It looks great among my other stainless appliances and it’s shape is unique.

I thought i was ordering the digital one kinda bummed.

This toaster looks sleek and modern, but it doesn’t toast all that great. If you put it on a 4 setting, it pops up in 20 seconds and isn’t toasted. You have to max it on 8 and then watch it doesn’t burn. Also doesn’t toast evenly on both sides.

This is my second t-fal toaster both the same kind, i like it very much :-).

This toaster looked great on paper, but in practice it tended to toast very unevenly. The outside of the case also got very hot during toasting. It was hot enough that i’d worry about small children touching it during the toasting cycle. We ended up returning this toaster.

This toaster does an excellent job of toasting if you use the correct setting. The ‘stop’ pop up feature allows you to toast a bit longer and stop whenever you like. The style and look is excellent and the extra wide slots are perfect for larger foods like bagels and thick sliced bread. Also, the price is excellent and i would recommend this to anyone.

We have had it 6-years and it has gotten regular use. I am talking like, used more than one thousand times now. I am only docking one star because it doesn’t hold crumbs well; even with regular emptying of the tray, crumbs do seep out somehow and get on the counter. I wish i could deduct just have a star for this though as this toaster really is pretty dang amazing. It’s also a nice compact size and fits perfect in a smaller kitchen.

She had this model of toaster for many years and when it died after many years of use. She would not settle for another brand or style.

I purchased this toaster after much shopping around. The stainless is not lightweight, it has a nice feel and looks great on my new countertop. Stainless with a little black accent. Not to mention it makes great toast. I turn it up between 5 & 6 to get the results i want. Toasted a bagel the other day and turned out just great. I would definitely recommend this toaster.

The quality of the toaster was good , but sometime it doesn’t toast as well as it should for the quality i expected out of t-fal toaster, the first t-fal toaster i got , i had for over 10 years, no problem. At times it didn’t toast as well as it should an even times not at all, but most of the time it does toast good an even , but i have to say i am disapointed. Its well made an nice to look at.

Toasters come in all sort of prices and a lot just never seem to do what you want. It looks stylish and good and isn’t hard to keep clean. A little experimenting and i found the perfect setting.

Waring WT200 Professional 2-Slice Toaster : toasterGood

The toaster suddenly was heating only the inside coils, after amazon’s 30 day return policy was past. I contacted waring customer service on their website, explained the issue, and was told the toaster would be replaced. They sent ups to pick it up, no charge, and then sent out a new toaster. There was a week of lag time but we had a toaster in the camper, used that, and the replacement works as it should. I wanted to post this because i saw that waring customer service had gotten some bad reviews and they replaced our toaster no questions asked and as quickly as could be expected.

When it comes to things like toasters i have never paid over $20 for one but after the last one i bought my husband said no more cheap toasters. Lol so after some research & review reading we picked this one. Also the price was way better than other sites and i got it the next day:) thanks amazon prime. This toaster is a dream it toast everything perfect from frozen waffles to our homemade bread it does a great job. Definitely a quality item but make sure you have lots of counter space as it is large. The 4 slices at a time makes it perfect for our family of 6 and we love it.

We had another toaster for years (yes a cheap one) and we complained about how slow it toasted with inconsistent results. My wife heard me complaining one day and ordered a 75 toaster online. Same day i went and ordered this waring. I had used a 4 slice waring when on vacation last year and remembered how fast it was. I also see these in the buffet style restaurants a lot (where they have continental breakfasts free). We received both toasters and tried them out side by side. This less expensive waring won hands down. Have had it for some time now and it is just fantastic. Only complaint is that it doesn’t have a cancel button – have to turn the knob off to cancel. And the dial doesn’t have markers for medium, etc.

There were a lot of toasters i was considering but this one was reasonable for being stainless steel. Cleaning the unit is easy, except stainless steel doesnt clean well to begin with. I like how everyone is complaining about a toaster when they all do the same. Even hundred dollar toasters do the same and can mess up too. It works, thats all that matters. I like the bagel mode and defrost. The turning of the dial to pop your toast early is something to get use to but is not what people are describing it as.

  • A very good and reliable toaster
  • Simply a great toaster! (while it lasted)
  • Evenly toasted bread, bagels and frozen waffles!

Waring WT200 Professional 2-Slice Toaster, Brushed Stainless Steel

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    by entering your model number.
  • Adjustable shade control and cancel function
  • Defrost and Bagel LED indicator lights
  • Commercial-style brushed stainless steel housing
  • Self centering 1.3 inch wide toasting slots with removable crumb tray
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

When our ancient but good toaster finally died i was tasked to search for a new one. This four slot toaster seemed like the perfect choice based on reviewsat the time(dec 2011). My wife has a borderline hate affair with this toaster. Looks pretty nice on counter. Cons:it toasts unevenly and inconsistently. However i find it acceptable since i’m not a”each piece of toast must be exactly the same” kind of guy. One day my english muffin at the (approximately) 4 o’clock settingwill come out a pleasing light brown and the next it looks barelytoasted at all. All of the tick marks are exactly the same in size. Since there are no numbers or other differentiating indicators on thedials it is difficult to pick the same setting as the day before. Picture a watch that had nothing but secondindicators all the way around the dial. The crumb trays are extremely short and shallow. I usually start out using them but always wind up just flipping itupside down which works much better. The shortcomings aren’t bad enough for me to return it howeverif i had to do it all over again i would avoid this product.

After a miserable experience with a recommended oster – where half the elements burned out after just a dozen or so uses – took a chance on this, and – – so far – – i’m very happy with the purchase. Heavy-duty construction (warning – it’s not light and it’s not small) and it has very even toasting results. Only drawback is that the setting knob does not have printed settings – you just have to remember where you like the pointer. That might seem to be a big flaw, except that the rest of the unit is far superior to the workmanship on other mid-priced toasters.

I read many of the other reviews before i bought it and now that i have used the toaster for six months, i don’t agree with most of the cons. The toaster is bigger than my previous five fancy styes that didn’t work well over the long haul even being pricy. A couple of the reviews aren’t even talking about this two-slice toaster but about the bigger four-slice toaster. It does get hot because it toasts well. Don’t be touching the sides of the toaster. It does not look as nice as my earlier fancy toasters. You do have to cancel by turning the dial back, and who really cares. My earlier models with great cancel buttons didn’t work reliably. Using the dial works just fine. We rarely have the dial in the same place anyway since we use different breads and muffins.

We have owned the toaster since december 2011. I have found it to be very reliable, with nary an issue. Based on the some of the negatived reviews i was initially reluctant to order, buti ordered because i always toast a morning bagel before work and this toaster had both a “wide mouth” and bagel specific setting. We have been very pleased with the toaster, it works well with bagels, toast, and is easy to clean. Additionally, the metal casing is high quality and retains its “new” look after years of use. Yes, it had a larger footprint (see picture) but it does four slices and isa solid toaster and not the flimsy variety that one typically finds. The toaster setting must be set before using and failing to do that will cause the user to think the toaster is broken. This “step” has its benefits but i can understand why this causes some owners complain that there toaster is inoperable. Should the time come to replace this toaster, i will happily purchase an identical model. It is as reliable as a honda.

I’ve owned this toaster for a little over 2 years now. It’s terrific, still working just as good as the day i opened it. Toast bread, bagels, whatever, it can handle it. What else does a toaster need to do?the styling of this toaster fits with the other stainless steel objects in my kitchen, and i can’t ask for anything more out of it. Update 8/25/2016toaster still toasts toast. Hasn’t started burning anything, haven’t had an issue. Overall still very happy with my toaster.

The push slider would not keep the bread down it kept popping up on me. Could of been a fluke so i can’t say do not purchase this. But amazon took care of this situation with no delays. Immediately after they revived the toaster back.

I bought this toaster because i wanted something decent and i’ve been very pleased. I have no issues with bagels, pop tarts, frozen waffles or plain toast. I like the buttons for “bagel” or “frozen”, which tailor toasting to those types of breads. The thing i really like about this toaster is that when the toast is done, if you can’t reach the toast (too short to pop up) you just pull up on the lever about half and inch and you can reach your item without burning your fingers. It is simple and works great. I think i’ve had this for a year and still like it, i would buy another if i had to.

We’ve had this toaster for about 6 months now and are pleased with it. The construction is of high quality and the knobs and switches seem to be equally well made. About the only bad thing i can say about it is that it seems to toast a bit slowly. . Moreso than our old toaster did, that’s for sure. The positive aspect of that, however, is that this toaster gives by far the most even and accurate toasting of any device i’ve ever worked with. I’m in commercial foodservice and i’ve seen $1000 toasters that didn’t heat as evenly as this oneoverall, i’d rate it highly.

This product is very good for the most part. One aggrevating part is not the width of the toaster’s opennings, but rather the length of the openings. My wife and i like to eat ‘beefsteak’s hearty rye bread’. But unfortunately, most of the slices from the packege are too long to fit into the slots. This makes us rotate the slices in order to get them to fit into the toaster’s slots. But the bread slices stick up above the top of the toaster, which in turn does not allow this part of the bread to toast. If the slots were just a little bit longer, the slices would fit in all the way and would toast evenly. In all fairness though, i feel that the bakers of the bread should have thought about this. I sort of blame them for the problem. Why they couldn’t bake the bread to a ‘normal’ width as other breads have is beyond me.

We needed to replace a two-slice that had gone to toaster heaven. My husband did not want to look at 4-slice toasters because he thought they would take up too much room on our very small counter, but i thought the upgrade was worth losing a few more square inches of space. I did my online research and decided on the waring pro because of its solid ratings and features, but also because i have been happy with other waring kitchen appliances. I looked around locally, but no one could compete with the price i found through amazon. We eat a lot of odd bread – big & wide slices, thick home made, bagels, round loaves, and so on. The slots handle all of them without issue. Even the small end pieces aren’t a problem with the high lift feature on the handles. As far as counter space goes, this is a surprisingly compact unit for a 4-slice toaster, and the slightly larger footprint has become a non-issue. One small downside, and it’s not a big one. This toaster does seem to require preheating at times. Pop in two slices cold, and you might not get the right brownness, so you need to set it a little darker than you expect. But if you’re doing multiple slices, which we often do for family breakfasts or before school, it’s fast and accurate. [still going strong in june 2013].

It toasts well and the defrost button makes it useful for bread straight out of the freezer. In order to pop up toast before it is done, you have to turn the darkness adjustment knob past the start point. You also have to have the adjustment at a toast level. If you leave it at the counterclockwise end, the bread will not go down. This all seems obvious now but we did puzzle a bit about all this before getting around to reading the manual.

I bought this as a replacement to another warning wt400 toaster that i purchased only 3 months prior. All of the heating elements quit working after about a month an 1/2. I checked with the manufacturer to get it serviced, but the nearest service center is over 90 miles away. The price of shipping is more than a new toaster, so i bought a new one. I’ve been using it for 2 months now and so far so good. I’ll post an update is this one fails too.

I’ve had this toaster for about 4 a long time now. Immediately after two 1/2 several years the appropriate aspect stopped functioning. Then final winter it started doing work all over again. Remember to thoroughly clean out the crumb trays men and women.Depending on the variety of bread you use they can fill up genuinely rapidly.

This toaster arrives shut to what i needed, not excellent, but near. The slots in accordance to purchaser support are one. Deep, and i confirm these proportions as exact. It attracts 1800 watts of electricity, which is tops in it truly is class, and it would make toast quick. I uncovered that my unit toasts evenly on both equally sides and will tackle bagels and it also has a defrost operate. My most significant grievance is that the darkness manage has to be turned comprehensive counter clockwise to cancel the toasting operation. This is a little bit monotonous as the regulate then has to be reset for the upcoming batch of toast. The unit as packed by amazon was satisfactory, nonetheless, the maker needs to get the job done on its packaging. This item has a pretty slender stainless body and it demands a sort fitting foam jacket to secure it adequately. My 1st device arrived destroyed, which amazon soon set correct.

Really awesome toaster, it is s/s inside and out, and adequate energy to toast with simplicity. This is a ‘light duty’ professional product so it is a minimal larger sized than some other extra property oriented designs, but it performs terrific in my kitchen area and matches my other s/s appliances. A couple men and women have experienced complications with the sticker that is on the entrance (element of the marketing/details). I did have a minor trouble eradicating it, it can be a small stickie and the moment you take out it the s/s seems darker beneath. This is most most likely owing to residue and shines correct up with a tiny stainless steel cleaner. If you are purchasing any stainless appliances go forward and go to the retail store and select up some stainless steel cleaner – you are likely to need it at some issue. That currently being reported it is a small odd to have to polish it appropriate out of the box, i think they really should just not implement the sticker to the device. Overall this is a daring, wonderful machine if you have a massive more than enough kitchen to put it in, and it seems sturdy ample for yrs of house services.

Owning investigated (and procured) a bunch of toasters, the waring seemed excellent for the value. It is very hefty obligation, but it is also the tallest toaster i have ever experienced. The slots are tremendous extensive, which is fantastic for handmade bread and bagels, but poptarts really fall off the rack and get caught. A different massive difficulty is that you cannot elevate the rack devoid of turning the toasting level knob to zero. An additional step i don’t want when my toast is burning. This toaster is fast, but does not constantly seem to be to toast evenly on both equally sides.

We purchased the waring professional wt400 four slice toaster to substitute a toaster oven absent terrible. Out of the box it looked fantastic but the entrance sticker remaining a rectangular darkish place that will not arrive off. The configurations are interesting to get dark toast [on our individual toaster we cannot set it too far past light or it will burn. Also, to stop toasting process you must turn darkness knob to cancel, it is like a safety feature you cannot lift the push down levers to pop the toast. It does not have an indicator light for the regular toast setting but it does have a light when defrosting and for bagels. The defrost is a nice feature. It has all the functions needed to make toast and it does it well. So overall it is a good toaster for the price. ]

Bought this toaster to swap a cuisineart model that eventually just died immediately after supplying us many years of awful toasting. As with virtually all modern-day toasters, this a single is slower than what i might like or don’t forget from many years ago (no, i is not going to say how very long). However, it does it is occupation and delivers pretty evenly browned toast. The ‘bagel’ attribute is awesome, and i have utilised it to toast hamburger and very hot-puppy buns it also does a awesome work on sliced croissants used for sandwiches. I have seen some complaints about possessing to transform the dial all the way to the still left to pop a little something up to examine it, then losing your location. Which is fairly trivial, as the effortless way close to the issue is to just transform the dial back to exactly where it was instantly soon after you pop the toast up. And there is certainly another way, if you feel you have to have a location that is under no circumstances adjusted by even the smallest amount of money. Just unplug the toaster, and it will pop up without the dial remaining moved. This is a wonderful toaster for a acceptable selling price, and i’m expecting to get decades and several years of provider out of it. ========================== update: june, 2014 ====================the magnetic hold-down latch is now failing.