Black & Decker – Slice Toaster Oven – Toaster oven

Nice size not to small or not to big, don’t need to use my big oven, great for 1 or 2 people.

Like the size and the looks. Don’t like the fact that the wire shelf does not pull out when you open the door and have burned myself a couple of times. Guess i’ll have to get use to this. Also, the toaster range is skewed. Keeps burning my toast regardless of where i set it. Replaced an old old procter silex which finally bit the dust.

It’s like trial and error til you get it right great oven.

I purchased this product as i was looking for a white toaster oven/broiler. I like the looks of the product and it fits very well on my counter. The only issue is the toaster–you have to be careful about setting the timer for the toast. If you do not watch it, the toast may burn. My previously b&d toaster oven you just had to push the button down to toast. You did not have to set a time. However i am enjoying the product and i would recommend it.

It does a good job toasting and baking. My only complaint is the lack of resolution on the timer for setting the toaster time. The difference between the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ designation is only 3/8′ along the dial. After more than a month of use i still can’t rely that my setting will not either leave the toast un-toasted or burnt. I need to visually monitor the process.

Replaced an old b&d that was much smaller that i had for about 15 years. The size is perfect and for $39 you just cannot go wrong. Even my wife said i did something right for a change.

  • Black & Decker Toaster Oven Lives up to its name
  • Not badbut
  • Our second purchase of this model

No light makes it hard to see food cooking. There are too many settings to switch between baking and toasting. Wish it was a simpler design.

If, when this product was sent to my niece for a wedding present, the message i wrote had been included, i might know how this oven works. I just found out yesterday, after months since it was sent, that she had no idea who it was from. I do wish that for gifts, they were more careful to insert the messages.

I am really satisfied with my toaster oven…. Beats having to heat up the kitchen to heat a piece of pizza….

We ordered this to replace our previous toaster oven that died after 12 years. Really like the three dial system. You can set the time and temperature while keeping the type of cooking separate. Everything prepared in this toaster oven has come out perfectly. The only thing i don’t like is when you are fixing something that only requires 5 or 6 minutes to cook and you have to turn the dial past the 20 minute mark then move it back. That seems to put a strain on the dial. Wish i could just set the time and not worry about that. Well worth the money paid for it. Got the while finish, really could care less what color it is, as long as it works correctly.

This toaster oven fulfills my need for toast and baking small things like biscuits, but i have a few issues with it. This toaster has a bizarre setting for toast. The third dial at the bottom is where you set the timer for how long your bread will toast. There is a very small margin for where you will decide how dark you want your toast and can burn it easily if your not careful. I also have to flip my toast over and set it again if i want the other side to get brown, otherwise one side will burn and the other comes out about right(which also depends on which height your rack is set). You can also set the timer longer and flip it halfway through at the risk of burning yourself. I remove the silver tray for best toasting. You can cook chicken in this oven but if you do not empty the grease out every so often, the grease that splatters onto the oven will catch on fire. I still have’t been able to clean off the grease stain left behind from this flare up. I won’t be cooking chicken in it again but maybe just to heat up some leftovers at best.

Features of Black & Decker – Slice Toaster Oven, White

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  • Convection oven
  • Fits up to 6-slices or a 9-inch pizza
  • Maximum bake temperature 450-degree f
  • 60-Minute Timer
  • Dual-position rack slots

From the manufacturer

Black and Decker Toaster Oven, TO1675W

Get Toasting!

Large enough for a 9′ pizza, this Black & Decker Toaster Oven (model TO1675W) is a great addition to any kitchen. Convection technology allows for fast, even cooking at up to 450 degrees across dual racks. Even better, its modest size (18.8 x 11.5 x 13.8 inches) allows it to fit in tight spaces.

Convection Baking
Convection Technology

Convection technology means the airflow moving throughout the oven cooks food evenly. The crust of a pizza will be just as crispy as the cheese is golden!

60 Minute Cook Time
60 Minutes of Cook Time

The built-in timer allows you to cook up to 60 minutes. With 60 minutes of cook time you can use this oven to bake cakes, casseroles, or keep parts of your meal warm while preparing the rest.

Cooking Temperature up to 450 Degrees
Cooking Power

The temperature in this model reaches up to 450 degrees. This opens up the possibilities of what you can make — from your basic pizza, to casseroles, to cakes and pies.

Dual Rack Position
Top and Bottom Rack Position

A rack inside the toaster oven slides in and out fully with two position options for cooking. Choose the position, higher or lower, based on what you’re cooking.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I love this toaster oven because it is compact, white, convection, and very sturdy. When my last one broke after 2 years of heavy use, i ordered the same one as a replacement.

Wonderful little toaster oven.

This works just a good as my regular oven for baking. Have to be careful with the toasting. No need to go beyond the lighter feature great for reheating leftover pizza.

I use this a lot for making casseroles that are made for one or two and avoid the big oven when i can.

The timer switch operation could be better. It’s a bit hard to turn and i would prefer the maximum time to be 30 rather than 60 minutes so that one could more accurately set the time as the markings would be spaced farther apart. Other than that, everything works well. I do wish the appliance were smaller, more the size of the black and decker toaster oven that it replaced.

Received on time and looks perfect for me.

Convection oven

Love this little black & decker toaster oven. It was a replacement for an oven that we just worn out.

I took a lot of time to research other toaster ovens before i purchased this one. So far we have baked turkey breast, cookies, chicken nuggets, made toasted cheese sandwiches and pizza in it all with great success. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this product. Thank you to everyone else that has previously reviewed this product. It helped me make my decision and i was not disappointed with it.

So far i have not haven’t had any problems with it.

My old one was burning the toast on one side so decided it was time for a new one. This one is the correct size for my kitchen, is very well built and is user friendly. I have ordered several black and decker products and have been pleased with each and every one. I had shopped in the stores and found none to be of my liking, for they were either the wrong color or the wrong size to sit on top of my counter top. I am very pleased with this purchase.

I like this small toast oven with the easy turntable controls, not like a newer model previously bought from b&d with three round trapezoidal twists that make turning also impossible. The designer should be shot.

This is the third black and decker unit i have purchased over the past ten years. I like the three controls and the size. I can bake 5 potatoes with no problem. I have made biscuits as well in this oven.

Fits up to 6-slices or a 9-inch pizza

The toasting is the weak point,it is real finicky to get toast that does not burn,but for the price it is worth it.

Hard to find toaster ovens at this size in white. Have cooked frozen pizza, lasagna, and have re-heated many other things in it and it works greatthe only complaint is that it is tough to find a good toast setting. The increments from light to dark are close together and it is hard to ‘fine tune’ the dial to get a good setting. Not a big deal, just need to monitor the toast to make sure it doesn’t burn.

I really shopped around before making this purchase and it paid off. I love all the features of my new toaster oven and it’s pretty too. It’s just the right size for counter top. As an oven, it cooks evenly and you can use the top as a plate warmer. And it shuts itself off automatically so you can’t accidentally leave it on longer than you want to. The price was fair too compared to other very pricey toaster ovens.

I am happy with this product at this price. However, the cord is very short, and it gets hot enough on top that it actually melted the bottom of my toaster. It is quiet and lightweight.

This oven is a great purchase. After 4 years of heavy use one of the heating elements burned out of our previous oven and i did not hesitate to buy another. It’s not fancy, but it does what it’s supposed to do and it’s not so large that it takes up an entire counter. It is easy to clean and yes, the top of the cabinet does get hot so don’t put a box of chocolates up there. You aren’t going to replace the oven in your stove with this but it does the job is was made to do. One negative observation: the broiler pan in the first oven was larger and of much heavier construction than the new one. Why do manufactures of just about everything go cheap on something like that?. They probably saved a few cents on each unit. Otherwise it is just as good as the first one.

Great to cook small foods and to keep them warm.

I do like this but i don’t like the fact that for toasting you have to set it past 20 minutes and then go back to your setting you want. I would have gave it 5 stars if it wasn’t for that.

Maximum bake temperature 450-degree f

I was looking for a small, inexpensive oven that can fit on the counter. This b&d toaster oven meets the above criteria. It has been 3 months since my purchase and i baked fish, yam, heated up bread without any issue. I haven’t used it as a toaster yet so can’t comment on that function. All in all, it is a practical compact size oven that serves the purpose.

Plenty of power and does a great job with uniform heat. Spacious interior to cook larger stuff. I cook two cornish hens at the same time with ease.

We had a white black & decker toaster oven for years that we loved, however, it came to the end of its life. Finding a new white toaster oven isn’t easy. Thought we’d give this one a try despite some of the ratings we read. Really like the size & look of this toaster oven, but it don’t like the features as much. Biggest negative is the toasting feature, which we use often. There is no setting for light/dark as our last one had. Also, we’ve only baked once or twice, and that didn’t seem to work so well either.

I live alone and using the big oven just didn’t make sense. My son and daughter-in-law just bought one and really liked it. So here i am enjoying the oven and toaster and not feel like i am using to much elec. The toaster works great on english muffins and bagels. Have used it to cook wings and made foil dinners several. Can cook two nice size ones at a time.

I really like this toaster oven for its versatility. There is even a convection setting which most ovens of this price do not have. There is only one thing i don’t like about it which is that the buttons are quite hard to turn. The raised part going across the middle of each button starts out fine, but quickly tapers to almost nothing so it’s very hard to push with your thumb.

I bought this for my 88-year-old mom. She has not had a toaster oven before. It works well, and she didn’t have any trouble learning how to work it.

60-Minute Timer

Just perfect if you don’t want to heat up your big oven – or your house. Capable of cooking most items you would use an oven for.

Hamilton Beach Toaster 2 Sl Toastation : Great size

Bought for the office, great product two in one appliances.

Its a little small but its toast your bread fast, however you must stick around because when the bread pops up it actually fly up high in the air so you have to catch it otherwise it may land where you don’t want it to.

The unit looks good on the counter. That was concern #1 of the wife. It toasts fairly well, however it takes a setting of nearly 5 on the 1-6 scale to get a decent toasting for sourdough bread. Haven’t tried wheat or white yet. Wife and son baked some refrigerator cookies on the oven tray which they said turned out fine. One issue is that the oven does not shut off when it reaches the temp set on the thermostat. Since there’s no timer, baking anything entails constant observation, with an external timer set, to monitor progress. The oven pan is very difficult to persuade to sit level; i don’t know if that’s a flaw or just operator error. The oven does heat and bake very quickly; i suppose that’s a point in its favor. My three star rating reflects a downgrade for the thermostat, the baking pan, and for the high toast setting needed.

I really love the size of this, great toaster but the oven is really limited. I expected it to be small but the heat element is above tray and burns most items quickly.

  • Toastation 2 Slice Toaster and Oven
  • Toastation 2 Slice Toaster and Oven in Black is, GREAT!
  • I had this toaster oven before and I loved it. However

Toaster 2 Sl Toastation

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Save on counter space with this two-in-one appliance.
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 8 inches ; 8.7 pounds
  • The unit functions as both a traditional toaster and as a toaster oven
  • As a toaster, it provides a 1-1/2-inch-wide toasting slot that can fit up to two slices of bread
  • two frozen waffles, or two halves of a bagel or English muffin.

I sent this to my husband who lives in an apartment andwanted a toaster. This seemed to add to the idea ofjust having a toaster. He called me and told me it workswell.

I have a small kitchen with little counter space. This works great as both a toaster and toaster oven. I love it and am very gladi purchased it. Also arrived in a timely manner.

I have always missed toast from a toaster. It is wonderful to have the convenience of a toaster oven and toast that cooks perfectly. The oven arrived in great condition and in a timely manner.

Unlike a typical toaster-oven, this one is primarily a toaster and an oven of thin food. I really like that it toasts far quicker than all other [many] toaster-ovens i had, it is hard to tell from the photo, but the oven cavity is narrow and shallow. It barely holds one pizza slice. In fact pizza crust is often too high and can get burnt. Yep, the heating element is that close. The top cover slides open for toasting, and it closes for oven use. It works very well as long as the size is understood. The only shortcoming for my need is that it has no timer to shut-off the oven.

A timer would be nice but i have a timer on my stove so i just use it. Small for my very small kitchen. I’ve reheated pizza and it did a great job.

Great toaster and toaster oven- i love it’s compact size and it looks great. It is perfect for eggos and toast, as well as heating up leftover pizza and chicken nuggets for the kids. User friendly so it’s easy for my 9 year old to use.

If you enjoy your morning bagels this is a must. I’ve had many but this one looks like it is built to last.

I originally bought this back in 2006 to use at the office because we wanted to toast english muffins and bagels. The old toaster at the office really sucked. This was perfect and i used it until 2009 where i left the job and took it back with me. It then sat in my closet for 2 years. Finally bought my own place and this unit is still working like a charm. The only thing that i don’t like is the fact that i feel like i am out growing the small size. Works great but i want something bigger now. If only they made a toastaion 4 slice or something. I’ve never had any thing turn out bad with this device. I normally melt the cheese for my sandwhich, muffins, bagels, toast bread, reheat pizza, and some fries and chicken nuggets and that is about it.

Prompt shipping, great product.

This combo toaster oven and conventional toaster is great. I had one like this on loan for a while. Since it went back to the owner, i will have to get one for myself soon.

Far better for toasting than a conventional toaster oven. Compact size and quick heat up time are definate advantages.

I love that i only have to have one appliance on my counter that works like two. I would have loved having the double toaster portion, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

We rented a house for a vacation and this was the toaster they had. It is wide enough for large slices of bread or bagels. The toaster oven is also quite big to warm up food for one. We don’t use micro wave ovens as they are detrimental to your health so this is perfect to warm up a portion.

Toaster oven works well but toaster function is not great. Some toast has even fallen down in the toaster and it toasts unevenly.

The best toaster oven i’ve had; and i’ve gone through several. My only complaint about this one is that a tall slice of bread sticks out the top. So when i have a too-tall slice, i cut it in half and insert the halves side-by-side.

It’s a good product because this product have toaster and oven together. However, the disadvantage of this product is there is no timer. You have to get another timer if baking something.

Nice construction, works well.

I mainly got this to heat and reheat my girls food. Rather then using the microwave. Its small and compact but fits in most food that i need to heat. The only down fall is yes i would love some more height and a timer. But i use my oven timer so its ok.

Black & Decker TMB3 Under Cabinet Heat Guard : a moment of silence please

It’s great to have toaster oven off the counter.

Wev’e had this installed for years with no issues what so ever. Easy to install with no problems.

I already had a black & decker toaster oven but not the equipment to hang it under my cabinet. I have little counter space so this heat guard was just what i needed. It arrived promptly and fit perfectly.

This product works exactly the way we wanted. We’ve had no problems at all with heat on our wood cabinets and the toaster oven has stayed secure in it’s holder. The only thing that i’m not crazy about is the appearance ove the product. It’s kind of clunky looking. The model that works the with new b&d toaster ovens is much more attractive.

  • It’s great to have toaster oven off the counter
  • Great Fit
  • Cabnit heat guard

Black & Decker TMB3 Under Cabinet Heat Guard, for use with Toast-R-Oven

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Mounts under the cabinet; provides full hood to protect cabinets
  • Adjustable mounting bracket fits many different cabinet styles
  • Installs quickly and easily, all hardware and instructions included
  • Medium gray color coordinates with Black & Decker models TRO200-TRO600
  • Measures 4-1/4 by 16 by 10-3/4 inches

This is a must have to keep your toaster oven off the counters. I just ordered a new black & decker toaster oven, and it is white. This mount is black, so i bought high temperature spray paint and painted it white. It now matches all my kitchen appliances and the new toaster oven. One draw back of this item is that if you have a heavy coat of laquer on your cabinets, the heat that is given off from this hood can soften the coat of laquer,.

Wish a bought another one before they stopped making this one. Used one for years and years and finally the upper element burned out. I hoped it would go on forever.

I didn’t really have any choice if i wanted to free up very valuable counter space – this is the only toaster over with the hood, there are no other models, and it does the job fine. The toaster oven itself isn’t that great, but, like i said, unless i want it to sit on the counter, i don’t have a choice. Holds the toaster oven just fine, and doesn’t heat up the cabinet it’s attached to.

Four screws into the bottom of your cabinets, and then slide the toaster in. The included template blows like they usually do though. Throw the instructions away. Just drill 4 holes in the right spot after a trial fit by hand.

The rack supports the toaster oven under the cabinet, freeing up counterspace for other uses. It is easy to slide the toaster out for cleaning, if necessary. Serves exactly the purpose intended.

Bought this 4 years ago to get the toaster oven off the counter. Still working great and adds space to counter use.

After literally 11 years of everyday use my b&d under counter toaster r oven has died this morning. This toaster oven is the hardest working appliance in our home, and it’s lived a good but hard life. This toaster took years of abuse, slammed oven door, toast on/off switch subjected to excessive force, and the poor light/medium/dark dial (can you say too much torque)?. Just minutes after this great toasters demise, i am looking to purchase a similar model.

I’ve had my toaster oven mounted under my cabinet for about 10 yrs now. I take it with me each time i move because i like it so much. To have it up off of the countertop makes a huge difference in space. But you’re really limited to the selection of toaster ovens.

Cuisinart TOB-100BW Compact Digital Toaster Oven Broiler, Perfect oven for us!!

I’ve been using my new cuisinart for about a month and have come across no problems. This little toaster oven replaced both my old black and decker toaster oven and my toaster. The old b&d oven was bulky and did not have a timer so had to be watched carefully. It also had a (probably) safety feature that turned the oven off every time the door was opened. I found that to be a nuisance since i had to turn it back on each time i checked whatever was cooking. This new little cuisinart allows me to check without turning off the heat and also i really like having the timer so i usually don’t even have to open the door until the food is ready. As to the other comments about condensation on the door when toasting, it does sometimes do that. I ignore it as it causes no problems and it doesn’t bother me. I like the easy to clean pull-out tray. It takes much less space than the two old appliances it replaced.

I ordered this toaster oven as a replacement. The description on the size was not at all what the actual inside measurements of the oven were. The outside dimensions were not even what was described. There was nothing at all wrong with the oven except size and it was obvious the moment i unpacked it. It was returned and i received a refund. I had no problems with the company or product other than the small size.

I got it for $60 when it was on sale in amazon. For $60, i can give it 4 stars. Next time, i will probably get non-digital version. Two heating rods on top, and two on bottom. Bad: for the exterior size, the interior size is not efficient. It can only have one tray (instead of two trays – one on top and another on bottom). The auto-pop-out tray and auto-shut-down door have too strong spring that the banging sound is too laud. The beep sound is somewhat annoying. Too many options – toast/bagel/left over/baking/broil/etc/etc. It takes ~ 1 min till it goes sleep mode (blue flashing buttons are annoying).

Key specs for Cuisinart TOB-100BW Compact Digital Toaster Oven Broiler, Black Wrinkle:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brushed stainless steel housing is compact and counter-friendly at a 0.35 cubic-foot capacity
  • 7 functions in 1: Toast, Bagel, Sandwich, Bake, Broil, Leftover and Keep Warm
  • Always Even Toast Shade Control offers consistent results slice after slice
  • Easy-clean nonstick interior includes convenient hands free auto-slide out rack, removable crumb tray
  • Includes baking tray, broiling rack and recipe book; limited 3-year warranty

Comments from buyers

“Comprehensive review: Cuisinart TOB100 toaster oven
, Very Good Compact Digital Toaster
, It’s a smart toaster

Just received this yesterday. I wanted a toaster oven that would fit into my microwave oven that is installed above my stove. This oven fits inside so i don’t need counter space for it. It is simple and easy to use (i just looked at the pictured ‘get started’ sheet). I do place it on the counter while in use for safety.

This is the third try, but we’ve finally found the toaster oven we love. It’s small enough to fit on our short counter, but is deep enough to fit the pans we use in it length-wise. We love that it is digital and the buttons can easily be read.

Will do anything a full size oven will do. Completely digital, compact to the point it does not crowd the kitchen counter. We have had ‘toaster’ ovens since they first came out and used one every day. This oven even has a ‘keep warm’ feature. Once set up, each piece of toast is cook to the same degree of doneness. It broils, it bakes and makes pancakes.

I wanted digital due to the specific minute timing that i need for my pet’s food. So, i was limited to options. I have used cuisinart in the past where i had a better quality and more expensive unit. It worked great but it’s looks were not great. This unit is good but obviously not as good as my past unit that cost $175 which i bought several years ago. Working this unit is tricky when you want to customize some of the settings. It took me several attempts before i learned how to do it. I am really good with machines but, this one challenged me. I got it now and i am generally pleased with it.

At first this looks like your average ordinary toaster oven but as you keep trying you cook things you will find you have a gem. I baked a bundt cake last night. Besides it does all the other functions of a toaster oven very well. Very nice product & purchase. One year late, and this thing caught afire in my home. Thank god i did not go back to sleep.

A much-welcome addition to our kitchen. Crumb tray is easy enough to remove and the broiler rack & drip pan have been pretty useful at times. I suppose there is some uber-toaster out there that does all kinds of stuff i can’t even imagine a toaster doing, and so be it: but, for my family’s humble toasting needs, this thing does just fine.

I’ve had this toaster oven for a couple of weeks now and use it daily. It replaced a $30 toastmaster i’ve had for ages. 5′ high, 10′ deep and 14′ wide. That’s smaller than my old toaster and gives me more counter space. Easily removable crumb pan – i love that feature. Where it reads ‘cuisinart’ at the bottom, it pulls right out (see photo) from the outside. I pull it out after each use to clear off any debris, so nothing gets baked on. Automatic rack slide out – when you open the door, the rack slides out a couple of inches. Ease of use – it’s very intuitive and simple.

My wife just purchased the cuisinart tob-100 compact digital toaster using her account, as another black and decker toaster died. We’ve had three black and decker toasters in a row over the last 15 years or so because they have been a great value, however each successive unit has failed more rapidly. We decided to spend a bit more money for the stainless steel look and the cusinart brand (hoping for lasting quality). We found that we did not want a huge toaster and noticed that this one is similar in size as before. We made our buying decision when we learned that the tob-100 was also digital and the price was right at $100. Since this is an early review (looks like the first), we decided to give the tob-100 4-stars, however it could earn 5-stars later when we update our review and have more experience with the product. What you see in the pictures is what you’re going to get. The tob-100 looks roomy and the unit and accessories look beautiful. There were no unexpected or unpleasant surprises when it arrived at home.

It arrived in time, packaged very well. It has been working well since it arrived almost 2 months ago. I replaced a larger toaster oven with this because i wanted a smaller footprint on my counter. I use the bakemode most often for open faced sandwiches or frozen entrees. The one thing i do not especially like is the baking pan provided. I’m not sure what it is, definitely not steel. It is a very dull aluminum that absorbs and hold stains. I’ll look for a suitable pan to replace it.

The unit is beautiful but it takes some learning to figure out the right darkness settings. For example, on 2, it makes very dark toast but requires a 5 to get equally dark on a bagel. As an oven, for cooking or reheating, it works exactly as it should.

It seems to be hard to find toaster ovens with good usability and reliability. I wanted a digital display that would have a preheating indicator and this one fit the bill. It’s met all of my expectations. Food comes out great, and it does come with a baking pan as described. The display is backlit and easy to read. One possible annoyance is that entering time and temperature is a little awkward, but you get used to it. What’s not apparent from the instructions is that when the preheated indicator sounds, the entered time starts counting down immediately. To work around this i just leave it at the default 30 minute timer when preheating, and set the time after putting the food in. While the control panel could be improved, the toaster oven works great and that’s what counts.

Overall i really like this device. I use it for toasting sandwiches and bagels, but also for baking meats and small pizzas. The dial that controls selection is a little hard to use because it can be tricky to see what is selected. I’d almost rather just have temperature and time, rather than a list of: toast, bagel, sandwich, leftovers.

Several years ago we bought a similar cuisinart for our own use. This one was for a family member. Here’s what we found:• exterior metal surface (top) is not a shiny chrome finish; it will dull and be harder to keep clean• metal tray (for baking) is small and flimsy, but its rack is more substantial• settings are easy to read and select• unit heats quickly and efficiently• capacity is small in relation to the bulk of the unitwe bought this unit based on experience with our own cuisinart toaster oven. Frankly, it appears that the finish and capacity of the one we bought five years ago is superior. Had we realized these changes were substantial, we probably would have looked at other brands. It’s not that this is a ‘bad’ toaster oven, it’s simply that it didn’t live up to our expectations. It makes me wonder if cuisinart sold the right to its name to another party in order to produce these toaster ovens.

It has very bright blue leds on the front. After you finish cooking something and return to the main screen, the blue leds blink repeatedly. But it drives me crazy that i can’t turn off the lights or put the unit to sleep. After 2 minutes, the unit goes to sleep. If you touch a dial or push a button, it wakes back up and blicks for another two minutes, regardless of whether you cook something or not. It cooks my food well, it’s a good size, it look nice. I would probably give it 4 stars if the damn lights didn’t blink. ***update***it should also be noted that the unit defaults to 30 min when baking. 10 minutes is all you need for sandwiches and wraps. So if you plan to cook for shorter times like me, you must turn the dial 3 or 4 times to change it to 10 min.

I was looking to replace an old toaster oven but didn’t want one that was too large (counter hogging). This one fit the bill and even though it was expensive it works really well. I had never had a digital toaster oven so i had to kind of figure it out but it works great. It does tend to make the toast pretty dark so be careful on the settings. We use it for toasting and reheating so i can’t say how it does on baking. I use my regular oven for baking anyway. I love that the crumb tray is easy to remove and clean so i tend to clean it more often than the old style, which had a hinged crumb tray. The door does steam up with use but we leave it cracked just a little after using it and the steam quickly evaporates from the glass.

I’ve only had this oven for a few days, but would like to share my experience so far. My primary use is to toast bread and bagels, and to bake frozen foods. We’re empty nesters, so i didn’t need anything real big, and did not need convection. I also wanted something that i didn’t need to put glasses on to set. The controls needed to be easy to read and understand. This unit accomplishes these requirements very well. This is a small toaster oven. If you need bigger, you should obviously look elsewhere. It will toast 4 slices of bread or 2 bagels sliced in half though. The display is nice and bright, and easy to read.

Please watch the video as well as reading this review. It contains perhaps the most important thing you should know when choosing a toaster oven. The model tob100 is one of a series of ovens from cuisinart that share very similar design and construction, with the control panel being the primary difference. Some of the models are either fully or partially electronic, while some of the other ovens use mechanical knobs. There is likely no significant difference in how well one design will toast or cook compared to the other and the choice of which type of controls comes down to personal preference. For me, after trying the units with mechanical knobs (which ordinarily i would prefer as being generally more dependable) there was one feature that swayed me away from buying that style – the fact that with the mechanical knobs cuisinart makes the customer select the shade of toast each and every time they use it as a function of the timer dial, and on some models the unit can’t even be left in the toast position for next time but has to be turned to ‘off’ each time. So at least two settings have to be selected each time one chooses to toast a slice of bread. The tob100 will remember your last setting so the simple act of making toast can be to press just one button. All of the cuisinart toaster ovens in this series are moderately well made of an attractive grade of stainless steel (one of the models has a black painted body with a stainless front). They all have a mechanism that will pull the shelf out slightly when the door is opened and all have a large glass door.

Very interesting design and takes a bit to get used to. Not just your normal push and plunge. Lots of options for cooking and toasting and we’re still playing with it. But the ability to change 3 variables (cooking method, time, temp/darkness) is helpful in getting the right result. Only negative thing we’ve found that for bagels, even at the lowest setting, still turns them too dark (for our liking). I can’t imagine what the higher settings would do. But at the lowest they’re ok. The bell that goes off to let you know the food is done works well and gets your attention. Has a small, compact design which fits our counter space nicely. We don’t use a regular toaster, and have been searching for a while for a new toaster oven, and this one finally seems to do the job.

We have been pleased with this toaster oven as it heats quickly and cooks efficiently and as well. The only real negative that i have to report is that the little cooking tray that you put food on to bake or warm, has no ‘lip’ or handle to grab on to, and it makes it very very hard to get it out of the oven over the ridge of the sliding rack that it is sitting on. Our other toaster ovens had a piece of the baking sheet that protruded enough to get the oven mitt latched on to it, but this one means you have to reach into the oven to try to maneuver it out and over the rack. Maybe not a big deal but it is a bit inconvenient. Otherwise everything else seems to be working just fine for our uses. I have baked the freezer to oven pre made cookies in this, heated up sandwiches, pizza and other pastry and warmed up some lasagna, etc. And it has worked well for all of those things. I also have used it for toasting but bought it mostly for the oven and a way to heat up and crisp up leftovers without having to wait for the big oven to preheat. I give it 4 star instead of five due to the lack of the handle on the tray/baking sheet and how difficult it is to get it out without getting your hand into the oven itself.

This is a very nice small unit. The only problemi have had is turning it on and off if i changemy mind with the set up to cook. Otherthan ‘the learning curve’, it is a great little unit. Their customer service isgreat. I have a knife set that they helped mewith immediately. It does not take as long to heat up like myother brand toaster oven which was huge.

I read all the reviews on this toaster oven and wasn’t sure if it was what i wanted. But i have had it for six weeks and am very happy with it. I have toasted bread, cooked frozen bagels, melted cheese on toast, baked biscuits and spring rolls, and tonight our first sweet potato. This is my first digital toaster oven and it took me a while to get used to that, but now i love it. The only ‘con’ i see is that the rack does not slide in and out easily. I do see some condensation on the door but it doesn’t drip on the counter as some reviews mentioned. It would be nice if the oven temp could be set in less than 25 degree increments, but that’s not a big deal. I did not find the beeps indicating ‘at temp’ or ‘done’ to bother me at all. They are no more than you hear on a microwave. So i was a little apprehensive when i bought it, but it has exceeded my expectations.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker TRO480BS 4-Slice Toaster Oven – Perfect for my toasted bagel

The cord is not even 2′ long, so unless you are putting this at a plug it will not reach; there is absolutely no way i can put mine in my kitchen without buying an extension cord. Also the crumb tray does not sit in very snug leaving a nice big gap for heat to escape through. That being said it is a good size and so far heats quickly and evenly. Edited 1/24/14: after having this for a while i bumped it up to 5 stars. Yes the cord is super-short and i had to purchase an small extension cord to plug it in even though it sits right in front of the outlet, but it works very well. Heats up very quickly and heat seems very well-balanced between the elements, toasts both sides of bread almost exactly the same. I have seen some reviews that complain about it not toasting well but i think most of those people don’t understand that it cooks with heat and even when elements are not actively/visibly heating they are still giving off heat. I was pleasantly surprised that even though there is a fairly large gap where the crumb tray inserts that it has enough of a convection effect with the vents to keep much heat from coming out there.

This is your basic classic toaster oven. A single radiant heating tube across the top, a single one across the bottom (most fuller featured units have two top and two bottom). Compared to the original toaster ovens, these are ‘quartz’ radiant tubes which radiate better than the old fashioned solid iron rods. Unfortunately there is a perforated ‘safety shield’ over each tube which interferes slightly with the radiant effect. No ‘pizza bump’ or circular bulge at the back to better accomodate a round pizza. There is a very handy drip tray which we definitely need for our grilling. We got this in conjunction with an ‘upscale’ toaster oven black & decker cto4500s 6-slice countertop convection oven with pizza bump, stainless steel which i am separately reviewing. Our thinking is to treat this one as ‘semi-disposable’ and use it solely for grilling chicken thighs/legs/wings on our condo patio. Should be fine for this limited purpose, and when it gets irretrievably gunked up from spatters, our hearts won’t break to see it go. The ‘upscale’ version will be used for pizza and baking – non ‘spatter’ cooking, in other words. Don’t use these as toasters – a dedicated toaster does a much better job with less power consumption, and they aren’t very expensive these days; for better results with pizza, get the one linked above. ————–update:since it only has one quartz heater element top and bottom, it won’t ‘sear’ your meats as much. We run ours in ‘bake’ mode to assure there is plenty of heat to actually cook our chicken pieces and pork rib pieces, and our meat takes a long time to cook (about 45 minutes to an hour) but comes out incredibly juicy as though ‘slow cooked. ‘ only a light browning/crisping, none of the ‘scorching’ common to quad or dual top element toaster ovens.

I just threw away yet another burned bagel, so i probably shouldn’t be writing this review right now, but here goes. I pretty much despise this toaster oven. The best thing about it is the price. To toast something, you have to make sure both top dials are on toast, which is annoying, and even more annoying, you have to turn the toast setting dial clockwise to 12:00 and then back counter-clockwise to the toast setting you want. There are pictures on the dial for dark, medium, and light and i find i have to set it just a hair above light to avoid burning my toast/bagel/waffle. Then sometimes it’s still too light, so i have to set it again and it frequently burns. I can’t imagine anyone ever using medium or dark on this thing. And heaven forbid the toaster has been used in the last hour before i need to make some toast. Then i have to set it on the lightest possible setting and watch it like a hawk to avoid burning. The controls on this thing are just a pain and i grow tired of monkeying with them to try to get my toast to turn out right.

I wanted something small and attractive in my kitchen that would evenly toast a bagel without toasting my wallet. It’s small, attractive and consistent. It’s also lightweight, which means it’s easily portable for the person on the move. My bagels get evenly toasted within two minutes. The swiss cheese i place on top of each half gets melted but doesn’t liquify nor get browned. The appliance has settings for ‘bagel’ ‘broil’ ‘bake’ and ‘toast’ but i prefer the ‘toast’ setting for my bagel. The toaster can heat for up to 30 minutes at a time at maximum heat of 450f degrees. The ticking timer is audible and dings when the food is ready. This is a great little breakfast toaster.

I was tired of making toast in the oven for the last 20 years, so we finally splurged and bought this black & decker tro480bs toast-r-oven. 00, the price seemed right (though i see that in the past few days since i ordered it, the price has dropped. Our toaster just arrived today. After i unpacked it and washed the rack and the little pan it came with, i followed the simple pre-baking instructions: i turned it on for 15 minutes to sear off the manufacturer’s residue. Light smoke came up, which quickly disappeared. Keep your eyes on the toaster during this process to be sure there are no defects that might appear the first time you use it. So far, i have only made toast, which is one of the few functions i wanted a toaster oven for, such as reheating pizza or baking snacks, etc. I certainly don’t intend on using it to make a pot roast.

Honestly, i don’t know what more you can want out of a toaster oven. I am definitely surprised that this toaster oven is so well made and works exactly as it should despite being far lower priced than the over ovens on amazon. I actually have purchased 3 of these. My sister bought me the first one 3 years ago as a house warming gift to heat up my beloved pizza slices. It’s still in great condition, heats up quick and consistently. I live alone, so i bake small quantities of fish fillets or chicken in it and they always come out exactly as they did the last time. I was so satisfied with it, i bought one for my boyfriend and for my boss, both of whom like to cook/reheat food quick and easy like me. You remove the bottom tray and stick in the dishwasher, same for the wire rack and pan that comes with. If i want to be extra lazy, i just coat the wire rack with foil to keep the drippings off the bottom, crumple and toss after. The design is really sleek, the knobs are sturdy. I didn’t find there was an ostentatious ticking. I love that the ‘on’ light is blue, rather than red/orange, nor does it have a crazy, loud and annoying ‘ding’.

  • Not a big fan of this toaster oven
  • This is a great toaster oven
  • Not the best we’ve ever had

This was definitely a good purchase. I’ll just break this down to pros and cons, for simplicity’s sake. Pros:-toasts bread, english muffins, and bagels evenly. -bakes frozen foods quite well. I’ve only recently started to use it to cook fish sticks for my young son, and it really did a great job. Keeps on ticking-easy to clean. Cons:-while in use, the top and sides do get quite hot to the touch. Do not store anything on top of the oven. -for someone who lacks patience, the controls can seem quite confusing.

We are definitely a ‘toaster over’ family, and would be lost without one. Over the years we’ve had our share of various brands of toaster ovens, so when our last one broke a year ago i searched amazon’s reviews for a replacement. I opted for this because of the name and the reviews. I have to say that after a year, i am not thrilled with it. The most bothersome feature is the three knobs. Running a busy household means that you need appliances to be simple and easy to use. Extras can sometimes just get in the way. It is very annoying to have to set three knobs each time you want to pop in some waffles, an english muffin, or heat up a leftover slice of pizza. My kids agree with me that it is a bit of a pain to have to do. I do like the crumb tray that pulls out.

We first got this off of our wedding registry, so we were a little overwhelmed with everything else to really research, you know, toaster ovens. I’ve used it for everything but casseroles, cookies, and cakes. The top gets hot but the sides and everything seem to be ok. Probably don’t want to put anything exceedingly susceptible to heat next to it while it’s on, but i don’t think it’s really that bad. Certainly doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen. It’s definitely been a livesaver in this ridiculous heat wave – when the ac can’t get the temperature down below 80 i don’t really want to worsen things by cooking, but the toaster oven doesn’t contribute to heat. The controls are pretty intuitive. Our kitchen is small, so the bread is kept on top of it, except when we use it. Hubby forgot to take the bread off one day so the top of the toaster oven seems permanently imprinted with the bread label. Aesthetically that’s not really very charming, so i went researching for another toaster oven. Figured we could get something better since we seem to use it so much. After a few hours of looking around, everything else either seems smaller or less reliable or harder to clean (crumb catcher and wide open space in this one makes it very easy).

Features of Black & Decker TRO480BS 4-Slice Toaster Oven, Black/Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Large-capacity 1200-watt 4-slice toaster oven
  • Bake, broil, bagel, toast, and keep-warm functions
  • Adjustable temperature up to 450 degrees F
  • 30-minute timer; slide-out crumb tray; baking pan included
  • Measures approximately 10 by 8.5 by 16 inches

Make sure this fits
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Large-capacity 1200-watt 4-slice toaster oven

Bake, broil, bagel, toast, and keep-warm functions

Adjustable temperature up to 450 degrees F

30-minute timer; slide-out crumb tray; baking pan included

Hamilton Beach 31511 Stainless Steel 6-Slice Toaster Oven, Disappointed with some features

Toasts bread and muffins well once you get the setting figured out. Baked potatoes and other items are done well and fairly quickly. Would get 5 stars if the control knob was easier to turn. It is smooth chrome and your fingers slide as you try to turn it. I put an elastic band around it and it provides the grip needed to make it turn easily. It also has an incised line as an indicator which is difficult to see as it is chromed and offers no contrast from the rest of the dial. Some reviewers complained the outside got hot. It’s an oven and embossed on the top it states , ‘caution hot surface’. Had a cuisinart before this and it had a push button start. With that, once you got a toaster setting you just pushed the button each time. I chose to purchase another brand because the cuisinart wore out in about 18 months. The heater coils warped first then it began to take forever to toast anything.

Arrived in great condition (no marks on the stainless steel). I love that it has both a rack and a tray, as well as a crumb tray for the bottom that makes cleaning easy. Everything i’ve cooked has come out perfect so far, including an 8-9′ pizza that fit just right. My only complaint so far is that for toast, you’re supposed to go to 10minues and then dial back to the selected ‘doneness’ but i rarely do and it seems to work just fine. I love that it has a normal ‘dinging bell’ and not some tragically scary fire-alarm style buzzer that many other toasters do.

Waited to write this review until we’d used it. Bake cookies, toast bagels, melt cheese for nachos. Temperature is fairly accurate (checked with thermocouple). It fluctuates about 15-20 degrees when the element is cycling, which is comparable to our conventional oven. The top gets quite warm during use, and will burn a hand. I use it at night, so i wish you could turn off the ‘ding’. An 8′ x 8′ glass pyrex baking dish fits in here perfectly.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 31511 Stainless Steel 6-Slice Toaster Oven:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Second oven convenience
  • Uses up to 74% less energy and is 27% faster than a typical kitchen oven when reheating precooked frozen chicken nuggets
  • Fits 6 slices of bread, a 6 lb. chicken, a 7 lb. roast or a 9 inch pizza
  • Bake, broil and toast settings. Removable crumb tray
  • 30 minute timer with auto shutoff and ready bell

Comments from buyers

“Used almost everyday since we bought it
, Stainless Steel
, Just Beachie

Yes, some of the other reviews may seem critical of this not holding six slices of bread – i think that totally depends on your types of slices (i use my large homemade bread – so six do not fit). And so what if the timer ticks – that is not a big deal. This is an accessory – it does not take the place of my regular large oven. However, i’m finding i use this so much more for the small projects. Yes, it does get warm on the outside – again, not a big deal. I absolutely love this appliance – how did i ever manage before?.

The oven feature failed to reach and maintain temperature after 27 months of use. There is a one year warranty. I have come to like this toaster oven when it is working properly. It makes good toast, and it is great for cooking frozen dinners and re-heating leftovers. I guess the old adage ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ applies here. This does not reflect well on hamilton beach. However, like any disposable appliance today, i accept this decline in american?. Believe it or not, i just ordered another chinese hamilton beach 31511. Yes, a glutten for punishment.

And the problem is that the twist knobs are nice shiny smooth, slick metal. They should have roughed them up a bit because if your fingers are wet or slightly greasy (as are any cook’s in a kitchen) you will have to stop everything, go wipe your hands and then turn the knobs. Yes, this may seem like a petty little point, but you will soon know what i mean if you like moving fast in a kitchen, and especially if you don’t have an iron fist. Other than that it really deserves five stars.

As the other reviewers have said, the knobs really need to reshaped so that turning them makes it easier. The real problem is the timer knob, which is very difficult to turn to ‘stay on’ which i use more often. It works well and is big enough for our needs. You can put six pieces of toast in there – just look at the pictures to see how they do it. It can be done and we have done it. I’ve been very happy with my purchase.

Got this toaster oven after my traditional toaster broke and i thought i could use it for cooking small frozen item instead of lighting up the old gas o’keefe and merrit and heating the entire house every time my kid wants a french bread pizza. It works well, i still have to keep a close eye on food because the cooking times and rack placement suggestions in the manual don’t seem to work perfectly (i keep burning stuff), but with any new cooking appliance there always seems to be a bit of trial and error. It looks great, kind of old timey and retro and works well in my 100 year old kitchen without being kitschy.

While it is a nice looking toaster oven, i bought it for one primary purpose and there it fails miserably when compared to an old black and decker that i had for years, and if they had not discontinued the space saver model that mounted under an upper cabinet i would have bought another. My wife and i used it almost exclusively every morning to toast english muffins, bagels or just plain toast. Once you had the light/dark setting fixed all you had to do was put your choice in and push the ‘on’ switch. With this model you have to set two other dials to ‘toast’ and then turn the bottom dial right past 10 and then back to the setting for toast that you want. I should have read the reviews more carefully because many complaints were registered about how hard the knob turns. If it was knurled or had a couple wing protrusions it would be much easier. I may come to like it but wish now i had bought another b & d. You have to go through the last procedure every morning when just looking to quickly toast your muffins or bagels or toast. And the dial settings are not that easy to read as a final complaint.

Pros:cooks well enoughinexpensivelooks nice on the countercons:timer dial ticking is very loudone use of the included baking tray without aluminum foil liner left it stained, and unable to get it to look like new again.

It’s your average toaster oven. It gets three stars due solely to its two foot long power cord. And if the outlet is on the left side, you only have less than a foot of cord to reach it. I would gladly have paid the extra fifty cents for an additional foot of cord.

I love love love this unit – it cooks good , but it would probably not cook 6 slices of bread but it’s great for what does fit in it. I would not try a chicken, but chicken pieces would probably fit. It has automatic timer that shuts it off and it will only cook for 30 minutes without setting the timer again.

I’ve had a number of toaster ovens through the years, and they all did the job pretty well. So far, i like this one better than the others because:it is stainless steel, which i consider to be a real plus. It heats more evenly — no hot spots that tend to burn part of the food. The controls are clear and easy to use. The cost from amazon is very good.

We have had this for 2 years and 1 month and are now searching for a new toaster oven. We only paid $45 on amazon then. The toast feature does not toast top and bottom evenly on ours. I like the convenience of having the oven for quick reheats as we do not use a microwave. Over the last 3 months the door has slowly moved away from closing flush. There is no obvious answer to fix this that we have found so that is why we are in the market for a new one.

I’m so glad i made this purchase. I had my doubts but my husband really wanted one. I can heat up and cook frozen stuff for my 6 kids very quickly. It heats up fast so all you have to wait for is actual cooking times. Definitely saves me the preheating time of the big oven and the energy it uses, not to mention how hot the house would get. It does get very hot around the outside so i keep it away from my little one’s reach. The timer knob is a bit difficult to turn but i just turn it to the ‘stay on’ position and keep an eye on my toast. Which is wayy faster than a traditional toaster. For the price this is an awesome toaster oven and i have gained a lot of confidence in hamilton beach’s products. As for the size, i think its really decent, i was able to fit 6 corn dogs, 3 baked potatoes and 2 small filets of fish in there at the same time.

I read the reviews and was encouraged to purchase this appliance. It is smaller than i expected (which is good because i live in an apartment and counterspace is limited) and very sharp looking. I don’t have a problem with leaning over a bit to read the temperature dial and, after reading the instructions, no problem with working the timer. I bought a set of pans from chicago (?) and they are a perfect fit. It sure beats heating up my full-sized oven to heat something up. I am very happy with toaster oven.

When you first start using the toaster oven, try different settings and timings and discover which work best for you. Remember its easier to heat/toast longer than to scrape off the over done. The criticism that the timer knob is hard to turn back is accurate. Make sure your hand and the knob are dry and its not too bad. Also the clicking sound of the countdown timer can be a little annoying. The oven reaches its set temperature quickly (which was a key reason for me to buy the toaster oven versus using the regular oven), but i wish there was a bell to indicate the requested temperature has been reached.

I brought this oven despite the reviews i read. They said the timer was to loud & to hard to turn,i found it to be neither. I have cooked just about everything in this oven, and all came out perfect. It also looks super nice & stylish. I can’t even start to tell you how glad i am to have brought this oven. So much less electric to use, very smart buy.

(update: 01/25/15 this oven continues to perform flawlessly for almost two years now. It is used everyday two or three times a day for baking, heating, toasting etc. And everything comes out perfect) this oven performs as advertised and with style. It looks good on the counter without hogging up a ton of room. It heats fast and evenly and makes great evenly browned toast. Yes you’ll probably have to use the smaller loaves to fit a full six slices on the grill but for our household that is not a problem, four good slices at a time is ok with us. Things like frozen chicken patties come out great, just like in the big stove oven but a lot faster and with less energy use and heat generation. We found the controls easy to use in contrast to what some others have posted. It is easy to clean and a very satisfying product to use. (update august 25) this product is used multiple times daily and has performed flawlessly since purchased april 2013.

When i was searching for a toaster over, there were very mixed reviews for this toaster oven. I looked at all the complaints and compliments and decided to take a chance on it. I’m glad i did because i love this toaster oven. It is nice and big – but not too big. It has a great crumb and trip tray at the bottom so you can actually keep it neat inside. It comes with a small pan that fits inside. And it has all the features one would expect for a toaster oven. The most confused i was was the complaints that the dial is hard to turn. I did not find this the case as mine turns as easily as you would expect a spring-timer knob to turn. It looks nice on my counter and i would recommend it to others.

We’ve been using it for about 5 months now with no problems. The timer knob is a bit hard to turn because it has no serrations to assist with gripping. I put a piece of grip tape around it and problem solved. My wife has arthritis in her hands and the tape helps. If you have normal hands, it probably won’t be an issue.

I kept my old one for several weeks to make sure i wanted to keep this one, but it’s really very good. There’s a removable rack and a roasting pan for it. The roasting pan fits inside the toaster oven the same way as the removable rack – you slide it into the slots. I found out you have to remove the roasting pan if you are toasting something, or it won’t toast very good, but other than that, it’s good.

I particularly like to bake coconut-flour banana bread. I don’t use the toaster oven to make toast. (when i want toast, i turn to my cast-iron skillet and toast bread on the stove. ) this is a decent-size toaster oven, and it can accommodate larger pans than most toaster ovens. Yet it doesn’t take up an extraordinary amount of space. That’s probably because it doesn’t have plastic around it to act as insulation. Hence, it gets very hot when in use, but it doesn’t take too long to cool down. The pull-out tray at the bottom makes it easy to clean. I am pleased with my purchase.

For the most part i am pleased with how it looks and how it works. My only complaint is that the wire rack, which is supposed to hold 6 slices of bread, does not come to the sides of the oven. 5 inches of dead space on either side. You are losing a full 3 inches of rack usage. If you are using smaller slices of bread, such as for garlic bread or bruschetta, there is nothing to hold the bread in place at the edges. It might hold 6 slices of soft white bread but the slices closest to the oven wall will droop down. And it won’t properly hold 6 slices of oval shaped rye or pumpernickel. I specifically purchased this unit because it was supposed to be for 6 slices. If i had bought it at a store where i could see it first i probably wouldn’t have bought it because of that.

Oster Designed, Product is nicely designed and the controls are easy

Our old a person died off so we desired to get a new a single went to walmart and checked out the various solutions and chose this just one. I acquired it by means of amazon (walmart retailer was out of stock) and gained in a 7 days. It really is fantastic if you don’t overload it. Wonderful for toast, baking compact batches of my cheese bread and defrosting.

Pay attention to the toaster – toasts speedy. But once you figure out the options and what is effective best for you – it is really good. Oven is this sort of a time saver in normal but specifically on scorching days – no require to convert on the oven and warmth up the kitchen area when this very little detail does the identical point a lot quicker and without heating the kitchen area up.

Really delighted with the toaster oven.

Key specs for Oster Designed for Life 6-Slice Toaster Oven, Silver:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Dimensions: 16.65″L x 14.29″W x 9.80″H, Weight: 10.36lb.
  • Cord length: 29″
  • Watts: 1400W

Comments from buyers

“Great item to have in the kitchen , An Excellent Toaster, Excellent little toaster oven”

The toaster satisfied our need: sizable for two individuals for toasting, broiling and from time to time baking. The equipment appears clear (stainless steel) and not quite sizzling exterior.

Surprised it came from walmart and experienced no instructions for convection element.

I just purchased this for my mom,it’s actually very good for the buck.

Manufactured in china and marketed by sunbeam products underneath the oster identify, this is an attractive, brushed stainless front counter-leading toaster/broiling/baking oven that is large adequate to warmth a medium pizza or uniformly toast four slices of bread. According to the appliance label, it consumes 1,four hundred watts. With a twist of a entrance selector knob, it can broil, toast or bake and can operated as either a conventional or convection oven. I have located the thermostat and timer to be fairly correct. It will uniformly heat and bake a frozen pizza, developing a great, crisp crust. The flexibility and dimension of this counter-major equipment reduces our will need to use the much more substantial, power-hungry oven in our electric selection. When we eliminate utility electric power our standby generator has enough ability to effortlessly run this oven but definitely strains to ability the one particular in our electrical variety. This equipment has a impressive five-calendar year gratification assurance from the producer. The gleaming stainless entrance handle knobs have a good feel and are simple to set and this equipment has an in general strong really feel to it. We include the slide-out tray in the bottom of our oster toaster oven with aluminum foil, which makes it straightforward to cleanse.

I seemed up this products on consumer’s guideline you can’t beat it for the funds. The toaster component functions seriously good to. My other toaster oven designed my toast taste like it was dehydrated.

This is a fantastic toaster oven that seems a lot more expensive than it is. I only would like there was a pre-heat environment but i figured out how to make do. It’s solidly crafted and has numerous possibilities, not just for toast or baking. I nonetheless use my toaster for toasting bread and bagels but a pal employs hers for all the things.

I had an older edition of this product. It lasted for about five many years of everyday use as a result of various moves and tough dealing with. It continue to labored, but it was having lengthier and extended to cook dinner the food stuff. This is a terrific toaster oven. I in fact favor the dials to the electronic, simply because it appears to be there is much less to go erroneous. This design is nicer than what i had, mainly because it will come with a sheet tray to capture crumbs and a pan that will cling from the rack for broiling if you like. It appears a little bit sturdier way too, and the heating aspects are not protected which is excellent for cleaning. I just cooked frozen fish and chips in it for meal, and it worked like a attraction. The lover is silent on turbo (convection).

This is major more than enough to just take my entire sizing bundt cake pan, for the reason that of the rounded-out back again part. I measured and it is 11 inches from the again of the rounded-out element to the door of the oven. This implies my nine-1/2′ pie plates will in shape, and most of my round pans will match, even though sq. pans are not able to take gain of the rounded-out again. The ‘turbo’ oven placing means it will bake evenly for the reason that of warm air flowing all all-around, which i what i utilised to bake a bundt cake, as properly as bake frozen french fries. I’ve broiled a mixture of sliced green peppers and onions on the ‘broil’ setting in the integrated flat pan i have employed the ‘warm’ environment to rise yeast dough, and i’ve made best toast employing the ‘toast’ setting at 450f. This toaster oven is quite adaptable. I am truly glad i bought it.

(i obtained this at w*l**t on jan three, 2016). The convection fan is located on the facet the place all the controls are, probably due to the fact it is more cost-effective to make this way. As a result, muffin tops stop up looking ‘blown’ to a single side. Equally ‘bake’ settings heat both major and base things. Investigate suggests that most toaster ovens run this way, which is contrary to how large ovens operate (the place bake only heats the base ingredient). So my muffins ended up with extremely-browned tops even though nonetheless not accomplished in the center. This was with the rack on the incredibly bottom-most placement. The bundle called for 425 levels.

Roomy interior and unbelievably swift browning situations (when evenly browning courtesy of the silent interior supporter) indicates a high quality products. If something burns you happen to be almost certainly not preserving a near ample eye on the food stuff or location the timer improperly. So considerably i am a large fan of this toaster oven and with any luck , it has the longevity to match its high-quality.

This toaster oven changed a person that was above 10 a long time aged and was employed day-to-day. The new a single is so substantially far better in style and design and operate. It cooks and cleans great. I hope it lasts ten years far too.

Product is properly designed and the controls are straightforward. However it takes for a longer time to warmth up compared to my old more cost-effective toaster oven. A further attract back is an off switch. When the timer is set to 15 minutes and the food is finished sooner, you will have to switch the knob to off which can be a problem for kids. Overall the solution is ok, dependent on the challenges i have observed.

I adore like appreciate this minimal device. I considered long and tricky about sacrificing beneficial kitchen counter room for a toaster oven and questioned if it would be really worth it. I have to say it was properly well worth it. This tiny man is a tough performing convection oven and it would make everything flavor good. It cooks items completely, arrives up to temp rapidly and cleans up conveniently. I rarely crank up the big oven any a lot more, this is an power preserving system that also cooks superior than my big electric oven, and more rapidly, in all probability since it is convection. I can envision a kitchen remodel with a cooktop only, and my minor ‘easy bake’ oven as we contact it ha ha. The only time i use the significant oven is for additional-substantial papa murphy’s pizzas which regrettably do not in shape in this oven.

Going from a 10 yr aged device to this is excellent.

Love this very little toaster oven functions superb.

I totally exploration factors ahead of i obtain, and this appears to be a high-quality solution at a deal rate (whilst i did not obtain it in this article, got it for much less than $35 w/ free of charge delivery from ‘wmart’. ) it is a nice looking metal device, no inexpensive plastic knobs to crack (like my past one), and it manufactured great even toast right out of the box. Haven’t applied the oven nevertheless, but am searching forward to possessing convection all over again, which i experienced yrs ago and was normally delighted with for even cooking. And it really is acquired a 5 yr fulfillment warranty, so can’t go completely wrong with that, i adore that the maker has that considerably religion in its products. The route booklet is effortless to comprehend but sparse (not even a pair recipes, but at this value you can invest in a tiny cookbook for $ten as i did), but the controls are pretty quick to read and use, i like that they are in english, not silly tiny photos that i have no notion what they imply. The only rationale this is not a 5 star critique is i wish it experienced a nicer non-adhere pan and its just a tad way too modest to use the a person i saved (enamel) from a preceding oven, but it does in good shape my 8×8 pyrex (w/handles) and other assorted ovenware i presently have. This is a perfect dimension for a college or university dorm, modest condominium, singles or partners, or any person not wanting to heat up the kitchen area with the massive stove, just be knowledgeable that it will not match a massive pizza, a turkey, or evening meal for a hungry household of 4, and you is not going to be unhappy.

What can i say it is really a toaster oven with convection characteristic is a pleasant detail. I like the boxy design and style and entrance door. I’ve been employing it now for months and so significantly no issues. It does search great and very evenly with the convection function.

KitchenAid KCO222OB Countertop Oven – Love love love this oven

I use my counter leading oven far more than my stove, i adore this oven, quick to use and clear.

This oven has worked great for me. Just wish the knobs ended up black with white creating, as the silver just glares in the mild. Oven is excellent, helps make the very best biscuits and brownies. Barbecue chops and rooster are baked to perfection.

Purchased it for my bro and spouse for their engagement gift. Have just one at the home myself. Have to have to save some power. Nuggets, taquitos, ,corn dogs, you title it. Lol mom enjoys to tilapia, baked fish.

  • Better than my full sized oven!
  • It’s big and it can perform.
  • OK for the price

Hope it lasts longer than the past just one which experienced a swap difficulty.

All round i like this toaster oven a great deal nevertheless i hate the knob timer on this toaster oven. The way they work is good but, while its running you hear the tick-tick-tick-tick of it and that variety of drives me nuts.

Features of KitchenAid KCO222OB Countertop Oven, Onyx Black [Discontinued]

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Use your countertop oven to bake pizza, broil a side dish, keep an already cooked dish warm or toast bread.
  • Bake a pie, side dish and more with great results, broil the top of baked pasta until it’s perfectly browned, keep cooked food warm or toast up to four slices of bread at once.
  • 12″ Capacity offers enough room to cook 2-12″ pizzas, or cornish hens. The oven cavity also features a non-stick coating for easy cleaning.
  • 60-Minute Timer can be set to remind you when a dish is finished and offers plenty of time for the requirements of most recipes.
  • Model KCO222 Includes two stainless steel racks, an easy-to-clean stainless steel broil pan with grill that’s great for baking, broiling and warming and a stainless steel crumb tray that removes for easy cleaning.

The name kitchenaid states it all. I have baked in it 2 times now, and it operates fantastically. It is a tiny pricier than some of the other makes, but kitchenaid is reputable and stands up to its name.

This products will get every day use alternatively of a comprehensive oven. Yes, not getting a light is a large downside for viewing doneness.

Superior merchandise, but located a person seriously has to enjoy in which they place it to use as it can get heat to warm on the exterior. The completed items we baked so far were being finished really well. Clear up is a snap, incredibly pleased.

Operates wonderful – baked a rooster to perfection (3 pounder but could have fit five lbs), pizza, cookies and of course toast. This a single was lacking instrux but twenty seconds on google bought them printed right up. Also, mine was pre-owned but hardly ever utilised.

It really is a excellent whole size toaster oven. It is really large and we can toast a great deal of bread for those people weekend breakfasts when we want to soak up the yolk from our eggs. I also like the fact that we can heat up pizza for the entire loved ones at at the time. It was the best up grade to our previous and small toaster oven. It does just take for a longer period to toast bread because the point is big. You can put in a entire size hen in there with no problem. I also desired an oven that would act as a again up to the other two ovens we have in the kitchen due to the fact for the duration of the holidays it gets fairly hectic at our household so it will come in useful as an extra oven.

Enjoy the oven, just have a issue reading through the options on the knobs, particularly at night time when trying to bake, warmth or warm an product.

Also very effortless to continue to keep clean.

This is a very good products, we use it everyday & obtain a new a single just about every couple years as it does wear out. This a person arrived in the unique box that experienced been beforehand opened. There ended up 2 dents in the merchandise, but it did not influence the usability. I did not return it mainly because of the inconvenience but feel the business that sold it knew it was not in new situation.

Guess i acquired a superior just one mainly because it truly is functioning just good. The small gap in the door, which at 1st alarmed me, leaks no heat whatsoever. In actuality, the temperature configurations show up amazingly precise. You can see every thing that is happening within. The timer is conveniently handy even when you’re not occupied. This oven is massive, and a massive improvement more than the tiny toaster oven i utilized for quite a few a long time in the ‘summer kitchen’. Now i can bake devoid of all the things burning on leading. The only improvement i would inquire of kitchenaid would be to make the temperature dial a little less complicated to browse. The silvery track record reflects too a lot gentle that the numbers tricky to study.

Gave to my son and daughter in regulation and they appreciate it. They have been applying it tomake full meals. It seems great in the counter top also.

My sister has been bugging me to acquire her a countertop oven as she finds employing her standard oven also bothersome. I gave this oven to her and she just adores it fully. Actually happy she preferred it and how its portability will not hinder an amazing efficiency. Two-thumbs up for this fantastic appliance.

Kitchenaid kco222ob countertop oven, onyx black my son has this counter-prime oven and i was amazed what he was equipped to do with it. It certainly is a mini-oven and performs with no around heating the kitchen area. Just after viewing how satisfied he was with his, i purchased just one for myself. It is quite quick to use to bake, broil,toast and keep foodstuff warm. It has a temperature placing up to 450 levels. It appears to be like specifically as portrayed in the photograph. For my son, this is his only oven. He cooks every thing that you can envision. I have a whole sized oven that i seldom use simply because this 1 does just about nearly anything i will need. The only thing that may possibly not get the job done in it would be a substantial turkey.

This was procured to change our not so aged multi-use toaster oven. This is variety of a foundation design which is what we required because in the 4 a long time we experienced the other a single we in no way made use of the bun hotter, rotisserie, or fifty percent the other capabilities. This is not the most highly effective toaster oven even though. It does consider more time to cook items which has taken some acquiring utilized to.

It can be made use of in so numerous means. Solitary rack, double tack, bake or broil, loads of room.

I have two of these and they perform great. One particular is for melting plastic, and the other is for cooking.

More substantial than envisioned and i have issue how substantially electrical energy is made use of to toast. It isn’t going to give instructions on toasting, but we uncovered it is on bake. I was searching for a significant toaster oven, not the dimensions i acquired. I consider i require a toaster now.

My previous cuisinart toaster-oven died and i requested this to switch it since of the model name and visual appearance. It truly is much larger than my previous one particular but i discovered it to be nicely-manufactured and the heating aspects are coated. It does a good task toasting and baking/broiling. The only factor i found improper was that with the toaster location, i have to go ‘dark’ if i want it toasted ‘medium. ‘ the guidelines say it ought to be pre-heated. It truly is a insignificant matter and i am really pleased with my kitchen support all round.

Kings Brand 6-Slice Toaster Oven- Toasts Bakes Broils Grills Roasts & Warming Oven – Not the best toaster oven

Really, just what i predicted. . He cons of a toaster oven is that the toast doesn’t pop out like a common toaster. I’m alternatively a multi-tasker, so i have burned a couple of parts of toast for the reason that i failed to stand and check out the toast even though i was undertaking other matters. No fault of this solution, it is effective great. It does get warm on leading, so be thorough. Looks very nice and pops the red in my kitchen area.

The ideal measurement and the suitable color. I have normally used toaster ovens. Experienced been looking for a red 1 that was bigger than typical. You can prepare dinner a pizza in it with the rounded again. It is deep and a excellent peak. You can use most casserole dishes inside and cooks properly. The only matter that i am not wild about is the timer. While it has a stay on attribute, you can use the time. This time is considerably like an egg timer dial and is not precise.

Fantastic addition to my kitchen area. So much i have created meatloaf, potato skins, fries, toast, veggie casseroles and significantly extra. Haven’t made use of my big oven or stove best given that this arrived. Adore the shade – fantastic compliment to my kitchen. It did arrive on a thursday missing the bake tray. Thanks to ashley, amazon cs and joe from kings provider i had the tray by the adhering to tuesday. Terrific shopper service and communication from both. Contrary to some reviews, experienced no scent from the oven the 1st go close to. Fits on that distinctive place on the countertop. Really roomy inside of cooking spot. In the method of adapting all my recipes for use in this toaster oven.Here are the specifications for the Kings Brand 6-Slice Toaster Oven- Toasts Bakes Broils Grills Roasts & Warming Oven:

  • Kings Brand Red 6-Slice Toaster Oven- Toasts Bakes Broils Grills Roasts & Warming Oven.
  • It does all this in little space on the countertop (yet it’s big enough for a 12″ pizza or 4-lb. roast or chicken): Simple knob controls for easy operation
  • Set the temperature-up to 450° F, Timer-up to 60-minutes or stay-on, Oven function-keep warm, broil, toast and bake
  • Tempered glass door lets you keep an eye on the food cooking. Includes an enameled steel tray and chromed wire rack. 1300 watts
  • Tray and rack is dishwasher safe. 19 1/2″ l x 10″ H x 14″ D

Good visual appearance, has held up nicely in my travels. It labored effectively for about the 1st year, at which stage the ‘toaster’ perform stopped doing work. So i use ‘bake’ when i require to ‘toast. ‘ if not very delighted with this order, and would have presented four-5 stars if the toaster function hadn’t long gone out. I the moment baked brownies in it properly, and have utilised it to prepare dinner quite a few meals rather than heat up the whole massive oven for minimal outdated me.

Kings brand red 6-slice toaster oven. I seriously like the dark red toaster oven. It matches my other dark red appliances in the kitchen. It is really very + heats up tremendous fast & i preserve a lot of electrical power utilizing it. I have finished numerous casseroles, baked potatoes~i have not turned on my oven due to the fact i got it. I can line up six slices of bread much too, speedier than the toaster. I really recommend it & advise amazon for the rapidly shipping.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The good and the bad
  • Kings Brand Red 6-Slice Toaster Oven
  • Very efficient and accommodates my pizza binges!

Obtained this one particular to swap an growing old toaster oven built by oster. I bought it principally due to its color and retro-search, as the kitchen in my house has classic appliances and carried out up in a 50’s diner glance – necessary the red. The fantastic – the dimension, rate, it arrived in excellent condition, and all of the controls seem to be to operate. It is not insulated at all and get incredibly incredibly hot. Certainly, there is a sticker on the leading that warns of this, but the oster it changed hardly ever bought so scorching that to contact the exterior risked burns. This burn up chance is multiplied by the rack, which does not pull out really straightforward. The oster had a lever/hook attachment on the door, when the doorway was opened the rack would slide out with it, generating it simple and secure to take out the meals. This one has no this kind of mechanism, and the rack does not slide effortless, so having in there to pull it out is dangerous.

Attractive red toaster oven. . This toaster oven is applied nearly every working day and for so several unique products from baking to broiling.

As marketed and delivered on time. . You have to have lots of counter house for this dimension.

This oven appears actually cool and preforms quite well. It requirements a ton extra supervision than my prior toaster ovens. It will make croutons out of toast if you really don’t check out it thoroughly-it is very speedy,which is a beneficial. In simple fact, i imagine the speed it toast will differ dependent upon the degree you have the ‘baking’ temperature set to. Over-all i like it for the rate, but i really don’t like that you have to eliminate the rack to insert the baking sheet and vice versa. It does not have a defrost selection which i loved in the earlier and it is really much too smaller to set a tiny frozen pizza in. I generally use my toaster oven as an added oven to cook dinner dishes at thanksgiving/christmas. This will be the litmus test as to no matter whether i hold it or acquire a thing else.

Had this for about a year now and i enjoy it. I have had this for about a yr now and i adore it. They designed the toaster massive more than enough to get a good sized pizza but did not extent the rack to go all the way back again. I have had to cleanse pizza from the bottom rear of the toaster twice soon after the crust collapsed and dumped the topping down the again inside of of the oven.

It does not do the career rapidly ample. When u consider broiling a thing, it just dries out the bread and the cheese for illustration but it does not broil it.

The rack is weak it will not maintain up major pans, not adequate assist within on the sides. Indeed, its very hot on the outside the house, i use the prime for keeping meals warm. I bought it for the dimensions then the color. I would not propose purchasing this brand. , hopefully it lasts as long as my ge did.

A toaster, broiler, baker, and grill. My spouse made a decision to re-beautify her kitchen in red. This not only aids do that, but appears to be excellent in the kitchen – whilst performs the 4 positions of making toast, serving as a grill, to bake, and use as a grill. The downside of it is that the crumb tray is missing. I tried out contacting the vendor via the amazon approach, to inquire for the crumb tray somewhat than sending the total item back for a alternative. But have not read from them nonetheless. We are likely to try out obtaining a crumb tray that can be utilised with this item at a thrift store or flea sector. Are not able to complain about the product other than that.

Extremely economical and accommodates my pizza binges. This is a pretty pleasant toaster oven. I examine a whole lot of grievances about men and women having to look at their toast so it would not burn up. These individuals have some concerns in my belief. Every person should really watch their toast, even in a standard toaster, since if it gets caught it can begin a hearth. Do they have anyone else butter it for them also?. Sure, this is a fast-paced earth, but sometimes it is really a fantastic plan to sluggish down and enable the meals settle ahead of jumping into the traffic on the interstate. I have put a total sized pizza into this toaster oven and it did a excellent work.

Obtained this as a present for my mom. The recommendations are obvious and concise. She has mainly used this oven to reheat leftovers, bake frozen biscuits, bake the pilsbury/toll-property cookies. My mom has told me repeatly that she enjoys this toaster oven. I rcomend this product for gift supplying or for on your own.

I purchased this toaster oven for it can be size and shade (all our smaller appliances are dim red). The colour properly matches kitchen aid’s typical ‘imperial red’ color. It can be quite critical to let it run for fifteen minutes (as per directions) before cooking or toasting everything for the to start with time. It launched some smoke, but this was ordinary and never transpired again. It was truly worth it, for the reason that almost everything we have performed cooks wonderful and rapid. Toasts bread quite evenly far too. If you are toasting four slices or a lot less, place them in the center a bit closer to the left side, so they toast a lot more evenly. Normally takes about five to six minutes for a wonderful even toast. If you use the ‘stay on’ handle for toasting or cooking, there will not likely be any ticking appears, which at 1st requires some having utilized to.

It’s smaller, it receives the work done, it really is will get a little hot but use your pot holders and there is no difficulty and it truly is red. When the timer goes off it shuts itself off so you you should not have to fret about falling asleep though cooking (whilst i never suggest it). I like it and i really like the coloration.

Substantial enought for casserole bakeware and a six muffin tin. Looks to do a better occupation baking than my stove oven.

Sorry i took soooo prolonged in evaluate but was ready for my cataract surgery whichwas a good results my new vizion is now 20/twenty five practically perfect. Anywhoo this product or service is thoroughly perfect at any time manner on the oven operates just perctectly. Many thanks once again for a excellent solution that truly is effective.

I am truly energized about this toaster oven. I am in the process of redecorating my kitchen area and arrived throughout this a single. I like the warming attribute on the leading. It is compact but get the career completed in no time. I am not a bread eater, but will make waffles from time to time, so this toaster in excess of comes in helpful.

This a person is (literally) a hot choice. Following four a long time of daily use, this toaster oven burned by itself up. It did its position, but i wouldn’t obtain it once again it is not insulated, and all surfaces get really sizzling. The oven take care of is especially difficult — why is this section permitted to get so scorching?.On the furthermore facet, it does have a roomy interior, and the red color appears excellent. In addition to its absence of insulation, the toast operate is incredibly slow, and the manage knobs appear free on occaision. The replacement oven i acquired as the successor to this 1 expenses 3 occasions as a great deal, but i don’t normally have to get worried about burning myself on the door manage.

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven – I love this little oven

Excellent products for day-to-day use. . 1st a single lasted about four yrs of daily use, and two moves. It got knocked close to the last shift, and was noisy, but lasted one more year. Rotisserie option is effective fantastic and will make delicious hen.

The only flaw i can come across is that it claims a nine x thirteen pan will in shape and that isn’t genuine. I specifically purchased nine x 13’s and now i have 3 much more pans i’ll in no way use.

I was a minimal anxious when i rented an apt with no oven i like to cook. I did my study and this oven was effectively received, appeared simple ample to use and arrived with numerous inserts (like a chicken rotisserie, cookie sheets, and many others). I have to say, i am pleasantly shocked. It heats up very quickly so by the time i have a meal prepared to set in the oven it is prepared to go. It has bake, broil, convection, and rotisserie choices. I have used 3 of the four and looking ahead to trying the other 1. When i go i prepare to retain this oven as a next oven for meal events and getaway cooking. It is really a fantastic acquire for the price tag. My only warning is that it gets definitely scorching – all above, in all places (apart from the doorway tackle).Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Extra large capacity fits tw 12 inch pizzas, two 9×13 casseroles or two cakepans.
  • Includes two cooking racks, two baking pans, broiler racks and rotisserie accessories.
  • Bake and broil with two hour timer settings.
  • Revolving rotisserie meat self bastes as it turns-fits a 5lb chicken.
  • Convection setting bakes faster and more evenly than traditional oven.

I like this counter leading oven except for a single minimal element. . I like that i can prepare dinner two dishes at the exact same time, a great deal of space for casserols etcetera. The convection and rotisserie is a great addition. The only issue i have is that the door has just just one hinge on a single side instead of one particular on every single side. I just experienced to discard my other counter top oven ( an additional brand) since the hinge ( a single on just one side) broke and the door did not remain closed. I am amazed that hamilton beach will save dollars on this kind of little , but important, facts when earning such a terrific small appliance. Now when i am conscious of what can come about with oven doorways that have a single hinge on one particular side, i am pretty cautious by no means to allow the door go down devoid of holding it all the way down. I continue to will endorse this great counter leading oven for all type of uses. I have a smaller kitchen so i have mine on top of my microwave oven. It works excellent simply because the oven has large ‘feet’ so it is not touching the microwave at all besides for the compact ‘feet’.

Excellent measurements for loaves of bread.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Small enough to fit on a countertop, large enough to be useful
  • Mothers little helper Counter top Oven
  • Handy convenient and economical

The rotisserie will work fantastic and really does hold a 5 lb hen. The inside of has significant capability even so i am nevertheless working with finding modified to the dial timer and controls. Cooking frozen goods these as chicken wings and fries takes some tweaking. You have to observe your foodstuff and make changes to your liking. It does make toast just require to enjoy your temperature. It cooks pizza and actually does hold two twelve inch. Overall you can possibly more than prepare dinner or less than cook dinner your foods, you just have to learn how to use it. It does acquire up a excellent total of space on the counter too.

Moms minor helper counter leading oven. This minor oven is a real helperyou never ever have to bend around a incredibly hot residence stove of fuel or electric and no mice can climb in it and reside it. As you guessed we have some mice. Bakes shrimp on 350 for close to thirty-35 minutes or so but 375 for 20-twenty five minutes we like. The top secret is if you want to cook dinner for a longer time established it on a decreased temperature like 350 but if you want it on a larger 375 then prepare dinner for less time like 20-25 nevertheless make confident you change around atleast once.

I was anxious when i purchased it that it would just take up as well significantly room in my small kitchen. I made the decision to just take the possibility, and i am delighted i did. I have employed it day by day given that i been given it. It does a wonderful work, despite the fact that, i bought this for compact meals i have discovered i use it for all the things i anxious that it would be much too scorching to use on my counter leading but it hasn’t been a dilemma in fact the counter underneath stays interesting to the touch. It does get quite very hot on the major and sides. In general i am delighted with this acquire, i won’t be able to discuss to how lengthy it might past since i have had it significantly less than a thirty day period. I haven’t employed a 9×13 inch pan still but i rarely believe you could use a single that had any helper handles.

We ordered this item as we were wanting for a convection toaster oven that would in shape 2 pizzas. The item is equally as marketed, on the other hand we are upset in its cooking success. We have uncovered that the oven does not prepare dinner two pizzas evenly. When two pizzas are in, the best pizza cooks a golden brown crust and cheese gets quite brown, nonetheless the bottom one’s crust has some mush and the cheese is undercooked. Identical issue has transpired to two different forms of frozen pizzas. To get even cooking the pizzas have to be switched fifty percent-way through which is not uncomplicated and is an inconvenience. We have cooked a modest rooster (not on rotisserie) and the conclusion success had been satisfying. Another disappointment is that the oven rattles and the oven will get very hot to the contact on the outdoors. I would say the oven is sold for individuals who don’t want to spend shut to $one hundred or far more for a toaster oven and usually are not heading to be cooking two pizzas at when.

But it’s not as quickly-heating as some other. It really is big for a ‘toaster oven’, and which is terrific. But it really is not as speedy-heating as some other rivals, and it is really pretty awful at broiling (owing to fairly few top rated elements). Nonetheless, it is roomy, and you can deal with this as a bona fide oven without having heating up the whole property. The convection admirer is noisy.

I’m in adore with this oven, does all the things i need to have in a speedy and uncomplicated to use measures. Obtaining enjoyable learning about convection cooking and with our substantial oven heading out last month, we use this for every little thing i cook dinner or bake. I’ll be buying additional pans this 7 days, this oven has put me back in the kitchen area, and it was so incredibly well worth every single penny.

Awesome – this has replaced the oven in my apt. This this is good – it has completely replaced the oven in my apartment. I can make something in below and it cooks quickly and evenly. A 9′ x 13′ casserole dish fits effortlessly. I have designed everything from pizza to hen to cakes in this oven and i’ve by no means experienced any problems. Two items to be aware: the unit is a minimal massive so be ready to give up a lot of counter space or have a seperate cart for it. Also, the outside the house gets incredibly sizzling. Like it will burn up you if you touch it form of scorching so you have to have to be thorough. As considerably as effectiveness, this matter can’t be conquer.

I like it, i are unable to say plenty of about it. I love it, i are unable to say enough about it. I use it every day to reheat still left overs especially meats simply because they will taste contemporary again verses microwave, i cook quick frozen meals, toast bread , and i use it a great deal to maintain meals warm that i have cooked on the stove like if meat is finished just before sides and veggies or vise versa, or if some meat is done whilst the rest is continue to cooking. I love it so much that i bought this exact same correct 1 for my sister as a household warming gift and she and her youngsters appreciate it. So numerous of my friends see how a lot i use it and what i use it for and they want a single. Now it is massive and all sides do get really incredibly hot so make sure you put it in a awesome place wherever you will never accidentally contact it since if you do, it will damage.

Out of the box this went right to perform. In good shape effectively on our counter and is quite a stable piece. Cooks small products just as anticipated and the racks and pans are incredibly useful. We haven’t utilized the rotisserie nevertheless but how usually does that definitely come up?. The analog timer and temp controls are high-quality, just wishing they have been digital. And there isn’t really a true temp gauge that tells you what it at this time is, just what it can be meant to be. Maybe i’m around thinking the use of this machine a little bit, but it appears to be like that kind of tech would not truly include to the expense any. Beyond that, the only thing i am not much too fond of is the rattle when the convection supporter is operating.

This is the best toaster oven i have at any time used. We have a further brand at residence and it can take an engineering degree and a magnifying glass to work that just one. But this is large, basic to use, and does a excellent job on every little thing so far. I have not attempted the rotisserie, but everything comes out perfect.

I are not able to say adequate great items about this oven. I are unable to say enough good factors about this oven. It is fairly substantial, but it does every little thing i need to have it to. I no extended use my fuel driven oven (standard gasoline stove) , as this oven is far more efficient, and much easier to use.

Useful easy and cost-effective. My complete sized array died four decades ago. I can not pay for to switch it. I have been utilizing counter top rated appliances sine then. Two months back i ordered this product. For the to start with time in four years i really feel that i have a serious oven. The temperature may well not be specifically dead on – but new flash individuals that is genuine of just about every and just about every oven i have applied in forty plus years of baking. For about $five you can choose up an oven thermometer at the hardware keep and be incredibly precise, or spend focus to the time it requires to complete what you are cooking & master to adjust you cooking instances. I do consider that this has a relatively exact thermostat by the way. A loaf of bread bakes in about 45 minutes at 350f – which is how i have baked a loaf of bread due to the fact my 1st attempt in 1971.

I obtained this oven a very little around a thirty day period in the past. I have baked from scratch in it. And, i finaly received brave ample to attempt my very first rotisserie rooster. I am extremely happy with it and would recommend it to everyone. I strategy to do ribs on the rotisserie following. Get one, have some funupdate: 4/27/2013 nicely, i created the ribs. I also utilised the rotisserie to make just hen breast. I utilized two big breast with bone in. I seasoned them and tied them together on the skewers.

Experienced this oven considering the fact that might of 2012 and continue to really like it. I use it mostly on bake manner. I have had this oven considering the fact that might of 2012 and nonetheless really like it. I use it primarily on bake manner and do pizza, casseroles, baked items, toast, heat ups, etc. Resolved not to use the rotisserie as that has to mess up the inside. I wrap the detachable base tray in aluminum foil and switch that when spills happen. It does get warm on the prime and sides, so make guaranteed you have house all-around it and higher than it. I preserve considering of purchasing yet another for when this just one dies, but it is really operating fantastically even now following about three several years. Enjoy it – and saves me a massive sum on the electrical power bill not acquiring to use the standard oven.The only damaging is if you have two items likely on both cabinets.

A excellent compact oven for those who you should not want to use a typical a person each and every day. Though it is a little bit greater than i envisioned, it even now saves a whole lot more energy than the standard ovens. The double racks are one of my favored features, preserving a great deal of cooking time by becoming capable to include things like at least two dishes at the moment. It is ideal for pizza, primarily since, all over again, you can bake two at a time. One more excellent characteristic is the two-hour timer, enabling extended cooking situations without the need of us getting to go reset the timer immediately after an hour, which is the usual amount of money of time in these sorts of ovens.

Excellent merchandise for a superior selling price. Solution arrived early, and was in perfect condition. I was astonished that the unit was more time than the a person i experienced before and i adore it. It truly fits a 9×13 pan. I checked all the elements and the rotisserie and all are in perfect functioning get. Terrific product for studio residences that haven’t acquired an oven. Trace for anybody that buys this, bake cakes in a bundt pan, it bakes correctly.