Jura-Capresso 13548 Impressa J6 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center – outstanding service and great java

You can read all those long, verbose and highly informative reviews and they will not convey very much more than my relatively succinct review, which is to wit: the j6 is simply perfection. My first capresso was a refurbished f7, also purchased from 1st in coffee, which i have decided to replace after constant, trouble-free use over a five to six year period. Although the f7 still makes an impeccable cup, i thought it was time to replace it with the recent purchase of the j6, which i feel is a more refined and feature laden f7. Finally, two things: mr smith at 1st in coffee is knowledgeable and helpful; and the the reviewer who thought the j6 did not heat the coffee sufficiently must like it scalding like that served at fast food dumps. Did he preheat the cup with the steamer?. Do not use oily beans as it affects the brewing capabilities of the machine. If you do set the grind on the coarsest setting. Also, it helps if after removing the drip and ground trays if you will reach inside the vacated area, turning one finger upward and remove any remnant grounds on the surface of the round part which your finger will without doubt make contact. This info is not contained in the manual, but it seems that this is standard protocol amongst jura reps for issues which might be resolved with this simple method. Ask them if you do not believe me.

Easy to use, make the most delicious coffee drinks. Would definitely recommend getting one to all coffee lovers. No need for starbucks anymore.

We had one of these at work, and i fell in love. I bought one as a daily deal / refurbished model. It was the only way to get one in my price range. I am so glad i saw that deal and didn’t buy another model, because the coffee that this machine makes is fantastic. We use it for espresso, coffee, lattes and tea. We have had no problems with this unit. We maintain it with the manufacturers cleaning tablets and descaling tablets.

After two years of daily use, typically 10 cups, it’s still running excellent. After a couple minutes startup and rinse, for the rest of the day it will grind and brew a world class cup of coffee in about 1 minute.

We purchased this to replace our bunn machine in our office. It serves around 10-15 people daily and has been going non-stop. Great coffee, the problem now is i need one for home.

I bought this at c o s t c o o n s a l e for #1199. 99 but i took it back because my magnifica by delonghi is far better. I only wish there was a way to run direct water flow into these so the reservior is always full. The coffee bean chamber is pretty small too.

  • Easy to use, great coffee and espresso
  • the Jura makes great coffee!
  • Beautiful and works great

Easy to use once you learn about the machine’s do’s and don’ts. Hot water spigot didn’t work upon setup but made great coffee/espresso. Customer service immediately sent a new machine with prepaid return postage for original unit without any questions.

Has worked perfectly and loyally for more than 7 years. The only issue is the manual frother which is flawed by design and pops out often. Otherwise excellent machine.

We had a gaggia for about 5 years that made good coffee but was loud, really loud, so we decided that the next machine had to be quiet and make great coffee. We have now had the jura j6 for 7 months and just love the machine; it is super-quiet and makes outstanding coffee (on the same level as what you get at a good coffee house). We did not buy the machine in amazon because they did not have the option to buy a refurbished machine, so we went elsewhere. The refurbished machine is about $1,000, a significant savings. The only difference is that you get a 1-year guarantee from jura. As others have said, the setup is simple. Contrary to what others have said, i did not find the top buttons confusing. You do have to read the manual. Cleaning the machine is also easy.

I never think that this coffee center was what it is, make incredible coffees every time. Great machine, great service, good price , prompt delivery. I am really happy with this, thank you.

This is the best investment we have made in an appliance in years. The machine makes excellent coffee and we won’t use anything else. However, after 6 months of owning the j6 capresso, the burr grinder stopped grinding the beans. The grinder would run but the beans would not feed into the grinder. We cleaned the machine several times and still did not work. By the way, we only use illy beans sold at sur la table. We did not use flavored or oily beans ever. We returned the machine and sur la table graciously exchanged it for a new j6 capresso. Last night the issue repeated itself and we returned it again to sur la table; however, they no longer carry the j6 and now just have a j9 for $1,000 more than the j6. Now we are stuck calling the manufacturer.

Features of Jura-Capresso 13548 Impressa J6 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center, Piano Black

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  • Automatic coffee and espresso center grinds, tamps, and brews in under 60 seconds
  • Built-in 6-setting conical burr grinder; 15-bar pump; 1450-watt stainless-steel-lined Thermoblock system
  • Manual/auto frothers; 6 pre-programmed beverage buttons; 11 programming options; LED display
  • 71-ounce removable water tank; 9-ounce bean container; pre-ground coffee funnel; dual coffee spouts; water filter
  • Measures 16-1/2 by 11 by 13-1/4 inches; 2-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
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It is exactly what we wanted. Little smaller than we had that was built in at our previous kitchen but easy to fill, easy to clean an makes very good coffee.

The coffee even with regular coffee is far superior than from previous coffee-machines that we had previously. I like that it comes with a dvd explaining everything and all the kit that enables us to use it in many different ways (i. The grinder can be bypassed, so already ground coffee that you might not want to bin can be used up). Also, we like the different options for making a latte or cappucino.

I love the jura impressa j6 and have been using it at least twice a day for over two years. Pros:pulls the perfect espressomakes a great lattebrews good coffeeeverything is frothyautomatic cleaning cycleseasy to remove drip/grounds traystylish lookscons:not for causal coffee drinkersoutside gets dirty fastdoesn’t brew very hot coffeeshouldn’t use oily beansautomatic cleaning cyclesneeds filters and cleaning tabletscoffee is only ‘good’lots of rules to followagain, i love this machine. It’s made me an espresso snob and instead of helping me cut back on starbucks, i drink more coffee all the time. In my opinion, the jura impressa j6 brews the perfect espresso, every time. If that’s what you’ve been searching for, buy this machine now without giving it a second thought. If you’re primarily a coffee drinker, think twice. If you’ve never ground your own beans and store your favorite flavored pre-ground coffee in the freezer, stop reading now and look somewhere else. This is not the machine for you. At most, it makes two cups at a time, and compared to what you’re probably already drinking, it’s kinda weak and won’t brew you a full pot. It’s not for coffee drinkers that drown their drink in cream and sugar to get rid of that ‘bitter’ coffee taste.

Our 7 year-old f7 was accidentally knocked off the office kitchen counter and crashed on the floor. 🙁 i did my research and decided on this j6 model because it is made in switzerland, it has a good sized water reservoir, and has a lot of features to customize your coffee/espresso. It arrived on time and set-up went fairly smoothly. (i had to call jura for help during the initial steps and they walked me through what to do when their instruction manual didn’t help. They stayed on the phone with me and were very helpful. ) it looks really nice on the counter, not as boxy as the picture. It’s running perfectly and we are very happy with it.

Never going to starbucks again.

Folks, the jura capresso j6 is my fourth espresso machine, and without question, the very best. Most recently i’ve owned the la pavoni club combo and nuova simonelli’s oscar — good, durable machines, well made, and both operated successfully for about ten years. The jura, however, is light years ahead in every way: for starters, the machine design is beautiful, and the operation, once you master the basic buttons, is dead simple. One of my early favorite features is refilling the water tank — no more sliding bulky machines out from under cabinetry, or trying to refill reservoirs with a measuring cup or pitcher and spilling water. The jura’s side-mount, large reservoir can be removed and refilled in seconds. No more grinding and tamping coffee either — just put about 1/4 pound of beans in the jura’s hopper, close the lid, and off you go. I was up and running on the jura in about 20 minutes out of the box, sipping the best espresso, while perusing the handy online instruction manual. During the ‘warm-up’ period i pulled multiple espresso shots and the jura is very, very fast. I also made a few ‘americanos’ but to me the coffee was a bit weak, so i may try adjusting the grind a bit for a stronger cup.

Automatic coffee and espresso center grinds, tamps, and brews in under 60 seconds

I’ve had this machine for about a week, and bought it at my local sur le table store. This was my first automatic machine and i am still totally freaked out at how expensive they are. That being said, the machine makes amazing coffee. It’s also really cool to make tea and hot soup with the hot water feature. The machine works well overall (knock on wood) and i expect to keep getting amazing coffee for years to come. Update:i’ve now had the machine for two years and it is still going strong. Be sure to use the cleaning tablets regularly. I also have been using the filter (buying more at sur le table and sometimes on amazon). Except for the fact i put the wand in the garbage disposal once, oops.

This machine replaced a spidem divina. Although the divina made good coffee, it was very temperamental and required numerous calls for on the phone repair. The jura was twice the price and well worth it. We have not had one problem and love the coffee. I whole heartedly recommend this machine, you won’t be sorry. We purchased from a brick and mortar sur la table store. They said if there is ever any problem, just return and they would replace if they were unable to diagnose the problem. But, as i said, not one issue.

Due to the high price i checked many reviews on many sites and most brands had specific problems or limitations. The jura was consistently rated highly with few problems. When spending $1500+ i didn’t want a machine that was going to break down after a few months. I have now had this machine for about 6 months and have had no problems except a minor one explained below. First the goodvery easy set up. I was up and going in about 30 minutes after opening the box and making sure all the parts and pieces were included. The machine is pretty idiot proof. It tells you when to add water, when to add coffee beans, when to run the cleaning cycle, when to decalcify, and when to dispose the used grounds. The burr grinder is fairly quiet and has run without clogging. You do have to be careful not to use beans that are too oily but if they are all you have to do is let them sit for about 5 hours before using.

We have gone through 3 grind-and-brew style coffee makers in the last 3 years. They all stopped functioning or started leaking. Extensive research and $400 off the sticker price led me to the jura impressa j6. Less than ten minutes out of the box, we were enjoying the finest cup of coffee produced in our house. In the two weeks since that first cup, we are marveling at how spectacularly better a cup of coffee is when properly brewed. I had always thought if you kept your beans vacuum sealed up to the point of grinding, you were going to get the best cup of joe possible. Well, you can banish that thought forever. The j6 grinds the beans then tamps them right before brewing, and the flavor extraction is far beyond that of mortal brewers. Two design features make this the perfect purchase. 1 you can fill both the water tank and the bean receptacle without having to move the machine from under the cabinets.]

Built-in 6-setting conical burr grinder; 15-bar pump; 1450-watt stainless-steel-lined Thermoblock system

Manual/auto frothers; 6 pre-programmed beverage buttons; 11 programming options; LED display

71-ounce removable water tank; 9-ounce bean container; pre-ground coffee funnel; dual coffee spouts; water filter

DeLonghi ECAM23450SL Superautomatic Espresso Machine, Just wonderful. We

Easy to use, easy to clean, all around fabulous. I used to think i only liked coffee in europe. Now i have european coffee at home. Requires a bit more care than a drip machine, but boy is it worth it.I’ve had this machine for 4 months now and i highly recommend it. Most difficult part is descaling, which needs to be done about once every 2 months. The descaling process is mostly automatic: pour in the descale solution, add water, push ‘confirm’ and off it goes. Rest of cleanup is a snap, and mostly involves emptying the grounds. I bought this for the milk container which can be removed and placed in the refrigerator, but the machine over-all is really easy to use. If i had to find a complaint it’s the noise the thing makes, but it’s really not an issue.

Just received the espresso machine and i love it. It’s sleek and compact compared to a lot of other machines i’ve seen and the outer stainless silver is gorgeous. The push button cappuccino, latte and espresso/coffee options make it easy to make my coffee. Just push the button and in a few seconds you have a piping hot cup. Hot water dispenses quickly, just replace the milk container with the hot water dispenser and you get hot water for tea or cocoa. Overall i highly recommend this for anyone looking for a high quality super automatic espresso machine.

For as long as i can remember i’ve always wanted a super automatic espresso machine, i’m not a fan of the hassle and mess of traditional espresso makers. For many years i settled for the very good mr. Coffee cafe latte maker, but still hoped for a super auto. Delonghi has a great name and reputation so about 6 months ago i decided to go for it. The first thing to know about these machines is that it takes some trial and error to make the perfect cup, hopefully this review will help you save some of that effort. As others have noted super auto’s don’t always make a hot cup of coffee with the first cup. There are some programable settings which will help, but after trying various tricks (like pre-cleaning the milk frothing mechanism to warm up the internals) in the end i now simply turn the unit on and walk away for a while (5-10 min’s), giving the machine time to warm up. I also warm up my cup on the built in cup warmer which really works well. Do yourself a favor and get a bodum bistro double wall mug, you’ve already spent this much, why not go all in, you won’t regret it (unless you drop the mug which won’t survive). The magnifica s comes pre-programmed to make a cappuccino with the touch of a single button, but despite being in the product name making a latte is not as straight forward.

Key specs for DeLonghi ECAM23450SL Superautomatic Espresso Machine, Silver:

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  • Compact size yet maintains all the features of our full-size automatic machines
  • Conveniently use tap water with the built-in water filtration system
  • Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the patented single touch hot milk system; simply slide the milk tank onto front of the machine clean button makes it easy to maintain
  • MAINTENANCE: De’Longhi machines require half the cleaning time of other brands, unlike competitor machines, which require chemical cleaning tablets monthly.
  • Saves up to 77-percent energy with energy-saving switch
  • Utilize De’Longhi’s specialized call center for help in setting up and maintaining your machine at 866-528-8323 (LatteBest).

Comments from buyers

“Excellent re-design
, Fantastic coffee
, This is a great machine for home use.

After living with a jura ena 3 for 9 years, found i could not afford a newer jura. This one works great very easy to clean and use. Requires decalcifying frequently, but supplies do not seem as much as jura. We make at least 6 cappuccinos a day.

Makes a great espresso or cappuccino at the touch of a button and users can easily select intensity options as well as adding preground. You can adjust temperature of brew. Gives that nice creme you want to achieve wiyh espresso. Milk frother allows users to set foam specifics and easy to use. Every once in awhile the grinder alert indicates that beans need to be added to hopper. Usually just open and move the beans around a bit. Cleanup is a snaponly real complaint is system doesn’t detect beans and water levels when it starts a cycle such as cappuccino and will stop mid-cycle. Adding water/beans during interrupted cycle doesn’t allow push of button to resume. Buttons on control panel have multiple functions, therefor making it more difficult for new users.

Took a little trial and error to figure out my perfect brew, but now yum. Frother works greatnnwatch out for too oily beans.

Have had little issues where the beans are not being fed in by themselves so i just had to push them into the grinder with my hand. The coffee is good as is the cappuccino.

I am a bit of coffee snob, my main machine is cellini rocket. I got used magnifica s for a price i couldn’t refuse. Because i am a bit of repair-man and i like to know my toys inside-out i completely disassembled and re-assembled the machine, replaced any old rubber seals for new, cleaned everything etc. First the taste: i can still pull better tasting espresso drink from cellini, but that should be no surprise. However this is mostly due to the years i had been making coffee, adjusting the grinder for each type of beans, learning the correct tap etc. The magnifica itself makes still a very good coffee but the biggest plus is the speed and the taste consistency. In fact since i’ve got the magnifica, i use it every morning and use my real espresso machine only on weekends now when there is more time. As for newcomers expecting starbucks type of drinks this is definitely not it. Magnifica makes an european sized cappuccino, not a bucket of latte. The machine has an extra opening for pre-ground coffee, but don’t use very fine espresso grind – that may be too much for this machine.

Initial impression is very good. I am still trying the perfect grind setting to get that great flavor from lavazza super crema whole bean espresso. The frother right out of the box is great and makes great cappuccinos. And it fits right under my kitchen cabinets.Has dual boiler and almost all the features of a $3000 machine in a much smaller footprint. Has auto cleaning of spouts every time you turn it on and off. Will update after few weeks of experience with this italian ‘home barista’updatei have now used this machine to serve cappuccinos at a small party at my home and it made 9 drinks without a hiccup one after another. The grind setting i like is between 2 and 3. I keep the froth setting closer to 3 but not max. 25 inchesthick at best; enthusiasts might wanna try manual milk frothing at a dedicated steam vent (this machine does’nt have it) for a thickerfoamed milk. So far i am happy with my purchase and highly recommend this to anyone who just wants plain coffee, espresso andcappuccinos. Other drinks can be made with more hassle. Since i love cappuccinos and it has a dedicated button for it, i can’t ask for a better machine for a little over $1200. One caveat: this machine is only good if you follow its cleaning instructions and clean its frothing unit periodically( i clean once a week but if you make several drinks a day you are looking at more frequent cleaning ).

We bought this delonghi a year ago so we’ve pretty well got to know it by now. At first we were thrilled to have such a convenient machine – after fiddling with different grind settings and beans we settled on what we felt was best for us. But there were a few problems:a) after a few months we noticed beans stopped falling into the grinder and we’d have to manually jiggle them around during the grinding process or else the grinder would whir with no beans and the resulting cup would be pitifully weak. Sometimes they dropped, sometimes not – not giving them a jiggle was risky as you might your waste time as well as some beans. I called delonghi, and after a 30-min wait or so got a service rep. Went over everything in detail with her; she kept insisting we much be using oily beans – we weren’t. She said she’d send a service email for me to send info for them to confirm he unit is still under warranty (2 years; it is) – said that two days ago and still no email. So i took matters into my own hands and did what some folks said they did to their saeco when it didn’t feed beans – i removed the little plastic cover over the grinder – even with this removed there is no risk of sticking one’s fingers into the grinder – it is too far down and the opening is still too small. Now the beans feed without a hitch – the grinding throws some bean fragments upwards, just enough to move the beans near the opening, prompting them to fall in. I think the problem before is that there was a small opening (with the ‘guard’) in place so that 2-3 beans might get jammed between the bottom of the bean container and the top of the ‘guard’.

We, both have 3 cappuccino coffees every morning. We don’t have to stop at starbucks in the morning any longer.

Once the short learning curve is done, it’s very easy to turn or push the knob to get to whatever brew you desire. It’s great having the separate milk container that can go right in the fridge after use. The water reservoir is clear and on the outside, so you can see just how much water is left. It’s very easy to pull out and refill. You can replace the milk container with a tap, so you can get instant hot water should you prefer tea. It’s a great size for our counter – not too large and not too small – attractive design as well. When we first used the machine, the default settings were not quite warm enough, but it was easy to go into the settings and increase the temperature. The only reason i gave this a 4-star instead of a 5-star, was that i can’t make the coffee settings lighter.

I chose this machine because of the reviews i read on amazon. It works quickly and efficiently. My only complaint is that it seems to need a little help to get the beans down to the grinder. It is working better now than it did when i first got the machine but i still have to watch it to make sure the beans go down the shoot. It is a small price to pay for excellent espresso quick and easy.

This machine would be perfect if the grinder worked better. The whole beans do not go down the grinder easily if the are of the oily espresso type.

Everything it was supposed to be and it works perfect.

Outstanding quality of the machine and precise delivery schedule from amazon.

Good product but coffee is not so hot as i would like.

I love our delonghi coffee machine and use all functions. It took me about a week to learn how to use it and prime it as recommended. I already did my first month maintenance and it didn’t take long following the instructions in the manual. We drink about 4 double extra strength coffees daily. It’s best if you use filtered water from your refrigerator when filling the water tank.

Very solid piece of equipment. Warms up quickly and is easy to use & clean.

Purchased about 3 years ago to replace older delonghi magnifica model (non-digital). I started out by buying a jura impressa from costco, but i ended up returning after a few days because the jura did not make as smooth and tasty cappuccino or latte as teh delonghi. So i paid a couple of extra hundred dollars and went for the new-at-the-time delonghi magnifica s. The pros of the delonghi magnifica s machine is that it brews delicious cups of coffee, and has so many adjustable functions that almost all users can tune it up to deliver the perfect cup of coffee. Having said that, i feel that it is important to point out a few issues:1-i have used the delonghi hundreds of times since purchase. Almost every morning we make lattes and almost every evening we make espressos. The main problem for us is that the delonghi does not make a hot-enough latte using this automated milk frothing system. We always end up microwaving the lattes for 30 seconds until the temperature is right. While this issue is annoying, it is not a terrible problem. Delonghi should be faulted for this shortsightedness.

This machine is replacing my first delonghi that i have had for 9 years. Sure hope this one last as long. Great latte machine i couldn’t be happier. I personal like hot froth can’t seam to find a way to make this hot enough for my liking, but that minor for me.

I don’t actually own this product myself, but i have a friend that does and i’ve used it on occasion. I look forward to going to their house just to brew myself a cup of coffee. This coffee maker is quite compact in size. And the best part, no coffee filter requiredpros: it is very easy to use. The first thing it does when you turn it on(and off) is it rinses the filters. After that, the screen shows you options to personalize the taste either: extra mild, mild, strong, extra strong or standard, as well as the amount you want which are: espresso, long, extra long or standard. There is also a dedicated button for cappuccino and hot water only. Coffee that is used during the brew is discarded into a pull-out tray in a disc shape form, making it easy to throw away. It notifies you when water is low, when coffee beans are low, and when the discard tray is full.

Milk would not froth enough for foam. Easy latte’s but hard to do cappuccino. Otherwise, excellent machine. Ended up returning and getting another delonghi with wand frother.

Makes great coffee and was able to configure it easily to make the kind of cappuccino i like. The look of the machine is clean and sleek and is a smaller footprint than previous machines i’ve owned. As others have mentioned, the only issue is the beans not sliding into the grinder at times. You have to keep an eye on it with oily beans. Overall i love the machine and quality of coffee drinks it makes.

Saeco Vienna Deluxe SuperAutomatic Espresso Coffee and Cappuccino Machine – This is so easy to use!!

When we received this saeco cappuccino machine in the mail, it came with dvd, instructions and extra parts included. It was extremely easy to set it up and within minutes of getting it set up, we were enjoying a fantastic cup of latte. We have owned an espresso machine in the past, but it was nothing like this one. It grinds, compresses and dispenses the espresso automatically and the frother has the milk steamed in about half the time of our old machine. The saeco machine is easy to clean and my husband loves to make the coffee in the morning now. I have had no difficulty with this machine at all. The only comment i have is that it would be even nicer if it was easy to switch from caffeinated to decaffeinated beans for those times when we’d like to brew a decaf cup.

I bought this machine not from amazon but from another place, but this machine paid for itself within months. No more frustrations at waiting in line at one of the over priced chain coffee shops and getting a bad drink at the end of the wait. This is simply awesome, no mess since it grinds, tamps and brews and stores the grounds that you can empty. This machine is going strong after 3 years. Those who complained that it broke down obviously did not know how to use it or treated it badly. I highly recommend it and have two more friends who are using it with great success.

This was my first purchase of a higher-end machine and i made the right choiceit makes better coffee then my local starbucks and is very easy to use. Here are the specifications for the Saeco Vienna Deluxe SuperAutomatic Espresso Coffee and Cappuccino Machine:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Rapid-Steam frothing and brewing without waiting or changing the temperature
  • Opti-Dose allows adjusting the coffee amount to be ground, from 6 to 9 grams
  • Removable brew group for easy rinsing; convenient swivel base
  • High-quality conical burr grinder delivers consistent, even, and fine grinding
  • Ships within US only; does not ship to Canada

It still woks well even though i have used it since 2007. It requires a hard decafinated french roast bean. It probably needs to be sent to the factory for refurbishing.

I ordered my machine from amazon and it arrived in early sept. Out of the box it was defective – water poured through the machine. The paperwork in the box indicated that i had to work directly with the manufacturer on returns. So i started the process with saeco usa. They are only open east coast hours, i am on the west coast. They rarely answer the phone – 9 out of 10 calls go to voicemail and are never returned. They promised to ship a repair part overnight – two weeks went by, no part, no call. Finally, i contacted amazon, who shipped me a new unit and i shipped back my defective one. The unit makes decent coffee – but you have to heat the milk before steaming or frothing – the machine doesn’t generate enough heat to convert cold milk to hot and steamy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It still woks well even though I have used it
  • Saeco espresso maker
  • Excellent machine

It’s so great to be able to make my latte before i leave the house. I don’t have to waste 15 minutes going to starbucks (except when i’m low on beans. ) a $10 bag will make many, many servings. Plus, this way i don’t have to worry about it being too weak, as sometimes happens. 15 minutes three times a week, 51 weeks out of the year = 38.

My first 1 lasted 5+ years, my second lasted 1 year. While disappointed, i still think this is a great machine.

Overall i am quite pleased with it, but make no mistake about it, you are spending $500+ for a small appliance. Pluses – makes consistently good tasting coffee – convenience of making coffee is simple as a push of 1 or 2 buttons and turning a dial. – no coffee filters to change – no beans to grind – relatively easy to clean (tip: buy citric acid from a nutrition store to clean/descale it). – conversation piece – not many people have such an expensive coffee machine. You will be surely asked how much it costs. – you will drink more coffee as another review states. This maybe a con?minuses – documentation is in many languages, sometimes hard to read. Go to the saeco web site and download the english only version pdf. , print it out for convenience. – you’ll buy more coffee beans as it loads dosages for each serving.

Makes one cup at a time at the push of a button (without wasteful coffee sitting in the coffee pot. Hardy and long lasting machine. A work horseunderstand the type of coffee you use with these machines. If using oily coffee, you must set the grinder to coarser setting; clean the brew group regularly and lubricate the brew group. Oily coffee pastes and causes stress on moving parts if not cleaned/maintained. This machine works best with true italian roast coffee as it does not paste so minimal maintenance. Descaling these machines is a must or it will result in component damage. Descale the machine every 3 months to remove calcium build-up ; coffee will also taste better and water flow will be much better.

This coffeemaker is amazing. The foam is wonderful and it has never let us down. Yes, it’s a bit noisy, but all of the automatic makers are noisy. Actually, it’s quieter than the delonghi that we got on sale from starbucks and which we use for decaf in the evenings. Anyway, my only grief is that it appears the rubber grommet that seals the bottom of the water tank may be failing. I don’t see parts listed for this maker on the saeco website so i don’t know what the future holds. But we are a busy, highly-wired coffee-drinking household so this machine has certainly done its duty and i’d recommend it to anyone.

My brother has one; he got it because my sister has one. . So i had to get one – and i love it. Great machine and easy to clean. I have to admit, though, after about a month of use and really loving the coffee, my wife asked me ‘is it worth the money?’. The cost of this machine is very high compared with your standard 10 cup brewer, but i love it. And if you can part with the $$, i’m sure you’d love it too.

This is the best coffee/espresso maker that i have ever owned and i just love this coffee/espresso maker. I’ve been to italy where i thought i had tasted the best espresso and this machine makes espresso as good as what i had in italyit is consistent every time in the espresso and the coffee that it makes. It has turned into a conversation piece when guests come to the house. Everyone is amazed at how simple it is to use. At the touch of a buttton, it will automatically grind your beans, tamp the ground coffee, make the espresso and expel the grinds. I’ve owned other espresso machines in the past and they usually ended up in the garage as they were too cumbersome to use. The ease of this machine has made it an asset in this household. Yes this machine is on the pricey side. But when you calculate how much you spend at your local starbucks or espresso bar in a year, this machine definitely pays for itselfi use this machine daily and have had no problems with it.

They were wonderful to deal with.

I used to be a tea drinker, but since the first week of september, i’ve been drinking 2 cappuccinos a daythe machine is so easy to use and takes. I had the ‘manual’ espresso machine. But i rarely used it since i could only make 2 cups at one time & it took 15 minutes to cool down & 5 minutes to clean. I admit, i watched the video that came with it, and i haven’t had a single problem. It came w/ a 1lb bag of lavazza oro (the gold bag). The only thing you may want to order is a stainless frothing pitcher. I agree with other posters that the machine is a bit big. In fact there’s just a few inches clearance from the cabinets above. However, since the entire thing rotates, it’s easy to load fresh water & beans. The size makes it an eye-catcher in my kitchen.

I did extensive research before purchasing this automatico. The machine makes about 10-12 cups of coffee or espresso a day. I do wish the water was just slightly warmer, however as long as you heat your cup first with hot water from sink or the machine the coffee will be very hot. I just empty the spent coffee and the waste water at the end of the day. In the morning i add fresh filtered water from the refrigerator. Once a week i take out the internal brewing gizmo (simple) and rinse it in hot water. I enjoy espressos frequently.

Well, i am on my third cup of delicious capuccino (can you tell how fast i’m typing?). I bought my vienna deluxe with some reservations because of the negative reviews of saeco’s customer service. Last night, ups arrived with my machine and i set it up. No matter what i tried i couldn’t get the machine pump to prime itself. I watched the video tape, i read the instructions, and nothing. I was really upset, and thought ‘great. I already have a problem and from what i’ve read in the reviews, customer service is bad. I looked up the saeco us website, no help there. I sent an email to customer support via the website, expecting that i wouldn’t get a speedy reply. This morning at 6:30 my time, i called the 800 customer service number that came with the machine (they were closed last night). On the second ring, a real person picked up.She immediately helped me and my machine is working fine.

We’ve had the machine for over 3 years and yes, we use it every day. That said, when you purchase a machine at this price, you expect it to perform over the long haul when it is used every day for only two people. We have used it at parties, perhaps 4 times in the three years we have it and only to make 6 – 8 capuccinos or espressos. Nonetheless, it no longer pressurizes (panel is no good). As perfect as the coffee is, we will be looking at other options.

We researched all the various machines and settled on a less expensive pod machine from another manufacturer. We found the pods difficult to find and the machine somewhat lacking. We returned that machine in a matter of days. Increasing our budget, we researched more espresso makers before finally purchasing the saeco vienna deluxe in january 2004. This machine has been a pleasure everyday since. The vienna deluxe is an easy machine to use. One should ensure there is cold filtered water in the reservoir, quality beans in the hopper, and room for discarded grounds in the bin below. Incidentally the used grounds are a benefit for gardens and lawns. The machine should be routinely cleaned to keep in good working order. Saeco created a machine that is relatively easy to clean and user friendly for the typical consumer.

After buying coffee makers sometimes twice per year, and given that my recent marriage created a ‘she likes her coffee very strong, and i like mine regular’ issue, i decided to invest the $600 in this machine. It is truly incredible (so far. We’ve had it for about 4 months now. The striking features are the ease of use, quickness of making a custom cup of coffee (less than a minute), and it’s heavy usage. We make 10-20 cups per day often. The coffee that comes out of this machine is truly unbeleivable. It has a slightly creamy taste, and i have never tasted coffee this good – even at a starbucks. We have tried different types of beans (even sam’s club’s kona beans are great. The coffee is so good that some of my 19 year old’s son’s friends have taken up drinking coffee and come here often just for ours. The machine has had no problems (knock on wood. The only down sides are the water reservoir which must be manually filled (probably holds enough for 4-6 cups depending on the size you choose).

I’ve had my vienna deluxe since 2003. It makes great coffee & espresso and has given me zero problems since i purchased it. I can’t speak for the company’s products since they were purchased by phillips but mine is perfect.

Too bad saeco discontinued this baby. It was a monster at expresso, lattes and capucino. If i’d known how to get it refurbished, maybe it’d still be at my beck and call. I really miss the old expresso days with saeco. Who do you trust to replace saeco?.

DeLonghi America ECAM28465M Prima Donna Fully Automatic Espresso Machine : Machine works good, easy to use- cappuccino is better than Starbucks

This espresso machine is a beast. I have a lower end delonghi espresso maker and thought it was phenomenal. This one puts my old one to shame with its features and the final product: a great cup of espresso, cappuccino or whatever else you wish to make with it. When i got it, i unpacked it and spent a few minutes getting familiar with all the bells and whistles. I then added my whole beans to the coffee holder area and started the process of making a cup of espresso. More than highly recommended.

I don’t month the transformer, but i did not understand that it came with a large transformer. That is why it is cheaper than the us version.

My husband said this is the best thing i have ever bought. He is a caffe latte freak and he loves how simple it is to use by just inserting the milk container and a push of the “caffe latte” button. The prima donna s deluxe is so easy to use and looks great on our kitchen counter.

Very nice and solid equipment. No problems as of now and coffee is just great.

  • Bean to Cup Euphoria
  • A little costly, but completely worth it!
  • after using it for almost 2 months I would like to give my experience about it

DeLonghi America ECAM28465M Prima Donna Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with Lattecrema System

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Automatic Latte and Cappuccino: the proprietary LatteCrema system allows you to create Italian classic cappuccino, latte, cafelatte or other milk-based recipes just in one touch
  • Stainless steel housing with digital display
  • Memory function; Beans container capacity: 250
  • Maintenance: de?longhi machines require half the cleaning time of other brands, unlike competitor machines, which require chemical cleaning tablets monthly.
  • Hot water spout to be used for tea or hot chocolate
  • Warranties may not apply to purchases from an unauthorized retailer
  • Utilize De’Longhi’s specialized call center for help in setting up and maintaining your machine at 866-528-8323 (LatteBest)

There are three things i wish i had done before using this awesome energy brewing machine. I wish i would have read the directions 2. I wish i would have watched the dvd 3. I wish i would have read the reviews here which tell me to do 1 & 2 before using it. Being an engineer has it’s disadvantages. One of them being i like to figure out how things work. What i keep forgetting is that someone else already has, and they have written it down for me. In the morning i no longer jump out of bed ready to conquer the day. After almost 50 years on this planet i have finally the days have started to conquer me, but this coffee maker has really helped put a little more pep into my step.

Seller was very helpful and quick to respond. Machine works good, easy to use- cappuccino is better than starbucks in my opinion.

This is a very a good machine. Easily and quickly make espresso, cafe latte and so on. Warm up time is faster than i thought.

When i got this machine, i was not a coffee expert– and to be honest i was a bit worried that cleaning & keeping it up would be difficult. It is not difficult at all, and i don’t spend a lot of time maintaining it. If it needs something, it tells me, and that’s the best part. I’ve run it through all of it’s paces and use cases, milk frothing and all of it, but from day to day i typically am using it to make a double extra long coffee from whole bean. The crema out of this machine is beautiful/amazing. So what can you expect on a day to day basis, aside from which kind of drink you’re making?i make one to a few drinks per day, and i empty the discard water tray about once a week. The unit runs a bit of water before to clean and prime before your first drink after turning on, and automatically purges before auto shut off. This is what will eventually fill your discard water tray/drip tray. The other regular maintenance activities include emptying the used coffee pod bin (it compresses the ground coffee into discs/pods for extraction), and to refill the water bin. That’s itonce a month or so i open the side door, clean out the coffee extraction machine/compression machine, clean out the general area, and at 8 months i’ve been asked to replace the water filter for the first time.

Very happy with the product.

With good quality coffee, fresh water, and a reasonably good little french press or drip coffee maker, you can whip up a good cup of coffee. Coffee is strongly associated with taking breaks and chatting with friends, the smell is one of the most popular scents in the world, and caffeine has the power to cheer and energize, so it’s hard to go wrong. Then there is the cup of coffee so delectable that you don’t want to chat and its consumption is less a break than a special occasion. These cups of coffee make that little restaurant in rome or the surprising finish to an otherwise ordinary turkish dinner stand out in your mind. With this coffee maker, you can have that kind of coffee any time you want, in your own home. You get that kind of coffee with beans freshly ground for each cup, filtered water, and a brew specifically programmed to suit your preferences. That is exactly what this machine offers you. I have to admit that this machine and i got off to a shaky start. I plugged it in and pushed “okay” for english, and the machine cycled through many other language options. I tried to accept french, spanish, and italian without success and watched helplessly through multiple unfamiliar languages and alphabets before i read the instructions.

First, this is a high quality, well designed, automatic cappuccino system, which produces rich coffee drinks with thick long lasting foam equal to our local coffee shops in our very own home, at our convenience. The prima donna delonghi (fully automatic) expresso machine produces professional barista quality cappuccino and espresso’s right in my own kitchen. It looks amazing, it is quick, and impressive, while not so huge that it overpowers my counter top space. Stunning in my kitchenthe integrated milk carafe is a real bonus to adding steamed milk or frothy foam, and can be placed right into the refrigerator in between uses, really love this feature – so no milk is wasted and it’s ready to go whenever we want a coffee drink. Also there are several settings, for all tastes and preferences, in addition, we can stop a process with one touch of a button, so i have even made coffees with steamed milk and just ‘eye-balled’ the amount of milk i prefer vs. The pre-measured, preset milk settings. It’s very easy to clean and the brew can be adjusted for coffee, expresso — 1 or 2 shots, and my favorite, the macchiato, is a single touch button and if i want an extra shot of expresso, one touch – adds one or two shots, super quick and easy add to my coffee. No additional equipment needed for anything, just my favorite coffee cups. It has a self-contained burr grinder, we have used a stand alone for years with our coffee presses, so this was another top-notch feature, is excellent and not too loud. The water tank is a good size and easy to quickly refill.

This particular machine is a european model. It comes with a transformer to change it from 110v to 220v. This came first and i was upset, not realizing it was necessary. The machine makes wonderful coffee and espresso and is easy to use. Andrew from flowmar was very nice to work with, even though i was surly and rude. I would definitely recommend this model.

This turned me from an instant-coffee making robot to a true expresso making barista overnight. It’s like having my own personal starbucks in my kitchen. The initial setup was a bit confusing and challenging. Just be prepared for a little frustration. The unit arrived with the main power button already powered on. When i plugged it in and followed the setup steps, things didn’t quite occur exactly as listed in the setup guide. For instance, it was supposed to confirm my language selection but never did. Also, i had some trouble getting it to recognize the milk container. It kept prompting me to insert the hot water nozzle and nothing in the instructions addressed that specific issue. I lost count of how many times i inadvertently sprayed hot water while trying to complete the setup.

I’m going to start out by saying that i am not an avid coffee drinker. But we got the chance to try this item and review it and i couldn’t pass that up. Opening the box was somewhat overwhelming. There are a lot of pieces and i had no idea what any of them did. The machine was pretty easy to put together. Everything snaps together and the instructions are clear. However, making the different drinks was pretty difficult. I am no barista by any means. But if you follow the instructions closely. You could probably fool people.

There are many detailed, excellent reviews for this product which say everything i wanted to point out. For that reason, i am going to cut to the chase. If you are a serious coffee drinker, this is a great buy. Things i love:once set up is complete, and you understand what the heck you are doing, the delonghi makes the best cup of coffee i have ever, ever had. Self cleaning for the frother section. This was a real concern for me, as i did not want milk buildup. Love the freshness of using whole beans, which is probably why the coffee tastes so good, every time. Program your preference, and you are set. Things i didn’t like so much:all of the reviews for this product urge watching the you tube tutorial, and thoroughly understanding the directions before set up. The set up is not intuitive. It’s very confusing, and cannot be accomplished without directions. You will get a headache, and be tempted to launch the machne through your window. Bottom line:i use about 100 k-cups every 2 weeks. That adds up pretty quickly, price wise. For me, this machine would be cost effective.

There appears to be some issues with the “empty the grounds container” message staying on, even after it’s been emptied.

We had a commercial nespresso gs100 machine stop working and was reluctant to go with the zenius model because the lever was cumbersome. The boss requested the delonghi prima donna so he could use his favorite illy beans. At first, the employees were disheartened that they would no longer use their preferred nespresso pod. Once everyone figured out their preferences for strength intensity, cup size, and milk options, allegiance to nespresso has dissolved. We love the delonghi prima donna. Our machine is designed for italian electricity and we have to use a booster with the machine, but it works fine – we saved over $1000. We have been using this machine for over a year without problems because we descale regularly and clean the components often. Our office size was 12 when originally purchased. We have grown to 20 and the downside is that the tank needs to be refilled; the grounds container needs to be emptied frequently throughout the day since more people are using it.

I’d been reluctant to get a cappuccino maker because they always seemed like such work. Fortunately, this prima donna model takes a lot of the frustration out of making cappuccinos in the morning. This cappuccino machine has its own grinder so you don’t have to worry about grinding the coffee beans beforehand (or buying ground beans). Just let the machine do the work for you. It’s pretty quiet and seems to do the job well. One of the highlights of this system is the integrated milk carafe. If you want cream in your cappuccino, you can put the milk in a separate container. When you’re done using the machine, you can store the container in the fridge. It’s simple, but it’s a great little system that lets you reuse the milk and not worry about wasting it. I’m not really sure if this machine is targeted towards professionals, like restaurants or cafes, or home consumers.

I bought this coffee machine from flowmar and after using it for almost 2 months i would like to give my experience about it. Pros: price was very good compared to the other sellers on amazon. Order and shipment was quick and smooth, even thou shipment came from the europe. Machine arrived much earlier then was expected and in excellent condition. Setup was easy to do and if you follow instructions or watch youtube videos, you will have no problem with setting it up. This is a full automatic coffee machine and machine delivers outstanding coffee with a single push of the bottom. If you prefer your own taste choice or cup size of coffee you like to drink then this machine is offering this option too. Just follow the menu instructions. Cons: this is the european model with 220 volt plug. In order to use it in usa you would need a transformer.

The only reviews are from people who got the product for free lol. Who is gonna spend 3,000 dollars on an espresso maker?. If i sold my car i would still need like $1500 to buy this. . I guess i could spend 6 month’s rent on one but alas i am a lowly construction worker. So off to walmart i go for the crappy mr.

Those who know their coffee will not be let down by the precision and power this machine provides. It’s not a slayer by any means, but the de’longhi prima donna gives you the highest grade pour without the hassle of manual appliances. The machine’s diverse array of features puts the barista’s toolbox in your hands, and the key design features such as the detachable milk decanter make for easy storage and cleaning. Programming will take a good amount of time at first, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of high-end coffee-makers (as was i), but the investment will be worth it in the long run as you enjoy your push-button lattes down the line.

. I have a different brand of a machine very similar to this one. So i kind of know what works. And what would be nice if it were “tweaked “a little. There is certainly a lot to like about this machine, and improvements over my “other one”. First, this machine doesn’t have a very large footprint. 6 it doesn’t take-up that much room for all that it can do. Note that you’ll need to allow at least a foot of space above so that you can open to top to add beans. The water, drip tray and used coffee grounds all come out the front. . • of course, the number one thing would be “convenience”. It’s great to simply press a button and you have coffee. • lots of different options for different types of coffee. • you have the ability to “customize” just about every beverage. From the amount of water, to how strong you would like it and so on. But you do have to remember to make any “adjustments” before you press the button for the coffee to start. • there isn’t a lot of “excess water” in the “drip tray”. In other words, it doesn’t fill-up too quickly. You have to empty it after around 12-beverages.

PHILIPS Saeco HD8954/47 Xelsis EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine – Wonderful All-in-one

We think this machine is great. We use the milk carafe for almost every cup we make (all lattes of sorts) and the design is simply ingenious. Yes the water reservoir is too small – but it has 2 boilersyes you have to empty not one, but two drip-trays, frequently, and not at the same timeyes the coffee grounds drawer also needs to be emptied (at a third time), even though it’s not fullbut wow does it do a good job, and it’s very well built with lots of steel and high quality finish plastic – looks wonderfulours sits very close to the sink and in-counter composted, so all the emptying is a little easier. We will see how reliable it is, but thus far, i’m very impressed.

Nice machine but needs lots of attention. Constantly having to clean out water tray inside and coffee grounds. Coffee ground catcher not even 1/4 full and it is saying to clean out. Having to add water all the time. Larger tank or water connection would be best. Other than that, nice machine and great coffee.

Easy to use , highly automatic. Makes delicious coffee, espresso and cappuccinos. Only thing to note , while it fits nicely under the cabinet you have to pull it out in order to fill water and coffee. I spent a month researching many options and couldn’t recommend this enough. Also it does take a little longer than my kruig to make american coffee.

I prefer my drinks a little hotter though. I changed the setting to the hottest setting and warm my cups with really hot (boiling) water before dispensing drinks from this machine, but still warm to me.

This machine is truly awesome. Very easy to use and to customize for each user. I have read some criticisms that it does not make lattes hot enough. Our lattes have always been hot without preheating the mugs. My wife has noticed that its espresso is a bit darker than that of our previous machine. We are still playing with the settings (grind coarseness, temperature, amount of coffee. There are many ways to adjust your cup) i will say that the crema is excellent. The saeco has been wonderful and worth every penny.

It’s so easy to use and to customize for every user. It makes the best lattes, as good as starbucks after a little fine tuning of the settings and some lavazza espresso beans. I commend the 3rd party reseller (dream kitty) for excellent packaging and quality control. What a wonderful gift that i’m enjoying every day. Note: this machine was purchased with a 4 year smart guard protection plan that is a good idea considering this is a very complicated appliance.

  • Good & Sturdy Espresso Machine
  • As stated above I like an American Coffee first thing in the morning which
  • Review of SAECO HD8954/47 Philips Xelsis EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Works reliably, easy to operate and makes great coffee. I have two units of this model, and i haven’t encountered any issues with them.

Definitely not your ‘run of the mill’ kind of coffee maker. What struck me right off the bat was the quality of the product. Not plastic but steel and chrome. Interior has some plastic parts but they are solid. It is heavy and you won’t want to move it around a lot, tho it is manageable to do so. It comes with a manual (actually three. You will want to read the manual. It’s my first time with and espresso type machine.

This is a wonderful machine, but it is an expensive niche product for the right household – one that prepares a lot of milk and espresso drinks at home. Perhaps it could be used in a very small office, although see my comments on maintenance below. This is my second saeco superauto – my syntia (apartment sized superauto with one boiler) still had some life in it, but i tried this one out at my son’s house and was hooked by the ease of use and the favorable pricing available on amazon. It also makes a version of american coffee – one of us drinks one cup a day of that and we are hoping to use this in place of the single serve machine that takes up its own counter space. It can be easily used for cocoa or hot water. The two separate boilers and the new evo milk carafe system do an excellent job. I used the menus to adjust the coffee temperature as hot as possible and reduced the amount of milk and foam from the default settings. For some, even the redesigned milk carafe may not get the drink hot enough for their taste – there is a steam wand on this model for heating it up further. We are still in the process of figuring out exactly how we want to take advantage of the user menus, but i think the best idea will be to set the default menu for the beans in the hopper (caffeinated) and the moon icon menu for decaf – you can require it to prompt you to put in the ground coffee before brewing, so you never get it mixed up. A warning to all prospective purchasers – any fancy superauto will require regular maintenance.

I got the saeco exelsis evo from the local seattle coffee gear store in bellevue, back in april 2016; now, 5000 as shown in the photo, coffees later, i might say, i know what i’m talking about. This machine replaced a very similar one which served us amazingly well for over six years and saved us tons of money; it never broke, we still have it stored after a full clean-up. It looks that longevivity is not an issue with these. Honestly, there was not a single time it would go on strike. 2k for the unit and $800 for italian coffe beans, bring us to $0. 60/cup if we count in the unit and to $0. 16 if we count the price of the coffee alone. Compared to $4/cup, regardless of the coffee joint, i’d say we saved about $17k; not bad. The quality exceeds wat you get served by the ‘leading brand’ and only compares to high-end hotel bars, which have the right gear and use genuine beans (italian beans that would be). The milk and all lattees are wonderful and the temperature is where it needs to be. I really don’t get those who complain about milk temperathure, because it’s absolutely no issue. We love it, our friends ask to come over more often (lol) and it’s just a work horse.

Great machine, have it for about a month. Make cappuccino in the morning, espresso macchiato midday, and espresso macchiato decaf in the evening. Should have storage reservoir for ground coffee – currently need to do 1 spoonful at a time – tedious. Should have bigger water runoff reservoir. Need to empty about 2x per day. Some displayed screen messages are not described in the owner’s manual. Overall, glad that we bought machine. From the first time that we saw it on display knew that needed to have it.

Features of Saeco HD8954/47 Philips Xelsis EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

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    by entering your model number.
  • Perfect froth thanks to the dual chamber milk carafe
  • Double boiler for fast and professional results
  • Personalize your coffee with the 6 profiles on our display
  • Automatic cleaning and de-scaling
  • One click removable brewing group

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I’ve owned this machine about a month. I am pleased with the machine since it makes a very consistent & delicious coffee. I choose saeco xelsis evo over jura machines because of the convenient milk carafe and good looking & sturdy stainless steel housing. Cons: water container is required to fill water so often; however, i don’t find this is a disadvantage of this machine. I own a pool and it takes a lot of maintenance. If the water is not circulated by a pump, the water will be contaminated with green and even black algae. Just like water in the coffee machine, it is not good to have a big container since the water will become stale and even contaminated. The machine does not indicate no more coffee in the coffee hopper until coffee selection is made. Just lift the hopper lid up and the machine will stop. Fill the hopper with coffee bean and enjoy fresh and delicious coffee.

Yes, it produces the best coffee this side of starbucks.

We had a jura impressa z5 for 10 years and decided to upgrade. After hours of research i decided to purchase the saeco xelsis evo. The most attractive feature is the milk dispenser. It is very convenient and easy to use. The stainless steel case is very attractive and easy to keep clean. The container capacities may be smaller than the z5 but are extremely easy to access. The froth temperature could be improved but other than that i am completely satisfied. I am hopeful it will hold up to the test of time.

Only have the machine for a few days. So far it makes great espresso. Just tweeked the setting to my taste and now it remembers how i like my coffee and comes out to my liking every time.

This product is designed for kitchen use only. It requires a 6 inch clearance (front, sides, and top) but does not get/feel hot to the touch. It looks great, works great, and is easy to clean. (instructions are included to test for hard water. )everything is easily accessed from the top or front. Every drink is fully customizable so experimenting was fun. You can make a drink from a bean or from instant coffee. The drinks are really, really, really good.

We have had this machine for about a year and a half and use it daily. We recently purchased a second machine for our daughter as a graduation/wedding gift. In the morning i fix myself an america coffee and my husband will have an espresso longo. Late morning we will both have a cappuccino. Early afternoon i’ll have a weaker cappuccino and my husband will have a latte macchiato. We will also have an occasional espresso and during the winter i’ll fix cinnamon-hazelnut lattes and/or peppermint mochas. We obviously get a lot of pleasure and use out of this machine. My one big gripe about this machine is the coffee grinder adjustment knob. As stated above i like an american coffee first thing in the morning which means i like a finer grind. For some bizarre reason, the adjustment knob can only be turned while the grinder is working.

Perfect froth thanks to the dual chamber milk carafe

If a coffee machine can be gorgeous, the saeco xelsis evo fully automatic espresso machine would take top honors. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it is wonderful to use. What make this machine so great is that is one-touch, and completely programmable. You can program up to six different users, and five different drinks. Start by putting a high quality bean in the ceramic grinder. The grinder holds up to 12 ounces of beans and has a lid with a rubber gasket to keep the beans fresh. Add your water to the water reserve tank, which holds approximately 54 ounces of water, and milk in the steamer, and push a button. What come out is a rich and delicious concoction of coffee and steamed milk, made just the way you like it. The seaco also has a traditional single-hole steam arm to make your own foam, if you would like.

I’ve had this for a couple years now (bought at costco for half the price on sale so be sure to shop around), and we make a few cups of coffee out of it every day. It does a great job, and we make use of the profiles so that my wife and i can have the exact style we want for our drinks. The only real negative for me is that there isn’t an option to hook it to the water supply. For a machine of this expense, it seems like it should be at least an add-on that is available.

It is quieter than my previous delonghi, but the inside water tray fills up before the spent coffee tray is full. The frother works great, i was surprised. It would be nice if it was a bit farther away from the coffee spout, but it still works fine, even for large cups. I like the adjustability of the quantities that can be specified for each user, and that it has a separate steam spout, which my wife uses for her almond milk. I don’t miss having to clean up the frother after each use like my old machine, but i do like the front access for the water container of the delonghi. This one is top mounted so i have to slide it out from under my cabinet to fill it. I would buy the seaco again, but i wish they would tell me why the inside water fills up so fast, maybe i could change a setting or something.

00 daily at starbucks have ended. If i could change one thing about the machine the carafe would make the milk hotter. This machine makes me very happy and that’s all that matters.

I’ve own one of these for about 3 years. I need 2 cups of coffee or i don’t even walk out the door in the morning. Not a single issue, simple operation. Has a setting for my wife and a setting (max beans) for me.

Very nice machine but doesn’t hold lots of water.

Double boiler for fast and professional results

The machine is well built and configurable. It’s well suited to a multi-user home / small-office. After using it for a few weeks, i’ve developed some processes which may help others. The machine always starts as the ‘default user’. If you are a single user household, all of the regular users have the same preferences, or the users enjoy different beverages, you may wish to configure the beverages under the ‘default user’ rather than program one of the selectable users. This way, they machine is always ready to go. If you like milk beverages with more than a little milk, you will want to understand the milk heating is approximately +55f. This means, if the milk carafe came right from a 45f refrigerator, the hot milk for a cafe latte will only be about 100f. If the milk is already at 60f then the hot milk for your cafe latte will be closer to 115f. This helps avoid cooling the espresso too much.

First the negatives–will add my voice to the chorus regarding the temperature. It just does not deliver a hot beverage to any reasonable degree. My wife likes her latte piping hot and i have to preheat the cup with hot water and then zap the finished produce for 20 seconds. Also instead of delivering the excess liquid to the front dip tray as my other saeco royal does, it goes to a small receptacle inside the machine which fills up after 3 or 4 beverages at most. These two items led me to take away one star, but the positives far out way the negatives. It is such a pleasure to be able to control every aspect of the process and to deliver exactly the same product time after time with the push of a button. Also it is an absolutely gorgeous machine which would grace any kitchen. Would buy it again in a second even with the high price tag.

We love coffee and we love this machine. Ps buy your beans at jbc coffee roasters.

I bought this a month ago and waited to see how i’d like it before i wrote a review. Now that i’ve used it several times a day throughout this time, i believe i know enough about it to add my. I’m thrilled about this machine and have no buyers remorse. In our household there is only my wife and myself so i was unsure about spending money on a feature like six user profiles. But because of the other features i didn’t mind. I’ve found that having these profiles is actually very convenient, though i still don’t use all six. My wife and i use four profiles between us. We each use one profile for home use and one profile for travel use because of the bigger mugs. Because we are both able to make coffee drinks the way we like them before our commutes, i’ve estimated we’ve already saved (i just did the math and am a bit depressed) about $140 this last month.

Good bye starbucksi have been using espresso machines for over 10 years now and this is by far the most expensive one i’ve purchased, but hands down the best. The last one i had was also a saeco which i liked so i stuck with the brand. This coffee machine is not only sweet to run but the most awesome tasting coffee i’ve had. I absolutely love that i can specifically program each member of my family for each drink on the menu. So with a few clicks of a button my cappuccino the exact strength in beans, crema, aroma, milk, froth, temp that i desire then 2 more clicks and an entire different cup specific to my husband’s tastes is produced.

Love this xelsis evo awesome coffee, the craft for the cream is great really froths the milk nicely. This product is really nice. The only thing i don’t like is that it is a very needy machine. But if you like your coffee as muchj as we do you will love this machine.

Personalize your coffee with the 6 profiles on our display

Makes great lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, espressos and americanos.

I hardly ever right a review, but because of the cost a person would spend on this machine i thought i had an obligation to share my experience with the saeco xelsis evo. I bought one august of 2014, about 8 months ago, and was in the process of descaling and changing the filter when the machine froze in mid cycle. Called customer service at saeco and they were friendly, walked me through a few steps and when that didn’t fix the problem they gave me a file number and email address to send a copy of the receipt. I am now at the point where i will have to pack the machine up and send it to them to fix. I loved the machine up to this point, but for 3 grand, you expect it to last several years before it breaks. I just hope this helps others in their decision on a superautomatic.

After a long period of research of automatic espresso machines, i made the plunge and purchased the saeco xelsis evo through amazon warehouse deals. The price was discounted and this was the only way i could justify the expense for yet another way to make coffee. It is a large machine, but looks attractive on my counter. Since it’s arrival it has been in heavy use daily to satisfy our coffee cravings. My husband, a black coffee drinker, has even taken to making a few cappuccinos in the morning. The operation of the machine is easy to learn thanks to all the visual and written cues that walk you through most of the process. Yes, there are a number of tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis (empty the grounds and water tray,etc), but what process of making coffee doesn’t have some associated chores?. I placed my machine next to a sink which allows me to perform these tasks with ease. The used grounds form pucks and are likewise easy to pour out into my compost container.

Automatic cleaning and de-scaling

Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine : Starbucks No More

I keep expecting the machine to die and it just keeps going. We do almost no maintenance on it, one of our employees broke the door so we gerry-rigged a hinge. Other than that, we have done nothing. We are now on 11,000 cups ($0. Even with high-quality coffee (we use lavazza super crema) it is less than half the cost of the single-serve coffee, avoids the k-cup environmental disaster, and the coffee quality is excellent. It is sensitive to the bean you use. High oil beans like starbucks will clog the grinder trap door after ~200-400 cups. This is not a problem to fix, you just need to go onto you tube and watch the very good step-by-step instructions for cleaning the grinder. This takes a bit of mechanical aptitude and about 30 minutes. So if you just have to drink high oil beans just be ready to do this cleaning every few months. If you use low oil beans it will go a year between major cleanings. Of course, ymmv but we are extremely happy with how this has performed.

I have had this machine for seven months now, and i know i can’t have a kitchen without it. I have experience using four different espresso models before this one. This is my first fully automatic, and because it is so easy to use, it has become the main coffee machine in the house. I keep lavazza pienaroma in the coffee bean reservoir and use two different lavazza pre-ground decaf coffees in the bypass doser, depending on what i can order in from my location in the sticks. The machine has three programmed buttons for making coffee. I use two of them for espresso and the third for my husband’s more american style coffee. It is very simple to reprogram the buttons. There is a digital screen that gives written messages to let you know when:it is ready to brew,to empty the dreg drawer,to refill the water reservoir,to initiate the cleaning cycle,energy saving mode is enteredbeans need to be refilled,and when steam or hot water is ready for use. Personally i do not care for the fancy optional contraption (cappuchinatore) that helps you make better foam. I finally tried it after a few months of using the machine, and frankly, i prefer making my own.

The package had the inside packing damaged and a slight dent in the front of the machine. There seemed to be no mechanical damage so i kept it. Gaggia 90500 titanium super automatic espresso machine, silver.

I read the reviews and the only concern i had (other than the price tag) was that i would get the dreaded “ventilate” message. Setting up the machine was relatively easy. The only pesky issue (and this still remains) is getting the front panel on. For some reason, it’s a struggle to get it back on. (the only i reason i take it off is to empty the grinded coffee box. )my first latte was so good. It is a loud machine when it makes coffee so i can’t use early in the morning because it would wake the wife and kids. I purchsed the lavazza coffee beans with it, and that is one smooth creamy cup of joe.

  • Starbucks No More
  • 11,000 Cups and Still Going Strong
  • Makes Satisfactory Espresso – Like all in price range, Proven Durable

Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Automatic espresso machine
  • A stainless steel lined brewing boiler and additional steaming boiler; 15 bar pump
  • 60-ounce water reservoir; built-in conical burr grinder; 18 adjustable grind settings
  • Frothing wand; rapid steam for froth with no wait time; 8-1/2-ounce bean hopper; cup warmer
  • Measures 11 by 15-3/8 by 15-1/6 inches

The machine pictured everywhere is not what it looks like complete. The dredge pan and the water overflow is never pictured. That means it adds another 6″ to the total hight. Consequently it would not fit on any counter top that had cupboards above. Still is a great machine and makes excellent coffee.

Have had the gaggia 90500 now for almost 2 years. Over 1,200 coffees brewed with no issues. (it keeps track of the number of coffees brewed) i used to go to starbucks for espressos and lattes at $4 each. This machine has already more than paid for itself. I do not use the steamer, it works ok, but for me it is simpler to microwave the milk and use an electric (batter powered) frothier. (less mess)i would purchase another one today if needed.

The machine works real well. We enjoy the flavor of the coffee and lattes in the evening. Our grown kids compare them to starbucks, real good.

Absolutely love this espresso machine. While i didn’t purchase it from amazon (bought mine from costco – limited time offer) i wanted to give a quick review of a long time happy user. No – this is not an inexpensive machine, but it is an investment that will pay back. You might even find friends coming over more often to enjoy it too. I make about 10 shots a day for the household and steam a good sized pitcher of milk. While the steam can be a little sluggish right after making a shot, it only take a few moments for full power. Be sure to clean the steam wand after each milk use to help. I regularly use starbucks espresso beans from costco which are quite oily and sometimes they get stuck and won’t go down the grinder shoot – but a quick tousle of the beans and that’s that. Good beans will be oily and sticky.

We went into the search for an espresso machine because we determined we were spending way too much money at starbucks. Also, being the fairly lazy people we are, we wanted to minimize the amount of skill and effort we put into making espressos. Therefore, the super automatic was the logical choice. After a fair amount of research, we settled on the gaggia 90500. We have not been disappointed. We have now had this machine for over 60 days with extensive use and are fully satisfied. It creates wonderful coffee, great espresso, and enables us to indulge in truly excellent latte’s. Given our usage and the amount of money we were spending on starbucks, the machine has now paid for itself and we are in “bonus land”. Time will tell if it holds up for months and years, but we have really used it heavily (12 – 15 cups per day) and it has worked great. Update 12/26/2012 – it has now been 9 months that we’ve been using the gaggia 90500 and it is still going great.

Don’t have to stop off in the mornings and buy coffee at the shop any longer. Had to get a second one for my family.

I;ve had this model for about 5 years. My brother stayed with us while house hunting. He wanted one too for his new house, so that speaks volumes.

Will buy another for my home up north.

Makes a great cup of coffee. . We have one for our home in canada and just had to have one for florida.

After i sold my coffeehouse i really wanted to get a serious but not crazy expensive espresso machine for home use. Home machines cannot compare to professional machines, so don’t get your hopes up. We were a busy, award-winning shop and took espresso seriously, just so you know where i’m coming from. I’ve had this machine for 4 years now and still love it. If it weren’t temperamental, i’d give it 5 stars. So as long as you take care of it, it will take care of you. I see some people complain that it leaks. It leaked for me, but i took the front end out and cleaned it up and played around with all the parts to make sure it was operating smoothly. For whatever reason, it stopped leaking. I do, however, set the pre-rinse for every cup so maybe that helps. Sometimes it just needs a little jiggling. I can get decent foam with the steam wand without using the cappuccino attachment – i have never run out of steam for my milk. Oh, and that’s the one thing i really dislike about this machine – the steam knob – it’s too smooth for good traction on that knob.

Have not had a problem since i got it. Replaced gaggia synchrony logic rs.

I bought my first expensive espresso machine to restore fiscal sanity to our household. Although the delonghi was expensive, it paid for itself in a matter of months because my wife was a $tarbucks $neaker. I’ve bought two delonghi espresso makers since then. I liked the coffee, but they were made cheaply and needed frequent repairs. So i bought the gaggia 90500 this time. Although it takes a little time to familiarize oneself with the unit controls, it is much quieter and quicker than the delonghi. The gaggia titanium is easier to use than the delonghi, and appears to be at least as well made, but only time will tell. Most of the brew unit is hard plastic, just like the delonghi, so i doubt it will last forever. But it’s easy enough to use that my wife has started making her own espresso.– which is a big victory for me.

Amazing and easy, should have bought it a long time ago2 things that aren’t great. Grinder get’s stuck and its a bit loud but since the coffee is amazing i can deal with it.

Update: worried about durability when i bought it. It’s been a year of fairly heavy use (about 6 double shots/day) and it has never missed a beat. Best of several such machines i have owned. Really like being able to get two true double shots with by tapping a button twicemy espresso-brewing journey has taken me from the mostly manual capresso 121 to the fully automatic solis palazzo then to the largely comparable delonghi magnifica. Now, it is the gaggia titanium. Still looking for a fully automatic that lasts more than 18 months. (what should one expect for close to $1,000?. – the inexpensive capresso still goes strong while the leaking delonghi and solis clutter a back shelf in my garage. )will it be the gaggia that lasts more than a year and a half?.

Only thing i do not like is the milk froather, to low and so difficult to use. It does not extend much outside so not very functional.

DeLonghi ESAM5500B Perfecta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine – Five Stars

I bought this for my husband as a christmas gift several years ago. Let me say that this has turned into our favorite investment. And i say this because of the high cost of the machine. We have not had any trouble with it— nothing and we use it almost daily.

It can made the coffee more hot but it is what it is.

Made our first cappuccinos this morning, and they were great. Machine is about as automatic as you can get. Our only concern is — can we stop making and drinking the cappuccinos and lattes.

I have no complaints about that. Taste is relative, so i can understand how some may like it less than others, but i have no complaints about the coffee. The frothed milk is perfect, the coffee tastes just like it should. We use it every day, and we all but stopped buying any coffee from espresso stands. I updated this review to 3 stars in fairness for just how much we actually enjoy using this unit. However, i’ll leave the terrible experience we had with the customer support below for reference. I think there should be more to a great product that it’s nominal performance. Quality is also defined by reliability and customer service. Delonghi boasts striving for excellence, but they fail miserably.

I purchased this machine as a replacement for another delonghi espresso maker (which is 5 years old and still works great. And my sister now loves it). The packaging it comes in is first rate and the machine arrived in perfect condition. I only make espresso with it so i can’t dispute the claims of others talking about lukewarm milk in their latte and cappuccino. My experience with the espresso is that the delonghi machines still make a great cup of espresso, no matter what your taste. I experimented with the settings until it made the cup i was looking for (double-shot, extra strong). Obviously the beans you choose have a big effect on the taste of your espresso. I have only had the machine for a couple of months so i can’t testify to it’s longevity, but hopefully it lasts as long as my previous machine. No problems cleaning or leaking so far.

I don’t know how long we’ve had this model, maybe upwards of 15 years. It’s a member of the family, as much as an inanimate object can be, anyway. It enhances your life and does so much to make you happy, that you are happy to give it the care that it demands lol. So, here’s what i’ve come to expect with the machine: it dies every two years. It was purchased at williams & sonoma with their lifetime guarantee. So for the first couple two-year cycles, i was able to just take it back and exchange it. Finally, they told me i had gotten my last exchange, and marked the receipt likewise. They had been pretty decent about it up til then. So i went the warrantee route (that particular exchange still had a few months left on the two-year warranty. ) delonghi sent me a box and directions where to send it. The repair people were, anyway.

  • Makes excellent coffee, but take poor customer service into account when considering this unit.
  • Our Favorite appliance!
  • *** 5-Star Customer service *** Delonghi fan for life ***

Our second delonghi and we love it as much as the first. Extremely easy to use and cleanup is simple. The wife and kids absolutely love the ease of the cappuccino maker and i like the detachable milk container that makes that possible. My only request would be the ability to change a strength or size setting after the start button is pushed. With the older model rotary dials that was possible. With the electronic it is not. It just means i have to pay more attention when getting my cup after someone else has gotten theirs.

I have had my machine for almost 5 years, and considering the other reviews, i consider myself lucky that it is lasting as long as it is. The machine makes decent coffee, heavy on the caffeine, but as mentioned in other reviews, it is not hot enough. The milk frother isn’t worth much as the milk is barely frothed and is very inconsistent; some days the frother works, some days it doesn’t, even though my milk (whole) always comes straight from the refrigerator. To battle this after 4 years, i bought a $100 nestle aeroccino which makes lovely froth for a real cappuccino. I cannot speak for the latte milk setting as i have never used it. As for everyday use, i find the machine finicky; error messages (including cleaning messages) will pop up mid-cycle, and the machine will not resume where it was in the cycle, i will have to start the drink over. Cleaning is relatively easy, but it must be done by hand. I used to stick the milk container (bottom only) in the dishwasher, but it warped, and i was forced to buy a new expensive container. I have also had the machine spout coffee through the bottom, but this problem was easily fixed with a shop-vac. All in all, the coffee is decent, but not worth the price of the machine.

I have one now here in the us and one in my home in germany. Makes you miss starbucks a little less.

My wife and i both work from home and love good coffee. We drink many coffees throughout the entire day from 5am until about 5pm. And the delongi perfecta is great. It delivers a consistent coffee every time it’s a great home, entry-level espresso machine. It is not a professional espresso machine that you see for $5k+ but for the price it’s perfect. We have had ours for about 6 years and have had no major issues. Standard servicing every 3rd year but that is to be expected.

Best purchase in a long time.

Features of Delonghi ESAM5500B Perfecta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine with Cappuccino Function, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the patented “Single Touch” hot milk system. Simply slide the milk tank onto front of the machine
  • Easy-to-use digital control panel with programmable menu settings: adjust start time, auto off, clock, temperature, coffee strength
  • Grinds beans instantly for the freshest espresso with the patented “Direct-to-Brew” system. Brewing system is compact and removable for easy cleaning.
  • No waiting between preparing espresso and cappuccino with the double boiler system.
  • Consistent, fresh and aromatic ground coffee with the professional-quality conical low-pitch burr grinder

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The best espresso machine i ever had, i had three regular espresso machines the past 20 years, i never had the quality of the coffee drink like i got from the delonghi esam55oob, i am very happy i bought it, totally recommend it.

I just love pressing a button and having a perfect cup of latte every time. I’ve read mixed reviews of this machine, but no complaints from me.

Works great use lavazza super cremation beans like being in italy.

Yes, my niece bought a nesspresso machine and says it is great. I am sure it is if you want to buy little pouches of coffee juice to make your shot every morning. The delonghi awesome takes the beans of your choice, your milk, and does all the work to make you a cappuccino, cafelatte, or espresso. For every 10 drinks or so, you do need to empty the grounds container, add water, add some beans. Between milk based drinks you should push the clean button for a few seconds (oh my, work, work, work). The one and only thing else that would improve it for my wife is to make the milk a touch hotter.

The best automatic expresso machine we have ever purchased. This is our third delonghi product and by far the best.

Expensive but actually saves money vs coffee shop. It should pay for itself in a year if you enjoy great coffee often. We caught a good deal on this and have been happy. We have had it 6 months now and put through 300 cappuccinos according to the statistics recorded by the machine. The machine easy to use and no issues so far. We use distilled water to avoid descaling which can be expensive if using their solution. We use glass coffee cups with wire like handles that we bought online and it is nice to see the cappuccino as it swirls in the cup and to see its different layers of milk, foam and coffee. Use whole coffee beans made for espresso for best taste. Know that a latte is more milk than foam and vise versa for a cappuccino. And also know that a macchiato is just hot milk with just enough coffee to leave a mark (‘marked milk’ hence the name) on top of the milk. The name cappuccino is an italian reference to a monks cap, or hat. Buy some shakers for cinnamon, cocoa etc. Know that nutmeg isn’t too good for cappuccinos as it it bitter and kills the foam. Use it for spiced drinks or maybe chocolate drinks.

Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the patented “Single Touch” hot milk system.

Great espresso and love the milk management system.

I own 2 delonghi super automatics this one being our most recent. I make 6 or more espresso drinks per day on our house sometimes more. Two weeks ago the grinder broke or jammed don’t know. I contacted delonghi service who sent a white gloves padded shipping box and label right away. I mailed it fedex to the dallas service center unsure when i’d ever see it again. Today i was shocked to get a call from the delivery guy that my beloved espresso machine was left on my porch. Everything works great, problem solved. I know super automatics can be finicky and i’ve heard horror stories. Thankfully i didn’t have to experience one. Thank you delonghiotherwise for those looking we love this machine. Espressos and tall coffees are at the ready.

For the first 9 months life was good. Get up in the morning, press a button, and instant cappuccino. Then the milk frother started acting up. Not as foamy, not a steady stream, etc. Called delonghi, and customer service was great. We talked through the issues, and they determined it must be a problem with the foamer lid mechanics. ‘we’ll send you out a whole new lid’ they said. Awesome customer service, which it should be since it was so expensive, and less than a year old (considering the 2 year warranty). Well, 2 months later, and 3 phone calls later with lots of promises, still no foamer top.

Even ‘not coffee’ drinkers appreciate the taste.

Love the functionality and features, this is my third delonghi automatic, but after 6 weeks, the front door pops open by itself after turn-on, which stops it from making coffee, so i have to repeatedly close the door manually. Apparently, the internal mechanical tolerances are too tight.

I love this machine it is well worth the money. It is very easy to use and i get coffee that is like the coffee shop. This machine does both ground and beans. With the ground coffee you add it when you make it. With the beans their is a place to fill it up and you can use it over and over. The frothing milk is wonderful.

Easy-to-use digital control panel with programmable menu settings: adjust start time, auto off, clock, temperature, coffee strength

I’ve had my machine for approximately 2 weeks now, and so far i love it. It’s replacing my keurig rivo machine because i don’t want a pod system anymore, and i want a milk frother. This machine was easy to set up, and it’s easy to use. I haven’t changed any of the factory default settings for temperature or anything else yet, but i plan on doing so in the near future. I would like to change the water temperature, which is an available feature. I love the separate milk reservoir that cleans itself and can be kept in the fridge. The only thing it’s missing is a separate function for frothed milk only. Sometimes i like to add more frothed milk, but you can only do it while adding more coffee at the same time. But that is the only thing i’ve found so far that i don’t like. Overall great machine and i highly recommend it.

Grinds beans instantly for the freshest espresso with the patented “Direct-to-Brew” system.

No waiting between preparing espresso and cappuccino with the double boiler system.

DeLonghi ECAM23210SB Super Automatic Coffee Machine – Professional Results at Home

I’ve spent the last few weeks getting to know this coffee maker and i’m extremely pleased. This being my first de’longhi, there was a learning curve. You have four options for setting this up (likely unnecessary if you are already accustomed to their machines). There’s a quick start guide, a full manual, an included dvd, and a call center. I started with the quick start guide, but moved on to the full manual. Initial set up is easy and intuitive. The water tank is easily removed, filled, and replaced and it includes a water filter as well. Using just the quick start guide, i quickly made my first cup of coffee, but had some difficulty understanding how to set the length and how to increase the heat of the coffee. However, using the included manual, i was able to customize it until i got the perfect cup. Note that you can program the machine to a specific strength and length of coffee using the ‘my cup’ function.

This is a wonderful machine. Makes the best cup of coffee i have ever had.

We have been long time french press users. This guy has changed our mornings significantly. Instead of the boil, grind, pour and rest routine i press a button at it’s done. That is what i originally thought when receiving this. The positives are that it foams milk very well and you don’t have to be a barista to make velvet foam. It also has an excellent layer of crema on every pour. You can program it to you pour preference. I have significant experience with another fully automated system that we use at work. It is made by a different italian company and uses a carafe for milk. It has much larger reservoirs for water, and grounds. Here are the specifications for the DeLonghi ECAM23210SB Super Automatic Coffee Machine:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 15 bars of pressure
  • Stainless steel conical burr grinder
  • Height adjustable coffee spout to accommodate different sizes of cups
  • MAINTENANCE: De’Longhi machines require half the cleaning time of other brands, unlike competitor machines, which require chemical cleaning tablets monthly.
  • Hot Water Spout to be used for Tea or Hot Chocolate
  • Utilize De’Longhi’s specialized call center for help in setting up and maintaining your machine at 866-528-8323 (LatteBest)

Great product, makes delicious coffeefast delivery.

This espresso machine doesn’t feel like a cheap coffee maker, but it feels overly complex and expensive for the simple task of making a hot caffeinated beverage in the morning. For years, i’ve used nothing but a stainless french press and a hot water kettle to make my morning coffee. It takes about 5-10 minutes to prepare, and about 5 minutes to clean. This delonghi, as compact and automatic as it is, requires a steep learning curve for someone who has never used such a device. There are two instruction manuals, one of which is like a quick start guide, and the other doesn’t make a lot of sense until i read it over and over again. I’m an engineer, and feel this espresso machine is overkill unless you absolutely need espresso instead of regular coffee. Being a coffee drinker, i wasn’t aware that the serving size of espresso is only a few ounces compared to 1-2 mugs. Because i didn’t have coffee beans at the time, i used pre-ground coffee. The instructions stated to only use 1 scoop per cup. So i poured it into the top funnel and followed the procedures and ended up with (to me) a shot glass sized serving of well infused espresso (even had a lot of foam on the top).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I would buy it again
  • GREAT coffee maker
  • This is a wonderful machine. Makes the best cup of coffee I

I love good coffee and frequently drink espresso (and espresso based beverages), but have never owned my own espresso maker before. This was my first foray into being my own barista, and what can i say?. The short and sweet version is that this machine makes excellent espresso that is neither too astringent nor too bland. I didn’t find the device difficult to setup or use. The ‘quick guide’ provided along with a far more detailed manual had me up and running in about 10 minutes. The machine turns on and is ready to brew steaming-hot espresso in about 60 seconds. What takes a bit longer is learning all of the various settings. These include the fineness of the grind of the beans, how long the ‘pull’ is for the espresso (more or less coffee volume), and the water temperature. Once you have things set up the way you like, you don’t have to keep going back and making changes–the machine remembers your last used setting.

We’ve been using this daily for several months without any big complaints. I wish beans fed into the grinder better. I have to stand there and poke them in with the tool they give you. Hopefully that extend the life of the product.

Although this high-end luxury cappuccino/espresso/cocoa/tea machine won’t replace my 12-cup coffeemaker for a crowd, it’s not meant to. I did a bit of investigating and i agree that although you have to keep the instruction manual handy, this is less intimidating to operate than many similar machines (for example, jura brands). The test coffee i brewed was full-bodied, blue bottle, similar to blue bottle coffee – three africans blend (whole beans coffee), 8 oz. A little too strong because i set it to the #5 or highest strength of bean. The built-in coffee grinder (hallelujah, so civilized) squeezes the maximum jolt from the beans. I also tried the milk froth setting after watching a few barista videos online from whole latte love and steve the coffee geek. The frothy milk was perfect for cappuccinos/lattes and hot cocoa from williams-sonoma. The froth wand is a bit too short and unwieldy, so you have to dip it way down in the milk and fiddle with it to get the correct setting. However, with such a powerhouse compact machine, this is a minor gripe and just a caution.

The last time i checked, the market was literally flooded with automatic coffee machines and expresso makers from every price point. Models with bells and whistles ranging from the basic functions, to starting your car (i jest). The one thing they all have in common is that they make coffee (some extremely better than others). I bet dollars to donuts you’re probably asking yourself right about now “so why should i spend $1000 on a coffee maker, when i can get a mr. Coffee at wally mart for $15 bucks?. And my answer to that is you shouldn’t because you’re clearly not the intended market delonghi wants to sell their products to. The delonghi ecam23210sb is for those who appreciate, style, simplicity quality workmanship convenience, and class. To put my context into marketable terminology i would say, if apple were going to make an expresso/coffee maker, i would imagine it would look and function very much like this. Not only does this machine make a killer cup of ‘joe’, it also makes a mean cup of expresso that will put any milan bistro to shame. When i first unboxed the machine i was a little intimidated, however once i went over the operating literature, apprehensions i previously held soon dissipated.

This machine is a beast – and i mean that in the most positive way ever. Substantial, impressive, and all encompassing – just a few words to describe this delonghi coffee machine. At the push of a button you can grind your beans based upon your taste preference; make an espresso, cappuccino, latte, or just a coffee and all will happen automatically, with the exception of the milk frothing. Pretty slickthere is an internal water reservoir which holds 60 ounces of water which is quite generous compared to other similar models. You can use either whole beans (and grind to your preference) or use pre-ground coffee beans. You just tell the machine which. There is also a steam wand for frothing milk or cream for your drinks. The frothing wand is pretty powerful and long enough to give you a little operating room around the machine. Included also is a coffee infuser which is removable and does need to be cleaned regularly. At the front of the machine there is a drip/spill tray which is great for overfills or little drips.

 this delonghi magnifica s (ecam 23210sb) espresso machine does a great job making delicious espresso drinks, and it is really easy to use – once you get it set up. In my video i demo the process of making espresso with steamed milk and go over some basics, pros, and cons. ********pros:*the coffee is delicious and nearly foolproof once you learn the machine, and results are consistent*operation is fairly quick: it took 1 minute 15 seconds to power up & get ready, 55 seconds to grind & brew the largest espresso*unit is flexible: you can use ground or whole bean coffee; machine adjusts for temperature control, hard/soft water management, brew strength, serving size, etc. *quality grinder: the machine houses a burr grinder for precise & excellent grinding, and is adjustable for coarseness*relatively compact: for a double espresso brewer, the unit isn’t too bigcons:*there is a learning curve, and initial setup in particular is somewhat cumbersome using the buttons and icon menus that aren’t always very intuitive. Once you set it up, however, it is pretty simple to operate with a bit of practice*the machine is almost entirely plastic. For the price, i was expecting a bit more metal. Still, it seems durable and well made. ***********overall, this is a really nice machine that should appeal to inexperienced home users, or anyone looking for super easy espresso results, willing to pay for quality automated operation from a respected brand. Most importantly, the coffee consistently tastes wonderful, and getting great results requires little effort from the operator. In addition, the high quality burr grinder, flexibility, and full automation make this a really nice espresso maker with a price tag to match.

This is a not cheap coffee makers. I have always had cheap coffee makers. But if you can justify the expense, this will make some great coffee. I am still working on what i can do with it, but it is dead easy. Cappuccino/espresso in barely more time than it takes for a k-cup. The water container isn’t huge, so that needs to be filled about once every 2 days for me. That isn’t a big deal, but if you have a number of coffee drinkers you will have to re-fill more often. But it does seem small compared to the coffee bean and used grounds storage, which have enough space for about a week or so. This is also a pretty compact machine. So i think the size of the water container makes is a trade off to size.

I admit that i have had several years’ experience with espresso machines, so it did not take long for me to get this delonghi machine up and running. I did, however, ask a friend with no experience whatsoever to try it out and she had no trouble at all making us both lovely cappuccinos using the instruction booklet that comes with the machine. If anything, this machine is easier to use that most i have had experience with. I did not have any previous experience with an automatic coffee bean grinder, and have always ground my own beans in a separate grinder. This delonghi does an absolutely superb job of grinding beans just prior to brewing and is much less noisy than my old grinder. This makes the coffee as good (if not better) than any fancy coffees you can buy at your local coffee shop. The water reservoir is large, easy to fill and refill, and is simple to clean. The steamer creates a lot of steam fast to froth milk , and you are able to set the brew strength from mild to strong to make coffee to suit any number of users. I use a very strong coffee (french roast), and i make either a latte or a cappuccino for myself every morning. After using this machine for several weeks, i have had no problems whatsoever.

The only complaint is the water reservoir needs to be larger but is easy to fillif you love a great cup of coffee this is your machine.

This makes a delicious cup of coffee. When first setting this machine up, i was worried it was going to be too complicated to use. It seemed to have so many controls and buttons and ways to configure things. But, once i started to play with it, i found it much, much easier to work with than my first impression of it. Along with an instruction manual, this also comes with a dvd (just like some of the high end vehicles) which is basically a set of videos of the instruction manual spoken by a beautifully articulate female voice. Both the instruction manual and the dvd are easy to follow and understand. The machine comes with a built in bean grinder, so i can use my favorite whole beans and the machine will grind to order, each cup of coffee is freshly ground. Very easythe water compartment is large enough to be able to make several cups of coffee. And it’s easy to fill, just remove the container, fill with water and it pops back in the machine.

There’s no other way to say it. Put whole coffee beans in the top, press a couple buttons, and out comes a cup of espresso just the strength and size you like. Press another button and you can perfectly steam milk and creamer to make a yummy latte. So far we’ve made espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes. I stock it with full-strength whole beans, and then there’s a little area in the top where with the twist of a knob i can tell the machine to use the already ground beans and make a decaf cup if i like. Frankly, there’s no need to go to starbucks. I can easily make a magnificent cup of coffee at home. I hope this video review helps you know what to expect. It does take a little longer to make a cup and then froth the milk, but the quality of what is made is amazingupdate: service so-so.

 if you’d like to make at home some of the best coffee this side of twin peaks, then you’ll want to check out this new coffee maker from delonghi called the magnifica s. In my video i go over the main features, show what’s included, and even demo making a cup of espresso so you know exactly how long it takes and how loud the grinder sounds. I also give a tip on how to easily remove the infuser so you can clean it. There’s a lot to love about this machine:* grinds coffee beans with a stainless steel conical burr grinder and an adjustable grind dial* also takes pre-ground coffee* hot water and steam spout for making tea or frothing milk* removable, large 60 ounce water tank with water filter* removable coffee infuser for easy cleaning* removable water drip tray and coffee grind bin* control panel for making coffee choices and settings* adjustable coffee spout for different cup sizes* warming platform for cup/saucer storagethe coffee it makes tastes absolutely wonderful, with crema, and the additional steam wand for frothing milk allows you to make lots of different coffee drinks. Everything is accessible and easy to clean. The only trouble i’ve had with the unit is that soon after setting it up, the machine kept telling me the coffee grind bin was full — even when it was empty. I think the sensor must have been confused because after i cleaned the coffee infuser, the machine went back to proper operation. This is a great coffee maker. If you want a fantastic cup of coffee that’s super easy to make — pour in beans, place cup under spout, and press a button — i can’t think of a machine that will make you happier than this delonghi magnificent s. I hope this review and video are useful.

I never would have considered a home espresso /coffee machine due to the price but this one is pretty nifty. First of all, it doesn’t take any more counter space that the two keurigs that i’ve had. It’s a very attractive, stainless steel machine which just looks cool. I love fresh ground coffee so this fits the ticket. I don’t usually take the time to grind my own coffee unless it’s the weekend but this will do it for me. I’m also a big tea drinker so it’s very nice to have the 60 oz water well with hot water dispenser whenever i want it. And then there are the many adjustments as to strength of the coffee that i wouldn’t have paid attention to until it was an option here. And i really love that it will adjust to my favorite mug size. I admit that i’m stuck in a rut and always like to use the same mug. The downside is that this is a pretty expensive machine to have hanging around ‘just for coffee.

Philips Saeco Pure Automatic Espresso Machine : If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

I love the flavor, i love the community that comes with it (‘how about we meet for a cup of coffee?’), i love to find small independent roasters and try their bean. I own a french press and a toddy cold brew system, and am looking into a filtration system for pour-overs. I’ve even been considering roasting my own beans. If i spend a lot of money on a monthly basis on one consumable item, it is coffee – from independent shops and beans (no folgers for this girl). So when the vine program offered up an automatic espresso maker, i didn’t hesitate one bit. The pre-review:day 1: i open the box, delirious with excitement. I check the instruction booklet, which is very simple: pull out water tank and fill.

Saeco Pure Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Delicious milk froth thanks to the classic milk frother
  • Coffee without the wait thanks to the quick heat boiler
  • Every bean ground perfectly with our metal grinders
  • Save your favorite coffee length
  • Fully automatic rinsing and descaling

Several months in, and it works like a champ. Brewing 5 or 6 arabica lattes/day. Costs a lot less than my local coffee shop. The brew might be a bit too mild for some. Depends on how long you’ve worked as a barista, i guess. For most people, this brews a delicious cup.

One of the things that prevents people from making espresso drinks at home is complexity. A traditional espresso maker requires the user to grind the beans, tamp them, brew the espresso and dump the ‘puck’ of spent coffee grounds. Well, this machine takes most of that complexity away. You simply put beans in the hopper on top of the unit, press a button, and a few seconds later you have a perfectly brewed cup of espresso, crema and all. After a dozen cups or so, you empty the bin full of spent coffee grounds into the trash. There really isn’t any more to it than that. The other difficult part about making espresso drinks is frothing milk. You really need a machine that provides sufficient steam power to froth milk effectively. And in all honesty, the technique for milk frothing is not simple and doesn’t easily lend itself to automation; this machine doesn’t attempt to do anything to automate that part. The unit provides ample steam power for frothing (something you cannot take for granted and machines of this type), and there are plenty of on-line resources to help you learn the proper technique.

I’ve had mine for about 500-600 shots. Great coffee but super-auto espresso machines aren’t for everyone. For example it won’t continue to crank out tasty shots without frequent, simple maintenance. I encourage you to start with early familiarization and youtube videos. Even roomba needs to be cleaned every few uses. Maintenance consists of emptying the drip tray and rinsing and greasing the brew unit. The drip tray slips right out, the brew unit pops in and out and is located behind a door on the right side. The guy on yt demonstrates cleaning and lubing and it takes less than 5 minutes.

Saeco Pure Automatic Espresso Machine : Makes a good coffee, but looks super cheap. With this price, you will not have too many options. If you want a espresso machine, you either buy a real one or keep going to starbucks.

The saeco pure automatic espresso machine is a great espresso machine. What i really like about this super automatic is that there are no digital menus to scroll through. What you get are large buttons displayed with what it is you want. Press the button that has an espresso symbol on it (cup half full). Press the lungo button (cup completely full). Listen to the grinder grind the beans and wait about 30 seconds and you have your satisfaction. The unit is made of plastic and i was apprehensive about this at first, thinking it may be cheap, but it’s not. The plastic is quite thick and i think will last the test of time.

I received this espresso machine about a week ago, and have already made over 20 espressos and cappuccinos with it. Since this can also do regular coffees in addition to espressos, i have officially replaced my 4 year old breville keurig coffee maker with this one. I love the fact that it has a grinder. This allows for the freshest possible coffee taste. For now i’m using mayorga organic café cubano (whole bean, of course), and the taste is sublime. There are multiple grinder settings, but i’m using the default one (middle setting). After receiving the package, i set up the coffee machine on my kitchen counter. There isn’t any assembly, other than plugging in the power cord. I found it odd that the coffee container/grinder had coffee residue in it (and also smelled like coffee), but a piece of paper inside the package explains that philips does complete tests with actual coffee before packaging the machine. I skimmed through the manual, just to make sure i did everything properly. I started by adding bottled spring water and some coffee beans. At first the machine wouldn’t power on properly (a warning led light would turn on instead). The manual suggested that i should check the brew unit. So i pulled out the brew unit (there are instructions on the manual, and videos for similar models on the internet), and reinserted it.

This looks like a well made machine. It is simple to use with dedicated buttons for espresso, lungo (regular coffee), or hot water. It also has a button for steaming and another to run a cleaning cycle. It has indicator lights on the front for the various functions, including low water, empty coffee grounds, no coffee and a general warning light. The 43 page manual makes this machine look complicated but it’s not and it includes a 4 page quick start guide to get you started pretty quickly. The first time start-up is a bit of a pain but i’ve never had one of these before so they may all require the same priming and rinsing. First, you fill the machine with water, run an espresso cycle to prime it. Then run the coffee cycle 3 times. Next, run the steam wand until it runs dry. Then refill the machine with water and coffee and brew 3-5 cups of coffee and discard.

Like how it’s self-cleaning, the coffee is hotter than our previous saeco, quieter also.

I meant to buy another (more expensive one) saeco automatic espresso machine from a store, but at the very last moment i was told that was is sold out and the only saeco machine in the store was this one, i just decided to give it a try since it was on sell for only $399. 95, so i bought it and it turned out to be the best espresso machine i’ve ever seen. It is easy, simple and powerful. The only cons may be the buttons of this machine. You should press them all the way in to make it work, but it’s nothing in comparison with the price and the quality of the your espresso and froth milk.

This machine makes perfect espressos- soooo much better than the breville infuser that i just returned. Just push a button and it grinds, tamps and brews your coffee exactly the way you set the machine. It froths milk in a snap (but use a bigger pitcher- the frother is a little strong). Pros: makes a perfect cup with beaurtiful crema, and it really does adjust itself to the type of coffee and grind you use; froths milk really fast with lots of foam. Cons: the frother is a little strong. Use a bigger pitcher to hold all the foam. Caution: the machine needs to be ‘primed’ before it can be used. Read the instructions all the way through before you start. The instructions are not well organized and sometimes the information that you need to start is at the end of the section of steps that you are preparing for.

Ones we adjusted the amount of water per cup for espresso and coffee to our taste, it’s been a great morning every morning. It’s easy to operate, fun to watch and the quality of beverages are very high. Thanks to saeco and to the person who returned it to the store without a box and manual (easy to find online). Because of you, we got it for $200 less than a price.

Nespresso Citiz C111 Espresso Maker : Best gift I ever bought myself.

We found out this nespresso device and espresso just after my moms and dads got a single as a reward. Right after the to start with flavor, equally my wife and i ended up hooked and we bought our individual a single to change our keurig. Even though the keurig was a cheaper way to have everyday coffee swiftly, it didn’t even start to assess to starbucks, and we nevertheless usually have been tempted to go there. With the nespresso, when we go to starbucks locally, we provide our individual nespresso coffee with us. Be informed that the latest models with the larger sized canisters are not excellent. But this more mature design that employs a distinct mechanism to make the espresso is wonderful, and nespresso’s coffees are outstanding. Not for persons who like weak coffee.

I just love coming downstairs in the morning, urgent a button and having fun with a fantastic cup of coffee (or two or 3). We experienced taste-checks (it comes with an assortment) and arrived up with the kinds we like ideal. Of course, it’s additional pricey than drip, but oh so worth it.

Nespresso Citiz C111 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother, Chrome

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Includes Aeroccino Plus milk frother, rapid one touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth for Cappuccino, Latte and Iced Cappuccino
  • Easy insertion and ejection of capsules; Holds 10 used capsules; Removable 34-ounce water tank; For use with Nespresso coffee capsules only
  • Compact brewing unit technology; Fast preheating time: 25 seconds; 19 Bar high pressure pump; Automatic power off after 9 minutes of inactivity
  • Automatic and programmable coffee volume quantity (Espresso and Lungo); Items sold separately valued at 348
  • Pivoting cup tray accommodates tall recipe glasses

Just after a approach to decide which nespresso was appropriate for me, i settled on the citiz and i have not been disappointed. It was paired with the milk frother and both have worked as marketed. The citiz presents a wonderful cup of espresso, both of those from the nespresso pods and from refillable pods i acquired by amazon as nicely. I use the machine pretty much every day – usually more than as soon as per working day. I have produced espressos, americanos, lattes and cappuccinos – all of them delectable. I have also made use of the frother on the chilly placing with good success. If there is a slight downside, it would be that each models could deliver a hotter temperature. Total however, i have no regrets and have been really joyful with the results.

I’ve experienced my nespresso citiz for about two months now and i truly like it. I haven’t been to starbucks considering that i have obtained this. It makes a gorgeous espresso with a wonderful crema. The milk frother is excellent, too. Regularly great benefits.

Not certain how we survived just before this detail, pretty much paid out for alone with our lowered outings to starbucks.

Nespresso Citiz C111 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother, Chrome : The wife was dropping an average of $150 a month at our local starbucks (i don’t drink coffee). Picked this machine up and she couldn’t be happier. She enjoys the variety of flavors, caffeine strengths and ease of use. It doesn’t hurt that there’s a nespresso store located in a nearby mall (capsule prices in store are the same as those on nespresso. Com and the stores also carry the limited, holiday flavors). If the wife drinks three espressos a day that totals approximately $65. Sometimes she’ll just have one or two a day. We clean the drip catcher and capsule catcher every two to three days. Very easy removal and rinse process. The milk frother also works great. We couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Nespresso is fantastic for serious coffee fans that want great expresso in an immediate with nearly no mess. Perfectly created machine looks wonderful & the froth maker is remarkable. Superb merchandise at a good value.

I am a mild espresso drinker, commonly a couple of cups in the morning and that’s it. The citiz is good for getting the working day started, specially if you are not a espresso nerd and just want the consume as speedily as doable. The machine works wonderful after a yr and the supply of espresso pods variety is suitable. Only gripe is it is a bit noisy for the 30sec when producing the espresso, and normally in advance of commencing it i experienced to near the doors to other upstairs bedrooms if individuals are continue to sleeping.

Incredible warm espressos, with purely natural crema, at the contact of a button. The only draw back is that i am drinking a great deal additional espresso than i was with the grind & tamp machine i experienced ahead of. Capsules are however a little bit steep, nevertheless, so i attempted employing a person 2 times. It’s a bit considerably less intense, but still great. I wouldn’t endorse using it a 3rd time, unless of course you might be looking for a tiny cup of weak brewed coffee. Oh, and best of all (for me), if you want to make a tall iced drink, you can simply remove the drip tray and place your glass right under the spout to pour straight into it. 25′ tall and they fairly a great deal max it out. The aerofrother issue is astounding, all by alone.

This was a reward to me for all my hard get the job done as nicely as all the income give to espresso stores, i am going to consume so substantially coffee with this . Super rapid delivery, and in wonderful shape. Effectively packaged and effortless to begin using. I already knew i wished this and experienced made use of one ahead of. So i was in a position to locate it in the problem i desired, with the extras i desired, in the color i desired, all for the price i desired, and experienced it shipped the working day i desired. Also, individually requested more pods and discovered they ended up equipped to ship the device and the pods in one particular box. I used the early morning obtaining jacked on best lattes and espresso before perform.

Execs: little footprint, nice crema, fantastic selection of coffeescons: loud, does not make as well scorching espresso, no other reliable coffee pods than nespresso which is about 85 cents a pod.

I have had this espresso maker and frother for 6 months now and they the two nevertheless perform wonderful even after two times day-to-day use. I get great crema each time, and with the frother, i get accurately the froth/foam i want devoid of fail (i use 1% milk). All i have to do is retain h2o in the tank and keep up my stock of nespresso capsules (decaf and typical).

This will make a fantastic espresso. The machine will come with a good range of coffee pods to see which you like finest. Individually i like them all but i have not experimented with the decaf. The milk frother is quick to use and can make for a great cappachino.

Update: if you depart the frother on the black holder while it is really plugged in it will die swiftly. You want to unplug the black holder when it can be not in use. I will say, this product is gorgeous. My main challenges with ordering on the internet is in some cases items search smaller/even larger than you consider, but this product or service looks just like the picture. They definitely went all out on the packaging, producing certain it did not get damaged. It arrived in this massive box, you open it to obtain a further box, you open up that one particular to obtain the actual merchandise box surrounded with paper as cushion. Then, of study course, in the merchandise box is the genuine products and when you open up it you are going to see the espresso machine shielded by styrofoam. Inside the item box you get 18 samplers, guidelines/manual, milk frother (if you obtained it), consume recipes, and how to signal up for their cargo pods. I adopted the guidelines on how to established it up, quite smooth established up. I observed a single reviewer complain that you have to hold the button to extract a shot each and every time you want espresso and that is not accurate at all. You can established every single button for a brewing time (if you like over extracted pictures, or shorter shots, whatever floats your boat) and the unit will try to remember that for following time so you you should not have to hold the button. I’m a barista at my families cafe and this espresso taste so substantially improved. I can’t hold out to attempt the other samplers to see what they all have to offer you in phrases of taste.

I have utilised these equipment for years when traveling by means of europe and normally guarantee myself i will get just one when i return house – i have lastly done it. I read through extensive opinions for weeks just before choosing on this design and the two primary reasons i did were being the bigger drinking water reservoir and the potential to put entire sized cups underneath the spout. The device is beautiful, effortless to use and the milk frother was a actual bonus. If you like latte’s and use milk substitutes, this frother does the best position ever.

The ideal xmas current at any time. Just just one working day after sampling espressos and cappuccinos in our new citiz with aerocino milk frother, my partner rapidly purchased about $400 value of coffees, 4 distinct dimensions cups and saucers (who realized??) and a capsule storage tray.

Do not use the ‘compatible’ espresso pods.They will crack your device. This is the best reward i have ever acquired for myself. Chrome is a minimal difficult to preserve clean, but i really like appreciate appreciate the espresso beverages i can make with this.

I have a extensive commute to do the job and are likely to be rushed in the early morning. Normally takes fewer than a moment to turn it on and make an exceptional latte. This in fact incentivizes me to get out of bed. Fantastic tasting espresso, way too (and i usually spoiled myself to sightglass or four barrel).

Brew a great cup of espresso in about one minute. They even despatched me a bag with absolutely free ups pickup for me to recycle the pods.

Performs well but no on off swap. The drinking water container leaks conveniently except if aligned precisely.

Purchase this nespresso equipment from amazon by january 31, 2015 and you can get a $a hundred voucher from nespresso which you can use for buying capsules from their nespresso club. This is like getting a vehicle and having a $a hundred gas card. Particulars are on the nespresso web site. To apply for the voucher you’ll require a copy of the amazon invoice. To get the bill, go to your amazon orders checklist and click on on the nespresso item. This will just take you to the product exhibit web page but at the best will be a notification that you now purchased the item. Beneath it is a button to ‘view order aspects. ‘ simply click on that and it will consider you to the get element site for this merchandise. On that web site in the higher proper is a gray button that suggests ‘view or print invoice. ‘ click on that and a new web page will arrive up with an formal-seeking bill.

The citiz is one particular of the superior devices out in the sector. The only drawback is that h2o collects in the disposal tray for the utilised pods, but that is an easy correct. Espresso arrives out scorching and powerful and time for brew time period is quick. Many compliments from all who have found it.