NuWave 20201 Analog-Controlled Infrared Tabletop Oven : Great kitchen helper!

This works well and does cook food as well as it says. I used it a lot when i first got it but i found that i grew tired of the clean up afterwards. It just got easier to fall back on my traditional methods of cooking rather than go through the bother. I still use it now and then as it really does cook things well, especially whole chicken, but not as a daily means of preparing my meals.

Recommend this product to anyone looking to make great meals without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. As with any appliance you discover how it best suites your needs as you cook different dishes using the guide. Once you master the times and cooking levels for your needs it is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Food comes out moist and tender.

These convection ovens really work well. Got the analog type (not computer controls) simply because it is easy to use. It would of been nice if there was an on/off control instead of using the timer for this function, if there was i would of rated this oven a 5.

The nuwave with the manual timer and manual heat temperature works fine. We got this as a present 4 years ago. After shuffling it around the counter and finding the infomercial on 14 channels all at once, we decided to use it and either keep it or throw it away. To our surprise, it works great. The neat part is that tougher sirloin steaks cook tender and juicy, more like a filet. One use we found wonderful was bacon. Bacon is such a mess to cook anywhere else. We tried to cook bacon in the microwave but grease is always an issue so we end up using 30 paper towels and that is yuk. In the nuwave, 6-8 slices are crisp and ready in 11-13 minutes without supervision while you cook eggs or pancakes.

  • Love at first Sight
  • Jim Walder
  • difficult cleaning

Nuwave 20201 Analog-Controlled Infrared Tabletop Oven, White

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  • Patented triple cooking method: Infrared, Convection, and Conduction results in safe, healthy, fast, efficient and great tasting meals
  • Analog controled infrared oven cooks food in half the time, saves 85% more energy than a conventional oven
  • BBQ, Roast, Grill, Bake, Broal, Air Fry, Steam and Dehydrate
  • No defrosting, no pre-heating, no ventilation needed, easy to clean up as all parts except the powerhead are dishwasher safe.
  • Convenient and versatile, small, lightweight and portable for us in RV’s dorms, boats or as an extra oven for big gatherings

If the dome should crack over time you can order a new one at a fair price from nuwave. Com (until they offer it on amazon) to avoid burning yourself, just tilt the dome so the heat escapes away from you when you open it. I didn’t buy the digital since this model has a simple timer dial. So far only have used it once since i just bought it a few days ago. Fixed fresh chicken wings and they were wonderful. I did 11 minutes per side on level 10. No problem with getting burned at all. Do line the pan with foil for easy clean up. You can use any pans that work in a normal oven with the nuwave. Just ordered the secura turbo oven 4 piece accessory set to go with this little oven.

Does not live up to tv hype. Great for frozen steaks and other items that fit on rack. The instructions are really vague aa to how to cook several items together. Tried several combinations as suggested and wound up with great cooked meat and ruined vegetables. The analog works as advertised and was cheaper. The cooking instructions (besides being hard to read and half in spanish) are vague as to multiple items. This is not a “plug ‘n play” item. Must study every item you place in oven to wind up cooked at same time. Wife went back to crock pot & regular oven and i continue to use for last minute craving like frozen steaks and burgers.

I purchased this for my adult son and he loves it; he is amazed with what it will do; not only cooking meats, etc. . But just about anything else. He has said he wants to get me one now.

I bought the oven but not via amazon. Used it for two weeks so far, excellent clean up is my first positive as i detest dish washing pots and pans. I’ve cooked steak-too long, chicken flat out-wonderful, chicken pieces-great, pillsbury biscuits-yum, for veggies i use my fiestaware dishes. I say trust it because i tended to overcook items at first not believing they were really done. I’ve learned to trust the timer for the stated cook times-i have a manual version. I have thrown away many of my pans which were cluttering my kitchen-no longer need them. My microwave is about to hit the trash too; should it conk out after a year as warranted i’ll get a digital next purchase. I like this oven a lot-give it a try.

It does just what the commerical said, it is great. The fat falls to the bottom, it is far better then my foreman grill.

The product arrived in great shape. It performed exactly as advertised. It cooks items quickly and the food tastes great. I have not tried multiple items yet, but plan to soon. My wife and i are retired and it fits our needs perfectly.

I’ve had this product for about 4 years and it still works like new. I use it during the summer alot to avoid heating up the house. I have never had problems with the plastic dome cracking because i don’t use that wire gizmo to lean it on. I would give this 5 stars except i know nu-wave knows that’s what is causing the cracking in the plastic and they don’t say anything to sell more of them. Just set your dome on the counter on a dish towel and throw the gizmo out.

I loved using this in the summertime – really keeps the heat out of the kitchen. It works great for cooking fish, chicken, etc. The only problem was after about 15 months it stopped working normally. Now, after about 10 minutes of operation, it shuts off. There’s something wrong with a limit inside the cooking apparatus but it is not user serviceable. I’d buy another one but you know how it goes – once bitten, twice shy. Got more than the 100 bucks of use out of it in that year though. If you have a family, even better.

I decided to wait a year before i wrote this review. I love the nu wave and i can not see my self not having it in my kitchen. Also, a year later, it still works the same as the day i brought it.

I just love it because you can cook almost anything with it since i had my nu-wave i’ve loved very minute of it.

I have had this model since november 2009 and i use it nearly every day. I tried going by the cooking chart and overcooked a pork roast so i adjusted the cooking time and the next time it was cooked to perfection. I have cooked steak, chicken pieces, whole chicken, pork chops, roast pork, bacon, beef roast, and meatloaf, all of which turned out well. A few days ago i finally cooked from frozen and tried a frozen beef roast that turned out great. Shortly after purchasing mine i started seeing the advertisements for the nuwave oven pro and wished that i had waited to get that one. I know that soon i will invest in the pro and pass this one to another.

Love this product, use everyday, clean everyday but have not had for less than a year and container is wearing out already, scratches but it still works just turns ugly in appearance–.

I recommend this oven for healthy eating. Ease of cleaning and fast cooking of food.

Omg the best product i have purchased, i very rarely cook but now i love cooking it is so easy and convenience i recom it to everyone, i willget several for christmas presents this year.

The oven works pretty well and i like it. There have been just a few things that wouldn’t fit in it, but that’s the only problem i’ve had so far. I’ve put things in there both fresh and frozen and it works great. I would recommend this product.

Everything they said about the oven is true. It cooks everything in about half the time of a regular oven, no heat is generated in the kitchen like a regular oven, and everything comes out delicious and juicy. I highly recommend this product.

We use our nuwave every day. I prefer the digital timer but other than that its great.

My dad bought me this oven for christmas. When i was visiting my parents’ house, he and i made several dishes that came out really, really well in the nuwave oven. One night we made breaded chicken cutlets for sandwiches, and another time we made yellow cake from a mix. The chicken retained its lovely juices and was absolutely succulent. The cake was more moist and delicious than any cake i’ve ever made in my regular convection oven. Tonight, my husband and i decided to use our nuwave oven to make our usual friday night pizza. I used refrigerated pizza dough, and followed the instructions in the booklet to a t. The instructions said that i should let the pizza cook crust-side up on hi until the crust was light brown. We noticed that the middle of the pizza was browning really quickly, so we turned the pizza over using the pizza flipper. Unfortunately, the outside edges of the crust were not totally cooked, so the flipper got stuck and the pizza got totally messy.

George Foreman RC0995P 20-Cup Smart Kitchen Multicooker – Dormitory Essential

Anything that you can make in a wok or pot on a stove can be made in this. It heats up evenly and the handle stay cool. So far i’ve made:- eggs- french toast- pasta- matzo ball soupi have not tried the steaming or rice cooking function yet but i assume it works fine. The only downside is that you can’t remove the pot 1 handed. You have to turn it off adapter, unplug adapter from the wall, remove adapter from base of pot and then unclip the base to free the pot so you can pour out water when making pasta. It’s a lot of steps, but only takes 20 seconds. Overall, i highly recommend this product. If i had the space i would purchase a second one of these.

Friends had suggested this steamer and had high accolades of its performance. We love combining cut up potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, and broccoli with the addition of a little salt.

It looks nice, it has a quality feel, and you think you could do a lot with it. Now if only they included an instruction manual with some recipesthis has to be the most frustrating thing i’ve ever gotten, because since it’s an unusual product, you have to figure out how to use it. The manual, if that’s what they call the instruction sheet, is useless. There isn’t anything on their website i’ve found that’s at all helpful. An appliance that looks like it’s got possibilities, and you can’t figure out how to use it.

So i received this in and like others, wasnt sure exactly what it was entirely. After washing the parts i decided to give it a go. Its basically like a mini stove top. You can cook in multiples of ways – but its just explained quite right in the owners manual. Non stick coating is a plus on the inside, and i like the temperature control settings. The heat comes quite quickly, and is uniform to the entire pot. The pot isdeep and holds much more food than you think it would. Chili, stew, casseroles etc. While i wouldnt depend on this as my sole cooking source, would be good to have camping or in a college dorm or even tail gating.

I’ve owned several george foreman grills over the years, so i was thrilled that i had the chance to test out the smart kitchen multicooker. My regular workhorse black & decker hs1000 handy steamer with flavor scenter screen was getting on in years, and was limited to steaming. However, the george foreman multicooker has a 5-quart capacity, and you can sear directly in the pan, then add your other ingredients to make stews, sauces, stir-fry, etc. Like the george foreman grills, the nonstick coating allows for less oil or butter in cooking, cutting down on fat. There’s also an adjustable steam vent on the lid. You can cook two things at once; for example, you can cook rice in the main pot while putting shrimp, fish, veggies, etc in the steamer basket above the rice, not only saving time but cutting down on dishes as well. As other reviewers have mentioned, don’t count on the included ‘instruction’ manual for much guidance. In fact, if you relied on the manual alone, you probably wouldn’t have much of a feel for the versatility of the product. It’s a great help to watch the promo video on the official george foreman website (see my post below for the url). One thing i would have liked to have seen was a comprehensive list of steaming times for various ingredients similar to the manual from my old black and decker steamer (it included separate guides for meat, fish, veggies, frozen vs.

I got this for my son away at college. He likes to cook, and has used it constantly since september. He is very happy with this kitchen appliance.

  • Use it everyday
  • Great little crab cooker
  • Good for cooking stews & soups but not for rice steaming

Not enough instructions came with the multi cooker to make it useful. Some recipes need to be included with the cooker. Until that happens, i would not recommend it to anyone.

This product is what i expected it to be. Does a good job with soups, stews, etc. Is an excellent fit to use between the stove, and the slow cooker. I know the short cord is for safety, just wish it was maybe three inches longer.

George foreman doesn’t just make grills anymore. Introducing the smart kitchen multicooker a 26 cup ( 5 quart ) steam cooker. This is a wonderful steamer that allows you to cook a variety of healthy dishes, everything from rice and fish to beef stroganoff. It’s got a great non-stick coating that allows you to cook without butter or oil and cut out the extra calories. Plus the one touch digital controls allow you to cook rice and stews with the greatest of ease and accuracy. One of my favorite features is the kitchen-to-table removable pan which makes it easy to cook and serve from the same dish. Not to mention the accessories are dishwasher-safe and make cleanup a snap. Overall this is another superb george foreman invention and i highly recommend adding it to your kitchen.

I love this product and use it 5 days a week it’s a skillet, crockpot , veggie steamer and rice cooker all in one. My only complaint was that it didn’t come with any directions or cookbook. It took some time to figure out how to use it. There was no information online to help.

I live alone, and have a very small kitchen. So small, that when my stove died, instead of replacing it, i bought small electric appliance substitutes. One thing i did not have was a medium-sized electric pot that could handle stews, pasta, and could could even slow cook if desired. So i ordered george foreman’s smart kitchen multicooker to round out my perfect set of go-to kitchen appliances. Cooks great and looks great as well. As an added bonus, it actually arrived two days before the projected delivery date.

Features of George Foreman RC0995P 20-Cup Smart Kitchen Multicooker with Intelli-Probe Digital Controls

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  • Extra-large capacity 20-cup / 5-quart multicooker lets you make a variety of one-pot meals, stews, sauces and more, with George Tough nonstick coating so you can cook oil-free
  • Intelli-Probe digital controls offer one-touch rice-specific settings for easy programming, plus an exclusive 500-Degree sear function that’s the only of its kind in the market
  • Removable stainless steel steaming basket plus tempered glass lid with adjustable steam vent let you steam vegetables and fish as you cook rice for healthy meals in minutes
  • Elegant removable pan lets you cook and serve in the same dish for kitchen-to-table portability that minimizes cleanup
  • Measures 9 by 13 by 10-inch; 3-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Got it for son who is in college.

The non-stick coating: i just got off the phone with a gorege foreman representative. I found their 1-800-237-9786 number on their website. I really needed to know about the non-stick coating they were using. I was told that there is no teflon being used in this product, or in any of the products they make now. Said that they themselves and ‘probably all’ companies quit using the toxic non-stick chemicals that leach out during cooking just within the last 18 months or so. This change happened as a result of the documented findings that teflon was in fact not safe. I was also assured that you can braise at 500 degrees without any concern of being poisoned by the non-stick surface. (a side note: the caution i would have is to be sure what kind of oils you are using at those high temperatures, if any, because it is a fact that many of the oils are toxic at high temperatures. A separate web study would be helpful to know which oils can be safely heated and to what temperatures before they become toxic for the safety of your health. )the manual: i was at wal mart yesterday looking at the manual for this george foreman product. She read her manual to me which was quite different fromt the one in the box at the store.

I bought this on sale to use primarily as a steamer, and it works wonderfully. The two drawbacks (hence the missing star) worth noting are:1) the manual is pitiful and does not include any kind of chart for steaming times; and2) the timer it has (awesome idea) does not make any sound at all to let you know your veggies are done so you can remove them to prevent overcooking, although the unit does shut off. Thankfully, i had a steamer chart that came with my (much smaller) black & decker rice cooker, but had to experiment get the right time since mr. Foreman is considerably faster than mr. Decker :o)neither issue would prevent me from purchasing this item – definitely still worth it.

I love this kitchen appliance. Like many others i wish there were more recipes out there for using it. I downloaded the ones online from the company website but still look for others to add to my collection. I like that i can sear my meats in the same pot before turning the multi-cooker over to the slow cooker option. I like that i can cook my delicious homemade mac n cheese recipe in the pot without heating my oven in the summer heat of nc. This is one of best kitchen aids i have purchase in recent years. I just have to learn to adapt my recipes to using this awesome all=in=one machine.

I was confused about what this cooker was until i actually cooked in it. Because nothing i read about it made it clear what its kitchen niche was supposed to be. Well yeah, but not entirely. In fact it does a lot of things and does them pretty well. One thing it doesn’t do well, though, is explain itself. The manual is less than useless. It’s careful to tell you to wash all the cooking parts before using, but never is clear on what is machine washable and what isn’t. (i just assumed everything but the pot itself was okay for the dish washer. ) it also says ‘to reduce the risk of electric shock, cook only in removable pan provided. Did they think i was going to put the lid on my stove and try to cook in it?.Okay, never mind the manual.

We use this to cook crab on our boat.

Extra-large capacity 20-cup / 5-quart multicooker lets you make a variety of one-pot meals, stews, sauces and more, with George Tough nonstick coating so you can cook oil-free

I have become a big fan of george foreman products and so far, they have been reliable, easy to use and if anything, a great investment in the kitchen and have not been disappointed with one yet. The latest george foreman product to have in our kitchen is the ‘smart kitchen multicooker’ in which one can make their stew, cook rice and literally cook anything in it. But for me, i like to experiment with a variety of dishes that i have picked up in other countries and because of how compact this product is, it has definitely been put to good use for meals in our home. Installationinstallation is quite easy. You have a cooking base, removable pan, steaming basket, tempered glass lid and you have an intelli-probe digital controls which plugs right into the cooking base and you can hook up to your outlet. Ease of use:this cooker is so easy to use. First off, there is a cooking line etched on the non-stick pan. Just don’t go over it and you’re fine. It’s kind of hard to read though but if you have cooked before and know not to overfill your pan, then you can figure it out. Otherwise, if you are adding liquids, use a measuring cup to be safe.

This is great for everything i brown meat and slow cook in it and something i wasn’t sure it would do is deep fry but it does that well too.

This smart kitchen has come in so handy and is really easy to use, i love all the functions it does.

Because what this basically is, is a glorified crock pot that gets hot enough to sear food. I’m not sure what i was expecting, but i thought there might be a bit more going on than there is. You can set the temperature from super hot to fairly low, but i’m not getting the point of doing so. If i want to cook something low and slow, i’ll use a crock pot (which costs far less than this unit) or a dutch oven. If i need a sear, i’ll use a frying pan. And if i need to make rice, i’ll do it in a pot. The capacity also isn’t humongous: i’ve got a crock pot that’s larger, and a dutch oven the same size. And as for the ‘intelliprobe controls,’ well, i don’t get that either. It’s not really monitoring the temperature of meats that are cooking though i suppose it may monitor the overall interior temp.

Love the fact that i can cook two things at one time. Had to figure out how to use it.

I am so happy that i purchased this, it’s perfect for all my steamer needs. I actually wanted something that would keep tamales warm for get togethers and i used it for a super bowl party, i was able to keep 8 tamales in the basket without burning them. I would just add more in the basket as they were being eaten. I have used it for steaming veggies and potatoes to, it proved to be fast and easy and the vegetables had a great taste. This was a great investment and the price was fantastic.

Intelli-Probe digital controls offer one-touch rice-specific settings for easy programming, plus an exclusive 500-Degree sear function that’s the only of its kind in the market

This is the second one of these i purchased. I have one for myself and wanted this one for a special friend. She likes it as much as i do.

The george foreman multi-cooker is the best electric multicooker i’ve ever owned. I’ve been using it quite a bit, and have gotten fantastic results each time. The cooker does stir fry very well. It also browns hamburger super fast. We even used it to make hashbrowns, which turned out perfectly and didn’t stick at all. The george foreman multicooker also turned out a fabulous pot roast in about half the time. The cooker heats up quickly and cooks consistently. The non-stick surface is easy to clean. Foods can be browned using very little oil. The only complaint i have about the cooker, and it is a very small complaint, is that it must be hand-washed.

Apparently it’s not made for a rice cooker, i’ve tried several times but it doesn’t cook the rice well, but it makes soups and stews like a pro, and by setting it the lowest heat setting it keeps my soup or stew warm all day without burning to the bottom.

I have had this multi-cooker for three months. Since it did not come with a manual and recipes, i have been a little perplexed at times. It is an attractive appliance and cleans up like a dream. What amazes me is that it has such a wide temperature range, it can even sear meat. I made beef stew in the multi-cooker and seared the meat, but apparently cut the meat in too small pieces and it over-cooked it very quickly. I was pleased to be able to thicken the stew, something that is almost impossible to do in a crockpot because of the low temperatures. Holding the stew on warm, however, seemed to overcook it. This is a very hot cookermy attempt with stir fry was quite successful and we will definitely use it for this again. As with all recipes it will take a little tweeking to get it just the way we like it. Our absolute favorite was chicken & dumplings.

Many multipurpose devices do not perform any particular task very well: the proverbial jack-of-all-trades, master of none. This interesting cooker is different. It appears to work as well as single task devices for a number of functions. First, this is a rice cooker. After making multiple pots of rice, i have to say it works quite well. It is a step down from our zojirushi but a definite step up from a few other rice cookers my wife and i have owned. Congee, in particular, turns out very good. I put in leftover turkey bones, threw in rice, water, and some ginger as described in joy of cooking. It also does very well as a steamer.

Only drawback is there are not any instructions on how to use the timer feature but it works great.

I absolutely love this thing — i use it everyday for a variety of meals — it is so versatile. The only thing which keeps it from getting 5 stars is it really isn’t non-stick — and as some others have noted the non-stick surface does flake off over time — i have only used plastic implements with this item so its not user error causing the surface to fail. In spite of this, i will probably order another one, once this one dies.

Removable stainless steel steaming basket plus tempered glass lid with adjustable steam vent let you steam vegetables and fish as you cook rice for healthy meals in minutes

It took us some time to get used to how long to cook rice with this unit without burning it. It would have been nice to have a recipe cookbook included (not just the pdf o the website) – but they’re usually well below $10 at a local borders / barnes&noble. All in all, a good addition to the kitchen. Cleaning is easy and this gives us extra incentive to use it in various rice / meat / vegetable combinations.

Elegant removable pan lets you cook and serve in the same dish for kitchen-to-table portability that minimizes cleanup

Presto Big Kettle : Recommended

Arrived with box beat up and dent in side of fryer that prevented lid from staying in place.

This is a little bigger than the ones i have purchased in the past. Big advantage – it goes up to 400 degrees.

Presto Big Kettle, Black

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  • Presto Big Kettle, Black

The basket was smaller than i expected, but overall, i am satisfied.

I am delighted with this product. It is by far the easiest to clean fryer ever. After the oil cools you can easily pour it out and filter with cheesecloth for reuse. Then it takes only minutes to wash out the inside with warm dish water. The outside wipes clean in seconds. Gone are the days of fryers with 10 parts to clean and filters to replace. The basket came completely clean in the dishwasher. This presto big kettle is fantastic. The control is magnetic and easy to wipe clean but also adds that element of safety so kids and critters can’t pull it off the counter by the cord. It can fit easily under the kitchen stove vent and the max fill line is low enough that the oil is not splattering all over the place.

I have the smaller one and it is great but needed a bigger one to fix french fries etc for 6. Presto makes better friers than the expensive professional ones. I have had several expensive ones. They just dont get hot enough.

Presto Big Kettle, Black :

This multi cooker is now the biggest one that presto makesit features a large 8-qt capacity pot that can accommodate just about anything that you want to cook in it. It is good for making large family one-pot meals. It is 5 appliances in onei got it mainly for deep frying. Some have said that the basket is too short. It accommodates considerable amounts of food to fry without crowding the basket. I’ve also used it as a slow cooker for the most delicious pot roast everbut i love it truly large capacity. It is 60% bigger that the average multi cooker.It is a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a dutch oven, an 8-qt stock pot, a boiler & a steamer. I’m so glad that i bought it.

This is a great multi cooker to have, it gets plenty hot and holds the heat. My only complaint is, i can’t really use the basket as a steamer as it should be used. Because the lid does not set flush on the kettle. It sets on part of the handle, so it can’t really hold in a lot of steam. It would be a huge improvement, if there was a notch in the lid. Because i have to cover it with foil otherwise. Other then that, it works great, and i would recommend.

The kettle is large enough to make large portions and the plug is magnetic which makes it easy to assemble. This is a good buy for this price. I would recommend this item.

Our big kettle was received when it was supposed to and its even better than we exspected it to be.

I filled it within an inch of the top with chicken stock ingredients, about 7 quarts. Near 20 hours at a low simmer, 190 f. Practically no loss by evaporation thanks to the lid. After straining there was 5 quarts of broth. My 5qt slow cooker cannot make more than about 3 quarts. While a common slow cooker boils even though set at ‘low’, this kettle can be set below boiling, and avoid boiling bones, creating too much gelatin, and perhaps even ‘burning’ the broth. Thanks to the large surface area, the 5 quarts broth was reduced by half in about 2 hours at a simmer. Finished broth could be boiled without any negative effects, and very quickly reduced. My slow reduction was only a test.

As a mom of 8 i needed something that could hold a decent amount of food at a time. We had one similar to this yet smaller a few years before, so i had an idea of what i wanted. It is the perfect size, having a basket that can hold a good bit of food in one batch. The legs are just high enough to keep the grease splashes off the counter tops, which makes cleaning up way easier. It heats up pretty quickly and is ready to fry in about 10 minutes. There is a grease line inside to show the desired filling. I also noticed, using a cheaper oil will make it bubble and pop. After use the handles come in handy to move and store it until the next use.

Great product, cook fast, easy to clean.

I needed an electric cooker to take advantage of the cheaper electricity in the winter where i live. Bought the big kettle cheaper elsewhere. I have this for two weeks now and have used it about 30 times cooking rice, soup, and steaming corns and potatoes. It cooks rice as well as my electric rice cooker in half the time. I haven’t fried anything with it because i don’t eat greasy food. Even though i am just one person, i am glad i bought the big kettle. The large cooking surface allows for faster cooking. I would prefer if it didn’t have the tapered design where the bottom is smaller than the top. I have a steaming rack that fits through the top and gets stuck in the middle due to the tapered shape of the kettle. I have to rest the rack on an empty soup can for balance.

Even though it does not reach 400° it actually reach 350 degrees, but i am still happy with its consistency. Works very well and is made of good quality and continues to work which is most important. I’m even considering purchasing a second one.

Got it 6 months ago and love it.

I made fried fish yesterday, excellent, you are going to like it.

 our family is a mix of many religions: pentecostal holiness, church of god, southern baptist, independent baptist, mormon, and catholic. We do our best to observe the holidays from as many religions as possible. Our muslim friends help us to understand their holy days and we do our best to honor them as we can. It is lent, a catholic holy season. Part of the observance of this holy season is to have fish on friday. It really does not seem to matter if the fish is a tuna sandwich, or fried catfish, or any other type of fish, for that matter. All the restaurants around have a lenten special this time of year because our area is heavily roman catholic. We can’t afford to eat out like that, but we did want to observe the holiday. So, we bought the presto big kettle 8-quart multi-cooker/steamer. With it, we can fry catfish for much less than it would cost to eat out every friday.

KitchenAid 9 and 12-Cup Food Processor French Fry Disc : Narrow french fries

Great for cutting french fries. Makes quick work of slicing the potatoes.

I thought this would fit my food processor, but it does not fit my model. I did not read the model numbers it fits, and mine was not included. Company was great to deal with.

KitchenAid 9 and 12-Cup Food Processor French Fry Disc

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Quickly and easily makes homemade french fries from potatoes Can also be used t
  • Quickly and easily makes homemade french fries from potatoes Can also be used t

I really like this french fry blade. It is a little different than i thought it would be, but it works great. It sure beats cutting fries by hand. There are so many different fry choices you can make with this blade.

Easy transaction, happy customer.

I primarily purchased this for fries but it does an excellent job on firm fruits and vegetables as well. The usual kitchenaid quality, of course.

KitchenAid 9 and 12-Cup Food Processor French Fry Disc : This is durable and fits my kitchen aide perfectly. I make perfect fries every time, no more chopping off the fingers lol.

I have the largest bowl they make. My feed tube is huge and it holds a large baking size potato. The slices have a slight curve to them which is fine with us.

I had all the slicing tools for my kitchen aid except this one. I wanted to make oven fries as i am trying to watch my weight. . Making french fires with this slicer is a breeze and the potatoes are cut uniformly and therefore they cook all at the same time. They are scrumptious to eat.

When i finally decided to purchase this after thinking about it for several months, there were only 2 reviews (both 2 stars) and i ignored them since the only specific complaint was that it makes stubby little fries if you don’t have the wide mouth feed tube. That makes sense, but i have a big mouth (on my food processor) and even if i didn’t, i wouldn’t completely mind stubby fries as long as i didn’t have to cut them myself. Inspecting the product, we noticed that the cutters are not uniform in width (see photo) and i was fearful that i might have to put up 3 stars and be somewhat saddened by the quality of the fry. Upon cutting my first russet with this disc, although the difference in widths of the fries was obvious (see photo), it wasn’t quite as bad as i feared – so i was thinking maybe 4 stars. However, after frying up several batches of fries for dinner, i realized that the difference in widths is not significant enough to cause problems in how they cooked. The fries came out cooked exactly how i would expect – some browner than others but none of them underdone or too crispy. So yes, the fries are different widths, but no, it doesn’t cause any problems. Oh, and this could’ve been a fluke, but the top was completely clear of potatoes when i was all done – that’s never happened when i’ve used other discs for potatoes. As for the quality and durability – it seems even sturdier than my other discs.

M.V. Trading Tatung Induction Cooker : Just like the restaurant!

The pot, however, oxidized or something after first use (there were marks on the bottom of the pot).

I ordered this induction cooker because it’s the exact one that my favorite hot pot restaurant uses. We’ve only used it for hot pot so far. Told my friend about this and she got the same one and loves it too.

Just got the cook top today and used it already. The included pot is pretty cheaply made but works fine with the cooker. Most of my other pots work well on the induction cooktop so i didn’t have to buy much else. I like that the cooktop has a rough finish so it will hides scratches better and it looks to be pretty durable. What i would like as improvements is more power settings so you can more finely manage the temperature and also a timer that you can adjust by the minute. Currently the timer only has 10 minute increments.

It cooks everything perfectly in less time. I like the way you can set the timer and walk away.

  • Excellent burner
  • Fast and easy
  • Three Stars

Tatung Induction Cooker with Stainless Steel Pot – 1500 Watts(BLACK) by M.V. Trading

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Tatung Induction Cooker with Stainless Steel Pot – 1500 Watts(BLACK)

I have used these for about three years. It does what an induction cooker is supposed to do. I do not give it top rating for two main reasons: it needs a heat selection between 2 and 3. The jump between 2 and 3 is bigger than i like. And the heat zone is smaller than ideal for a ten-inch or larger pan so that you get a concentration of heat in the center of the pan. Those who like to use cast iron pans can use them with this cooker. But be aware that, because cast iron does not spread heat as well as an induction-ready aluminum pan, the hot spot in the middle of 10-inch and larger cast iron pans is substantial. Another thing cast iron users should consider is that this cooker has a heat sensor which limits how hot a pan can get. The limit is low enough to make touching up the seasoning of a cast iron pan difficult.

Just got this tatung cooker to try out induction cooking for the first time. So far i’d say i’m happy but there will be a learning curve to master. Pros:does indeed start heating very quicklyresponsive to power level changes – water will start/stop boiling within seconds of a changeseems to work with my existing pans (including the t-fal stainless steel with copper in their bases – i have an old set which looks a bit different from what you can currently buy)large surface copes with my biggest potscons:noise – this is probably typical for most of these devices but there is a high pitch whine while the pan is on the cooker, what’s a little more disconcerting are the lower power levels where there is a click-click-click as the coil turns on and offalthough per above the power control is responsive, the lowest two power levels turn the coil on and off every few seconds (like a microwave on low power) rather than reduce the power going to the coil – this means getting a precise simmer is a little trickysupplied pan is ok, though not very thick metalin summary, it seems fine for high heat applications (like boiling) but will need some getting used to for lighter cooking.

This cooker works well for the price i paid for.

You must experiment to find out that only the inner circle on the cooker is really hot so the pan should be shaped to get all the heat from the center. It says that pans up to 10 inches will work but with a flat 10 inch pan, only the center really cooks. The pot that comes with it works well but a 10 inch flying pan did not cook on the edges.

One of my friends recommended it to me. Then i ordered one from amazon. Our whole family loves it very much.

This cooktop is a great way to try induction cooking. The heat control is precise and responsive like gas; maybe better. Warning, it may not work with all of your pans, especially if they are all aluminum or copper-clad stainless. It’s portable and lightweight. It will be excellent for home canning. It will also provide an additional side burner for holiday meals. The fan makes a little noise, like a small microwave. Some pans make a slight whirring sound as current is induced through them.

This review is for the tatung tict-1500w. I bought this induction cooktop from newegg on sale for $49. That was $20 off their normal price. I also have a burton induction cooktop that i bought from amazon for about $90. I have owned the burton for about a year now. The tatung looks and feels much cheaper than the burton. The burton has 10 power levels, the tatung has six. When cooking rice, the burton simmers it just right at power level number one, however on the tatung power level 1 isn’t enough and power level 2 is a little too much. With the burton i can set the timer in minutes, the tatung has six choices 10,20,30,60,120. I can also set the temperature on the burton, but not on the tatung.

This was 2nd purchase as a gift.

My husband bought this cooker over two years ago, i believe i do have more experience to say something about this cooker. Actually we love it, i designed to use it in backyard cooking because no smoke and not afraid of wind blowing all the flames,and it has been true all the time. My mom use it cooking outside a lot and doing some yardwork in the same time. It is very durable, reliable, we leave it at outside all year around, it still works on matter rain, hot or cold weather. It has controller for power adjustment. Sometime we carry it to camping side as long as it has electricity. The only drawback of this cooker is you do need a steel pot to react with the induction, alumina or others does not work. Maybe most of non-sticker pot are not made from steel, just be ware of that. I did buy one non-stick pot made from steel especially for this cooker.

It met my expectations as i use it each time i cook hot pot. . I like the big buttons on the control panel, it makes it easy for me to turn off and on the cooker.

A decent product for a decent price. It is not as precisely temperature controlled or time controlled as some other models are, but i didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for what amounts to a hot plate either. It heats very quickly, is easy to clean and looks nice. After you use the pan the first time or two you have to clean it by heating vinegar in it because the pan gets these funny induction swirls in it. Just follow the directions and it will work out fine. The low setting is a little too low. Its ok as a warmer but its not enough to simmer.

I bought this induction cook top to have chinese hot pot at home. The product was shipped in a timely manner. The product is as described. It heats quickly and has +/- temperature adjustments which work very well. I recommend the cook top for anyone wanting to have a good quality cook top for hot pot or as a second burner.

I ordered this cooker thursday afternoon and received saturday (very fast shipping). Tonight i tested it by deep frying some fish using the pot that comes with it and i must say i’m impressed. It didn’t take long for the oil to heat (on medium/high) and it didn’t take long for the fish to fry (on medium heat). That never happened with my electric skillet. If the cookware you use is not induction ready, the unit will beep a few times then shut off. There is a very high pitched tone you can hear in addition to the fan when the cook top is heating but i only heard it when boiling water; i didn’t hear it when i was frying and its not really bothersome. It seems the only negative with induction cooking (so far) is having/finding the right cookware to use. Edit; this cook top is still going strong and works the same as when i first bought it.

Proquick heat for boiling water of less than 10 ounces. The speed didn’t beat other methods when boiling a large pot of water to make soup. Mother also use one, and we use these instead of common kitchen stove (electric or gas). Less risk of forgetting to turn off the heat / stove. Mother likes to clean the stove after using, and the electric stove, which could still beover 212 degrees after use, burned her towelthis unit doesn’t burn her towel. My mother and i do forget turning off the stove using regular stove top, electric or gas. Somehow, we never had this problem,control heats well on no.

Works with my basic stainless steel pots i bought from macy’s years back. It’s a bit noisy – there’s high pitch sound at low heat settings. Quiet down at higher settings though. It heats things up very fast, and very easy to clean afterward.

Great for home hot pot or shabu shabu meals. The pot is fairly sturdy and well made. It’s been a year since we bought this and it is still working fine.

To those having issues with lights 3 and 4 blinking. I received one and it didn’t work at all. If you take it apart using the screws on the back, you notice a small rubber bubble in the middle of the copper coil. There is some sort of sensor (probably magnetic) located on the top of that sensor, covered by a coating of white substance. I am assuming this is what initiates the induction process when a steel pot is detected on it. I tried wiping off the white substance so that there is a better connection and put the device back together and it worked just fine after that.

I’m building some eco cottages with kitchenettes; therefore, my interest exceeds even that of the typical homeowner. Induction cooking is the most efficient way to cook, so with ‘eco’ cottages, i love the technology and fully intend to use it. Built-in nduction cooktops cost a mint, so i wanted to try this, plus if you’re doing something in the kitchen that doesn’t require its use, you can put it aside in the corner of the countertop or even store it in the cupboard. Alternately, you can pull the spare from the cabinet and have two running, no problem. These are very common in europe but just catching on here. In 10 years, i predict these will dominate u. Simple, the direct control of gas with the ease of care associated with a smooth electric cooktop.

Hearthware Nu-wave Pro Digital Oven, Five Stars

The dome cracked after a few months. I paid for a replacement dome directly from the nuwave website. I did not find replacement parts on amazon. I did notice there was a better quality dome for about double the price of the original dome. I think the better quality dome should come standard. I have read many reviews on how the dome cracked and the poor customer service they received from nuwave.

This oven is convenient at time. The time suggested for the cooking is somewhat far off, still the food comes out pretty good when the spices and herbs are add to the recipes.

A year ago i bought a nuwave oven because my husband and i are both active duty air force and every night we are stretched for family time with our daughter. The nuwave allows us to whip up healthy nutritious meals in record time. I love this product so much i have bought one for my mother and brother. Buy one, you will not regret it.Oh and this year during thanksgiving, the nuwave saved our holiday. We tried to deep-fry a turkey and undercooked it. After the turkey was cut into, we couldn’t put it back in the fryer so, i put it in the nuwave and it came out perfect.

Key specs for Nu-wave Pro Digital Black Oven:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Black digital power head and base, clear polycarbonate plastic dome lid, Lid rest, lining pan, 10 inch cooking pan, 3 inch extender ring, 4 inch reversible cooking rack, 2 inch rack, owners manual and instructional DVD and recipe book and guide
  • Variable temperature control
  • Uses conduction, convection, and infrared cooking technology
  • Multi-function allows you to barbecue, roast, grill, bake, broil, dehydrate, steam and air fry
  • No need for use of additional cooking fats or oils

Comments from buyers

“Love the oven, beware of the dome.
, up to where it cost even more money to cool it back down
, Well worth your money

Not as fast as it claims or as hot. Not the easiest to clean but i am okay with it.

Cooks quickly and efficiently. Does not heat up the kitchen. Most of all i like that the nuwave oven uses less energy. Make sure you follow the times to cook because otherwise you can over or under cook meat. To be real sure of doneness and not under or over cooking your meat, use a meat thermometer like you do when you use your oven. I have not used the pizza cooking assessory yet so can not write a review for it.

I purchased the nuwave oven after seeing the infomercial on tv. Then i wondered why in the world i had gotten yet another appliance, but it has proved to be one of the handiest appliances i have owned. Now i use it mostly for broiling, but it is quite versatile and can be utilized for many other types of cooking. Food cooks faster and healthier in this oven. It saves using the big oven and cooks meat so it is very tender and juicy. It’s easy to clean, too, as all the parts except the cooking coils are washable. I liked the nuwave oven so much that i gave one to a friend as a wedding gift and she loves hers too.

Living in warm, tropical weather here in hawaii, big island, i wanted to hurry and replace my dead-after-8-years flavorwave oven but got mixed up with the competing ratings and bought this nuwave. They both are rated the same so i am pleased so far. Cooks from frozen and all the other things it’s supposed to do and above all,. I hated for linda to turn on that double doored hot oven for her baking and now,. She discovered this oven can do it the same way with a cooler house at that. She now is convinced i made a great investment with convection cooking when i discovered this instrument while being a real happy single guy with only his dog and an occasional,. . To savor all the good stuff together.

My mom is an ‘as seen on tv’ junkie and loves to purchase these gadgets if they really can sell it to her. I’m usually a skeptic, but this one also interested me. After convincing her to buy here than with the phone number or website from the infomercial (it is much cheaper here), we finally ordered one. As a family that is full of people on the go, we rarely make family meals. Instead of turning on a big oven to cook a meal for one, this oven really saves time and cleanup. We still have yet to explore all the different uses for this oven, but the different accessories and booklet this oven comes with really remind us of its potential. Despite note using it in many different ways, we definitely have been using it a lot. It is now the preferred oven and the go-to appliance when cooking meals.

I am sooooooo happy with this product. We are to the point of cooking every meal in it. I plan on having 2 to cook multiple meals and the cook top instead of using our stove. The one negative is the dome cracks and it you don’t buy it from the nu wave company ie amazon, the warranty is not covered. Oh well another dome is about 60 bucks. My favorite is the burgers and fries. Biscuits are also good the frozen to cooked with pre heating an oven is great. We don’t us our microwave which puts radiation into your food to cause negative affects.

I received my oven about 2 weeks ago and i have used it for a roast beef, a 5lb chicken, a pork shoulder, chicken cordon bleu, and air fried chicken. I followed the recommended cooking time and found that everything needed to be cooked just a few minutes longer. With experimentation and a thermometer i will nail that down. Now, with that out of the way, let me just tell you, everything was delicious. That 5 lb chicken was cooked to perfection. Crispy skin on the outside, juicy chicken on the inside. That pork shoulder that i cooked also came out excellent, and it was a six dollar and fifty cent piece of meat. I made slits in it and stuffed slivers of garlic in it, rubbed olive oil, adobo and oregano all over it and put in the nu wave. It tasted just as good as something you would get in a spanish restaurant. I didn’t even need to put it in the fridge over night.

I have only had the nuwave oven for a short time and so far i think it is great, i live alone and i can fix a whole meal for myself at once and not have to dirty a whole bunch of pot’s and pan’s, also it does it very fast, leave’s in the moisture and everything i have cooked taste’s great, some things i haven’t cooked in it but i am on my way to loving it.

Love this thing ,globes are junk i have replaced 3 ,bought the heavy duty one , it’s hard to order regular replacement globe never in stock , cook in this thing 3-4 times a week.

It takes a little longer to cook than chart says and noticed that the food does not stay hot as long as when it is cooked in regular oven.

We all see all sorts of fantastic devises that are advertised to make our life easier. The nuwave actually does make life so simple that it should be illegal. If you are a meat eater you gotta have this thing. I but steaks when they are on sale in a ‘family pack’. I season them and then freeze them. Any time you want a steak- take it out of the freezer bag and toss it on the nuwave. Frozen to perfect in less than 1/2 hour.

Easy to follow instructions, and easy to use. I made our thanksgiving turkey in the nuwave and i turned out perfectly cooked and moist.

Buy one get one free on nuwave site.

This was the most wonderful gift i bought myself.

They work well and gets used constantly.

My wife has been wanting one of these for 2 years. Finally i bought her one for her birthday and she loves it. Works as described and clean up is easy.

The food tastes so much better and my kids loved everything i cook with the nuwave. I tell to everyone i know about how great it is. Then one day, it just stopped working. I called the manufacture and got an exchange (thank god, it was still under warranty — 1 year).

Love the oven, hate the fact that the dome started to crack after a few uses. Based on what i have read in other reviews this appears to be quite typical. It does a great job of cooking. I’m resigned to the fact that i will need to be replacing the dome which from what i read is not covered by the warranty.

Number one: doesn’t heat up your kitchen like a typical oven-and that is very important in these 90 degree days. I have cooked numerous things in this and have really enjoyed the ease of use and cleanup. Love making waterless boiled eggs-now i don’t dread dealing with hot water and steam.

This is the best machine i own. I often forget to take meat out of the freezer and being able to cook straight from frozen is a huge plus. The food comes out so moist.

It is important to try it out and get a feel for how it cooks, don’t expect to master it the first time you use it. There is a lot of room for user error with this. Using the different racks and placement of food in the oven will greatly impact how well something is done. For example, i find that a frozen chicken breast will cook best on a rack near the bottom of the oven, as opposed to near the top on a secondary rack. I find that the cooking time of the oven is about half of what a conventional oven would be. There are some things in this that do take as long as a conventional oven or cooktop. I really like using this for frozen food and snacks. I’ve also used it a few times as a secondary oven, which is nice for making dinners- i don’t have a ‘double oven’ built in, so it’s nice to use the nuwave alongside my regular oven so i can, for example, bake bread in my regular oven and cook my chicken breasts in the nuwave at the same time. Clean up is easy if you use round pans, like the one they include, or if you line the very bottom with foil.

BUNN Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine : of the line juice machine but it does a great job at making a very delicious cup of juice

This juicer (in my opinion) is one of the best out. Did a lot of research on various juicer and found this to one of the best. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

This product works well for the most part; it juices fruits and veggies with ease. The one thing i noticed however is that it the machine itself could be a bit higher so that you can place a regular size glass under the spout. It is a bit inconvenient & time consuming to have to use a smaller size glass/container and then have to transfer the juice to a larger container.

Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Special patented juice extraction technology with extra-large round feeder and super sized detachable pulp collector
  • 3,600 rpm motor has lifetime guarantee and whisper quiet operation
  • Commercial quality with good housekeeping seal of approval
  • Bonus power juicing recipe guide
  • Built-in safety features
  • Countertop juicing machine with an extra-large feeder chute
  • Powerful 3,600-RPM motor offers whisper-quiet operation
  • Surgical-quality stainless-steel cutting blade; super-sized, removable pulp collector
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts; includes recipe/instruction booklet
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Have had this juicer before. The catch tray is useless, doing opposite of what it is for and causes a mess so i don’t use it but otherwise i like the juicer.

I use this product almost everyday. It’s easy to clean and i found that if i use a plastic grocery bag in the mulch container it’s easier to clean too. If you’re into composting then you can use the mulch as compost – or depending upon what you have used to juice, use the pulp in recipes like chile and meatloaf (for veggies), or breads and cakes (for fruits) it adds a lot of flavor and texture.

I borrowed a jlpjb from a friend, and used hers for a month before i purchased one. Found it was easy to clean, operate and did great. Inexpensive enough to be affordable, you can also get parts online like a blade, etc. Worked with all kinds of veggies and fruits. I would recommend this machine to anyone starting juicing, i love mine.

Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine : This machine produces great juices but it get clogged a lot. I also find that the pulp i’m supposed to throw out has a lot of juice. Not bad fir the price, but they could do better.

The knife was not sharp enough, to cut the fruits. Which was very disappointing, but i replaced it with my older juicer’s.

I purchased this juicer because the one i had just like it for over 4 years needed to be replaced because the big plastic screw that holds the blade cracked away little by little, but the power was still going strong. When i saw this one used, i decided to by and was very pleased with my order. When the juicer arrived, ur looked as if it was brand new and it arrived very quickly. Overall, i am very pleased with my order and i love when my purchase exceeds my expectation.

Then after heavy use it started to produce more pulp/ leave more juice in the pulp. It also started leaving bits of pulp in the juice if the filter basket was not cleaned frequently. It still works great and i love it. I just love it a little more for the first few batches. We managed to can 10 gallons of apple cider this year with the help of this machine. Can’t wait to try it on other produce.

I have only owned three juicers but this is the best so far. The large opening takes apples and oranges easily. Unlike most centrifugal juicers, it is actually able to get some liquid out of leafy greens. Not as well as an auger juice extractor, but well enough that you can get value from the greens that you buy for juicing. Disassembly, cleaning and reassembly is fast and easy. Almost all of the pulp makes it into the ejection bin and what little sticks to the top cowl is easily scooped off with the fingers and dropped into the bin. The pulp is very dry which shows that most juice was successfully extracted. This juicer is also much quieter than my last one. I bought it used-as-new and it really was as-new. I would buy the same model again if i needed another one.

I like the size because you can make a lot of juice at one time.

I bought the juicer so i could make juice for my three year old son who will not eat veggies, and i want him to have good healthy juice that is not loaded with sugar. Juicer works quickly and quietly and i am very happy with it. My son loves the whole process nad is happily drinking vegies every day. 🙂 it can be a bummer to clean but the quality and flavor of fresh juice makes it a non issue.

This juicer works real good on lemons, oranges and even grapes but don’t recommend it for mangos, pineapples or even apples, just not heavy duty enough for those, but for the price its a good deal. Make sure to clean it well after each use and it works fine and hopefully will last longer.

Love this juicer as a first time juicer this was so nice. Easy to clean and very easy to prepare and use. I highly reccomend for the price it is awesome. I only switched because i wanted to upgrade to a cold press juicer.

Just wanted something more simple then the greenstar juicer for my morning celery juice from medical medium. Easier clean up, and i’ll do it more.

Product does as advertised and is useful. And the price cannot be beaten. Will buy this product again.

After reading many reviews i chose to buy jack la lane juicer. I find it easy to use and many receipes to follow in their book. Makes great juice without pulp. Fruit and vegtables are ground into a course pulp and dumpedinto the lage container in the back of the unit. The shredder is very sharp and does an amazing job. One must take every precaution when handling the shredder as to notinjure oneself by cutting a finger. A brush is recommended when cleaning it. Be sure to rinse and wash the entire removable parts of the unit as soon asyour preparation of fruits and vegtables are complete as the clean up at thatstage is a breeze. I would not recommend letting it stand and get dry, as it is harder toremove, i am told. I wash mine by hand though it maybe put into a dishwasher.

Love it, still running strong after many, many uses. Don’t put the parts in the dishwasher though.

The jack lalanne is not a top of the line juice machine but it does a great job at making a very delicious cup of juice.

I own a jack la lanne for about 2 years now. Since then, i`ve bought my boyfiend a very expensive breville elite juicer, which is very good, much easier to clean an assemble and dissemble, but it just doesn`t make as much juice out of the same amount of fruit as the jll. The left over pulp is moist and you can still squeeze a little juice out of it with your hands. Than i bought my dad a breville regular juicer, and it is basically the same as the elite, only cheaper. Now for my brother i have bouth the jll. In my opinion it is the best, the pulp is dry, it really takes all the juice out of the fruit. If you want more juice, buy this. If you want ease to use and clean, buy one made of stainless steel.

Easiest to use and clean and lasts forever.

Back to Basics TEM4500 4-Slot Egg-and-Muffin Toaster : Awesome, awesome, awesome

I recieved my toaster yesterday, set it all up, and it looks great. It’s not all that big, i mean, maybe a bit bigger than an average toaster, but if your buying this for the convenience of making the breakfast sandwiched then it may even be smaller than you expect. I was kinda worried because the control knob on the right toaster(next to the cooker) seemed a bit loose, where as the left knob seemed stiff, like i would expect. After running the toaster through a few cycles, getting rid of that burnt plastic smell, i tested the toaster and did have to make a few adjustments to the darkness. This morning i put together my ingredients for my homemade egg mcmuffin, within minutes it was done, the english muffins were perfect, the sausage patties were perfect, and the eggs were perfect. I am sooooo happy i went ahead with this toaster instead of the basic toaster i had originally orderedi do want to say that the only reason for taking a star off the rating was because of that loose knob. Being a brand new toaster i would expect everything to be consistant. I’m hoping this knob doesn’t give me trouble in the future.

Looking for an easier way to enjoy a “fast food” breakfast without styrofoam eggs and plastic cheese?. This thing is a breeze, easy to clean, cooks eggs perfectly over-easy or hardboiled it does it all. The only downside is it isnt the most powerful toaster, i find that it struggles with thick crumpets or english muffins, but with a thin slice of wheat toast it turns into a furnace and burns it to heck. So be wary of doneness settings on the bread but otherwise prepare for a home cooked delicious breakfast sandwich that doesnt cost you 5-6 dollars.

Back to basics tem4500 4-slot egg-and-muffin toasterwe ordered this toaster as a ‘novelty’ gift to ourselves – but find we’re using it all the time as a regular part of our kitchen equipment. It fits where our old toaster oven was – and works very well. We treat ourselves to ‘egg muffin sandwiches’ at breakfast a couple of times a week – more than we ever did with ‘store bought’ ones. Toaster works great with bagels and muffins – and is easy clean-up with the drawers at the bottom. Three months and it’s still working well.

My teen took to this the moment it was delivered. Being a slower adopter of new things, it took me a couple of days to get up the courage to give it a try. Now i’ve had the egg-and-muffin toaster about a week, and i’ve never had so much fun making breakfast. It’s as easy as microwaving a frozen processed breakfast item but much tastier and healthier. Pop one or two split english muffins in the toaster slots, pour in a little water to the tray, break an egg (or two) into the poaching tray(s), add canadian bacon to the warming tray, cover and hit the egg-and-toast button. 3 or 4 minutes later, everything is cooked to the “doneness” you selected (based on the amount of water you added and the toaster setting). Season the egg, add a sliver or two of aged parmesan cheese, and you have the tastiest “artisan” breakfast sandwich you can get anywhere. With a high-fiber light english muffin and thin canadian bacon, it’s only 200 calories. All the egg/meat cooking parts go in the top of the dishwasher, except the water tray which has to be wiped out (which also captures juice from the warming meat). That means you want to be judicious about cleaning the tray after each use.

  • One year later and it is still my dream toaster
  • The Rolls Royce of Toasters!!!
  • Mornings are better for a NON Morning person

Back to Basics TEM4500 4-Slot Egg-and-Muffin Toaster (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4-slice toaster makes egg-and-muffin sandwiches in about 4 minutes
  • Toasts while steam-poaching eggs and warming pre-cooked meat
  • Egg/toast, toast, and egg functions; hard- or soft-boil up to 8 eggs
  • Dual control panel; bagel and defrost settings; shade control; cord storage
  • Measures approximately 16 by 11 by 8 inches; 1-year warranty

My mornings are so much better. The egg/toast feature is the best. It really does cook the eggs and toast at the same time. It takes longer to make my coffee than to cook my breakfast. The little holders for the eggs (for those who prefer egg whites) hold about 1 1/2 egg whites per dish. It will hold 2 egg whites but even with the poached egg time being for a medium it’s not quite cooked all the way through but remember these dishes are for one egg each. For me i get my english muffin, 3 egg whites faster than i can get my coffee. I have also heated up my “veggie” meat in the tray it did just fine. I have told more people about this toaster. Let’s put it this way if this amazing appliance breaks in 6 months guess what??.

I have had one of these breakfast factories before. Easy use, quality breakfast, and easy cleanup. Then it broke 8 months later. I order another from amazon and the egg tray would only heat slightly. I sent it back and ordered another and this time the egg tray would not heat at all. Overall, i have to say this was the best part of waking up, until it broke. And now it seems as though they are not even testing them at the factory for quality control. So i’m going to wait before ordering another.

It does exactly what it says, and does so reasonably well. Here’s what i do and don’t like about it. Do like: capacity to toast four slices, ability to have two slots toast lightly and the other two toast longer at the same time, the bagel feature – puts most of the heat on one side of the toasting slot, accurate egg cooking, ease of cleaning. Don’t like: water tray gets dirty when warming sausage, toast and eggs start cooking at same time which means toast isn’t as warm as i would like when eggs are done, build quality seems good. Even though i don’t like that the water tray gets dirty, it is still very easy to clean. Note too that i still rate this unit with five stars. Given that i tend to be a harsh reviewer this would mean that the demerits are of minimal irritation. In short, i love this toaster.

This toaster is absolutely tops. I received it two days ago, tested the next day and to my surprise, my breakfast was done in just 4 minutes. The toasts come out just right, the poached eggs are perfectly cooked and the whole apparatus is just beautiful to watch over my kitchen table.Easy to use, excellent instructions manual (although the spanish version has some mistakes. I don’t think that the teflon coating will come off. It is just a matter of very carefully cleaning with some kitchen towels or soft soap. I am extremely happy with this product. Keep up the good work back to basicsgreetings from colombia.

This toaster is the coolest gadget in the kitchen now. Very often, you buy something that you think will be cool, use it for a week and then it gathers dust for years. I caught some flack from the wife for spending a little extra money for a toaser, and now she can’t thank me enough for getting it.Making a quick sausage, egg and cheese on an english muffin in the morning is a snap, and it tastes fantastic. The kids won’t let this kitchen gadget collect dust wether i want it to or not. It cleans up in no time, and feels well built. I had one arrive damaged in the mail, and as always amazon was superb in replacing it very quickly. If there was a 10 star button, this item would have it.

Besides our refrigerator and dishwasher, this is the most used appliance in our kitchen. We have owned it for two weeks short of a year and have enjoyed every moment. I make anywhere from two to twelve slices of toast a day (our family has three growing boys) since we have owned it. I have also made poached eggs in it countless times and boiled all kinds of eggs (soft, medium, hard). I have also put english muffins, bagels, homemade bread slices, pop tarts, kaiser buns, hamburger buns, etc. Short of learning the setting that works best for each thing, repeated success has occurred with each use. Here is my list of pros and cons:cons:-when poaching eggs and making toast at the end of the cycle the toast is cold. (i fix this by waiting until the egg is done and then toasting my bread)-when boiling a large amount of eggs the water can seep out of the machine. (i just keep a towel handy and wipe it up)-it is not always fun having to clean all the parts after cooking eggs.

I ordered this thinking the reviews would be too good to be true. This is an outstanding product. Easy to operate and works as described. It is so easy to make a healthy breakfast quickly and without hassle. Probably the thing that takes the most time is getting all the ingredients pulled together. Cut an english muffin in half, put it into the toaster, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of water to side tray (they give you a measuring cup for this), spray egg tray with pam, crack open an egg into tray (break yolk with fork) or use an egg substitute, place a piece of sandwich meat on meat tray (i like turkey ham), put on cover, push button for egg/toast, then push down toast lever. 5 minutes later put it all together with a slice of cheese, a heck of lot better than any breakfast sandwich you’d get at any fast food joint. Cheaper than a fast food joint and you get to choose what kind of meat, cheese and bread you want. Easy clean up of the egg/meat cooking parts and there are crumb trays under the toaster portion.

I’ve had this toaster for a few years now. I’ve given it a 4-star rating for function, but i would give it a 5-star for satisfaction. The only cons are that it does not toast evenly; the bottom of the toast gets done before the top is complete. To solve this problem i flip my toast upside down after the first toasting cycle and toast for a little while longer. The other con is that eggs will sometimes crack when using the hard boiled feature. They are already partially cooked when this happens so it doesn’t make much of a mess, but they aren’t very pretty to look at. I love how hard boiled egg yolks are cooked to perfection every time. I don’t like any “goop” in my yolks so i always overcooked them when using the stovetop. With this toaster the egg yolks are always a beautiful, creamy yellow with no gray around the edges and with a wonderful texture. Also, not mentioned in the description (or even the instruction manual), there are crumb trays in the bottom that slide out for easy cleaning.

A few tips:*spray the heck out of the egg pan for hassle free cooking*skip cooking the sausage patty on the little rack provided – while its steaming and defrosting on top of your egg, the liquid will run into the egg cup, creating a runny mess. Cut up the patty into little pieces and place them in the egg cup with the egg. It all cooks up together into a little omelet :-)*add shredded cheese into the egg cup before cooking.Yum*experiment with leftover meats to add into the egg cup while cooking, we’ve used turkey sausage, diced up lunch meats, even veggieswe love this toaster and uses it all the time, the only downside is that it’s huge (the 4slice, 2 egg version) and takes up alot of space. I love experimenting with egg whites and different veggies/meat add-ins right into the egg cup while its cooking. Toast a whole wheat muffin and you’ve got yourself a healthy and filling meal in no time. Way tastier than the fast food versions, and you know exactly what’s going into your breakfast. I’ve used the tray for “boiling” eggs several times, and each time they come out perfect – and it’s so fast.

I guess i have always been a breakfast guy. Among my reviews here you will find one for applewood smoked bacon (which goes nicely with this product btw. ) our toaster, a relic from the 1980s i think, finally toasted its last piece and went to wherever dead toasters go. I needed a new, multi tasker type toaster which was big enough to get the job done and stylish enough to sit out in plain sight. I got lucky and found this baby, which i enjoy almost every day. 4 wide openings for bread, muffins or my favorite homemade bread. A nifty egg tray with room for 2 eggs in its non stick server and nice power settings to get the job done exactly the way you like it.

I purchased the toaster for use in australia. Using a step-down converter it works very well. My wife and i are thrilled that amazon would post to australia. The toaster is able to make four slices of toast and all four slices do not need to be pushed down at the same time. It is really useful that the unit allows two different cooking settings in relation to darkness of the toast, so if one person likes dark toast and the other light, they can both be in at the same time. Have only used the poached eggs once. It made poached eggs really well. I had the soft and my wife had the medium eggs. Using the measuring cup the more water you add the harder the eggs. It took about three minutes, and a little longer for medium eggs.

If like me you keep coming back to this product, go ahead and buy it. You won’t regret it, i promise you. I’ve tried poaching eggs with those containers you put in the microwave, but you always had to baby them so they wouldn’t explode and time them so they’d be done as close to the muffin as you could manage, but it rarely worked out just right. Egg and muffin are done and warm at the same time. Something i didn’t even consider before i bought it that turned out to be positive as well was the shape of the poached egg. It may seem silly, but like the ones you’d get at mcdonald’s, the egg cooks into a flat pan shape, instead of a bowl shape (which is what you end up with if you use the microwavable poachers). This makes eating the egg sandwich much less messy since your egg doesn’t slip out between the muffins. It may seem a bit expensive for a toaster, but if you keep coming back to gaze at it fondly as i did, just know that it’s worth every penny.

I like this toaster, it cooks my bread, bagels, english muffins evenly. My only complait is i like my poached eggs hard and the little cup only shows measurements for soft and medium. So i have to guess, sometimes i get it and sometimes i don’t. When the eggs arn’t like i prefer i have to restart them, so it ends up taking awhile to get my food. But all in all its a good toaster.

My husband actually asked for this toaster for valentine’s day, and after some thinking and reading through the reviews on this site i said ‘what the heck, lets try it’. We have been using it ever since, and it has made our morning routine more efficient. We have used it to boil eggs for lunch salads, simply toast bagels or breads, and ofcourse make poached eggs. Also, you can steam canadian bacon in the steam tray, but we prefer to make the frozen morning star sausage patties (straight from the freezer)just be sure to read all instructions, and wipe the machine after each use or you will develop a build up in the water resevoir (particularly if you live an area with hard water). However, if this happens, you can easily clean it by adding a mixture of water and vinegar and letting it boil in the resvoir (read the instructions).

I am a good cook, with many years of experience cooking eggs, and this po-ster (poacher-toaster) is a miracle device. A five-year-old could make breakfast with this thing. It consistently produces absolutely perfect eggs and toast. Choose eggs from soft to hard boiled, based on the amount of water you put into the poacher. They provide a little measuring cup for the water. It stops at the perfect degree of doneness every time. No timers to set, or pans to wactch on the stove. Place fresh, raw eggs and few tsp of water in the egg compartment, a muffin or bread in the toaster slots, push the button and get in the shower. When you get out, your breakfast is ready. The toaster produces beautifully browned toast (again completely adjustable to your preference) and it’s all done at the same time.

Just bought this and have used it three times. My only complaint is that the english muffin is cold by the time the eggs are done. I read the other reviews before buying it. People complained about the juices from the sausage dripping down into the egg. I bought the 4 slot toaster for that precise reason. I figured i’d only be making one sandwich at a time, so i put the egg in one side, and the sausage on the other. So i had to overbuy in order to make an inferior product work correctly. It’s better than running to mcdonalds every time i want a sausage mcmuffin with egg. The problem might not even be an issue if you used ham pieces instead of sausage.

I bought it in 2011,and still running great. I bought it only cost $58, now it is $90, wow inflation. Easy to use, i haven’t try the egg part yet~.

I wanted to find a unique gift for my husband. He sets up his eggs and toast to cook and then goes and takes a shower. His food is all ready to go when he gets out. The eggs are fluffy and tender–not rubbery. I no longer boil my hard-boiled eggs. This unit makes great hard cooked eggs in the shells. I’ve also made yummy steamed eggs with spinach and cheese in the little egg cups.

ERAVINO Professional Wine Opener Vertical Corkscrew – So easy to use!

What an attractive corkscrew. Let’s just start by the wonderful looks of this product. The streamline design makes it look very high class and expensive. The beautiful red and chrome really give it a nice pop of color. This doesn’t look like your typical corkscrew. The ease of use for this product is absolutely my favorite part. You can pretty much use this product one handed. Instead of twisting like a normal corkscrew the product does all of the twisting for you, you simply just push the silver lever down and the product does the work for you. Highly recommended*i received this item at a discounted review in exchange for an honest review*.

This may be the easiest wine opener that i have. I am an occasional wine drinker and my husband bought me a corkscrew 5 years ago that was very easy to use and lightweight. This is a lot easier but it does have some weight to it. The good thing about this corkscrew is that you don’t have to turn it to get the cork out.All you have to do is place it on top of the bottle and push down and then pull up and the cork is out. To remove the cork just push the handle down again the and cork pops out. So easy and so handy to have. It also comes with an extra screw to replace. The one thing i didn’t like was the foil cutter, although it works and cuts the foil in a clean circle it feels very flimsy like the gadget would break in my hand if held to tight. Also i didn’t like the finish on it.

Saw several reviews and my wife was looking for a new opener. She has always used the electronic ones but i got her this based on the reviews. It is now her favorite opener. We struggled with a few corks breaking with the electric one but this one has done a fantastic job. Would highly recommend if you are in the marked for a wine opener. Here are the specifications for the ERAVINO Professional Wine Opener Vertical Corkscrew:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This innovative wine opener lifts the cork from the bottle in just 3 seconds with the simple lift of the handle
  • The lever is die cast metal and chrome plated for a distinguished look on the bar or counter
  • Corkscrew pull stands up on a bottle and operates vertically to remove the cork; works on artificial corks and standard wine corks
  • beautiful candy apple finish looks great in any kitchen or bar

So much easier than my old rabbit.

I thought i had a good corkscrew already, but this one takes the cake–or rather, the cork–right out of wine tasting parties. It has a hood that slips over the bottle, with a corkscrew deep inside that grabs the cork right in the middle. All you have to do is lift the handle–and like magic, your bottle is open. We were emptying the bottle and passing it around for tastes in nothing flat, and everybody was marveling over this vertical corkscrew by eravino. It’s exceptionally heavy, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping on the bottle. I just wipe if with a damp towel. It also comes with an extra worm and foil cutter.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It is now her favorite opener. We struggled with a few corks breaking
  • Five Stars

Easy to use; nicely designed.

Got this for my sister for xmas and she loves it.

Appears to be of good quality. Given as a gift so don’t know if it’s been used yet.

Attractive finish, effective, easy to use. Not disappointed in the slightest. One of the best wine openers i have ever used.

I have this as a christmas gift to my brother. He likes it a lot but has some trouble ejecting the cork from the opener. Everyone said it just pops out but he can’t seem to get it to do that. Otherwise it’s very easy to use.

Excellent product and all was as expected including delivery on time. The person i gave it to was very pleased.

So happy with this as a gift for my husband.

BUNN Nostalgia Electrics SPF-200 Soft Pretzel Factory – pretzel machine

I bought this for my son because he loves soft pretzels. I have not been disappointed. I’ve experimented with different methods, and what he likes the best is crescent roll dough. I just open the package, cut it into 4 long strips and roll or squeeze them into pretzel size and fit them into the mold. I squeeze at the seams so they won’t fall apart when i take them out. After cooking i brush them with butter and dip them in sugar/cinnamon. I bought a crescent dough from trader joe’s that doesn’t have as many additives/preservatives and this works the best. It is a very quick process from start to finish which makes it worth it. Remember that one red light means it is heated up- so you need to let it reheat between batches.

It cooks hotter on the bottom than on the top so makes for uneven baking. The cutters do not cut completely and are hard to clean.

I am a manager of auntie annes pretzels and i was given this as a gift kinda as a joke but its awesome. Size of a pencil twist the dough in the air and then dip it in the bath wash. Bake and then brush with butter and salt and then yummy. Thats the way we do it here at auntie annes. Or brush with butter and then add cinnamon and sugar blend. Or you can add pepperoni on the top while baking and then dip in maranara sauce for pizza pretzels. A big seller here at the store. We also roll in jalapenos in the dough then sprinkle on cheese before baking. And you get the real kind like at the store.

It makes what you might consider pretzels, but not in my book. They have a rather odd texture and are a bit on the soggy side. I think i’ll go back to the guy on the corner of 5th and 42nd st.

I don’t think i ever got over my love affair with the easy bake oven i had as a kid. I had so much fun making cute little pretzels and my kids ate them as fast as i could make them. I used one of the recipes in the booklet it came with but i’m sure you could use your favorite recipe if you wanted. They are great for my grandchildren too, little treats for little hands.

I like this pretzel factory so much. I bake them with my baby girl and this way, she eats more easily.

  • Great for Gluten Free Pretzels
  • This product is Fun and Easy to use
  • A gift for my grandauther

I do everything ‘quick and dirty’. . The pretzel cutter took too long. Instead i used a heart shaped biscuit cutter(any kitchen dept. Carries them)i placed this on the appropriate shaped pretzel mold on the pretzel factory. The hot mold does a good job of stamping the heart shaped dough into the traditional pretzel knot. The cutting goes quick and the pretzel still looks great. I think the pretzel factory soft pretzels are perfectly browned and taste great. The best part you can customize your dough or just buy ready made dough at the store. A little practice and you’ll be a pro. As other posters have mentioned there is a bit of trial and error in rolling out the best thickness for the dough.

She likes it and uses it quit often. We all can have fresh presels at any time.

This was a gift for family and i doubt it was ever used.

Received my pretzel maker today. Very happy with my first try at making gluten free soft pretzels. I adapted the irish soda bread pretzel recipe in the book for my gluten free flour blend and they came out great. I think i need to roll the dough a bit thicker though. Might even try just making half inch diameter dough ropes, giving them a twist and laying them in the molds next time. Tried the recipe again this morning. I made the dough, divided it into 6 portions and rolled each one into a 20 inch rope. Took the ropes and dipped them in soda water.

It is really great i’m looking forward to using it. And i thought the price was quite resonable.

Features of Nostalgia Electrics SPF-200 Soft Pretzel Factory

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Makes 2 large or 6 small soft pretzels at one time
  • Non-stick coating
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Power and preheat indicator lights
  • 3 minutes cooking time
  • Makes 2 large or 6 small soft pretzels at one time
  • Non-stick coating
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Power and preheat indicator lights
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This pretzel machine is perfect for a home snack or meal, they taste delishous. I make them for my family and they love themthis was a great buy.

Don’t know if they made any pretzels yet but they were sure excited to open it. I got this for them because they love the soft pretzels.

As stated in pretzel kit, a lot to go thru to make pretzels @ home. Refurbished unit was a good price.

It cooks the pretzels pretty well, but we misplaced the instruction booklet for the first try, and they came out hard. We haven’t used it since we found the instructions. It was very easy to use, heats up fast, and the size plates are very easy to switch out. We are very pleased with the pretzel maker.

Glad we bought it and tried it.

I didn’t get a recipe book with the pretzel maker???. Can you send me recipe book?.

Makes 2 large or 6 small soft pretzels at one time

My son loves this little pretzel maker.

Dies exactly what is supposed to do. We used with aunt annie’s pretzel mix. It is time consuming but most homemade items are.

My husband loves it and so do i. We can now have pretzels whenever we want and don’t have to buy them on the street corners of new york.

Gave this to my sister for christmas, she loves it. So easy to use and the pretzels taste wonderful.

It came almost the next day, and it is so cute. I am so excited to give this as a gift for christmas.

Non-stick coating

My husband bought this for me as a gift. I scoffed – out of earshot – at the idea of making 2 pretzels at a time when i could bake an entire panful in the oven. Starting from scratch with homemade dough, it took me 2 hrs from start to final clean-up to make one batch of 14 ‘jumbo’ pretzels. Next time will be considerably faster, but this is not a snack to just ‘whip up. ‘the instructions are lacking in some key areas: thickness of dough (about 1/3’), clarity regarding the intent of the spring on the cutters (do not press the spring when trying to cut, but only if the pretzel sticks in the mold after lifting the cutter from the board), how to tell when the pretzels are done (when the green light goes off – no timer necessary). I figured out only at the very end of the first batch that a quick dip in the water-soda bath and then straight to the cooking plate makes for much less floppy dough than the recipe in which 45 seconds of soaking was called for. And no, the plates are not dishwasher safe as advertised in the box. The inside directions clearly indicate otherwise. But the unit cools to touch relatively quickly, the plates pop out and clean easily with soapy water.

This pretzel machine has been an amazing addition to our sunday football gatherings and has been a huge hit. The machine is very easy to use, the recipes are completely on par, and the pretzels are delicious. It is very easy to over bake the pretzels, so i only bake a batch for 3 minutes at a time. For delicious pretzels, use the original recipe in the supplied book, add chopped green onions and minced garlic to the dough, brush baked pretzels with garlic butter, and then dip in the beer cheese recipe provided in the book – perfection.Five stars for this product for ease of use, ease of cleanup, durability, and delicious pretzels.

It is a little different then you might expect. I made pretzels and they tasted good but the outside did not brown up that much and if you leave it in longer to brown you get hard pretzels instead of soft. Would be a fun family activity though as all enjoyed and took part on christmas.

I bought a premade mix (auntie anne’s) and this pretzel maker for a christmas gift for my husband. He used the plate to make 2 larger size pretzels and they turned out delicious. Making pretzel dough is a little time consuming with having to wait for the dough to rise, rolling it out and cutting the exact shapes, but it wasn’t so long that were aren’t willing to do it again. I hope we make them again soon as the pretzels turned out great.

They love making and kneading the dough. While it rises, they can do something else. My daughter loved making the mini pretzels and sprinkling stuff on top( cinnamon/sugar, poppy seeds, salt. The results are some nice tasting pretzels she was happy to share with her friend. They keep well in the freezer and can be reheated in the microwave. Time consuming but most fun things are.

I love soft pretzels and had my eye on this for awhile. I was a little surprised at the skill level required – if kneading and rolling aren’t your thing this can be quite challenging. I prepared the basic recipe straight from the manual but found key info missing – like how many per batch and just how much extra flour was needed to keep the dough from sticking to everything. I also struggled to figure out how long to cook each set without a timer or sound on the machine. It took me over two hours from start to clean-up, so this is not a spur of the moment project. The finished product tasted good but seemed limp, not crispy on the outside. I am not sure i would recommend this product, there are probably easier ways to get good soft pretzels.

Just made a full batch of pretzels. The included recipes are so easy and they turned out fantastic. They tasted just as good as the ones in the mall. My wife doubted that the machine would work but she is now a huge fan.

Convenient cord storage

We enjoyed the pretzel maker, once i find a good pretzel dough recipe i’m sure i’ll get some good use out of this.

Power and preheat indicator lights