Farberware Faberware Multi-Functional Round Induction Cooker | Feather Touch Control – Wow! That was fast.

Initially i headed to walmart to get the ‘nuwave’ but saw this instead. My hope was to be able to use my cast iron skillets with it (since my stovetop is a glass cooktop) and i was not dissappointed. Not having the nuwave, at half the price, it appears to perform equally as well. My cast iron heated up instantly and the controls were easy to understand without using directions. There was one confusion though. You must first select the ‘fry’ setting to be able to then manually adjust the temperature. There are presets that do what many will use often. The unit is light but not too light – it seems to be well built. Personally, for the money, this is a bargain. It has a narrow circular area 5 – 8 1/2 inches that provides for the heat. Not having used other induction cookers i’m not sure if this is normal. This is my reason for the (-) 2 stars. I do assume heat will distribute throughout the pan and this will not be an issue.

I purchased from walmart because i didn’t see it on amazon until now. Use pans marked ‘induction’ and no problems. The market hasn’t settled on the induction symbol, so read the packaging (electric is a no). Shop with a magnet (borrow one from the magnetic timer display). I have done chicken (browned and simmered w/spices and pineapple), quinoa, and eggs scrambled and hard boiled, cubed steak (bautifully browned). Used for about 3 months now, and have had no construction problems as reported with the tv model. Consider where you will place it (cooking spatters).

I bought this cooktop to replace the nuwave i dropped. Glued the nuwave back together and did a side-by-side comparison. The nuwave is a bit faster, while the farberware is a bit quieter while the fan is running. The price difference — the farberware is about 45 percent less money, depending upon where you buy it — is sufficient to consider buying this one if you use it only occasionally. I’d also recommend buying stainless steel induction-compatible cookware to replace the frying pan that comes with this unit. The included pan is aluminum, with a bonded induction pad on the bottom, so it doesn’t work as quickly as a good (and more costly) induction-compatible pan made of stainless steel with an aluminum or copper disc sandwiched inside.

I purchased this item somewhere else but wanted to post a review. So far i’m pretty satisfied. The fan runs much quieter than on other units and shuts off fairly quickly when you’re done cooking. I bought a set of kitchen aid induction ready pots & pans and they work great. I have had zero problems-regardless of how large or small the pan is this cooker works like a champ. I keep reading about people having issues with the size of the pan they use-it’s either too small or too big but this cooker works beautifully regardless of pan size. It might not be as flexible or have all the bells and whistles as more expensive induction cookers but for the price (paid $49.

I purchased this because my stove top only has one large eye and i often need 2. Luckily my cast iron skillet and some of my all-clad cookware was already compatible with induction cooking and combined with the skillet that came with this, i was all set. Fyi: if a magnet will stick to the bottom of your cookware, it’s induction compatible. (don’t go out and buy a magnet, just use a refrigerator magnet to test. ) i like that you can set this to different temps depending on what you’re cooking.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I purchased from Walmart because I didn’t see it on
  • Wow! That was fast.
  • Just what I needed

Crock-Pot SCDD 32-Ounce Manual Double Dipper Warmer : Double Crock Pot

Just what we were looking for. Something not too big for two food tastes at once. We’re enjoying it tremendously.

Very nice “gadget” to add to the household *appliances”. Great for a small or larger crowd. No need to cook the dip in themicrowave first – this little dipper does it all.

I love this i had been looking for a double fondue maker or white and milk choc. These electric ones are basically the same as a crock pot. And crock pot half the price. Wont even fit a can of soup per side. But it works great for fondue for my husband and i and we enjoy it for sure.

This is a cute little crock pot with two compartments. I bought it because i was hosting a velata chocolate fondue party. I used this crock pot warmer for dark chocolate on one side and white chocolate on the other side. (i have two velata warmers which i used for milk chocolate and caramel milk chocolate. )like others have said, it’s annoying that there is no high/low setting — only off/on. As a result, when left on for any length of time, it can get too hot. Having read that ahead of time, i turned the warmer off after an hour and just left it alone to keep the chocolate warm while the party continued. When the party was over and i was cleaning up, the white chocolate in this crock pot warmer was scorched and burned and nasty. All in all, this crock pot is okay, and i will use it again for appetizers and dips. However, i will probably never use it for chocolate again.

  • Most Excellent
  • Heat Varies Between Sides
  • Love it!!!

Crock-Pot SCDD 32-Ounce Manual Double Dipper Warmer, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Divided stoneware allows you to warm two dips at once
  • Removable oval stoneware for easy cleaning
  • Perfect for parties and at home entertaining
  • Dishwasher-safe stoneware and lid
  • Measures approximately 13 by 9 x 11 inches

Works great in my home theater along with my hot dog roller for hot kraut and chili toppings. Insert slips out and into the dishwasher. Each side fits a standard can of toppings.

I got this to use for christmas dinner and it’s great. Just the right size for dips and can be used for one or two different dips. Keeps the dip just the right temperature.

She said it was easy to use and was great for party dips etc. . She said this is what she has wanted for a long time.

This was perfect for making chocolate fondue. It doesn’t look that big when you take it out of the box, but the dishes is quite deep and it melted the chocolate fast.

Received my crock pot a day earlier than scheduled & used it the same day. It seems fairly small in each side of the crock, but it is only a dip warmer after all (16 oz. On each compartment of the crock). I only used one side as i was only making a small amount of one dip. The only downside to this is that there’s no high-low setting, just on-off. I put my dip on & had to leave for a couple hours, & when i got back it was super hot & the dip at the very bottom of the crock was overcooked. Not really a big deal to me last night, but this is definitely something you would want to use when you can keep an eye on it. This will be great to have for parties.

Had one spot on one side towards the outside corner that got our product a little crusted. Don’t know if that area could have been a little more hot than the rest or not. Surprised that was the only spot.

The title of my review explains my main issue with this little appliance. We gave it its trial run with a batch of spinach artichoke dip, filling each receptacle about 2/3 of the way. Before long, the right side was bubbling while the left wasn’t doing much of anything other than staying warm. I’m not nuts about the uneven heating factor and i’m also not nuts about the two speeds: on or off. However, the latter i knew about prior to ordering and it isn’t that big of a deal to remove the lid and stir now and then. This thing will work just fine for the football parties we go to so my gripes aren’t driving me to send it back.

Matches the large crock pot version, great for appetizers for entertaining. Amazon has the best price and free shipping. Watch it, your guests may just want to take it home.

It ended up being a lot smaller than i had anticipated. It is good for use for a couple people but not ideal for use at a party.

Update: i think a wire may have come loose in my first pot. I have now used my replacement pot for 6 hours and it worked great. I’ve used it often–and the pot i gave as a gift is working great. So, in spite of the fact i had a glitch in the first pot i bought, all is working great now and i love this pot. So with amazon’s free exchange for a new pot, and new pots working perfectly, i have raised my review rating. I am glad i didn’t give up on it. My original review:the concept behind this is wonderful; each side holds 16 oz of dip. That’s a decent sized jar if you buy a dip or 2 cups worth if you make your own on each side, it takes up little counter space and you can do 2 dips at a time for your quests in one small pot. I did a spinach artichoke dip and a jalapeno bean dip and it kept everything hot for almost 4 hours. The instructions suggested to only warm dips for 4 hours–it failed, however, to say why. I figured that meant because that’s the time window when they can start not being a healthy choice to eat anymore via bacteria. I turned it off after 4 hours. But apparently they meant to say 3 hours and 50 minutes.

This is a cure little crock pot. While the photos are accurate it is small. I bought it to warm up soup as the children like one kind and parents like another. Only the ceramic part has a split, not the holder.

Very small in size, but i’ll use it for something. Would have preferred it to be at least 2 cups per side.

The pot heats nicely, but i’m no longer ok with heating food in/near plastics because of risk of leaching toxins. That would be especially true of something that is kept warm for hours. I was disappointed to have to send it back. It wasn’t obvious from the picture or description that the lid is clear plastic.

This mini crockpot is the best. My teenagers melt cheese in it for nachos. My children and i melt: chocolate, yogurt chips, frosting, you name it to coat the cake pops we make for different functions. The two sides are the best, we use food coloring to color whatever we melted to go along with the function. (one color per side) (school colors for bake sales, themed parties, etc. ) very easy to use and so much fun.

I was kind of worried after i had ordered and then read the reviews about hpw small it is. Well, it’s exactly the size as it was described. If people can’t read for comprehension, it is not the fault of the product or the manufacturer. It’s for keeping dips warm, not for making a complete meal.

Easy to wash and pretty on the table. Removable dish is greatvery versatile.

It was fun to offer two different dips (i did the spinach artichoke and cheese dip as shown in picture) and they were delicious and kept to a great temperature. The only slight problem i had was that i could only load a half batch of my dips in each side so i had to refill during the evening.

Avanti Open Box WDP75 Hot And Cold Water Dispenser -, Exactly What I Expected

Just what i needed to replace the old one which we kept for years and gave delicious cold water.

Does what is is supposed to – no issues setting it up, no issues using it. Which is what is expected from an appliance. 4 stars because it does what it needs to efficiently and without fuss. No extra-ordinary features to rate this as 5 star.

While it took a while to get here, my husband agrees with me that the avanti hot and cold water dispenser was well worth the wait. After our old dispenser gave up the ghost after twenty plus years, we looked at each other and said, ‘what do we do now?’. We tried shopping for another one locally but nobody had what we were looking for and we were, quite frankly, spoiled. What do we like about the avanti?as the poet put it, let me count the ways. First of all, because of its energy saver feature, the avanti consumes less electricity than our old dispenser which ran constantly. The avanti, in contrast, is very quiet. The avanti features a neat little safety lock on the hot water faucet, which the old dispenser did not the storage space in the bottom, while it doesn’t keep anything cold, is quite handy. The avanti’s white plastic square design looks clean and nice. Our old brown metal dispenser did not.

Key specs for Avanti Open Box WDP75 Hot And Cold Water Dispenser – White:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Built-In Energy Saver
  • LED Night Light with ON/OFF Switch
  • Hot and Cold Water Faucets
  • LED Light Indicators for Hot and Cold Water Functions
  • Dry Storage Compartment

Comments from buyers

” had it for several weeks now and really are pleased with it
, Pros and Cons (and compared to GE)
, Love It!

There was indeed the funny taste at first. I added about 1c baking soda to the full 3 gallon bottle. Let sit over night then drained and rinsed. Took the nasty taste right out. Was a little disappointed that the storage compartment didn’t pick up any of the chill, so it it just storage. I put it in the bedroom and it is very nice to have hot tea at night and cold water when you wake up in the middle of the night. I keep the tea and sweetener in the storage compartment.

The plastic smell from the appliance is strong, and is still lingering. The plastic taste went mostly away after 1 full bottle was dispensed. I really like the energy saver options, and it looks great. My only other issue is that often the flow drizzles down to a very slow flow, and we need to pick up the bottle (carefully, without spilling) and place it back on the unit to let the air bubbles/pressure adjust.

The bottom part is not a refrigerator.

Dispenses both hot and cold water. Storage space below the bottle for dry goods. Takes up no space, and makes no noise.

I ordered it from england for my son in america and it was delivered with no problems excellent.

The storage area underneath we don’t use, but we love it.

Received the unit quicker than promised,well packaged,no damage to the shipping carton or unit. The cooler works with my zero water system, several other coolers did not. Water is cold and i like the energy saver feature for the hot water.

Only grip i have is some times you have to switch between normal and energy saver to get water to reheat after not being used for extended periods. I have not had any problems with leaking or being loud at all. I did run about a dozen gallons or more before actually using a jug and water. I have used generic walmart jugs and primo water jugs without problems.

Update: january 2017: my son took the dispenser i bought in 2012 (still working perfectly), so i just purchased another one for myself. It is still the best simple water dispenser we’ve had. I was pleasantly surprised that avanti now includes 2 types of ‘water inlet attachments’ – the piece that holds the water bottle in position. One attachment has a ‘piercing tube’ which pushes in the plug of the water bottle. The other is a ‘bottle stabilizer ring’ for other types of bottles. I am confused by low reviews – in my experience, it’s very quiet, energy efficient, nice chilled water, no leaking, etc. Avanti has added some instructional tags, about filling the hot water reservoir, checking the drainage cap, the hot/cold on/off switches in the back, so maybe that will help some of the confusion to new buyers. Another change from my original purchase is that i did not need to flush water through. The water was perfect, and had no odd taste that i encountered the first time.

After reading other reviews i was not sure about this product. I went ahead and ordered the avanti hot/cold water dispenser, and was pleasantly surprised. What an economically savings to buying water bottles.

We have been using this water dispenser for several months now. No mechanical flaws to report. The water dispenses well and tastes as it should. The hot water comes out nice and hot. If i have a gripe i guess it would be that the cold water is not all that cold. But very happy that the lines are not freezing up.

We have been using this water dispenser for over 2 weeks and it is working fine. We have not had any problems and the hot water is very hot.

I bought this unit for my office. . It clanks and clunks more than others i have owned.

Very happy with this but had problems with ups delivery. It is not supposed to be transported on its side or upside down, nor (of course) dropped. And when i got it set up and water in it, it leaked due to internal damage. Got a replacement from same 3rd party supplier (through amazon) and although ups abused it some also, i’m happy to report that about 7 months later it’s performing great.

I used to have an avanti model wd99ps. I loved it because it was the quietest water cooler i had seen and the water taste was good from the day first. However, it stopped making hot water after almost 2 years. I decided to buy the same brand, even though, the last purchase didn’t last that long. We installed the new one (wdp75) today at our office and just like the other model, it is very quiet and no burned plastic taste water even for the first cup, which i love the most about it. I hope this one last longer though.

Drinking a lot more water now with this product. Great for making tea, oatmeal and hot chocolate. Very efficient did not see any major change in electric bill.

Bought this cooler for my elderly parents and they absolutely love it. It keeps their water nice and cold and hot for their morning coffee. Also my mom loves the little storage area underneath.

Unlike some of the other reviews that complained of difficulty with initial cleaning and setup, i had no problems at all with plastic tasting water. Simply followed the instructions to rinse first, and it has been perfect since. The cold is nicely cold, perfect for drinking, just like a glass of iced water after all the cubes have melted. The hot is also perfect for making instant coffee that is almost too hot to drink. I have this in my office, and couldn’t be happier with it. The blue light option is cool ambiance too.

This is a pretty decent water dispenser that looks good. It does not leak, it is easy to reload, the water comes out in a strong enough stream that you don’t have to wait a year to fill a teapot and the temperature for cold is perfectly cold. Plenty to fill an 8 ounce glass. The hot temp is not super hot and i have to pop my cup into the microwave for a few seconds yet that could be personal preference. I would definitely buy it again.

This is working very well for our small office.

This is a very nice dispenser. We have had it for a month and it is exaclty what we expected. Water temperature is just right. The energy saver feature is good if you are not planning on using hot water all the time. We decided not to buy water filter tank because we’ve heard about the taste and the cleaning requirement for such system. I recommend this machine for home use and find a source for the water bottles.

T-fal Emeril by SK501851 1-Pot Multi-Cooker – Remarkable little cooker!

You can even put the pan on the stove. I was worried that i can’t set the temperature, but have learned through using it that it bakes everything perfectly with the default. And the price is way lower than the smaller ones.

A ‘grand remoska’ french- style. Negates having to use a big oven, and only uses about 20% of the electricity. Pair this item with a really good butane stove: instant portable kitchen.Difficult to find the correct cookbooks here in the u.

This compares very favorably with the remoska i owned (and loved) when i lived in prague. The handles on the pot are a welcome improvement, as the original had handles only on the stand. So far it works really well, and the only disappointment is that the non-stick coating had a tiny chip, which i will have to keep an eye on. Still, i love the simplicity and versatility, and anticipate that it’s going to save a little on my electric bill, as i won’t have to heat my whole oven when i’m just cooking for myself. Here are the specifications for the T-fal Emeril by SK501851 1-Pot Multi-Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Extra large 6-quart non-stick cooking pot
  • Lid with integrated heating element to roast, bake or boil
  • Sauté or brown directly on the stove then conveniently finish your recipe directly in the pot on oven mode
  • Handles on cooking pot to easily move it from the stove to the stand
  • Dishwasher safe non-stick pot

This is without a doubt the best new invention i have come across in a long time. I can’t believe how fast it cooks a roast and it turns out tender and juicy, my crock pot is gathering dust.

Very pleased, excellent delivery time,was able to purchase a second one from kitchen collections at a cheaper clearance price, but overall good experience.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Pretty happy with this so far
  • The little window at the top makes for great viewing. Cleanup is easy as it’s non stick
  • Should not put tin foil inas the heating unit is in the lid.

Modeled after the classic remoska, i suspect this cooker is better and more versatile because of its larger size. It serves as a mini-oven, and allows you to cook so many things without ever turning on the regular oven; i’m sure at a considerable saving of electricity. I’ve used it to bake pies, cook biscuits and other bread, roast chicken, and prepare a number of other items, including vegetables that one might normally braise. The cooking pan works great for first browning either meat or vegetables before actually cooking in the remoska. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have one. In fact, i have enjoyed ours so much that my brother is now getting one just like it for christmas. . Oops, forgot to mention, the clean-up is a snap.

Just found this and had to try it. They have been very difficult to find in 110v versions, being that most were made for 220v operation. It’s a modern ramoska cooker appliance, made famous in eastern bloc countries during the cold war, (traditionally manufactured in a czech factory). These are great for small kitchens, and rvs, (where you have power). They really cannot be used to deep fry, because the heating element is built into the lid. However, they work great for broiling meat, baking, and almost any braising recipe.

I have made bread, roasts, vegetables- anything you can do in an oven you can do in this pot. Purchased one for my sister. Time your recipe as you would anything you would bake. The other name for it is a remoska.

This is what i call an oven and cooking pan all in one. You can use the pot to brown meat or whatever, then put it in the trivet, add the lid and turn it on. I use it often and made garlic bread, roast, scones, soup. The little window at the top makes for great viewing. Cleanup is easy as it’s non stick tfal. This will not heat up the house nor will it use much electricity.

It’s bigger that i thought it would be. It’s great for cooking for a large family. I can cook 10 pounds or more of chicken in this pan.

I purchase this for a month only and i use this to grill steaks and works great comparing the regular grill pan on the gas stove. The aroma grill plate is deep enough so it won’s spill oil all over the countertop. I also can use this to make pan fried dumplin, 20pcs at a time and works a lot better than using gas stove because it can adjust temperature up to 450 degree, super hot. The bottom of the dumplin became soooo crispy, well done.Pretty easy to clean, non-stick at all.

I just got this today at walmart and it says plain and clear that it is for frying among other things. I tried it an the temp was accurate too. It also has one of those new magnetic type cords for safety and you can stick all of it (the pot and lid) in the dishwasher except the cord and thermostat thing. It does the job off a fryer, steamer and a crock pot and cost less than most of them do by themselves. I tried the steamer function too and it works great. I highly recommend this, try it , you won’t be disappointing.

It is a ‘china made’ remoska. It is useful when the oven is full, and i want to bake something else. Sourdough bread comes out like from the most expensive steam oven. If you have a space to store it, it is a great appliance. The only con is that there is no timer.

Good product, service, seller, price, thank you.

This is a nice gadget and its good 4 one person or a family. I stick another pan on the inside and cook my food comes in handy if u dont wanna use ur oven .

BUNN Nostalgia Electrics FFT100 Fro-Frutti Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker – Really easy to use

This product does exactly what the description says. I just made my first dessert and it was delicious. I used frozen strawberries and frozen greek yogurt pieces. The machine is not as loud as i had expected and really easy to clean. I really am happy i chose this over the dessert bullet.

The machine makes a nice frozen dessert out of fruit, but it’s very very difficult to take apart and clean. I finally gave up trying to twist the grinder free from the chute. So i make the dessert and then let the machine run long enough to get as much of the fruit out of the chute, then remove the chute/grinder from the base and rinse it out until the water runs clear and full through the hole. The instructions say to turn it clockwise, which i did, and nothing. I even tried it counter-clockwise, but nothing. This is not easy to take apart. But it works to make the dessert.

Great for sweet tooth craving. Here are the specifications for the BUNN Nostalgia Electrics FFT100 Fro-Frutti Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Quickly and Easily make a variety of nutrient-rich frosty fruits as a guilt-free snack or desert
  • Works great with a variety of frozen fruits like: Strawberries, Bananas, Blueberries, Raspberries, Peaches, Pineapple, Melon, and more
  • Produces a healthy, creamy treat the whole family will enjoy
  • Cord Storage
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Quickly and Easily make a variety of nutrient-rich frosty fruits as a guilt-free snack or desert
  • Works great with a variety of frozen fruits like: Strawberries, Bananas, Blueberries, Raspberries, Peaches, Pineapple, Melon, and more
  • Produces a healthy, creamy treat the whole family will enjoy
  • Cord Storage
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Easy to use and easy to clean.

This is a really cool concept and the price is right. You do, however have to let the frozen fruit defrost for several hours before use. They make for a tasty treat, but only in small doses.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Follow the directions for Best Results
  • Really great machine
  • Everything I dreamed about and then some!

I love this, it’s great and as described. It’s so versatile and easy to clean, you can make so many different creations with this.

This is such a good little machine, we bought two, one for our apartment and another for our weekend home. Easy to use and makes delicious fruit desserts.

I had a yonanas that only lasted just over a year with regular but not heavy use. It was extremely noisy but i loved the product. I found the frofrutti and it was less expensive and had decent reviews. I thought i’d give it a try. It’s much quieter and works a lot better. You don’t have to use brute strength to force the bananas thru it and the product is smoother. With just frozen fruit going thru you only need to rinse it off. I don’t like the colors all that much but it’s ok because the machine is great. If you like ice cream this is such a good replacement. You would think you we’re having rich ice cream and its only fruit. If you like bananas and you like ice cream, you will love this.

Well built just put the fruit in the top (can even be mostly frozen) and out comes a great desert.

I was thinking of yonanas, but this one can do any kind of fruit and not have to include bananas. I use it a lot and am very happy with this item.

As an avid ice cream eater, this product is keeping me on my diet. You can’t get ice cream from frozen fruit, but what i get is a good size serving of a frozen dessert that is satisfying by blending frozen yogurt and fruit with no preservatives that is pretty darn close. Yes, you may have to mix your frozen dessert up after is comes out of the dessert make, but with practice you can perfect your mixture. I can’t wait to create my own recipes. I haven’t owned one of those expensive dessert makers, but there is no need if you buy this one.

Makes delicious frozen treats. Great as an alternative to ice cream.

I have been excited since i heard about the yonana a year ago. Then one day i found this cheaper alternative, and decided to give it a try. I’ve had this over a month, and i find it delightful. The texture is perfecthere are some things i’ve discovered:- the twist on part does indeed get jammed. After two different occasions of being unable to use my frofrutti for a few days, i figured out it is easy to screw that part on too tight. To unscrew it, i dried it off, donned some leather gloves, and turned it clockwise until it gave way. I am very careful not to screw it on too tight now, and haven’t had a problem since. – it needs to be rinsed off right away. It cleans easiest when the fruit is still frozen, otherwise the leftover fruit turns to sticky mush. I recommend a bottle brush to clean the inside out.

We use this for frozen bananas only and it works well for that. It comes apart and cleans easily too.

We have used all kinds of frozen fruit. Love it for a light sorbet type dessert.

Turns frozen fruit into slushies.

My 5 yr old grandson loves this and is able to help. He enjoys picking what fruit he wants to use.

Love popping in a frozen banana with some strawberries and you have a delicious sorbet. Can use anything frozen in it.

This little machine converts frozen fruit to tasty and nutritious desserts easily and as a bonus, it is easy to take apart and clean. I’d recommend this very highly.

My rating should actually be a 4. 5 but i went higher instead of lower out of fairness. I have started eating healthier and trying to switch my children to a more raw vegan way of eating is a little hard but this is helping with the ice cream cravings. Just add the frozen fruit (you should let it sit out for a few minutes just for ease of use) and voila. The children don’t even pay attention to the fact that they’re eating fruit. Love it enough that i’m going to buy another one for my parents house. :)the only thing that i don’t like is the size of the shoot, i wish that it was a bit wider like the one on the more popular brand. I’m a sucker for an underdog so that’s why i got this one instead of yonanas.

BLACK+DECKER CM6000B Cafe Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker – Five Stars

I’ve been using a kuerig for about four years. It was ok, except when we had company. With this, you can have a whole pot or, just one cup. I only gave it four stars because, it doesn’t have a timer. You can’t wake up to a full pot of coffee in the morning. It will do for a couple of years though.

I love the way this coffeepot brews, the choices and no weird smell like the hamilton beach flexbrew. The decanter for the coffee pours great, no drips or splashes. The removable reservoir makes refilling very easy.

Very satisfied with this product. Brews a good, hot pot of coffee in very short time in the carafe side, & i love that i can use the k-cup side for a single cup if i don’t need a whole pot. Doesn’t take up much more space on my countertop than my old regular coffee brewer. Have used it almost every day since i got it 6 mos. Here are the specifications for the BLACK+DECKER CM6000B Cafe Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Single Serve Pod Brewer – Pressurized pod extraction technology lets you brew directly into your mug using K-Cup pods or the mini reusable filter filled with ground coffee
  • Full Carafe Automatic Drip Brewer – Drip-brew up to 12 cups in the Perfect Pour no drip carafe using your favorite ground coffee and a cone-shaped filter; The nonstick hot plate keeps coffee enjoyable for up to two hours
  • Customizable Brew Settings – Choose from 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, or 20-oz. mug capacities for single serve brewing, or “regular” and “Robusta” coffee strength settings for carafe brewing
  • Mini Brew Basket – The reusable mini brew basket/filter lets you freshly brew your own ground coffee into single serve mugs
  • Auto Clean System – After 120 brews the Robusto and 20 oz. buttons will flash notifying you it is time to clean your coffeemaker. Run the Auto Clean system to keep your coffeemaker running like new!

This coffee maker works great. I can use any single serve coffee pod in it. We make a big pot on the weekends and use the single serve side during the week. I love making tea in it as well. Update – after a little of a year of regular use and recommended cleanings, we are having issues with the single serve side. It’s the same problem as many other reviewers. It doesn’t dispense the right amount of coffee takes a few restarts before you can get a full cup.

I had high hopes for this brewer, but as it stands right now, i’m not sure i’ll keep it. Now, the issues i have are completely my own, and i should have read everything available on this brewer a bit more closely. I had wanted something i could use to brew a pot of coffee, a k-cup single serve, and dispense hot water. I also wanted something i didn’t have to fill the water reservoir before each brew on the single-serve side. While this does have a nice water reservoir that is for both the carafe and the single-cup side, what you can’t do is brew a small carafe of coffee (such as 4-cups) while only using the water needed and leaving the rest in the reservoir. You can brew from the single cup side using only the water you need. So, you either brew a carafe of coffee using all the reservoir water (meaning you have to monitor what is in the reservoir), or you use the single cup side and designate the ounces. I knew when i bought this that i was giving up the option to brew a carafe of coffee on a timer, so i don’t get to set the machine to brew coffee before i wake up. But now i’m sort of on the fence as to whether this has enough to offer for me to keep it. If you do order this machine, i highly recommend you select the option to have it shipped in an amazon box. You will see this note on the item page: ‘this item’s packaging will indicate what is inside. To cover it, select ship in amazon box on the checkout page. ‘ since i was buying for myself, i didn’t care if the box indicated what it was. However, the box was so damaged that i can’t believe it even got to me at all.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It used to be perfect for us
  • Initial thoughts are good.
  • the fact that you can use your own coffee in the single serve side or use K-cups is also very nice. I don’t think you will find

I have been using this coffee maker for several months. After many cleanings with vinegar and water i was finally able to get rid of the plastic taste that was pretty strong on the pod side. After that i was perfectly happy with the machine until i broke the glass carafe. I was not able to find a genneric replacement carafe that fit so i contacted black & decker. They told me a replacement carafe was not in stock and that after purchasing one i would have to wait a month before it would be delivered. I make coffee every morning so this presents a big problem for me. I purposely stayed away from unknown brands so i wouldn’t have this problem.

Offers the versitality i wanted. The 20oz mug that is included was wonderful. Kept coffee hot for hours and was perfect for brewing a cup and running out the door. However, the lid to the mug has already broken – it leaks out of the lid when trying to drink from it.

Works great for k cups (until we can get rid of them) and wonderful for a whole pot of coffee. We are trying to not pollute so much and not use k-cups – so there is a basket that you can put ground coffee in and get just one cup as well.

Perfect —-ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐღ—- a wonderful transaction thank you~**.

My only issue with this is that it does not consistently brew the selected ounce size. Brew will overflow my 20 oz. Cup and sometimes it isn’t even halfway full. Otherwise, the temperature is great and it makes the coffee fairly quickly.

Love the convenience of having so many option to choose from. One issue with the lid on the mini reusable filter, it is fastened by 2 small plastic bars which does not hold the lid on the filter. It falls off the filter when emptying the coffee grounds, the small bars on ours are about to break off as we have had to refasten the lid to filter so often. Since we have only had this product for 2 months, we shouldn’t need a to order a new mini reusable filter already.

Made good coffee and i liked the single feature but it started to leak water after a couple years.

This is a very good coffee maker with one fatal flaw that i somehow overlooked until i opened the box – there’s no timer. The coffee is great, it is very convenient to have the k-cup, but i can’t believe i missed the fact that there’s no timer. Still, it makes good coffee, easy to keep clean, everything works as advertised.

We had been looking for a dual coffeemaker for quite a while and when we saw this one, we looked into it further. The added flexibility of this unit to make single cups between 6 ounces and 20 ounces sealed the deal. There are few, if any, single cup servers that have the range of cup sizes this one does, and none of the dual servers do. Also, the fact that you can use your own coffee in the single serve side or use k-cups is also very nice. I don’t think you will find too many kcups that can brew more than about 10 ouces at a time so being able to use your own coffee in the small filter is a bonus (if you want more than 12 ounces of coffee you will likely have to use 2 kcups unless you like your coffee weak) and cost saver. The water temperature is much hotter than our previous ge coffeemaker. I also calibrated the actual water put out by each ‘quantity button’ and i would say it is within 0.

Use only the the single serve maker. No more pods helps the environment. Use choice grounds of my choice for a perfect morning coffee in 3 minutes.

The only problem i have encountered is you can’t use both the coffee pot and make a cup with k-cup pods at the same time. You have to turn the pot side off, and let it cool for a few minutes so you can make a cup with k-cups. Other than that, this is a great coffeemaker, and cheaper than buying two separate products.

Bought this for my coffee-drinking wife so she could have her k-cups, yet still make a lot of coffee when needed. She’s very happy with the quality of food it makes and she likes that she can adjust the amount of coffee brewed when making a single cup. I think the only thing missing is an auto-brew feature. Otherwise, this is an excellent product.

I absolutely love this coffee maker. When i purchased it as a gift for my boyfriend there weren’t any reviews yet so i was a little nervous, but we are more than satisfied 🙂. He thinks it’s amazing and thanks me for it at least once a day. I love how u can brew a 12 cup pot, use any brand k-cups or the convenient reusable k-cup it comes with. I searched forever on amazon to find a coffee maker with all 3 of these options and this was the only affordable coffee maker i could find that can easily do all 3. I have never written a review before but this coffee maker definitely deserves 5 stars in my book.

Love this item, we can have full carafe or singles at night for tea or flavored coffees.

I love the choice of making individual cups or making a pot of coffee. The individual cups of coffee or tea can be loose coffee or tea or a k cup. Cup of coffee at a convenience store, i can make it at home with one touch of a button.

A touch slow to brew but works well and we use both sides equally.

Primo Bottom Loading Water Cooler – 3 Temperature Settings – Good options but wish primo would last a little longer

This is our second primo (first one last 5 1/2 years). Like it because we don’t have to invert the water jugs. Like having cool, hot for tea, and room temperature water. Wish it would have lasted a little longer (the first primo we bought had cool water line stop working after 4 years) and a little less expensive but other than that really like it.

Can refill at walmart for 3 bucks.

Works great and looks great . Here are the specifications for the Primo Bottom Loading Water Cooler – 3 Temperature Settings:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Coupons for Primo water included – Redeemable at thousands of retail locations nationwide.
  • Dispenses ice-cold, cool, and piping-hot water with the push of a button. Hot water includes child-resistant safety feature.
  • Easy bottom loading design eliminates lifting and flipping while loading Primo water. Bottles are concealed inside the cabinet for a clean look. No plumbing required!
  • Stainless steel door panel and water reservoirs provide durability and the removable, stainless steel drip tray is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • UL Certified and Energy Star Rated. Includes a 1-Year Limited Warranty.

A must have for primo water users. It eliminates back pains from lifting heavy bottles to standard dispensers.

I read a lot of bad reviews when shopping for my water cooler. I have had no issues with this product at all. It makes water hot enough to make tea and the cold water is cold. No leaks or problems what so ever.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Such a great purchase!
  • Fresh H2O ***in my water boy voice***
  • Great Appliance

Purchased for work reception area has been an amazing asset.

After having my previous primo premium effortless water dispenser for six years, i am ordering another one. 00 more than my first one but we love it.

I love having a water cooler in my bedroom. It is very convenient and fresh very cold and very hot water dispense immediately. My only thing is it is somewhat loud when it is actively cooling & or heating otherwise it is great and would recommend it to all.

Works perfect and easy quick set up. This is for my home gym and has cold luke warm and hot.

Nice score on price on this. Perfect, i own machine and just pay for water delivery. Beautiful design, sleek, classy. Love bottom load for ease on my back. Everyone always asks about it.

Easy to set up and works well.

Had mine just two months and i really like it.

Love the hot and cold water – instant and quick.

I have had this unit for three years now and have concluded:pros1. It has run trouble free with heavy use. It is attractive in a room with black and stainless accents. The hot water is steaming hot. It makes a constant humming noise and always has. Sometimes i don’t hear it, but sometimes i find it annoying and turn the unit off, like i just did, which prompted me to write this review. If i want a quiet room, it must be turned off. Water dispenses slowly to the extent that i keep a separate filtered water pitcher on the counter for making coffee. The water is cool enough, but cold is not a word that would fit appropriately. Did i say it makes this constant humming noise. In conclusion, the cooler has been okay, but not great. I have decided to replace it with something more quiet with a higher water flow so i cannot recommend this product.

No more having to upend bottle – just slide in. Had one for over a year and only had trouble with cleaning the spigots after year of use which needed sediment cleaned out of line.

And the hot is perfect for my ramen cup.

Really happy with this cooler.

We bought this same unit @ walmart (with free delivery) for $168. Although the appearance is better than any water dispenser out there, and the ability to load the heavy bottles on the bottom, it is not chilled cold water which is a huge disappointment since we were trying to eliminate shelf space in the frig with cold bottled water. The dispenser is somewhat short, therefore we raised ours using a milk crate. We haven’t experienced any leaks or noise as stated in other reviews (so far). In my personal opinion, the product isn’t worth $168-$202, although when you research all the available water dispensers out there, this is rated the highest. You would think for the price of this unit, it would operate correctly. Update: september 29, 2013 – the dispenser does eventually get cold enough for chilled water. It took about three days from the time of hook-up to notice the difference, therefore i have changed my rating from 3 stars to 5. Apparently i should have waited before i posted my first review.

The cold is freezing and the hot is boiling. Then the room temp is just right. I leave the hot and cold and light switch on, always. Don’t know if that’s bad for the unit. No leaks in the month i have had it. Only thing is that the hose rattles or vibrates against the water jug and it is loud and annoying. I padded it so it wouldn’t be as loud. But everytime u press one of the buttons for water, it’ll ratlle for as long after that you pressed it for.

It looks sleek and definitely compliments by stainless steel and black kitchen finishes. It is a comfortable size and i love the fact that the water jug is hidden on the bottom. Just put the 5 gallon jug (i got a reuseable non primo jug and it worked easily and has a screw on cap) and push the pump down. You wait 5 minutes for the water to cool/heat the first time you put in a fresh jug and then ready to go. It’s a little loud during those 5 minutes but after that and when pouring water it’s silent. A 5 gallon refill at a refill station is 1.

I have water delivery and have used the water cooler that came with my initial set up. My biggest complaint was that it was top loading and i always get some water on the floor. 5 gallons of water is heavy and clumsy. Also, i started to notice white flake floating around in my water every time the water gurgled. Then, l found this cooler at sam’s club. I wasn’t particularly looking for it, just came upon it while walking through an aisle. This is a very nice looking cooler with some great features. I like that it has a self cleaning features, whereas it is an approximately 45 minute process (you can’t use it during that time), and it creates some kind of ozone that sterilizes it and is then released as gas. That’s best i can understand. It has a light on it that comes on when the water is low, that way you know when it needs changing. Cold is cold, hot is hot and cool somewhere in between. The best feature imo is the simple fact that it is bottom loading. No more lugging around heavy bottles of water, having to get a grip and turning it upside down.

Avanti Thermo Electronic Cold and Room Temperature Water Dispenser – This is an updated review – I thought I should update due to positive circumstances

It works very well for my household. It’s keeping water cold and its very quiet. I have had not one concern or any problems with it. I would absolutely recommend this product. It proved the negative reviews wrong. I’m happy i made this purchase.

I bought one of these about seven years ago and have used it every day for my home use. The darn thing gave out finally and i liked it so much i just replaced it with the same one. Keeps water cold its easy to take apart for cleaning. You get about 20 oz of cold water at a time then it comes out room temp. But i have seen other coolers with the same problem that are priced much higher.

Been using this for 3 months now and have no leaking or any problems yet. The best way to get rid of the plastic taste is to boil water and pour it into the tank and flush it out through the spout. After i did a gallon of hot water, the taste went away. The tank is small so after you dispense 2 cups of cold water, the fan comes on. I’m sure in the summer you will run out of cold water quickly if you have several people using it. But if you like to drink your water in room temperature, this is great to have on your counter. Note that i had a dispenser from poland spring (more expensive one) and the water tank was aluminum. This water cooler has a plastic tank. Here are the specifications for the Avanti Thermo Electronic Cold and Room Temperature Water Dispenser:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Ideal for use in small offices, homes, waiting rooms, and more
  • Convenient and lightweight countertop design
  • Holds three- and five-gallon bottles
  • Serves cold and room-temerature water
  • Available in white

This is a cute dispenser i bought from amazon. It was cheaper there compared to wal-mart. I live in an apartment so the counter space is not adequate for it. So i placed it on a small table in a corner beside the counter. I use the 5 gallon bottle water. I take the cap off completely but need an extra pair of hands to assist in placing the bottle on. The only problem i find with the dispenser is that the cold water indicator does not turn on even after overnight when everyone has slept for at least 8 hours – which would give the water chance to get to its coldest temperature. Nonetheless, the water gets cold, so i don’t take that for a problem.

All we wanted was a water dispenser for my wife and i at home. If you’re wanting a bunch of cold water, this isn’t for you. It is very quiet while it is cooling, but it never turned off after several hours (documentation said could take up to an hour), so we just turned it off. We use it strictly as a room temp water dispenser, and for that it works great.In our case, exactly what we wantedagain, if you want a bunch of cold water, not for you. Everyone complains about how slow it cools, but it says in documentation it would take an hour to re-cool if you only do 1-2 8oz cups, so don’t get mad that it’s not an office size water cooler.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Water cooler is quiet and the water is cold.
  • Yeah its ok
  • This is an updated review – I thought I should update due to positive circumstances

What other reviews are negative about this product, i have to say, i like this small contraption. I run a doctor office where several autistic children come through and this i can put on a shelf or piece of furniture out of reach.

This is a perfect size for a personal cooler. Very little noise during cooling period. Bottles are easily very installed.

Water dispensers are great to have in both home and office environments, and this one takes up very little space. The cold water spigot does deliver as promised. It is sturdy enough to hold a 5 gallon container. It looks nice, easy to wipe clean, and the drip tray is removable for emptying and if you need to fill a container that won’t quite fit under the spigots. Only downside i have experienced is that the fan (in the back of the unit) gets very noisy at times, and probably needs to be replaced.

I really like the size of this water cooler, for our small office of 5 employees. I only wish i would of known more about the cooling recovery time, after getting an 8 oz. Glass of water; i may of chose a larger machine. Manual states: if you consume one 8 oz. Cup, the recovery time is approximately 25 minutes or less. If you consume 2 or more 8 oz. Cups, recovery time can take up to 1 hour. Another reason i liked this water dispenser is i did not have to have the hot water option; beings this cooler is in a barn office, which is connected to an animal barn. Employees can heat water up in the micro-wave instead.

Only worked for a little over a year.

It was great for a year than it not cool my water anymore. In fact it made my water heat up. I ended up throwing it away.

Takes a long time to cool the water and a little noisy, but great to have around when there are a lot of children.

Other reveiwers indicated a strong plastic taste. Found this to be true, but the manufacturers recommended procedure for addressing this satisfactorily fixed the problem. It does take a while to chill more cold water after some is drawn off, but it gets the job done. We like its relatively small size and light weight.

1st of all: do not believe the instruction booklet when it says not to wash out the unit before use. (they claim it comes ready for use from the factory. ) it gave a really ‘off’ flavor to the water till i rinsed out the unit thoroughly with baking soda dissolved in water. Do believe the people who say it takes a long time for water to get cold–it really does, especially the first time you use it. That said, we really like this unit now. It fits nicely on the counter, is easy to use, and provides our family of two with enough cold water.

We had it one week and so far it works just fine. The cold water is perfect temperature to drink, almost too cold.

It does not cold the water, it’s barely chill.

Update:once this little cooler warmed up, that is, once it had gone through a few cooling cycles, it achieved cold water, and has done so repeatedly in a reasonable amount of time. There must be a break-in period. The cool water light now responds correctly. I suppose i was hasty in labeling it defective in the first 48 hrs. I’m still stuck just under five stars based on the small amount of water cooled (approx 2 glasses per cycle) and its need to re-cool fairly often, but that’s why it’s a compact, and that’s why it costs so little. It’s unfair to place those kinds of expectations on a product which clearly sells for less than half of a full-sized model and takes up less than half the space. If i have need of another compact, i will not hesitate to purchase again. Old review:pros: cheap, lightweight, small, convenient for a small number of people to drink water. Cons: cold light doesn’t light up, cold water is not super cold, unit came smelling of plastic (i followed other reviewers’ advice about rinsing it out), and the cold water reservoir is not much more than a glass or two. If you have small needs this is fine – and it suits me well since i live alone – but if your intent is much more than that, you may want a traditional, full-sized cooler.

Bought this water cooler for my boyfriend for christmas. He drinks water continuously and wished for something we could keep in our bedroom. It fits perfectly on our dresser. We bouught a 3 gallon bottle and have just been refilling with 2 gallon bottles whenever we need. There is minimal noise, and it keeps the water nice and cool.

Simple and nice – this is a very good product – i do reccommend it based on my purchase – thanks.

Dispite some of the bad reviews, i bought this product anyways. I love it and it works perfectly. No issues at all and water stays cold all the time.

I read the reviews and still purchased this productfor me this works great. I purchased this for just cheaper water ($2) than purchasing water bottle cases $4 to $5 a pop witch was each week only complaint for the machine is it does get cold but it does take a long time as others said —–so with that saidi think with any new cooler the biggest problem was the plastic, musty taste and this is my only complainti did the baking soda and hot water the vinager and hot water and the last that worked was bleach and hot water and leave it in for a least over night i left it in for 2 days (or combination of all three) it actually tastes fine now.

Waring WMK300 Belgian Waffle Maker – BEST waffle maker ever!!!

We used ‘regular’ waffle makers for decades, and finally decided to get a belgian waffle maker. We find the waring model easy to use once we learned how we were going to use it. We lightly pre-oil the iron with vegetable oil before every use. Since we like our waffles medium-dark, we take them out about 3 minutes after the timer goes off. We use a waffle recipe from the old joy of cooking, and beat the egg whites before folding them into the batter. We’re very satisfied with this waffle maker.

I’ve had this for a couple of years now and it makes the most delicious waffles. Especially if you get a great emiril recipe you can whip up some truly yummy toasty crisp warm waffles. Good for breakfast, dinner, whenever. Of course, my husband always wants to work this. Great — i make up the batter and he takes it from there. Even better with real maple syrup from trader joe’s or costco.

I bought this gadget for my husband for christmas, and it’s great. The waffles are heavenly, and the machine makes it so easy. I make the batter, but he runs the machine — which is kewl, considering there’s no actual open flame involved. All the recipes that come in the booklet are kind of complicated and mostly involve yeast batters, which take time. I made the overnight one, which tasted good; but i don’t normally want to be beating egg whites or making yeast batter on a regular basis just for breakfast, even on saturday. So we checked our ancient authority, the 1961 edition of betty crocker, and we adapted one of theirs to the following recipe, which works very well and tastes delicious. I’m including it here for readers’ convenience and hope it works for you, too. ‘richer waffles’makes 51-3/4 cups flour2 tsp. Soda1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, softened3 eggs1 tsp. Vanilla extract1-1/2 cups buttermilkmix flour, baking powder, salt and soda until well blended. Using mixer, add in softened butter until thoroughly distributed. Add eggs and vanilla and mix well. Carefully add buttermilk and mix until batter is well blended.

As you can see from previous reviews this waffle iron delivers. The best part about it it the predictability. There is a ‘beep’ when they’re finished and if you pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees, your waffles will stay crisp (yum) until served. Now, i love to cook so i have found the recipies wonderful and delicious. Sunday morning, fresh hot coffee, beautiful belgian waffles and crisp bacon. For the calorie guilt, just take a walk, it will be worth it and everyone will love you for it.

This is my 3rd waffle maker. I have used krupps and black and decker square waffle makers. With careful measuring, a lot of coaxing, and closely watching cook time i could get decent waffles out of those. But this waring machine is unbelievable. It produces absolutely perfect waffles every single time. It takes much less time to cook than the other machines. Whole wheat flour1 egg, separated1/2 tsp. Buttercombine milk, cream, butter, and egg yolk and mix well. In separate bowl, mix flour, salt, and baking soda.

I had waffles from this waring waffle maker while visiting at a friends house. The waffles are as close to restaurant quality as you can get. Plus you get the secret recipe for ‘overnight waffles’ in the included recipe book.That alone is worth the price of admission. Take the time to make the overnight waffles and you will never use batter from a box again. This waffle machine is easy to use and will make one perfect waffle after another.

  • makes real waffles!
  • High Quality, well built unit (so far)
  • Great gadget — better recipe

Once you have prepared your batter, you can have your waffles in as little as a minute and a half. Using the batter measuring cup that is included helps minimize batter-overflow. There is a series of beeps (6) that lets you know when it’s ready to use, and another (3) to let you know when the waffle is ready. I love iti don’t recommend using cooking spray; i usually make at least 5 waffles at a time, and the spray gets on the counter and the base of the waffle maker. So i just brush on a little oil. Cleaning it is fairly easy, but i wish that the plates were removeable because i would prefer to clean them separately. This is why i give it 4 stars instead of 5.

I bought this waffle maker to replace an older waring pro wmk300 which broke down after it fell to the ground from a fairly high shelf. Both the old and new waffle makers consistently produce very good waffles. I have been using the maker every sunday for the past couple of years and each time it never disappointed. We have had many sunday brunches with this machine with as many as 40 people where waffle was the main part of brunch. It has been reasonably fast in making waffles and i have made around 30 waffles in slightly less than an hour with this machine. One thing i noticed with the new waffle maker is that it weighs noticeably less than the old one. Everything else is more or less identical.

Over the christmas holiday i was visiting my daughter and she had received one as a gift. This was the easiest waffle maker to use that i have ever seen. Since our family loves waffles, i purchased it on-line and it arrived shortly after we got back home. The instructions are easy to understand and if you follow them the appliance works perfectly. I had to use it a few times before i achieved the level of crispness and color of the waffle that we like. It’s easy to clean and i would recommend this to anyone wanting to have a belgian waffle within a few minutes without paying a fortune at a restaurant. It has already paid for itself.

Ok, first, i have only used it a few times, so i may update this review as time goes on. However, initially, the waffle maker impresses me. It is a fairly heavy weight appliance for it’s size (not a lot of plastic on the thing, mostly metal, and seemingly fairly high quality metal. The nonstick parts work well; i haven’t had any problems with the batter sticking (but all my recipes call for either butter or oil in the batter; that helps). It’s also kind of long; it takes up quite a bit of space on a counter top. But, the real story is the functioning of the unit. The lights tell you when it is ready to work, and when you put the batter in and close it (and flip it over) it will beep three times when the waffle is done. You can adjust the darkness of the waffle by moving the dial up or down (1-6); it recommends 4 for a perfect waffle, and so far, the waffles have come out a beautiful golden brown. Now, the next part is somewhat subjective, but i don’t think they come out as well the restaurant quality waffle makers (the ones with a lot more juice that run on 240 volts). On the other hand, this is the best waffle maker that i have found so far; the waffles are crisp on the outside and tender (but still done) on the inside; the carbon malted waffles, though, don’t quite have that special taste you get in the hotel breakfast places.

I have used the waring pro several times now and it is by far the best available for home use. Yes, it is more expensive than the $15. 00 item you can buy at the discount stores but you get what you pay for. My last cheap waffle maker lasted only for a month.The waring makes great waffles from bisquick heart smart mix and cleans up easily. A great product even though made in china.

Features of Waring WMK300 Belgian Waffle Maker, Brushed Stainless

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Professional-quality Belgian waffle maker with extra-deep pockets
  • Rotary feature produces crisp crust and soft interior; browning control knob
  • Audio beep tone and LED indicators for “power” and “ready” provide foolproof performance
  • Brushed stainless-steel housing and brushed die-cast base; UL/CUL approved
  • Measures 16-1/4 by 9-1/4 by 7-3/4 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I had the unit for roughly two years. It makes great waffles, especially with the ‘good night’ waffles that you mix the night before. Yesterday, i noticed silver spots appearing in the cooking plates. Upon closer investigation i discovered that the non-stick coating is coming off. Apparently, this has been going on for a few months. I wonder how safe it is to eat the coating along with the waffles.

I bought this to use at home, but every restaurant i’ve work at has used this exact same waffle iron for breakfast service. It’s dependable and it makes absolutely perfect waffles. The price might seem ridiculous. But if you like waffles and make then with any regularity (even if just once every week or two), this is worth it. The cheap waffle irons are fine if you’re going to use it once or twice a year. Any more than that, get this iron.

I originally wanted a carbon waffle maker that i had seen in a hotel, but found they are not readily purchasable. After a bit of searching i found waring. It makes a perfect waffle every time. After two months i am still ecstatic. Now, here’s an easy recipe for making great waffles. Mix 2 cups of aunt jemima’s complete buttermilk pancake mix with two egg yolks, 1 1/2 cup whole milk, and 1/3 cup melted butter. Then fold into that batter stiffly beaten egg whites. Perfect every time after the beep. This waffle maker still makes a perfect waffle after 4 years of heavy usage. I have changed my recipe though. Use w-m’s great value extra fluffy pancake mix instead. Update: it is now 8/2014 and the waffle maker is finally worn out. It came apart at the back hinge and could not be repaired. I guess compared to the old cast iron waffle makers, its useful life span was pretty poor, but we enjoyed it anyway.

I purchased this item on 8/25/06 from amazon. They had the best price, plus free shipping. This waffle maker works great. You do have to use cooking spray with each waffle and depending what you use for mix, will determine if you will have a spill. It makes a seven inch waffle, which nomally 0ne is enough. I’m a big breakfast eater, so i usually have two. The measuring cup is pretty accurate for most mixes. If you use the bisquick recipe, you’ll have to use less batter to prevent run overs. The only problem i’ve found so far is that, the measuring mark on the measuring cup, wears off easily.

Spread the waffle mix around. I use the bottom of the measuring cup. I like my waffles a little crisp so i let mine cook an extra 20 seconds. Waffles come out perfect every time.

I was trying to justify spending a lot of money on a professional belgain waffle maker when i came across this machine about 6 months ago and decided to give it a try. I’ve had several people over for sunday brunch and they each ordered a like machine of their own. The recipe calls for yeast so unless you use the overnight directions it does take an hour for the batter to be ready to use. If i am making brunch i usually start this immediately. By the time i’m done with the coffee, getting the paper, cutting fruit or whatever its usually just about an hour. Really, who can’t figure out a way to putter away time on a sunday morning?another great plus is that unlike regular waffles, these waffles freeze beautifuly so my husband has breakfast for a few days of the week. Having read previous reviews i have made an effort to be careful with the handle and followed the seasoning directions. I have had no sticking issues and so far so good with the handle.

Professional-quality Belgian waffle maker with extra-deep pockets

Purchased 1 to see if it would be all that it said it was and went back and purchased another for a gift.

The one major problem with this waffle maker is that i’ll need to go on ‘girth-control’ pillsi usually can find something to gripe about with any product. It does what it should, the way it should, with minimum fuss and turns out consistantly excellent belgian waffles. Albeit a minor thing, i also appreciate the included measuring cup for adding just the correct amount of batter.

Bought it many years ago and it still looks new.

. This waffle maker is everything i had hoped. You can skip the recipes in the book and use a pancake mix. I selected a name brand ‘just add water’ mix. Please note that the pancake mix box will also have a waffle recipe that requires extra oil. Follow the waffle recipe exactly as it is written. The waffle maker makes outstanding waffles. I use a nonstick spray before i pour in the waffle mix. It never sticks and the results are wonderful. This has been such a treat for my family.

When i saw the belgian waffle maker, i knew i had to have it. I did not use any of the recipes that came with the waffle maker. I bought a mix from my local grocery store. I am very pleased with my purchase. I also used the number 4 setting. I would recommend this to anyone who loves belgian waffles. I plan on making every saturday morning waffle day in my home.

Anyone who has traveled and stayed hotels that offer free big breakfast has seen one of these and probably used it. Now you can have one at home and not take too much out of your pocket for it. Buy it, enjoy having a real quality waffle iron and you’ve got to love amazon. Comi can go on and on about it, but it is awesome. Comes with the cup so you know how much to pour in and then flip, beeps when ready. You will have to play around with one or two the first time to find your desired setting because some like theirs crispy and some like theirs fluffy. This is a great product, i love amazon and one of the reasons is because of the reviews. The reviews help me buy stuff without getting the wrong thing, so wanted to leave a review for this.

Rotary feature produces crisp crust and soft interior; browning control knob

Do not even waste your time or thought on any other waffle maker. This one is worth every penny. Makes wonderful waffles fast and perfect each and every time. Order with golden malted original pancake and waffle flour and you will make beautiful and yummy waffles everyday. You and your family will say yum with every bite.

Even though i had to pay a lot for freight charges for this waffle maker it was worth it. Perfect waffles each and every time. I can’t say enough, other than it’s making me hungry typing about it. You will not be disappointed. It just as good as the 300 dollar model. You must have the strawberries and whip cream ready for the first batch. . I can smell them now:)update 10/21/12 it’s been 5 years with over 120 time flawless uses and a thousand waffles later. New favorites fresh picked blueberries mixed in the batter & @ times spiced apple pie filling, always using warmed 100% maple syrup & a pat of darigold butter. I am glad we have not had any of the bad experiences that some other owners have had.

We purchased this same waffle maker while on vacation at a specialty kitchen store. We loved it so much we purchased another one through amazon at a much lower price for our son and his family. We also found that it is not necessary to purchase expensive specialty waffle mix. Any of the pancake mixes at your local supermarket will do. Just follow the directions for making waffles found on the back of box and enjoywe use pam spray oil each time we use it but remember to follow the directions that come with it about not putting any oil on it the first time it is turned on. Unlike cast iron skillets, which require you to put oil on them to season them first, this does not require oil the first time to season it. Note: when pouring batter into waffle maker pour in a circle from the outside in, rather than the inside out. It seems to work out better that way.

I was worried about size and heft but this is a very light machine despite its metallic looks. I just hope sturdiness wasn’t sacrificed in order to make this affordable. Well, this is my true indulgence purchase. I didn’t splurge on a santoku or an electric carving knife, but i felt a strong urge to buy this and have that luxury of making waffles at home. How decadent to have a designated machine for this treat. I was really worried i would have terrible results. However, nothing burned and the waffle just peeled right off in one big piece. I like the setting option to make darker crispier waffles and will be experimenting with savoury brown rice flour and egg white waffles with scallions soon. Now that i own one, i understand why owners use it so frequently.

I first saw the waring pro waffle iron in a self-serve buffet at a hotel where i was staying. It impressed me then, when, as an ‘industrial’ waffle maker, i thought it probably cost a couple hundred dollars. Then my sister-in-law used hers for mother’s day brunch. About four days later and it was here, postage paid and all of $79. It makes perfect waffles in about two minutes. Its raised design catches any drippings neatly. Its upper iron comes down and you flip it over to lock the two irons together. No unauthorized wafflage expansion. The non-stick surface lets go of the waffle every time. The thermostat controls heat. The industrial on/off switch is durable and positive. Multiple beeps sound when it has reached preheat temp and a single beep sounds when the waffle is done.

Add my voice to get this waffle maker if you want to make perfect belgian waffles. Just make sure to give a quick spray of pam every now and then (we use the butter flavored pam). I’ve used a lot of professional waffle makers at hotels when traveling and i find this one even easier to use than them. Again, you won’t go wrong getting this one.

. We had to have this once hotels started featuring waffle in their breakfasts. The waring wmk300 belgian waffle maker is rugged and easy to use. It has become a fixture in our kitchen and gets regular use. The price seemed a bit high at first, but it has been worth the extra money. No issues whatsoever, just perfect waffles every time.

Audio beep tone and LED indicators for “power” and “ready” provide foolproof performance

I always thought these machines were pretentious, until i tried one while visiting my sister. Without elaborate recipes, these make consistently great waffles. Now, on the downside, you need to eat them quickly while they’re crispy, but that’s not a problem at my house. Once the pan has been lubricated for the first use, it’s maintenance free thereafter. The bell chiming when the pan is hot enough, and when the waffle is done is brilliant – no more guesswork.

Waffles are a transportation vessel for real maple syrup. Wrought from the deciduous forests of new england where people with calloused hands set down their chain saws for a few weeks a year in order to let tree sap dribble into vessels. They then heat it over a fire made from other trees until it concentrates into an ambrosia of the gods. Pancakes, invented for their maple syrup absorbing capabilities, waffles for their syrup carrying capacity, and beards to catch the drips are just some of the equipment needed to convey this magical elixir to it’s intended destination. As such, proper waffles must have deep holes. They should stand at least an inch high and should hold at least a pint of real maple syrup. A proper waffle should be crunchy on the outside so it abrades the roof of your mouth allowing the maple syrup to diffuse directly into your blood stream. If you put aunt jemima high fructose corn syrup on floppy, tasteless, frozen ‘waffles’ designed by a multinational food company to fit in a toaster this waffle maker is more than you can handle. This thing makes real waffles that you put real maple syrup on.

It was good but started sticking 👍.

Brushed stainless-steel housing and brushed die-cast base; UL/CUL approved

SoyaJoy G3 Soy Milk Maker – The Only Maker That Makes Fully Cooked As Well As Raw Milks From Beans – love this machine

Now i can do it by myself~~~but not easy to clean the staff.

My review is really late; but here it is. It makes great soy milk, nut milk, rice milk. It doesn’t take long either. Enjoy home-made vegan milks and use the solids in a variety of ways.

I bought this soy machine july 2012 by may 2013 it stopped working. While it was working, it produced wonderful soy milk. I used mine mainly during the winter season, making fresh soy milk, but it suddenly stopped working the other day while making almond milk. First, i noticed a burning electrical smell half way through the process, then the machine seized up and failed to grind the almonds into milk. I cleaned the machine and tried running it through a cycle with just plain water, all it did was heat it up, the motor never turned on, and it ended with a long beeping sound. I’m not sure what i’m going to do now, i really love having the ability to make fresh homemade soy milk on demand. I think the problem here is that it’s made in china. I would love to find an american made machine with standards and safety requirements. Here are the specifications for the SoyaJoy G3 Soy Milk Maker – The Only Maker That Makes Fully Cooked As Well As Raw Milks From Beans:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The best milk maker from the most trusted brand with 2-year warranty. A new model, the SoyaJoy G4 is just introduced to replace this model
  • The only milk machine that makes fully cooked as well as RAW vegan milks from beans, seeds, nuts and grains.
  • 3rd Generation filter-less design for easy of use, clean up in minutes. Dish washer safe stainless cooking pot
  • Full automatic, one-button operation, longer cooking cycle for thorough cooking and better taste
  • Large 1.6 litter capacity. 90-day full refund policy. A newer model, the SoyaJoy G4 is available, now on sale on Amazon

It is very easy to prepare milk and juice from seeds, beans, nuts and even vegetables. I am outside of usa and it will be useful that this kind of product will come with a multi voltage. I had to buy an big adapter (1000 watts).

I make coconut milk in my soyajoy every few days. I love it – how it works and how quick and easy it is to use. I also love that i can make healthy nut milks, soups and broths and juices that are 100% healthy and cost way less being home made’soyajoy’ is a bit of a misnomer since it does so much more than soy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love the hot and cold processing settings!
  • Love this thing!!!
  • Easier than expected

This is not just good looking soy milk maker but also working good too. Other then made regular soy milk i also made fresh soy bean ( green soy bean ) milk with juicer feature. I love the idea of no switch for less electrical problem and ‘no cord’ feature for the convenience during rinsing.

I received my new soyajoy g3 this week and love it. I especially love the ‘tornado’ funnel that means that i no longer have to use and clean a filter basket. I also really love that the soyajoy has so many settings that i can tailor the processing and temperature to what i am looking for in my end product. I have had a soylove soymilk maker (only hot processing) with the filter basket and used it to make my own soymilk for years. It worked great, but cleaning up the filter basket was always a huge mess. I have now switched from making and drinking soymilk primarily to making and drinking almond milk – more calcium, lower calories than cow’s milk, and tastes great. My old soylove was one of the soymilk makers that did not require that you soak your soybeans or almonds before processing them – which was convenient. But now that i am soaking my almonds overnight before making my almond milk, i do agree that soaked beans/nuts makes better grain/bean/nut milk. And it is really not a hassle either. I am now going to start making my own soymilk to make my own tofu.

We show our friends how easy it is to make soy milk from only 1 ingredient and how it tastes pretty much exactly like the stuff you buy at the store at probably 50 times the cost. We’ve had ours for almost a year and make about 2 batches every week (the batch size is about 1 liter); clean up is easy and you’ve got delicious hot soy milk ready to go.

We make soymilk with it every morning and tofu occasionally. The machine itself is very simple to operate and clean. There is one thing i don’t like about it, and it is the filter that comes with the machine. About 1/5 of the milk is undrinkable because the filter is not filtered well.

It is called a soy milk maker, but it can be used to make milk from any grain, nut, bean. After several batches, i have sort of settled on a mixture of 80% soybeans, 10% brown rice and 10% almonds. Makes a nice milk with nice taste and consistency. Use of the maker is very simple. Add the beans (presoaked)/grains/nuts to the pot, add water, place the top on the pot and push the appropriate button (grains/nuts/beans). It takes about 1/2 an hour to produce the milk. The milk is hot when it is done so i don’t use the supplied plastic pitcher to catch the strained milk, i got a glass pitcher. It makes a little more than a liter at a time. That lasts me 3-4 days, depending on how much cereal i eat. During the 1/2 hour of production, the maker can occasionally make some loud grinding noises, like a blender.

Works great this the way to go for ur ceral milk ice cream milk 50 lbs of dry soybeans last you all year with all the milk you can drink.

Nice product, very good value in the long term.

Our primary use for this is the production of fresh almond milk, and for this purpose, the soyajoy g3 is the best gadget ever. The mechanical process takes just a few minutes, and straining the resulting product (with the tools supplied) takes only a few minutes more. The result of making it fresh is the best almond (or soy) milk you’ve ever tasted, and the machine cleans up in a snap. The only thing i should mention is that first time you use it (with water only), the entire machine should be set in the sink, because the water will splash out a bit. (this does not happen at all with normal use.

I got the product yesterday. Really easy to use and super fast. 20 minutes my soy milk is done.

First time using soymilk maker. It arrived fast, and is super easy to use. It’s a little loud when grinding beans, but the milk came out great. I’d suggest adding more beans then the receipt says to make thicker and more flavor milk.

Received the product in a timely manner. It has worked perfectly for 4 batches of soy milk this far. The biggest success is that we have successfully switched daughter from store bought soy milk to home made using an internet recipe. Very easy to use and clean up.

I was initially hesitant to purchase a soy milk maker, unsure of whether i would like the taste of fresh soy milk and unsure of how much work each batch would take. The first batch of soy milk put my doubts to rest. Making soy milk in the soyajoy g3 is as easy as letting dry soybeans soak in water overnight, adding the beans and water to the soy milk maker, pushing a button, and then straining the soy milk through the included sieve about 20 minutes later when the machine beeps. As long as you clean the maker before it dries the clean-up process is easy – just a quick rub with the included scouring pad, taking less than a minute. The milk itself is rich a beany, and has some of the fresh cooked flavors you get with fresh bread. It does taste different than most store-bought soymilk – as one of my friends described it, it tastes like soybeans being soybeans rather than soybeans trying to imitate milk. Pure soy milk can be a little thin, but i found that the recommended solution (adding a handful of rolled oats or other grain when filling the soymilk maker) gave it the creamier texture that we’re used to with milks. We’ve also made tofu with it a couple of times, and again the difference between fresh tofu and the tofu you find in western grocery stores is dramatic. You can find tools and instruction in the soyajoy total tofu kit. Tofu is a bit more work, however – probably an hour in the kitchen to make two to three batches of soymilk, heat them together, add the nigari to congeal, and then put the curds in a press.

I am so happy with this machine. This is not my first soy milk maker, and is nothing like the ones that were made years ago. It far exceeded my expectaions after reading the raving reviews. It is exceptionally easy to clean. It makes fabulous tasting milk very quickly. It really is the best one on the market.

After months of research, i originally bought the soyapower plus, which i was very happy with. Then, macguffin, another reviewer, was very thoughtful and told me about this new model, the soyajoy g3. I looked into and decided it was a better option for me than the soyapower plus. The main reason being that this g3 has the ability to make raw milks and juices. I really enjoyed my previous model (it really is great and if you don’t care about raw, then go for it), but i am so happy i ‘upgraded’. The raw milks are done faster (no water heating/cooking time) and they can be drank right away (no ‘cooling off’ time). The milks come out at a perfect temperature (not too hot, not too cold). Style:i also prefer the ‘aesthetic’ of the g3 over the soyapower plus (which looked nice, in its own right). However, for me, i have no white in my kitchen, but i do have a lot of other stainless counter-top appliances in view (toaster oven, blender, ice cream maker, coffee maker). In addition, the dark ring around the top and line in the handle is a deep burgundy brown, which matches my cabinets. Also, the lights are the super-cool glowing blue color, with illuminated outline images of what is being used (beans, etc. The previous model had a single red led for each function button. None of this has anything to do with making milk, but since macguffin covered the function so well :), i thought it’d be helpful to cover the aesthetic.

Simple to use, effective at what it does. The soyajoy g3 is built well, looks quite stylish, and scares our cats. They come and listen to it while it’s warming up, then run for cover when the motor starts grinding the soybeans. Straining the soymilk through cloth provides for a smoother soymilk, and adding a little oatmeal thickens it up a bit. We get about a litre of soymilk and about a cup of soymeal, which we mix with, flax, and almond or coconut flour to make waffles with. Now the only thing left is to see how long the soyajoy lastsone thing to add. My mother in law made soy milk for years to sell at the local market in bangkok, thailand. My wife says what the soyajoy makes tastes exactly like her mom’s soy milk. Can’t have higher praise than that.

I used to make soymilk with the blender and then cook it with a ricecooker. This product saves me so much time for making the same milk. Besides, it works on making other kinds of milk, too. I’ve tried some, and none of them failed. Most important of all, it’s easy to clean with the provided brush.