MIDEA Mb-fs5017 10 Cup Smart Multi-cooker/Rice Cooker/Maker & Steamer & Slow Cooker – Very useful

I really love my new rice cooker. I’ve been using almost every single menu on it lol. I can cook everything inside and no mess at all.

Awesome product, very solid build.

Rice, love love best cooker i have ever bought.

Great product and it is same or better value than many expensive rice cookers on the market. I have been buying midea for years back in china. But really hope that midea can offer more models and choice on amazon.

Very nice cooker, better than several rice cooker what i used before.

I don’t need to get up early to cook congee. This cooker is safing my life.

  • Looks great, performance is adequate
  • I had to figure it out
  • product but in has turned out to be a great purchase its really been integral in my attempts to

Make no mistake, this is a very big cooker. It has the time delay function, which helps a lot–set it up at night and you have warm congee in the morning. The only con side is that the plastic around the pot and the opening does not look as good as the exterior plastic.

It takes too long to cook porridge, and it spills out, which is no good, and every time it spills out i have to wash it for a long time, so i don’t use it for porridge anymore, it can only used for cooking.

The rice it cooks tasted not so good as usuals.

Bought this for my mom and she absolutely loves it. We’re an asian family so we cook rice 3 times a day so it’s getting a lot of use. Had this for about half a year already and still working great. It makes rice, porridge, and other slow cooking foods as well as having the option to keep the food warm. The actually pot that’s inside is easily to clean and the rice doesn’t stick to it as badly as it does to other pots. Definitely plus that the design is very aesthetically pleasing and it’s not too big but can cook for a whole family.

This was nice but i returned it because it was giant.

Features of Midea Mb-fs5017 10 Cup Smart Multi-cooker/Rice Cooker/Maker & Steamer & Slow Cooker, Brushed Brown, 5Qt/875W

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • There are 5L capacity about the cooker which is suitable for 3 to 10 people.So it is not noly suitable for a family,but also suitable for dinner party.
  • Super touching control panel for 11 kinds of menus which are suitable for all kinds of people.All you need to do is just touching a button.
  • 24-hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning.Setting a procedure of booking before you go to work, the hot soup can be drink when you go home.
  • The inner is made of 5 kinds of material which makes heating fastly, and continue to heat preservation.So the rice can absorb water fully and make itself more delicious.
  • The part that easy to dirty can be removed, allowing you to clean easily. In addition, the item also with a set of tools include a cup,2 spoon,a food steamer.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I liked it so much that i bought a second one as a gift for a friend. I also recommended it to two other friends that ended up buying and loving it.

I have used it for 5years in china. Now , finally i find it in usa. What’s the most important for cook white rice?.Good taste and rice is a non-stick bottom.

Used it to make congee for the first time. Also enjoyed the steam function when i made dumplings.

It generally works pretty well. The only problem is that the led is a little misleading. Sometimes you don’t know whether it started cooking or not. That’s why i took one star off. In general pretty good for the price.

Milk porridge is excellent in this thing. Thats the main point for us. But it can cook lots of other meals too.

By far the best rice cooker out there. This one does chinese congee and doesn’t make a mess at all.

There are 5L capacity about the cooker which is suitable for 3 to 10 people.So it is not noly suitable for a family,but also suitable for dinner party.

This rice cooker is a perfect size and color. Upon initial use, i washed my cooker accessories and ran the cooker through one cook with water only. The buttons are easy touch to make selections, but the led lights just circle around without providing an idea of what it’s doing; no time display. Mine didn’t even come with a manual, but did have the plastic veggie steamer and rice paddle and spoon. I figured that i’d just attempt to find the manual for this model online and research cooking instructions. I took a stab at it and used the 1-cup rice measure and added 1 cup of water and used the instant white rice button as my selection. 30-45 minutes to cook and turned out fine for beef and broccoli additions ( which i steamed broccoli in the steamer as the rice cooked. Turned out to be a fantastic, easy- preparation dinner. I give this midea (mb-fs5017 10 cup smart multi-cooker/rice cooker/maker & steamer & slow cooker, brushed brown, 5qt/875w) -1 star for missing manual, and -1 star for inadequate led display details.

Was skeptical about this product but in has turned out to be a great purchase its really been integral in my attempts to help my wife in the kitchen by cooking half the meals could not have done it with out this device. It steams vegetables makes stews and will cook all kinds of rice with different beans and vegetables mixed in. The led display was my only issues i couldn’t tell if it was cooking or not the first time i used it as its just a red rectangle blinking that announces its use.

I bought this rice cooker already one year.

Mainly cook white rice brown rice, which comes out perfect each time.

It has many functions besides cooking rice.

Great product, consistent good quality of rice cooked. Would recommend to anyone who want to cook rice right yet don’t want to spend extra 50% money for a japanese brand.

Super touching control panel for 11 kinds of menus which are suitable for all kinds of people.All you need to do is just touching a button.

I want to praise the seller of this product first&best inc for their professional way to handle the product issues. I bought this rice cooker nearly a year ago. Unfortunately it started malfunctioning last week. I figured it has something to do with delay timer since i used this function a lot and the first time it gave out error code was when i tried to set up delay timer. Anyway, i was suspicious if i would be helped as the one year warrenty was soon to expire. Seller’s customer care answered the call in no time and was really nice and prompt to solve the problem. They agreed to replace the malfunctioning part for me right away and i was really happy now.

Excellent product, functional, easy to use.

So far tried only white rice and porridge, both work very well. Used the white rice button to make ‘mixed rice’. Added chicken and green beans to the rice, came out great. Also tried the reheat, heat up leftover rice quick.

Works much better than my last rice cooker which i bought for $30 and would burn my rice. Used it to steam and cook rice. Excited to try the soup and slow cooking options.

My wife ask me to purchase it before several weeks ago, i was excited when i received, it is powerful, i never get up early and cook for my family 😀, it can be set automatically, and thanks again, i never be waked up by wife, and said ‘ hey guy, go up and cook food, we will be late’.

Just bought this product and found the inner container is easy to scratch. It has no instructions or user guide in the box.

24-hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning.Setting a procedure of booking before you go to work, the hot soup can be drink when you go home.

I bought this as a valentine’s day gift for my boyfriend. He loved it so much, it got me a ring😂😂❤the rice cooker is very nice working and looking.

Compared to the little cookers that use weight to stop cooking it is marginally better. Compared to zo’s it doesn’t come close. Mine cooked decent on white and brown rice, keep warm function sucks as rice ended up burning and drying out after cooking. It is huge and has great capacity. Would compare it or describe it as a rice cooker that functions like a 20 or 30 dollar cooker but looks like a 150 dollar cooker. If all you care about is looks buy it, if you really cook a lot of rice and different kinds of rice buy a zo or a cuck. The rice bowl is pretty good non stick and pretty heavy weight. The menu function as others mention is difficult to use, at least for us older folks. Update i originally wrote this review as a 1 star, but after a few months is ok, but only use the white rice button and make rice with it.

Rice is a common staple in our household and we needed a new rice cooker/steamer. This one is very easy to use and makes rice quickly. Not to mention, the rice is fluffy and delicious.

I had compared this rice cooker with many different rice cooker. It’s easy to use and i don’t even need to rea the manual to know how to use it. I love it special with the delay cook mode. I usually set it up before i went to bed and when i woke up, the congee is ready. I don’t have to rush up in the morning to cook the breakfast.

Also have a lot different function to choose.

Use it for the first time tonight absolutely amazing. The rice cooker i had before always burn the rice and sprayed a gross sticky film all over everything around it. I made short grain sticky rice, minimal steam released, rice was fully cooked and fluffy. I liked it so much i didn’t even add any salt or other seasonings.

The inner is made of 5 kinds of material which makes heating fastly, and continue to heat preservation.So the rice can absorb water fully and make itself more delicious.

Very good productbeautiful design and color, smart function.

One of the best appliance purchases i’ve ever made. The rice is perfect every time and clean it up is so easy. I’ve even finished up rice-a-roni in this when i needed more stove top space and it came out fluffy and moist.

I have been using this rice cooker for about two months and i love it. The steam valve on top prevents boiling over and it cooks evenly. I haven’t tried the delayed cooking option yet, because i usually start my rice when i’m prepping everything else. I’m pleased with my purchase.

Crock-Pot 3040-VG 4-Quart Manual Slow Cooker – very good slow cooker

After thirtysome years my crockpot finally stopped heating. I bought this to replace my old one and it does a nice job. It cooks as well as my old model.

Very happy with this simpler model without the electronic bells and whistles some newer ones have. My first use for it was in cooking beef tongue, and it worked great.

Haven’t had any issues with mine, and i’ve had it for over a year now. I do wish this product had a timer or a warming setting, but for the price, this is a great deal. It works well for busy college students. Here are the specifications for the Crock-Pot 3040-VG 4-Quart Manual Slow Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4-quart slow cooker in white with decorative vegetable design
  • Stoneware crock insert offers stick-resistant coating for easy cleaning
  • User-friendly control knob; low and high heat settings
  • Tempered glass lid; stay-cool side handles for safe transport; recipes included
  • Measures 12 by 12 by 10-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

It is an updated version of the late 60’s crock pot. It is simplicity itself to use, but it doesn’t quite fit the anodized aluminum ‘bread and cake bake’ insert which is all that remains from my original crock pot. I have an old domed glass lid from my old crock pot that i had the foresight not to discard when the old crock pot’s line cord rotted off. With it, i can use the insert. As far as the mechanics of shipping it here, it was delivered in the advertised time, as exactly was as advertised. I just wish they had said it doesn’t fit the insert. Nevertheless, i’m pretty happy with it.

This is the best looking crock-pot on amazon. It is well made and just the right size. Does not take up too much room.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Crock pot — updated version of the late 60’s cooker
  • very happy with this simpler model without the electronic bells and
  • but to the best of my knowledge

Does the job, but not as good at slow-cooking as the old-fashioned ceramic crock-pot.

Pot, i use it 4x a week at least. Wish i had room for 2 of them on the counter.

This replaced a rival brand crock pot/slow cooker that i used for ~20 years. The ‘crock’ was dropped and broke. My previous one was set on 3 ‘legs’ and i had absolutely no problem with it being stable enough to sit on the kitchen counter top. I suppose if there was a problem with that sort of design the manufacturers of this style crock pot would have included 4 or 5 legs and they would have done that 30 or 40+ years ago when slow cookers/crock pots of this type came out in mass production. Yes there have a recall(s) over the years, but to the best of my knowledge, never for only having 3 legs and turning over. I don’t care for the vegetables on the cooker, but i guess they could have put some animals on the outside, like a moo moo cow or some yard bird you’ll about to eat.

I ;ove the cooker and the recipes that came with it. I work all day and it is so nice to come home to the smell of homeade soup, pot roast or meatloaf.

Very good slow cooker stick to the original.

Hi, i bought 2 of these crockpots, one for me and one for my daughter for christmas. The price is awesome and the product is great. I just checked and the price is even lower. There is also a great cookbook to get with lots of pictures. ‘three books in one, rival crockpot cookbook’. The best crockpot cookbook ever. I have my husband pick a picture and i make it and they are delicious.

The only negative thing is i wish it was bigger. I got a smaller one than i had ’cause my husband said i shouldn’t cook so much food just for the two of us. This, in no way, is a criticism of an excellent product.

It was a replacement for the i had that had broken.

Modern crockpots just aren’t made like they used to make them. This is my third recently-purchased crockpot. Two were awful (kalorik, hamilton beach) because they got too hot to touch and there was no difference between the high and low settings. It does what i expect and four quarts is the right size for me.

I bought this crockpot used so i didn’t get the booklet, but there are now so many recipes online i’m not hurting for ideas of what to do with it ( [. is a great site – you can get “slow cooker” recipes by entering it into the search field. They will also send you new recipes weekly if you wish. )the main thing i love about this crockpot (besides it’s really cute decorative design) is, the interior of the crockery is coated with something that virtually “melts” hardened and burned-on residue with a quick soak in soapy hot water. With the crockery in my old pot, you’d have to soak overnight and apply much ‘elbow grease’ to get it clean. The crock of this rival is effortless in comparison. It advertises this easy-off feature, and they’re not kiddingi agree about the price. Unless you want a different shape or size, i see no reason to go any higher. And the shipping price around $11-12 is reasonably in-line with others that weigh the same but cost more. So you’re still a bit ahead. ]

Greet for cooking for 2 people.

Work well, but i found quart it’s too much for me.

Great for soups, stews, etc. No problems with the lid or the liner.

Just as described nice unit very happy works good perfect for me.

Purchased this to replace a crock pot i’ve had for over 30 years but which had started to lose control over the heat (was getting too hot on low). No frill, no electronic displays, just cooks on low or on high. Easy to clean/perfect size for us.

BELLA 13993 Dots Collection Programmable Slow Cooker – Excellent Quality & Pretty to boot!

My daughter bought this for christmas and it works perfectly. After the timer goes off it keeps the food warm for three hours. Perfect for those who hate standing over a stove after a long day of work.

This is an awesome little crock pot super quality and the color is fabulous. Here are the specifications for the BELLA 13993 Dots Collection Programmable Slow Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 30 Minutes to 20 Hours Countdown Timer
  • Off/low/high/warm temperature settings
  • Stoneware pot and tempered glass lid are dishwasher safe
  • Large 5QT capacity fits various sized meals
  • 1 year limited warranty

It kind of stains easily but otherwise cooks perfectly.

My daughter has used this cooker and loves it. She also loves the color, her favorite. She is setting up housekeeping and really loves all the purple items she has received. She will use this quite often as she used ours a lot when here.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Pretty and functional one minor flaw
  • Excellent Quality & Pretty to boot!
  • meat came out great tasting with a nice consistency

I was deciding between the blue and the pink. Glad i got the pink, it’s like a deep orchid. It’s a nice big crock pot, will easily hold a nice size roast or a bunch of meatballs for a party. Nice and heavy, not a cheap, flimsy crock pot. It is programmable, you just have to read the directions on how to set it, although you can’t go from high to low, etc you have to stay at one temp. As long as my dinner’s done when i come home, that’s all that matters to me. Nice product, very happy with purchase so far.

I love that the crock pot turns to warm after it’s done cooking. Doesn’t seem to get too hot, that was the problem with my last crock pot. The reason i didn’t give it a five was because the lid doesn’t fit perfectly. But overall functionality seems good –and it’s cute :).

Nice looking slow cooker that performs as expected. It loses one star for me because you can’t actually program it to switch to a different heating mode after the set time period. You can just set the cooking time on either low or high – so programming is limited compared to others. The fact that you can keep this one out on the counter without feeling like its another eye soar sets it apart for me. I can deal with the programing.

Timer is fantastic and the color is yummy.

This is very attractive and i love the digital mechanism, however, it cooks slower than most crockpots. I understand it is a slow cooker, but you have to plan accordingly. Also, it does not cut off it goes down to the war mode.

I love the programmable type, they really make life easier.

I have had it now since the fall and it has been a great cooker. I have made several delicious meals and the color is perfect to match all of my green accessories. Arrived quickly after placing my order.

All three handles (2 side, 1 lid) are plastic and are off-color, but that is the only thing that i can see is wrong with it.

Simple, easy to use and functional. Don’t get caught up with all the fancy features – this one works and works well.

I like how it has a timer and when it reaches 0 it goes to the warm setting. Have used it twice now and am very happy with it. I have the matchingtoaster and coffee maker by bella and love them all.

Best crockpot i have ever used.

The meat i make in this crockpot comes out so soft and tender. I love that i can just throw dinner in it and do what i have to do for the day. My first meal in this crockpot was apple butter pork chops with sliced apples and it was amazing. The pork chops were so tender.

When i ordered this, i was told it was on backorder; i was okay with that because i wanted it either way (cuz of the color. ) it came a week later and its beautiful 😉 i absolutely could not be happier with this product.

Works great but is not programmable. You can set the timer and it will go to off, not warm which is what i was looking for. I should’ve read the review first.:) overall, it will do the trick.

Love this crockpot; especially the color; however, i did think that you could program the timer to an exact time that you wanted it to come on and go off. I guess maybe i was expecting a little too much.

Had this for a little over a year now and it is wonderful. I use the heck out of it and it has held up great, it is programmable in that you can set it for a certain time and then it reverts to warm after that.

BELLA Triple Slow Cooker and Buffet Server – Five Stars

Wife loves this outstanding triple-crock. (if mama is happy, everybody is happy.

The bella triple slow-cooker is one of the most used appliances in my kitchen now. I use it for a variety of soups, for toppings in a baked potato bar, for taco fillings, for variety of casseroles, for banana split toppings, and for keeping meals warm.

Arrived on time, works as advertised. I used it for a family party, received many compliments on how nicely it worked. Here are the specifications for the BELLA Triple Slow Cooker and Buffet Server:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This slow cooking champion allows you to cook up to 3 separate dishes at once, while keeping food warm for hours. A must have for holidays and parties
  • 4 separate controls with 3 settings; Low, High and Warm. Giving you the flexibility to cook what you want, when you want
  • Tempered glass lids, stoneware pots and serving spoons are dishwasher safe for easy clean up
  • Safer and uses less energy than a stove top. Toss in ingredients, set temperature and walk away! In hours you will have 3 delicious dishes
  • Features built-in lid rests to minimize counter top clutter and ensuring safe serving

Works very well, very happy with the product.

Wonderful for our family dinners.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Winner
  • Great for smaller families or parties
  • Great crock pots

Love this versatile slow cooker. Worked wonders at the office thanksgiving potluck dinner. Kept food at perfect temp for the entire dinner. Coworkers all want one ,used it to keep hot dogs, chili and quaestor warm for granddaughter’s 2nd birthday party. It’s light enough to transport full.

Gift for daughter and she loves it.

Work out pefect, great idea for a party, get lots of complements on it i have no complants at all great product just the dealivery was slow but we had a bad ice storm.

This was a gift for my son and family. They really use it a lot and think it is great.

My sister owns an ice cream parlor. She uses it for different hot flavors. So far they are perfect for the job. Well made and presents itself well.

I have owned the red bella triple crock pot cooker for a year now. It made the holidays last year so nice. Everything was hot and ready when the family showed up. They served themselves and had many compliments about the pretty red cooker. Since then i have enjoyed making dinners in it. For nacho night i serve up beans, meat, and cheese in the pots. If i ever do have to purchase another, this will be the one i will happily purchase again.

We’ve had this one for about 5 years and it is simply a great little cooker. We can cook carnitas, beans, and queso all at once. Or we can slow cook two versions of the same dish- one spicy for me, and one mild for the missus and kids. When this thing kicks the bucket, i hope i can find one just like it.

Very happy with this purchase.

Great idea, but this unit does not keep food warm – more tepid than warm – and those lid holders are cheap looking and do not fit in place.

My brother has one and he has borrowed mine for a large party. I used mine for a dessert bar for a pot luck and it was received unanimously. It is attractive and easy to clean too.

Perfect for holidays or serving 8+ people. I have also seen these used as buffet warmers at hotels to serve breakfast items: eggs, grits, gravy, biscuits, oatmeal, breakfast meats. I have used for serving hot dips as well as buffet items: green bean casserole, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes. I love that the crocs can be washed in the dishwasher and stored in the refrigerator. I also like the lid holding feature. Word of warning, put down a dish towel if serving on a nice wooden buffet to keep condensation drips and sloppy servers from damaging your buffet. Lastly, it stores well in the box.

Everyone ii gave them to loved them.

I can do 3 dishes for a party- dips, chili, etc. Or try out 3 new crockpot recipes without having a huge amount of an unpopular new recipe. I can do a main dish and two sides and keep them warm after cooking. Easy to clean and the lid holder is convenient. Only shortcoming is that the electrical cord is short, so you have to use it near an outlet which might not be so convenient for a party.

I have to agree with others who complain about the plastic smell this gives off. I followed directions and turned it on with water in the bowls before using. The instructions said a smell was normal in the beginning, but would stop after about half an hour. I kept it on for several hours, and the smell never diminished. I also tested it on the lowest setting. The smell wasn’t too bad, but the water did not maintain a food-safe temperature. I’m giving the product 3 stars because i didn’t buy it to cook food, but to keep food warm through a party. At the middle setting, it didn’t smell too bad (the smell of the food masked it), and the food held at a safe temperature for the duration of the gathering, so for my purposes, it was acceptable.

Great for our gatherings we have.

I love this gorgeous triple crockpot.

Hamilton Beach 33258 Slow Cooker, You can find better ones for cheaper

You can stick it in the fridge for leftovers. It’s a basic slow cooker that does the job. The small one is great for queso, gravy and warming cream. I’m happy with this purchase.

I do so much of my cooking in slow cookers. This set is nice because of the small crock pot bonus.

My old one didn’t have this (it broke so replaced with this one) and i noticed a significant cooking time difference.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 33258 Slow Cooker, 5-Quart:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bonus 2-Cup Food Warmer- Perfect for Warm Cheese & Chocolate Dips
  • Dishwasher Safe Stoneware & Glass Lid
  • Low/High & Keep Warm Settings
  • Perfect for 5lb. Chicken or 3lb. Roast
  • Easy-to-use

Comments from buyers

“excellent value
, Solid and Cheap Slow Cooker
, Handle on lid came off

Cooker works fine, seems well-built. Seems like a really good price.

This is really a bit too big for me. I live alone and would have been happier until. . I had a large corned brisket. It fit perfectly in this hamilton slow cooker. I started it on high and when it started to boil i looked and found that it was a gentle simmer and not a hard boil. Just what i wanted it to do. The corned beef brisket was cooked to perfection. I still have two corned briskets in the freezer waiting for their turn in this slow cooker.

This is the best slow cooker i’ve ever bought and the best price i’ve ever found.

I missed having a slow cooker in the kitchen – last one broke. Now i have a little mini crock pot too.

Good price, works well for me, no flaws i can notice, construction is good for the price. I’ve used it for many stews and chicken recipes. Importantly there is no plastic odor when using the product, which some of these cookers have. Also important: the settings work properly, warm, low, and high are each distinctive and make for accurate cooking. I have not used the little food warmer, and it seems a bit of a novelty, but perhaps others find greater use in it.

I’ve had the ones w/all the bells and whistles, they break quickly. I use a regular timer for lights with it if i need to, otherwise just turn this on and my dinner is ready when i get home. Also, use it to make bone broth, which requires continuous use for a couple days, works great for that too.

This crockpot i have never had and issue with. It cooks all my good perfectly. I even bough the crockpot bag inserts so it’s not as hard to clean and i love it.

I like that i got a free sauce warmer. However, after about 10 or so uses, the handle on the lid came off. I tried super-gluing and using a glue gun, but the heat from the cooker heats up the glue and the handle comes off. Would have been 5 stars without this issue.

Having the 2nd smaller pot is great to have for cheese dips or chocolate for dipping fruit.

I find myself making meals for the week with relative ease. My only gripe with it is there’s no indicator light to show if it’s on or not. That’s easily solved by whether the pot gets hot or not but it would be nice to have an indicator regardless.

The mini cooker wasn’t really necessary. I do like the large 5 quart cooker.

The large cooker is good for meals and the small one is excellent for hot dips, especially chocolate. It would be perfect if it had a band on the large one that seals the lid tight to allow for transporting foods with liquid.

Got for step daughter christmas gift. She has been using it 2-3 times a week to make roasts stew and other family meals.

The chili cook off was five days away and my old crockpot quit working. So jumped on amazon for a quick order, this one promised the bonus of a small unit as well as a replacement for my old one. Unfortunately the small unit’s lid was not in the box when opened. Not sure how to get one so will check goodwill.

I cook soup in this crock slow cooker at least twice a week. I have used it for about four months so i cannot say a lot about durability. I can say that the ceramic and top are still in ‘as-good-as-new’ shape. I like having three temperature settings and the additional warmer cup is a nice feature.

Keep warm, low and high are the settings. It is a great, nice looking crock pot for the low cost.

This is our second slow cooker that we have from hamilton beach. Works great, my wife sometimes uses two at the same time to prepare meals.

3 settings is all you need (low, high, keep warm). Glassware fits rather loose, but i think all do. Every product i’ve owned made by hamilton beach has never failed and are rather affordable. You dont need to be an expert at cooking. I just buy the prepared slow cooker packages they sell in any grocery store. Its easy to use and to clean. The size is large which should be enough to cook 5 or 6 lbs of meat.

I don’t have any issues and cooks and keeps food warm.

Does cook hotter than some on the higher setting, but i don’t mind that as i don’t like ‘wimpy’ slow cookers. The low setting allows for lower cooking if i need it.

We love our crock pot, we use it almost weekly with no problems, haven’t tried the little pot yet but i’m sure it will work fine.

Thermos Thermal Cooker RPC-4500 4 – Good product!

Its pretty good,we are using it when we are bringing food for outing. I rated it 4 because i am hoping you can make one w/c the heat will stay longer so that it is still hot in the afternoon.

It takes a little transition, you just can’t throw in a crockpot recipe to cook. But with a little adjustment we are cooking many things in it. We have not tried to cook anything without liquid though. Things stay hot (like 170) overnight if brought to a good simmer before putting it in. Drop to 130 if left in 24 hours.

These should totally be made more available in the usa. No more burned oatmeal stuck to the bottom of my pan in the morning. Here are the specifications for the Thermos Thermal Cooker RPC-4500 4:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Non electric slow cooker with one 4.5 liter (4.75 qt) stainless steel thermos shuttle chef inner pot
  • Vacuum insulated stainless steel thermos thermo pot for efficent, long lasting heat or cold retention
  • Bring food to boil and let it cook in it’s own retained heat. Can keep hot food above 160F for over 8 hours after simmering
  • 18-8 thick stainless steel inner pot and lid with clad bottom (induction stove top ready)
  • Bail handle will lock lid down securly for easy transport Note: item is imported with box & literature geared for the Asian market. NO recipes in English provided.

Very good in other food preparation also.

The food is piping hot, however you do need to come up with your own recipes. Thermos shuttle chef kps-8000 8l thermal cooker vacuum pot slow cooker.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • 1.5 L RPF-20 is perfect – Yes, it comes with English language receipes and instructions!
  • It works.
  • Expensive- worth it. Tried other brands

We bought this thermal cooker to replace our old one we got from asian market. The cooker inner unit is much thicker and the seal of outer unit is better too. And it is in perfect size for small family. We use it mostly to prepare cantonese soup. Most of others are too large to finish in 2 dinners.

I purchased my rpc-4500 thermos shuttle chef, virtually new, on ebay. Cost $85 including shipping. There is a place, mentioned by another reviewer of this product, thermalcookwaredotcomdotau. Avoid thermalcookwaredotcomdotau they are a total rip-off. All their items are insanely over-priced. If you need parts or accessories for your thermos thermal cooker just do some research on-line. Or look on ebay, and be patient, give your search 90 days or so – and you will save a lot of money. I own one thermos rpc-4500 shuttle chef thermal cooker. I also own a saratoga jacks 7l double pot thermal cooker, and a city star 7l thermal cooker (exactly the same as the saratoga jacks thermal cooker). Primarily i use the thermos shuttle chef 4.

Cooks most things in a few hours after a few minutes of boiling. The small size is ideal for one or two people. Much better for my needs than the large models available in the us. Not sure why they don’t sell these here, but if i have to go to canada to get it, i’m happy too.

I put my lunch in the inner pot and boil it in the morning and then put the inner pot in the outer pot 1 minute after it is boiled. I take the cooker to work and have hot lunch meal every time. Convenient, efficient, and save energies too. I am pleased with the performance.

I used this quite a bit and have been for several years. Once you get used to it and understand how to cook your favorite grains with the right amount of water, boil time, and rest time, it makes grain preparation easy to manage.

This is a very effective, small thermal cooker, perfect for 1 or 2 people if you don’t want to deal with leftovers. The narrow shape makes it very easy to store in my cupboard or when car camping. And it came faster than expected.

I use mine every day to cook delicious, healthy, nutritious, affordable meals. The stainless steel inner pot makes this 1. 5l thermal cooker a big step up from cooking in a thermos.

Why aren’t these more available in america.

Works as advertised and comes with good recipes tailored for the cooker.

Like the other reviewer pointed out, it is much safer. I can throw all the ingredients in and put it on boil in the morning and when i come home from work in the afternoon, my meal is ready. I’m always afraid to leave my crockpot on while i’m at work. For a long time i couldn’t find any thermal pots in the us but all my family overseas were using them. I actually bought mine when i was on vacation outside the us and had to bring it back in my luggage which bent it a little so the seal is not perfect but it still does the job. Worth the expense in the energy it saves. Basically a crockpot without all the electricity.

This has been one of our most useful purchases ever. Raw ingredients can be brought to a boil and sealed in the evening. The next day, the pot contains a perfectly cooked, piping hot lunch. I would buy more if they were to become available again.

This really owns what i’d hoped it would do. We bought it to use on our boat but it’s great in town too. My husband’s homemade chili cooked and stayed hot all day without having to leave gas or electricity on while we were at work.

I purchased this for travel days and potlucks. I did not realize how much i would use it for everyday meals and such. It is much safer than an electric slow cooker and produces far superior results with only a small learning curve. This is much better constructed than the cheaper foam filled models. I expect many years of service from this high quality setup. -place the ingredients being cooked into the ss inner cook. -bring it up to temp and hold for 10 mins or so. -place the ss lid on the inner cook pot.

I love this thermal cooker, but since i bought it for $65 and it’s now skyrocketed in price up to about $182 , i have to say it’s not worth it. A vacuum-lined thermal cooker is truly the best. It’s sleeker, lighter, and better insulated, but, the styrofoam-lined ones are almost as good (and are good enough), and many of them have a second inner pot which can bake cornbread at the same time the larger bottom pot is cooking the soup/chili. They are also competitively priced. Nissan thermos needs to bring down their price to around $100 and add a a second inner top pot to be competitive, and then their product will be the best hands down.

This is a great product,the food is piping hot, i homemade chili cooked and stayed hot all day,highly recommend!.

I made a moroccan soup–fully cooked and added it to the inner pot. I then heated it very quickly in the pot but i was afraid that the thick soup might burn. So, the temperature wasn’t optimum. After 8 hours the soup was still 152° f. This is still very safe temperature. The inner pot has a shoulder making it smaller at the top and slightly harder to pour into.

Magic Mill 10 Quart Slow Cooker 3 Manual Heat Settings Removable Pot – Never scrub a crock pot again.

Love the non stick and the size. Big fan of the analog dial instead of the digital display.

The product works but the parts are falling of or loosing up. I’ve had to tighten the lid- it wobbles cause the little plastic feet feel off. For this size should came with a secure lock so you can commute with it. Already have to buy a new one.

Ordered as a gift works flawlessly. Here are the specifications for the Magic Mill 10 Quart Slow Cooker 3 Manual Heat Settings Removable Pot:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3 Convenient settings Low, High & Keep Warm Temperature settings.
  • Full grip cool to touch handles, See-through tempered-glass. locking lid for split free and easy transfer
  • Polished silver, stainless steel exterior with black accents and plastic handles

It was big enough for three nice size pot roasts and cooked all three very evenly.

This cooker works just right. I like that it has a variable heat so i can turn it down real low. I saw where other reviewers complained about the surface of the non-stick pan. The pan is rough, but it is definitely non-stick. We’ve cooked in it several times and cleanup was easy so i don’t know what the fuss was about with other reviewers. This is just the right size to cook a roast or big pot of chili.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great little roaster
  • It cleaned up very easy. I love to cook ham
  • Works like it should!

Like most other slow cookers today it cooks too hot for both settings. Need to use warm setting for long cooking. Sad no one has designed a ceramic coated insert like the new fry pans.

Used it at christmas for a 16 lb ham. Worried it wouldn’t fit, but it did. Must have size when cooking for a bigger crowd.

I can make my stew in it with plenty of headspace. No boil overs and i love that the insert is stainless steel and not ceramic as the ceramic makes it difficult to lift when full. I also don’t have to worry if i drop it that it will break.

I love this slow cooker, granted it is my first one, but it is so easy to use and even easier to clean. Even though it’s large, i’ve made some smaller things in it. Love it, and would highly recommend :).

I’ve had a 6qt version for a long time i used regularly, but often for soups, stews, or chilis, it was too small for our family- this one is perfect. If you’re accustomed to a smooth ceramic crock you may find the rough texture of the thin metal insert off-putting, but 1) it’s easier to clean than a ceramic crock, 2) it’s not going to break or crack, and 3) it’s a lot lighter.

This magic mill slow cooker does the job with efficiency. I truly admire its easy as pie instructions. I would love to gift this to my mom-in-law.

It is exactly what i wanted.

I love this that it is so light weight since i have problems with heavy crock pots. It is a little big for me as i get older, i make smaller meals and if they brought out one in 5 quart, i would also buy it.

It’s got a polished silver with black accents and i like how pretty it looks. It totally does look expensive.

I personally prefer this over other slow cooker because the locking lid of this one helps transferring become so easy and less painful for whoever is cooking in my kitchen, which means me.

Overall i like it, what i don’t like is that the inner dish very poorly painted as well as its kind of sticky when i put the dish in and out it works fine although i have not cooked anything as yet. Please note about the delivery well this time around it was untimely aswell as inconvient for me i had to drive miles to collect the item myself simply because of the delay.

I’ve had this for about a month now, and so far have used it about 4 times for making various slow cooker stews. It’s worked awesome for this so far. I took one star away for two reasons: because the fit and finish of the stainless looks slightly discolored and a little rough around the edges, and because for the life of me, i could not figure out how to make the lid holders near the handles work (though now thinking about it, maybe they are for strapping down the lid rather than holding it open. Other than that, this is exactly what i was looking for and has worked perfectly. I have not had a chance to use it as a roaster, but i believe there will be pulled pork and brisket in my future (the meat is already bought :)when i received my unit i measured the pan volume using water and a measuring cup. I would say the 8qt measurement is both technically accurate and generous to the unit, in that it does hold 8qts exactly. Any more and it would spill over the sides. You will not be putting 8qts in this pot and still be able to put the lid on, or even be able to cook it (due to thermal expansion of the contents) without a decent spill. As for those reviews i’ve seen on here about the nonstick coating.

I have it for many years and just bought another one. It works perfect, very strong machine, able to clean it very fast.

Just what i wanted to replace an older roaster.

For those who find it hard to fit your chili recipe in an 8qt crock, this is the one for you. Basic high, med & low settings with no timer, but if more space is what you need. You can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Perfect size and cleans up great.

Hamilton Beach 400943318406 33184 Oval Slow Cooker : GO SLOW!!!

We have enjoyed many slow cooker meals with this.

I have been searching for a large slow cooker for a few months, because i’ve been using the 2 i own that are too small for certain recipes that i want to make for more than 2 people, or wish to have plenty of left-overs. This hamilton beach 8-quart was the perfect selection for our specific needs. I accidentally over-loaded my smaller slow cookers, and i couldn’t wait to get the right size to cook a large amount of food, without constant spills, or drips. I purchased this slow-cooker in k-mart for $36. 99, which is now the largest one i own. This is a very good quality, and hamilton beach comes through with their products, as i’ve never been disappointed in the last 20 years with the products i do own. Since my purchase, i’ve cooked several different recipes, and they all resulted in perfection. The instruction manuel offers helpful tips, questions & answers for troubleshooting, a cooking chart, and more. They give free recipes for beef pot roast, chili, and whole chicken. In addition, you can receive free delicious recipes from their website.

This crockpot works just beautifully. I wanted a really large one for cooking bone broth. And this is a really large one. There are no complicated programming panels, just on, off, hi, low, and keep warm.

After reading all the bad reviews about this slow cooker, i didn’t feel all warm and fuzzy about ordering it. It came in record time and i used it a couple days later. It is definitely an 8 quart cooker and is heavy, not flimzy. I made a huge recipe of beef stew which came up to the top of the cooker but i had no problems with it. I cooked on high for 4 hours to get it going, stirred and then cooked another 5 hours on low. Best beef stew i’ve ever madethose people leaving negative reviews leave me wondering about them. I’m extremely happy with my cooker.

  • After reading all the bad reviews about this slow cooker
  • Great big pot!
  • Can Recommend!

Hamilton Beach 400943318406 33184 Oval Slow Cooker, 8-Quart, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Full-Grip handles for easy carrying
  • Removable dishwasher safe stoneware, dishwasher safe glass lid
  • Keep warm, low and high settings and red metallic wrap
  • Keep warm maintains the ideal serving temperature without over cooking
  • 8 quart capacity

This is plenty large, which is what i need with 5 adult appetites. It cooks nice, and i only need to run it 4-6 hrs. I don’t have to cook overnight anymore.

Love the red exterior & black crock inside. 3-settings including low, high, and keep warm.

The product was everything i was expecting.

Heavier than i would prefer, but it cooks great and is very attractive in my kitchen. Larger size is very useful for cooking enough to have for lunches or even freeze for a quick weekday dinner. Easy ordering and speedy delivery are great.

I needed a larger slow cooker for when i prepare meals for more than just my family. This one works well and is attractive. The only thing that was bothersome was the first time i turned it on it off gassed quite a bit. I had to plug it in outside and let it run for about 20 minutes before the strong chemical smell dissipated.

I use this constantly, love the color , size and convenience.

Just picked up one at (yes) kmart for $25. But, while the capacity is very large, it is actually 6.

Needed a new one for large amounts and this fit the bill. Works great and i would buy another one.

Love this large slow cooker. Wanted the non-digital controls. Well made and performs as advertised.

😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 wife happy, everyone happy.

Just what i was looking for.

. Be careful the first few times, it cooks hotter than any other crockpot i have had (probably 5-6).

Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System – easy to

My favorite and only thing i keep out. Love it so much this was my second one.

I was skeptical about trying a non-glass product as a slow cooker but to my surprise, the ninja works great. My latest creation was a lasagna. The unlike a crock pot, the ninja allowed me to brown the meat and saute the vegetables on ‘stove top’ mode before adding the pasta and sauce in ‘slow cooker’ mode. The dish turned out to be great and there was no dried or burned residue. I can’t wait experiment with more dishes. The product was easy to use and easy to clean.

A lot less clean up and the recipes are great. This is now my favorite kitchen appliance.

I’ve used the slow cook and stove top features already, but not the bake feature. I love it so far, but the item i wish it had is a locking lid. I bought this for my motorhome and i like the fact that it can take the place of a stove top skillet for bacon and sausage. Because it’s deep, there is less splatter. When i need to brown something (like meat) for the slow cook feature, i can do it right in the ninja then turn the dial to slow cook without an extra pan. The other thing that i would change is the length of the cord. Overall, i don’t think i’ll regret investing in it. I got a really good price on amazon.

I purchased it for my daughter and she is over-the-top delighted with this crockpot. She does a lot of volunteer work and has lots of family celebrations so this has already made her life simpler. Her biggest thrill is the ability to entirely cook spaghetti without any additional pots.

Perfect crock-pot for whatever you want to cook. I use it for chili and pot-roast. Cooks every meal to perfection.

  • 41/2 STARS
  • Amazing Product
  • luv our Ninja 3 in 1 buy 🙂

Very versatile, easy to clean.

I love the product, but i wished there had been more recipes included with the purchase. I have used my product three times and the meals have been great.

Pros: i bought this 3 months ago and use it constantly. Spaghetti sauce, chili, soup, as well as crockpot recipes. The baking feature hasn’t been as successful it bakes too quickly. It will take me some time to figure out how to adjust recipes to the ninja. Cons: in stovetop mode on high it will shut its self off for no apparent reason. I wish the arrow indicator on the knob was more clear. I have trouble figure out where it is pointing.

Great item have already used it works great set the timer and forget it will eked food items warm until you are ready to eat.

Best money ive spent my daughter loves it.

Features of Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Triple Fusion Heat for faster, juicier and more flavorful cooking
  • Oven Function: 250°-425° with steam infused Roasting & Baking
  • Built-in Stovetop: Low, Med, High
  • Slow Cooker: Low, High, Buffet w/auto keep warm
  • Professional non-stick pot – holds up to 6lb chicken / 4lb roast

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

First off, let me start by stating that i am not a cook. I am trying to teach myself. The device is a good slow cooker. When i look at the recipe book, the chicken and meats look so great and mine kinda come out looking like blah. It taste great, but visually it looks like steamed food. And let’s face it, steamed meat is not that attractive. So, i will say i like the device and it is sexy looking. If i had more skills and more experience, it might say it was great.

It is the best cooking appliance ever. I have one and so do my daughters and granddaughters bought one for a friend who had no kitchen. She used it everyday to stir fry roast or bake. The cookbook recipes excellent also.

Does far more than a crock pot.

At first i thought this is too good to be true until i got to use it. I don’t like to spend much time in the kichen cooking or cleaning and this makes my life so much easier. I can still eat healthy and not waste a whole day i the kitchen. I think every kitchen should have a ninja 3 in 1. It washer was easily because of the nice material it’s made of.

I bought this for my daughter for her birthday and she loves it.

These are really nice crockpots with so many nice features, well worth the money. This is the second one i have given them as gifts and both times they were very pleased and use them all the time.

Triple Fusion Heat for faster, juicier and more flavorful cooking

It is easy to use and the food tastes wonderful. When you use the steam cooking for your meats you get the moistest meats and so tender, especially if you infuse broth, wine etc. I have baked cheese cakes as well as regular cakes in it that come out so moist. Made the 25minute meals where you just layer everything at once and cook. I rarely use my oven anymore. It is durable,and easy to clean. Wonderful for one person, two or a small family.

This is the best item i have bought in a long time. I enjoy it so much, & i use it to make all my dishes. The cooking time is less, theflavor is tasty, & i never overcook any meals including my vegetables. This purchase have gotten me a lot of complements, i sayto you thanks.

I purchased one for each of my daughters at christmas, and both called me to tell me that they were using nothing else to cook but it. That made me buy one for myself and indeed i am also thrilled with it. From roasting to steaming to slow cooking the recipes are limitless. I would recommend it an absolute need for all homes.

This is the 2nd ninja i have had the first one was ‘cooked to death’. I have an electric stove when i received my fist ninja as a present i wasn’t very happy with my gift but once i used it i fell in love. Using the ninja daily dropped my electric bill by over $70. It paid for itself the first month of using it. Amazon was amazing the ninja came 2 days early and exactly as advertised.

Wife loves it ,i think she’s going to wear it out .

The ‘ninja 3 in 1 cooking system’ is awesome. It makes cooking so much more enjoyable and easy not have to use multiple pots/pans to get a meal going.

Oven Function: 250°-425° with steam infused Roasting & Baking

I bought this for my wife and just loves all the things she can do with this cooker. Ninja is a high quality cooker.

I really love how the ninja does all the different features, liked how the babyback ribs came out fell off the bone.

It’s greathave cooked 4 meals in it every meal turned out greati used some of my own recipes with some modifications. The cooker worked out fantastic.

The product lives up to everything it says. The look of it is awesome too. It was a christmas present and when it was delivered it was just in its box not packaged at all—-so lets say it wasn’t a surprise.

What makes it different from other slow cookers is that it has a cooktop feature. You turn it on stovetop (high or low) and you can sear meats, sauté onions and garlic of whatever you need right in the same pot. Then place your other ingredients in the pot and turn it to slow cooker. The built in timer is fabulous and when the time is up it shifts to warm keeping your meal ever ready. The lid is hot as are the handles on the pot so you do need a hot pad to handle it once its heated. But the best feature for me is one that they don’t even claim as a feature, but its great and here is how it works. Do you ever have to take the lid off the crockpot and end up increasing the cook time?. If fact, even ninja directions tells you so. When i have to take the lid off, i then put the lid back on and turn it to stovetop high. As soon as i hear it boil, i go back to crockpot and reset the timer. I have not had to add cooking time for adding ingredients or stirring since i got this thing.

Really think everyone would use it.

I bought 2 as gifts and they love it. Ribs, chilli, corned beef and pot roast have been successful so far. Can’t wait to visit either brother and enjoy their next feasts.

Built-in Stovetop: Low, Med, High

Got this for the wife for christmas and she likes it and uses it alot since the holidays uses it for everything.

Awesome my hubby son n i luv to cook with it, made soo many meals with it at home and on the road at truck stops, we’ve made pizza, bread, cakes,soups stews, soup, brisket, pot roasts awesome.

I’ve even given as wedding presents.

I love having the ability to brown in the same container that i will be slow cooking in. It does not get hot enough to do brown quickly, but it has worked out for me because i prep the rest of the veggies while the meats get color. Make sure to pre-heat well before trying to brown a roast. I have used it 5 times and no complaints. I have enjoyed toe multi-levels of heat adjustment. I bought my mom one i loved mine so much.

I have only used the crockpot but temperature is even and nothing sticks.

Slow Cooker: Low, High, Buffet w/auto keep warm

I bought this for my daughter-in-law for her birthday. I have the same one myself and i love it.

Disappointed that there wasn’t a small cook book like you usually get.

I have made lots of different meals using all the features and i am extremely pleased. Some people have complained about searing. I have an electric stove and the ninja is slightly slower. If you want it to operate like gas it won’t but that’s just how electric is. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

The best slow cooker i have ever used.

RJ Brands Chefman : Five Stars

I love it — the best slow cooker i have owned.

Awesome crock pot and plenty big for my household of 8 adults.

Flexibility is excellent due to three heat settings + solid, thick aluminum non-stick insert allowing you to cook on a stovetop before moving on to completing other steps with the slow cooker activated. You can’t go wrong (but much cheaper elsewhere than on amazon.

Like the cast aluminum cooking insert.

  • This not only allows you to brown food before you slow cook it but it is light as a feather and cleans up very easily. I’ve used
  • THIS insert worked great
  • have had several “crock-pots” this one is so much better. Cooked a pork shoulder so perfectly it just

Chefman, Slow Cooker with Die-Cast Insert, Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brown – Sauté vegetables and brown meat directly on the stovetop before slow cooking for greater depth of flavor
  • Bake – the nonstick, die-cast aluminum insert can be used for oven roasting or stovetop searing
  • Slow – slow cook for a wide range of family favorites like chili, soups, stews and more
  • Dishwasher-Safe die-cast insert and lid
  • Brushed stainless steel housing and die-cast aluminum insert

The insert for this cooker is very nice, seems durable, and i like that you can use it on the stovetop. The heat settings are questionable for me – i’ve had other slow cookers that “simmer” meats, this one gets warm on high but barely cooks the meat (example: turkey thighs). I feel the need to double check a thermometer reading to be sure that meats are fully cooked. When i tried to make soup, the dried beans did not cook at all, and were still hard at the end of the day. Do not try to cook meats from a frozen state, as they will not get done even with several hours on high. My attempts to contact customer service to see if there might be a way to determine if my unit is working properly went unanswered. This cooker seems best used for keeping food at a moderately warm setting, but be cautious about expecting it to cook.

Love the slow cooker, but disappointed that i paid $65 on amazon and it sells for $39.

I really like the insert that i can use on the cooktop, but i wish it had a timer and would turn off automatically.

However the operating instruction manual (page 7) states “note: you may use metal utensils when placing food in and removing food from die-cast cookware. We purchased ours in 2016 and it looks as though it has been in a losing battle.

I have used it to make chicken and tri tip. Every time the food comes out delicious. So happy i went with this one .

Not too big for the counter, not to small to make great dinners for two.

This is the best slow cooker i have owned out of 4. It’s best feature is it’s stovetop use.

I have had 5 different slow cookers in my life and this is by far the best i have ever had. The entire unit is very light because the insert. Being able to put the insert on the stove to sear meat or grill onions and then put it in the base is so very helpful. The slow cooker cooks extremely well.

I love this item, aside for the fact that it looks gorgeous it works superbly. I picked up this item about a month ago and i immediately fell in love with it. I am finally not ashamed to leave my slow cooker on my counter top. Also the fact that i can also use the di-cast inset on a stove top and the oven and then just put it in the dishwasher when im done, what can be better. I would def recommend this product to everyone.

Practical and hold good portion.

The best slow cooker ,very easy to use.

I have had several “crock-pots” this one is so much better. Cooked a pork shoulder so perfectly it just fell apart and then washed out so simply.

So much easier to use than the heavy ceramic pot. And love the rectangular shape over oval or round. Haven’t browned on the stove yet but can see clearly what a great advantage that is.

I bought it because of good reviews and iam not at all disappointed in it. It’s lightweight and not heavy like the one i have that is made like a crock. It cooks very nice and cleanup is a breeze.

Much easier to handle that heavy crockery.

You can brown the hamburger in the same pot without dirtying another pot. I also like the fact that you can use it in the oven (minus the lid it’s not for oven use). I bought one for my daughter for christmas and was so jealous of it i had to get one for myself.

It really does what it claims to do. My husband bought me this a few months ago. I’ve owned several slow cookers over the years and i was tired of having to lift this heavy ceramic pot out of the cooker to clean it. This not only allows you to brown food before you slow cook it but it is light as a feather and cleans up very easily. I’ve used it about 6 times and everything comes out great. I can’t think of a single negative.

. I put the insert in the oven. I have another that i used before but it has a ceramic insert was heavy and had no handles. So it made it difficult to lift.