Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S 6-Quart Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker : Love it!

I bought this crockpot for $35 as a deal of the day. As i was returning to fulltime work, i needed to change up my old pot into something programmable to cook in my absence. It heats up quickly and cooks evenly. The programming is very basic and easy to do (you don’t set a start and end time, its more like as you are leaving you set it to cook on high or low for x hours and after that it just flips to the warming cycle until you return). The lid has a rubber seal to keep the heat in. The pot and lid parts can go in the dishwasher. If you had an old crockpot, as i did, you may have to adjust your expectations around the heat. I find that the low setting on this one is equivalent to the high setting on my old one (so yes, my old one really was pretty terrible lol).

My crockpot i have had for 5 years broke. I didnt want to get another version and not like it as much, but this one is great. It heatsevenly, and switches to warming at the end of the cook time. Which is great because i work 10hr days and when i get home the food is done and ready to eat without being over cooked.

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S 6-Quart Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker, Includes One Bonus Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce

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  • Bonus Includes: One(1) Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce, Tavern Style Pot Roast with Mushrooms and Roasted Garlic, 13 Ounce
  • 6 quart capacity is perfect for 7+ people or a 6 lb. roast
  • Easy-to-use locking lid featuring lid gasket for extra seal for less mess on-the-go
  • Programmable Digital Control lets you program cook times anywhere from 30 minutes up to 20 hours
  • Shifts to Warm Setting Automatically once the cook time is complete; Removable oval stoneware that is also stylish for your table

Two settings, low and high, plus a ‘keep warm’ setting.

Crockpot works well, one star off for the lid. The top handle area is screwed on, and when you wash the lid dishwater/liquid get trapped between the glass and the handle that is screwed on. Impossible to get it out — i end up tapping it trying to get as much to come out as i can but very annoying design.

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S 6-Quart Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker, Includes One Bonus Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce : I cooked in it during the cold weather and it worked so good it did cut off and just kept the food warm i love it.

This was bought as a gift and the recipient reports its wonderful and works exactly the way she anticipated. Provides exact temperature and time control. She recommends it for anyone who wants to explore the advantages of crockpot cooking.

Once you learn how long to cook specific meals this thing is very good. We had a crock with just a high and low setting before this one and almost ever time our food was overcooked. We would usually cook for 8 hours while at work wondering what we would find when we returned home. Usually a very dried out piece of meat or overcooked meal. We use this crock at least 2 or 3 times a week and now have a pretty good feel for cooking times. The ability to go to the keep warm setting automatically is great. I would recommend this crock.

I bought two of these, one as a gift and one for myself. Haven’t used a crock pot in years, and really enjoy this one. It performs as expected, easy to clean (i like the crock inside as opposed to a plastic one i had some years ago).

I like the programmable feature. I haven’t had it that long so i can’t comment on its durability.

My wife and i have used this crock pot about once a week since we got it and absolutely love it. We look forward to trying new things and recipes with it and the food comes out amazing. Wished we would have gotten one much sooner.

Basically just like my older digital model except for a few things. I really like that the buttons are quiet without that annoying beep for each 30 minutes like my old model had. Cooks quite well, nice and hot, recipes come out fine in time indicated in recipes, everything is cooked. If you can find this without, i’d go with that one instead, unless you’re absolutely going to use it for travel. The rubber gasket around the lid makes it difficult to align the lid properly, especially when trying to lock it (which i only do when i store it). Not sure if this is the same on all molds now or not. Also, this lid is worse than my old model since the condensation under the portion where the handle attaches is even worse. I have to unscrew it to dry out every time, eventually i’m afraid it will no longer tighten. There also seems to be a residue on the insert no matter how much i clean it.

Excellent cooker – easy to clean, cooks very well, low heat is still a little on the hot side, so be careful.

The timer setting with the auto warm cook function makes this the best crockpot to own and use.

I love that i can set the cook timer and then it goes to warm mode.

Use this at least one per week, and it works great.

Wish it were a lighter because, when full of food, it is almost too heavy to carry. I guess that is what i have a husband for. Someday, they will make a crock pot with some sort of silicon crock.

Been using crock pots for years. This one incorporates everything i want and love about crock pots.

The outside does not get too hot — feel very safe leaving this plugged in all day at home with nobody else there (with the 200 year old timbers in my home). The timing mechanism is good. I wish that the timer also allowed one to set the slow cooker to *start* later, instead of just setting how long it would cook before shifting to ‘warm.

The staff is comfortable and fit,i am very satisfied. Delivried on time and the package is nice and easy to open.

I bought this model for 2 reasons: 1) i needed a locking lid for travel and this one seals perfectly. 2) and the most important deciding factor – the time and temp can be set independently from one another. If i want to cook on high for 8 hrs, i can. If i want to cook on low for 4 hrs, i can as well. Save yourself some frustration and avoid the pre-set models at all cost.

My old crockpot did not all me to chose the exact cooking time so that is a great feature. Has warm setting and handles, nice bonus.

Hamilton Beach 33154 5-Quart Slow Cooker – Great

Just what i was looking for – works great – love the color. Great price and love the warm feature.

I can fit a whole chicken in it. So much nicer than my previous crock pot. After cooking the chicken i then made broth out of the leftovers in the pot by cooking overnight. I love that i could pull the ceramic bowl out and easy clean up after a back to back cooking.

I gave this four stars because it does not have the gasket that goes around the lid to help keep in heat and reduce liquid contents from spilling over the top of the crock during cooking. I learned that some models have the gasket and some do not, but the instruction booklet refers to the gasket and so i assumed the gasket was missing and i returned the cooker. Com, is great about returns, replacements, and refunds. I was unable to find another model with the gasket, so i went to walmart.

Its nice to throw everything input it on low and let it cook all night.

I would definitely recommend purchasing this item. Received as promised in two days. Love the lift out pot for easy cleaning.

Im a mom of 4 and this has been the perfect addition to my kitchen. Keeps food warm after its cooked without burning. So far this has been great and easy to clean. Nice large pot to cook big meals.Def perfect for big families.

  • Super easy to use, works great!
  • So happy . . .
  • Nice for the Price

I spent a lot of time reading reviews and waffling over size, brand, and portability. This little number was so inexpensive, i figured i didn’t have much to lose. I’ve only used it twice (i just got it, for heaven’s sake) but i made pulled pork on day one (about 6 lbs of pork butt fit just fine) and a whole chicken on day two (a 4. I was tempted by the larger cookers because i was afraid this wouldn’t have the capacity i wanted, but it actually held more meat than the spec. Several reviewers have mentioned that it gets super hot on the outside – not so with my unit. It is certainly warm to the touch, but not grievously hot.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love all the settings that this has.

Cost me 20 bucks and i am glad that i bought it. Crock pots are a hard item to mess up so naturally hamilton beach knocks it out of the part with a pretty good one. I like the keep warm setting as well because it will make sure my food stays nice and warm without having to over cook it.

Bought this slow cooker to replace a 3. Iwas amazed how much more it holds without taking up extra storage. Cooks well & can walk away without worry.

I still have my original crockpot that’s more than 20 years old, but it doesn’t come apart for easy cleaning or storage, and i wanted something i could haul in for office potlucks so i ordered this. It’s exactly what it says it is, and works great. I’ve used it once a week since getting it. And the oblong shape makes it easy to put roasts and chickens inside of it.

Features of Hamilton Beach 33154 5-Quart Slow Cooker

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  • Fits a 5lb. chicken – perfect for 5 people
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware and glass lid
  • Keep warm setting
  • Can fit up to a 3lb. roast
  • 5 quart capacity

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Works great and i love using it.

I have only owned rival crockpots over the years. The first 2 had broken lids that couldn’t be replaced and the last one they changed the design and all it did was burn whatever was cooking in it. I read reviews for multiple hamilton beach slow cookers and decided on this one being that it was a good size for a great price. I have made many things in it and nothing has come close to being overdone. In fact the pork roast i did today turned out perfect after cooking on low for 8 hours. If i would have left it in my old rival crockpot for that long, the entire bottom of the roast would have been scorched and it would have been dry. If you are on the fence don’t hesitate. I will never buy another rival crockpot again. Great product hamilton beach.

Just like what it seems in the photo i would recommend this to anyone . Cheap and easy to make good healthy dinners.

I had to send the first one back because it arrived with the crock in pieces. I’ve used this one a couple times and it works fine. I have found though, that it takes longer to cook a meal than my kaloric that i had previously. Both times, the food wasn’t cooked after the longest recommended time on low, so i turned it to high for an hour and that worked. So i’ll just plan better next time. I don’t like the fact that there is no power light, so you’re never sure it’s on, but the sides get warm so it’s not a disaster, just weird. I highly recommend using crockpot liners for incredibly easy cleanup in any crockpot.

Have several hb items in my kitchen and love them all. This slow cooker is terrific, i love the ‘keep warm’ setting. Cleans up well; it sits proudly on my countertop next to my hb countertop convection/rotisserie oven which i purchased from amazon in dec.

Since my husband and i got extra but with 4 children. I use this nearly every day i can slow cook beans ( for homemade chili) on cold days. . Whole chicken ( homemade chicken and dumplings) and much more. Just turn it on in the morning or late afternoon before work and dinner is ready for the family at dinner time and it doesn’t over cook or burn if you forget to turn it off. Even if you are re heating gumbo (opps.

Fits a 5lb. chicken –

Seemed to cook a bit slower than usual. What do you expect from a 20 dollar crock pot.

Gave one to my sister for xmas. She’s used it daily since and loves it. Judging by the dinners at her house it works great.

I bought this one because it is cheap and not stainless steel. The stone is great and it works perfectly.

The lid is lower quality than i would expect, and it doesn’t sit flat on the ceramic liner.

Our limited usage of the hamilton beach 5 quart slow cooker has been a positive experience. The reason for not using it more frequently is because we are having a too warm summer and meals that i would normally cook in this pot do not appeal just now. We felt the cooker did a very good job and the meal was tasty and once it cools off here we will use it much more frequently. It is easy to use and to clean. Using this cooker reminds me of hearing and reading about the old time ways of cooking with the adults on the back porch snapping beans and the children running around throwing the beans at one another. In other words, a time more peaceful and not so frantic and communicating could be done over the back or side fence and no one even knew what the word digital meant and the children played outdoors (i was one of them).

This slow cooker has cooked shredded beef, pinto beans and pulled pork so far. It has performed just fine so far. I have had it about a month. It surprised me that it was so light in weight (compared to my last one which was the brand crockpot) but that does not seem to have affected the performance.

Dishwasher safe stoneware and glass lid

I have had it for a couple of years. If your food doesn’t turn out well, it’s not the slow cooker.

This is the perfect size slow cooker and the oval shape is a real improvement over our old round 3. The high setting really gets hot and boils the liquid, which is fine because the low and warm settings seem to work as designed. We have not experienced what other reviewers are saying about the warm setting and have used it quite often.

Size is just right – not too big or too small. Love the oval shape and the stainless steel model.

I purchased this for my dad and he loves it. The size, the look, everything about this cooker is great. Arrived on time when promised too.

I have a 6 quart that is just too big for my needs as you must fill the pot at minimum half way for proper cooking, but this 5 quart fits the bill. Price is a factor and i don’t need all the bells and whistles of the more expensive cookers. I like to just throw everything in and set it and forget it. For a two or three person family this is perfect. If your like me, and don’t need the hassle of setting temps. , and don’t need a large volume of left overs than this is the one for you.

My new hamilton beach slow cooker is hotter than my old one, but it hasn’t been a problem for me since my old one was way too slow. One negative is that it’s harder to clean than my old one.

I couldn’t live without this baby now that i have it. I use it probably once a week. I never have problems with the temperature being too low or too high.

Keep warm setting

Pros:- size, plenty big enough- ‘warm’ setting, for stuff that’s cooked long enoughcons:- even on low, it’s pretty hot. – it has a hole in the lid that lets out too much moisture. – tends to scorch if left alone too long.

I researched local stores to find a crock pot that did not contain lead as many things from china have in the past. I could not find a pot that was not made in china at my local stores, and no sales people could tell me which one did not contain lead, if any. So i researched online and hamilton beach was one of the crocks that did not contain lead. Then i came to amazon and found this beauty.It is very roomy, heats up quickly, cleans up easily and the food taste great. It has some weight to it, but it is no to heavy to move around and it looks great on the counter. I am very pleased with the purchase which i thought was a little cheap once i saw how big it was when i took it out of the box.

I bought this specifically to make dishes that work better with an oval rather than tall slow cooker, such as slow-cooker lasagna. As with all slow-cookers, the main selling point is that ‘fill and forget(for a while)’ feature. This version is fairly basic-it does not have a programming feature, but it does have a ‘keep warm’ setting that is presumably lower than the low setting. This is handy when you need to wait a bit longer to eat and do not want the food to get overcooked. Like most slow cookers, the ceramic pot can be removed. Being a 5-quart oval slow cooker means that you might need to adjust recipes that are written for tall cookers or those with smaller volumes. For example, if you use a lasagna recipe you might find that you end up with fewer layers than you might want because of the shape and size of the cooker.

I own two very large slow cookers. I cook a lot for my 7 grandchildren. . We call it cousins’ dinner. But sometimes i need a smaller cooker. The only thing that bothered me at first is that it doesn’t have an actual temp. Guage, just high, medium and low. However so far that hasn’t mattered.

It does it’s job and i have no complaints.

All the meals cooked in this cooker have been wonderful. I like the larger size so i can also freeze extra meals too. Wouldhighly recommend this cooker.

Can fit up to a 3lb.

First crockpot i’ve used in years & love it. It’s the right size for my family. Great purchase, happy with it.

My original crock pot broke. It had less capacity than this new one. It’s so nice to have the house smelling wonderful again when i use it.

We researched slow cookers for quite a while after the handle broke on my old one after years of dutiful service. It seemed that many slow cookers run too hot these days, even when on warm. We figured that with the low price of this unit, we’d give it a shot and see how things turned out. We couldn’t be happier – it works great, the heating hasn’t given us any trouble at all, and the unit was incredibly inexpensive.

I’ve never owned a slow cooker before so i wasn’t sure what to buy or expect. I went with this one because of the low price ($19. 88 at the time of purchase). I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. With summer coming up, and sick of spending so much $$ going out and getting unhealthy fast food, i decided it was time to try a slow cooker as i had found many quick-to-prepare recipes. I have multiple medical issues and it’s beyond difficult for me to spend hours in the kitchen trying to fix a decent meal for my mom and myself. This hamilton beach slow-cooker worked so well my first time trying it. My pot roast with vegetables turned out great. My mom is hard to please and even she was raving about it. The beef roast was fork tender as were the potatoes and baby carrots.

Just got my first crock pot ever and it’s super cool. Slow cooking opens up a whole new universe in the kitchen. And you don’t really need to buy a crock cook book. I got me boat loads of recipes from online recipe sites. I just put them right into my recipe manager. Thing is, you can do your everyday recipes with it. Just get used to cooking longer. Setting it and forgetting it.

I love looking for slow cooker recipes now and having dinner ready when i get home. Reasonably priced and works like a charm.

Exactly what i wanted and at a special price too. I have always had a good experience with hamilton beach.

It holds atleast 8 chicken breasts. Its easy to clean and i love the little steam hole in the lid of it. It doesnt show it in this pic but mine has a steam hole in it.

Very easy to use and clean up is a snap. I would recommend this to everyone.

This slow-cooker has a hole in the lid. It’s intentional, it’s got a rubber piece surrounding it, but no way to close the hole and no explanation in the paperwork provided with the thing. All other slow cookers i have owned have had totally closed off lids. I’m so baffled and confused, and reluctant to use it.

I have used this product multiple times with good results. The size is perfect for 2-4 person meals. The ceramic insert is easy to clean and is the heaviest part of the slow cooker–the housing is very light weight.

It is pretty hard to get a crock pot that doesn’t work great.

Nostalgia TSC250BLK Living Collection 2 : Great for crock pot meals and for entertaining

We love it when we entertain in the summer. It allows you to have a few things going with out much table space needed.

Bought if for a graduation party and it worked great. Would have been nice to have the lid brackets that hold up the lids but that wasn’t really a big deal.

Great addition to our kitchen gadgets. The capacity was larger than i thought is might be, as i had hoped. Each is a good meal size removable pot. We have used it for pot luch dinners and is a great time and space saver.

I just went through my third thanksgiving dinner ‘buffet’ for 12+ using my nostalgia triple crock ( as well as my nostalgia triple s. Also, unlike a certain ‘newcomer’ to the multiple crock and warmer market, the bases of my nostalgia equipment remains cool to the touch, which is an important consideration for both my kitchen countertops and my young grandchildren’s fingers .

Good quality and fast shipping.

Nostalgia TSC250BLK Living Collection 2.5-Quart 3-Station Slow Cooker Buffet : This helped to fulfill two christmas gift requests in one; smaller crockpots and entertaining serving piece. If it is a big hit, i may be purchasing more.

Everything i needed for my large thanksgiving crowd. Perfect for keeping sides or gravy hot. Also, work great as a mini-slow cooker (each of three pots has its own controls). I wouldn’t be without it now. Hopefully it will make it through many family events.

The first one of these i got looked like it was used and returned. I contacted amazon and thay aranage for ups to pick it up and ship another one that day. Good job amazon got it with in two working days. The 2nd one was great i have used many times and love it. Mostly use if for keeping things worm when i don’t have time to make dinner. I placed food in these thing and the family can eat all day. However, thay can be used to cook a meal in but i have not used them for that as of yet.

This is great for keeping food warm for family dinners. Also great for cooking multiple courses at one time.

Nice product but the pots are a bit small. Yes, the sizes are accurately advertised, but even then they were little. A great product would be one where you could cook 3 x 4 quart dishes at once (that’s what i was looking for – and i don’t think exists). Of course, then it would be pretty big, i suppose. Cooks well, clean up easily. Just a bit small for a family of five. More often than not, we just use our regular size crockpot.

You sort of feel like you are in a cafeteria so to speak. Actually in general we purchased this for the advantage of having just one chord, not having to get three individual pots in and out, and a space saver in general. It works very well, and the price is not all that bad compared to some other types of similar set ups.

Instead of a hodge podge of crockpots on the counter this triple take less space and gives a better presentation. Individually controllable and ample space in 2.

Great for heating up food for my xmas party. I’ve only used it in the low option.

Should come in handy for meet food prep for coaches and judges.

Had the whole family over for christmas eve. Placed food in crock pots, when finished changed to warmer. Kept me out of the kitchen and able to enjoy the festivities.

Much bigger than i thought it would be.

I bought this for a party i threw, it was perfect it kept my beans rice and meat warm throught the whole party and left the meat super pull apart softkind of bulky but just the right size for a party of 20 drunk piggies lolwaaay better than the cheap aluminum foil warmers.

I had one my daughter-in-law needed one for extra company in extra space for food so purchased this is a gift for christmas she loves it.

I bought this for my dad for father’s day and he loved it. He is really into cooking and we used this item right away. A bit larger than we anticipated the product being but still so great. Affordable and shipped quickly.

We used it for xmass partys through the holidays it worked out great i will use for all my next party’s.

I do not cook from scratch i do cook my daily meals ( busy work and school)week for instance yesterday 8am i put boneless ribs in crock @ a low5pm came home they were done all i had to do was make the side dish (mashed potatoes) i have made other meals i have no complaints i also use this for family gathering to keep food warm so i am able to enjoy family and friends.

Perfect for making sides at christmas dinner.

Crock-Pot SCCPMD4-R Hook Up Warming Tray Connectable Entertaining Slow Cooker System, Great for parties.

The warming tray is perfect for appetizers that need to stay warm (i make stuffed mushrooms and remove the tray from the oven and place it directly on the warmer). Also, works great for biscuits and rolls. I have 6 hook-ups that i line up on the counter when we have family gatherings and holiday dinners. I can cook everything ahead of time and keep it warm in the crock-pots. They stack nicely in my pantry between uses. Large surface area is perfect.

Keeps our family dinners ready at all times.

I purchased 2 and will most likely buy more in the future. It keeps the food really hot and love the ability to connect multiple units, plus the design is very nice.

Key specs for Crock-Pot SCCPMD4-R Hook Up Warming Tray Connectable Entertaining Slow Cooker System, Red:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This unit plugs into other units included in the Hook up Connectable Entertaining System so you can mix and match units for any occasion
  • Includes special cord that pulls out to use with standard outlets or stores inside the base to connect multiple units together
  • Warming Tray is perfect for warming baked dishes, bread, pizza and more
  • Features Low, High and Warm Settings for added convenience and flexibility
  • Stainless Steel top is easy to clean

Comments from buyers

“Perfect for keeping appetizers warm!
, Mine work fine. Not sure whey they don’t make these anymore.
, Great for parties.

We used these for keeping lasagna warm that were in corning glass baking dishes. When i first opened the box, they seemed too light in weight to be of sufficient quality, but now that they have been used (bought two of them) i can only rate them five stars. They kept food warm over a three hour party as we circulated new dishes of food onto them as they were depleted. The heat setting was well calibrated and neither scorched nor let the food cool. The size is good for even a larger dish, but does not dominate the landscape. Also, the appearance of the trays is top shelf. We had some italian sausage in red sauce keeping warm in crock pots, and now i want to buy more warming trays and improve the table setting appearance. Btw, the food was good; you should have stopped by.

Kept the casserole warm for hours without burning the bottom during a football potluck gathering.

I purchased this unit along with another 5 1/2 qt (?) unit to compliment my 3 piece hook up set. I wondered if i really could hook up 5 units together and more importantly, i was concerned that this platter warming unit would not be big enough for my large meat platters. I worried that the platter would not be able to be centered if hooked up to the other units. I decided if that happened i would just keep the unit separate from the others. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this unit is much bigger than it looks, in fact the base unit is larger that all the other base units. I was able to put my largest meat platter on it and it was centered beautifully. While i was slicing the prime rib (a ten pound roast that would all go on the platter at one time. So you have an idea of just how big this platter was) i set the empty platter on the warmer so that my meat would not be on a cold platter. When it was time to transfer the meat to the platter, as i grabbed the rim of the platter it was cold.I thought the unit wasn’t working until i felt the main base of the platter and it was warmed perfectly.

The warming tray connects and performs as expected, but the delivery exceeded my expectations, arriving 4 days before the projected delivery date.

Overall, i like this, especially for sale price. It is really light and works well. My only complaint is that the cord is pretty short if you have it on a table instead of a counter, you will need an extension cord. I do wish it was more of a rectangle shape for some of my larger dishes.

Very helpful to keep trays warm.

Lightweight but well insulated for counter or table. I have a breakfast nook and it keeps things warm/hot as i eat. Equivalent heat to a 100+ standard lightbulb. Switch is on / off and cord retracts inside. I do not place food directly on stainless top. I think it will get various stains anyway judged by limited use so far.

I use this fairly frequently. Most recently, i made fresh flour tortillas. The bottom 2 were pretty crispy by the time we got to them. There is only one setting- warm- and it can get too warm. Also, the unit cannot go in water, i now put a piece of foil on it for easier clean up.

I love these connecting units.

I have a few of these and they are very good for entertaining when you have a variety of items that you want to keep warm(ish) during the party. They aren’t bad looking, although they aren’t exactly stylish either. Linking them to each other is the biggest plus, so we don’t have cords all over the counter. All in all, i’m happy with them, but i’m concerned that the company isn’t making them anymore. Before you buy, i would recommend searching online to see if the reason they stopped making them is because they had a problem.

Used it tis morning for the first time. Kept our pancakes warm for serving. No cold ones on the bottom of the stack.

It’s great to use as attachment to other crock. Easy to travel with and stays hot.

Love the capability to plug into other units.

Hamilton Beach 33245 Stay or Go Slow Cooker, Excellent product

My grandson in college received this from us and he loves it.

I received this right before christmas and have used it several times. Loved the feature that clips the lid down as i took a soup for our christmas eve party and i didn’t have to worry about it spilling a drop.

Slow cookers are a great way to have a hot meal ready for when you come home from work. I really like this model, which allows for transporting very easily with the clips for the lid, the only reason i gave this 4 instead of 5 stars is because it gets a little warmer than what i am used to in a slow cooker, other than that it works great.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 33245 Stay or Go Slow Cooker, 4 quart, Black:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfect Size for 4lb. Chicken or 2lb. Roast
  • Low, High and Keep Warm Heat Settings
  • Clip-Tight Sealed Lid
  • Full Grip Handles
  • Dishwasher Safe Stoneware and Lid

Comments from buyers

“Nice product
, I really like the Hamilton Beach slow cooker I purchased
, Great FIRST slow cooker, great price

Not fancy with all the bells and whistles, just a minimum crock pot that has high, low and warm temperatures and a ceramic insert that is very easy to clean. Everything i have made has been wonderful and beyond my expectations. Now i know what all the fuss is about. In addition to the ease of preparation, slow cooked food retains moisture, is more flavorful and tender and just tastes better.

Just the right size for small roasts or stews.

My wife wanted this to add to a much larger ‘slow-cooker’ of the same style. This one is much more convenient for just two people. So far, after 3 uses, we are pleased. She had me search for a ‘slow-cooker’ that met her requirements and so far, she has been pleased with this choice. Ya’ just can’t get better than that, look for what you want/need and find it. We would buy this again and do recommend that others at least give it a firm look-over.

Made some jambalaya in it for sunday’s playoff games. The food was better than the football, but i’m not a cowboys fan. ; ) it seems like it is worth every penny i paid for it. Got to figure out what to fix this weekend.

I have already used it and i am now addicted. My apartment is tiny so this cooker is just the right size for my kitchen.

Can’t go wrong with just a plain old simple crock pot. I wanted a nice smaller size that didn’t cost a fortune with all the bells & whistles. It was a blessing to get the hooks on the lid to travel with, i am the one always volunteered to bring my meatballs to all the parties so this is heaven to me for $20 and with my amazon prime to get the free 2 day shipping, you can’t go wrong.

After purchasing several hb products and using them over the past few years, my esteem for the company is high. Stay or go slow cooker are wonderful products. I find them durable, easy to clean, and great when you do want to go and arrive at your destination with your food still warm or hot. One thing i appreciate is the difference between low and high (low is low and high is high) on this 4-quart cooker. I had another less expensive 4-qt. Slow cooker in which both settings seemed to be the same. And additionally, appreciate the warm feature. It looks smart in my kitchen.

Small but works surprisingly well. We were a little scared that it couldn’t fit a whole chicken – but it did.

My son & his girl friend are enjoying their new ‘just because’ gift that happens to match their other black, partial kitchen decor items but color did not matter as much as how they love how it cooks well & easy to clean. They wanted a snap tight carry slow cooker that is great just at home & definitely a winner for on the go affairs yr round from amazon.

It’s just the right size for my husband and i and big enough to have some leftovers. Slow cooker earlier and it was much too big, so this 4 qt. It works just as it says and clean up is easy. I really like that the lid stays secure and will be great for transporting when needed. It was a great purchase and the price was right.

I really like this crock pot for small amounts of food. Perfect for three of us, small roasts, stews, etc. I think the rubber gasket helps hold the heat in and the top is vented to allow steam to escape. I wish it had a timer, but have not found one this size that has one. I highly recommend this one. Oval shape allows more versatility than a round one would.

Thanks for answering wattage/solar questions.

Works really well, has a large capacity, and is easy to clean.

Basic just 4 settings off, keep warm, low and hi. This cooker does not have a timer but i made soup with some noodles when i wasn’t feeling well and i put it on keep warm and went to bed. The next afternoon the soup was piping hot and the noodles were not over done.This cooker was very easy to clean yet lightweight enough for me to put it away for next use.

For the money, it’s a nice small slow cooker.

I have the bigger version of this pot. Love the smaller size for just myself.

Great product and shipping was so fast.

Planning to purchase this one. From all my research, looks like this one might fine. also you can buy a lead test swab on amazon. Which i plan to do and test myself. ]wish companies by law can be honest and straight forward. All products need to be bpa & lead free. ]

This was a gift for my daughter, she is very pleased with it.

. Granny loved it,the size is perfect. Easy to handle and not too much left overs.

Very nice and reasonably-sized (as opposed to the really gargantuan slow cookers on the market that tend to burn smaller portions) slow cooker. Lacks some of the bells and whistles of more expensive models, like more sophisticated timers, but this is nearly made up for by the locking transport lid and convenient size. This is the go-to slow cooker over the larger crock pot (which we also own and use for bigger meals).

Hamilton Beach 33140V 4-Quart Slow Cooker – works like I expected

Just the right size for the two of us. Would buy again for a gift would be perfect.

Compact but really heats the food thoroughly.

Aside from not having a timer, this is a great slow cooker. Works great and is very easy to clean and use. Extremely happy with this purchase. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach 33140V 4-Quart Slow Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware & lid for fast, easy cleanup
  • 4 settings include off, low, high & warm
  • Perfect size for a 4 lb chicken or two 2 lb roasts
  • Stoneware is stainproof and removable for tabletop serving
  • Stoneware is suitable for refrigerator storage

I did not receive the one that is pictured. That was my main reason for ordering this product. I did however receive the silver base with the white stoneware. I am disappointed , but will keep.

Was not as heavy and substantial and i would have liked. The outside got dangerously hot, much more so than my other slow cookers.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • works very well
  • Bachelor guidance
  • Healthier than Fast Food & Tastes Way Better

I love this little crock pot. I had difficulty finding any crock pot that did not have a black crock. Have cooked with it twice now (meat and veggies). It cooks more quickly than a bigger crock pot but works fine.

Good little slow cooker for the price. Pros: cooks efficiently, has a setting for ‘warm’ which is a great feature when you never know when your husband is going to work late, perfect size for a family of 4, nice clean look to it. Most importantly it is exactly as described. I have had this product for about 2 months and use it three to for times a week -sometimes for a full meal or simply just to cook potatoes and have yet to encounter any problems – however there is on huge ‘con’ it gets extremely hot on the outside. I would not recommend for those who have children.

I have had it for a while now. It is a white crock instead a black one. I have used it on high and low and it has performed very well. I have cook a variety of things in it. I’m doing paleo as a step toward healthier living and losing weight. I have made spicy taco soup, spiced pumpkin lamb stew, and venison with sultanas (pairs raisins with apricots). It have done the best paleo chili con carne. Its secrets is the mole’ sauce with dark chocolate, cinnamon & maple syrup. Nothing beats coming home from a tough day at work to the smell of dinner cooking. And because you made it you can control what goes into it. Healthier than fast food and tastes way better.

Maybe this is large enough to prepare stew for 3 or 4 people … six if you serve the stew over rice or noodles. Nice looking and does its job.

Friend says he is pleased and the size of the cooker was right for 1 person.

Have used this slow cooker so often it is so handy. Most every cut of meat comes out very tender and flavorful. I put the insert in the dishwasher and it comes very clean. Nice to be able to use it to store leftovers in the fridge. Oval is nice takes up less room on the counter. Quite surprized that it didn’t look much like the picture.

I wanted to replace a slow cooker that had a degraded teflon coating. It was smaller, a bottom-heat unit. This one is just the right size and does a nice job. The interior dish does get stained with use, but otherwise it’s easy to clean.

Getting an ‘okay’ rating only because i am still getting used to this way of cooking. However it is good value for what i paid.

This is perfect for my wants. Big enough for a small roast or chicken andcan still add other ingredients, i. Stew vegies, pasta, sauces etc. , and nothave too many leftovers.

This slow cooker seems to perform as i expected it would. There were many positive reviews so i will admit that my expectations were high and i wasn’t disappointed. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

Sides do get hot but a lot of slower cooker sides get hot.

I had originally purchased a 4 qt crock pot slow cooker that only had 2 setting: super hot and boiling on the sun’s surface. This hamilton beach slow cooks beautifully and is very light weight, easy to clean, and even has a ‘keep warm’ feature.

It is cheaply made but it seems to work. The stainless steel is very thin and dents easily and gets quite hot. There are three ‘feet’ on the bottom which makes it tip if you stir the contents. The ceramic coating has impurities in it.

Bought as a present for my daughter and she loves it.

Great size for a medium family of 4 & enough for freezing leftovers.

My ex couldn’t make a roast to save her life. I don’t know why i thought i could, but it turns out i can roast up some bliss. For frame of reference (and to learn from my experiences) here’s what you’ll probably care about. When you buy a 4 quart slow cooker, that’s good for about a 4 pound roast. 5 pounder in there, but it’ll be mighty snug and may not work as well as you’d like. I have kids with hollow legs, and think i’ll soon be looking for a 6 quart slow cooker. Also- if you’re doing a roast, put it on the low heat and give it 8 hours. Yes, sure- you could use the higher heat and get the interior to 160f and eat it, but it won’t be the same. As far as the cooker goes, i like it a lot- easy to clean, convenient size, and versatile. The only thing i’d ask hamilton beach to change is to add a power led or something that will make it clear from across the room if it’s on.

Hamilton Beach Programmable 5 Quart Slow Cooker : Won’t work for making bone broth

I am a terrible cook, i can ruin boxed mac and cheese. This crock pot has changed my life. I have made some delicious dishes with minimal effort. A friend suggested that i spray the vessel with pam to prevent sticking and to help make cleaning easier. I haven’t tried that yet but plan to soon.

This cooker is a bit smaller than our last but perfect to go with a small 3 quart. Cooking for two is not the easiest thing to do. Using this machine a couple of times a week and found no problems. Looks good, cooks good and is a ittle lighter to put away.

It’s the perfect size for my little family. I loved it so much i bought a second one to cook my sides or desserts in while i’m cooking dinner in the other one.

I really like this cooker but when i read the instruction booklet, i discovered that it will shut down after 14hrs. I bought it to make bone broth, which requires at least 24hrs. Looks like i will have to purchase a manual cooker instead. It seemed very sturdy and well built when i took it out of the box.

  • Programmable 5 Quart Slow Cooker (33453) [Do
  • Very pleased
  • Great cooker!

Hamilton Beach Programmable 5 Quart Slow Cooker (33453), Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • HB 5 Qt. Slow Cooker

Bought as christmas gift for a relative. They called me and indicated thatthey had used it and was very happy with the product.

My last one (another brand) boiled wildly on low setting, and was impossible on high setting. I’ve used the hamilton beach several times, and the settings are reliable and accurate.

My old crock pot finally broke so i purchased this hamilton beach programmable slow cooker. It’s really nice and it comes with a rubber band that you can put across the lid and over the handles when you need to take it somewhere full of food. It heats up quickly and the removable pot is very easy to clean (even after chilli was made in it). I have no complaints about it at all.

It really appeared smaller than i expected. The top doesn’t fit secure it is really lose. It cooked really fast meat got done before the vegetables which was only carrots. 5 hours which it should of taken alot longer. I had a rival before so i think the next crock pot would be the rival the top fit perfect it was huge and cooked everything evenly at the same time and not has quick.

Great unit for single family meal — we don’t usually have leftovers when using this 5 quart unless its a soup or chili. I have had no issues with program settings or timers – everything works as it should.

Does what it says, makes delicious food.

Cooks a bit hot, so adjust cooking ,.

I use it 1 to 2 times a week nod it never dissapoints.

I bought to give as a gift and the recipient loves it.

Light weight and cooks evenly.

Hamilton Beach 33139 Oval Slow Cooker : Ok so far!

It’s perfect for cooking for one person. It’s easy to clean in that it is light-weight. I love the multi-color design too.

Just what i was looking for. I have a bigger crockpot which i use for making bigger meals. This is the perfect size for cooking meals for 2 people. I used it for when my husband and i went camping.

I have several different sizes of crock pots but this is the one i use the most. Perfect size for 2 or 3 people.

This is the perfect size to make smaller meals for two. Just what this “crockpot chef” ordered. Not too small, not too big, just right.

  • Perfect Size, Great Settings, & Easy to Clean!
  • I love this slow cooker
  • easy to clean and very bright and pretty to look

Hamilton Beach 33139 Oval Slow Cooker, 3-Quart / Leaf

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3-quart oval stoneware
  • Removable crock
  • Dishwasher-safe crock and lid
  • 3 heat settings: keep warm, low and high
  • Holds up to a 3 lbs. chicken or 2 lbs. roast

Gift for my parents and they love it.

I can cook simple meals over a stove top but with this, i haven’t used a stove since i’ve purchased it. It’s 3-quarts so it’s not huge, but can still make food for 2-3 days. I can safely fit 3 chicken breasts in it for 3 days of food, or put a pound of beef in it with beans and potatoes for another 2-3 days of food. It has 4 settings: off, keep warm, low, and high. I always use low and let it cook for 8 hours, but the low is powerful enough that my food is probably done in 6 hrs or less; i just like to have the meat fall apart and stay juicy. The bowl is a breeze to clean and i always enjoy how this makes my house smell wonderful while i cook. Small & compact enough to fit even in a dish cupboard, i recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants to make a moderate amount of food and be sure that everything will work out fine. Honestly, it can cook 3 chicken breasts at a time, so that should be big enough for you.Just made 2 chicken breasts, a sweet potato, and beans and had room to spare.

This was just the right size for my 74 year old mother. Easy to clean and very bright and pretty to look at. I would buy this again if needed.

Works great and very ascetically pleasing. Great for 2-3 people, if you have a bigger family or feeding more then that, this isn’t the product for you.

The crockpot was at my door 3 days after i ordered it. A very nice piece of cook ware. I have used it and the size is perfect for the 2 of us. I would definitely order from this vendor again.

I am going to purchase for gifts.

Bought this as a gift for my 90 year old aunt. She loves it and has had a lot of compliments on the leaf design. She makes a 1 lb roast in the crockpot (with veggies) and is enough for 2 meals – much better for her than the fast food she used to buy.

This is better than i expected. I’m making cream of broccoli and cheese soup in mine right now and it’s the perfect size (9 x 11. 8 inches) to feed me and my husband. And i love the colorful pattern on it too. I get so tired of solid colors. It has an off, warm, low and high setting. And it doesn’t have lid locks. The crock is removable for easy cleaning and can be refrigerated.

I hate giving a bad review, but i am so disappointed in this slow cooker. I loved that this slow cooker had a white ceramic bowl. I loved the design on the outside, but it is a very, very, slow cooker. I cook beans in my crockpots. Where my other slow cookers take about 4 hours, this one does not cook them in 12 hours. I have to remove them and finish cooking them another way. I have had hamilton beach cookers before and they were excellent, this one is not.

Not large enough to feed cox’s army, but just right for a small chicken or roast (4-5 lbs).

I bought this one for the color pattern. I have a very colorful kitchen, so a plain crockpot wouldn’t do. I so far have only used it for making two-person meals (which i usually fill less than half the crock), though there is room for so much more. It cooks perfectly with the recipes i have used.

Bought it for my granddaughter and she loves it.

Good size for dinner for myself and another person. I purchased a 6-quart slow cooker for more people. I haven’t had any problems with it yet and it has cooked well. One time i had too many vegetables in it and they didn’t cook as soft as i’d like. Next time i make that meal i’ll know to cook a little longer or not fill it up as much.

Perfect size for 2-3 lb roasts, chicken breast, etc.

Mom loves this not to big and not to small. And its oval shape works pretty good and you can take the pot out of the cooker to clean it.

Arrived promptly and in great shape. So far i’ve made a personal size pizza in it, buttermilk biscuits and southern style creamy grits. Did a great job on all 3 recipes. The crock fits in a standard size dish rack. The leaf motif is pretty and looks nice in my kitchen.

Love it, works just as well as my other one, which is plain white. I cooked some chicken in it, about 1. 5 lbs with a bottle of frank’s hot sauce and a packet of ranch dressing mix and it shredded nicely after about 3 or 4 hours on high.

Other one we have is too big for us. It pretty look in the kitchen, also.

MIDEA Mb-fs5017 10 Cup Smart Multi-cooker/Rice Cooker/Maker & Steamer & Slow Cooker – Very useful

I really love my new rice cooker. I’ve been using almost every single menu on it lol. I can cook everything inside and no mess at all.

Awesome product, very solid build.

Rice, love love best cooker i have ever bought.

Great product and it is same or better value than many expensive rice cookers on the market. I have been buying midea for years back in china. But really hope that midea can offer more models and choice on amazon.

Very nice cooker, better than several rice cooker what i used before.

I don’t need to get up early to cook congee. This cooker is safing my life.

  • Looks great, performance is adequate
  • I had to figure it out
  • product but in has turned out to be a great purchase its really been integral in my attempts to

Make no mistake, this is a very big cooker. It has the time delay function, which helps a lot–set it up at night and you have warm congee in the morning. The only con side is that the plastic around the pot and the opening does not look as good as the exterior plastic.

It takes too long to cook porridge, and it spills out, which is no good, and every time it spills out i have to wash it for a long time, so i don’t use it for porridge anymore, it can only used for cooking.

The rice it cooks tasted not so good as usuals.

Bought this for my mom and she absolutely loves it. We’re an asian family so we cook rice 3 times a day so it’s getting a lot of use. Had this for about half a year already and still working great. It makes rice, porridge, and other slow cooking foods as well as having the option to keep the food warm. The actually pot that’s inside is easily to clean and the rice doesn’t stick to it as badly as it does to other pots. Definitely plus that the design is very aesthetically pleasing and it’s not too big but can cook for a whole family.

This was nice but i returned it because it was giant.

Features of Midea Mb-fs5017 10 Cup Smart Multi-cooker/Rice Cooker/Maker & Steamer & Slow Cooker, Brushed Brown, 5Qt/875W

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • There are 5L capacity about the cooker which is suitable for 3 to 10 people.So it is not noly suitable for a family,but also suitable for dinner party.
  • Super touching control panel for 11 kinds of menus which are suitable for all kinds of people.All you need to do is just touching a button.
  • 24-hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning.Setting a procedure of booking before you go to work, the hot soup can be drink when you go home.
  • The inner is made of 5 kinds of material which makes heating fastly, and continue to heat preservation.So the rice can absorb water fully and make itself more delicious.
  • The part that easy to dirty can be removed, allowing you to clean easily. In addition, the item also with a set of tools include a cup,2 spoon,a food steamer.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I liked it so much that i bought a second one as a gift for a friend. I also recommended it to two other friends that ended up buying and loving it.

I have used it for 5years in china. Now , finally i find it in usa. What’s the most important for cook white rice?.Good taste and rice is a non-stick bottom.

Used it to make congee for the first time. Also enjoyed the steam function when i made dumplings.

It generally works pretty well. The only problem is that the led is a little misleading. Sometimes you don’t know whether it started cooking or not. That’s why i took one star off. In general pretty good for the price.

Milk porridge is excellent in this thing. Thats the main point for us. But it can cook lots of other meals too.

By far the best rice cooker out there. This one does chinese congee and doesn’t make a mess at all.

There are 5L capacity about the cooker which is suitable for 3 to 10 people.So it is not noly suitable for a family,but also suitable for dinner party.

This rice cooker is a perfect size and color. Upon initial use, i washed my cooker accessories and ran the cooker through one cook with water only. The buttons are easy touch to make selections, but the led lights just circle around without providing an idea of what it’s doing; no time display. Mine didn’t even come with a manual, but did have the plastic veggie steamer and rice paddle and spoon. I figured that i’d just attempt to find the manual for this model online and research cooking instructions. I took a stab at it and used the 1-cup rice measure and added 1 cup of water and used the instant white rice button as my selection. 30-45 minutes to cook and turned out fine for beef and broccoli additions ( which i steamed broccoli in the steamer as the rice cooked. Turned out to be a fantastic, easy- preparation dinner. I give this midea (mb-fs5017 10 cup smart multi-cooker/rice cooker/maker & steamer & slow cooker, brushed brown, 5qt/875w) -1 star for missing manual, and -1 star for inadequate led display details.

Was skeptical about this product but in has turned out to be a great purchase its really been integral in my attempts to help my wife in the kitchen by cooking half the meals could not have done it with out this device. It steams vegetables makes stews and will cook all kinds of rice with different beans and vegetables mixed in. The led display was my only issues i couldn’t tell if it was cooking or not the first time i used it as its just a red rectangle blinking that announces its use.

I bought this rice cooker already one year.

Mainly cook white rice brown rice, which comes out perfect each time.

It has many functions besides cooking rice.

Great product, consistent good quality of rice cooked. Would recommend to anyone who want to cook rice right yet don’t want to spend extra 50% money for a japanese brand.

Super touching control panel for 11 kinds of menus which are suitable for all kinds of people.All you need to do is just touching a button.

I want to praise the seller of this product first&best inc for their professional way to handle the product issues. I bought this rice cooker nearly a year ago. Unfortunately it started malfunctioning last week. I figured it has something to do with delay timer since i used this function a lot and the first time it gave out error code was when i tried to set up delay timer. Anyway, i was suspicious if i would be helped as the one year warrenty was soon to expire. Seller’s customer care answered the call in no time and was really nice and prompt to solve the problem. They agreed to replace the malfunctioning part for me right away and i was really happy now.

Excellent product, functional, easy to use.

So far tried only white rice and porridge, both work very well. Used the white rice button to make ‘mixed rice’. Added chicken and green beans to the rice, came out great. Also tried the reheat, heat up leftover rice quick.

Works much better than my last rice cooker which i bought for $30 and would burn my rice. Used it to steam and cook rice. Excited to try the soup and slow cooking options.

My wife ask me to purchase it before several weeks ago, i was excited when i received, it is powerful, i never get up early and cook for my family 😀, it can be set automatically, and thanks again, i never be waked up by wife, and said ‘ hey guy, go up and cook food, we will be late’.

Just bought this product and found the inner container is easy to scratch. It has no instructions or user guide in the box.

24-hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning.Setting a procedure of booking before you go to work, the hot soup can be drink when you go home.

I bought this as a valentine’s day gift for my boyfriend. He loved it so much, it got me a ring😂😂❤the rice cooker is very nice working and looking.

Compared to the little cookers that use weight to stop cooking it is marginally better. Compared to zo’s it doesn’t come close. Mine cooked decent on white and brown rice, keep warm function sucks as rice ended up burning and drying out after cooking. It is huge and has great capacity. Would compare it or describe it as a rice cooker that functions like a 20 or 30 dollar cooker but looks like a 150 dollar cooker. If all you care about is looks buy it, if you really cook a lot of rice and different kinds of rice buy a zo or a cuck. The rice bowl is pretty good non stick and pretty heavy weight. The menu function as others mention is difficult to use, at least for us older folks. Update i originally wrote this review as a 1 star, but after a few months is ok, but only use the white rice button and make rice with it.

Rice is a common staple in our household and we needed a new rice cooker/steamer. This one is very easy to use and makes rice quickly. Not to mention, the rice is fluffy and delicious.

I had compared this rice cooker with many different rice cooker. It’s easy to use and i don’t even need to rea the manual to know how to use it. I love it special with the delay cook mode. I usually set it up before i went to bed and when i woke up, the congee is ready. I don’t have to rush up in the morning to cook the breakfast.

Also have a lot different function to choose.

Use it for the first time tonight absolutely amazing. The rice cooker i had before always burn the rice and sprayed a gross sticky film all over everything around it. I made short grain sticky rice, minimal steam released, rice was fully cooked and fluffy. I liked it so much i didn’t even add any salt or other seasonings.

The inner is made of 5 kinds of material which makes heating fastly, and continue to heat preservation.So the rice can absorb water fully and make itself more delicious.

Very good productbeautiful design and color, smart function.

One of the best appliance purchases i’ve ever made. The rice is perfect every time and clean it up is so easy. I’ve even finished up rice-a-roni in this when i needed more stove top space and it came out fluffy and moist.

I have been using this rice cooker for about two months and i love it. The steam valve on top prevents boiling over and it cooks evenly. I haven’t tried the delayed cooking option yet, because i usually start my rice when i’m prepping everything else. I’m pleased with my purchase.

Crock-Pot 3040-VG 4-Quart Manual Slow Cooker – very good slow cooker

After thirtysome years my crockpot finally stopped heating. I bought this to replace my old one and it does a nice job. It cooks as well as my old model.

Very happy with this simpler model without the electronic bells and whistles some newer ones have. My first use for it was in cooking beef tongue, and it worked great.

Haven’t had any issues with mine, and i’ve had it for over a year now. I do wish this product had a timer or a warming setting, but for the price, this is a great deal. It works well for busy college students. Here are the specifications for the Crock-Pot 3040-VG 4-Quart Manual Slow Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4-quart slow cooker in white with decorative vegetable design
  • Stoneware crock insert offers stick-resistant coating for easy cleaning
  • User-friendly control knob; low and high heat settings
  • Tempered glass lid; stay-cool side handles for safe transport; recipes included
  • Measures 12 by 12 by 10-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

It is an updated version of the late 60’s crock pot. It is simplicity itself to use, but it doesn’t quite fit the anodized aluminum ‘bread and cake bake’ insert which is all that remains from my original crock pot. I have an old domed glass lid from my old crock pot that i had the foresight not to discard when the old crock pot’s line cord rotted off. With it, i can use the insert. As far as the mechanics of shipping it here, it was delivered in the advertised time, as exactly was as advertised. I just wish they had said it doesn’t fit the insert. Nevertheless, i’m pretty happy with it.

This is the best looking crock-pot on amazon. It is well made and just the right size. Does not take up too much room.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Crock pot — updated version of the late 60’s cooker
  • very happy with this simpler model without the electronic bells and
  • but to the best of my knowledge

Does the job, but not as good at slow-cooking as the old-fashioned ceramic crock-pot.

Pot, i use it 4x a week at least. Wish i had room for 2 of them on the counter.

This replaced a rival brand crock pot/slow cooker that i used for ~20 years. The ‘crock’ was dropped and broke. My previous one was set on 3 ‘legs’ and i had absolutely no problem with it being stable enough to sit on the kitchen counter top. I suppose if there was a problem with that sort of design the manufacturers of this style crock pot would have included 4 or 5 legs and they would have done that 30 or 40+ years ago when slow cookers/crock pots of this type came out in mass production. Yes there have a recall(s) over the years, but to the best of my knowledge, never for only having 3 legs and turning over. I don’t care for the vegetables on the cooker, but i guess they could have put some animals on the outside, like a moo moo cow or some yard bird you’ll about to eat.

I ;ove the cooker and the recipes that came with it. I work all day and it is so nice to come home to the smell of homeade soup, pot roast or meatloaf.

Very good slow cooker stick to the original.

Hi, i bought 2 of these crockpots, one for me and one for my daughter for christmas. The price is awesome and the product is great. I just checked and the price is even lower. There is also a great cookbook to get with lots of pictures. ‘three books in one, rival crockpot cookbook’. The best crockpot cookbook ever. I have my husband pick a picture and i make it and they are delicious.

The only negative thing is i wish it was bigger. I got a smaller one than i had ’cause my husband said i shouldn’t cook so much food just for the two of us. This, in no way, is a criticism of an excellent product.

It was a replacement for the i had that had broken.

Modern crockpots just aren’t made like they used to make them. This is my third recently-purchased crockpot. Two were awful (kalorik, hamilton beach) because they got too hot to touch and there was no difference between the high and low settings. It does what i expect and four quarts is the right size for me.

I bought this crockpot used so i didn’t get the booklet, but there are now so many recipes online i’m not hurting for ideas of what to do with it ( [. is a great site – you can get “slow cooker” recipes by entering it into the search field. They will also send you new recipes weekly if you wish. )the main thing i love about this crockpot (besides it’s really cute decorative design) is, the interior of the crockery is coated with something that virtually “melts” hardened and burned-on residue with a quick soak in soapy hot water. With the crockery in my old pot, you’d have to soak overnight and apply much ‘elbow grease’ to get it clean. The crock of this rival is effortless in comparison. It advertises this easy-off feature, and they’re not kiddingi agree about the price. Unless you want a different shape or size, i see no reason to go any higher. And the shipping price around $11-12 is reasonably in-line with others that weigh the same but cost more. So you’re still a bit ahead. ]

Greet for cooking for 2 people.

Work well, but i found quart it’s too much for me.

Great for soups, stews, etc. No problems with the lid or the liner.

Just as described nice unit very happy works good perfect for me.

Purchased this to replace a crock pot i’ve had for over 30 years but which had started to lose control over the heat (was getting too hot on low). No frill, no electronic displays, just cooks on low or on high. Easy to clean/perfect size for us.