Sunbeam Carousel Rotisserie, Works great

Absolutely the best rotisserie. I moved and lost one and gave my son my other one so i could buy another. So easy and quick and makes the best chicken.

We originally bought one of these about 20 yrs ago, and used it at least once/wk. It cooks perfectly and clean up is minimal. We just spray the parts with cooking spray, put the chicken in and set the timer. One good feature is the basket that contains the wings & legs well (unlike the others that don’t, and tend to burn the tips of the wings). We foolishly bought another rotisserie recently and sorely regretted it, missed our sunbeam. So we just ordered another sunbeam and eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. Thank you, sunbeam, for a wonderful product.

Loved it until it finally broke. Would love another one, but the used on on this site are over priced. Didn’t pay that when it was new.

Key specs for Sunbeam Carousel Rotisserie:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Seal in natural juices while unwanted fats drip away
  • Cook chicken to be moist and flavorful inside, crispy and golden brown outside
  • Evenly brown and cook a wide variety of foods to perfection
  • Provide a smokeless cooking environment with see through door
  • Clean up easily with dishwasher safe components

Comments from buyers

“Arrived Filthy but Unit Still Works Great
, Had one of these for over 15 years and loved it. Finally stopped working and I needed a
, Great product at a good price

I had one of these units years ago and loved it and had been looking everywhere to try and replace it. I understood the item i purchased was used, but never dreamed it would arrive absolutely filthy with actual pieces of meat still stuck to it. After spending almost 2 hours cleaning it inside and out i was able to make a fantastic chicken for dinner. Overall i’m happy with the purchase, but the sellers really should pay more attention to what they ship out.

Received as expected and is the easiest no fuss way to broil a whole chicken.

I had a very hard time finding something that would work for making gyros. It tasted just like any greek restaurant gyro i’ve had. I will be tackling al pastor with pineapple added to the top next. Its great for making these types of ethnic dishes that would otherwise be impossible. The only downside is the cage makes it hard to carve right out of the rotisserie, but i imagine the cage is helpful with holding chicken.

This is my second rotisserie and i am so excited to have found this one at a good price. Was in great condition and packed extremely good to prevent damage.

Too bad it didn’t come with a kabob adapter like the other ones do, but for the price, i’ll make do.

We have had ours for over 9 years and love the juicy chicken it cooks. The skin is crispy and meet cook completely and not dried out. We cook a chicken in it often and now corn on the cobb which comes out great also. This is the best rotisserie i have owned, easy to use.

Purchased this little gem and with some experimenting i really like the results. I have done whole chicken, roast beef and roast pork with excellent results. My friend has purchased the shish kebob attachment which is very happy with. I like the fact that i can easily cook outside in the summer saving heating the house plus it’s nice a lite to take to the holiday trailer.

A friend bought this and didn’t like it. It’s the most used appliance aside from my kitchen aid mixer that i own.

This was a replacement, had not known i could replace my old one.

It has trouble turning a 5 pound chicken, but works great on a 3. I am bought this used since my old one quit after doing 6 pounder. I’ll keep it under 4 pounds and enjoy a better roasted chicken than the local (wecome to store) place puts out.

Had one of these for over 15 years and loved it. Finally stopped working and i needed a new one. Extremely hard to find this model anymore. Glad i was able to find a new one. Great product that is well worth it.

I had this one for approximately 15 years. Good for smaller chickens and other items that will fit in the basket. Consider other models if you plan to cook larger items.

Makes chicken just like at the supermarket or costco but better. Have used it for small roasts as well. I just put everything in the dishwasher except the main electrical part.

I purchased this at a wal-mart on a whim in 2000 to see if i liked rotisserie at home food. Since then i have purchased showtimes (don’t)and have tried others. The difference here is vertical. No ties to deal with, no chicken wings slipping down and burning. I have been trying to find this item for over 2 years. Please bring back my compact little rotisserie oster.

I got this rotisserie after moving out for college. My mother has one and i decided i couldn’t live without one either. That was 10 years ago and it’s still one of the most used appliances in my household. It comes with a handy-dandy lb. Suggestion on the front for poultry, lamb, beef, etc. And the unit is easy to take apart and clean. I baby mine, cleaning it gently and thoroughly after every use and my mother ‘abuses’ hers–both are still doing great and performing flawlessly. I generally don’t cook anything larger than 8 lbs in it and i also grease all the metal parts that touch the food with olive oil prior to cooking to help speed up clean-up in the end. I like this rotisserie so much that i was hoping to find one online for my sister who’s getting married, but so far there’s been no luck. It’s a great, healthy, and handy little appliance.

Cuisinart CVR-1000 Vertical Countertop Rotisserie, Great product

Works exactly as advertised. You put in a chicken and about an hour later it is perfectly roasted and ready to eat. Can clean the inside with a damp paper towel and it’s ready to go again. Haven’t cooked anything else in it.

Our first rotisserie was an older compact ronco with a cylindrical cooking chamber and a horizontal spit, a nice enough product that delivered fine results — but it was a hassle. The chicken had to be very carefully and tightly trussed, because of the side-to-side orientation of the spit. The quad spikes that made up the spit had to be very carefully centered on the bird, so that the relatively weak motor wouldn’t hang up as it tried to lift the heavier side, a process complicated by moving bird parts if the chicken wasn’t perfectly trussed. 5-4 pound bird ran the risk of brushing up against the drip tray on every rotation, and in general, we found the whole process to be more trouble than it was worth. We just didn’t use it very often. Enter the cuisinart cvr-1000. Everything that was wrong about the ronco was right about this one. The vertical spit, the spacious interior cooking space, the ability to choose different temperature settings, even the clean lines and stainless exterior. The cooking process couldn’t be much easier and more convenient.

Just know that when you use it for a chicken the chicken will slump slightly on the stand. This does not happen with one where the chick is horizontal. Just a detail and cooking is not affected but this is still a nicer unit than my previous one.

Key specs for Cuisinart CVR-1000 Vertical Countertop Rotisserie with Touchpad Controls:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Vertical countertop rotisserie in brushed stainless steel with 8-pound food capacity
  • Touchpad controls and LCD readout; 5 preset temperature settings; nonstick interior
  • Removable chrome insert for even heating; interior light; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Includes 8-piece skewer set, roasting rack, poultry tower, multi-purpose basket, and drip tray
  • Measures approximately 16 by 15-3/5 by 17-1/2 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Easy, clean, attractive, quiet, and delicious results.
, My husband’s new best friend
, Better than anticipated!!

This cooks up some wonderfully delish chicken and many other meats and veggies to. I can’t believe how convenient it is and super easy to clean. I just set my whole chicken on it now and don’t even bother with tying it. No problems and just set the timer and forget it till it’s time to take out the bird. Looks great with the light on when cooking. I sure wish my breville countertop oven had a light in it.

From the moment we opened the box – well let my wife finishe this. I popped this attractive product on my counter, and we immediately decided to try it. Well after three weeks we use it almost every day and it still looks like it just came out of the box. I am so impressed with how easy it is to use, to keep clean, and it’s such a beautiful item. I have done prime rib roasts that rivel any we’re had in restaurants. And clean up is such a breeze. I use a spray on the pan and the other items before i put the meat in place and then just walk away or grab my chair to watch it. Afterwards even if i leave the pan and items overnight, they just rinse right off, and the inside of the unit is as clean as it was when i first used it. I cannot say enough good things about this beautiful item.

I got this as a christmas present for my husband who is a chef and he looooves it. Its very easy to clean and use. The first time he used it he did a 9. 5lb roast and it was perfectly cooked and super moist. He used the drip pan drippings for his gravy base. We use this quite often from wings/salmon/roast/whole chicken/turkey breast. You cant go wrong with this.

This rotisserie has surpassed our expectations. Let’s get past the quick delivery and the pristine condition of the package so we can talk about food. My advice is that the best ingredients should be used with this oven, and i would like to offer that you simply cannot go wrong with cooking an empire rock cornish game chicken in this cooker. First off, all empire chickens are already brined, so you don’t have to deal with that process. And the size of their cornish game hens are a little over 3 pounds, so that’s a nice size for two people, and there will be leftovers. It’s the perfect size for the rotisserie. We made the simple marinade on page 5 of the recipe booklet, followed the instructions on page 9 for the game hen, and voila. In 75 minutes, the chicken was done to perfection. Crispy skin, juicy meat, great taste. And it’s really nice looking in our kitchen. What more can i say?on monday, memorial day, we are going to do st. Louis ribs in the rotisserie.

The cuisinart cvr-1000 vertical countertop rotisserie is a great addition to the kitchen. Truss up a chicken, put it on the rack, set the timer for 1 hour 30 minutes, the temperature for 350, and press start. The unit will sound when the time is up. Doesn’t heat the kitchen up like the oven. We use it once or twice a week.

We have been using this rotisserie regularly (once or twice a week) since we received it 4 or 5 months ago. It is wonderful and i would purchase it again and highly recommend it. So far we have only cooked 5-6 pound whole chickens in it. As a cooking guide for whole chickens at 400 degrees cook 20 minutes per pound of chicken and it will come out just right. You might want to use the skewers to pin the wings to bird as once a wing got caught on the chrome back splash plate and would have been a problem had we not heard all the noise and went out to hit the stop button and skewer the wing in place. So far this unit seems like a real work horse although i will try to resubmit a review after a year or so as a follow-up. If you are looking for a rotisserie, this is your best choice.

We’ve had the vertical rotisserie for over two years and think it is great. Since we’ve had ours, we’ve bought four more for our family. And, the’ve gone through a lot of chickens, roasts, and veggies. As of their availability, they’re almost impossible to find, which doesn’t make much sense, since most people really believe they are wonderful.

Everyone should have one of these.

Consider buying another one so i can make two chickens at a time. Love the the chicken turns out from being basted in its own juices.

I have cooked chicken, turkey, pork, ribs, it is amazing.

My husband and i can’t stop using it, it’s awesome. Easy to clean and fits perfect in a corner area on your counter.

I read the reviews, and watched the video–but i still was not a believer. But i really wanted a rotisserie and decided to take a chance. This machine is my best buy of the year. It makes me look like a great cook. So easy to use and as the other reviewers have said so easy to cleani made my boyfriend a rotisserie chicken last night and it was perfect. Smiling at me–he plucked a piece of chicken from the rotisserie and said, ‘this is so good. It is just like the store bought rotisseries. Seriously, if you are on the fence about this one, let me assure you this is worth itwell, i don’t know how it will hold up over years of use, but this va girl is happy to have taken the chance on this rotisserie.

I bought this item for my son-in-law for christmas. He is a very hard person to buy for as he would rather ‘buy things for himself’. He is the cook in the family 75% of the time. He borrows his sister’s ronco rotisseri at times and mentioned he would like to have one. I purchased the cuisinart one instead of the ronco based on reviews on this site. He was excited when he opened it, but what really made my day was he called me three days later to say how great a product it was. He said it topped the ronco in every way. Less counter space used, easier clean up, easier loading of meat and that the food on it was great. It is the only time in 5 years he has been super excited about a christmas gift.

I am very impressed with this product. I have a showtime rotisserie and the cuisinart vertical rotisserie is so much easier to clean, it is very quite and very attractive enough to keep on your counter. Thus far i have cooked a purdue roaster and a ribeye roast and both were cooked to perfection. I would definitely recommend this rotisserie, oh. And i gave the showtime to my daughter. Now i will await your single cup coffee maker that will hold the k-cups :-).

Used my new rotisserie for the first time tonight, and i am so impressed. 45 lb chicken in it, and it was every bit as delicious and juicy as picking up a rotisserie at your local restaurant. Very tasty, and what surprised me most was the speed. It would have taken me an hour and a half to two hours to bake a whole chicken in my oven, but this bird took only an hour. We realized we could have even made half the size of this chicken, which would have only taken about 30 mins, and had enough to feed my family of four. The nice thing about making the bigger bird is the leftovers will give us chicken sandwhiches tomorrow. The ease of use of this appliance is supreme, and the clean up is equally as good. I cannot wait to try out the other types of meats in this wonderful machine. The machine did not stink up the house or kick out a bunch of cooking smoke smell. Just a wonderful mild roasting smell that had my kids asking when dinner would be ready every 5 mins. Really great product, and i can’t say enough about it at this point, other than i think i might consider getting one for my mother. If she had only had one of these when i grew up.

I love rotisserie chicken, therefore, i’ve always owned a rotisserie. While my ronco rotisseries get the job done well, the cuisinart vertical rotisserie is amazing. I particularly like the digital functions; the fact that there is a timing and variable temperature control. The vertical meat attachment turns out the most delicious juicy roasts. The unit is easy to clean and it’s so attractive that i store it permanently in my kitchen (instead of the basement storage shelves) despite the fact that i prefer my counters completely empty. I would highly recommend this item.

Took away one star for only one reason, the capacity. Limited to one whole chicken, or roasts of a moderate size. I replaced a ronc showtime professional size that was damaged during moving. That would take four chickens or a fairly good sized turkey. That said, the quality of the cusinart is far superior. It is much quieter offers a selection of temperatures (the ronco did not), and the ease of cleaning is a big plus. My household is only two, so it is perfect for us as long as there is no company. Very highly recommend for smaller households. It gets a lot of use in my home.

This works great for so many things. Our favorite is to cook our holiday roast, creates a perfect, moist, charred on outside roast. Also makes a great whole chicken & we’ve done turkey & other meats for lunch meats. Even comes w/ stuff to do shish kebab.

I’m delighted with my rotisserie. For the first time in my (considerable) life, i’ve made a decent meatloaf. I used the basket and a recipe from diane phillip’s ultimate rotisserie cookbook that has minimal sloppy ingredients – i suspect that may be a key factor. The great part is, the meatloaf turns out crispy on all sides and all the grease drips out. The second tme, i brushed it with bbq sauce a couple of times during the last 15 minutes and let that carmelize. Perfect cold meatloaf sandwiches. Have done a whole chicken a couple of times (light brine, 1/2 lemon in the cavity, rub with olive oil, cook at 400 for 20 min/lb – great). Only thing that did not work out too well was carmalized apple slices on the skewers – they slid off, and i suspect that is an issue with vertical skewers. However, alligator clips at the bottom of the skewers should solve that. Rotisserie is easy to clean, quiet (particularly if you put the little wheeled thingy that the tray sits on in correctly), attractive – what more could one ask for.

Haven’t found anything i don’t like about the rotisseri. Chicken comes out crispy outside and juicy inside. I especiall like the quietness of the machine. It runs as quiet as a mouse.

The vertical rotisserie has met all my expections. After reading the reviews from this site, it seemed a perfect match to our outdoor rotisserie. We no longer have to use our rotisserie in the outdoor country kitchen in bad weather. I was surprised how easy it is to clean and load. I still don’t know what happens to the fumes and heat. It is perfect counter top appliance. The only downer is i have not found the ‘off’ button, i just pull the plug.

Oster Roaster Oven : Perfect:)

This product works very well. It is attractive, as it is stainless steel. There is plenty room for cooking and compact for storage.

Lift out pans are really nice for heating multiple dishes. The reason i got this one is that it shows heat control down to 150. Most of the time i am using this to hold food warm, so i like the lower setting. I wish it had a power on light. Can’t see that adding too much to the cost.

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid, 18-Quart

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 18-Quart capacity fits up to a 18-pound turkey
  • Stainless steel and black finish
  • Includes removable enamel-on-steel roasting pan for fast, even heat distribution and easy clean-up
  • Removable steel rack
  • Lid rest for convenient serving
  • Color:Black

I bought this roaster to replace one that had lost a knob. The knob broke to a roaster purchased from walmart during the holidays. Walmart does not carry roasters year round so i had to search online for the roaster. I found this roaster online used from amazon and it was actually brand new. This roaster was better than the previous one because it has a buffet warming tray inside. I love this product and would recommend it.

I not only love this roaster oven but i told two of my friends about it and they also bought it and love it. Great oven that works like a regular oven.

Great gift for our daughter who often cooks for a large group.

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid, 18-Quart : This was a gift to replace a much older model.

Very nice, cooks very good, just remember its a roaster, not a slow cooker, i got use to using a slow cooker and yeah put it up too high and burnt my roast, first time i ever burned a roast. It is a bit big an awkward to wash but that small thing is nothing just soak , i usually put it on stove or oven for a bit usually set a timer to remind me then go back to wash it.

We are remodeling our kitchen and this is my oven for now. Bakes a beautiful loaf of bread. Roasted a turkey and had great results. Going to use as a buffet server when we have family over to celebrate the new kitchen.

It was nice and performed excellent and the stainless steel looks great. It was exactly what i wanted and im very happy.

I used it to do hams for a dinner i was having for 50 people. I really liked the rack in it because it kept the ham from getting dry on the bottom. I haven’t used the sections yet. But am looking forward to using them.

Used it the first day she got it, even sent my pop out to get the roaster liners cus she didnt’ want to wait for the other shipment to arrive.

We bought this for thanksgiving and our turkey was so delicious that we ordered 2 more so we could use them at church events to cook food as well as keep food hot.

Love this thing, just buy liners as the inside tends to burn/wear easily.

The first time i used this stove, i had to touch it to see if it was working. , there is no indicator light. I put my hand on the side to see if it was warm. , i had to get some ice, cause it must not be insulated and yes it sure was hot. I suggest that if anyone was going to buy one, check to see if it had, has a indicator light. I bought a stainless steel one because my other one rusted out. , only the outer ring is stainless, the lid is just painted as well as the inside.

This roaster oven is super helpful for when you don’t want to use your oven or are currently oven-less like i am. I’ve used it to make cookies, biscuits and pizza. I love the lid rest feature which allows you to clip the lid to the side of the roaster. That’s great because now you no longer have to wonder where to put the hot lid as you’re moving the food. On top of that its buffet server with three compartments is awesome for keeping food warm. I really love this roaster oven.

Great size and works like a charm making turkeys or any large dishes. A must buy for large families like mine.

I bought this for heating hot stones for use in massages. Saw the recommendation for using a turkey roaster in a book on hot stone massage therapy, and it works like a champ. If you look specifically for a hot stone heater the prices are considerably higher than for this roaster, and the roaster works perfectly for the purposei have a set of 64 basalt massage stones and the roaster easily accommodates them (with a lot of room left over). A smaller roaster would work as well (this is a 18 quart one. For 64 stones one half the size would also work). I have not used it for roasting food yet, but thats another optionrecommended.

Please review items that have the self basting lid. It is much different than the lid that comes with this product. I had to purchase the self basting lid separately. My order did include the warming buffet trays although. Everything showed up in perfect condition. I’m looking forward to using for turkey.

I am impressed with what all it will do. I did come with one side of the lid handle loose – but not enough reason to go through the exchange process as i was in need of it.

This cooked our thanksgiving turkey perfectly, the problem i have is that with a busy, cluttered counter during the holidays, i did not notice that it was not turned off. I think in a busy household i should have bought a roaster with an on and off indicator. I cleaned it and then forget to turn it off. The dial is very light and can easily be touched and moved to a different temp. Setting and also there is not a clear on and off switch. But, if you are highly organized and have a great memory then it should be no problem remembering to turn it on and off.

My thanksgiving turkey turned out excellent, and the roaster freed up oven space for other dishes.

This roaster was exactly what i was looking for. Super simple set up and storing.

BUNN Ronco 3000 Series Rotisserie- : Love it

I have just ordered my second rotisserie. Everyone wants me to make the turkeys for thanksgiving. Just put an apple, onion, and celery stalk in the cavity of the turkey and salt & pepper and a little olive oil on the outside and you wont believe how wonderful the turkey turns out. Chickens are awesome, just sprinkle with rotisserie seasoning and everyone will think you are a chef. Also does really good pork loins, and rib roasts. Would reccomend this to everyone. My first one lasted almost 15 years.

My husband bought this a few months ago. It cooks chicken super great ,but not good for roast unless you like it little rare. If it had a temp control it would be soooo much better for cooking foods other than chicken. Didn’t send it back because he loves chicken, i don’t eat meat so it not a problem for me.

Ronco 3000 Series Rotisserie-White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Each rotisserie comes with a nonstick rotisserie basket, nonstick drip tray and grate cover, food ties, loading and carving base, DVD and recipes
  • Cooking Capacity: 1-2 chickens, 10 lb turkey or 4 hamburgers
  • Feeds Up to 4 people
  • Dishwasher safe glass door and nonstick parts
  • Measures 12-1/2 by 14 by 11 inches; 6-month limited warranty

Yes, the quality of this product did not live up to my expectations. However, i will admit that it does the job. I have cooked a whole chicken, cornish hens, and chicken wings in this machine. All have come out wonderful, in particular the chicken wings. In fact, i would say that i created the best tasting wings ever using this machine. Clean up was relatively easy when cooking cornish hens and a whole chicken, but more difficult with wings (because they are the fattiest part of the chicken, they tend to splatter). Another drawback would be the elastic food ties, which effect the taste of the chicken. Washing the ties with cold water seems to help a bit. My last disappointment with this machine is that no flavor injector was included. This is a pretty bare bones model, but thankfully i got it at a low price.

This cooker has transformed my kitchen. We use it several times a week & it turns out perfect food every time. I am learning to cook but this cooker does all the work and the parts go into the dishwasher. A special note for anyone that requires soft food: you can use this to roast meat before putting it into a pressure cooker & it will come out so wonderfully tender.The basket is amazing & turns out restaurant quality fish. I will never be without one & you will not regret this purchase.

We just wore the first one out through lots of use. Hopefully they will still be available when this one is worn out. I say worn out but really it was still working we just wanted another one since the one we had was getting discolored.

Ronco 3000 Series Rotisserie-White : We cooked some chicken legs and a roast in the oven and both came out tasting like barbecue. Clean-up was a breeze and it’s nice to know you’re saving energy by not heating up the larger oven. You can just about it “set it and forget it”.

Cooks everything perfectly moist and delicious every time. We have purchased four as gifts, for family members and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase more in the future. Hint#1: i only use the bottom half of the two-piece drip tray and line it with foil. (i found the top part to be useless. )hint#2: wipe out the inside while it’s still warm. Put the door in the dishwasher. And soak the skewer parts while eating dinner. Very easy cleanup if you don’t let it cool off.

A friend was always telling me how great this rotisserie was for her. So, finally i purchased the larger one, which came with quite a few accessories. I am 100% pleased with the item. The food is always moist and very tender. The only suggestion i have is do not cook on counter, where you have your top kitchen cabinets right above it. This rotisserie gives off a lot of heat, so when we use it, we place it either on our porch or garage. This arrangement works fine for us. The cleaning of it could be a bit easier so i lay aluminum foil on the bottom to catch any grease. I cannot think of any other reason as to why you would not be pleased with it.

As far as the product, its great i’ve had one for years. I bought this one for my son for a christmas gift. I would not buy at amazon, walmart sells its for less with free shipping.

I bought this for $60 from aldis. It is very loud for a small machine. I have a cusinart upright rotisserie that is very quiet. I bought this to see how it compared to the upright. I am doing a chicken so i will see how it does. If it does a good job i guess i will put up with the noise or my daughter may end up with it. Price was right and machine doesn’t look bad. 3 stars for now but might change after tasting the chicken.

I purchased this rotisserie 20 years ago from an informercial. It still works fine except plastic on the left bottom cracked and broke which holds the glass door on. Used it today for the last time and going to walmart tomorrow to buy a new one. After 20 years it is still the same price. Thanks ronco: but next purchase hopefully the bottom legs are metal. I hate to throw it out because it still works fine.

Could wait for my ronco 3000 to arrive, when it did i put it to use that very same day and it slow cooked the most moist, succulent chicken to ever cross my palate exceeding all expectations both advertised and reviewed.

The rotissier i order was defective. It took over 3 weeks to receive a new one, and cost me $17. 00 to ship the defecive one back. I will never order another appliance from amazon.

I received my ronco in 5 days time that was promised. Am completely satisfied with it.

My father gave this product to my husband. Not because he didn’t like, but because he likes sharing. I thought, wow, something else to clutter our kitchen. I have never eaten a roasted chicken that tastes so good. I can stop it and let it brown in one spot. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Can’t wait to try it on chicken wings.

I’ve always wanted one – since i got this one i’ve used it almost every night – cooks quietly and quickly, is easy to assemble, easy to take a apart and clean and the food taste heavenly. Just wish the rotisserie basket came with it.

Love it, love it, love it, it is hands down easy to use and makes the best rotisserie chicken. We actually got one brand new for 7 bucks at a yard sale. I highly recommend this even if you pay $100. 00 you’ll get your moneys’ worth with all the great stuff you can make.

This rotisserie is wonderful. You can cook just about anything in it and it’s always moist and flavorful. Just don’t touch the outside.

I love these rotisseries so much this is my third one. I use it very often and have nothing but praise for this easy to use and easy to clean up product. I have especially appreciated the versatility and the varying sizes available to match the changing size of my families needs. Nothing beats this product for cooking chicken, pork loin and roast beef.

I ordered this on line and it was shipped and received within 3- 4 days. I am very impressed and happy with the rotisserie. I had heard about how great the turkeys and chickens were done in this roaster by friends of mine, and this convinced me.

Thi is the second of this item i bought. I bought the original 10 years ago. It finally got used too much so i replaced it the new version has teflon coating ont he bars and tray which is so much better,and the price now is so much lower then originally i paid $1u89 and now i paid $60 how’s that for getting rooked first time over.

It’s kind of cool, a bit of a pain to clean, but at least it makes me a good meal and makes my apartment smell like nice cooked chicken. The only problem i have with it is that the cooking times seem to be a little bit off.

La Caja China Model #2″Aluminum – Tried it once so far and the results were great. Can’t get any easier to cook up a

I ordered the ‘la caja china’ directly from the manufacturer’s website a few days before we had an oktoberfest party at my house with 150+ guests. We couldn’t find a caterer that would supply us with a whole roasted pig so i decided to roast one myself using the ‘chinese box’. Exactly the way it was described and in little less than 4 hours of cooking time. The pig was the hit of the party and i had several requests from my friends to do another one. Make sure to ask your butcher to butterfly the pig for you; otherwise it won’t fit into the box. The result will make you look like a master chef.

It was everything i hoped it would be. The only advise i can give anyone is ‘follow all cooking directions’ and things will be perfect.

Assembly was okay – directions need to be followed specifically. Need a little extra cooking advice in the instructions for cold weather and a different design for the handles but all in all it was worth it.

It arrived in (2) days to hawaii; how is that possible???. Used it to cook a lot of bar-b-q ribs for 101 people; came out just wonderful, delicious, juicy, nice crust. Can’t wait to try a suckling pig. Just wished i could get the accessories shipped, i don’t understand why a grill and cover can’t be shipped to hawaii.

Roasted my first pig over labor day weekend. It was the hit of the party.

I am very glad i purchased it and look forward to future roasts now that i have my first pig roast under my belt. All my guests loved the meat and everyone really enjoyed seeing ‘how this box thing works. ‘one item that is confusing and that i wished i’d understood better beforehand is the description around the weight limits of the box. The documentation from la caja china talks in live weight but neither my butcher nor anyone else i spoke with was familiar with what that meant. I called la caja china (who were extremely helpful and nice) to ask what the 60-pound butchered pig i ordered would mean in terms of live weight and they suggested it would be about 90-95 pounds. What this meant to me is that my trial run of a ‘small’ 60-pound pig was actually almost maxing out what the box could do. Perhaps this is a regional thing but it threw me for a bit. Lastly, there are two minor annoyances i have about the box. The first is the handles on the grate and ash pans come off far too easily.

  • OMG!
  • Takes You Back to the Old Country
  • love it we did a 90 lbs dressed pig and

We received our caja china 2 days before our pig roast. Relatively easy to put together—then wow–this box made the roast the best ever we did the spit roast a few years ago and after 16 hours everyone was exhausted. With the caja china–after 4 hours we were eating the 100 lb. Pig we always wanted a caja china, and now we are going to cook everything in it.

Cooks a good pig but quality of construction is much less than i expected for the price. Many of the coal tray welds have come undone. Two pig roasts and i have had to do three maintenance repairs. Any bbq person knows what $450. 00 can buy you for a smoker. A product that would last years. I don’t get the feeling this product could last any where near as long.

My only suggestion would be for them to include better instructions for cooking chicken, ribs, and boston butts. Most of the instruction manual is regarding a whole pig. I watched some videos on youtube and i was able to figure out how to do those other pieces of me however some of the videos were conflicting.

Finally make the decision to purchase model #2 for my daughter’s graduation. All parts were shipped without any damage. I found the instructions on point. It took about 35 minutes to put my #2 model together. I will put it to good use in a few days and expecting to use this often.

Just put this together with the help of a friend who will participate in our first congregational pig roast in september. My friend is good at assembling things, and we didn’t have any major issues. All the parts and hardware were there. There was a little place where we had to hammer a small piece of the metal down flat against the wood because it had gotten a little bent, but that was easy. The holes lined up just fine. Assembly is pretty intuitive, and the directions, while pretty small to read, are okay. The illustrations are also small, but they do show how it goes. How everything fits together does make sense. We finished in one hour and 45 minutes, and that includes getting everything out of the two boxes that it all comes in. I am excited and would like to roast a pig right now but must wait until we in our church have time to plan and organize the roast.

Features of La Caja China Model #2″Aluminum

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Roast a 100 lbs Pig, any where in less than 4 hours.
  • Easy to use, perfect roasting every time.
  • Great for family reunions, tail partys, graduations, Luau, etc…
  • Eassy to clean just use water and soap

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Ordered it one week before a party for 30. Bought a 32-lb suckling pig at local butcher. Caja arrived 2 days before party, but i didn’t assemble until morning of party (of course). Thought we were missing the ends of the box. Turns out they are mounted together on a frame of sorts, so appeared to be a top or bottom piece. This factoid is nowhere on assembly instructions. Including panic spell, it took us way less than an hour to assemble the box. I cooked the pig exactly to the instructions nicely labeled on the ends of the box, but still used an internal temperature probe buried in one of the hams to verify.

I had a home made hog roaster stolen from me recently and needed something quick to cook for 2 parties i have coming up in the next month. I was hesitant to purchase the hotbox without actually witnessing one being used. A friend of mine told me he had been to 3 hog roasts where they used the hotbox and convinced me that it lives up to it’s reputation. Assembly was very easy, i did it without any help from anyone other that a few cold corona’s. I decided to test it with an 11 lb. I followed the cooking instructions but was a bit hesitant about the cooking time so removed it about 20 minutes sooner than directed. The turkey was very moist but the legs were a bit uncooked. So it’s best to follow the instructions without any doubt what so ever. It took approximately an hour and a half to cook the turkey and only ten minutes for all of it to be completely devoured by my friends.

Great product and received it promptly. We have a large family and needed to roast 4 20# turkey’s for thanksgiving. Turned out excellent, moist with crispy skin.

We made pork belly and it came out so good.

I am now 8 pigs and 10 pork shoulders into this #2. Here is the real deal after 6 years of useyes, the old construction is not great. They have made improvements on the new box i see. No, the smoker does not work well, in fact it sucks, but it is not neededyes, it is a b%^& to clean up, but make sure you do it right away. If you wait, well, you will regret it. Follow the written instructions and right down your times. The idea is to use it again and you can follow your notesyes it produces fabulously moist meat, approved by the local hawaiians, who went and bought a caja china after eating my pig roast. Trust the instructions, don’t keep lifting the lidi have now fed over 1000 people with this cooker, with 100% satisfaction from both me and those who ate. It is a fun, different type of cook that forces you to relax and just hang with friends.

Tried it once so far and the results were great. Can’t get any easier to cook up a great tasting pig. Instructions were very helpful and incredibly easy with the finished pig coming out perfect. I highly recommend this cooker for the regular cookout guy who wants to impress his friends. They’ll think you’re a genius.

Roast a 100 lbs Pig, any where in less than 4 hours.

I did two shoulder and a 60 pound hog and it was awesome.

La caja china es un producto excelente, para cocinar cerdo, cordero y pavo. Es muy fácil de usar, y las instrucciones facilitan el empezar a usarla.

I have not used it yet, and i’m sure it will work just fine, but for the price for what is essentially a kit, i expected the quality of the materials they used and the overall build quality to be better. There is definitely not much pride put into the product, but unfortunately that’s how most things are these days. A lot of the holes required cleaning up or additional drilling. The holes don’t align very well so it takes more effort than it should to get it together. Some of the metal that lines the inside on my unit had a few bumps on the edges butt up to the side panels. They did not seem like a big deal until i was nearly finished putting it together which required taking it partially apart again to hammer those spots down flat otherwise the box would not seal. The wood used on the corners and all over for that matter is very rough. The only thing that appears to have been done with great care was putting their logo on it. But it’s here, and i have a pig ordered for this weekend so not like i could send it back. If i were to do it over again knowing what i know now, i would look at alternate companies that are less expensive.

Love it we did a 90 lbs dressed pig and we have done 2 turkeys in it so far. They best meat ever, so moist. We are looking into getting a top grill table to put above the charcoal for additional cooking. And would love to find a way to turn it into a smoker to.

Ok, honestly i have been eyeballing one of these for the past two years. Well, finally after reading literally dozens of online articles, reviews, and watching i can’t recall how many youtube videos, i bit the bullet and ordered one. It arrived in 2 days with amazon prime, and aside for a couple slightly bent pieces of aluminum during shipping (which were easy enough to straighten with a pair of small pliers) assembly went off without incident. The ease of use was better than advertised. Honestly, this thing is idiot proof. I received it on a thursday, and cooked my first whole pig on saturday. Everyone was raving out how good it was. If you can follow simple directions, you can use this box.

Bought it to roast a pig and it was delicious. Also did some racks of ribs which came out even better. However, for the price i think they could use sturdier materials. The tray and screen are a thin gauge so after the first use they get warped. To store it i have to place something heavy on top to keep those two parts flat. Also, the handles to those two items aren’t clamped down completely so they fall all the time. Not good when you’re moving red hot coals around.

Easy to use, perfect roasting every time.

Works great for roasting a large pig.

I saw a comment on here about a 50 lb pig barely fitting in this box. You must’ve done something wrong like not butterfly the pig. I have a model number 1 which is supposed to hold a 70lb pig, and i’ve cooked two 76lb pigs in it without a problem. I see no reason you wouldn’t be able to cook a hundred pounder in this model. Keep in mind that the weight referred to is the live weight of the pig, not the dressed weight. I look forward to moving up to the #2 model. This is a pic of a 76 lb pig in the smaller model #1.

Then get the la caja china model #2. My wife bought me this as a birthday present and i immediately cooked a 52 lb. Construction was mostly solid, but there is definitely some room for improvement when it comes to the wingnuts. We had two leaks at the corners where the wheels are. My plan is to replace the wingnuts with lock-nuts and crank them down a lot tighter than my fingers can do the wingnuts. This really is an awesome cooker.

Great cooking box, the pig was ready in 3. I can’t wait till we cook another pig. I only wish the metal cover was more rigid.

These boxes are great i have always did pigs on the spit but this box keeps the pig clean and moist. If u like cooking on a spit try one of these boxes u will never use a spit again.

Love how fast meat cooks in our china box. The large capacity means we can cook for large crowds and we sometimes cook different meats at the same time.

Roast a pig in four hours, just as promised, a 100 pounder takes a bit longer.

Great for family reunions, tail partys, graduations, Luau, etc…

Growing up with lechon, i was accustomed to the cinderblock pit in the yard that my dad had built. Not the most convenient method of continuing the tradition. Fast forward, i came across la caja china at a friend’s bbq and decided to give it a shot myself. Aside from seasoning, roasting the pig is of the utmost importance. And with the instructions written on the box itself, its hard to screw it up. I have been using it for noche buenas and bbqs since and my family agrees, including my dad.

 la caja china cookbook author, perry p. Perkins, narrates and offers pro tips in this step-by-step video on prepping, injecting, roasting and chopping a southen-style smoked pig in la caja china.

Coming from a weekend hot dogs hamburgers to this. Researched on how to prepare and cook. First pig roast was amazing.

Worked excellent, wish the fire tray was built better do not know how long it will last.

My husband bought this as a christmas gift for his boss and he loved it. We saw it on the food network and thought he would be a great cooker for a guy who has a huge family that loves to fish & hunt.

This $400 piece of cooking equipment is basically plywood, aluminum and wing nuts. The holes for the screws don’t line up well and the pieces aren’t cut out squarely. The charcoal tray warps and rusts after the first use. Also, if you are not tediously careful when lifting the hog out, you’ll tip the tray that catches the juice and it will spill all in the bottom to be absorbed in to the plywood. I had to dismantle the entire thing to clean it properly. The aluminum does not wrap around the bottom of the side pieces so it leaves bare plywood vulnerable. I bought a 50 pound hog for use in the #2 box. I don’t see how a 100 pound hog would ever fit. It is now stored, disassembled.

Eassy to clean just use water and soap

Roasting a pig with the model 2 may be easier than cooking steaks or burgers on a grill. It is definitely easier than roasting a turkey in an oven. . A very easy way of roasting a pig. We did exactly what the easy instructions said to do and the result was fantastic. There really aren’t any ‘gotchas’, gimmicks, or missing elements. We used regular charcoal briquettes that we bought at sam’s club. The pig we got was bigger than we ordered, so we could only cook 1/2 at a time. We used dry rub on one half and injected marinade into the second half. Some folks preferred the dry rub, i preferred the marinade. The only thing we will do differently is we will make certain that we get a pig that is sized so that the whole thing fits. Using the model 2 for a pig roast will become at least an annual event in my family.

Ordering was easy, received it in two day’s, no damage. Assembly was not a problem, all holes lined up, instructions very clear. Was first user memorial day weekend, cooked a seventy pound pig in 3 hours, meat fell off the bone ,very good product, thanks.

Trust the instructions on the box even it goes against your instincts.

The best purchased i’ve ever made ,love it.

I used this bad boy the first time for my wedding reception pig roast, i raise pigs so i have been wanting to learn a foolproof way to roast a pig. This is itone of the guests was a seasoned ‘pig roastere’ and said this was the best pork he had ever tasted, nobody used any bbq sauce as the flavor of the marinade i used and the injecting the pig with pineapple and oj tenderized it. I cooked a 70-75 lb red wattle pig about 4 months old, in this cooker and it just fit, used about 70 lbs of charcoal, took 6 hours, the meat fell off the bone and was super delicious. The unit was delivered on time which was important for me because it was a last minute decision. Try having a pig roast catered or try renting a pig roaster, good luck, this will pay for itself in the first roast i do for hire. I might have paid a premium for this but i can say it was worth it based on the fact, it turned out really well and i know have mastered roasting my pigs, lamb is next. Made the wedding reception successful.

We raise heritage breed pigs and wanted a special way to prepare them for events. I’d seen these on food network and other cooking shows and we decided to try one and see if it works ‘as advertised’ = a perfectly cooked pig with crispy skin in about 4 hours. Our first run was for my wife’s birthday on new year’s eve and it was a balmy 25 degrees when we lit the charcoal. After 4 hours and 25 minutes from inserting the pig, we had it on the table and is was exactly as advertised. I made 3 dipping sauces and had done some injecting (an injector came with the box) and everyone loved it. Our pig was headless (for my wife) and hanging dry weighed 44#. This is a great product and practically idiot proof. The only minor challenges involved assembly. If you know something about tools and have a few large clamps you’ll be done in about an hour getting it all together. One happy surprise was the cleaning.

Great box food comes out very good. Have cooked a pig and 2 turkeys in it everything came out perfect.

Ronco ST5270SSGEN Ez-Store Rotisserie – If you have a lazy wife this oven will help

Makes delicious meat, is easy to use & easy to clean. The included basket makes it possible to rotissary even small items for great flavored vegetables or other difficult to handle foods. I cook for one, and using this enables me to make ‘guest quality’ meals without messing up the oven or having to cook large portions. All fat is captured in a small pan to be carried away and cleanly disposed of. There’s no smoking or spattering. Kabob makers are also included in the box. It’s just fantastic, making simple work of what used to be messy preparation and time consuming cleanup. I wish i’d had it years ago.

We have only roasted chickens so far but they come out just delicious, we love it.

I love it,i use it to cook all my meats,i bought a show time a couple years ago and the element burnt out so i will keep you informed if something happens,but pretty sure it will last forever.

Loved it while it worked but haven’t had it but 6 months and it crapped out.

Wonderful product, good service.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love My Ronco Rotisserie
  • BEST little appliance EVER!!
  • LOVE IT!!!

Easy to clean, even for a bachelor. Does a fine job on whole chickens. Minor con: noisy compared to my old rotisserie george foreman jr.

The food is great and cleanup easy.

I have this exact model; i’m thrilled with it’s cooking performance. However, ronco customer service is awfulafter a year, i suffered a failed ‘gear wheel b’ (the side that accepts the pointed end of the spit rods). One of the two ‘pucks’ that accepts the pointed ends of the spit rods loosened, causing a wobble. It couldn’t be tightened, because it’s riveted in place. First, i visited the ronco web site (twice) to submit an order for ‘gear wheel b’. I was given ‘support tickets’, but no support ever came of them. Then i sent emails to ronco, mentioning the support ticket numbers, with no responses. Finally i called ronco @ 800-486-1806, and was told that there are no spare parts that they can get their hands on directly; they have to send an email ‘somewhere else’, and hopefully i would be contacted in 7 – 10 business days by this ‘supplier’. The ronco customer service rep said he could not go out and put his hands on any spare parts or accessories; that he was just a go-between. So, after 10 days, and nothing further did i hear from ronco, i called back, demanded a ‘supervisor’, and was told essentially the same thing: nothing was kept on-hand to fulfill customer’s needs.

It works as you would expect. I have only made whole chickens with. Probably used it a half dozen times now. The chickens come out very juicy but the center doesn’t have much flavor. No matter how we try to put rub on it, under the skin, in the middle etc. , the skin comes out good and the center meat comes out bland. Not nearly as good as the chicken i make on our smoker. The unit is made rather cheaply. No insulation at all, just a hollow shell. The drip pan and the plate that goes behind the heating elements are made of aluminum so they bend easily and they are hard to clean (if enough juice goes into the pan, it isn’t to bad but the other plate is pretty hard to get clean).

These rotisseries are great. Owned the original until i burnt it out after 15 years. This model is well designed and easy to disassemble. It fits well on a bottom cabinet shelf for storage.

A replacement for our foreman jr. This unit is bit flimsy, but overall not bad. Cooks evenly and cleanup is easy. Storage is what’s the big plus.

Only made chickens so far but they came out fantastic. Would recommend this rotisserie highly.

I bought this as a replacement for the old-style ronco rotisserie. I had the original one since 1998 and it finally ‘died’ three years ago. I had been looking and just never bought a new one. The first night i did a roasting chicken – 6. 5 pounds – an hour and half after putting it in the rotisserie it was done, perfectly. Everyone should get one of these.

Love it i use it all the time.

Product shipped quickly and the unit is great.

Cooks just about everything. Came fast and nicely packed.

Works even better than i could have hoped for. So juicy, turkey, beef loin (wrapped in bacon) , chicken , pork loin, all turned out great 👍.

I have an older model and wanted to purchase one for my dad’s birthday gift. He’s trying to eat healthier so i thought he would like it. He has been using it for a year now and loves it.

I really love my ronco rotisserie. All my appliances are stainless and it looks fantastic on my counter.

Chicken has never been so good. You can cook practically anything in this awesome machine. Super easy to use, and the drip tray and removable slide back interior makes clean up a breeze. I have yet to use the fish/veggie basket, but i am anxious looking forward to doing so. I love that the legs fold into the body, and the top removes (easy cleaning) and sits upside-down in the main cavity, allowing for easy storage. Mine also came with the complete rotisserie cookbook.

This rotisserie was a gift for my daughter. She has used it several times and likes it. It’s not too large and it works.

BUNN Ronco Inventions ST4000 Showtime Indoor Rotisserie and BBQ – Ronco Oven

I have really enjoyed this machine. I read many reviews on the product before i purchased it and as a result of some of the negative reviews i decided to purchase a remanufactured rotisserie (st4000) for only $79 and free shipping. I thought perhaps purchasing a remanufacture product would take care the glitches mentioned in the other reviews. The unit comes fully packaged and looks new. It is a title on the tall side, but not too wide & not much bigger than a convection oven. For those of you who have low cabinet space consider purchasing the smaller unit. I have and island in my kitchen so its perfect. The key is to clean the unit as soon as your meal is done.

I always clean it right after use and have no problems with it.

I was extemely skeptical, but being somewhat of an impulse shopper, my wife and i decided to order one with our wedding money after getting back from our honeymoon. We’ve never regretted it, as we use it more than our conventional oven. Particularly delicious is poultry and fowl. We’ve never tried ribs, but we tried roasts and other types of meat, however, turkey and chicken always come out the best. The shishkabobs come out pretty nice as well. So why four stars, instead of five?. Basically the one problem we ran into with this unit was not in the rotisserie, but the steam tray. It worked pretty good until the paint began chipping underneath the steam part which holds the vegetables. (although not on the main unit itself. ) also fish came out dry until we figured out how many, and what type of, vegetables to place in the basket with the fish. Here are the specifications for the BUNN Ronco Inventions ST4000 Showtime Indoor Rotisserie and BBQ:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Large enough to hold two chickens or a 15-pound turkey
  • Pause setting permits meats to be browned on spit
  • Tray fits atop rotisserie for steaming foods
  • Included: 6 kabob rods, flavor-injecting syringe, heavy gloves, 12 elastic ties
  • Special Packaging includes Knife and Shear set

I was flipping channels one night, and the showtime rotisserie infomercial caught my eye. While i am a lifelong vegetarian, my husband loves a good roast, so i bought the rotisserie (i would’ve preferred the compact model, but it wasn’t offered here in australia). This appliance appears to be of good quality. I can’t say how durable it is, as we’ve only used it once (that was enough, as some will find at clean-up time). Thankfully, the glass door is removable so that it can be washed in the sink, but i was a nervous wreck about knocking it and breaking it (i have no idea if it’s even possible to get a replacement door). It is difficult to clean inside, as there is a reflective shield behind the heating elements. Vaporized grease would surely migrate there. Imagine having to fully clean your normal oven every time you use it. That’s what this is like, except that it’s really greasy. The showtime was used for a christmas roast, and as christmas is in the summer down here, it made the kitchen really heat up.

Having read through the many reviews of this product, i thought i would weigh in with my two cents. I purchased the showtime the first time i saw it on an infomercial over five years ago. I have made a ten pound prime rib roast, a fifteen pound turkey, whole chickens and countless chicken parts. I have never had a meal turn out less than perfect. I have had to replace the bulb for the interior light so this should tell you how often i have used the rotisserie. To be sure, the unit looks used, with paint chips and burn marks around the exterior where the glass door meets the metal but this is a testament to its reliability throughout the years. I use this product more than any other appliance in the kitchen and when it ceases to function, i will replace it immediately. I have read complaints about smoke and fumes and i have to say that this has never occured when i have used my showtime. If i was to complain at all about the unit, it would concern the cleanup. The non-stick drip tray isn’t all that easy to clean and you really have to spray the interior of the unit (i use simple green) each time to avoid unpleasant odors.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Tacky advertising – but it works as advertised!
  • everything I put in that rotisserie comes off nice I wouldn’t trade it in for the world I
  • Great.

This is without a doubt one of the best birthday gifts i’ve every received. Chicken, pork, duck, pot roast. All prepared in the rotisserie with succulent results. I also tried to cook corned beef in the rotisserie but that didn’t turn out so well (it was a little tough and undercooked in the middle). The vegetable steamer works wonderfully as long as you time the veggies so that they don’t overcook. I live in a condo building and the neighbors always know when the rotisserie is going. This is a must have kitchen appliance. It uses very little space (i sit mine on top of the microwave). I figure i’ll experiment with just about every type of meat i can think of.

After over a year of use, we are still happy with our ‘ronco’. Without a doubt, the best use is for rotisserie style chicken. It cooks them quickly, evenly and juicy. Beef products have been a disappointment. It disassembles easily for cleaning. And you really can ‘set it – and forget it’.

After seing it in an info-commercial, i have decided to purchase it and give it a try. At first, i was rather pleased. The machine started making squeaky noises as the wheel would turn. After that, i noticed that the built-in timer wasn’t accurate. The metal vegetable compartment is a real joke. Vegetables turn out dry and the container is cheap. Cleaning is a lot of trouble. The metal reflector behind the element becomes very dirty & practically uncleanable. The good side to the rotisserie is that the poultry comes out delicious.

I watched the commercials and after seeing about 10 finally bought it off qvc for a lower price. I am very happy with it, i am a mess in the kitchen and this has saved dinner for my family. It cooks chicken that is very tender and full of flavor not dry at all. I have cooked meats that were right out of the freezer and that didn’t seem to make a difference. Also it cooks so many different meats, veggies. It is large enough to handle large turkies and roasts, but takes up only a resonable amount of space. It does get very hot when cooking so keep kids away. But it is so easy to use and clean and great food comes out with almost no effort. I definitly recommend this to anyone who needs or wants a helping hand in the kitchen.

The first weeks after i got the showtime rotisserie, i cooked everything in it that i could think of. Turkey, ham, chickens, fish, pork chops, vegetables, burgers, steaks, hot dogs, etc. I kept thinking that it couldn’t be as good as they say it is. But everytime, it exceeded my expectations. It makes the moistest, most flavorful meats, vegetables, fish and poulty that i have ever seen. I even took it to my office for our holiday potluck and cooked the ham right in the office. If you like great food that is super easy to cook, get this item. The only thing i had to adjust is on larger meats, i check it with a meat thermometer and have had to cook it a little longer but it still turns out great.

I love rotisserie chicken and turkey. So much so that i used to purchase several chickens and 1 or 2 turkey breast halves each week at the deli department of my local supermarket (my entire family shares my love of poultry cooked in a rotisserie). Three months ago, i bought this machine and have never looked back. I was paying $7 for a small chicken and $10 for half of a very small turkey breast. Now, i get them for half that amount and they are ready whenever i am in the mood. Plus it may be my imagination, but i think the ones i cook are better than the ones i used to buy. Just the other day, the deli department was asking why i never buy from them and i couldn’t help telling about my showtime rotisserie and how great everything cooked in it tastes. I discovered that if i am careful to center the chicken/turkey/or other meat on the spit not only from end to end but also so that parts of the item cooking are always equi-distance from the cooking surface as it rotates. Since i have begun being exacting about placement, it has always cooked within the time estimated.

I asked for this about 2 years ago for my birthday and my wife obliged. It looked like it was worth the gamble back then. The showtime makes the best (juicy) poultry i have ever had at home consistently. Chickens, ducks, and poussin are my favorite items to make along with a boneless rib roast and leg of lamb. The machine does let smoke escape, so you should place it near a venting unit or an open window when in operation. It is very easy to clean up thanks to the nonstick coatings on many of the pieces. The kebab rods are really good too as they rotate individually in addition to the wheel rotation. This is a great, compact unit that does a wonderful job on poultry and roasts. It is well worth the money and my kitchen will not be without one of these (will replace my unit if it ever needs to be).

Great product – i stand mine on top of my electric oven, on a rigid heat-resistant mat, under the fan hood. A timer that stops the cooking instead of just beeping is brilliant. As are the removable parts which all go into the dishwasher. As for counter space, i never use my oven anymore. That took 15 minutes to heat up – the rotisserie needs no warming time; it’s great. I do add five – eight minutes onto the cooking times for chicken from the fridge, it needs that. But all the instructions are focused on the great results with meat. I’ve gotten used to microwaving vegetables – and i wish someone had recommended steaming times?.Obviously you can’t add vegetables for as long as roasted meat – but it would help to know when you could add them on top – half an hour before the end, perhaps?.

This was a corny gift i received, but i like to cook so i put it on my xmas list. My kids got a kick out of buying it for me, i get a kick out of using it. Pretty well made, replacement parts are available from ronco. Com, and this thing makes the best darn chicken i have ever cooked at home. I even tried steaks and they came out pretty good too. Easy to clean, easy to cook, easy to buy accessories. . I was surprised and impressed, now i have to lobby with my wife to leave it on the counter all the time. . You really cannot make a mistake with this, and the price is really reasonable for what it does.

It arrived in great condition.

The rotisserie works very well so far. Positives — we like the way it cooks food, but it takes longer to cook to our taste than the instructions indicate. Cleanup is really easy (but follow the instructions to line the back with foil). We use it on the porch which gets the heat and cooking odors out of the house. It has done a turkey, chickens and a beef top round roast (which came out tough). Not so positives — it is supposed to hold a 15 pound turkey but we had to squeeze to get a 14 pounder in. Don’t put onions, carrots, etc. In the bird – instant ejection. Plan on 50% additional cooking time. We haven’t used the basket yet because the food in the center is a lot farther from the heat than the food on the sides of the basket.

I have had the same 4000 rotisserie for 18 years now. It is easy to use and easy to clean. Remove the spit unit and bottom trays and heat shield and put them in your dishwasher. Spray some krud kutter on the inside walls and wipe off, rinse your sponge and re-wipe the walls a couple of times. The door also fits nicely in the dishwasher and comes out very clean. If you haven’t cleaned it for a long time, use two detergent pods. Yes it gets hot, but i have it sitting on top of my clothes dryer and do not think it overheats the laundry area/kitchen in my home, even in the summer. It makes the best chicken, pork loin, prime rib and leg of lamb you have ever eaten. I do check the timer and periodically the temp of the meat, so i guess i don’t really ‘forget it’. If i have company i can turn off the heat for a while to delay the meat being finished too soon. It is just about fool proof. 00 for it, 18 years ago and it is still going strong.

Everything i put in that rotisserie comes off nice i wouldn’t trade it in for the world i love my rotisserie i really got my money’s worth out of that it’s really worth the money.

Overall this product was remarkable. It cooked the best prime rib i have ever eaten, but their is a downside to this oven just to let you all know. The oven is not as smoke free as it is shown in the infomercial. When we were cooking a prime rib roast, the whole first floor was engulfed with a thick smoke similar to cooking with a wok. You maybe saying that i did not read the instructions before using it, but i got other people to look at it and it is just the way it is when the oil falls onto the tray and evaporates due to the hot temperature which produces smoke. By smoke i do not mean like the kind you get when you burn wood. Other than that the oven performed very well from what i can see. Unfortunately, i used this only 6 times, the rotating motor failed. The heating elements will not work if the rotating motor fails. Because it costs so much to repair, we rest it to the landfills.

This machine is a great addition to any home. It does have its cons, but overall the meals produce from this modern marvel are awesome. I have never had dry chicken come out of this machine, ribs are moist and delicious, lamb comes out awesome. Heck, i have even done some venison roast with this insane carnivore contraption, and they came out mouth-watering good. Couple of weak points, this thing can be a pain to clean. I recommend soaking the basket in dishwater while you are eating your meal. This will loosen the crusted on skin and fat to a level that well allow it to be removed by hand scrubbing. I have tried using pam cooking spray on the basket but again, remnants of baked on food remains. The plastic gloves suck, they stick to everything that is hot, so invest in some heavy duty oven mitts. In addition, that ridiculous plastic chicken carver stand that comes with this unit is better used as watering dish for your pets.

I acutally have the smaller version of this machine, that cooks up to a 12 pound turkey. It was purchased for me as a gift, since i would have never bought something like this for myself. My family has adopted the ‘atkins’ eating plan and are always looking for new ways to easily cook meats. Well this machine does it all. My friends thought i was the greatest cook in the world when i easily cooked a chicken in the machine. It smells yummy when it cooks and i have found clean up to be very easy when you line the drip pan with aluminum foil. You can also use the drippings in the pan to make great gravy if you are so inclined. The final scoop-if you live a busy life(like me) and don’t have lots of time to spend in the kitchen but want quality, quick cooking options, this machine should be on your list.

Great Northern Popcorn Company 4094 Great Northern Popcorn Commercial 30 Hot Dog 11 Roller Grilling Machine 1650W – Great looking unit

This hot dog roller was perfect for a large outdoor party we were having and at such a fantastic price. There is really no set up, just plug it in, let it heat and put on your dogs. So much better than someone standing over a hot grill all day. We had 2 kinds of hot dogs, sabrett and nathans. Since the sabrett are thinner, they did not spin as efficiently as the regular sized nathans, though both tasted great when they came off the grill. Cleaning was not bad and i recommend keeping it warm as it does make it easier to clean. Everyone wants to borrow it now for their partiesalso, the e-site we were dealing with could not have been more helpful.

Used it this weekend 8/26/17 and it worked great.

Here are the specifications for the Great Northern Popcorn Company 4094 Great Northern Popcorn Commercial 30 Hot Dog 11 Roller Grilling Machine 1650W:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Maximum Capacity: 30 Hot Dogs
  • Grill Dimension: 23″ L x 19″ W x 7″ D
  • Tray size: 17-3/4″ L x 17″ W
  • Power: 2200 Watts
  • 110V/60Hz

Awesome i would deffinately buy again my crew have enjoyed it during our graveyard shift lunch time, looking ways to be more creative.

Using it for concession stand. It really saves a lot of time. Our hot dogs are so big that we can only put 2 rows on it so sometimes the hot spots only hit 1 side but i just flip them around half way through and they work wonderful.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Drip pan is very easy to remove
  • A great grill for a great price!
  • Purchased Great Northern Commercial Quality Hot Dog Roller (Model # 4094)

This is a high quality machine and i couldn’t believe how easy it was to clean.

The unit came exactly as described but did not get to use it yet. Will be giving a follow up review later.

Had to replace to hot dog roller at the high school concession stand. Do roughly 100-150 dogs per night haven’t had any problems what so ever. Don’t know how long it will last, but can buy 4 of these for the cost of a ‘professional’ unit.

Our bingo group loves this machine for cooking up hot dogs to sell each week at our community’s bingo games. It heats up quickly, cooks the dogs nicely and is easy to clean up afterwards. We would buy another one if our sales and requests get bigger.

We ordered this for an indoor concession stand after reading other reviews. The price was great- it came fast and i appreciate the tip from another user to not grease up the rollers ahead of time. The hot dog grease was plenty enough to keep them moving. We have only used it for a few games and an all day tournament- but very pleased this far.

Purchased this for a non profit group that holds frequent public events. We have been very pleased with the product. It is easy to use and easy and fast to clean.

Used it for a k of c fundraiser and worked well, so far so good.

This makes great coney island hot dogs, as we found it works best when set to 11-o’clock position. Cooks our portuguese linguica dogs on the 3-back rollers at a different temperature, and is easy to clean (i use clorox wet napkins right after use. )be careful when using dogs that are not fully straight- they tend to hopscotch off the rig and then you need to decide on the 3-second rule (or not.

Packaging was good, product worked perfectly and the grade was definitely commercial. We look forward to using it over and over and over again. The merchant communicated all thru out the transaction and i would definitely buy from them again.

Just returned from a vfw department function where the machine performed flawlessly over three days. We are taking the machine up to the michigan in august when we visit the vfw national home for children. The night before our visit we will have a hospitality room and this will be fantastic for that purpose. Easy to operate and very easy to clean. Should have purchased one years ago.

A few quick points:- it can cook 30 regular sized hot dogs (5. 5 inches or 14cm long) at a time. – a well cooked hotdog, slightly crispy outside was about 15 min on medium heat. You could probably cook one on higher heat in about 5-10 min. – the rollers on my machine did not turn out of the box. Opening the panel on the left side of the unit, we saw the gear attaching the rollers to the motor was loose. 2 min fix to get it rolling again. – my first time clean of the machine took 5 min. Drip pan is very easy to remove. – hot dogs cooked on this machine seem far more tasty than boiled hot dogs.

Very happy with the quality of the product.

This is really heavy duty and well made. The rollers are easy to clean with simply a wet paper towel. Heat seems even and adjusts quickly. The rollers do get dark stains on them though, but i think this is normal.

We bought this for a seasonal concession stand and for the price i forced myself to lower my expectations. When the product arrived i was blown away. For the money it is very solid and works very well. The wattage listed i believe is more for marketing (we love more power) but for us i’m glad that is doesn’t actually draw that much power because if it did we would be blowing circuits. Unit heats up quickly and has great consistent temperature control. With its solid construction i don’t know how the expensive ones could really be any better. We used it a complete season 5 months every day and had no issues.

We have used this 4 times already.

Purchased great northern commercial quality hot dog roller (model # 4094) as a more convenient alternative to propane gas grilling, i’m most pleased with quality, price, and ease of ordering. The only negatives relate to operators manual. Under how to use, item 2, note is inaccurate for this model; front dial does not control all rollers, it controls only the front 6, while back controls the rear 5. Also, disappointed manual does not include a parts list. Otherwise, looking forward to using the machine for the first time in mid-january.

Kalorik Stainless Steel Rotisserie : I want to buy replacement for the lid

I purchased this as a gift for a family member but may end up keeping it for myself. I took it out of the box to look it over and it looks awesome.

I was hesitant at first but after my first chicken i was sold – the rotisserie is larger than i had expected but great looking. It cooked the meat quicker than my other one and left the meat juicy. The clean up is a cinch – all parts come out and the interior stays clean. I would recommend this to anyone who like good juicy chicken or kabobs – i haven’t tried anything else yet.

This item was a gift and they have used it multiple items with great success. The chicken comes out juicy every time.

This product is a pretty good item, it does smoke some, but i guess that is to be expected with any of the rotisseries. It does make a very good rotisserie chicken.

  • Could be a better design. The center element burned the chicken and
  • Kalorik Rotisserie
  • so easy, fast and TASTY

Kalorik Stainless Steel Rotisserie

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Roasts from the inside out and outside in, for juicy and tender food.
  • Great for grilled ribs or Cornish hen in less than 30 minutes
  • Hold up to 10-pound chicken, poultry, turkey, roast beef, ham, lamb or pork roast
  • Electronic controlled cycles cook the food evenly inside and without over-browning
  • Unlike traditional rotisseries which rotate the food in front of the heating elements, this rotisserie rotates the heat around and through the food

Found the food cooked in the kalorik stainless steel rotisserie to be quite good and done in less time than on our older standard rotisserie. I do miss the crispiness of the skin of the chicken cooked on the old rotisserie.

This is my 4th type of rotisserie and i think i prefer it to the others that i have owned. You need to remember to reduce the heat when you’re fixing chicken. I forgot and it came out to dry, so i made soup. There is no rotation, therefore it is very quiet.

In reading many of the reviews of this product, i think that some of the users really didn’t either: (1) read the directions; (2) didn’t do the recommended initial burn-off (outdoors) before use; or (3)use poultry or meat that was over sized for the cooking chamber (if any meat surface is touching the coils, yes, of course it will burn and produce smoke), and (4) as far as having meat coming out discolored or looking and tasting weird, i wonder if perhaps it wasn’t just road kill quality. It’s only common sense that what one puts into the rotisserie is exactly what one will get out—–except that it’s cooked. We printed out and followed some of the really useful reviews regarding realistic cooking times and temps. , prepping the unit (the burn off produced a little smoke for only about 7-8 minutes, and that was it), and cleanup. Wow, how much more useful these tips were than what is in the manualour first “cook” was a chicken (slightly more than 5 lbs)and it went quite well: the bird was first prepped by rubbing some oil completely over the meat surface and then a spice mixture was applied over that—-this really helped to brown and crisp the skin very nicely and evenly; we started the cook with 30 mins. On “high” (with center coil “on”); then 30 mins. On “low” (center coil “on” for only about the first 10 mins. When we determined at this point the bird was done, the unit was turned the unit “off” and let the bird sit in the chamber (with lid on) for another good half hour to “finish”. Results: as good as or better than our traditional rotating rotisserie, only in much less time.

I see these used in europe and new zealand — and finally found a decent one i could afford. Did a 5 lb chicken in 45 minutes; brown on the outside, tender and moist on the inside. I even put cut up veggies and potato in the bottom pan and they roasted nicely. Pour off the excess fat and liquid (save – use in soups) and voila.

I ordered this product 2013. It arrived in time for the holidays and the chicken was succulent. This product is exactly as described and amazingly easy to clean.

However it works and produces a nicely done chicken — crispy skin and juicy interior.

I got this for my wife for christmas and it works great. Very evenly heats the meat, easy to clean, everything about it is great. My wife has owned a couple rotisseries and likes this on best.

The technology of this oven is excellent. The only thing i mention is the weight amazon registered for this product. Amazon says it weights 5 pound when actually is 16. For international shipping is a great amount of money.

Super awesome device, i love iti love this a lot, cooked bettar than any oven, microwave, rotisserie. I should have bought this thousands of years ago. If i could, i would have lol ha ha. But this really is the best investment i have ever made, or found. The only thing i will not do is boil water in it ha ha. Everyone should buy one, i did and i love it, my cat loves it.

I put a 5lb chicken in it for an hour and it came out sooo juicy. The skin could’ve came out a little more crisp but i just couldn’t wait. Next time i’ll probably leave it in for another 10 minutes. Doesn’t take up too much counter space.

We have had this rotisserie for a month. We have used it to cook several chickens and also love it for cooking vegetables skewers. This product has met our highest expectations. A must have for healthly choice meal planning.

Thanks to the kalorik rotisserie my husband now does the cooking. We like it even much better then the nu wave. Unlike the nu wave the meat is always cooked from inside out and the meat stays juicy while crispy outside. Just like the ones in the deli stores. While cooking the oils drip out onto the pan below making it much safer for our health. Its a little bit difficult keeping the inside of the rotisserie clean. The trade off is okay and we chicken almost every other day now.

During our first use we noticed that the platform does not rotate. Then we saw the elements rotating. The chicken cooked perfectly.

I read all the reviews i could find before purchasing this and was a little nervous. I had read from some reviewers that it needed special attention, smoked too much, and/or burnt food. When you receive your ‘rotisserie’, unpack it and place on high (without lid) for 15 mins. It will smoke and smell bad while it burns off the oils and such from the packing. After that, wash the parts and the inside of the main body and it’s ready to go. While cooking it will smoke slightly, but not enough to set off smoke alarms (our smoke alarms are extremely sensitive) or bother people. You can always turn on your kitchen vent if you have a problem. I sprayed the removable elements with cooking spray as instructed, so clean-up was super easy. The most important advice i can give is to ignore the recommended cooking times in the booklet.

Absolutely love this, i cook my chicken breast in this all the time for a rotissari style meat.

Found it easy to use and clean. No moving parts but still cooks rotiserrie style-awesome. Easy to purchase but expected an emailed receipt which i have not seen if there was one. Very versitile-we are pleased with the replacement for our much used sunbeam upright carossel rotiserrie. Need to unplug kaloric before cleaning-it bites a bit. Love the center cooking option.

The center element burned the chicken and smoked up the house. Other than that, the chicken was great.

This is a great product, the only ‘uni-tasker’ we own and make use of fairly regularly. Reviews that claim it doesn’t rotate are foolish. The whole concept is that the heat is what ‘rotates’, not the food. This allows for very even cooking. I agree that there is a burn off period which is true for most things. It didn’t take more than one use. It produces a very moist chicken with crispy skin (this is the only thing we cook in it). You have to play with the time to come up with what suits you. We let the food rest inside after cook time.

Farberware Open Hearth Broiler & Rotisserie : Mine is still in use today after over 35 years

I had one of these in the 70’s. . Loved it then but it got lost in my many moves. Purchased my replacement on amazon and couldn’t be happier. It works like a charm and is easy to clean.

I had this farberware rotisserie. The exact same model has been in my mothers kitchen and mine for over 48 years. Cooks perfect pork and beef tenderloin, steaks and wings. I recently passed it along to my son and now he is cooking on it. What is shocking is the $400. 00 price tag the company is asking for it. No one should pay that amount for it.

A lot of not disclosed shipping and exchange costs that made the item too expensive.

All items included works just fine.

  • Can’t go wrong with old school cookware
  • Does a great job
  • Loved it then but it got lost in my many

Farberware Open Hearth Broiler & Rotisserie

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Farberware
  • Rotisserie
  • Grill

Thank you for sending this to me. I originally had one of these and it got lost when i was moving. So i thought i would try to replace it, for they don’t make it anymore. Thank you so much i will surely enjoy it. It arrived in good condition.

One of the legs was broken – we glued it and it was fine. The motor was also broken, upon opening the cover it was discovered that a gear was loose – it still needs to be repaired.

The flavor of the food is better than cooking on your grill. No one should live without one of these.

The farberware open hearth rotisserie is amazing. That said, i would never ever pay nearly $400 for one. These are old- from the 60s-70s. We have two of them that we have gotten at estate sales over the years. Never paying more than $20 in southern california. When we come across one we buy it- sometimes it is just parts that we use for backup. You can make the most delicious chicken- a real family favorite.

My mom has one of these and i borrowed it last night to use as a grill. It was easy to use (i used it indoors), and was very easy to clean since the whole thing comes apart do not leave it unattended, however. I noticed the electrical cord became quite warm which probably isn’t a good sign and i feel like a very greasy meat might provide fuel for a fire. Keep some baking soda handy when you use it. That being said, i didn’t worry too much as i cooked last night, and the flank steak i made with it was delicious. Bottom line, if you’re in the market for one of these, i wouldn’t pay more than $50 (try to pay less, as a matter of fact) because they are old, possibly dangerous, and you might not be able to repair/replace worn parts.

I never got the productsomeone stole it off my door step. I was so looking forward to it as well. My mom use to have one, and it made the best steaks and burgers.

Excellent appliance, it is a shame that farberware doesn’t make it anymore.

Lost my old one in move to new location so i had to get new one. Last one i had for 20 years, and i swear, not a thing has been changed on it. For once someone knew’ do not mess up a good thing’. Easy to clean and replacement part easy to get.

Had the same one for 32 years had to get the same one just love it.

Mine is still in use today after over 35 years. Tomorrow, roasting a boneless stuffed turkey during the football game – can’t wait.

One is 40 years old and one 30 years old. I have made sure to pick up spare parts at garage sales. I have had to replace one plug that goes to an outlet over the years. I had one electric element fail during this time. Whenever i saw one at a garage sale at a good price ( $10 ) i bought it and either fixed it up for a gift or used the parts to upgrade my own units. Compared to a “set it and forget it” it takes longer to cook with, but is far easier to clean. For duck or goose it cannot be beat. I do not use it for grilling because i have cast iron skillets for steaks and chops, but i do love the ease of properly cooking skewered foods in that it is easy to rotate the skewers. If you can get your hands on a complete unit, you will not be disappointed but be in wonderment.

For years, i lamented about my grandparents rotisserie and would compare every rotisserie to theirs and the others would just come up short in my opinion. In searching for a rotisserie for the umpteenth time, how i came across this i have no idea; i was excited as it was the exact model my grandparents used. Seller answered all of my questions promptly. Received it faster than it was originally stated – which made me very happy. When it arrived, my husband laughed as i was like a little kid at christmas. Cleaned all of the pieces and put a whole chicken on it yesterday and it came out great. We have a pork shoulder roast on it right now and it’s looking good (we’ve had to block the kitchen off as our dogs keep circling the counter with their noses up high. Glad to see i can find parts for it if/when ever needed around the web though and the free instructions on another site. Overall, we’re very happy with our purchase as i am sure it will get a lot of use.

From the picture that tells me that this is what i purchased, it was not. It did not come with the rotisserie attachment. You have to read the fine print further down to see that it only came with the grill and you could not return it.

Love it and it is easy to wash.

We had one of these when i was a kid, used it all the time for bacon, burger patties, hot dogs, steaks, grilling buns. We never did use the rotisserie feature, i am looking forward to trying it out. The heating element can be pulled out, so cleaning is easy – just the drip pan, grate, and open pan.

I cooked on ours last weekend. After 43 years it still cooks to perfection. After sitting without use for a while i did have to take the rotisserie motor apart to lube it. But it was simple and runs quietly.

I enjoyed my farberware open hearth broiler rotisserie and prepared a beautiful prime rib for a birthday dinner party and two days later was preparing a pork loin for a christmas dinner and the motor was dead. What a great disappointment. Any chance i could get a replacement or my money back?.

This is our 2nd one and it works great. The first one we had also work great but due to down sizing we sold it now that we have a little more room we purchased the second one which shows how much we like it and how well it cooks. We use it as a rotisserie and the food cook evenly. If you like rotisserie food then this is a excellent purchase. This does require a lot of room for storage when not in use. Also i think farberware stop making them.