Maxi-Matic ERC-008ST Rice Cooker : It works pretty well

I had no problem with this cooker till now.

I like this product very much with aluminum cooker inside and steamer basket.

Maxi-Matic ERC-008ST Rice Cooker, 16 Cup, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Keep- warm function to keep food fresh before serving
  • 16 Cup capacity
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Steamer attachment with cooltouch handles
  • Removable aluminum cooking pot for easy cleaning
  • Item Shape: Round
  • Cook perfect, fluffy rice every time with the Elite Gourmet Deluxe 16 Cup Rice Cooker with Steam Tray. Make up to 16 cups of cooked rice (using 8 cups of uncooked rice) while steaming your favorite vegetables or fish at the same time. No more waiting for water to boil or watching the pot on the stovetop, this unit automatically cooks rice and switches to “Keep Warm” when cooking is complete, keeping food hot and fresh before serving. Vented tempered glass lid lets you monitor the cooking cycle. It includes an easy to clean removable cooking pot and steam tray with cool-touch handles for safe handling, an easy to read measuring cup and spatula for easy serving and a tempered glass lid for convenient viewing. Great for making white rice, brown rice, flavored rice, etc.
  • 16 Cup capacity
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Steamer attachment with cooltouch handles
  • Removable aluminum cooking pot for easy cleaning
  • Keep- warm function to keep food fresh before serving

It is nice, and help me a lot, easy to cook rice.

I love my rice cooker it made my life so much easier.

Had it for a couple of months now and it’s still working great.

Maxi-Matic ERC-008ST Rice Cooker, 16 Cup, White : I still have yet to use this, but it was one heck of a deal.

Received in a timely manner and product looks great.

This is our go-to appliance for dim sum night. Rice in the bottom, veggies on top, and our bamboo steamers even fit on top of the veggie steamer for a tower of dim sum cookeryif you’re looking for just a cooker/steamer for one to two persons i would recommend a smaller rice cooker, however. I sometimes end up cooking rice on a pot on the stove if only cooking for myself and my husband, because the cooker is just so big.

I have been using rice cookers for about five years or so. I started with the 3 cup drugstore type and got this larger one last year to enable me to make the recipes that i was finding online. First, this cooker served me well for about the last nine months, but then yesterday, i clicked it on and then left expecting to find my dinner ready when i returned. When i got back, i found the rice uncooked, the lights off, and still plugged into the wall. In anger because i don’t want the toxic non-stick bowl, i threw it away. As a last resort, when i googled rice maker lights out. I immediately found a diy fix with the thermal fuse. 13 later, she works like new.

Rival CKRVRCM063 3-Cup uncooked resulting in 6-Cup Rice Cooker : Works great for a great price!

Works well i wish i would have orderded a little bigger one.

This rival rice cooker is just great. I got it out the box, read the manual and in 20 minutes i was eating the best, fluffy, and moist rice i ever experienced. This device makes cooking rice a breeze. No mess,no complicated motions, just plug it in, put how mush rice you need, put in the pre-measured water,press the button to cook and just sit by and have some fun with your dog until the button pops up and tells you the rice is donejust make sure you wait till it’s not too hot to touch about 10 minutes does it. Ummm ummm goodyou can’t buy a better cooker at this price.

Rival CKRVRCM063 3-Cup uncooked resulting in 6-Cup Rice Cooker, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 6 cups cooked rice capacity (3 cups uncooked)
  • Safety automatic shut-off
  • Removable non stick pot
  • Integrated one touch operation
  • Automatic keep warm with indicator light
  • 6 cups cooked rice capacity (3 cups uncooked)
  • Safety automatic shut-off
  • Removable nonstick pot
  • Integrated one touch operation
  • Automatic keep warm with indicator light

This rice cooker is great, absolutely no complaints. Easy clean up and always cooks rice perfectly. Still works after many months of use.

The best way to cook the rice is to make sure that you rinse the rice 3 times in cold water before adding to cooker,use 2 1/2, rice cooker cups of raw rice and fill the pot to the 3 cup level. Cook until water is totally absorbed mix make sure that the bottom is moved around. Then shut off the cook switch. Let stand for 5 mins, check the rice if not cooked thru then put power back for 2 mins. Then shut off and leave on warm switch. This works great for white rice can’t say anything about brown rice as we do not eat it. We use it everyday to make rice.

I was initially not satisfied with the amount of quantity it can cook. But it’s good if you want to cook for 1 or 2 persons. And it is easy to use and clean.

Rival CKRVRCM063 3-Cup uncooked resulting in 6-Cup Rice Cooker, White : Update: because i was still within my warranty on my original purchase, the company replaced my unit with a new one. I didn’t have to pay for shipping or anything. I’m definitely satisfied with the customer service i received (although it did feel a little stilted in the language of the emails) and i’m still glad i didn’t buy a more expensive rice cooker. I totally understand that you get what you pay for but i think i paid for more than 4 uses. I love the convenience of a rice cooker, not taking up another burner on my stove or using my microwave. I don’t love when i go to use a product i’ve had less than 6 months and it doesn’t work. No, but that could easily be adjusted by using less water, more water, more rice, etc. I bought this for the simple fact that i’m a busy mom who likes rice. I ended up doing what i was trying to avoid and made my rice on the stove top.

I bought this in 2010 from walmart i’ve never had an issue with mine and it still works great. I use it about once a month and it has survived a move from missouri to california.

This is the best item i have bought in the last few months, i dont know why i didn’t buy one a long time ago.

So simple, so non-stick, so multi-purpose. The element will burn out from overuse if you’re making toast with it.

Missed my old one, was happy to find this one.

I bought this for my roommate after our old roommate moved out and took her (exact same one) with her. For a small and affordably rice cooker, it is perfect. You need to be careful as it tends to bubble and spit out what i can only describe as rice goo on the counter. But if you use slightly less water than described in the directions, you’ll have no problems at all.It works well and the directions are easy to follow. We’ve had it for 3/4 of the year and use it at least once-twice a week and have had no issues arise.

Rice cooker failed after seven (7) months of minor use. One year warranty was invalidated as we disposed of the cooker when it failed. This was my fault, i should have kept the cooker for the warranty coverage. However seven months of minor use is not an acceptable lifespan. A word to the wise – dont trash the appliance if it fails. Hmmmm, you know what, i got a phone call back from rival after i posted the previous comment (above) to the amazon website. They decided to honor my warranty after all. I am still not impressed by the lifespan. Received a new rice cooker yesterday from rival. Warranty service took care of the defective unit.

This item is simple, and gets the job done. It’s almost as easy as using a toaster: put in the correct ratio of water to rice, and push the button down. When it’s done, it pops up, and goes to ‘warm’. Minus one star for sometimes burning the bottom rice last layer of rice, especially if you don’t periodically turn it while it’s cooking (especially during the later stages when most of the water has evaporated. ) if the cooker had an option to turn completely off when finished, i think it would mitigate this problem. That being said, this was a well-spent $16.

Owned one before, really like this, leaves a nice thin crust on the bottom that i absolutely love.

We have had it for years and it still works like a charm.

Works well, but is a bit of a cheap in construction. Not many features, but it’s worth the price for cooking small portions of rice.

I have only had this for a month, but i have been so surprised by it’s versatility. I had never owned a rice cooker before because they are so big and bulky. This size is perfect for a family of 4. I only cook whole grains/ i wasn’t sure if this cooker would work well for that. It doesn’t turn itself off of the ‘warm’ cycle, so the first whole grain rice i cooked, ‘stayed warm’ over night, it was a little soft, but still edible. I have used it since then to cook whole grain rice, whole grain pasta, and lentils, and it did an awesome job on all of them. I didn’t know if it would over cook the pasta, but i needed to go to the store for the rest of my dinner ingredients, and i also wanted the noodles ready when i returned so i could quickly finish making dinner when i got back, and 1 1/2 hours later, the pasta was perfect.

I am a single guy and this is the best electric rice cooker for the price. It also cooks rice faster than any other cookers on the market. I had experience with 2 other brands but none were closely good. Also the bowl that comes with the cooker is enamel coated inside which makes it easy to clean.

I may have gotten a really good rice cooker since a lot of these reviews seem to be negative or neutral. I’ve had mine for 2 years now, one year in which i used it daily to feed my roommate and i during my first year in college. >it’s small so it works for small living areas but cooks enough rice for 2-3 people depending on how much you eat. >it’s simple so you can’t really mess up the rice unless you forget to unplug it after it’s finished cooking (you should leave it in the ‘warm’ feature for at least 15 minutes because the steam is what cooks the rice last). Just rinse the pot and the lid and everything slides off then you’re good to go. Remember to not use sharp sponges or sharp objects to scratch the non-stick coating. >i don’t see how it broke for others. Just don’t open the lid while the rice is cooking and the drastic temperature won’t shatter the lid. Don’t leave the cooker running for a long time after it’s done cooking or it will overheat the machine. Unplug the cooker whenever you don’t use it so it doesn’t burn out. It’s pretty simple to not break, unless it was broken from the manufacturing batch. I highly recommend this cooker if you eat rice everyday like i do and want a simple, cheap, and efficient way of doing it.

It cooks rice very well and didn’t cost much. I would definitely recommend this product.

Very nice rice cooker that is easy to use and to clean. If you are making a small quantity of rice, say for 1 or 2 servings, you’ll have to experiment a bit to get the quantities just right. Once you get that, this will be your new best friend when it comes to cooking rice.

I bought this at the local ‘wally’ and then got online to read the review. I almost took it back before i used it. Look, i hammer this kid relentlessly, no mercy, on a daily basis. I expected it to crap the bed after the 2nd use and after months of unending use, i’m still waiting for it to die. No issues, no faults, simple as it gets. I won’t say something like ‘perfect rice every time’, but once you get the feel for how it really works, it’s a dream. C’mon, are you really going to complain when a 1/2 cup of rice and some water goes less than expected?. For the money spent, you cannot go wrong. Then again, i may have gotten one of the units that was built on a wednesday right at opening bell. I don’t know, but i’ll grab another one in a heartbeat if.

Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker “Eve” 6cup, Five Stars

Great design and easy to use.

This was a gift and she loves it.

I like the looks, i like how it cooks the rice.

Key specs for Cuchen Micom Rice Cooker “Eve” 6cup:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Grey LCD Display for English / Korean
  • 1.7T Tephron coating oven
  • Dettachable inner lid for easy cleaning
  • Menu settings include: white, mixed, porridge, sweet, brown, GABA brown, quick cooking and slow cook
  • Light Alam navigation Feature

Comments from buyers

“awesome little rice maker
, Great !!
, works perfect and looks great in my kitchen

Just wish it had a rice scooper holder, but no biggie.

Perfect compact size for your countertop. It is also pretty to look at. The only thing that would make this better, is if it had a retractable chord.

Didn’t have the lock i’d expected it to have but seems to work fine. The rice dries if you keep it warm for more than 2 days.

I’ve forgotten how to cook rice on the stove so this is perfect. Very simple to use and it plays a cute little tune when the rice is ready.

Rice can be used days after still fresh.

I normally buy cuckoo rice cookers but decided to give this company a try, works perfect and looks great in my kitchen.

The rice maker is bigger than i thought. Brown rice, white rice, and mixed rice.

The machine itself works fine. For instance, on one page it tells you to read about the ‘presets’ at ‘item 4 on pg. Well, page 4 is only about how to avoid electrical hazards. Where the info really is on a much later page, but again the numbering is off in that there is no ‘item 4’ but there are two item 3s. Obviously they didn’t edit the manual very well. There are other inconsistiencies as well as a lack of clear instructions on the basic operation of the machine.

It seems longer for the rice to cook. If we keep it on when the rice is cooked, it automatically re-heats throughout the day, which makes the rice hard on top and on edges. If there’s a way to control the heat would be nice. Other than that, its attractive and it cooks the rice.

I previously returned zojirushi glass-lid rice cooker and i bought this one as an alternative.

I just received this korean rice cooker over the weekend it’s awesome. Kept rice nice and warm for hours. 😀 i just made 2 cups of brown jasmine rice. Asian rice cookers are the best especial korean rice cookers.My first on line purchase for an asian small appliance.

The only downsize of this item is. When you open the lid there should be a handle on both sides of the inner pot that’s usual common design for korean rice cookers i have known (i am korean grew up in korea) but to grab the pot out of the cooker is too big of a challenge.

This little rice maker is great, if you’re looking for a simple, put rice water and turn on rice maker this one is great. The rice comes out perfect every time for me, it does not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive ones but it makes delicious nurungji, brown rice, white rice, and i’ve used the porridge setting to make oatmeal. I had a more expensive sojirushi previous to this and i just could not figure it out. It’s also really cute and looks nice on my counter.

Love the color and simplicity. It’s easy to use and makes good rice in any type of rice.

We’ve owned this rice cooker for 7 years, and we absolutely love it. It’s simple, easy to use, super-easy to clean and makes perfect rice every time. We don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, we just wanted quick and simple rice. This is everything we wanted.

This brand and cuckoo are the best quality in the market (used both)very satisfied customer.

Makes good rice though but i cant figure out the features.

Good rice cooker but the delivery was too slow.

The design looks much better than the screen :)it’s so cute.

Zojirushi NSRNC-18A 10-Cup, great product

Makes a lot of rice in one pass.

Stand leg lengths were uneven causing cooker to precariously lean to one side, after one use it burned out – electrical smell, burnt rice, and electrical system shot. Poor workmanship and qc right out of the box. Amazon promptly sent a replacement – this one works great. The manufacturer needs improving quality control before releasing their product.

Works well and keeps your rice warm :).

Key specs for Zojirushi NSRNC-18A 10-Cup (Uncooked) Automatic Rice Cooker and Warmer with Floral Imprint:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cooks up to 10 cups of rice and then automatically keeps it warm
  • Locking lid keeps rice fresh and moist for 12 hours
  • Removable nonstick cooking pan prevents rice from sticking, cleans easily
  • Cord retracts under unit to eliminate clutter
  • Includes spatula, spatula holder, measuring cup
  • NOTE: Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY

Comments from buyers

“Good replacement
, Calories All Day Long
, They don’t build things like they used to.

This rice cooker is woking good but the price is a little high than the super maket sell after i bought it.

I purchased this rice cooker for the soul reason that i was shortly due to become a student with a small budget. I also have a metabolism of a humming-bird — that and small budgets don’t mix well. But try as i might, there is no way i can fit more than 6 cups of cooked rice into my gullet over a day. That said, i measure out only 2 cups dry rice (a 1/4 cup rice equals about 3/4 cup cooked rice) and 2 cups water in the morning, let it sit for 30 minutes for extra fluffiness, and cook with a single finger press. What can i say, the rice turns out just as i expect it. In fact, there is little difference between the texture of this rice and the texture of the rice i’ve had in korea over the last two years. The best part — it keeps extremely well all day long, providing the calories i need to survive. The rice loses little moisture, doesn’t scortch, and remains flavorful. If i weren’t single then the capacity allows me to scale up. And i am expecting this rice cooker to survive a very long time based on experiences with other’s in my family (i’m thinking about floral imprinted ricecooker that survived 18 years).

Makes the best rice we have ever had – only wish we had bought it sooner. Has changed our eating habits for the better.

Cooks rice fast–twice as fast as the digital cookersi had the older model zojirushi 10-cup–i thought it was perfect. They have made this one easier to clean (wider water trough, wider drip recepticle so you can fit a finger in now). Also you can cook only 2 cups of rice if you want (the old one said minimum was 3 cups).

I’d say it is the most logical rice cooker to use, for it does not make the rice dry in around 5 days, it is really amazing. This is a replacement of my old zojirushi rice cooker that last more than 20 years.

One of the best rice cooker. Nice and fluffy rice every time. I love the rice cooker so far.

Our previous rice cooker (same brand) lasted us close to 20 years. Didn’t see a need to change brands with that kind of reliability.

After 2 years of daily use, still looks brand-new. The nonstick coating is thick and of high quality — hard to scratch. I expect this thing to outlast me.

Hope it works as well as ours.

Rice on the bottom never go brown or crunchy. I cook white rice in it at least 3 times a week. 10 cup size capacity which is great for mid size(3-5 people) family. Just follow the instructions and the rice will come out great. And i tried the warm up feature for more than 5 hours and rice were still the same quality.

This product replaced on i have had for over 10 years. We eat rice almost every day in our family. In 40 years this is the third rice cooker i have purchased.

Had one previously that went at least 14 years. Only trouble was deterioration within the lid (rust) where the insulation was. I hope they fixed that with this new one. Beside rice, we use the device to keep mashed potatoes at their peak if made ahead of time.

It does cook the rice the way i like it. This is the second zojirushi rice cooker i purchased. So far it’s great especially when we have parties. The latter was a 5 cups only.

We bought this to replace our 8 cup rice steamer that we had for over 20 years. All i can say is that this cooks our rice perfectly every time. We usually only cook 2-3 cups of rice & only when we have company over do we cook 10 cups. It has flowers, it does what it was design to do. Highly recommend this product.

This rice cook is the best you can get. Simple design, easy to clean, easy to use. One click away from cooking perfect evenly cook rice. The last one we got last about 6 years. We use it everyday, i think the thermo sensor stop working properly, so it under cook the rice. Now we getting a new one, i am sure it will last as long.

The rice container shows sign of scratches even when cleaned carefully with soft cloth, and even after few uses only.

It has a dent on the lower exterior. They way that it cooks rice is fine, the only problem with it is that once you open the lid all the water that condensed at the top drip back down into the rice causing it to become somewhat mushy. I have owned this brand of rice cooker for many years. The only reason i was purchasing a new one was due to the fact that the rice cooker that i had for 18 years finally broke down on me. Don’t get me wrong, this company makes very nice rice cookers that last a very long time, or at least they did 18 years ago.

This is by far the best rice cooker of all time. I seriously love this thing.

Not all rice cookers are the same and this one is pretty awesome. It’s nice to have warm rice all day. I was a little bitter when i saw it at my local h-mart for $20 less but what can you.

We got this as a wedding gift and use it multiple times each week, making anywhere between 3 and 7 cups of rice at a time. I’m writing this review now because i’m starting to look for another rice cooker. The cooker keeps on steaming perfectly, but we’ve slowly worn down the nonstick surface inside the liner. I’m not disappointed; we’ve had a lot of great meals because of this machine. For its successor we’re only considering zojirushi because of how pleased we are with this model. And yes, i’ll agree with another commenter that the floral pattern is part of the style. That way you know it’s a legit zojirushi and you won’t confuse it with a black & decker or westinghouse. You definitely do not want to make that mistake.

Too big for a 3 people family.

Oster 20-Cup Rice Cooker – Four Stars

This product is not as good as the first one i had for 11 yrs, this rice cooker constantly burns the rice, and if you cook vegetables it also burns the food. I am very dissatisfied, and would not recommend this rice cooker to anyone.

Frankly i was surprised to see that oster is still selling this model. Usually companies refresh their product line every few years. We bought this rice cooker about 5 years ago. It is simple to operate and makes a lot of rice at a time. As others have noted, it will brown the bottom of the rice if left on ‘warm’ once cooking is complete. We pull the plug once the rice is done to keep this from happening. You can tell that the cooker is finished when the switch makes an audible ‘click’ and the operation light changes from red to orange. We always make the same amount of rice, about 7 – 8 cups, using a ratio of 7 cups of water to 4 cups of rice. We originally used the plastic measuring cup that came with the cooker, but that became tedious so we just weighed the ingredients and now pour the rice and water into the teflon pot over a scale. 1lb 2 3/4 oz of rice and 2lb 5 oz of water.

I got this rice cooker as a gift last christmas, and have been using it 2 times a week for the whole year with no problems. Jasmine rice, and it turns out perfectly every time. I did give a four star rather than a five because if you leave it on warm for more than 20 minutes the bottom of the rice can burn- i make just enough for dinner- serve it, then unplug it to keep any little extra warm enough for seconds. Super easy- one of the best gifts i’ve gotton. Now that i know i will use it, i might save up for a nicer one, but this is a great starter rice cooker to buy to make sure you will use it. Here are the specifications for the Oster 20-Cup Rice Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 20-cup rice cooker cooks both brown and white rice as well as a variety of other foods
  • Easy, one-touch operation: start cooking with a single button push
  • Automatic keep warm setting keeps food at optimal serving temperature
  • Locking lid forms an airtight seal and stays cool to the touch
  • Inner pot is removable for quick cleanup
  • Note: 20 cups of cooked rice and 10 cups of uncooked rice

A little bi9t of sticking and rice not completely cooked at times but i think she’s grtting better.

I gave a five star rating because i love this product. I wore my old one out because we used it so much. I recommend this product to everybody who loves rice as much as my family does.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • makes enough for us
  • This is a great product. It does exactly what it’s designed to
  • This product is not as good as the first one I had for 11 yrs

An asian family gave this rice cooker to us as a gift (they use the same model for their own use) and it works wonderfully. I’ve used it once or twice a week for several years and with consistent results throughout. I’d recommend this product to anyone who enjoys authentic asian ‘sticky’ rice.

Our family loves this rice cooker and would have given it five stars if it wasn’t for the fact that this was to replace the one that shorted out. These units seem to last for about a year based on use before something goes wrong with it. I gave this four stars simply for the fact that we use ours almost every day and that is a lot of use for a small unit like this.

I got this model in 2005 still have it today. It has never burned my rice. Although with its age the non stick pot does not keep the rice from sticking. I would say i cook 25lbs of rice a year, maybe a little more. So i have no complaints about the one i got. I can’t explain the problems others are having with theirs. Maybe the company’s quality control isn’t what it use to be, but the nine years of service mine has givin me makes me a fan and i am bummed that the newer reviews are so negative.

I am kind of shocked to see the other reviews on this. I have had mine for over 10 years now and use it 2 or 3 times a week. It still cooks perfect rice every single time. My mom got a really fancy one for christmas by another maker, and it is worthless. I have tried to cook with hers and it takes hours. My rice is ready quickly and perfectly every time. I am buying her this one and telling her to toss the other one.

We make alot of sushi and it does the rice perfectly. We also use it for everyday rice quite often. I’ve never had a problem of it burning my rice so long as i don’t leave it on ‘warm’ to long. I’ve had it for over a year and have never had any problems. If you are looking for an inexpensive rice cooker that still does a decent job, this is the one to use.

We keep buying the same oster rice cooker every 2-3 years. . We use it everyday, so it does wear out. If you leave it on warm for too long, then it will form a crust at the bottom, but it comes off very easily. After awhile, sometimes it under cooks the rice, but if left on warm, it will cook thoroughly. Overall, we have found this rice cooker very useful and dependable. We love the rice that it cooks.

Tends to burn on the bottom but the steamer is greati.

This rice cooker has no fancy feature but it has worked well for us. We bought ours from macy over three years ago. The non-stick coating is beginning to wear thin. But that is not surprising since we use it every single day. We use the measuring cup that comes with it to measure the rice (good quality chinese, japanese, or korean rice, no uncle ben) and put in water according to the marking in the pot. We get good rice every time. It is true that if we leave it at ‘warm’ for a while, a thick hard crust would form at the bottom. But for us, we usually unplug it as soon as it finishes cooking so this rarely happens. When it does, we would take whatever above it and pour in half a cup of water. The crust comes off easily after 15 minutes or so and it is still pretty good for eating.

It does exactly what it’s designed to do. My first unit lasted around 20 years and finally it passed away; the lever to turn on the cooker broke. So i bought a new one and look forward to another 20 years of perfect rice.

When in warming, it tends to make some parts of the rice mushy so i pull the plug.

Nice but don’t close completely.

I have had this rice maker for a few years now, and to tell the truth i was about to give up on it because the rice was always overcooked at the bottom of the pan. Then, i read some of the reviews on here and found the simple solution–just immediately unplug the machine when the light goes from red to yellow (from cooking to warm). I did that and got a perfect pot of rice in about 25 minutes or so. I am so glad i gave it another shot.

This has to be one of the best rice cookers we have ever owned. It cooks a pot of rice in about half the time and when always is perfect. I would recommend this cooker for anyone looking for a quality – reliable cooker.

This item stopped working within 7 months. I owned the exact same one and it worked for years. I would love to have this replaced or return for a fefund.

This rice cooker is awesome i keep buying this particular brand whenever the one i own goes bad.

When it comes to rice cookers, the more basic they are it seems, the better they are. We had a zujurioshi one and the rice would go bad in about a day even if you cleaned the lid everytime. The oster is usually good for about 2 days at max. Still a much better buy and for a lot less money.

Electrolux Frigidaire Professional 10-Cup Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker – First Class Cooker

And cake too, i tried it just to see if it would, and it came out perfect.

I’ve been using this cooker for rice only so far, despite it’s ability to cook a variety of other things. For rice, it’s been working perfectly, and it’s extremely easy to use. Just add the amount of rice via the included measuring cup, add water to the line on the cooking bowl, then set the texture of the rice (soft, medium, or hard) and cook. The cooker will automatically cook the rice perfectly, then entire into a warming mode to keep the rice warm for an extended period of time.

If you’d asked me a couple of weeks ago if i needed a rice cooker, i would have laughed. What’s so hard about cooking rice that you need an entire gadget just to do that one job?. Well, now that i have this rice cooker, i can happily say that while i don’t need it, i really love having it in my kitchena few years ago, i stopped using white rice and switched to brown rice. It took me a while to find a good cooking method (baking it in a casserole dish using an alton brown recipe), and i truly believed that was as good as brown rice could possibly get. After taking this rice cooker out of the box and prepping it according to the manual, i followed the directions for making brown rice. I measured two cups of rice, rinsed it, let it soak in warm water for an hour (as the manual suggested), drained it, put it into the cooker, added water to the two cup line, closed the lid, and chose the brown rice setting. About 40 minutes later, my rice was done. I could not believe how much better the texture was compared to the other cooking methods i’ve tried for brown rice. I’ve also skipped the soaking step and the rice came out just as tasty. What is great about this rice cooker is the variety of settings. In addition to brown or white rice, you can choose settings for quick cook, cake, tahdig, small quantity, reheat, steam, stew, soup, and oatmeal. Other features like a delayed start let you easily time the completion of the dish for a specific meal or time of day. The cooker has sensors to make sure each setting cooks food just right. The rice cooker is easy to clean and comes with a steaming basket, measuring cup, rice server, and ladle. Here are the specifications for the Electrolux Frigidaire Professional 10-Cup Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 10-Cup dry rice capacity means plenty of cooked rice for the entire family
  • Takes the guesswork out of cooking rice with technology designed to make it your way
  • Easily cook white rice, brown rice, oatmeal, soups, stews, tahdig, cake and more
  • Cook every grain of rice in the pot evenly from top to bottom
  • Set it and forget it; Your food it hot, delicious and ready to eat when you get home

It is bery hard to read the lcd display (it is visible only when viewing from 90 degrees angle).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • We liked it but for the price it was larger and
  • Bad LCD display
  • Scrumptious Cake from a rice cooker of all things – astonishing versatility

We liked it but for the price it was larger and heavy than needed. Also the screen lcd was hard to see clearly. We opted instead for the wonderful tim3 machin3 rice cooker.

I’ve used this a couple of times so far just for rice and i love it. So much nicer than cooking it or getting the boil in bag varieties. Rice has come out perfect each time and i look forward to making total use of this in the future. If i find all functions are just as good, i will change this to a 5 star in the future.

Not much of a rice cooking family yet this is still one of our favorite kitchen appliances. It also takes up no excess space and works perfectly for us to have easy, home cooked meals when we get home. I did try some white rice, a safe starch, in the paleo community and it came out effortlessly perfect. The settings for slow cooking stews and soups have had equal success and steaming vegetables work well. It takes up less counter space than many slow cookers and i appreciate that.

First off i have to say this made really good rice, i mean, really good. I haven’t had a chance to bake a cake yet, but the instructions say that this is a possibility. Not only that, but there’s other options for stews, soups, and more. I basically gave away my old rice cooker, which was always a sticky mess. The frigidaire cooks clean, although it cooks things much slower. I’m a little shocked by the wait time on this, almost triple that of my old rice cooker. My only other major complaint about this is the electronic interface. Dark orange with a darkish gray text?. I seriously had to stare into it to figure out what it was saying. I don’t mind the small type size if they had more contrast in the colors. Style over substance does not win here.

There are some design flaws, for instance you have to select the cooking mode and texture then turn it on while it looks off. It is much cheaper than japanese brands and i think it worth the money.

Looks slick, very well designed from a functionality stand point. Menus and buttons are all easy to understand and intuitive. Construction of the unit is pretty solid. I’m impressed with the quality. Carry handle is a + as well as the ability to store the cord and everything else the machine comes with inside the machine itself is very nice and well thought out. We’ve cooked several kinds of rice and they’ve all come out perfect. The cooking time does seem to be a bit long, but worth it for the convenience. Remember, these are essentially steam machines. You can also steam veggies, fish, just about any other steam-able food in these suckers. Kinda disappointed that for the price tag it didn’t come with a little cook book of suggested recipes.

Fuzzy logic?i had to look up what that means. But it makes sense now, i think. It allows the electronics involved to think on a scale rather just ‘cold or hot. Rice: works well for white and brown rice. I’m not sure i like the texture, it was a little mushy following the directions. Also, that cycle runs an hour. It’s more of a ‘sure, you can do this’ than a ‘buy it to make oatmeal’3.

This is a very convenient, flexible, easy to use multi-use rice cooker. The instructions how to make rice or soup or cake or steam vegetables are very clear even though i not much of a cook, the things that i tried did came out perfect in the first attempt. I dumped a can of soup in the cooker, set the timer and didn’t look at it until the time was up. I used a standard cake mix, dumped it in the cooker didn’t look at it until the time was up. The fact that it has a handle and everything including the cable can be quickly stored inside the cooker is a nice feature since it makes storage very simple. Everything can be disassembled for cleaning and the lid locks in firmly. If there is anything that i could mention as a minor issue is that this cooker operates a bit slower than other products so if you are in the market for something to make your food quick this cooker might not be for you. On the other hand if you prefer something flexible that operates hassle free, i certainly recommend this one.

It makes perfect rice, white or brown, and you can make it in very large quantities. This cooker makes soup, stew, and even cake from off-the-shelf cake mixes. It is a large machine but worth the money and the counter space. My old rice cooker, a zojirushi, was great, but not this great. I placed it in a loving home in need of rice.

I have never owned a rice cooker before and honestly, did not even realize i needed one. Then this fuzzy logic 10-cup cooker came into our kitchen and declared war on my other old school gadgets and methods. My husband and i both read the users guide & claims on the box about making perfect rice, soup, stew, tahdig and cake and to be honest, we laughed out loud. Rice i can boil in the bag any old time, but cake made easily and without supervision on the counter top?. Fridgidaire, we call your bluff and raise you yellow cake with cream cheese icing. See the attached photo and you will find an utterly perfect, light, moist, fluffy, golden sunshine yellow cake cooked in the rice cooker. There is not a hint of a scorched or overcooked edge anywhere on it. I poured the batter in, closed the lid, selected ‘cake’, pressed start and walked away. 50 minutes later the beeper sounded and the cake was ready. I did make a batch of simple white rice as a sort of after thought tonight and it was amazing. Far better than the boil in bag variety we usually eat.

I’m usually against adding more appliance clutter to my counter, but this cooker is for more than just rice. I’ve cooked several complete meals in it: fish/vegetables/rice combos are definitely my favorite. It’s easy to use and program and also easy to clean afterward. Although i’m in the early stages of experimenting with the range of this cooker it has already earned a spot on my counter.

Update: i contacted frigidaire this week and requested more detailed instructions on the use of this unit and a recipe book. They stated they had neither. And were getting similar requests from others and the lack of instruction was being looked into. So until that error is corrected and with not help from them, i suggest others look to online info from aroma fuzzy logic cooker for detailed recipes. To get the most out of this nice rice cooker————————————————————————————————————————————i am a long time rice cooker user and found out, long ago, all the wonders a rice cooker can do to make my life easier. I have always wanted a fuzzy logic one but due to price. I was content to continue to use my one button cheapo rice cooker. A fuzzy logic rice cooker more precisely regulates the temperature and length of cooking then my one button rice cooker. E machine uses its fuzzy logic computer chip to sense and observe the rice as it cooks, adjusting for the kind of rice your using and volume, and intervene by changing the temperature, when necessary. . Also the 3 d heating system allows the heat to distribute evenly and cook the rice perfectly so you aren’t getting hot spots. . Perfectly cooked rice or grainswell when i was given the opportunity to use this frigidaire fuzzy logic rice cooker, i was delighted. This unit is not a small unit but a 10 cup size but you can make small amounts for 1 -2 people or large amounts for 6-7 people. It comes w the usual utensils of a rice scoop, paddle, and a measure cup.

It’s a terrific design with really no way to fault it. It cooks rice nicely, cooks enough for the family (and has a feature where you can cook a smaller amount easily), doesn’t take up a lot of space, and is pretty easy to store, carry around, move, etc. It takes up enough space that if you don’t eat much rice it might not make sense if you have a full kitchen. Buttons, menus and controls are clearly marked and easy to control. My main beef, and it’s a small one, is like so many other niche products, it seems like a lot of money for what you get. But i can’t ding it much on that. If you eat a lot of rice, it is most likely worth it. One thing i need to stress, though, it takes far longer to cook rice with this than the way we had been using, so if you’re used to quick rice, this won’t make it for you. One of us is always at home, so it’s not a problem, but for a modern family that is coming home just before dinner, it’s not the best option, even if the rice it makes is really very good. Still full-on 4 start, though.

This is a great steamer with many extra features that allow timer set up so you arrive home from work with your meal ready to eat. It make perfect rice, soup, stews and even steam cakes. The computer controls help make everything perfect, the 24 hour preset options take guess work out of cooking time. The biggest mistake frigidaire made with this product was not shipping a cookbook with the many possible recipes this wonderful steamer can make, i don’t understand why they didn’t research all the meals one can prepare, set the timer and have ready for the family at meal time. Cookbooks are available so i recommend getting one so you use the full potential of this steamer. It does have a large footprint so i store mine in the pantry when not in use. The stick-free bowl has a 3-d heating making even temperature, it holds up to 10 cups and lifts out. With 11 preset options its easy setting up making it very easy to use. Once your meal is done you can keep it warm using the warming option. I’m very happy with the ease of use and the quality of the food this steamer.

The frigidaire professional rice cooker does a wonderful job cooking both white and brown rice. No crispy layer on the bottom; no worries about over or undercooking. Depending on serving size, it takes anywhere from 35-50 minutes to cook. You can also use a delay start feature perfect for having your rice done when you want it. This machine also cooks cake, stew, soup, oatmeal, and steams veggies; none of which i have tried. The unit itself is rather large and oval shaped. I wouldn’t leave it out on the counter for this reason, but it is a nice looking appliance if you choose to do so.

Am i supposed to explain the difference between boolean and fuzzy logic?. I’ll just concede the cooker is probably smarter than i am and can access, analyze and adapt to exterior circumstances. Seriously, simply put, the ‘ fuzzy logic’ just means the cooker senses by weight rather than temperature. Rice is perfectly cooked when moisture is between 58 and 64 percent. This cooker is another one of those things that i didn’t know i needed. Really, how often do you need ten cups of rice?. But now i don’t want to be without it and, of course, there is a small serving setting. If you plan to keep the cooker on your counter-top it will take up about 12 x 16 in. I plan to get rid of a crock-pot, veggie steamer and soup pot to free up more room for storage.

Tatung 6-Cup Multifunction Indirect Heat Rice Cooker Steamer and Warmer : Five Stars

It works well and does a nice job of steaming rice. It takes a bit to understand that the measuring cup that comes with the steamer is not equal to a standard cup. Your must use the cup that comes with the unit to get good results. Also it was disappointing to find, contrary to tatung advertising, that the warmer must be turned on by hand after the rice is finished steaming, therefor you cannot leave it unattended if you don’t want your rice to be cold when you return. It works much better than our former rice cooker that had no steaming and burned the rice at the bottom of the pan.

Alittle bit of a learning curve, but makes the best rice.

The rice stick to the pot if i leave it out for a while to cool down. Otherwise, it is good and serves the purpose.

This rice cooker is a very nice product. It performs just as i expect. I am very satisfied with this product.

  • The best rice cooker you will ever own
  • Good Rice Cooker, but not for small batches
  • Tatung TAC-06KN6 Cups Indirect Rice Cooker

6-Cup Multifunction Indirect Heat Rice Cooker Steamer and Warmer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Multi-Functional Rice Cooker & Steamer
  • 6 Cups Stainless steel rice cooker.
  • With warming On/Off Switch
  • All the accessories: lid, inner cover, inner pot, and steamer plate
  • Good for cooking white, sweet, and brown rice.

I’ve had this rice cooker for a few months now. I make rice or quinoa in it about three times a month. I don’t need to make a lot of rice, so making one cup (included with cooker), comes out a little dry sometimes. I have to figure out how much water to put in to get it just right. On the whole i am satisfied with the cooker. Next time i’ll buy a much smaller appliance. Rice cooker that i loved until it broke. I gave this one four stars because i sometimes can’t get the consistency i want with such a small batch.

This cooker works great as advertised. It is a very convenient utensil as well. Rice, stews, buns can be made/steamed to fully cooked in 15 minutes.

This is my first adult rice cooker and boy, does this make the best rice ever. This does not even compare to your typical $20 rice cooker. This makes the fluffiest, most delicious rice. It tastes exactly like the rice that my chinese friends make.The annoying thing is that it comes with its own measuring cup which is not a standard size. I’ve lost it a couple of times and it’s hard to get the measurements just right. It can also get complicated because you have to put water inside with the rice and outside of the inner pot too. However, this is worth it for the quality of rice that you get. This comes with a helpful little insert to tell you not just how to make rice but also how to steam veggies and make soups. I haven’t tried it for that yet but i’d love to eventually.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this product. This is my second “tatung” rice cooker in thirty years so that has to say something. My first one still works but i am afraid it will fail one day so to be on the safe side, i purchased this one. We have used it several times now, and like the first, performs perfectly.You will not be sorry if you purchase this rice cooker and plan to have for many years. Cooks, white rice, brown rice, steams, so many things.

Makes perfect, burn-free rice and other grains. It takes a bit of practice to adjust the amount of water in the cooking and outer vessel if you’ve been using a direct heat cooker, but once you get that down it is an excellent cooker. (don’t put it under a cabinet while cooking – it produces a lot of steam – put it on a counter with plenty of room for the steam to rise.

My four star rating means “very good–recommended. ” i bought the tatung tac-06kn 6-cup rice cooker to replace a cooker that worked but i did not like the non-stick cooking vessel. I was not looking for, or knew of, the indirect cooking method but i prefer the results to direct cooking. I have cooked two batches of rice so far and i like the results. It is easy to use and to clean. The tatung literature says this model does not have an automatic warming cycle. However, when my tatung finishes cooking it automatically switches to warm–so. ? i am accustomed to the high quality of my all-clad cookware which is heavy, high quality stainless steel/aluminum or copper cores and permanently riveted stainless steel handles. In contrast, the tatung is made of much thinner gauge stainless steel and plastic handles attached with screws and that’s why i did not give it 5-stars. I recommend increasing the amount of cooking water slightly as compared to the tatung instructions if you like a moister, fluffier rice.

Tatung used to make good quality products, old rice cooker was made to last10-20 years, but this new rice cooker, is suppose to made with stainless material, but it still gets rusty in some area. I used for about a year, then it was not working. A friend of mine fixed it,the fuse inside cause the problem. This product is too expensive that should lastlong time rather than a year.

Tatung’s items are generally in good quality.

Cooks a perfect bowl of rice. Fluffy, steamed, soft, even. Not mushy on the bottom or dry on top. Stainless steel inner pot easy to clean and don’t have to worry about nonstick coating being scraped off. No spillage from the sides while cooking if instructions followed properly on how much water to place in outer pot. Its worth the investment if you eat rice frequently at home. Couldn’t be happier with this product.

I bought this old fashioned rice cooker because i could not find a stainless steel bowl replacement for my beloved zojirushi. The rice that i get out of the tatung is okay, though my mother turns her nose up at it. The keep warm feature is not good for using more than an hour or so– the rice completely dries out. Edited to reflect that i may not be using the keep warm correctly, as others seem to have good results. I’m using the cup included, not sure why the rice gets mushy on top but dried on the bottom when i use the keep warm feature.

This rice cooker works very well. We have owned numinous rice makers and this is by far the best. The rice never sticks and is always done to perfection.

I’m really surprised that rice doesn’t stick to the stainless steel bowl. Why were we using the unsafe teflon coated ones for so long when they are not safe?. It also comes with a small cover so you can put the bowl in the fridge with the left overs and it takes up very little space. Haven’t tried it for steaming yet, but so far rice is great.

I researched many rice cookers over a period of several months trying to replace a 15-yr old inexpensive, but reliable plastic cooker/steamer that had been a gift. This time, i wanted to avoid both plastics & non-stick materials. I also didn’t need or want to store a very large cooker since, it’s just the two of us @ home now. My decisions narrowed the field considerably. Excluding many big name brands like zojirushi, panasonic, and tiger. The buffalo brand rice cooker from malaysia projects a very modern design, great functionality & electronic features. However, the buffalo cooker’s hard-wired led battery has to be replaced by the manufacturer about every 3 years or so. All of the fuzzy logic cookers have similar battery replacement issues. The prospect of the future hassle & the cost of service & shipping each time the battery died was a major detraction for me. That’s when i hit upon the tatung tac-06kn in my search.

I bought this for my wife last christmas, 2014, and she loves it. I will probably purchase another for my daughter this christmas.

Great product, love that it’s 100% stainless steel.

No more aluminum or teflon added to the food.

Taiwanese people use this to make their rice.

Pros:rice comes out perfect once you know the proportionseasy to cleanas simple as possiblecons:the lid rattles loudlyit spews and spurts water on everything in the vicinitywhen the lid is modified and/or weighted to control the rattling, the water boils overcould be the perfect cooker if they figure out how to control the rattling/spewing. If you do buy it and figure out how to address this, please let me know.

Sunpentown SC-0800P 4-Cup Rice Cooker, needs to cook small amounts and she is very happy with it

Wonderful and perfect for a small family who does not want leftovers. This small cooker made perfect rice. Came with a nice server spoon too.

I have this same rice pot but 6 cups not 4. I bought this as a gift because my rice pot has been going for 10 years with no problems at all and this being the exact one just smaller made me want to buy it for my boyfriend who loves my rice pot. It’s one of the best brands out there. They sell this brand in asian markets for much more money. If you’re looking for a long lasting great rice pot this would be it.

This is a great little rice cooker. It cooks 4 cups of light, fluffy rice that is not sticky. The warming function works great an the rice cooker is pretty.

Key specs for Sunpentown SC-0800P 4-Cup Rice Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 350-watt 4-cup rice cooker with easy one-touch operation
  • Air-tight lid; condensation collection cup; handy indicator lights
  • Auto “keep warm” mode for up to 5 hours; safety lock button
  • Cool-touch exterior; removable nonstick pot for easy cleanup
  • Measures 9-2/5 by 9-2/5 by 10 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Great Pretty Little Rice Cooker
, Love rice!
, Prefect

Nice rice cooker, i was surprised that it was aesthetically good looking and also did it’s job just the right way. It doesn’t spill out of the cooker like the traditional ones.

We have a bigger version of this rice cooker, and have loved it. My daughter went off to college and needed a smaller one. This is perfect, and it makes the best rice.

Cooks rice just like i love, korean style.

Cooks all kinds of rice perfectly and every time.

I’ve had several rice cookers and this is by far the very best. I read another review that gave it 1 star and said the rice stuck to the lid – i’m guessing the person put way too much rice in. The lid seals shut and the rice comes out beautifully fluffy; just like the rice i ate while living in japan. The steam pours out when the lid is opened, exposing the wonderfully cooked fluffy and sticky rice. It has a warming feature that keeps the rice warm after cooking. I can’t speak for longevity because i’ve only had it for a month but i can honestly say this is the best rice cooker i’ve ever used.

Works perfectly and is very pretty.

I wanted a smaller one since the zojirushi one i have is too big. Would recommend this in a heartbeat.

I use it to steam thai jasmin rice and it’s perfect.

A good size rice cooker for a small family or couple. Cooks well and easy to clean.

This unite is great for small family. I have a larger unit that i have used for over 15 years so i am downsizing and delighted to have a smaller unit.

Bought for my wife who really likes rice so needs to cook small amounts and she is very happy with it.

MIDEA My-cs6002w 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Programmable Power Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel – I love it.

Makes cooking so easy, love it.

Beautiful good price and good product.

I didn’t buy this cooker from amazon, but i decided to write a review here. There isn’t many reviews out there, so i thought i could put in a few words. Overall, the cooker does what it supposed to. It is just lacking controls to let me cook accurately. The most disappointing feature is that i cannot set a specific cook time in minutes. I can set the cooker for time of ‘shorter’, ‘standard’ or ‘longer’ using the ‘taste’ button, but the cooker gets to choose the cook time in the end. I cooked a whole chicken today with the chicken button with ‘standard’ time. It resulted in a power level of 3 out 7 and a cook time of 25 minutes. The chicken was a bit over cooked and soggy at 25 minutes.

Love, love, love this pressure cooker. Gave it just 4 stars, because the instructions are only slightly helpful. It’s taken a lot of trial and error to learn some of the features & a couple still remain a mystery. (however, the most commonly used features, like rice, beans, ribs, etc. Are as simply as pressing one button. ) would still have given it 5 stars if it included a manual cycle. Chose this model over one of the major brand based on price and customer reviews. Was not sure how often i’d end up using it. Well, i use it a lot, like 4-5 times a week. Some days it gets used multiple times.

This was absolutely wonderful for 5 weeks. I tried to contact the manufacturer to see how to resolve this issue, but never heard anything back from them. Please, please, take your money and spend it on another electric pressure cooker. At least make sure you spend the extra $4. 00 to get the warranty through amazon so that they can send you another one (that will probably break also. But that way you can have two years worth of use even if they keep breaking every month or so :-} ). Update on this: they did contact me back and told me that i could have it repaired. Of course, in the meantime, i had bought another one – but that was my doing.

I have to say this one is the best. My friends and i have them for long time.

  • Love, love
  • good and love so many functions
  • I love my pressure cooker

Life is easier with the pressure cooker.

I didn’t buy this pressure cooker from amazon but i want to write review because i love it so much. It is very good pressure cooker take less time to reach the pressure around 6 minutes except if loaded by maximum, it will take more. I used it for rice, steaming eggs, chicken, potato and the quality of the food is very good. I tried cake and it is very good and better quality more than every oven i made in. The only problem i face with this pressure cooker that it doesn’t have more information online to know how to use it but i found that all instant pot recipes work with this pressure cooker. The pressure cooker has 7 levels of pressure which means 7 levels of temperatures (rounded numbers)level 1:10 kpa = 216 flevel 2:20 kpa = 220 flevel 3:30 kpa = 223 flevel 4:40 kpa = 228 flevel 5:50 kpa = 230 flevel 6:60 kpa = 238 flevel 7:70 kpa = 240 fthis link contain the time required for each program[. the only problem that it doesn’t have manual changing for the time but you can select different pressure levels and stop the program at the time required or repeat the program to increase some time. ]

Until now, this product works pretty good. It is not that hard to learn how to use it. And i am so impressive that with this price, i could use so many function. I have already tried the function of beans, rice, soup, haven’t tried any other functions. And then give review on the rest of it. Overall, this is really a product if you want to buy one thing and get many functions.

I do wish they had included a small cook book with it so that i knew how to make things without having to go to the internet. There should be a guide for all the settings.

The only thing i want to complain is that there is no congee option.

Features of Midea My-cs6002w 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Programmable Power Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel, 6Qt/1000W

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • UL and ULC certified with 10 proven safety mechanisms.Made of Media, the most famous manufacturer in China.
  • Inner removable non-stick liner and stainless steel exterior clean quickly.
  • 24-hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning.Make your lives more convenience.
  • 14 programable menus of Rice,Soup,Meat/Rib,Chicken/Duck,Beans/Chili,Fish/Shrimps,Cake,Steam,Bake,Stew,Saute,Yogurt.
  • It can be used as a multi-Functional Cooker–Pressure Cooker,Rice Cooker,Saute/Browning,Yogurt Maker,Steamer & Warmer.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Well i haven’t use an electronic pressure cooker before but i used a regular over the stove but i need one that cooks rice perfectly and fast. I only tested this once to make my sushi rice and i am happy. I liked the heavy gauge stainless steel pot. I like how its different looking and its not very expensive in comparison to other brand, well i got mine from ebay and it arrived as fast as prime loli will update this when i try other recipe.

What didn’t mean my expections was the fact that there was a large dent on the side. Besides having a huge dent in the side this pressure cooker lived up to its name. I noticed people commenting about not having english instructions or manual. Well, since receiving on saturday, i got a pamphet and manual in english. The complimentary recipe book is not in engish but seriously who needs that when you have pinterest ?i don’t think i will ever use my stove top again.

Very convenient to use, makes good foods.

I am using a pressure cooker for the first time, and trying to use this cooker with other recipes is very difficult. It doesn’t have standard settings, and you have to wade through several charts to determine how this cooker will work for the different presets. I wanted to adjust the time, but all you can choose is shorter or longer, and then check the chart to see what the times are. I just put my first stew in the pot, and according to the chart it is supposed to be done in 40 minutes, even though my recipe calls for 15 minutes. I guess i will see how it turns out. The inner pot is a very heavy gauge stainless steel, which i really like. There is a weird plastic accessory that i cannot figure out, in addition to a plastic measuring cup and two heavy plastic ladles. Also, my display has a plastic cover over the buttons, presumably to make them more waterproof–but it’s loose and has air bubbles under it. It doesn’t appear to come off, and it really annoys me that it looks so flawed.

This was a gift for my mother, so i am not using it myself, but its the one she wanted. She has complained about how hard it has been to learn to use, and doesn’t seem particularly happy. She ended up buying an instant pot instead (i would have bought that for her from the get go, i have one and love it, but thought there was a particular reason she wanted this one.

UL and ULC certified with 10 proven safety mechanisms.Made of Media, the most famous manufacturer in China.

I bought this cooker especially for chinese porridge. 5l gives me more choice to prepare any stew meal. I don’t really like the yellow-ish outside color. But anyway, the cooking function rocks.

Good dinner maker, make me dinner, while i’m on my way home.

Update 9/7/2016: almost a year in with the pot. I use it for cooking rice sometimes too. The cooking time is less than a rice cooker and the texture is better. It uses less water then a rice cooker. If you use it to cook a small portion of rice you don’t have to worry about burning at the bottom like a rice cooker would do. Update 4/22/2016: i have revised my rating for this pressure cooker from 3 stars to 4 stars. I use this cooker frequently, for yogurt making, stew meat, soup, etc. The only reason i won’t give it 5 stars is still mostly because it’s not user friendly. Also, as you use the cooker, you will find that the groove around the top is difficult to clean.

Inner removable non-stick liner and stainless steel exterior clean quickly.

24-hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning.Make your lives more convenience.

14 programable menus of Rice,Soup,Meat/Rib,Chicken/Duck,Beans/Chili,Fish/Shrimps,Cake,Steam,Bake,Stew,Saute,Yogurt.

Zojirushi NS-RNC10 Automatic 5-1/2-Cup : Very Good after 13 years

My mother loves her zojirushi rice cooker. She has been looking to replace another brand & smaller rice cooker she has. Size, prompt delivery & price are great.

It makes perfect rice every time and it is easy to clean because the rice never sticks and there is no mess. I also like how it can keep your rice fresh and warm for hours if you are not ready to serve it right away. The retractable power cord is convenient, but it is starting to wear out a little bit after a year (it is only very little though).

It can be prepared ahead because it stays warm for long time. I wash the rice under running water before cooking and use 1 rice /2 water ratio.

This is the only rice cooker to buy if you are a serious rice consumer.

  • Works well and fixes the most annoying problem with conventional rice-cookers
  • Never Worry About Wrecking The Rice Again
  • restaurant quality rice

Zojirushi NS-RNC10 Automatic 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker and Warmer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Keep warm system automatically activates after cooking is completed
  • Lock-tight lid keeps rice fresh and moist for extended periods
  • Nonstick cooking pan prevents rice from sticking for easier serving and clean-up
  • Side condensation collector and built-in cord. Accessories include spatula, spatula holder and measuring cup.
  • Dimensions 9.75″ long, 19.875″ wide, 10″ high weighs 6.4lbs
  • NOTE: Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY

I always bought this brand it the best rice cooker.

Works great gets your rice done perfect every time and you don’t have to stand around the stove watching it or heat up your house with the stove. I love the fact it keeps it warm til you are ready to use it also.

This is a replacement for my 13 year old zojirushi rice cooker. Follow instructions and it makes great rice. I have been using this brand rice cooker for approximately 23 years.

It’s all the quality i was looking for, the bmw of rice cookers. Cooks rice perfectly & anyway including sticky.

I bought this exact one in china town, boston 13 years ago. It still works and travels well, and is one of the more dependable things in my life. I have wondered if should get a newer one, because the inside looks like it is wearing just a bit, but i will keep what i have. My favorite thing to to do with this is steam up some rice and while it is cooking, i throw ginger and garlic in olive oil in a large frying pan, and then what ever i have meats or veg – by the time i am done – the steamed rice is finished and i mix all together and season.

Bought it for my sister she had an older one that had lasted like 23 years. It broke about 6 month’s ago so i got this one for her and she loves it so far has cooked in it 4 times and the rice comes out nice and fluffy. Can’t help but give it a 5 star rating.

I purchased this rice cooker a year ago and absolutely love it. It cooks the rice perfectly every time and holds warm without drying it out. Being able to make the rice well in advance of serving it is a huge convenience for me. I follow the directions that came with it and have found that the key to avoiding excessive steam and spitting is thoroughly washing the rice until the water runs clear. (i purchased an inexpensive rice washing bowl from amazon that makes this process a snap). The cooker is very attractive and cleanup is easy. Prior to buying this product, i cooked my rice in a vegetable steamer. There is absolutely no comparison. I also own and am extremely satisfied with a zojirushi water boiler. Based on my experience with these two appliances, it is my opinion that this company produces quality products and i would purchase this brand again without reservation.

I used to have a zojirushi that someone decided to leave rice in and molded black, so i gave up on that one. I tried 3 different rice cookers, all american brands, and they were all terrible. The rice texture would be wrong and the warm setting would either completely harden the rice or fail and the rice would start going bad in a day. This rice cooker saved my life; you can easily keep rice in here on warm for 3 days without a problem and it’s still good. It’s a little pricey compared to american brands but it’s so worth it.

The key annoyance with the conventional cheaper rice cookers is the fact that when the rice starts boiling, your countertop becomes the recipient of a big starchy puddle. And of course you can plates or trays below the rice cooker as temporary solutions. So i was on lookout for quality rice cookers(zojirushi always impressed me with build quality and functionality). And i could not have been any happier with this unit. But not without problems(reason for 4 stars) is that cleaning the top, since the steam residue which used to spill out now finds its place on the top part of the rice cooker(thermodynamics wins). The issue is that the top part is not removable(or i haven’t figured how) and as a result, we have to resort to wiping it off and cleaning the top perfectly is a challenge. But i am hoping the heat from steam will take care of the germs which might hide in some crevices. other than this issue, a great buy.

Perfect rice cooker for the dorm or small family. Works as well as their larger models. There are cheaper alternatives, but a zojirushi will last for the long haul. Our rice cooker is on keeping rice warm 24/7 and our last zojirushi rice cooker kept cookin’ over 10 years.

The only issue i have is that as soon as you plug it in it is set on warm. Also when it’s done cooking it stays on warm. Previous cooker did not have this feature so i have to make sure and unplug as it does not shut itself off.

Warning, keep away from intense heat, as the plastic will melt. Mom left the rice cooker next to the gas stove and the side melted a bit. Still works beautifully, though.

I’ve had this rice cooker for years, and bought the same one as a gift (as the giftee requested). It is a great, basic rice cooker. Not too big, but not too small. Zojirushi has never disappointed me.

This is what we have been missing all these years. We have used a regular rice cooker of a reputable brand (black & decker) for many years. It made okay rice, but we always assumed that better quality rice wasn’t within the reach of a household rice cooker, so we never looked for one. But the zojirushi ns-rnc10 changed all that. I bought it based on reviews. After unpacking, i became doubtful because this rice cooker seemed to have the same type of heating mechanism as our old one. It sure had a lot better appearance, but how could it cook better rice if the heating mechanism was the same?well it did. It must be doing it differently despite a similar appearance of the heating mechanism. By my standard at least, the rice is just about perfect.

No complain and cooked my rice in 15-10 min. Simple and loved retractable wire.

I have been using a variety of rice cookers almost daily for the past 30 years. This is the most quiet, clean machine yet. It cooks a large batch of perfectly steamed rice in about 15 minutes, has easy to follow directions, and the rice does not stick to the pan like the other cookers i had, requiring an over night soaking. The condensation collector is ingenious. You would be foolish not to buy this if you consume rice on a regular basis.

We have had other brands of rice cookers, but they always ended up burning the rice, especially when left in the heating mode. This cooker always makes the best rice, and can keep it warm for several days. It also makes great steel cut oats .

So easy to use just by a push of a button. Exactly what i was looking for and the rice we cook comes out perfect every time.