BELLA 13962 Rocket Blender Sport : Very handy tool and easy to clean

I like that you get the pulp of the fruit with this blender, and that, consequently, the cleanup is very easy. Be sure to add liquid before blending (water, juice, milk. Otherwise the blender won’t work, and the motor will get over-heated.

It blends my almased shakes perfectly. I toss on a few berries sweetener and cocoa. Just make sure you put liquid in before power so it doesn’t get stuck on the bottom if the cup. Shake it before blending and don’t use frozen items such as berries or ice. I add an ice cube to the shake after i’ve blended so that i can shake it up from time to time. Great price and good quality.

Gave one to both of my college aged daughters – they are both loving them.

It’s perfact for on person and so cute.

  • this one mixes and crushes the best. The only complaint is that you put the
  • This works ok but it’s hard to get it all
  • LOUD

BELLA 13962 Rocket Blender Sport, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Durable stainless steel blade to tackle all jobs
  • 20 oz. clear BPA-free tumbler
  • Travel lid with easy carrying hook is perfect for on the go
  • Delicious BELLA recipes included
  • 2 year limited warranty

I did not purchase this on amazon, however, having owned this lovely little miracle for just about a month, i wanted to tell my fellow members and the world how much i love it. The first day i got it, i sped to the grocery and purchased a fruit tray of pre cut goodies and then sped home to try it. I could not believe for the first time in my life, i whipped up a fresh fruit smoothie with no added sweetener that tasted like heaven in literally seconds. I put cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew and pineapple chunks with a few slices of banana and as instructed(important people) added a little bit of water. Imagine my shock when i simultaneously realized in seconds that i not only saved myself from purchasing a $3-400 vitamix, versa, etc, etc. , but i actually made a healthy, tasty, low cal, made to order shake that reminded me of a fruit drink i had 20+ yrs ago on a family reunion in the fresh fruit in your yard caribbean- complete and pure nirvana – and the best part was, i knew exactly what was in there cause i made it myself. Still in disbelief and wanting now to push my luck even further, cause surely this must of been a fluke, i rinsed the jar out and threw in some walnut pieces to see if this thing could chop nuts too cause i use them frequently in baking snack breads, etc. Shazam, the walnut pieces became smaller walnut pieces and even stared to become minced in seconds. I was like thinking “how did i get so lucky” as i prepared to get dressed and get to where i had to be, instead of standing there blending things with my mouth hanging open from shock. The next day still high from what i witnessed in my kitchen the day before, i set out to try adding vegetables to the mix to see what happens when i add stuff that’s a little more fibrous than melons and bananas- well a green smoothie is what happened, thank you very much.

This works ok but it’s hard to get it all mixed and there’s nothing big enough to reach the stuff on the bottom so you get chunks 🙁 plus the seal keeps coming lose so it’s leaking.

Works well, but the lid leaks if the cup falls over. I will be ordering more parts such as an additional cup.

Weird smell, kind of hard to lock it, but overall not horrible.

This product cannot be used for any smoothie recipe that calls for ice cubes, this product does not grind ice cubes, this product is great for making milk shakes.

It’s an okay blender for the price, but i wouldn’t have wanted to pay a dollar more. If i was in the market for a new smoothie blender again, i’d probably hold out for something better. Pros:–it blends surprisingly well. I throw whatever i want in there: large ice cubes, huge chunks of fruit, etc—it all comes out evenly blended, even the very bottom of the tumbler (which is the “top” of the blender. )–it’s cute; the purple color is unusual. You can leave it out on the counter without it being an eyesore. Literally, there are no buttons, and no speeds to choose from. Cons:–the worst problem is that when you twist the tumbler firmly in the purple base to turn the blender on, and then reverse-twist to turn it off again, sometimes that just unscrews the tumbler from the base, instead of halting the blending.

This thing works great for the price. I wish they’d sell separate bottles.

It works great, going on a couple weeks strong with daily use blending both fresh and frozen fruit with yogurt. The price is wonderful, the container is plenty big for a single serving, and if you rinse the blades off right away after you use it, it’s pretty easy to clean as well. My only caution: be sure to screw the blades on tight to the bottle. I tried to unscrew it to remove it from the base today, and the jar started unscrewing from the blades, upside down, while it was still running, which would have left me with a huge liquid mess and uncovered whirling blades of doom. Fortunately screwing it back on tightly and trying again solved the problem with no mess.

Very handy tool and easy to clean. I use this when am not in the mood to juice or in a hurry or want the actual fruit n veg in my smoothie.

Man, i’m so disappointed – i’m smelling that oh-so-familiar burnt wire smell when i use this little guy to make my custom shakes. This in no way means this product is inferior or not for you. It simply means it has an issue with my raw oats, frozen berries, pb, egg, nuts and almond milk. That’s a tough haul for even the big blenders i guess.

I love this blender and it’s use for a single person. I am, however, wondering if there are extra bottles available for purchase.

Careful how you place your fruits and veggies. Sometimes it take a while for everything to blend.

Mixes my protein shakes just fine. Loud enough to wake my son on the other end of the house when i turn it on in the morning.

I bought 2 different blenders for myself and one for my husband. This one mixes and crushes the best. The only complaint is that you put the blades/top on it and then invert to blend. The top gets stuck sometimes and you have to turn the whole blender upside-down to get it off.

Purchased this blender at boscov’s for $10. It’s cheap, pretty, love the purple color and it does work. I’ve had it for about a year, but have not used it much, because i don’t know what happened to the rubber gasket, that came with the blending cover. You get two covers – one to seal the to-go cup and one for the cover with the blade. Each one should have its own rubber ‘o’ ring. But somehow i only had one, maybe i lost it when i was hand-washing it or when i was taking the blender out of the box and if i did, then there lies the problem; it gets lost easily. It’s clear color and super thin, so even if i did not lose it, it will probably break in no time. You have to go easy when you load the cup on the base for blending or else you will break this fragile rubber piece and without it, the blender will leak horribly. This is how i found out that something was wrong and when i compared it to the other cover, i noticed the rubber part. This blender does blend ice, but like any blender, it needs adequate liquids.

The mouth opening on the lid is terrible. It is really hard to drink out of. However, i love the blender and the cup is great. I use the lid for transport and remove it to drink.

ROCK SPACE Ninja Kitchen System Pulse, Love the Ninja!

I rarely sit down and write a product review, but the ninja deserves a shoutout. I am a daily smoothie drinker, and my old blender just wasn’t cutting it- no power, needed too much liquid to blend everything together, etc. I wasn’t willing to shell out the money for a vitamix, so i did some product research and decided to go with the ninja. The ninja truly ‘ninija chops’ anything you put in those cups, blending quickly and evenly- the 750 watts really makes a difference. The plastic is extremely durable, and the unit is very easy to clean. I can’t believe this blender is under $100.

For me, this is just the right size. It fits on the counter without taking up too much space. It makes fast work of ice when i make frozen coffee drinks. It works better than a commercial drink mixer.

I did a lot of searching for the perfect blender under $100. I am so glad i found this one. It makes the best smoothies in seconds. The 3 beverage blending cups in addition to the regular pitcher really come in handy if you need to make a few different frozen drinks or smoothies. You can even make cookie, pizza or pie dough.

Key specs for Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL204):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 700 Watts of Professional Power
  • Frozen Blending to create resort style frozen cocktails
  • Food Processing for consistent, evenly processed ingredients
  • Knead fresh cookie and pizza dough
  • Single Serve Blending for drinks on the go

Comments from buyers

“Worth Every Penny
, Love the Ninja!
, Not bad for the price!

Got this to replace our blender that died. We make baby food by processing fruits, vegetables, and chicken for our six month old son. The ninja is an effective tool for making smoothies with protein powder and lots of fruits and yogurt. This is a tough machine and in the six months or so that we’ve had it, no problems at all. Easy to clean in the dishwasher, too.

My wife and i spend lots of $$ each week at our local health food shake store and decided to try and make our own at home. The blender we had at the time could not blend our ice so the smoothies turned out to be chunkies. So i did my usual research on amazon and other sites and concluded that the ninja pulse was our saving grace. This thing takes a load of full size hard ice cubes and turns them into snowflakes in no time. We love it and love the single serving size containers because we both grab and go before work. If you are looking to make frozen drinks or smoothies with ice, especially full size hard ice cubes then look no further.

I am a smoothie aficionado, and subsequently i’ve owned many high end blenders. I have to say that i was quite surprised at how well the ninja performed. I purchased it solely based on the reviews. Really good power, tackles frozen fruit with aplomb. Absolutely love the individual smoothie cups for everyday use. In fact i prefer it to the cuisinart, oster, and black and decker models that i’ve owned. I just hope it’s built to last for everyday use unlike so many others today.

This is awesome, especially using the single portion containers for quick banana/mango smoothies. They are easy to clean and it comes with the lid for taking them on the road. I used to make some morning smooth and take them on my ride to work.

I love my ninja, i make morning nutricious smoothies that feed every cell in my body. No more processed sugar and preservative loaded breakfasts for me. The individual cups with to-go lids make it so i can drink my breakfast or whichever meal i choose a smoothie for along in the car or out to mow the yard.

The single-serve container makes a great green smoothie ( today’s had kale, apple chunks, blackberries, half banana, scoop soy nutrition powder, cranberry juice, yogurt ). I usually pulse the kale and fruit first with half the liquids then add the rest. The larger container does not pulverize the kale. The plastic containers are easy to wash. I’ve been making smoothies every day for a few weeks. I spent a week reading all the comments before choosing this blender. It had the most reviews and the most positive ratings. I am happy with it and still have my 30-year old blender with the glass pitcher in case i need it.

After a few years of heavy use, i thought the motor was giving out but it’s still working great. The bullet size is so handy. Even though i bought an expensive high powered blender since, i still use the bullet containers constantly in the kitchen – very handy. It isn’t the same as a high powered blender – you still get some seeds if you try to do raspberries or blueberries in it but the small size is very handy for making your own salad dressings, banana smoothies, whipping up eggs, etc.

I’ve had this blender for at least 2 years and i love it. I chose it primarily because of the personal jars and the number it comes with (3). It makes the smoothie routine and clean up so much easier and quicker. If you are wondering about the power and it’s ability to make a smooth drink, it will not disappoint. Yes, it is no vitamix but if you balk at the thought of dropping $450+ on a blender, this is a great alternative. The trick is to give it enough time to mix everything well. I’ve posted pictures of a smoothie i just made that had; kale, frozen fruit, chia seeds, raw meal powder and a banana. You can see the smoothness of the drink once blended (all those different textures blended well). I also use it as a food processor and it does a great job. Most notably, i process cauliflower to make cauliflower rice and it does that very well.

The quintessential blender for individual smoothie making. Love that it comes with a blending lid for the individual cups; so you can just screw it on, blend it up, swap it for a drinking lid, and head out the door. Great investment, recommended.

Arrived just before my 2nd smoothi of the day. Pulled out of box, rinsed and put the ninja to work with the individual cups. I usually use ‘crused’ ice option as my old blender was awful at chopping ice. I decided to try full ice cubes to put it to the test. Within seconds ice was completely crushed and smoothie complete. No residue on glass full mix in just few pulses. The to go cups are fanastic and love that came with three. We have more than one family members walking out door in a. I only wish the individual glasses were a bit higher to allow for more ingrediants. The large container looks a bit small, but, overall after one mix, i’m super impressed and excited that i purchased. My mix took so much less time and clean up is a breeze.

All i’ve used it for is making fruit-based alcoholic drinks with ice but it does a terrific job on those. It’s also very easy to clean, so i am happy with it after a couple weeks of use. What i am not sure of is how durable it is going to be, especially since you have to use a fair amount of force to take the lid off after you are done blending as it has an extremely tight fit, so you are pulling on the activation handle. That doesn’t seem like a great idea, but i’ll wait to see. Otherwise i would say it’s the best blender i’ve ever used and truly in a class by itself. I haven’t used the paddles or the single-serve units, just the main bowl and the blade. Be careful with that blade, since it is sharp enough to cut you and i did cut myself reaching in to try to take a piece of fruit out that i didn’t want to include.

Many years ago i purchased a ninja that had a pitcher where you put the motor on top. Well that one stopped crushing ice efficiently so i decided to purchase this ninja kitchen system pulse. The main reason i chose this over other products out there was the price. I also liked that the motor on this model was actually larger then on other products that are being sold. I wanted this particular model mainly to make smoothies. I like the individual cups and i can quickly make a smoothie for myself and another for my husband. It blends ice, yogurt and other fruits and frozen fruits along with my almond milk and hemp powder or green superfood quickly and smoothly. The unit is small and does not take up much counter space. I do wish that the individual cups came with lids that could be closed for transport. Would i buy this this ninja again if i had the chance?.

For the price (under 100) it is a very good blender. The blades are sharper than razors so watch your self. I bought it to make hummus and margarita’s and it didnt disappoint. The bread paddle takes a little getting used to. First time i overheated the unit even though i was pulsing and not running it full blast. I think it was because my dough had shifted to one side and the unit was out of balance, i have made dough 4 times since and haven’t had a problem. The individual blenders make great smoothies. The whole unit is very easy to clean which is a big plus in my mind. But like i mentioned earlier, watch out for that ’15th century torture device’ they call a blade and you will be just fine.

Easy to use, i do wish the cord was a foot longer to pull it further away from the wall on the counter. My plug is in the corner of the counter. That’s my own personal drawback.

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like the ninja food systems. Only giving it four stars because the time it takes to create smoothies is too long, and i have to take off the top 2-3 times to scrape the sides. The smaller container is especially slow at crushing ice. However, this being said, the job eventually gets done and when it finally does get going, it makes a superior product. For the money, it’s a great little system, and i’d recommend it.

I’ve used it at least 5 days a week to make my morning juice using the single serve cup. Having the cup upside down to blend can sometimes cause accidents (spillage) into the motor if you don’t have the lid tight. Last week it would not stop even when i disengage it. The workaround is to plug it into a power strip with a switch and use the switch to turn on/off the unit. I’m looking for a replacement but won’t be buying this again.

Definitely does a good job of breaking down things. I use it for my monster green smoothies every morning; blends up my spinach, carrots, frozen cucumbers, blueberries, apples, and spinach with no problem. I would have loved it if there was just a bit more punch of power to it. It blends and breaks all that stuff down, but if it did that just a bit faster i’d truly love it. The cups are great and super convenient. I’d also love it better if the openings where you drink out of the cups had some type of cover or lid. I usually put my cup in my bag to commute to work and i have to put a paper towel with rubber band on top to keep debris out. Since these were designed with travel in mind it would have been nice if the openings could close somehow. Overall it’s a great device. Small details would make it fantastic.

I bought this for my husband because he makes a smoothie every morning. Our old one that i bought from costco not the same brand didn’t last that long, cleanup is easy and to have the large pitcher is great. I have used it many times and this has been a great purchase.

I’ve gone through too many blenders in the past to count. I finally wised up and bought this product. I can now make my protien shakes without having the blades bend and the blender bouncing all over the counter.It’s easy to use and light weight and very easy to clean.

Bought one for my college son and he is actually using it (victory). I mainly make fruit smoothies, but i occasionally mix a bit of meat with water to make my dog drink (she has bladder issues). Usually only use the individual cups, but occasionally make cocktails with the large one.

No opening the top and tamping down contents with a long spoon numerous times, as with other blenders. Grinds ice cubes and frozen fruit like nobody’s business in a matter of seconds. Don’t know why i’d need a $400+ blender. One caution: large blade is extremely sharp. I unpacked all the parts when they arrived, tossed in dishwasher, and went to work. When i got home, i unloaded the dishwasher, barely touching the large blade as i pulled it out of the top rack. Nevertheless, i had to go to urgent care for four stitches in my finger. I now keep that blade in its own ‘blade of death’ container so no one will even think about touching it.

Oster BLSTPB-WBE My Blend 250-Watt Blender – My 3rd time purchasing the blender – not because they

Works very well and blends the smoothie to perfection. Doesnt matter what you have in mind it will blend it up.

Makes morning shakes easier.

This blender is stupid easy to use. It works wonders with ice and frozen fruit and veggies. The cap itself seals well — both the blade cap and the drinking cap — and everything is super simple to wash. I use it to make my protein shakes in the morning/post-workout — powder, liquids, veggies, frozen fruit — and have had zero problems with it. Pretty strong motor for the portable, practical little smoothie destroying machine it is. The only drawback is if you were hoping to use it for anything other than blending the crap out of a drink — there is no on/off button on this machine. You press bottle with the blade cap into the base, and the second you apply pressure to lock it in, the blender goes full speed ahead. Personally, i have zero objections due to the ease-of-use, singular nature of my intended use, and the price tag, but it’s a good thing to know. Here are the specifications for the Oster BLSTPB-WBE My Blend 250-Watt Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Blend your favorite smoothie or shake right in the sport bottle and go; carry hook on the lid makes it easy.
  • 20 ounce bpa-free plastic sport bottle is dishwasher safe and fits in most car cup holders
  • Quick and convenient one touch blending using the powerful 250 watt motor with frozen fruit and ice crushing power
  • Resettable Fuse built in so in case the blender overheats, the motor will be revived just 15 minutes later and ready to blend up your next drink
  • Recipes included in the instruction manual

My 3rd time purchasing the blender – not because they break but because they are so handy to have at home and work.

The blender works very well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My 3rd time purchasing the blender – not because they
  • Fast and Easy
  • Five Stars

No issues so far after multiple uses.

I’ve only used the my blend for smoothies, but it is so perfect if just making one at a time. For years, i’ve not wanted to fool with smoothies because of the hassle of cleaning up a blender, but with this simple my blend, it takes me 11 minutes from walking into the kitchen to having the my blend completely clean and ready for another day. I noticed the complaints about the drinking attachment, but i have never used mine because i’d rather pour it into another glass and have the my blend all cleaned up and out of my mind. When you do it right away, all it needs is a good strong rinse.

Haven’t had any problems thus far. I typically do fruit, protein powder, yogurt and water. Occasionally i’ll just do pb and banana. It’s handled everything really well.

Very light weight and powerful. Works great and even shops ice.

I will never use my full size blender for my shakes again.

I got this blender to use in my hotel room while traveling. It’s compact, light weight, and most importantly is is quiet. I can blend ice at 2am in the morning and it doesn’t make any more noise than the shower. The motor base is well insulated, and the rubber feet are thick. The build quality feels superior to the magic bullet with better abs plastic. The only drawbacks are the length of the cord and the blender cup lid is lacking an air hole. The cord is the perfect size for plugging into a hotel lamp socket, so it doesn’t bother me. Add an air hole to the cup lid so i can drink a smoothie from it and it get’s 5 stars.

Magic Bullet Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System – The “breakfast machine for people who don’t have time for breakfast”

Got this as a christmas gift for our daughter. Does everything she wants it to. Says it is a great addition to her kitchen.

No one single leak which is amazing. The only thing i would like to see is a better quality of containers. They are not quite as sturdy as i would like, but overall, i would indeed recommend this appliance.

I bought this when my old magic bullet bit the dust. I thought that this was really the same thing but it is so much better. Even the containers are a better quality. Here are the specifications for the Magic Bullet Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • In Green Color.

I got this for my boyfriend as a birthday gift and it’s used multiple times a day whether it be for a protein shake and chopping up something for cooking/baking. It’s also very easy to pack up and take on the go to work or traveling and a quick clean up. Great value and so happy with this purchase.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Blender vs. Nutribullet. Nutribullet wins, hands down. We’re on #3 now (and got our $$ worth from every one of them)
  • Amazing and as advertised
  • I used it as a juicer everydayI am not hurting as much as I was.

I have been using it since i got it a week ago and its awesome. I have already noticed a large energy boost . I threw in a protein drink and it worked really well, filled me up. If you’re looking for a way to kick start a diet, this is the way to go. I actually have energy after work to go to the gym.

It has a super powerful motor that will even grind up nuts in seconds, so small you think they disappeared. I use this thing every day and i feel better and my skin is clearer than it has been in years, and no matter what i put in it, the drink comes out delicious. I can’t say enough good stuff about this product. You’ll thank me a month from now.

It works very good not clunkey thick ground up real good nut’s and all.

I think this thing works as advertised. You throw produce in it, a shake comes out. Easy to use, blah blah blah. I’m giving it five stars, so i’m satisfied with it. I’ll just save time and post the things i’d change. – there’s some unnessesary cup attachments built for a mysterious segment of society who i’m not even sure exist. They give you a big cup (for blending) and two smaller cups (for drinking). One cup has a handle etched into the side of it, one does not. For the one that does not, they give you a handle that screws onto the top, which also makes it impossible to affix a lid. Why wouldn’t they just have a handle built into this cup so you can have a lid with it?.

I purchased this nutribullet thinking that it would chop nuts and other things up like it said it would. Only to find out that it does not. I made my choice of nutriblast- which contained almonds and proceeded to drink my drink that i had made for myself thinking that it would be a smooth and pleasurable experience, but to my dismay there was chunks of almonds and lemon and orange peel that i could barely swallow down.

Does as touted if you are looking for a good macerating machine. Have only had for a couple of weeks but construction seems sturdy non-metal base, solid state item. My daughter was very happy and used it immediately. Very easy to load use and rinse. Very quick use, less than a minute of whirring and done. Be very careful not to touch blades as they are very sharp; just aways grip by casing- hold blade side up under running water, and set blade side down to dry. Kale and or spinach with fav fruit and vegetables on the regular for two weeks now and have a lot more energy. Looking forward to better health.

I purchased this one for my daughter in her favorite color to encourage her to take better care of herself. She recently suffered a stroke but is recovering nicely with the help of this little machine.

I use it as a juicer everyday. I especially like that it uses the whole fruit and vegetable and there is no pulp to throw away. And, just as the infomercial declares, i feel better. I don’t know if i have fibromyalgia, but i do have chronic pain almost all of the time. Since i began consuming a raw juice everyday, i am not hurting as much. This company has a companion product called nutribast. It is too pricey, so i go to sprouts and find similar ingredients in the bins at this alternative grocer. I mix ground flax, whole flax seeds, chia seeds, pepita seeds, whole raw almonds, and gogi berries together in a containter and put a scoop into the juice before i set it to pulverize. My homemade nutriblast is far more cost effective.

Wife uses it for her morning shakes, and i use it for my protein shakes after working out. I will sometimes add oats to my protein, and this thing chops things up quick and makes the drinks really smooth.

Just got it today to replace a 900 watt nutri bullet a friend had loaned to me. I made my ensure smoothie with banana, protein powder, fiber and ice cream and this 600 watt one seemed to work the same. Trying to gain weight after chemo treatment so will be trying other more fattening and more nutritious recipes soon.

Great and convenient product. Does everything as advertised. Lots of accessories and easy to use as i use it every day.

I enjoy the fact that it was available in my favorite color as well. Blends fruits, nuts and seeds perfectly until smooth. Just make sure you don’t fill past the max line. The directions specifically state this for those who say it spills/ explodes. Follow the directions and it will serve you perfectly.

Compact and fits anywhere in your kitchen. Fast and easy process in putting your juices together. Juices preseve well in the sealed cups so long as you drink within 30min. Portion size is perfect for 1-2 people. Easy to clean; color stain resistant. Juicing has helped me feel more energetic and alert during the day.

Purchased on july 24th 2014, written review on april 05th 2015after looking on the website, i went ahead and purchased this nutri bullet system. I am very happy with the product. The juices comes out to be very smooth and do not take much time for cleaning as well. The recipes that come along with this are wonderful. I have been using this from last 9-10 months and haven’t faced any issue. Only one time it stopped working in the middle of the operation because of heavy load (i have used for other purpose than juice, where the mix should be hard. It came back up in 10 min and worked fine. I think the motor was overheated and down. Other than this i do not have any issues.

Very good to make smoothies, works well.

Its a wonderful product to have when you’re into your health.

Magic Bullet Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System – A true life changer.

Great machine, it does what it is designed to do. I’m totally satisfied with this purchase and it’s worth the cost. If you are concerned about your health and well being this would be a very good purchase to make.

This nutria bullet is just the right size and has plenty of power. The 12 piece set gives you the flexibility to use it for multiple applications. Would definitely recommend the nutri bullet.

This is actually the second one that i’ve owned. I love the first one so much and used it on the daily. I gived the old one away and bought this one. It works great for blending anything from frozen to none frozen fruit and vegetables. As long as you don’t over fill it it seems to work great and no real issues. As long as you maintain it clean it won’t give you any problems. The only thing is you will have to replace he blades with new ones because they get worn out and can’t really be use however i didn’t find that a real issue as you can get the replacement blades for a cheap price.

Man, how did i live before this kitchen wonder?. It’s the ‘acme little giant’ of all-purpose kitchen devices. Every soup recipe gets a bullet-full of blended vegetables making a thick, piquant broth. Corn chowder gets a bullet-full of pureed corn making it thick and rich without lot of flour- the taste is quite unique. Check for a recipe for black bean soup, and hit it in the bullet for about 10 seconds and it is amazingly delicious. Every day i drink a wholesome cup of fruit- just blend what ever you have lying around, throw in 1/2 a banana and some ice, and wham- delicious sherbet for lunch or mid-day snack.

I have the smaller one and we have used it almost every day. I wanted a bigger more powerful one so it would chop the ice cubes up a little better.

I ordered this juicer because i heard so many good things about it from friends and family. I am so happy i purchased mine. Wonderful item and the cleanup is so easy. Especially if you are always on the go.

  • BUT I love this thing
  • Amazing Product!!
  • Great product. Makes perfect smoothies for breakfast meals.

I have a food processor, i have a regular blender, i have a stick blender but nothing works like the nutribullet. I did my research and the nutribullet has the most powerful motor for a very compact machine. I love that it comes with a recipe book and all the nutritional facts. I actually bought this for my daughter in texas because she’s trying to eat healthier and she called me and could not believe how great this product is.

It takes everything you put into it and chops it until there’s nothing left. My husband and i really love this machine and the recipes they give you to try are equally delicious. This is the only product where i fell for the advertisement. One little word of caution though: make sure to screw on the base tight. If not, you will have leakage.

I bought this for my mother for christmas, but i’m the one that’s using it the most. It’s easy to rinse out and it chops up whatever you place in there, in a matter of seconds. Although i wish they can adjust how you place it in, on the brighter side, once you use it often, that no longer becomes a problem. Just make sure to read the instructions, so you don’t find yourself stressing out.

I way i can get my fruits and vegetables without having to eat them directly. We have made a few smoothies with kale and blueberry and bananas with some almond milk and chia seeds and it tastes great and fills you up. I’m now using as a mean replacement system. Very powerful motor and come with a lot of accessories. If you can’t afford the vitamix, this is the way to go.

I use it everyday to make protein shakes and smoothies. Also does a great job of milling nuts and other items into powder. The recipe book that comes with it has great meal ideas and shakes.

Features of Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System, Black

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  • Effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods and protein shakes into a delicious, smooth texture
  • High-torque power base and 600-watt motor
  • Power, patented blade design and cyclonic action combine to extract all nutrients from food helping to achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible
  • Includes a power base, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 flat blade and 1 emulsifying blade, 2 re-sealable lids, pocket nutritionist and manual with recipes
  • More power, more capacity

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I don’t usually review things (though maybe i should start since i always look at reviews and find them helpful). Let me start off by saying i a plus-size girl on a journey to fit. I bought this after having interest in it for a while and watching the infomercials. The blasts i make with this taste great, and it is a great way for me to get in my leafy greans (i love other green veggies, but am not a salad eater and never will be). If you put spinach or kale in and use their 50/50 ratio of leafy greens to fruit they taste great. I’ve been drinking once daily and have definitely noticed a boost of energy.

Excellent shape, great packaging. I’ve owned it for a little over two weeks and it’s fantastic. I feel so much better using it.

I was told to buy this, started juicing twice a day for almost a month now, have lost 5 lbs in two weeks, feel better, have more energy, and this was so easy to use. I haven’t used the mulling piece for the seeds yet. Sometimes if you close it too tight, then try to open it, there’s a band that may come off. All you do is stick it back in the circular lid area and you’re fine. Don’t juice for too long, it may get hot and needs to cool down. I’ve only used veggies and fruits so far, so i have a long way to go for its uses. It cleans very easily, i take the biggest one to work and drink it all day (two servings maybe). Very highly recommendedgreen monster juice:spinachparsleycarrotskalebroccoliceleryappleshoneycinnamongingercranberry juicewateryou’re welcome.

It was gift but i think she really loved it.

Easy to clean, you can chop up just about anything in it. This really does blend everything up nut’s, hard veg’s (frozen or fresh) but you do have to watch the level of liquid you put in it cause it will overflow and you definitely don’t want that. Over all i love my nutri bullet.

I never liked juicing or making shakes with a blender. It was a tedious prep and tediois clean up after which included the blender and the cups you drink from and often you made more than you needed to drink. Nutribullet is simply amazing. Its a game changer and life changer for everyone. Pack your favorite vegetables and fruits below the max line and blend away.

Effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods and protein shakes into a delicious, smooth texture

I use it everyday to make smoothies for my family. Great way to mix vegetables and fruits together without yiur kids noticing that their eating vegetables.

Just brought this product last week after pondering over the decision for about a month. Package arrived on time, in great condition with all pictured contents. My husband and i were so excited. It does exactly as it’s claimed to do. We enjoy the freedom of being able to make a healthy drink whenever we feel the need.

Blade is different from my original nutribullet and it does not grind ice completely like the old blade did. The blade housing is also built much less sturdy. The cord looks like it belongs on a wallwart plug not a 600 watt motor.

I love this except that the seal is difficult to remove to clean and difficult to get seated right after cleaning. I have ruined two seals by not getting them positioned right and then starting up the machine and having the seals get sucked into the blender and get chopped up. But wow, it is great for making protein smoothies.

I am able to try so many different things. I would suggest this to anyone who wants to eat better. This is the way to go as a start.

I bought it solely to make better smoothies. I had been using my ninja blender before and so happy i invested in this. Smoothies are creamier and so much more delicious since the nutribullet is really powerful and blends everything great. I wish i would have bought at costco however. After purchasing from amazon i saw a deluxe set at my local costco for a cheaper price. The deluxe set included a tall cup that this set does not.

High-torque power base and 600-watt motor

We have been using this to make frozen fruit smoothies for over a year now with no complaints. Only issue is the gasket tends to dislodge from the blade cap when removing, and it is very difficult to get this gasket back on with the sharp blades sticking out in the way. My fix is to run water onto the gasket prior to screwing it onto the carafe and running the machine. Then when unscrewing the blade cap after use, i turn it in the direction to loosen about half turn then back off a quarter turn to break the seal, then fully loosen and remove the blade cap. The gasket stays in place this way.

I do like this a lot, but i cannot fit all i need for my breakfast smoothie. The little parts that allow you to start blending when you push the clear cup down and turn clockwise can get stuck at times. Do not get any drippings on those parts. It is said to be more of a problem with the more expensive units. I’ve watched you tube videos talking about these very problems. I don’t see where it says i can use ice, but i have just a bit. If the blade breaks, or any other parts get lost there are replacements on amazon. I haven’t had a problem, except i do make the mistake of not pressing the cup down, and counter clockwise with enough force. My husband starts it up immediately. The cups are cool, and i’m getting a second 24oz with the screw-on handle.

I recently got into making smoothies in the morning and got tired of constantly having to wash my regular blender after every smoothie. With the nutribullet, it’s so convenient to make a smoothie and not having to worry about rinsing/washing anything major (other than the blade, but that’s simple to rinse/wash) before i can use it again. I bought some extra cups and some flip lids and it’s been great. It chops up frozen foods perfectly and quickly. I like that you fill the cup with all your smoothie ingredients and simply put the blade on top of the cup (which basically acts as a lid so you can attach the cup to the base) attach it the base, and it starts up automatically. As soon as you untighten your cup from the base, it turns off. Highly recommend this product for anyone that loves to make smoothies.

I have had my nutri bullet for two weeks and i am using it 3 times per day. It is everything that is advertised. I am still sifting through the many recipes to see what i like and what seems to benefit my body the best. I am planning to purchase the extra tall cup so i can make two recipes at the same time.

Healthy smoothies are incredibly easy and fast to make with the nutri bullet. So much more convenient than my old juicer, and way easier to clean. The blender container doubles as a cup, so you don’t even have to dirty a glass. Comes with a great book of recipes. And they have a phone app with even more recipes, searchable by name or by ingredient. Makes smoothies that are healthy, delicious, and far cheaper than anything store bought. And of course you have complete control over the ingredients. This is a great product that i use every single day.

Be careful with the screw on handles and lids. . If stuck use dawn liquid and let drip between parts under hot water and then try to remove before breaking plastic attachments. . Easy to clean and easy to use, find your favorite recipes and be happy, following a guide book it best if you are retired and have the time if not you can buy ready made packets in the frozen section of your supermarkets. More and more places are carrying the boost ingredients.

This is the best money i have ever spent. The bullet will chop up pecans, almonds, whatever. It is great for making shakes too.

Power, patented blade design and cyclonic action combine to extract all nutrients from food helping to achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible

Works like a charm, but loud as can be. When using this product, one must be mindful that the noise may bother others, albeit a very short amount of time.

I purchased the nutribullet as a means of having a healthier lifestyle, and wow. I truly believe that if becoming healthier is something you want, then you absolutely need a nutribullet. As a test, i made a nutriblast in a blender. The skin from the fruit weren’t blended at all and the seeds were still whole. I made another one with the same ingredients, in the nutribullet. It made me want to drink them a lot, they’re tasty an unbelievably i good for you.

Family has a ninja, vitamix and a nutri bullet. Nutri bullet can juice as well as the vitamix at a fraction of the cost. However, it does not liquify vegetables as well as the more expensive vitamix, especially fibrous vegetables like carrots, celery and kale. With the nutri bullet there are still little bits of these in your drink, where the vitamix obliterates and liquifies everything. But it’s $400 cheaper so i’m fine with that.

Includes a power base, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 flat blade and 1 emulsifying blade, 2 re-sealable lids, pocket nutritionist and manual with recipes

HomeLife Solutions 28 Oz Personal Blender : Great,& inexpensive.

This blender is a awesome replacement for my magic bullet which has been retired for some months now. I’ve only used it to make shakes and smoothies so far and everything turns out great. Easy to use, easy to clean, and small enough for a nyc apartment. So i’d say it hit every point on my checklist. I received a discount on this product with the promise to review it for home life solutions and provide them with valuable feedback.

I received this product and it worked great only once. After i pulled the item out to use again, the motor was dead. I contacted homelife and they stated a replacement would be sent. Will update at a later time.

HomeLife Solutions 28 Oz Personal Blender with Two To-Go Mugs

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  • Enjoy our Easy to use Personal Sized Blender today! Whether you’re on the way to the gym or off to work, this quick use blender is perfect for the task. Heavy duty blades and a powerful 300 watt motor will easily chop ice and frozen fruits.
  • Our Blender includes two 28 oz bottles with lids. One for you and one for them or one for now and one for later! BPA Free and Dishwasher safe!
  • More Power Options! Finally the pulse option on a personal size, affordable blender! Choose the right power setting for your blended mixture, Low- High- Pulse
  • Your favorite Healthy Beverage will be ready in minutes. Don’t feel like being healthy today? Put in your favorite Margarita mix and ice, blend, and head to the pool!
  • BPA Free

Smoothies and milkshakes at home is always a plus. It is easy to use and clean up. The cups are great to create and run out the door. The blender itself takes up very little room and tucks out of the way. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

I purchased this product at a discount for my honest opinion. I fill up the cup the night before with everything i need for my morning smoothie, pop the cup on in the morning and go.

Amazing blender, perfect for early morning protein shakes. The blades are sharp and hold up to everything i throw at them.

HomeLife Solutions 28 Oz Personal Blender with Two To-Go Mugs : My family and i love this personal blender. We had been looking around for a simpler option for making smoothies and when we found this we knew we had to give it a shot. We use it multiple times a week and are just as satisfied with it now as we were when we first bought it. The ‘pulse’ option has been so helpful and the 2 different speed options have enough of a difference in what they do power wise, it’s a very good buy. I recently found myself in a situation that i had to grind up flax seed. If you’ve ever tried to do it in a full size blender, you know that you’ll end up pulling your hair out before you notice anything happening to the flax seed. I pulled out our personal blender and filled one of the cups half full with flax, put the cover on, put it on the base, turned it on and hoped for the best. I had to stop the blender, take the cup off and shake it around a couple of times (*i’ve never had to do this when making a smoothie*), but my gosh i had ground flax seed finally. I would definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for a personal blender*i have received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

I have had this product for almost 2 months and use it twice a day without any issues. The blades are strong and have stood up well to blending frozen fruits and protein together. I was hesitant at first when i saw some other pictures and reviews but after owning and using this product i do not understand how some people managed to completely destroy a blender?. Anywho, i now realize those pics and reviews are likely trolls and this product works not only well but exceedingly well. Also, the cups are also large shaker cups with drinkable tops, huge savings on buying those too.

It stopped working after a couple of days. It’s affordable but i wouldn’t recommend it because of the poor quality.

This little blender is awesome. The cups with the lids are so convenient and i love how easy everything is to clean. I make my daughter milkshakes with protein powder and it’s perfect. Doesn’t take up much space on our counter either which is a big plus.

The blade piece has a rubber seal disk around the outside that easily becomes dislodged while blending, causing the device to abruptly halt and spew its innards. While this mechanism is ineffective for chopping, dicing, and blending, it serves well for other purposes, such as convincing your husband to remodel the kitchen.

Very high quality product at a fraction of the price of its competition. I’ve had a few different small blenders and i usually end up disappointed in the quality of the chopping and blending of food product but this blender from homelife solutions is a step above the rest. My smoothies don’t have any lumps and the lids make for an easy on-the-go breakfast in the morning. I’ll definitely look to try products from homelife in the future.

Keep it at the office and does what is needed of it. Great for smoothiesdisclosure: i received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

I loved this product at first. Shortly after about 3 users the o ring became detached and i couldn’t get it back in correctly so when i blended a drink it would become tangled up in the blade and eventually broke. Now when blending the cup leaks and the top is very hard to get a loose.

This little blender was great for about 6 months then one day after i used it, the blade would not release from the base. I had to turn the entire base over onto the cup to unscrew the blade off of the cup. My smoothie was fine, but i could not get the blade to release. I am currently hoping that their customer service will correspond to me and help me with this problem or replace the whole thing.

Ive had it for about three years now and has been a great blender for frozen fruits and ice. Doesnt take space at all, perfect for small kitchens and daily use.

My only caution in that one dares not use more ice than 1/3 of the cup or it will soon create a problem. My husband is very mechanical minded, so was able to repair this great little personal blender. We even travel with this, making protien shakes for breakfast.

This blender is advertised as one powerful enough to chop ice and frozen fruits. I have bigger more powerful blenders for ice, so i opt to use this one for mixing milk and protein powders and fresh fruit and spinach or kale. It does leave blueberries, nuts, and kale in fairly large bits though. Others have commented on the ring or gasket getting chewed up by the blades. My third day i placed the gasket on thinking it would tighten with the blades when i screwed the top on. I used the pulse button and it immediately seized. The food grade silicone gasket was wrapped 4-5 times around the blades. It is a well made gasket as it did not break or stretch and was not damaged. I carefully removed it and put it in place. Tip #1 you must push down the outside perimeter of the gasket and it will gently snap in place.

Agree with the ring inside slipping into the blade area and getting stretched out. Need a few extra rings if this is going to be the case. Other wise i love this blender.

VonShef 300 Watt Stainless Steel Personal Sports Blender : It doesn’t mix it all up well, always have

Great product, makes smoothies comparable to a major juice retailer.

I like the product but cannot find replacement parts.

I am really enjoying my blender so far. I think the bottles are my favourite part. They’re so easy to clean, the perfect size for transportation, and the accompanying lids make them great for travel.

Best smoothie blender i have ever used. It is durable, attractive, easy to use and inexpensive for the quality. The rubber feet on the bottom of the unit keep the blender in place during operation. The best part is that it does not add extra air or “froth” your smoothie.

  • So far no bad news! I like that it has 300W Power
  • Best smoothie blender I have ever used
  • It doesn’t mix it all up well, always have

VonShef 300 Watt Stainless Steel Personal Sports Blender, Shake and Smoothie Maker – 2 x 20 Ounce Bottles and 2 x 14 Ounce Bottles

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  • Make healthy and tasty drinks on the go! Create milkshakes, protein shakes, fruit juices, smoothies and slushes in seconds!
  • Powerful 300W motor with strong stainless steel blades capable of blending a wide range of ingredients effortlessly.
  • Comes complete with 2 x 20-Oz & 2 x 14-Oz BPA-free bottles with spill-proof lids and carry handles.
  • Compact, lightweight design in stainless steel/ black – perfect for taking to the gym, work, commute, college, travelling and more. Fits most car cup holders.
  • Easy clean – removable parts are dishwasher safe.

It’s great it’s small enough i can take camping to mix smoothies.

Love it so far so good no complaints ,, i use it only for protein mix and fruit and it works wonderful it grind hemp seeds great , love the 4 handy bottles , very powerful. I don;t grind ice cubes with , however i heard if you do too much at once it can damage the blades and wear off too quickly , so 1 or 2 cubes at a time with little water. One of my favorite kitchen appliance.

It does the job but it is cheaply made.

This is a great product and very easy to use, i can make all kinds of great home made smoothies and icecream to, its a great product and the price is good for this product.

The other reviews had me worried about this product, but my own experience has been much different than most who have reviewed before me. I’ve been using this unit for over a month now. I make at least one shake or juice a day and have had nothing but good results. This small unit is very powerful and thoroughly mixes my items up into a perfect texture. I like using spinach, avacodo, strawberries, and various coconut milks to make my shakes. They make me feel great and taste very good. I like that this unit is small and super easy to use. I prep my bottle and add the lid with the blade and just mix away. Clean up is simple and the bottles are well made and easy for me to take to the gym or wherever i’m headed.

Really good smoothie maker the only problem is that cleaning the larger bottles is really difficult.

This smoothie maker is awesome. Since i have had it we have used it every night. Not only have we made smoothies but also milk shakes, mixed drinks. Can’t get over how strong the blades are on this mixer. It literally chops the ice up in seconds. Has no trouble chopping regular size ice or the small chunked ice. The containers that come with this to mix with can be used as a to go cup with a handled lid and mouth piece to drink from. Different size containers small and large. The options are unlimited on what you can make. Fresh fruit, frozen fruit some many different combinations that use can different it up everyday.

Very convient and work fantastic. . Bought it 2017 and still using it.

I like that it has 300w power versus some of the other blenders i found for the price with only 200w. The plastic bottles have not leaked yet, don’t know when that will happen however it is almost inevitable with any bottle. The material for the bottles themselves is not the highest quality material, obviously, so this was expected. It does do the job though, and it only seems like the plastic would break if you drop the bottle when it is full. In that case, that is your bad. The little latch for the mouth piece looks like it will last, cannot comment on this more yet. The one thing that you might want to look out for is when you go to blend. Don’t try to blend halfheartedly, when you turn the bottle to blend, do it in one motion. Otherwise you might end up grinding the rubber teeth a little.

Great little smoothie maker.

But does anyone know where to buy replacement cups, etc?.

I am ordering for my daughter now. I have received it as a gift and to be total honest since i have had it i have used it once maybe even more time a day, in the morning and as a evening snack. Trying to lose some weight and always felt bad , having snacks at night but with this smoothie maker , i add all kinds of different fruits and i have found a great secret to share with you, instead of adding plain water icecubes i have been putting different kinds of juices each time i fill up icecube tray with the juice, i personally use half the sugar or even diet juices such as cranberry, crangrape, orange juice , etc. I put the flavored ice cubes in, crushed them first then added the fruits i desired at that time, now never get it watered down.It is awesome my daughter fell in love with it, so now she wants one for herself , for her home. My two other children still living at home use it everyday. Its great for kids , making this for him especially when he needed to drop a few ponds for football, which was extremely hard with his sweet tooth , like his mom this was absolutely perfect for him, he satisfied his sweet tooth in a healthy way and yes he was able to play in his age group because yes he lost the weight he need and i didnt fell so badly like i was depriving him of a treat. We all absolutely love this product and to be able to make in minutes and then go off with your very own container to drink out of makes it even better, which i thought it could’nt get any better, it surprised me and it did.This is a perfect house warming gift, birthday and of course christmas gift.

It doesn’t blend it all up properly, generally have to acquire it off shake it all around and set back again on often have to do that two times. Won’t be able to set powder in blender initially usually it’s going to stay in the base and not be mixed up all through.

I enjoy the containers, they are superb and spill evidence. Even so i will not see this lasting a prolonged time, won’t have a great deal of ability.

I seem to be to make smoothies far more than this minimal guy can take care of at instances. I ended up finding a further much more impressive device but did acquire a person for a friend and it is perfect for him.

GForce GF-P1546-1029 15 Piece Set Mini Blender With Travel Lids and Cups : Would buy again.

Still going strong after 2 years.

This little blender is something we use daily and really love. It has a very quiet motor and blends things very quickly without any fuss. It will work for many things but the one we like best is how it can turn inexpensive dry instant coffee crystals into espresso texture in seconds in for better cups of coffee that is much more economical than standard. The mix and match bright colors are pretty, the cups can double for drinking or storing and the base is a nice shiny silver that fits with our art deco themed kitchen. All in all i give this set 5 stars for all around usefulness, ease of operating, looks, sound, and the results of nice blending in no time. The seller is great as well.

I do like the blender but as others mentioned it would be really nice to have measurements listed on the cups when adding protein powders.

Very nice upgrade to an already proficient product. I received this to replace the earlier g force mini blender that i bought over a year ago. This time, i received multiple blender bottles with individual lids and bottoms, as well as an additional blade to allow for the choice of blending different types of shakes/smoothies differently. I’m very happy with the product, and see it as an improvement to an already good thing. I typically use this once in the morning for a breakfast smoothie, and once in the evening for a protein shake. It’s very fast, easy to clean, and with the multiple bottles/lids, i could make both at once if i want, and take them with me. It also means that if one happens to not be clean, i don’t have to drop everything and wash it before making my protein shake- great move for recovery. One note: don’t overload the blender- blending is going to cause your product to expand since air is being worked into the mixture, and if you load it to the top, you may get an overflow pushing out that’s full of air. When this happens, you get sweet, gooey mess down in the vents of the machine, which is a happy home for smell-producing bacteria. I try to blend half of something, then add the second half to make sure i’ll have room.

  • Very Nice upgrade to an already proficient product
  • It looks great, the price is really great and the reviews
  • I found pre made protein drinks that I liked but they were expensive so I decided to start

GForce GF-P1546-1029 15 Piece Set Mini Blender With Travel Lids and Cups

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    to make sure this fits.
  • 15-Piece high-speed mixing system grinds, blends, chops, whips, and more.
  • Includes power base, 2 blades, 4 blending cups, 4 travel cover lids, 4 sealed tasting lids
  • AC Voltage Of 120V
  • Automatic Shut-Off Feature
  • Durable see-through construction; press down for results in 30 seconds or less

Great for a quick smoothie in the morning, am able to prepare the night before for my daughter, she adds protein powder in the morning & puts it on the blender, drinks it on the way to school.

It’s no bullet, but it gets the job done. The reason i took a star off was because if the fruit you are blending is in too big of pieces or just super frozen, the machine doesn’t do too well. The issue has only happened a few times, but really i’ve gotten great smoothies from this baby and we use it a few times a day. A less expensive option to other mini blenders.

It seemed very cheap and was not dishwasher proof. I returned it for a better model.

It looks great, the price is really great and the reviews are good so i bought it. My husband hijacked my beloved magic bullet and we fight to use it in the morning. I can’t handle that anymore. This machine comes with four containers so that was why i bought it. I thought it was cool that it came with 4 differently colored spout covers/lids and screw bottoms)pros: the containers and blades fit my magic bullet. That’s really good for space saving on the cluttered counter. Cons: i put a few things in my smoothie and you can’t put it down when filling it, like you can the magic bullet. (obviously because it will top over because of the lids) so, i am not sure if i would recommend it because this is frustrating.

I use it to make my “bulletproof” coffee in the morning. Works great and easy to put in the dishwasher. . But not the base, of course. Excellent product and value for me.

Powerful but the cups are cheap made.

My only criticism is that there is that there is no way to turn the bottles upside down and leave them on the table while you are pouring in your ingredients – you have to hold the bottles or find something to put them inside of to keep them in place.

I have one and i bought another for my mom.

The first time i used this blender it leaked from the bottom of the cup, but the i found out the rubber seal was not properly fitted. Since then it has been a decent blender. Doesn’t chop as well as some other competitors, but the convenience of the travel cups makes up for that in my opinion.

Great gift and works awesome.

I did some research and asked around and finally settled on this one because of the reviews, feedback and price. I wish it was more powerful and/or had several speeds to chose from. It is great for smoothies (all i use it for) with plenty of liquid. But as soon as you try something thicker it lacks power. I like the fact that it is not too loud. I have a ninja i cannot use without covering my earseasy enough to clean as well.

Wonderful the vendor was really good. These individuals are in my favorits.

The only matter that upset me is that it didnt deal with ice quite effectively. Placing in a person dice at a time can help, but obtaining only 1 placing will not. Other than that, swift smoothies for on-the-go usage.

I discovered pre produced protein beverages that i appreciated but they have been pricey so i made the decision to begin producing them myself and save a little funds. This unit was the correct alternative. It comes with four cups that though not insulated, however keep the chilly effectively in a cooler with an ice pack. There are two factors i do not like about the cups. -a single, and this is my big gripe, the cups would be much better if they had marks on the sides to tell you how a great deal liquid you have place in. This is easily remedied with the use of a sharpie mark but it absolutely sure would be good if the cups have been molded with the marks on them. -two is the rubber seal rings. If you are not mindful you can easilly eliminate 1 and at the time it is gone the cups leak. I practically threw out two of them ideal in the packagei give 4 stars to this blender but would simply given it 5 if the cups experienced the liquid denotations on them. Do not let my four stars reduce you from acquiring this device though.

The first time i requested this item, the base came shed ahead of i could use it. I returned the blender, but the seller instantly contacted and apologized for the defect product. I obtained a substitute few weeks later, and we have been working with it without any complications. I like the strategy that it come with two varieties of blades, so my spouse and i can get every a person. My only complain is the best opening which is very little and if i want to set the protein powder, i have to overturn the cup, but i have to put in a different cup to keep it mainly because the prime deal with is a spout and not flat. Other than that, we are really happy with our substitute.

So significantly the only criticism i have is that you have to make sure that you screw the blade on limited in advance of positioning it in the foundation, if not it comes unfastened and your smoothie will spill into the inside of of the base.

I use this each day to make a protein shake in the morning. I blend frozen strawberries in it and even the small blade has no issue with that. Ice cubes also chop up properly. The bottom seals are h2o-limited and the go-cup style is handy. If i could make a design change, it would be in the lid of the mixing cup. The ingesting spout isn’t going to have a rubber seal, so you have to put your liquid in previous, or else it will leak. Also, if the lid ended up flat, you could stand the cup upside-down on the lid although you add elements. The way it is, you both have to place the blade on the bottom and attempt to incorporate ingredients by means of the more compact top rated opening of the cup hold it upside down in one particular hand the total time to use the even larger base opening to fill the cup in advance of placing on the blade, or prop it up someplace so your ingredients do not slide out. If the best lid was far better and more handy for filling the cup from the bottom, i would give five stars.

Twister Mixxer Vortex Mixer Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle Li-ion USB Rechargeable – I liked it so much I have two now

I tried using just one of the much less expensive battery operated blenders and was horribly let down. That’s when i made the decision to invest the funds on a excellent product or service. I adore that i you should not have to modify out batteries continuously. I like that it detaches from the motor foundation, and i have washed it productively in the dishwasher with out any troubles, like the paint coming off on the exterior. The motor is extremely rapidly and terrific top quality. It actually is a tornado in a bottle and does an wonderful career at mixing protein shakes or fiber supplements.

This merchandise exceeded my expectations.

Only had it for a 7 days but satisfied so considerably. It really is very strong and can blend my protein with no stopping.

  • It worked well to mix ingredients. The rim of
  • Worth It. Get It. Good.
  • this is only good for liquor mixing not for mixing

Last mixer / shaker i will want. This will be the last mixer i will at any time need to have to acquire. This factor mixes all of my pre / submit training and my protein with no troubles at all. I am hiving this 4 stars for the reason that the minor rubber stopper on the cap likes to continue to be in the mouth piece when i check out to open the lid. Easy deal with but for the price of this merchandise, i shouldn’t have to resolve just about anything at all.

I liked it so significantly i have two now. Long battery existence among recharging. I favored it so substantially i have two now. One for property and get the job done that get employed about 2 times a day.

Features of Vortex Mixer Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle Li-ion USB Rechargeable

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    to make sure this fits.
  • PORTABLE PROTEIN SHAKE MIXER – The only portable vortex shaker mixer you will ever need on the go.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE – Save hundreds of dollars with the Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.
  • ONE TWIST LOCK LID – The easy one twist lock mechanism gives the lid a tight seal for no leaks.
  • DETACHABLE MOTOR BASE – The motor is easily removable for safe and easy cleaning.
  • BPA-FREE – Made with transparent bpa-free acrylic with capacity of 16oz/450mL plus stainless steel

No additional clumps and is machine washable. It is way better than the promixer i purchased and the foundation of this that turns the blades basically suits in the promixer. Invest the more bucks to obtain a rechargeable battery and you will not be unhappy.

This is only excellent for liquor mixing not for mixing. This is only superior for liquor mixing not for mixing. I gave it to my boss rather because she likes to drink.

Excellent product but substantial price. It is a extremely great products, functions effectively and has a charger. My only trouble is the cost was far too large.

It has a great small motor and has not actually unsuccessful me but. This twister mixer has actually been remarkable. It has a great little motor and has not actually failed me nevertheless. I have combined entire foods supplements, protein powder, and even sizzling teas and coffees in it (like that it is explicitly labeled as bpa free of charge). Nonetheless, it does not satisfy 5 stars for me for the next factors. The cup itself is fairly compact. I am not going to say that it is scaled-down than i expected, simply because as the purchaser, it is your position to study the description. What i will say is that if you fill it up to its entire capacity, factors can get a bit messy and i really feel that it mixes much less effectively. The locking /best lid mechanism often would seem to get messy / get the electrical power / beverage in its ridges. I have not mixed it when without the need of obtaining one thing gunk up the twist best. Battery everyday living is not wonderful, in my working experience. Similarly, though i appreciate that it is usb rechargeable, it works by using a proprietary charging enter.

Lengthen the life of your products. Be aware of the blender motor seals. Do not depart any fluid in the mixer prolonged phrase. I burnt out a motor this way. Other than that, worked excellent for me. Equivalent high-quality (and almost certainly similar pieces maker as the promixx line) and worked incredibly. Bought yet another and will be a lot more cautious this time.

Operates great just after you experiment with it. I have employed my mixer two times now. The to start with day, i stuffed it up to the best line. I commonly insert matcha tea, mega-nourishment natural and organic superfood and chia seeds to my protein shake. I discovered that when filling the cup up to the sixteen oz line, it failed to build the vortex and the powders i additional just sat on the prime devoid of getting mixed in. In addition, the protein shake foamed up and begun to run more than the major of the glass building a mess just before i could get it turned off. Currently, the next day, i only loaded the cup up midway and extra my further powders and seeds. It established the vortex and combined the ingredients beautifully. Then tiny by minimal, i included far more protein shake almost up to the sixteen oz line which labored out great. In the long term, i will consume component of it then continue introducing and stirring right up until i have additional the complete protein shake (no higher than the 14 oz line) since when you fill it to the top rated and change it off, if at times burps and splatters out of the cup.

I really like my mixer i use it all the time.

Stays charged for various makes use of.

It labored effectively to blend elements. It labored properly to blend elements. The rim of the cup cracked and broke after 3 moments. It says it can be utilized for coffee but when you use a very hot beverage it appears to be to crack.

I like this mixer ???it’s fantastic.

Wonderful merchandise but even better customer service. I procured this mixxer about a month back, it was fine for a number of days and then the motor went out, the vendor contacted me inquiring about my practical experience, i defined the issue. The vendor speedily replied that it could be a defect and immediately changed my mixxer. I’m thrilled about the substitute but i am even much more be sure to with the stellar client serive obtained. I enjoy the vendor sending a observe up e-mail just after i gained the merchandise to make certain my expectations had been achieved. Will absolutely do business once again. I love the fact this a person can charge though i’m sitting at my laptop performing from dwelling. I purchased a person prior and was switching batteries each individual 2 times this 1 is great. Usb charger so i can demand at home, on the go or with a portable electrical power financial institution if i am at the park or beach front. Excellent for powder suppliments mixing only the go. And the cyclone seems neat too.

Remarkably proposed for conditioning protein shake. Quite quite handy and quite fantastic product. Its fantastic to shake proteins.

Now if you can arrive up with a thing moveable with metal blades that is powerful more than enough to blend fruits and vegetables, i’d be in awe.

I purchased this as a gift for. I purchased this as a gift for a pal of mine. It appears to be hassle-free for him due to the fact he constantly on the go for people pre-training foods and submit.

Wonderful moveable mixer for creating breakfast shakes on the go. This is not a blender, but a mixer to ensure the excellent regularity for drink powders.

NutriBullet 14 Piece Nutrition Extractor 600W Blender Juicer NBR-1401 Nutri Bullet, Fantastic machine!

Have been employing for a couple of months. Is effective incredibly well and i have no issues with it. Ilike how it blends the vegetables and other items i put in. I like the consumer guidebook and further guide with recipies as perfectly. I would advise this merchandise. I make sure that the blade and container are perfectly dry by allowing them air dry before placing them away. I also do not go earlier mentioned the max line.

We acquired this a little more than a thirty day period back, and we’re in adore with this factor. Among my daughter and i, we use it at the very least twice a day. I’ve performed all the things from make protein shakes, to grind espresso beans, to grind oatmeal, powder up some dried herbs from my backyard. I’m debating finding rid of some of my other kitchen area appliances because this does the similar factor. Why have much more than one kitchen area equipment if you you should not need to have it?it really is bought a extremely impressive motor and i have identified i haven’t necessary to pull out my vitamix however. This is far lighter and compact. It has been well worth just about every penny. Sadly, i won’t be able to say that about my vitamix. How frequently can you say the infommercials are essentially appropriate??.

Totally appreciate this solution. Bought it when it was continue to rather new, for a substantially higher value than all those becoming marketed right now. It has a several structure difficulties that i would like to see created otherwise. Gasket in lid possibly ought to be removed fully each and every time you rinse it off, or it finishes up molding involving the gasket and lid. Ridges on inside of of cup would make it fairly hard to clean properly or easily. Recipes in e-book will not healthy blender cup size. Absolutely does not process food items as finely as shown in the infomercial, but however does significantly much better than any other blender/foods processor i have at any time experienced. We will buy one more one particular when this one particular is lifeless.

Key specs for Nutribullet 14 Piece Nutrition Extractor 600W Blender Juicer NBR-1401 Nutri Bullet:

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  • Includes: power base, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 handled lip ring, 1 non handled lip ring,
  • Plus: 1 extractor blade, 1 milling blade, 2 re-sealable lids, 1 Fliptp to-go lid with oversize mug
  • Also Includes: pocket nutritionist, natural healing foods book and manual
  • Powerful high-torque 600 Watt motor power base. patented blade design with cyclonic action
  • BPA-Free, Non-Toxic Plastic. No phthalates, No bisphenol A

Comments from buyers

“Nutribullet Nutrition Extractor, Convenient and works pretty well. When blending drinks It doesn’t grind up , Nutra Blast Your Body For a Healthier Future!”

I am a new nutribullet person and have to say so much i have a love/dislike partnership with this detail. When we initially started off using it, it was wonderful, but a small bit difficult on removing the the mug from the motor. By some means i accidentally screwed the lid off even though the motor was continue to heading. So that left a little bit of a mess. As a end result of the foods acquiring into the motor place, that induced the tiny divets to no extended press down. I didn’t recognize that this took place and that it could be cleaned, so i returned it for a further one. Evidently a lot of men and women have this issue. In applying the second a single, i put in three frozen strawberries. The blade apparently acquired caught and the thing just stopped doing work.

Fruits+vegetables+liquid=the very best detail at any time. This has acquired to be the coolest little factor ever. Its a blender with convenience to a occupied individual. You will not have to fear about additional cleansing of a journey container. I signify if you cant figure out to use this you basically are unsuccessful at existence. Fruits+greens+liquid=the ideal thing at any time. Its really worth the expenditure so just get it.

Fast and simple to use, definitely amazing merchandise. I am skeptical about all products and solutions that i see on informercials. They always make factors appear way too quick and too good to be accurate. But this product or service caught my interest and nerded out and did a ton of exploration on it and also on the overall health gains of juicing in this manner. There is seem scientific dietary evidence that it is effective. So i bought the nutribullet. It is a durable gadget, incredibly simple and swift to use. And the textbooks that appear with it give you tons of choices for distinct types of shakes.

This was a gift and they beloved it. . I have a nutribullet myself and bought a different for my son and fiancée. They appreciate it and system to use it as element of their ‘get fit’ prepare for 2014. Thank you for this kind of terrific services.

Nutribullet nutrition extractor. I am pretty pleased i bought the nurtibullet 14 piece extractor 600 watt blender juicer. I applied it ideal away and it was uncomplicated, rapid, and effective to my health and fitness. I had purchased this for my husbands birthday as he had a coronary heart attack and i required him to eat much healthier. This was the great respond to for him and for me. It is straightforward to clean up, works so properly it is amazing to me, in addition you can make what you want, when you want it in tiny amounts with this. I want to increase to this review now that i have been utilizing this on a day-to-day basis considering that i bought it. It is so superior i am heading to provide my high-priced margarita frozen concoction maker and this performs ten times far better, it lighter, normally takes much less counter house and excellent in every way.

My 8 yr outdated enjoys to make his own smoothies and just couldn’t take care of a total dimensions blender (devoid of making a huge mess). He has no problem with the nutribullet. It makes the perfect serving sizing. We have put in frozen grapes and pineapple and it chops almost everything with no problem. The regularity is easy and really ‘drinkable’. I even added oatmeal (raw straight out of the box) to my smoothie yesterday morning and it was super yummy and stored me total until lunch time.

From the moment i opened the deal i realized i was working with a incredibly significant high-quality appliance. I had no want to study instructions, the equipment was so simple to use. The motor is particularly impressive and tends to make speedy perform out of almost everything i have place in it. From ice cubes to beets to grasses and other greens to all types of fruits. It is really the most straightforward device i have ever used or cleaned. A breaze to clear, a breaze to serve or retail store in fridge for afterwards. A great, very advisable product or service.

Outstanding addition for these foremost a balanced way of life. The nutribullet has transformed my family’s lives. I am an active woman who leads a healthier life-style, and the order of this food extractor has specified me an additional way to include effortless, balanced great choices to my diet program. In addition, my three boys use it nearly just about every day to create nutritious blasts to supplement their diets. The device by itself performs specifically as outlined in the description- the food items we incorporate are damaged down and we are left with healthful, mouth watering beverages. Chia seeds, flax seeds, nuts, kale. You identify it, we have extra it with outstanding success. It is effortless to use and thoroughly clean. The bonus textbooks are amazing.We have applied several recipes and identified the nutrition data included in them to be really helpful.

Thank you for producing this products. My sugar degree has dropped greatly. I am finally getting what i like and you should not like now. My human body tells me thank you all the time. Read through the directions and on the net recommendations for treatment. Anything is functioning completely. I have a minor difficulty getting the consuming frames off just after use, that is because my fingers never have much energy although. This is the finest point i have acquired for myself in a extended time that will take care of me incredibly perfectly.

A wise design, normally takes minimal place. A sensible structure, takes minor house, effortless to put together healthful emulsified foods and due to the fact we are not extracting the juices from the pulp like in juicers, we are receiving the whole benefit of all the foodstuff. We will incorporate this extractor into our daily daily life. In the summer i will make my individual frozen ice pops.

Fantastic minimal blender/juicer for the rate. . I have thrown every little thing at it which includes frozen berries, veggies, cucumbers, and nuts. As extended as you include a minimal little bit of liquid – i like going with almond milk, it wholly disintegrates every little thing in just about 30 seconds. There are in no way any chunks still left and the consistency is pretty easy. It tends to make for a wonderful, fast breakfast smoothie. It are unable to and shouldn’t replace lunches or dinners, but i imagine it truly is a superb item for including clean fruits and veggies to your diet plan. The bonus cups and lids truly arrive in helpful also for building various smoothies the night time prior to.

Operates just as they say it does. Clear up is a great deal superior than other individuals i have utilized.

I am entirely in appreciate with my nutribullet. I dislike cooking and this is a speedy and effortless way to get your daily serving of fruits and veggies.I have however to get gain of the distinct measurements, i generally use the two larger ones since i like to cram a whole lot of different fruits and nuts in there but the book has been tremendous educational and i use it as a guideline for creating my juices. It has also assisted me get rid of the pounds i’d received this winter with tiny energy and i have additional electrical power mainly because i’m no more time snacking on empty carbs.

I propose this to everyone. Having said that, i would consider shopping for it from the site straight. The purchase a person get a single present is really hard to beat. I want a 2nd one to have at get the job done. The possiblities are limitless with this gadget. I really like all the different combos i can make. And it only normally takes a couple minutes.

Wow, i am loving my nutribullet. It is all the things the infomercial suggests it is: straightforward to use, simple to thoroughly clean, would make awesome well being beverages from your contemporary develop, nuts, grains, and no matter what liquid you select. This established also arrived with the deluxe recipe book, which is an excellent source of information and facts and recipes for all areas of very good overall health. This is some of the ideal money i’ve at any time spent. Get one for by yourself and get much healthier.

I purchased this mainly because my companion had just lately gotten fired up about environmentally friendly juices, but they were expensive to acquire at the retail store. We’ve been applying this for about a 7 days and she’s fired up to have her juice in the early morning, we both equally begin of the day a lot more healthily than we had in the earlier, and i truly feel like it would make feeding on balanced enjoyment.

Quick to thoroughly clean and suppliers flawlessly in her shared dorm. I ordered the nutribullet extractor 600 for my niece who is a freshman school student on the east coast. She was pretty energized toreceive it and made use of it correct away. It blends a variety of fresh new fruits, vegetables, nuts and yogurt into delightful healthysmoothies. She stated that it is rapid to use, effortless to clean up and stores properly in her shared dorm place. I sent the nutribullet to her for christmas and simply because of the harsh winter season time, i was a bit concerned about fruits and veggies not currently being obtainable. Nevertheless, even with the local weather, she claimed that she is ready to get specified deliver at the area farmers current market or take advantage of packaged frozen fruits. She likes that the nutribullet extractor 600 has unique measurement mix containers that she can also drink from. She says she blends her consume, place the flip-best to-go lid on, get a staw and rushto class. It really is wholesome and handy on the go.

It is entertaining to use and makes great drinks. I uncovered that you have to split kale down separately 1st with a minor water then incorporate anything else. You also have to blend the elements for about a moment to get it to be fewer pulpy. Its a excellent equipment and i love all the added elements.

Although all the other wives required a keurig, this was my wish list. I truthfully really like this equipment and would hardly ever want to be without having 1. It came with a cookbook, which truthfully, i haven’t even seemed at nevertheless. This thing is great, it replaces equally the blender and food stuff processor, at the very least for my requirements. Regardless of whether i am generating smoothies, my daughters whipping product, hummus,any of people kinds of pursuits this merchandise nails it. A number of containers in a selection of sizes with lids. It whirls like it suggests business.

So brilliant terrific way to get fruits and veggies in. . It is this sort of an simple way to get my veggie consumption in. I do not not like greens, it really is just tough for me to get them in. So, when i grab a handful of fruits and veggies and add a very little drinking water, i have a sweet deal with with the gains of the nutrition both equally the fruits and veggies. I typically consume it just like juice with a meal. It is significantly much easier to get it down consuming it and it truly is a enjoyable taste verse chewing and taking in a total plate. That whole plate is quickly blended together and is a sleek consistency if accomplished the right way.

I surveyed quite a few persons just before i ordered it and bought recommendations for every little thing from a vitamix to a hamilton beach front. I did not have the $600 for a vitamix and i failed to treatment about becoming equipped to make soups in it and depart it to warm at a certain temperature, blah, blah, blah said the vitamix devotees. I wished a blender to make smoothies rapid and on a day by day foundation. If you are like me, this is the blender for you. It did appear with a lot of superfluous stuff, like the seed extractor, recipe e book/nutrition journal and nutrient information, but it is very affordable and helpful. We freeze mini packages of kale, banana and pineapple in progress and pull them out to make individual environmentally friendly smoothies. I insert coconut drinking water and any mix of flax, coconut, peanut butter or any other healthy factor hanging around. It is fast and you can consume the smoothie correct out of the container you manufactured it in.