Advent MW912BWDK Built-in Microwave Oven – Three Stars

This is a perfect fit for the microwave that stopped working in my rv. Will recommend to other rv ers.

We found this microwave on amazon, after an exhaustive search to find a replacement for our built in microwave in our 5th wheel rv. It fit perfectly, and we had it installed in less than 30 minutes. The seller shipped promptly and we received it before the expected date. If you are searching for a replacement built in rv microwave, i highly recommend this one.

We bought this unit to replace the furrion microwave that came in our rv. The furion unit took forever to cook food. This unit is a refreshing experience.

Microwave was fine the trim was not correct.

Replaced the one that was inoperative in a tag-along toy hauler.

  • Works great in my travel trailer
  • Works way better than the Furion unit we had
  • really nice, great microwave!

Was easy to install, and looks great.

This microwave is a replacement unit for an rv. I purchased it because the physical dimensions fit the compartment size of the old unit. It has all the operating features that i wanted and a trim panel to fit around the outside. The price was a little high for a microwave of this size, but it is a special size unit.

I had expected much more from this microwave. Such as a sensor touch cooking. Besides, i could have bought this at our local rv service/parts store for $45 less. Warning: shop around before buying.

This was super easy to install and fit perfectly where i wanted it. The directions are all pictures but you can still understand them.

Exactly what i ordered and needed. I have noticed it takes a minute or two longer than our home microwave. It has a lot of power for an rv or trailer. This isn’t a microwave for your counter.

Features of Advent MW912BWDK Black Built-in Microwave Oven with Wide Trim Kit PMWTRIM, Specially Built for RV Recreational Vehicle, Trailer, Camper, Motor Home etc., 0.9 cu.ft. capacity, 900 watts of cooking power and 10 adjustable power levels let you boil, reheat, defrost and more, 6 pre-programmed one-touch digital cook seetings let you easily prepare popcorn, pizza, frozen entrees or beverages at the touch of a button, Glass turntable rotates foods to provide even cooking

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  • Advent MW912BWDK Black Built-in Microwave Oven with Wide Trim Kit PMWTRIM, Specially built for RV Recreational Vehicle, Trailer, Camper, Motorhome etc.
  • One touch electronic controls with digital display let you quickly and easily adjust the cook times, cook settings, power levers, clock and timer, 0.9 cu.ft. capacity with 900 watts of cooking power and 10 adjustable power levels let you boil, reheat, defrost and more
  • 6 pre-programmed one-touch digital cook seetings let you easily prepare popcorn, pizza, frozen entrees or beverages at the touch of a button
  • Glass turntable rotates foods to provide even cooking, Easy access door, White cavity and black outer enclosure, One piece trim kit, UL/CUL Listed
  • Overall Dimensions without Trim Kit: 19” W x 13-3/8” H x 14” D, Overall Dimensions with Trim Kit: 23-3/8” W x 15” H x 14” D, Recommended cutout size: 20-1/2” W x 14-3/8” H x 14” D, Weight: 30 Lbs.

Make sure this fits
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Was what we wanted and expected.

I have a 2014 keystone sprinter and as you know repairing things or replacing things is a pain in the butt. Ci will tell ya this microwave fit perfectly where the other microwave was.Packaged great and does what it is suppose to.

Bought to replace the microwave in our 5th wheel that wasn’t made anymore. Perfect size & worked great. Arrived two days ahead of schedule too.

This is a really nice microwave, great deal too. This was a prefect fit for my rv and shuts very securely.

My new trailer’s advent microwave oven was defective, but i didn’t realize it until a year had passed. I only go camping in the summer time and didn’t try it until then. I replaced it with another advent and so far it’s working great.

Ordered this for a replacement microwave for my rv. Cant seem to cook popcorn at all, it either undercooks it or burns it without popping it, but other than that is seems to be an ok microwave.

Advent MW912BWDK Black Built-in Microwave Oven with Wide Trim Kit PMWTRIM, Specially built for RV Recreational Vehicle, Trailer, Camper, Motorhome etc.

It fit perfect in the cabinet.

One touch electronic controls with digital display let you quickly and easily adjust the cook times, cook settings, power levers, clock and timer, 0.9 cu.ft.

6 pre-programmed one-touch digital cook seetings let you easily prepare popcorn, pizza, frozen entrees or beverages at the touch of a button

Glass turntable rotates foods to provide even cooking, Easy access door, White cavity and black outer enclosure, One piece trim kit, UL/CUL Listed

Sharp R-1405 950-Watt 1-2/5-Cubic-Foot Over-the-Range Microwave, I like Microwaves

For the price i don’t think you can beat this sharp microwave. I just wanted a basic microwave that did the job. I was replacing a countertop micro that was rated at 1200 watts and i was concerned that the rated 950 watts of the sharp would be inadequate. My fears were groundless as the sharp functions every bit as fast the older one. I like the sleek appearance without a protruding door handle. They recommend two people to mount this oven, however since i didn’t have help available i was able to easily mount it myself with a little thought. If i were to rate it down for anything it would be that the mounting instructions are confusing in a couple of areas, mainly in the venting info.

The microwave is light on features but works very well for the functions it provides. It’s a very simple micowave that does it’s core job well which is exactly what i wanted. I didn’t need all of the advanced features, cooking presets and auto-options that the more expensive microwaves come with. I installed the microwave in a couple hours removing the old one that didn’t work anymore and had a bag of popcorn right after.

My mother had one for 40 years and i have had one for 30 years before both required repair. My microwave needed a new magnetron and fuse which i fixed for $125. My mother’s microwave had to be replaced as we could not find all of the replacement parts we needed. Hence, i purchased the one above- almost an exact replacement. It works very well and is easy to use, but i am not happy with the outward appearance. Too much black and it looks cheap compared to her original one.

Key specs for Sharp R-1405 950-Watt 1-2/5-Cubic-Foot Over-the-Range Microwave, Black:

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  • Space-saving, over-the-range microwave with convenient Minute Plus feature
  • Auto-touch controls; precise programming with a 5-digit, 2-color lighted display
  • Cook center and reheat center; defrost center; 10 variable power levels
  • 3 convenient venting options: horizontal, vertical, or recirculating
  • Measures 29-15/16 by 16-1/4 by 15-9/16 inches

Comments from buyers

“Ok, but some options are limited and the instructions are somewhat obtuse.
, Highly recommended.
, Basic Microwave

Purchased the microwave 3 months ago – no problems, so far. Microwave is easy to install – it’s heavy, though, so you’ll need 2 people for the install. One thing it did not come standard with that most over-the-range units do is the filter for recirculating air. (if your home is not vented for the over the range microwave, you will need this filter. ) you can buy it for $6 from sharp on-line. The keypad is not as ‘pretty’ as some of the other more expensive units, but that’s something i could look past for the $200 in savings. Other than that, no complaints with the microwave. This unit was an excellent price, and has out preformed my last microwave.

We picked this microwave primarily for its dimensions (we needed one with a short height). We are very pleased with this model since it is easy to use, works well and is very quiet. It’s not loaded with features but has been a pleasure use over the last few months that we’ve owned it.

I ordered two of these based on other reviews, one for my mother-in-law and one for our home. We were given a range of dates for delivery and received both on the first day of the range. So far i have only installed the one in our home and we are thrilled. That wasn’t true of the removal of the old microwave. Will update this after a month or so of use.

After finally installing the unit, it seems to work as well as its deceased predecessor. The old one had a nice mounting system and was made in the usa, which is why i purchased this model. Of course, they changed the mounting system, necessitating drilling more mounting holes, making the backboard resemble swiss cheese. The input panel isn’t as positive or smooth as the old one, either. Made in thailand, not the usa. Maybe the last sharp microwave product i will buy.

We purchased and installed this over the range microwave as a replacement for a 25 year old one. This is sharp is just perfect. We required one with the recirculating feature because we have no way to vent it, and this type is not easy to find.

Bought this model to replace the one bought thru amazon 6 years ago. It just died abruptly, thought it was a fuse but if there was one couldn’t locate it. Buying the same model made installation a snap. Just hope this one lasts longer.

This is the second sharp r-1405, over the range microwave i have owned. The first one lasted 8 years and gave me excellent service. So i was thrilled when i found the same model still being produced. I snatched it up and easily installed it because the same install hardware was required and 90% of the mounting hardware was already installed in the wall above the stove. The price was about $200 or $300 less than comparable over the range microwaves. An excellent product that gets the job done.

I bought this microwave to replace my previous sharp r-1449. This one is deeper, more plastic, and slightly more powerful. It seems reliable (only have had it 6 weeks), has a good vent and good stove lights. I wish it had a night light and a switch to stop turntable rotation though one can get around it by removing the turntable. My biggest disappointment was that it utilizes a different mounting plate than my previous sharp microwave. I gave it four stars b/c it does the job and it was inexpensive compared to other manufacturers. Incidentally, mounting instructions were very good.

I have had this microwave three years. The only problem i ever have with it is that the door sticks sometimes. I just have to tug on it every once in a while. The oven works consistently and does everything it should. The defrost stops intermittently to tell you to turn things over or separate them or whatever. That is sometimes helpful and sometimes not — if i have just one chicken breast in there to defrost i have to hit the button to resume defrost about three or four times. I do respond by turning the chicken over one of those times. I defintely recommend the microwave.

This thing works better then the old one. They packed this huge box up nicely two.

I bought this for parents to replace very old ge microwave. They are very happy with it and like the simple function buttons. Installation instructions could be a bit better especially when installing for top-venting configuration. When rotating the blower motor for top-venting, be sure that the power cable is positioned away from the top panel or you risk putting a screw through it when the panel is reinstalled. A warning message to position the power cable correctly and more accurate drawings showing the holes in the housing and panels should be provided. In use, the unit operates well and quietly and is a good value.

I bought this on amazon to replace a sharp microwave, which has served me well for several years. Based on the price, compared to other with similar features, this unit is the least expensive. I was also impressed with the comprehensive directions for installation. I am closer to being tim (the toolman) taylor than a professional at home improvements, so i followed the instructions with precision. The results were outstanding. Not only does it look great where my old stove hood used to be, it passed my ‘popcorn’ test, of which, i am particular. No scotching, full bag, satisfying and an extra plus, while i am beaming over my accomplishment, the beep sounds indicating the popcorn was finished, the display read ‘enjoy’. I have in my ‘digital locker’,courtesy of amazon, my own. What a great investment in money for the microwave and the time for installation of the unit. Solidly built, looks great, came with lightbulbs for range light installed. No cons, but could have used some help with installing, as the manual recommends 2 people install, but i did manage nicely by myself. I would suggest an additional set of hands for final insertion, once preparations are complete. I have only owned this for a day, but, i wanted to tell my tale to give others an incentive, if they are on the edge, to jump at this opprotunity to snazz up the kitchen in a big way and for little out of pocket.

Measured spot, questioned users to be sure there would be no problem (thank you to those that answered) and this fit in perfectly. If you’re accustomed to a counter top microwave with less watts – be very careful. One thing i do not like at all – the door hinge only lets this open to a 45degree to the oven and it bounces back when you open it. The first few times i almost lost an eye because i opened quickly and went to reach in – the door ‘bounced’ from the hinge and came back at my face. In addition, with the door opening only to this point, it doesn’t allow much space to reach in on the left side. I wish it opened wider and stayed there. On a personal note and for those just thinking about an ‘above the stove’ microwave — keep these points in mind:reaching above the stove to pull out hot dishes is awkward when the stove is off but even worse when you’re cooking things on the stove top. Every time i use the microwave, i worry i’m going to drop the hot dish and smash both that dish and crack the stove.

When the microwave is on, it interferes with my wireless signal. Laptop, wii, ipad, etc stop working. Fortunately i don’t use the microwave that often. My old whirlpool microwave never did this. Installation was fairly easy.

Sharp r-1405 microwave oveni recently replaced a whirlpool velos convection/microwave oven in our rv with this sharp r-1405 unit. I’m very happy with the results. Our previous oven would not operate properly on our on-board generator, even though the onan technician checked all the power parameters from the generator and said they were fine. Later the old oven started acting up even on shore power (plugged into a receptacle). We had a sharp convection/microwave oven in a previous rv and liked it so i didn’t hesitate to order this unit as a replacement. We don’t need the convection capability so we saved some money (and probably some weight) by getting just the microwave. This unit has been in our rv about three weeks and has been on one extended two-week trip. It works fine on both shore power and the generator. The first time i melted some cheese in it i noticed that it has more power than our previous unit, maybe even more than the microwave in our house. My wife appreciates the fact that this oven doesn’t stick out as far as our old one did which enables her to see items on the range top better than before. It also doesn’t extend down the wall as far as the old one did so there’s more room above the range as well. I liked the fact that this unit is lighter in weight than the old one so it was easier to install it than it was to remove the old unit. The range light works at least as well as the old unit’s and the fan is set up to vent out the rear through the same exterior vent that the old unit used. The oven comes with a short piece of foam weatherstripping to seal around the vent.

The install was easy for one person, it would have been easier for two people, but if you are handy and able to put other things together, this should be no problem. The light under the microwave is a great plus, we use it as much as the microwave when we are cooking on the stove. The only issue we have with this is the fan. It happens to be pretty loud. We are not sure if this has to do with the fact that we have it on re-circulation mode as opposed to external exhuast, but that is the one thing we would change. Other than that we are very happy with itwe use the defrost option almost every night for meat and it is great-also pluses for two different popcorn options depending on the size you are cooking.

Works fine, but somewhat lacking in some features. The defrost selection begins at 1/2 lbs. In a single person household, i often need to defrost smaller amounts. I buy packages of pork chops, vegetables, etc. And split them up into small packages and freeze them. Also, my previous microwave had a 30 second time add feature which i used more often than the 1 minute add feature on this microwave. One minute is often longer than i need and if 30 seconds is too short, i could always push it more than once. That microwave also had several fan speeds and light options. The lower fan speeds were useful when i didn’t need the higher speed and reduced the rather irritating high speed fan noise. These restrictions are mostly just somewhat irritating and, overall, i’m not dissatisfied with the unit.

What can you say about a microwave ??. It does the job looks nice , i am happy with it and the big plus it was delivered right to my door. No hunting around , carrying it in and out of auto.

Arrived in two days instead of the week as reported, this was a great plus. It fit into the same spot as old sharp, another plus. The mounting brackets were in a different location & constructed less sturdy than the old ones. The medal was cheaply made & much thinner. Overall i am happy with purchase.

It’s a cheap microwave, and you get what you pay for. That said it’s been working fine for me. The door didn’t open smoothly at first, but it seems to be getting a little better the more that i use it. I’m not sure buying a microwave from amazon is the best idea, i don’t think i’d do it again. The box arrived pretty beat up, and the microwave was poorly protected. The mount for the exhaust fan was partially broken when i received it (i installed it anyway instead of dealing with the return process).

Took less than an hour to install. Was a little overwhelmed with instructions, but was easier to install than originally thought. Looks great in my kitchen and has opened up so much space in my small kitchen. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Sharp R-1514 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot 1000-Watt Over-the-Range Microwave – Four Stars

Best micro-hood i’ve ever had. Bought it in 2007 and haven’t had 1 issue yet. We get lots of compliments from its sleek design with the buttons hidden like that. Funny think is, viking rebadges this micro as their own design. I had a friend with the exact same one except the viking version, he loved his as well except that he paid a few hundred more for the same thing.

And the latch is not deformed, melted or broken. I installed myself and had no problems. I’ve installed an otr microwave 3 times in my life and none of them are easy, but this one is no more difficult than any of the others. At first was hesitant to buy this microwave due to the negative reviews, but i am thoroughly satisfied with it. As i said, i have had no problems with it, i like the features, and it looks great. The bottom of the otr is 16 inches above my gas stove top. I’ve read the reviews about the push button getting melted by the stove, but mine has absolutely no indication of overheating due to the stove.

Gave it 5 stars because i already had one and needed to get another. First one was great so the easiest replacement made sense to get the same model and keep the same bracket. Unfortunately ups (as per usual) mishandled it so badly the styrofoam protection was crushed and the metal sides were literally dented so back it went.

It looks lovely in our stainless steel kitchen, but after only 3 years of use, it has problems. Now the start button doesn’t work, but the microwave is on nonstop whenever the door is closed. Will have to get it serviced. Great defrost, potato, popcorn functions.

Love microwaveeasy to operateworks good.

After reading the specs, my husband measured the height before installing. We replaced the cabinet over the stove to a shorter cabinet (we were remodelling the kitchen), so we have none of the problems with the heat on the latching mechanism other people mentioned. I love all of the features on this microwave (especially the sensor cooking), it was easy to install, and after 8 years my only complaint is that the led readout has completely burned out, so my cooking is now by braile. I was checking amazon to see how much money to replace this microwave and was really surprised by the reviews. I will purchase this product again when it finally quits working.

  • Nice looking
  • Five Stars
  • Stylish; works well and intuitive; numbers can fade

It took us about 2 hours to put up, the directions were not the best. I had no problems with the shipping and everything was fine with the box upon arrival. What i have enjoy the most is the fact that the buttons are all inside and this makes it very easy to clean. Also the microwave is bigger than the ones i checked out in the department stores. I think this is a great microwave, i’m glad i went on line to get it.

What i liked the most is there is room inside for real cooking.

Mine came with my house and i absolutely love this microwave. It defrosts perfectly and has so many functions. Nothing has melted and we use the stove top all the time. Lived here for 3 years now and i do not know how old it is but it is perfect.

Item was nice , as advertised. Installation was clear and straight forward.

Received in excellent condition. Very satisfied with purchase.

Features of Sharp R-1514 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot 1000-Watt Over-the-Range Microwave, Stainless

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  • 1000-watt 1-1/2-cubic-foot microwave with 19 automatic settings
  • Large, 14-1/8-inch-diameter carousel turntable adds capacity and versatility
  • 11 Smart and Easy sensor settings for most-popular microwaved foods
  • Convenient auto-touch control panel; 5-digit, 2-color, lighted display
  • Measures 29-15/16 by 16-1/4 by 15-9/16 inches; 1-year limited

Make sure this fits
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Undaunted by some of the poor reviews, we purchased this microwave oven. Mostly because it was the only one that my wife and i agreed was really cool looking. In addition to the good looks, we have been very happy with the features and performance. The inside is much roomier than our old ge and the sensor cooking feature seems to work very well. The push button handle seems to get hot when cooking on both front burners of the stove, but so far no problems at all other than being hot to the touch. We did purchase the extended warranty from the amazon website. Overall, it is a really good looking microwave that performs well and priced great.

Have had this oven for over a month now and just love it. Sleek and beautiful says it all. A myriad of features that i am just learning to use-more than i will ever need but should appeal to the experienced chef. Various preset times for different foods, defrosting, and even my cup of tea (water from one cup up to three cups)are most helpful. The hidden controls are great once you get used to them. The unit is even made in the usa if that concerns you. You will, at first, shut the door and forget to program the cooking time, but after a few days this comes naturally. The start/add time and stop/clear buttons as well as the fan and the light controls are outside the door-so these present no problems. You will want to-as i have already done-replace the two 20 watt bulbs on the underside of the unit (not inside, but under the unit). The two stock bulbs just do not give nearly enough light.

I liked the first one so much i purchased this one for another place. Only problem is that the plate inside was scored. Called sharp company who sent me another. There is something wrong with the manufacturing of the plate. I am contemplating now as to whether i should ask for another replacement, or just wing it and hope that nothing happens. My first mic plate had no issues.

I received the product advertised in perfect condition.

We had a tight space and having this made with the hinges 2 inches from the left made a huge difference.

It is easy to use and works great.

1000-watt 1-1/2-cubic-foot microwave with 19 automatic settings

Same model as the previous one. Still a noisey exhaust still difficult to replace litebulbs but performs well.

Found this microwave on amazon and on sale. It is beautiful and everyone who comes into my kitchen comments on it. Best of all it works perfectly and can do anything you need to do. The inside is big enough to make a very large entree, and having the buttons inside cuts down on daily cleaning. I have yet to be disappointed in any way.

Buttons inside the door are awkward.

I bought this from a local appliance co. The price was around $350 (about $100. 00 more than other models with comparable features). I paid the price because it had a sleek look and somewhat smaller top-to-bottom dimension. The clock display is very old-school cheap. The light isn’t very bright. You can get a much better product for the money.

Stylish; works well and intuitive; numbers can fade with time; one bonus is that the door is flush with cabinet so doesn’t stick out.

Large, 14-1/8-inch-diameter carousel turntable adds capacity and versatility

11 Smart and Easy sensor settings for most-popular microwaved foods

Convenient auto-touch control panel; 5-digit, 2-color, lighted display

FRIGIDAIRE 1.5 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Oven – White, microwave

You don’t need a high priced appliance. This microwave takes care of all my needs.

Bought this to replace existing built in. I like this one because i do not need a million cooking options or fancy do dads. This is a wonderful microwave at a good price. Took the 8 yrs old one out and put the new one right in. The light is not real bright but it works just fine for me.

The microwave lacks in power and functionality. The timer and microwave cannot be used simultaneously.

Key specs for FRIGIDAIRE 1.5 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Oven – White:

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  • White 1.5 cu. ft. over-the-range microwave; Two speed ventilation; Sensor cooking options; 10 cooking power levels; Auto-reheat options; Electronic clock and timer; Height 16.31; Width 29.87; Depth 15.03; Weight 52.00; Color White; Operating System; Batteries Included; Batteries Required; Number of Batteries; Battery Type; Language English, Spanish, French; Assembly Required
  • Extra-large 14-inch diameter glass turntable
  • One-touch options
  • Ready-Select controls
  • Multi-Stage cooking

Comments from buyers

“Bottom Of The Line
, Three Stars
, Great, reasonable microwave

I bought this unit because of it size. It is the smallest one i could find that fit over a stove and had a exhaust fan. If you want to cook all your meals in a microwave this is not the unit for you. It is a basic unit that warms things which is all i want it to do. No second shelf, no probe, just a basic microwave that heats a cup of coffee or left overs. Size was the key for me, manufacturers have forgotten the customer with an older home. My cabinets are low and most units i looked at were too close to the stove. This one is not perfect in the size department but is best i could do.

Cleans nicely if i don’t remember to cover whatever is cooking. Contractor said it was easy to install. I particularly like the 1, 2, 3 minute buttons because it’s so quick to get cooking going. I don’t like to cook but i am great at warming up leftovers with this oven.

I just finished the install and i have to say it was well designed and very easy to install. Came with good instructions and paper templates that make it so simple anybody who can lift it should be able to install it. The microwave is quite powerful and fast to heat things. The range light is barely bright enough to be useful. Door and glass are nice and overall. I am quite pleased with the looks of the unit. When my microwave arrived, it looked like it had been severely roughed up and re-taped. Myself and the driver unboxed it and examined it closely before i accepted it. The box the microwave ships in is not really designed for shipping. It’s thin and the styrofoam is thin. Examine your shipment closely before you sign off on it. Note damage on the delivery ticket in case you have something wrong not immediately obvious.

I’m never going back to counter top microwaves again. No complaints, and i love having my counter space back again.

My only issue is that it sounds and feels cheap when you open and close it. Kinda reminds me of japanese cars in the 70’s. Everything was great but the doors opening and closing made it seem like a toy.

Diminsions were correct; easy to replace the broken microwave – though heavy, needs at least 2 people for installation.

Good price, on time delivery, works well. Definitely a low-end product.

I have had it for about 3 weeks and it works great. Read reviews that the timer was loud, they must have fixed it.

The reason i gave this microwave 4 stars is the weak light under the microwave. Other than that it has been working fine.

Installation was pretty easy, even though i had never installed one before. It has certain simple features that i really like, such as the quick buttons for 1, 2, 3 minutes and the ‘add 30 seconds’ button. It also reminds you when it has finished cooking every so often. This can be a bit annoying at times, but other times i have actually forgotten about my food and am thankful to be reminded that it is ready before it goes cold. I know that the big thing now is brushed metal, but i like the clean simplicity of this microwave, and it fits the rest of our white appliances. Its exhaust system, while very loud, also works well. I can cut onions without them bothering me while it is on. A solid, no-frills microwave for a good price.

Arrived very well packed in a very oversize box. Inside, the microwave was very well protected and packed. The install took about 2+ hours and went without a problem. I did need to cut shims for the bottom of the cabinet to properly install the frame that holds the microwave, but the included install instructons were clear and easy to understand. It does take 2 people to install the microwave to the installed frame.

This had to be the perfect addition to my small apartment, replacing the old and outdated range hood with the insanely noisy vent fan. Over-the-range microwave oven – white.

Arrived a day early and was relatively easy to install.

Works great except don’t like the door. Hard to open and you have to slam it to shut. Wakes everyone in the house when you have to slam it.

This machine seems to work, and that’s the best i can say about it. It’s a very basic unit that i bought to use for a year or two while i save up to put a new kitchen in my apartment. I’ll have no qualms about throwing in the trash at that point, because it’s not very pleasant to use. The door is very stiff and clunks noisily closed. It’s almost impossible to see through the window to check if your milk is boiling over for example. The ‘finished’ bleep is very loud and continues even if you yank the door open straight away. This are pretty minor irritations, so i can’t complain too much, but it’s not an upscale piece of technology.

There’s nothing wrong with this microwave. We bought it to replace one that we’ve had for about 10 years. We bought the same brand so it would fit in the same space. What we didn’t realize is that we were getting a unit with fewer features and less power than our original one. If you want a 900 watt microwave, this one is fine. If three instant buttons are enough, go for it. ) we basically use the microwave for bacon, potatoes, and reheating, so we’ll get used to this model. However, if you do any serious microwave cooking, you probably want a unit with at least 1100 watts. We didn’t realize how much money we’d have to spend to get to that level.

Arrived a little later than they said but great fit to replace our old over the range microwave. Simple install and seems to work great so far. It is basic but does the job well.

Samsung ME16H702SES 1 : Easy to install and looks awesome

But, it certainly was cheap.

Fit perfectly and does everything i need it to do.

Easy to install and looks awesome.

Bought on amazon new 1/31/16 and lasted until 2/22/17. It is a 10/15 model so out of warranty. Called samsung and they have to schedule a repair tech to come out and take a look, only then can he/she give me a price to let me know how much the repair is.

  • Bought on Amazon new 1/31/16 and lasted until 2/22/17.
  • It works well. Does what it is advertised to
  • Five Stars

Samsung ME16H702SES 1.6 Cu. Ft. 1000W Over-the-Range Microwave, Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1.6 cu. ft. capacity with 11.5 in. glass turntable
  • 300 CFM ventilation system with charcoal/grease filter
  • Incandescent cooktop light with high/low/off options
  • 1000W of cooking power with 10 power levels
  • Auto defrost, auto cook, auto reheat and two-stage programmable cooking

Good price and fast free delivery.

Does what it is advertised to do.

Great quality for the price.

I bought this unit recently and so far, we are happy with it. I had never installed a microwave on my own but this time, with the help of a family member and a installation video on youtube, we were able to install it relatively easily. The unit is good and heats item very quickly. However, the ventilation fan’s noise is slightly on the louder side. In addition, the microchips/electric circuitry inside the microwave is relatively heat sensitive. A couple of times, we were cooking on our oven and didn’t bother turning on the microwave’s ventilation on. However, after about a few minutes, the fan turned on by itself and no matter, how many times we pressed the off button it wouldn’t turn off. Ultimately, we had to unplug the microwave. However, when we plugged it right away, the problem resurfaced and again we would need to unplug the microwave b/c the on/off button for the ventilation system wouldn’t work and wouldn’t let us turn off the ventilation fan. Only if left the microwave unplugged for 5-10 min and then plugged it back, everything would return to normal.

Looks like a newer microwave than the one i had to return. Much better shape and works as expected.

Written by someone who is not a verified purchaser.

Had it for a couple of months now and it works really well.

We were missing the glass plate for and ring for the inside of the microwave, so we used our old plate.

The glass dish for the microwave flew out of the sealed box when we loaded it onto our truck to move to our new house. However, samsung was very cooperative in replacing it with another, even though it has taken more than 2 weeks to receive the replacement.

I love it really happy with it.

The oven is a very good product. Did receive the oven with a small dent on right side, but decided that it was not an issue to have to deal with. Built a special shelving for the oven, and the system is working very well.

FRIGIDAIRE FFMV162LB 1 – Works for me

Excellent quality and simple to use.

We’re not huge microwave users in our house — we don’t need a lot of bells and whistles — just the ability to warm a cup of coffee or defrost from time to time. This was as good as the high dollar microwave we pulled, bolted right into the location, and looks decent. It’s about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of any microwave we could find locally. Great price, decent features. Only annoying thing is the ‘hey, i’m finished’ bell, which was too loud and too long.

I got it on time and it works great.

I really like this microwave. It’s very plain but also very efficent. I have had ones with all kinds of buttons but this one is easy to use and works very well.

The microwave is good, but the beeper repeats like three times and doesn’t let you push stop till it’s done.

Easy install – worked great out of box – paid big $$ for ge profile which decided to short out its pad. This unit equivalent in many ways and much more affordable.

  • Does what I need
  • Perfect for our needs.
  • Performs well Good price

My old one died mysteriously and sat there taking up space for months. We turned it into tupperware storage for a while. After months of procrastinating we finally found this one on amazon. Yes, the beeping after food is done is a teenie weenie bit annoying, and the clock seems to gain 5-10 minutes every few days, but it’s a nice machine. The buttons and setting are so easy and intuitive i don’t have to explain it my wife or guests. It cooks well and looks nice.

**** 3 year update ****this frigidaire unit was pressed back into service when our kenmore died again with a much more expensive problem. At least the frigidaire has been operating well for 3 years. No problem in that department. The handle is now ready to fall off for good. The spider cracks that were forming from almost the beginning are now extensive around both the top and bottom of the handle. I expect the handle to come off completely in the next month or so, so we’re ordering a new microwave. No, it will not be a frigidaire. Once the handle comes off, we would have to replace the entire door if we wanted to keep this unit. This is because it is not the handle that is shattering, but the door itself.

This microwave has been great. It was easy to install and we have had no problems.

Looks good, cooks quickly and the added features are a bonus. As for the beeps, it isn’t any louder than my old microwave,maybe a little quieter. Only annoyance is having to hit stop after cooking is complete, to keep it from beeping again.

As with any over the counter microwave it is best to have two people to install. I managed to install it myself, by propping up the unit on a box. The unit gives a triple beep when cooking cycle is done. I do not find the beeping objectionable.

Features of Frigidaire FFMV162LB 1.6 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave

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    by entering your model number.
  • 1000 watts
  • 10 power levels
  • Two speed 300 CFM venting system

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The unit gives off the most annoying beeps, 3 of them, when the cooking is done. I’ve already scoured the internet looking for ways to configure those beeps and have determined that it is not possible. But the price is right, and performance is good, it’s just your neighbors also know when you popcorn is done.

The microwave arrived about 4 days after it was promised but the microwave itself is great. Works great and had everything needed for installation.

It does everything it’s supposed to and it looks great.

The pros: it’s a microwave and it matches our range. I assumed by the price and brand it would be high-quality. It does perform as it should, heats evenly, spins food, has a built in hood vent. The cons: very loud latching mechanism. Shutting the door on it sounds like an 82 buick being slammed shut in your kitchen. It is absolutely loud enough to wake others in the house. Another major gripe is the alarm when finished heating. This is the only microwave i’ve ever used that insists on emitting its loud beep even after you open the door to remove food. You can push ‘stop/cancel’ if you wish to end it early but opening the door doesn’t silence it. Additionally, if you set the timer and don’t start it within 5 seconds it reverts back to clock.

I was looking for a microwave for over the stove. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, as this is a house i’m renting that doesn’t have a lot of counter space. It doesn’t have a ton of buttons, but the cooking space is perfect and it works nicely.

Purchased a month ago as replacement for 1989 over-the-range ge model on which the 3 cent ‘stirrer’ finally broke. This frigidaire with less power (1 kw vs 1. 35 kw) is more efficient (i. , faster) and the shortcut buttons are welcome. But here’s what you’ll hate: (1) though the 30′ x 15′ front face exterior dimensions are comparable to the old ge (i. , it fits the old space between the cabinets), the frigidaire is a couple inches larger in the front-to-back dimension, so it juts out past the cabinets just enough to look out of place (tip: measure the depth of your cabinets before purchasing; frigidaire front-to-back exterior dimension is also 15′); (2) the internal lamp is so dim, and the black painted pattern on the window so dark, that it’s hard to see what’s going on in there (e. , microwave oatmeal boiling over??); (3) as others have said, the 3 long beeps announcing the end of any operation is often irritating, but i found (after many attempts) that pressing the stop/cancel button just right will interrupt/cancel the beeping, which leads to. (4) the keypad is pretty non-responsive. You gotta hit those buttons in just the right way; i found slow full fingertip pressure (as if you’re trying to leave a fingerprint) works best; a quick stab at a button does nothing. Anyway, decent basic microwave, but a couple irritating features.

1000 watts

This is a great replacement microwave for my sharp. At first i thought it wouldn’t work but if take your time and review the old verses the new, this unit will work.

10 power levels

Two speed 300 CFM venting system

Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave : Performs Well

Actually 4,5 but i did not know how to put in a half. The old one had slowed down after 8 years on speed/power as it could not be cometely cleaned. Wow what a difference with the new one’.

When our old sharp ‘over the range’ started to die (14 years of service and the display had become very dim and door starting to crack with quite large chips falling off we decided it had to be replaced). Finding an over range (gas) with convection and a good extractor fan proved difficult and so we decided on this sharp product. At 71 lbs and with different mounting points from it’s predecessor it was a difficult installation task – could not have been done by one person on their own. Once in place however it is the greatest .It is better designed than the one before with 2 extractor inlets placed to handle the heat from the gas range very well , a large ceramic turntable that is easy to clean plus it can be selected to ‘not rotate’ which permits bigger dishes to be used as needed. Best of all it has a ‘keep warm’ feature that allows warming serving plates as well as keeping unserved food ready for ‘seconds’ without the whole reheat cycle. Great product – would have given 5 stars but for the physical difficulty of installation ( in fairness that would have probably been much the same for any brand).

Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave, 1.1 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel

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  • 850-watt, over-the-range convection microwave browns, bakes, broils, crisps, and roasts
  • 2-color, 7-digit, interactive display; Smart and Easy sensor settings
  • 1.1-cubic-foot, stainless-steel interior with light; 13-inch turntable provides even heating
  • Built-in exhaust system; hood light, powerful fan, low and high racks included
  • Outer Dimensions: 29-15/16 by 16-11/32 by 15-9/32 inches
  • Inner Dimensions: 13-13/16 by 8-1/16 by 17-1/8

We used this microwave as a replacement for a microwave that had been installed incorrectly in our rv ,which did not fit. This sharp fit perfectly, and a door which opened correctly. We are extremely pleased with this sharp.

September 13, 2013 over one month after delivery and still not usable. The rating reflects the fact that it is not working yet so i can’t be sure that it will. The unit was delivered and it is what i wanted because it is exactly like the one i had for 14 years (newer model of course); but it has not been working as it should. I wonder if the tech will really getting it to work correctly. Waiting now for parts to fix the oven portion of the unit. The tech tells that the microwave portion only cooks on the sides and the center does not get the ray to cook the food, how can that be possible??. Anyway here i am one full month after purchasing the oven and can’t use it. I still will be happy if they get it to work properly. Love the fact that the color is not bisque — thankfully it is almond like the previous one although the bottom of this one is white.

It was easy to install and has operated smoothly and as expected, both microwave and convection settings.

Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave, 1.1 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel : My wife wanted this item after conducting a great deal of internet research on it. I had been used to using a 10 year old microwave and did not think i would be that impressed with this new model. This is one of the best appliances that i’ve ever purchased.

Fits perfectly in previous sharp model space. Heating seems the same as the previous model although this one states 850 watts and the old one said 1100 watts. Exhaust does not work as well as the other model. Fan seems to work same on low and high speed, no difference in sound or intensity of fan sound. One would think the low would seem quieter.

My wife said she wouldn’t use it well 3 days later guess what. Very nice i use convention all the time. I’m the master in cooking and this is the guy.

Had this for two years and had no issues with it, works very good.

We renovated our guest house making a nice efficiency apartment. No stove top or oven making this sharp convection oven the perfect way to cook and bake. We had this exact one in our motorhome and love it so had to buy another when the opportunity arose. This one runs even more quiet than the other one. Does a great job of baking and microwaving anything we need.

Opens with clearance on left side so if you have a wall on the left hinge side there is still clearance to open without hitting wall.

My rv unit died after 17 years and this one is an upgrade and fits perfectly.

Our old r-1870 model in our motorhome was a tad under 30′ wide, and the amazon listing says that the stainless steel r-1874 is 32. 3 inches, while the white and bisque models are 29. The measurements listed for the stainless steel model are actually the measurements for the shipping box. The unit itself slips right into the space for our old r-1870. We have been traveling full time in this motorhome, with this oven, since it was new eight years ago. This is the only oven in the coach. The oven has given us excellent service over those eight years. We had a problem in 2007 in which the oven would run for exactly 59 seconds before shutting down. It’s a common problem with the unit and is caused by a failure of an inexpensive part, either the damper motor or the damper motor switch. We finally had to replace the oven this month when it broke down and needed $380 in repairs.

This replaced a 12 year old identical model that finally quit. While i considered a more recent model, the convenience of installing a microwave with the exact same dimensions and mounting hardware is hard to beat. There are a lot of buttons that i will probably never use.

Our old microwave was underpowered and falling apart, so we decided to replace it with this combo oven. Really like the overall size of this oven as the compartment is large enough for cookie sheets, but it was shorter than other over-the-range microwaves, which allows for more room between the microwave and the range. So far, the microwave cooking has been a welcome improvement and the functions are easy to use (some auto functions, but easy manual operations as well). We are still learning about the convection oven, but it has been really nice not to have to use the full oven and heat the entire kitchen when we are crisping items like egg rolls or crispy chicken snacks.

So far i love this appliance. It far exceeds my expectations: easy to use and very versatile. We purchased this exact replacement for one that was broken in an rv we purchased. My hope is that it continues to function as well as is does now.

Love this oven as it fits in my rv. It seems to be exactly like the one i was replaced. The 1st one lasted 9 years while he i think is good for an appliance these days.

We have had sharp microwaves for many years and when the microwave convection oven in our motor home got tired we shopped around and found that the sharp model 1874 would be a perfect replacement due to it’s measurements and the fact that the door opens within the framework of the microwave oven, not hinged on the side. We had a tight space on either side due to the exiting cabinets and most newer microwaves cantilever out from the side and would not work for our application. I was a little afraid that 850 watts in power would not be enough power but it seems to work very well. On the convection side it works great, seems to heat evenly when baking rolls browning nicely. Some have said that they think it is noisy but i do not find this to be so. Like anything you buy time will tell the tale but as of now i am a fan.

An update of my previous oven.

This arrived packaged very well and on time. We have used both the oven & microwave in our rv and love it.

I bought this to upgrade the original (1850-a) model in our rv. It took me around 15 mins to remove the old one; the 1874-t comes with a new backplate which is identical to the 1850-a one but i decided to renew it as the old one had 12 years’ worth of work supporting the relatively-heavy microwave – that was only 8 minutes and 24 screws extra. Once that was on, i prepped a raised surface on the stove cover, lifted the new oven up onto the temporary stand, threaded the power cable through the slot where it needed to go into the cupboard above, and again lifted oven so the back base caught the backplate allowing the top of the oven to be pushed back and into place. Held it, tightened the two long 45º bolts onto the backplate and drilled three holes through the existing over-cupboard frame into the oven top to fasten it with three 2½’ metal screws. Everything worked on the run-through so i’m happy it all seems fine. Case was a little damaged during shipping but it’s out of sight so didn’t matter to me. Lots of great features to play with so the better half is all smiles and i’m in the good books.

We bought this microwave for our kitchen remodel partly because we also have this same unit in our motorhome. The combination of an outside hood vent, range light, convection oven, and microwave made it a bargain as well. It was packed in 2 boxes, first the manufacture’s styro lined box, then that box was bubble wrapped and boxed in a separate larger box. The stainless steel matches our other appliances and looks greatthanks sharp, thanks amazon.

Frigidaire FGMO205KB Gallery 2 – Good replacement!

Had to replace a 20 year old ge profile microwave, this unit is an exact size match and i was able to re use the trim package from the ge unit.

The microwave works and looks good but it has some very annoying features that you can’t really change. When you heat something and it’s done it will beep incessantly until you open the door or press stop. The only way to stop it is to turn off all the sounds all together which is a pain to not hear the beep when you press a button. If i would have known this i would have never purchased this.

Must buy the trim kit in order to install it. Once the trim kit is mounted on your cabinet you can see the difference.

This is by far the least expensive ‘built-in’ microwave i could find to replace our 20+ year old one. I did not want to spend $800 to pop popcorn and reheat leftovers (which is our normal use). I have used 3 other microwaves at home and office over the years. This one is more powerful than any of those 3. It takes about 2/3 of the time of the previous built-in. It is great at popping popcorn. It has a one-touch button for popcorn and some sort of sensor to know when to quit. It pops nearly all the kernals. My wife looked at the manual and said the programming did not seem very intuitive to her. She would have to refer to the manual to program something complex like defosting followed by cooking, but she never does that, so she didn’t care.

My only complaint is the interior light is very dim. I like to be able to watch my food cook so things don’t boil over but you can barely see your items inside.

Honestly, this is the 2nd one of these we have had, the first one had to be a lemon. After replacing the door latch twice on the first one, i was tired of the unit not working properly. I took out the old lemon and replaced with a new unit, this one works great. Our first one didn’t close correctly and i should have sent it back in the first place but we just knew how to operate it and kept it. After ordering the door latch for the second time, i gave up and plopped down $364 for this new one. My wife and i could tell the difference from the first time we used it. A lot more solid and opening the door was never as easy with the 1st unit. I am giving this unit 5 stars based upon it, not the first lemon we bought 4 years ago, time will tell. We also have the matching two oven stove and we have and no problem with it what so ever.

  • I really like this microwave
  • 1st unit was a lemon, this one works great!
  • The microwave works great. I really like the auto cook features and

I needed to replace a 30+ year old ge that finally blew out. The challenge was choosing between 2 less than optimal options. Spending twice the money replacing both the dead microwave and the matching oven that was still working great or, 2. Trying to find a new microwave that not only was similar looking, but of similar size and dimensions (nearly impossible since all the new models are smaller, leaving a ‘gap’ in the cabinetry where the old micro took up all the extra space before). The frigidaire was a great solution since it can be ordered with a trim kit that fills the gap. I made the decision to use an installer that the local appliance store recommended. He did the job in about 20 minutes and charged me his minimum $100. The auto features (cook, defrost, rewarm, soften) and the easy-to-use menu of settings for things like potatoes, pizzas, popcorn, frozen meats, veggies and breakfast items, etc.

I purchase the frigidaire gallery (fgmo205kf) built-in microwave to replace frigidaire professional (fgmo209kf).

Basically ok, nothing special. When the time is up, it beeps incessantly – highly annoying.

Replaced my built in frigidaire microwave from 15yrs ago. Ordered the trim kit as well. Easy to install and works great. I got the black to match the rest of my kitchen appliances.

I really like this microwave. It looks good, has a large interior and lots of options with a sensor reheat feature i love. The only thing i can find that is annoying is the notification sound to let you know the cycle has ended. The first notification is fine, but the next ones need to be much farther apart if you are unable to open the door or touch ‘stop’ after that first one.

Very elegant looking with the trim installed,nice and quite operation. I am very happy with this purchase.

Arrived on time and it looks good but the door doesn’t open when button is pressed. It has to be pried open every time.

This microwave is beautiful. Food heats evenly and it fits the space perfectly.

At the outset, this microwave worked fine. A single finger poke opened the door at the outset. Now, i have to mash it with two fingers, straight in and full on, and then it often takes two or three tries to pop it open.

This was an replacement for the same model of microwave that was built in 8 years ago. We killed the original one (ran with nothing inside).

Microwave done sound isn’t my favorite. Keeps making the end sound until you get it.

It was time to replace the microwave. This fits built in space perfectly. Has 1-button functioning 30 second time odd on. Pro – the timer signal is easier to hear than most and it’s persistent so i can’t miss it. Con – the cooking done signal is easier to hear than most but it never stops going off. You cannot let something sit for a couple of minutes without going back and hitting ‘stop’ to end the noise. There are instructions on how to eliminate the signal. But it’s either have an annoyingly, persistently beeping, or there’s no signal at all.

Works well (at least the basic heating functions). The when done alert is a little annoying. Hopefully there is an option to choose a different sound.

Was easy to install as a built-in using the separately-bought trim kit. The microwave is powerful and very simple to use. My only complaint is that it’s louder than my previous microwave. Because our kitchen is connected to the family room, this makes conversation, tv watching, etc. Difficult when the microwave is in use.

Bigger than it looks and has many auto cook features. Reheats pasta and you cant even tell its been microwaved. Bought the built-in trim kit as well. A little color difference, but all in all a great product at a great price.

The microwave works very well. Instructions seem very complete. This unit was a relatively inexpensive replacement for our 30 year old ge microwave that was failing. Replacing both our old ge oven and microwave with a matched set installed would run at least $3,000. With professional installation, i purchased and installed this new frigidaire unit and the associated trim kit for just over $700.

Ordered this as a replacement for the built in amana microwave that came with our house. The fit and finish on this microwave are very nice. The stainless is very handsome and the door opens and shuts very smoothly and quietly. The buttons function as expected for the flat touch style buttons that they are. The operation of this microwave is quiet, and the beeps from the button presses are very quiet which i really appreciate. Everything has cooked as expected in it with no surprises of being too hot or too cold. All in all i’d say this is a very good quality microwave. If you are in the market for a built in microwave oven, check the size of your opening and consider purchasing the suggested mounting kit to go with your oven. I decided to reuse our old mounting kit and it doesn’t fit exactly right which has caused some amount of frustration with the oven moving around in the cabinet as the door is opened and closed.

The autodefrost system is not the best but maybe because i am used to the ge i had beforenice size, easy to clean.

We have on this unit for 18 months now and i have encountered no problems whatsoever. This is an extremely powerful microwave oven. And is a quality appliance the apparent it’s really nice.

I bought this microwave with the trim kit for a built in look and function. Perfect for the space available in my cabinet. This is a powerful unit, easy to operate and fits perfect with the trim kit. The price is right for the operation and fit.

Bought to replace a previous frigidaire, 12 years old/ it fit perfectly into the built-in cabinet and the previous trim kit fit so i did not have to buy another one. The settings are very different and it is a learning experience using it.

I wanted to use it for a while before leaving a review. It was not the most expensive microwave, and after having ge microwaves (which were more money) and not being pleased with them, i decided to go with this one. It’s features are better than others. The defrost option is more accurate as are the automatic reheat options. Overall i’d give it a 5 star if it wasn’t for that annoying beeping sound that others have commented on. It’s annoying, but in no way affect the performance of the microwave. Also, i bought it for use as a built in microwave, and the kit that’s sold for that purpose is not that easy to install because of the placement of the drill holes.

Extremely pleased with item. Purchased this one to replace broken, built-in microwave. Exactly as described and fits perfectly in the cut-out.

This microwave is powerful and installed well. The only issue i have with it is that the sound setting is a) completely off, or b) beeps very loudly over and over again until you open the door. A volume setting, or a once and done beep would have been preferable.

Good microwave but i don’t like the over complication of programming just to defrost or reheat. My older one was simpler to operate.

Nice microwave, good replacement for my previous one, same brand, easy to use, just what i wanted.

Sorry, can’t review as had to return. Am sure the product is good; however, wouldn’t fit the space we had in our built-in cabinet. The company did charge an outrageous return fee.

Works great and looks perfect with the trim kit. A great replacement to my 14 year old maytag that died on us. I was very pleased that it fit into the space left by our old microwave and we didn’t have to alter our existing cabinets. I had a really hard time finding similar dimensions but this worked great.

Great mw, used as a built in. Not much choice as it was only one that would fit but turned out to be great.

Great product, fit in my wall space perfectly.

I really like this microwave. I like the feature where you can just hit one button for 1 minute to 6 minutes.

Have had for a couple of months now and very happy with purchase.

The whole family went into panic mode when our old microwave died. Luckily, i found this one to replace it. It arrived quickly and was a breeze to install above our oven. We were actually able to use our old trim kit, which saved some money. I really like the auto cook features and quick start buttons. The rotating glass plate ensures everything is cooked evenly. I am very pleased that every time we have used the popcorn button the popcorn has come out perfectly popped. No more burnt pieces or 1/2 popped bags, like we had with our old microwave. The user preference button is interesting. You can set a child lock and even turn the sound on/off. The interior and exterior are very easy to wipe clean and the stainless steel exterior match with our other appliances.

Very happy with our purchase, especially the fact it was received in two days. Price was the same as local big chain.

LG LMHM2237ST 2 – Dead at 3-1/2 years

The digital purpose buttons are hard to thrust. You have to force the buttons 2 to three periods on the ordinary to get them input.

The exhaust lover operates well when you require it, i would give this oven five stars besides for the gradual response of the command buttons.

To start with off, i did not buy from amazon. I was somewhat reluctant to obtain this device primarily for the reason that of some of the lousy assessments listed here on amazon. On the other hand, this was the only more than the range microwave with a pull-out shelf and decently driven exhaust blower. I obtained this unit mainly mainly because of these functions. Unit was reasonably effortless to put in with truly no significant troubles and healthy extremely perfectly in the area in which the previous microwave was taken off. I have had this unit in area for about 3 months now with no troubles by any means. The unit has a powerful (dual cage) exhaust blower (which is vented to the outdoors) and is a good microwave oven. Will work really well exhausting heat, fumes, moisture, smoke, etcetera. From the gas range (a great deal, substantially better than the aged microwave). The pull-out shelf functions quite very well in removing the identical from the front burners.

Im liking my new microwave a lot so significantly. We did a kitchen area rework and added this previously mentioned our stove.

This microwave operates just fantastic but the retractable exhaust fan extension front go over is built of a inexpensive plastic. We have had ours put in for about two decades, have by no means abused the fan extension, and yet the include has cracked on its personal. At to start with it was a really narrow crack that could barely be viewed, then the crack divided and got broader and broader. We have several lg items and total they are really good. The trouble, as i see it, with lg as they usually inexpensive out on elements of the merchandise that get a lot of use. This is an engineering defect that would have been solved if the protect was designed of a little something other than plastic. Now i have to find a alternative component as it’s setting up to seem pretty bad.

The microwave arrived slight destruction from shipping (i wasn’t property when cargo arrived). The body marginally bent which necessary repair. I was able to fix and installed the device. At this level i find out that the retractable vent wasn’t working both. I have to choose it down and maintenance the spring system. This system can be conveniently injury in the course of installation. Immediately after an hr or two of restore the microwave, i was capable to mounted the unit. The unit functions good but i also see the when the tray is turning it can make a scrubbing sound and in some cases would not convert at all with meals on it. The difficulty is that the tray is much too large and above hang the inside frame. When the door is closed the tray is scrubbed from it (see the connected image).

  • Not the easiest install, great fan, poor light source. Quite deep.
  • Good microwave.but some design issues need to be address.
  • Perfect Microwave

Excellent hunting, not terribly loud with nice light-weight protection for the array below. The contact controls will consider some receiving employed to, but all round we are incredibly joyful with this oven.

Like the admirer as it extends out and requires care of steam and smoke from the front burners. Its no louder than my outdated hood enthusiast but functions great. All the previous just one did was make noise :)the less than hood lights are dazzling so now i can see what i am preparing.

Hope it last longer than the last 1.

Shipping and delivery, set up, and output seamless.

Features of LG LMHM2237ST 2.2 Cubic Feet Over-The-Range Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel

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    by entering your model number.
  • Over-the-Range
  • 2.2 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • 1000 Watt Cooking Power
  • Dimensions (WHD): 29 7/8″ X 17 15/16″ X 15 7/8″

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

We have only just mounted the microwave and it appears to be working. Nonetheless we noticed two issues with the structure which i felt ended up critical plenty of to warrant an quick evaluate. The entrance panel screen (led) which shows the clock and cooking time, and so on. Is so dim, we can rarely see it. It may be all right with the lights out at night time, but all through the day we have to get appropriate up to it to be able to see it. When running the microwave, the mild within the oven is quite dim, this sort of that we won’t be able to see what is actually cooking until we get suitable up in opposition to the glass (which as it can be a microwave, we actually do not want to do). Also, there is a reliable black band along the reduced 2 or so inches (earlier mentioned the command panel spot) so you cannot see by means of the glass except if you are tall sufficient – which my wife (at 5′ 4′) is not – so she can see in the oven at all. I consider we are likely to hate this oven but we are going to give it some time to see if it grows on us. By the way, it is not packaged very well ample to endure cargo by way of ups.

Simple to set up, one guy can do it if watchful.

It seriously seems to be even much better up front of you it has a vent that pulls out to capture the steam from boiling h2o.

The microwave arrived a day early, almost everything was incorporated, and its in good shape. Here is a trace: leave the protecting tape and cardboard on the door, it will save a battle with the extended hood.

Liked the microwave all round, unbelievably peaceful. Led vary hood gentle was way too dim but that was definitely my most important criticism – right until nowadays, when it decided it just wasn’t likely to function. The microwave this replaced was just about 40 years outdated, and nevertheless worked great. If this is their notion of present day reliability, nicely, lg will be at the bottom of my record for alternative ~this~ time :-(.

Beautiful, and it works well.


Did acquire from a massive box store and experienced to wait around two months for supply. The whole course of action such as removing the previous microwave took about an hour and was not challenging. It did have to have the enable of my neighbor to lift it in put. Compared to my six calendar year previous ge, which stopped operating, it is absolutely exceptional. The light-weight beneath is a great deal brighter and extremely satisfactory. The exhaust blower genuinely moves a whole lot of air and even is considerably quieter than the ge was. When i moved a boiling pot of water about all four variety burners all the noticeable h2o vapor was speedily pulled up into the vents.

5 stars as the touch panel is not sensitive plenty of (push & hold the button somewhat than pecking at it), but functions alright after you quit seeking to go way too rapid with the input.

Set up was tricky, since one particular of the supplied assistance bolts was possibly misthreaded or faulty. Could not get it to interact with the gap at all. The good news is, 1 of the supplied bolts intended for drywall installation was in the same way sized, and it did engage. Applied a washer to unfold the load out from the more compact head. As far as prep, almost every thing lined up from my preceding microhood. I was ready to use the identical support bracket, same ducting, even the similar assist bolt hole on the left aspect. But why lg made the decision to go with an asymmetrical placement for the hole for the ideal side is over and above me. Also, the wire place was diverse, but i guess that placement isn’t standardized. So i had to drill two holes. The fit facet to side and vertically is the exact as my previous unit, but this a person is several inches deeper.

We adore this microwave it is the ideal one particular i’ve at any time had.

The microwave is fantastic – except for the injury done in delivery. Nonetheless working on hoping to solve that difficulty.

2.2 Cu. Ft.

1000 Watt Cooking Power

Dimensions (WHD): 29 7/8″ X 17 15/16″ X 15 7/8″

Amana 1.5 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave, AMV1150VAS, Stainless Steel : Microwaves are pretty standard, and this one does what it is

Over the range microwave is a real good deal for my. I had just moved in to my new home. One week after i moved in the over the range microwave died and quit working and i need a new one. I went to my locale appliance store and price the same kind and all most fanted from shock, at the price of the unit. So i looked online and found this unit for half the price of the one i priced. I bought this unit and installed it myself and save my self about a grand.

We bought this microwave because of the excellent reviews and its simplicity and we were not disappointed, the price was also a determining factor.

Good product, but shipping took way longer than supposed to.

We got this unit to replace a ge over-the-range mircrowave which finally blew up after 15 years of use, we needed to fit it into the same over range space. A ge profile pvm1790drbb was over twice the price, so we selected this one. The installation went ok and it fit into the same space and venting we had, although it was about 1/2″ higher than the old ge unit. While our old ge unit was hung onto a mounting bracket and then secured into place with four bolts on the top (a plus for the ge), the amana has a bracket is mounted at the lower rear of the unit and you must slip it into the bracket at an angle and swing it up into place–a two person job (do not try to do this single handed). The unit seems to function just fine (but note it’s still brand new) and has the usual mid-range microwave features. The amazon price was nothing special, msrp. It sells for exactly the same price at the home depot. We got the stainless steel model which was $259, but the white or black are both under $200 (again similarly priced at home depot). I will try to update the review after we’ve used it for a while, but as i said, all is good, so far. Update 1/28/13: unit is still working just fine.

  • Excellent, quiet microwave for the price
  • Excellent value!
  • Great gift for my momma!

Amana 1.5 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave, AMV1150VAS, Stainless Steel

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  • Contemporary Styling with a Hidden Vent
  • Scrolling Word Prompt Display
  • Cooktop Surface Light with Timer Delay
  • Touchmatic Control System
  • Auto Cook Options

It arrived on time it looks great just doesn’t seem as powerful as my old one same 1000 watt but i love it.

Looks really nice; love there’s no brand name on the front.

We bought this to replace our old microwave of a different brand that shorted. Second, it’s a good size without being gigantic (and it fit where our old one was with very little modification). Third, the price is great for the quality.It is much quieter, there is a fan with 2 settings that can be vented back into the room or exhausted outside with 2 speeds, and a light with 2 different brightness settings as well. I also like that it has additional functions (defrost, add a minute, popcorn, etc. ) without having too many or being overly complicated; it’s very straightforward to use. Very happy with my purchase.

Though it doesn’t “run” particularly quietly, i’m quite pleased with how quiet the “beeping” is. Everything in our kitchen seems to beep terribly loudly — no idea why this industry trend exists. Maybe part of some otolaryngologist conspiracy. I tend to be awake while the rest of the household is in bed, so being able to use it without anyone noticing is a nice benefit. Installation is a pain, but it’s an otr microwave. Capacity is fairly high, is higher-powered than previous microwave we used, and it’s packaged well for shipping (the actual cardboard was very banged-up, but they used reinforcing for the styrofoam — good call to prevent rmas). It appears durable and well-manufactured. Easy enough to install by self so long as you can lift it with one arm (it is quite heavy) and drive screws with the other.

Our old over-the-oven microwave started burning something on the inside everytime we used it. So we figured it was time for a new one. I got this with my discover points so it didn’t even feel like i was getting a new microwave – which isn’t something i get excited about buying. We chose this microwave because of the price and the dimensions. It seemed like there were relatively few that would fit in the space between our cabinets. It was easy for me to install, but i’m comfortable with projects like that. I used the template that came with it and had no issue. It definately helps to have two people for the installation.

Very happy with the purchase, easy to install and matches close enough to our other appliances that it looks like part of the set. Especially nice that amana did not slap a logo across the front.

Superior vent blows out instead of straight up which is much better for my cabinets than the last one i had.

Was a little surprised at first as there’s no name on the front but so far it works great.

Not as easy to install as the advertising would have you believe. Still having trouble connecting the vent. Be sure you have two people minimum on hand.

Microwave not an amana, but a whirlpool, and missing instruction manual (installation manual was there) and is missing the support that goes under the rotating platform inside. Is there a way to get the missing part, and a copy of the user’s instruction manual?.

Microwaves are pretty standard, and this one does what it is supposed to do. Controls are responsive, and it’s fairly quiet. I had a problem after about a month: the light that illuminates below the unit wouldn’t go on. I removed the cover with a screwdriver (awkward position) and turned the bulb. It went on — somebody didn’t screw the bulb in securely. I was disappointed that, in 2016, this light wasn’t an led. When the little bulb burns out, a replacement will probably be difficult to find.

Excellent microwave, bought for my wife and she is pretty satisified.

Only dilemma is that there is no way to change off switch table when not required.

We picked this microwave for two important issues. Our very last amana lasted for over 16 decades of every day use with only a person minimal trouble. Our home was crafted in 1978, and has restricted clearance place in between the stove and the cabinets higher than it. I notice the amana title is now owned by whirlpool but hope they keep the exact excellent specifications. Both equally a pal of ours and we experienced critical issues with washing equipment designed by electrolux (maytag & frigidaire) long lasting considerably less than 2 decades just before dealing with important and expensive complications. Key bearings went out on the maytag resulting in repair costs in extra of the purchase selling price, and the manage panel died on the frigidaire ensuing in restore expenses in excess of $200. Unnecessary to say it’s going to be a extended time prior to we again think about any appliances designed by electrolux. Sorry, but i count on a lot more than two several years of use from a significant equipment, and the guarantee is only for one calendar year. And amana have been the only microwave ovens we could locate which would suit our restricted room necessities, and however we also have a g. Stove which has presented us fantastic company, we decided to go with the amana. The microwave has more than ample solutions, bells, whistles and gizmos on it, and has a smooth design and style. 5 cubic foot interior is a lot substantial for our use (the retired microwave was only 1 cubic foot and satisfactory) it does every little thing we want from a microwave and is uncomplicated to function. I really don’t don’t forget the specs saying it is outfitted for possibly recycling or exterior exhaust, but it is. There are only two points i would adjust on it if i were being designing it but not major concerns. It would be pleasant to be ready to switch off the turntable, but it can be not a huge offer to consider it out on occasion for greater oblong or rectangular containers.

Love the styling, performs properly. (i did have to exchange the bulb after five months. Believed that was a little bit quickly considering that my very last one particular past about 10 decades).

One equipment that at least i in no way gave significantly believed about was our microwave. In our previous residences, we acquired regardless of what was on sale and matched the relaxation of our appliances. We never did analysis or even assumed about what we required from a microwave. Previous 12 months nevertheless i received the likelihood to look at out an amana refridgerator and at any time because the amana brand name has been a little something in the back of my intellect. A handful of months in the past our microwave blew in our present-day dwelling. Now the microwave was just a small countertop one that we acquired to tide us in excess of considering that our new home failed to have one and a few decades later it dies. We changed it with a no-name brand name a single i purchased for use in the basement until finally we had the chance to make a selection. Finally i received to truly glance at microwaves and we made the decision to go from a countertop to an over-the-range a single. To say i appreciate my new amana microwave would be an understatementyes it makes a massive distinction and i wish we would have completed this quicker.If you hardly ever read of amana, they are a brand that focuses on the easy things of lifestyle.

Experienced to swap an outdated device with this and did not have to make very several adjustments. Much more choices than some older designs. Stays pretty cleanse on the stainless steel.