Nestle Nespresso Nespresso U D50 Espresso Maker – The best coffe machine I ever had

I was tempted to get the newer model but was told by the company this is the same as the newer citiz and bought it with the frother for less than the citiz alone.

The u bundle by nespresso is a fantastic bargain. It delivers the beans into a smooth, bold, extremely rich blend that has me rejoicing. We never have to fight those long drive-thru lines at the local bux on our morning commute, ever. The unit itself is rich in it’s simplistic coffee house swag. With the additional aeroccino – i’m no barista but, a latte with a dbl shot takes approximately 3 minutes of your timethe cost per cup savings is downright crazy too. I ordered 5 sleeves off the nespresso website for $45 and change. (that’s 20 dharkan, 20 kazaar, 10 indriya?)what are you waiting for?. If you love espresso, get yourself a nespresso machine.

We prefer the espresso from the d50 to that from the virtuo line. Quick, easy to clean, good price.

My only issue is latte’s tend to be a bit small, milk frother is great, but again only so much milk. However, we quite enjoy it, so i’d still recommend it.

Love-love-love my new nespresso espresso maker. As if i weren’t addicted enough to the stuff – lol. I know and appreciate really good quality coffees & espressos and these coffees are some of the best. Visitors don’t have to do anything but drop in a capsule & walk away with a great shot o’ joe; nothing to throw away or clean up. And the aeroccino frother is awesome. This has truly been my favorite purchase so far this year.

This is a good espresso machine if you dont mind selling your soul to nespresso for their coffee pods. The cost of pods range from. 75 each plus $5 for shipping. I go though a $50 shipment in about a month.

  • Much, much better than the old Nespresso machines == time for an upgrade.
  • Wow.
  • Amazing taste with minimal effort

I use my machine multiple times a day. I didn’t read all the instructions and the first time i used the frother it overflowed. It was easy to clean after the mess. I use filter and purified water to keep my machine in good shape. I started making cappuccinos for my neighbors just to prove how easy and delicious they are.

According to my wife, whenever she drinks any other coffee she wishes it to have been from her nespresso machine.

Very affordable for a nespresso, works great, used in an office setting with multiple uses per day without issues going on 4 months.

This is a great deal and it makes perfect espressos for specialty lattes too. I have been testing out different recipes using the torani syrups. The milk frother is great for coconut milk too, if you want to use something other than regular milk or soy.

I love my nespresso sooo much. It comes with easy to understand instructions and everythingi also liked that it came with some sample pods so you can see test out a variety. Definitely don’t order the pods from amazon though.Order them off the actual nespresso website or you will end up paying way more per pod.

Features of Nespresso U D50 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother, Pure Black

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  • Fully automatic piercing, brewing and ejection of used capsules with a retracting coffee outlet to stop dripping after coffee is brewed
  • 27-ounce water tank rotates fast pre-heat time: 25 seconds for use with Nespresso coffee capsules only
  • Automatic memorization of one of three cup sizes: Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo Removable magnetic cup/drip tray for larger milk recipes
  • Light indicator for empty water tank/full capsule dispenser, holds 12 used capsules, 19 bar pump pressure, Auto off after 9-minute of inactivity

Make sure this fits
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My usual drink is an americano with steamed soy milk added. This morning, i pulled 2 shots (capsules), added extra water with ‘lungo’ and added my milk made with the frother. It tasted like i just grabbed it from a coffee shop. Super easy and next, i will try to refillable capsules :).

Excellent machineit’s very convenient that you can set up the duration of the pour. Machine is durable, and coffee is good.

I gave it as a gift to my brother on his anniversary and they absolutely love it. The experience is great, very simple to use, the coffee does taste great – i have tasted it a number of time as opposed to the keurig k-cups. The cups are also made of aluminum and not plastic which i feel more comfortable passing hot water through. The frother is great, convenient to use and clean. If the cappucinno could be just a bit hotter i would give it all 4 stars. I personally use the delonghi 15 bar machine and though that one takes more time to make a cup of cappucino, i find that i can control the coffee temperature better on that one.

I just love my new nespresso maker and the coffee choices are superb. The aeroccino makes milk / froth hot in seconds. , i have been enjoying the high foamy milk. Great way to start off my day.

I actually get excited to wake up in the morning just to use my nespresso. This is the be all end all for me. No more time consuming morning ritual of boiling water, grinding beans, steeping french press, cleaning up messy grinds, wiping down coffee off of countertops, floor, ect. This is heaven and i just wish i knew about it sooner. The espresso is just divine. The flavors are all distinct and top quality. I require 2 pods for my morning brew, but i like it strong. Just do it for yourself you won’t regret it for a second.

Easy and quick to use — so fast. And the frother is a jiff to rinse out. I can’t see why people would by the more expensive unit. My only criticism is the coffees. So many varieties, too many for me. And they are mainly color coded which is a bit odd. Perhaps there are more accurate descriptions of the flavors and strengths somewhere but i didn’t find them. I assume we will figure out what we like and simply order that.

Fully automatic piercing, brewing and ejection of used capsules with a retracting coffee outlet to stop dripping after coffee is brewed

I saw so many bad quality comments about the other single cup machines i tried this and love it. Real milk and it warms and foams. No mess to clean up, the only complaint is the availability of the coffee capsules. Looks like amazon is the only way to go.

Could not be any easier to use and the espresso and cappacino tastes great. Temp is perfect and the aeroccino is quite impressive as wellwe recommend this machine and the only negative thing we have to say at this point is that it tastes so good we are going through a lot of pods.

Love this model and the frother. The location of the water container is adjustable to meet your space requirements.

I purchased this espresso maker for my husband’s birthday present, and we absolutely love it. Several years ago i purchased him a very expensive espresso maker which has never lived up to our expectations. But this little machine makes perfect espresso with perfect crema every time.

My niece introduced me to the nespresso, and after tasting the product at her house, i looked into buying one. Before i buy just about anything i complete my due diligence and research a product to death. I was not disappointed when i finally decided to buy the nespresso u d50. It’s easy to use, easy to clean up, came exceedingly well packaged and protected. The sample pods that come with the nespresso help to decide which pods to order in the future. My only disappointment with the espresso (which i knew ahead of time) is that there are only three decaf products and, while i can have caf pods early in the day, in the late afternoon and evening we only drink decaf. The aeroccino milk frother works quite well with whole or 2% milk; but failed with non-dairy creamer and soy milk. I did see several reviews on you tube which showed the frother working with soy milk, but that hasn’t been my experience. My only other concern was with the outside box. Rather than being delivered in an amazon box, the outside of the delivery box stated ‘nespresso’.

This was an awesome purchase. I use my nespresso machine every single day, sometimes multiple times. It pulls awesome shots, and the aeroccino is great for both cappuccino and latte milk. I also love that the water tank can be pulled to the side–it is definitely more useful/accessible that way.

27-ounce water tank rotates fast pre-heat time: 25 seconds for use with Nespresso coffee capsules only

The perfect espresso machine. We are italians and we moved to the us. We are already addicted to nespresso. Expensive capsules but worthy.

My husband and i fell in love with nespresso in europe. As soon as we got home we decided we needed one. We love coffee and this espresso machine was a perfect fit into our kitchen. It’s sleek and small, and works very well. Plus the milk frother is a great add on to make cappuccino; it makes cold and hot milk. You get a sample selection of their entire offering, which is good to try and decide on the ones that you like. However i would recommend ordering the capsules directly from nespresso, as they are cheaper.

We are so happy we bought this set. The aeroccino makes better froth than the coffee stores. If i want a dry cappuccino, i get a dry cappuccino. If i want a latte, i can easily switch out the magnetically-held whisk and get a latte. Heaven at homeother than needing to take a class in coffee pod flavors (comes with a booklet and a sample set), the coffee maker is easy to use once you familiarize yourself. Also, the aeroccino comes with a booklet to show which whisk/best type of coffee to use to get the desired drink.

This is our third nespresso machine. The first was a krups model, i believe, which broke after a couple of years. The next one was a d-150 commercial grade machine which, while always working well and still going strong, was always a bit of a mess and a hassle. Neither of the previous two machines hold a candle to the u d50/aeroccino combo we just purchased. The experience of using the new nespresso machines is night and day better then the old style machines. First, the u is much faster. Even though the d-150 was always on (heating the water element and the cups) the u still beats it to the punch. The pump on the u is so much faster than the older machines that it heats up and pumps in less time than the old machines took to pump. The u is cleaner since you don’t have to remove the empties by hand, they fall into the bin. The u has automatically sized pulls for ristretto, espresso and lungo, so you don’t have to manually switch the pump on and off, which can lead to errors if you are trying to do several things at once.

I can’t compare models unfortunately since this is the first nespresso i have, but i can tell that i am loving it with all my soul. The coffee is excellent, the machine is so user friendly, the feature that you can adjust the water level for each type is working great for us. The frother works very well, i like that you can immerse it into water no problem.

Many more options than other machines. Well designed, easy to use, clean.

Make sure you clean the frother after each use though as it easily gets clogged up with dried milk and stops working. The nespresso machine itself works well – setting the size of desired espresso shots can be a bit tricky at first but after a few goes it becomes pretty straightforward. All in all a good purchase so far.

Automatic memorization of one of three cup sizes: Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo Removable magnetic cup/drip tray for larger milk recipes

My husband got this, it is perfection. Delicious coffees could not be easier to make. I almost never drank coffee before this entered my house. Occasionally on the weekend. But now i have to say i drink it everyday. Pulls a great shot, and the automatic milk frother and heater is amazing. You wont regret this purchase.

Makes great coffee, i’m hooked. Buying the capsules online is slightly strange, but they are always fresh and tastee. The frother works well too- it makes a stiff warm foamy milk which i used to love on my coffee’s but now the coffee is so good by itself i really don’t use it much. Take note this system is geared more at making smaller espresso cup sizes so if you like a full cup you will use at minimum 2 capsules/ cup. Well worth it to me i often use 4 per cup.

Great coffee espresso machine. We had an initial problem with and air bubble but customer service assisted with issue and not problem since. Makes the coffee hot and the frother works great. We use coffee creamer or 2 % milk and both work. We even will add torino flavoring. The only drawback with this system is the fact that only a couple of stores sell the pods. You can get them on-line but them you have to add shipping charges. I wish they would expand the stores that sell the pods. If you are not in or near a large city i would not suggest this brand. Check first to see if they are available in your area.

I love love love this machine. I like it better then my super fancy one i got from macy’s.

Nespresso u d50 espresso maker and aeroccino frother is wonderful. The compact size fits nicely under cabinetsan flat black surface wipes down nicely. I drink coffee everyday but like a jot of espresso from time to time. The frother is great fro heating milk and creating smooth foam. I joined the nespresso club on-line for refill pods as they are by far cheaper than others.

I can’t even tell you how great this is and how well worth the money it is. I typically drink lattes every day and i decided to try this out. The espresso is amazing, beautifully brewed and quick, under 30 seconds. I am not the biggest coffee snob, so i’m sure other reviews can give you details as to what makes the espresso so good, but i can tell you that it makes better espresso than other more traditional machines that i have used. Based on other reviews suggesting that the attached frothers broke, i decided to get the separate frother set, so if i do need to replace one i can. I frothe is quite thick and still when i made it with skim milk. I also tried part skim milk and part egg nog, and that didn’t produce as much froth, but did make some that was still thick. I have only had this for two days, but so far i have made 5 cups of coffee with it (lattes) and have enjoyed every last one of them. I think this is well worth the money. I will have to remember to reorder pods when i start to get a little low.

Light indicator for empty water tank/full capsule dispenser, holds 12 used capsules, 19 bar pump pressure, Auto off after 9-minute of inactivity

I just received my nespresso machine and overall i love itthe compact size is just perfect for my small counter space and i love the fact that the water tank is movable. You can reposition it to the left or to the right wherever you like. I made soy milk froth with aeroccino milk frother and my soy latte is so delicious. Aeroccino milk frother is a must have if you love latte or capuccino.

Creates the perfect espresso or cappuccino from nespresso capsules. I purchased some refillable capsules that work great with my lavazza crema e gusto ground coffee. Can’t beat the price with the two combined.

Fast and fabulous espresso coffee that rivals the stuff sold on virtually every corner in most major cities. With a zillion coffee varieties offered, the only downside is a commitment to purchase nespresso brand capsules (the only capsules that fit the nespresso machines) selling for about a buck or more per shot of espresso, making your homemade brew about as expensive as that 2-shot latte sold by the big boys. Still an awesome little machine and together with the aeroccino milk frother, which makes perfect steamy, frothy milk in about a minute, this is quite an impressive duo.

When i first tried nespresso, i used a more expensive model. After about a week, i was hooked on the nespresso product, and decided to buy a machine myself, i decided to go with this model (u d50) since it was significantly less expensive. This one makes the espresso just as well (in my opinion) as the more expensive model i used previously.

After seeing the nespresso on a trip to spain in the fall my husband let me know this was on his christmas wish list. He has it at work and loves it. He loves the milk frother, which was what sold him on our trip. The milk froths firm and rich just like it should. He did note that it is better to have the milk in your cup first and then pull the espresso since the milk will otherwise just sit there on top with your coffee at the bottom.

At last i can drink my coffee any time without worrying of being late and a tasty also, this machine is great but the best is customer service i got my nespresso but aeroccino wasn’t working, sent email before i now a replacement was sent to me internationally and then they refund the return shipping coast within 2 days, so happy to deal with amazon.

Great product and price of the bundle was really good. I’m italian and we struggle to have a good espresso while in michigan , but with this we fix the problem.

I got this for my job so i don’t use it too often, but it is nice. I will say that you need to be careful to follow the steps exactly because otherwise you can make a mess.

I’m a coffee snob, and i love this product. The espresso from the nespresso pods is true espresso with crema. The milk warmer/frother works great, too.

Makes incredibly tasty espresso and coffee drinks. The one downside is that you’re limited to their selection of capsules, but i’ve found a few that i really love and you can’t beat the convenience. Pricing is very good for what you get, both for the machine and for the capsules. Oh and it completely wipes the floor with typical capsule coffee makers. I did have to get a replacement aeroccino because it stopped heating my milk. Nespresso customer support asked me a couple of questions and had a new one overnighted to me for free (i didn’t even have to return the old one). All in all, this is one of my most satisfying purchases ever.

I like good customer service. I like getting what i have been promised. I like that the product is packed safely for delivery. I like that this product makes my daughter very happy.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my new nespresso ud50, but the mvp here has got to be the aerroccino milk frother, which gives me lattes and cappucinos like i used to get at starbucks. Aside from missing my regular trips to my local store, i don’t miss the money i was spending on expensive drinks on a daily basis. The nespresso is easy to use, once you get the lay of the land, and the milk frother works perfect to deliver great drinks every morning. And btw it is very easy to clean as well which is a big plus.

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