Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Metal Housing Meat Grinder : Meat Grinder

I bought this product after experiencing the “grey slime” issue with the kitchenaid meat grinder attachment (seems to be caused by metal shavings that are extruded along with the meat). Have used the new waring pro a couple of times now, and it works great, quickly grinds through meat, and doesn’t get clogged with fat which was another issue i had with the kitchenaid attachment. So compared to the kitchenaid it does cost 3x as much, it takes up counter space, and is a little high maintenance (you have to wash the parts by hand), but it is more powerful and does not cause grey meat, which is key. Very happy i made the switch.

I just used this grinder for the first time this past weekend. 5# of partially frozen pork shoulder, and also stuffed 2. A very nice feature about this grinder that i didn’t see listed anywhere in the description is the addition of a sausage stuffer screen. You remove the cutting blade and screen and replace with the stuffer screen. It means no more twice ground sausage like you have to do with other models. Overall i am extremely impressed with this grinder, and i will be using it quite a bit since “homemade” is a big part of my diet.

I wanted to point out a few discrepancies. The above product description reads the same as the mg800 grinder with regards to this statement: “covered by a five-year warranty, the 450-watt motor works effortlessly and operates with a simple on/off/reverse switch”. This seems to be in conflict with this part of the above product features: “heavy-duty 1000 peak watts motor “the outside of the box states that it has a 1000 peak (input) watts, motor. However the sticker on the bottom of the unit says 350 watts. So i am not sure exactly how powerful this unit is but it *looks* like it means business. :)i chose this grinder over the mg800 due to the fact it was a newer updated version with a more powerful motor and less expensive. *update* i have run 15 lbs of top round through this grinder, using the smallest grinding plate. The grinder ran effortlessly, it did not jam or have any problems. Make sure to oil the cutting blade and plate as soon as you clean it to prevent rust.

Great product, works very well, husband thrilled. Good size, not too big, easy to clean, grinds into burger so easily.

  • Good grinder for the money
  • Great Value for the Price
  • I know what I’m eating!

Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Metal Housing Meat Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Extra large die-cast hopper
  • On/off switch with reverse function
  • Heavy-duty 350 peak watts motor
  • Three Cutting Plates: Fine, Medium, Coarse
  • Includes 2 sausage attachments

The unit grinds very well and comes apart easily for cleaning. Just be aware that all the parts that must be cleaned after use (the hopper and screw) are aluminum, not stainless steel, and cannot be put through the dishwasher. The cutter itself is stainless steel, but all other parts must be hand washed in soapy water only. If you put the parts through the dish washer then a black tarnish coats the parts and unless it is completely removed it will contaminate the meat. It is not like an aluminum fry pan but must be a soft grade of aluminum and the tarnish is powdery and very hard to remove. I wish these parts were stainless and don’t know why they aren’t. Must be a cost issue, but i would pay extra for the convenience of using a dishwasher.

I’ve always wanted to makes sausages & now i am on my way. I would recommend this mincer to anybody.

I had a “hand-me-down” meat grinder from my mother. It was probably 35 yrs old, and still worked. I am so glad i decided to purchase thiswaring meat grinder. It is easy to use, durable, and nice looking. I made chop liver and it was a pleasure to feed the livers, onions and eggs through the base.

This has been a great grinder for home. We always cut up our own venison and never had a way to make hamburger.

This is a great appliance to use when you want to know exactly what your “ground beef” is. I control the quality of the meat, the section of meat (chuck, round, sirloin, etc. It’s worth putting it together, taking it apart, washing and drying it, and putting it away. Those things kept me from buying this grinder sooner, but labeling and quality of beef i could purchase is changing and i am happy i can grind my own now. The grinder i ordered from amazon ground metal against metal and left metallic scrapings in the sink when we washed the parts after grinding. We had to throw away our ground beef and go out to dinner. We did it twice, thinking we didn’t put it together well enough the first time. Actually, we had to go out to dinner twice.

It grinds meat so fast, you’re done before you know it.

I am now grinding my own hamburger as well as many other things. I would recommend this to any home user.

It grinds everything without flinching and feels very solid and well made. I’m happy and would recommend it to anyone looking for something with a little more power then their kitchenaid grinder attachment (which i have and like and use for smaller grinding jobs). The only complaint i have is that it’s very loud. I can handle it but i do prefer to operate it outside on the patio because the noise seems to bother our dog and young kids.

I was very pleasantly surprised. This grinder was extremely fast and easy to use. It was a little bit noisy, but the results were worth dealing with a little bit of noise. I would highly recommend it.

I am pretty happy with my new meat grinder. When used correctly grinds very efficiently and reasonably quickly. I have gone through 20lbs of hamburger and 16 lbs of sausage so far. Keeping the meat very cold the machine operates quickly. Easy to use and assemble and very easy to take apart and clean. You can’t underestimate the power of shiney metal in a product for astetics4.

The grinder does everything it states it will do. Very fast grinding and no jamming.

Update 06/07/12: amazon sent me a replaced unit with no rusted parts. Waring pro’s customer service is a joke, very apathetic and i stopped hearing from them after three e-mail exchanges. This grinder works great and is very fast. My mom makes two passes to be thorough, but one pass looked fine. She ground up some beef for the leanest burgers i have had in a while. She has yet to use this for sausages so i will update thisreview when she does. She does not grind anything that ever had bones in it. She is storing the blades and plates in oil and is very careful in drying everything after cleaning. I updated my rating to four stars for this unit.

It would not come apart after using. Return was hassle free and quick.

Bought this to replace the one i have and it is much faster and can handle larger cuts of meat. So pleased and look forward to years of use out of this product.

Be sure to read the manual thoroughly. It comes w/ accessories for sausage making as well.

Waring MG100 Meat Grinder : Very good buy

My husband wanted to make sausages at home. This meat grinder is great as we can put it away easily in our kitchen because of the size. I recomended this machine to my friends.

As good as my old one that lasted 18 years hope this one last as long very pleased.

Been in use over 4 years still looks like new and works the same. Thank waring for a great product.

I have had my mg100 for about 10 yrs, and have used it every year for grinding venison. Lately i tried to use it to make sausage, but it would not feed the pre-ground, seasoned meat mixture through the casing stuffer. Does anyone have advice or tips on using this machine to stuff pre-ground meat into sausage casings?.

  • Great product
  • Best home made sausages!!!!

Waring MG100 Meat Grinder, 300-watt, Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brushed stainless steel housing; Die-cast hopper
  • On/Off switch with reverse function; Heavy duty 150 watt motor
  • Included: fine, medium, coarse cutting plates and 2 sausage attachments
  • UL/CUL approved; Limited 5 year motor warranty; Limited 1 year appliance warranty
  • 16-3/8 by 9-3/8 by 8-1/2 8.0 lbs

I have not found any problems which others have noted. One inch chunks of meat and larger have worked well. I have made sausage using beef, pork, chicken and turkey. What i have found is that when using the ginder for stuffing casings i need to remove the cutting plate, particularly with poultry, as the fat and skin tend to plug the holes in the plate. Once i did this the stuffing session went very quickly. All meat should be chilled thoroughly before grinding to help prevent the fats from plugging the plate holes. It would be nice if the instructions with the machine were more explicit. That is the only issue making it a four rather than a five star purchase for me. If this machine were stolen, i would buy another immediately.

I got this grinder to turn some deer into ground deer, and it work very nicely. I cut the meat into one inch squares and even added some fresh lumps of pork lard to the mix with no problems whatsoever. I saw the grinder at bed, bath, and beyond for $99, so if you get for less you are getting a great deal. The only reason for four stars is that is is still not the best grinder out there, but for under a $100 it will serve you for quite some time.

This grinder is about as good as you are going to get from a home unit.

We found this grinder to be exactly what we had hoped it would be. We have only ground a roasted leg of lamb and it worked beautifully.

I noticed some negative customer reviews for this item; its due to lack of food experience. This machine works very well, however, you do have to compensate for the fact that it’s a home machine and it has a small feeding tube. You cannot put your average sized 1 inch/1 inch cube into the feeding tube. Yes, it will fit, but no it wont do a good job. Think about it, the big industrial machines take cubes that size. You also cannot run the machine without a steady flow of meat or have it running on empty. One of the reviews said that the machine burned out on the first try. Probably an overexageration but these machines will burn out if you run it on empty of do not keep a steady flow going through the feeding tube. I have been using a hand grinder for several months and although it made my arms look good, the job was really really tough and a lot of waste. This machine was a blessing; just be reasonable, and calm about using it, and the job will come out perfectly. Happy grinding and cheers to any and all who are out there honing and preseving the craft.

This is a great grinder, i see a lot of negatives posted about it, and i must tell you that i hated it at first. It wouldn’t grind without shoving the meat through. The issue is not with the grinder, but with the instructions. Mine came with the blade and a plate in it from the factory, i read the instructions, changed plates and went to grind. Pork with fat on it wouldn’t grind at all. The blade as assembled from the factory, and according to the instructions, was placed in the grinder correctly, but the blade was actually backward. Make sure you put the blade with the flat (ugly) side toward the plate. I then ground 15lbs of pork, with fat on, in about 5 minutes. My issue with the grinder is that i cannot find plates. I want a stuffing plate (no holes, just an open plate). Due to the design (tits on the plates, rather than on the grinder) i cannot seem to locate plates other than what came with it as replacements. In all, an ok product for the money.

I saw the iffy reviews but decided to try one anyway after spotting it at lowes. I wanted something to grind the ribeyes and chuck roasts i get at costco and this thing kicks you know what. You slice the meat in 1″ to 11/2″ thick strips up to 1 foot of so long and its grinds with no problems,i use the medium grate as the small makes burgers too dense and heavy like a meat loaf. As for the lack of stainless blade, just a quick spray of olive oil or canola before storage and the blade is stainless enough. Very pleased with machine and i see no cheap plastic parts people have talked about in earlier reviews.

I reviewed this product three years ago, and thought it was good for the money. My friend bought an lem 3/4 hp grinder and it is an incredible improvement, but last night with 44 lbs of elk left to grind i lost the lem’s blade. So i broke this guy out again. The meat had been cut into huge strips for the lem, but this little guy took it all. It took 3 1/2 hours to grind the meat and fat twice and turn it into burger. So it may not be an lem, but it proved itself once again.

This meat grinder was great. It was for a friend she loves it uses it at least (1) once a week.

Have had this grinder for 10+ years and each time that i use it i marvel at what an exceptional tool it is. I use it for grinding meat, making sausages & making pates/mousses. It is very easy to set up/take down, clean & can run for hours without complaining. It takes very little room to store.

As several other reviewers have said, this grinder is a very good deal for its price point. I’ve used it to grind chicken, pork and beef and all have come out fantastic. As some have complained about jamming it really isn’t a case of the grinders fault but rather of the meat. When grinding any kind of meat you must have it as cold as possible. It essentially should be almost frozen. If the meat begins to warm up, it will start to clog no matter what you do. This is pretty much the case with everything save for the huge industrial grinders so care must be taken before you grind meat in the first place. Anyhow, as i mentioned before, grinding was smooth if a bit slow. I had no feeding or jamming problems whatsoever. My only issue with this device is using it to stuff sausages.

Major improvement over the stand mixer attachment i had been using for years. . The plastic gear that attaches to the feed screw cracked in half. I’m willing to admit this may be user error. I haven’t reached out to cuisinart yet, but locating a replacement online has been impossible so far. I will update after my attempt to remedy the issue. 18: on my initial attempt to remedy this issue, cuisinart was very responsive.

The one i bought was the same model number but had a 300 watt motor on it. I ground 100lbs of beef the night i brought it home. While it was not as fast as my larger one, it did do the job and went through everything i gave it without binding. I did not expect it to be fast, nor did i expect it to be as strong as it was. This grinder will do a good job and i highly recommend it for home use. It would be perfect for a hunter that only has a few deer to grind each year.

Works great, you just can’t stuff too much meat in at once.

This grinder performs very well for the prices it’s been selling for. When i saw this one, it was clear i had been looking at other units that were to high in price for a home unit and for my needs. I’m getting the same grind quality seen from a professional unit at the market. Granted it is not fast, but it’s fine for me. You almost never see a grinder at any price with 3 coarsness disks. Unfortunately the disks are not stainless steel, but units costing $499. 00 often don’t have stainless either. Also, this grinder has a reverse feature which you rarely see at any price. Other posters put down this unit, but if you use it as intended, it will make you happy.

This is perfect for people like me who deer hunt and do their own butchering. Excellant well made product, easy to clean, easy to use. Put mine to good use for 2 years now. Caution, venision is very lean and should be mixed with some pork fat or bacon,sorry, that is not included,lol. And do not let your friends know you have one or you will be grinding for day’s. Compare the amazon price to lowes harware who also sells this smae one. For home use its perfect, even has sausage making attachments. Picture on the box shows hamburgers and things cooked. We even joked the ground meat comes out cooked and ready to eat according to the picture.

I read a lot of reviews of this grinder beforehand, so when i brought it home, i expected to have to be very careful with how big i cut the meat and on how much cartledge and ‘silver stuff’ i left on my venison. Well in the process of skinning the deer, i stabbed my hand and was having a hard time gripping the meat and cleaning it up really well. But i gave it a shot anyway. It just ground everything i threw at it. I made 17 pounds of ground venison, and i never had to stop and clean the grinder once. I cut the meat up into cubes just small enough to fit down the feeding chute, and i left a lot of the tough silver stuff on there. I did apply some downward pressure on the plunger, but i suspect if i had been more patient, that it would have done the job without that. This is my first electric grinder, and i’m used to doing this with an old hand grinder, which will wear you out and make you shell out that money for the local deer processor to do it for you. 00 for this grinder at my local hardware store after taxes and everything, and the processor wanted $75 just to ground; more than that for sausage and steaks and stuff. After my second deer this will have more than paid for itself, and i couldn’t be more pleased with the performance.

I purchased this grinder ‘newly’ refurbished for a great deal. I ground the meat not suitable for steaks from two deer in about an hour. It was enough to fill eight gallon size freezer bags before i split it up for the freezer. I never had a problem with anything i saw in the bad reviews. It is a home model and some extra prep is needed in cutting the meat into cubes or strips, and it is basically meant for meat. The grind is pretty fine, even with the course blade and it must be hand washed and dried to prevent rusting. The parts arent crude, they are cast. Everything fit together fine and stayed in place perfectly. The machine will start to bang a bit if you load huge chunks of meat into it but it never clogged or got too run down to grind for me. If you want a precision engineered machine for frequent use, with the capabilities to grind very course or very fine, you should spend an extra hundred bucks or so on a professional model.

Sportsman MEG300 3/4HP 350W Electric Meat Grinder – great grinder!

Now i can make my own burger and know what is in it. It works great but it is slow. I am happy with this purchase.

Head is louse and wobbles when grinding. It grinds good, easy to clean and assemble.

Grinds semi frozen meats beautifully including soft chicken bones for my homemade raw dog food recipes. Makes beautiful burgers for us as well. Here are the specifications for the Sportsman MEG300 3/4HP 350W Electric Meat Grinder:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3/4HP, 250W rated power and 350W max power, Grinds up to 100 lbs. per hour
  • Large capacity removable stainless steel food tray that can be sanitized in the dishwasher
  • Single button use with forward/reverse button to prevent jamming
  • Includes 3 cutting plates, (fine, medium and course grind), 1 kubbe attachment, 1 food stuffer, and 1 sausage tube
  • 120 volt, 60 Hz, UL approved, 30 in. cord, recipe included on the side of the box
  • Grinds up to 100 lbs. per hour
  • Removable stainless steel food tray, forward/reverse button
  • 120 volt, 60 Hz, 350 watt motor, UL approved, recipe included on the side of the box
  • Vertical design for placement on countertop or table
  • 30 in. cord, unit size: 13 in. L x 7 in. W x 15 in. H, unit weight: 6 lbs.

Very well made and price can not be beaten. Very powerful grinding capacity and very easy to clean and store period.

It gets the job done quick & clean and gave me no problems. Easy to clean and the motor didn’t bog down when i was stuffing it with pork. I made the best sausage i have ever tasted with this machine.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good Light Duty grinder.
  • cauld of don better
  • The little grinder that could

Got this yesterday, already used it for beef, but with pork, make sure you clean out the tendons that wind about the knife blade , on the second ground, happens even at the butchers with pork. What ever you do, do not put in any part in the dishwasher. Just wash in warm soapy water and dry, found out the hard way with the dishwasher, it will oxides and take forever to clean. Other than that very happy with this item, does what it says.

Love i make sausage links for our savanna monitor ‘puppy’ easy to use.

Bought this for my 70 year old mother who was using her mother’s manual meat grinder. The first time she used it, she called giddy as a girl. She said what used to take her 2 hours, only took her 10min to grind 3 lbs of ham. Said it was easy to use and clean.

I have used it for over 5 months now and and still running very smooth.

Saw this grinder and read some of the review and they was mostly good so i bought it. It came on time and in good condition and it does a good job grinding my meat ,but it will only get three stars because it only came with one stuffer tube , i wish i had done a little more research on grinders because i could of buy another grinder at about the same price that would have all the tubes , also since this is my first grinder i don’t now what is the size of the tubes so i can order the ones i want they will only get three stars because i think they could of included at least another tube for a smaller links.

I bought this grinder for processing our deer meat. Last year i bought the grinder attachment for my kitchenaid mixer and it just did not do the job. So, this year i decided to find a more ‘heavy duty’ grinder and i looked at a lot of different ones from the cheapest to the most expensive. This one stood out because of the price and the reviews.I used to dread processing deer meat because of the awful grinder i had to use last year, but this year it was a breeze. Easy set up, grinds very quickly, and easy clean up too. Never had any problems with the meat getting jammed up in it and then having to stop, clean it out and then start again. I am so happy i bought this grinder, definitely worth every penny.

This is a great grinder, gets the job done. Made 30 lbs of ground venison last weekend and it did not miss a beat.

It is easy to operate and does everylthing a grinder is suppose to do. Good price and good equipment.

Overall is a decent product for the money. When using this particular grinder, you do have to make sure that the meat is partially frozen to keep the fat emulsifying in the auger when grinding. Once the meat is about 50% frozen, it grinds relatively quickly for a small, consumer grade grinder. The only other issue that i had was the noise. I haven’t tried stuffing sausage yet but will be in a few days. Cleanup wasn’t bad – a bottle brush is definitely needed. Make sure you dry the parts good then lightly coat all meat pieces to stop oxidation and rust from forming. I use coconut oil as it leaves no off tastes and has natural antibiotic and antiviral properties. If you have a limited budget and grinding small infrequent batches this is a good, economical choice.

Nice little grinder/sausage stuffer, ground a 7 lb pork shoulder in about 5 minutes. Easy to assemble and disassemble, powerful, very easy cleanup. 3 dies come with it, but i used the largest of the 3. The smaller ones will grind meat into mush. A bit noisy, but not overly so. Instructions that came with it are limited, especially regarding stuffing sausage. After grinding, and before stuffing casings, remove the cutter blade and die, then insert the casing tube.

This things shrieks like a banshee, and wabbles like a drunken sailor, but it gets the job done. (to be clear, the machine itself does not move, but the grinder head wabbles on the shaft. ) i processed a deer, and an entire cow with it. Well over 100 lbs of ground meat. If the thing dies tomorrow, it owes me nothing.

I’m able to make 5 lbs of sausage in just minutes. I have discovered that colder meat works best, but all the books say that anyway.

Very good item and shipped very fast.

I have already ground 7 lbs of pork and 4 lbs of beef.

I bought this little guy with the sole purpose of making boudin, a cajun sausage. It works great for that and chewed up some pork roast without even bogging down. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars was because it tends to emulsify the mixture, making it more like pate’. Other than that, no complaints.

This is a very good low priced grinder. I use this for processing wild game meat, and thus far have ground about 50 pounds of meat. As long as you use common sense and good grinding practices (partially freeze the meat, dont overload the hopper, etc) this unit will work fine. As others have noted, i would not recommend placing any part of this grinder in the dishwasher. After use i wash all parts in hot soapy water, and then lightly (very lightly) oil all metal parts with vegetable oil. I store the grinder plates in a bag of rice to absorb moisture. If you take care of this unit, i would imagine it will last a long time. I certainly would consider this a ‘light duty’ kitchen grinder, but for my purposes, and this price point, its a good unit.

Chef’sChoice Chef’sChoice 799 Professional Meat Grinder Attachment – Very easy to use

We grind our own hamburger so we know what in it. So this was the perfect product.

Just had a small issue when making sausage. Every time you push the meat down through the grinder it forms an air pocket in side the sausage casings. Drove me crazy but over all it’s a good product for the money.

Kitchen aid quality and heavy, well made unit. It works very well for its intended purpose. We are pleased with this purchase and believe you will be, too.

I was taught how to make sausage about 25 years ago, the meat grinders then where sturdy and were bolted to the table and you cranked them by hand. This one seems quite a bit less sturdy feeling.

I wish i had bought this a long time ago. I don’t see how anyone who does a lot of cooking can be without this grinder. I have did so much with this it’s been unbelievable. It makes grinding anything a breeze. I have always used an old fashion grinder that my grandmother had. You know, the old crank one that has to be mounted onto something. This is sooooo much easier and takes a lot less time and energy. I would highly recommend this grinder. No kitchen should be without one.

I received this as an anniversary gift as an attachment for my kitchenaid stand mixer. Unlike other meat grinder attachments i read about, this 1has never given us a problem. Never has gotten clogged at all.

  • Good tool
  • Superior in every way to the actual kitchen aid brand
  • Sturdy and durable

I did notice that the meat needs to be a bit smaller than the kitchenaid grinder would take. It stays nice and cold unlike the kitchenaid. The only drawback is that is it a bit of a surprise when it wiggles about a bit more than the kitchenaid grinder attachment when it is working. But having the carbon steel cutting blade made an excellent texture to the gorund meat. I will not use silicone spray to lubricate the internal parts. I have been using food grade linseed oil which my sausuage making books have as an alternate for my compression sasuage maker and related tools.

I am a professional chef and just received the grinder it fits the kitchen aid profesional 6 quart mixer perfectthe look and feel are awsome, i will agian review after some heavy use.

Exceeded expectations; a rarity these days.

Product quality is good, i am not giving 5 stars just because it is very difficult to wash and sometimes the meat cannot pass through it.

Performed flawlessly and appears well made.

Features of Chef’sChoice 799 Professional Meat Grinder Attachment (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Includes 3 stainless steel grinder plates: Medium, Coarse and a bonus Fine grinding plate has been added
  • Forged, stainless steel cutting blade
  • Generous metal food hopper with food pusher that stores extra grinding plates
  • Easy to attach, detach and clean
  • Two Year limited household warranty

From the manufacturer

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EdgeCraft Corporation was established in 1985 with a very specific mission; to create the world’s best knife sharpener. Our first sharpener became an immediate success, acclaimed world- wide for performance and quality. Today we have a full array of sharpeners electrics, manuals, hybrids and specialty and a continuing determination to offer only the world’s best products.

Chef’s Choice International Professional Food Grinder Attachment Model 799

Designed for KitchenAid Stand Mixers

  • High-quality all metal grinder attachment specifically designed to fit all KitchenAid stand mixers
  • Includes 3 grinder plates: fine, medium and coarse
  • Metal food hopper with food pusher
  • Easy to attach, detach and clean
  • Precision engineered in Germany, manufactured in Czech Republic.
  • KitchenAid is a registered trademark of KitchenAid, U.S.A. This attachment is not a product of KKitchenAid or Whirlpool Corp.

The high quality Chef’s Choice metal food grinder attachment is specifically designed to fit all KitchenAid stand mixers. The durable die cast metal attachment quickly does the work, grinding fresh beef, pork, turkey, chicken and hard bread and cheeses in minutes! It’s also ideal for grinding hard vegetables for purees and soups.

The Model 799 is easy to attach, detach and clean. It comes with three stainless steel grinding plates, fine (3mm hole size), medium (4.5mm hole size) and coarse (8mm hole size).

The metal food hopper (8″ diameter) and plastic food pusher are included. Precision engineered in Germany, manufactured in Czech Republic. Dimensions are 8″H x 8¼”W x 8¼”D fully assembled. One year limited warranty.

Note: KitchenAid is a registered trademark of KitchenAid USA. This grinder attachment is not a product of KitchenAid or Whirlpool Corporation.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I can’t wait to use this grinder to make my own burgers, sausage & ham salad. Brings back memories of my mom making her own ham salad etc.

I am a beginner to sausage making and i didn’t need a dedicated meat grinder. This is smaller for storage and fits on my kitchen aid blender perfectly. Prior to the purchase i examined the kitchen aid meat grinder and due to all the plastic felt it would not be durable enough. I have no qualms with this unit. It is all metal and very well made. Of hot and sweet italian sausage and it worked admirably. Disassembly and clean-up afterwards was very easy. I can’t wait to try breakfast sausage next.

Easy to uses, handles grinding well, does not clog up, easy to clean. Suggest you chill the meat so that it is almost ready to fereeze but not frozen, works better.

This works great on our kitchen aid mixer work better than the one that kitchen aid sell.

I love that it’s easy to completely take apart and clean.

I gave the chef’s choice as a gift to my daughter who loves to cook. She made a fresh lasagna bolognaise for our post christmas dinner and used this to grind the beef and the pork. It worked very well and cleaned up easily. She oiled it a bit before putting it away. She says the prepackaged ground meat we buy could come from hundreds of different animals. She loves the idea of using one piece of meat that she has selected from a store she trusts.

Includes 3 stainless steel grinder plates: Medium, Coarse and a bonus Fine grinding plate has been added

Wish i has invested in this long ago.

When we got it we tried it out worked great ground are our beef for the grill.

Vary good product and fast delivery.

Works perfectly, cleans up easily.

Better than any original plastic.

Freshly ground hamburger meat is the bombthis product is easy to assemble, easy to use and fun. I purchased chef’s choice sausage stuffing tubes and have used this product to make homemade sausages. The solid metal construction will ensure these product lasts a life time.

Forged, stainless steel cutting blade

Much better than the kitchen aid brand grinder. I wish they made more kitchen aid attachments, like a can opener that kitchen aid no longer makes. Oh yeah, and the kitchen aid brand sausage attachments work well on this. Also, you can place this in the freezer before using it, which is what you want when grinding meat.

This little power house is badass. A lot better than the one kitchenaid offers.

It works very well when you follow the instructions. Breaks down and cleans up easily after use. Use a bit of cooking spray to prevent rusting, store in original box with a cup of dry rice as a desiccant and its all good.

I originally bought the one from the manufacture and did not like the fact that it was plastic , some sausage use paprica or other spices and will discolor the plastic and if you are not careful cleaning it , you will scratch it and than it will always look dirty the one from chefs choice has more attachments is sturdier and i’m not afraid of it breaking it. I did not give it 5 because the plastic pusher seems a little loose thinking of using a wooden dowel machined to fit feeder tube.

This product does what i need it to do. I use it for grinding 5-40 pounds of deer a year, more if we get 2. Saved me lots of money, because my wife has a kitchen aid and i don’t have a meat grinder. Best suited for small amounts of grinding, not for large quantities.

Had the plastic meat grinder attachemt and was not at all happy, used it seveal times. Frustrated so forked up the $$$$$ for this one.

We like and use this device weekly.

Generous metal food hopper with food pusher that stores extra grinding plates

So much better than the plastic version that we had. Grinds much better and faster.

I purchased this unit and am using it to grind sprouted wheat berries, which i am making bread out of. I rate it highly and do not think i would be satisfied with the plastic meat grinder that is also available for the kitchenaid. Some notes:* thoroughly clean the unit after use. The feed chute is hard to clean at the bottom, where it intersects with the auger chamber. * lubricate the (aluminum-on-aluminum) threads to prevent galling. One caution when using your kitchenaid under heavy loads. The motor may overheat when operated at its lowest speeds, because the cooling fan is not very effective at these speeds. Instead, turn the speed up to the middle of the range where the fan runs faster. For those using this grinder to make sprouted wheat berries into dough, i recommend passing the berries through a second time, which results in a finer, more agreeable mouth feel in the dough. Coat your hands and the ‘stomper’ with water (a little goes a long way) to keep the dough from sticking too badly.

Did a wonderful job grinding all 35 lbs of sausage meat.

We had previously bought a kitchen aid plastic version of this and it broke during first use. This stainless steel product is very sturdy and should be around for a very long time.

Worked great, and easy to use.

Easy to attach, detach and clean

Chard FG1000B – Very nice grinder for the price!

We recently used this to grind meat, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. It is well made (metal parts), quiet, and doesn’t seem to heat up.

Works great and i have made three huge batches of chiang mai sausage (sai ua) with this unit. I did buy a couple of extra grinding disks in stainless steel to get the courser grain needed for this particular sausage and it came out great. Clean up is only by hand but is easy to accomplish.

It’s amazing , thank you amazon.

I want to buy 2 more for my mather prethent and for my sister birthday. Havy duty grinder is good😄😜.

Easy to set up, use and clean.

I have made four 5 pound batches so far, the grinder has no problems. I do have some issues using it for stuffing casings, the pusher tool is hard to hold on to. I have to take off the cover to get a good hold. The meat holds it in the feed tube so tight it pulls a vacuum when you remove it to add more sausage.

  • Great grinder for the price
  • Works great and I have made three huge batches of Chiang
  • Great value!

A great grinder, we put the blade in wrong and broke it. Their instructions regarding the blade was difficult for us to understand. All is good and happy with the grinder.

Amazon did a great job in making a timely delivery. I have used it multiple times (>60) since its purchase and have been functioning efficiently and effectively for grinding my chicken, beef, mutton and goat. It is easy to use and clean. Recommended for kitchen use.

I love the product because i used it for grinding my venison and it had no problem for the job. I researched many other #12 grinders this size and it buy far had the lowest price. I only grind meat about once or twice a month so the size will be perfect for what i use it for. The speed setting also had a reverse that came in handy a few times. It came with other grinder fittings that seem very well made and strong. It also came with a plunger and casing tubes for making sausage(haven’t tried those yet) overall a great grinder for the price.

Only issue was when i accidentally tried stuffing bratwurst with the smaller tube, which was my fault, and it took forever.

I had been researching the best electric grinder for grinding deer meat that is not too expensive because my old one could not handle the snew in deer meat because it would keep clogging up. I found this one at a local sports store on sale and gave it a try. It never clogged and it even has a reverse switch. Its not noisy and doesn’t get hot. For the money this is a must buy. Its has multiple attachments, 3 grinding sizes and its easy to clean. Will try and update the more i use it.

Features of Chard FG1000B, 12 Heavy Duty Electric Food Grinder, Stainless Steel, Multicolor Black, 500 watts

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  • Powerful 500 Watt Motor with Stuff, Grind and Reverse functions
  • #12 Grinding Head with large Hopper and Food Pusher with Storage Compartment
  • Fine, Medium and Coarse sintered steel Grinding Plates and stainless steel Cutting Blade
  • Built-in Cord Storage Area and Thermal Safety Reset Button
  • Grinds up to 6 pounds per minute

From the manufacturer

Heavy duty motor grinds up to 6 lbs. per minute

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About Chard International

Preparing your own meals is one of the best things you can do for the health and well-being of your family. Nothing is more gratifying than knowing you are in control and that the payoff is in the process. With a little help from the right tools, you and your family can build memories and create recipes that will continue for generations.

It’s with this spirit that CHARD Products was founded in 2009. Preparing family meals together can create positive lasting values and CHARD is proud to provide the tools needed to open new food possibilities for you.

CHARD is always searching for improvements to enhance existing products as well as create new ones so that you can form fond memories and bring the process to life with your family. From meat processing, to outdoor cooking, to simple food preparation, we always ask that you: ‘Make it Yours’ with CHARD products.

CHARD FG1000B #12 Heavy Duty Electric Food Grinder

The CHARD #12 Heavy Duty Electric Grinder lets you make your own variety of burgers, brats and sausages.

The 500 Watt motor, large hopper and food pusher allow you to grind or stuff generous portions of meat in a short amount of time, quickly and efficiently. The reverse auger function helps to prevent jamming and ensures continuous use. The stainless-steel cutting blade and sintered steel cutting plates can process up to 6 pounds of meat or game per minute.

All grinder accessories conveniently nest inside the food pusher. The hopper and grinder head assembly are removable for easy clean up. Includes two sausage stuffing tubes and one stuffing plate attachments.

Also features a built-in cord storage area and a thermal safety reset button that provides overload protection and extends the life of the grinder.


– Grinding stale bread pieces may help remove food residue left in the appliance after use.

– Cut food into strips or cubes slightly smaller than the opening on the large DIE-CAST HOPPER.

– Make sure food is free of bone, tough tendons, nutshells, etc. before grinding.

– Raw meat and fish should be thoroughly chilled (not frozen) before grinding to reduce the loss of juices.

– Freshly ground meat should be refrigerated and cooked within 24 hours.

– Trim a handful of fat from meat. Process the fat through the hopper to lubricate grinding mechanism for better processing results.

– For best drying results, prepare sausage a day or two prior to use.

  • Powerful 500 Watt Motor with Stuff, Grind and Reverse functions
  • #12 Grinding Head with large Hopper and Food Pusher with Storage Compartment
  • Fine, Medium and Coarse sintered steel Grinding Plates and stainless steel Cutting Blade
  • Built-in Cord Storage Area and Thermal Safety Reset Button
  • Grinds up to 6 pounds per minute

Make sure this fits
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It would slow down a little but “ate” anything fed to it. The only thing that stopped me was having to empty the bowl of ground meat. Spending $ on the grinder rather than a butcher, this has paid for itself already in the first year.

I bought this as an upgrade to my old 300 watt warner grinder. It cut my grind time to a third of what it took. It will grind the lower calf muscle on a white tail deer whole. If it will fit down the tube it will grind it up. I did this with refrigerator temp venison, if you chilled your meat it will grind even faster. I have put 2 deer through it so far, as i normally process 6 deer a year i will update at the end of the season.

I’m loving this electric grinder. As it had on the outside of the packaging, it has thoughtful design. Initially it made me laugh, but when i started looking at it, i realized they were right. The part you push the meat down with holds the other parts, the buttons are easy to use, and i like the way the grinder is secured into the motor with the flip of the switch. I’ve been struggling with an old oster grinder that i’ve had for years. I couldn’t get through a 1/2 pound without having to pull it apart and clean the stuff off of the blade (and we’re very picky about cleaning up our meat before grinding). This grinder has a large shoot to put the meat through and grinds through our elk, pork, and suet like a champ. I did many pounds of meat quickly and effortlessly. Shoots it right out and there are three sizes of holes. Haven’t tried the sausage tubes yet, but i’m sure they will do great. The device also takes a size 12 blade and those are available locally from cabela’s, so i’m happy about that as well. After struggling with my other grinder for years (partly because the blades are dull and there is no way to really sharpen them due to the way they are designed), i’m really excited to use this machine. Made loose elk sausage this afternoon and it worked better than i could have imagined. If anything changes, i’ll repost.

I am really enjoying this grinder. It has everything the more expensive models have. Be sure and follow manufacturers grinding procedures. You need to be sure and remove silver skin etc. Assembles/disassembles super easy. You should buy a can of food grade silicone spray for your grinding plates, wash them and immediately dry and spray w/ the silicone. Have made breakfast sausage, italian sausage and, grinding my own beef and turkey. This way i know there are no fillers or.

So far we have used it only for rabbit meat but it makes super ground meat.

Broke gears after several uses, but got replacement parts under warranty with out a hassle.

Powerful 500 Watt Motor with Stuff, Grind and Reverse functions

Ground a whole deer the first time i used it in less than 30 minuteseasy to set up, easy to cleanlove it.

Thus was literally half the price of the same one at fleet farm. Works great and makes quick work of grinding and stuffing sausage casings.

My wife is pleased using it.

Excellent grinder and much cheaper through amazon than at dunhams sporting goods.

Not so good stuffing sausages. It clogs up before it reaches the stuffing tube.

#12 Grinding Head with large Hopper and Food Pusher with Storage Compartment

Fine, Medium and Coarse sintered steel Grinding Plates and stainless steel Cutting Blade

Built-in Cord Storage Area and Thermal Safety Reset Button

DELLA 048-GM-48214 1000W Electric Meat Grinder Kubbe Attachment : Fat Clogs Often

After reading a lot of reviews on hand and electric grinders i decided to order this machine. It arrived within a few days, after reading the instructions and cleaning the machine i ground a one pound ribeye and a 3/4 pound lamb steak to mix up for burgers. It ground it all the first time within a few minutes. No issues at all, the machine cleaned up quickly and easily. The instructions do say it has a 50% duty cycle (run for 10 minutes and let cool for 10 minutes) so if you plan on grinding more than 20-25 pounds of meat at a time it would be wise to give the motor a break. I was not compensated in any way for this review, just a guy that wants to grind his own meat so i know what’s in my burgers.

Excellent kitchen grinder practical, useful, and easy to clean and maintain.

DELLA 048-GM-48214 1000W Electric Meat Grinder Kubbe Attachment with 3 Blade, Silver, Small

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  • 1000 watt motor powers through the toughest meats
  • Easy operation; full/half/reverse function; circuit esker locked in to prevent motor burnout
  • Multiple-purpose grater W/ 3 different cutting accessories (coarse, medium, fine grinds of meat)
  • It’s the must have for food lover and cooks
  • Including 1 stainless steel cutting blade, 3 various stainless steel cutting plates; 1 plastic food pusher; 1 sausage attachment & kibbe attachment

It does what it was advertised to do.

Gift, by the way he loved it.

The machine worked as expected. I was a bit disappointed because i read that it grinds 4-5 pounds per minute and it took over 10 minutes to grind 8 pounds of pork loin. This is not enough to make me return the product; but, i am not thrilled since i grind 10-15 pounds of meat every week.

DELLA 048-GM-48214 1000W Electric Meat Grinder Kubbe Attachment with 3 Blade, Silver, Small : It does exactly what it is supposed to do. As far as gripes, i have only one. The dies are similar to cast iron in that they have to be hand washed, quickly dried, and oiled, or they rust in a hurry. Otherwise i have had very little problem with this little unit. We make sausage from various meats virtually every week. Update:we accidentally damaged the cutting blade. We spent hours online trying to find any information about purchasing a replacement cutting blade and could not figure out how to do so. I contacted della directly through their customer support email option on their web site and have heard no response. Bottom line, it is possible that i am simply unaware of how to purchase replacement parts for grinders, but i can find no way to do so.

Ok so i actually paid for this. Everything was in place, no parts missing. First try, grinded some lamb. Product has 2 speed setting. First speed a bit on a slow side, second was perfect. Had no problems of any sort. Grinder did what it supposed to do, grind meat.

Put a deer threw it no problems.

This meat grinder seems to be a good workhorse. Tried it with a mix of brisket, oxtail, and pork, and everything was ground up well. It helped to put the feeding tube and disk into the freezer before using, as the fat didn’t adhere as much and clog up the works.

I’m a senior and this was so easy to assemble and use.

I took a chance on this and it worked out exactly what i needed.

I ground hundreds of pounds of deer with this unit without so much as a hiccup. One minor nitpick: it says it’s 1000 watts which i was certain couldn’t been true and sure enough, the box says ‘1000’w max locked motor wattage’. I’m not sure exactly what that means but i’m guessing that’s what it’ll draw right before something melts or a breaker pops. The motor is plenty strong and will do any job you throw at it. Easy to take apart and clean to. I received this wonderful product in exchange for an honest review and unbiased opinion.

Hightower Quality Kitchen Heavy Duty Stainless Meat Grinder, the best one i’v used and seen

I bought the hightower kitchen stainless steel meat grinder directly from smokehouse chef, off of their web site. Keith was super helpful and answered all of my questions. I’ve been using the grinder for about two weeks now. Have ground up around 20 lbs of beef, chicken, bones, plus vegetables and fruits for my family and my dog and cat (meat and bones only for the cat). To grind bones for our dog and cat, i pressure cook the chicken and beef bones till they are on the soft side and then i grind them with this grinder. It easily grinds the pressure cooked bones. Chicken bones take about 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours to pressure cook so you need to use a good amount of water in the pressure cooker (fill it half full with water) so it doesn’t cook dry while cooking the bones. Grinding the bones turns them into a pâté that our dog and cat just love. We use the bone broth as soup stock or we feed it to our pets, they love it too. We have an older 300 watt hobart kitchenaid (bought new in the 1980’s) which doesn’t even get warm when grinding lots of meat and vegetables.

Very heavy duty and easy to clean in the dishwasher.

I’ve used this grinder now to grind beef and pork with great results on both. The only thing i noticed was that pieces of meat can wrap around the interface between the worm drive and the cutting blade. It doesn’t impede the operation at all, just something to be aware of and maybe extract it before finalizing all your cuts. I just remove it and hand mince with a knife – we’re talking less than an ounce of meat. Don’t know why ka got out of the business of supplying a durable attachment but this is a great replacement.

Key specs for Heavy Duty Stainless Meat Grinder for Kitchenaid Mixer Priority Shipping:

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  • Heavy duty meat grinder for Kitchenaid stand mixers. Dishwasher safe stainless steel. Heirloom quality.

Comments from buyers

“Awesome Grinder!
, Best meat grinder we found after searching for quite a while! Awesome high quality overall.
, Good Grinder, Excellent Customer Service

I bought this since maybe around two years for my mother. She still uses it and loves it.

This grinder attachment is made of heavy cast stainless steel. It has high quality machining work as claimed. It fits the kitchen aid mixer perfectly. The little unit is compact and a little heavy weight. My only complaint is that the throat is only 1. Meat strips have to be cut not much larger than a big ball park frank to fit the throat. My mixer does not bog down much when i feed it fast. I don’t need to use the wooden tamper very much which needs special attention cleaning. The three grind plates are hd in ss too.

Have used it a few times works great.

Now i grind my own meat for burgers, much better.

Work good, not much more to say.

Grinds pretty tough meat even on low setting (2-4), which is quiet and can be safely done at night:) easy to use and clean. Pretty heavy, which is good, because no plastic can handle meat.

Bought this attachment as a gift for my husband. Our 1960 kitchen aid belonged to his late mother and is very special to both of us. The attachment fits perfectly. Thank you for a great product and your speedy delivery.

I was pleasantly surprised by the durability of this grinder and glad i chose it over the plastic kitchenaid version. It fit my kitchenaid stand mixer perfectly and gave great results when grinding partially frozen beef tenderloin.

We were a little hesitant to purchase this for our kitchen aide mixer, after all the negative reviews online with the multitude of meat grinder attachments. Well all i can say is that we sure got a winner here. The quality is a 4 star for sure. The company is very receptive to any questions and helpful. I cannot state enough how impressed we are with this product after reading horror stories with the other brands. I would gladly recommend this hightower heavy duty meat grinder to my best friends with out any hesitation.

Owner this for about a year now and used it for two deer seasons. This makes very easy work of grinding meat and is super easy to clean. Many times better than the plastic kitchen aid attachment and much easier to both store and clean than a dedicated grinder.

This was more expensive than the other items but so worth it.

This is sooo much better then the cheap plastic ones sold in the stores. It grinds bones and is really amazing.

I’ve used this meat grinder twice making ground pork and chicken. Partially freezing the meat chunks made the meat grinding a breeze. Immediately cleaning the discs with warm soapy water made the cleanup job easy. Prior to finding this grinder attachment online i had purchased the plastic kitchenaid grinder attachment. Upon receipt and inspection of the plastic one i decided to return it (unused) since i didn’t think it would stand the test-of-time. This heavy duty stainless meat grinder attachment fit my kitchenaid lift-style mixer perfectly and i can confidently say i believe it will meet my needs for many years to come.

I used this for the first time yesterday to make up a 10# batch of pork sausage. The difference between this unit and the kitchenaid unit is night and day. First the metal housing looks, feels and works like a finely tuned machine and appears that this will last a really long time. My first ka grinder split just behind the ‘screw on die holder’ when doing some really course and hard meats, but i just don’t see this one doing that any time soon. The die’s and cutter work extremely well and i really like the coarser dies that ka doesn’t offer (i did buy the die’s from this same company for the ka and i do really like them too). If there were 1 con i could come up with would be the funky dowel in the side of the push stick – i understand that it is there so people don’t eat up the push rod in the worm gear, and was probably put there by their lawyers incase somebody choked on a piece of wood, but really?. I guess that is sort of like the warning sticker on a clothes iron that says not to iron you clothes on your body 🙂 off my soapbox. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is serious about grinding meats that owns a ka stand mixer. 5qt (about 25+ yrs old) and a newer 6qt and used both in my sausage making endeavor and both worked extremely well with this grinder.

High quality very sturdy would recommend.

Arrived on time and the product is well.

After reading many reviews on lesser quality units i ordered this one and i’m glad i did. I have nothing to compare it to other than my own high standards and expectations. . It meets them all with ease.

Works amazingmuch stronger then the plastic one’seasy to clean and to get parts.

Absolutely wonderful product.

Well worth the money to make homemade hamburger.

Weston Automatic Rapid Patty Maker : Just wish they made a smaller one for breakfast patties

Used it for deer patties, very happy with ease of use.

Works great after you get use to what you are looking at when it fills up.

Had to do some machine work to the nut and spout so it fit our stuffer (kitchener 15 lb) but it worked great after we did. Made 200+ patties the fist use, i recommend.

Was taken on how well this works love it. Will use every year for deer season and summer fun partiies.

  • Faster than by hand.
  • Excellent product, commercial use, need different sizes for patty.
  • Great Attachment

Weston Automatic Rapid Patty Maker with Attachment

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • No more messy work when making patties!
  • 5 Attachment funnels Included to adapt to most grinders – electric or manual
  • Each patty measures: 4″ diameter x 3/4″ thick (approx. 1/3lb. each)
  • Makes up to 20 patties per minute
  • Attaches to most sausage stuffers too!

We kinda felt like lucy on the chocolate line.

Got this as a christmas present. It fit my hakka sausage stuffer. Made short work of 10lbs of chicken sausage patties. Horrible design flaw that requires 4 tiny phillip’s screws to be removed. Water will enter the unit and there is no way to get it out. This is not sanitary to say the least. I have removed that plate for good and you should too. You are working with raw meat afterall.

Can be attached to a grinder or to a sausage stuffer for simplicity of use or for versatility. Makes burgers or sausage patties very easily, without time consuming presses.

This patty maker really saves time and when using it with a sausage stuffer is effortless. I wish that it was available for a 3″ patty to help me with country sausage patties.

It fits my 11 lb stuffer and works great. I would like to see weston offer slides that gave smaller diameter and thinner patties – 4 oz.

Just what i wanted easy to use.

Just wish they made a smaller one for breakfast patties. Or even square so you could cut them in 1/4’s.

This thing is neat make burgers all the same size and weight it don’t fit our kitchen aid stuffer but does fit our lem # 22 grinder easy to clean we was able to rig it to our kitchen 15 lb stuffer now its fast fast fast great invention.

Missing parts had parts from entire different product inside.

This is an outstanding product. Makes beautiful patties in record time. As fast as you can keep up you can produce patties. Can make 20 patties now in the time that i would make 5 by hand.

Well we used this today 1/29/14 and good. We are starting to grind our own meat and much better taste. Well we bought this and works well with our grinder.

Quality is outstanding, quick to clean up and makes terrific perfect dimension burgers.

Patty cake, patty cake, baker gentleman.

Simple to use, extremely straightforward to cleanse up. Only unfavorable is that it can make a definitely massive burger.

Really like this ‘man what an straightforward way to get those people patties shaped’, hope they built it thickness adjustment this are good sized for me not for children to thick. Like it i am attaching it to a 15lb sausage staffer and it will work perfect.

The units labored very well, nevertheless in the cleansing, i do not like the incapability to entry the inside of the unit devoid of getting rid of screws which hold the device together. Drinking water does enter the inside and wants to be cleaned out. The purpose of the device is fine and it will work quite effortlessly. Provider from the firm was also incredibly very good.

Genuinely excellent development high quality, this can make ½ lb patty only. This merchandise is lacking an accessory, due to the fact of this i am making modifications: i require ¼ lb patty, will make wooden middle tray (with two patty holes). 4 stars for the reason that of this, hoping to arrive quickly.

LEM Products – Far exceeds my expectations

I bought lem #12 just after a smaller sized #eight meat grinder experienced the motor burn off out. My first use was grinding sixty five lbs of pork to make sausage. The grinder took fewer twenty minutes to grind the meat. The next time, i made use of it to grind fifteen lbs . of beef chuck to make hamburger meat and it worked fantastic getting about 5 minutes to total the process. I cut my meat into strips and i discovered that the grinder just sucks the meat in quite swiftly creating it tough to continue to keep up with the feeding the grinder. I rarely had the will need to push meat through the throat of grinder applying the stomper. I have a great deal of go practical experience processing meat commencing as a youthful child (pre-teenager). My dad, brother and i manufactured tons of salami and sausage jointly. My dad’s grinder was put jointly by a friend at a equipment shop and worked really successfully.

Not a good deal to include to superior assessments. Acquired this to grind my own sausage and hamburger. I bought fatigued of purchasing hamburger that shrunk to hockey puck sizing and at any time ever more pricey greasy sausage. It is a great machine, uncomplicated to use and clean. I add no body fat and it arrives out excellent with a double grind on the burger. Less costly than awful shop burger and much superior. A fantastic investment in a very nicely developed machine.

Bought this to grind my individual deer. I had a one/two hp $a hundred home model from northern instrument and supply and it failed to tackle the membrane that is through deer. I’ve ground a few deer now and on the coarse grind, it grinds faster than i can feed it. It is really a minimal slower on the next pass but does a wonderful job and i are unable to notify it aside from the butcher’s deer burger besides my burger is cleaner due to the fact i’m not grinding almost everything so significantly that he is. His has a lot of gristle in it. In any case, as many deer as we process in a yr (about seven for each yr), this will shell out for itself in a 12 months or two at most. It enables us to do that important move of grinding some of the meat and control what we grind. I’ll also start earning sausage at some stage, probably subsequent year. Update: we have carried out some a lot more deer and the grinder has paid out for itself. Upcoming calendar year we come out in advance. Possibly we do anyway, what butcher is likely to double grind burger for me for a good cost, the a person guy is $forty for every deer in this article and anyone else is at the very least $55 to $sixty five for each deer. None of them double grind for that cost. Genuinely, it really is simpler than i believed.Here are the specifications for the LEM Products:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Great for frequent use; .75 HP; Size: #12
  • Meat tray dimensions: 11.5″ x 8.5″ x 2.25″
  • All metal gears with roller bearings; Weighs 47 pounds
  • Accessories included: Big Bite auger, Meat stomper, Stainless steel knife, Three stainless steel plates (Stuffing, Fine 3/16″, Coarse 3/8″) and Three stuffing tubes (3/8″, 3/4″, 1 1/4″)
  • Two year warranty on parts and labor is unprecedented in the industry. Our skilled technicians and extensive parts inventory are available for customer support after the sale.

I a short while ago procured this product following loosing obtain to an older grinder. Did a whole lot of study and studying before i determined on the #12. As a number of have stated, this grinder is an complete operate horse. The significant bite tech is amazing. You can’t things meat in it quick adequate to retain up with the device. I have completed four deer the past two weeks with it, (double ground) and couldn’t be happier with the approach. I initially thought i would have to use the wonderful grinder head for the next move, but the courser 1 will work just good and the meat will come out excellent. Ordinarily i do about ten-twelve deer a yr i definitely don’t know how a device could be any additional economical than this a person for my meant use, and the high-quality/benefit/selling price is exceptional.

This issue is a authentic meat eater. I likely put a number of hundred kilos of beef and pork by way of this grinder so much. The massive chunk auger design will make it really fast. Commonly i don’t even need to have the pusher. Is effective flawlessly, no troubles.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Top of the line !!!
  • You can do this too!
  • LEM #12 .75 HP Meat Grinder

I finally broke down and acquired this grinder after using a compact grinder for a lot of years to course of action venison. I experienced no concept of how major the difference was till i sent my initial piece of meat by way of it. I can effortlessly grind 8 lbs of meat via this in significantly less than a minute. I am confident i could go more quickly if i really tried out. This device is strong, feeds the meat quite quick and is straightforward to clean. I experienced always struggled with double and triple grinding with my scaled-down unit. I imagine the ‘big bite’ style and design really can help with this. I no for a longer time dread the course of action of grinding meat. I actually now just marvel at how straightforward it can be.

35 hp version but promptly found out how underpowered that was for my intended purpose of grinding fowl with bones. This thing tears via each individual rooster bone speedily and proficiently. I have operate dozens of wings, thighs and whole chickens via this because i’ve had it and it hasn’t balked after.I use the more substantial of the two grinding plates for a initially run then swap it out for the more compact one particular for the second. Entire chickens, which includes all bones, appear out the regularity of typical ground meat. The equipment is pretty hefty and cumbersome but that is just an indicator of its durable establish. I’d very suggest this for everyone who wants to pursue barf feeding for best pet wellness. I can’t attest to other bones (beef, pork) as i normally only use poultry.

Hardly ever slowed down and chewed by means of all the meats i ground up. Description and some of the assessments may make it audio a tiny hard to run or clean up, but obtaining under no circumstances owned or operated a grinder i could not disagree much more. This thing was a breeze to run and to clean up and provides all you would anticipate. This factor is excellent with all metallic design other than for a modest plastic washer for the link place for the feeding screw. It won’t appear like it would wear out any time before long, but they toss in an extra one for superior measure.

This grinds a lot quicker than you can fill it. It is really hard to get the meat down the small chute. I had a minor difficulty with an oil leak and the company despatched me a packing slip, organized for a decide on up, fixed it and sent it back again to me. They had been incredibly useful. I’m on the lookout at buying additional lem products mainly because of the high-quality and shopper service i have recieved.

Practically the greatest meat grinder i have ever owned, i have run hundreds of kilos as a result of it so significantly for the duration of searching year and it never ever stops. I wish lem would by chevy and make their vehicles as fantastic as they make this meat grinder.

Only utilized after so far but it driven by the meat with certainly no trouble at all. Will try to update this critique as i use it. Update: used this all over again at a ‘hog killing’ where we experienced twelve hogs ranging from 150 to 200 lbs. The grinder worked flawlessly as extensive as we retained the blades sharp. With sharp blades it would grind as fast as we could feed it. The feed tube is a minor more compact than i choose with this sort of a significant volume of meat but so significantly i am extremely happy.

I had a little one and i wasn’t ready to grind tricky fibrous goat meat. This grinder eats it like it’s absolutely nothing. I also made use of it for sausage and it is really superior. Of program, if you have the trick of working the slim all-natural casing, which i’m even now discovering.

Really that would be my son-in-law’s comment. I procured a single for my daughter and her hubby and 1 for my son and his wife, so that they can make their personal dog food. I was involved simply because he was searching in other places when i suggested this, but so significantly he enjoys it. Floor up the meat, bones and all (it seems not to be recommended, but fowl thigh bones ought to be doable with this). I do not feel my son has experienced a probability to check out this yet, but i will assume he will be joyful too (has not completed uncooked food for some months as he no for a longer time had access to supplier). Hope it lasts a lengthy time for them.

I bought this grinder to substitute my kitchenaid attachment. I use it mostly for burgers and grinding pork, and far more not long ago, making sausage. It grinds meat so quickly it really is ludicrous. Creating sausages with only the grinder is not the best working experience, simply because it tends to re-grind and mash the meat a small. I bought a individual lem sausage stuffer as a consequence (which is also an amazing detail). There was a small production defect on my auger, in the coupling amongst the auger and the grinder human body. This brought about the auger to wiggle around and was in fact pretty terrifying. I known as and informed the lem client services division my difficulties, and they mailed me a pre-paid ups label to mail again the whole head assembly (about eight lbs). They preset it, and i had my grinder back alongside one another and doing the job flawlessly in about a week, entirely paid for.

I purchased this grinder to make new cat food out of chicken, bones and all. It did a wonderful work in a quick time. I experienced under no circumstances made use of an electric grinder in advance of and this just one worked like a charm 1st time out of the box. No trouble grinding hen leg bone and skin proper alongside with the meat and it did not clog everything up. Highly effective motor processed all the things as rapid as i could load it in. I did have to get the items of bone out of the slicing wheel at cleanup but that wasn’t even challenging to do. Every thing went significantly much better than i at any time predicted. Regrettably, my cat likes the low cost canned stuff better and he will never eat it. I guess you can’t educate an old cat new tips either. But i loved grinding the rooster so considerably that i am keeping the grinder and am heading to find out how to make sausage.

Purchased this for my wife for xmas, finally employed it a handful of times ago. The spouse loves it, and generally required a person. This retained me out of the dog household for now, and if i ought to ever return to it, at least i will have some sausage. Excellent device, sleek, peaceful, rapidly, designed like a tank. Of italian sausage (spouse is italian, her recipe), it did a heck of a job. Only wish the unit was make in the usa, i might even pay back much more for that, but it can be still a fantastic machine.

My husband is a hunter,and utilized it to grind up a hog now. He produced pan sausage, said it was so quick and speedy. No much more finding an individual else to course of action his wild recreation. seventy five hp stainless steel electric meat grinder is nicely worthy of the dollars.

One particular products i extremely advocate, thanks.

This has had several several hours of use on it and adore it. Retains going and can cope with a whole lot. By no means had any difficulties with it and basically purchase a second one to give as a present due to all the compliments on ours.

Exceptional, make absolutely sure you have or get a foot pedal. Excellent product so much, easy to thoroughly clean and operates correctly.

It has so a great deal power that it will not even finish stretching when i operate twenty lbs of pork butt or 15 lbs of beef chuck by it, let by itself get a workout. The overall unit is gorgeous, strong, and sanitary stainless steel. It feels overbuilt in each individual way. I can not think about something breaking on it. It is a heavy unit, but not so weighty that it can not be moved. Bear in mind, however that i am a 200 lbs 28 year old man. I bought several excess grinding plates and stainless steel knives and they are all of the optimum top quality – in line with the quality of the grinder. I also obtained the lem meat lug with lid and it is also fantastic, just a little bit much too tall to in good shape underneath the grinding plate. The major bite technology is fantastic.

JDM Auto Lights 1300 Watt Electric Meat Grinder Industrial Meat Grinder Us Stock Steel : Nice Grinder, Partly freeze meat before grinding.

We use it for grinding roasts to make hamburger.

I received this grinder a couple of days ago but i didn’t want to leave a review without trying it first. So today i used it to make a pork and beef grind for making meatloaf. I will offer up a tip here that i wish had been in the little booklet that comes with the grinder. When you are ready to grind your meat, first cut it to the size you need for the hopper. Then lay it on a cookie sheet and put it in the freezer for abut 45 minutes. I first tried cutting it up and grinding it just after buying the meat from the store and it was not grinding as much as it was mashing because of all the pressure i had to use to get the meat to go through. After i put the meat in the freezer and semi froze it the meat almost fed its self through. It grinds beautifully when it is partially frozen. It does come with the sausage making attachment is case anyone was wondering.

Bought this for my hubby the hunter. I had to wait till he used it to give a fair review. Well he got his deer and used this product and he couldn’t rave enough about.Said this meat grinder is excellent.

I lighter this grinder i don’t even part freeze the meat it pulls it in. I didn’t have to do anything to this grinder just put parts on and grind. I haven’t done more than 6 pounds of meat at a time so i don’t know about heating up.

  • Nice Grinder, Partly freeze meat before grinding.
  • fast&great grinder
  • Works well no troubles.

1300 Watt Electric Meat Grinder Industrial Meat Grinder Us Stock Steel

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  • Meat grinder(Versatile Multi-Function Unit)
  • All-metal head and tray
  • Mutil-Purpose Grater With 3 Different Cutting Accessories for coarse, medium, fine grinds of meat
  • Kubbe attachment for making stuffed meat dishes
  • Attachments store inside stomper,compact design for convenient storage

Works ok for now but don’t know how long will last.

I bought this meat grinder to use for processing dear meat. It did a great job and was exactly what i was looking for. The price is great compared to other similar grinders and does just as good of a job. It comes with everything pictured and arrived in perfect condition.

Sausage by now and it is amazing.

This was a gift for my brother and he loves it.

Amazing how well this thing works with whatever you want to grind. Partially freeze meats grinds best. Only negative is that the plates (with holes) are made of steel that rusts quickly in water and must be oiled after each use. Easy to clean and assemble all parts. Easier and quicker to use than manual grinders.

We bought this to process some of our own deer meat. The grinder worked very well. Of meat in just a few minutes. We will definitely be using a lot during hunting season.

Sent this to my sister for her son-in-law and he loves it.

Has lot of speed and power to do the job. So with 1300 watts of power it is faster than lower watt machines. With lower watt machines the gearing is lower and slows down the grinding. There is no place to put the extras that came with machine but that is not a big deal. So if you want fast this is the machine to buy.

Very happy with the meat grinder.

Hard to clean but works great.