KRUPS ZB500E Infinity Slow Juice Extractor – Take It Slow

Whatever problem you had with juicers before the krups solved it and made it better. Everything we didn’t like about juicers before seems to have been the focus of the design. First, more juice, less waste. This was the thing we noticed the most, you really get a lot more juice. We were always throwing out a lot of waste for a little juice. Second, quiet, you can actually have a conversation while making juice. Third, while it looked like it would be intimidating set up is quick and easy, especially after the first time and clean up is a breeze. Minor negative is i wish the holes where you put the fruits and vegetables in were just a little larger but i like that there are three. Solidly built, highly recommended juicer.

When juicing citrus, like lemons and oranges, the amco enameled aluminum squeezer, orange is by far the easiest to use, the easiest to clean and gets the most juice out of the fruit. I would never consider trying to use a sophisticated extractor like the krups to juice citrus (unless it just one of the components of a drink with numerous items in it). An extractor and a juicer are two different tools. For extracting juice from hard fruit like apples and vegetables there are numerous brands and styles of juicer available. I own one of the older high-speed centrifugal designs from about 15 years ago and it is a pain to use, does not extract much juice and is a nightmare to clean. When i opened the krups my heart sank. So many little pieces and parts. I imagined the cleanup process would not be worth the effort. While any extractor, just because of what it has to do, will need cleanup, the krups is logical and most cleanable areas are easy to reach and all removable parts are dishwasher safe.

First of all i must say i love this juicer and recommend it. It came well packed in a very pretty box. It comes with a very nice recipe book and picture type instructions for putting the juicer together. At first i thought it was weird to have only pictures to put it together, but i had no problems at all. It is fairly intuitive to put it together. The juicer is very sturdy and extremely well built. It looks great on my counter. Two months ago i bought my daughter the hamilton beach big mouth juice extractor 67650 for her birthday. This was the second centrifugal type juicer i have had. They have both been loud, messy, and hard to clean.

I found it for a steal at homegoods, but was kind of disappointed when i opened the package, i realized it wasn’t brand new, a return, maybe?. But oh well, but i still wanted to give it a try, and boy am i glad that i did. This juicer is sooooo quiet, and juices soooo much juice out of the fruit or veggie, and it has three feeding tubes, so you can alternate your goodies in each slot and make it quick. You don’t have to cut up the long veggies like carrot, cucumber etc, just feed it in the tube and it juices it. The pulp that comes out is pretty dry. Also, the setup takes about a min and the cleanup takes about 3mins or so, it is not messy at all. I am keeping this juicer 🙂 it is a tad taller though, but not bulky looks good enough to be left out on the counter.

If you’ve had experience with standard juicers in the past – the ones that use noisy, high speed to fling the juice out of the strainer and into your waiting container – then you’ll be surprised at the krups infinity slow juice extractor. The name pretty much describes what the product does, it slowly extracts juice. It’s much, much quieter than standard juicers and uses a totally different method for juicing. A large, very hard plastic corkscrew-like device shreds and squeezes the juice from the portions of whatever vegetable or fruit you’ve pushed into the device. Most of the pulp is then pushed out the back through a portal and into a container while the juice comes out the front through a spout and into another container. It’s really cool watching this thing work. The corkscrew thingy takes bites off of whatever you’re sticking into it instead of shredding it up like most juicers. Most juicers have issues surrounding the pulp, where it goes, how wet it might be (meaning: juice waste) and how much they can take before you have to stop production. This juicer has 2 of those issues beat, but not the last. It comes with 2 vessels to hold juice or pulp and a handy foam blocker so you can pour your juice without all the foam you normally get.

We thoroughly enjoy our easy to assemble smoothies and use that on a daily basis. After using a contraption that typically rewards you with instant gratification, it’s almost a daunting task to go the krups juicer. This machine is pretty sexy. It looks good on the counter – very modern and contemporary and unlike any other style of juicer i have seen. Assembly was not as intuitive as i thought it would be when i opened the box, but that’s nothing that cannot be accomplished after reading the instructions (which you’re supposed to do anyway). As the name of the product suggests, it’s a slow juicer. But i suppose it’s meant to do that to really get the food processed correctly. Clean-up is a cinch for the most part.

  • Product is good, pretty good but the only thing I don’t
  • Great Buy!
  • I am not in live with this machine.

I have used it to juice 5+ times now, and my only complaint is that it seems to jam pretty easily – especially with carrots. In order to fix it you need to take out the entire basket + take off the top. However, what it does do is make a great juice, and it is super easy to clean. I like the way it looks on my counter tooupdate 9/9/2014 -i have used this juicer almost daily for months. The juice i make regularly is fairly specific but there is some flaws in this product. You have to alternate between ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ veggies/fruits or it will simply jam. I have taken it as sort of an on going challenge to see if i can finish juicing without jamming at least once. Celery is a serious challenge for this juicer because of the long fibrous threads and this juicers tiny refuse hole.

Working well and provides excellent juice.

I have the omega vrt330 dual-stage vertical single-auger low-speed juicer, white, which is considered one of the best juicers on the market. The omega is seldom used because it is ‘hard’ to dissemble it, clean it, and put it back together. I didn’t realize what the words hard and inconvenient meant until i used this juicer. General clean up time takes about 5 minutes or so. The juice came out thick and rich, but the cleanup was a bit too much fun. I wish there was a way to just press a button that cleans everything (a la vitamix’s pour water and turn it on to wash it) strategy. How does the juice compare to the omega vert 330?. It’s meatier and thicker in krups, and that’s a good thing. I also like the strainer that’s in the krups to remove the bubbles / frothiness at the top.

This is my first masticating juicer. In the past, i have purchased centrifugal juicers and never been too happy with the results. For those who don’t know the difference, a centrifugal juicer has a rapidly spinning basket/blade with lots of small holes in it. Turn it on and it will often sound like a jet engine taking off as the basket must essentially chop up the food very small and fling the juice out towards the walls. The heavier pulp stays in the basket and goes out a different spout. Centrifugal juicers have the advantage of speed – they juice quite quickly. You can also put it whole apples and hard parts like pineapple cores to some of the juicers. But they don’t get as much juice out as masticating juicers. Often the pulp is still wet, and the juice itself can have a surprising amount of ‘fiber’ from the fruit. Masticating juicers are quite different.

Breakfast in my home has not been the same since my family has taken to making smoothies. They juice fresh carrots, spinach, celery, apples; blend in frozen blueberries, mango and cherries; and add wheat germ, flaxseeds, nut butters and yogurt. So, it should come as no surprise that the krups infinity slow juice extractor sits on our kitchen counter like a stainless-steel buddha, treasured and revered by the breakfast crowd. To be fair, the krupps juicer isn’t much larger than other juicing models (perhaps, a tad taller). Although, the stainless-steel finish is attractive enough to justify leaving it out on your counter if you have the space to spare. As for the juicer’s performance, it does what it claims and it does it well. Clean up is still about five minutes, standard for counter-top juicers, to disassemble, wash and brush out the last bits of pulp from the basket. The krupps juicer comes with two stainless steel baskets, a fine and coarser grid to accommodate everything from juice to sauces and smoothies. Additional instructions are on the company’s website.

Features of KRUPS ZB500E Infinity Slow Juice Extractor with 2 Stainless Steel Baskets f

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  • Breakthrough design
  • Continuous slow juice extraction (80 rounds per minute)
  • Super silent motor (70 decibels)
  • 3-compartment feeding tube (1,5-ounce diameter each); external jug to collect compacted pulp
  • Anti-drip pouring spout; includes: 2 stainless steel baskets, cleaning brush, 2 plastic jugs, 1 foam separator and recipe book; made in France; 2-year worldwide warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

To really know the difference between a masticating juicer and centrifugal – try this out. Take a couple of oranges, peel them out and juice them in a centrifugal juice and a couple of them on the masticating juicer. Pour the juice in a bottle and keep it the fridge. Wait for 12 hours and try each of the juice – you will notice that that the juice from the centrifugal juice would have turned bad because of excessive oxidization since the juice is spinned at 12,000 rpm a lot of air mixes into it. I have had my share of both kinds of juicers and ideally would prefer to have both of them 🙂 centrifugal juicers are very quick, literally do not need any vegetable/fruit cutting, while the masticating juicers require cutting them into smaller chunks and cleaning is a bit difficult on the masticating juicers. I have had the breville centrifugal juicer for over 4 years now and loving it. I also tried the breville masticating juicer, but never liked it since the juice extraction was not very good. With the krups, i am liking the juice extraction – the quantity and the fact that it is made in france. I am planning to make this my primary juicer and see how this is going to work out – so far i am really liking it.

My wife and i have been anxious to get into juicing. It just seems like a nice, clean, fresh way to eat (drink) and so we have been looking for a good juicer. I can’t say that this is the best one out there, but it does its job and has provided us with some quality juice. I’m slightly on the fence here with some of the aspects of the product. The manual provided is almost of no use at all, which is sad since it would have been nice to have some clearer direction here. Also, this can be a bear to clean time after time. This juicer also likes to take its time (they don’t call it slow for nothing). Those qualms aside, this does its job, which is something to be proud of. While it takes a while, it also gets the most out of your fruits and veggies, so i’m thankful for that, and the parts are high quality and this is a very well made product. It isn’t going to break down anytime soon.

Having a small garden in the backyard, we always seem to end up with more vegetables than we know what to do with. While i had always considered buy a juicer, the idea had always been put on the back burner along with taking out the trash and restaining the deck. I had always thought that juicing the veggies we grew might be a great way to minimize wasting what we grew. I had the privilege to try and test the krups zb500e52 infinity slow juice extractor. This was the first juicer i tried. While i would not say going from the box to juicing was a difficult process, being a newbie in the world of juicing, i definitely had to read the directions on how to assemble all of the components. Once i assembled and disassembled it a few times, then it was really easy. The krups infinity comes with two screens, one that filters out most particles, and the other that lets larger particles through. The operation of the juicer is a quite simple. Simply chop the foods to be juiced up into sizes small enough to fit through the 3 holes on the top of the extractor.

I had purchased on of the highest rated juicers on amazon and i ended up giving it away. It was big, loud, messy and difficult to clean and reassemble. When i had the opportunity to try this juicer, i was intrigued. I love that it is much more compact and it is so much more quiet than the standard juicer.It does work well and, while it loses one star for being a little difficult to clean, it was still easier than some of the other juicers that i have tried. A good juicer, especially if you are looking for something a little smaller.

The only other juicer i’ve ever used is a centrifugal juicer, which is easy to use and clean when making fresh orange juice, but i noticed that it leaves behind a fair amount of juice. I’d been looking at masticating juicers for a while because i’ve read about the health benefits of juicing all sorts of fruits and vegetables i couldn’t juice with my centrifugal juicer. I was delighted to have the chance to review this krups slow juice extractor. A slow juice extractor is kind of a hybrid between a centrifugal and a masticating juicer. It’s upright and you load appropriate sized chunks of fruits and veggies into a feed tube on top. You then push the food down into a auger, using a pushing tool, which mashes the food against a cone shaped sieve an allows the juice to come out of one spout and the almost dry pulp and fiber to come out another spout. That’s a basic, non-technical description of how a slow juicer works. What i noticed right away upon unboxing is that this is a really beautiful appliance. It’s tall (17 1/2′ tall and 7′ wide) and the tripod-style, weighty, stainless steel base is extremely stable. My young son said it reminds him of the eiffel tower.

You really need to take your time juicing – particularly with crunchy vegetables and fruit. I cut up an apple into eight wedges. The machine has three small feed tubes to put your fruit down. I put one wedge into each tube and the machine stopped unable to handle the ‘load’. I had to disassemble to get the wedges out and from then on, it was one wedge at a time. You also have to be careful about how vegetables/fruit with waxy skin initially hit the blade. If it’s smooth skin side down, it’ll just kind of skim the blade and glide over the top until you mash it down forcing it to get caught in the blades and juiced down. Because of the tedious nature of the way you feed things into the juicer and having to make sure things get caught by the blade, it can get tiresome. If you are unable to accept you have to take it slow, this is not the machine for you. I am happy with the quality of the juice produced.

Breakthrough design

This seems to be a very good juicer. I haven’t had any other to compare it to but this seems to work very well. The pieces go together very easily and i love that it has three drop down compartments(even though they all go to the same place). The juicer seems to be a little on the pricey side for me but it is a very high quality machine. It comes with two different strainers to make juices and one with a little bigger slots to make thicker things such as salsa. The juicer does put out quite a good amount of juice and discards the pulp into a pitcher that sits under a spout in the back of the juicer. My kids really liked the juice that we made from our fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruit and veggies can get expensive but for the quality of juice you get it is worth paying a little more. The juicer seemed to be okay to clean up. It did get some pulp in quite a few places but really not any problem to get out and wash the parts.

We meaning myself, my 9 year old daughter, and my 7 year old daughter. Six years ago i gave up my juicer because i never used it. So, when i packed up my family to move, i gave it away. Fast forward 6 years ago, and juicing is so much funwe’ve juiced apples, oranges, and herbal extracts. We washed them, cut them up into slices, and started juicing. What was interesting – and, unfortunately, i didn’t even know – is that juice from freshly juiced apples looks nothing like the apple juice you see at the store. Instead, it looks like apple cider.

We love juicing and have owned several different models over the years including old-fashioned juicer/fruit squeezers, juicer steamers, omega continuous pulp ejection juicer and a waring pro juice extractor. We also have blenders, food processors etc. So, when this came up for review it was a no brainer to try it out. This very quickly became our favorite juicer ever. First, it’s so quiet especially compared to the waring pro which sounds like a jet engine taking off in the kitchen. This is more like a quiet hum and can be easily used without waking the entire household. In fact, it is the most quiet electric juicer we’ve used. Next, assembly and clean-up is within a tolerable limit.

Product is good, pretty good but the only thing i don’t like is that when you put too much fruits, it gets to the point that you have to clean the machine because it won’t squeeze the juice as much, so you have to clean the machine if you make a lot of juice. Other than that, it actually does pretty good if you don’t mind cleaning in the middle of the juicing.

There are three ways to turn fruit and other products into juice: a good blender, a high speed juicer, and a slow juicer like this one. The blender is, in my opinion, the best option of the three, as it retains all the vitamins and fiber that are part of the original food. It’s perfect for things like banana, berries, or melon. The high speed juicer is better when it comes to material that is more firm to begin with, such as beets or carrots, but there is an enormous amount of waste in the process. For every glass of carrot juice, you end up with a large pitcher full of carrot mush. As others have said, the pulp can be used in other recipes such as carrot cake, but there’s only so much carrot cake you can make. This is my first experience with a slow juicer. I’ve tried carrot juice – which worked, and then tried juicing spinach so that i’d have a base for a salmon dish i was prepping. I ended up with a lot of sludge in the machine that didn’t end up going into the waste pitcher, and very little spinach juice.

The krups infinity slow juicer zb500e is the first juicer i’ve owned. If you’ve used a food processor or a food mill before, you’ll find the prep work, running the juicer, and cleaning up to be similar. I’ve been processing several types of fruit individually to make juices for drinking and for use as recipe ingredients: citrus, firm fleshed with thin skin, and soft fleshed with thin skin (such as lime, mango, and tomato respectively). The total amount of work varies quite a bit, depending on the fruit you’re juicing. Citrus needs to be peeled and cut before juicing but debris does not accumulate in the machine that quickly. Soft fleshed fruits with thin skins are the easiest to deal with; just wash, cut, and juice. The high liquid content also keeps things flowing through the juicer easily. On the other hand, fruits with firm flesh generate a lot of sludge that requires stopping and cleaning out the juicer periodically. These fruits don’t need to be peeled beforehand though. After you’re done processing the last batch of fruit, the machine is easy to break down.

Continuous slow juice extraction (80 rounds per minute)

This is my fourth juicer and my second slow juicer. I juice frequently, and this slow juicer really extracts the juice. The pulp left behind is extremely dry. Which is a great way to get the most out of your juicing budget, especially if you try to juice mostly organic produce. I liked the krups quality, and i didn’t think it was especially hard to clean or disassemble. All juicers require cleaning and are a bit of a chore. I also like that this is dishwasher safe, just be sure to turn off the heat dry, just in case. Having the finer and the more course basket are great too. This juicer is also extremely quiet. Centrifugal juice users and vita-mix users will appreciate the serene morning environment when using this juicer.

This thing reminds me of an upside down garbage disposal combined with an alien spaceship. It took me about 15 minutes from unboxing it, to having the pieces i needed to wash clean, and the item put together, and it was juicing. My big flub was not knowing if i used 1 of the mesh baskets, or both of them at the same time. The instruction book is fairly useless. I did not find it user friendly at all. It looks a bit thick but it’s in several languages, and there’s really not much info in any one section. There’s pictures, but i couldn’t figure out what they were trying to tell me. Luckily, the recipe book clarified things.

I am not crazy about this machine. It gets clogged by the fibrous fruits and vegetables and is a little hard to clean.

I have an older model juiceman juicer. It has gotten a lot of use and was getting a little tired. So i thought we’d give the krups infinity slow juice extractor a try. First, this thing looks about a million times better on my counter. It is sleek and has the look of quality. It is too tall to fit under some of my cupboards so check the measurements. When krups says ‘slow’ they mean it. It really does take some time to run veggies through this. You are not going to quickly juice something on the way out the door. But it does get a lot more juice out of things.

 (the video is long at about nine minutes, but there’s an outline at the very beginning that tells when different topics are discussed. The video shows off this krups and then compares it against the breville/kuvings juicer design that i recommend below. )intro——-i’ll say up front that i’m not a juicing expert. I have, however, owned a centrifugal juicer since 2007 and two other masticating juicers since 2012. So, hopefully i can help you as you make your decision on what to buy. The juicers that i’ve used are:* breville bje200xl compact juice fountain centrifugal juicer, bought in 2007, currently $100* breville bjs600xl fountain crush masticating slow juicer masticating juicer, from vine in 2012, currently $216 (but was under $200 recently)* kuvings ns-850 silent upright masticating juicer masticating juicer, from vine in 2012, currently $299* this model, from vine in 2013, currently $252personally, i greatly prefer the three masticating juicers (including this one) that i’ve used over the breville bje200xl centrifugal model that i bought in 2007. They are quieter, yield (from my experience) a bit more juice, and they don’t have sharp blades that you need to worry about while assembling and cleaning them (i really didn’t like cleaning that juicer). Don’t get me wrong, the breville bje200xl is a very well-made machine and good for the price, but i don’t like it nearly as well as the masticating models. I stopped using the bje200xl shortly after i bought it because i didn’t like it much, so it wasn’t a good buy for me. I still have the breville bjs600xl at the ready, though.

I have owned several juicers before, ranging from an inexpensive cuisinart to a somewhat pricey sharper image model. My previous juicers have all been a typical blade juicer, where you push fruit, etc. Into a tube or basket and juice is created by the rpm of the blades hitting what you push into the juicer. The pulp, of course, remains in the juicer compartment or is forced out a separate spout from the juice. Those juicers tend to work very well, and clean up varies depending on model. I don’t know of any juicer that i find a breeze to clean up, as they all require some disassembly or removal of parts, washing, etc. I don’t consider the cleaning steps on any to be such a pain that it deters me from juicing. The krups infinity slow juicer works on a somewhat different principle. Instead of a blade that chops up the solid items you put in it, krups uses an auger which compresses the solids, extracting juice and leaving a remarkably dry pulp. This may cause you to have to do some additional steps depending on your ingredients.

Super silent motor (70 decibels)

3-compartment feeding tube (1,5-ounce diameter each); external jug to collect compacted pulp

Omega NC800HDSx Nutrition Center Juicer : Awesomesauce!

I had ordered a refurbished model, it originally came missing a few of the parts but they were quick to get them shipped out to me at no cost and i have been loving it since.

Does a really good job on everything. None of them are easy to clean but this one is as good as they get.

Omega NC800HDSx Nutrition Center Juicer (Renewed)

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    by entering your model number.
  • Exclusive “Dual Stage” Masticating Extraction, Larger feed chute, Includes 6 nozzles and 1 juicing screen
  • Ships within 24 hours (1 business day)
  • 5 Adjustable Settings for Maximum Juice Output
  • 90-day manufacturer’s warranty
  • Omega reconditions & certifies every unit, ships in the same box as a new unit w/the same accessories

Juicing 5 gallon runs weekly like a workhorse.

Nice and quiet so far, only time will tell.

I have been using it almost daily for the last few weeks, and no problems. It arrived looking brand new, with all parts, all manuals.

I started out with my ancient juiceman that i’d had for 15 years. Still works great, but was very noisy and difficult to clean. The ‘reconditioned’ omega nc800hdsx looked brand new to me and came in the original box with manual and all the parts. It has been a breeze to use. I researched many juicers on john kohler’s discountjuicers. He does extensive comparative videos on any juicer you can imagine. I chose this particular omega since it is the best for juicing greens, which i love. It works very well on other fruits and vegetables, even the softer ones like pineapples, oranges, etc.

I love this juicer,good quality juice,and easy to clean.

The unit arrived two days early (for some reason prime 2 day said it’d come in 4 days, but it still arrived in 2). Overall, this machine far exceeded my expectations. I’ve used centrifugal juicers before, but they were messy, got clogged, noisy. Not this thingfirst, i’d like to focus on the refurbished aspect. There was nothing that would hint to me that the juicer was not brand new. It came packed in all original packing, with no hint that it had ever been out of a box. Even the model number on the label doesn’t indicate that it’s refurbished. The only indication was that the warranty paperwork said that it was a two year warranty and new units are 15 year (i was pleasantly surprised to get a 2 year warranty when the amazon listing said 90 days — i might have skipped the extended square trade warranty that amazon offered had i known). As for the juicer itself, it’s amazing.

Great product plus a 15 year warranty.

It works amazing and is pretty easy to clean. My only complaint is it gets a little bit clogged up some times depending on the produce you use. It really doesn’t bother me, i just clean it out and keep juicing. It’s very powerful and quiet and i love it.

I was a bit worried about it being reconditioned. Other than a small scratch it looks brand new. It has a 12 year warranty rather than 15 but im ok with that. Easy to clean – the word ‘easy’ is different for everyone. I haven’t had other juicers but it takes me a total of 4 minutes to clean. As soon as i am done juicing i clean it and put it away for next timegreens work awesome. Apples work too as long as you alternate with carrots or something else hard.

Excelent tool, like brand new, go and buy fron juiceblenddry and save $$. Thanksi have started a peanut butter home business thanks to god and this tool.

This is the juicer to get cleanup is easy and it’s easy to use. I did a lot of research before buying this.

It arrived in perfect condition and has been in use regularly since its purchase, working great and providing lots of healthy juice.

Before owning this juicer i had a centrifugal juicer. I had no idea a juicer could be this quiet. I have been using this juicer daily for about a month or more now. I have not had any vegetables get caught up in it. It takes the same amount of time to clean up as my old juicer. I do cut up all my veggies before juicing them, but that really does not take much time, just a couple minutes. It does not get all the liquid out of cucumbers, but that is probably with any juicer, you can resend the pulp back through to get more juice out of it, but it is not worth the hassle. I use all my pulp to make veggie snacks like veggie mulch muffins. I love this juicer, it is the best buy i have made in a long time.

I started out juicing with the omega vrt series. It was good and a fun juicer to use but not great especially as i quickly acclimated to leafy greens in my juices which it did poorly. So i got a used omega 8004 and it juiced everything quite well and it also cleaned up far easier than the vrt. I also had to cut up some vegetables that would otherwise wind themselves around the auger. And cut even more to get it into the small feed chute. The reason i changed to the newer nc800 series is because of the wider feed chute. This saves quite a bit of time and hassle and makes juicing much more enjoyable again. But there is an added bonus that i haven’t had to chop up any vegetables that would wind around the auger. The one that always did was the beet stalk.

Makes good nut butters and juice.

Great purchase, worked as promised.

Omega Juicers Omega VRT350 Juicer – great juicer

Easy to operate and clean with few moving parts. The juice extracted is very good with only a small amount of pulp. The only negative was the price but i overlooked that since it appears to be study and well built for extended use.

A bit pricey but does its job, just had it for three months now, and i used it every other day. I hope it will give me the full service of fifteen years as warranted.

Having never juiced before, i researched a bit online before deciding on this juicer. It takes everything i’ve thrown at it, greens and hard veggies alike (beets) and if it gets clogged, it has a reverse button that pushes everything right back up again and you turn it on, it munches it down. I just read that it can also handle wheatgrass, and i can’t wait to try it. It isn’t overly complicated to disassemble and clean, but it does take a few minutes each morning. I don’t know how much trouble the cleanup process is compared to other juicers. I really don’t mind it, it’s pretty simple. Having a garbage disposal helps, but you can use a sink strainer to catch the bits, rinse all the parts, do a quick soapy wash, and leave them on the counter to dry. The parts come clean easily, and a brush with a tapered end is included to pull the compacted solids from the waste chute, making cleanup really a breeze. I have found that if i wipe the outside of the strainer part with a washcloth, it tends to get most of the little bits out of the strainer holes and i use the brush (included) to brush any stubborn bits out of the holes. Here are the specifications for the Omega Juicers Omega VRT350 Juicer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Low speed juicing prevents oxidation on degredation of juice
  • Fine juicing screen
  • Capable of juicing wheatgrass at high yield – Auto cleaning system
  • Compact Base – Small Footprint
  • Included 2 Nut Milks Bags straining juices

Crunches up carrots in seconds. Think of how healthy you will feel drinking 3 apples, 5 carrots and 30 grapes in the morning instead of an egg mcmuffin or donuts.

I bought the juicer 3 month ago and must say it is a gem you will love it. It does all veggies, fruits,leaves and even roots juicing. This juicer is quiet it also has a unplugging buton it means if the fruit gets stuck when you juice instead of opening the whole juicer parts you need only to push 1 buton and here we go simply and easy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love this juicer!!
  • So glad I made the leap!
  • Great juicer

I bought this juicer a few months ago on the amazon site and it’s still going strong. I like that i have a choice on whether i want something more pulpy or more juice like to drink. It’s easy to clean but it does get clogged if you juice too many leafy vegetables at once. If you alternate soft with hard foods you can get more juice b4 you have to clean it/gets clogged. This is a great juicer to have if you don’t want the centrifugal kind, plus it’s pretty quick, the food doesn’t really need to be pushed down, the grinder pulls the food in. I juice alot of vegetables and i wish omega would come up with a more commercial industrial type of juicer for people who want to juice alot, like for a family. , but overall a good product.

I had been using a well rated but economy centrifugal juicer for the past two years, and decided i was committed to juicing enough to justify spending more. Lots of research and reading reviews from any source i came across meant so much confusion. Needless to say, this juicer has satisfied all my needs. I get more juice from less produce, and it actually does taste better. I love the fact that this juicer comes with the two nut milk bags and two strainers (one for more pulp, the other for less). This is well worth the price tag, and i’m glad i made the leap.

I’m so glad i purchased this juicer. It’s easy to clean and works beautifully. I’m on my way to a healthy lifestyle.

This juicer is really simple to use, it makes awsome juice, easy to clean, and comes with 10 year warranty.

This is a way to sneak in the unpopular veggies to your kids and the finicky husband.

My husband and i were looking for a juicer. I performed the research, masticating vs. Cetrifugal and all that jazz. I was convinced that masticating was the way to go as the goal was to get the most bang for my buck. Juicers are not apples to apples and you need to identify what’s important to you. This juicer is relatively easy on the clean up and the food goes in with out using the little pusher. Anyway – this is my second day juicing and i like to flavor and the texture of the extracted juice. There are two juicing options, more pulp and less pulp. I am excited for the summer.

Love the juicer and i definitely see a difference in the quality of my juice when i use the omega verses the jack la lane. Cant wait to try new recipes.

The best juicer i have ever owned, the quality of the juice is amazing, and taste so good, great for fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass, and so quiet and easy to clean.

I’m just getting in to juicing and i wanted a quality juicer. I did alot of research online and this one seemed like the best one for my needs. The price is high but i don’t mind paying more for somthing that will last. It comes with a 10 year warrenty so if anything does happen to it i’m covered. I like the fact that it runs quiet, i plan on juicing several times a day and don’t want to drive everyone in my house crazy. It also juices leafy greens and wheat grass well, which i’ve heard many juicer have trouble with. It’s supper easy and quick to clean, not to many parts and even comes with a little brush to get in the small holes on the strainer. I would reccomend this product to anyone who is serious about juicing regularly a willing to pay for a quality product.

Fagor Slow Juicer : Great juicer. Had it for a while now

This was my first juicer( i am waiting for my second to arrive)so at first, i blamed myself for the constant clogging of the pulp ejector. The juicer does a great job of juicing carrots, beets, and cabbage and the pulp ejector pushes the pulp from these vegetable easily. It clogs frequently with herbs, green leafy vegetables, and hard or soft fruits with skin. I have tried cutting these fruits and vegetables in many different sizes and textures. I have tried adding them to the juicer more slowly than i have patience, and in all different orders, i am returning the juicer. The juice produced is lovely but i won’t juice for long if it is so difficult.

This juicer is as good as the more expensive hurom and looks as good to. Easy clean up and great tasting juice.

Fagor Slow Juicer

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    by entering your model number.
  • The Fagor Slow Juicer extracts juice from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass and even soybean and almonds
  • The Auger, key component of the juicer, is made from GE Ultem; a durable, high-quality, easy -to-clean material
  • Uses only 150 watts of power; ETL approved in US and Canada
  • The unit comes with a pulp collector, a juice collector, a cleaning brush, user’s manual and recipe booklet
  • 5-year warranty on all parts including the motor

Great juicer, similar juicers from omega, hurom are exactly the same but with a higher price tag,3x times the amount.

. The machine did get stuck and turned off due to a chunk of beet that got wedged. . You really need to chop items in to smaller pieces for it to work properly. The accompany dvd is very helpful to watch.

Good product for the price, comparable to the more expensive juicers.

Fagor Slow Juicer : This is the first juicer i have ever bought and i am very pleased. My husband and i were told to buy a slow juicer because you get a better quality juice with more nutrients. I was expecting it to take me a long time to juice anything. We juice every morning for breakfast before i go to work. This juicer can handle just about anything as long as you cut it in smaller pieces. We have friends who juice and they paid way more for their juicer and they say this is every bit as good as theirs. I am thinking of buying more as gifts because it is such a great price.

I owned a breville for many years and after reading about this juice i became curious. A bit difficult to dismantle each time i finish juicing and the juice catchers have stained (carrots) but otherwise, i got a great deal and would recommend this product.

I was skeptical at first because it was half the price of the more commonly known name brand however, it works brilliantly. I have more juice in quantity and better flavour of juice in quality. I am also now able to make almond milk with ease.Ease of cleaning is no more time than my centrifugal juicer (which i no longer have any need for).

This is my first juicer, chosen after researching the options and considering the price. After i learned what type of juicers were out there, it was important to me that i have the masticating type (which was more than i wanted to spend) over the centrifugal type (which was exactly what i wanted to spend). This fagor slow juicer is a nice compromise. When i first received it, i took the recipe booklet it comes with to the store and bought enough produce to make 4 types of juice. The juicer worked fantastic on it’s first outing, only taking breaks to run the water through to clean the juicer and make the next recipe. I’ve been using it nearly every day over the past three weeks and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. I do suggest chopping any fibrous foods into 1/2′ to 3/4′ pieces (celery, beet stems, ginger) as the fibers will partially clog the ejection chute. I have only had to disassemble the unit once to clear a total clog, and that was after beet greens. I have fed it an entire celery stalk with no clog, but have noticed the fibers tend to cling so chopping is more a precaution than anything. Kale, spinach, lettuce and other greens go through with no problems.

I decided to give juicin a shot and did some research and decided that a ‘slow’ or ‘masticating’ juicer is what i need. Almost all of the other slow juicers are over $250, but this one is less than half that price. I was worried that the quality would be low, but i have been pleasantly surprised. Everything fits together well and seems to made of quality parts. So far it has juiced everything i’ve thrown down the chute. You have to be somewhat careful in chopping up your fruits and vegetables into fairly small pieces, 2-3 inches is about the largest chunk it can chew. Also, if you’re juicing leafy greens like spinach or kale, it’s important to alternate with something a little harder so it can push the softer stuff through. For example, if you’re juicing some spinach, throw in a little apple or celery or something. Otherwise the leafy greens just kind of get smooshed up in the auger and don’t go through and get ejected out the pulp chute. Clean up is simple, just rinse everything with some warm soapy water and clean out the pulp chute.

Use a wire mesh to filter the pulp. I’ve used everything but wheat grass in it. Kale cut small, watermelon just drop it in. Work great can get clogged up which requires disassembly. Includes a good quality brush.

Tried one of those juiceman juicers before buying this. It parted the juice and left a disgusting froth and tons of pulp. If you don’t like pulp in your juice you can strain it with cheese cloth. Easy to clean, assemble, and use.

As an amateur juicer, i am very happy with this product. One complaint i have is that it has a difficult time juicing leaves. When trying to juice spinach or kale it usually gets jammed. The only other issue i have is that when trying to clear out a jam, the blade has to be lifted a tiny bit before you’re actually able to unlock the bowel from the machine. This is very difficult to do. Once it’s lifted that little bit, you’re able to unlock the bowel and clean it easily. Overall, happy with my purchase and use it often.

First use was fine; then it gradually and quickly became mediocre. The pulp was never as dry as the first time and with each use the pulp would not eject. Lots of stopping and cleaning the machine out. Sometimes i would re-feed the wet pulp with some success of squeezing out more juice. I suggest you pay a few more dollars and get a better machine.

I have purchased several slow juicers. I purchased this one, only for my office and i did not expect much from it. Well i was wrong, this fagor slow juicer surpass all the so call best slow juicers on the market in upper range of $299+, and actually brought it home and retire my other brand name slow juicer. One thing i like about this juicer most, it keeps going, it does not stop as other slow juicer when i load heavier fruits or vegetable. It just great and the price is very funny low compare other underperforming slow juicers.

Great for most fruit and ved but not able to do pinapplr well. Also it was diffcult to remove the platic blade inside. My wrist got very sore trying to remove it.

I like this juicer a lotit is my first masticating juicer, and i can definitely tell the difference with this one versus my old centrifugal juicer. I get waaay more juice, and i love the taste/texture of pulp in my juices. The thing i dislike about it is the cleaning process. Sometimes the pulp that comes out the poop end gets jammed up a little, and it can be hard to clean.

This is my first slow juicer. Maybe others are even better, i wouldn’t know. But, this one does a seemingly decent job on wheatgrass and carrots, at least so far. It also is much easier to clean than is my fast juiceman juicer. For the price, i am very happy with this purchase.

Works just as it’s supposed to. I’m not a ‘juicer’ type person, but i can find lots of uses for this in food prep. Pulp is separated, very nearly totally dry, usable for other dishes, freezing, or dehydrating for future use in soups, sauces, or whatever you can think of to mix teeny weenie bits of veggie or fruit bits into. The veggie juices make great broths & soup bases.I really like the small footprint in comparison to other juicers. Even tho it’s smaller than most, it will handle a lot of food & is in no way a ‘mini’ version that does ‘mini’ amounts of foods. This isn’t like a blender type juicer. It presses the good stuff out, squeezing it dry. In this way, it keeps more vit’s & antioxidants in the food from what i’ve read about juicers in general. The fagor slow juicer does a very good job, takes little counter space, short enough that overhanging cabinets aren’t in the way when trying to use it, is easy & quick to take apart & put together, as well ss easy to clean.

I had been seeking a slow juicer for awhile, but couldn’t afford the more expensive brands and was even kind of disappointed in some of the reviews of omega(even though it’s highly rated, there seems to be some issues with breakage and customer service on the warranty). Of course this juicer is a newer brand, i think, so who knows what the warranty/customer service would be like, but since nothing had been written about that, and there are reviews at least over a year or 2 old, i felt pretty good about this one. I was skeptical about this because of the comments about the difficulty juicing green leafy vegetables. That is definitely an important part of my juicing, but i figured, heck, if i just do them in small increments followed by something hard like an apple, then i’ll be okay. Besides, i’m only juicing for myself a few times a week, so i don’t need something heavy duty that costs an arm and a leg. Immediately upon it’s arrival i tried it out (after washing first and figuring out to take apart/put together). It’s pretty simple, but the locking mechanism was tricky to figure out and it’s hard to get it all the way sometimes. Sure enough on my first go at it, i clogged it up with too much spinach. I had to unplug it and take the whole thing apart to clear it. It finished the rest of it fine if i do like seriously very small portions of greens, like 2-4 leaves at a time, followed by something harder.

Initial thoughts from a couple of days juicing. It does a better job of juicing than the pulp ejection juicer (spinning blade) we had, but the juice has a little more pulp in it (not a lot but noticible). Not that i think that is a bad thing but something to consider. It doesn’t really require you to push the fruit down as the auger crunches and self-feeds the fruit and vegetables if they are in the right size. Cons – somewhat involved cleaning process since it has a lot of pieces. Not hard to clean but lots of parts to clean individually if you are really trying to do it right. Conclusion: i really like it and i didn’t have any issues with clogging on greens (kale or spinach).

Amazing juicer i looked for weeks and researched a lot of juicer and must admit it’s one of the best ones i had.

Samson Brands Samson 6-1 Single Auger Wheatgrass & Multi Purpose Juicer – Model GB9001 – IVORY – The best juicer out there!

This is so quiet and effective. Very quickly cleaned and easy to use. Love this juicer and the juice tastes wonderful.

It took me a while to figure out what i wanted in a juicer. This juicer is what i decided would suit my needs best. My research showed that it would do a more complete volume of juice for my produce. Plus it handles the leafy greens and wheatgrass and that is really important to me. I have now had my juicer for a month and absolutely love it. I use it once or twice a day for myself and often for others in my home as well. It does indeed generate a large volume of juice. Plus it is so nice that the motor is not loud. I can talk with my family in the kitchen and even our toddler. The noise it does make doesn’t even scare my toddler, or my dogs for that matter.

This juicer was referred to my mom by her nutritionist, as this can better extract nutrients from fruits and vegetables compared to the cheaper ones in the market.

I’ve only just recently received this juicer but i was previously using a manual juicer to juice wheatgrass and this juicer has made a huge difference in time and effort. It does a wonderful job of juicing wheatgrass. It is very easy to clean up. I haven’t used this juicer for anything other than juicing wheatgrass and greens. It does say it can be used to juice other fruits and vegetables. However, it requires you to cut up hard vegetables and fruits into little pieces. I have another juicer that easily juices fruits and vegetables so i’m happy to use that for that purpose. It also can be used for a variety of things such as making pasta, ice cream, etc. I may in the future attempt to use it for that but for now i am very pleased just to have it for the greens and wheatgrass.

Easy to use and does a great job particularly with wheatgrass. Worth the price and comes apart easily to clean.

This is a nice product – it’s heavier & larger than i would have expected, but it is simple to use. It juices pretty much everything, and the pulp that is left over is really quite dry – more so than a lot of the centrifugal juicers i have used. I went for this model over some of the others because i wanted something that was a little more multipurpose. So far i have made several batches of pasta with it – really rather good toocleaning is straightforward, there’s not that many nooks & crannies to get worked up about, the screen cleans easily with any soft brush, the toothbrush supplied is good enough. In all there’s the outer housing for the auger, the auger itself, the screen and the end cap & nozzle. These parts have all made it through the dishwasher – the screen is the only piece you really need to do by hand. The other bits all seem to come perfectly clean with a good rinse in hot water (after juicing, anyway). The auger does it’s job nicely, the motor seems to be suitably powerful. About as loud as a regular food processor. The only thing i would say is that perhaps the buttons should be sealed.

  • Love it!
  • It works! It works!
  • Wow!

Simple to use and easy to clean with great extraction. Had a issue with a part and customer service was great and shipped the part right away. Ok for light juicing also very good for sorbet.

Ok, first let me start out by saying this is my first juicer, and hopefully it will last me a very long timei decided to start juicing after hearing about the health benefits and weight loss ect. For me, not being a morning person, this is ideal to get me moving for the day. I did some homework, and for what i need it seemed to be the all around happy medium. I enjoy making my own pastas, sorbet and more. With the multifunctional heads this is a real bonus. The machine isn’t very loud compared to my oster blender. The pulp seems very dry so i feel like i’m getting the max amount of juice, nothing wrong with pushing the pulp through again if you want. I like to compost so i have a bonus way to beneficially dispose of the pulp. Several if my juicing friends save theirs for making stocks, and they add their pulp to their dogs food too.I figure as long as its not harmful to the dogs way to go.

I found it to slow for carrots, which i juice alot. The machine needs to have them cut up in slender pieces to process, which takes to long. Not the product i was hoping for.

It’s awesome to be able to make my own wheat grass drink.

I’ve owned many juicers in the past. This is by far the best i’ve had. It’s easy to clean, it’s smaller than the others and apart from juicing, it minces, does pasta, etc. It’s also less noisy than most juicers.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I juice wheatgrass every day – this makes it so easy. I can assemble, juice, disassemble and clean in a flash.

I like how this juicer will make plenty of juice out of the tougher veggies like carrots and beats, but doesn’t mix in a lot of air for quick oxidation. The juice will last for a few days in the fridge with a good fresh taste.

I bought this machine used, but in excellent shape, mostly for juicing leafy greens like wheatgrass. The previous owner had successfully juiced carrots and veggies. The machine is a tank, and juices wheatgrass very well, leaving only a damp pulp. I also use it with the screen to homogenize cooked white corn and yellow sweet corn to make the dough for the s. American flatbread known in colombia as arepa de choclo. The screen lets the juice from the sweet corn easily exit the auger area. This is important because if you grind up wet grains like sweet corn, their liquid can build up in the auger area to the point where it’s forced out of the rear seal, where the stainless drive shaft exits the juicing assembly. This is not a huge deal, but why have some drips of juice running down the front of the drive unit onto your work surface?.Another way to minimize this is to homogenize some of the juicier stuff, then put in some drier stuff, which will keep juice from building in the auger area.

Our samson single gear juicer – gb-9001 arrived yesterday. I bought it to juice wheatgrass but since our sprouts haven’t grown up enough to juice, i went through the refrigerator looking for things to juice. I combined several fruits and veggies and was amazed at how quickly and clean the whole operation went. The apple-ginger-lemon-celery combo was tasty indeed. The juicer looks industrial strength, but could also win awards for a beautiful design. It’s solidly built and works quietly. The cellulose discharge that comes out of the end looks like it’s been wrung of every ounce of life, and the juice looks filled with life. I can’t wait to try the other 5 uses, including making soy milk and pastai fully expect that this machine will be in our family for many years of useful service.

I could write a long review but everyone else has seem to sum up how wonderful the ‘samson 9001’ single-gear juicer is. I originally purchased the ‘omega j8003’ but it was defective, it would not power-up, it was completely dead. I can’t say that i would not have loved it also, and i’ll never know, but, i am 100% satisfied and happy with the samson and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality and well constructed juicer.

I purchased the samson juicer for a friend. I have had one for years and love it. When i cannot use my norwalk juicer, the samson is my backup. My friend and i are currently drinking celery juice in the morning using the anthony william protocol for helping to improve digestion. I have purchased other samson devices in the past and recommend them highly.

Excellent single auger slow gear (80 RPM) masticating design for Wheatgrass and Leafy Greens

First, i don’t use this thing even weekly. And i haven’t even tried half of it’s supposed functions. When i do use it, i find that it works well and that cleaning it is fairly easy.

I have owned a very nice and simple expresso machine that i have used every day since i bought it (through amazon) almost ten years ago. I estimate, very conservatively, that in this time i have saved over $10,000 with this high quality machine and it is still going strong. Recently i bought this juice making machine and i have a feeling after a little less than one month of daily use that i will probably save more than twice as much with this machine than i have with the espresso machine in the same period of time. Based on the quality of the parts and the pure simplicity of the machine i can now make juice for my wife and myself every morning in five to ten minutes time including setting up, taking apart, and cleaning all five of the moving parts. The juice that comes out of the juicer is like ambrosia. My first juice was a combination of apple and carrot as that was sum total of my raw materials when the machine arrived. I had never tasted anything like it and my wife and i were blown away. Since then we have made fruit juices, vegetable juice, soups, and broths with the machine and have barely scratched the surface of what this device is capable of. I hope they keep selling this machine for a while as all my friends and family are going to want one of these for themselves as soon as they see and try mine.

I’ve had the samson a couple of weeks now. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for real instructions in the manual. Information is sprinkled all over the pages. Some is in the recipes, some elsewhere. I’m at a loss on where to start. Maybe because this is my first juicer. Finally i wrote to the manufacturer, copy below. The machine itself seems useful, but i’m sure i’m not using it correctly, because of the poorly written manual. When i figure out how to get the most out of the machine i may change my rating. Com:hello,i just purchased a samson 6-in-1 juicer. The manual is really disappointing. It is of beautiful quality, glossy paper and bright photos, but information is difficult to find. Some of it is there but the user has to search into the recipes for hints on how to use the machine. There is no explanation for using the parts.

Its like a train going uphill i love it.

Only problem is spinich and some items clog the screen, but that’s to be expected. Breaks down easily for cleaning. For a new item, this thing is built tough like the old american made products used to be. Time will only tell how long the removable parts on front last. But the main body/motor housing has a thick steel drive shaft and looks/feels like something that will be around and working for decades.

I did some research on net before deciding on the samson. Primarily looking for high yield and easy cleaning – great on both counts – juices wheatgrass great. Juices greens like kale, collard greens, cabbage with ease, mix an apple with the greens – goes down easier. Juice from veggies and fruits taste so pure in your mouth – feels like life is being pumped into my system. Of course for me it’s all organic – otherwise, i get the pesticides – concentrated. Customer service from kitchen’s best manufacturing (holly and ashley ) was supberb. They offer a 90 day money back guarantee. They listened and answered all my questions with enthusiasum. They gave me tips on how to better juice and achieve a higher yield. You just don’t get that kind of service anymore.

Mulitpurpose Juicer for extractin juice for all types of Fruits & Vegetables

This a good quality masticating juicer. It is very quiet, especially compared to the noise of our centrifugal juicer. The best thing is that the juice tastes exceedingly fresh. I tested it for juice volume against our centrifugal juicer and truthfully it’s about the same when it comes to hard veggies like carrots. That it juices leafy greens and wheatgrass really well is the key here for me as centrifugal juicers just don’t do the job well with those items. The fact that you can grind coffee beans, grind meat, make pasta, ice cream, even make your own flax oil, etc. With this juicer makes it worth every pennyi try to buy things that are ‘made in america’ and if i had done my homework better in that area would have bought a champion juicer as the samson is made in korea but we decided to keep it anyway. Next time we’ll get the champion. Overall i recommend this to anyone that wants truly fresh, non-oxidized juice.

Very sturdy and powerful – you just need to cut veggies (such as carrots) long and thin, the incoming veggies need a bit more tlc, but very do-able. Lots of optionspackaged well for the shipping.

I should juice every day because it makes me feel good, but i’m fat and lazy and don’t want to turn a crank because it makes me imagine that i have stomach muscles that hurt when i do it. So this lil bugger if you don’t feed it too much it will take it right in. Too much and you gotta ramrod it in there and you might break something. And after the dreadlocks come out you can throw em back in again and they will come out drier. The dreadlocks remind me of the lady at the hobo deli. The one with the dreadlocks. It makes good wheatgrass juice. I like the screen over the basin that catches the juice. Practice a couple times you’ll get it. Don’t be stupid all whiny complainy that it’s complicated. You’re a highly intelligent human being. But here you are juicing grass like an elegant cat. I still don’t juice everyday but this guy makes it easier to.

I just bought this juicer and have only been using it for a few weeks. I spent well over six months reviewing different juicers before finally settling on this one. It was affordable and i liked the multi-purpose aspect of it. I was blown away the first time i made juice. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I was also expecting a machine that was noisy. I was pleasantly surprised at how quite this baby is. It is considerably quieter than my blendtec. I have not used it for anything other than making juice so i can’t speak for it’s other features. Once i learn more about how to use it’s other features, i will give them a try though.

I went into major ‘resarch mode’ when looking for a wheat grass juicer. I discovered that other juicers shouldn’t be used for wheat grass because their fast speed made for doing other juices means that oxygen enters the wheat grass which breaks down the very properties you drink wheat grass for. But other wheat grass juicers that were the right speed could not do other thigns or other juicers, or cost an arm and a leg as a professional juicer. This was suggested to me by a restaurant that does wheatgrass and, i concur, it’s a real winner. I have made pasta with it and fruit juice too and it’s a fun machine. But whereas other juicers broke down the wheatgrass so it lost its potency, this gives me the same quality of that i used to purchase at a juicer place, for way less in the long run. We grow wheat grass in a long canister that’s gorgeous on the center of our table and just clip it as needed. Better than any energy drink on the planet and no additives or preservaties and this one does it so it works.

I just used my juicer after receiving it for the first time. It is also my first juicer so this will be somewhat of a.

Nice slow speed to prevent heating of juice which preserves nutrients. I’m using this for juice feasting and it is such a pleasure to use that i actually look forward to juicing and regaining health.

Easy to Operate and Clean –

If you’re a health juicin’ fool like myself, then i’m sure you’re viewing this juicer because you know that centrifugal juicers are cheap and destroy the precious live enzymes that cold pressing retains. I docked a star from this juicer for two reasons. First, i was not impressed with the amount of juice extracted. I was under the impression that the amount would be much greater than that produced by my centrifugal juicer, which i found comparable. I will say that the quality of the juice however is much richer and fresher tasting. Secondly, any hard fruits or vegetables have to be cut into small pieces which is more time consuming compared to a centrifugal juicer. Overall, i am satisfied with this purchase and have been enjoying it since purchase. It’s probably the best single gear juicer you will get for the price.

Hi, i bought a samson 6 in 1 electric wheatgrass juicer on jun. And only start to use it at the end of aug. The juicer works fine, except each time i press the rev key, the fuse got burnt (twice), i can also feel the engine became warm after use the machine for a few minutes. Something seems wrong with this juicer, what shall i do with it?.

I was able to find one of these babies (a few years old, but lightly used) on ebay, but i wanted to come here and review it for folks looking to buy one new. It’s worth every penny i paid for it, and is easily worth the retail price as well. I was a little intimidated when i first got this machine, with all the screens and things that came with it and all the other chores it’s able to do (like making noodles, mince food, etc), but as i started using it regularly for juicing, i have come to really love it and appreciate its simplicity and ease of use/cleaning and find the process of feeding the fruit and vegetables into it almost therapeutic. The motor being so quiet (compared to, say, the vitamix or any other small appliance) is also helpful. The whole juicing mechanism goes together and comes apart in seconds and with the cleaning brush under some running tap water is shiny and ready to use again in absolutely no time. The containers it comes with seem small at first look, but they fit about two cups of juice and pulp. If i’m making a larger batch, i just pour the cup of juice into a larger container and keep going. Also, i strain it through my own strainer instead of using the one it comes with. It’s just easier that way for me. With this, i make big batches of veggie and fruit blends that invariably contain one or two types of greens, lemon, ginger, apples, carrots, celery, cucumber, beets, and whatever other seasonal stuff is available.

I use it almost every day for making fruit and vegetable juices. I recently discovered that you can also use it to grind coffee. So now i’m only buying whole bean coffee and grind it fresh every day.

Motor Speed 1750 RPM, Auger Speed 80 RPM, 120V 80Hz, 160 W 1/3 HP Motor

Tribest Fruitstar – Bargain high quality build juicer- must load small pieces and mix items for best operation (I bought two on sale)

I have been a happy owner of a tribest personal blender for a few years but i wanted to purchase a simple juicer for my detox juicing program. After researching a bit about the juicers, i decided to go with a slow juicer. The omega vert, fruitstar, and hurom were all good candidates for my slow juicer but i picked ffruitstar without any hesitation because of my experience and trust on the tribest products. My fruitstar came in last week and yes. The machine is very simple to assemble and juice, just like blenders – assembling the machine took less than a minute. It is also kind of fun to watch the ingredients go down by themselves if you leave them alone in the chute. Although it takes ten more minutes than blending everything in one cup, i like the fresh clean taste of my detox juice. For nearly-pulpless juice, try putting the included strainer on top of the juice container and let the fruitstar’s juice flow through the strainer. Personally, i like a bit of pulp in my juice, so i like how the juice comes out normally. I guess i can’t really complain about the cleanup because cleaning up any juicer’s screen seems to be a hard task. Overall, i really like the fruistar because the juicing operation is simple and my detox juice is fresh-tasting.

On one hand, i was pretty nervous ordering this juicer with the review left from orphex, but on the other i know a lot of people who have and use tribest products (particularly the green star juicers). I didn’t want to spend as much for a juicer as i don’t really plan on juicing that heavily, i was looking more for something to supplement my new diet and not completely change my eating habits and i was thinking that a vertical juicer would be the best alternative in terms of function and price. After researching a bunch of different vertical juicers particularly the omega vrt, it didn’t seem like there was too much of a difference machine wise and the fruitstar was on sale and came with an additional strainer so i decided to take the plunge, and i’m happy i did. Now down to the review, i was really worried about what amount of pulp i would be getting in my juice and was pleasantly surprised when it was minimal. From the past review i was expecting something the consistency of applesauce instead i received well. This was just using the screen the machine came in with, i also received a strainer with my juicer and when i used that pulp was almost nonexistent. So far i have juiced watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, oranges, celery, spinach, kale, carrots, apples, grapes, pineapples, and mangoes. The most difficult was the pineapples and celery, which i had to cut down into pieces to be able to fit into the machine and (according to the manual) prevent clogging. I’m extremely happy with the juicer and am glad that i am now able to add fresh juice to my diet.

Was easily put together and dissembles in a breeze. Cleaning actually is quick and little toothbrush cleaning tool came in handy and makes cleanup super easy. But it must be done right after juicing. Juicing gives you a pick me up like no other. And my 1 year old loves my concoctions. Love it and the warranty gives me a piece of mind. Here are the specifications for the Tribest Fruitstar:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The FS-610-B is a powerful fruit and vegetalbe juicer with a 110V power
  • Powerful masticating juicer extracts maximum juice yield from vegetables and fruits
  • Low speed of 80 RPM reduces oxidation and preserves vital enzymes
  • Ultra quiet 240 Watt Motor generates 60% more power than other leading vertical juicers
  • Tribest Fruitstar Juicer includes a 10 Year Warranty

5 stars based on the price i paid. 20 off through purse-dot-io. ) i did a fair amount of homework before deciding on this juicer. Having had an expensive juicer years ago (over $400;) i wanted to be sure to not go ‘down’ in quality. Pro’s:—very heavy duty motor and solid build quality. —gets just as much juice out as the far more expensive models—tight tolerances and well designed. Con’s:—juice is more ‘pulpy’ that other juicers.

The vertical, masticating design is quieter than most juicers and very efficient. It produces more juice per piece of produce than my previous centrifugal (cuinsinart) juicer. The juices from this style have more fiber in them, especially from the extra fibrous vegetables. They are very easy to filter, so i usually do an extra step of pouring my juice through a small sieve and my almond milks through a nut bag. Clean up is very quick, all juicers require disassembly and serious cleaning after every use. This one is much easier to both take apart and clean. The colors of the juices are brighter and deeper. There is less separation of the juices too. I have juiced a lot of fruits: apples, oranges, lemons, limes, nectarines, peaches.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The Fantastic Fruitstar
  • Fresh tasting juice!
  • Great juicer that i bought as a gift

Much better than fast juicer.

I bought this for my mom being the one i bought last year is working well.

This juicer is very aesthetically pleasing and it is easy to use. It is similar to other vertical juicers manufactured by dongah industrial co. Of south korea and sold under other brand names such as omega, hurom, and kuvings. Despite a clever design and attractive design, i had to return this juicer to tribest life because it has a tendency to grind plastic into the juice and pulp. The primary cause of this problem seems to be excessive drive shaft runout. I purchased this juicer directly from tribest life which provided excellent customer service for the return.

I bought this mainly for turmeric and ginger. I loved it at first but have been noticing that the auger has been getting really sticky after i have used the turmeric. I also have to clean it several times due to the fibrous nature of both roots. I finally made a juice of beets,carrots spinach and apple and had no problem at all. I would still highly recommend this unit as it is so very easy to take apart and clean and works like a charm.

It’s great if you want to juice soft fruits and veggies. But if you want to juice leafy greens get something else. It gets clogged when you juice leafy greens. Good powerful machine though.

I researched juicers and when i saw this discontinued model on sale for about one third of the price of a current vertical slow auger juicer, i pulled the trigger on it. It says fruitstar, being advertised for mainly fruits, but it is no different really than, say, an omega vertical auger juicer that does both fruits and leafy greens. This juicer was very hard to find, as most places list them as ‘discontinued’ or ‘out of stock’. But, as i say, i finally located one. When it arrived, upon my inspection, it had three one half inch long scratches, about 1/16′ apart, running horizontally just above and to the left of the on off switch. Also, another set of two small scratches that were deep enough to take off the silver base coat. It made me feel that the juicer had been ‘refurbished’, although it was being sold as new. Another strange thing, the electrical cord was completely covered in some kind of white dust. Although everything else was wrapped or enclosed in a plastic bag, the cord was not. All other parts included (the baskets and exterior plastic housing) looked new after very carefully looking at them under a magnifying lamp.

Best juicer in this price rangepros:-really quiet when running. Surprisingly silent for its power-efficient juicing. This juicer has by far the least discarded fibre. As a result the juice is also full bodied and filling but never too much pulpy. If you want really watery juice you could also strain the juicer with the sieve provided but i dont think its very practical. -its slow auger presses the juice and extracts the healthy way. -did i say it is very efficient?. It really is-all parts are dishwasher safe-been using it atleast thrice a week for nearly 2 years and have never had any problems with it. Cons:-cleaning the filter inside is a pain. It has to be cleaned immediately after juicing or the dried pulp in the tiny holes can be a nightmare.

Samson Brands Samson 6-1 Single Auger Wheatgrass & Multi Purpose Juicer – Model GB9002 – BLACK : A mixed review

Purchased this juicer for $229 here on amazon june 2010, after researching thoroughly and considering other units of all prices. My budget was low 200’s so this fit the bill. My number 1 use is to juice it for wheat-grass and occupationally other stuff, since this is a 6 in one. It does do lots of other stuff.I’ve made peanut butter fresh fresh and that’s fantastic tastingquality:out of the box the design is simple and well made the parts are super easy to put together and you can figure it out even without the directions, which by the way our clear concise and very well put together. I enjoyed reading the structures since each and every page had diagrams and photos and examples of the many things you can do with your juicer. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this juicer whatsoever. You can’t beat the 10 year warranty, which is five years on the parts. It seems well-made, and so far. I will update this one year, two years in maybe five years from now. Just in case you’re still looking to purchase this juicer.

I mainly needed a new juicer for juicing wheatgrass. This machine is great because not only can it juice grass but it can also be used for vegetable and fruit juicing. It has completely replaced my other vegetable and fruit juicer. Now i just have one machine that does it all.Also a big bonus is that is also makes soy milk. Frozen healthy sorbets, and all natural nut butters, i made cashew butter and it was great and cheaper then buying at the store. Oh yes, i also made fresh pasta, and salsa. The clean up is so easy, the parts won’t rust, (which is the reason my old juicer needed to be replaced). It’s a breeze a take apart and put back together, just a few seconds. It’s a dream, couldn’t be happier with this product.

Samson 6-1 Single Auger Wheatgrass & Multi Purpose Juicer – Model GB9002 – BLACK

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Excellent single auger slow gear (80 RPM) masticating design for Wheatgrass and Leafy Greens
  • Mulitpurpose Juicer for extractin juice for all types of Fruits & Vegetables
  • Easy to Operate and Clean – Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
  • Motor Speed 1750 RPM, Auger Speed 80 RPM, 120V 80Hz, 160 W 1/3 HP Motor
  • Manufacturers Limited 10-year warranty on motor, 5-year warranty on operational parts

This is the best juicer i have ever used. I have used the juiceman and the jack lalanne juicers, but this one tops them both. It is quiet; there is less mess and reduced vegetable/fruit waste; and it is easier to clean. The fact that it is multifunctional (making pasta, sorbets, baby food, peanut butter, etc) is a bonus.

I have never had a juicer before and this really squeezes the fruits and veggies. It is very easy to assemble and take apart. The whole juicing process takes about 15 minutes, including prep of fruit and veggies, and clean up. You do have to chop up and prepare because the chute for the juicer is made for about the size of an apple slice. Anyone that is new to juicing should get this machinei have also made hummus, mashed potatoes and frozen fruit sherbet.

I’ve had this juicer for almost 10 years. I have not had any problems with it. , or any of the parts the chute to load the food is small, so yes, you will have to prep some foods for juicing, but i think you have this with any juicer. It handles greens and wheatgrass well. The pulp that comes out is almost dry, so you are getting a lot of juice out of your food. If you are looking for an excellent juicer, this is one of the best.

Bought this for wheatgrass juicing, but i am really impressed with the fact that i can make other stuff with it. Several pasta attachmentsthe one negative review on this product vaguely talks about it taking too long, which is not my experience. Maybe they want something more like a blender. Anyway, its a hard-core juice extractor, so you wouldn’t expect it to process the food at warp speed. It works about as fast as the wheatgrass juicer they use at jamba juice from what i can tell.

Wthis is probably the best juicer on the market anywhere. It has a slower rpm, so it does not effect the enzymes with heat which id found in the high speed juicers. This is actually what id call an emasticating grinder, which is different from a regular juicer. If you are juicing carrots of greens, this machine will produce a pulp and little juice. Then you use a ‘wells press’ to press the juice from the pulp. It is so much darker and richer in color than the juice that is collected while the machine is grinding the vegetable into pulp. You are getting the most beneficial juice possible. I researched juicing and the best machines on the market when i was diagnosed with cancer and decided to fight it using all natural products. This is the best machine i found anywhere and guarantee is the absolute best in the industry. Btw, i did beat the cancer = juicing, natural supplements, vegan diet and tons of people praying – no chemotherapy or radiation, just all natural.

All the good things from the other reviews are correct. Versatile, long warranty, easy to clean, etc. I purchased only for wheatgrass which i juice daily for health reasons. The manual says to feed very small quantities at a time, less than with other juicers, or several of the plastic bits won’t take the strain. So you can either constantly watch how you feed the hopper or pay the price. I am on my third juice strainer (an internal non-optional part) because the other two shattered.

Loved using this and loved the juice even more. Was surprised at how easy it cleaned too. Experiment, have fun and health.

I only kept this juicer for about a year and then due to unrelated circumstances it was easier to re-sell it than to drag it along in a move. But i really enjoyed using it. I love that it doesn’t heat up the food as it juices it, which also keeps more of the nutrients intact. I didn’t find it too difficult to clean, as you just have to take it apart, similar to a blender, just maybe with a few extra parts. My biggest complaint would probably be the size of the shoot, so i really had to cut things up before juicing them. Also awesome for making ‘banana ice cream’ by freezing a fresh banana then sending it through the juicer.

Omega Juicers Omega Vertical Juicing System VSJ843RR – good customer service. good juicer

It’s the second omega i own. The first one is still functioning well and giving us many great juices.

I’ve had this juicer for about 6 months and i love it; not too much pulp, high quality juice, easy to clean and assemble, works quietly, and upu can’t beat the warranty. Hard veggies, like carrots and beets, can be a challenge but i’ve learned to slice them thinly and that eliminates jams. Very happy with this juicer.

I am really happy that i bought this. Really good juicer with high concentration juice output. With my old juicer, my juice grocery lasted only 2 days and with my omega juicer, it lasts for 4 days and thereby saving money and gets double the output. Also very easy to clean and takes less counter space with the round configuration. Here are the specifications for the Omega Juicers Omega Vertical Juicing System VSJ843RR:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The tighter fit tolerance of the new dual-edge auger strains more juice and breaks down fiber to a palatable level for a smoother, nutrient-dense juice. This gentle squeezing action keeps healthy enzymes intact, reduces heat build-up, delays the oxidation process, and increasing the juice’s shelf life. Squeeze juice from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, even wheatgrass or make nut milks. Automatic pulp ejection, so you can juice continuously.
  • The AUTO-CLEANING system keeps the screen clear, increasing the machines efficiency. After you are finished juicing, the AUTO-CLEANING system minimizes the clean-up process.
  • The vertical design is compact, contemporary and productive. With the Omega VSJ843RR, form and function combine to give you the highest degree of extraction and the healthiest possible juice.
  • The VSJ843RR, Juicer is the newest, lowest speed vertical masticating juicer in Omega’s offering.

Ok, so i have only used this once so far but. I still have a jack lalanne juicer sitting on my shelf. I used it quite a bit for a while, but got tired of the amount of time needed to juice and clean up. I juice for 4 people at a time. And any juicer that doesn’t have continuous pulp ejection is not worth the money. I was able to whiz through all the fruits and veggies and not have to take it apart to empty the pulp reservoir out. And the flavor of the juice was incredible.

It is a nice machine making rich juice and the self-feeding with munching sounds is fun for kids. Some of the reviewer mentioned about not overfeeding the machine – this is very true. If you become a friend with the auger and follow its speed, it is very quick and no hustle. I was hesitant about the need to pre-cut produce but actually the self-feeding function (again, if you follow the juicer’s speed) allows you to cut veggies and fruits that need so while already juicing. Just to give an idea to those who are like me all about speed and efficiency, it took me 1 hour 15 min on my second time to juice 1. 2 gallons out of very different produce (leaves, carrots, apples, beats, celery), including washing the produce and disassembling and washing the unit. Not superfast but much faster than the units that require constant pushing and much more juice than from centrifugal juicers. Cons: not dishwasher safe and a needs some time to adjust to the process of assembly.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This was my second juicer and I am super happy with it
  • Solid machine a serious juicer.
  • Great juicer for serious juicers. 😉

This is the bet slow juicer i have had. Previously i’e used breville fast juicer and kuwing slow juicer. This exceeds the kuwing whole slow juicer by far. Because less much less pulp in the juice than kuwing whole slow juicer. I highly recommend this to everyone.

I hate to use the words ‘love it’, but it is everything i had reviewed, and researched. I have owned two juicers before this one. One i wouldn’t recommend to my enemy. Burned the motor up after about twenty juice makings. The second was a replacement i bought and i am very happy with the cuisinart cje-1000, fantastic juicer and will probably keep it for a back up juicer. While having this one, i did my homework on masticating juicers. I looked in stores, read more reviews. Talk to others on their top rated juicers. It was tough, because there are so many. I decided on this omega vertical vsj843rr juicer for the following reasons: warranty 15 years, can you believe that, then 43 rpm (faster isn’t better) and a tough 150 watt motor.

I am in love, i wish i would have bought this a long time ago.

This was my second juicer and i am super happy with it, most veggies and fruits go through and come out dry on the other end. Clean-up is easy, it pretty much churns out most everything, just make sure to dice hard tubers like yams and sweet potatoes into small chunks, reprocess veggies like cucumber, they need to go through twice to get all the juice out of them. For the most part this juicer works amazing and produces minimal foam, which means very little oxidation of the food stuffs.

Without question, the best slow juicer on the market. The warranty alone justifies spending the money.

Just received my omega vsj843rr and made two batches of juice (apples, spinach, carrots, parsley, lemon, celery). Having watched all of the youtube videos prior to buying has helped avoid a lot of beginner mistakes, and i had no jamming on either run. Clean up is simple and straightforward as is assembly and dis-assembly. However, the whole bowl/auger unit wobbles slightly when it is turned on, even before loading any fruits or vegetables into it, not a ton of movement but it is noticeable. Seems like it shouldn’t have any movement, and when i watch the youtube videos of this machine i do not see any wobbling. Did i get a faulty machine?.

The product said any seed so i put in a mango seed(do not try this) and it got jammed so sent it for replacement and the are sending me one. Great juicer though but i thought i could get the mango seed out but i couldn’t.

The seller was very accommodating, and knowledgeable – i found this out after the fact. The manufacturer’s web site had inaccurate information, so i didn’t order the juicer i would have wanted. The seller made up the difference, which i appreciated.

This is an awesome coldpressed masticating juicer. It is pretty quiet for a juicer and very easy clean the parts. Also the tenure warranty is unheard of feature in today’s manufacturing world. I could not be more pleased.

Juicer works well and there is a huge difference between what you can get at the store and what you get out of this machine. It’s tricky to get together correctly in the beginning, but once you know how to do it, it’s really a nice machine.

His response ‘one of the best juicer ever and would recommend it’.

Great deal on a great product. This item arrived on time and was well packaged. After much research i bought this one. I have used it several times and it has performed as anticipated.

Not as good as the horizontal omega. This vertical option is a pain in the neck when it comes to carrots.

Very efficient in carrot juicing and easy to clean.

Juices everything from beets, carrots, apples, parsley to wheatgrass. Extremely easy to cleanpulp is very dry, so you get even more juice every time.

I bought this unit over a month ago and have been using it every day, even twice a day some days. It works great and is easy to clean. It takes 10 minutes to prepare the food, 10 minutes to juice, and 10 minutes to clean, so expect a 1/2 hour of your time using this machine each time. When i clean i also dry the components. I have juiced a lot of fruit & vegetables like, kale, chard, romaine, cabbage, collards, parsley, cucumbers, carrots, celery, apple, oranges, kiwis, pineapple, pears, strawberries, with great success. I am very happy with this machine.

Tribest Star GS-3000 Deluxe Twin Gear Juice Extractor – Juice it!!

The juicer was so easy to use and easy to clean up afterwards. I look forward to using this juicer for years.

I only wish it wasn’t such a pain to clean. Guess my health is worth it. Great machine and it’s so quiet.

Helped my boyfriend with his acne. Its all about cleaning the inside out. Here are the specifications for the Tribest Star GS-3000 Deluxe Twin Gear Juice Extractor:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 110V GS-1000 Model with deluxe set of juicing and food processing attachments
  • Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing and easier clean-up
  • Easily juices most fruits, herbs & vegetables and grinds nuts & grains
  • Works as a food mill for preparation of baby foods, sorbets and nut butters
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • 2 pasta settings: fettuccini, spaghetti

I bought this juicer after using one that my cousin had and i fell in love. It can do everything and i have only just begun using it. The vegetable juice even seems to taste better then the juice high speed juicers make. I love the ‘sorbet’ you can make with fruit and look forward to making baby food with it in the future, it is awesome.

A friend lent me this for two months and i think it’s great. It’s built very solidly from high quality materials. It’s powerful as hell, which is one slightly worrying part, as there is enough room for your fingers to reach the gears, so you have to be careful with it. The only issue i found is when i put in apple slices and orange slices the foam backed up a bit. That’s really not an issue though, as a carrot or two fixed it right up. I have read complaints about how time consuming it is to clean and i can’t disagree more. All the parts come out and it’s quite easy to clean it thoroughly. You just use a toothbrush with some soap on it. Even the filter is easy to clean in this way. If i had the spare money i would buy this in a second.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • the bestest 🙂
  • Great product, if only Amazon could have sent me the right model
  • My Juicer for life

I’ve used centrifugal juicers for over 10 years. They are good machines but upgraded to a green star recently. The machine is heavy duty and appears well made. I get about 1/3 more juice with this machine than with my current centrifugal juicer, (i. , l’equip standard sized machine). I drink the juice immediately so i don’t know about storing it, etc. Clean up takes a little longer but is very easy. I can’t think of any bad things to say. It definitely does a much better job with greens than the centrifugal machine. This is a solid juicer imho. Also, it makes very good frozen sorbets like strawberries, blueberries, etc. (another reason i upgraded from the centrifugal juicer.

This juicer definitely produced the best juice. Put cool veggies and fruit in from the frig and get cool juice out, and the quality is outstanding. We have been juicing now for a month and we feel so much better. Because of the energy i get from the juice in the mornings, i was actually able to quick drinking coffee.While one of the other reviewers was correct in that this juicer does take up some counter space, the parts are definitely not made cheaply – at least on our model (the green star 3000). After all the junk that is being made these days, this machine is made of quality parts, and is actually a little bit heavy (but it has a nice handle). We love having the best possible product coming out of our machine. The only drawback, and it is a slight one, it that the machine does take a few minutes to clean, and should be cleaned immediately after use. The parts are good quality, strong and durable, but not for use in a dishwasher (according to the manuafacturer.

This juicer will juice anything, wheat grass too, the only drawback is that it is time consuming to clean, and not dishwasher proof. This is my second one, and the first one was used daily for just about 15 years. The old one had superficial cracks in the casing from putting it through the dishwasher. Reason for buying a new one, i gave the other one away to a friend.

This did everything that the websites and consumer reports said it would. Truly a wonderful item that every kitchen should have.

I had purchased this juicer about 8 yrs ago and is still going strong. The twin gears crush the fruits and veggies creating optimal juice and drier pulp compared to other juicers. My only hang up, which is minor, is i have to chop the produce is pieces because the shute is small.

I purchased the juicer as a gift. He seems to use it very often almost daily. The only downfall is that you have to put your juicier fruits through the juicer first.

Pulp so dry and this thing is a tank. Leafy greens, pineapple (all but the outside of course), and anything else i feed it.

This is the best juicer around. It is so versatile and juices everything, i have had this type of juicer for 15 years and just bought another one. The pulp comes out very dry and i juice everything from wheat grass to carrots and everything in between.

This machine is just as great as everyone says. I use it every morning and a glass of fresh juice is the first thing i consume. The green star is tough as nails, produces more juice volume than pulp volume, and the quality of the juice is phenomenal. Plus it’s shockingly quiet, so you can guiltlessly make juice in the wee hours and not worry about waking the other members of your household with the racket coming from the kitchen. Clean up is not that big of a deal, start to finish the whole process of making, cleaning up, and consuming my breakfast is around 20 minutes. My only complaint, and this is minor given the overall performance of the machine, is that information about using the pasta and bread stick attachments is very minimal. The dvds focus exclusively on juicing and sorbet making, almost to the point of being tedious, and the manual has only very brief descriptions for either process. I’ve made amazing sprouted wheat crackers because i’m willing to experiment, but the booklet only mentions sticks. The pasta recipe calls for ‘premade pasta dough mix’, which i didn’t know existed, and the only piece of advice given for processing is that the dough shouldn’t be ‘too wet’. I’d appreciate more specifics, especially when considering the same manual includes multitudes of recipes for juice concoctions, which are far easier to come up with by good old fashioned trial and error.

I ended up ordering one of these from outside of amazon. The first unit they sent me was a gpe-1503, not a gs-3000. I filled out the form indicating that the wrong item had been sent, and sent the incorrect unit back. A little while later, a new box arrived. Inside was, again, a gpe-1503. I called amazon’s customer service and explained the situation. They claimed to put a hold on all shipments so they could verify the warehouse stock. I sent this second incorrect unit back. After a few weeks, i placed an order again. The third shipment had, again, a gpe-1503 inside, with a green ‘verified by amazon’ sticker on the outside of the packaging.

I bought this juicer to juice leafy greens. I had read at least a hundred reviews on various websites and everybody seemed to give this juicer two thumbs up in the juicing leafy greens department. But it was said that it didn’t juice fruits very well. All i want it for is to get the most out of my green. But i came to find out that it doesn’t do a very good job at all juicing collard greens or kale. Those are the main 2 i wanted to juice. I don’t care what screen you use (fruit or vegetable) or what knob you use on this juicer and how much you tighten or loosen it,(the control knob) it just won’t work. You’ll get a lot of pulp an unbelievable amount of foam and very little juice. It does a good job with broccoli (the stalk).

I had my greenstar for four years. I juiced from 8-13 juices a day and it kept running. It was much cheaper than the norwalk juicer and probably a lot easier to clean with less steps involved in juicing, although the pulp was not as dry as it could be. I decided to try the super angel mainly because it was impossible to clean the green star. The plastic pieces are stained and it looks pretty awful (but remember 4 years of daily juicing) since the super angel 3500 is made entirely of stainless steel. The green star is around $450 and the super angel is $800 so you are paying more. But here are the differences: sa much easier to put together- 3 parts vs gs at 7. Sa much easier to clean and sterilize (you can put stainless steel in dishwasher but not the gs with its plastic). Finally, the pulp is drier with the sa meaning you are extracting more vitamins and minerals and buying less produce.

Great item will buy again if need to.

This unit and brand was recommended by a family member. What a great piece of equipment. Strong, well built, easy to clean, and makes great juice from literally anything. I’m not looking back or second guessing on this purchase. It does everything far better than any unit i have owned prior to getting this one. I have read some reviews that were not to kind, and i can only wonder why those folks were having problems. Nothing is perfect, but this is quite close. I also like the seven year warranty, but doubt i will have to use it.

Was recommended to me by my aunt and i bought it for my mother. She has gone all organic and loves that she can juice her own organic fruit and veggies to make juice ice cream smoothies and more. She also loves to make pasta in it.

Omega VRT330 Dual-Stage Vertical Single-Auger Low-Speed Juicer – Great Juice, much better than the Breville Compact Juicer

Great product just hard to keep it up everyday. I know it good for you just a little bit of a mess.

Faster than i thought it would be. Only 2 cons are 1) having to cut up stringy veggies to avoid clogs 2) clean up of 6 pieces plus the base does take 20 minutes. But with a masticating juicer, the juice is still nutrient packed for 3 days, so i make enough for 3 days every time i juice. Update, 6 weeks later: i have stopped using. With all the prep time + juicing + clean up = too much for me. I have switched to blender, and make only 1 or 2 servings. Much quicker + u get the all the fiber with the produce.

This is a fast,easy to clean,and quiet juicer. I had a horizontal juicer that slowed down when putting carrots in but not this omega. I’m seeing pulp but not a problem. Just strain it with a strainer.

Great company to work with answered all my questions fast.

This is a solidly built machine that leaves very dry pulp in dump bin, however there is entirely too much pulp in the juice, it is practically the consistency of a smoothie. Also, and this is probably just a problem for me (elderly, disabled widow) the housing base is extremely heavy and due to the fact i have limited counter space it can’t live there so, has to be picked up and placed there each time for use. Cleaning is not a deal breaker but prepping vegs and fruit is time consuming since the hopper opening is tiny. Great machine for the job if you are young and strong and enjoy slicing product for juicing. I will be returning this item and i am hoping that will go smoothly. Update: the ups man picked up the package today (03/22/16) and they say i get my total refund within 2-5 days after they get the product back, which should be by the end of this week. Machine received (3/25/16) and refund already in bank. Thank you for a painless return. I will continue to shop here knowing that i can shop/return with confidence. Also, prime is a lifesaver, thanks again.

My wife bought this juicer and loves it. She had a jackolane and this thing blows it out of the water. It is very quiet and easy to clean. She juices everyday and this thing kicks butt. You get what you pay for with these things.

  • Quiet, lots of juice, easy to clean, tough juicing greens
  • Buy something you will use!
  • It is very quiet and easy to clean

Top cover flexes a little when juicing harder items.

Great slow spin juicer with fantastic customer support. It’s small enough to take with me when i travel. There is a bit of pulp in the juice as some reviewers have said but most juicers (except the norwalk juicer) contain some pulp without doing a 2nd strain of the juice.

Met all of our needs, we love it.

I purchased this juicer from another website and received it today. I couldn’t wait to use it and i am not disappointed. It is quiet when working and more of a space saver than my other juicer. I have a jack lalanne and it is a very good juicer, but i read that a masticating juicer saves more nutrients than a juicer with blades. Compared to my other juicer, this vrt juicer leaves less waste than the lalanne juicer which tells me i’m getting a lot more juice. With fruits and vegetables getting more expensive, i know i will save money. This juicer also has a 10 year warranty since i purchased it new. Cleanup is a breeze as long as you clean as soon as you juice. I don’t think i will go back to a juicer with blades.

I was very pleased with the glass bottles i have not had any problems with them i use them for my juices they are the perfect size highly recommend them to anyone.

Features of Omega VRT330 Dual-Stage Vertical Single-Auger Low-Speed Juicer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Single auger turns at a low 80 RPMs to retain nutrients.
  • The two stage juicer system extracts the most juice out of your fruits and vegetables.
  • Auto-Cleaning System. Easy to Use. Easy to clean. Removable parts.
  • Juice a variety of ingredients and store the juice up to 72 hours without degradation.
  • Full 10 Year Limited Warranty.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Solid, easy to use, easy to clean. You’ll be juicing in no time.

My purchase of the breville compact juicer for $99i purchased this juicer as i was new to juicing and wanted something that was quick and easy to use, as well as having a small footprint on my counter. For the most part, i like this juicer, however, my one and only dislike is the pulp container. I like to run my pulp through the juicer to extract even more juice, and collecting the pulp from this unit is cumbersome and messy, and if fills rather quickly. I prefer to have the pulp ejected from the machine which makes for easier collection and cleaning. I’m still torn between the centrifugal and masticating juicers, so i ended up purchasing the omega vrt330s. I have yet to use it and will update this post once i compare the quality of juice as well as the clean up effort. I will say that i’m not looking forward to dicing all of my fruit as i’ve gotten used to inserting entire beets, apples, lemons and limes in my juicer. Even if you’re new to juicing and have already committed to it mentally, i would suggest you definitely take some time to look around. Sometimes it pays to pay more for a better machine that has the additional features and functions that you’re looking for. My review of the omega 330s juicer after using itafter using the omega juicer, i noticed off the bat the quality of the juice.

I really like it so far, making a lot of juice.

Sometimes hard veggies get stuck in it. Lots of pieces to clean after each use.

This was the second juicer we have bought. We really love this one more than the first one. Masticating juicers are so much better.

I purchased this one in advanced of our apple harvest. While i can a lot of the apples in different forms (applesauce, pie filling, chutney), also dehydrating them, i still have plenty for juice. This separates the pulp very well and produces a delicious apple cider, one can let ferment or can, if not drinking fresh.

Single auger turns at a low 80 RPMs to retain nutrients.

First off, i had trouble getting this juicer to turn on. Thought i followed instructions lining up red dots. The hopper can be assembled with arrow lining up with the dot, which was wrong. Called omega customer service and they quickly steered me right in getting the arrows lined up on the rear so it would run. Ok, just getting started on day one and i put it side by side with my trusty jack l. ‘pro’ juicer (not the amateur model 🙂 i started using 2 apples and one carrot in each machine of similar size. Both yielded 8 ounces of juice but the jack l’s juice looked watery. Richer, more froth and flavor.

The only thing i can say is that it was everything i expected and more.

After omega 8006 had cracked after used one week. I wanted to avoid omega if possible because my bitter experience of 8006. But i returned 8006 and they refunded it, it was good. So after carefully compered, i decided to buy this virtical juicer. I’m using this about half month, so far no crack at all. But when i put wheatgrass without cutting, it clogs. And cleaning task is little harder than 8006. But i tried to cut wheatgrass before shoot them. After i opened the cover i didn’t notice cloged grass. But when you make wheatgrass juice , you’ll get little pulpy juice. At this point 8006 was better and more cleaner, but it’s okay, i don’t care little pulps. If you make another vegee juice such as kale, carrot, cabbage, grape, apple ,etc. Carrot is honor role student of vegees. It makes no clog and is crashed very easy. Wrap this up, this juicer works okay, but if you make wheatgrass juice, you should cut them small pieces before you put them in.

Warning this is long, but if your buying a juicer you need to read this. Remember, the best juicer is the juicer you will usei purchased this juicer from amazon warehouse originally and was sent the wrong product. So i had to switch the juicer for one from amazon. When i got the juicer it was packaged nicely and simply put together. It was a puzzle not hard at all like the other reviews have mentioned. I’m impressed with how much juice is expels and the discharge is very dry. Very impressed with that aspect.It does soft and hard foods well.

Quiet, efficient and makes great juice. Has a little bit of pulp which i like better than pure juice.

Hi so i just bought and started using my juicer yesterday, as such this review may be a bit premature. So far i realllllllllyyyyy love this juicer. I have had a hamilton juicer for a few years and mine finally just stopped working. But before it did i was already searching for another one that yielded more juice. This omega juicer is: fast, easy to use, and surprisingly very easy to clean. Pulp seems pretty dry in comparison and it makes soooo much juice. I never thought that i would actually break down and pay so much more for a juicer, but i think in the long run it will save me money on my produce. I am very happy with this juicer and will update later if that should in anyway change.

The two stage juicer system extracts the most juice out of your fruits and vegetables.

Great juicer and it takes 10 minutes to clean it up. No spills during the juicing process. The fresh juice is not heavy and contains no physical pulps from the veggies or fruits. Thanks to an good old friend’s recommendation who is a rare food eater and uses it on the daily base.

Bought for this juicer for a newbie juicing friend and she can’t get enough. Easy to use and clean, and the yield is great.

It’s great at juicing a lot of things but greens are the toughest because they get stuck in the area where the pulp comes out. I think the reason they made a newer version of this was for a stronger powered motor?. But now i try to do my greens last and cut them really small because i don’t enjoy a lot of pulp in my drinks unless it’s oj. Still, i get way more juice than in a centrifugal juicer, it’s quieter, takes up less space on my counter so it stays in plain sight (and is used more often).

Easy to use and does a great job.

You get slot of juice with little produce.

Great product; however, it required more time to process leafy vegetables.

I really like this juicer, however, it takes a little getting used to. The first basket cracked in three places, because the chunks of vegies were too large, i think. I called the company and they said they would replace the basket if i sent pictures showing the breakage. I did so, but have not received the replacement. In the meantime, i can still use the cracked basket and am cutting the pieces much smaller. It is very true that the juice tastes much fresher because you are ‘squeezing’ the juice out at a low speed, not grinding it out at a very high speed. I highly recommend this juicer, just be careful about the size of the veggie pieces you feed into it.

Auto-Cleaning System. Easy to Use. Easy to clean.

Well made juicer that lives up to the reviews. It does an excellent job of extracting the juice from fruit and vegetables, but like all juicers, it’s a pain to clean after use. So i recommend you do your juicing to last several weeks and freeze that which you aren’t going to use immediately. This is also the brand preferred by dr bergman (see his youtube videos).

I bought this juicer locally in 2012 because my wife was having severe health issues where she needed to get most of her nutrition in juices. Because of this, we were putting great quantities of veggies through this juicer every week, and it wasn’t just a short fad thing; to this day i continue preparing juices for her. In the past two years i have run hundreds of pounds of vegetables through it, with no problems whatsoever. This is one of those cases where you get exactly what you pay for: the price is in line with the quality. Before this one, we used the jack lalanne centrifugal model, but it was clear that it wasn’t going to handle the amount of juicing we were doing. The omega is quiet: you can have a conversation with someone while you are running the machine, something that cannot be said about centrifugal juicers.

Easy to use, squeezes all juice out so little waste, easy clean up. The juice comes out ready to drink and is always good.

Juice a variety of ingredients and store the juice up to 72 hours without degradation.