ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Zwilling J : A must for every kitchen

You need to use a stone to get the knife sharp then you need to use your steel properly and use it every time you use your knife. The stone sharpens the knife. The steel keeps it sharp by aligning the molecular particles that get out of line in normal use. You shouldn’t have to re sharpen your knifes but 2 or 3 times a year with regular professional use and even less with home use.

This product effectively sharpens henckels knives after they begin to dull over time. I would definitely advise practicing with some junk knives until you are familiar with the sharpening motions. I won’t say the stone restores the original sharpness, but i have been very happy with the results. I imagine that with time and practice, one would be able to sharpen knives to near original sharpness. I prefer to use the stone to other knife sharpeners because it will not gouge the blade as long as the instructions are carefully followed. The only problem i have had with this stone has to do with shipping. I ordered one for myself and it arrived with a cracked and chipped case, which i fixed with super glue. I ordered a second stone as a gift and it also had a cracked and chipped case. I did not have any problems with broken or cracked stones on either order. The merchant should probably better prepare this product for shipment.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Stone Pro Sharpening Stone

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Double sided stone designed well suited for Zwilling J.A. Henckels knives
  • No pre-soaking required
  • Tray has rubber feet which allows for steady knife sharpening
  • 250/1000 grit for rough and medium fine sharpening
  • Great for use with TWIN Cermax M66

Worked so well i cut myself the first time using after sharpening.

This stone gets my cold forged, stainless steel knives razor sharp. I have had this stone combination for a couple years now and it works great. The plastic case with rubber stops holds the stone well on the counter top. The coarse grit side quickly get all the nicks out of the blade and reshapes the bevel. The fine side puts on a mirrored, razor edge. You have to know how to do the work but after a little practice you can feel when the angle is right. I am very satisfied with this product.

Made in japan and works really fast. I tried the sandpaper method and the knife keep cutting into the paper (then you have to put a new paper on). The 250/1000 combo works great, but to get the fine and sharper finish, you need to go up to at least 6000. The case grips on to the counter top well. The biggest thing is that these stones are wider and longer than expected at 3′ by 7′ (i was expecting norton size 2′ by 6′). Now the norton stone becomes my flattening stone – rub the 2 stones together in circular motion to flatten out the stone. Make sure that your flattening stone is flat (or new). After you rub, put the flattening stone on top of this stone, shine the light from the other side, and make sure no light gets through. If light gets through, repeats the circular motion until no light gets through.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Stone Pro Sharpening Stone : The case was broken in several pieces when i received it ,the case is part of the stone holder as you sharpen your knives, they need to to ship this item with more packing ,now i have to go through the the hassle of sending it back and wait for a new one.

I do the cooking at my home. I took a free knife sharpening class at sur la table, then bought this. You can buy something fancier, but this is all you need. Take that free class at sur la table first to make the most of this modest investment.

Victorinox 40689 Steels – Diamond 12″ Oval Hollow Core, Great product

I am a professional knife sharpener and for the last 7 years i have been at santa cruz flea market sharpening knives. The victorinox 12” diamond steel is my choice to use. I sharpen hundreds of knives on a weekend and i can get close to 1 year service with heavy use. The steel is oval and if you only use the center of the rod it may wear out sooner. When your steel seems worn out try scratching a wine bottle with it. If you see scratches you now own a fine steel to use to polish a keen edge after you use the newer more coarse steel to shape/sharpen. My current steel is near smooth as glass and i still love it for finer edges.

Works as advertised, a must in the kitchen to keep your knifes in top shape.

Dear hubby is a chef and swears by this for his precious shun knives.

Key specs for Victorinox 40689 Black Steels – Diamond 12″ Oval Hollow Core, Inch, Multi:

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  • Dependable, sturdy, easy to carry
  • Great for everyday use
  • Swiss made precision
  • Hand guard to protect hand while sharpening

Comments from buyers

“The best tool for the job .
, This diamond honing steel is the best I’ve used even for a knife that needs more
, Quick easy sharpening.

Great gift for my husband who used to be a meat department manager.

I am a meat cutter and i use it daily it’s the best diamond steel out thier.

Its a very good honing steel if you know how to use it. You wont find ‘victorinox’ brand on it. Althogh forschner is a victorinox.

Bought this diamond steel to go with my 10 and 12 inch slicers. I received my slicers very sharp so the steel is not needed yet. So i used it for another knife and it really takes off the steel. It seems great for dull knives but not for my slicers at this time. I did order thevictorinox honing steel 12-inch round fine cut. And feel this is better to maintain the sharpness of my slicersi not sure if i could get away with owning only one steel (fine cut), but i am very satisfied with both. Also satisfied with the victorinox knives.

The product is pretty awesome and works beyond expectations.

I was expecting more as was described by some users.

This is the 2nd one i have bought. Great product cause i sharpen a lot of knives.

Keeps knives sharp with a minimum effort. Four or six quick swipes to a dull blade produces a sharp cutting knife. Will not sharpen a beat up or deformed cutting edge.

Just a couple of run on this steel and your chefs knife is good to go.

Love them this is the fourthone i have bought in the past few years.

I’ll update after i have had it for a while.

Bought this to replace the one we have had for 12 or 15 years. Yes they do eventually wear out. If you know how to sharpen a knife, this diamond steel will impress you.

Great steel for shaping and for quick sharpening. Pretty heavy, so if you want a lighter weight feel in your hand, get the hollow steel.

It’s a very good diamond steel for an even better price. It’s holding up well being used in a professional kitchen.

It is victorinox, nothing else need be said.

I could not stop cutting paper after using this on my knife.

Gives a crisp feeling to my knifes, works perfectly on german and japanese knives.

Excellent product but you need to be careful as it removes more metal than you might expect. One or two strokes per side are usually sufficient.

Unlike the traditional coarse, med and fine steels a diamond steel is strictly for ‘honing’. I use this at my job where we must use knife sanitizers and soak everything in soap. Because it’s a diamond steel it does not rust no matter how long we leave it in hot water. A word of warning be prepared for the first few swipes, hone lightly it does not take much.

This awesome i took 3 blades from stopping through butter to don’t touch.

MinoSharp 550BG 550/GB 3 Stage III Hand-Held Knife Sharpener, Five Stars

Perfect sharpener for beginners or advanced.

The best knife sharpener i ever used. First i watched a video on you tube explaining how to use it properly.

Key specs for MinoSharp 550BG 550/GB 3 Stage III Hand-Held Knife Sharpener, 2.1, Gray:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Whetstone sharpening wheels and black and grey exterior
  • Coarse, medium, and superfine grits
  • Safe with protection from sharpening wheels
  • Hand-held and easy to use
  • Large comfortable handle

Comments from buyers

“Takes the “edge” off of having to think too much about sharpening. While not recommended, a child of three could use this.
, Works well.
, Great product!!!!!!!

The vencor is absolutely great, and i rate cutlery and beyond 5 stars, with no hesitation. The product, however, did very poorly on quality of sharpness, albeit the procedure to sharpen was simple; very simple. Would i recommend this to friends?. Only if you want a ‘somewhat’ sharp blade that is easy enough to achieve. But for a superior sharpness, it fails.

No problems with this sharpener. We use caution and don’t use any force. Have used on several brands of knives including globals.

I already have one of these in black and red. Not that the color really matters. What matters is that this is a really good sharpener. If you are going to invest in global knives then this is a must have. It doesn’t matter how nice of a knife you buy, it will need sharpening eventually. It’s very easy to use and will have your knives gliding through anything you touch them to just like the day you first used them. The water trough is a nice touch because it really helps to wet up the grit of sharpening stones. Some people have complained about this sharpener scratching the side of their knives. It does leave a bit of a line, but it is not bad at all. Can’t really comment on how this sharpener does with other higher end knives.

Global knives cannot be properly sharpened using stardard sharpening tools. The advantage to this tool is that it specificly leads you to the proper angle for these wonderful knives, and result is a wonderfully sharp edge at just the right angle.

I was skeptical when i received this because it looks flimsy and toy-like. My initial use didn’t help, but once i learned how to use this sharpener i realized how great it is. My global knives are now razor sharp and i’m loving it.

Works very well on my global knife.

Does exactly what it supposed to do.

I bought this sharpener with good reviews from my cousin whom is a head chef. He owns only global knives and it works considerably well with them. I also sharpened an old set of maxam knives that i had gotten from a thrift store that needed to be sharpened. It took a little bit (about 15 mins for the worst one), for them to become razor sharp. I did the paper test before and they wouldn’t even begin to slice at any point of the knives. After sharpening they were like a factory edge that you can do thin slices on a tomatoe. It is just an amazing product. Came 5 days earlier than tracking said it would.

I love my minosharp knife sharpener. I bought it because it is the sharpener recommended for global knives. Since i own some global knives, i bought this to have handy whenever i need to sharpen knives. It’s easy to use, i sharpened dull knives and they came out like brand new knives. I did the paper slice test after sharpening some old knives and it passed the test with flying colors. I highly recommend this sharpener to anyone who loves to use only sharp knives in the kitchen. I also gave this sharpener as a gift to a couple who both love to cook.

Seems very effective and it is easy to use. Definitely noticed better cutting from my kitchen knife.

I purchased this sharpener from sur la table after they used it to sharpen my knives in front of me. My shun ken onion knives are my main knives for when i cook. It had been about 3 months before i had them sharpened by sur la table using this sharpener and when they sharpened the knives it had a brand new edge on it again. Just like new, i didn’t need to put pressure on the knife to cut through meat, veggies, fruit, etc. I also used the sharpener on my cheap henkles steak knives. I gently attempted cutting a tomato with the steak knives to test how sharp the knife was(i guess i watch too many infomercials). My steak knives are not serrated. After i ran the knives through this sharpener, every knife cut through the tomato like a hot knife through butter. When i am highly satisfied with certain products i can’t help not pushing it on my friends and family.

Gets it sharp enough to not be dangerous but definitely not razor sharp. I’ll probably have to get whetstones to get back to restaurant quality sharp.

I threw out my chef mate electric knife sharpener. My knives are sharper than when i bought them. A must have item for all kitchens.

We have had this for almost a year and have used it just once. We have a set of three global knives (chef, utility and paring) and the sharpener did the trick. I had read some reviews about scratching, but it did not happen to me when i used it. The only reason why we haven’t used the sharpener more than the one time is that our knives have not been used a whole lot so they have stayed sharp. Come to think of it, i think i’m going to sharpen my globals today.

Works wonderfully on my global knives. A must have for anyone with global knives.

The minosharp 3 sharpener does a pretty good job of putting an edge on knives. The knives are certainly sharp enough afterward to do just about any cutting/dicing/slicing you need to do. And the good thing about it is thatsharpening a knife is really easy and quick. It’s all about time and effort and this thing does save timeand does reduce effort. However, the unit is somewhat pricey at around $80. So i give it a rating of 4 andwill update if my mind changes any.

I have used a number of sharpeners over the years and this one works about the best. I like the ceramic blades and it doesn’t require a lot of strength to use it – even on very strong steel blade knives. I have some expensive japanese knives and it works as well on them as it does on my cheap-o knives.

Best house hold sharpener i have ever used.

I like the product and the concept. The first time i attempted to use the sharpener i did not get very good results. I was using too little pressure and was pulling the knives instead of pulling and pushing. I found a video with a demonstration that was very helpful. In the video, a very nice japanese chef demonstrates the 2 stage sharpener. The concept is the same for the 3 stage sharpener. The knives that i sharpened will slice paper and shave. I’m not a professional chef so that’s good enough for me.

Well crafted even if it is plastic. Suited for a novice or an expert. I find myself using this more and my sharpening steel a little less; not that i would get rid of either. These are suited and designed for japanese style knives and your european wedges will probably not be happy with this device. The angle of the whetstones will be wrong for many european style knives. **** update 2 years later: i have found that even using extreme care that these stone produce scrat lines parallel to the knife edge (see picture). I have a full set of global sharpening stones, and i will go back to doing it the hard way. I’m heartbroken over the scratches on my expensive knives.

Really keeps the knives sharp.

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Henckels 32525-261 ZWILLING Accessories Diamond Sharpening Steel, Ouch!! That’s Sharp

Very effective in keeping knives sharp. I uses the lansky product to sharpen the knives and then this diamond sharpening steel to keep the fine edge.

This sharpening ‘steel’ has embedded diamond fine grit in its oval-shaped surface. If you are careful to keep the correct knife angle while sharpening, it does a nice job putting a fresh edge on a used knife with little effort. It’s much quicker than hauling out the chef’s choice for a quick edge tuneup, and much better than a simple steel, which only works a few times on a blade before an abrasive sharpening is required. This sharpening steel fits into the upper-left ‘steel’ square hole of our henckels wood block, which came with our four-star knife set 25 years ago.

The diamond coating is tough and lasting. Have had mine for close to 20 years.

Key specs for Henckels 32525-261 ZWILLING Accessories Diamond Sharpening Steel, 10″, Black/Stainless:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • A diamond-coated steel will work quickly to produce a very sharp edge. The flat surface provides more contact with edge to achieve the same results as a traditional rod shape but with fewer strokes.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimension:16″ x 4.5″ x 1.75″
  • Traditional rod shape but with fewer strokes
  • No assembly required

Comments from buyers

“Exactly the right tool to tune-up your fine knives
, Ouch!! That’s Sharp
, Great Product!

Many generic diamond rod sharpeners are a too ‘fine’ out of the box, and once broken in they cannot restore a mildly dulled edge. This one sharpens and then some. It feels like 400 grit out of the box and is very heavy, rock solid. Not the light hollow tubes like the others. It really needs worn down/broken in to sharpen finely. It will definitely remove metal fast if you want it to. I support the tip on a table which gives consistency versus freehand. Best result is with medium pressure to start, then lighten pressure as you go, down to a butterfly touch for 10 to 20 finish strokes.

Has good bite, but not too much. I follow up with a ceramic to finish.

This tool bears the zwilling trademark (which means ‘twins’), which is one of the oldest trademarks in the world. Its superb quality is every bit the equal to the reknowned knives it is designed to service. A sharpening ‘steel’ just rolls the wire edge to align it between sharpenings. This tool is technically not a steel, it is a diamond hone. The fine diamond particles which coat the surface actually do grind the knife’s edge with every use, removing a very small amount of metal. This hone has exactly the right design to optimize the process. Holding the knife at the correct angle, and applying some pressure, a few stokes across the hone for each side of the cutting edge will quickly make your knife exquisitely sharp. Carefully wipe the knife afterward to remove the metal dust created by honing.

Has kept my knives darn sharp. I haven’t had to break out the sharpening blocks since this arrived in the mail. My only issue is with the oblong shape. I know the extra surface area will make the steel last longer, but i am used to the rounds.

Couldn’t ask for a better sharpening rod.

I use this as a conventional steel, i pull the knife toward me instead of pushing away as per instructions. Sharpened a purposely dulled knife and with a few strokes on both sides i had a very impressive and sharp edge. This is by far and away the very best diamond steel for my money.

Keeps a really sharp edge on kitchen knives. Good quality that should last for years. This was a gift for my husband who is very satisfied.

Keeps my knifes very sharp, great design.

My husband stated he has never found a more useful, user friendly sharpener. It seems every time i turn around – he is using it.

Very well made and of high quality.

Wow – this really made the difference. My thanks to the reviewer who explained the difference. Made my 30 yearold well-beloved henckel knife set as sharp as new.

Finally a decent sharpening steel – it stays sharp, does not get gunked up with stainless filings, lets me sharpen pairing knives bec. . Much better than the crappy round ones i bought from zwilling with the knife-block years ago.

Beautiful steel, an excellent addition to my knife case.

After about 10 years of using it 2-4 times a week, i wore it smooth. For the price, the natural replacement was to get another one.

Have one that i’ve used with great success for years.

We have had ours for 6 years now andperfect condition.

After having slaved away with my old steel from catering school and tried a variety of oil-stones to keep my knives with a decent edge i was really getting frustrated. While visitng family in the uk i found a ‘diamond’ steel in a kitchen cupboard and it pretty well ripped through the job of putting an edge back on one of their knives. I resolved to get one for myself at the next opportunity. The first time that i put my regular 10′ chef’s knife to the steel it felt as if the blade was being ‘grabbed’ by the steel. A few runs along the steel was all that was needed to transform my embarrassingly dull knife into one that made short work of a tomato. The only ‘issue’ that i have with the design of the steel is that, to my mind, the hand guard is set 90′ off where it ought to be. However, if one holds the steel properly (with the face of the thumb blocking the fingers) it’s not such a big deal.

Like all henckels products, great addition to the family and a good reminder on the sharpening technique to hone the blade.

Excellent product, the best that i’ve used.

A relatively short sharpening steel with a decent heft and excellent sharpening capacity. Its reasonably price and flattened diamond embedded steel make this an excellent choice.

Does a very nice job keeping a sharp edge on my 10 inch j.

J.A. Henckels 32565-260 ZWILLING Accessories Sharpening Steel, 10-inch, Black/Stainless : Top Gun

Needed a sharpening steel to dress some knives because the one that was with the set i was using had a nick that seemed to do more harm than good. This one works as well or better than any other i had use before.

This feels like a quality product, and it has the weight you’d expect a good steel to have. It makes a nice addition to my knife block.

J.A. Henckels 32565-260 ZWILLING Accessories Sharpening Steel, 10-inch, Black/Stainless

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • For most home chefs the sharpening steel will realign the edge and remove any niche or burr. An oval rod provides more surface contact with the edge to achieve same results as traditional rod but with fewer strokes.
  • For most home chefs the sharpening steel will realign the edge and remove any niche or burr
  • An oval rod provides more surface contact with the edge to achieve same results as traditional rod but with fewer strokes

Product is just as described, works very well. It is not a sharpener and i use it accordingly.

This honing steel is still keeping my knives sharp several years after purchase. Everyone who owns knives should own a honing steel. Remember, however, that this does not sharpen knives but rather simply sets the edge. There is a difference between a knife sharpener and a honing steel. Not everyone knows how to use one of these. My advice is that you look at a video on [. – there are several videos that demonstrate how to use a honing steel. ]

J.A. Henckels 32565-260 ZWILLING Accessories Sharpening Steel, 10-inch, Black/Stainless : It’s henckels, you can’t go wrong.

There isn’t much to say about this item other than it works exactly as expected. Before purchasing my bubba blade fillet knife (which by the way is the finest fillet knife i’ve ever owned) i sharpened my fillet knives with an electric sharpener. Bubba blade recommends that their knives are maintained with a honing steel, as opposed to constantly sharpening them. A few passes of the blade across this steel is all that is needed to hone the edge of my knife, making it ready to expertly remove the unwanted skin from speckled trout, flounder and redfish, which is my main desire in life. In short, the steel is made of fine quality materials and is extremely easy to use. I will probably purchase another one, just to keep for the future.

I cook for a livin’ and i have many honing steels, some at 14′ for my big knives and this one for my 8′ and under knives. I got this one in an upscale set of 4 starz and i do love it. As previously reviewed, it’s not for sharpening but used to maintain a sharp edge. If you use this properly every time you use a new knife then the factory edge will last for months if not years under normal usage. If you are collecting the 4 star line then this is a must, it is one of the most attractive steels made, the rockwell rating is harder than any factory production blade made, the grooving is crisp and it is a bargain compared to other brands. A must replacement for a lesser steel in most 4 star sets. It would be worth your time and money to buy the knife care video and learn how to use this well. An investment for your future enjoyment of henckels 4 star knives. We hand out 5 mojo*z for this steel magnolia.

As other reviewers have mentioned, this does not actually sharpen your knives in the sense that it won’t put an angle on your blade that isn’t already there. However, what this is great for is keeping your set of kitchen knives in good (and safe) condition. Note to novices: make sure to ask a pro or an experienced cook how to use a steel. If you hold the knife at the wrong angle, you may actually be reversing the effect the steel is supposed to have – realigning the blade to its sharpest position. Note 2: a lot of blades these days are made with the higher-end cobalt alloy steel that is significantly harder than regular stainless. All this really means is that if you have a good knife, you technically won’t have to use this every time you slice and dice, but it’s still a good idea to keep the knife in the best condition possible.

This one is identical to the one we had for over 20 years. We thought it might be time to replace it as the original seemed to have lost some of its effectiveness. After using this one, we were sorry we had not ordered a new one ages ago. A few swipes and you’ve got a nice sharp blade.

Works as expected, didn’t expect anything less.

There were some scratches on the handle, one was a little deep bad enough for me to send ot back. Other than that it works great on my new j.

I worked as a chef for 15 years before changing careers. Buying a new set of knives for home kitchen and bought this to replace an older well loved and well used steel. Used this one a few times and works great. Looks to be very well built and solid.

If you bought good knives, like the henckels four star series, keep them good by regularly honing the edge with a henckels steel. A few swipes against my chef’s knife keeps the edge keen and ready to cut. I struggled for years with cheap knives only to find that a good sharp knife is a blessing to a cook. So keep it sharp with a good steel.

The product is of high quality, and the price is more than fair. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Sure makes a difference when i sharpen my knives. I use a sharpener and then the hone great.

Love this item does not scratch my knives. When i first looked at it it looked like it will not sharpen my knives but it works perfectly.

Serrated edge helps left handed users somewhat.

The product is constructed beautifully. It has a nice weight, good handle feel and textured steel. The only problem is that it was sent without proper packaging, no instructions for usage and storage. Is there a warranty on the product?.

Tried purchasing a kitchen aid brand and wasn’t impressed with the sharpening.

Excellent product and transaction.

What else do you need to know.

Jewelstick Jewelstik PP123 12-Inch Kitchen Diamond Knife Sharpener : Best in its class.

Puts a razor edge on a knife in seconds. Easiest to use and will make you an expert knife sharpener.

Diamond quality still good but the handle is brittle.

Jewelstik PP123 12-Inch Kitchen Diamond Knife Sharpener

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Jewelstik provides the most superior diamond coating on the market
  • Our diamond sharpeners are lightweight, well balanced and easy to use
  • The lens shaped steel shaft permits more efficient sharpening than ordinary cylindrical-shaped tools by allowing more surface to be sharpened in less time
  • Clean with soap and water and a lint free cloth
  • Made in the USA

I have had one of these for more than 20 years and it is far and away the best tool in the drawer for routine knife care. It is capable of putting a new edge on a really abused and dull knife but that isn’t its strong point. Knives should never be allowed to get that dull and that is the strong point of this tool. Regular use will keep all your blades in the best possible condition. Highly recommended at any price.

This is a great tool, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. You’ll never have a dull knife if you own one of these, and use it.

I purchased a diamond knife file with only medium and fine grit several years ago and loved it, but finally wore it out. This file has coarse medium and fine all in one,this is fantastic, and will extend the life of the file. You can remove any doubts that you may have, weather you are a beginner or a pro. This file will out do any steel any day of the week.

Jewelstik PP123 12-Inch Kitchen Diamond Knife Sharpener : Multiple passes every time you take a knife out.

This product worked out very well for the dad who has everything and needs nothing. Service in getting it was great, too. Can’t ask for more than that.

This is my second one,the first one got ‘borrowed ‘ works well especially on ‘better ‘ knives.

Thinking about getting a 2nd one for my mother.

My husband uses this constantly when in the kitchen. He loves how it handles and has only good things to say about it. He is a stickler about having sharp knives when preparing food.

Makes my kitchen knives extremely sharp. You must know how to sharpen knives at the correct angle by hand. If you do you’ll be extremely satisfied.

Good diamond knife sharpener. It has 2 progressive levels of sharpening for your dull knives and a 3rd level for finishing and polishing your knife.

Not quite sure why they felt super-sizing this thing was necessary, but imho it was not. I purchased this to put an edge on my already dull knives and unfortunately it just didn’t do the trick. In my opinion the jewel stick is more for honing and maintenance than sharpening. And since i already had a honing stick this went back. Ended up purchasing the chef’s choice 130 electric sharpener and within 20 minutes of opening the box every knife in my house had a razor sharp edge. If you don’t have a honing stick, this would be a nice addition to your kitchen. But if you’re wanting to put an edge on a dull knife look into an electric sharpener.

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Zwilling J, Excellent Product

This is the mack daddy of sharpeners. I put this next to the one i have been using for the past several years and the henckel steel puts mine to shame. It is thicker and longer than my old one (get your minds out of the gutter). I thought about getting one of those 2 or 3 stage sharpeners where you slide the knife through. I really wanted to learn how to properly sharpen a knife. Henckel’s website where they have several ‘how to’ videos. The one i viewed was how to sharpen knives the correct way. I practiced for about an hour on an old dull knife lying in the drawer. Once i recieved this sharpener, i grabbed my henckel pro s santoku knife i bought a few days ago and introduced it with this new twin pro steel. It has brought my knife back to life and i have only used the knife a few timeswords of wisdom: sharpen your knife before and after you use it. This will prolong the life of the knife and your enjoyment of cutting; for example cutting through ‘not yet ripe’ tomatoes. That will put a smile on your face :)i am now a ‘rehabilitated newie’ home cook who enjoys spending time in the kitchen preparing meals thanks to great equipment.

I purchased this 12′ steel to replace the substandard 9′ steel that came with my henckels professional s knives. I’ve owned the knives for a good decade and was regularly honing them with the original 9′ steel. I knew it was substandard and continued to use it but finally got sick of the 9′ steel’s small size, weak performance, and perpetually loose handle (they’re poorly made). Though i have good technique and have kept my blades very healthy with the old steel, this is truly a professional tool that has brought my knives from merely ‘sharp’ to ‘factory new’ quality. A few swings before each use and these are sharper than the old steel could manage and like a whole new set of knives. Though i use my knives every day, i hone them carefully and can’t see that i will ever need a professional sharpening. If you’re trying to decide what steel to buy – just get this one. It’s built like a tank and i imagine that it will last as long as my knives. Dull knives are dangerous knives.

I have used henckels for many years.

Key specs for Zwilling J.A. Henckels 32555-310 Professional”S” Sharpening Steel, 12-inch, Black/Stainless:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • For most home chefs the sharpening steel will realign the edge and remove any niche or burr.
  • For most home chefs the sharpening steel will realign the edge and remove any niche or burr

Comments from buyers

, Outstanding! What took me so long??
, Great sharpening steel!

This is a great honing steel for upper end knives. We just purchased six zwilling-henckel pro series knives and this honing rod does an excellent job of keeping a good edge on them. I read somewhere that it has a rockwell hardness of 66. It gets used frequently and looks as though it will last.

This is as advertised and is a very functional steel.

Good for poking guests from inside a cabinet.

I sharpened my henckels knife with this, and after giving it some serious tlc with this steel, some oil and time, i decided to put it to the test. I was able to drop a green pepper from 5 inchs above this blade, and the pepper split cleanly in two and fell to the sides. I was able to ‘rose pedal’ a tomato no problem. I was able to shear a piece of standard printer paper clean in half, no tugging. Wanted to try and split a hair with it at that point, but my wife said no. If you buy high end knifes, you need something harder than they are to hone them on, plain and simple. Check this thing out, you will see the difference.

I bought it additionally to a brand new knife set and i am glad i did. Good brand, i recommend their products, they’re worth every penny.

I’ve been using it at work for a while now and it keeps my knives sharp when i need them to be.

The handle is very comfortable. It puts a nice edge on all my knives.

So honestly, i have a different knife sharpener that i prefer but my hubby and son love this thing. And if they like it, they will use it. That means i always have a sharp knife in the drawer so i love it too.

Finally a sharpener that you can actually feel biting into the best steel blade knives. I have been thru several brands of these sharpeners, all ended up in the trash. You get what you pay for, and this one is worth the price.

When someone bought me a set of *good knives* for a gift this was included. They thought, and i did as well, that this was a knife sharpener. After 8 months of use resulted in some very dull, expensive knives i asked a friend about it. These tools are excellent for what they do but they dont sharpen, per se. As the knives are used the blades lose their *straight* edge. You cant see it with the eye but it effects cutting. These will perfect the edges between uses, and probably prolong time between sharpening a bit but they wont make a dull knife sharp. I dont have any experience with any other ones. Many appear quite similar so its hard to know at times what makes one better than the other.

Replaced a nearly twenty year old henckels steel that came with my zwilling j. Henckels knife set and block. Puts a very sharp edge on my recently professionally sharpened knives.

This product is really great. It was a present for my husband.

Last one lasted almost 30 years.

We’ve had great luck with j. No problem sharpening my non-serrated knives with this.

This is my first honing steel, and i am very happy with it. It is nice and hefty and feels high quality. I noticed an immediate difference using this on some of my knives. I am glad i bought one that will last, because i am never going back to not using a steel on my knives before each use.

What more can i say and henkel stands behind their products. I purchased a set of henkel everstar (never need sharpening ) knives that in the 1990’s were top of the line and very expensive. I contacted henkel in 2008 expecting to get the run around or ‘where is your receipt from 13 years ago. To my surprise the us rep’s manager wrote me back to pick you a new set, send me the dull blades and they would replace it all. I purchased this sharpening blade and when they sent me the replacement knives that did nee sharpening, they sent a sharpening blade also at no charge. Now this is a reputable company.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. Trust me it is the good jam.

You can buy smaller honing steels but if you buy this 12′ you’ll cover all needs in your cooking/kitchen sharpening requirements. I don’t like the diamond steels as they take off too much metal from the knifes and wear out too fast. This 12′ regular honing steel will be the last steel you’ll ever purchase. When i was young my father had 2 restaurants in chicago, i remember the steels we used everyday in the kitchen’s prep room and taught me to use a steel prior to any cut. Ever since i’ve used a 12′ steel which is a lot safer, as it keep the blade farther away from your hands.

This honing steel compliments my pro-s knife-ends very well when in their wooden case/display. Since my knife set sits very prominently in the kitchen, the look was important to me. Just as important is the function, which is very good. The steel is well balanced, and more substantial than others i have used. My gf is petite, but likes it very much also. I find it easy to use accurately for a quick hone.

It’s zwilling henkles, not henkels international, so it’s good quality. Check that: excellent quality. My review title is the best onomatopoeia i can come up with for the sound the knife edge makes against this steel: it’s like butter, man. Two items of note: 1) this is not a sharpener. It won’t make a dull knife sharp; it *will* keep a sharp knife sharp. Just 2-4 passes on each edge: up, back, repeat. Before or after each use, and your knives will stay sharp for 6-12 months. It’s 12 inches of steel and 6 inches of handle: 18 inches overall, not including the loop. That’s fine if your knife block is deep enough to hold it.

I have been using an old chicago cutlery steel for years. And for years i have known it didn’t do much for an edge. That changed instantly when i finally splurged for this henckels steel. Wow, this really does the job.A little work on the diamond stone to get the proper angle and this new steel keeps it razor sharp.

Wüsthof Wusthof 10″ Ceramic Steel – Ceramic knife sharpener.

I work in a slaughter house and i needed something that would help me maintain a sharp knife wusthof 4455 did the job i would highly recommend this to anyone who works in the packing plants or simply for home use.

Course grit makes fast sharpening.

Husband thinks this tool is awesome.

I own two sets of chef knives. Both are fine instruments but, neither hold an edge worth a darn. I’ve tried several ‘steels’, including the ‘v’ type ceramic sharpening blocks and the sharpening systems recomended by both companies. I recieved a gift certificate for christmas so i thought what the heck i’ll buy the wusthof 4455 10 inch sharpening steel/ceramic. It is the best investment i have made in a long time. This ceramic steel works like a champ. I have used it on every knife i own including my bread knives. This ceramic puts a factory edge on knives with little effort. A few swipes and you are good to go.

This is a great steel, the color is unique enough to spot, the grit is pretty low, so careful with your thinner knives, but works great, and hasnt shattered on me yet.

Sets the edge nicely even for my global knives which a usual sharpening steel has little or no effect. Just a few strokes with this ceramic rod and all my knives are sharp again.

  • Sharpens Knives Well
  • Sharp knives are the safest knives
  • The Wusthof sharpening Ceramic rod satisfies my sharpening requirements.

If your shopping around for a sharpening steel or any kind of knife sharpener for that matter, get this wusthof 4455. Its light in weight and easy to handle. I have a inexpensive chicago cutlery set that i really like, but they had lost their factory edge and the sharpening tools i was using just didn’t get them all that sharp. I was really skeptical about this even working. Literally made two strokes and my knives had a sharper than factory edge, it really blew me away.

Does a nice job in short order, not sure how long it will last but i’ll probably buy another one.

This is one of the more expensive sharpening steels and it works great. Just don’t think you are gonna use it without first using a honing steel.

This thing is a work horse, i beat the crap out this daily and it takes the abuse and still after almost three years sharpens my knives extremely well, i couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase.

Love it – sharpen up some dull knives quickly.

Features of Wusthof 10″ Ceramic Steel

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  • Hard ceramic shaft
  • F360 Grain

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Does a very good job of sharpening my wusthof knives. I have use this item for a few years and have not noted that it is wearing on the blade as i seem to recall one reviewed saying. Of course wusthof or henckels knives are not exactly easy to wear down.

I purchased this sharpener and about 4 other various sharpeners with different surfaces (diamond, ceramic, to have on hand to sharpen my knives. I am not an expert, i am a newbie and i wanted to experiment and find which various sharpening steels would help me sharpen my wusthof classic knives.

I bought one of theses wusthof ceramic sharpeners when i started culinary school 6 years ago. It hasn’t lost a bit of its grit after hundreds of thousands of swipes and is perfect for the ultra-hard steel of top asian and german cutlery. Cleans up easily with soap and water or stone oil. I recently ordered a second one, but only because the first was stolen.This thing will be the last ‘honing steel’ you ever buy.

This mug will outlast your knives. If even you were going to spend a fortune on custom blades,this steel would outlast them.Excellent,if not perfect,like my title claims. This mo’fo’could sharpen shin bones.

The quality of this sharpener is on par with the wusthof knives themselves. I was struggling with getting a good edge from the standard steel sharpener. Several passes on the ceramic unit brought the knives back to factory sharpness. This is a must for those people serious about keeping their expensive wusthof blades sharp.

Sharpening steels are generally ‘. This tool is not what i would refer to as a ‘steel’ (for obvious reasons), but is very effective at honing a knife edge. It’s a bit aggressive, but when your knife needs a bit more than a ‘polishing’, i find it a very good alternative to the stone or ‘chefs choice’ application. I also find that after using the ceramic, a few additional swipes on my actual steel (pretty old and worn, but still effective) produces a decently refined edge. I apply my steel after each use of my knives before putting away. I will use the ceramic a little less frequently, but find it a good addition to my arsenal.

Hard ceramic shaft

I liked this product in keeping my wusthof knives have a sharp edge until it fell out of my hands and shattered on my tile floor. Had to buy another wusthof steel but not a ceramic one.

Much more sharpening friction and it actually sharpens. Nothing else to say that other reviews don’t.

If you’re someone who just wants a sharp knife with minimal effort, this is the ‘steel’ (not) for you. I do a real sharpening of my knives only every few years, basically because i’m just lazy. 🙂 this ceramic steel really keeps a nice edge on knives without frequent sharpening, but it accomplishes that by being a pretty aggressive sharpener.

I find that the ceramic steel hones the knife edge finer than a metal steel. One drawback however, if you drop the ceramic steel, it will break.

I have several knives in our kitchen which needed attention and sharpened them using this steel, also worked great on my hunting and fishing knives.

The wusthoff 10 inch sharpening steel does a most excellent job of sharpening even the hardest of japanese knives.

F360 Grain

Better than the standard metal steel, produces a very sharp blade. Planning on giving as gifts.

This sharpening steel is wusthof quality, and is what it’s advertised to be. I thought all steels were only for honing, and was unaware that some, such as this one, are specifically for sharpening. This steel will put a decent edge on a stainless steel knife, but i found the edge to be a bit rough and difficult to hone with my wusthof 12′ honing steel. If i were going for a sharpener, i don’t think i would go with this. Because of my confusion, i’ve begun researching specific sharpeners and ceramic honing steels. To clarify, i originally purchased this steel to finely hone high-carbon steel blades. This steel is most definitely not for that, but the mistake was mine.

Reasonably priced, well protected for shipping, quick delivery. After using it one time on each knife in my wusthof set, i removed my original steel sharpening rod and replaced it (in the block stand) with this one.

For convenience and safety, i like to keep my knives at their sharpest. This ceramic sharpening ‘steel’ does more than a traditional metal steel. It contains abrasives that will sharpen your knife as well as re-align the rolled edges of the blade. Don’t overuse it though as its mildly abrasive surface does remove tiny portions of the blade with each use, unlike its metal predecessor. Being ceramic, it is fragile and will shatter into pieces if dropped onto a hard surface such as a tiled floor or granite countertop. I keep mine in a drawer with only soft neighbors such as pot holders and oven gloves, in a trimmed back version of its soft surfaced shipping cradle.

I was very impressed with my wusthof knives when i purchased them several years ago. Recently they were getting very dull and the steak knives were practically useless. I didn’t want an electric sharpener as i don’t like the thought of grinding away significant amounts of metal to get a sharp edge. This ceramic steel was an excellent solution. It took 10-15 strokes per side for most knives, but they were sharp once again. I even used it quite successfully on some older high carbon butcher knives. Overall, i’m very satisfied with this item.

I have used many methods over the years to sharpen knives. Since the word sharp is subjective first then let me clarify what the term sharp means to me. The ability of the knife to cut thin slices from a tomato or to shave the hair from your arm easily. I have found that if i achieve that level of sharpness i have a knife that is a pleasure to use in the kitchen or in the field. The wusthof has a grit of 800 and is coarse enough (and is so much harder than a steel) that it has the ability to put an edge on a knife rather than just straighten an edge as a steel would do. I have found it to be so easy to use i have stopped using any other method.

I cut meet for a living and this really help bring back and edge in between stoning.

I agree it is a little aggressive but i think it is appropriate for dull knives. Just be careful if you don’t know what your doing. Maybe practice on an old (less expensive) knife until you get a feel for it. After you sharpen, you’ll want to use the honing steel to finish it off.

I have a lot of different chef knives that i use, from chicago cutlery to wusthof to hinckels to my pride and joys. My shun ken onion style chef knife and carving knife. I have tired many different rods for my knives like grooved rods, diamond rods, other types of ceramic and finally i got this rod. The other rods were ok for my lesser knives, but for my shun knives, they didn’t really ‘cut’ it. This rod is perfect for the multilayer ice hardened steel of the japanese knives. If you are looking to hone the knives like the wusthof or hinckels or something in that class, then this rod isn’t really necessary, but if you have some really nice knives that you want to keep sharp, then this is the rod for you. Just wipe down with soap and water or clean with stone oil after every use, and it will never lose it’s coarseness.

This steel will give you a good edge quickly but will need to be followed up with a less abrasive dressing steel.

I absolutely love this steel. It hones and sharpens and keeps a nice sharp edge on my knives.

I have a few very good knives, that i keep up after every use. This sharpening rod, has kept my knives razor sharp. I was even able to revive a good knife that i had let go too long. Pro’s:very easy to sharpen my knives, and keep them sharp. Metal tends to wear off of the knife and onto the ceramic, making the ceramic less coaese, and therefore not able to sharpen anymore. You have to wipe down the sharpening rod each time you use it, or it will become less useful. No instructions to tell you about the best way to use the rod, or how to care for and maintain the rod. If you don’t know how to sharpen a knife properly (i just learned myself), go to youtube and watch some how to’s. Practice on a knife you do not care about at first to get the feel of a ceramic sharpenning rod, especially if you have expensive knives and do not want to ruin them.

This is a very very good sharpener. Our knives have not been this sharp since they were new. Even someone who has neverused a sharpener before, will be very happy with the results from this one.

Chef’sChoice Chef’sChoice 130 Sharpening Station : Keeps my knives happy

I was very pleased with the speed that my knives were sharpened. And sharper than with anything else i have used. Would recommend this to anyone who is not afraid of using a sharp knife.

I’ve looked at this sharpener for a long time and finally took the plunge. Knives are revived and ready for serious prep work. The only downside is instructions are a little difficult to follow and the reason for the 4 star review.

You must follow instructions. If you do you will have sharp knives for ever. Dont know why i waited so long to purchase.

I cannot believe how sharp my knives are now. Easy to use, fast and they are really sharp.

  • Good but not great
  • Keeps my knives happy

Chef’sChoice 130 Sharpening Station (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Perfect for all brands and knives, the sharpener includes professional sharpening, steeling and stropping stages.
  • Precision angle guides helps create edges superior in performance to original factory edges.
  • Sharpens both fine edge and serrated blades; produces steeled edges of unmatched quality, sharpness and consistency.
  • Re-sharpens all knives- kitchen, household, Asian style knives, sports and pocket knives with minimum metal removal.
  • 3 stages- 100% diamond stage in stage 1; super hardened miniature steel in stage 2; and flexible stropping disks in stage 3.

Sharpening with this machine is very easy and very fast, and the results are outstanding. If you care about keeping your knives sharp, and don’t mind the high price tag, this machine is for you. It’s a great piece of machinery, and i would recommend it without hesitation. You will be very happy with this choice. Update 2/23/15: initially i gave this 5 stars. After using it for awhile, and particularly after comparing it with the sharpness of a stone, i must say that i’m rather disappointed. Yes, it’s easy to use, and it sharpens the knife reasonably well, but it’s not outstanding. It gets my shun knife just sharp but not amazingly sharp. When my friend sharpened this knife on her stone, i was able to cut a single sheet of paper while holding it in the air.

This works good but i don’t think its all some people make it out to be. I have sharpened all my kitchen knifes with it but none of them are razor sharp. I read the directions and watched the videos but it get everything sharp enough to get the job done. I think it’s a okay system but at this price range i was hope for something that would make every knife razor sharp.

This is a sensational knife sharpener. It makes the blade razor sharp.

A good kitchen gadget to have. Amazing how much a better a knife works when it is sharp. This tool makes it easy for anyone to renew all their knives. Great gift for those who enjoy their kitchen.

I bought it on cooks illustrated advice. The instruction manual alone is worth the price of admission. It explains knife sharpening in exact detail without being wordy. It reminded me of miltary instruction. Exact, economical and correct. I couldn’t believe the edge of a sharp knife actually folds over, but i followed the instructions exactly and actually could feel the fold. Polished it just as instructed. Knives i’ve literally had for 20 years that i’ve sharpened sort of with a whetstone, well, they slice paper now.

I purchased this after reading all the reviews. I have not had the opportunity to really work with the shaprener as of yet, so will have to revisit my review. The product arrived as promised and was very well packed. I am very excited to sharpen all my knives in the coming weeks. I would highly recommend this sharpener.

Bought this because it was so highly recommended by america’s test kitchen, and boy they weren’t kidding. My husband does the knife sharpening in the house, and he sharpens the knives every single time he uses them, even though they really don’t need it. He loves to use this machine, it does such a good job.

For the money, i don’t think you can beat this knife sharpener. We have had our knives professionally sharpened and they were not nearly as sharp. Now, they are like cutting with razor blades. My tomato test was the deciding factor. If i can cut a tomato and not be dull again, i am a happy camper. (what is it that makes a tomato dull a knife so quickly???) highly recommend it.

I have sharpened my knives, several friends knives. . That’s all there is to say. What else can one say about a knife sharpener ?.

My husband love’s the knife sharpener. He says it does a great job sharping our knives. He recommends it to everyone.

I use it almost every time i use a kitchen knife. Once the knives are sharp, regular honing on this machine takes five seconds per knife. I have extensive food gardens and i process a lot of food. This is an essential tool for me. I was so satisfied with this product, i bought my son one too. I’ve had it several years and it seems to work as good as it ever did. You do need to buy a good honing stick to knock the burr off the edge of the blade after using the machine, which is to be expected.

Take the time to learn the correct way to use it and you will not be disappointed. If you have good quality knives then you owe it to yourself to invest in a high quality sharpening device.

After deeply cutting my finger while slicing an onion with a dull kitchen knife, i decided i’d had enough. With my ill adult son living with us and requiring quality nutrition, i am preparing most meals with fresh ingredients. Rather than purchase an expensive set of kitchen knives that would require periodic sharpening anyway, i chose this sharpener. I am very pleased with its performance. A few quick flicks of a clean knife on stage 3 and i’m good to go. The brushed metal case is very attractive; however, i agree with a previous reviewer in that i would like a dust cover option.

. Arrived on time and worked as advertised.

This is a very good sharpening tool. Looks good,does a quality job, and priced at a reasonable level. Great to have such a variety of items to select from on line.

This sharpener makes it easy to keep the knives sharp. We tolerated dull knives most of the time before getting this sharpener and refreshing the edge is a breeze.

From online reviews i thought this would be a good purchase, and it was. I use it all the time on all sorts of knives and it is performing as i hoped and expected. Easy to use, and appears to be very safe.

Do not read any more of this review and. Go buy this kitchen must have chef’s choice 130 professional sharpening stationimmediately.

Redi Edge Retac201 Tactical Knife Sharpener Set : easy to use, lightweight sharpener system

Very happy with the product. Great to keep around the kitchen to put an edge on knives then finish up with a steel.

Will sharpen just about anything you want.

Redi Edge Retac201 Tactical Knife Sharpener Set, Black

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  • Produced from military-grade aluminum for extreme durability, long life and lightweight
  • Factory pre-set to sharpen tactical knife blades at a 30, 40 and 60 degrees inclusive angle to maintain a 15, 20 and 30 degree double cutting edge
  • Redi-Edge Caramelized coating will protect your sharpener
  • Convenient honing surface and a v-groove for sharpening fish hooks and needle points located on the bottom
  • Sharpening, honing, and polishing all in one

This product works well but seems a little cheap. Not sure how it will hold up.

Great item to use no matter where you are.

I find these sharpeners easy to use. They seem to work better than some of the other v-style quick sharpeners out there. I highly recommend getting this kit to quickly put an edge on a knife. It will not fix a beat up or damaged blade, but for quick touch ups, these are great. They are all metal, not plastic, as i had thought.

Redi Edge Retac201 Tactical Knife Sharpener Set, Black : Redi-edge sharpeners are the best and fastest sharpeners i have used. 25 years in the infantry, many years in back-country adventures, and i only regret that redi-edge had not produced these products many decades ago.

Excellent sharpeners and nearly fool-proof. I have forsaken all the lansky’s, stones, strops, etc. , i own, in favor of these babies.

The carrying case is garbage, threw it out already. But it’s a good price for all 3 sizes. Sharpened up an old folder that’s really needed it. I’m no expert, but the edge is much better.

I had a 40 degree inclusive sharpener that is identical to these that is sold by a major quality northwestern knive manufacturing company. I bought this set to replace the one i lost. A single sharpener by that major knife company costs 3/4 of what this 3 sharpener set costs and these units appear to be identical if not better made. I used the 30 degree on some kitchen knives, the 40 degree on my pocket knives and the 60 on my chinese meat knife (cleaver). They all worked wonderfully. I am very happy and impressed with these sharpeners.

Very pleased and great quick sharpening.

It really puts that factory finish or cut on your blades. For me this is the best sharpener that i have.

I have used these sharpeners for several years and highly recommend them. They are grate in the field while dressing game and in the kitchen. The presentation case is cheesy but makes a good choice for a gift and you can’t beet the proice for three sharpeners.

This was a gift for my boyfriend and he loved it. It has many different edges and ways to sharpen any knife.