Tribest GP-E1503 star power Juicer, Excellent!!!

I was reading a bunch of these reviews and had to write a post. I get a kick out of brainless people who spend a buck on something and expect it to perform like they paid 10 times more, or the ones that are just uneducated on a topic before speaking. I have had this juicer for 15 years now. Yes i have had to replace a few parts, but i have had to do the same thing with my car after awhile. I am an avid juicer and have used many different styles of juicers and some are good and others horrible. I always come back to this juicer. Not only does it juicer more than most juicers, it’s juice is sweeter than most, not sure why, but i think it has to do with the fact it crushes instead of cutting the vegetables. It is heavy, but if its heavier than others, than the components and motor are stronger and heavier, i would say that makes it better (so why do people complain about this???). It’s fairly easy to clean, for the most part you just rinse the parts off except the screen takes about 30 seconds to clean with the brush that comes with it. I prefer masticating style juicers over centrifugal type (better juice quality, volume and less foam).

No kidding, i bought it in 1996, it is weathered looking, but works like new, i’ll eventually buy a new one.

Have to say, this is one of the best juicer/green processors that i have ever seen. Does it all, their advertised claims are spot-on. Clean up is more time consuming than a cheaper one, but still not bad, and kind of fun once you get the hang of it. If you are on the fence about getting this or another one, i’d recommend this one because of its versatility and because of how much you can extract from the greens (pulp comes out dry) as well as the other fruits and vegetables.

Key specs for Tribest GP-E1503 Greenstar Gold Greenpower Juicer, White:

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  • 110V Model
  • Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing and easier clean-up
  • Easily juices most fruits, herbs & vegetables and grinds nuts & grains
  • Works as a food mill for preparation of baby foods, sorbets and nut butters
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • 3 pasta settings: angel hair, fettuccini, spaghetti

Comments from buyers

“but good for everything else
, Best juicer money can buy.
, 20 Years of great juice

Love the juicer, works well w/ the gerson therapy. It’s been a workhouse 40+ days straight. Recommend a 4 cup pyrex glass bowl w/ this besides the one they give you to catch pulp. Here’s some background why to juice. Saw the beautiful truth and later the gerson miracle. Had a lump in my throat that was literally choking me when i ate. Bought the book, started juicing. I can swallow most of the time now and hope to be cured in time (been a month or so).

Doesn’t do apple juice well, but good for everything else.

One thing though; it takes a lot of strength to push the veggies through. Slow juicers do much better on greens like parsley and wheat grass.

I recently found out that i had cancer. So of course i wanted to fight it with healthy nutrition. I knew that i had to stop eating sugar because cancer cells love sugar, but i did not know what else to do. I have had a juiceman juicer for a number of years but no one could locate it. My friend had been bragging for years about her juicer and i read the product reviews on this site so i decided to buy this juicer. She had bragged that the pulp is dry which proved that this juicer removed all of the liquid possible from the plant. She told me that this machine crushes the plant at a lower speed than the juiceman so it does not get over heated and possibly kill the vital enzymes. You then have 72 hours to drink the juice. Hopefully the healing juices that i am drinking will help me live and be healthy.

This is the best juicer we have used and we have tried many. I had developed skin cancer and started using this juicer to juice 2 quarts of carrot and apple juice and 1 quart of leafy green vegetable juice, which i drink 8 oz. Glasses of spread throughout the day. It is quiet, easy to use and easy to clean. Even my children (8 years old and up) can use it safely. We also use it to juice wheatgrass, which almost no other juicer can effectively juice unless it is a wheatgrass juicer only. This machine crushes the food then presses it into a dry pulp squeezing nearly every drop of juice out of almost anything. If you need a juicer, this is the one. We only wish it came in a solid stainless steel version.

I bought this juicer to juice leafy greens. I had read at least a hundred reviews on various websites and everybody seemed to give this juicer two thumbs up in the juicing leafy greens department. But it was said that it didn’t juice fruits very well. All i want it for is to get the most out of my green. But i came to find out that it doesn’t do a very good job at all juicing collard greens or kale. Those are the main 2 i wanted to juice. I don’t care what screen you use (fruit or vegetable) or what knob you use on this juicer and how much you tighten or loosen it,(the control knob) it just won’t work. You’ll get a lot of pulp an unbelievable amount of foam and very little juice. It does a great job with broccoli.

I purchased a less expensive juicer, and after using it a few times, gave it to goodwill. It was an awful mess to clean, and i never felt like it was really cleaned well. This juicer not only gets every bit of juice out of your produce, it’s a breeze to clean it. No sharp blades, no hidden nooks and crannies. It dis-assembles and re-assembles quickly and easily.

We have had a green star juicer for over 10 years, never had a single failure. We juice about 2 gallons a week. Takes less than 10 minutes to clean up.

I’ve had my gp-1503 since 1994. I was leaning toward a norwalk until i stumbled upon this innovative, award winning juicer. The price and easy clean up, convenience of not having to wash bags and the high quality juice sold me. It has been in steady use for 20 years without any problems. I juice greens, carrots, apples melons, pineapple, tomatoes and every healthy concoction possible. Everything is a breeze although it requires a little adjustment of the outlet knob for melon and pineapple. Nut butters and seeds process beautifully, did i mention high quality juice?. Although i like to drink my juice immediately, i have stored it for two days without affecting the taste at all, i attribute this to the special magnetic gears that improves the taste of juice. After 20 years it is still going strong and i expect it to last many more. This was the first of its kind and now many have followed the twin gear approach, i’m glad i have the original.

Tristar Jason Vale Fusion Juicer Centrifugal Extractor, I LOVE IT!’s why:

I bought this for my husband and he loves it. He uses it almost every day for his ‘exotic’ juices.

This is by far the best juicer i have ever purchased. I’ve used all the different kinds, and this one suites me best. The quality of the juice is superior to high speed juicers, there is no need to strain it. I did find it difficult to do whole or 1/2 apples, so i cut my apples in quarters and walla. I would highly recommend watching the ‘how to use your fusion juicer’ video on youtube. This would be a 5 star juicer, but it didn’t come with a juice collector cup (i use the one that came with my masticating juicer) or a cleaning brush for the basket. You will need a cleaning brush, a stiff brissled toothbrush or denture brush should suffice. Also note that the spout is low on the juicer and you can’t collect in a glass taller than about 5-1/2′. The blender is only so so, will blend with soft foods such as banana or avocado, and you can blend berries in it too, but it is no vitamix.

This can extract juices from fruits and vegetables really well. It’s sturdy, and esy to use and clean.

Key specs for Jason Vale Fusion Juicer Centrifugal Extractor with Bonus Booster Blender:

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  • Watch-it-juice clear design
  • Superior extraction technology
  • Extra-large round feeder accommodates most fruits and vegetables
  • Whisper-quiet 3,600-RPM motor
  • BPA-FREE receptacle & components

Comments from buyers

“Quiet, sharper blades, better see-thru collection bowl; but cheaply made plastic = balanced pros & cons = we like it!
, Easy to use and easy to clean. Great value!
, Amazing!

It is very quiet compared to many juicers out there, which is a big plus when you have to whip up a early morning juice. It produce a good smooth juice, leaves a dry-ish pulp, and is easy to cleanthe only negative is that it sometimes struggles with larger food, and i’ve had a couple of jams (rectified easy enough though). Overall, i’m very pleased with it.

I’m new to juicing, but i had three important criteria for my new juicer: it had to be (1) easy to put together; (2) easy to use; and (3) easy to clean. This juicer meets all three criteria for me, and it comes with the easy-to-use, super snazzy ‘booster’ blender, which is terrific for making smoothies. Just remember to let the juicer run for 5 to 10 seconds before running your fruits and veggies through. Then enjoy all the yummy juices you can make. I would definitely recommend this juicer to my friends and family.

These are now being made with cheap plastic. While i’m sure it’s helping to keep the costs down – which is great, it is causing concern for the length of life of the product and making me more leery of using it daily because i want it to last & have to be more careful with it. Now the husband wont use it as freely because compared to our 1st jason vale model, it’s more delicate & he’s afraid he’ll break it. Other than that, we love that it is so quiet.We love the improvement where you can see the juice thru the collection bowl. I believe the grating plate has been improved and makes for a better breakdown of the fibers for more juice. Overall we like the product and are glad we purchased it.

For the money, this is an excellent product, but i gave it four stars because you have to be careful not to put too much in at once, give the pusher just the right amount of pressure, and spend a bit more time cleaning the basket than i would prefer. It does help to put a small plastic bag in the collection bin so that you don’t have to wash that. To save time on clean-up, i juice enough for two meals and put half of it in the fridge.

Exactly as described, good shipping and packaging, would not hesitate to purchase from again. This is the second juicer i have purchased, it is not as aggressive as my breville, but i do think i get a bit more juice from this.

One of my best kitchen toys ever .

The juicer works and the booster is a handy kitchen tool, however, after cleaning the juicer the second or third time a small seal on the spout broke off and it no longer will stay in the ‘up’ position when needed.

This is a great juicer at a great price.

Love this juicer, especially for the price.

Gift for my daughter she loves it. Matches other appliances in her kitchen, so has an honored place on the cabinet.

This is a nice juicer, works well, it’s easy to use and clean, sturdy and efficient.

This juicer works great, the bonus blender is the best.

Good juicer, sturdy, easy to use and it works well.

Really good juicer for the price, silent and pretty, but the blender started leaking after a few uses. Really disappointed for that because the small blender was really handy since it doesn’t use a lot of space and the jar can be used straight as a juice bottle. I haven’t contact customer service to let them know or get a solution but i’m afraid it might be too late for that.

Make sure you watch youtube video on how to use.

Love the juicer love the bonus blender.

So far it is exactly what we wanted. We did a lot of research and we really like this machine.

Works well, and easy to clean.

I love my jason vale fusion juicer. It’s quiet and easy to clean.

I am totally enjoying these products.

KRUPS ZX720K Electric Acrylic Citrus Juicer – Best Juicer I Have Found

It does a great job, doesn’t take much space and is easy to clean.

This replaced an absolutely useless one which i ended up throwing out. Great power so you can juice many oranges quickly.

This product works just as the other favorable reviews describe. I experienced none of the issues that the negative reviews reported. The pour nozzle is just fine, but common sense says to not drop the whole thing directly on the nozzle and then complain when it gets broken. It’s also easy to disassemble and clean. It provides more than enough power to juice lemons and oranges easily. No special hand strength or dexterity is required.

Best looking juicer i have seen and it works.

Works well every time and has lasted over 4 years so far and is easy to clean.

My husband has been making fresh lemonaid, so yummy.

  • I love this so much I registered for one as a
  • Great juicer
  • Orange juicer

I moved and the color perfect.

I have tried several lemon juice extractors and this one has so powerful motor – you will not be able to stop it.

I like everything about it except that the center axel is awkard and hard to remove for cleaning.

I love this so much i registered for one as a wedding gift and have been using it regularly for 5 years. Then bought another as a housewarming gift for my cousin and he uses it all the time. Easy to clean in top rack of dishwasher, small and looks great on the counter- but easy to store as well. Juiced limes for margaritas and oranges for fresh orange juice and gets the juice out fast and efficiently, catching all of the seeds and pulp.

I bought this a few years ago and the first year it worked great. The second year it was hit or miss. The center spindle had what i would describe as ‘slippage’. You could hear the motor moving but the device wasn’t turning. I’d pull the spindle and reposition it several times until it worked again. It worked great, when it worked. Did anyone else have this experience?.

Features of KRUPS ZX720K Electric Acrylic Citrus Juicer with Automatic Fruit Pressure Detection, Orange

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  • Electric citrus juicer with premium translucent acrylic design
  • Automatic switch on/off detects fruits pressure onto the cone
  • Anti-drip pouring spout to dispense juice directly into a glass
  • Plastic protection cover for the cone; cord storage on base of the unit
  • All removable parts are dishwasher-safe; 85 watts; 2-year worldwide warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Great juicer, very easy to use, fast and powerful.

We use this guy for our morning oj everyday. Easy enough that even my 5yr old can do it.

Only spins in one direction – clockwise. But it is solid, doesn’t move when in use, and doesn’t sound like its going to fall apart.

Great product arrived on time.

Very well made, and verrrry quiet.

Last unit was good and strong but. The cone cracked and there are no replacements.

Electric citrus juicer with premium translucent acrylic design

Simple, price great, does the job without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Automatic switch on/off detects fruits pressure onto the cone

Anti-drip pouring spout to dispense juice directly into a glass

Plastic protection cover for the cone; cord storage on base of the unit

Juicepresso Best Juicer Cold Press Juicer is Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean : Five Stars

It’s a great company and would recommend.

I’ve had a good juicer for years. And i haven’t used it for years. The best juicer is the one you use. Simply put, because it is easy and simple to clean it gets used. Great demo locally here in clackamas. Introduced to ginger from asian markets and all it’s benefits. Great zing to the already tasty recipes. Looking forward to trying recipes using the pulp for baking and real curious about veggie burgers. I highly recommend this, especially anyone who has not had a pleasant experience with other juicers.

Juicepresso Best Juicer Cold Press Juicer is Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.

This is a cold press juicer. So there is some pulp with your juice.

I really like this juicer, it’s my 2nd one and i use it almost everyday. It clogs up some with the celery but otherwise i just love it.

We got this juicer for christmas and have absolutely loved it. We’ve used it so much because it is so easy. We use it multiple times per day and so far it has held up really well. We basically cleaned out our refrigerator and were able to use all kinds of veggies and fruits. One tip is to alternate things that aren’t as juicy (like spinach or kale) with juicier fruits (apples, pear) so the juice can ‘clean out’ anything that may get stuck. This has turned us into juice people, haha.

Juicepresso Best Juicer Cold Press Juicer is Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean : My whole family is hooked on juicing and the clean up makes it so easy. It goes right in the dishwasher.

Purchased this for my girl friend and she loves it. The juicer has been in use multiple times everyday since christmas. Easy to use and very easy to clean up. She really likes how this system extracts the solid material so you can use this to make as much juice as you need without having to stop and clean the device out.

East to use and easy to clean. The trick is to not to overload the juicer and it works great.

Easy to use and clean and takes up very little space. Will be adding this to my christmas gift list this year.

I am having so much fun juicing everything with no issues.

After a lot of looking around and comparing products on the market, the juicepresso seemed the best for me. Wanted something that was small enough to keep on my counter but still had the cold pressed technology which means i can juice less often. This juicer is super easy to operate and most importantly clean. Saving a fortune juicing at home for my family with this juicer. Extremely happy with this purchase.

I received this as a very generous gift to help keep me healthy through chemotherapy. It’s a huge hit with three generations of our family. I watched as my 11 yo and 70+ yo father figured it out on their own in short order. The reviews were more than 5 star.My son asked us to get more fruit at the store, so he can make breakfast. From box to fresh juice to clean up was quick and easy. A fantastic product for our entire family.

Best juicer ever and easy to clean.

Pros: quiet, good-looking, small footprint, easy to clean, fun to watch the action, great tasting juice, good safety features, prompt customer servicecons: not heavy duty. Make sure you cut the carrots, beets, etc. Into thinner slices or smaller chunks to feed the juicer. Don’t try to feed a whole bunch of parsley in at once, and cut off the stems when you do, lest they clog the mechanism. Be careful the rubber wipers inside the bottom of the spiral unit stay in when you wash it by hand or in the dishwasher. We lost one of ours and called customer service. They mailed us replacements immediately. Don’t be fooled by the picture showing a little bit of carrot pulp and a lot of carrot juice. That’s opposite of what actually happens with carrots. Overall: we’ve had ours since christmas 2014 and love it.

I love my juicepresso home cold pressed juicer. I make 3 days of juice at a time and the juice stays fresh and tasty. I rinse the drum and screw in about 10 seconds and then throw them in the dish washer so clean up is super easy. Way less expensive than buying juice and easier to use and clean than the others i’ve used in the past.

It is good for making juice.

Produces quality, delicious, healthy, cold pressed juice. We looked for a product like this for years but could never find something that was perfect. They should rename it to ‘juiceperfecto’. Stop searching and reading reviews. This is what you’re looking for.

I purchased this after trying to find a better juicer than my previous breville ‘fast’ juicer. Every time i would put greens into the breville juicer, because of the speed, it would simply go in and get chopped up and right back out. Also because of the speed and power when i would juice beets the red juice would spray from any place it could. I would end up with spots on my kitchen walls, face, shirt, etc.The breville also had a slow speed and fast speed, but somehow the motor decided it would only work on one speed. Every piece i would put in the motor would overheat and stop requiring that i keep turning it off and on. What a painenter the juicepresso. This juicer is so slow in the best way possible. As soon as i turned it on i thought there’s no way it will juice a piece of carrot, this thing is so flimsy. I started with some grapes and tasted the pure juice and never have i seen so much juice come from juicing grapes. My husband even came over and started eating the grape pulp that was coming out. Juiced apples, kale (sucessfully, finally), carrots, mint, etc. The final product was clear with less pulp than the breville.

It will juice greens just not as effeicently.

Very nice machine quite and good taste.

Excellent juicer, easy to use and extremely easy to clean.

It’s innovative design make juice prep and clean up a breeze. Don’t hesitate to buy this juicer.

Kuissential Professional Juicer Machine – 2-Speed 700 Watt Easy Clean : EXCELLENT product – very powerful and quick juicing

It’s a really good stuff for the price and work very well.

This juicer is worth it’s value. That said i note that since it is a sintrifical force juicer it seems to make much more frof then other slow grind type juicers and the remining pulp is still wet, so not all of the juice was removed ( or more could have been removed). I do like the eaz of break-down and and reassemble and it is easy to clean. It is small enough for the counter or storage area. If you are starting out and looking to explore the world of juicing – start right here.

Although i haven’t really used it for anyone other than fruit yet, i can say it handles apples, oranges and pineapple with ease.

Great product,quick delivery.

  • Great buy
  • This juicer I love, it came with a little chip on the
  • Not really good for citrus, and the top plunger isn’t dishwasher safe

Professional Juicer Machine – 2-Speed 700 Watt Easy Clean, Fruit & Vegetable Extractor, ETL Certified, BPA Free

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Juice Extractor has powerful 700 watt motor with stainless steel cutting disc and body
  • Electric Juicer Two speed, 700 Watt motor to extract the most juice from soft and hard fruits/vegetables
  • Extra wide chute to minimize pre-chopping and save time
  • Safety locking arm, Overload Protection, ETL Certified
  • Dishwasher safe parts, jug, filter basket, large pulp collector

Product arrived fast and on time. This is the second juice extractor i’ve own and i will this one was pretty much a good extractor for the money i paid. I’m overall pretty satisfied.

Works great, but needs to extract better and there’s some concern that pineapple husk would be to much for the machine. My wife often has to run the pulp thru again to get all the juices. But, overall for a first juicer she is satisfied.

Easy to take apart and clean.

New to juicing not a fanatic but love the fresh juice from this product sooooo easy to clean and can collect fiber for other uses. Great price for the quality.

This juicer i love, it came with a little chip on the mug but amazon had me squared away quickly and easily. It works good on everything, from strawberries to beets and carrots and i have done it all. I have used it a couple times a week and it has been a few weeks since i purchased it and i have never encountered any issues.

I purchased this juicer like 2 weeks ago and i can honestly say it works very good and also inexpensive compared to other juicers i am very happy with my purchase and would recommend to anyone.

I was hesitant to purchase it because the price is cheap and i saw a lot of expensive ones. The juice taste really good, although you have to cut the fruits before you juice them. The company is very nice and provide great customer service.

There is a small amount of leakage that occurs from the top portion, overall good product.

Great product would definitely recommend.

This juicer is really fantastic. It does not leak as other products i have purchased. And the best part, it is a snap to clean.

My first ever juicer and i can’t complain really about it. It came already assembled and i was ssssoooo happy about that, however trying to clean it can be an issue depending on the veggie used. But outside odd that, i love it.Depending on the size of your mason jar, you might have to make two recipes of the juice to get it full but worth it though.

I was hoping to juice seedy tangerines: i would have been better-off with a press-style juicer. Using this grinder-style juicer adds a bitter taste from the seeds. The pulp bucket fills with juice, so i run it twice. The top plunger isn’t quite dishwasher safe: it seems sealed, but during dishwashing, water/detergent gets inside and is very difficult to get out. I now worry i’ll have dishwashing detergent in my juice. . I wish i’d bought a press-style juicer :(.

It is easy to work with and most important, easy to clean. My one dissappointment was that the unit came with a brief guide on how to use the juicer but not booklet on juicing techniques and/or recipes. This would have been helpful. The product itself is great.

Very good i used it just once and it juice very good.

I had a jack lalane juicer for years and loved it. I replaced it with tis model after seeing the price and the reviews. It’s not as efficient with the fruit as the jack lalane juicer. I feel like i use much more fruit. It still makes great juice and i like the cup that fits into the spout so there’s no mess.

Great juicier, easy to clean and extracts a great deal of juice and soluble fiber from various fruits and vegetables.

Is really easy to use and easy to clean.

It’s easy to use and easy to clean. It is, however, difficult to juice greens like parsley for example. Also, the carrots always get stuck in the shoot at the bottom. Other than that, for what it is i guess it’s okay.

Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo Dual Disc Juicer : no brainer, never going back to my old juicer

This is a beast of a machine. It is fast and easy and easy to clean. It has tremendously cut my juicing time. I had a masticating juicer before and it took so long to cut up and juice everything because it juiced so slow. Plus it made a big mess and i don’t think it got all the juice. This breville does a great job and the pulp is dry. Would highly recommend this juicer.

This is our 3rd juicer in 15 years. We didn’t juice daily, but about 1-2 times a week. Those juicers (juice man and juice lady) were good but then we bought this and the quality of juice we get with it is so superior. It has resulted in us juicing much more frequently. The clean up is easier with the stainless model as well and the design on this unit is just unmatched comparing with commercial quality products. Love it and have recommended it for others already.

It’s not bad just to get you started especially if you’re not. This juicer is my fourth juicer experience. First i purchased the jack lalanne juicer from costco and used it for awhile. It’s not bad just to get you started especially if you’re not sure you want to invest any money in the art of juicing. I decided that i loved juicing so i did lots of research. It has been determined by scientific studies that the spinning blade reduces the amount of enzymes and nutrients in the produce because the blade actually heats the produce as it makes contact. So on to my next juicer which was an omega masticating style juicer. (i still have this one and use it on occasion for things like wheat grass. ) the drawbacks of this style juicer is the feed tube. It is so small that it took hours of prep just to get the vegies small enough to shove into the tube.

Really easy to use and easy to clean. Only down is that i paid the extra bucks for the super whammy dine model, the soft fruit component, definitely not worth the extra money. Stick with a blender for soft fruits. It works okay, but you get very little juice and all of the useful pulp is gone.

  • LOVE this thing!
  • You can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a centrifugal juicer / juice processor
  • Just bought my Breville and Love it
  • This is a must buy for all you juicers out there.
  • Love this juicer!!!
  • Amazing machineAmazing juice!

Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo Dual Disc Juicer

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • The puree disc ensures waste-free juicing for soft fruits and vegetables (i.e. Blueberries, Strawberries, and Bananas)
  • Electronic 5 speed dial maximizes juice yield from soft fruits and leafy greens, to harder fruits and vegetables
  • 1200 Watt motor
  • Heavy grade die-cast metal body
  • 3-Inch feed tube processes whole fruit

Excellent juicerbravo breville. I have owned almost every juicer out there from the juiceman to jack lalanne to the $2600 norwalk juicer. When i had a cancer issue and i needed to return to juicing after a long hiatus i went to the norwalk because it was a hydrolic press juicer for the premium quality juice. It was really well made here in the u. But the design left a lot to be desired. I sold it and bought a jack lalanne which i used before and had no complaints really. Jack lalanne changed the design of the juicer and made it inferior to the previous models. It was real difficult to remove the cutting blade/basket. On one i gave as a gift it would not come off at all. I never really considered the breville because i thought the price was too high for a centrifugal juicer. After buying another breville appliance (smart grille) and experiencing the quality of their design and materials i decided to return the jack lalanne and go with this breville. I did my first batch of carrot juice today and was very impressed. First impression was of the quality of the materials and the speed control knob which is adjustable from a slow speed of one for leafy greens and such to a high speed of five for most crisp veggies and fruits. The top of the unit has a high quality of clear plastic which is glasslike in appearance.

This is our second juicer, our first juicer was a 500watt juicer we tried too see if we would like juicing before investing into a better juicer. The breville bje820xl has a variable speed 1200 watt motor(6500 to 13000rpm) so more juice is extracted and pulp is dryer than 500watt juicer. Plus it has a second disk for puree soft fruits or vegetables for smoothies. But we like it better than masticating juicers because the breville is much faster at extracting juice and cleanup is fast and easy. Has a large 3″ chute to feed your produce into which is great when you can save time without having to cut all your produce into pieces to feed into smaller chutes on alot of other juicers. Powerful motor, want to test a juicer motor try feeding pineapple slices with skin still on it through a juicer. The breville juiced it no problem. The breville has a large 34oz. Pitcher for juice and large capacity pulp catcher and they are all bpa free.

This is a great juicer, fast and quiet and easy to clean. The only reason i didn’t rate it 5 is that it doesn’t juice leafy greens that well. It’s bit of a fiddle to get it to juice them before just spitting it out.

I just purchased this juicer almost a month ago and i am in love. I am a research queen and it took me forever to choose this one. I first started by looking on consumer reports and the one they had rated as their top for jan 2015 was a juiceman juicer but when i looked up the juicer the reviews were terrible. Consumer reports has not done an updated review on juicers yet so i went to breville since it was also one of the top rated. I started reading all the reviews on breville juicers paying close attention to verified purchase reviews. I went with this model because i loved the fact i had the power to choose my speed at which to juice by. This is important because it enables you to juice strawberries on low and oranges on high. The other juicer i had was a jack la lanne and it did not have enough power and was always jamming up. Noise- not a factor for me this is not rocket science people when the juicer is on it makes noise but so does my blender ? point is i don’t think it is exceptionally loud. Feeding tube size- huge and makes life so much easier. Whole medium apples and cucumbers and oranges no problem. I have juiced apples, oranges, cucumbers, carrots, kale, celery, lemons, ginger, beets and broccoli and this juicer has taken everything i have thrown at it and waited for more.

Both the positives and negatives. I am a huge fan of breville products. Their toaster oven puts a smile on my face every time i use it. An omega low-speed which breville also sells under their brand. And an acme that is high-speed. The omega is useless for my main application which is juicing apples. Most of the time it makes applesauce instead of juicing them.

I absolutely love my new juicer. My wife was hesitant spending more money on this variable speed, dual disk juicer over the the breville juice fountain® elite 800jexl. She loves the soft pulp disk as well as the variable speeds. The slower the speed, the more juice you extract, so we leave our juicer on the slow speed until it needs just a little more power to cut through firmer fruits and vegetables. In that case, i slowly turn up the speed until it cuts through the item. The pulp is very dry in the hopper because of that. For those of you that are like me, i prefer a liner in the hopper but am not over fond of paying for the breville liners that are compostable. We do not compost, but like a liner in the hopper.

I can’t say enough about this juicer. My husband has stage 3 tonsil cancer. I ordered this when he was in the hospital after watching “fat, sick and nearly dead”. The product has been a god-send along with #joethejuicer. It’s simple and easy to use, very easy to clean. I make juice everyday since i purchased it in november.

The most fantastic juicer in the universe. I just got this juicer two days ago. It was actually delivered in one day on amazon prime. I just had to pay the rush shipping cost which was worth it. I replaced a walmart brand jack lalane aniversary juicer called fusion. Most people will not know the difference between juicers nor will they care for the most part, so i will describe the differences. First of all the jack lalane fusion was all plastic and a bit underpowered. The worst thing is that obviously the parts are cheap and made out of crummy plastic. Worse than that all the pulp sticks to the abs plastic parts. I put it back in the box after a couple juicing sessions and immediately though of either getting one of the very expensive omega vert juicers. Then i saw how slow and inefficient that juicer was. So i cancelled the order immediately when some youtube video showed that a regular centrifugal juicer actually makes more juice than a vert or cold press. Then i saw some very annoying people taking 20-30 minutes to slice and dice an entire huge plate of fruit to pass them through these auger based devices.

Awesome – but let’s go into some detail. I read through reviews of about 10 juicers before settling on this purchase. I’ll just explain here what is the difference between this juicer and the various “economy” juicers one can buy. The breville contains a high power (1200w) variable speed motor. The motor is contained within an extremely heavy cast base. When the motor winds up to full speed, it is curiously quiet — it sounds like a jet engine in the distance. It’s *much* quieter than my 600w cuisinart blender. The collector bin is substantial so you can juice large amounts before having to empty the fibers. I guess this impressive motor is what you are paying for.

Before this i had a champion for many years. I did not use it that frequently as i found it difficult to juice with the champion. The vegetables or fruits had to be in small pieces for the champion, and it juiced very slowly and took a lot of pressure and “leaning into it” to extract the juice. I even bought a new blade thinking that was the difficulty, but this did not help. As a result, i did not juice that much. I then learned about the breville through a video i saw. I bought this product, the 1200 watt dual disc. I throw in whole apples, whole beets, 4 carrots at a time. Many times i come from the kitchen into the living room and tell my husband, “this juicer is incredible. ” it does have several parts to clean, but i have a routine that i stick to that only takes 2-3 minutes. As soon as i am done juicing, i put all the parts under warm running water — all juice and vegetable bits run right off.

My wife and i are “first time juicers”- why didn’t i try this years ago?. :)i wanted a well-made, high quality juicer that was easy to clean and did the job well. I didn’t want a marginal unit i’d have to trade up from. (hint from others: buy a good one the first time. )this model breville works very well. Thorough clean-up and drying takes five minutes max and assembly and dis-assembly is cake: pop the big chrome bail arm 90 degrees and the top shroud comes off, revealing the cutter assembly and stainless juicer shroud. All pop loose and wash easily. After rinsing, i wipe the parts down with a dish towel and leave them sitting on a sham-wow to dry while i enjoy my juice. My wife finds it easy to use and juicing up a huge mound of veggies and fruits takes maybe a minute once the items are ready to go.

This is a must buy for all you juicers out there. . I did my fair share of research before buying breville bje820xl. Like a lot of other folks in the market for a new juicer, i’m hesitant to dole out $300-$400 on a machine like this without some assurance its a good machine and worth the money. —————————————————————–couple of things:1. ) i’ve owned a breville juice fountain before. Purchased the first one 7+ year ago and gave it to a family member after i upgraded to a norwalk cold press juicer. I have some idea of comparisons. ) unless you are following the gershon lifestyle save your money and don’t buy a norwalk. They’re fabulous machines and top-quality (with a price that commiserates), but they are huge, cumbersome and more difficult to use. I’ve also used a champion juicer. There are die-hard fans, but i can’t get into the champion line of juicing. The only thing it does do better is wheat grass and nuts. ) breville has made amazing improvements in the last 7+ years since i first purchased the first juice fountain. —————————————————————-my review:my objective in buying this juicer was to do juice fasts and to incorporate healthy juices into my daily life, consistently. I love having more of the stainless steel parts and pieces. They are better built, easier to clean, and imo more sanitary. Once i’m finished juicing, i rinse the parts in warm water, brush the basket, and toss in the dishwasher. ) the dial to control the speed is a really big plus for me and one of the main reasons i chose this model.

I am new to juicing, but i genuinely love this. I acquired this design so i can juice or do smoothies considering the fact that it has 2 different types of blades. I also favored the point of currently being able to use variable speeds depending on the density of the fruit or vegetable. Immediately after utilizing this every working day considering the fact that 10/20/fifteen, i am so totally hooked on juicing and making use of this juicer is why. You can insert objects without the need of getting to slice them into scaled-down items, don’t even have to peel (like beets, lemons. As lengthy as they are organic) or even remove seeds from apples or pears (increase compact kinds entire without the stems if natural and organic). I have even extra little, complete organic and natural yams with skin on). Suggest that more components like protein powder, flaxseed and chia seeds be added after finished and poured into the glass. If you are new to juicing like me, really don’t worry.

Amazing machineamazing juice. Immediately after a great deal analysis to find the excellent juicer for my home, i selected the breville dual disc. I’ve preferred a juicer for a few yrs now, but did not have the resources vital to invest in a product that would be value my when. Soon after looking at the documentary, ‘fat, ill and virtually dead,’ i realized more about the breville juicers and determined to consider the leap.I chose the additional high-priced product a lot more so in part for it truly is larger motor speed. It really is uncomplicated to consider apart and clean. It appears to be wonderful and beastly (in a excellent way) sitting down on my counter. Each and every juice i’ve built considering that the working day i bought it has been delightful and healthier. My preferred is green lemonade.four apples, two lemons, three stalks of celery, two handfuls of spinach or kale and a chunk of ginger.

Re: the breville bje820xl dual disc juicerwe obtained it about 3 weeks ago and we try out to use it just about every day. It is not hard to clear by hand, just he lid is uncomfortable. My standards for buying this may possibly be unique from other people i was looking particularly for stainless steel and zero to very little plastic, and this is the best i observed. I comprehend there is certainly a ‘juice angel’ (a mastricating juicer) and it truly is about $1200. 00, but (i think) it however has some plastic elements that appear in get hold of with the juice, so go determine. This breville has a lot extra plastic on it than i would like (the full lid is plastic, as well as the pusher), and the pitcher i are not able to understand why a ‘high end’ juicer wouldn’t arrive with a glass pitcher and have a entire stainless lid. (i investigated a whole lot and couldn’t uncover a person. ) i discarded the pitcher that arrived with it and use a 4 cup glass measuring cup in its place. I individually will not be employing it for smoothies, as i think a blender is additional acceptable for that.

We acquired this close to one particular thirty day period ago. We have experienced a fantastic time experimenting with different recipes and the breville ‘digests’ veggies as fast as we could feed them through the shoot. One particular matter i could possibly counsel to new end users is to stage your veggies. What i did not like to see is the amount of pulp getting disgarded in the waste container. We now get the ‘good’ pulp, like pineapple, carrots, apples, and many others. And process just about every of individuals separately. We incorporate them back again into the juice and it falls someplace involving a smoothy and juice. Actully fills you up more than just the liquid. Also, be thorough with way too a lot of fruits.

I agonized above which breville design to purchase and finally opted for the greater, improved, 5-speed product. With a 1200 watt motor encased in a stainless steel housing, you know this juicer is likely to past. It truly is extremely fast and highly effective and you know it is juiced every single past fall by how dry the pulp is. It truly is exceptionally easy to clean up and superior engineering will make it simple to place every little thing again alongside one another (notches and arrows help). I’m happy i used the extra dollars on this juicer and remarkably propose it to everyone who designs on juicing frequently or who does juice fasting.

I’m new to juiceing so took my time and did a good deal of investigation in advance of obtaining. It really is a powerhouse, 1100 watts and five speeds. So simple to assemble a monkey could do it. Leading top quality, almost entirely stainless. Substantial pieces for simplicity of cleaning, there is even a great brush included. My partner phone calls it industrial which it just isn’t whilst it could probably qualify simply because of design and style, resources and performance. For easier cleanup: get veggies/fruits wholly all set, juice and rinse parts immediately. Prossuperior qualityextra extensive mouth for inserting producesoooo effortless to clean owing to top-quality designtoughest veggies go via like waterdual employs.