Homeleader 2 speed Stainless Blades and Detached shaft Immersion Hand Blender – Wish it would have worked

Does what it says it will and certainly makes getting cream soups smoothed out in a hurry. I enjoy cooking but don’t enjoy whipping and beating forever and this tool greatly shortens the time in the kitchen. Have really enjoyed using it.

Only used it once and this is fantastic.

I am pleasantly surprised with this immersion blender. After reading through the mixed reviews i wasn’t sure what to expect but this works great. I use it mostly for soups and sauces (to hide veggies in it so my toddler will eat it). Here are the specifications for the Homeleader 2 speed Stainless Blades and Detached shaft Immersion Hand Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 2 Speed Control Buttons
  • Stainless Steel Blades and Powerful 220-watt Motor
  • Removable Stainless Shaft and Blades, easy to use and clean
  • Voltage: 120V AC, Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Comfort Grip Handle offers more control while operating

Easy to clean and very powerful.

I love making creamy soup now.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Daily use, no complaints
  • Handy for smoothies, pasta sauce, soups, and more!
  • Good blend.

We use an immersion blender almost daily in making blended coffee drinks. This one looked really nice, had the convenience of easy clean up with detaching the lower part and appeared to have plenty of power. Unfortunately, we ended up returning it because it did not fit to the bottom of any of our glasses. The bottom/blade area was too large to go more than 1/2 way into our glasses.

Didn’t have to wait long for delivery-shipped rather quickly. It is bigger and more bulky than i thought it would be, but works like a charm. It is also a louder than expected. Ordered the silver cup to go with it and i’m glad i did, because it fits perfectly and blends great. Only used it for shakes so far.

Perfect for my kitchen needs. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Plenty of power and very easy to clean because of detachable head.

I use this for mixing cold process soap and it’s held up well but does have it’s flaws. The button is starting to to ware out and greeting hard to push but it’s been used several times. The other thing i don’t care for is water gets trapped inside the base when cleaning so you can’t soak it, not even the blades. Overall it’s been a good mixer but not made for heavy use over a long period of time. For the price it’s a good mixer and easy to operate. Great for beginning soap makers.

It works well, but gets too hot for time required to bring soap to trace. Great for simple kitchen use, i’m sure, but not for soapmaking. I have to let it set and cool awhile (seems like a long while) in order to finish processing my product.

Only thing the base can scratch pan bottom.

Love this kitchen tool to blend soups.

Just don’t use it continuously for more than 10 minutes, if not it will heat and it takes a while to cool off. It does the job and i am very satisfied with it. The blade is pretty good and you can make any soup so easily. I also make hummus with it, which i prepare in turns to prevent it to over heat, no big deal unless you have a ‘we deserve it’ mentality, and if that is the case look for an industrial one. Not good for business use, only home employment.

Stick blender is noisy has a cheap feel to it. Not sure if it will hold up.

This product exceeded my expectation. I would definitely recommend this product for those who want just basic hand blender.

Larger than retail ones i have seen. I guess you could say it is more of an industrial or commercial model.

This device overheats much quicker than any other stick blender i have used.

I use this stick blender for soap making and have used it almost every day since it arrived. I have not had any problems and find this blender to be more powerful than i expected. In a few bursts, liquids are fully blended. I chose this blender based on the sturdy stainless steel bottom portion, which detaches, for easy cleaning. Based on the solid construction, this is a quality product.

Purchased this for making soap. I do like that you can separate it for easier cleaning which is the reason i purchased it.

Easy and handy to use in kitchen and easy to clean.

DeLonghi DHB716 380-Watt Tri-Blade 2-Speed Handblender – Uncommonly good

When i first got this product i thought it was pretty good. After use i realized it’s not that much better than an immersion blender i already had that was less expensive. I was going to upgrade with a real high end one for smoother soups and dressings but purchased this one. I fell for the chopping bowl. And i used the chopping bowl 2-3x a week over the summer for salsas, herb sauces, yogurt dips and it was pretty darn efficient. Then about 6 months later the lid of the bowl, which is the part that has the blade mechanism on it, stopped spinning. Nothing wrong with the motor on the hand piece. Immersion arm/blade worked fine. Just the bowl blade stopped working. I contacted delonghi via email explaining the problem who responded fairly quickly saying they would replace the part.

If only braun would sell in the u. I blew out my kitchenaid immersion blender (my fault for trying to make banana ice cream for 6 kids using 5 frozen bananas) and the new version is a lower wattage so i went looking elsewhere. Thus far i have sent this and the miallargo back. Love the kitchenaid and will buy now. It turns out it is now a dc motor and therefore just as powerful (they say) as my old one that i have loved for 5 years straight.

Gave this as a christmas gift. Says it has a lot of power and does a really good job of blending or pureeing right in whatever you are cooking in.

I currently own a moulineux immersion blender that i’ve had for 20 years which still works but the entire thing, excluding the blade, is plastic so i was looking for a stainless replacement. I bought this because it got mostly good reviews and because the immersible part looked like it’s stainless. I haven’t used it yet because the head is almost 3′ across whereas my old one was closer to 2′. I use this mostly to scramble eggs and make smoothies so i don’t need something big enough to puree a gallon of soup; i need something small enough to fit into the tall container i use to make a smoothie and this one will not go all the way to the bottom. In addition, while the outside of the wand appears to be stainless, the inside (the part near the blade) is either grey plastic or grey paint/enamel. I haven’t decided whether to keep it, as a backup to my old one, because of these ‘issues’. It might be the right unit for you, if you need something big and powerful and don’t care about the plastic lining.

The hand blender makes a smoothie in seconds even with some frozen fruit. Much easier to clean then a regular blender.

This product is everything and more than i expected. I have only had mine for about a month but it works great and seems to be high quality.

  • Meets Expectations – somewhat
  • broken part after about 6 months
  • Would Give It 10 Stars If I Could

This is a heavier (and more heavy duty) blender than most that are on the market. I burnt out my last one and this has been a great replacement. I do like the design of the blender part it doesn’t get as much of a suction going on when you get close to the surface so i feel less likely to end up accidently pulling it out of the liquid and spraying stuff everywhere.

Very satisfied i would recommend it.

Like many others, i’ve got an aging cuisinart blender languishing somewhere in storage – they take up too much counter space and there are two many parts to deal with for some of your more basic chopping needs. Plus you then have to have an immersion blender taking up room in a drawer for those times you want to blend your soups to a cream consistency. Oh the joy of having one tool that does all, is easy to grab and put together and takes up less space. The kit comes with the motorized handle, a long stick with blade at the end for immersion blending and a plastic bowl with removable blade and cover for chopping veggies and what not. Note you cannot chop ice with this type of blender. The handle is very sturdy and easily pops in and out of the attachments. Unless i’m missing the boat again, the cover for the chopping bowl cannot be removed unless the motorized handle is attached. From a comment another reviewer has made, the lid for the chopping bowl should not go through the dishwasher, but everything rinses quite easily. Chopping onions or other veggies to a smaller consistency is very easy (although the consistency size-wise is rather spotty), but be careful not to overdo – you can have red pepper puree before you realize what you’ve done. This also demolishes cloves of garlic in seconds, a big plus for me.

The little food processor attachment didn’t last long. The gears in it gave out after only a couple uses. Not a big deal though because we have a ninja for that. The wand has been running strong for almost 3 years now. We use it on the stove to mix hot fluids(sauces). It does great to chop, whip cream, etc. It helps you make a great cream of mushroom soup.

Overview – get this handblender today if you are looking for something to make daily protein shakes with lots of ice. Pros:- power: 380 watt power for excellent blending of: ice, frozen banana, and frozen strawberries. This handblender has enough power to crush it’s way through my daily protein shake with ease. – cleaning: blade assembly easily removed from motor section for easy cleaning. – metal: blades and shaft are metal. – ergonomics: good power button placement, rubberized feel, two prong plug – all good. Cons:- tiny rubber part has come off the top of the shaft assembly that fits into the motor. I’ve been lucky and found it each time, but not sure what will happen if i lose it.

Features of DeLonghi DHB716 380-Watt Tri-Blade 2-Speed Handblender

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Get powerful, efficient and controllable blending at the touch of a button with the unique triblade design
  • Enjoy quick and efficient, splash-free blending with the stainless steel triple blade
  • Comes complete with chopper for an easy mince
  • Easy one hand operation with push button control for pulse or continuous blending; safer and more comfortable operation
  • Cleanup is quick and simple with dishwasher safe parts

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The title of the product is not right. ‘ delonghi dhb716 700-watt tri-blade 2-speed ‘it is not a 700w hand blender,it is a 380w hand blender.

I bought this blender primarily for soups and sauces because i don’t like having to pour the hot material into the regular blender. This stick blender does the job beautifully. I have blended soups that start out quite chunky and it turns then smooth in seconds. I also used the bowl to chop dried fruit and it performed that task well. It is essy to take apart for cleaning and to change from using it to blend in a pot to using the blender bowl. . Since i wrote the original review i have had many more months of using this blender. The stick blender still works beautifully and does a great job blending, particularly soups which is my primary use. However, it is useless for chopping. I got it to chop cranberries 2-3 times when i first got it.

Loved it so much, we bought a second one as a gift for a family friend. She used it while visiting us and raved so much about it we got it for her. By the way she has her own catering company, stated she already had several of various types but she loved ours the best. It is made of good quality materials, it is fast and does an excellent job.

I had read a few negative reviews about this product. Since most reviews were positive, i purchased this handblender. It works really well, far better than its replacement. I use this item regularly and have not had any issues with it.

Excellent product of very good quality and useful for its purpose. Very good price for this product.

This is a great product, has worked tirelessly in my kitchen. I am a regular user of this blender and it is a good workhorse that has not let me down. It blends smoothly without effort with small and large quantities of soups etc.

Get powerful, efficient and controllable blending at the touch of a button with the unique triblade design

Wow, i have burned up so many 200 watt stick blenders, i decided on this one. Used for soap making and it will suck down on the soap pot and you have to quit blending to get unstuck. Just tilt it a little bit for mixing batches.

I thought it would be like other hand held blenders i’ve had before, it isn’t. It’s much better in quality and in how it can be used. In fact, i’ll be buying these as gifts in the future because they really can take the place of a regular blender, but have the versatility of handheld use. For anyone who has had a cheaper variety handheld blender, they are useful in certain circumstances and they do a so-so job at blending. I was making soup and needed to puree the vegetables. I stuck the delonghi handheld blender in and turned it on expecting it to take some time to do the job. I thought surely it just couldn’t be that easy and kept looking for chunks that it missed, there weren’t any. Over the next few days i’d be cooking and find ways to make this blender useful. It’s the perfect combination of usefulness and quality when you find ways to use an item that you never thought of before. In fact the quality of a thing just makes you want to use it, it’s funit’s rather well known that in certain areas you should go for quality rather than price so that you’ll have something that isn’t just awesome to use, it does the job better with less effort. Previously if someone wanted to add a handheld blender to their kitchen i might have suggested a cheaper model as it’s something you don’t use all the time so why not save the money?.

Most people who i’ve shown this too have never even heard of a hand blender. I think they are more commonly used in the restaurant industry. Nothing beats being able to blend that hot soup right in the pot, and not have to transfer batches through the blender or processor. I’ve also used it with the attachment as a sort of mini food processor, which is easy to use, and cleans up easily. Salsas, pestos, aiolis, you name it, it’ll do it.

I was a little disappointed with this mixer. It can’t replace a kitchenaide, and i should have gone that way. It works well for liquids, but it is heavy and you must press the button constantly for power. It is very difficult for arthritic fingers to use.

This was a gift to replace my daughters oster (which i brought home and repaired). It’s much better and the ‘triple’ blade arrangement is a good feature. Plus, i don’t think it will wear out as fast as her old one.

This is a replacement for one that i melted the cord on. My wife loved it and so i had to replace it.

Enjoy quick and efficient, splash-free blending with the stainless steel triple blade

This blender is great, its sturdy and very efficient for all different kinds of cooking, the 380 w is really what you need.

I am very happy with this product. I use it everyday for many kinds of foods- onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, fruits, parsley, chick peas, etc. I would like to order another two blenders with two extra blades altogether if i am given an additional discount for being a good customer. I’d appreciate it and i recommend your product to others. I’ve been using blenders from your company for a long time.

I purchased this hand blender for myself about a year ago and decided to purchase two for this years christmas presents for my daughters. It is a powerful blender, east to store and to clean. I highly recommend this product.

It’s a very nice appliance and i like that the chopper is so large. I also like that it can be stored in two pieces. I’ve used it to purée soups so far. One wrong move and you’ve got soup all over the counter. I think i would have liked a very low setting in addition to the settings they have.

I am a serious cook, and can’t suffer garbage cheap kitchen tools. This is professional quality, simple in design and use, and powerful. So far i don’t see anything that will cause issue. I’ve had it for 2 months now and used in several soup. They designed it well, it doesn’t cavitate and and it macerates quickly and evenly. I wanted stainless and didn’t want goofy gadgetry and that’s what i got. This wasn’t my first choice, but i read all the reviews for all the hand blenders and decided to try the delonghi. I know i made the right choice.

The stick is so powerful and works perfectly fine. However, the accessory is so bad. There is a problem with the rotation of the blade because its speed decreases until it stops within seconds of operation. I recommend it only if you need the stick alone. Don’t buy it if you think to use the accessory chopper.

So far i have used my handblender twice. By using this type of blender it saved a lot of extra work. I would highly reconmend this blender for making blended soups.

Comes complete with chopper for an easy mince

To get a little more nutrients into my diet, i have started blending raw fruits and veggies to make into smoothies. This handblender has been like a dream for chopping apples, oranges and other fruits and veggies that i then throw into the larger blender to make great tasting, healthy drinks. If my kids were babies, i’d be making baby food with this handblender. It works great for apples and purees them up wonderfully. It works great for pears and other fruits. It chops up ingredients for soups and drinks with no problem and i love it. For great salsa just throw in a tomato and onion and garlic and spice and you’ve got a fabulous, healthy and inexpensive salsa. I’ve never had a handblender but i love my larger blender and i have had small electric choppers. This tri-blade handblender has a lot of power, more than i had expected it to have. It’s also very easy to use and i learned how to operate it in minutes.

I bought this to replace my old, (up til recently) dependable braun handblender. The blender part works exceptionally well. The problem is the chopper cup accessory. It worked great, until it didn’t. I had used it only 5 times or so when the gears became stripped when i tried to chop onions and garlic. Amazon was great about me exchanging it for a new one, and so far the new one works wonderfully. Make sure you follow the manual and don’t try to crush ice or grate parmesan cheese with it (i didn’t do these things, i swear); i read other reviews, though, where people were puzzled that the chopper didn’t work after they tried to crush ice with it, or ran the top part (with the mechanism) through the dishwasher.

I bought this because i got tired of buying devices specifically for making smoothies. We’ve owned a few decently-rated smoothie-makers in a short period of time, and they’ve all failed. –and, they’re a pain in the ass to deal with because there are so many components to wash when you’re done. This thing is powerful for a relatively inexpensive hand-blender. It makes mincemeat of frozen fruit, and it works right through tougher, more fibrous items. It has a regular mode and a turbo mode–we don’t even bother to use the turbo mode–it’s not necessary. This hand-blender is awesome for clean-up since all you have to do is wash the wand/blade, and then wipe off the handle. –we also like it because you can blend directly in whatever cup you choose (as long as the diameter is wide enough), as opposed to having to have a special tumbler that has to be screwed onto a blade mechanism which then has to go into a motor base. [ughi don’t think i’ll ever go back to buying special stand-alone smoothie blenders. –there’s no need to with this. ]

Easy one hand operation with push button control for pulse or continuous blending; safer and more comfortable operation

Oster 2-Speed Immersion Blender : Sturdy and easy to clean

This machine simply a beast. I bought it to replace a hand blender which i had for 20 years. This machine is so powerful that i have to hold it tightly when using it. Hopefully it will last 20 years.

Great product for the price. A lot these keep breaking on me. This one appears to be sturdy- easy to clean.

Nice to have this for daily blending of my breakfast drink.

Works really well with what i need to blend.

  • Good value. Ample power.
  • Solid Blender, sometimes a little too strong
  • So strong!!!!

Oster 2-Speed Immersion Blender with Stainless Steel Blade and Bonus Measuring Cup, FPSTHB2615B

The oster 2-speed immersion blender is a spicy meatball. I rushed to test the blender and didn’t unpack the included measuring cup, opting instead to test the unit on my morning coffee. As a pre-precaution, i set the blender to “low” or the “one dot” button instead of the “two dot”. The kitchen was awash in my morning coffee, hahaha. The oster hand blender is skillfully made, using superb materials. The construction is nice too with not much of a wiggle or wobble when handling the unit. The 5′ foot length power cord is nice and long enough for most kitchen uses. The included measuring cup is pretty awesome as wellthe oster 2-speed immersion blender has two settings – strong and hella stronger. The torque on this baby is wonderful and i’ve found that it works best with thicker liquids or for pureeing.

Powerful little hand blender, i really like the cup included with it because the guard is quite wide and it helps to have something the exact width to contain my mixture.

I ordered it to mix magnesium oil.

I had the chance to try this immersion blender out and i like it but i don’t love it. First off, it’s very easy to assemble and use, it doesn’t make a big mess unless you raise the mixing blade out of the pot/cup and it’s turned on. The motor has a ton of power, it will blend just about anything. What i don’t like is it doesn’t appear to have an “on locked” setting and i found it very hard to keep the button pushed while moving it around inside a bowl. It worked great but there was that usability issue i had. If you want an immersion blender this is a good option and comes with a mixing cup with a lid which is a nice add-on.

Gave this as a gift- the packaging and the product are great.

Replaced another generic hand blender i used almost daily with this one from oyster. Overall, i am pleased with the product, its look, and performance. The product feels sturdy, and everything included felt like good quality. I certainly was expecting less at this price point. Nevertheless, product works really well and is very strong. The included tall cup is a must because this blender doesnt have a slow/medium setting so stuff gets everywhere. My only knock is the mess due to the lack of slower speed options. We dont always need all the power. Also its too wide for alot of narrower cups so you cant use with many things but thats no big deal. They just need a slow speed setting, if you need power though this is the one for you.

This is a pretty good blender. I can’t compare it to others since this is my first immersion blender but it seems like a pretty sturdy model. I will say i made quite a mess my first few tries. I’ve found i have to have the perfect amount of food or thighs start flying out of the bowl. I don’t think this is user error i think this blender is just too powerful for my needs. It does have two speeds but they both seem to be really high. This does not mean it’s bad. I think if you were to blend a lot of food this would definitely work for you. My only complaint is that it does get heavy and is rather uncomfortable to use. I know that sounds like a big deal and if were blending a lot of stuff it probably would be but since i only have to blend small amounts i can deal with it.

I prefer a hand held blender versus those huge kitchen blenders with the mixers. I’m don’t bake or make my own pasta so i’d rather have the counter space instead of having such an enormous contraption on my granite. I can easily put this away or blend in a mixing bowl. I have used it 6 times in the past 8 days and found it useful.

Ordered this for daughter at christmas and my mom for mother’s day. This product works just the way it’s supposed to and is lightweight and easy to use and clean up.

Replaced my old plastic oster hand blender that i had for years. This one is much better with the ss shaft tube and blade housing.

Girlfriend purchased to blend berries for making homemade icecream and other things.

Good experience , it’s very easy to make juice and smoothy.

I have used this oster immersion blender daily for 3 weeks. It is better made than the low price would suggest. The lower shaft/blade assembly locks onto the motor with a twist and positive click, and unlocks easily for removal and cleaning. There are two speeds, not adjustable, and this blender has plenty of torque. The crystal clear polycarbonate cup has a lid that fits on top or bottom, so lid stays with the cup until needed. If using this bender in a different small-diameter cup or glass, it better be tall. You cannot blend in a standard coffee cup. There is so much torque that the liquid has to go somewhere when the button is pressed; it goes up the container walls. If you frequently need to blend small amounts (like 8 oz. ), there are two options: use the tall cup provided. Or if using a medium-tall vessel with similar diameter (4′), use brief pulses to compensate for not having a really low speed option like you get with an adjustable-speed blender. Even pulsing will not work for a short coffee cup. I recommend this 2-speed blender and would buy it again. Oster makes a pretty good product.

Has a lot of power behind it. I actually sometimes wish it had a gentle setting. I have used it for homemade bbq sauces, soups, and cauliflower, alfredo sauce. Easy to clean and simple to use.

This is one powerful immersion blender, probably overkill for my purpose: incorporating whey protein powder into a pre made, almond-milk based iced coffee, which it does very smoothly. But anything more that a few quick pulses on the low speed would paint the kitchen. I do wish the designer(s) of the mixing/measuring cup had kept the us more in mind; there are many more metric markings than ours, and the ounce markings are in 5 oz increments, not the customary 4.

We make lots of soups and sauces. One of our kids loves campbell’s cream of mushroom soup. He will not eat it with any ‘lumps’ and it is a headache using a whisk or spoon to be certain the soup is completely mixed. Even though i had to be cautious about splashing the soup from the sauce pan, it did the job of mixing in seconds.It is his lunch, along with a sandwich, each and every day. Someday his taste will tire of it, but for now, this blender is saving me effort, time, and frustration. For that reason alone, this is a great find for us. The only other thing i have used it for so far is to make our homemade marinara sauce and alfredo sauce for tonight’s pasta dinner. Again, the power of the motor requires care to keep it from slopping all over the stove top, but with the sauces cooked in a wok type pan it was fairly easy to keep the mess to a minimum. I wish it had a ‘slow’ speed for coffee and other drinks held in small containers.

This is exactly what i wanted for pureeing soups right in my crockpot or stock pot. Of course you can use this for smoothies as well, but i don’t recommend using the cup that comes with it as it can be a bit messy unless you are very careful. If you hate the clean-up involved using a blender or mixer, this is the perfect –in-1-pot device to blend and puree. You can’t mix a cake with this and it isn’t powerful enough, so you will still need a mixer, but for soups and smoothies, clean-up consists of unplugging it and rinsing under water —so easy –love it.

Krups GPA30842 Immersion Blender – One of the Best Gadgets for the Kitchen

Really appreciate how it makes butternut squash into soup, 1-2-3. It really is a mixer that purees our food very quickly into soup. The mixer is very powerful and versatile. Very easy to clean and hangs up nicely into the wall mount.

Well made, runs nice, good power, good finish. Used for soups, sauces, apple butter, cherry butter, etc. Easy to use, not to heavy or light. Would recommend and would buy again.

I purchased this immersion blender when it was a lightening deal. I had never used one before purchasing and now i don’t know what i would do without it. I have used this to make smoothies, milkshakes, and to blend soups and sauces. I really like how easy it is to use and that i don’t have to deal with a traditional blender. I like the measuring cup that comes with it. It is very easy to make smoothies in it. I use a lot of frozen fruit and this blender does a great job at getting everything blended without any difficulties. It’s very easy to clean and i am very happy that i was able to get this for such a great price.

It is a fantastic product once i discovered something the directions didn’t show. Both the beaker blade and the immersion unit come with a plastic cover on the blades. Pay attention to that and remove before use. I didn’t, what a mess it made. Once removed, it is a great product for the price, even though a bit pricy, it should hold up to hot liquids.

If you’re reading this, you are probably already aware that kitchenaid, cuisinart, krups, calphalon, and half a dozen other brands make hand/immersion blenders that fall into basically the same price range and do basically the same thing. At the end of the day, they’re all collecting about the same reviews. I’m under no illusions as to the quality of any of them over any other, and it’s likely that they’re all being produced by the same factories in china. I bought this because i thought it looked better than competing offerings, and i liked the price point here at amazon. I’ve used it almost daily for 8 months, so this is a pretty qualified review. Pros:- looks good, has a nice rubbery black texture that makes it easy to grip- chopper blade was very sharp- i thought the beaker it comes with was pretty junky, but it’s actually a fantastic design. Just wide enough to fit things into, but narrow enough to make sure ingredients mix quickly and thoroughly- speed adjustments show on a backlit blue screen, making it easy to see. Cons:- as other reviewers noted, the button is finicky. If you don’t push it all the way down, on the right spot, the motor won’t run full-speed (or at all)- the chopper blade dulls fairly quickly and doesn’t appear replaceable. The shakes i make have walnuts and ice in them, and for about 3 weeks you could tell the blade was actually cutting through these ingredients.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • a beast
  • Stellar mixer
  • Three to six times / week.

Purchased may 2013 and to date i am pleased with it’s mixing power.

The krups gpa30842 immersion blender is the first immersion blender i have owned or used. I am so happy i bought this and have been using so much more than i thought i would. With this blender, i have been making some recipes that i didn’t want to make before because i didn’t want to drag out the big blender and have to clean it. This krups blender is so easy to use and so easy to clean, i wish i bought it a long, long time ago. Besides the blender, it comes with chopper and whisk attachments. The chopper is like a mini food processor and it does an excellent job. It will hold and chop a very large onion. Besides onions i have used it for nuts, carrots, celery, blueberries and other foods. The chopper is quick and chops nicely. I have only used the whisk a couple of times for blending, and based on that, i think it will do a good job of whipping egg whites and cream.

My husband uses this to make his special soup. Until i gave him this, he made the biggest mess in the kitchen. Now, in no time at all, his soup is delicious.

This is a replacement for a viking professional blender, which still works but is a pain to use. The shaft design is ideal even for low volumes. However, note that the shaft is not all stainless steel. It is basically a plastic part cladded with steel. So, when immersing some plastic still comes in contact with the liquid. What this means is that you should be careful about blending in hot liquids. Do not want the plastic at the bottom come in contact with the liquids. The viking was all steel (and more expensive). I would rate the viking a 3 primarily because of the amount of effort it took to do a decent blend job.

I purchased this as a stick blender when it was a lightening deal. I have had it for five months now and i use it as a mini chopper and whisk more than as a stick blender and now i am sold on the product. It is quality, works well, you can change attachments without fear of things breaking. In all an excellent, reliable product. I am going to buy a second as a gift. 30 may 2014my two year mark has passed and the plastic gear that holds the shaft has stripped out. If i could find a replacement part i would not complain but i need to trash a beloved appliance for lack of spare parts. Two years is not long enough. Wish i could find a better quality product that does the job.

I always dreaded making tomato, split pea, butternut soups, etc. Because i had to transfer the soup in batches to my blender and then transfer it back into the pot, taking too much time. With this immersion blender, the soup almost makes itself. Just insert the blender into the soup pot and then turn it on and your soups are creamy in less than a minute. One of my favorite kitchen electrics.

We bought this immersion blender after seeing it on the deal of the day almost two years ago–one of the best impulse buys i’ve ever made. This blender receives moderately heavy use (2+ times a week) and we have yet to have a problem with any of the parts. The immersion blender itself works great. It blends and liquifies soups and sauces quickly and the metal blender snaps in and out of the motor with ease. The beaker chopper attachment probably gets the most use out of all the parts. It is easy to use and not as cumbersome as pulling out the food processor when i need items chopped. We’ve chopped every vegetable, herb, and fruit in there, as well as nuts, praline, breadcrumbs, etc. A common complaint i’ve been reading is the plastic gears strip easily, but ours are still intact. I’ve always made sure the lid is locked on properly and have not had any problems yet. Another common complaint was the food is not chopped evenly (there are still a few bigger pieces left after chopping), and that has been true for us.

I have had two other stick blenders and both failed (one was a competing german brand, the other a very interesting two part model with a lot of options, but, ultimately over-designed and not durable. ) ok, so no fooling around this time, this one has a metal stem and it is a serious stick blender. The features:6 variable speeds excellent–you really need variable speed, or at least i appreciate the ability to go from low speed or adjust the speed as i blendlcd display — this shows you the speed you’re using; not a must-have but a nice feature in any case. Soft handle with silicone rubber grips–i have some arthritis in my thumbs, so a soft grip is not only more comfortable, it assures i’ve got a good grip on the unit over a pot of hot soup, for example. Mini chopper attachment –i use this more than you’d imagine; in fact, i use the mini chopper as oten as i use the blender as immersion. The mini chopper is the right size for chopping small amounts of onion, garlic or herbs or nuts. Beaker– you can blend into the beaker if you like, but i rarely do. Whisk–detach the immersion blending stem, add a whisk to do egg whites in a bowl. This is very handy for small amounts of egg whites or whipped cream. I often use the kitchenaid mixer for that purpose, but if you are doing a chiffon cake, for example, you beat batter and egg whites separately and then need to fold them together.

I bought a cuisinart csb-76bc smartstick 200-watt immersion hand blender, brushed chrome at the beginning of the year and it broke, so i bought this one. I love it, it is very powerful and efficient, i can make anything with it: soups, gazpachos, smoothies, cocktails. Crunching ice in my smoothies and cocktails is no problem, i’ve used it for months and the blade is still intact. It’s also very easy to clean, i really just have to rinse the shaft, wipe the handle, and that’s about it. Eating fruits and vegetables has become so easy.

It does all i expected and more.

This is nice hand held blender. I had two of these and very happy with it.

Looks nice and seems powerful enough, but it is made in china, not germany. Therefore, hard to justify the price premium.

The body feels solid but the shaft feels flimsy and it vibrates too much when the blender is running. If i hold the shaft with my hand while i run the blender, the the vibration stops and it runs smooth; but once y release it, the shaft starts to vibrate again. The gear where the shaft connects to the body is made of plastic. A product is as strong as its weakest link. This blender would be ok for $30.

This is hands down the best kitchen item ever. The 600 watt power makes this immersion blender one of the best on the market. Check the power before purchasing another brand.

My cuisinart csb-76w smartstick 200-watt immersion hand blender, whites just broken so i needed a replacement, ideally something step up. I found this beautiful blender, krups kichen products always catches my eyes, i really like their design, european look applpiances fits well in my kitchen. This unit has very nice lcd screen tells speed which is a great great function. This item works really great and i am making soup. If you are looking for step up blender, this is the one.

Excellent – strong – good for chunky soup, smoothies, whipped cream, egg whites, etc.

Miallegro 9090 Mitutto 550-Watt Immersion Hand Blender : The BEST Buy of ALL of Them!

The negative reviews can be daunting in the small appliance arena, and this blender is no different. It was hard to commit to buying when it seems like so many others got duds. But mine is working great and even the chopper/processer has proven very useful. We aren’t making our own almond butter or any other intensive project (yet), so i cannot comment on long or difficult jobs. I’d like to have done side-by-side comparisons with other brands but i bought this on the specs alone. Overall, it’s a big bang for the buck. If i have any problems then i’ll edit this review with the updates.

I have never put the container in the dishwasher. A crack started from either side of where the metal prong sticks out of the food processor receptacle. I use this mainly as a food processor, so this is a problem. Contacted miallegro, so we’ll see. And it’s out of the return window for amazon. I have read other reviews that state miallegro is terrible with customer service and returns/exchanges. I will update when i know more. (update: the company responded, asking for my proof of purchase and address.

I have severe fibromyalgia, and am an older senior, so was a little afraid it would be too much to handle, but it’s a breeze. Don’t hesitate to purchase this brand. It’s quiet, very efficient, and hopefully,will hold up well. Addendem one year later: this is actually my second purchase since the “business end” disappeared in my last move. I have found in just a year since purchasing it that it is very difficult for me to removed the pieces for cleaning. It’s not the machine’s fault, just that my hands are not as strong as they used to be. So, i’m using it only when my daughter is around to unscrew it. It’s easy to put together, but once locked, it takes a bit of effort. I hate to say anything negative about it, but it’s reality.

This hand blender has by far the most powerful motor available when considering comparable products, and to me this is a crucially important feature. Considering that it is substantially less expensive, it is also worth noticing that it is reasonably well constructed, and it appears capable of providing years of good service. Of course, only time will tell. The variety of blending tips offered is also a welcome addition, although as of now i have mostly employed the standard blending tip.

  • Makes some cooking effortless, and other cooking plain fun
  • Works great, but the food processor container cracked ~
  • Great stick blender, a little workhorse!

Miallegro 9090 Mitutto 550-Watt Immersion Hand Blender, Professional-style

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Powerful and professional style, 550 watts, 5 speeds and turbo button
  • Easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store; dishwasher-safe attachments
  • Mitutto does it all: chops, mixes, grinds, blends, whisks, whips, and froths
  • Accessories: Big chopping attachment, whisk, 4 blades for different uses, and wall mount
  • Elegant style, ergonomic and stainless steel finish; long 5-feet cord; 15-month warranty

I have taken a lot longer before writing this review than i usually do with other products. But, the reviews were so mixed on this hand blender when i bought it that i wanted to make sure “i had the whole story”. Without doubting that many of the things other reviewers mention as problems in their reviews are truthful, i simply cannot recognize most of these problems. I put this blender to frequent use – in a multitude of ways. And, so far, is has done nothing but deliver fantastic results and has caused me no trouble – and more importantly, it does so at half the price that comparable hand blenders from other companies would. Each of the components work well. The chopper in particular provides amazing results. It will chop vegetables and the likes as opposed to blend them. The chopping, moreover, is done with uniformity – a rarity, even in very high end blender attachments that cost much, much more. The blender itself is nicely “cut”.

Bought this blender to replace a hand blender whose plastic drive gear had stripped. While the old one worked reasonably well, it’s limited power often meant spending more time than i cared for when i needed to blend thick recipes such as apple butter. So before i bought a new hand blender i did considerable research over the internet on products from various sellers, paying a great deal of attention to customer reviews as well as technical specs and pricing. I kept coming back to the miallegro 9090 based on the 550 watt power, available on other brands only in the professional models for far more money, and the good reviews. I have three apple trees which produce an abundance of apples which i process in various ways, one of which is apple butter. In the first stage of making apple butter it’s necessary to puree the apples which include the peel and a final blend when the apple butter has reached a very thick consistency; a tough chore for a hand blender. The miallegro handled both chores quickly and with surprising easesome of the reviews i read, before deciding on the miallegro, mentioned that the instruction book was limited, requiring some experimenting to attach the various attachments. Miallegro may have expanded their booklet since those reviews as i found the instructions were very adequate. While i still rely heavily on my regular food processor and my 6 cup blender for most jobs, it’s a case of having the right tool for the right job and the miallegro has certainly proven itself superbly.Very much recommend this product.

I purchased this about three weeks ago now. Thus far i have found it to be a great upgrade from my old hamilton beech stick blender. I can not quite grasp the issues others have had regarding quality. The shaft of the unit is all sealed stainless, a big plus. It attaches very solidly to the motor/ base. The changeable blades are a nice touch. I’ve tried three of the four and am,thus far impressed. I find the blades pretty easy to change,even without the provided too,if you follow the simple instructions. Turbo button rocksall in all i find it to be a great value at $30 less that than the comparable breville bsb510xl. Pros:stainless steel shaftpower to spare and adjustable4 different attachment blades: blend, puree, mix,and chop.

Love it — convenient, easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store. It takes small amount of space, so can easily keep it out on cabinet to have it handy for daily use in making smoothies, milkshakes, etc. (i put it in small, rectangular wicker basket purchased cheaply at walmart. ) also, does great job at crushing ice. Haven’t even used all attachmts yet — but am 100% pleased with those i have used thus far. Far superior to one i had previously- it’s much sturdier, & performance is superior. Well worth the extra money spent to buy this rather than a cheaper one.

Keep it on the counter-top and use it often. Only thing i don’t care for is how the blades attach. Can be a problem removing them, not a big one but its a poor design for sure. But, i haven’t had any problem with the blades so i guess it works. Lol great for juicing and smoothies. I drink them right from the container that came with the blender. No problems attaching or detaching the motor, just twist and go.But make sure when you’re blending liquids that you hold it straight because the motor is so powerful it will drown you if held at an angle when you apply power initially.

I used this so much i actually wore out the speed button. I love the variable speeds, and the ‘turbo boost’ feature. I take 4 oz of milk every morning and whip it till it looks like a ton of whipped cream for my coffee. That’s a lot of work for this little thing, but it’s done well. Handle will get a little warm if i overdo it, but it’s never shut off, and i’ve been really happy with it. I dropped it with the whisk attachment on, and it bent the wisk up a little, and i could never get it quite back to the original shape, but it still works. I am passing it on to my goddaughter, who is getting her first apartment, and have a new one. My new one is another brand, and if i don’t like it, i’m ordering this one again. I didn’t even begin to use all the functions it offers. Postscript- i have been using the new stick blender, and i have to say i kind of like the miallegro better because of the bigger varieties of speeds.

My boyfriend got one of these for me for christmas a few years ago and it’s been fantastic. (i had had a cheap, cheap immersion blender before and always wanted a better one. ) a friend was moving away and wanted one so a few of us got together and got her one and she loves hers too. My only possible complaint (and i’m reaching here) is that i get tired of holding the button down sometimes but i’ve never seen an immersion blender that works any other way. I would imagine it’s a safety thing and that makes sense. I haven’t messed around too much with the different blades even though i’ve had it for a while now but mostly because i’ve never needed to. I love the whisk attachment for whipping up some cream last minute.

Works well but the on/off switch is a bit glitchy at times. I like that it included a lot of accessories such as a food processor / chopper bowl, mising cup, whisk, and several blades. All included items are easy to clean once finished using them. I am only giving this 3 stars however as it seems the switch is part of a design flaw and several have noted this issue. It just doesn’t always make contact thus it doesn’t always want to turn on. If the manufacturer addresses this issue i’d give it a 5 star rating for the package.

We bought this miallegro 9090 to replace a hand blender that finally died after years of use. We used it for lots of different jobs, but chopping ice finally stripped the gears inside. After doing research on a number of different sites we finally chose the 9090. We are ecstatic that we did. This blender is powerful and fantastic. We make smoothies daily and chop ice effortlessly. We do a cup at a time and in about 15 seconds get a snow like product that’s uniform and perfect. It also whips in seconds and feels great in the hand. The attachments are really broad based, cover lots of different jobs, and are of great quality. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have and use this blender for years to come.

Have been continually impressed by versatility of this blender and attachments. Of course it is great for finishing up soups in the pan. No mess and very easy to quickly clean. The included small food processor is also amazing, simple, and just the right size for making a batch of hummus from chick peas with roasted red peppers and garlic and a little oil. Also perfect for instant homemade pesto by filling with quick blanched basil leaves, chopped garlic, olive oil, and handful of walnuts or pine nuts.

It’s a little complicated, but works beautifully and replaces my need to have a mini food processor and blender out on the counter. I am also using it in place of my hand beater for almost everything, so they have been put further away as well. And it does a beautiful job of pureeing in the pot or pan so no pouring hot liquid into the blender and hoping it won’t splash, and all the extra dishes the blender makes. Just detach, wipe it down, and rinse the working pieces and you’re done with cleanup. You do have to be careful about that power though, you must pulse it rather than “running it”; after about 10-15 seconds of continuous running it starts to feel and smell “hot.

I purchased this product last year and have been very pleased that it lives up to what it says, and i am re-writing a review not based on the products quality, however, on the manufacturer it self. I recently had the misfortune to place the accessory bowl too close to my outdoor grill and it slightly melted the lid so that it no longer fits tightly. In two weeks time, after contacting amazon, who by the way is always wonderful to deal with, it was decided that i needed to contact the manufacturer directly. I have tried for two weeks via e-mail, phone numbers, and mail and have had zero response. Never once have i been able to get through to a human being. In calling the 1-800 number your receive this delightful greeting and when you wish to record your message the automated response is, “sorry this mail box is full, goodbye, and with that i am hung up on. My whole point in re-writing my revue is to say to anyone thinking of purchasing from this company; “buyer beware”. Think twice about dealing with this most disagreeable company, you will never be able to get repairs done or try to order anything from this unresponsive manufacturer. Go back to amazon and find an immersion blender from another company with more integrity.

I purchased this blender through amazon after shopping for immersion hand blenders in brick/mortar stores and careful review of other comments on amazon. It wasn’t a surprise when the unit arrived and true to other reviews, the directions for use are certainly lacking but thanks to other reviews, any questions i had were answered by others who posted reviews of the unit (thank you). The unit is heavy and very powerful, almost to the point of being a bit difficult to control. Unlike regular hand mixers, the immersion blender works best when moved up and down while mixing so make sure whatever mixing bowl/pot you use has high enough sides so you don’t wear the splatters. Using an immersion blender does take some practice. Overall, the mixer seems well made, has a nice assortment of blades and the small container blender accessory is a nice touch. Very pleased with the purchase so far. Dealing with amazon on this purchase as well as other purchases has been flawless. Their prices have without fail beaten those i’ve seen elsewhere.

I just bought this as a replacement for the one i bought 3 yrs ago that took more of a beating than i expected it would, but finally the motor gave up. I used it on a daily basis for 3yrs and never had any issues with it. And i don’t mean making shakes. ;o) i processed complete meals in the large canister with the large double blade, sometimes two per day. Loved it enough to buy another. Very good for most all processing tasks ranging from a mixed drink to grinding/chopping meat and puree just about anything. The ’emmersion’ attachments for shakes and drinks are a snap to change and clean, as is the entire unit. I strongly recommend this product, even if it were $20 more in price.When they give a ’15 month’ guarantee, i’m very happy to get 35 out of it.

This is a good, powerful tool. Very useful and easy to clean. However, it gets 3 stars because of the system used to lock into place and replace the four blades. From the pictures and the description, i though the blades would be large and fit into the ‘big chopping attachment’. Instead, they are small and meant to be attached to the immersion blender itself. The system to remove them entails basically pulling them out by force with a metal tool provided with the blender – not practical and, possibly, not even safe. Having owned a hand blender with only one type of blade in the past, i am not sure the different blades add very much to this one. I think i will end up just using one of the blades, which by itself does an excellent job with most tasks. This hand blender is also a little heavier compared to other similar products.

I have not had much chance to use it on everything i want, but i have been able to make a nice milkshakechristmas morning i just had to see if spending close to triple the cost for the other hand mixers was really worth it. When researching, i noticed most of the more mainstream mixers were 200 watt and i worried that the other brands may not be powerful enough, even if the extra power was needed ever so ofter. When i saw this mixer was 550 watt i figured i’d give it shot. In one word: powerfuli used the blending blade on setting 1 and filled the included cup with my ice cream and a little milk. I know it was only ice cream and milk, but it only took about 10 seconds and it was ready. Smooth through and though and not a single lump and this was setting onei have no doubt that this is going to allow me to throw away my old fashioned mixer for stuff like mashed potatoes, puddings and so many other things. I would heartily recommend this as it works great.

I have had a few different ones over the years. I haven’t had this one long but it does everything i want. It also has a few little extras like the frother. ( a flat disk like tool) it doesn’t look like it would do anything but you can actually cool 1 % milk in the freezer so it’s ‘very’ cold but not iced. Then using this tool you end up with a cream like result. Add a little syrup like raspberry or something exotic and you have ‘faux whipped cream’ that’s good for you.

I have bought a few immersion blenders but none like this one. The last blender i bought lasted about 30 days and then started smoking and i threw it away for fear of getting shocked. From the very start, the miallegro has impressed me in just about all facets of use. Pros: first it has a very powerful motor that is not strained in the tasks that my daughter and i put it through. It purees food extremely well. I have used it to make mayonnaise, chop vegetables for salsa, bbq rubs and make a smoothie or two. The whole gambit of blades and attachments that came with this blender is more than enough to perform all the things i will ever want in my kitchen. One thing you do not see in the product presentation is that it comes with a wall mount that is used to store the blender and the whisk/beater when not in use. My old blenders did not have this but simply a plastic loop from which to hang the blender. I know there are a lot of negative comments about this and most other immersion blenders here on amazon but i contend that users try to force this machine to to things that it is not designed to do.

Bamix Professional G200 – 200 Watt 2 Speed 4 Blade Immersion Hand Blender – best hand mixer I have ever used.

My buddy and i like to hang out and cook for our wives and he recommended this because he’s a serious gadget freak. I wasn’t really sure i’d use it all that often, since i usually do things by hand with whisks and so forth. Not really into gadgets and tools as much as he is, but i have to say this thing is just amazing. Not really sure how it compares to other stick blenders on the market, but i’ve whipped up everything from dressings and marinades, to batters, to homemade mayo, to whipped cream in under 30 seconds. It’s almost disappointing how fast the bamix gets the job done. Mine came with the chopper blade and the vented disc. I also have the little chopper bowl (sold separately i think) and one of the beakers, which gets used all the time for liquid type things (sauces, marinades, etc. ) i’d say the biggest advantage is being able to puree soups and that sort of thing without having to move hot liquid to a blender and back, making a huge mess in the process. Just be careful to make sure you attach the blade properly. There is a little nipple on the stick blender and a notch on the blade, so make sure they line up.

It works better than regular blenders that use to stop working very fast.

Decided on this model primarily because it is made in switzerland, unlike their competitor which is made in china. Bought it to primarily make soups and have been thoroughly impressed with it. Would recommend to anyone looking for an immersion blender. Here are the specifications for the Bamix Professional G200 – 200 Watt 2 Speed 4 Blade Immersion Hand Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Handbuilt in Switzerland with 4 stainless steel interchangeable blades: Aerating blade, Blending blade, Chopping blade and Slicing blade to handle every kitchen project. Longer 7.4 inch shaft. Includes wall bracket and 5-year warranty.
  • Powerful 200 watt AC motor keeps constant, precise speed under heavy loads. It is energy efficient supplying more power with less watts. Balanced to reduce vibration and ensure quiet operation.
  • 2 speeds: Low – 10,000 RPM and 14,000 RPM with push button control for continuous or pulse action with an ergonomic handle for comfort.
  • The body is PA6 safety rated nylon and fully sealed so blender can be submerged to seam below speed controls. Stick is chromated brass. Both are high heat resistant to safely use in boiling liquids or hot pots.
  • Open head design creates a perfect vortex to draw food into the blades for faster and more efficient mixing. All parts are easy to clean under running water.

I had another brand for a week or so, until the rod kept falling off, i didn’t really want to spend this much on a hand blender but so glad i did. This has the power to get the job done and is a easy clean up. I like that it is all one peace and the rod doesn’t come off. I would recommend this to anyone thinking about getting a hand blender, it is worth the price.

Compared to the well-known brands that sell everything but the kitchen sink, this thing is undoubtably expensive. Seems to me most hand blenders are engineered to last a year or two, and are basically considered disposable. I hate that, i’d rather spend more and get something that will last, hence this purchase. Notwithstanding it’s cost, and likely longevity, i can confirm this thing kicks arse. The attachments are smaller than you might expect, the blending attachment is a disk with cutouts, totally different from the bladed version i had before. Looking at it, i thought uh-oh, that’s not going to do much. Well, i was wrong, it works well, very well. The whipping disc (again, i thought that’s just silly) turned semi-skimmed (2%) milk into whipped cream impressively quickly. I haven’t used the bladed chopping attachment as yet, as i haven’t needed it. The only drawback is you can’t detach the shaft for cleaning.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The Gold Standard of Immersion Blenders
  • Works Great!
  • Best Immersion Blender I’ve owned

Wish the wall mount was clearly displayed, this works fantastic but it really needs a place to mount on a wall in the kitchen which i had not planned for and do not have the wall space.

Solidly made, runs well, and excellent size (works in large soup pots). Only problem is that you cannot take the shaft off for cleaning, but not hard to clean with soap, water and a sponge. Commercial quality, and fairly priced.

I have owned 3 different immersion blenders. All nice ones from brand names. This one is by far the best one i’ve owned. I tossed my most recent one because of the study about immersion blenders leaking chlorinated parrafins and mine was one of them. I also bought the slicesy food processor and it’s expensive, but well worth it. It’s also nice that it comes with three different blades instead of just one like most blenders.

If you have a food processor already you do not need all the extra gagets.

Functions superior to two other ‘power stick’ types we’ve had. Its construction is totally solid.

I bought this bamix to replace one i had for 10 years.

The vast, could not ask for a better immersion blender.

It is so much easier to use than a regular mixer. And cleaning it is piece of cake.

It’s so convenient and powerful.

Have had several immersion blenders over the years, but nothing compares to the bamix. Mashed potatoes…in seconds. Very high-quality construction and operation. Use and wash under running water – that’s it. Stores away in a top drawer or utensil cabinet.

Not sure how i managed in the kitchen without this. Perfect size, weight and power for all of my needs. For example, i had no problem pureeing a pot full of cooked pumpkin into soup; it was also great for whipping up a small amount of heavy cream. I did originally consider the bamix model with a longer shaft (pro3), but after using this one for a few weeks i think the longer shaft would actually make it a bit unwieldy for most of my tasks.

It’s funny how something used so frequently can be taken for granted. I try to regularly review various things i’ve purchased here on amazon, and i realized just now that i’d never reviewed my favorite kitchen appliance ever, my trusty bamix. I checked my order history and was shocked to discover that five years have elapsed. So this review, while a bit delayed, is based on lots of real-world experience. Backing up a bit: i was previously chewing through one bigger name brand immersion blender every one to two years. They always broke the same way: they internally use plastic gears, and if you try to blend something even slightly harder than they’re designed for, the gears strip. This leaves you with a blender that makes a nice loud whirring noise but with a blade that doesn’t turn at all. After destroying my third blender while working on a pot of not even very thick soup, i decided it was time to upgrade. Research lead me to bamix, and i haven’t looked back. It’s twice as powerful as my previous stick blenders, as well as quite a bit larger. It effortlessly powers through everything i’ve thrown at it: various soups, sauces, the occasional smoothie or other icy drink, etc. The latter, especially, are always a problem for the cheaper stick blenders. When and if bamix encounters something too hard to blend, it might jam, but its internal mechanisms are solid.

I bought this as a birthday gift for my wife who had been asking for a good immersion blender. She has only had it for a week but really likes it. She wanted a taller/more powerful model because she regularly makes cauliflower bisque in a large pot. She made guacamole and a slushy so far and it worked great. It is very well made and plenty powerful. It came nicely packaged with 4 blades and a wall bracket. It is easy to use and she is happy how simple it is to clean. It seemed a little expensive but after seeing & using it- like most professional grade tools i it will be worth it in the long run. As usual amazon sent it quickly and trouble free.

My old bamix quit after several years and i needed another one fast. This new one is more powerful than the old one. They last a long time and are so wellbuilt. Very happy with this product.

I use it almost daily and it seems much more hardy than my previous one that started to crack.

My daughter recommended it and i am really pleased.

Bamix Pro-2 G200 Professional Series NSF Rated 200 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender, What an amazing Quality Product

Cant say enough good things about bamix brand immersion blenders. Super powerful and versatile, they deliver the chefs touch.

I recently received the bamix pro-2 g200 mixer, so i’m just getting used to it. It is quite powerful, but at the same time it’s also more complicated to clean than my old cheap mixer, because it has detachable parts. If you only need to mix a pint or so of liquid, then you should settle for a cheap mixer from sears. If you want to mix big pots of soup every day, then bamix is probably worth the investment.

Well made product and delivery was faster than expected.

Key specs for Bamix Pro-2 G200 Professional Series NSF Rated 200 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender with Wall Bracket:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Hand built in Switzerland with 3 stainless steel interchangeable blades: Aerating blade, Blending blade, and Chopping blade with NSF rating to handle professional cooking projects
  • Powerful 200 watt AC motor keeps constant, precise speed under heavy loads. It is energy efficient supplying more power with less watts. Balanced to reduce vibration and ensure quiet operation
  • 2 speeds: Low – 17,000 rpms and High – 14,000 RPM with push button control for continuous or pulse action with an ergonomic handle for comfort
  • 7.4 inch shaft is Chrome coated brass. Body is PA6 safety rated nylon and fully sealed. Submersible length is 11.4 inches. Both are high heat resistant to safely use in boiling liquids or hot pots
  • Open head design creates a perfect vortex to draw food into the blades for faster and more efficient mixing. All parts are easy to clean under running water

Comments from buyers

“Superior and Flexible Usage
, Bamix fits into a regular quart jar — Yay!!
, QUICK, CLEAN, and EASY!! THIS *IS* the blender you’re looking for

I received this and it’s a very nice mixer. It was missing the s blade (slicing) attachment, however. Is there any way that you could ship this to me?.

I have never had an immersion blender that is so effective. It delivered fully emulsified dressings and marinades in moments and you can see the design working to pull the ingredients in versus having to constantly move the blender around to get everything mixed.

It is my second bamix as back up if the first one will die. Cons: gets hot if you use it continiously for more than 5 minutes.

I read a lot of reviews before i chose what kind of bamix to purchase. I know several people who have a bamix, and have loved it. So for me it was not a question of what brand. However, i want to comment on a couple negative reviews. Someone wrote that they wish the bamix had a bigger bell like the brevelle does — wrong. The bell just fits through a mayonaise jar with a regular-sized lid, which is very important if you use your bamix to make mayo in a quart jar, which i do. A larger size bell and you would not ever be able to use it in a regular quart jar. The company had this one pegged exatlyanother review blog really put down the bamix because the attachments aren’t all they are advertised for — i agree. Just use the bamix for what it is excellent at doing and you will be very pleased with the quality of this machinealso, i am very pleased that i chose to get a pro 2.

The company we bought it from is easy to work with.

Love it to cook, feels powerful.

This is an amazing kitchen tool. It makes whipped ‘cream’ out of skim milk.

Mixing soup in a huge pan is no problem, as the mixer is high (you can put it about 11 inch in the liquid) and powerful enough. But you can also whip small quantities (i. 4 cups of cream in a small container) or whip skimmed milk (i first couldn’t believe this). You can detach the knives/blades for cleaning, so it’s really easy. It’s not cheap, but it’s great.

No plastic parts to wear out is the most important feature to me.

I did the product testing for you. I tried three other less expensive stick (or immersion) blenders. And by the time i’d managed to make those frozen pieces of fruit and the vast quantities of liquid into something even remotely like a smoothie, i’d practically stopped wanting anything at all to eat or drink. Bamix is exactly what you expect it to be: a quick, clean, easy way to make a smoothie. I bought the stainless steel cups and then i just add frozen fruit and juice to cover and blend. I have a deliciously cold, well blended smoothie in a blink of an eye. I use a bottle brush to clean the active end, rinse and let air dry. Now making a smoothie is almost as easy as just thinking about wanting one.

I had a ninja immersion blender and loved it. Sadly it died and they no longer make them. I tried the cuisinart and breville and neither had the power of ninja. So i tried bamix and wow i love it. It makes quick work of ice in smoothies and frozen berries are a breeze. I purchased it from another vendor, only because i had a large insensitive credit there. I am very happy and would purchase it again. I have been using mine now for a year.

The concept is simple, put a powerful, high rpm yet compact motor in the palm of your hand, attach to it a blade and you get a nice little tool to mash and crash right in the piping hot pot. Since then the concept is the same but various attachments have been invented to allow the same motor to do more things. So what make an immersion blender perform better than the rest???. Well, many companies quote this or that amount of watts, bamix/esge/zauberstab/unold are quoting rpm’s but somewhat low watts, what really matters?.How can we compare?well, the correct… answer it’s a bit of both. The rpm times the circumference of the blades would give us the vertical speed of the blades. The higher the vertical speed of the blades, the “better” the crushing capability of the blender will be. In the bamix range the non pro units go from 10,000 to about 17,000 rpm. The pro units go from 12,000 rpm for the low speed of the gastro 200 all the way up to 22,000 for the more powerful gastro 350. How do we compare the braun and bosch for instance to the bamix?.

Would have wished it would blend even better than it does. Easy to hand clean rod and head and take off blade for further cleaning. If it was still possible we’d return it and invest in a table top stationary type of blender. We mostly use it for smoothies and it does have a hard time grinding up too tough kale – it can’t get the pieces small enough. No blades have sharp edges and that surprised us when comparing with older blenders, but also explains why the kale never gets really blended. To sum up: not great for tough greens like kale – great for soups or blending only berries and bananas – great for whisking and incorporating bubbles. Rod is fixed so requires hand wash.

Our original bamix my parents purchased was in 1975 and lasted for over 35years. The only reason we had to replace it was, that it fell a few times too many to the floor. We purchased this 200 watt bamix for my parents and they love it. They said its so much stronger than the old one and a little taller. It now takes half the time due to the power. It makes fantastic smoothies – which the old one didn’t do so well. I purchased my own bamix 1991 –25 years ago – it did come with all 4 blades, the mill, a blending container and a counter stand and that’s where its standing. Since the bamix was purchased, its being used almost daily for our fruit/veggie smoothie. Using the bamix regularly – i make our own tomato and pizza sauce; pureed soup; mashed potatoes; in the summer jams; frozen drinks; homemade baby food for years; desserts; mayo and our famous cesar salad dressing. When we moved in 2003 the bamix was not used for approx.

Great mixer but not for whites.

One of my favorite tools in the kitchen. I love the homemade mayonnaise ready in seconds with healthy ingredients.

I have one that is 20 to 25 years old and running great. I bought this one as a gift for my son.

At first i was worried that this immersion blender was overkill in terms of rpms and length and weight, but it turns out it’s the same length of our cheaper cuisinart. The three attachments that come with the kit are great as compared to the single non-removable blade on the cuisinart my wife purchased several years ago ($39). My first batch of mayonnaise was perfect and much firmer and more fluffy; so simple it’s a crime. I tried the whipping attachment for whipped cream and had little luck the first go around as i used a small glass bowl. Then, i used the small bamix beaker for the whipped cream and, viola. Amazingly short time to whip. I also had a chance to use the multi-purpose blade to mix up sweet potatoes and orange sections and it did a significantly better job than the cuisinart – no large undetected chunks. I can’t wait to use this on other soups we make. I will say that the small attachments are eye candy for our 2-yr old and we lost the whisk attachment in less than a week.

The bamix g200 is one of many series of high quality immersion blenders. This one is replacing my wife’s single-speed version of some 22 years. The old one now occasionally squeals. The g200 has a longer shaft, but the stand was replaced with a wall-mounted holder, so you can’t just place the stand on the counter top. The new unit has two speeds, which is better than the old one, but the former on-off rocker switch was replaced with two silicone-covered momentary switches. As a safety feature, you now have to continuously hold down one of the switches during use. This may add safety, but is a royal pain in the finger when you are mixing something for 5 minutes.

Appears to have simple high quality components that are easy to clean and assemble. Works exactly as advertised.

I use this for bulletproof coffee. I has a special blade for liquids. No worries about you blender falling apart due to sudden high temperatures. Lots of power for every use. Good pulsing action at both speeds. Solid and highly recommended.

Europrep Two Speed 200-Watt “Chef Series” Hand Blender : May have to limit usage

I use it often to beat eggs,whip small amounts of whipped cream and blend soups and sauces. Light chopping in attachment bowl. There is a lot of parts to store.

Very nice blender, was even more powerful than i expected. It did a very fast and thorough job blending soup.

EuroPrep Two Speed 200-Watt “Chef Series” Hand Blender, Stainless Steel Blade. With Chopper and Whisk

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Free Lift Gate Delivery on large units Included to get unit off the truck only
  • Blend right in the pot, baker or bowl
  • The shaft reaches deep in to the bowl to thoroughly blend all the ingredients
  • Ergonomic grip is designed for easy one touch control, Removable blending shaft makes cleaning a breeze and is dishwasher safe
  • Blade guard prevents splattering and ensure clean and safe operation

For me it works perfectly fine, i’m a student with limited budget and space. It is the perfect substitute of a big blender. Easy to wash and i make my natural juices, pancake preparation, chop the onions and tomatoes for italian pasta sauce and everything like that with it.

Thie europrep two speed hand blender does so much. It obviously has 2 speeds with easy push button control. The base attaches to 3 attachments it comes with; a whisk, chopper/grinder, and a shaft with a steel blade on it. It also comes with a mixing cup and a holder for the whisk & steel blade shaft. So in essense, i can now get rid of my old mixer that i make shakes with, my hand blender which will whisk eggs or make whipped cream and i can chop nuts or other grains. How convenient is that, 1 machine taking the place of 3 kitchen tools. I’ve already used it for chopping nuts, since it’s christmas season and i’m baking. I also used it to make my protein shakes, oh and btw, did i say that the cup has measurements on the side in ml and oz. , only downfall is it’s difficult to read.

I have too many appliances on my counter and was hoping i could get rid of the blender– putting it away for ‘special occasions’ instead of everyday use. I was also tired of washing out the whole big blender and lid every time i made a single serving smoothie. I read that this would make smoothies in a cup, so that was my primary reason for trying it– and it worked great.I used my own glass (needed a wide enough opening for the attachment to fit through, obviously, so only my biggest glasses worked), filled it with blueberries, strawberries, protein powder, bananas, milk, and yogurt, and about 30 seconds later it was perfectly blended and ready to drink. Worked just as well as my blender, and i just had to give the attachment a quick wash afterwards. It’s dishwasher safe, which is even cooler, but simple enough to handwash with soapy water. This has two speeds, and i have started on the lower speed and then finished with the higher speed once the bulk of the blending is done. I worried that it would splash out of the glass, but didn’t have any such problem. It comes with its own mixing cup, too, but that would defeat the purpose for me of not wanting another thing to wash.

EuroPrep Two Speed 200-Watt “Chef Series” Hand Blender, Stainless Steel Blade. With Chopper and Whisk : After ordering i realized it isn’t what i really wanted.

It’s been working fine for almost a year. No problems or damage at all. Given the price, i think it’s doing a fantastic job.

Given its value, it is very good gadget.

So far, it works very well, and i love having the two settings, as well as the whisk. What i haven’t liked is the strong plastic smell when i first got it (maybe it’s all plastics, but other items get aired out more so i don’t notice it). I also found the white plastic of the blender head is cut poorly – you can see the rough cut, which makes it look cheap (but just as functional), and also some black scratches on the plastic body.

Daughter loves this addition to her kitchen.

I bought this because i didn’t want to shell out the big bucks for the braun model. When i first opened it i was disappointed because 1) it smelled bad and 2) the plastic on the blender attachment looked like it had been cut in a junior high school introductory course to cutting plastics. Or, if you prefer, looked like it was whittled with a knife. I know this is a cosmetic issue, but it is the only reason i’m giving this product 4 stars and not 5. In america we’re used to our plastic having smooth, shiny perfect edges. After i ran it through the dishwasher just once, the bad smell completely disappeared. And i mean no trace of it whatsoever, and i’m very picky and wary about mystery plastics. Also, when i used it, i was delighted to find that it works every bit as well as the braun.

Excelent product and very easy to use,it is one of the best hand blender and recommend it 100% and fast shipping.

After 3 years still working fine, i paid next to nothing 13 or 14 bucks.

Was concerned when the manual warned that you can only run the motor for one minute at a time, followed by ten minutes cool down time, to avoid motor damage.

Christmas gift for daughter. She reports it is ‘fantastic’.

The stick blender and chopper work fine but the whisk is not functional. The stand was wobbly and everything kept falling, so i tossed it.

Super fast delivery, perfect product for making home beauty products.

This blender is surprisingly good for the price paid. The blender shaft did come with a small crack but we used it anyway. It’s not a commercial or heavy duty machine so it’s not made to run for long periods of time (as it says in the instruction manual). I have made shakes (milk and ice cream) with it and it whipped them up without a problem. I have used it to blend ice and while it does do a good job making it slushy, i’m not sure i’d use it as the ice seems likely to crack the blender shaft. I’ve also used it to puree tomatoes for soup and it worked well enough for my expectations. The food processor works fairly well considering it’s small and not heavy duty but does require some scraping of the sides between pulses on thicker mixes. The whisk is surprisingly efficient, but i’d ensure a large enough container to keep it from shooting it out as it creates a strong whirlpool effect. With each use the original crack has grown so today i contacted customer service. They were very prompt in their replies and are sending out a replacement part.

Great packaging and shipping.

The mecanism for attaching the parts to the main blender its delicate, plastics, so it needs to be handle with extra care. Besides that, it does the work just as any other hand blender for a very good price.

Braun MR430HC Multiquick Deluxe Hand Blender & Chopper : Works as advertised

Been using it for 10+ years constantly to zip up everything from eggs, to soups to vegetables to quiches to gravy. The jar/cup broke awhile back but i love this hand blender just the same. Once it goes i will be purchasing another braun.

Quality is good enough for moderate home usage for the past 2 years.

Braun MR430HC Multiquick Deluxe Hand Blender & Chopper

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Set includes blender, whisk, chopper, bowl, beaker, and wall mount
  • Blends soups, sauces, baby food, juice drinks, and milk shakes
  • Whips cream, egg whites, and puddings
  • Chops herbs, nuts, garlic, and onions
  • One-year warranty against defects

Wish braun still made this model. It’s the best and doesn’t scratch your pans unlike kitchenaid’d immersion blender.

We use this immersion blender for mashed potatoes and milkshakes most of the time, although the chopping functions has also come in handy now and again. It’s so much nicer then washing an entire giant blender – just screw off the attachment and rinse and you’re done. I’ll never go back to a regular blender again. This model was conservatively priced and has all the power i need, and i’d buy it again.

I use this product while preparing almost every meal. The machine is really versatile – making blending, chopping and mincing of wet or dry ingredients really easy. Its a breeze when it comes to cleaning – whether by hand or in the dishwasher. The blender part of the machine is heat tolerant to the extent that you can use it directly in the pot where food is cooking. And you’ve got to love the compact size. Be careful of the whisk though – due to the high speed, i’ve sometimes had ingredients spilling out of my mixing bowls.

Braun MR430HC Multiquick Deluxe Hand Blender & Chopper : This takes the mess out of many tasks like blending soups and gravies. The multiquick is powerful enough to go get a smooth puree out of almost anything. Mine did not come with the whisk, but it use the regular attachment for almost anything. Careful with uncooked, easily oxidizing vegetables like avocado: the heat generated by the front-blade can turn your veggie puree color, so chill your bowl and reduce the rpms and exposure time.

Small but very powerful blender. In many cases provides better results than the large, more powerful blenders. Too bad that it is not sold in the us anymore. Most stuff produced in the us is useless because too many parts, too difficult to assemble and clean.

I’ve used similar handmixers like this one and find them very useful. This one, however, does have a slight flaw, one of the attachments keeps falling off in the middle of operation. Other than that one problem, i would have to still recommend this item because it is still functional.

This is a kitchen tool that is well worth the reasonable price. It takes up very little shelf space and can be easily cleaned. The accessories attach and detach with ease. It’s great to be able to beat or mix or blend mixtures right in their own container without having to bother with huge mixers or stationary blenders. The other day i forgot that i had this nifty tool and was trying to stir up a concoction that wasn’t responding well to my wooden spoon. It made things much easier and more effective when i remembered to use my braun hand blender. The chopper attachment works very well too. This product is an asset to any kitchen and doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, like similar products. This is one purchase that i certainly don’t regret.

Here’s an instance of bad luck turned good; we moved and of course, the box of kitchen stuff failed to turn up and my older model braun hand blender was gone. I had to purchase a new one, so i got another braun because i loved my old one. Well, this is certainly an improved model over the one i bought 10 years ago. Immensely improved, and i love it so much i am, well, looking for things to beat up. Like pureed vegetable soups, frozen yogurt mix for the freezer, you name it. Here’s what has been made so much better:1. The attachments that used to come with the braun were run by the actual cutting blade. With this model, you can remove the blade portion of the stalk and screw the motor shaft onto the mini-chopper or whisk. The older chopper was hard to use because you had to hold it carefully in the socket designed for the blade to run the shaft.

I make bread dough in my food processor and i whisk up egg whites for waffles with this handy hand blender. I also just got sara moulton’s cookbook that contains a recipe for basic yellow cake made in the food processor. This is fine for egg whites but it is way too fast for powder things. I use the blender attachment in hot boiling soup to cream up swiss chard. This is the best way that i can see to eat tough but vitamin rich greens like swiss chard and kale i. Chop them up as fine as possible and add an enormous amount of them near the end of the cooking process as you would herbs and puree away so they incorporate into the potatoey cream soup so as to not be noticeable. I don’t use this everyday though. I tried pureeing veggies in a tall stockpot and still got bits flinging out.

This hand mixer is convient, easy to use, clean and store. It does exactly as decribed. I use this product to mix health shakes and it preforms well. This is the second one i have used and their great.If you are looking for a great easy to use mixer buy this product, you won’t be dissapointed.

Ya know, i really wanted to like this unit. In fact, i think its probably as good a hand mixer/blender/etc. Problem is, that’s the problem. First, it doesn’t really ‘chop’ anything. It sort of minces then smooshes stuff. So for chopping – use a knife. The clear plastic dealy with the blade in it is next to worthless. It holds so little and again. The basic unit does a fine job – of mixing up chocolate milk and blending soups as long as you have sufficient liquid depth and don’t start the thing till its fully submerged. If the liquid is too shallow or you start too soon – be prepared for major kitchen cleanup. One last thing – be sure you have storage locations for all of the stuff, the wall deal doesn’t store everything (and frankly i doubt if you really will want to hang it anyway – if you do you’ll have a cord flopping around your work surface (unless you neatly wrap it up each time, another pain)). All in all a great chocolate milk mixer, kool-aide maker, canned soup stirrer.

This is the 2nd one i have purchased, this one one was for my brother who just needed a ‘simple-to-operate-gadget in his kitchen . He had no idea you could get a blender/chopper so small with so many other ‘bits’ to it .

I’m crazy in love with this item; it’s handy, sturdy, washes easily, and not complicated – it’s the first item i’ve added to my kitchen in many years.

I use it almost every day to make pureed fruits and veggies for my infant. The only thing is that if you’re making something thick in the measuring cup that the blender comes with, sometimes you have to take the blender out, mix the food a little, and then continue to blend. Otherwise the stuff at the bottom gets a little liquidy, while the stuff at the top stays chunky.

Bought this for my daughter because she loves gadgets, never thinking i would want one for myself. After using it at her house, i think this is a great little machine. Use it many times in place of my blender, food processor and mixer. Don’t use it for heavy mixing, not made for that.

Under no circumstances use this to puree any tomato-based items. It will stain and will not wash off, bleach off, scrub off. Besides the stainability, i have absolutely no fault to find with this unit. You can’t beat it for the price.

Really a great little blender for the price. I never got the wall mount to work but it’s not so heavy that you really need one ( nor so beautiful that you’d want to see it regularly). Throw it in a drawer and you’ll pull it out before you pull out the bigger guns, so to speak.

Great product for a great price. The old one was still going strong – no problems with the motor or most of the accessories. Ten years or so of almost daily use (we really like to cook and eat, this thing is great for chopping garlic) resulted in a cracked plastic bowl. So we’ve now got plenty of spare parts. These make great housewarming gifts – much nicer than a gift certificate and everybody that sort of looks at it and scratches their head ends up loving it.

It’s not the sturdiest, and it’d be nice to have more than one speed, but it does a perfectly fine job of what it’s supposed to do. Would i recommend it to others?. Probably – but id like to see how well it holds up over the next year. Ive only had it a month so far.

This is a great product, and value for the price. The attachments are useful, especially the chopping attachment.

Bamix Pro-3 GL200 Professional Series NSF Rated 200 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender – A classic kitchen must have

I bought this product for my french household, after i bought another major brand immersion blender for my us household. I regret that i bought the other brand: it is powerful but bamix is simply better and more efficient in every way. It’s the oldest line of its kind, yet still the best. I cook large quantities and it works very well for that, but also for smaller stuff, like mixing up dressings and making guacamole.

The only one i recommend at my bread and pastry school.

Ten years ago i purchased the bamix gastro 200. It has held up well except for a sticky power button flaw. The motor seems to have died recently after a few moments use. I researched other pro mixers and decided to stay with the bamix though it is expensive. So far it looks good, but about 4 inches longer and hopefully more power, 350 watts vs 200. Here are the specifications for the Bamix Pro-3 GL200 Professional Series NSF Rated 200 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Handbuilt in Switzerland with 3 stainless steel interchangeable blades: Aerating blade, Blending blade, and Chopping blade with NSF rating to handle professional cooking projects.
  • Powerful 200 watt AC motor keeps constant, precise speed under heavy loads. It is energy efficient supplying more power with less watts. Balanced to reduce vibration and ensure quiet operation.
  • 2 speeds: Low – 10,000 RPM and High – 14,000 RPM with push button control for continuous or pulse action with an ergonomic handle for comfort.
  • 11.4 inch shaft is chromated brass. The body is PA6 safety rated nylon and fully sealed. Submersible length is 15.4 inches for accommodating extra large and deep pots and pans. Both are high heat resistant to safely use in boiling liquids or hot pots.
  • Open head design creates a perfect vortex to draw food into the blades for faster and more efficient mixing. All parts are easy to clean under running water.

Absolutely love it, no comparing to the less expensive ones out on the market. This will puree food in a matter of seconds.

This blender was a replacement for one i bought about ten years ago. The only design flaw in this product is the rubber pad you press to start/stop blades- it wears out. Hard plastic housing and more durable button pads would add to the life of the models i’ve owned. Otherwise, this is the best food prep utensil i’ve ever had and i use it daily since 1987. I have not and would not be without one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Mother of all Immersion Blenders
  • Really Superior
  • Gotta trust the Swiss

I didn’t appreciate the size until i got the mixer. I am not that tall and had to return the mixer for the shorter version because it was awkward for me to use (basically i had to stand on my tip toes). I am very happy with the pro-2, it does exactly what it says it will do.

Used this just once so far and it works fabulously. Pureed a batch of cauliflower soup in about 2 minutes. Absolutely beats using a blender.

Power’s through veggies when i make bisque. Have not found any thing to not like about it.

We have had several immersion blenders from the local department and kitchen goods stores. They were adequate in their operation and provided needed services. For christmas 2011, our daughter-in-law mentioned that she was looking into the bamix immersion blender. We purchased it for her for christmas and were blown away by its size and operation. Since our cheaper version of immersion blender deep-sixed just before thanksgiving, i decided to get one for my wife. They are not cheap by any measure but what you get is definitely the cadillac of blenders. The gl200 pro is exactly that, a professional model with a long neck, powerful motor, and accessories to meet practically every need. Used it recently to blend a pot of split pea soup and it only took a few bursts of power to blend all ingredients. This blender fits right in with our other appliances, vita-mix blender and kitchen-aide mixer, all with the power to accomplish any task. Amazon’s price was also a selling point for us.

This is an excelnet blender it works very well have a lot of power the only thing is a little big and is dificult to use becouse the size.

I tried to like this unit but it was just too much money for too little performance increase over basic consumer immersion blenders. Performance gain was really just a longer sealed shaft and bit more power than my consumer grade 10 year old cuisinart. I returned this and bought the 1/2 horsepower waring commercial for less money. The waring is big but if you are looking for pro for a home kitchen it is the way to go. On my single use before returning, the bamix got quite hot just pureeing white bean soup. The waring made short work of the same job with ease and power to spare and did not overheat.

Got it for my wife, she loves it.

Way too much mixer for the average cook. This thing is massive and looks powerful. I returned it without using because it is just commercial scale.

I bought this to replace my 20+ year old bamix 100. Which i love and have used everyday to make protein smoothies with frozen berries besides other things. It did a great job but the new one does it faster and the finished smoothie is smoother with no chunks of frozen berries.

This immersion blender beats the pants off of trying to blend large amounts of ingredients in a classic blender. My wife was making soup without one of these and it was a nightmare transferring liquids. With the bamix in hand she can grind up a large or small batch of ingredients with little fuss. The size of this is nice because its tall enough to go into a large pot but small enough that you can still wield it easily in a small saucepan. I also use this to make smoothies. As long as i use a big enough glass, this thing can shred up some fruit and protein powder into a delicious shake in 15-20 seconds. Cleanup is so easy, i love it. The bamix is surprisingly quiet. You can barely hear the motor whirring when you spin it up. It is nice to use such a powerful tool and not have to cringe every time you start it because of all of the racket it makes.

Sorry i tough the mixers came with 4 blades and complained, but it came completely and runs perfec, sorry for my complaint and thanks, it’s a good mixer,.

After burning through a few other immersion blenders i decided to go back to the original brand. Its extremely efficient, feels like quality. I just used mine for the first time and i am impressed. I just have to get used to not being able to detach the shaft for cleaning, this is a con for me as i don’t like to have to deal with the power cord dangling around when i’m cleaning the blender. But not enough of a con for me not to just love my new blender. I do wonder though why the shaft is chromated brass (nice and shiny), the blades are stainless steel (nice and shiny), so what is the head made of cause it doesn’t stay nice and shiny?.

If you need a simple, straightforward mixer, buy this one. Easy to use, very sturdy and hefty.

I can’t say enough about our blender that is positive. It’s sturdy, it’s lightweight so if you’re a weakling like me, don’t worry about how heavy it i. It’s stem is waterproof, it’s easy to clean, and with the extra long stem, i can make large pots of soup and still blend with ease. We did so much thorough research on immersion blenders before making a purchase because we’re not the type of shoppers looking for a cheap product. The bamix line of blenders is the only line that lived up to our high expectations. The only thing that’s silly about bamix is that they don’t label the 3 attachments, so we had to guess which head was the whisk and which was the blender (the chopper is easy to point out) and trust our logic. We kind of felt silly that it wasn’t obvious. Com you can get a picture label of which attachment is which.

We are using it in the church kitchen and it’s as powerful and as easy to use as advertised. This took the place of small, personal immersion blenders that burned out quickly.