Cafe Deluxe French Press Coffee Maker & Coffee Press – 1 Liter – No cd as advertised, disappointed.

This is a fantastic french press. I have a smaller one that works just fine but this one is definitely good for when you have company or want to make extra coffee to keep in the fridge. The mesh really keeps the smaller grounds from making their way into your cup. And an added bonus is i got it for 4 dollars with a special promo code.

Make excellent tasting coffee. Better than keurig or hamilton single cup maker. Should have a more solid or sturdy base since it is made of glass and is tall and skinny. I improvised and made a nice square wood base for it.

My previous press broke in dishwasher so glad to see thicker glass in this one. Stainless steel top and holder also spiffy.

Good design,i like durable materia.

Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I’ve bought other french press coffee maker before but enjoys the volume of this product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Makes great coffee
  • revised I think this problem could be corrected by fixing the straining portion with the pole in a better manner.
  • takes time and effort

Gave this as a gift and the recipient was very happy thanks.

I received a promo code for this product. I found it to be very sturdy of good quality and works fantastic.

I would definitely recommend it.

He uses it for coffee and tea. It really does allow for better flavored beverage without any grounds floating.

Wanted a new way to make coffee and am extremely happy with this. Coffee taste much better when you make it yourself.

I had the same problem as the other negative review. After two days of use about 4 pots of coffee the plunger is doing in sideways and will not strain the grounds. Did not use it with any excessive force or misuse. I think this problem could be corrected by fixing the straining portion with the pole in a better manner. Revised-after i wrote this review i got an email asking about the issue. They replaced it and it is now working fine. I have to say the press works great as long as the plunger stays affixed. I raised the review as the company was very responsive and addressed the issue in a very timely manner.

Easy to make coffee, but my coffee maker handle was broken, i don’t like it.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own. I feel so classy having this french press. I am still getting the hang of using it but i am so happy i got one to add to my kitchen gadget collection.

I love coffee and can be pretty particular about brewing methods & appliances. I wanted to buy a new french press that was pretty and functioned well. Gorgeous hardware, perfect size, and great customer service.

The top the the draw shaft for pressing down popped right off i think its cheapo made that way other than that it worked great.

This is perfect when you don’t have power available and the coffee has a great flavor.

Read the instructions and follow them. It won’t make its excellent brew if you just grind pour and plunge. If you are just getting up and want a cuppa use your drip coffee maker. If you want to take the time and carefully brew french press coffee it will be worth your money. A smaller one for brewing loose tea.

Prefer bodum over this make, was disappointed with the cheap construction. Couple things to note: glass is thin and the nut on the bottom of the press comes apart, which makes it tricky when you clean. You can easily loose the nut down the drain.

Good product but the lid/press part of mine is kinda wobbly and if i’m not careful it’s not going to go down evenly.

I’ve used it for a week now. The screen is nice and tight, so it doesn’t allow grounds to get through, it seems to be well made and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do: brew a good cup of coffee.

DeLonghi BCO264B Cafe Nero Combo Coffee and Espresso Maker – It’s great while it works

I was very pleased with purchase. First time ordering an item that was not new but i was very pleased. Might evenorder another but had forgotten what kind of warrantee comes with purchase ordered like this?.

Love this coffee/espresso maker so far.

Use it every day so far so good. Here are the specifications for the DeLonghi BCO264B Cafe Nero Combo Coffee and Espresso Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Make drip coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte with this three-in-one machine. Saves counter space instead of having a separate drip coffee maker and espresso machine.
  • Wake up to the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee with the 24-hour programmable digital timer.
  • Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the patented instant froth dispenser; lets you add frothed milk to the same cup as your coffee for a cappuccino
  • Durable and long lasting permanent gold-tone filter is specially designed to keep even the finest grounds out of coffee.
  • Choose the strength of coffee just the way you like it with the Accuflavor selector dial.

Suddenly just stopped working. The espresso maker is loud and vibrates terribly. I think i will try a moccamaster this time.

This combination coffee maker is the perfect addition to our kitchen. We have the ability to save precious counter space with the single device that brews excellent cappuccinos for my wife and coffee for me. A great addition to any kitchen where space is a premium.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Maybe too much on a product
  • I love my machine
  • worked for a while

No issues with the coffee maker, easy to use and it keeps the hot longer then the coffee makers i had in the past, nice unit.

Screw on coffee basket already rusting.

I love this machine it makes a cappuccino just as well as starbucks. My only complaint would be with the instruction manual isn’t very clear, i had to watch a video to understand it, but after that it was easy to use and clean.

We have never used a machine like this before so we read the directions carefully and followed them. Simple to use, coffee, espresso, lattes, cappucinos. All taste great and super easy to make.

Missing booklet and filterother than that it was a wonderful gift for my honeyi was impressed with how quickly i received.

I use it in an office environment. The first coffeemaker broke in under 12 months. But it’s relatively inexpensive, so if you don’t mind replacing the unit frequently, you won’t be disappointed. Consider this a disposable unit.

I have had this since feb 2010 (now aug 2010 ) and i use it every day for after diner espresso and cappuccino and ever morning for coffee i’ve had no problems with it. For this price point its worth the money there are better units out there but they cost more and are not coffee brewers and (pump style) espresso makers in one. It’s nice to have just one combo unit to save counter space.

The drip maker stopped working after a couple months.

I love the coffee side and my wife loves the expresso side.

I don’t overuse it, but for day to day coffee making, i couldn’t before pleased.

Overall, we’re satisfied with this product. The regular coffeemaker is easy to use. I particularly like the fact that the water reservoirs can be removed and filled right from the tap. Even if there’s residual water, it doesn’t leak out the bottom if you pull the tank out of the coffeemaker. And we like that the coffee grounds holder swings out away from the machine, making it easy to fill. The steamer works fine; i turn it on first thing in the am and it’s always ready to go no more than 10 minutes later. Our only challenge is the espresso maker. We still haven’t figured out the technique for making an espresso that’s not too strong or too weak. We’ll keep practicing; in the meantime, we’re just adding foamed milk to our regular coffee, which satisfies the need.

The instructions were a little tough, but i persevered and got everything up and running. It makes delicious coffee and the espresso had a nice crema. I used the frother to froth up almond milk and (again) once i figured it out, it worked perfectly. Overall, i’m very happy with my purchase. My only complaint, it was a demo model and the chlorine filter was not in the package.

Lasted two years and four weeks-the hot plate went out and i missed to warranty by four weeks. I won’t buy again it also went up in price. It really should last longer.

This is really worth to invest and enjoy. I have both worlds either coffee or espresso. And it’s just very convenient.

Our espresso maker quit working properly after about 4 months (very little water would come through the espresso maker). To the credit of delonghi this was under warranty and the process took only a couple weeks to receive the replacement. So, we do have the replacement. But we are also lacking the ‘peace of mind’ because of our uncertainty about how long this new unit will last. 4 months wasn’t very impressive. This obviously isn’t top of the line, but we anticipated it would last more than 4 months for the money spent.

Nespresso D121-US4-BK-NE1 Citiz Espresso Maker – Best decision ever

Among the best product investments i’ve ever made. This is an outstanding product for its reliability, quality, and ease of use. Before finally making the sensible choice to spend a little more on a nespresso we tried a few different traditional espresso machines that required packing grounds, building up steam pressure, etc. All of those ended in frustration but nespresso has solved all our problems. I’ve since told a number of people looking for latte / espresso machines to look no further. It rarely needs cleaning, it never leaks, it makes a consistent espresso, and the milk frother is simple to use and very easy to clean. Only downsides are that the espresso is not as hot as some people might like; personally i’m fine with that. Second, the pods are difficult to find in stores so you really need to order online from nespresso. They are expensive but, in the end it is still remarkably cheaper than going to a coffee shop and getting a similar result.

I see that a lot of people are not happy about the machine or the coffee or the absence of on/off button. As far as the button goes, it’s so easy to use that after using it literally once or twice the fact that this specific machine doesn’t come with the button will not bother you a bit. You push any one of the buttons on top, once they stop blinking, the water is hot enough and you are ready for brewing. The cool part is that you can set the amount of coffee/espresso to be made to your own liking. Just hold the button until the desired level in the cup is achieved and next time the machine will make that same amount. Repeat the same procedure for the other button. I can’t believe some people are complaining about the quality of the actual coffee. It is the smoothest coffee i have tried so far in the usa. Unless you’re comparing it to turkish/arabic coffee (talking about the properly made kind) or the actual italian coffee at some little italian cafe.It is very smooth, has no aftertaste, flavors and intensity assortment is great.

Couldn’t be happier with this espresso maker.

The best cup of coffee every time hands down. I am so gald i found out about this.

Works great and the coffee is good. The machine has a small footprint and the frother is quiet. I received this as a gift, and the whole capsule thing continues to bother me. I wish there was a good way to refill/reuse capsules. I am a french press-aero press fan, but this is nice for serving coffee to guests and the aeroccino is wonderful.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Machine for Quick Coffee Drinks and Little Clean up.
  • Great little machine
  • This is the best decision I ever made in terms of spending money

I do not like the taste of nespresso espresso (i have semi-auto + lavazza for this purpose). I generally use this machine to make quick latte and it has save me so much time.

I got this because i love my mom’s (which she bought for over $500 in a store). I am so happy with it because it makes the perfect coffee with only 3 buttons. I am even happier about the price.

Returned item the first time because booklet indicated 1 frother and one stirrer. Second shipment had only the frother and no stirrer. Apparently not included in this model.

The best investment i have done. I don’t remember the last time i went to a starbucks. The customer support is great, the quality of the espresso is superior and the aeroccino makes froth cold or hot. I can use any milk ( coconut and almond creamer is preferred) this was the best purchase i did in 2015.

Love the larger capacity frother.

Makes great espressos and cappuccinos. Good service from nespresso on new cartridges.

This is our forth nespresso machine and by far the best. The basic coffee/expresso functions all work perfectly as you would expect. What sets is apart is the milk frother. You simply pour a bit of milk into the frother and press the button. Spoon it in the cup and add 2 shots of expresso for a perfect cappuccino. The frothed is easy to rinse out, even if you forget to do it for 24 hours. Way easier than the steam wand design.

Not a fan of the built in platform for the frother-akward size.

I was in the market for a single brew machine. I opted for nespresso over other brands because i read all the other great reviews, besides i enjoy ‘americanos’. Must say though that my first machine did not work at all. Water spilled all over the counter. I called nespresso directly and they replaced my machine with another one. One another note, i purchased my nespresso with the aerocino, the milk frother. Our morning weekend treats are homemade cappuccinos, and personally i think they are better than the coffee shop ones.

The espresso is not to bad at all, especially for the convenience. It’s not gonna replace a great espresso from your favorite barista, but definitely works as an in between or easy to make espresso when you crave one. I had debated between the nespresso or the keurig, and chose nespresso because it makes espresso and coffees whereas the keurig only makes coffees. The nespresso is extremely easy to maintain and operate, seems very reliable as there aren’t a lot of moving parts. I love the quiet milk frothing. Very easy to operate as well. Even though the nespresso produces wonderful crema, don’t expect to make any latte art with that frothing machine, but maybe it’s possible ha ha. Definitely a worthwhile purchase for the convenience and decent espresso.

I bought the nespresso citiz after a vacation and had one in our room. I think the maker works well but the directions were no longer relevant. The directions had pictures to accompany the step-by-step. But it did not match my unit. It said to use the power button on the side to turn the unit on/off. There is no power button, which in itself does not present a problem as i was able to figure out that you had to hit one of the coffee cup buttons to turn it on. Unfortunately the power button does more than turn on power. The directions use this for set-up when deciding how much water to expel for your cup etc.

Have had this for over 6 months and love it. Puts the keurig traditional coffee drips machine to shame.

This is the best decision i ever made in terms of spending money on an appliance. I can’t drink regular coffee anymore after the nespresso. Coffee pods are a bit expensive but i am willing to spend the money on a good espresso that i don’t have to buy at starbucks or another coffee shop.

Fell in love with my friend’s pixie whenever i visited him and now loving whenever i’m in a hotel suite that has a nespresso machine. Bought this one when my friend upgraded theirs from a pixie to a citiz due to a bigger water reservoir and less splashing due to the shelf for smaller cups, so i thought that was perfect reasons to get the citiz. Love this machine, it makes a good cup of espresso and great coffee drinks. I particularly like this citiz & milk setup with the smaller tray just for the aeroccino3 because there’s more counter-top or capsule storage that’s on display. The first one i received leaked all over the counter after making like 4-5 cups of coffee in a row. It was replaced with a proper one. Note: they do leak a bit making drinks, but the machine does have 2 leak reservoirs for catching about 1/2oz of water each time you press one of the coffee size buttons. Every nespresso machine i’ve come across has the same amount water caught in the leak reservoirs so don’t freak out.

I love this coffee maker and all the different coffees you can make.

It’s so easy to use i can make a latte with one hand while holding a fussy baby in the other. I’m very happy with the flavor and crema of the espresso.

Nestle Nespresso Nespresso D121-US4-BK-NE1 Citiz Espresso Maker, Love how simple it is to operate and the lattes

This is our forth nespresso machine and by far the best. The basic coffee/expresso functions all work perfectly as you would expect. What sets is apart is the milk frother. You simply pour a bit of milk into the frother and press the button. Spoon it in the cup and add 2 shots of expresso for a perfect cappuccino. The frothed is easy to rinse out, even if you forget to do it for 24 hours. Way easier than the steam wand design.

Coffe is really awesome, but as many people wrote here, there is a leak. Also my coffe machine does not have an on/off button, as showed on the advertisement.

Key specs for Nespresso D121-US4-BK-NE1 Citiz Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother, Black:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easy insertion and ejection of capsules; Holds 10 used capsules; Removable 34-ounce water tank; For use with Nespresso coffee capsules only
  • Integrated aeroccino milk frother; Rapid one touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth for Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato and Iced Cappuccino
  • Compact brewing unit technology, Fast preheating time: 25 seconds; 19 Bar high pressure pump; Automatic power off after 9 minutes of inactivity. Machine can be turned on by hitting either the Espresso or Lungo buttons located at top of machine
  • Automatic and programmable coffee volume quantity (Espresso and Lungo). Pivoting cup tray accommodates tall recipe glasses. To turn the machine on either press the Espresso or Lungo button.
  • Water Tank Capacity: 34 oz. Container capacity: 9-11 used capsules

Comments from buyers

“Great Machine for Quick Coffee Drinks and Little Clean up.
, Great little machine
, This is the best decision I ever made in terms of spending money

Nespresso is the real deal for those who really care about their java. The aeroccino frother perfects my lattes. My breville espresso maker is idled because i can’t come close to the quality and satisfaction i experience with my nespresso espresso beverages. I first used nespresso in hotel rooms in italy, have been hooked ever since. If you seek italian restaurant quality coffee on demand in your home, nespresso ends your search.

This is the best decision i ever made in terms of spending money on an appliance. I can’t drink regular coffee anymore after the nespresso. Coffee pods are a bit expensive but i am willing to spend the money on a good espresso that i don’t have to buy at starbucks or another coffee shop.

Couldn’t be happier with this espresso maker.

The best cup of coffee every time hands down. I am so gald i found out about this.

Returned item the first time because booklet indicated 1 frother and one stirrer. Second shipment had only the frother and no stirrer. Apparently not included in this model.

I have a friend that has this machine and after i tried it i was sold on it. My husband bought it for me and we love it a lot. It’s fast and easy and the coffee is amazing. I always wake up excited to have a cup of coffee. Probably one of the best investments. We had an espresso machine and it required a lot of work and time that i didn’t have in the morning.

I was in the market for a single brew machine. I opted for nespresso over other brands because i read all the other great reviews, besides i enjoy ‘americanos’. Must say though that my first machine did not work at all. Water spilled all over the counter. I called nespresso directly and they replaced my machine with another one. One another note, i purchased my nespresso with the aerocino, the milk frother. Our morning weekend treats are homemade cappuccinos, and personally i think they are better than the coffee shop ones.

We have the regular nespresso without the frother at one home in red – and just love the convenience of a good espresso to compliment our love of coffee. We decided to take it to the next level with the frother instead of buying a separate frother for $79-99 – and are very pleased. It makes a great frothy foam with skim milk, half & half, and even flavored coffee creams. The newer controls to automatically turn it off are a nice feature.

It is very noisy, and using the descaling cleaner was kind of a task but i use it maybe 4 times a week and i’ve had it for 2+ years now. I didn’t regret this purchase one bit.

I see that a lot of people are not happy about the machine or the coffee or the absence of on/off button. As far as the button goes, it’s so easy to use that after using it literally once or twice the fact that this specific machine doesn’t come with the button will not bother you a bit. You push any one of the buttons on top, once they stop blinking, the water is hot enough and you are ready for brewing. The cool part is that you can set the amount of coffee/espresso to be made to your own liking. Just hold the button until the desired level in the cup is achieved and next time the machine will make that same amount. Repeat the same procedure for the other button. I can’t believe some people are complaining about the quality of the actual coffee. It is the smoothest coffee i have tried so far in the usa. Unless you’re comparing it to turkish/arabic coffee (talking about the properly made kind) or the actual italian coffee at some little italian cafe.It is very smooth, has no aftertaste, flavors and intensity assortment is great.

Makes great espressos and cappuccinos. Good service from nespresso on new cartridges.

The best investment i have done. I don’t remember the last time i went to a starbucks. The customer support is great, the quality of the espresso is superior and the aeroccino makes froth cold or hot. I can use any milk ( coconut and almond creamer is preferred) this was the best purchase i did in 2015.

I do not like the taste of nespresso espresso (i have semi-auto + lavazza for this purpose). I generally use this machine to make quick latte and it has save me so much time.

Love the coffee and great machine.

Hot, great steamer, frothier.

My husband and i had the best coffee every morning while visiting a friend in switzerland. Our friend used a nespresso machine. It was the next model up from this actually. However, i decided to give this one a shot and purchased this machine for my husband’s birthday. It’s simple and fast and saves me money (by having less trips to the coffee shop for my espresso). I think this is worth every penny i spent.

Gf loves to come over and make herself coffees. Ill even waker her up with a cup. Definitely great coffee for entertain and everyday use.

Among the best product investments i’ve ever made. This is an outstanding product for its reliability, quality, and ease of use. Before finally making the sensible choice to spend a little more on a nespresso we tried a few different traditional espresso machines that required packing grounds, building up steam pressure, etc. All of those ended in frustration but nespresso has solved all our problems. I’ve since told a number of people looking for latte / espresso machines to look no further. It rarely needs cleaning, it never leaks, it makes a consistent espresso, and the milk frother is simple to use and very easy to clean. Only downsides are that the espresso is not as hot as some people might like; personally i’m fine with that. Second, the pods are difficult to find in stores so you really need to order online from nespresso. They are expensive but, in the end it is still remarkably cheaper than going to a coffee shop and getting a similar result.

Great machine and great coffee quality. Reminds me of european coffee.

We lived overseas for 15 years and have had some great coffee in the u. And australia, and believe me i never would have thought that a pod-based coffee machine could make anything i would want to drink. My in-laws have a keurig and the coffee coming out of that thing was rather unpleasant. We used to have a gaggia classic espresso machine and used it for a few years, but the problem with the manual machines is that one pull would be excellent and then another one would come out bitter. It was very difficult to be consistent which i found frustrating especially when trying to make coffee for guests, and it was time consuming to make more than one or two. Just got this citiz after days and days of research and we are blown away by the quality of the espresso and coffee this machine produces. There is very nice crema that even passes the sugar test, and it smells fabulous.

So glad we made this purchase. It’s quick and easy to use, easy to clean, and has mad our lives better and saved us so much money that we used to spend buying coffee out.

KRUPS 867-42 Il Caffe Bistro 10-Cup Coffee/4-Cup Espresso Maker, Best Coffee Machine Ever!

Ok, i have the older version that doesn’t have the timer. It was a wedding gift over 7 years ago. We used this machine (both coffee and espresso sides) daily sometimes several times a day and it wasn’t until recently that we had problems. We made the mistake of not cleaning with vinegar on a regular basis and ended up clogging the espresso side because of our hard water. The coffee side still works, but i miss my morning mocha latte. 🙁 technically, i did fix the espresso side by using lime away, but can’t get that smelll and taste out of the coffee for it to be safe to consume. So, my advice is to clean with 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water on a regular basis and stay away from lime away. So, i’m back in the market for an espresso machine and we will purchase a new krups dual machine as soon as we get a water softener. In the meantime i’m purchasing a cheap espresso machine, as the ‘coffee shop’ trips are becoming too frequent and cost too much. As for people complaining about the sturdiness of htis machine – i don’t know what they are talking about.

This is one great coffee maker for the price. Espresso temperature isn’t too hot, but the cappucino maker is fantastic. The instructions are very straight forward and i was able to make a good cup of cappucino on my first try.

Bought a swiss made coffee/espresso maker with expectations a little high, i guess. No original box, no manual, and right off the counter, used. I cleaned it thoroughly, ran vinegar water thru it 3 times, etc. Works very well, and all the parts were in good order. I recommend this particular krups model if you are picky about your java.

Key specs for Krups 867-42 Il Caffe Bistro 10-Cup Coffee/4-Cup Espresso Maker, DISCONTINUED:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Dual-purpose machine brews 10 5-ounce cups regular coffee, 4 cups espresso
  • Separate water tanks permit simultaneous coffee and espresso brewing
  • Steam nozzle with frothing attachment covers making cappuccino and caffe latte
  • Programmable 24-hour clock/timer for “wake-up” coffee; 20-second pause for mid-brew pour
  • Measures 13 by 12 by 10 inches; 1-year limited warranty, 90 days for parts and service

Comments from buyers

“I love the Krups coffee/cappuccino machine
, used, dirty, but cleaned up nice
, well worth it

I bought this unit in 1994 (yes 12 years ago) and it hasn’t skipped a beat. Every few years when i remember, i update the review here at amazon. I’ve made coffee with it almost every day and it still works as well as the day i bought it. It’s performance is nothing short of remarkable. I recommend cleaning it with 1/2 strength vinegar at least once a year to remove mineral deposits. As far as the espresso function, i’ve used it sporadically but have always been impressed with the quality of the foam/brew. I couldn’t imagine a better performing coffemaker in terms of appearance, quality, and function for the price. When and if this unit fails, i will definitely buy another krups model.

I purchased one of these about 12 years ago at an auction, and fell in love with it. It worked beautifully for 12 years [making coffee at least once per day, and espresso several times per week. When it finally died, i searched for it, but wanted to see if i could just buy something cheaper. I bought krups and non-krups machines – and returned every one of them and opted to go back to this machine despite it slightly higher price. This is the best coffee ever, and the espresso is perfect. ]

We bought an espresso machine that was about $250 a while ago and never made a cup of anything because we couldn’t figure it out. I caught this one on sale and picked it up for $90 and am thrilled with it. My coffee shop habit was running me about $8/day with cappuccino and a bagel, so this machine easily paid for itself. As other reviewers have noted, the machine is very easy to operate.I think the coffee is actually better than from my mom’s $200 coffee pot, but it may be that i buy better coffee. I have been thrilled and friends are amazed at the ‘fancy’ coffee and how quickly i make it. I purchased the metal frothing pitcher made by krupps for $10 and liked how the pieces worked together. It’s also a handy place to keep the little pieces when the machine isn’t in use.

I bought this maker around 1993. About years later it finally is having trouble with it’s power switch. I’m looking into a new one in the hopes that i can take advantage of some of the industries innovations. It has worked like a champ and got me through college, brewing one to two pots a day. The espresso this machine makes is ok. But the machine has been a champ. It has been with me through 10+ moves over the past 16 years and if it weren’t for the power switch i’d hope to keep it for another 16. Overall, this is an excellent reliable coffee/espresso combo maker. Your money will be well spent.

This is my 3rd or 4th krups coffee/espresso/cappuccino machine. I received the first one as a gift and every time the machine stopped working correctly, i’ve replaced it with the identical machine. Each one has lasted about 4-5 years. I make about 30 pots of coffee per week. I hope they never stop making this machine, i love it.

I am really pleased with this machine. It makes a wonderful cup of regular coffee and using it for espresso and cappuchino is quite easy. When i opened it i was a little concerned because it looks complicated – but its not. My purchase experience was great as well. Its a tidy package and i don’t have to litter my counter tops with several coffee machines – this does it all.

We’ve used the cuisinart grind & brew for over 8 years, but recently decided we needed an upgrade. After searching and reading reviews by others, decided on this machine. We were not disappointed; although this machine doesn’t grind the beans, it makes a great cup of regular coffee, and the espresso and cappuccino features are very easy to use, and make a great cuppa, as my aussie mother-in-law says. My husband also likes the easy clean up, since that’s his job~.

My wife gave me the 867-42 caffe bistro three years ago and it has been a very reliable machine. I have had none of the problems that other reviews have listed. The only design flaw that i have found is the tabs that keep the lid of the espresso caraffe in place. In krups defense, every caraffe that i have seen has the same type of lid. The coffee maker works well. The warmer keeps the brew a bit too warm, but that usually isn’t a problem. It is basically a good machine, especially considering the inexpensive price.

I gave this gift to my sister and her husband as a wedding gift, and they have done nothing but rave about it and make coffee and expresso for all their guests. They love the design and the easy to use functionality of this machine. I personally don’t drink coffee but i would recommend this as a must have appliance to any serious coffee connoisseur.

I have loved this machine for 3 years now. But today i am in the market for a new machine because this one died. It started to have pump problems and now just leaks all of the water i put into it. It would expect the product should last more than 3 years. It did a great job while it lasted.

This machine makes good coffee and espresso. Not magnificent, not spectacular, but good. It just takes a little know-how and freshly-ground beans to get surprisingly good espresso. I bought one for my mom as a gift and she’s absolutely thrilled with the timer function, she finds it really convenient to set it up the night before and have it just go in the morning (she’s not as much of a fresh-ground freak as i am though). The coffee and espresso aren’t as good as the local indie coffee shop, but then i don’t buy organic shade-grown beans, either.

I bought this coffee/espresso machine about 1 month ago and so far i am very pleased. We make regular coffee at least once a day and use the auto timer – it’s been great. The very first time we used it, it did leak some water which made me nervous after reading some reviews, but it hasn’t leaked since. I’ve also used the espresso/cappucino side and have been delighted.I would definitely recommend this product.

1994 this was purchased for me as a gift. This morning my beloved krups brewed its last fabulous pot of coffee. I will order my new one as soon as i finish writing this review and pray that they are still made as well as they used to be.

I call this my cappuccino, latte coffee dream maker machine. If you are looking for a cappuccino & latte coffee maker combo this is the machine for you. The manual that comes with this machine has even picture detail to walk you through making your first cup of latte, cappuccino or just a cup of coffee. I would take the manuals advice and get familar with each item. Because if you do not you will get confused and frustrated. It took me maybe 30 minuts to make my first and after that it has been every morning a latte on my way into work without having to stop in starbucks. Just by their coffee (or any coffee will do) and make your own. You can even control your calorie intake by making your own with this krups coffee maker. I think that it is a wonderful thing to have the coffee maker making your coffee; when you are opening your eyes getting out of bed. Your coffee is already made.

I love the combination of coffee and espresso machine. When i get up in the morning, it makes an exceptional pot of coffee, but that’s not where it ends. On my way to work, i enjoy a nice latte. It’s so nice to have both options in one unit. I know i’ll enjoy it for years to come.

If you want a machine that makes excellent espresso (for shots, machiattos, or espresso con panas) the il bistro is adequate. The espresso is somewhat diluted and you don’t get a lot of crema. Of course, you could try adding more espresso grinds and cutting the brewing cycle short to get better espresso. However, this machine steams milk well and gives an impressive amount of froth. As a barista i’ve heard a lot of people complain about not getting enough froth from their espresso machines, but that is not a problem here. The instructions only tell you to steam for 1-2 mins. , which is not going to get your milk hot enough so i suggest using a thermometer. It’s also pretty easy to clean. If you want to keep the steam wand unclogged, remove the perfect frother attachment (after every use) and place under running water for several seconds, then briefly turn the steamer on to expel excess liquid from the wand (careful, the steam and wand are very hot). The other features, the digital clock and programable coffee machine, are great and very convenient.

We got this a few months ago and fell in love with it, the only thing you may need to pay attention to is not allowing calcium buildup in the main heating chamber (where you pour the water into). I’m stationed in germany so taking it to a repair tech is not too easy since my german language skills are lacking. I took it completely apart and found crud completely clogging the frothing system that resembled rustified calcium, after thoroughly cleaning every last part, i reasembled it and it worked fine, seems better than before to me. Try using the cleaning solution more frequently if you have hard water supplies.

I received this coffee pot as a gift christmas 2001. I love the coffee pot and the expresso maker, and still do. However, in january 2003, i noticed that the automatic function no longer works. I called the krups 1-800 number. They said they would fix it if i took it to the nearest repair shop. The nearest repair shop is approximately 4 hours from my house. I live an hour south of cleveland, ohio, not in the middle of no where. Anyhow, i was told that i could ship the machine to new jersey, and they would still honor the warranty. However, i have to pay for the shipping and won’t have a coffee pot for 4 weeks. Krups sold my parents this defective pot, but does not see this as an inconvenience.

I’ve had one of these i purchased locally for about 7 years now and ran 2-4 pots of coffee through it a day. Pots of coffee plus espresso and still running strong) i took w/ me to europe and back where my wife and went to countless coffee shops over the 4 and a half years we were there. It has always made some of the best coffee around (the neighbors came to our house for coffee). Almost as good as the professional machines at shops i went to in germany. If you’re a watery,looking-like tea, one-cup-a-day drinker, then move along and have a cup up sanka you weenie. (it’s more than you need) but if you’re an avid java junkie and like whipping up your espresso-based drinks, look no more.

I have to admit i’ve been using this machine for a couple of years and quite enjoyed it, although the expresso has never really been up to par with commercial expresso (and always had some grounds mixed in). And it can’t really handle it if you pack the expresso grounds a little. I recently visited a friend’s house and tried their expresso machine – wow. The difference was quite dramatic – i’m definitely chucking this baby to get a ‘real’ expresso machine. (i’m giving it 3 stars instead of 2 because it’s a good value for folks who aren’t so picky – it’s always impressed visitors and made decent pseudo-expresso). Also, you’ve really got to stay and watch the coffee if you want to foam your milk because it only foams for about 90 seconds. So don’t turn your back to cook the rest of your wife’s breakfast.

I had been on the lookout for a new coffee maker for some time when my husband gave me krups ‘il caffe bistro’ for christmas. That was four years ago, and this wonderful machine is still brewing exquisite american coffees and excellent italian espressos and capuccinos. I don’t know why the other reviews portray it as an unstable machine. For me, it has worked wonderfully. The capuccinos come up with very rich, frothy milk. The pressure sensitive valve needs to be thoroughly cleaned with an extended paper clip, though; but if one does this simple procedure it should work alright for the longest time. As an avid reader i am also a lover of coffee of the first kind. I have made flavored capuccinos with different tasting coffees and lattes that make my friends suggest i go into the gourmet coffee business. One small – really small – drawback, is that i’ve had to buy a small pitcher on the side in order to make the milk frothy for the capuccinos. One also needs practice in order to achieve that special heavenly froth, but do not despair; it is not the machine’s fault and, with some practice, you’ll soon be on the way to enjoy coffee the way it was always meant to be: relaxing and with your own, home-made flavor.

Nestle Nespresso Nespresso Essenza C91 Manual Espresso Maker, Love this

Initially would not work (prime), but i called 1-800-nespresso and they were able to troubleshoot. Love the ease, but temp of liquid could be hotteri think i’m going to enjoy my machine in the months to come.

I bought this machine after using nespresso machines in several hotels. I am not a coffee ‘purist,’ and i like to make my coffee at whatever strength i want. That makes this manual machine perfect for my use. Of course, you do have to stand at the machine to turn it off when the cup is full. I admit to getting distracted and letting the cup run over once or twice. I find that i like the more ‘intense’ coffee choices. When i first tried to use the machine, i could not get any water to run through it, though i followed the setup instructions carefully. Finally i called nespresso customer service, and with the help of a pleasant representative, got the machine working. I have used it daily ever since with no problems whatsoever.

. I found the the pods are cheaper on the nespresso site. So i purchased them here and saved $20.

Key specs for Nespresso Essenza C91 Manual Espresso Maker, Black:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compact brewing unit technology,19 bar pressure pump,thermoblock heating element
  • Manual volume control, backlit coffee buttons, easy insertion of capusle, ejection of used capsule,
  • Capsule container for 14 used capsules, 0.9 liter removable water tank
  • Drip tray water capacity
  • Power 1260 watts

Comments from buyers

“Who needs bells and whistles?
, Only one problem
, EXCELLENT espresso maker!

This makes fabulous coffee–makes keurig coffee taste like dishwater in comparison. The coffee this produces rivals that of any high quality coffee house. The device seems well constructed and i’ve been using it for a few weeks without issue. The coffee capsules are about 70 cents each through manufacturers ‘club,’ which is comparable to keurig pods.

If you want just a perfect and perfectly simple shot of espresso, this is the machine for you. Heats fast, lets you do a long or short shot as you wish, and uses the exquisite nespresso pods.

I got two of these, one for home, and one for the office. They work perfectly and flawlessly. The espresso always has a nice cream at the top and the heater on this heats the water quickly. I would purchase another one for a friend as a gift.

Let’s assume you know about nespresso, so i won’t talk about the coffee, ease of use. I really like this machine for the following reasons:- pretty big water tank (compared to the newer models: city. Well: one on/off button, and one ‘start/stop the water’. I like that so much better than the models with preset cups sizes. With this one, i can make my coffee stronger or more diluted as i want/feel. Nice point: the led for the water on/off button blinks once per second when dispensing. So if you are after a 22s espresso for instance, you can get it done. I got this machine for work, and the return on investment compared to a coffe store is way less than a year when getting coffee 5 times a week. So this machine (like the other one i have at home) paid for itself many times over.

It also comes with a sample pack of nespresso pods (i didn’t realize this at the time) so that you can choose your favorite and order it in bulk from the nespresso website for pretty cheap. It’s manual in that there is no preset cup size (so you have to turn the brewer on then off) but that doesn’t actually bother me. The coffee that comes out is true espresso just like you can expect to get at a cafe. For how good of a deal this was, i am very happy with my purchase.

We’ve tried others, including the new one from the company who has shops on virtually every corner in every city in the world. This brand wins by a huge margin. Best pod espresso maker out there.

This little machine is great, and for those of you worried about spending the money on their pods, just buy the refillable ones (i recommend the ones from coffeeduck on amazon) some lavazza ground coffee, and you’ll be good to go. This is much easier than using the stove top percolator i was making espresso with before.

This nespresso is a good starter machine. That being said, you may want to consider a machine with a milk frother (aeroccino). Also some models of this machine do not include automatic shut off (when you press the button to make coffee, it continues to pour until you manually shut it off.

One of the best items i have ever bought. The coffee is delicious and each capsule is just a fraction of a starbucks one. It is also really fast and easy to use and clean.

We used one of these when we lived in spain and nothing in the states could compare. I love this machine and it is perfect.

They make amazing quality products. I’ve been making about 4 shots of espresso a day for the last 3 years on this thing.

I just moved from italy (which is my country) and i really needed a good coffee. I tried starbucks that used to make a nice espresso but recently for one shot i had to spend 3$ and the taste was very bad 🙁 so i bought the simple nespresso essenza and several capsules of ristretto and eventually i could find the best compromise between what i needed and what i could find here. The machine is very fast, easy to use and small.

I have been wanting one of these for awhile and bought it after xmas for half price. It is perfect for that excellent cup of coffee in the afternoon. It is well made and easy to use. While the nespresso cups are high in price, they are still a third of what you would pay for in a coffee shop. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Now i can have an espresso in seconds anytime i like. I keep the water tank full and pop in a pack when i get the urge. Am drinking a lot more espresso than i did before.

So far, so goodsimple and objective. Working very well, no problems in operation and making the best coffees i was expecting. The only functionally i’m missing is the automatic stop when the coffee is ready, but i knew it didn’t have this by the time i bought it.

Ι bought this nespresso espresso maker few weeks ago after consulting my parents. They are heavy espresso drinkers and have owned 3 nespresso machines including this one – they have been extremely happy and loyal to the brand. Note that i have only used the maker with the nespresso capsules which i found the cheapest from the nespresso website ($0. The machine makes excellent espresso, quickly and effortlessly. It always extracts a lot of espresso coffee oil which is essential for a good espresso. Coffee comparable and many times better than good coffee places. I have tried an espresso from a semi-automatic ‘breville bes860xl barista express espresso machine with grinder’ and have found my nespresso superior while at a fraction of the price of the brevillenespresso offers this model as the lower end model because of lack of timer but for me this is not important since i prefer to stop the coffee pouring exactly when i want. One of the downsides that many people pick on is the use of capsules and the extra cost associated with them – there are alternatives that i haven’t tried. I find the nespresso capsules producing very good espresso, conveniently and don’t mind paying some extra money even if the coffee is not freshly ground.

I bought this as a christmas gift for my wife and she only used a few times.

I bought this because i wanted nespresso, but didn’t want to pay for the more expensive models that they carry at bed bath & beyond and other retailers. As far as i can tell, the only difference is that with this model is the manual start/stop brewing. Since it takes all of 10 seconds to fill an espresso cup, it isn’t a big deal for me to stand there and wait for my espresso. If i could go back and buy a nicer model, i would buy this one again and use the extra $ on the pods.

While this is the cheapest nespresso machine, it does the job better than most other espresso machines i’ve used in my life. I do have a nice mini vivaldi at home, but turning it on, cleaning it up, getting the beans, grinding the beans is always a very time consuming exercise. Sometimes i just want a quick nice shot to get myself going in the morning. I also appreciate the ability to try out different capsules with different flavors, which is a lot harder to do with regular espresso machines. I’ve been using some compatible capsules that are both cheaper and provide a more full bodied aroma/taste than nespresso. When i was choosing the machine, i was considering getting a u or a pixie, but nespresso employees persuaded me that there is no difference in the machines’ ability to pull a shot. They all have the same guts, with 19 bars of pressure and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in coffee quality.

Since i am the only one in my home with a passion for espresso, it is perfect. I did have to figure out what cups to use to get the right measurement as ‘manual’ means you have to stop it from brewing versus it stopping on its own. But this gives more control as well, which i like. It comes with samples of all the different espressos, so you can taste and decide which is your favorite. I didn’t want to go crazy and spend hundreds of dollars, this is at the right price point and provides very tasty espresso, quickly.

Perfect shot every time, nice crema, comes with a sample selection of coffees. Made my starbucks machine redundant.

Capresso 119.05 Stainless Steel Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, Not so long lasting

We love the sleek look of this unit.

Had to return it as it was larger than the space i had for it.

Key specs for Capresso 119.05 Stainless Steel Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Advanced boiler maintains a reservoir of hot water at the perfect temperature for faster and more consistent results
  • State-of-the-art boiler increases brewing pressure and temperature stability
  • 15 bar pump provides optimal pressure for rich cream, the thin layer of foam that is the mark of a perfectly brewed espresso
  • High pressure frothing for thick, rich cappuccinos and other coffee specialties
  • 40-oz; removable water tank, kindly refer the user manual given below for troubleshooting steps

Comments from buyers

“Works well, easy to clean, but will get higher end model next time.
, Barista-quality espresso with minimum effort and no leak or pump failure
, Pretty good shot for the price. It will probably start leaking on your countertop.

I received the capresso model 119 as a gift at xmas 2014 and have used it daily for about 8 months now. This my first espresso machine and here are my impressions so far:pros:- it didn’t take long to figure out how to use the machine by reading the manual and just making several espressos / lattes / cappucinos. – it seems to make a pretty good espresso with a good crema. – the frothing wand seems to work well. I can make pretty nice tasting lattes / cappucinos. It even froths 2% milk fairly well. – i use a thermometer to steam the milk to between 140 – 160 degrees. – cleaning is easy, the drip tray pops out easily in two pieces, and is easy to rinse and dry and put back into place. – the frothing wand you should clean after every use by steaming in a glass of water for 5-10 seconds, then wiping the metal tip. Otherwise, it will get clogged and you will not get any steam out of it and you may think your machine is malfunctioning.

Love the capresso espresso machine. Machine is much quicker and easier to use compared to the delonghi machine that it replaced. Steaming wand output could be better but it is adequate for my needs and i have found that after working with it during the first week i have been able to froth the milk to my satisfaction. Shipped on time–arrived on time–packaging was good and protective of the machine. A good purchase and good value for the price.

Took a bit to get the routine down. The machine is sturdy and well put together. And with practice foams milk (2%) well.

Quality product, makes good coffee.

Makes a pretty good cup of espresso. I use the pressurized portafilter basket. I get a better double shot if i tamp the grounds even though it’s a pressurized portafilter screen. I use a grinder and always look for the oiliest coffee beans. Some of the starbucks and peets darker roasts are good. Sometimes lighter roasts get a good crema too. So why does this picture have 3 portafilters in it?. Because i really like this capresso but it breaks. The first one sprang a big leak in the bottom.

It is a little tricky sometimes to get the grounds holder in.

*** i’ve noticed many users have complained about water leak or short lifetime, but mine hasn’t shown any problem over the past 1. 5 years that i’ve owned it and still works like the day i received it. ***i’ve been a espresso enthusiast for over a decade, but this is the first pump-driven espresso machine i’ve owned and i just love it. Prior to this, i owned a steam-driven ‘espresso’ machine (which was mediocre) and have also owned a stove-top moka pot (very nice but hard to clean and not quite a espresso maker), but this capresso machine single-handedly beats them all, and gives you a barista quality crema-top espresso with minimum effort. It takes only couple minutes to make one/two cup of espresso and is super simple to use: 1) turn the machine on to heat up the water, 2) fill the basket with ground coffee, tamp it and lock the portafilter in place, and 3) when the green light is on, toggle the coffee/pump switch (to brew espresso) or the steam switch (for milk frothing). Besides the nice, sleek, and modern design, there are several nice features, such as the 1 liter water reservoir, folding milk frother, two (small and large) baskets, the top heated metal for warming up cups, and bottom container to collect excessive dripping coffee or water that you run in the system for cleaning. The pump is a bit loud, but i’m ok with it. My only complain is that the plastic parts in the portafilter change color overtime, and also the plastic tamper/scoop is very weak and flimsy (i just stick to my old metal tamper – you may get yours for less than 10 bucks). I also only use the large basket that has a very fine single hole and hence extracts more crema and flavor, while the small one results in watery (by my standards) espresso, although some might like it. I only drink triple-shots, so don’t use the milk frother and can’t comment on it confidently, although once i used it and it worked just fine.

Froths the heck out of the milk. Make sue to unclog the spout often.

Good product for this price.

I read lots of reviews before i choose this machine.

Better espresso machine than my cuisinart and delingai i’ve owned in the passed.

We use this almost daily and have no complaints with this machine. It is like having a professional make our lattes right in our own kitchen. We bought a stainless steel carafe to use with frothing arm and it works perfectly.

This is a really great product for the price. It pulls great e espresso shots and froths the milk perfectly. The only issue i had was that it didn’t come with shot glasses for your espresso and doesn’t come with a frothing pitcher. If it had included those items i would have given it 5 stars. And you have top buy a coffee grinder because the machine doesn’t do it for you like most espresso machines do.

Excellent espresso maker for the price. Bought mine used from amazon, it was missing parts. Contacted capresso and purchased the parts trouble free.Excellent customer service and a wonderful machine.

Great little machine for the price. Makes excellent coffee quickly. Steaming is fine up to 140 degrees but slow to get from there to 160. Metal steamer wand is hard to clean. Minor issues in getting a wonderful espresso or latte.

This machine is way beyond what i expected, especially for the price. The coffee i make with it is excellent. Didn’t take very long at all to learn how to use it.

Very good but not sure about durability, only used it a few times. My last espresso maker was good but when ring went out, i could not find replacement piece. I sure hope that is not the case with this brand.

Its ok for my rv but not everyday use in the house,had it 3 days and the plastic piece for the frother wont stay on so i had to rig one from a machine that i wore out.

Great first time espresso machine. The milk steamer could be a little stronger but it takes some time to figure out how to use it. I highly recommend it for someone first starting out at making espresso at home. It’s simple features and great look make it perfect for the coffee enthusiast.

It’s pretty and does what it’s supposed to do with little reading or understanding about the product.

Pros – actual stainless steel housing, not plastic covered with steel. – nice large cup warming area on top of machine. – portafilter does a great job of even pressure, even espresso flow through both external holes – one pressurized sieve and one non-pressurized sieve, the non-pressurized sieve allows for more advanced techniques while the pressurized allows for quick espresso making without needing to worry about perfect tamping pressure and bean grind size. – green ready light, sounds silly but i find it more intuitive than the other options out there such as the common red light goes out when ready. – easy single turn knob for brewing and separate single turn knob for steam, many machines require certain combinations of multiple dials to switch between the espresso shot and the steam wand, not this one, just pick which one you want and turn it on. – all steel steam wand, with plastic frothing attachment (cover); again allowing for more advanced techniques if wanted by removing the plastic cover. A lot of machines in this price category allow for only one option here. Cons – portafilter is a very tight fit; but that might be a common experience among espresso machines?. This is my first one so i have nothing to compare against. A quick user error warning:when i first purchased the machine naturally i was excited so i plugged it in without realizing the brew knob was turned on and i of course didn’t have any water in the tank yet.

Jura IMPRESSA Z9 Automatic Coffee Machine – I would have appreciated if the body of the machine was steel- like breville does

For $3600 i envisioned a effectively built, perfectly set alongside one another device. This unit is not created superior than my previously owned delonghi. It does, nevertheless, set out far better, much better, hotter products and is quitter. But crafted well with swiss enjoy precision like one evaluation explained, not even close. This is nevertheless a massive, plastic machine, just like the rest of the automatics. I do not assume it really is worth what i paid out. As a matter of truth, the back again plastic panel on this unit was bowed out when i opened the box, revealing part of the within of the unit. I’m nevertheless debating irrespective of whether i will retain it or send back again.

Upgraded from an eight 12 months old impressa f7 machine and this is drastically better. No grievances about the device but whatsoever you do, do not purchase from amazon’s sponsored hyperlink for alattehotte. Com – dude is a total shyster and con artist.

As quickly as you get it, you understand that the impressa z9 one particular contact tft is placing new benchmarks. And it is doing this on various concentrations many thanks to its spectacular coffee high-quality, person-helpful operation and captivating design. Manufactured from substantial-high quality products and to swiss standards of precision, this exquisite completely automatic specialty coffee machine is the epitome of the robust and silent style. As soon as the sought after choice has been chosen on the significant-resolution tft colour screen, the machine silently sets about preparing an espresso, coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino or other specialty. The cup illumination function assures that the final outcome is often introduced in the greatest probable light-weight. This turns any specialty coffee into a handle to tantalize all the senses. Get the amazing command basic temperature managed milk container to have your milk on demand from customers with this advanced compact milk cooler. It features as a mini fridge to shop and chill milk suitable on the counter top, due to the fact the most effective way to serve gentle-as-air milk foam and incredibly hot milk for fashionable specialty coffees is to hold the milk fresh at 39 degrees f prior to heating or frothing.

I utilised to use a solis 5000 digital coffee maker, and immediately after a lot more than fifteen several years it was time for a substitute. I needed one more entirely-automatic machine with the craftsmanship and reliability of my former machine, so i did a whole lot of investigation in advance of deciding on the jura impressa z9. If i were permitted one particular phrase to describe the impressa z9, it would be ‘amazing’. This is a totally-automatic machine, which signifies it instantly grinds the beans, tamps them, pre-infuses the puck, brews the coffee and dumps the grounds into the waste bin. For milk-primarily based coffee beverages, the machine steams the milk for you. There is a dial command that generates steam, hot milk or froth, relying on the placing. Froth has an outstanding texture and is great each individual time. The bean container is found under a protect on prime of the machine. The container has a lid which helps keep beans fresh new. It is very little matters like that which make this a high quality machine.

I have not stopped by starbuck’s given that i ordered it. The lattes it makes are incredible. I have all my favourite syrup flavors and use them all. High priced, but absolutely truly worth it.

I just love my coffee machine. It lets me to have regular coffee with any form of beans . No much more nespresso pods- i can enjoy my lattes as nicely.

  • Best Coffee Machine on the Market
  • Expensive, but worth it!
  • This unit is not built better than my previously owned DeLonghi

I have used the z6 and so i am fairly acquainted with the jura z family members. I just got the z9 and i have to say i am not as impressed. A new attribute that perked my attention is the means to make a ristretti. I use sumatra further dim beans and it will come out tasting quite superior. My big gripe is that the ristretti temperature is luke-heat at greatest. Other coffee options are also not as warm as i experienced hoped them to be. Bottom line, they will need to enhance their heating aspect to make the coffee hotter. Oh and the tft display screen is a great function, but they remaining out the capability to instantly convert on the coffee machine in the morning which i consider is extra crucial to me.

Definitely terrific espresso machine. Tends to make the finest espresso of any of the tremendous automatics i tried out, which integrated, saeco, miele, and delonghi. Although all of them have their strengths and down sides, i experience this machine, although very expensive is the most effective of them all. It generated drinks as hot as any of them, confirmed with a electronic thermometer, and can make the finest espresso, imho, in all probability because it applied 16grams of grounds exactly where as other equipment top off at about ten-twelve grams, it also has a ceramic grinder, which i think it can be the only jura that has that, not confident on that 1 while. The only draw back is the miele will immediately clean the milk tube, where by as this just one as be be manually rinsed each day, which usually takes all of 5 seconds, but it would be wonderful if jura involved that aspect. Also like all juras the brew team is non removable, which i consider as extensive as you keep up on the maintenance will be just high-quality. I am going to update if i have any issues or futher views on this machine.

Alright so i’ve experienced a jura compresso f9 for virtually 6 many years and liked it, came time to step up and get a person with a several more bells and whistles and this one in good shape the monthly bill. No issues so uncomplicated to use and i failed to feel it was achievable but it tends to make a much better cup of coffee than my f9. Best of all is the automobile frother can make froth so thick you can stand a spoon up in it. So glad i caught with this line i am locating a new aspect to coffee i under no circumstances would have experimented with in advance of. Beats purchasing starbucks any working day of the 7 days.

To start with off: i appreciate this machine. It has exceeding both of those mine and my wife’s expectations. I remarkably recommend to potential consumers to pay a visit to a shop that carries these tremendous automatic devices and look at them aspect by aspect. You will see that this machine gets beverages hotter, will make them more rapidly, and is significantly quieter than other equipment out there on the market place. The section fitment (drip tray for case in point) is, i truly feel, also superior than other folks on the industry. The ease of usability from the display is terrific generating the creation practical experience really a single one button touch system. The neat thing i really like about the machine is that it actually keeps alone cleanse, intelligently. Not only does the machine remind you after every single milk drink to do a milk program rise cycle (which is also a solitary button push), but it also cleans the machine right before and following it is employed routinely. The milk foam is excellent consistency and warm making it possible for for wonderful coffee beverages and sizzling sweets. My a person ‘gripe’ that i have about the machine is that an product this expensive should be in a position to have a established ‘turn on’ time, having said that, i also am pondering that this swap on feature would lead to the machine to use more vitality with a fantastic ‘stand-by draw’ or that it would have an impact on the car on rinse cycle, but that is just my speculation.

I would have appreciated if the body of the machine was steel- like breville does. At this charge useing plastic seems a little bit cheap. My only challenge is the milk can be a touch very hot. But i run the ‘milk’ one time devoid of hooking the milk up. Then the milk arrives at a fantastic temp. In general nevertheless i have no problems about the drinks. They are fantastic and swift and eazy peezy.

Features of Jura IMPRESSA Z9 Automatic Coffee Machine, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The Aroma plus grinder can grind fresh coffee beans twice as fast as conventional grinders while at the same time preserving all their delicious aroma
  • Two thermoblocks – one for coffee and hot water and another for steam, to ensure optimum preparation conditions.
  • Rotary Switch and TFT colour display ensure intuitive operation.
  • You can create any coffee you could possibly want in no time at all.
  • Featuring fine foam technology

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My family members takes advantage of it for many matters like coffee and tea.

The Aroma plus grinder can grind fresh coffee beans twice as fast as conventional grinders while at the same time preserving all their delicious aroma

Two thermoblocks –

Rotary Switch and TFT colour display ensure intuitive operation.

You can create any coffee you could possibly want in no time at all.

KRUPS XP160050 Coffee Maker and Stainless Espresso Machine Combination, I suppose for the price it’s not bad if it lasts a couple of years

I advise this coffee maker/ espresso machine combination for all those casual coffee drinkers who make coffee additional often for 1-2 folks every day, and espresso at times for one-two men and women. So if this is your crowd, then four/five stars is my assessment. If you are a coffee connoisseurs, why are you even on this web site?. )i elevated up the score from three to four stars, due to the fact immediately after two yrs, we nevertheless haven’t ditched this coffeemaker. I have a mixed-gen house: my dad makes his common, plain cup o’ joe, and when i sense like it, i make a caffè latte. It has manufactured coffee for us and our friends. I can make caffè lates, but it is more durable to do for a number of individuals, which for me isn’t going to happen adequate. **two 12 months update**last but not least following two years, i have to search up the manual to glimpse up how to thoroughly clean the nozzle. The guidance produced it seem to be like there are two parts to the nozzle, but it is really just a person piece. I failed to see any threads like explained in the guidelines.

We did a great deal of investigation in advance of obtaining this coffee maker & espresso machine. It tends to make espresso pretty considerably like any espresso machine, so the understanding curve was tiny. The coffee maker component, however, could be enhanced. One issue we wish it had was a drinking water degree indicator on the facet of the drinking water reservoir. We might experienced a machine for so extensive that had one, we didn’t even think the new one wouldn’t have one particular. It does have a carafe that has markings, but they are really hard to see when you happen to be filling it up, so it usually takes a couple of begins and stops to get it where you want it. And, for some cause we can not seem to pinpoint, there is an challenge with the coffee filters folding more than and grounds receiving in the pot. We have attempted to be seriously thorough about how we put them in, urgent them down well. We’ve even tried using chopping a modest quantity off of the best of the filters, but about fifty% of the time the filter folds about.

Really like the principle of a dual machine as espresso is created day by day and the just one purchased was to exchange an older design that stopped operating. Read directions many moments but they were a bit confusing. The coffee maker is a lot more fragile that the preceding design. The is carafe thinner as is the connected deal with. The espresso carafe has a pretty weighty tackle. The filter basket is also slim and looks a bit fragile. After that coffee maker is on there is a ton of condensation that drips on the warming plate. Plenty of condensation is in the coffee filter. It does make fantastic coffee and works rapidly.

Key specs for Krups XP160050 Coffee Maker and Stainless Espresso Machine Combination, Black:

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  • 2 in 1: coffee maker and espresso machine with convenient steam nozzle for frothing milk
  • Coffee maker: 10-cup capacity; programmability for coffee strengh and clock to set the daily start time
  • Keep warm function keeps coffee hot for 2 hours; pause and serve feature lets you remove carafe at any time to serve
  • Espresso machine: 4-cup capacity, 4-bar steam system makes espresso and cappuccino quicly and easily
  • 1600 watts; measuring spoon included; 2 year worldwide warranty

Comments from buyers

“Good value in a combo coffee machine, A year of solid use and going strong!, Great Dual Coffee Espresso Maker”

I use this coffee maker all the time but actually i want i experienced shopped all over far more right before purchasing this. I under no circumstances use the espresso section – it doesn’t get the job done the way i believed it would, and even however i have experienced this point for like three years, i nonetheless have nevertheless to carry out acquiring the programmer matter to do the job.

I read through all the opinions prior to obtaining and i am happy i acquired it. I ran drinking water by both sides two times-like the instructions recomend -so i experienced no plastic smell. I don’t like how its calculated ‘4-6’ or ‘8-12’ on the carafe so it can be challenging to evaluate grounds (i like more robust coffee so i set 4 t for 4 cups). Espresso appears functions excellent and tends to make a wonderful cappuccino.

Ordered this one to change an older design that ultimately gave out immediately after about 15 a long time. This more recent model works very good. The very little clock window is quite dim and incredibly tricky to study. Experienced it about a month, use it each and every day, doing the job superior. The coffee & espresso are sizzling and smooth, with a nice sleek taste. It even feels clean when you pour it. I requires to be about 3 inches from the wall in buy to fill with drinking water and incorporate coffee grounds. It usually takes about 5 to six minutes to brew a whole pot of coffee and about the exact same to brew an espresso. General, i am quite pleased with this coffee makers.

I had one particular of the unique kinds of this dimension for above fifteen many years. So, when it broke, i determined to obtain the newer version. In an effort to manage a decrease value a variety of the metal elements in the espresso facet have been changed by plastic pieces. As you can expect, the espresso facet no for a longer time heats up adequately for my style. Most of us that like espresso like it quite incredibly hot nevertheless, this is not the case with this merchandise.

Working with the steam vent to froth milk is tough – the solenoid that controls it is challenging to swap whilst running vs the outdated fashioned mechanical valve. The style and design of the deal with of the main coffee pot traps water for the duration of washing, which drains on to the very hot plate all through the upcoming use & can make sound and leaves residual. I was in a position to correct this by drilling drain holes in the tackle, but i didn’t consider that was my task. As opposed to my former krupps duo, the main coffee filter holder does not stand on your own in the course of insertion of the #four filter & addition of the ground coffee. I use a grinder to process total beans so it is a lot much more convenient for me to convey the filter to the grinder than to bring the floor coffee to the machine. All over again, i can adapt to this by inserting the plastic holder in a bowl to maintain it upright. But that’s an further action which wasn’t required with the outdated unit (which had to be changed because it was worn out from a 10 years of use). The completed solution is great, the machine just will take some having-utilised-to.

Could not determine out how to switch on the coffee maker. Pressing the coffee button simply turns on a red mild. The handbook does not demonstrate the ability button. You have to press the electric power button two times to really commence producing coffee. As opposed to the delonghi, it needs paper filterswhich is a little bit of a mess to clean up up. Also does not have a environment to make just a several cups of coffee like the delonghi. It is smaller sized and much more compact than the delonghi. Note that the ability wire seems shorter, but it is coiled beneath the unit. Just uncoil what you need to have. When compared to the delonghi, the carafe does not leak coffee everywhere when pouring it into a cup. Have not however tried out the expresso.

I was hesitant to obtain this coffee maker centered on some of the assessments. We have experienced this coffee maker for a few months now and we love it. We use the coffee maker each working day and the espresso maker the moment in awhile. I remarkably propose this solution who would like a nice compact combination maker.

It worked actually well for the to start with couple of several years (if that) of possession. We cleaned this religiously but a person day the espresso element determined to not dispense the water. The lights would come on and you could hear it heating, but no liquid would drop. I suppose for the value it really is not lousy if it lasts a couple of several years, but our mates even now have theirs that lasted four-five a long time more time and they paid out not even $one hundred more. I guess you get what you paid for. We ended up donating this as the coffee maker portion nonetheless is effective.

Right after 20 several years, my old krups rocker electricity swith unsuccessful. I tried using to find a new one without having achievements. After serioius investigation, i at some point resolved that krups would be the just one i would invest in. Shipment from provider was particularly fast. The coffee is really fantastic equal to my previous unit. There are some points that genuinely want to be included to make it a far better solution. There are no led’s to indicate that the unit is on, and no way to flip it off from what i can see in the manual, which is far for excellent. It does not have enough information for the regular person to obtain challenges. They have to have to increase much more verbiage on how to switch the device on with out the automated function. I had to phone the factory to come across out this info.

I had it a 7 days when i hit the handle of the expresso carafe and it went flying throughout the home, smashing on my tiled ground. Somebody requires to produce a much better handle it does not require to be so extended. In addition the size of it will make it aspect weighty and awkward. Why?other than that, the coffee and expresso both style great. It took a few cleanings and a couple variations on the quantity of coffee, but i am quite pleased with the style of the coffee. Even nevertheless the equipment is produced largely of plastic, it seems to be properly manufactured tho not as solid as my outdated cuisinart. If you slice just a small little bit off the prime of the #four filters, they in shape far better and will never fold above through coffee-creating. My #four gold filters — i have 2 — do not match. The pot is a wonderful measurement for me and it can be the only pot i have at any time had that won’t spill when you pour a cup.

I am particularly satisfied with my krups xp 1600 coffee & espresso maker. I only experienced to wash the machine areas once and did not have any challenges with a plastic flavor. The value is quite equivalent, the high-quality of the merchandise is outstanding. The machine is pretty quick to use, the directions are very clear. The machine seems fantastic in my office environment and i am in a position to give fantastic coffee and espresso to my clients.

I purchased this a calendar year in the past and it has endured regular use ever because. I can say this is a reliable 3-star solution. It performs admirably looking at the value point. It can make a first rate espresso. The approach is a minimal cumbersome at 1st, but when you understand it, it really is not so bad. It is a issue of adding the appropriate quantity of h2o and then hurriedly switching over to steam environment with your milk at the completely ready. I do wish the steam nozzle was just a tad bit lengthier. The coffee maker is my major gripe. It does its straightforward task, but additional generally than not, the severe temperature change in the drinking water through brewing causes a ton of condensation which leaks out all about the counter.

This is a quite great decision among the limited combo espresso-coffee machines. I have used mine almost day by day for the past sixteen months, and it is working very well. I drink primarily espresso, while some others in my residence choose the coffee. It will take a handful of tries to get the espresso tamping and h2o ratios correct for this small-force unit, but the moment you adjust to your own choices it will make a extremely good, dependable cup. The steam wand is effective properly, and there is lots of capability in the boiler for steam and a lot of espresso. It is really awesome that there is also the ability for 4 pictures, if you have guests or if you are just additional sleepy. The coffe is a regular drip maker, and helps make a fantastic cup with a good deal of capacity and a massive pot. It does without a doubt prevent circulation when you remove the pot, and it keeps the coffee warm till i automated shut-off. I deducted a single star for two factors: 1) the regulate panel label is glued on, and with steam from the machine it at some point arrived off. I tried replacing it but it held detaching, so last but not least i made use of a label maker to mark the buttons.

I purchased it predominantly for espresso but i like that the coffee maker is correct there also. It would make greater espresso than the regional downtown coffee shop. It is very effortless to use, uncomplicated to clear and compact for tight kitchen spaces. Be sure to abide by the recommendations on the other hand. There is a great deal of steam tension right here that you have to have to be informed of. One particular matter i would like to see them insert to the subsequent product would be rubber gripping toes on the bottom to hold it from sliding about.

Not definitely thrilled with this machine. I have experienced it in operation for about a month now. I am not thrilled with the poor high-quality plastic this machine is manufactured of. I very question it will past for far more than a 12 months or two. This is 1 of these things that if i had touched it and viewed it in particular person to start with i would not have bought it. Each the coffee maker and the latte maker are functioning and feel simple adequate. I bought it to choose two machines off my counter to lessen litter and only have just one on the counter. But if i experienced to do it yet again i would have shopped all over and tried some out right before buy, and i most likely would have used additional and bought a higher top quality machine.

Expresso facet would seem to get the job done well when i realized the rotating dial desires to be on expresso environment in addition to the expresso button being turned on. The brewed coffee aspect smelled extremely strongly of fairly toxic plastic and proceed for a selection of h2o flushes but finally would seem to be dissipating. Would seem to be great price and compact fitting in each elements. Not been that powerful for steaming milk but that may well be my procedure/milk because the steam appears to arrive out correctly for this perform.

I a short while ago obtained this product in an effort and hard work to replace a the primary design which was accessible in/all around 1998/99. It is not made with the same high-quality as the first. But it truly is not awful and i am going to hold it. I have had it for around four weeks. I observed, as other customers have commented, the odor of melting plastic which is having superior as time goes on. I am not confident why there is a odor since there is nothing at all melting or getting hot on the outside of the machine, however the tiny faceplate has fallen off. I am considering that the plastic scent may have actually been the glue that held the faceplate to the entrance of the machine. To sum it up, it is a great price for what i paid out. I do not think there is a coffee maker out there that has a common coffee maker and expresso maker in the same device for underneath $one hundred, i paid out $95.

There appears to be a lot of undue detest about this machine, or maybe i just acquired really fortunate and have a machine that i have made use of constantly for a 12 months and have not experienced any troubles come up. My spouse and i brew coffee each day, and possibly a couple instances a 7 days we brew espresso, and use the steam nozzle a handful of moments a thirty day period as a address. There have been a whole lot of issues about a leaking machine, and i have not seen this difficulty with mine. Which is shocking with how numerous grievances there are and i’ve been employing this machine each individual day, often numerous instances a day for a whole year now with out related concerns. So to deal with some of the recurrent problems, of course, a good deal of the system of this machine is made from molded plastic. That currently being the hinge lid at the top for including h2o, the swing basket for the coffee grounds, the lid for the espresso tank, and the change dial on the aspect for the steam and espresso maker. All designed from plastic, which indicates the need to have to use care with the machine. Knowing this, i’ve by no means broken just about anything on the machine. Now some factors to make, the change dial for the steam/espresso maker feels affordable, and simple to split. It hasn’t happened to me nevertheless, but i am always acutely aware of how sensitive it feels to turn and have often predicted it to break on me 1 working day.

This machine as a lot of excellent attributes. The coffee pot, compared with my prior a person of a different brand, isn’t going to spill. So that was a fantastic improvement in itself. Coffee pots really should pour devoid of missing the pot so the comparison brand set a small bar. The coffee maker offers a rapid brew – it’s possible a minor much too quickly as the coffee sometimes appears a minimal weak. May perhaps will need to use far more generous evaluate. Also the filter doorway won’t really snap shut making use of my reusable filter. Need to see if there is a more compact dimensions i can get. The espresso maker is a incredibly pleasant surprise.

Wonderful product and excellent price tag. Mattress, tub and beyond does not carry this for the reason that they are unable to make a massive plenty of earnings. This machine does both of those units flawlessly. Split that up into two products and the retail store can make extra dollars. I would buy one yet again promptly.

Jura ENA 9 One Touch – Slightly better then the DeLonghi 3500

I appreciate the conveince of obtaining an automatic cappuccino machine, its straightforward to use and do the job around if your utilised to electronic machines. I like the actuality it cleans itself but what the manual and reviews dont tell youalways have a cup less than it as it rinses a ton and often it does it instantly. So significantly so fantastic hope it lasts for decades and several years.

Caramel americanos on demandmy several gripes with it are as follows1. I desire it would enable you choose a lot more drinking water to dispense(i hit the two espresso button and it will not likely fill my substantial sixteen oz mug)3. I wish they experienced a u formed removable cutout so you can position journey mugs under iti like the macchiato purpose but you have to cleanse out the spout and tubing each individual time or it’s going to get horrible. I’ve extra or significantly less stopped using it. With that currently being explained this factor operates like a champi obtained fed up with refilling the drinking water so i plumbed in a immediate water line employing pieces from amazon. Tapped in from the fridges ro line with jg pace fittingsbought a roll of tubing an inline drinking water filter and mounting brackets. Jg speed fitting ball valves on each individual aspect of the filter and a mini float valve all on amazon.

Nevertheless going powerful following approximately 2 several years of day-to-day use. Great coffee and cappuccino. Performs perfectly with lavazza full bean coffees.

  • Great machine but be sure it has the features you really want
  • Reliable workhorse that consistently makes great coffee
  • This review was originally submitted for the Jura Milk System

It performs really perfectly and tastes so great. Supply is also rather speedy even while it’s not two-days shipping and delivery. It will take 7days which include thanksgiving holidays. I entirely recommend you to buy this equipment.

I’m in love with this machine. I to start with realized of jura when we had a equipment at work. I adore the coffee and espresso this equipment tends to make. We use starbucks french roast from costco, it preferences better then at starbucks.

Features of Jura ENA 9 One Touch

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Height-adjustable dual spout, Cappuccino / Coffee (75 – 125 mm / 3 and 5 inch); Aroma Boost for extra coffee kick
  • 6 different products at the touch of a button; Just 23.8 cm (9 inches) wide; Double coat of metallic-look glossy silver lacquer
  • Programmable amount of water; Adjustable coffee strength; Adjustable, conical burr grinder
  • Thermoblock heating system with high performance 15-bar pump; Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program
  • Latte macchiato and cappuccino at the touch of a button; Fine foam technology

I’ve had my jura ena 9 for 6 months now and this is my very long time period overview. The jura ena 9 is a super-automated device that permits one-touch espresso, latte and cappuccinos. I completely appreciate it, but i would say that the device is not for absolutely everyone. I individually hate the squander that nespresso equipment make, and i hate the style of the keurig devices. And, i cannot cope with a total espresso equipment – the method of grinding beans, measuring the espresso, tamping and drawing an espresso is more than i can stand in the early morning. Which is why i acquired this device. So i get up at 5am and press the electrical power button. I fill the drinking water tank (it is more than enough for 3x 8oz/240ml cups). I press the primary button for it to rinse itself out, and thirty seconds later it is ready to make a cup of espresso. I press a button, it chews up the beans in the hopper and out will come espresso, in about 30 seconds.

Very first day i obtained my jura, it did not perform. I known as jura and they despatched a replacement correct away. I really like my cofee just about every early morning. It is really quick to use but the only damaging is that the h2o tank is smaller and only helps make up to 3 cups for each fill.

Initially off, being a lazy aged fart who are not able to be bothered with manually making froth underneath one nozzle and then coffee from the other, i was hunting for a machine which is absolutely automated and stress free. Just one-click and by the time i have on my tie, my cappuccino is prepared. So i did a little bit of exploration on the web prior to settling on this one and boy am i delighted with it. Not much to include to speaddeacon’s great evaluate except that this machine is manufactured mostly for use with complete coffee beans, with a light, medium and solid roast configurations for the grinder. Indeed, it has a 2nd opening on best for fantastic grounded coffee but only if you happen to be having black/esspresso coffee. It looks cappuccino and macchiato only use espresso from the grinder source on prime of the unit. As for the froth, it has to be found to be believed. Its definitely remarkable, feather light and high-quality. Cleaning is also absolutely automated. It screens what drinks you’ve got been getting and periodically (or on shutdown) applies the corresponding self cleansing method.

I would unquestionably suggest this.

I love this machine, one push of a button and i have my morning latte ready and waiting around for me. The skill to application exactly what you want with the press of a button is the most effective. I am not a macchiato supporter, so i reprogrammed the button so the spouse and i can every single have our own latte button. The process does every little thing for you, which include rinses.

The good quality of any esspresso primarily based beverages is completely unbelievable. The machine produces great tasting coffee and esspresso. Remarkably advocate to any coffee lover.

The disappointment was that it is a discontinued merchandise and there had been no directions mailed with it. When i named the company they explained they would snail mail them to me. I said in this working day and age i think email would be the finest strategy. She had to question her supervisor. ? anyway i did get the instructions and could have espresso the subsequent early morning.

I diligently read through the testimonials before making my obtain. . And i normally you should not hold myself out ‘this type of money’ without prior operate earlier my partner esp because he is the coffee drinker. But, considering that this was a xmas existing, i took a prospect. He was completely stunned and each he and my son ‘swear’ by it. I would acquire once again without having batting an eye. . Makes superb espresso and espresso.

For those people of you who like jura products that are produced in switzerland (this kind of as the ena 9 onetouch) fairly than people manufactured in portugal (e. , ena 9 micro or jura impressa c5, and so forth. ) but will not drink ample espresso to justify the ~$1500 cost, you can purchase a factory refurbished device for significantly less than 50 % the charge from quite a few on the internet merchants. Manufacturing unit refurbished juras appear with a one-yr warranty (vs. 2-a long time if acquired new) and usually arrive with a common thirty-day return policy. I procured my ena 9 for $599 from 1st in coffee (no tax nor delivery prices and they also incorporated a complimentary can of illy medium roast espresso beans). The device was delivered in mint ailment – no scratches, scuffs, scrapes or something to counsel that it was anything much less than new other than the nondescript cardboard box in which it was delivered. In fact, i envisioned to see small scratches on the stainless metal drip tray considering the fact that the polished floor is quickly scratched from normal use but the device arrived with a model new drip tray that was shrink-wrapped in a white plastic protecting movie. Specified this awareness to depth, it appears that jura is significant about producing its manufacturing facility refurbished versions glance brand name new.

It fits nicely on our counter & can make a excellent cup each time.

Perfectly, this is my next super-automatic device and my initial was the delonghi esam3500. From owning these equipment i noticed the following. Tremendous-automated equipment are a great usefulness for making cappuccinos a easy procedure. Just put your cup beneath the spout, push a button, and one moment later you will have your consume. There is a draw back that you will have to be aware of with this large acquire and that is the cappuccinos does not occur out as incredibly hot as individuals served at starbucks/mcdonalds. This is a frequent complaint, look at out the testimonials for the esam3500. The rationale for this is thanks to the automation of the steam/frothed milk not heating the milk to the suitable serving temperature (150f). The ena 9 steam/frothed milk arrives out at 125f and the esam3500 is at 124f (with the milk starting off at 40f and water at 72f). These temperatures direct to what quite a few critiques explain as a heat, not very hot, cappuccinos that demand a journey to the microwave or the cappuccino will get chilly on the way to get the job done. To get an strategy of the serving temperature of cappuccinos (espresso & milk), i measured the temperature of the consume from starbucks and mcdonalds and the temperature ranged from 142 to a hundred and fifty f.

A good friend explained to me about this merchandise and following one consume i experienced to obtain my own. Helps make wonderful lattes and the most effective espresso at any time. Bye bye starbucks and pete’s coffee.

I’ve owned this equipment since august, 2011 (2 1/2 many years as of this evaluate). I purchased it soon after functioning by way of a fifty percent-dozen much less expensive, much less-able devices about the last twenty a long time. I was a minor leary of the price tag, as it was at least double the charge of any other equipment i formerly owned. The three-12 months warranty eased my mind and i pulled the trigger to buy, and i have not been upset. On average i pull 2 drinks day by day every day. Initially i made a large amount of lattes and cappuccinos, but now i just brew a potent cup of black coffee and slice with a very little milk. Irrespective of the form of consume i want it under no circumstances fails and usually can make a tasty coffee. I use distilled water given that my local drinking water offer is very calcified and total of minerals and in normal tastes foul (even when filtered) which allows retain the method cleanse. It is critical to follow the cleaning guidelines in the manual (especially if you froth milk), but it truly is not a enormous time sink. I’ve had only one issue with the ena 9.

The item does not operate correctly.

I like the device for its fresh coffee but the drinking water container is modest. Also have to manually set size of cup each individual time.

This critique was at first submitted for the jura milk program cleaner. The cleaner washes out the remaining milk as marketed for my jura ena 9 one touch. Having said that, it normally takes time to consist of this action in the clear up when creating cappuccino. There are a few clear up techniques suggested in the jura instruction book, like the automated cappuccino wash, the clean with the jura milk system cleaner, and washing the person sections of the rubber insert. For the initial yr and a fifty percent, i made use of the car cappuccino wash and the wash of the individual areas (#1 and #three). But little by little the volume of milk foam/froth lessened. The support desk suggested new inserts and the milk procedure cleaner. One or both of those of these brought back again the froth, but it takes time to have out the more washing. The milk technique cleaner remedy can be geared up though the cappucino is staying designed. Then just after the automobile cleansing, 3 pushes of the rotary starts the cleansing course of action.

I have now experienced this unit practically 4 many years and that carries on to impress me equally with its flawless assistance and terrific coffee merchandise. I bought it refurbished at the time so i was capable to buy it at almost 50 percent price tag. It really is been in a position to complete so very well not only because of to the good quality of engineering but also that their servicing goods are these high top quality. It isn’t low-priced to manage this unit but the espresso, café americano, and macchiato are 1st level. No issue how costly they could appear to be, the claris blue filters, cleaning tablets, and milk method cleaner have stored everything operating great. You you should not always want to use the milk technique cleaner following each and every foaming coffee solution. But i always rinse the milk tube and commonly disassemble the rubber foaming sections beneath scorching h2o. Often i am going to toss them in the dishwasher (considering that my dishwasher has a part of the silverware tray that can be locked closed from the major). About each 4th or 5th cappuccino i do use the milk process cleaner. When you do, normally just take the rubber elements aside and soak them in the milk technique cleaner detergent and hot water for 10 or 15 minutes prior to operating the alternative via the unit with the milk tube. You should not use oily espresso beans. They are likely to clog up exactly where the puck is shaped and aren’t great for the grinder.

We have experienced a jura ena 5 for quite a few several years and totally really like it. Lastly died following 8000 cups of coffee. Ena 9 is just as excellent, pretty related is dimension, best coffee. The ena 9 i just bought blew a water line inside i imagine and experienced to return it. No challenge with the return at all, amazon is absolutely wonderful. One simply click return, no cost return delivery, ups picked it up in two times, i had already reordered one more ena 9 and the ups driver picked up the terrible unit and shipped the new device at the very same time. Setup requires all of 5 minutes. It isn’t going to get any improved than that folks, that is the definition of good manufacturer and good amazon service.