Rival 1042W Electric Food Slicer : Stoney Creek,Ontario, Canada

My husband loves to slice a large sandwich ham from the store. It actually saves money to do so. It is easy to clean and store.

This slicer is replacing an older model of the same line which has lasted for over 17 years, still working but having some wear and tear cracks. The slicer has several enhanced features such as a curved output shaft which organizes the sliced product as well as preventing the blade from becoming cloged. Com seller yourlowestprice has offered nothing but a steller customer experiance.

This is a great slicer, it’s easy to use and easy to clean but only works well with small cuts of meat. I have had mine for about 3 years and use it 2-3 times a month and have not had to replace any parts due to wearing out and never had to sharpen the blade either.

My family has used a rival compact meat slicer for 30 years with a little care should last another 30 years. Not a 300 buck unit so you have to make sure you attach tray and pusher correctly. Packs in the cupboard about like a cereal box would fit.

  • This is a good compact machine and there aren’t many choices for small
  • Stoney Creek,Ontario, Canada
  • Cutting Edge Durability & Awsome Customer Service

Rival 1042W Electric Food Slicer, White

  • Make sure this fits
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  • 75-watt electric food slicer for deli-style slicing at home
  • Housed in durable plastic; 6-1/2-inch stainless-steel blade; safety switch
  • Thickness control dial easily adjusts from wafer-thin to extra-thick slices
  • Easy-to-clean removable slicing parts and tray; tray folds for convenient storage
  • Measures approximately 4 by 12 by 10 inches; 1-year warranty

Works well great for corned beef or roast beef. Cleaning is a hassle so i only use it when i have a lot to slice.

It is great for slicing deli style ham and roast beef for sandwiches. Wonderful for slicing cabbage, and so fast and easy.

This is a good compact machine and there aren’t many choices for small slicers. Plusses: the blade is good and the safety switch is a great blessing. Drawbacks: the bottom shelf doesn’t detach, making cleaning difficult. And the guide slider, which on earlier models folded in for storing, doesn’t fold, eating up storage space.

I own the same rival slicer and love it. I use it to slice my roast beef and ham and it makes the roast and ham go so much further than trying to slice it manually. The slicer is the best one i have tried as it is easy to clean and the blade comes off for cleaning.

I wanted this only to make beef jerky with, and it does enable me to slice the nearly frozen meat wafer thin. I think it takes as long as cutting by hand would, but is much easier on my hands/arms and makes thinner slices as you can cut the meat almost entirely frozen. I doubt it would work well for slicing most things, as it’s not very powerful, but it’s a perfect, compact, inexpensive solution for my infrequent jerky making.

The product is so light weight. You need to hold for the slicer, when you try to cut the frozen meat.

I own what appears to be the identical product — but brand labeled bosch. I’ve had it for a long time, and haven’t used it heavily, but when i want to slice loaves of home made bread, or thin slice leftover roast or other meat, there is no substitute. (other than a much pricier, bulkier slicer). When i say a long time, i mean roughly 30 years. I believe it’s lasted longer than my marriage. Finally, today, one of the plastic parts gave out, so the thickness adjustment no longer works. Thus i’ll buy another and hope for the same result.

My husband and i received an identical rival food slicer when we were first married 34 years ago. We use it all the time for everything from meats to bread to potatoes. But it’s safe, easy-to-use and easy to store in the cabinet, and it is still working as well as the day we got it. I’ve bought another slicer as a gift for our daughter’s wedding. She’s always liked our food slicer, and now she will have one for her own household. I’m confident it will last her a long time, too.

The electric food slicer does a good job, but then we only use it as a bread slicer. The slices come out nice and even. The cons would be it’s noisy , needs two to operate it smoothly because the slices keep getting stuck and it’s a little difficult to clean. I suppose for the price it pretty much gets the job done :).

It’s safe (with two buttons that have to be held down simultaneously. But it’s very difficult to clean. The main body, which contains the motor and which, therefore, cannot be submerged in water, has lots of nooks and crannies that trap food. Also, because the entire unit is very light, it easily slides across the counter top.

Just big eonugh to do what i need it to do but yet compact. I think that it is the most ideal slicer that you can buy for home use. I have already told other people about this product and they are talking about buying one.

It works great, easy clean up, easy to use. My family will be eating healthier by making our own lunch meats from leftover roasts, turkey, etc. It is much faster than trying to slice lunch meats, cheese, etc by hand.

This the second rival we have owned. The first was the prior model, and it lasted 30-40 years. Nothing fancy, it just gets the job done.

I have had this model for years and love it. Have used it mostly for slicing meats and slices are consistent. Like it so much i ordered another one for our home in florida.

A great little machine to have. I have had a slicer almost the same as this for 20+ years. It doses what it’s made to do; slicing items the width of the blade. Meats, cheeses and vegetables are sliced well on the machine. The only downside is that you need to hold the power putton down with one hand while moving the slicing tray with the other. As for cleaning, all that is needed is to remove the blade with a tool which is provided, wash the blade & holder, wipe down the tray with a rag or sponge and replace blade when dry. I was going to upgrade to a newer model, but that power button inconvience is still a part of its make-up. Mine still works great, so i’ll wait.

This item was purchased specifically for parties. It does a good job of slicing large quantities of meats and vegetables. Firm and equal pressure is required when guiding the food stuff through. This is not meant for commercial use. The biggest drawback (to me) is that it is difficult to clean.

The slicer seems to work well. Its lightweight and easy to clean. I used it for a large boneless ham (7 lbs) that i had cooked and had leftovers. It shipped quickly and was easy to set up. I think it was a good value for me for my occasional uses.

We bought this little slicer because so many meat departments no longer have a real butcher to cut meat the way we want it. Though you shouldn’t expect it to work like a $500 machine. I quite satified, and would recomend it to anyone looking for a basic slicer.

KitchenWare Station KWS MS-6RS Premium 200w Electric Meat Slicer 6-Inch in Stainless Steel Blade : Very good quality. Slices perfectly!

I was looking for a home slicer to cut very thin slices (1mm or less) of a home made armenian sort of ham (basterma). This machine did an excellent job even though the basterma was frozen. It was easy to clean and the construction and materials used to build this appliance feels as it is something built to last, very good quality. My only concern is how long will the sharpness of the cutting wheel will last and if the sharpen process will be easy, but with that said, i really recommend it.

I’ve had this kws slicer for about a year and a half now. Just wanted to say this this unit has and still goes far beyond what i expected. Just did sliced bbq pork sandwiches with it again, can’t beat it.

KitchenWare Station KWS MS-6RS Premium 200w Electric Meat Slicer 6-Inch in Red Stainless Steel Blade, Frozen Meat Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer Low Noises Commercial and Home Use

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 6-inch Premium 304 Stainless Steel Blade
  • Anodized Aluminium Base
  • Cutting Thickness 0-0.4”
  • CE Approved
  • 200-Watts Motor Power-Low noise level

I’ve had this slicer for 4 months now. I bought it to slice homemade charcuterie (lonza, bresaola, coppa, salami, etc. ) and i am very happy with it overall. After some practice, i am able to slice these items as thinly as a deli. In terms of cleaning, it is relatively easy once you are used to the process. Absolutely buy a pair of cut resistant gloves for this purpose. I also suggest buying a dedicated screwdriver to keep in the kitchen. Three phillips head machine screws must be removed before the blade can be removed for cleaning. You don’t want to hunt around for one when the time comes. My only complaint is that the ink on knob that controls slice thickness has started to wear off.

Excellent,so far i only used it once, but excellent little machine. Cuts paper thin, for great lunch meat sandwiches.

It’s a little difficult to clean but that’s true of all slicers. I’ve been preparing a couple of roasts at a time, slicing them and freezing them. You wouldn’t want to set it up and do just a couple of slices due to the clean up job. Getting gloves for handling the blade would not be a bad idea.

KitchenWare Station KWS MS-6RS Premium 200w Electric Meat Slicer 6-Inch in Red Stainless Steel Blade, Frozen Meat Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer Low Noises Commercial and Home Use : It’s much heavier and better built than others i’ve tried. I like that all parts except handles are metal. I can slice my ham and roast beef nice and thin. I do not use this slicer for cheeses.

I’m not so sure about this product. It’s built well – all metal parts, quiet, sturdy. But when i tried slicing bologna and mortadella, the blade rotated the meat as it passed over the blade. The same thing happened with stick salami (2-inch diameter). Also, when the meat(s) get down to about a half-inch it won’t slice anymore and it pulls the meat down under the sliding tray and it gets stuck with the blade still turning. Dangerous and hard to remove. I had higher hopes for this machine.

It’s really well polished,better than the picture. Such a fancy slicer and really quiet when operating. This is my first slicer and it’s easy to use. Yes i would recommend it to everyone.

A great design and powerful machine. Cuts are very easy and as thin as you want. Had a meat slicer for years but this one is a dream to use.

Haven’t used it much because it’s just so cute. Bought it for work but took it home and have it on my kitchen counter.

The meat slicer is the perfect size for a household kitchen. We save so much money with this slicer. We buy the meat in bulk and fresh slice when we need it. Made in italy it definitely has the quality you expect. It fit nicely on the kitchen counter. I wish i could find a pretty cover for it.

Was thinking a six inch blade might be too small to be of much use, but was pleasantly surprised to find it does the job well. Turns out the blade measures 7 3/8′ diameter, not 6′. No you won’t get a whole turkey on it, but this is for home kitchen tasks. You can always cut it down to a manageable size. The handle on the slide tray swings up, so it will handle any length of product. It will cut to 5 1/2′ tall and 5 1/2′ wide. The mayonnaise jar shown 5 3/8′ round easily fits with room to spare. The tray handle is spiked on two sides for long items. The whole tray assembly can be removed by one knob. Under the support arm you will find two 10mm nuts, so you can adjust how close the tray clears the blade.

This works great for my frozen chicken breast jerky treats for my border collie.

The sliced ​​piece of meat is the same as i expected, so it is recommended to use it.

Chef’sChoice Chef’sChoice 667 Electric Food Slicer 10-Inch Diameter Blade : Near professional slicer

It worked well but wish the manual would have told what number is what. Cause i wanted it chipped or shaved. And meat keep sliding out of slicer. But it is better than the ones i bought at walmart,lowes. But thats my only complaint.

We have been very happy with this meat slicer. It arrived just 2 days after i placed the order. It had a defective part, and the company responded immediately. I would certainly order other products from this company. We have used it a lot, and we’re very satisfied with its performance.

Chef’sChoice 667 Electric Food Slicer 10-Inch Diameter Blade (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Rugged, commercial quality, die cast metal construction
  • Tilted design for fast and efficient slicing
  • Heavy duty powerful induction motor for extremely quiet operation
  • Larger capacity food carriage, rides smoothly on industrial ball bearings and retracts fully to fit extra large roasts, hams, etc.
  • Dimensions 21 by 14.6 by 14.5 inches; weighs 30 pounds

I received the slicer in the mail and was excited to fire it up and slice up some lunch meat for my family of 6. It is easy to use and sliced thru everything i threw at it with ease, including cheese. It is quiet and slides easily. It is a bit heavy, but i expected that. I would not want it to be light as i don’t want it sliding on the counter. I read all the reviews on this machine, and felt this would be the best for my family. I paid special attention to the safety features and ease of use. I must say the reviews did the machine justice, icluding the review about the cleaning of the machine. Here’s where i don’t love the machine. The cleaning is a pain in the rear.

A good slicer that does the job and easily cuts through the meat to the thickness desired and selected. Some minor problems come with this slicer though. With the small area behind the blade, it is awkward grabbing the meat as it comes out after having been sliced. The small tray slides and meat falling down easily pushes it to the side, and in one case, even pushed it off the slicer entirely. Not hard to clean up, comes apart easily. When i was cleaning the slicer, 2 pieces slipped out when i tipped the slicer to reach underneath to the base. These pieces were a shaped rod and a spring. I am having trouble finding out where they go as they are not mentioned in the manual at all, and now the slicer won’t even power up. Trying to get through to the company for help. Overall, a very good slicer that does what is advertised and i would recommend it as long as others were aware of the problems.

Works great but wish it would do wider pieces of meat like bacon slabs.

Chef’sChoice 667 Electric Food Slicer 10-Inch Diameter Blade (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : Weight and size great; works well in a food vendor booth over a prolonged period. Tray used to catch meat very poorly designed-does not fit tight to machine and is small, so meat and juices overflow onto counter. Had to devise another tray to go underneath the entire slicer. The blade comes off easily enough, but it is extremely time consuming to clean the entire machine in between uses on a busy day, which is required by our health department. Price is right and overall, it worked much better and faster than cutting by hand.

This slicer is what is needed to slice appropriately; i. , safe, infinitely adjustable, consistent cuts at all thicknesses. As such, it requires some work to clean it following use.

I purchased the product but apparently received a lemon instead of a slicer. The size and overall construction were good for the price, but the design is flawed in several aspects. I was forced to return the unit as defective after the first attempted use. The three phillips head screws that hold the blade in place were torqued so tightly that they could not be removed. In fact, when i turned the unit on, the blade would not even turn. I had to rotate it after attaching the blade removal tool just to unbind the blade. An allen wrench is included to remove the blade guard. The same bolt size should be used for the three blade retention bolts. The knob that controls thickness of the cut was also defective, and rotated as i sliced, making each successive slice progressively thicker. The food carriage is also awkward, and i had to hold the food(i tried salami, capicolla, and provolone)by had to keep it from flipping sideways on the return stroke, no matter how much, or how little pressure was used on the food carriage.

Now we can slice the lamb meet to paper thin pieces. Liitle bit hard to clean up.

A great slicer for every day home slicing. Wouldn’t recommend for super hard meats like home made prociutti.

This food slicer has to be absolutely the best. The blade slices thru meats like a hot knife thru butter. Nothing buthigh praise for this appliance.

This is the second food slicer i’ve owned in my life. The first was a waring food slicer i picked up at lowes for about a hundred bucks. Com and decided to buy this model. While it is an invested in money and kitchen space, i’m very happy with it. It slices through meat, cheese, and veges like they were nothing. Plenty of hand guards and saftey features to keep you from slicing your fingers off too. The blade is extremely sharp though and should be handled with extreme care. Just remember, don’t put your fingers near the blade while it’s spinning for any reason.

When i was shopping for a meat slicer, my major concerns are quality and whether it is easy to clean. I took the plunge because i know i will save a ton of money slicing my own deli meat (and also a ton of energy and time) for my kids’ lunch (plus there is no nitrites and all that bad stuff). This slicer is designed like a tank in durability but has dummies in their mind when it comes to the ease of use. It works wonderfully and my freshly roasted beef all sliced so cleanly and perfectly, just like how it looks at the deli. But the best thing is: it is very easy to clean. I just need to remove the food carriage (first time is the hardest; just don’t overtighten it when you reinstall it)and use the provided wrench to remove the blade protector and wipe clean with a damp cloth. One more thing, i carefully angle the machine over the sink and spray the crevice behind the blade (and that space only, which accumulates a heck of a lot of crumbs and juice) with my sink sprayer. Take it easy and let the water run through the gap for a minute or so. The water will clean that little space perfectly. At first, i thought i need to use some long tool like a chopstick and a cloth to wipe clean that space after i sprayed it.

I’ve searched the whole internet for under-$500 quality meat slicer and ended up getting this one. Reasons i chose this one over the other $100/ $299/ and 400$ similar slicers. I chose chef’s choice brand for broad availability in replacements. I’ve tried a $100ish slicer and i just can’t withstand the motor noise, plus the blade will just slow down if you cut sticky stuff or frozen meat. I’ve also tried the medium level chef’s choice 642, while noise-wise is very acceptable in kitchen enviroment, the blade has no cover, so if you cut delicate stuff, it will just mess it up because of the friction against the rotating blade, even worst when you push all the way down and your cheese will’spin’ if not hold tight. So this one covers it all, plus a more powerful 1/4 hp motor, and a much larger blade at 9. It is very sturdy, close to 30 pounds (but very easy to move around, not that heavy as you think) ruber height adjustable feets stay in place even for the toughest meat slice. It has a double safe switch feature, on-off switch and a start switch next to it, this prevents accidental start (prevents you from being sliced) should the user left the power switch on and plugged in the power cord. So you have to press one time the start button to get the blade spinning.

This slicer is somewhere between a cheap slicer and the one you really want but can’t afford. The motor is strong and quiet. The blade is heavy duty but a little small to cut larger pieces of meat. The food carriage is a little on the cheap side for the price. Overall i’m satisfied but i don’t have that great feeling.

First of all, let me start by saying that you can’t compare the cheap $90 units to this model. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. If you want a ‘cheapo’ just to get you through a year or two, buy one of those. But, if you want something thats going to around a while, i recommend the 667. I bought this slicer as i am a home butcher/processor. I make alot of hams, bacon and sausages. So, i need something that’s consistant and dependable. Of ham this morning paper thin, and i have to tell you.

First off, this was a long time coming for me, and i wanted to test it before i gave any feedback on the buy. It has been 4 months and i couldn’t be happier. This is a huge buy and most places charged way too much. That’s why when i found a place that sold it for [. with shipping, i had to swoop it up. ]so, as far as use, i’ve done a turkey roast and ham for deli slices, london broil for jerky, various cheeses, and other various pork cuts. The blade that comes with it is all you will ever need. The serrated edge they try to push for bread is unnecessary. All you have to do is freeze the bread a little and cut it. ]

My decision to purchase the slicer was by the reviews. My main usage was for semi frozen meat to be sliced for jerky. It worked excellent and it was received prior to the dates specified. Fast delivery, and glad it came so soon. Very please all the way around, service and slicer.

About twice the size of the toys i took back. But still smaller than the smallest commercial unit i looked at. It is not easier to clean than the cheaper versions, but it does a great job of slicing. And looks good which makes the task a little easier. Portions of it can be removed for cleaning, but not without removing screws, etc. I set it on the edge of the sink and try to spray it off. You could remove the blade, but that appears to be somewhat of a task also.

As with peter above, i had purchased several kitchen slicers which proved not to be up to the tasks i asked of it. I love proscuitto and because of the cost at the deli, order a whole one and slice it up myself. None of the slicers i had purchased could do it. It made perfect, paper thin slices that bring out the unique flavor of the proscuitto without strain. I am so impressed with this machine. It’s worth every dollar paid and then some. Together with my vaccum sealer, i slice it all up, seal it and freeze it. In the long run it’s a money saver.

I brought this slicer primarily to slice raw meat:lamb, beef for shabushabu style hot-pot. So some of the details may not apply to other use. I will skip the good part of the slicer, as it is well summarized by other reviews. The bottom line is: i will recommend it, and will buy it again, there is no better unit out there in the same price range. My biggest complain(which is minor in overall picture) is cleaning: you can not get a real good cleaning of the unit. (again, considering my use is to slice raw meat), the blade assembly can be taken apart fair easily, no issue here. But that is about it, all the other parts are very difficult to take apart, if not impossible. The screws used to put the other part together have falt end (with right reason, since those surface are carrying food/meat), that you can not unscrew all the nuts. I hope chefs choice design engineer can take extra steps to address that details (i can only assume that the designer does not use it or clean it 😉 )the other one is some of the cheap plastic panel, the material, the way they are installed. Again, the unit is good, some attention to the details will make it even better, you will unlikely to see those type of issues from , say a japanese design, if you know what i mean.

Yes it is true that this thing really does slice as a $400 slicer should. That is a given and the reviews here show people agree it does the job. But two things to consider:1) $460 -is- a lot of money. But you make the decision that you are willing to pay that for your own professional slicer. 2) the bigger thing to consider is are you prepared to clean this machine every time you use it???remember, at the delicatessen or market, the jr. Butcher has the task of cleaning it every night. This thing requires that you take apart the feed tray, blade cover, blade etc. , to gain access to the bits of food lodged within. It -is- well designed and easy to dis-assemble and re-assemble, but it does take time. And if you leave it for a day or two, you will have a very hard task to scrape out the hardened food bits.

Knox Stainless Steel Meat Slicer – Great product for meat, and cheese.

As before long as i got it, i sliced two lbs . of roast beef for jerky. I located this product was really simple to use, even however the guidance that came with it ended up extremely vague. It can be light-weight quick to retail outlet, and thoroughly clean that was effortless.

What you may possibly expect from a property-kitchen specific meat slicer. Not large-obligation at all but then have you priced industrial quality slicers?. If you just take your time it will do the position. It is not rated for ongoing responsibility it could possibly tackle ‘light’ occasional use.

This meat slicer is everything i required.Here are the specifications for the Knox Stainless Steel Meat Slicer:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Efficiently slices all kinds of deli and meat
  • Professional quality for home use
  • Perfect for slicing meat, cheese and vegetables

This was a present for my sister to give her spouse. I have read he seriously likes it. I have no awareness of it truly is efficiency. Have heard no negativity from either of them.

This one is so difficulty when i use it to slice a ice-meat.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Knox SS Meat Slicer
  • I can cut anything I want with this! Blocks
  • it’s a good slicer for home use

I essentially use it to slice meat for jerky. If i was likely to use it everyday to slice a great deal of meat i would have acquired a business unit, but for what i use it for it capabilities fantastically. I want the slide and foundation could be detached from the motor to make it easier to wash (place these sections in the dish washer) but no a lot more than i use it i can clear it great by hand even while it can take a tiny extended.

This surely just isn’t a superior-end gadget, its genuinely for at dwelling use, if it ought to be utilised at all. Of course, it performs the job as it should, i wished it for veggies as i continue to keep slicing myself producing veggie chips on my handbook slicer. It functions great at cutting cucumbers, but now it truly is time for my issues. They are so compact and difficult to examine, it has no pics just a easy part diagram. I would definitely like to see some animations on how to use and clean up this slicer. This is a unsafe resource and there is no daring text that cautions persons, just some modest italicised font. When a human being pays $70 for an equipment i would count on some work in creating them, so there goes a person star. The machine alone, the steel tray is really thin and appears to be tremendous inexpensive.

Terrific very little slicer, straightforward clear up just what you need for household use.

Difficult to cleanse and meat holder is not massive plenty of to assist slicing greater itemes or cutting the complete chunk. Seller was fine i just do not like the slicer that effectively.

I use it to slice meat, from purchasing hams, and turkey breasts, to roast beef. If it starts to slow down, spray the bar,and the blade with a cooking spray. I use clorox bleach to cleanse it up. I also use it to slice large pork roasts that i invest in from sam’s, to make pork chops. It is a wonderful benefit and pays for itself, if you use it for a number of months. Pork is really expensive if you acquire the boneless chops, this way you are only paying $one. 65 a pound for a roast, exactly where as if you acquire the chops previously slice they are $4. You also get to make them as thick or slender as you want. So you can make them substantial enough to things. Use your imagination, and the personal savings are limitless. I would also advise if you are slicing cheese, to use a butter flavored cooking spray to preserve issues moist enough not to lock up the motor. The blade also comes off for easy cleanup, please use a bleach cleaner so that you do not get salmonella.

Just after you learn how to use it it is great.

If your slicing greens or salami this performs wonderful.

It has fantastic adjustments and can slice points incredibly thin or thick relying on what we want. It also will work with a cheese block and is so significantly less difficult than hoping to slice by hand.

I can slash anything at all i want with this. Not a problemwhen it comes to slicers, if it can’t reduce the cheese, really don’t get it.

I like the suction cups on the bottom of this slicer they retain the equipment safe even though slicing.

For the cost, it really is a good slicer for property use, not for professional use. But you’ll pay a few hundred bucks additional at the very least. Effortless to get aside and cleanse. You have to push the the back again plate whilst slicing to insure an even cut.

Yescom 12″ Stainless Steel Blade Electric Meat Slicer Commercial Deli Food Cheese Veggies Cutter Restaurant, it slices so wonderfully.

This was a present they appeared to actually like it.

I was pretty happy with the slicer. Worked nicely and sliced superbly with out tearing meat. I sliced my do-it-yourself bacon and the slices were being best.

Slices nice, but made from low cost components. Desires equipment to take apart to cleanse. Not sure the hardware utilised to maintain it with each other will last. So far so excellent, but we will see how prolonged the device lasts. I think this is just what you get at this rate range.

Key specs for Yescom 12″ Stainless Steel Blade Electric Meat Slicer Commercial Deli Food Cheese Veggies Cutter Restaurant:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • sharpening Control Buttons for controlling the whetstones to sharpen two sides of the blade easily.
  • Convenient to adjust the precise thickness of meat from 0 to 5/8″ with the numerical scale knob.
  • Numerical Scale Knob makes the adjustable plate to move back and forth and adjust the thickness of meat.
  • The Adjustable Plate Fixed Knob for fixing the adjustable plate.
  • Stainless Steel Baffle Plate and Transparent Plastic Plate avoid meat falling off when slicing thicker meat.

Comments from buyers

“really an excellent slicer – you can really fine tune the thickness , The users manual is almost useless, the English they used will have your mind , they could easily slice into their finger with the blade”

Item received swiftly and as explained.

Slicing slide can only do something that is about 6′ prolonged or less(are not able to do bacon). The customers manual is almost ineffective, the english they used will have your mind spinning.

The only challenge is the crack down to thoroughly clean is not person friendly. Needs screw driver and pliers to crack down.

Acquired this slicer for my husband and he loves it. Instead of receiving pissed off at the deli counter, he now can slice his possess meats and cheeses specifically how he likes them. Cleansing is not as tough or aggravating as some posted feedback point out.

Excellent machine slices all varieties of deli meats super slender and doesn’t even canine out when slicing cheese i have applied various machines and this one particular is the greatest so much.

Not a great deal much too complain about with this slicer. It’s nice and heavy so it isn’t going to slide all around on the counter when using and the blade pace is significant adequate that it cuts properly even when slicing firmer cured meats like challenging salami or sopressata. The only downside for me is that it is a minimal hard to clear completely because it demands some disassembly, but all the commercial slicers i’ve utilised are about the very same as this a person, and it actually just isn’t all that substantially hassle. All round i believe this was a great invest in for the dollars.

I obtained this to slice meat for do-it-yourself beef jerky. It is a quite weighty duty slicer, and was well up to the task of slicing beef into slim strips for my jerky recipe. I have not tried using reducing cheese nonetheless, but the motor appears strong, and the mechanics of this slicer are extremely reliable. It does choose some operate to thoroughly clean it, but nothing exterior of what you’d hope for a large, large-responsibility kitchen area appliance. I might certainly advise this slicer as a superior obtain. The manual is extremely inadequately prepared, and is rather of course a poor translation from (probably chinese) to english. Luckily, the slicer by itself is simple to use and run.

I procured this for my spouse who can make beef jerky as a birthday reward. Looking ahead to some delishious jerky soon.

This item by itself will work awsome, but following about a thirty day period, it began varnishing. But over all, it slices so beautifully.

This yescom 12′ meat slicer was purchased for a fairly busy delicatessen as a devoted cheese slicer. For the income it is a able equipment for mild use but not meant for large usage. The motor has a complicated time slicing as a result of challenging cheese such as cheddar or swiss. If 1 is seeking to reduce a slice of cheese on the thicker aspect, around one/4 ‘ or far more for cubing, the blade will usually end. For softer cheese such as american or provolone it will not have significantly challenge slicing the products. The precise procedure of the machine is ordinary also. The numerical knob that controls the thickness is tough for men and women without robust arms to change. The hand guard simply cannot be locked away and often should be used, which is a slight nuisance. I also come across the nails which are meant to maintain deli solutions in position while slicing are a little bit to extensive. If a single is not cautious with the device they can get impaled by these nails.

Genuinely an exceptional slicer – you can definitely fantastic tune the thickness of the meat – and has the ability to slice paper slim. Fantastic for the residence or little commercial uses. Only attract back again is the return is also small. If i cook a turkey breast – the device wont accommodate the whole breast – i have to minimize it in 50 % as the return is far too brief.

God i appreciate an cost-effective true slicer.

Best Choice Products Meat Slicer 7 – Awesome product.

We have a modest business kitchen that needs a little bit of slicing, and this fits.

Suggests it straightforward to use and gets the exact same quality as the deli.

My partner purchased this slices to minimize meats at home and it does a superior career.

I know it can be not a professional product still performs wonderful for residence meat & cheese.

I acquired this because i essential a more compact slicer for slicing my home made bread. I do have a more substantial one for meats but its so major to just take out every day. I use this just about each individual day and enjoy it so a lot. It works flawlessly on selfmade bread.

  • Good for the price
  • Best meat slicer for your money!
  • I know it’s not a professional model still works wonderful for household meat &

Has help save the household pretty abit of dollars on chilly cuts.

Plastic piece that retains food to slash it, demands to have tooth to maintain meat far more securely.

Great rate and worked very well for the cost.

Not a industrial grade sliver but does the trick.

I received my food slicer about a thirty day period back. Even though i do use it for meat slicing, my favorite detail to make is homemade potato chips. I have gone as a result of four baggage of russet potatoes alreadythe meat slicer is quick to use. Just about every portion of it is created of sturdy materials. The food grabber is obvious plastic and grabs onto your food product extremely perfectly making the slicing quick and safe. The blade arrives out with a person quarter change and i am equipped to effortlessly clear each and every and every single inch of the slicer. Assembling the blade is just a fast quarter convert and it is ready to go again. I hugely advise this slicer as it is nicely built, tranquil motor and perfect slices each and every time. I have owned other meat slicers and for the rate, i can convey to you this a person is exceptional.

Features of Best Choice Products Meat Slicer 7.5″ Blade Home Deli Meat Food Slicer Premium Quality New

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  • 7.5″ circular blade made of coated stainless steel
  • 0-15mm adjustable thickness
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum housing
  • Plastic food pusher for more protection when slicing
  • Tilt base allows for easier and more precise commercial-style slicing

Make sure this fits
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I acquired this for my son who recently begun generating his possess bread. He definitely likes it for bread hasnt attempted it for meats or cheese.

I make selfmade bread and this slicer in fact cuts even slim slices without having tearing it up. It arrived on time but the box was damaged in shipment. Even so, it did not have an impact on the efficiency. I’m extremely delighted with my obtain.

Really like this meat slicer & i have acquired many for distinct family associates & they enjoy it as very well. Exceptionally fast shipping & makes a great holiday reward to.

To help you save dollars and get increased quality sliced ‘deli’ meats i picked up this slicer. It operates perfectly but the motor is a little bit on the weak aspect, so just take your time and don’t try to pressure the food you are slicing, rather acquire your time and enable the slicer take the product at its individual speed. It cleans up fairly simply, but as the recommendations alert, be mindful, the blade is very sharp. Suction cup like feet hold it wonderful and steady on the counter as it is really utilized.

Almost everything about the slicer is excellent. It can be so effortless to slice the meat, as slim or thick as you remember to. The device is so effortless to clean up set again in the box and retail store absent for future time.

I have rated this product or service with 5 stars, because i uncovered by using the cutter in my little restaurant it serves all my compact chopping needs and will work fantastic from meet up with to cheese. As for the seller if i could i would amount ten stars if attainable mainly because not only is the item as detailed but was shipped on or prior to posted date. Will purchase products in the upcoming as wanted from this seller. Thanks,manager hog bbq – parkin, ar.

7.5″ circular blade made of coated stainless steel

I at first experimented with to cancel this order primarily based off of the critiques. The order experienced now been shipped. I gained this meat slicer this very last 7 days and have fallen in appreciate with it. I am not particular as to why these assessments are so destructive, but my expertise has been optimistic.

Its great but you con’t cut cheese whit it, but for meat its gooddo not by this if you wont to slice cheese.

I guess it really is accurate that you get what you spend for. This is a reduce end home slicer, therefore a more affordable price tag than most. It does what it can be intended to do – slice. It does not have a potent motor so slicing is a bit on the slow side. If you’re not in a hurry or impatient then you can expect to get your food sliced. Blade comes off very easily and it truly is uncomplicated to clean. If you want to help you save a couple $$ and never require any weighty obligation slicing, then this may be your ticket. If you might be anticipating rapid effortless precision with major loads, this is not what you want.

Way too much meat receives trapped driving the blade. Not what i was hoping for to say the least but with tearing it down about five or six moments i last but not least get the meat sliced.

0-15mm adjustable thickness

Heavy-duty cast aluminum housing

Plastic food pusher for more protection when slicing

KitchenWare Station KWS Premium Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer 10″ – One of the better slicers in this price bracket.

Performs great appears to be like excellent significant responsibility just make sure to choose aside to thoroughly clean employed special gloves blade sharp.

This slicer slices like a dream, not like our prior meat slicer. Initially, to get the blade off was tough. Go to u-tube and their tip worked on finding the blade off. We love the quality of this slicer.

Appreciate this slicer, leaps and bounds previously mentioned my old a hundred greenback slicer. Only concern is meat will adhere to back again of the blade if you do not go the sliced meat frequently. Excellent device so significantly although, only have 20lbs of meat by it as of now but if i have issues down the street i will edit this article.Here are the specifications for the KitchenWare Station KWS Premium Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer 10″:

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    by entering your model number.
  • 10” Premium Teflon Stainless Steel Blade
  • Aluminum Alloy Base
  • Cutting Thickness 0-0.4”
  • ETL NSF FDA Approved
  • 320-Watts Motor Power

Oh my goodness, this is the most effective slicker we have at any time owned and will be the very last 1 i will at any time have to get. Wonderful top quality and operates good. I use it on meats and cheese and it will work like a aspiration.

I required a slicer that would cut the entire slab of meat and not leave any meat still left around. Our former slicer was created wherever the base of the roast could not be slash by the blade as it sat beneath the edge. Userd the new a single to slice up a very hot corned beek brisket and it was incredibly smooth and effortless to use. I experienced no challenges in cleansing up the device and the blade with out having to clear away it. I would advocate this to everyone who is searching for a excellent slicer and will not want to spend a superior value.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love this slicer.
  • Good Buy for the money.
  • Slicer works fine but the painted numbers on the thickness dial button

If you are into producing, curing , using tobacco your have meats this is a must have. So significantly we have used it for home created bacon and canadian bacon. Performs smoothly and stunning skinny or thick slices. I do recommend obtaining a protection glove for handling the blade. It is a sharp and slippery beast. We are making the meats not just for ourselves but our youngsters and grandchildren. Element of owning manage of your food chain, understanding what you are eating and saving substantial income in the process.

All in all a excellent investment on upgrading some of my kitchen area units.

This matter cuts like the glory of god. We have completed roast beef, london broil and so forth – i can not wait to test beef jerky. At very first we struggled with cleaning the unit, but just after figuring out you can get rid of 3-4 essential pieces (i. E the slide) cleanup turned considerably less complicated. As with other testimonials i have witnessed, i would warning you when dealing with the blade – it basically, truly is sharp. This is a enjoyable surprise thinking of how quite a few knives,circular noticed blades, chain saw blades, planer blades, and so on. That i have purchased in excess of the several years that declare to be sharp, only to want notice ‘right out of the box’.

We went from a more cost-effective 1 to this for the reason that i was fatigued of cutting meat with the previous one, it was gradual process and considerably from specific. I experience like i could open up quite very own deli now. This is outside of amazing and is easy to use. If there was a ten star button i would’ve used it. We have eight young ones so earning school lunches will be significantly a lot easier now. You will not regret the obtain. This also has a quite huge width so chopping a full black forest ham from sam’s club is no trouble.

Do the job fantastic, sliced up 60lbs of canadian bacon with no complications. Plenty of electric power to slice trough a dense piece of meat. It normally takes a very little function to thoroughly clean it but not to terrible. Like the other overview said acquire some minimize evidence gloves, the blade is very sharp.I did when i acquired the slicer and was pretty happy i did. Easy to operate and take aside to clean, very content with this merchandise.

Slicer functions good but the painted numbers on the thickness dial button dissapieard following a month of incredibly little use. Right after leaving a message to the vendor i am waiting for a pair of times to acquire the connect with back.

I bought this for my son , and he utilised it the working day immediately after xmas and he was incredibly delighted it was accurately as mentioned he had tried out reg. Kinds and they failed to do the occupation , but this one particular was outstanding , he would make jerky and cuts his meat and so on. So if ur on the fence i say invest n high-quality u wont b dissatisfied the only grievance was the cleaning but that was his first time so that will get improved.

So happy we spent a minimal additional and got this. Soon after getting it and utilizing it i went back up to cabelas and checked there is out once more. This is developed ten times far better.It slices cheese excellent and shaves the meat super slim with no difficulties. I would unquestionably endorse this, i see it lasting us a prolonged time.

This is a quite major obligation slicer. Slices extremely thin, up to about three/four inch. Will work fantastic, and getting it aside for cleansing is fairly effortless.

My kws slicer is almost nothing quick of excellent. I bought the teflon blade for the reason that i slice a whole lot of cheese. I slice meat and cheese at minimum once a week in my home. I have diabetes and a coronary heart affliction so i truly have to observe my food plan. There are several all set designed diet regime courses fantastic for the two kinds of problems. You have to continue to keep an eye on both equally unwanted fat intake and carbs. As a end result holding observe of portioning is really important. The skill to slice meats cheese and other products and solutions with good consistency will make computing nutritional intake extremely simple. You have to have the potential to slice thin or thick as you need to have to assistance make factors less difficult. This slicer cuts from paper slim, basically see as a result of slices, to incredibly thick.

Slices cheese incredibly quick and meat for jerky is great. If it was much easier to thoroughly clean it would terrific.

Just sliced 10lbs of ham, 5lbs cheese and 3 lbs of smoked turkey breast. Device sliced all quite perfectly and as skinny as i essential. The teflon blade did not stick. Naturally this device is produced in china, really lousy directions but would seem effectively crafted. The blade is sound and very weighty. Probably twenty% of overall device weight. Allow 20 to thirty minutes for cleansing. For the funds it’s a fantastic buy.

Clean, silent and very effortless to maintain cleanse. Be expecting it to previous from now on.

After lamenting for weeks in excess of which slicer to purchase, i in the end went with the kws and could not be happier. I entirely disassembled the device and cleaned it prior to use. I had no problems eliminating the blade or any ingredient. Of handmade deli meats to slice together with seven lbs. Of cheese and quite a few huge onions. The do the job was sleek and easy. The meats were accomplished thinner than paper and the cheese slices have been fantastic. Way, way better than my aged $75 slicer. It has the commercial truly feel and general performance i was wanting for.

This is a incredibly spectacular device. I have a lot of several years of expertise with resources and gear and i feel the develop top quality of this slicer is excellent. We debated the wisdom of expending this sort of funds on a meat/cheese slicer and if you only use it intermittently it may not be truly worth the value. We would not use it each day and we made a decision it was even now worth getting.

KitchenWare Station KWS Premium Commercial 420w Electric Meat Slicer 12″ Stainless Steel Blade, High quality Heavy duty.

Very weighty but if you need to have a genuinely excellent slicer this is it.

Slicer came with a weak condition. When i received it, meat tray was sitting above the blade. And aluminum surface area was scratched by the blade, and the blade was chipped throughout transportation. In purchase to get the slicer to function, i just about disassembled the entire slicer and had to adjust a number of screws to re-align each and every be a part of piece. The guide was not really handy. Fortunate i was equipped to set every element back again jointly and sharp the blade.

Good slicer for the rate, not a hobart but it truly is not a hobart price. Will work nicely and seems to be perfectly designed.

Key specs for KWS Premium Commercial 420w Electric Meat Slicer 12″ Stainless Steel Blade, Frozen Meat/ Cheese/ Food Slicer Low Noises:

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  • 12” Premium Stainless Steel Blade
  • Aluminum Alloy Base
  • Cutting Thickness 0-0.6”
  • ETL NSF FDA Approved
  • 420-Watts Motor Power

Comments from buyers

“Great slicer for the money., I sliced up a roast beef for sandwiches today and it did a great job. It comes with a spare belt and , and easily cuts all the cheese and meat I have tried”

I make jerky a lot for children and grand young ones and it slices the meat so even and pleasant.

This slicer is performs as promised. Sliced up a corned beef very last night time and it established extremely slim slices like it came suitable from the deli. Uniform slices and it produced rapid operate of it. I was concerned about the dimensions and bodyweight of the 12′ machine, but pulled the induce on it in any case. It actually just isn’t all that significantly even bigger than the 10′ and can simply be taken care of by a person particular person. Read about some concerns on cleaning the machine, but took it aside to clean up following slicing the corned beef and it was really really easy. Just be watchful how you deal with the blade.

Good slicer a very little major but over-all does a excellent job.

Not the best to clean but not a difficulty. Have applied it to slice 24 lbs of bacon so significantly with no problems. Will be undertaking additional bacon this weekend. The feet could be alot softer to grip on my plastic slicing desk prime.

I gotta say i am amazed with this equipment. The cargo came in extremely promptly and with no damages. Cost is realistic and the equipment is incredibly perfectly built. We acquired this for our restaurant to mainly slice frozen meat for shabu shabu. Slicing things paper see-as a result of thin and thicker with no challenges. General, it can make our occupation so considerably a lot easier in the kitchen area. It can take us about fifteen minutes to just take apart and thoroughly clear right after applying. Will advocate utilizing a reduce resistance glove to cope with the blade as it is razor sharp. I am really pleased and it is value each individual penny i paid for it. Would fully recommend this solution, can’t conquer the rate and quality.

This slicer stays place on the counter properly, and easily cuts all the cheese and meat i have tried using. It is used 2-three moments per 7 days, close to two hrs of slicing with shorts breaks each individual session. The fist use was a lot less than 3 months ago, and the blade is now a little bit destroyed. It is bent and has small nicks. Despite this, it even now cuts as very well as it did at first use. When we took it out of the box, set it up, and started off it, the blade would not go at all. I believed there could be a little something mistaken with the motor- turns out the blade was so tightly versus the guard that goes close to it that it was thoroughly not able to shift. We had to choose the slicer aside completely. When setting up it up yet again, there were lots of metallic shavings/dust that trapped to food. The blade was not hitting the guard at this place, so this was steel from a use right before we had it, possibly in the manufacturing facility or by one more client who returned it.

Obtained this for my mother and father because we are normally carrying out incredibly hot pot for dinner a few situations a week. They were always buying skinny pre-sliced meat at our neighborhood meat store and it just fees way also a lot. The high quality is awesome and cuts every little thing efficiently. It can be very simple to use and clean.It truly is also a huge dollars saver due to the fact we can now at last just obtain our have meat and slice however we want.

Love it, significant responsibility, even though my finger was slash.

Cuts tri idea like a dream and oh so silent. Not as weighty as our last 1 (which is appreciated) experienced for about a month now, so considerably so great. Cleaning is kind of a soreness, but as are all slicers.

It exceeded my expectations.

 i purchase this slicer primarily for slicing frozen meat for warm pot given that our family members love to get together for scorching pot in particular in the course of wintertime time. Just before i obtained this slicer, i have finished so lots of research but not far too a lot information can be found. Only a single video clip was uncovered on youtube for their 6” model. So i hope this overview could support you folks out a tiny. I was initially hving a tough time picking involving the 10” and 12” meat slicer, cuz i was get worried that the twelve inch will overkill our kitchen. But i am happy that i ended up obtaining the 12” cuz it slices frozen meat like a beast. The bundle was arrived in best conditional and the shipping and delivery time was tremendous speedy like two days just after i purchased. The sharpener attachment and legs can be uncovered in the holes before you remaining up the styrofoam packaging. You will want to put in those people to the machine ahead of turning it on, they also give you the distinct plastic thing to place on the aspect of the meat tray but we didn’t use it. The slicing method was smooth and rapid, and the machine was tranquil and sturdy.

Vert fantastic quality!!!love it!!!.

This is a single of the ideal merchandise i’ve used. I have employed it for a extensive time. The machines is still stainless. The devices is durable and does a great occupation slicing. This product satisfied all my expectations. It is effortless to clean up and can slice into any thickness.

Do the job alright believed it was something elese.

This slicer is all the things and much more than marketed. I procured a cabela’s 12 slicer and returned it following one use, and procured this 1. There is no comparison when it appear to top quality. I will be equipped to hand this down to my little ones and grand young ones.

This device is identical to what a deli uses. It is weighty and please do not get a person devoid of some lower evidence gloves. The blade is heavy and sharp and will slip and lower you in a awful way without the need of the gloves. I sliced up a roast beef for sandwiches today and it did a great career. It comes with a spare belt and grinding stone we very likely will by no means require as we do not use this matter each working day. It seems to be and feels like a commercial device. It is hefty, so if you are unable to raise fifty kilos, you will require some assist. I requested a rolling cart to be it really is permanent dwelling. This is a true deal slicer and if the motor is just about anything like the rest of it, it will slice for many years. Reward: blade arrived extremely sharp and all set to go.

Really handy, pretty very good high quality, slice smoothly, slice effortlessly.

This slicer satisfied all expectations. We bought this for home use andhave utilised it to slice 48 lbs of bacon and 36 lbs of canadian bacon so significantly. It is quiet, sleek, rapidly and effortless to thoroughly clean up.

Don’t hope hobart high quality at this cost and you is not going to be dissatisfied. I smoke a large amount meats and wished this slicer for slicing paper slender meats for home made deli sandwiches. It functions wonderful and is very simple to run. It is large but then all of the expert design slicers will be. Cleaning is not also lousy and right after undertaking it a handful of moments it normally takes possibly fifteen minutes. You will have to take out the blade every time for correct cleaning and sanitizing. No slash gloves are a must and i put on them the complete time whilst cleaning. Get some of the quaternary sanitizing tablets to be absolutely sure your slicer is adequately sanitized and keep away from harming the finish. Do not use bleach on this slicer or place any components in a dishwasher.

Adore it, purchased it for our food truck.

Cuts like a desire we slice all around twenty five lbs . of meat a week with it for 6 months now nevertheless doing work as superior as new.

Kalorik 200-Watt Electric Meat Slicer : I suppose you get what you pay for

Incredibly happy with this slicer so significantly. Very pleased with this slicer so considerably. It slices a 2lb block of cheese with ease and deli slim. It truly is easy to get apart and clean too.

I wish i experienced this merchandise extended ago. It can make slicing meats so significantly more rapidly and less difficult than the old way of using a knife. I made use of to slice pieces of corned beef, roast beef or boneless hams by hand and boy would my experienced get weary and hurt. Sometimes i would have to stop and get a crack. But now it only will take a moment to slice meat evenly and promptly. The adjustment of thickness is good so you can get as thick or as slender as you like. The clear up is not poor, just wipe with a damp fabric even although you will have to clear away the blade (just hold a quarter helpful to get rid of blade). I have also found this same product or service on qvc for a larger price so the price at amazon was excellent.

Kalorik 200-Watt Electric Meat Slicer with 7.5″ Blade, Silver

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Electric food slicer for perfectly sliced meats, cheeses, breads, and more
  • 7-1/2-inch serrated stainless-steel blade; blade-locking safety device
  • Thickness-control dial from 1/32 inches thin to 1/2 inches thick; suitable for frozen foods
  • Aluminum-alloy housing; thumb guard; tray carriage and holder; nonslip rubber feet
  • Measures 15 by 8 by 10 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Kalorik 200-watt electric meat slicer. I cut my preferred ham slices and cheese slices with easeand a thickness i can enjoy. Meats and pressed meats are a cinch. In 2 monthsi have experienced no disappointments. It is my initially meat slicer and am surprised athow straightforward its operation is and the safety functions constructed in.

Awesome, but even now observe your pinkies. The flip about design and style of the food stuff tray and monorail are authentic plusses for handy cleanup immediately after use. The design and style of the backing plate towards which food items slides en route to the blade ought to be beefed up and manufactured more rigid. The present style and design simply just flexes far too a lot, making thin one mm. Slices almost unachievable and just a bit shredded. Currently i’d advise refrigerating meat a bit so that it’s just less complicated to slice you can enrich the rigidity of the slicing energy by creating the meat more rigid as a result of cooling.

Purchased for our son to slice smoked meat. . Our son smokes bbq meats for regional routines and competitions and he states this slicer is best for speeding up the system of making ready his meat for functions. He said it was effortless to understand cleanup is a snap, preserving in head that slicers usually conclusion up with meat in the cracks of the slicer but this one particular is a lot easier than others he applied. He would definitely advocate this 1.

Kalorik 200-Watt Electric Meat Slicer with 7.5″ Blade, Silver : Kalorik meat slicer is awesome. I love my kalorik meat slicer. It is wonderful that i can now purchase meat in bulk and slice it any width i choose and enjoy it in the convienence of my home. The 200 watt motor make using this product a breeze.The slicer sits very comfortably on your coutertop while using and takes up minimal space when storing. Clean up after each use is very simple.

Quick to use and quick to clean up.

I suppose you get what you pay for. Yes i would have liked a heavy responsibility slicer but could not justify the price tag. This does the job albeit at a considerably slower tempo than you see a deli clerk slice via turkey breast and that is okay. The meat holder is a bit flimsy so you you should not get even sliced cuts- some are perfect and then some slices arrive out shredded due to the fact of the holder. The most important grievance i have is the cleansing of it. Meat is capable to discover its way behind the blade which implies you have to get the entire blade device aside and cleanse it out. Other than that it does the work for slicing smoked meats which i do really frequently. I feel i could start off wanting for a made use of or refurb specialist slicer only due to the fact the cleansing of this a single is horrible.

But for a household slicer it does a great task on meats. No 1 will at any time mistake this for a deli slicer, but for a residence slicer it does a great job on meats, cheese, veggies, and so forth. It is sharp, simple to clean and will slice ham or cheese astonishingly skinny. I am pleased with this products and would invest in it all over again.

My very first consider was a sirloin roast, great 1/2′ slices (that is the restrict). I want it would go to 1′ but no. Selfmade bread was ripped into slices in no time, a retail store acquired bologna was ripped to slices as very well. Feel your mandolin will slice your finger off?. This will consider one/2′ off of your fingers with no regrets. Be protected folks, kevlar gloves.

Kalorik 200-watt electric meat slicer. I just been given this merchandise now. It sliced cheese and tomato’s incredibly effectively. This is all i have sliced so much. I gave it a three for the reason that i may perhaps have to return this merchandise. So much we have not been ready to remove the slicer blade to clean it correctly. We adopted guidelines, having said that have not been equipped to budge the centre screw to loosen the blade. There is no way of removing food items concerning the blade and the protecting shield the blade sets into unless of course the blade is taken out. Consider it or not, for the previous 20 decades i owned the same rival electric meat slicer. I replaced the blade just one time.

Testimonials are exact, but its stable. The steel back again plate does bend creating varied thicknesses so be cautious. Meat does get trapped in poor places to cleanse. And its rough to cleanse without the need of sticking the whole thing under the faucet to get the juices and so on out of crannies. But for the cost its every thing you must hope. Cuts easy cleanse cuts, uncomplicated to use. Just dont force on the back again plate. Id give it 5 stars if it was less complicated to clear. Almost everything else was as i hoped.

All it can be claimed to be and much more. I acquired my kalorik as72222 meat slicer yesterday and would recommend it to anybody. I was fairly careful about the acquire for the reason that i experienced read the couple poor reviews on this website but took a opportunity since the selection of fantastic evaluations was significantly better. Just after my first use, i am convinced that people who wrote the adverse critiques possibly utilized it without looking through the directions or thought they were being obtaining a business unit. If you’re hunting for 1 of individuals beasts you see in the butcher shops and delis, the types that scream like a radial arm saw and procedure quite a few lbs . of meat for each minute, then be organized to invest $400 for a low-cost one particular or $3000 for a single the pros use. But if you want an fantastic device for house use, uncomplicated to use, clean and sustain, and for underneath a hundred bucks to boot, acquire this onei sliced up two loaves of new sourdough bread (3/8′ slices) and 5 lbs of corned beef (1/8′ slices)in less than 10 minutes. I cleaned it up and stored it in much less than one more 5 minutes. It’s not a business slicer. But it was the greatest corned beef sandwich i have ever eaten.

I have made use of this quite a few situations (bread, ham and turkey breast), it works beautifully. It is relatively easy to cleanse up but does acquire a minor time. The only difficulty i have experienced is hoping to get on the web-site to sign-up it so i ultimately mailed the registration. I would propose for saving revenue on slicing meats, bread and cheeses for lunch.

I have made use of my slicer various instances. I have utilised my slicer many times. Meat has a tendancy to slide off the slicer blade if you you should not continue to keep significant stress on the plastic feed take care of.

I slice a great deal of frozen sirloin roast for salads and cheesesteaks. Functions even better on cooked lunch meats. Keep in mind to not go to quick it is a compact house slicer. The gears are plastic and ya you should not want to strip em. The only downfall is immediately after you thoroughly clean it when it is time to put the blade back in location you will have to very first put the nylon glide for the blade back in. This has a tendancy not to stay in position when changing blade. I just use a couple little parts of scotch tape to maintain it.

I have in no way owned a slicer, but looked at all the section retail store makes just before shopping for this one. It is only property-use top quality. It is designed of metallic parts, but utilizes cheap high quality and plastic with slim metallic covering. It does have 200 watts which is about fifty watts far more than the shop brand names for the exact cash. The blade is sharp, rotates fast sufficient to slice food stuff and it it’s not that loud. It slices very good, but all i am accomplishing is lunch meat and cheese. For an reasonably priced house-use design, it matches the needmy only criticism is the packaging. The slicer box was placed inside of a bigger amazon box with insufficient packing product. The slicer box broke open and the slicer was loose inside the amazon box.

Very superior slicer for the value. We make do-it-yourself bread all the time, in no way retail store bought, and this is the excellent slicer for bread. We also get blocks of cheese, ham and turkey for our five boy’s lunches and this slicer cuts right through it and will make every thing style as new as can be. As earlier said by another person else, the suction cups are a discomfort, but they are a need to.

The to start with supply of the slicer should have been a return(abused). Amazon settled the challenge immediately and sent out a ‘new’ unit. I am very happy with the device. Takes some acquiring use to as it was changing a fifteen 12 months additionally rival. No bogging down,clean cuts. Good angle and easy motion. Cleans up immediately and i do not have all individuals plastic elements. Outstanding shopper services and products made this another cause when i use mail purchase i go with amazon.

Excellent minor slicer, and great shade also. I’ve only had this slicer for a few of weeks, but it truly is been performing like a appeal. So much i have utilized it on turkey breast, ham, taylor ham (pork roll) and frozen london broil to get these nice slim slices i like for beef stroganoff. Have not applied it for bread or cheese nevertheless. For the selling price, it feels well produced. It can make nice even slices, and it is really effortless to cleanse, just remember that to acquire the blade off (and be careful, it is sharp), you’ve got received to turn the screw to the proper, not the left. Keep in mind, this is not a complete blown deli device, and to hope it to carry out like a single is unreasonable. But, for a household use slicer, this machine slices awesome and even. And the crimson coloration appears flashy on my counterbought the deni 14250 initial. My recommend, stay away from that device, had all kinds of difficulties from uneven slices to faulty on/off swap.

Do kitchen gizmos actually adjust your existence?. I have experienced this slicer for a thirty day period now and have designed about 10 lbs . of beautifully sliced beef jerky. The device is also fantastic for reducing cheese slices which is about a 50% personal savings from the price of pre-sliced cheese. We also utilized it to slice lunch meats like ham and roast beef in tremendous thin portions. This seems to be the major cash saver as a pound of roast beef slices can conveniently expense from $six-$10 a pound in the deli, i am able to slice my individual roast(or ham)for less than $three a pound, this quite impressive equipment disassembles simply for cleaning. My kitchen area cabinets are whole of gadgets that my wife and i in no way use but this 1 has modified the way try to eat and shop.

I purchased my kalorik in spite of the blended reviews and i’m glad i did. I chose this product because it has a lot more electricity than other models in the exact cost array. That has confirmed smart it would not bog down even when slicing heavy cheese. I’m really picky about keeping my kitchen area clean up and this infant would make it quick. You just have to have a quarter to unscrew the blade and get ideal in there for a comprehensive cleaning. The only draw back again so considerably: the suction cups probably do the job a little as well properly. They keep it rapidly on my countertop – and on the microwave the place i shop it, but that might be a fantastic factor as well.

Waring Pro FS155AMZ Professional Food Slicer – Good for veggies

But small pounds to pushing meat down and would not slice meat all the way via. Ends up generating a lip on the back again end that you can require to slash off each individual so generally.

It is superior for what we introduced it for. It is great for what we brought it for. But it is certainly not a professional slicer. If you are seeking for a professional slicer not this one. This is superior for household use only.

This is not the very first equipment for a kitchen (espresso. This is not the to start with appliance for a kitchen area (coffee maker or toaster will come 1st), but this slicer is a need to have for the host or hostess who does not cater. Roasts, turkey breasts, london broil, tenderloin, blocks of cheese are sliced proficiently and quickly.Here are the specifications for the Waring Pro FS155AMZ Professional Food Slicer:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Professional quality for use at home
  • Removable 7.5″ undulated stainless steel cutting blade for perfect performance
  • Premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing; stainless steel carriage surface
  • Slice control knob adjusts from 1/32″ (5mm) to 1/2″ (15mm) to slice bread, roasts, vegetables, firm cheeses and more
  • Non-slip feed for safe and sturdy operation

I introduced this as a gift for my sister and she absolutely loves it. Needs she can obtain a lot more points to slice and she has tried out everything that can be sliced food intelligent. Shipping and rate was excellent.

Two slicers, a person critique a comparison of the waring 7. 5′ slicer and the cooks decision 615. I never post lots of merchandise evaluations for the reason that these are generally extra subjective than objective since you’re only reviewing one particular merchandise. In this situation, i am examining and evaluating two aspect by aspect so for this rationale it may get a little extended winded. This evaluation is of the• waring pro seven. 5” professional food slicer• cooks preference 615first of all i’m going to admit in this situation i am “that guy” that merchants and suppliers possibly despise i bought both equally with the intention of returning the loser. Given that i am “that guy” i figured the the very least i can do is generate a evaluate of my working experience. When researching slicers expense was surely a variable but so would be pleasure. There ended up quite a few unique slicers priced close to and underneath $a hundred and quite a few others among $a hundred-$two hundred. The looming problem for me was is it worth virtually twice as much cash for an equipment that may well not get employed usually?.The reviews pointed towards the cooks option and had much more opinions than the waring.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I can understand the frustration but it seems like so many are rating this product off of what
  • but if you are patient it will do a great job. It will not do a half a
  • It is good for what we brought it for

My partner preferred this , and i have to admit i experienced my doubts. We are preserving so considerably dollars on lunchmeat. Go to costco and obtain a huge turkey breast or cook dinner ur own and slash it you. Preferences greater and alot less costly. I would reccomed this to any one. Hold tiny fingers away, incredibly sharp.

Does not slash a nicely as a professional cutter but good for at house use.

Does not slash a nicely as a professional cutter but good for at house use.

Now my bread-building times are entire. I can now slice that great hodgson mill bread to perfection.

Works excellent only draw back is desire it would maintain. Only draw back is would like it would hold a bigger (wider) piece of meat.

Wish it had a straight blade far too.

To what i envisioned a waring pro to preform like. . Alright for the cash but not even near to what i envisioned a waring pro to preform like.

There is very little in the back to catch what you are slicing. It just falls to the counter.

Wonderful above common house meat slicer. Slicer performed astonishingly, utilized for frozen meat to do house hot pot. Tray wobbles a small resulting in slices to not be super steady but after twenty minutes you will be able to accommodate and slice accurately. Cleans definitely very easily and very small effort and hard work on the reducing. Backstop flexes really somewhat but if you hold it you will not likely have any troubles.

I introduced this as a gift for my sister and she absolutely loves it. Needs she can obtain a lot more points to slice and she has tried out everything that can be sliced food intelligent. Shipping and rate was excellent.

This is not the very first equipment for a kitchen (espresso. This is not the to start with appliance for a kitchen area (coffee maker or toaster will come 1st), but this slicer is a need to have for the host or hostess who does not cater. Roasts, turkey breasts, london broil, tenderloin, blocks of cheese are sliced proficiently and quickly.

Just the right high-quality and rate for an occasional use kitchen equipment.

Wonderful above common house meat slicer. Slicer performed astonishingly, utilized for frozen meat to do house hot pot. Tray wobbles a small resulting in slices to not be super steady but after twenty minutes you will be able to accommodate and slice accurately. Cleans definitely very easily and very small effort and hard work on the reducing. Backstop flexes really somewhat but if you hold it you will not likely have any troubles.

No regrets, i experienced a different just one a lot of many years back. No regrets, i experienced yet another one particular lots of yrs back and made the decision i want 1 yet again.

It is superior for what we introduced it for. It is great for what we brought it for. But it is certainly not a professional slicer. If you are seeking for a professional slicer not this one. This is superior for household use only.

But if you are client it will do a good occupation. It is not a commercial or professional quality merchandise but if you are client it will do a excellent task. It will not do a 50 percent a pound of nearly anything in 30 seconds. So, be real looking for a property slicer.