Farberware Non-stick Electric Skillet – We loved it. Had it less than a yr

My son gave me this as a gift. I use it whenever the family is gathering for my okra creole. I like the fact that i can cook in it and set it to keep the food hot, but not continue cooking it. I leave it on this feature for up to six hours. Everyone always returns for 2nds at the end of the day. It is deep and will handle a creole recipe with 4pounds of frozen okra. Just remember to use wooden utensils in it as suggested by the mfg. And the nonstick will remain as new.

The skillet is large enough for pot roast and hot enough for frying.

I have been using farberware products for over 20 years, and along with several of their cookware products, i have never been disappointed. We fry many types of foods, especially fish, and so far every recipe we made and cooked with this skillet has resulted in perfection. This pan is large to fit plenty of different food, and is much deeper than other skillets i’ve owned, which is a bonus feature. The power & temp ready light is very helpful to time when it’s ready for cooking, and we use it a great deal for steaming, which comes out perfect every time. The non-stick is another bonus feature, and cleaning is very easy. We use it to steam different vegetables, and certain fish fillets. It’s very convenient, and the price is reasonable for the quality it delivers. In fact, over the years, i spent much more for products that were poor quality with not many features. My daughter purchased one for me, and i’ve put it to good use. I will be gifting it to a close friend, who i know will enjoy it as much as we do. Here are the specifications for the Farberware Non-stick Electric Skillet:

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  • Convenience and functionality. East to clean.
  • Energy-efficient way to cook, reheat or warm foods quickly
  • Temperature control is removable so the pan can be easily washed in a dishwasher
  • Strong glass lid with a vent for steaming
  • Made from aluminum, plastic and copper. Large and deep cooking area

I use teflon coated skillets every day and find that most, if not all of them, wear out prematurely. Having experience in the past with farberwear, i am hoping for the best with this one.

I have had this pan for years and it is the best cooking pan ever. I fry bacon and eggs in it all the time, and everything comes out perfect. This pan is so great i am buying another one for a gift for someone. If anyone has trouble with this pan, its just because they dont know how to use it. I put my bacon on 350 and eggs and they come out perfect. I wouldent buy any other electric pan but this one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • had this pan for years and it is the best cooking pan ever
  • Highly recommend for large families!
  • We loved it. Had it less than a yr

I like that it has a power and temperture ready light so i know when the 1/4′ of oil is hot enough for putting in the fish. It seems to keep a consintent heat. The temp range dial lists from 150 to 450 degrees but can be set anywhere between whats listed. I also like that tha plug fits secure into the pan and has a lever built into the plug for easy removal. Also its deeper then most electric skillets to help keep the oil from splattering out. The price is right and seems to built well enough.

We bought this pan from walmart. When we noticed that the plug in element was smoking due to a bad contact. We took it back to walmart and got our money back. We looked for another one just like it hoping that this one was just badly put together. Would have been 5 stars if not for that. 00 dollars for it so hoping if we buy one from amazon it will be better since its more money. The non stick was perfect and it cooked our meals so well.

CucinaPro Electric Skillet – My 16 inch Skillet – 1654

Nice skillet that does a nice cooking job. Only complaint is that the control is directly under one of the handles and the control knob does not have a marker to indicate what temperature you are trying to set.

The best electric frying pan on this planet as far as i am concerned and amazon has the best.

This was the best christmas present i gave to my mom. She hasn’t stopped raving about it.

Great product, i love the size, now i can cook for a crowd. Makes it easy cooking wings i can fit alot in the pan. I like this skillet so much i now want to buy a 12 inch by cucinapro.

The heat is even in the entire surface, cooks everything the same. Trying to get used to the non-stick surface, but it works well.

Nice skillet, but why would they put the control directly under one of the handles?.

  • The size is great and she likes that the cord disconnects for easy
  • Great electric fry pan
  • Great skillet

Best electric fry pan i have bought in years. Has a longer cord than any other brand. Gets used daily for cooking breakfast.

We couldn’t be more happy with this purchase. It is exactly as described and works perfectly. Would recommend to a friend.

Really gets a workout at our house.

I had purchased this skillet several years ago and i loved it dearly. I dropped the glass top and was unable to replace just the top. This skillet is the best and i have owned 3 other brands. I am so happy to have the cucinapro back in my kitchen.

The first delivery was the wrong pan without a non stick surface in the right package.

Features of CucinaPro Electric Skillet with Tempered Glass Lid- Professional Grade Non-stick Cooker w Stainless Steel Body- 12″ Round

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  • Electric Skillet- Crafted from polished 18/10 stainless steel with a non-stick interior, this elegant electric skillet is sure to be a favorite
  • Professional Quality- The large skillet is easily big enough to cook food for a family of four. The interior heats evenly and it will cook your meals quickly. Skillet can be hand washed or wiped over with a damp paper towel
  • The CucinaPro Skillet comes with a temperature probe, which gives you total control over the cooking process and helps ensure meals turn out perfectly
  • Tempered glass lid locks in heat and it allows you to see into the skillet as your food is cooking, making monitoring your progress very easy
  • The CucinaPro Electric Skillet has securely attached riveted handles that make it very safe to use

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Its ok, and btw even brand new the feet leave marks on my counter that i have to clean up after. So i bought this at bb&b since i had a few gift cards lying around, called the 1800 number and got them to price match amazon (thanks amazon)i tested it by first putting in 3 cups of water and setting it to the highest setting and let it boil for about 4 mins and as a previous reviewer said there is expanding noises as it heats up, what i didn’t expect was the noise that once the glass cover was on made a large thack sound as if i had taken a spoon and smacked it against the counter, didn’t shatter but it might be the metal ring they have around the glass lid lip expanding. I was not impressed with the way the lid sat on the body either, has a lot of movement and the pressure hole is a bit too small, the steam came up out around the sides and the vent was shooting steam out for a good 2 feet. Compared to the one i learned to cook on (an old ge from the 70s with a metal lid and a circular vent that i inherited from my mom which gave out a few years ago) i am not impressed. I just hope it lasts enough to cook some hotcakes and make ratatouille on occasionally for at least 5 years. I am glad i didn’t pay the asking price other websites have it listed at.

This was exactly what we needed.

Stainless steel exterior is of high quality and the non-stick finish is also of high quality. Love that it is so light-weight compared to my old rival skillet. It cooks evenly and temps are accurate. I even ordered my daughter-in-law one a few days after i received this one.

I have been extremely pleased with this product. Quick heating with very even heating. Cleaning is a snapit has performed as advertised.

This is a great fry pan, very even heat.

Bought as a gift for my mom and she loves it. The size is great and she likes that the cord disconnects for easy storage and serving.

Electric Skillet-

We have had this frying pan for over 2 years now. We purchased this after our old, higher end pan went out. I would say we use this on average once per week and have had no problems at all with the project. This is a very solidly built pan and the heating surface heats evenly. If you are considering an electric frying pan you will not go wrong with this one.

I cook simple meals since it is just the two of us and i use this pan several times a week. I debated between the 14 inch and 16 inch pan and decided on the 16 inch. Probably more than the two of us need but it really doesn’t matter. It cleans up with a wipe of a towel and it has even heating.

This is one of the best electric pans i have ever used. It has so many uses that it has become the go to pan in my kitchen.

Our family uses this at home and camping.

So much better than those of yesteryear.

Professional Quality- The large skillet is easily big enough to cook food for a family of four. The interior heats evenly and it will cook your meals quickly.

The CucinaPro Skillet comes with a temperature probe, which gives you total control over the cooking process and helps ensure meals turn out perfectly

Tempered glass lid locks in heat and it allows you to see into the skillet as your food is cooking, making monitoring your progress very easy

Toastess DLFP458 Stainless-Steel 12-Inch Electric Skillet : Have enjoyed my new stainless steel electric skillet

Ever two year we would purchase a non-stick pan because he coating was coming off. In fact this is our second purchase of the item, one for home and one for the cabin. Clean up is a snap equal to the non-stick. If something is stuck you can use a little more abrasive product. The first pan, now almost 3 years old looks like it did when new.

My only regret about this fry pan is that i didn’t see it sooner. My farberware pan gave way a couple of years ago, and i could not find one like it for replacement. I ordered a beautiful rectangular electric fry pan from amazon at a much higher price. Although it is still beautiful, it did not heat evenly and caused me to be frustrated when making potato pancakes, french toast, etc. When i read the reviews for this fry pan, i noticed others had purchased it as a replacement for their farberware pan and that this one compared favorably. (i wish i could get my money back for the other fry pan, but too much time has elapsed to return it. ) i concur with their opinions and like this fry pan as well as the farberware.

The toasteess stainless pan is everything that i expected. Faberware, your loss and my gain by purchasing this electric skillet.

Very satisfied with the skillet, seller did great.

  • Better Late Than Never
  • Worth buying
  • This the best replacement for the wonderful old Farberware fry pan now

Toastess DLFP458 Stainless-Steel 12-Inch Electric Skillet

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  • 1250-watt electric skillet provides 3-1/2-quart capacity and adjustable temperature control
  • Stainless-steel construction with aluminum core for fast, even heating and no hot-spots
  • Long handle and opposite helper handle; tempered-glass lid with steam vent and knob handle
  • UL listed; “on” indicator light; dishwasher-safe parts (pan and lid) for quick cleanup
  • Measures 12 by 20 by 4-1/2 inches

Bought this for my wife who loved her faberware electric frying panbut finally went down for the count. She refused to cook for me until i bought something similar. This electric frying pan does the trick.

This the best replacement for the wonderful old farberware fry pan now no longer available. I have tried three other brands of similar design some more expensive. This pan works well as described and is a good value.

Replacement for my old farberware frying pan purchased 17 years ago; every bit as good.

Bought to replace farberware electric skillet not made any more. Performance as good or even better than that one. Heat steady, heavy glass lid has vent, glass enables viewing food cooking.

Have enjoyed my new stainless steel electric skillet. It heats evenly which is an improvement over my previous electric skillet.

Bought this to replace our faberware skillet. We have used it only once so far, to fry chicken. It performed well the first time we used it. Month later we used it again on french fries and this skillet wouldn’t come up to temperature. It took an additional ten minutes to fry.

Handle broken at threee very cheap welds. Unable to reach manufacturer on the phone. Long distance of course and have to listen to greeting and instructions in french before english started, my dime of course. Bought a new handle for two bucks at ace hardware.

My mother’s electric skillet that she had used for over 20 years finally gave out. I found this one on amazon for about half the price of other sites. My mother is picky, and she is happy with it.

I am very happy with this skillet. I highly recommend this product.

Just what we were looking for.

Love this electric frying pan.

I purchased this electric skillet for my son. I have a farberware skillet that i have used several times a week for over 15 years. I was looking for a farberware skillet to purchase for him as well. Farberware no longer makes an electric skillet like my old one. The quality of this skillet is as good if not better than my farberware skillet. I am very pleased to have found this skillet and plan on purchasing one for myself. Great weight, quality and accuracy on the temperature.

DASH DRGS012BK Rapid Skillet 12″ – Three Stars

I really like this, yes,its light, but it works just as good as my heavy skillet, if not betterand much easier to clean.

Very good for baing everything.

I am only cooking for one, and was looking for a smallish electric skillet. The burner element does not cover the entire bottom of the pan, it is a circle in the middle. I have never seen an electric skillet in any other configuration. Much easier to pick up and move than other electric skillets. ***i cooked bird’s eye sweet and sour chicken voila, family size which calls for a 12 inch skillet. I used the entire bag and both packets of sauce. At first the lid would not sit on the rim, because honestly that was too much food for it. But as the food cooked, the lid did finally fit on the rim. The liquid (sauce and water called for in the instructions) was too much for this size pan, and spilled over onto the counter. The food was well cooked, and not too much liquid was lost. I would not cook the entire package in this pan again, but since the sauce comes in two pouches i can make half at a time. ***it is pretty shallow, but not the 1/4 inch one reviewer claims. I’m not looking at the pan at the moment but i estimate it is about 1 inch to maybe 1 and 1/4 inch deep. Here are the specifications for the DASH DRGS012BK Rapid Skillet 12″:

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  • Round 12″ cooking vessel allows you to cook pizza, cakes, and more unlike traditional shaped skillets
  • The electric probe detaches and the skillet goes right to the table for serving
  • Non-Stick Ceramic coating makes for easy cleanup
  • Heats to 450 degrees
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty, recipe book and access to our growing database of recipes included

The glass lid allows you to see what you are cooking. The cooking surface heats evenly. To ensure that you don’t get water in the connection, place the outlet at the 12 o’clock position when emptying out the dishwater. The electrical plug is tight, so you have to align it perfectly, being careful not to force it in. I will be using this for a while.

The heating on this is crazy hot. And forget trying to fry anything in this pan it’ll burn you up.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I really like this, yes
  • The heat ring 🙁
  • Three Stars

Wish it was a little deeper.

I thought it was a smaller version of the 14 inch one, but it’s not. I like the rapid heat part, but other than that it’s just a shallow electric skillet. I was expecting one that heated all over, not just a ring in the bottom. Guess i should have known as there is a big price difference between the 12 and the new 14 inch. I use it , and it’s very good for what it can be used for. Foods cook fast and taste very good.

I really like this skillet great for cooking a whole meal for 2.

I use it for almost everything. It heats quickly and evenly and is a breeze to clean. I only wish they made a 10′ as i live alone and a 12′ is larger than i need.

It didn’t cost much, it looks cheap when you actually see it up close, but seemed to cook much better, with more temp control than the more expensive ones i’ve tried .

Oster CKSTSKRM16-SK 16-Inch by 12-Inch Oblong Skillet : Personal experiance with this product

The skillet works great as advertised, it is most easy to clean and it is pleasing to the eye.

I am happy with the product the only thing i dislike is the knob it gets hot when the skillet heats up it’s bearable but i’d rather it not be hot period.

The first one was damaged in shipping. Had no problems getting that resolved and they sent another in perfect condition. This is huge and great for cooking for a crowd. Love the detachable pan can also go in the oven.

Have used mine for years and no issues. Easy to clean, perfect for family gatherings. Wish there was a spoon slot, but other than that great. Oh and it really keeps things hot, one time i left the burner on when almost all the mac and cheese was gone whoops. Baking soda & vinegar later and it was good again, slight bubbling in the coating, but i really burnt it on there good, so not oster’s fault there.

  • Great product
  • I love my Oster
  • Did the job and looks good too

Oster CKSTSKRM16-SK 16-Inch by 12-Inch Oblong Skillet

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Skillet, oven-safe pan and lid, and buffet server all on one
  • Extra large 16-inch by 12-inch non-stick cooking surface
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Dishwasher and oven-safe removable pan and lid
  • Tempered glass lid with steam vent; cool touch handles
  • Skillet, oven-safe pan and lid, and buffet server all in one
  • Extra large 16-inch by 12-inch nonstick cooking surface
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Dishwasher and oven-safe removable pan and lid
  • Tempered glass lid with steam vent; cool touch handles

It evenly heats and allows me to prepate meals in no time.

Large cooking area and love the fact that it lifts off the base for washing. Also serves as a great deep dish for baking.

Practical and easy to use at all times.

The idea behind this product is sound. The fact that the pan can be used as a serving dish is great; however, to touch the small handles on the “serving dish/fry pan is to get a very fast finger burn. The handles are part of the heating surface. I think that is a design flaw. My main complaint is in the temperature controler. It appears to work properly as far as the temperature itself, however you need to be a contorsionist to read the temperature setting. The “off” is in plain view at the top of the dial. Unfortunately if i want to set the temperature i have to virtually kneel down to read the dial (which is at the bottom)i should also add that the temperature dial is flimsy (it appears fragile). I have used oster appliances in the past with no problems, but whoever designed this (or approved the designed) must have had a bad previous evening.

I can cook enough food in here to feed our family of 4 and have left overs. Clean up is so nice…do not have to any scrubbing, just a little soap and cleans off easily.

I had my pan for several years but when my granddaughter was getting married and there were showers, & wedding gifts to buy so i went happy buying all of the great appliances that i had bought for my own household over the years. Now i have to teach her how to use them easy wash-up just take the pan & put in the dishwasher and you are done quickly.

Used at thanksgiving for the first time. It looked good sitting on the serving table and performedup to promised quality.

We looked all over for something that would fit our needs. This skillet was what we wanted and meets all our expectations.

The greatest electric skillet i have ever owned. I love the removable skillet from the heating element making it easy to clean.

West Bend 72212 Electric Extra-Deep Square 12-Inch Nonstick Skillet, Great Pan but Keep Your Old Thermostat if it still works

I ordered this as a replacement to the one i was using. I should have gotten this size before< i really love it.

Certainly got my monies worth.

The only thing i can think of to improve this would be to have a type of ‘pour spout’ for the grease/drippings.

Key specs for West Bend 72212 Electric Extra-Deep Square 12-Inch Nonstick Skillet, Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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    by entering your model number.
  • Large, family-size capacity is easy to use and even easier to clean
  • Allows for healthier cooking as well as easier serving & draining
  • Easily view cooking progress
  • Stylish product design, provides easy and safe handling

Comments from buyers

“12” West Bend Electric Skillet
, West Bend Electric Skillet
, Not quite as good as my 20+ yr old electric frypan.

I previously had an older (20+yr) black and decker skillet which unfortunately came it’s demise this past summer cooking up hundreds of sausages for a stampede breakfast. I purchased this new one primarily because of the deep sides (which i love) and because i remembered that westbend was a good kitchen appliance name, from my days working in housewares at woodwards in the 1980s. I like the deep sides and glass, clear lid. My only complaint is that the pan sides/bottom are generally thinner than my previous pan and there are definite hot spots in the element circle area. I understand that most, if not all, current (circa 2000s) electric pans have this same issue. So, for me, it’s really not a true complaint, just a disappointment, because i really enjoyed using my old, deceased pan better.

We’ve bought several of these over time and use it at least once a day. We took it on our vintage trailer camping trip to florida for 5 weeks and it was a great help. We have the larger one but the size of this one is much more convenient. Because we use it so often we usually have to purchase one about ever two years. The surface does wear out eventually.

I love my electric skillet its my camp and home favorite.

Make sure you have the control inserted firmly. I couldn’t get it to heat at first but it wasn’t making contact so when it was pushed in more firmly it worked. Cleans up nicely with the non-stick feature. I would buy from amazon again.

I like the design very much and the size is fine. The glass lid is great because you can see what is going on inside the skillet without having to take the lid off. The knob on top of the lid keeps working loose however.

This is exactly what i wanted. I could not find one in the stores that was this deep.

I had one years ago and loved it then but other appliance came along and i never replaced it. Now that i have i can’t figure out why i let the old one go. It’s easy to use, heats up quickly, cleans easily and then stores away. I love it and won’t live without one again.

It was a gift and they like it really well.

I replaced an older west bend skillet with a similar one from a groc. After the first use i found out what was wrong–it could not be immeresed in water. I went on line to find one because none was available in stores. I’m greatly pleased that i could find one. The only negative is that the handles seem too large for washing or storage.

I bought this non-stick pan to replace an old aluminium one and it works fine but the cord is about two inches too short to properly reach the outlet, not a problem with the old pan. The clear lid is great and the pan is very light. Buy the bigger one if you have alot of mouths to feed, this is just right for one person’s meal.

Nice item cant say more it was a gift thank you.

Great had no problems with it , the teflon will wear thin after continuous use , that can be expected for the price.

This product is a bit of a disappointment to me. The heating element is much smaller than any other electric skillet i have ever owned. It gets too hot in the center and has cold spots at the edges. The first pancakes i made were like moon pies – black and white – from the hot and cold areas of the pan. I’ve since figured out some of its idiosyncrasies and can cook better on it. But, things that i try to brown do not get crispy. The temperature control is not too accurate; things are either set too high or too low. That’s why i give this product 3 stars; it’s just ok.

Skillet works well and deep sides are nice to have. However, i am very disappointed with the condition it was in when delivered. One side was slightly best which would not allow the top to fit properly. Had to bend it back into shape so that the lid would fit. Sending it back was not an option as my time is very limited as i am caretaker for my very ill spouse.

I bought this primarily for its compact size.

I go through electric fry pans like water, it’s my most-used kitchen small appliance. Got this one to be on-deck for our current west bend, which is the traditional metal-lidded one. I haven’t actually used the new one yet, so i can’t rate how it cooks, but we did test it to make sure it works. Eventually it did heat, but it was so hard to plug the cord into the pan. Decided it was worth keeping the skillet, but hope eventually it will work more smoothly. I really love the depth of this pan. 12′ is big enough for most of our meals, but the extra deep sides allow plenty of room for gravy, or stirring. This is great, since the glass lid makes the pan shorter than the old metal one.

Nice skillet; i’m happy with it. I especially like the depth and it’s very easy to clean. The glass lid makes it easy to watch ‘what’s cooking’.

Deep sides lid you can see through while cooking easy to clean and cooks nice.

Westbend makes the best electric pans. Had a few other brands and were not pleased. Went back to this brand and it is a winner. The pan is deep sided and gives you extra room other brands don’t. I will always go to west bend for reliability and quality hands down. You will never go wrong with them.

It’s the perfect size for meals for 2-3 people. I really like the extra depth – others i looked at were only half as deep and would have never worked for the recipes i make.

Very useful to avoid mess when frying or cooking or if you like to keep food warm for later. Easy clean, enough deepness for frying and good to be used by everyone at home. A plus is that you can bring it out to the porch when a meal outdoors wanted, if no plug there just connect to an outdoor extension cable.

Deni Non-Stick 8 x 8 Electric Skillet : This is the second one we have purchased. We

Excellent little electric skillet. Well designed and constructed, and made with quality materials. I would not hesitate to recommend this item to anyone looking for a safe reliable unit to cook with. The probe connects well to the unit, the heating element is solid, the temperature gauge is perfect, and the light indicator is accurate. This unit is far superior to other units being sold.

I rate it 5 stars because it does what i expected, with a great price. , replaced an old one that lost its teflon coating, this one has zero stick factor which is what i bought for.

Great size pan just what i wanted nice finish. Has a heat dail which the other ones i have had didn’t first time usem was great.

It is just what we ordered it works just great.

  • Works as expected at a great price
  • It’s a small electric skillet
  • Perfect for One 🙂

Deni Non-Stick 8 x 8 Electric Skillet with Glass Lid

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cool-touch knob and handles
  • Nonstick coating skillet
  • Glass lid, ETL Listed
  • 800 Watts; adjustable thermostat from 275F to 425F
  • Measures 11″L x 8″W x 5-1/2″H with lid

Great for 1 or 2 people, nothing sticks to it.

Was chipped got great for it would have been the perfect size.

I really can’t say much more than it is exactly what is advertised. I have not had mine long but i’ve had it long enough to know it’s perfect for cooking a small meal for two people in a rush.

Great for small amounts for two or a single.

This is the second one we have purchased. My wife uses almost every day for breakfast.

Bought this for my mother who lives alone. This is perfect for one person. She says she uses it everyday.

Easy to use, the right size for an egg, sandwich and it’s not too big. Only one issue is the electrical part doesn’t go in smoothly but it’s great.

I was disappointed in the product since i just received it a few weeks ago and the bottom of the plan where the legs are the black plugs fell out. The electric plug is very hard to put in and take out so i am permanently leaving it. Other than that it works very good.

Great product for small spaces – easy to use and clean.

Breakfast for two it does, every morning. It is very fast and so is the cleanup. It is also useful to make error-free rice (1c rice to 2-1/2c water, bring to a boil, then turn the dial to on/warm and ignore it for 20min). The skillet is available in both deni and nesco brands. It is made in black and a pretty red color too. It has rubberized feet so it won’t go sliding around on tile counters. If you happen to break a handle/foot, loctite automotive epoxy makes a permanent repair. There’s a metal heat shield (also serves dual duty as a heat spreader so the cooking surface has even heat) underneath with the only vent at the plug, so be sure to set it “plug side down” in the dish drainer. To the manufacturer, if you make improvements or another model, thicken/reinforce the plastic between foot and screws, and make the pan an inch taller/deeper.

Great for two people camping in a pop-up.

It was everything i needed for a dorm room. It is small and compact but large enough to make a serving for one.

This is just perfect for what i desired it for.

Excellent for a loved ones of 1 or two.

It is really best for a single or two people today. You can retain a continuous temperature.

Best size for solitary human being. This is my 2nd one particular as i wore out the first just one.

Having said that it is a tiny hard inserting the plug. You have to line up two guides that aren’t dead on.

CucinaPro Electric Skillet By Cucina Pro – 18/10 Stainless Steel – Better than expected!

Stainless cookware has been notorious for foodstuff. With a kitchen total of forged iron, i resolved to get a significant skillet to cook significant quantities of meals at a single time. Stainless cookware has been notorious for meals sticking to the bottom, but cleanup was simple right after i would mastered the ‘de-glazing’ procedure that was bundled in the guidelines. (one thing cooks have acknowledged about for several years. ) a pan comprehensive of bacon cooked evenly and comprehensively with no clear great places.

Wonderful for these who nevertheless like to cook dinner with an electric skillet. Joyful with my obtain, despite the fact that it can be not virtually the good quality of the farberware one particular i experienced. I loved my faberware skillet that i experienced for many years. This 1 does the work nicely though. Not possessing a extended take care of like a common skillet will save house. The command is found below the facet handles making it a very little hard to use.

The finest skillet i ever had. I am extremely happy with my new cucinapro skillet–i like cooking with it (steaks, stir fried veggies together with kale, tofu, scrambled eggs–the greatest, steamed asparagus, as you can see a huge selection of dishes. It’s effortless to clean up up, and it also is a rather serving dish. It truly is somewhat light–not like a cast iron skillet. I have not applied it yet at the greatest temperature settings, simply because i want to use mostly olive oil. I employed one particular pound of bacon to period it, and i make confident to use the two tablespoons of oil (heated) just before commencing to fry, as for each recommendations. Thus it took me a 7 days or so to do factors a little bit in another way (like making use of warm liquids, not cold, to make the gravy or prevent sticking). Nonetheless, to steam veggies, i use just a little bit of broth or water, starting up cold. The skillet absolutely has exceeded my anticipations. I am so happy i no longer have to fear about burnt or flaking teflon–i threw that previous skillet out.

  • A pretty electric skillet
  • The Best Skillet I Ever Had
  • Very nice to see an all stainless unit

This stainless steel round skillet is almost everything i need to have. It does a excellent work on our home-raised frying chickens. . Cooked skinless with just a little bit of oil. Brown frivolously on both equally sides, flip down the heat and go feed the cows. You can come in to the delightful scent of fried chicken performed to perfection.

I obtained this pan after substantially research as i needed a stainless pan not a coated pan. I ended finding this as a warehouse product from amazon. It was in great condition when it arrived. I made use of it for fried chicken and it was magnificent. It cleaned less difficult then a teflon skillet. I might suggest this pan for any person who prefers a superior quality stainless steel skillet. It is pleasant looking to use on a buffet desk.

Features of Electric Skillet By Cucina Pro – 18/10 Stainless Steel with Tempered Glass Lid, 12″ Round

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Crafted from polished 18/10 stainless steel, this elegant electric skillet is sure to be a favorite.
  • The large skillet is easily big enough to cook food for a family of four. The interior heats evenly and it will cook your meals quickly.
  • The CucinaPro Skillet comes with a temperature probe, which gives you total control over the cooking process and helps ensure meals turn out perfectly.
  • Tempered glass lid locks in heat and it allows you to see into the skillet as your food is cooking, making monitoring your progress very easy.
  • The CucinaPro Electric Skillet has securely attached riveted handles that make it very safe to use. Skillet can be hand washed or wiped over with a damp paper towel

Wonderful skillet really worth each penney. By no means underestimate the satisfaction of a high-quality solution. Cucianpro 1454 has produced the fantastic product or service that will satisfy or exceed your expectations. This non-adhere model of their skillet is quite nice simply because i actually bought unwell of taking in the teflon coating that arrived off of our other skillets in the earlier. For the spouse and children of four or 6 or far more you won’t be let down with the skillet’s capacity. Cooks evenly and correctly. Stainless steel is a quite good way to prepare dinner but then there is the clean up up. After correctly seasoning the pan clear up is created incredibly quick with a product that we have been released to by other reviewers, bar tenders close friend. Do your self a favor if you select to obtain this high quality skillet, get some of this cleaner and be marveled by the benefits. Now you might be cookin’steve, the rapaputy band.

Cucinapro stainless steel electric skillet. This electric skillet is significant adequate to fry a pair of medium chickens and deep adequate to do it correct. There are no ‘non-stick’ pollutants, just stainless steel. The temp controller is analog so the markings are not exact as some would like but just a few minutes with the very first use and you can uncover exactly where your meals ‘wants’ to prepare dinner. I did have really great final results in preparing an complete food of meat, greens, and a sizzling dessert at the same time in that pan. The easy-launch (aka ‘break-away’) temp controller relationship is effective as it needs to function it will pull out of the socket before the pan is pulled off of your counter. I noticed a further evaluation in which the user was complaining that that connector is ‘loose’ but the conx on mine was of the straightforward-launch form. A locator spike aligned the electrical connectors and held the controller in position. All in all, this pan is really awesome though it is a minor dear and the sixteen inch size is a bit significant for my storage region.

A excellent replacement for farberware ss electric skillet. Bought the cucinapro 1453 stainless steel round traditional electric skillet 12 inch to swap my wife’s 25 year previous farberware stainless steel electric skillet. It is really a marvelous electric skillet. Heats evenly and the electric regulate is correct. Handles, nevertheless metal, do not get hot. Glass lid is an update in excess of the farberware steel dome.

A weighty responsibility and really beautiful electric skillet. I are not able to include my exhilaration and satisfaction about this solution. It can be way superior than i envisioned and a aspiration for cooking my ten lbs. The glass lid will make it excellent to observe cooking or use as a hotter for serving buffets.

It was difficult to price this skillet. The 12′ dimension is truly great and significant. The controllerfits snugly and it sits degree. The difficulty is that it has hot spots. So when browning you will have to tendto your dish in a diligent method. Don’t switch your back or the very hot places will start out to melt away. If you’re on the lookout for askillet for frying. Yet again the scorching spots want tending to or it will immediately overheat your oil and your breading will not stick.

A great deal superior than non-stick pans. I use it 2-three moments per 7 days and haven’t had any problems in the six weeks that i have had it. Other opinions mentioned that the plug on theirs would fall out or be also unfastened to function but the plug on mine is extremely safe so it would seem like the maker took treatment of that issue. I will state that the pan needs to be heated to pretty much complete temp, 425-450, right before incorporating meals, even when you don’t want it that scorching to cook dinner. This would make sticking meals a non-challenge and cleanup simple. Bar keepers buddy makes the pan appears like its never been employed. The most significant problem i have is storing the pan. It is pretty massive and won’t in good shape in my kitchen cabinet so, amongst utilizes, it sits on my counter.

This electric frying pan is the very best. It’s large plenty of for a massive family meal. The pan heats evenly and cooking bacon is a snap. I followed the guidance to year the pan and it is so effortless to clear. I definitely appreciate applying this pan. We built pan fried rooster and it was properly completed and evenly cooked with good tasting pores and skin.

This was a gift to my daughter who was having a large household to prepare dinner for prior to they all went to university, married and many others. I acquired this skillet really some time in the past.

Pretty great to see an all stainless unit. I have in no way preferred no-adhere surfaces for a range of motives. I obtain them a nuisance and perhaps unsafe. Just give me great responsible stainless steel any day. I was hunting to replace my mother’s outdated sunbeam stainless device that she has had because we were young ones and discovered this pretty awesome 1. I received the 12′ measurement which is what i would look at the normal measurement that you see. If you have a large spouse and children and the storage space, i would advocate the 16′ if you plan to use it a good deal. I may well get the more substantial a single for myself later on. This device is heavy and of significant high-quality machining. That is pleasant to see these times.

Obtained this pan on 5 november 2011. Was replacing a a lot loved farberware teflon electric fry pan. For some not known reason farberware stop earning this well known pan. I would have changed my worn farberware with an additional 1 if i could. . But now i am soooooo glad i did not. We love this huge stainless pan. Possessing hardly ever owned a stainless pan, i considered every little thing would stick to it. We did the pound of bacon seasoning and given that then usually grease the pan with peanut oil, good stability or butter prior to including foods and in no way had anything at all adhere to it. I suspect the ‘secret’ is just not finding the pan tooooooooo very hot.

The round form can make stirring significantly less of an experience. It cleans immediately and totally with out issue. And this from a man or woman with arthritis in his fingers. It is also fantastic to go in the dishwasher. Best of all, absent are these unwanted chemical residues from worn or chipped surfaces.

This skillet is great for cooking a meal for a crowd. Plenty of room for eggs, hashbrowns, and sausage. I like the fact that it does not have a non-stick coating. No problem if you use oil to coat the skillet. I fill it half way with water after use let it set for awhile then clean. Scrape any stuck on food off with a metal spatula.

Appreciate my iron pan however far better then any other. Love my iron pan however superior then any other.

I seriously like the even temperature and that it isn’t going to return to. I have had my cucina pro electric skillet extensive enough to have built about a dozen dinners in it. I have cooked rooster, fish, burgers and together with egg rolls. I seriously like the even temperature and that it doesn’t return to warmth with a blast. If stored at a realistic temperature it cooks fantastically. It only usually takes a moment or two to preheat. If it is far too very hot you will make meals stick to the surface area. I like to make gravies and sauces so i am not way too concerned about deglazing the pan, you can make fantastic gravy. I even increase some h2o to deglaze, for cleaning.

Just teh ideal sizing and will work good wonderful even heat.

We do enjoy making use of the two cucinapro skillets. Now we have a 12′ and a 16′ stainless steel skillet. My husband uses the major one particular the most. He even makes the most delectable fudge in it. The coated skillets appeared to have a style that is imparted into foods. These stainless skillets do not. Straightforward to clean up and quick to use.

Really sturdy and superb and cleans easily. Tends to make about seven great-sized pancakes at after. Have not been unhappy because i threw out all my non-stick cookware.

I experienced to wait around a couple of months to get this fry pan as it was on again get from amazon but it was really worth the wait around. Food stuff cooks evenly and you can caramelize steaks and roasts much better than with a not-adhere pan, its also wonderful for frying fish. Thoroughly clean up is easy just soak in water and detergent. I also period the pan with bacon or oil. The previous reviewer said the legs arrived free, i have not had that dilemma with this pan but if they do its a straightforward job to tighten them back up with a phillips screw driver. Can’t remark on the longevity of it only have had it for 2 months but i use it 2 or three situations a 7 days and so considerably am quite satisfied.

Breville BEF450XL Thermal Pro Banquet Skillet, Everything I wanted and more

It is a excellent solution, specifically what i expected.

Almost everything i desired and far more. Major responsibility, not light-weight and flimsy like the ones in concentrate on. I particularly adore that the plug has a lock system into the equipment, and the plug itself is intended to be plugged or unplugged with ease.

Exceptional piece of kitchen area devices. This breville skillet is just about the ideal detail we have at any time additional to our cooking arsenal. We organized brussel sprouts in it, which are sauteed coated with crumbs and honey. They turned out far better than we experienced at any time experienced them ahead of. Most exceptional, although, was the cleanup. Supplied the over listed elements, one would think substantial operate. Nope, simply just applied the sprayer and the incredibly hot water cleaned it totally.

Key specs for Breville BEF450XL Thermal Pro Banquet Skillet:

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  • 15 heat settings, from simmer to high sear
  • Pan tilt lever allows fat and juices to drain from food
  • To make cleaning easier, fry pan is coated twice with a premium PFOA free non-stick surface
  • Large 6 quart capacity
  • Dual-ply construction of aluminum bonded to stainless steel for optimal heat retention and distribution

Comments from buyers

“great quality. Last for a while, manual is a little vague but the skillet is great. I’ve made found that the skillet is very , This pan is a gourmet’s dream!”

Breville solutions are the finest. Really like the size, the fat, the finish, the versatility.

This is the very best electric skillet i have at any time owned. This is the ideal electrical skillet i’ve ever owned. By significantly the pretty greatest and i’ve owned rather a handful of thru the yrs. If you get one particular i assure you will be joyful you did, it is really value every single penny.

Evidently breville has discontinued this product. . This was a distinct requested product.

I at times i use it out on the deck.

Replaced these for the business office, excellent excellent. Cooks excellent, we make spaghetti, cook dinner eggs, chili, all types of dishes in this issue.

It heats evenly, is long lasting, and uncomplicated to clean.

It truly is excellent good quality and achieved all my expiations. I would really recommend this device.

This pan is a gourmet’s desire. I searched significant & low for a pan like this. I was tired of pans that heated in a ring and burnt out the area. This pan is a gourmet’s dream. I use it for all the things and i am confident i am going to have it for a life span.

If you can get it at a fantastic price and comprehend its limitations. I have to concur with other buyers. The warmth cycle is fairly spectacular. If you are cooking pancakes, it will cycle down and you have to wait quite a when for it to brown them. I have professional the identical matter with shallow frying the oil will get chilly leading to your food stuff to get chilly. That remaining mentioned i use mine for skillet dishes and roasting. It is very well created for what is essentially an electric skillet. If you can get it at a great selling price and recognize its constraints, it is a handy equipment.

Total heartily advise the breville skillet. . I procured this skillet about a thirty day period back. I have made use of it every single working day considering the fact that and find that this is just one of the ideal kitchen area merchandise i have at any time utilised. I pretty much did not buy it due to the fact of some adverse opinions. Truthfully, i do not recognize them. I am having my kitchen area transformed and do not presently have a stove. This skillet can be utilized for almost everything you require to cook dinner.

Fulfills or exceeds expectations. This is a pretty great substitution for an old, lesser electric skillet. It can be perfectly intended, superior good quality, heats swiftly and evenly, and is straightforward to cleanse.

Wow, heats swiftly, quick cleanse up. Quality design significant metallic and tempered glass. Excellent for all forms of cooking and leftovers are so a great deal better than in the microwave. Use it for searing and large adequate to prepare dinner overall meal for 2.

It cooks evenly and is a excellent merchandise.

The nonstick surface calls for really minor oil and cleans easily with a sponge. The pan heats swiftly and evenly. The tilt element and pouring spout make it quick to take out excessive unwanted fat. I created a lasagna with raw noodles applying medium heat. It cooked deliciously in 35 minutes using fewer heat then the oven. The huge potential would make cooking up a meal for 5 uncomplicated and speedy with adequate for some leftovers. Are unable to wait around to consider the roasting aspect.

Revenue wise, you shell out for what you get and this was value the money,.

This is a fantastic appliance for the money.

Arrives in helpful when you you should not want to make a mess of your stovetop. The dimensions is specially good when cooking for a massive celebration.

Handbook is a minor vague but the skillet is wonderful. I’ve manufactured observed that the skillet is very. The manual is a minor imprecise but the skillet is wonderful. I’ve found that the skillet is incredibly perfectly created, simple to clean up and keeps a rather limited temperature control. There is a studying curve due to the fact the configurations are in figures not temperatures. I tried out to contact customer service and they have a call back again system so that you might be not left ready on keep. I applied that selection but didn’t get a connect with backbut possibly that was a little something out of their management. I did not test a second time.

Rave evaluations form the prepare dinner in the house.

Precise Heat 3-1/2-Quart Surgical Stainless-Steel Oil Core Skillet, Comparable to Salad Master!

Outstanding product and tremendous speedy shipping and delivery. I am very pleased with the item.

This is one particular of the greatest kitchen appliances i have at any time owned. I am impressed by the excellent excellent and pan measurement (it is pleasant and deep). It was pricy but it will almost certainly outlast me. If you are severe about cooking with an electric powered skillet i really advocate this one particular.

I had a ‘saladmaster’ 3-1/two qt and figured this would. I experienced a ‘saladmaster’ 3-one/2 qt and figured this would be equivalent. This pan does not truly heat the total bottom, it misses the corners by one/4′ and minor or no heat on the sides. Why would they design and style a electrical twine to exit the towards the chef and not straight out or back towards the electrical outlet?.I really don’t feel the pan actually reaches the temperatures that the ‘saladmaster’ does’ but not one hundred% positive of that. The appears to be and the truly feel is identical as the ‘saladmaster’.

Key specs for Precise Heat 3-1/2-Quart Surgical Stainless-Steel Oil Core Skillet:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • This waterless cookware electric skillet is a customer favorite! An innovative appliance that will become your “go-to” kitchen skillet!
  • The Precise Heat 3.5qt T304 Stainless Steel Oil Core Skillet has a beautiful, durable mirror finish
  • 120V, 1300 watt, 3-ply skillet features low-dome cover and stay-cool handles and knobs
  • The unique oil core liquid is sealed between layers of heavy-gauge stainless steel. Our superior design helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle through waterless, greaseless cooking
  • 12-1/4″ exterior diameter, 11″ interior diameter. UL Listed

Comments from buyers

“High learning curve – not very precise, love this. A new way to cook., I had a “Saladmaster” 3-1/2 qt and figured this would “

This is a stunning skillet. Unfortunately, i had to return it for the reason that i have a bad again (obtaining surgery upcoming month) and i just couldn’t tackle the heaviness of the skillet.

An amazing addition to my kitchen area devices. . This was an outstanding order. I can cook dinner with self esteem in an electrical pan with a stainless steel inside that retains a massive sum of meals. The food items cooks more rapidly than utilizing the stove top rated (assortment). I do not expect that i will at any time need to swap this awesome and effectively made pan.

Bought this for my spouse before this 12 months and she. Acquired this for my wife before this yr and she enjoys it. We have in no way experienced any complications or challenges.

Higher learning curve – not really precise. I purchased this skillet in august of 2009. I required to be truthful in my assessment and use it for awhile before relating my expertise. This skillet was purchased simply because the teflon coated $twenty-40 vary skillets are pathetic in regards to heat management and coating coming off as very well as endurance. All of my other prepare dinner ware are stainless metal, so i was tentatively geared up to endeavor this style of electrical skillet. I experienced reservations in the starting with the temperature command, which was not digital and which is the significant weak point of this skillet, as properly as the teflon coated kinds. I seriously failed to hope to be able to ‘bake a cake’ as the maker advertises that a person can do with this skillet. My kitchen area is not entire and most important foods, dinner and weekend breakfasts are cooked in the skillet. Immediately after a year, the spouse has bought pancakes and eggs down to a tee. Myself, i can saute` and prepare dinner ‘egg pies’ really very well, but there is constantly pretty darkish browned or burned undersides.

Skillet was transported immediately & packed very securely. The high quality is exceptional & it holds heat without having sizzling places. It is very heavy (could be a issue for all those who can not use solid iron for that cause) & i like the vent attribute in the lid (whilst it appears like my tea kettle). In general i expect this equipment will past a incredibly prolonged time (will probably have to put it in my will).

I’ve experienced this product or service for a handful of months now and appreciate it. For my daughter, i ordered the $4k established of waterless cookware and oil coil skillet from saladmaster and have been so amazed with her new way of cooking but could not pay for a different $4k. I did my investigate and finished up in this article for the oil coil skillet (not lots of alternatives out there). For actually a fraction of the charge, i went with this skillet and am so pleased. Cakes, brownies, wholesome caseroles, fish, vegtables, etcetera. Are so excellent, convenient and good for us. It does take some receiving made use of to and the cookbook that arrives with it is fairly a great deal worthless. I under no circumstances knew fish,vegtables and rice dishes could taste so fantastic– i have so missed out on nutritious and delicious foods for most of my adult everyday living.

Does wonderful work cooking what at any time is place in it. Well worth the dollars,does wonderful position cooking what ever is place in it.

Enjoy my skillet they were being advertising the same skillet at. Love my skillet they were promoting the exact same skillet at the honest below in colorado for 500. 00 pretty very good value pretty delighted with my obtain.

The huge sizing of saucepan is excellent. . Both equally instances the seal did not operate adequately. Will proceed to check out as it may possibly be me and not pan. The substantial sizing of saucepan is fantastic.

Top top quality second a person i ordered for a gift for my daughter.

This skillet will get a big thumb’s up. Received this skillet for my partner who is the head chef in our property. He had drained of regularly getting to exchange non-stick skillets and specifically requested a stainless steel edition. After doing some research, i settled on this design. A person unusual issue, however — the pricing on this is bizarrely erratic. I acquired it in the $70 vary. Now i see it outlined about $189. And, since i look at it once in a while, have seen it in the $140 range, at $a hundred and fifteen, and so forth. Have no concept why there is this erratic pricing — but, if you at any time see it at a excellent, minimal value, snatch it up.

As i thought i would but it performs perfectly like it suggests. Not utilizing it as considerably as i assumed i would but it functions very well like it claims. Just not significant enough to cook dinner as significantly as i want for my relatives of 4 and i have to get employed to it.

It is anything that i anticipated. I like that it is so deep and so simple to clean.

Essential au adapter transformer from 240v to 120v.

The greatest electric frying pan you will at any time use.

Is effective okay – but the electrical component does not operate any more. Simply cannot find a replacement any place.

I not long ago agreed to sit by means of a salad grasp presentation and fell in appreciate with this cooker even so, i was not in enjoy with the cost salad grasp was offering it at. Right after seeking the net i found this and made a decision to give it a check out, or is just insert excellent.Very delighted with my buy, my preferred way to prepare dinner rooster and i can make an awesome lasagna from scratch in under an hour.

I am truly happy i acquired this skillet-i adore that i can fry meals in a small sum of olive oil-brown each sides & unplug it & it keeps cooking whilst turned off. The only thing i you should not like is if you check out to cook with the lid on & the steam opened it whistles like a tea kettle.

Fantastic cooking, large, uncomplicated to clear. . In contrast to saladmaster manufacturer and decided to try this initial. Steal at this selling price and can stay away from the house present indication your $’s absent income pictches on other manufactures out there. Content with high-quality and cleanup. Pretty minimal water or oil demanded. A slight adjustment in getting ready. Watch foods in the starting additional intently right until you know how this operates to protect against sticking. Be watchful with steam when eliminating the lid.

Is effective as properly as salad master for. Will work as properly as salad grasp for way much less.

Excellent, oil stuffed waterless stainless steel cooks evenly all the way around and even up the sides.