Nostalgia NGD200 Living Collection Extra-Large Non-stick Griddle, Just ok

Wish i’d bought thos years ago.

Its hard to regulate the heat, but once you get the hang of it it does the job.

For a low price it does the job, just be careful of the control unit as it gets very hot and you could burn yourself.

Key specs for Nostalgia NGD200 Living Collection Extra-Large Non-stick Griddle with Cool Touch Handles and Warming Drawer:

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  • Non-stick coating
  • Adjustable thermostat: 200-400° F
  • Warming drawer keeps food ready to serve
  • Removable drip try catches cooking oil & grease

Comments from buyers

“My husband makes the best bacon and eggs every Sunday morning for the family
, Is not as nonstick as I thought it would be
, Five Stars

Very nice grill with useful warming tray.

I purchased one of these nostalgia gd20c non stick copper griddle with warming drawer after percolating (thinking) for over two years about buying a portable single induction burner to use on my kitchen countertop. I had a nice one picked out but was still wondering if it was the best choice for me and my spouse. We have an electric stovetop but rarely use it for cooking. Our kitchen is small and almost all of our food is homemade, even our bread, and i am recovering from an old back injury soi have implemented certain ways of cooking that have helped me tremendously but they do take up a lot of counter space in my kitchen. I realized it was better for me to cover my stovetop and use it as additional counter space. That is why i almost purchased a portable induction burner. My spouse and i often grill vegetarian food, like morningstar bacon. The induction burner would not help with that. My spouse and i also own a nostalgia breakfast station that has a mini grill that we use often and enjoy, but we still needed more grill space since we batch up food. I find making multiple portions is a wise use of the time it takes to make a meal; it does not take that much longer to make a huge amount of food than it does to make a small amount.

This is great, large surface area, nonstick, very nice product.

Came broken & design dose not flow to drip tray.

Just make sure you heat it up in high and oil it before you use it. They call that seasoning you cook top, you are good after that.

Food is sticking to griddle. Having a hard time getting it clean.

My husband makes the best bacon and eggs every sunday morning for the family. He had a different griddle that e used for a couple of years and we moved it to our rv. He requested a new griddle for the house so we could quit hauling it in and out of the house. We decided to try te nostalgia copper griddle. Today is the first time he used it and he likes it better than his old one. He was able to keep the bacon warm while he was cooking the eggs. The sides of the griddle are higher than on his other griddle and so the grease from the bacon doesn’t spill as easily. We are very happy with our new griddle.

We bought this hoping it would be easy to clean and to cook multiple pancakes on but it is smaller than we thought and so we were kind of disappointed in the amount you can cook on it but the worst part is the food gets stuck to the plate super easy and you have to use lots of cooking spray to keep it from sticking. Personally i hate cleaning it when we are done so i hardly use it. Wish we had gone with a different product. The good thing is it does heat really well and quickly so that is a pro.

I bought it for my daughter. She has two boys and she can prepare their meal all at one time and keep it warm until they come down to eat. It is easy to use so the oldest boy can use it without fear of setting the house ablaze. I am planning on buying one of these for everyone in my family. There are so many things you can use this grill for and the size can hold several steaks or chops.

Perfect for making a lot of pancakes at once. The warmin tray is pretty awesome too.

Loved the copper top very easy to clean.

My husband loves it to cook breakfast on the weekends.

Heat takes a while at far end from plug in but cooks even.

I purchased this product because my husband loves for me to cook breakfast. And pots & pans set ‘is not the best’. I can use the product quite easy. So far i have only used this griddle for breakfast, but i plan on using it for more food items. To sum it up:-easy to set-up-easy to clean-great temperature settings.

Great gift item works amazing.

However after using it a few times the plastic underneath melted. That’sa bummer and i could not find a replace part.

The heat range is good and pretty accurate.

Hamilton Beach Premiere Cookware Electric Griddle – Griddle

I made a complete country breakfast on it as soon as i got it and it performed fantastic. I first started with bacon to find the hot spots. Every appliance has hot spots that’s why you need to move your food around a little while it cooks. My griddle has no major hot spots, the heat is pretty consistant. It reaches temperature quickly and it gets hot. Second i cooked hash browns, then easy over eggs, pancakes and french toast. I did not get stripes on anything. The grease tray is big enough,i cooked a pound of bacon and it was about 1/4 full. The warming tray works fine, but i took it out because i like the way the overall unit looks better without it.

Love the back splash, it helps prevent grease from splattering on the counter. Easy to clean since it’s submersible.

This is a nice griddle for the money. Only problem i’ve seen is the splash shield comes off too easily. It is only held in place by 4 friction mounts. This isn’t a problem, just letting people know.

It is easy to use and clean, it has a great storage container for cooked food and the side grease catcher is great. The backsplash goes on and off very easily and the overall appearance is professional and sleekgreat choice would definitely by it again.

I bought one for myself, then two as christmas gifts. As long as you put it on a level surface, everything cooks evenly.

I did not rate this product any lower because it was just what i was looking for. I could not rate it any higher, because i purchased it as a gift for someone else, so i do not know if it is functioning well. The person stated it was just what he wanted.

  • excellent griddle, bought it to replace one almost 20
  • Can’t be without a griddle
  • more than expected!

This electric grill is my new favorite cooking tool. I absolutely love cooking with it. Got for christmas and use all the time. Easy to clean and stow away when not in use.

Use this all the time great griddle.

My wife loves this griddle so far. We cook breakfast, turkey burgers, and other stuff on here.

We bought this to use in our camper. It is so nice we take it in the house and use it between trips as well. Very even cooking area and easy to clean. The wind doesn’t bother it either like the gas griddles. Very good quality and a great value.

Fantastic for flipping flapjacks.

Features of Hamilton Beach Premiere Cookware Electric Griddle

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfect for family gatherings
  • Convenient warming tray – keeps prepared food warm until you’re ready to serve
  • 220-Square inch nonstick cooking surface
  • Durable die-cast pan and handles
  • Brushed stainless steel base

From the manufacturer

grill in door indoor breakfast grittle griddle best rated reviews sellers ultimate reviewed

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grill in door indoor breakfast grittle griddle best rated reviews sellers ultimate reviewed

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Warming tray to keep food warm

Perfect for a big breakfast and beyond – Hamilton Beach Griddles

A hot, hearty breakfast is a meal that comes together quickly, but it has to be served right away. No worries — this Electric Griddle has a warming tray to keep food warm (more pancakes anyone?) until serving time.

  • Perfect for family gatherings
  • 220 sq. inch nonstick cooking surface
  • Durable die-cast pan and handles
  • Brushed stainless steel base
  • Removable stainless steel backsplash
  • Temperature control adjusts from 200 to 400 degrees F
  • Easy to clean – fully immersible with cord removed

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Heats up well and easy to clean.

Love it cons handles get really hot do need pot holder best one ive had in years easy clean and easy to use i do wish the handles wern’t metal grt really hot you could cook on them.

Excellent griddle, bought it to replace one almost 20 years old (presto 7032, no longer made) that the non-stick was no longer not sticking. 3 stars because the splatter shield on the back drips outside the griddle so i have to put paper towels under it to catch the drips and it occasionally pops off as it heats. Also, the picture is not representative of the actual product. The one i received has the power jack and drip pan reversed from the picture (don’t be fooled, the tray you see in front is not a drip tray, it is a warming tray. The drip tray is on the side opposite the power plug. ) i wish the one i got had the controller position as the picture shows because that positioning works better with my counter-tops. I have to rotate around to the end of the island to use the new one with the outlet which is not as convenient. As another commenter noted, the handles do get hot in spite of the plastic insulators under the screws, i believe this is because the screws have metal to metal contact from the griddle to the handles on the outside of the insulators. An all plastic connection point would have reduced this tendency but might not have been as durable.

I bought this for my daughter. She says she likes this griddle; she also says it doesn’t heat evenly but you get used to that. Also, she says the warming tray is too small to be of any use and the splatter shield is not worth using because it’s not big enough to be effective. However, the griddle is a good size for her family and easy to clean.

I love the splash plate on this griddle. It really helps keeping the area around where you are cooking clean.

I bought this griddle to replace my presto 07039 professional 22-inch jumbo electric griddle when the teflon coating wore out after years of use. There are some things on this hamilton beach griddle that are better than the presto, and some that are worse. I just received it yesterday and tested it out with a batch of bacon. If i come across any problems or revelations in the future i will come back and change my review. Pros:splash guard – this is a great innovation and it was the selling point for me. My old presto griddle would leave a big mess on the counter and wall behind it when i cooked anything greasy. Since i used it for burgers and bacon more than anything else, there was always a mess to clean on the counter after using it. Warming tray – i must confess that i haven’t used it yet, but i pulled it out to see how hot it gets. It just stayed ‘warm,’ as it should. I am looking forward to making pancakes for guests with this griddle so i can test that drawer.

Perfect for family gatherings

Our last hamilton beach was over 10 years but that model was not available. Hash browns good but not all evenly crisp. All other items cooked well.

I love this item, and it is more than what i thought on how large it is, i love it i can cook many items at one time and the warming tray in front is larger than i expected, and the little grease tray with the holes is perfect, altho we do not use it very much its very handy. The only thing i do not like is the aluminium piece on the back, very minor dislike, i thought it would be molded a little more snug to the frame, why. When it gets hot it pops off the back. But after a little molding it with my hand i’ve had no more problems with it.

This is an awesome grill – makes cooking a large breakfast a snap, keeps food warm and i especially love the splatter guard. Hamilton-beach has done it again.

Perfect and we use all the time. We use the colder spots for the items that are cooking a little too fast.

This hotplate it’s very easy to cook on very easy to clean plenty of space does not burn in one spot a joy to cook with.

I’ve had other griddles but not as nice as this one. My husband loves the pancakes i make for him on this griddle.

Convenient warming tray –

Back plate is not as stable as it should be.

Best i’ve seen on the market.

I like the room provided with this griddle. Will cook a full pound of bacon and heats evenly. When bacon is done, the warming tray keeps it nice and warm while you cook. We fit 6 eggs on one side while cooking hashbrowns on the other side. Like the idea of the splash guard, but doesn’t stay in place very well. Hamilton beach needs to find another way to attach the splash guard that holds up while cooking. Warming tray great, for bacon, french toast, whatever you want to keep warm while you finish cooking. Iam very pleased with the performance with this griddle, and did shop around awhile before making this choice.

So far it has worked out great, here are my initial thoughts after half a dozen uses:heats up pretty quick and gets much hotter than my last griddle but is easy to regulate temp to what i needhuge cooking space, even heating means i can use all of itthe shield is actually pretty nicelightweightfairly easy to clean.

Spacious for cooking, like the removable splash guard, easy for cleaning. Have tried several other brands, none have held up, this one is the very best.

Came on time, just the size i was looking for.

I only received this griddle this morning. I made pancakes for one of my sons and the pancakes were cooked well and evenly. This is a replacement for my presto that still worked but was scratched. I went with this hamilton beach because:1) it has the warming drawer2) my presto had a small ‘lip’ on 3 sides which made it hard to make scrambled eggs (one side w/o a lip made the eggs spill off and the other sides weren’t high enough to really work the eggs).

220-Square inch nonstick cooking surface

I viewed many griddles to replace my old presto. I chose this one because of the splatter guard. It seems to cook evenly and heats up quickly. My only complaint (and 4 of 5 stars) is that the handles get pretty warm. Not to burn you but i find i need to grab an oven mit to be sure. I’d love to find a cozy that would work. The oil catcher works good and the warming tray does an average job. Not a great griddle but a serviceable one – especially for the price.

And i like that it has a splash guard. The only thing that would make it give stars is if had a gauge that told you how hot to heat it for different items that you’d be cooking.

The price for this item was so good, better than in any stores we checked. Also it is high quality and perfect for our use.

The workmanship on this griddle is just really wonderful and sturdy, i know i will get years of use out of of it because it is a hamilton beach product. I have bought many of their products in the past and always have been satisfied. I grilled as soon as i had the box opened, so great in the house with no messy clean-up thanks to the backsplash. My food was delicious and how wonderful to use the warming tray while other foods were cooking. The result was that all that was prepared was enjoyed nice and hot. I am so happy i chose this griddle and give my highest recommendatins.

I am well please with the performance of this productit really works like a charm,i would recommend it to anyone looking for a griddle.

Durable die-cast pan and handles

Oster CKSTGRFM-1018 10 by 18-1/2-Inch Griddle – Three Stars

How many ways can i say i love this griddle?. I use it for pancakes but it could have very more uses. No more rotating a frying pan to flip the pancakes and the heat is consistent so they always come out golden. All the stovetop griddles i have purchased over the years can go to goodwill and free up my cabinets. I do have to add if you think the power cord is missing it is in a hollowed out area of the styrofoam in one end of the packaging.

It’s just a plastic tray that’s super hard to slide in and is pretty shallow, so if you’re looking to put more than one layer of pancakes in there, it’s not going to work. I’ve actually just thrown the tray out. I use the griddle all the time, but i wouldn’t pay extra for a warming drawer.

I keeps the food warm in the warming tray and is easy to clean. This was an excellent purchase and i would purchase from this seller again.

Product is working beautifully. It heats eavenly and cooks quickly. The only problem we have had is with the warming drawer. It sticks when sliding in or out. Runners need to be made easier to slide.

Has a slight angle to it that lets the grease travel into a channel that leads it to the removeable drip tray. One item of note: the warming tray is only as tall as the top of a standard hamburger bun. Since the tray is just sitting under the griddle, the amount the food is kept warm will vary based on temperature.

It’s large enough for all my needs and it stores right in the box right between my cabinets for easy assess.

  • Just what I was looking for
  • Awsome Griddle
  • This is a wonderful griddle.

I was pleased with my purchase, but didn’t use the warming tray. I do need to get used to the temperature as i cooked the first pancakes too dark. I had used a long electric skillet only as a griddle, and it lasted for manyyears, so this is a new experience with this item. I am sure i will enjoy it the more i use it.

The grill & bottom serving tray was not as big as i thought it was compared to the picture but i like it.

Although i didn’t mean for this to be a xmas gift, it turned out that way but we had a perfect xmas meal early in the morning.

I got this for my husband to do breakfast. You can do a lot on the surface size. What i didn’t realize was how useful it was for other things. We use to have a stove top with a griddle. When we remodeled our home, we couldn’t find one. We use it a lot more than we did the stove griddle. It is great for grilled sandwiches. We have made grilled shrimp, chicken, stir frys, fajatias, quesadillas, tortillas, grilled onions and vegetables, etc. It is super easy to clean, unlike the stove griddle we use to have. I will say, i have never used the drawer to keep things warm.

Bought this as a birthday present for my husband and he loves it. Super easy to use and clean and haven’t had any problems with it.

Features of Oster CKSTGRFM-1018 10 by 18-1/2-Inch Griddle with Warming Tray, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Warming tray slides from underneath to keep food warm
  • Removable, adjustable temperature control
  • Cool touch edges
  • 10-Inch by 18-1/2-inch cooking surface with non-stick coating

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I’ve only tried it once, but it worked great. Looking forward to using it a lot more. Very happy with my purchase.

Good product, does its job but the tray is not functional, locks every time you try to get something.

I bought this mainly for pancakes etc when we are traveling on the road but i have used it at home a lot also.

Does not heat evenly across surface.

Perfect for pancakes and eggs. It has a lip on the backside which makes flipping the food over much easier. Easy clean up and heats fairly evenly considering where the heating is. Has a nice drawer underneath the griddle that keeps things warm.

This is ideal, in fact i ordered two of them. I have a problem when something goes away , breaks or some strange thing, then i have a backup, i’ve been doing that with shoes to. Seems no one can make the same thing twice lol.

Warming tray slides from underneath to keep food warm

I have had several griddles over the years and none have compared to the oster, it holds even heat and just love it.

I bought this griddle to replace the one my husband uses. It works great and we love the warming tray underneath.

This was exactly what i was looking for. An affordable griddle with a drip tray was all i’d hoped for, the warming tray was a surprising bonus. I went out of my way to buy a heat proof counter mat because i worried that the low clearance would mean scorched countertop. And i shouldn’t have worried, so far it doesn’t heat excessively underneath and i haven’t had any issues, but i haven’t cranked it up to max temperature yet. The only real tips i have with this product is make sure it’s fully preheated before you try cooking anything or else you’ll have a very unevenly cooked thing, the nonstick surface is great but not foolproof (you still need cooking spray for eggs, or you will have scrambled eggs), and you have to put a surprising amount of force behind inserting the heating element into the griddle itself, but you definitely don’t have to worry about it wiggling or being loose. There is a drip channel around the sides, but sometimes you have to use a spatula to shove the grease toward the channel because it doesn’t seem to tilt toward the drip tray like i’ve seen in other griddles. Also, there is no part of this that is dishwasher safe, not even the drip and warming trays, so if that’s what you’re looking for keep looking elsewhere. But they aren’t kidding when they say you can wipe it with a damp cloth, it really does clean that easily, although you may have to use some very hot water and wipe it down a few times if you’re cooking anything greasy. Oh, and the temperatures on the thermostat amused me to no end: there’s no specific indication of the major cooking temps (350, 400), it actually goes 270, 320, 370, 420.

Cooks evenly and warming tray is quite convenient.

I absolutely love this item, it has been used several times since purchase. It cooks everything evenly, the warming tray really keeps things warm, and there have been no issues with sticking what-so-ever.

This is by far, the best ever griddle. I highly recommend for anyone to cook anything on. Eggs, bacon, burgers, pancakes, you name it – the best.

Removable, adjustable temperature control

I have definitely gotten my monies worth and would recommend this item to anyone.

Warming tray is actually useful. Griddle is easy to use, makes cooking pancakes less of a hassel, less messy, and easy to clean.

When i used this griddle for the first time, i printed the return label. Uneven heating was my gripe. It gets hotter in the area where the warming tray is and i burned my grilled cheese sandwich. But a little voice in the back of my head said ‘take what you know now and try again’ glad i listened. I use it just about everyday for breakfast, lunch or last night i cooked 4 quarter lb burgers on the hottest part. Buttered one side of 4 slices of bread put them on the top where the heat isn’t so high with cheese on the up side. Once the cheese was melty put those on top of the burgers while the 4 other slices toasted. I loved the cleanup was the spatula.

No more waiting for our pan to heat up on the stove only to do one grilled cheese or a couple of pancakes. In less than 5 minutes we had 3 grilled cheese sandwiches ready to eat. Can’t wait for pancakes this weekend.

I eat breakfast on this bad boy everyday. It heats up fast and cooks great. However it does automatically shut off a lot during cooking and that can be annoying.

Has a little storage thing underneath that keeps things warm.

I had this for about 6 months now i use it quite often. Especially, during the winter months. You can cook other food and not just breakfast related food.

Cool touch edges

Seems way to hot in accordance with the dial. Warming drawer difficult to open and close. Construction is a little shoddy.

10-Inch by 18-1/2-inch cooking surface with non-stick coating

Nesco RG-1400 Reversible Grill/Griddle – Same old problem

I love my grill and griddle. It works great and it is a quick and easy way to cook and cleaning it is easy too.

I tried other (only one sided grill) for the same price. One side is for grilling meat and the other side for things like pancakes, eggs,bacon e. I always use a brush and coat the grill with oil. The grill heats up evenly and you can put a lot of meat on it. Never put the grill part in the dishwasher. Wash it by hand which is easy to do. I love this grill and hope i get many years out of it.

Does the job i purchased it for. Here are the specifications for the Nesco RG-1400 Reversible Grill/Griddle:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Reversible non-stick grill/griddle
  • Embedded heating element
  • Stay-cool handles
  • Power indicator
  • Heavy duty base/drip tray

It is good product, everything is good but it doesn’t have cover.

This reversible grill/griddle is cute and useful, but has its drawbacks. First of all, the surface area is pretty limited. We are a couple, so we’re not usually cooking all that much at once, but if you want to use this for anything more than a couple of people you’re going to be hard pressed to do so with this one. I also wish the controls were more precise. Those aren’t exactly terms that give me much information. Is ‘high’ too high for cooking a chicken breast?. Will ‘low’ enough to keep things warm at a dinner party?the smaller size does mean it takes up a bit less counter space and stores more easily, though. And the built-in drip pan removes excess fat and keeps things from steaming in released juices rather than browning or sauteeing. Just make sure that it looks like it will do what you’re asking it to do when you order it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My second Nesco product – totally satisfied.
  • It is so easy to clean
  • Five Stars

Holds heat fairly well, reheating somewhat quickly when food item put on either side. Non-stick coating worked fine for me. Cleans up easily in hot soapy water. Grease catcher has as much surface area as grill/griddle and is pretty deep. I didn’t have a problem with overflow.

Gift for my son who loves to cook.

It meet all expictaiins, i even forgot i have a stove. And great service from the buyer.

I use this griddle everyday to cook breakfast. If it were to wear out i would buy a new one as soon as possible. It is so easy to clean, doesn’t stick, and just the right size for two people. The grease catcher is big and easy to clean, no little pans that run over when cooking bacon.

The nesco rg-1400 reversible grill/griddle has three pieces – a plastic cradle that also doubles as a rather huge drip pan, the grill/griddle itself and the power cord. I’ve been cooking with it for a couple of weeks now. First, the grill is on the small side. It will hold 6 strips of bacon or 4 pancakes 4-5 inches in diameter, great for a couple but not so much if you’re feeding children. The heating control is on the power cord, as is usual with electric grills/griddles. Unlike most, this one does not give actual temperatures but only a range – warm, low, medium and high. I don’t know, but i had to cook bacon on it. (on other grills i cook bacon on about 300f.

The heating control is not always easy to control. Heat goes up and down to much.

Received this yesterday (22aug13). Used it last night for steaks. 1 big, thick usda prime ribeye (from costco) for me, and a much thinner one for my wife. First toasted the bread for garlic toast to put under the steaks. Ran the temp up to max, and the bread toasted perfectly. The heat is great (much better than my old grill) and the steak cooked fast on the outside and stayed raw in the center as i like it. About 4min, flip then 4min, flip then 4min, rotate then 4min. Added my wife’s for the last 4min, but it took a bit longer than i anticipated. Even though it was much thinner, the heat is enough to cook the outside and leave the inside alone.

Once again, another ‘healthy’ cooking alternative. On the plus side, a pretty good size cooking area, and nice to be able to flip over from smooth to grill. The unit heats up pretty quickly but do not rely on the accuracy of the thermostat temperature wheel, it goes from really hot to almost off when food is getting too hot and you turn it down. Also, despite what you read, you will need a pam spray or something, to use the smooth side especially. Now my favorite moan:-from the manual: – ‘wash with warm soapy water’you can’t submerge this thing ever, so good luck getting all those steak juice stains off, it also won’t go in the dishwasher. I had a nice unit over 5 years ago with removable and fully washable plates on a foreman style grill, and this is progress?more of a toy i suspect than getting used daily. Not very expensive, and easy to see why. Probably do well in a college dorm – 3 stars is generous.

Best decision and works good. Very happy with the grill/ griddle.

I read a lot of the marginal reviews before buying and was a little skeptical but jumped in anyway. I now use this almost exclusively when cooking. I haven’t my pots and pans for some time. In fact, it is parked on top of my glass top stove. I would say that it is probably ideal for a couple and not designed to be an indoor replacement grill to cook up a feast for a party. I have cooked ahead 6 large burgers with veggies all around the sides to the edges on the grill side. I flip the burgers and move everything around and i do not notice uneven cooking. I’ve cooked 4 eggs and 2 small pancakes and bacon at the same time on the flat side. I start with the bacon, as it shrinks i move it to the side and put the pancakes down and then the eggs.

It was just as it was described.

Broil King USG-10G Ultra Large Griddle, Works as expected

Awesome griddle and the best customer service i’ve ever seen.

The griddle works very well, cooks evenly and drains well. The non-stick surface is a snap to clean. I particularly like the ability to adjust the temperature and have some idea how hot the grill really is. The only drawback i’ve seen is the plastic end pieces that form the legs for the grill are held on by sheet metal screws. One of which was stripped upon receipt – likely from over tightening. Its an easy fix and certainly no worse than other grills i’ve seen. Easily the best grill i’ve ever had.

This was a great product, it preformed well and was easy to use and clean.

Key specs for Broil King USG-10G Ultra Large Griddle:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Rear legs liftfat drains away from food while cooking
  • Heavy cast surface: 21″ by 12″
  • Base immersible for easy cleaning
  • Heats up to 425 degrees F
  • 120 volts-1500 watts

Comments from buyers

“Large griddle
, Great griddle. First one didn’t have the electrical plug
, Very Pleased With Purchase / Small Quality Control Issues?

This griddle is nice and big, it sits solid and cooks all of our food very evenly. I also thought the price was very fair and the shipping from amazon was fast as always.

The broil king ultra large griddle will handle a pound of bacon on sunday mornings. When you are feeding a hungry boy band on sunday morning after a night of jamming, getting the breakfast cooked quickly is an imperative. Heats well and has two leveling legs to make sure the grease flows to the drain hole. Makes large meal preparation easy.

When our old griddle finally broke down after years of good service, i came to amazon and bought the presto 07039 griddle since it seemed to have the best reviews and was priced reasonably. Unfortunately, that griddle turned out to be a complete piece of junk – so i came back and spent a little more on this one. Now, i’m not a professional chef or anything; so, i’m probably not as picky as some people – but we do use our griddle almost every day. This broil king griddle fits our needs perfectly. It heats evenly, has a large, even surface and heats up fairly quickly. It’s also solid enough that i suspect it will last for a while. So far, i’ve cooked grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes and french toast on this griddle with no problems at all – so if you are looking for a griddle that ‘just works’ this is probably going to be the unit for you. I would seriously recommend avoiding a cheaper unit like the presto that i mentioned above.

I have an outdoor tiki bar and it is great for cooking outdoors.

This is 3rd heat plate and by far the best.

First one didn’t have the electrical plug included and had some minor finish issues. Replacement one still had finish issues. We figured it was a manufacturing issue so we kept it. Even heating and nice heavy surface to hold and distribute heat.

As we have sourdough pancakes every saturday morning (since about 1975), a good griddle is greatly appreciated. We like to cook at the table so that the pancakes reach one’s plate hot off the griddle. We have searched and searched for years for a griddle that would work well in this situation and this griddle is great.

Does not get as hot as the other modlel w/ silver bar handles.

I ordered this product because of its size and price. When we recieved the product there was a sharp area/scratch on the right side near the handle. The left upper corner felt like they sprayed the nonstick coating over sand. We returned the first one and recieved a replacement. Unfortunatly the second one had the exact same flaws. Obviously a manufacturing and quality control issue. We requested a refund and will buy a different brand. I applaud amazon for their hassle free response in returning the items. I notified them of the desire to return for a replacement and the next day when ups picked up the old one they already had the replacement. Great customer service by amazon.

After comparing a lot of griddles on the market, i selected this one for a number of reasons. It has a large surface, a high quality non-stick coating, and is made with heavy material so it holds heat well. I’ve found it to cook very evenly — you just have to wait for it to finish preheating (when the light goes off on the controls). In fact it is more even than the griddle pan i use on my stovetop. I was original comparing this griddle (usg-10g) with the professional model (pcg-5). Broil king customer service e-mailed me the following information:’the 2 big differences are:1) the non-stick coating–the pcg-5 has a commercial non-stick coating so it will last longer than the usg-10’s non-stick coating as it goes through a 2-step process as opposed to a 1-step adherence process2) the probes–the pcg-5 has a commercial probe while the usg-10 has a regular household plug-in probe. This again comes down to the longevity of the part. If you are looking to use the griddle on the weekends, camping trips, etc. And not everyday then the usg-10/usg-10g is an excellent choice. The pcg-5 is more for the serious home chef.

Seems pretty well made to me. When its used up i will just toss it and buy another, same way i treat bar-b-que pits – buy a decent one, use it up with minimal maintenance, toss it out and start over.

I bought a broil king electric griddle because i had one that was 30 some years old and still worked well. I also discovered that is was made in the usa so i made a point to purchase another one. Compared to the presto and toastmaster griddles i also use about once a month, (we do a pancake breakfast for the homeless), this one heats more uniformly with no dark streaks on the pancakes. The surface coating also seems tougher and more scratch resistant which is important since multiple people use the griddle to make pancakes.

Good price and great gift item, our daughter loves it.

This griddle has the thickest surface i have ever seen on a counter top griddle. The thickness does make it a little slow to heat but once it gets there you can cook 6 or 8 pancakes at a time without crowding, burning, or uneven cooking. Cook’s illustrated (and america’s test kitchen for you pbs fans) reviewed the broil king a couple of years ago:’the broilking ultra large griddle, which measured a whopping 21 inches by 12 inches and was the only griddle that could comfortably hold a full pound of bacon (16 strips), was the clear winner. Good thing that it also had one of the largest grease trays. Its only downfall was the excruciating 12 1/2 minutes it took to heat up to 350 degrees. But this could have been due to the thickness of the aluminum griddle. After it reached the proper temperature, there was very little temperature fluctuation. As a result, pancakes were evenly cooked every time.

I have used this griddle quite a bit since purchasing it a month ago. I have found that it is quite the deal as long as i wait a long time for it to warm up – appx 18 minutes warm-up time. So, i just turn it on long before i need it. I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind waiting.

This griddle arrived on time and was put to work immediately making several dozen pancakes. It performed perfectly and has a large capacity so it was fun trying to keep up with it as it plowed through all the pancake batter.

I have been using this grill for about a year now, and love the size and pretty uniform hot spots.

I too was disappointed with the broil king griddle. It had hot spots and cooked unevenly. This seems to be a common complaint i’ve seen on several websites. The construction is not as finished as you would expect from a product which is nearly twice the price of other comparable griddles. I’ll try pre-heating for 18 minutes to see if it helps with the hot spot problem.

As expected from other reviews, the griddle takes a long time to warm up–at least 20 minutes. Once warmed up it cooks evenly and holds temp well. I am satisfied with it so far. Its large size makes it convenient for cooking large amounts at one time.

I bought this for my mother for christmas and it is far better than the presto she was using before. She likes it better even if it takes a minute or two longer to heat up. I used it myself and the egg i was frying slid across easily enough that it was almost hard to get the spatula under it. So far its a great product and will purchase one for myself in the near future.

This griddle was worth the money spent. Large surface allows you to cook for a large family and the no stick surface is amazing.

BELLA 10.5 Inch by 20 Inch Electric Non Stick Griddle, Black BPA-FREE 13602 – Good, but not as good as Delonghi

Arrived as noted in the shipping details. It looks like as i expected, the only problem with this product is , after a year of usage, teh grease doesnt come off from the sides. You cant scrub it like you would do any dish with liquid soap, i only use a wet towel. It doesnt take much off the hot plate, that aside i like this hot plate and i use it for many things like dosa, pancakes, stir fry.

We bought it 3 years ago, and it still works the same.

Breakfast needs frying pansa griddle is the answer to multiple frying pans making breakfast easier to make. This inexpensive griddle allows you to do several items without gymnastics. The cooking surface is equal to 2 or 3 frying pans, easier to keep track of and to clean. Uneven heating is going to happen in almost all frying pans and griddles; we have not found it to be a problem preparing a family breakfast. That you will get lots of use out of out of this inexpensive and useful item. Here are the specifications for the BELLA 10.5 Inch by 20 Inch Electric Non Stick Griddle, Black BPA-FREE 13602:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Large cooking surface is ideal for cooking full breakfasts, lunches and dinner for the whole family
  • Cool touch handles allow you to move the unit safely from counter top to table top
  • Features BPA-FREE non-stick coating with quick release for superior results
  • Built-in drip tray collects unwated fat and oils to help promote healthier cooking
  • Removable heating probe, cooking surface can be fully immersed in water and soap for simple clean up

Too big for storage if u have small kitchen.

I have owned various griddles over the years. Most of them worked quite well. A few of them weren’t that great. This bella 13602 griddle falls somewhere in the middle of the pack. The first thing that i noticed when i received this package from amazon vine was that the griddle was very light and seemed a tad bit ‘cheap’ in its construction. However, it’s stable, the griddle drips well, and the heat is constant. I can’t complain about that at all. I can say that while the heat is constant, it is not evenly distributed across the griddle. Like many other people have already stated, anything cooked near the center of the heating element is cooked well, but once you get on the outskirts of said element, the outcome varies. I’ve made pancakes, fried eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and grilled cheese sandwiches on this puppy, as well as a few warmed po’boys with toasted bread and turkey and ham.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Awesome griddle!
  • Great griddle
  • Otherwise it works fine.

This is a very good product. I think they are just a little behind delonghi in over all quality. There is nothing wrong with this griddle. It heats, it cooks, it works. However, given the choice, i would choose delonghi over bella. The overall ‘feel’ is different. If you unsure, go with delonghi. If you want the bella, you will not be disappointed.

Pros* heats quickly – you can feel the heat immediately, and flicking a few drops of water onto it will let you know when it’s heated throughout, which only takes 60-90 seconds* large cooking surface – you could only fit 6 pancakes on it if they were small, but 4 fit easily (staggered), and there was room in between themcons* heats unevenly (in a way you can live with, but it’s still uneven) – i made pancakes and each pancake had a stripe on it (from the heating element underneath), so each pancake surface ranged from medium-nut-brown to almost-white but there were no burned spots or raw spots. I did preheat sufficiently (tested by flicking drops of water so i’d know when the whole surface was hot, not just spots, then spraying with olive oil and waiting another 30 seconds until the water flicks again all evaporated quickly and evenly), but this is because pancakes take a couple of minutes to cook, and the heating element does turn on again in that timeframe* the plastic frame and drip tray are plastic and feel rather light/thin, so i plan to use caution when handling them, as they seem like they may break more easilyfour stars because i’ve used it twice and it worked quickly and got the job done. Note: i did receive this griddle for free from amazon vine, but i personally have no problem giving awful ratings to products that i don’t like, and i was genuinely ok with how this one worked. If i had to buy it myself i’d probably spend an extra $10 for something better based on the other reviews, but my personal experience with this product was that it was decent. Not great, but good enough for my uses.

This is my second one, husband keeps scratching them. Cleans up very easily (fully immersible), can put on 8 eggs or 8 pancakes at one time. Love how evenly the heat is distributed and the grease catching drawer is a nice size.

I’ve been pretty happy with bella products, so despite the reviews, welcomed the chance to try out this one. It’s a pretty basic electric griddle. Big enough to cook 6 hamburger patties or pancakes with room to flip them. It’s designed so if you are using something with a lot of fat, the fat will drip into a tray that’s easy to clean. I prefer hand washing dishes, and the non-stick surface of the griddle cleans easily, and so does the tray. Because of the design it’s a little tricky to clean the edges where the tray goes, but not actually difficult. Just not as easy as the rest. Taking spot temperatures with a infrared thermometer, the temperature is fairly consistent within 10 degrees. On mine, the cooler spots were on the left hand side. Since that’s the side i start putting food on first, the timing works out pretty good.

Great deal and a great addition to my kitchen.

Can probably make 8 smaller pancakes and 3 bigger pancakes at a time. I love the temperature dial.

Just wipe it clean when done.

This is a fantastic griddle — very large surface and quite durable. Easy to clean and scratch resistant. Can handle lots of breakfast items at once.

I wouldn’t say that this griddle is actually non-stick. Things do tend to stick to it, especially in the places that heat up more. As other reviewers have noted, the heating is somewhat uneven. Still, if you learn how to handle it, the griddle can have its uses. This is obviously a low-budget product and the quality matches the price. I wouldn’t expect anything but a middling kind of performance from it. On the positive side, it is quite light and easy to carry.

I had never used an electric griddle (though i do have an electric skillet) until i received this one manufactured by bella. I was a little dismayed at first use by the smoke and smell even though i was careful to clean all dust off the surface before using but the instructions do caution that this is to be expected. After the initial use that issue did diminish and this is a serviceable, functional appliance that does work to cook food much as you would with a skillet on a stovetop. I will probably use it mostly for making pancakes and the extra cooking surface is really nice if making a big meal as skillets on the stove can be used for eggs and breakfast meats at the same time especially if you have some help in the kitchen. The directions don’t say to but i have used cooking spray with it each time i have used it as it helps with making cleanup easy. Overall this griddle seems a bit flimsy and i am not confident this will be a product that will last for years but time will tell and the price is reasonable for a shorter duration product.

This is my first electric griddle and i found it good for some foods, so-so to terrible for others. The heat distribution is uneven – the most reliable area is the center and once you figure out what to put where, it’s okay, especially for the price, (and for the convenience of being able to prepare hot food without staying in my kitchen, which feels as hot and sweaty as a crock pot during the summer. )the griddle has a slight tilt so that grease can run into a removable plastic trap and this worked fine when i tried cooking greasy sausage links. However, if you try to make eggs (or pancakes, i assume), this same tilt will drive you buggy because the eggs run. I ended up putting think potholders under the legs to stop the problem. You do need cooking spray, butter, or oil to improve the non-stick surface if you make eggs or they will stick. I found it nearly impossible to make an egg over easy without it sticking, but then, i usually break one out of four in my good fry pan. , for anything else that has any tendency to stick. The only thing i didn’t need it with was to toast bread.

My first impression of this griddle when i removed it from the packaging was that it was a toy. The metal was so thin and light. The cooking ability of this griddle reminds me of a toy as well. Not to be taken quite seriously, but enough to play at cooking. This griddle is okay if you’re desperate for a large cooking surface and prepare to work with fluctuating temperatures and hot spots. I like that the plastic borders around the griddle plate stay cool. I can easily use the handles to carry the griddle to a different location after cooking on it. The only hot spot on the handles is near where the plug was attached, so avoid holding at that spot. I even like that the plastic border is not on all four sides.

Theres nothing wrong with the heating on this grill. This is like everything else you have to let it heat up to get even heat across the grill. You just can’t plug it in and start to cook with it. I’ve had many makes of grills and they all seem to work the same, this one for the money is a good buy.

I don’t use it over 250 degrees. The biggest problem is the grease tray has developed a hole that keeps getting larger. I have not had the griddle that long. Have to be very careful because it will stick really bad unless you cook at a very low temperature.

Absolutely amazing griddle for cooking but not for what i was using it for lol because the temperature goes up and down it doesn’t stay steady at 1 steady temperature.

 the video shows me doing a test-cook of some scrabbled eggs (and it not going well). Overall, the griddle feels cheap and not well made. I had trouble with the surface temperature of the unit, and i don’t care for the design of it.

Presto 07045 Family-Size Cool-Touch Tilt’N Drain Electric Griddle – Good product, worked well for years.

This matter has been doin operate at my home. I am finding bacon and pancakes on the reg now on the weekends. I would say it was a excellent financial investment. As well as, it cleans uncomplicated and does a fantastic job draining the grease when cooking. A bit major and challenging to come across the proper place to shop it. Doesn’t collapse, but who cares?.It will make wonderful food items and has fantastic temp control.

It outlets completely within of a kitchen cupboard. The upcoming even bigger measurement does not really fit. I store mine by: placing it on it can be facet and sliding it in. Takes up only a handful of inches of horizontal house.

Owned many distinct models, but like this one particular best. Use it about five times out of the 7 days although rving complete time & would not know what to do with out it.Here are the specifications for the Presto 07045 Family-Size Cool-Touch Tilt’N Drain Electric Griddle:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 1500-watt nonstick electric griddle with efficient “square” shape
  • Tilt’nDrain function for adjusting grilling surface from level to tilted
  • Control Master heat control maintains proper cooking temperatures automatically
  • Cool-touch base surrounds grilling surface for safety; dishwasher-safe
  • Measures 19-2/5 by 15-4/5 by 3-8/9 inches; 1-year limited warranty

And you ought to consider shopping for just one for your mom.

I bought this griddle principally to cook dinner pancakes, but on the to start with use, i cooked patty sausage, eggs, pancakes and even heated tortillas. It labored flawlessly, the temperature was perfectly dispersed, and i like the ’tilt’n drain’ operation. If i have a gripe, and it truly is seriously not just one, it’s that i cannot find a excellent put to keep it due to its sizing. I extremely advocate this solution, the price is right and it works fantastic.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Presto Family Size Griddle
  • Good product, worked well for years.
  • Worth buying twice!

We are incredibly delighted with the cooktop over-all. Yes it can make uneven traces in pancakes occasionally. It’s much less noticeable if you allow for it lots of time for the warmth to normalize by way of the total cooktop. My wife has cooked bacon, eggs, & scorching cakes for breakfast various occasions by now.

Many thanks for your assessment of 12 ft three. 5mm 1/8-inch male mini plug stereo audio cable.

Just after compairing distinctive griddles, i selected the presto more than other folks simply because of its functions and the presto name. I cooked eggs and bacon as before long as i got it and was really joyful with the consequence of it. I like the tilt element as the bacon drippings poured into the grease holder. The sizing of the cooking region is sufficient. One issue that i imagine presto could enhance is the length of the electric twine which is much too limited. I use the griddle on my cooktop so i can use the vent-a-hood but the twine will not access wall outlet. In general, i am incredibly pleased and properly value the cash.

Eventually, pinpoint accuracy in grilling. Thermostatically managed. Had an outdated cast aluminum grill that sat on a fuel burner on the stove, but this presto grill is lighter, tilts, and heats up rapidly. Warmth is maintained till cooking is finish and constantly is great. Can prepare dinner a total pound of turkey bacon @ just one time or eggs & incredibly hot cakes for every person.

The ideal grill for indoors or on a camping table. The tilt function is good for simple cleanse up.

This was a xmas reward for my sister-in-regulation. She stated she preferred an electric griddle. I seemed and appeared at distinctive sorts and models last but not least deciding on the presto. She likes the point that it tilts and is large ample in case of corporation.

I received this for my father as a xmas gift and he loves it.

I’ve experienced a few of these griddles and i use them allot. They function terrific, but after about eighteen months the non stick wears off and i require to purchase a further. I would like that the non-stick lasted longer and i would be inclined to shell out for a improved high-quality area.

I liked my old presto griddle 20′. It would cook dinner pretty much anything at all you could match on that griddle and cook dinner it well. Unfortunately, i broke it when i knocking it off of my cooking island. So i requested another presto, but went to a much larger dimension with the tilt and drain feature i imagined would be wonderful. Content to get the new griddle, i utilized it nearly quickly. I was unhappily stunned that this new griddle also a great deal for a longer time to warmth up and cooks so inconsistently from a single location of the cooking region to yet another. Silver dollar pancakes prepare dinner at distinct instances and assorted in brownness on various areas of the griddle. Larger pancakes could be golden on one/2 and blond on the other one/two. It is really not almost the grill that my old a single was.

I researched quite a few brands just before getting the presto 07045 family-size cool-touch tilt’n drain electric griddle. This obtain was a gift for a good friend. She preferred a griddle that was massive enough to cook at minimum two forms of foodstuff at a time (i. But not far too substantial that she could not consider it with her on her boat on the weekends. She likes the tilt feature to drain the bacon drippings in advance of cooking another food type. She explained the cleanup is quick and straightforward. It was a great obtain and a excellent reward. In addition, the price was reasonable. This griddle is advised.

Makes cooking greasy foods easy since the grease flows naturally into the container. You can also make it level which is great for eggs and pancakes. It’s as simple as pulling out or pushing in the side flanges. Cons: uneven surface heating. The very center and edges of the grill are cold spots, food needs to be on the element to cook properly then moved to the edges or center to be kept warm. Makes it challenging to cook large pancakes or omelettes.

Owning absent by means of several electric griddles around the a long time this 1 is the select of the litter. The tilt characteristic is wonderful to continue to keep your bacon from deep frying in its have grease and can make thoroughly clean up easier. The dimension is great considering the fact that you can actually feed a crowd (thats why you purchased it right?). There are some scorching places as regular with this variety of item but absolutely nothing real significant. I would advise this item if you want to cook up a pound of bacon at a time, a mess of pancakes or 6 grilled cheese sandwiches.

This is a fantastic grill for speedy cooking just the correct measurement to just take alongside to the cabin functions good.

I’ve employed it a number of situations by now and it does precisely what it truly is intended to do. The pancakes, eggs and bacon all occur out perfectly and appear off the griddle effortlessly as nicely. The tilt-n-drain function is really practical for the bacon. The moment you tilt it, the bacon grease routinely goes straight for the catch-all, which in itself is safe. It is huge enough to make six smallish pancakes and to fry an entire bundle of bacon at the moment.

I can cook pretty much something on listed here it will come in helpful all the time. I have experienced it for awhile now and use it almost everyday.

This is my next 1 of these. The initial lasted for a long time, and we’re only replacing it simply because the non-adhere ultimately wore off and it was really hard to maintain clean. It is often heated evenly, cleanup was a breeze whilst the surface area was even now in good form. I are not able to knock the top quality of the products, mainly because the little ones rarely utilised the ideal utensils on it, inspite of me telling them no steel. Also, we used this 3-five times a 7 days, each individual 7 days. I won’t be able to find it in any outlets so i’m pretty pleased to have observed it right here because i didn’t want to have to change to a distinctive griddle.

Bella Ceramic 10 : Great Griddle for those on a budget

Recieved this as a gift and i love it. I’ve used it every morning for about a week and it’s been awesome every time. As you can see from the picture, i cook a full breakfast on it, all at one time, and it all comes out great.It heats up super fast, the non-stick ceramic surface works perfect, and clean up is easy. Drip tray works great, doesn’t leak. Best part is having a full breakfast ready in 15 minutes flat (from turning the griddle on to sitting at the table) and clean up taking less than 3.

Very good for the money , heats well, hotter on one end than the other but still ok.

I haved used it many times (at least 20 times). It seems to cook really well with even heat. The thing that i love about this griddle is how well it cleans up. The cooking surface still looks brand new. You have to put a little effort in it, but it is worth it. I run hot water over it while scrubbing with a plastic scrubber for maybe a minute. If any residue is left i sprinkle with baking soda while it is still wet & let set a few minutes.

I purchased this item at walmart. I cleaned the item with soapy water dried it and turned it on to test with a breakfast of bacon and eggs. The surface is extremely slippery. I did not notice any sticking. You are instructed to not over heat as per item you are cooking. The heat was even and heat up was quick. This item comes with a 2 year warranty. This griddle replaces a teflon coated griddle with surface loss. So far, i would give this item a 5 star rating.

  • Like it very much so far
  • First table top griddle I’ve ever owned and I love it! We’ve used it for a few months
  • LOVED IT SO MUCH, I ordered it for family too.

Bella Ceramic 10.5″ X 20″ 1500 Watt Powerful Non-skid Feet Scratch-resistant Ceramic Non-stick Coating Durable Electric Griddle

Great griddle for those on a budget. Purchased on sale at a big box retailer. I’ve always used cheap rival brand just fine. So glad i spent the extra 1$ & grabbed this one. Pancakes, bacon, salmon patties, they just slide right off. Clean up is easy as a damp rag wipe down. Highly recommend this product for a new griddle on a budget.

This is the best griddle i have ever had. This is the best griddle i have ever had. Ceramic top is easy to clean and so far it has been scratch proof. The food cools evenly and things just slide on the top even without oil.

Girdle heats up fast and cleans up easily.

Rating it as a solid 4 stars. Cooks pretty evenly, although it’s obviously hottest right over the coils. Cleans easily (fully submersible). One drawback is that it tilts forward a little much. That’s intentional, for the grease collection feature, but runny batters tend to flow a little more than we’d like. It’s probably great if you cook greasy foods on it, but we’re mostly cooking pancakes, crepes, and grilled sandwiches. Overall, very happy with it after a several uses.

It is ok edge very small is the thing.

Loved it so much, i ordered it for family too. . Loved it so much i ordered one for a family member. Excellent even cooking and cleaning it is a breeze.

This did a great job cooking pancakes. Easy to clean, simple to use. I especially like that it is ceramic and has none of those nasty non-stick chemicals.

Cooks evenly and so easy to clean up.

First table top griddle i’ve ever owned and i love it. We’ve used it for a few months. First table top griddle i’ve ever owned and i love it. We’ve used it for a few months now. Primarily use it for pancakes and i’ve cooked eggs and sausage links on it once. To clean, i’ll use a wet towel while the griddle is still pretty hot, and wipe it down. If there’s any discoloration, i make a paste of baking soda and water, leave it on the griddle for a few minutes, then gently wipe in circular motions with a damp towel.

Good temp control and absolutely non stick.

Works well and easy to clean.

Easy to clean, even heat, easy to stash when not in use. . Easy to clean, even heat, easy to stash when not in use.

Not as delighted with this as i believed i would be. Not as content with this as i considered i would be. Does not cook dinner pancakes good. Am arranging on hunting into a unique model.

Cooks terrific, cleanup is a desire.

Bought this griddle at walmart and use it just about every working day. Only trouble i had at 1st was it looks some foods would get trapped to it but all you want to do to get it to nearly self-clear is turn it on to about 200ish and pour water on whatsoever is trapped. Whatever it is will pretty much magically loosen and easily wipe off. The steam helps make the food items particles release from the ceramic coating and will make cleanup uncomplicated. I use mine almost daily and it still appears to be brand new. I’ve discovered my new griddle company.

Nothing sticks on and super easy to clean.

Presto 07050 Cool-Touch Foldaway Griddle, Cooking made easy

I purchased this to make breakfast for my spouse and children of 4. It helps make cooking eggs and pancakes a snap for the total family. The cleanup is just as simple due to the fact it is submersible. The folding legs permit us to shop it in the pan drawer with our baking sheets.

The most effective significant griddle that i know of. 1 for camper ,a person for household, one particular for sister.

Excellent griddle the legs collapse for storage and the dimensions. Amazing griddle the legs collapse for storage and the dimensions is excellent for a family meal. I really like all the features and it is simple to use, effortless to clear and effortless to shop.

Key specs for Presto 07050 Cool-Touch Foldaway Griddle:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 1500-watt square-shaped griddle with 14-by-15-inch grilling surface
  • Premium nonstick surface; cool-touch base; slide-out drip tray
  • Fully immersible with heat control removed for easy cleaning
  • Legs fold for compact storage; instruction manual included
  • Measures 19-1/2 by 15-1/4 by 3-1/4 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“”Foldaway” is misleading, which make it great to store away, Excellent product”

I was interested in this simply because of the fold up legs so it would retail store more quickly. But i really like the condition and flexibility of the unit as perfectly, specially to be equipped to immerse it to clean up. This has been an great acquire. Bought rid of my other griddle.

I have only cooked on this griddle twice, but i adore the dimensions and shape, and it appears to warmth evently.

Terrific for pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, and burgers.

Good sizing, price tag, and options. . Nicely made, simple to use, uncomplicated to clean up, and outlets flawlessly in your cutting board cabinet. Acquiring a good deal of fun using it considering the fact that it arrived.

The ideal aspect to this griddle is the folding function. Have had this for a several several years and acquired just one for a household member. Performs pretty well and thoroughly clean up is uncomplicated.

It functions, but it truly is not remarkable. It is massive and uncomfortable and wont fit into a cupboard. The ‘foldaway’ aspect are just the 2 inches of leg that fold up beneath it. It also has a difficulty with consistency, and tends to cook dinner hotter on the edges than in the middle. I do like the large surface and relieve of cleansing, i just throw it in the sink and scrub the total detail down.

We use mainly for pancakes. Some variation in warmth intensity across griddle but not ample to say i would not buy it now that we have utilised it. Folds compactly and durable adequate when deployed. I get nine one/six cup pancakes (child dimension) at a time with out crowding.

I have had this griddle for about five months now. I generally use it for cooking pancakes, but i have used it for other merchandise. The warmth is not flawlessly even, but it is rather good. The ‘folding’ factor of this griddle isn’t really all that a lot. The side legs fold down for much easier storage, but it would not fold any additional than that.

The griddle takes up quite tiny room in the kitchen area and cleans up like a breeze. I can cook dinner bacon, eggs and hash browns all at the very same time so pots and pans cleanup is almost nonexistent.

I like the simple fact the the legs fold up for storage and that it is binge nought to be equipped to provide numerous individuals at the same time. Cleans up very easily , all in all perfect for me.

The only issue that folds is the facet supports when folded, it lays flatter but nonetheless can take up a good deal of storage room. It cooks rather evenly (a small hotter in the vicinity of the control) and genuinely can cook dinner 9 pancakes (or 9 eggs) at a time. It slopes a little toward the front, which is wonderful for bacon (drainage) but not so good for frying eggs (i in some cases shim the front sides to amount it up). I haven’t scratched the cooking surface area but, but i am very careful with it. In general i am quite content with it.

Better than utilizing a stove prime skillet. Grill had some warm chilly places in sites. Pancakes prepare dinner unevenly, but nonetheless a excellent solution, far better than working with a stove top skilletlarge for the size explained and only the toes fold in so the grill is flat for storage. Can not cook eggs and pancakes at the similar time, as the temperature is not the same for each. Good for a huge family in variety of pancakes (or burgers) that can be cooked at the identical time.

I do like the simple fact that its legs fold up and will. I acquired this merchandise for our motorhome, are unable to wait to use it. Though it is a very little more substantial than i assumed it was, i do like the simple fact that its legs fold up and will be ready to shop extra successfully.

Does what it is meant to do. Heats up rapidly, legs fold for storage and very little sticks — eggs, pancakes, bacon. This is the finest way to cook dinner pancakes. It is a minor massive and the cord is kinda small so you require to have the counter room and an outlet near by. I acquired one particular for my dad as well, and he loves it.

I did a whole lot of exploration just before obtaining this griddle, and am so pleased i picked this a person. We use it at minimum as soon as a 7 days. It cooks evenly, cleans up properly. Really like that the ends fold up for straightforward storage.

This has a massive cooking surface area and sits neatly on my counter or stove top when in use. So much far better than the very long narrow griddles with the plug sticking out even farther. It really is extremely straightforward to wipe clear or carefully wash. Being capable to fold it flat tends to make for easy storage. There are three of us in this house who use it and we all have commented on great it is.

I’m delighted with this grill. There are sizzling spots, or probably they are great spots. If you mistakenly assume this is a fold up griddle it is not. The legs fold down taking away about an inch. Its rather significant so had to discover a unique area to retail outlet it remaining that it can be sq.. These are my problems, the griddle functions just like any other griddle i’ve at any time had. Sure i might advocate it to another person.

I love that i can make nine items of french toast @a time. Possessing six sons,six daughters in law,17 grandchildren and 5 good grand small children we will need a little something that can cope with 9 grilled cheese @a time. The grill also heats evenly which is significant.

This is the most perfect griddle, ever. I have presented them as items, to people i really like most. This is the most great griddle, at any time. I have provided them as presents, to individuals i like most.At last, a way to do great pancakes for a group, even of 2 folks – absolutely much more. I consider my cool-touch (observe) fold-a-way (superb room-price savings) griddle will make great, evenly cooked grilled cheese, sausages – and the grease catcher – what more could 1 talk to??. I haven’t applied it for fancier points – but i would assure you, it will griddle, and sear, and warmth properly. I utilized to do it in a solid iron skillet.

I purchased this griddle to maintain in my motorcycle camper. House is restricted so the reality that it folds flat was pretty helpful in packing. I utilized it day to day on a two 7 days tenting excursion to upper michigan to make breakfast.

Use this every single time we go camping operate beautifully.

George Foreman 5-Serving Removable Plate Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press : this foreman for a couple of years and still love it. The removable grill plates are safe for

I really do love my george foreman grills. This is my third one of this type and i still have my original one without the removable grills. I wore the first one with removable plates out. The second one, i dropped a really heavy object on it from a hight shelf and it broke the lid. I still have the removable plates from that one. I tried another high end grill, but it did not measure up to my george, in my opinion. I have also even this model as a wedding gift, a christmas present and just because i loved the person.

First time getting damaged product from amazon, but the dummy i am i tossed the box so there’s no exchanging it, but really no need it was just cosmetic (a big chuck of the plastic top was gone) it works fine. My wife is a vegetarian and i am a meatetarian just right for a nice big steak or a mess of ribs, don’t know why people says its not hot enough, i don’t need welts on my tongue to enjoy a steak.

I loved this grill so much that i purchased my 3rd one to have it hand when the surface on the one i’m currently using becomes too worn and causes the food to stick. I use it frequently at least once and sometimes twice each day. It cleans up easily, but you do have to be cautious using metal objects on it as it will scratch over time. All in all, i’m very pleased with the performance and will continue to buy grill with this type of non-stick surface.

Great size for family of two. We had our old foreman for years before it went to grill heaven. We didn’t use a grill for 5-6 years, and then saw this one. As i am retired now and expected to carry some of the cooking load, i wanted something i could use without too much help from my wife. Since it does not have a temperature gauge, if instructions call for medium heat – you would put the item on the grill about halfway into its warm-up period. Best thing is being able to take the grill plates off and wash them in sink or place them in dishwasher. Dandy improvement to earlier generations.

  • but I can say that so far it has been a nice product. It cooks burgers in about 4 minutes
  • Love that the plates are removable and you can put
  • I like this George Foreman other than a couple of things

George Foreman 5-Serving Removable Plate Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press, Black, GRP0004B

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  • 5 Servings – Feed the whole family in record time! With 72 square inches of grilling space, you can make five servings of everybody’s favorites all at the same time
  • Removable Plates – Easy cleanup is essential, and that’s what the removable grill plates are all about. Just clean them in the dishwasher after cooking and they’ll be ready to go for your next meal
  • George Tough Nonstick Coating – There’s a lot to love about this nonstick coating. It’s durable, easy to clean, and removes the need for butter and oil.
  • Fat-Removing Slope – It’s the sure sign of a George Foreman Grill. The sloped grilling surface helps remove up to 42% of fat* for leaner, tasty meals.
  • Temperature Indicator Light – The light indicates when the grill is preheated and ready to cook up a tasty meal

Great product, shipping is fast. Would be better if trays were removable.

Can fit two burger patties at a time.

I am so happy with this foreman grill. The best part of it are the removable grill plates that can be put in the dishwasher. I gave away my old foreman grill because i hated cleaning it.This model solves that problem and cooks just as well as the old one i had. The size of this model is just right.

Love that the plates are removable and you can put. Love that the plates are removable and you can put them in the dishwasher, makes cleaning it so much easier,but the downside is that it does not seem to heat up quite as well as the original foreman i’ve been using until now.

But i can say that so far it has been a nice product. It cooks burgers in about 4 minutes. I have had this only 40 days. But i can say that so far it has been a nice product. It cooks burgers in about 4 minutes or less. The removable plates are so great. Just toss them in the dishwasher, so easy. The drip tray also goes in the dishwasher (top shelf only). Makes clean up so much easier than with my old fashioned george foreman grill. We use it several times a week.

Family style grilling made easy. I ordered this grill, and received it (prime) within a few days. While most prime has 2 day shipping, this one did say would be delivered in a few days, perhaps due to the labor day weekend. The grill is easy to operate, and i enjoy the ease of removing the grill plates. I prepared grilled vegetables, followed by grilled chicken for a one pot meal. The ability to cook fat free is great, since my husband and i have been loosing weight, and plan to stay on a lean diet.

I have used the grill many times and have always been happy with the results; however, i would have preferred having an “on-off” switch plus a “temperature-control” switch. Clean-up is extremely easy since the two plates are “non-stick” and removable. I would recommend this grill for a couple or small family who don’t mind a “one-temp” appliance.

I’ve had 3 so far (different sizes) since george forman grills were introduced. My go to for inside burgers and sandwiches.

Fast and healthy grilling with george foreman’s grill. . This is our second george foreman grill. Larger than the first, which still continues to serve at one of my daughter’s homes. The removable grills are dishwasher safe, so its easy to clean up. Ours takes a bit of a struggle to get the grills located correctly so they lock in position after washing, but that is probably due to operator error and stiff clips. We use this grill often and enjoy the way it works. For grease-less cooking, for more healthy hamburgers give this grill a try.

Removable plates is the way to go. I had been using one of those old george foreman’s that was large and cumbersome. This little george foreman is perfect. I am so pleased with the removable plates.They wash up great in the dishwasher and are easy to put on and take off. Burgers on the grill are my favorite and i can fit two large ones perfectly. I could probably squeeze in one more, but i like to give them space while cooking. This is a fantastic little grill and i would definitely recommend it.

You have performed superior than predicted. George, you’ve got carried out much better than expected. The opinions ended up not terrific prior to purchasing the grill, but following two months of consistent use. Our dinners are juicy, grilled to perfection and clean up is a breeze. I never put the plates in the dishwasher. Its much simpler to hand clean them and normally takes minutes to clean up and put again for our upcoming meal.

This foreman for a few of decades and nevertheless adore it. The removable grill plates are risk-free for. We’ve made use of this foreman for a few of years and still love it. The removable grill plates are secure for the dishwasher (we even put ours on the base), and the cleansing scraper/device that it will come with is tremendous useful. No will need to get individuals distinctive ridged grill sponges – jus use moderate soap, like dawn, or toss in dishwasher. We choose ours out proper absent to be positive no drinking water sits on it while. The only complaints i have are: brief wire and the lid gets looser the more you use it (in particular with thicker meats inside of it) – but it’s not coming off or getting any challenges. Unquestionably advocate this for small people (i prepare dinner for three on it consistently), one people, or faculty.

Really like that the plates are removable and you can place. Really like that the plates are removable and you can place them in the dishwasher, will make cleansing it so significantly easier,but the downside is that it does not feel to heat up quite as well as the original foreman i’ve been making use of right until now.

Substantially superior than the initially technology foreman. This just one cleans like a breeze, which is a excellent issue, since a teenage and a twenty yr previous use it. I bought it to preserve our outside grill and the oven from their not so clean up patterns. Even they can now cook dinner a speedy food without having annihilating the kitchen.

I have utilized the grill several instances and have often been content with the final results even so, i would have most popular obtaining an ‘on-off’ swap moreover a ‘temperature-control’ switch. Clear-up is exceptionally easy since the two plates are ‘non-stick’ and removable. I would suggest this grill for a pair or compact loved ones who never thoughts a ‘one-temp’ appliance.