Weston 10 Tray Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator – Highly recommend if you are looking for quality and speed in

They sent it back, wish i had it for myself now but we ended up with a much cheaper one, oh well.

I got this dehydrator and it worked wonderful for about 3 weeks. There is a warrenty, but you still have to pay to ship this big heavy item to oh. Pay a 35 dollar and hour bench fee and pay to ship it back and hope none of the shipping caused other problems. It would be better to get it fixed near where i live. If i can find someone whom can actualy do it. I still have my old reliable nesco american harvest and an oven. I gave it three stars because it worked great when it was running. It just did not run long enough to be worth the money paid for it. Update: the company has been very responsive so far and said/wrote it was most likely the heating element.

This machine is high quality and met all my expectations. Highly recommend if you are looking for quality and speed in cooking time.

This is a great dehydrator and the price is right on, it functions very well and produces great results however it isn’t perfect. The edges are all a little sharp, and assembly of the rails for the racks is a little tough because of quality control. The timer unit stopped functioning within the first month of use and disassembly revealed that the module is defective due to a poor spring contact design, with use it will inevitably weaken arch and fail, it can be manually fixed and cleaned but it would have been nice not to have to mess with it. After three months of using it the blower motor burnt up which isn’t a surprise because it has a heating element directly surrounding it and is poorly ventilated i am surprised it lasted as long as it did because just using it cooks itself. I haven’t thrown it away though because i like it enough to fix it, with some improvements of course.

Very happy with this machine. I’ve dried fruit and fish so far. Looking forward to dehydrating chicken breasts for my dogs.

My family and i have long used smaller, ‘passive’ dehydrators (that is, the circular plastic ones with just a heating element). We switched for two reasons: first, i was tired of waiting 10-20 hours for some things to dehydrate. Second, and more importantly, the plastic dehydrators are all made out of polycarbonate. Terrific if you want bisphenol-a in your food. What’s more, because these devices all heat up, they’re even more likely to leach bpa into your food. So i went for a stainless steel dehydrator, which necessitates spending a good deal more money. What a difference this device makes. Even with all the racks filled to capacity, the food dehydrates completely in a few hours rather than half a day or more. The temperature’s adjustable, there’s a timer with automatic shutoff, and the interior and shelves are all very easy to clean.

  • Fast, safer dehydrator with excellent capacity!
  • I have to give it 4 stars because I like it, but
  • Great machine at a great price

This dehydrator works well, but is very loud. The drying racks rattle and shake so much that i am thinking of putting in the basement–so i wont hear it as much. Another issue is that, as a raw foodist, you don’t want to heat food above 115 degrees (f). The label on the dial is way off with what the actual temp is (on mine. ) i used an oven thermometer to find where i need to actually set the temp control–for a temp range of around 110 degrees i have to set the knob to 130 degrees–so there is quite a bit of difference. Otherwise, i am amazed at how quickly it dehydrates fruits and veggies.

The door needs to have a tighter fit.

Features of Weston 10 Tray Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

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  • Quality and performance driven products for your home
  • Tested for safety and health; Over 15 square feet of drying space from 10 large, removable trays
  • Provide a better quality of living for your home with Weston
  • Each drying tray measures 16 ¼” x 13 ¾” (41.3 cm x 35 cm)
  • 1000 watt heating element with a 6½” (16.5 cm) ultra quiet fan
  • Chrome-plated steel racks

Make sure this fits
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Quality and performance driven products for your home

Tested for safety and health; Over 15 square feet of drying space from 10 large, removable trays

Provide a better quality of living for your home with Weston

Each drying tray measures 16 ¼” x 13 ¾” (41.3 cm x 35 cm)

Nesco American Harvest FD-80 Square Dehydrator Value Package 8 Trays, Missed Home Dehydrating

. I love the dehydrator itself.

This is great for a first time dehydrator. I have used it for days consistently and it has made pounds and pounds of vegetable snacks, tofu jerky, dehydrated coconut chips & flax crackers etc. . I can’t wait to see what else i can make. I will never buy chips again.

This is a versatile machine in a complete starter kit at a very reasonable price.

Key specs for Nesco American Harvest FD-80 Square Dehydrator Value Package 8 Trays, Screens, Sheets, Book:

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  • FD-80 Dehydrator w/ 8 trays (base FD-80 includes 4)
  • 8 – SQM-2-6 Clean-A- Screens (base FD-80 includes 1)
  • 8 – SLD-2-6 Fruit Roll Sheets (Not included in base FD-80)
  • Large Jerky Gun w/5 spices (Not included in base FD-80)
  • “How to Dry Foods” book by Deanna De Long (Not included in base FD-80)

Comments from buyers

“The perfect Dehydraor for the kitchen.
, Don’t you hate it when you buy a product that actually works
, Missed Home Dehydrating

Makes excellent jerkey and wouldn’t trade it for anything except a bigger one of the same kind.

Good deal but my cooking time is longer even with a higher temp setting then my old one. 7 hours for a batch of jerky now its 12 hours i’m guessing it’s the new larger size.

Next generation nesco dehydrator is great. Like the temp adjustment and that the trays are square not round making it easier to use the jerky press and can hold more. So far worth the money and comes with a jerky press that is more heavy duty than the nesco press purchased. Very happy with the purchase of this product, and had not seen it in stores.

I have used it to make jerky, fruit rolls, and dog food so far. The fruit roll trays are easy to peel fruit off of and the mesh trays work great for dog treats and smaller foods. I am very happy with the jerky gun that came with the kit. It is easy to use and clean. The only negatives about this is the trays are a little flimsy and a challenge to clean. Otherwise great item would buy again.

I researched and researched before finally purchasing this dehydrator. And so far i am very happy with my purchase. It came with tons of stuff for a very reasonable price. It is very quiet, a bit big but not too huge for the counter top. My only complaint is that the book that came with it had inaccurate drying times. I did bananas, strawberries, and apples the first time and it took about 10 hours. But this is not a deal breaker, the fruit was very tasty and my kids gobbled it up the first day. I’m very excited to try the beef jerky maker and make homemade fruit roll ups.I would recommend this dehydrator absolutely.

Has every thing you would ever need. In the short time we have had it. We’ve done a batch of bananas chips, 4 large loads of tomatoes, a load of apple slices and 2 batches of jerky. (beef and turkey) turkey in 4 flavors and it’s the ‘best’.

It’s been years since i’ve messed with home dehydrating and this set makes it even easier/quicker to do it. Has everything needed to get started out of the box (other than the food) to do any type of dehydrating you want. Wish i had this set when my children were younger. Definitely offers an opportunity to offer your family a healthier snack.

Making all kinds of dried fruit and leather and i love it. Comes with plenty of every thing you need to start.

I have used the round snackmaster many years now. They are at the shack, so i needed one for home use. It fits better on counter top and they made it look like it belongs in a kitchen. The jerky shooter is bigger than the old one i have, so this is really nice for getting this machine running full. And no curving so bagging of snacks it faster. This comes with one round frute rollup tray and square screen for each tray. This is easy to clean up too. The motor on top makes it real easy to clean drip tray, so you don’t have to worry about juicy stuff with this oneway better than some steel units i have used.

I had initially ordered everything seperately. The dehydrator is excellent. This came with a jerky gun, which uses ground meat. I had no idea you could make jerky out of ground meat and was a little wary of it, but it tastes amazing. I’ll be using ground meat from now on.

Takes forever to make jerky.

If you want every accessory you can get with this dehydrator, look no further. Packaging was a little poor but nothing was broken.

Working well, this kit is well, well worth the price. Having 8 trays is a blessing, plus all the accessories incl. The jerky gun and other trays. The larger cookbook is comprehensive but aimed toward industrial applications.

Used it for the first time after purchasing and was pleased with the jerky we made.

I just received this and will provide a follow up review once i’ve had a chance to use it. The rating is based on the items received and the quality of merchandise. Compared to other dehydrators this feels durable right out of the box and i am hoping it will be able to stand the amount and variety of items i am looking an wanting to dehydrate. If you’re looking at purchasing a dehydrator try to look for one that comes with a starter kit so you don’t have to go to the store and purchase the other items used in dehydrating food.

Love my dehydrator but need to learn more about it it had everything.

Don’t you hate it when you buy a product that actually works great and want to buy a second one because the first one won’t handle all the production?. Love the square trays for jerky strips. We have goats and make wonderful goat jerky. Problem is we also dehydrate a lot of fruit, apples, apricotes, grapes. All that is left is raisins. But, yes it works all the time we are dehydrating. Just have to get a second one now.

We started with an economical nesco from a local box store, added trays and fruit roll sheets to it, used it a lot, and finally broke all the trays. We decided to upgrade, and picked this one with the temp control, all the extra trays included (because we usually run a full 6-8 at a time), jerky gun, etc. We can’t believe how quiet this machine runs compared to our last (round) nesco. I could even run this one in my kitchen, instead of the basement where we had to run the other one. It is bigger with the square trays (not sure where we will store it when not in use), but is very nice and dries fine. No complaints at this point and we love all the extras with the big book that was included.

Beyond pleased with this dehydrator. It congress with everything you need in a bundle. I like the squared style because it holds some much more food to dehydrate. Shipping was fast and instructions were easy/clear. I would definitely purchase it again.

2 thing’s would like to have had 1-longer power cord first 2-on /off switch on cord would work unit does a great job on jerky used it 3 times the other thing is book doesn’t give time line on doing jerky have to test jerky over time to make it right like i did 13 pounds with 8 trays took16 hrs to get it right book says 4-6 hrs for jerky not telling you its 1 tray to get jerky done to there book instrutions.

Good Cooking Digital Food Dehydrator- Electric Dehydrater Machine w 4 Trays and Digital Temperature Controls – Affordable and easy to use.

I bought this dehydrator because i wanted a cheaper way to have beef jerky. Spending $20 per pack is just too expensive. I was able to purchase this and make beef jerky better than store bought for a fraction of the price. This item is about 20′ tall fully stacked, very compact and fits nicely in my cabinet. When making this review the price of the item was $39. I am not an amazon company affiliate. I am an amazon prime customer that enjoys writing reviews as a hobby. I received this product at a promotional price or free. I rely on reviews before making purchases online, and hope that my review was able to help you in making your own decisions.

I received the dehydrator on time and used it the same day. Right now, i have fresh raspberries from our garden and i am trying bananas, too. The book is a little sketchy on time and there is nothing on temperature, so i’ve had to guess on what i am doing. But, so far, i really like it. It’s easy to clean and it’s quiet when it’s running. It’s just the right size for my husband and i. I would buy this item again.

Often, when adjusting either the temperature or time(up or down) it will shut itself off. I then have to re-set all the settings and try again and hope it doesn’t shut off on its own.

This is a fantastic dehydrator.

My first experience with a dehydrator but so far it has been a pleasant one. It seems to be quicker than those of my friends who have a nesco–i hope that is spelled right. Time will tell how durable it is.

  • shuts off on its own when adjusting time or temp
  • Easy to use.
  • Makes great beef jerky

Works well and we use it often.

This dehydrator really is a must nowadays. I love dried fruit but it seems like any kind of dried fruit has sugar added to it these days. So, i decided that i’m going to make my own. This dehydrator comes with 4 trays so there is plenty of room to dry all sorts of fruits and vegetables at the same time. Each of the trays are quite large and they stack over each other. You fill them all or as many as you want, stack them and turn the machine on. This machine comes with instructions on how long to run it for each different kind of fruit, vegetable, herb, etc. You simply set it to the recommended time and you wait (obviously, if you’re making different kinds of dried products at the same time, you need to use ones that have similar drying time to allow the machine to work properly). As it’s running, it does make a constant humming noise that i noticed at first. However, since the machine needs to be on around 13-20 hours for most things, you get used to it after a while–at least i did.

Takes twice as long as the suggested time in the manual, but the produce i have used has all turned out delicious.

I love this, i was kind of debating rather i should get this or not judging off of some of the reviews i did read about this product. But i figured i have always wanted one so why not give this a shot. Mind you it is not the worlds most wonderful dehydrator, but it does what you need it to do the same as any other. I decided to try some apples first, just because that was the shortest timed thing and wanted to see if i would have any issues because this was my first time drying fruit. It was pretty easy, the manual give you all shorts of times for everything you could think of (not the temp though). I put a little bit of cinnamon on them and went about my day. Because i sliced them pretty thin they got crisp (just the way i like them) and they tasted wonderful. I even got the kids to eat somereading the reviews about how loud ect it is. I was expecting so horrible sound but to my surprise it wasn’t nearly as bad as i thought it would be.

I expected better performance based on previous reviews. Dehydration is very slow even at 154 degrees. Good thing that i bought it for $50 during cyber monday. Overpriced, not worth even $35.

Features of Good Cooking Digital Food Dehydrator- Electric Dehydrater Machine w 4 Trays and Digital Temperature Controls

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    by entering your model number.
  • Curved base allows for better air flow- dries up to 3X faster
  • Includes four large drying trays that nest for easy storage
  • Adjustable temperature and time control
  • Make your favorite dried foods for a fraction of the cost
  • Create healthy nutritious snacks from 100% natural ingredients

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I’ve had this dryer for over 25 years; and it’s still going strong. Every christmas, i take it out and dry fruits non-stop for a week and give them away as christmas gifts. In the summer, i make beef jerkey, same routine. If you take the time to flip over the fruits and rotate the trays, the fruits will dry in 5-6 hours. If you don’t rotate or flip over the fruits, fruits will take 9-12 hours to dry. Either way, it’s a great dehydrator that won’t quit. Needless to say, home-dehydrated fruits taste way better than store-bought, something about picking, caring and lovingly preparing your own fruits.

We have had one before and this one is just like the one before.

Very easy to use just tap button twice to set time and temperature and it does the rest. Only down fall are the trays, cannot find them.

I bought it for my husband and he loves it.

This is a good machine for home use. I wish it came with tray liners for more liquid type foods. Otherwise i have no complaints.

Excellent product, much faster than most dehydraters.

Curved base allows for better air flow-

Very useful thing on my kitchen. I make jerky, dried fruits and treats for my dog.

This was a gift and was happily received.

I have used it several times now and it works great. I prefer my jerky from this dehydrator more than it being dried in the oven. Can’t comment on longevity of product now, but will update at another time.

For my needs it works great and is a nice way to preserve your produce. I especially enjoy the apples i dehydrated. I added cinnamon to them and that was a lovely combination.

As dehydrators go it’s okay for occasional use.

Have used it five or six times already.

Includes four large drying trays that nest for easy storage

I need to leave some of the fruit in there longer.

We’ve mostly been using to make sweet potato treats for our dogs. Works as advertised and the price is great.

I received this as a gift and only kept it for one day. I am returning it because you i haven’t been able to find a company website to see if i can purchase more trays. What is the point in purchasing a dehydrator you can add/ replace trays when you need too?the product works awesome other than that. The adjustable temp description isn’t exactly what they describe it as. I thought you could increase/decrease the temp in increments of 1 degree, but you can only adjust it with the preset temps. The timer is such a great feature. Also a side note in the little instruction booklet that came with this there is no company phone number to contact and looking online for their website. I figured if it was really such a great product (not that i doubted it) they would have some way to contact them.

I’m only on my second time using this but it seems to be working well. I am dehydrating sweet potatoes for dog treats. I boiled 6 sweet potatoes for 8 min, let them cool then sliced and started the process. Was unsure of length of time but it ended up taking 25hrs. They were great when complete. This time i sliced a little thinner and i’m hoping for 20hrs. I did notice i can only set 12hrs as the maximum. So i’ll need to reset in themorning for the rest of the time. This wasn’t listed in the manual. I like that you can set the temp and the time and that it has an auto shut off or can be manually turned off/on.

So glad i bought this dehydrator. I’ve dried lots of herbs in it and it does a great job. Just follow the simple directions.

Noisy, otherwise works fine.

Adjustable temperature and time control

Make your favorite dried foods for a fraction of the cost

Aroma Housewares AFD-615 5-Tier Rotating Food Dehydrator – fast

This dryer was one of the best things i have bought in a longtime. The one i had previous took twice as long to dry than this modeli made batches of jerkey and it was done in half the time of the old one. I think thats do to the rotation ofthe tiers,how long will it last is a matter of time i hope forever,if not i will purchase another.

I ordered this dehydrator to make beef jerky. I’ve made five or six batches so far, have liked the results, and have not experienced any problems. The instructions need to be improved though. While there is only one power setting (on or off), you have the option of creating vent space between stacked trays, or not having vent space. I can’t find anything in the instructions about when you would or would not want to increase the height of the stack to create vent space. This has lead to me experimenting, and getting wildly different dry times. I’m still not sure what the best way to do it is, but it does seem to have a big effect on drying time. All the batches have been dried properly, i just have no idea when they will be done.

All descriptions of electrical appliances should state the watts consumed and the area of shelf space. We want to buy the most efficient but only some include that information now. Here are the specifications for the Aroma Housewares AFD-615 5-Tier Rotating Food Dehydrator:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Large capacity
  • Simple, one-touch operation
  • 5 rotating trays with automatic dual-rotation
  • Clear vented lid for easy monitoring
  • Great for trail mix, dried fruits and vegetables, beef jerky, custom potpourri, dried herbs and spices and so much more!
  • Includes 5 adjustable-height trays, 1 fruit roll sheet and 1 drying screen

I was hesitant to buy reading what some of the past reviewers had written but i feel like i did well here. The thing was well packed from the factory and amazon threw it in another box for good measure. That is why i like amazon they don’t mind adding a box if it will prevent a return. The dehydrator itself is a very simple and easy to use device, stack food you want to dry on the trays, hit the switch and watch it spin for 30 minutes in a hypnotic trance. (that last part is optional). It gets up to operating temp quickly and is relatively quiet. It has a blower and moving plastic parts people- it’s not silent. It was really squeaky at first but after running for a few hours it got much much quieter, can’t hear it running in the next room. The way people had said the trays were broken etc i expected part of the thing to be glass but all the parts are plastic.

This item was packaged well, arrived in one piece, and was easy to assemble. During use the blower isn’t really that loud, kind of sounds like a muffled hair drier. However, there is a serious fault with the item. The racks are rotated by a center pivot. The bottom tray locks into the the square pivot, and there is a series of wheels that it rests on so that the tiers can spin. On my unit, the pivot is slightly off center, which means that one side of the trays is loose from the bottom, and the other side is rubbing against the side of the bottom (which squeaks). At first, i thought that the tray was warped, but you can see that the pivot is off by 3-5 mm. Because when the trays rotate, they bind, which means that they stop rotating, and the food isn’t evenly dehydrated. The warm blower is only in part of the base, so if the machine stops, you will get a quarter of the tray dry, and the rest is still moist.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My Older One Was Better Quality
  • nothing missing, nothing broken, works perfectly, making jerky right now!
  • Multiple Tiers (5) in this Food Hydrator

This was a gift to my dad; he really likes it, but it took 24hrs for it to fully cook his jerky. So, if you want a dehydrator specifically for jerky & don’t want to wait an entire day, get a dehydrator that has control settings on it.

Dried carrot pulp & parsley overnight. Comes with the fruit leather dry & a small mesh screen for drying things like herbs & carrot pulp.

This was a gift for my daughter who lives in another state. She and her friends have been having a great time making jerky, dried fruits and veggies for their camping trips.

Great way to preserve and store seasonal vegetables, fruits, and even frozen baggedvegetables. Can mix the array of veggies, fruits, depending upon your supply onhand when wanting to save and store foods for future rehydrating for quick meals. This is possible, using the aroma afd-615 5-tier rotating food dehydrator. Bigtrays for dehydrating large amounts of foods at once. Saving valuable time from repetative preparing, dehydrating, and cleaning of utensils. Packaging of this item was excellent and have no complaints with the way itfunctions. I did take a tip from another reviewer and put a little vegetable oilover the rotation part and have no ‘sqeaking sound’ at all. Now, i’m off to dehydrate some potatoes today.

Does a much nicer job of drying.

We have dried mushrooms (my wife is russian and knows the difference between good and bad mushrooms), made beef jerky and dried bananas and other fruit.

The trays are made of #7 plastic if i knew i would not purchase this. I am an organic vegan converting to raw and it makes no sense to eat food with bpa leeched into it =(. I am going to save up for an excalibur realizing this doesn’t really hold that much.

If it were not for the directions that come with this item it would be 5 star. I had to spend a lot of time finding how to use it on the internet. I find it almost useless at this time for drying fruit. Maybe i will get some more info to help me figure out how to do that. So far after cooking bananas and apples for over 20 hours each, i still do not get the desired results. Meat (beef) however comes out the way i like it.

I read the reviews on this product before purchasing and was a little skeptical noting the squeeking and the ‘easily breakable’ trays. I haven’t broken a tray yet, just be gentle with them. As for the squeek, try a little pam on the wheels under the bottom tray and the squeeks are gone. The only thing i would consider differently in the future is purchasing a unit with a built in timer.

I use this product rather often to make my special beef jerky. Mmmmmm the product works well and has caused no concerns or troubles. The only negative comment is that is a bit under powered for humid regions that only means longer drying times than you might expect).

I purchased this dehydrator from amazon back in 2011. I have since then, used this almost atleast 1 to 2 times monthly. There has yet to be any flaws with it. It arrived well packaged and everything was there. I immediately washed it and put it to use. I have made anything from deer jerkey, beef jerky, dried fruit and vegetables, to turkey, chicken, and buffalo jerkey. I am an avid hunter and use this quite often. The machine is simple to use with only one plug and a power button. The only downside to this dehydrator is that the bottom tray can only be used on the bottom. This is due to the notches it has to keep it turning.

I ordered this because i wanted to make jerky for my grandson who is serving in afghanistan. There is a family history of hypertension so i wanted to make sure he didn’t have too much sodium in the jerky i sent. This was a very easy way to do that because i could control the amount of salt used. This is easy to use and clean and the directions for use are easy to understand. The price is good and the shipping was well packaged and quick. The only down side i could see is that the instruction booklet did not include any recipes, but that was easily remedied by searching the web.

Originally bought the dehydrator for some serious jerky making, but the roomies have used it for fruit and veggies, too. Only thing is the trays are a pain to clean. I’m currently enjoying pieces from our fourth batch of beef jerky.

I have tried a lot of fruit and vegetable dryers but this one is the best. The constant rotation dries pretty evenly top to bottom. I still rotate the racks as the bottom dries faster but love that it is so fast. I’ll never buy one that is stationery again.

I have an aroma dehydrator that i love, but my bottom tray broke. Anyone know where to get more trays for this brand?.

I read a lot of reviews about this dehydrator before i bought it, and honestly most of them were very misleading. I got my dehydrator in perfect condition. It works awesome, and it’s very cheap. I have already made beef jerky and apple chips in my dehydrator. The first batch of jerky kinda sucked because i didn’t read the directions that come with the dehydrator, but the second batch was freaking awesome. I think that with this dehydrator you more then get your moneys worth.

Nesco American Harvest FD-50 Snackmaster Pro 4-Tray Dehydrator : I love my dehydrator!

This was bought for my father to replace a warn out one.

This is my 2nd snackmaster pro – i’ve made hundreds of pounds of jerky and dried fruit on this machine.

This is my first dehydrator and it works great. Easy cleanup and easy to use.

We have been very satisfied with this dehydrator. It works well and does everything it claims to do. Not all of the parts are dishwasher safe which is the only drawback we found.

  • Still works like new after a decade
  • A Pretty Good Option
  • If you love fruits, you’ll love this!

Nesco American Harvest FD-50 Snackmaster Pro 4-Tray Dehydrator

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 500 watts of power dries foods and flowers quickly and evenly
  • Dehydrator measures 13-1/2 by 8-1/4 inches; four trays are each 12-3/4 by 1/2 inches
  • Patented system pressurizes heated air up through and across each tray
  • Thermostat adjusts from 95 degrees up to 145 degrees
  • Dehydrate fruits, vegetables, herbs, jerky, granola for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities

I suspect the model currently pictured (with red “nesco”) is actually model fd-40. Model fd-50 is my first dehydrator, and i’ve had it for two years. I’ve dried a lot of tomatoes. Also have dried apricots, zucchini chips, and herbs (some won ribbons at the county fair, in fact).

I’ve had this dehydrator for over a decade and it still works exactly like the day i bought it. Pros:* it is really easy to use and has the right amount of temperature settings* because of the way the trays stack it is very easy to clean. * you can also buy additional trays to expand the size. Cons* because of the way it is built you have to un-stack to check on what you are dehydrating instead of just looking into a window.

I wanted a dehydrator after borrowing a neighbors and after reading many reviews decided on this one (though i bought it at walmart). My husband and daughter love apples and go thru them so fast i can’t keep up. The book was very helpful and easy to use. The trays are easy to clean and so far everything has been great. The only thing i would like to change is that the trays were dishwashable and that if it had an on/off switch. I’m not keen on electronics that you just plug in and unplug without an on/off switch. Other than that, we use it often.

I had messed with some cheaper dehydrators in the past and when i discovered my last one dead i went out and got this one. I was shocked by the performance difference. This thing is fast and even. Does jerky in 4hrs and applechips in less than 6. In some ways i wish i had gotten the larger one as the diameter of the trays combined with the hole in the middle sometimes makes it difficult to place larger items, but then it stores well. I got the nesco jerky kit along with it and it really does work (i have reviewd the jerky kit seperately). My only wish is that this had an off switch. I feel asleep one evening and forgot it was running and then next morning everything was ruined. Since then i have learned to use a light timer.

The product works great, but don’t expect tasty treats any time soon. We found that using the lowest heat setting and letting fruit go for 24 hours works best. Caution: buy your fruit slowly or it will go bad waiting for its turn in the dehydrator (or you can always buy more racks, but then add more time to the dehydrating time).

I had purchased this dehydrator at a retail store for more than it is offered here, but it is worth it. I sit in an office chair all day and tend to get a case of the “munchies” during the day. I used to buy candy bar after candy bar, which in turn put a few pounds on me as well. With the dehydrator i can make healthy foods to snack on that are good tasting and economical. I would suggest to anyone looking to save a few dollars and a few inches on the waistline to invest in one.

This is my first experience with dehydrators but i wanted to make deer jerky so bad that i bought this one after looking a lot thorugh the different models. This is a basic, no frills model but it seemed to do the job very nicely. I do not know what the more expensice models give you but i doubt if much more. The meat was dehydrated in 5-7 hours and it came out perfect. Negatives: the fan is loud and could be heard from other rooms. A nice feature to have would have been a built in timer instead of having to buy an external one.

Bought this for my mother to replace her old one. Will buy it again when this one dies.

I have used it for fruit and for herbs. It is easy to use, no moving trays. The thermostat is easily marked for particular item, ie. Fruit, vegetables, herbs, etc. The trays have been easy to clean. The book is very easy to dicipher, with clear directions and recipes. I heartily endorse this item.

This nesco food de-hydrator works well and does an excellent job. There are newer, larger and more powerful models available, but this does a good job for me.

I’ve owned this dehydrator for awhile and have been pretty pleased with it’s perfomance overall. I found the art of drying to be challenging, fun, and productive. I make a lot of fruit leathers, jerkies, dried sauces, and dried soups. My next challenge with this unit is to make “just add water” meals for backpacking trips. It has no problems running for several days in a row and can be trusted to run overnight or while at work. I was happy with the manual that came with it – it has many expected drying times for most common fruits, vegetables, meats – though the time windows are somewhat broad. 8-16 hours) the unit comes with one fruit leather tray and one clean-a-screen sheet – something that’s not mentioned on amazon’s description. You will quickly find that more trays are an essential – it doesn’t seem powerful enough to dry the full 12 trays it’s rated for.

I use this mostly for jerky but occasionally for other foods. Unlike some dehydrators, this one has variable heat settings. I’ve loaned mine out several times and each time the person has bought one for their own household. I figure that’s the best review of all.

Actually is hard to get snack food without preservatives or anyother dangerus additives, so you have to create your snacks by yourself. Nesco is a great tool to improve family’s diet. I live in costa rica and i have used with wide range of tropical fruits like mango, papaya etc. It always does an outstanding performance.

I decided to buy a food dehydrator because we spend a fortune in dried fruit and it is the only type of fruit my toddler will eat without throwing a tantrum. I bought this based on the good reviews and dried some canned pineapple, fresh pears, strawberries, and bananas on my first use. I spaced everything so that no food touched, checked the drying at 6, 8 and 10 hours. It took about 10 hrs for everything to be dried and they turned out great. This was my only negative: the drying time ranges so much in the instructions that being a first timer, i kept checking and that may actually have prolonged some of it. There is a blurb in there about writing down the times specific to the place (and climate) you live in, so i will just do that next time. Otherwise, i was pleased with the results and so was the family judging by how fast that first batch is going.

This was our first time buying a dehydrator and this proved to be a good choice. It requires little assembly and the booklet provides good information including instructions and recipes. The applicance is quiet and easy to use. It is quite useful for those who grow their own fruits and vegetables and can be overwhelmed with the size of the bounty and cannot eat everything while it is still fresh. The times vary so you have to experiment and figure out what works best each time you do it and making fruit leather takes a bit of practice. Overall, i found this product to be a good buy and would recommend it to others.

I’m a raw foodist, and it works well enough for me. I’ve had other raw foodist tell me to never buy a round dehydrator; but i’m also a backpacker, and this was a popular choice with them–and more reasonably priced. This version does have a temperature adjuster–important to raw foodists.

I bought this dehydrator on the recommendations of all the reviewers and i have been totally pleased with it. I have tried tomotoes, mangos, bananas and jerky. The only drawback to this is the fact that drying food is more an art than a science. I have done 3 batches of jerky, and each time it gets better, but still too dry. I am narrowing the drying times down to within a few hours, but still not quite perfect. Other than the on-the-job-training in drying times, this works quite well. I am please with it and would recommend it to anyone. The plus is that i have even found accesories for it at wal-mart.

I bought this dehydrator to make beef jerky and have made about 4 pounds so far. It works just as advertised.

Excalibur D500SHD 5-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator – Great product.

Great dehydrator but was too small to meet my needs.

The first thing i would make would be beef jerky. I would love one of these for fruit leathers and herbs as well.

The first thing i’d make with this is dried apples and pears, followed up with dried bananas the way my grandma used to make them. Here are the specifications for the Excalibur D500SHD 5-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 5 stainless steel tray dehydrator with 8 square feet of drying space
  • 5″ fan for increased air circulation
  • Adjustable thermostat and 26-hour timer
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Includes Guide to Dehydration and Preserve It Naturally

I can’t wait to get one, the 1st thing i’d make is sugar-free candied fruit for my kids.

I have a few friends that own these dehydrators for those looking for actual users. But my friends use them and are very happy with them. One of the tends to dry a lot of food on a regular basis. So yes they are a great product. I have seen how the work and they are very efficient.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Kale Chip Conundrum
  • Five Stars
  • Four Stars

This is something that i would love to have. It would save my family so much money and i have a recipe for vegetable chips that my friend who is gluten free can actually have :d i really want to do them, and make yummy fruit leather, dried fruits, jerky.

I bought this item before i realized that getting fresh organic fruits and vegetables would not be easy to get. The company was great to deal with and took it back with a full refund. I will buy from them again and amazon.

I used to make jerky on a cheep drier where you had to keep rotating the trays. Can’t wait to try this product.

Cant wait to try it when i am making some dried tomatoes for the first time.

I really want to save money by dehydrating apples and such for healthy snacks and preserving produce when it comes on sale.

Such a nice unit to preserve lots of healthy foods by dehydration. My boys have been begging me to make homemade beef jerkey because they love to camp and love to take jerky on their excursions. So, of course, jerky will be my first thing to dehydrate in this unit.My next thing would be soaked and dehydrated pecans and walnuts because it makes them healthier and oh so yummy.

This is an amazing product that offers a variety of uses for those like myself that are making the choice to have a healthier real food lifestyle. Looking forward to starting my first garden and eating fresh ripe tomatoes off the vine as well as making zesty dehydrated tomatoes that i can use all year round. For now i’ll start with dried apples, then coconut macaroons, then kale chips, then yogurt, oh, the adventure has begun.

I am happy with the way that this dehydrator functions overall. The only reason i rated it a 3 is to bring attention to the spacing inside of the machine. For foods with more bulk like kale and cauliflower it doesn’t work to fill all 5 trays. There isn’t enough space and then the food gets smashed and doesn’t dry as well. People that enjoy kale chips know that you can’t just make 2 trays for a party. I tried making 4 trays and things were cramped and i needed to re situate thingsafter they had cooked for awhile. It worked, but not as smoothly as when i only made 2 trays. I would have ordered the 9 tray, but i noticed all of the complaints about how noisy it was so i opted for the 5 trayknowing i wanted something that i could carry easily and have in a smaller space. Initially the 5 tray doesn’t sound that loud,it’s white noise ish, then you start to notice it. When i have it running in the day i put it in the laundry room and shut the door, thenit’s fine.

Beef jerky will be the first product i make. I have a plastic dehydrator, and can’t wait to pass it on.

I would love to try fruit roll ups with this?. This looks so very easy to do will have to try it.

I can’t wait to try this product. I would have originally bought this to make beef jerky but now that i am trying to get my family to eat healthier the first thing i will try is burritos.

I would love to have this as a staple to my kitchen. I would make dried herbs, fruit jerky, dried fruits, nuts, yogurt drops, beef jerky and more.

I have never owned an excalibur dehydrator because i have i have a nesco american harvester which is a work horse but i cannot do yogurt with it. I have children with a lot of different allergies and i struggle making yogurt. Everyone that i know that has an excalibur loves them and they can do so many different things. So, the first thing that i would make is yogurt.

This is an excellent product. The first thing i would do is dehydrated raw nuts after soaking to get all the best nutrients out of them.

I have the non-stainless excalibur dehydrator. I love it, it has been running constantly almost since the day i purchased it 3yrs ago. Sturdy, dependable, easy to use and clean.

Wish there was a little more room between trays.

Nesco /American Harvest FD-80P 700 Watt Square Food Dehydrator and Jerky Maker : Great Dehydrator

The nesco/american harvest dehydrator works really well. My pups all love the treats that i make in it.

I wish it had more of the fruit roll sheets, or the option to buy them separately. Otherwise it is a good machine, noise is minimal.

Nesco/American Harvest FD-80P 700 Watt Square Food Dehydrator and Jerky Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 700 watts of drying power
  • Expandable to 8 trays
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Converga-Flow drying action
  • Made in USA

We’ve used this a couple years now. Works great for drying out jerky and fruit.

I havn’t had a lot of time to play with this yet. From what i hear it’s amazing. I will have to review it again at a later time once i have some experience with it.

Did an excellent job dehydrating tomatoes and onions for use this winter.

Nesco/American Harvest FD-80P 700 Watt Square Food Dehydrator and Jerky Maker : For convenients it would be nice to have an on / off switch.

Wow, love it very nice fast shipping. I have use before works great and would order again. Very nice and really happy w it.

Ordered this to make deer jerky. My husband found this product very easy to use and it did a great job.

I have made dried fruits and veggies and beef jerky. The beef jerky was my own recipe and turned out great. I will be dehydrating a lot more.

My first dehydrator and i am very pleased. I bought to dehydrate leafy greens so i can crush to powder and add to my smoothies. The square design allows for 100% usage of space. My first try i packed the greens in and they dried perfectly. So easy to shift trays and clean trays.

This unit is very lightweight and easy to use. I dried lots of vegetables and spices last fall and then used them all winter. Works great and the produce and spices stayed fresh and flavorful.

I became interested in a dehydrator after purchasing a superfoods recipe book. I’ve used this model for nearly three months, and find it very useful, and a great jump into dehydrating for someone with no experience. I can see how, if i wanted to dehydrate soups and liquids, i would need an open-space dehydrator, but so far this is fine for my purposes. Because one dehydrates for hours, a timer is unnecessary imo. I have purchased two extra trays and four extra screens- one screen and four trays come with the fd-80p. The square shape affords a lot of space, though one thing i noticed is that the screen ribs become farther apart toward the perimeter and almonds, which sit nicely on the surface next to the center, fall through the tines of the plastic near the edge of the dehydrator. Seven different temperature settings between 95º and 160ºf make it easy to dry foods at specific temps, and the cooler/warmer temps are labeled with specific foods, i. , herbs and nuts are dried at cooler, slower temps; meats and vegetables at higher.

I thought it would be unwieldy but its not. Cleans easy and works very well. We have been making beef jerky for three weeks now, and it works fine.

It has a large drying area and the air/heat circulates evenly. It’s not as noisy as other brands i’ve tried.

Just what i wanted, works great.

The dehydrator arrived on time and works perfectly. I have tried several foods and they have dried well and in a short amount of time. I am most happy with this product and would recommend it and the seller as well.

My first dehydrator and i am not disappointed. It’s a pain to clean sometimes, but that’s par for the course when it comes to dried/baked on food. A timer would be nice, but that’s just one more thing that could break. My only real wish is some sort of retainer system to keep the trays together for transport and storage. As it is, they loosely stack.

My husband loves the apples and cinnamon.

Its easy to use and makes great beef jerky. I love jerky and this machine saves me so much money. I also use it to make chicken treats for my dog. I can’t believe i waited so long to buy a dehydrator. This machine is easy to clean and even easier to use. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

DELLA Commercial 1200W 10-Tray Food Dehydrator Nut Durable Fruit Sausage Jerky Dryer : Big but worth it.

My della is now over a year old and still going strong. I’ve done everything from drying fruits and vegetable to making jerkey.

I have used this for about a month and at first i loved it and it worked great , easy to clean , not to loud , looks like a commercial one. After a month the heating unit just stopped working after i had just cut up fruits and filled the trays and after 8 hours no change at all to the fruit. I went over and over the directions to make sure i was doing the right things and i was. I am so disappointed as i was looking forward to doing all the summer fruits and vegetables. I just sent a message in and hopefully they will help me out with this. I am very disappointed i have written to the seller of this and told them that i am having problems with this and they have not answered any of my emails don’t know what to do now. I really miss using this when it worked it was great and the problem seems to be with heating component. Thank you and if anyone knows of something i can do please let me know.

Della Commercial 1200W 10-Tray Food Dehydrator Nut Durable Fruit Sausage Jerky Dryer, Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Great for large families, gardeners, and sportsmen. Etc… voltage: 120 Volts – 60Hz | heating power: 1200 watt
  • It comes with digital LCD display timer and digital thermostat for setting adaptable processing time and temperature to reserve the best flavor of drying food
  • Multiple trays so you can keep different foods separated and organized
  • Temperature control dial: 95af-155af | trays material: Stainless Steel
  • Size of Trays: 14-1/4″(W) x 16″(L) | Certificate: UL Listed | Overall Dimension: 20-1/4″(L) x 17-1/4″(W) x 16-3/4″(H)

You can do so much at once with it. Timer works great and it is easy to start. Cleans well (racks are too big for my sing so i bought a plastic tub that i can use to wash them) no complaints.

I bought this for a new business venture. . Must say it is a good buy. Some people may have a little trouble assembling it. For the price it cant be beat.

Fun for the whole family from making trail mix to making pet treats. Easy to use and temperature control set your time and walk away. I still check on things throughout but very easy.

Della Commercial 1200W 10-Tray Food Dehydrator Nut Durable Fruit Sausage Jerky Dryer, Stainless Steel : This unit works good and i can’tell think of how it could be better except by adding expense by making it of unnecessarily more heavy duty parts. I expect it will work for us for many years.

I use this for drying cookies that are decorated with royal icing and it works beautifully. It’s perfect for setting small areas that might crater if drying at room temperature (eyes, small details, etc. I just put it on the lowest setting and leave it on for a while, while taking trays in/out to add the next layer of details. One tray sticks a little and is harder to remove, but that’s my only complaint.

My only complaint is that the drawers don’t seal like other dehydrators i’ve used in the past. Other than that, no problems or issues.

The only issue i see with it is the way the fan attaches to the unit. It is held on by little tabs which could bend easily. They need to fix that about it. I would buy another one and would recommend you try it out.

We advanced to this dehydrator from a small plastic one. The quality of this one is great. We can make lots of jerky at one time. Racks are a little hard to clean without a protective sheet. But just took a little elbow grease.

I know this is late in coming, however this l hope will be helpful. I am stilling using this at least 2 times a months.

It is great that the heater/van unit is separable, the shelves are sturdy and large. I like it more than the excalibur i used to have.

I was torn between buying this one or an excalibur. I used to own an excalibur and liked it. I would have bought another one but there has been a lot of bad reviews lately complaining of the malfunctioning fan and/or heating unit so i decided to go with this one. The price was a lot less in comparison and it even has a shut off timer. I’ve only used it once so far. I dehydrated two trays of cooked lentils using separately purchased teflon sheets. Half way through the drying process i noticed the lentils closer to the back of the dehydrator were dryer than the ones towards the front. Since one side of the trays actually make up the front wall of the unit there is no way to turn the entire tray around for even drying like in the excalibur. To remedy this i just turned the teflon sheets around to get them to dry evenly.

We have used several times and it works nicely. If using to dehydrate fruits, we would recommend a light coating of non-stick spray on the trays as we found that some of the fruits would stick. Cleans easily and works great.

Works awesome and so glad we purchased this item. We have used it to make our own veggie chips and our own beef jerky. If you are looking for a good dehydrator then this is a great choice you will not be disappointed.

The trays are fragile if you drop them on a hard floor. I shattered one dropping it accidentally about 3 feet onto a tile floor. Fortunately, there are 10 trays, so it didnt really hurt to lose one.

If i had known how much i was going to end up using it i would have opted to get the 10-tray model. I opted for the 6-tray fearing that the 10-tray would take up even more space. This is bulky, but that’s what you get with any and all dehydrators. I bought this dehydrator with the intention of making me own dehydrated meals for backpacking trips, instead of mres and mountain house meals which are filled with preservatives and i don’t think they taste very good. I usually feel like crap by the second day of eating them. They slide in and out without issue and they lock in place from a small groove in the back when they are fully inserted. The temperature setting is easy to adjust and the timer is as well. I use globalis- superior 9 pack super non-stick, dupont teflon re-usable food dehydrator sheets for excalibur 2500, 2900, 3500, 3900 or 3926t.

I love that it came with 10 racks (plastic). The size is perfect, the temp control works great, as does the power button. I really appreciate that the rack will come off the side easily and can be soaked, and washed. The more i use at once, the longer it takes to dehydrate, which is fine as i knew that would happen.

I bought this dehydrator because my smaller nesco died. For the price and functions of this model you can’t go wrong. You be disappointed if you choose this dehydrator.

Very nice high quality dehydrator. I looked at dehydrators for a long time and almost talked myself out of buying another reading all the reviews. I have went through so many of the round cheaper models making jerky i have lost track. The timer makes it very nice to dehydrate jerky overnight without worrying about it getting overdone. With the design of this model you are pushing warm air out of the back instead of up. It should last longer since there isnt anything dripping into the motor of fan. So far i have been very impressed and have made quite a bit of jerky with it. People tell me i should sell my jerky. It is much larger than the small round ones. For the price i paid i was impressed with quality of the machine.

I love the additional space the 10-tray model has. I can’t imagine what i’d have done it i would have actually gone with one of the round models you see in wally-world. My only complaint is that the trays dry a tad bit quicker towards the rear, which is to be expected since that’s where the heat source is. Overall, this thing is an awesome value. Basically a plastic excalibur.

I bought it so i could speed dry my royal icing cookies (which gives them a nice shine instead of a matt finish). The fact i could slide trays in and out without opening the door was the reason della was purchased. It even worked with some of the trays removed; i doubt one would want to do this if dehydrating fruits or meat, but for my needs it was perfect.

Duer International Food Dehydrator Hanging Food Pantrie Dehydration System Non Electric : Would not want to use this for sprouting

I hope i in no way require this dehydrator, but i’m confident content i do have it. I have an orchard and the strategy of losing contemporary peaches and plums is seriously unhappy. At the very least with this dehydrator, i have a opportunity to dry further fruit.

What was described about it slipping apart is real. It does–the best hooks slide out and it really is challenging to get back again collectively. But–the merchandise is exceptional and worked great for me when i reassembled it. It is very good for herbs and gentle issues but takes much too extensive for thicker things like tomatoes. I had mine each inside and out.

Food Dehydrator Hanging Food Pantrie Dehydration System Non Electric, Environmentally Friendly, Natural Way to Dry Foods. 5 tray Dehydrator

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • By drying foods naturally, 95% of the enzymes are retained
  • Complete instruction book included
  • Doubles as a seed sprouter & wheat grass growing trays
  • Dries food naturally, without electricity
  • Great addition to food storage and emergency preparation

I was incredibly hopeful when i initial read about this concept of dehydrating food the ‘solar’ way. It is really a tad confusing when you read the directions even though as it tells you to not hold this in direct solar. This failed to do the job so perfectly for us when i experimented with to dry celery as we stay in a humid, island atmosphere. I am going to keep it while as i’m determined to see how it will function on clean herbs. Maybe h2o material has something to do with how properly this performs??. I’m not positive, but i do know that people today have performed photo voltaic drying for thousands of many years, so definitely i can discover the solution combination to make this get the job done for me, as well.

I been given this food dehydrator as a present, and was a small involved for the reason that i’d feel some assessments stating it was not uncomplicated to use. I found it really simple to use. So considerably i have dehydrated strawberries, grapes, and tomatoes, and all came out incredibly tasty. The trays clean very easily, and receiving them in and out of the dehydrator is quite very simple, as there are holders they connect to and slide on and off of. If i have any worry about the pantrie, it truly is that the zipper appears a small bit flimsy and i desire it was greater and more powerful. So significantly it is worked good, but simply because its slender and extremely adaptable i’m scared it may catch on to the mesh material and rip it or jam one particular working day. So you have to be watchful zipping and unzipping it. But i can not say that’s a difficulty, due to the fact it hasn’t took place but and may possibly not. But as significantly as the simplicity of using it, loading and unloading, as well as the high quality of food it generates, i have had no difficulties and would totally advocate it to any friends seeking to invest in 1.

Only trouble is i wish the top white lid arrived off when hanging. There are mess windows beneath it so i don’t recognize why it are not able to be removed?.

Food Dehydrator Hanging Food Pantrie Dehydration System Non Electric, Environmentally Friendly, Natural Way to Dry Foods. 5 tray Dehydrator : Love using next to my wood burning stove in the winter.

All round i appreciate the principle of outside dryers. I give this 1 a 5 for executing its occupation. It is pretty poorly developed as far as how the shelves are connected. There are funky fabric tabs that are complicated to open up, they fold about by themselves after you get one aspect in, the other side comes out, repeating by itself above and about once more. I finally resorted to protection pins until i can come across a take care of for following 12 months. I would not invest in this unique manufacturer of dryer yet again.

Preferred it so effectively i acquired another.

I purchased this food pantry soon after making contact with the organization to see if the past concern reviewers were going through was settled and i bought a rapid reply again that it was. I ordered this products and have now utilized it two times and i love it. I have an excalabur dehydrator but truly like this dehydrator greater as it is non-electric, lighter and will make no sound. The trays remain in their spot no problem, so the past issue was mounted. I utilized it to dry herbs which took two days and the pasta was all set overnight in my property. I am sure it depends on the humidity where you are living nevertheless. I have not experimented with it exterior as it has been windy the past couple of days, but am fired up to test that as well. I have uploaded solution pictures so you can see the dryer in motion. I would certainly propose this solution to a close friend and am sooo glad i obtained it, nicely well worth the money.

Superb product or service dries tomatoes in two days.

Can be a minor unwieldy to add and eliminate trays when they are comprehensive. Particularly valuable for drying fruit on very hot, dry summer times outside the house.

Excelent standard fruit dryer in its cost.

I’ve utilized it each and every day for the previous 7 days and no issues, and system to use it all summer season extended (if everything new will come up i prepare on modifying this overview). The only thing i have discovered is the zipper doesn’t totally near at the bottom and some bugs bought it there. I just tucked the minimal food pantrie tag in when i zipped it up and i have not experienced a issue with little flies getting in. I hung it in the shade so its out of direct sun. The food is drying really immediately in the desert air.

The item performs just like yet another device we borrowed from a good friend. This was the only non-driven dehydrator on the net, so this was a trial order. So much, it is just what we wanted. My spouse is happy and that’s superior ample for me.

Iniciar deshidratación natural.

I acquired this to use all through the wintertime months even though my wooden stove is delivering a dry warmth. When the warmth resource is considerably from cost-free, i am nevertheless making use of it and may as effectively get the additional advantage of dehydrating food specials in the course of the wintertime months. This is not to say that i will not be utilizing it in the course of the summer time months. The summers listed here are hot and dry and with the thoroughly enclosed netting it will hold pesky birds and bugs away. I appreciate the terrific development and the capacity to securely dehydrate food without having the use of electrical energy. I have strategies to purchase a second one in the near long term.

I have read all the critiques. For the people who wrote that this issue in no way fell aside. Shame on you for not talking the fact. The thought is good, but for the cost it must have been improved considered out for the tray attachment. Thank goodness for glue, as the designer suggested to use, as he was relatively offended that he was receiving terrible evaluations. For sixty bucks i felt that i shouldn’t have experienced to boost this solution to the extent it needed it. It fell aside just lifting or moving it’s site, forbid a wind catch it. I checked my glueing this early morning and i am a lot happier with the security. It will be easy to use for drying my herbs and lighter issues. I would buy one more one if they discounted the rate by about thirty %.

Very first, thank you to all individuals who reviewed this item that i would hardly ever seen nor applied, prior to. One particular worries that the producer could be submitting overly positive suggestions to lure suckers into paying for shoddy merchandise. Nonetheless, the beneficial testimonials on this merchandise are a hundred% correct. I am delighted with this non-electric dehydrator, specially immediately after utilizing my electric doubled my electricity monthly bill.I like kale chips but not if they value me an added $two hundred a thirty day period. The pantrie is moveable, gentle, with loads of perfectly sized trays to dry out lots of food. It is a arms down wonderful product at an fantastic price tag, you pay out when, not each and every thirty day period you get your electricity bill. Kale chips in this article i comeadding this paragraph a bit later on and i’ve verified my exhilaration in employing the dehydrator to terrific achievement. I used the pulp from juicing and lastly i never have to throw those people even now healthy scraps absent. They manufactured a delectable soup, i gotta insert.

Contrary to some of the opinions, it would seem extremely effectively created. We have employed it many instances and enjoy it. The detachable trays make it significantly less difficult to load and unload than other dryers. Our only issues is removing the dried food for the reason that it sticks to the trays. If the trays were addressed with something that would make them non-stick, it would be a comprehensive 5 stars.

This works terrific for drying meat.

I enjoy it have onions in it correct now. And its -two out facet ideal now, i would recommend this to all.

Nesco FD-80A – Great for making treats for my dogs

I was involved with how loosely all the trays and best and base of unit established collectively but there does not surface to be any air or warmth decline through operation. Rather quiet operation except you stay on your own in the region and even the crickets don’t chirp. I am 1 of people persons who will commit times studying a item in advance of buying so listed here is my acquiring. Except if you can afford to devote hundreds on a skilled unit this is by far the best for the price selection. Sq. design is wonderful, cooks evenly across the tray to all four corners. I don’t know about 4 trays but i built jerky with all 8 and did not rotate, the leading two layers (final kinds included, i stacked from base up) ended up garbage (very brittle) and bought a tiny better as you went down, next time i will rotate the trays each and every hour or so (i cooked about 8 lbs of jerky throughout eight trays for 12hrs, with rotation 9-10hrs possibly would have been fantastic).

I really like my sq. dehydrator. It has no poisonous plastic odor. It also arrives with a versatile good mat to capture the smaller sized items. I use mine to dry my sweet rice which i turn into korean rice wine. (makgeolli 막걸리) i put the mat at the incredibly bottom so what ever falls by means of the trays can be caught at the incredibly bottom. recommended this dehydrator for drying rice. I’ve used both the sweet rice and the regular short grain rice and have gotten perfect rice wine. I just plug it in to start and unplug to stop. ]

I have each a fd-eighty square dehydrator and an more mature fd-sixty one spherical dehrydrator nesco american harvest fd-sixty one snackmaster encore dehydrator and jerky maker. I have included a photo exhibiting the 2 facet-by-facet loaded with tomatoes. They are the two of very similar build excellent, i. My fd-61 is about 4 years aged now, and the plastic has become brittle and each the foundation and a couple of the drying trays have cracked and damaged. I acquired the fd-eighty in anticipation of the fd-61 heading kaput shortly, and also liking the reality that it had a lot more dehydrating house (40% a lot more advertised on the box). In real use, i obtain that a single fd-80 tray retains two. 75lbs of compact tomato quarters, although the fd-61 tray holds 2lbs of compact tomato wedges. So that does occur out to about 37. five% much more drying spot per tray. My main challenge with the fd-80 is that whilst it has this extra drying house, it isn’t going to have a big enough heater to dry foods at the exact amount as the fd-61. With the fd-sixty one, i can dry 4 trays (8lbs) of tomatoes wedges in 24 several hours. If i load the fd-80 with all four trays, that is 11lbs, and it takes 36 hrs or a lot more to dry them all, and the trays have to be rotated additional regularly. If i want to get a load carried out in 24 hours, then i can only use 3 trays (about eight.Here are the specifications for the Nesco FD-80A:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Adjustable thermostat (95-160º F)
  • Powerful Top Mounted Fan. 700 watts of drying power
  • Expandable to 8 trays. (Outside Tray Dimension 14.5 x 14.5 x 1)
  • Patented Converga-Flow drying system forces air down the exterior pressurized chamber (not through the trays). The hot air is forced horizontally across each individual tray, converging on the core for fast, even and nutritious drying. No flavor mixing and no need to rotate trays
  • Includes: 2 Jerky Spice and Cure Packets 1 Clean-A-Screen
  • Made in the USA of Global and Domestic parts
  • Easy-to-use dehydrator for drying fruit, vegetables, herbs, and jerky
  • Air-circulation system ensures fast, even drying; no need to rotate trays
  • Adjustable thermostat; printed guidelines on motor housing
  • Bale handle; dishwasher-safe parts; instruction manual
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

I bought this dehydrator recently, but considering that i dry nuts and herbs mainly, i wanted a lot more screens. For two screens, nesco costs 39. 99 right here at amazon and i cannot locate them anywhere else. This, my buddies, is price-gouging and it is unacceptable. I will not be shopping for from nesco all over again until they make their accessory price ranges a lot more reasonable. Other kitchen area websites were advertising them for $6 a pair furthermore shipping and dealing with till nesco resolved you could only obtain them in this article and for $39. ninety nine, more than 50 % the price of the product. Will not obtain this product or service until you want to guidance nesco cost-gouging, which other firms will almost certainly commence accomplishing, too, if we bow to it. Later addendum: i gave this 1 star at initial due to the fact the only put i appeared to be ready to get the screens is in this article for as well a great deal. I then went to the corporation web site and could not come across the screens, just the racks.

I have had the device for virtually a month now. So much i’ve dehydrated twenty pounds of ‘eye of round’ for jerky. The recipe i utilised is at recipezaar (won’t be able to article url), recipe range 161262 (modified a bit to suite my flavor, like i additional about 1 tsp of onion powder and slash the liquid smoke about 25%). In reality i just did ten of the twenty pounds yesterday. I have also dehydrated cantaloupe, kiwi slices, strawberries, grapes (arrive out as plump and juicy raisins), limes, oranges (those people were a lot more of an experiment), banana slices and watermelon (now that was interesting. Sweet as sweet), but back again to the assessment. I also received two sets of the insert-a-tray (two trays for each deal). It dries with all 8 trays just fantastic. I do rotate the trays about half way through, but i am not guaranteed i would truly have to.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A great dehydrator that does the job well.
  • Best quality dehydrator
  • Not sure if it was the fan or the heating element but pretty sure it’s not worth trying to get fixed

Procured in october of 2014 and in no way really used it for the 1st two yrs, but past 12 months started off to place it to use about the moment a week for nuts and crackers. Yesterday it stopped operating. Not certain if it was the fan or the heating element but quite absolutely sure it’s not worth trying to get preset. Time to update i guess because i located this to be alternatively cumbersome. Would considerably like to have trays that pull out so you have area in in between levels. I experimented with to use it to dehydrate portobello mushrooms and there was no way that was going to occur. All-in-all, i was unhappy that the matter burnt out with so minor use. It need to have lasted a large amount extended.

No complications listed here, just excellent dried fruits and veggies. We have employed this various instances with a modest timer to make a lot of dried veggies and fruit leather. Every product is a understanding experience for how long it will take to get it correct but that is to be anticipated. Has been uncomplicated to thoroughly clean and do the job with. Has a incredibly silent supporter that doesn’t bother us even when we are in the similar room with it. My only would like is that they produced the fruit roll up sheets in the sq. condition, they are only avialable in the round but operate effectively with this unit. Clean a screens also help alot with the sticky and smooth fruits.

Immediately after executing a great deal of investigation on the web, i had settled on the nesco dehydrator and a meat slicer. This has by now compensated for itself numerous instances in excess of. Clean up is straightforward, the juices drip into the main pan at the base, the enthusiast is on best. No need to stress about everything ever having into the fan/motor area. 🙂 i clean every thing with a little dish soap, and a scrubber. Then if you happen to be impatient, you can set the complete factor back up again outside the house, and turn it on. It’ll be dry in a couple minutes. Normal duck jerky treats at my community large box pet retailer is $20. I now acquire all sorts of distinct meats, freeze them, and slice them up.