Magic Chef 1.6 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave in Stainless Steel – Slides and stains

Delivered timely, packaged very well and works like a charm.

A very sturdy, well built, and easy to use microwave. A good user’s manual also comes with it, which is helpful for us ‘non-engineering’ types, to properly use these high end modern appliances.

I just bought this oven to replace an lg that i had for a day. I liked that oven too but the control panel was very hard to read. You needed glasses or a flashlight as the numbers are small and not white. I replaced a 20 year old panasonic with this mc oven and like it. Nothing is perfect and i miss being able to say press 44 and start and it runs for 55 seconds. On this oven, i have to press time cook before entering the cook time. The advantage is the numbers 1-6 equal 1-6 cook minutes. Press 1, it turns on and cooks for 1 minute, 2 for 2 minutes up 6 for 6 minutes. That is convenient, as is pressing start and it cooks for 30 seconds. Press start again and it adds 30 secs while cooking. Here are the specifications for the Magic Chef 1.6 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave in Stainless Steel:

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    by entering your model number.
  • 1.6 cu. ft. capacity accommodates a wide variety of dishes
  • 1,100 watts of cooking power for effective cooking performance
  • 6 pre-programmed 1-touch cooking menus for cooked results at the touch of a button
  • 3 auto defrost menus make it easy to thaw fridge and freezer items
  • Auto start function for convenient operation 11 power levels give you a wide variety of cooking possibilities
  • Dimension: 21.8 x 20.2 x 12.8 inch (WXDXH)

This is replacing my four year old amana of the same size/watt, etc. Which was still working but sounded like a 747 taking off. I’ve been using it for a week now. It started off super quiet but it’s starting to make a bit of noise when it starts off. Time will tell how long this one will last. I’d give this one five stars but no one makes a microwave where the buttons light up or you can shut off the beeping when you are programming it or when it’s finished. I wish you could shut it off. (hello manufacturers) we have people sleeping in the house in the mornings. The price was right the quality seems to be the same as the amana which i paid $260, more than twice as this model. Quick start buttons for minute timed cook.

I was fortunate to get this for $99. I bought it for my parents a few months ago and they reported that its been working well and that it looks really nice.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Half the price of the Amana with the exact same features
  • Great, beautiful stainless steel microwave!
  • Great Microwave

Great microwave, love the ideal of having a handle instead of pushing a hard button to open it, very quiet, i ordered this for my office, but thinking of now getting one for a christmas gift.

I had to replace my panasonic model nn-sn797s. Everytime we used it, it knocked out the wi-fi connection. Some people think it’s just a matter of putting your router on a different channel but that was not the case. I tried using alternate channels and it continued to drop out whenever the microwave was being used. The problem of course is both microwaves and wireless routers use 2. 4ghz but if the panasonic was properly shielded, this shouldn’t be the problem. . And i’ve seen a lot of panasonic users complaining about this. So when i started shopping, i ruled out panasonic. I purchased the magic chef because i like that it doesn’t rely on a button to release the door(a common complaint), the controls are easy to use, and it’s attractive. It’s the same basic size and power output as the panasonic but priced very attractively.

Thank you for giving accurate dimensions. It fit perfectly for the small opening that i have.

Better than the one i replaced.

This microwave operates just fine, so far, but it has a couple of annoying drawbacks. The first is that the legs are made of cheap, hollow plastic, which causes it to move on the countertop when you go to open the door. To stop it from happening it became necessary to place small self-adhesive, anti-skid, dots under the legs, which was no easy chore since they did not adhere to the plastic well. So, you had to place the microwave where you want it the first time, or the dots would come off when you tried to move it. Secondly, the stainless steel surface shows every little stain (no pin intended). They wipe off easily enough, but it would have been nicer to have a color choice, like white, which hides the stains well because who wants to clean the outside of their microwave all the time.

Great product looks and works as it should without any issues.

It works good, just the start button is peeling off and we haven’t even used it for 6 months and it’s not used on a daily basis. So not happy that it’s coming apart.

Out of the box and put to work.

Long wanted a stainless steel clad microwave oven. When the old one failed, i went looking and found this magic chef model for a good price. It’s the real thing, not just painted to look like stainless. Arrived on time and it works.

Work very good , i likeit for the price.

Great product at a great price.

I love the express cook (just press 1 through 6 for that many minutes) and the +30 sec. Button, which i use almost exclusively. My only real nitpick is the weight defrost is a little confusing. Some honorable mentions also include: after many months of use, sometimes the turntable will make some noise, but it’s not major and it’s working. The popcorn button cuts it a bit short for the 3. 0 oz size, but it’s just being on the safe side i suppose. It’s funny, though, because we have 2. 9 oz bags, so one might think the 3. 0 oz setting would be sufficiently long. Sometimes, i just use the +30 sec.

Best microwave i have ever owned. Looks great and heats even better.

Bought two of these for the breakroom in the company where i work. Appear to be decent quality and both have been working fine for the last few months with daily use. No complaints from our employees thus far.

This is my second magic chef in 5 years. No the first one is still going strong like the rabbit you see on tv. I wanted the larger size to accommodate new additions to the extended family.

Panasonic NN-SE982S Stainless 1250W 2 : EXCELLENT OVEN

Overall this is a good microwave. The sensor reheat option is awesome and cooks things through properly and the 1. 6ft³ size is plenty big enough. However, the electrostatic dial seemed to give the microwave a cool-factor when we purchased it but quickly grew tiresome and is now my biggest peeve. It is basically a metal surface that you rub your finger-pad around in circles on to increase or decrease the time. Your finger-pad can seem to stick to the metal and setting 20 mins just takes too long and feels a little uncomfortable/unnatural. To set 20 minutes i now skip using the dial and just hit the ‘quick min’ button 20 times; a normal number-pad would be so much easier to use. If you’re in the middle of cooking and have greasy or dirty hands a normal number-pad would allow an elbow to be employed. With this, you’ll just have to accept that the microwave will need a clean afterwards and do the spinny thingy with a smudgy finger.

I don’t know why people are complaining about the electrostatic dial. Instead of an actual dial, but i don’t see an issue. It’s solid, pretty precise and no biggie deal. If you want to just do a quick 1 or 3 min run, just press the ‘quick minute’ button and press it to the # of minutes you want. Stainless steel surroundings, but i did notice the top of the microwave bowed. Perhaps the stainless steel is too thin?.

Panasonic NN-SE982S Stainless 1250W 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Enjoy faster cooking times with 1250 watts high power
  • Microwave Inverter technology delivers a seamless stream of cooking power
  • Advanced Inverter Turbo Defrost speeds up defrosting time
  • Elegant electrostatic touch dial control and 6-digit display
  • Automatic sensor adjusts power and times for different foods
  • Choose countertop or built-in installation, trim kit sold separately
  • Outside HxWxD ( ” ) 14″ x 23 7/8″ x 19 7/16″; Interior HxWxD ( ” ) 10 15/16″ x 18 7/16″ x 18 1/2″

The unit is beautiful, and easy to use. 5 years after i purchased it. You might want to consider the 4-year warranty offered by amazon, which would give you a refund if they cannot fix the unit.

How much do i love this microwave?. Enough to write a review on it. Very classy and sleek design and has a touchscreen scroller for time entries. This microwave heats up food quicker than you can take it out of the fridge. Not only that, my apartment is notorious for having appliances blow the circuit breakers — but this microwave never blew it oncei’m very impressed at the speed of this appliance and effectiveness of it options: sensor reheat, defrost is easy, and predefined cooking options are pretty spot-on. Great microwave – get it for sure.

We replaced a similar model that had buttons for the settings. This model has a dial and it’s a little more difficult and time-consuming to set the exact cooking time.

Panasonic NN-SE982S Stainless 1250W 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology : I’ve had this microwave for a few months now, and i like it quite a bit. It has a fairly large capacity, which is great for heating up leftover casseroles and such. The electrostatic dial takes some getting used to (at first i could barely get it to move up to 30 seconds or more), but it’s really cool looking, and is really easy to use once you get the hang of it. I’m not really impressed with the inverter technology or sensor cook function, but as i never intended to use those in the first place, i’m not too bothered. I really love that you can program it to cook at different power levels all at once without having to go back to the microwave and put the time and power level in again (say you wanted to thaw something at low power for a few minutes, then blast it at full power for a minute or two). The main thing i have a problem with on this microwave is that it gets really warm on top. We typically keep our bread on top of the microwave, but since we’ve had this one, we have to store it somewhere else because the heat of the microwave creates condensation in the bread, or makes the bottom of the bread harden. Like many people have said, it’s also pretty noisy. If you’re trying to sneak something at night, and you live with a light sleeper, forget about it. Overall, i’m happy with the microwave, it has it’s cons, but it does what i need it to do.

My opinion only and only mine:- the finger dial thing in the middle that some people complain about hard to control: no merit – get use to it like anything new, period: it took me a whopping 40 seconds to play with it and ‘master’ it. – pro: super techo-sexy look which is the primary reason i usually buy stuff. Not very wise but it suits me; does have lots of bells of whistles and you are into that sort of stuff. See the con- con: with all the gadgets, i find it i can do almost everything by treating like a microwave: punch the number and hit start – done. Which begs the question why all the gadgets. My conclusion is so they can charge you more. – also, some folks talked about the door issue (see their comments, not repeating here). I find it questionable: one needs to use common sense in using electronic appliances – take it easy. Of course i only had it for a week. You might see my update bring it to 0 start 12 months from now for a broken door like others complained about. But that’s future and i dont have a crystal ball and wont worry about things i have no control and might or might not happen. – conclusion: for $300 is a nice looking, full function microwave. But if you want a basic basic basic configuration.

A lot bigger then i expected which is a plus.

After a month of use i’m pleased with this microwave. My wife is a little annoyed by the circular touchpad but i’ve grown to like it. She uses the quick minute button and is happy. We both like the sensor reheat feature, it works most of the time quite well. We are careful closing and opening the door after reading other reviews that it can’t take abuse. We use a gentile touch and i think it’s going to be fine. I’m not saying this was the case for all door issues but some people no doubt slammed the door too hard causing their own problems.

Very easy to use and is the most powerful microwave oven i have ever owned or cooked with. The stainless steel exterior is also easy to keep clean. I have had very good luck with other electronic panasonic device as well.

The microwave replaced a 20+ year old top-of-the-line litton that was built-in. With the same space i gained about 30% more inside space to cook. It cooks fresh and frozen vegetables perfectly with the sensor settings. I have thawed all kinds of meats with the sensor; just remember to take it out of the packaging; warmed up leftovers and even softened butter without getting the center to become liquified because of the way this oven works on low settings. It does not pulse on high as all the other models but actually sends a lower microwave to the food. The only problem i had was that the touchpad would not respond after a power blink. But unplugging and replugging solved that. So far very happy and works as promised.

The best feature is how the inverter works,when one dials in , say 80% , the inverter lowers the magnetron to 80% output. (older microwaves simply ran the magnetron at 100%, 80% of the time )this is an important difference . Delicate foods cook much, much better. Beside, my local bowling alley café uses one like this one, what more needi say .

This microwave works as described. It heats food quickly and evenly and is very large inside. We use the minute button all the time and it is handy. Using the circle knob to program time is not the greatest idea for you often have damp fingers when cooking and preparing food and it doesn’t work unless your fingers are dry – they must slide ‘around’ it to program time. Other than this feature we love this unit and it is as expected.

Our son went to college and took our old panasonic microwave so we bought this one. As long as they maintain quality we will buy panasonic microwaves. Love it for defrosting frozen meats. This is one cool looking techno geek microwave. The bad:not really bad but we are not sure if we like the touch dial programming. The program cooks are a pain. But there is a cheater guide inside the door panel. Overall yes i would recommend this microwave.

4 starspros: microwave is awesome. Cooks quickly and evenly, and the special features are great. Cons: terrible user interface. It has this touch dial thing instead of a keypad to enter the time. Also most microwaves have a quick ‘add 30 seconds’ button that starts the microwave and adds 30 seconds. This microwave has ‘quick minute’ which adds in 1 minute increments but doesnt even start the microwave. 🙁 overall, this is a great product. But panasonic needs to hire a new a ui team.

Large enough to cook casserole dishes, but doesn’t take up too much room on the counter. I personally love the styling and design of the microwave, but more importantly the features that it has. It does heat food more evenly and the sensor reheat works really well. I’ve read some reviews about the dial not working great and when i figured out how to use it i’m not sure if others were using it correctly or not because i don’t have any problems with it. The thing is to place your finger or thumb on the metal sensor inside of the dial, not the actual dial itself. Then you keep your finger or thumb ( thumb works better for me ) on the metal sensor while rotating. It will quickly add seconds and then increase to minutes automatically. Only time will tell if this microwave holds up, but in the meantime i will enjoy it’s many benefits.

This microwave oven is faster than the 1250-watt i replaced. It cooks much faster than a 1100 watt microwave, so if you are used to an 1100-watt unit be sure to use less time. And the genius part is the way it selects the heat range. It isn’t turning oven (50% power – it stops the heat for 50% of the time) it actually reduces the power as per setting and cooks it faster and more evenly. Anyone who is not happy with their unit had better check the manual to see what you’re doing wrong,.

Edit on 9/12/2013 i have now had the micro for almost 3 months and it’s still performing excellently. I see a lot of people complaining about the interior light not being on when you open the door or when you’re cooking. My light comes on both times. I have only had the oven for three weeks and it may be a bit premature to rate it now. It replaced a panasonic microwave which i had for 21 years. So far this oven is excellent except for one thing, and that’s the reason i gave it only 4 stars. I really don’t like the eloctrostatic dial. I would much prefer a knob or keypad instead. You have to make sure your finger is completely dry and you still can’t be that exact. I was also wondering why the price changes on amazon so much. I paid $214 for it and as i check now they want $270.

The microwave works great, but it overcooks or over defrosts food when i use the automatic settings. So i have to use it by seconds or minutes. Also, this microwave is very flimsy. You barely touch the top and it dents in and out. It will not sit straight on my counter. I have to have a piece of wood under one of the legs. I called panasonic and they said i had to take it clear to a service center that is hundreds of miles away. Otherwise i would have to pay to ship it. Then i would be without a microwave for weeks. So much for good customer service.

The only dislike is the dial time selection interface. It is modeled after an ipod dial but it is cumbersome to select a specific time. If you need 40-50 seconds, it is fine. If you need 45 seconds exactly, it is much more difficult.

So far, it works well, but i’m not so in love with the circular motion finger sliding required to set the cooking time. The knob unit was more, so i went with this one. I do like that the power settings are the real deal ex: ‘medium’ setting means full-time half power instead of 100% on half the time.

So far (6 weeks) we love it. The dial is easy to get used to, just takes a few tries. It matters how you place your finger on the dial. Just lay it across flat and it works very smootyly. Not super noisy which i like when the food is done. Love the ‘enjoy your meal’ at the end. Wish it had a 30 second add button, that’s about it for what i’d do to improve it. The 1:00 is usually a little too long. Just have to add the 1 minute and stop it after 30.

Kenmore Elite 2 – Five Stars

Our kitchen staff is happy with this purchase.

Bought it since it is very hard to find microwaves with handles. Most microwaves i previously owned had push buttons which eventually malfunctioned.

The microwave exceeds my expectations. I would highly recommend it. It is larger than most and that was a main selling point for me.

I was surprised that this microwave needs 12inches open above it. If this were on a standard countertop it would not have 12 inches clearence. I’m putting it inside a pantry closet and because of the clearence issue i’m losing one shelf to the microwave and the shelf over it. Not real happy about that as i didn’t see that mentioned in the ad.

The inside appears to be larger than the outside. Not sure they make this anymore, and ours looks to have been a return or at least open box, but the unit was flawless and works very well. Only issue is the buttons take a bit of pressure to work, just have to learn to press directly in the center.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Size larger that listed. As it has legs that are not taken into consideration when the dimensions were printed.
  • It works great It has plenty of room for anything you want
  • Everything about this microwave is absolutely better than advertised

We have only had the microwave for one month. It is a very good microwave. Strong, easy to program, a very good door, quite, cooks evenly. Only drawback: difficult to see dials in low light as they are black.

Had to replace a 3 year old ge that had paint bubbling up and flaking off. Will not buy another ge but i really liked its features. This one is the closest to those features i can find. We bought the trim kit as well and my husband installed it. I’m very happy with the microwave so far, the only issue i have is that you can’t run the timer and the oven simultaneously. But i could not find another that had the 1 to 6 minute preset controls which is now a requirement for me. I think i like the grey interior. It looks like it will be easier to clean than the ge which had too many crevices. If not for the timer/cook issue i would have given this 5 stars.

Coming ‘off’ a 1980’s model that did everything – spoiled. This unit works well and is very good. All functions easy to operate – just not as many and won’t do as much – good purchase- delivered quickly- well packaged. (my own comment:– the old micro was also a kenmore – i love kenmore) even tho it is made by one of the other mfg. I looked very hard for a larger micro – getting harder to locate these days.

Okay, so i tried to post a review on the site that makes this product (rhymes with rears) but i guess they deemed it objectionable since it was never posted, which i don’t understand since i gave it 4 stars and it was mostly positive. My chief complaint is this product is described several times as ‘stainless steel’ and it is not. Magnets will not stick to real stainless steel. Magnets will stick to the metal trim pieces on the front of this oven. They will not stick to the door handle. Just because the door handle is stainless steel, i don’t think the maker should have the right to call the oven stainless steel. Now most people looking at this oven would probably have no idea it isn’t stainless. The metal trim pieces are indeed metal and look nice. My guess is they are brushed anodized aluminum which is cheaper than stainless, but it is not stainless steel. Obviously this has nothing to do with the operation if the oven or its features.

Good size, just wish the buttons were more simple; programmed by a programmer, not a woman in a kitchen.

It is both functional and i love the design.

The more i use it, the more i like it.

It is easy to operate and the inside space is quite large.

Our family is happy with the function of this microwave. It is very spacious inside and easy to clean. And has some features for thawing and sensors for heating we were not used to from our formermicrowave.

It works great it has plenty of room for anything you want to cook. The controls are simple and easy to understand it’s clean and fits in perfectly with the rest of my kenmore appliances. It cooks quickly and evenly and has plenty of preset cook times.

I wanted a new large microwave to replace one that was getting old. This one is faster, more efficient and easy to operate.

Everything about this microwave is absolutely better than advertised. Pre – setting are extremely well thought out. Most everything i do is two button cooking.

GE JES2051SNSS Countertop Microwave : Lasted Under 3 Years; New Version Lacks Critical Features

It is very large for a microwave other than that its working great. I would not purchase another one because of the size.

This is a nearly exact replica of the ge je1860sb (lasted 12 years) made in korea, via the lg corp, but lacking the 9 year warantee on the magnatron. The china version is dimensionally the same but with a different face and comes with only a 1 year warantee on the mag. I only bought this unit since it fits the je1860 built in trim kit, requiring only a 3/16″ shimming on the left side of the trim kit lower pan. It seems that all of the microwave manufacturers have severly reduced the quality of their products and i don’t expect this microwave to last more than a few years, but since a trim kit cost about as much as the microwave itself, one is left with few options.

So that we are on a fair playing field check the price of this at home depot. You will find a marked difference.

  • Powerful microwave that heats uniformly
  • best microwave ever
  • Easy to usegreat sizesleek looking

GE JES2051SNSS Countertop Microwave, 2.0

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Auto and time defrost
  • Extra-large 16″ turntable

This my third ge microwave which i replaced due to a kitchen upgrade. It has all the features you could want and it is large enough to fit most anything.

Meets general expectations of a microwave of it’s size. It is also somewhat louder than i would expect and off gases voc during operation to more than i would expect.

Having to replace mine so going with the exact thing. Old one died last night after working for only 11 years. And yes, we used the heck out of it.

Love it, be careful very powerful.

I was disappointed that my jes2051sn2ss microwave (manufactured april 2015) only lasted for 32 months of light use. The microwave still looked like it was operating properly (display, lights and sounds) but failed to heat anything up. Based on other reviews here, i’m not the only customer to experience an early failure with this model. Although the longevity fell short of my expectations, since i really liked its capacity, features, and overall performance i decided to replace it with the same ge model. I found that the store is currently selling a jes2051sn3ss model (manufactured december 2017) which looked extremely similar to my defective microwave (and is likewise labeled jes2051snss on the outer packaging). However, once i started using the new unit i found it had some very disappointing design changes compared to the previous version:deficient display. The display on the old model was large and featured prompting for various functions with scrolling english phrases and could be read from multiple directions and heights. The new display is smaller overall, lacks any prompting and the last digit in the display is not visible if you are more than a foot to the right (when facing the microwave). This is disappointing since the time of day and cook time remaining are the main reasons i look at the microwave. The microwave is in the left corner of my kitchen so i am always looking at it from the right and running into this.

After replacing two higher-end microwaves after about 4 years each, i gave up and bought this cheapie (you can easily pick this model up for less than two hundred bucks at a big-box home store). I’m convinced at this point that most small appliances just don’t last anymore, and microwaves in particular get not just heavy use but also heavy abuse (those darn kids) in my house. This model is pretty big (2. It has the speed times where you can simply press the number pad and it starts automatically and runs for that many minutes, no need to also click start. You can add 30 seconds in increments by just pressing that button, even while it is running. It has additional options for defrost, popcorn, the usual stuff. Does the job, looks pretty good (my old trim kit fit this one to finish it out as a built-in), and didn’t break the bank. Shop around and you won’t cry either if it breaks down after 2-3 years. Update: well, as predicted, this microwave bit the dust just short of the 3-year mark. First the reheat sensor got finicky, then poof.Common culprit seems to be the internal fuse, but i’m not interested in opening up all the guts to find and deal with it.

Had to replace our built in ge microwave with a countertop version. Had been very happy with the built in so looked to another ge. Initially, i was satisfied with it, but here i am 4. 5 months into owning it and it starts making a “growling” noise. Determined it’s the turntable motor. Should be in warranty, and i have an email into ge now asking about it. If i have to replace it myself, it looks like an extremely easy job. But ge’s appliance website wants $61 for the part (assuming they won’t send me out a replacement part for free). Amazon has it for about half the price. I see the little turntable motor is made, where else, china.

It match the one that went bad.

Excellent microwave, good power, accurate cooking times.

This is a great counter top microwave, because of the size we place it on a microwave cart. Comes with many pre programmed functions. The best option i found is it can be operated on silent mode. You can switch off the beeps completely. This is a vital part of my kitchen.

I was actually expecting this microwave to be as good as the one i bought 10 years ago. When the door shuts it sounds like tin. I still have the other one up, so compared 30 seconds on high with one cup of water in using identical coffee cups. The new microwave, this one, which is supposed to be more powerful, came out tepid…luke warm at best. My old microwave (same model at 1150 instead of 1250) was hot. I’m going to keep it for awhile and see if it perks up and starts heating properly. Otherwise, it is going back.

I like everything about this microwave. I love that it has a large glass tray inside that revolves while microwaving and that it can be removed and easily be cleaned. Also, love that it can hold large casseroles. I am happy with its sleek, contemporary design as it matches my other ge appliances.

Kenmore White 1.1 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave 73114 – Five Stars

Microwave works fine and heats food much faster than i thought it would. It’s a little noisy and the buttons are hard to read (at least for my wife and me). The button to open the door seems somewhat flimsy. But for heating up leftovers, making a baked potato, and heating up liquids, it works fine.

The panel began showing wear within 6 months of purchase: the plastic overlay began to bubble. This microwave does not allow cooking and the timing function to take place simultaneously. I am used to using a microwave to be able to time other cooking items and was not able to do that with this microwave. I would not buy this microwave again.

Runs well, but sounds like a truck.Here are the specifications for the Kenmore White 1.1 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave 73114:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Oven comes with 12-inch revolving turntable
  • Microwave has 1.1-cu.-ft. capacity interior
  • Interior cooking space measures 8-7/8 x 14-1/16 x 14-7/8 inches
  • Exterior dimensions are 19.68 x 16.75 x 11/25 inches high

Best microwave i’ve ever purchased.

Great in every respect except one – i wish the control panel was illuminated.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Kenmore microwave
  • Fine oven; cheap keypad.
  • Unit works fine.

Smaller than our old model, which was exactly what i was hoping for. Easy one-touch for 1-min heating options (or 2- or 3 etc). Also offers a 30-second quick heat just by pressing start. There is an odd cardboard-looking cover inside the oven that just begs to be taken off but that temptation should be resisted as it protects the magnetron-thingy. The beeps are light and unobtrusive. Display is quite clear and controls are easy to understand. Good price makes this an easy purchase.

It even pleased her designer aesthetics.

After recently making the decision to replace our otr microwave/hood with a higher power range hood (see my review here http://www. Com/dp/b007w7ew0i/ref=pdp_new_dp_rev) we needed a new microwave. Enter this kenmore beauty, which has some of the best reviews (google it) of any microwave i’ve found. I’m not sure who this unit is made by (kenmore are all re-branded from other makers), but it seems to be very well made. It has simple, straightforward buttons that most people will feel right at home with. Buttons 1-6 are the usual one-touch automatic timer buttons, the start button doubles as the +30 seconds button. The turntable is solid and works well, without the jerkiness some ovens exhibit. It sits solidly on the counter and doesn’t get shoved around when opening and closing the door, as can happen with some lightweight units. It feels quite solidly built.

I bought this microwave because it was one of the few available in white of the correct size. I don’t require much of a microwave except simply heating food. And this seems (so far) to be a good at that. I don’t give it a ‘5’ because it feels pretty cheap. The door latch sounds like thin plastic when you close it. It makes a distinct plastic ‘snap’ when closing, instead of a satisfying ‘chunk’. The buttons work fine – but again, they feel flimsy when you push them, and the unit is so light that i often move the entire microwave when i push a button. Finally, it makes much more noise during operation than my previous microwave. This adds to the overall feeling of low quality.

This microwave arrived much earlier than expected. It is so awesome and i think it was reasonably priced too. It has six buttons that are one touch; 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 5 minutes. 6 minutes, which is very handy to have. It also has the 30 second add on button. It is white,so it goes well in my kitchen. I was thrilled to find a microwave with so many features that i wanted, at a good price, in a white color to blend in with my counter top and cabinets.

This is an updated version of our previous oven and we love it.

Affordable and durable microwave. Have been using it for about 2 years.

The microwave part works just fine, the food gets hot. The keypad is cheap, however: the buttons all work mechanically just fine, but the plastic covering the ‘start’ button was shredded within a week, and the most used keys – the ‘1’ and the ‘6’, were threadbare in a month. Very disappointed in that part.

Very pleased with this purchase. I have been using this for one month and there are no issues. I would have given it 5 stars,except that the numbers are a bit hard to read. They are light gray on a black background,and could be a little larger for better viewing. After reading a ‘ton’ of reviews on different models and prices,there was no outright winner. I took a chance on this kenmore and ‘so far so good’.

Small, surprisingly quiet, and mechanically sound. I can’t emphasize that quiet point enough – i’ve never heard a microwave that heats properly make this little noise. The only downsides are the occasionally cheap feeling you get from the door button and the somewhat odd layout of the buttons, but those are really just convenience concerns.

Great microwave for the price. Fits perfect between my refrigerator and stove. Suggest they add a feature that has the numbers light up when touched-hard to see at night. Would also suggest a one minute beep reminder that food is in there and has completed the suggested minute.

Easy to operate, good value for the money. Seems to cook better than my last kenmore microwave.

We moved to a new apartment and no longer had a microwave. Since we have a limited income, we did not want to pay for a high priced one. Fortunately we researched the kenmore and purchased it. This microwave is very, very good.The price was right and it performs perfectly.

Big with a beautiful modern look with intuitive easy to use controls. Only negative for me was chord placement, only 2 1/2 foot long and on the wrong side for me. Not a killer only had to scramble for an extention.

Not bad, it is a little on the noisy side but does work well.

GE PEB7226DFBB Profile 2 : Perfect Replacement for older Built in Microwave

Item was no longer available through big box stores.

Echoing another review: i can’t comment on reliability (just received 2 days ago), but it was a perfect replacement for my ten-year old ge je2160bf03 built-in. No additional “trim kit” ($180) needed. The old built-in trim hardware was easy to transfer to this newer model. Slid right into place and looks great.

Today is 20 yr anniversary in our house and we started off with all white ge profile kitchen appliances. The fridge/freezer is still working fine, the oven, cooktop, and compactor are all fine. We have replaced the dishwasher 2 yrs ago. The ge profile microwave is another story. Now the 3rd one has just died after only 17 months (magnitronwe are told). So, keeping with the white, and having liked this model here, and because we have the built-in with frame,we are going to buy our fourth. Did not get the warranty before, but plan to on this one.

This microwave is the perfect replacement for my original unit. I didn’t have to replace the mounting kit from the old unit. It’s a powerful oven and plenty large enough for my needs. It is very quiet when operating. The black gloss finish is nice and easy to keep clean.

  • Good replacement for je2160bf03 – Didn’t need a trim kit upgrade
  • Hat finder
  • Perfect Replacement for older Built in Microwave

GE PEB7226DFBB Profile 2.2 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • GE PEB7226DFBB Profile 2.2 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave by General Electric
  • 1,100-Watt of cooking power and 10 cooking levels for boiling, reheating and defrosting
  • Turntable is ideal for even cooking results or for accommodating oversized dishes
  • Sensor cooking automatically sets the optimal time and power level
  • Microwave comes with a one year limited warranty

Much quicker than the old one. We like the large turn table and it’s easy to clean.

Just installed and it was larger than anticipated.

Works great and wonderful price.

10/31/2015 update: the new microwave purchased april 2015 began to emit a rattling sound. Ge service changed out all the high voltage components, magnetron, transformer, etc. But the microwave continued to rattle. Ge service came in again and the technician saw sparks entering the cooking chamber from a burned-through hole close to the magnetron. The april 2015 microwave is now toast and i will receive a new one. I purchased this ge 1200 watt, 2. Ft microwave on another site. But my history is deep with this particular ge microwave lineage. This model has always had super power and an easy to understand interface.

Microwave arrived with dent in the side wall. Not worth the hassle of exchanging, but less than i would expect from geotherwise it functions as expected.

Does what it’s supposed to do. Except it only has one -not very loud- beep at end of the cook cycle.

Hopefully it will last many years.

This unit was purchased to replace a slightly older ge profile microwave. After installing this [more expensive] one, we realized it did not have the “reminder” feature which the other one had (and which we greatly miss). It is also a little noisier than the previous microwave. However, it does do the job it is meant to do–microwave food.

I can’t comment on durability since i literally just installed this myself yesterday, but i did want to mention a few things. I bought this to replace an older ge profile microwave (model je2160bf03) that died on me because a ge rep recommended it. This is for a built in cabinet setup. A lot of sites, ge reps, and reviewers mention you have to get a new trim kit (costs around $180 or so) for it. This wasn’t the case for my situation. I have a 30″ trim kit that was previously installed and i was still able to use the exact same one for this model. All the holes/screws line up the exact same and the venting works normal with the existing trim kit. So i’m not sure what everyone is talking about when they say you need to order a new one?. The trim kit i have was purchased in 2006 and works just fine with this model. I wanted to give my two cents on that in case anyone else was thinking of dropping another 200 bucks.

It’s large enough for big dishes. Loving it but does take up a lot of space but the size was known.

So far working great and looks good too with the built in trim kit.

Unfortunately, this is the third ge profile microwave i have had in the house in 17 years. So i guess a little over 5 years is life for these things. I got a 5 year warranty this time. All i worry about is finding it in 5 years. Or remembering i have it 🙂 while they work, they are great. Just expect to replace it about that time.

This was good buy n handle d perfect by amazon.

Everything is easily found on the panel; including instructions. It even reminds you if you turn it on with nothing inside. Big, be sure your space is the right size.

This microwave oven replaces another ge profile microwave oven that died after 11 years of service. The new microwave oven works fine, although it did arrive with a dent in the rear upper right hand corner of the cabinet. Apparently, this happened at the factory during packaging, as my husband unpacked the oven and stated that it was well insulated, and he did not believe it could have been damaged during shipping. This dent does not interfere with the oven’s performance. To date, we are very satisfied with it.

Good replacement for older unit.

This is very noisy compared to the unit, also a ge, that it replaced. We don’t like the noise and wonder if this unit is defective.

A little too big for the area that i had the older one in but over all its working well jane diaz.

Nostalgia RMO400RED Retro 0 : Adds Character and Charm to my Red Kitchen

I needed a dash of bold color, red, on my kitchen. This pairs up nicely with hamilton beach electric kettle. Shown in picture for size comparison.

I debated buying this for some time; i’m not rich, and i knew it was more practical to go for a microwave half this price. That said, i’m so glad i went for it, because the look of this microwave alone justifies the higher price. Not only that, but it works every bit as well as higher-power microwaves i’ve used; mine is the 800-watt model, but heats faster than 1100-watt ones i’ve used in the past. My only concern at this point is that once this one dies (hopefully not for well over a decade), i’ll never find another one as awesome again.

Nostalgia RMO400RED Retro 0.9 Cubic Foot 800-Watt Countertop Microwave Oven – Retro Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 800-Watts Cooking Power : At 0.9 cubic foot, this microwave provides the cooking power needed to quickly cook and reheat foods
  • Customizable Cooking Settings : 12 pre-programmed cooking settings and delay timer provide options for the optimal heating of popular foods like popcorn, pizza, potatoes, veggies and more
  • Digital Clock : Easy-to-read LED display lights up the digital clock and highlights each cooking setting
  • Even Cooking : Rotating glass carousel helps cook food evenly
  • Retro Accents : A sleek chrome door handle, control panel and accents add fun and flair to this unique retro-styled appliance
  • Note: Kindly refere user manual before user for How To Operate, Helpful Tips and Cleaning & Maintenance

The shipping container wasn’t too solid, i did have one back corner that’s a bit bent, but it doesn’t seem to affect the unit. The directions are impossibly confusing, but the nice things is if you don’t set the clock it doesn’t flash 12:00, so your laziness isn’t on display for all to see. If you push the round dial it auto-starts to 1 minute, and then you just roll the dial back and forth to add/remove time. I haven’t needed to use any other function. I do find that i need to add a bit more time to heat things up, but for the size and the cost it’s really a solid little microwave.

First, my technical analysis: it works and it is so darn cute. When my 25 year old behemoth microwave gave up the ghost recently, i seached amazon for a replacement and once i saw this one (in red) i couldn’t find anything else i liked as much. Reading the mixed reviews, i was a little hesitant, but decided to go for it. It arrived 3 days early, packaged perfectly and i was able to carry it into the kitchen myself (unlike the old one, which i could barely lift off the counter and had to ‘walk’ out side because it was too heavy to carry). There will be a steep learing curve for me. I was so used to increasing the cooking time by at least half with the old one. But the manual is very clear and explains the settings clearly (i will, however, have to keep it handy for awhile if i venture beyondsimply reheating coffee/leftovers or preparing frozen chicken sandwiches; you can set it for multiple functions). And the seller sent an e-mail with their email and phone number to call with any questions. How often does that happen?one of the reviews mentioned it lacked power. Well my first test use was to reheat my coffee: i set it for the usual 2:22 minutes. Removed the cup from the microwave, put in a spoonful of sugar and whoosh. It foamed up and overflowed. Those molecules were thoroughly agitated.There’s my learning curve again.

I have had this microwave for a few months now and i have no complaints. I have gotten several compliments from guest about it’s attractiveness. So far so good, i would say it is worth the purchase.

Nostalgia RMO400RED Retro 0.9 Cubic Foot 800-Watt Countertop Microwave Oven – Retro Red : This isn’t one for making a thanksgiving dinner, but certainly worth the money spent. Easy controls, does its job and cooks evenly. Has a turntable inside and looks great.

Love love love this microwave. Using solidly for 3 months now. Does only go in 10-sec increments, though. Hint: don’t throw away the plate stabilizer. I did that and it still works, but i need to buy a replacement. It got tossed out w/ the box.

It started to rust on the inside and then the table turning mechanism got all chewed up and quit working. We bought it specifically for its looks. It has a working turn table. A bag of popcorn has a hard time spinning because of the inside dimensions so buy single – portion smaller bags. I have cooked several good size gords of squawsh cut in halves one half at a time. Other than that i heat soup or leftovers in it and its doing its job. It has great vintage looks and it works. Probably the smallest they make but it works for all our little jobs. We don’t need a giant microwave any more.

I read the reviews before i bought this little gem and some were very iffy, loud noise, didn’t heat etc. I almost did not buy it but i loved the style so i gave it a shot. Mine does not display any of those issues. It cooks and heats great and doesn’t make any louder of a noise than any other microwave i have had. I love the style and size 🙂 super cute and i am very happy with my purchase.

Missing the piece that makes it go around.

So cute it’s ridiculous, and i absolutely love the dial feature. Controls are so intuitive i haven’t even looked at the manual. Not as powerful as my previous ugly white microwave (which, still working after 10 years, just got demoted to my office), but working so far. If it craps out in a short amount of time, i’ll edit to say so. But i am extremely happy with it initially. I bought it for its looks, of course – microwaves in particular have been ugly design disasters ever since they’ve been in existence, and this one is a welcome exception to that unfortunate trend. The plate rattles a little as it rotates, and the electronic beep would be much better as a retro ‘ding,’ but for such a low price and fast free shipping, it’s really nicer than i had hoped.

Not sure what the wattage is — seems to take a bit longer to heat things than other microwaves, but purchased this one for my retro kitchen so i was primarily going for the look.

Beautiful machine, arrived in excellent condition, color is gorgeous deep red with a car like shine that mimics the old car styles, bottom controls are nice, smooth and easy. Like anything new it takes a bit to get used to. The space inside is deep and great, you get a glass rotating table, super efficient when heating. Controls give you multiple options and there’s also a quick start button that operates in 30 second intervals up to 12 minutes. This was a christmas gift to my fiancé, he even admitted that he loves the sleek design and the retro style with the elements that pull you back to the 60’s. Would love a matching toaster in the same color to make a matching set. The machine operates semi quiet, no louder than any other microwave on the market.

The microwave is very well made and a great size. I bought the coffee maker and toaster too.

I was a little worried after reading some reviews. We have had no issues at all. Not a professional kitchen product i’d say. It is just a basic micro that looks cool. I will update if it goes south.

It’s small, red, and vintage-like. Loud and not particularly powerful, but if you’re just using it to reheat the occasional leftover, you’ll be happy.

This is my husbands account, but i’m usually the one to use it. My husband is the one who cooks, so he got to pick it out. It’s beautiful, sleek, and looks just like the picture. Works like a dream, and really spruced up our kitchen. We love it and couldn’t be happier.

It’s a stunner, bright red and looks 👍. Hoping functionality is good, only time will tell. I actually really like the dial function. Was super easy to figure out even without looking at the instructions.

Updated***amazon sent me a replacement and did not have me try to return the original one. Thank you amazonthis one works great and just the darned cutest microwave i ever seen.Original review:i was so excited to receive this microwave. Sadly, i tried to use it last night, with a house full of people of course and although everything seemed in working order, it did not heat. I tried multiple settings and even unplugging the unit in an effort to reset it. Absolutely nothingnow i have to try to rebox this thing and return it. Should be interesting to say the least. I purchased the matching multi-function appliance as well. I guess i will be returning that as well as i will not be purchasing another microwave from nostalgia.

I was leary after reading numerous bad reviews, but i loved the look so i bought the three year extended warranty, for protection. So far it is working great does the job for me. The problem with the five star reviews is that, just like me they were written early in the use of the item. I cannot testify to the reliability of this item. Maybe i will be one of the lucky ones, maybe not. Either way i am covered with the extended warranty.

I am happy with this microwave, doesn’t get much space, looks very nice and presentable, works perfectly i always keep it clean, warm up the food perfectly. I have no complaints about this product makes look my kitchen with more style.

I love the look, and it does a good job of heating things. #1, which is my fault for not doing my research, it won’t fit oversized plates. Regular dinner plates, yes, but the slightly larger main salad or pasta plates?. #2: there’s no timer function on this microwave.

Kenmore Elite 2 : So far, so good.

Use the number buttons to start minutes automatically and the start button to add 30 second increments automatically. . Saw another review with this problem on the sears. Com page for this microwave; now it is deleted. This is how sears handles bad pressworked fine for 2 1/2 years, but it started running by itself when the door is closed, and with no one touching it. The only way to stop it is by opening the door; this is not safe. Did troubleshooting and door switches are good, so was told need to replace control board. This microwave is made by haier and very few parts are available besides the glass tray parts and rubber feet.

Very pleased with the microwave. It is nice and large, sturdy, quality microwave and it gets the job donephl sk.

I purchased this on the 28th and it came on the 30th. I have an overhead microwave shelf built into my kitchen cabinets. The unit just fits on the shelf. The bottom of the front feet is millimeters away from the edge of the shelf. We had to secure the microwave because it does move a bit when you pull the door open and we don’t want the microwave, or it’s contents, to fall off the shelf onto someone. **also, the power cord is kind of short (maybe 3 feet long). The cord comes out on the top right side of the machine. It wouldn’t reach my outlet so i had to buy a heavy duty extension cord. That said, so far i am happy with the machine.

It has a very large inside which makes it great for doing allot more than simply reheating a plate. The only downside as far as i am concerned is that it is hard to figure out. The times are on the inside part of the inner door but you have to hit a button sometimes 7 plus times to set it for a certain heating time. You have to hit the cc button 5 times i believe it was. I just hit the one minute and the heck with it. It has an easy clean inside too.

  • So far, so good.
  • GREAT microwave!
  • It’s very easy to operate and we were shocked at the quietness

Kenmore Elite 2.2 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave w/ Extra-Large Capacity Black 74229

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    by entering your model number.
  • The Kenmore 74229 countertop microwave has a roomy 2.2 cu. ft. capacity
  • With 1200 watts and 10 power levels, this Kenmore microwave allows you to cook and reheat quickly
  • Sensor reheat takes the guesswork out of warming leftovers
  • The blue LED display makes it easy to see the numbers when you set cook times and power levels
  • The 16.5-in. diameter turntable accommodates long cookware

I have had this microwave about a year and already it is failing. Something electrical is burning/melting when we use it and it smells awful. For the money i paid for this appliance, i expected it to last much longer. This may be just one of those lemons (meaning only mine is faulty, but the majority works fine), but when i went online to do some research about what we were smelling, i could see that i want the only one with a.

Met performance expectations.

Great microwave–but, agree with other reviewers about clock/power indicator light being blue. Difficult to see plus it is not very big. Also agree that keypad print is small in addition to not being bright white. Previously had a kenmore elite microwave from 2009, interior color was ivory so it was easy to see food. This one is almost black inside and light is not very bright.

Great customer support, works well, good cooking power, good noise level.

This the biggest microwave we have ever seen in our life & we just love it & its so big & roomy.

Excellent product – works very well – shipping time was outstanding.

I purchased this microwave via the sears website and it was on sale for $135. After taking it out of the box i could tell it was lighter than my old panasonic inverter which was also 2. The first thing i cooked was a tv dinner, stouffer’s lasagna with meat sauce. Cooked it on full power for 6 minutes 15 seconds then on 50% power for the same amount of time. I was surprised at how quiet this unit is. My old panasonic was very loud. The label on the front of the unit is written in small characters so if you are in older person with poor eye sight you might want to keep a magnifying glass handy when you start punching those buttons. Also the default cooking power is level 10. If you want to cook something at 50% power you have to press the power button, the number 10 will appear, then you keep pressing power until it says 5. Again, this is one quiet microwave.

First of all this is a big microwave. Make sure you have the counter space. Having said that, i find it very intuitive, it is weirdly quiet, and cooks food perfectly. My husband and i bought this for one of our christmas gifts to each other and i have zero regrets. The only thing is, i put my food in it then keep checking to make sure i turned it on because it is so quiet. Oh, i guess the one negative thing is the ring that the turntable goes on is really flimsy, but we haven’t had any issues with it, but it does worry me a bit. Not sure what all the complaints are regarding the reminder beep – it is just doing it’s job and letting you know it is time to chow.

We received it before the time that it was supposed to be delivered. It’s very easy to operate and we were shocked at the quietness while running. I like that the door is easy to open. I purchased it based on the other reviews that i read. I’m very happy for the other reviews, since we enjoy our new microwave.

It’s quiet and large enough for all of our needs. Only 1 think i dislike is that it continues a series of beeps if you don’t get to it immediately.

So far it has been everything we expected.

So far great microwave, this replaces a 20 yr old sharp that finally bit the dust. Very large capacity and can fit large bowls and dishes for heating, heats fast on highest setting. Have not used all the features yet, but seem well built and the handle seems sturdy. For us the blue display is easy to read and see, only draw back is the inside light when the door is open is not very bright. Seems dim when looking at food.

Very large, actually just a bit larger than i expected.

We upgraded from a 1993 one so maybe all microwaves would be awesome to us, but this thing is so big inside. I can microwave two dinner plates. Also, the presets are awesome and convenient.

Yes, i read the reviews and this is a monster size microwave but we got the huge square dishes, so round hole, square peg situation. There is plenty of room in this food zapper for most anything to turn with plenty of room. Just make sure you have tons of room on your counter for a trunk. Ours is not as quiet as most folks stated. Maybe we need to sit it on something softer than the granite.

This microwave has been great and i cooks food very quick and evenly no problems so far.

Works great, spacious interior. Family found it easy to use right out of the box.

Purchased as a gift, recipient likes the microwave weight and power. Be sure space is no problem, this microwave is large.

Frigidaire FFCM0734LS 700-watt Countertop Microwave : 2nd time around works fine. Recommend!

As others have wrote unit is lightweight and touchpad needs a bit of a push, unit slides if not against the wall. A piece of non skid shelf liner under the unit will do the job.

This is a replacement for the first one of the same item tat lasted 3 years and the interlock door mechanism failed. The door was opened and closed an accumulative 1000-1500 times over that period. I wouldn’t say that we were abusive or ever slammed it closed. It’s my nature to try to repair rather than replace things that don’t work. I called fridigaire customer service to see if replacement parts for the interlock and spring were available. And of course, it was well past the one year warrantee. I also called an appliance repair guy who said spending $ 65 on the service call for a 3 year old, $ 100 product didn’t make sense. So, other than possible durability issues, this product is good looking and does what it’s supposed to do.

Does what it is supposed to do, and looks good setting on our new kitchen counter tops. I deduct one star only because the buttons are so hard to push on the control panel. I had to figure out a way to secure it from the back to keep it sliding when we pushed the buttons. The ‘finished/done’ beeps are a bit loud and annoying, but effective.

For small, inexpensive microwaves this guy is the best. Good looking, built solid, true one-touch and not noisy. I’ve tried a few of these small, inexpensive microwaves and this one is the winner.

  • This aint the 1980’s anymore
  • Good product but questionable long-term durability
  • Works and looks great!

Frigidaire FFCM0734LS 700-watt Countertop Microwave, 0.7 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel

The microwave fits perfectly in our small space and is doing its job admirably.

Its small and fits perfectly into the space i intended it to be. It is small, therefore light. So, if you have it freestanding on a counter and you push any buttons, its going to move. It needs to have its back to a wall. 7 cubic feet is need to realize this thing wont cook a turkey for you. Reheating of leftovers, frozen meals, bagged veggies, popcorn, etc are this things max.

Searched extensively for a good looking compact microwave in stainless; found one that matches our frigidaire stainless fridge. Performs well for its 700 watt rating; of course have to adjust cook time from our former 1100w unit, but it fits much better in the available space. Just large enough inside for a 10 1/2″ plate or a corn popper, easy-clean smooth interior. The quick-start feature is very handy. Only improvement would be non-slip feet; unit is lightweight and touchpad needs a bit of a push, unit slides if not against the wall. A piece of non skid shelf liner under the unit will compensate. Couldn’t ask for a nicer microwave for the power and price :).

Love this new microwave and found very easy to use and perfect for a senior use, plus a perfect match with my new frigidaire electric range, side-by-side refrigerator, and dishwasher.

It is fine but the push button to release the door gets cocked and jams since day 1. Other then that it works ok.

Installed this for my chaparral boat.

I like its simple one button feature.

Had same model for 3 1/2 years when it broke but liked the size and looks and for the price bought the same one again. Great for heating vegs and making popcorn. These small microwaves are just throwaways, company doesn’t stock parts.

After doing tons of research trying to find a small microwave for my tiny condo i pulled the trigger on this one and i’m so glad i did. It fits my space perfectly, it looks great, it’s small but i haven’t had a problem fitting in any of the things i typically microwave, and it has just enough functions.

Timely and great for college.

Out of the box when plugged in the mw would not stop. Overall it’s nice looking, good finishes, compact. Update:purchased this mw again. Revising rating from 3 stars to 4. Four, due to prior experience.

This compact and easy-to-use microwave is even better than the broken one it replaced. The controls are easy to use. One caution: it comes with a blue film which adheres to the machine tightly. It took someone visiting to point this out so it could be removed. Otherwise it’s a 5 star machine.

My microwave is rather amazing. Its compact yet gets the position completed. It sits nicely on the counter along side my toaster and matches correctly with the rest of my stainless steal kitchen concept. It heats up immediately and effectively. It is a tight fit for a whole dimensions meal plate but it will work.

seven-hundred watts is only more than enough to warmth up your alternative of sustenance. This manufacturer is quite respectable at having solutions that last a although and complete at the developed degree of programming.

For the value this is not a undesirable microwave. With its very low wattage, it takes a little for a longer time to heat things up but that was to be envisioned. The only down aspect we have is that for the door to shut correctly, you have to slam it shut to completely latch closed.

Shipped in good ailment and prompt provider. Wanted a more compact quieter microwave. Way a lot more silent than my outdated 1 which was not that aged and was a more highly-priced micro. Fits significant meal plates with microwave lid on top rated. Also fits individuals bags of frozen veggies. I have had to alter my cooking and heating time because it doesn’t warmth as rapid, but no biggie because we mostly use it for defrosting, cooking frozen veggies, and reheating stuff.

Bought this for our boat, works great after using in on a number of cruising trips and many times at the dock. It was one of the smallest we could find with a turntable that would fit in a nook in our galley and are very happy with its functionality and looks of the stainless steel exterior.

Re-did the kitchen and replaced all appliances. This unit works as described and it is a perfect fit in the new kitchen.

Sharp R-1210 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot 1100-Watt Over-the-Counter Microwave : Perfect for our needs

I built my new kitchen area with this undercounter microwave as a aspect. The process lights coordinates with my undercounter lights and the front door, the only part that shows is really modern and looks fantastic in my kitchen area. In the course of the initial calendar year of operation a electric power failure thanks to a hurricane knocked out the led functionality on the doorway. This was coverered underneath the a single 12 months warranty and sears did the warranty operate and replaced the complete entrance doorway. The support individual stated sharp was recognized in the industry as acquiring pretty sensitive electronics and perhaps a surge protector would enable. I ordered a person and then all through the second year of operation a further ability failure occured due to hurricane. This time i experienced a surge protector and i unplugged the mircrowave until eventually the electric powered experienced been totally restored. Again i misplaced the led functionality, this time i did not have a guarantee. I contacted the surge protector guarantee division and experienced to mail them the surge protector.

five cf otc size, car contact otc microwave this microwave is a wonderful oven. It sits on a shelf over the counter and is easy to see and achieve into.

Looks sort of high-priced for the high quality but is the only selection i could uncover for the extremely certain opening that we had in our cupboards.

Love it, suits properly in our little kitchen. Sensor cooking functions great,.

Incredibly great microwave shipping and delivery was more rapidly than envisioned biggest within capacity for it is really dimension incredibly good on the lookout outside the house.

Sharp R-1210 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot 1100-Watt Over-the-Counter Microwave, Black : I purchased this microwave oven about six or seven years ago, because i was having my kitchen remodeled and wanted a unit that could be built-in. None of the other models i saw, from any manufacturer, seemed as perfect as this model. I have had absolutely no problems, except about three years ago i had a problem with the door sticking, which was probably my fault and easily fixed. I cleaned the inside of the lock with a q-tip and sprayed a drop of lubricant into the hole, and it has worked perfectly ever since. I happened to look today to see if this model was still available because i was thinking about buying a spare “just in case” and saw the negative reviews and was very surprised, and felt i should give my 2-cents. My microwave looks fabulous, and works perfectly. I couldn’t wish for more great features. It has a ton of pre-programmed selections. You don’t even need a manual as when you push the buttons it gives you all the choices right on the display. It even has a button for a light under the unita woman must have designed it, because it is perfect.

I gave it 5 stars even even though we’ve had a problem with it. We acquired it to exchange the lifeless 24′ about-the-vary microwave in our motorhome. It was the only 24′ in excess of-just about anything i observed right after hours of hunting. We experienced to a little bit modify the opening but the install fits beautifully. I would not advise this for installation in an rv even although it’s the only 24′ design out there for the reason that, becoming 1100 watts, it attracts thirteen amps. If you are on a 30 amp service and have equally a/c models on and you begin the microwave you will either pop the shore energy breaker or the principal electricity fuse in this microwave will blow. (that is the voice of knowledge talking. ) it may well be okay on a 50 assistance. We fix the dilemma by turning off the compressor on the back a/c when we want to use the microwave. Inconvenient but no extra difficulties.

A quite good (but overpriced) microwave. I needed a ‘hang below the cabinet’ product — and this was the ideal i identified — a similar ‘sit on the counter’ variation is about 50% significantly less highly-priced. The guidance for mounting with wall and wiring templates created installation less complicated.

Performs very good and fit the spot. Be certain to cautiously read through their return policy.

Seriously challenging to get enthusiastic about a microwave oven but this 1 is fairly great. It heats up stuff like no kinds enterprise.

This is the next 1 of these we have bought. The to start with a person died right after several several years of devoted services. I learned that no other device is built with the very same dimensions so i was pretty content to discover this one particular is nevertheless manufactured. It’s impressive and has helpful attributes. My only want is that sharp will acquire a very similar product that is the same sizing and shape but is a microwave/convection oven.

This sharp replaced a twenty+ calendar year aged 700 watt j. Penney/panasonic convection/microwave oven which was the initially kitchen area equipment my spouse and i acquired with each other. We try out to acquire treatment of our appliances, browse the manuals, and observe the guidelines humorous how that is continually brought us excellent luck. I’ve been cooking completely on it for the past a few weeks though we waited for our counter tops in our kitchen rennovation and my jenn-aire has been disconnected. The only cause i’m supplying the sharp 4 stars as an alternative of 5 is because i can make no genuine comment on its sturdiness and longevity in 3 months, but its effectiveness to date has been five-star. I picked the sharp about equivalent panasonics due to the fact present-day output likewise sized and featured sharps weigh twenty five to thirty % much more than panasonics they seem to be more sturdy to me. I have owned many other sharps for office and cabin use and have had no issues with any of them. Following examining other assessments below, we did invest in an prolonged guarantee together with the oven, though we stay in an space with relatively steady mains electrical power and we don’t place stuff in the microwave that are inclined to wreck microwaves. The sharp over the counter micorwave arrived effectively packed with all vital mounting and hook-up accessories.

My 1st microwave died right after 8 a long time (electrical commenced shorting out and leading to arcs). Because it truly is over-the-counter, i looked for an correct alternative. I am so happy sharp nonetheless helps make this a single (with a few updates). It was primarily a ‘pop aged 1 out, pop new a single in’. The directions have been quick, and the box it came in is part of the installation approach (use the boxt to rest the previous microwave as it will come out – and set new one on to lift it up. Constantly beloved this microwave – potent and cooks evenly.

Arrived with damaged sensor functionality.

We installed our sharp microwave (r-1210) in oct 2012. We’ve had absolutely no problems with this device – even following electricity outages, and so forth. Hope i am not jinxing my correctly working microwave just checked amazon to see if the r-1210 is continue to out there. The undertaking lighting underneath the microwave is fantastic. Ours is mounted in a tailor made kraftmaid cupboard in excess of our countertop. If i require to exchange, i will need to have the similar design or a more recent design with the identical proportions.

This microwave is excellent. It appears wonderful in our industrial design and style kitchen area. It is small profile and i would remarkably advise it.

This microwave was set up in our residence by the preceding proprietors and we liked it well enough that we took it with us when we moved. Now, we couldn’t have still left it due to the fact the show display stopped performing soon after a pair years–a problem identified to have an effect on this microwave–but it is effective quite well in any other case. Also, this is a to some degree unique size. Most installable microwaves are thirty inches, this just one is only 24 inches so will work well for small areas.

Want it experienced a thirty 2nd as perfectly as one minute button.

I definitely enjoy it , although still obtaining used to how it defrosts. Took a person star away mainly because there have been quite a few screws lacking from the microwave. We found them embedded in the packing foam and had been ready to set them in,but nonetheless assumed it really worth mentioning. Additional corporations need to make this actual physical outer size microwave.

We wanted to replace our developed in sharp microwave that was mounted with our kitchen area transform eighteen many years ago. I conversed with a sharp rep on line and was assured that area dealers experienced the model i wanted, but they did not. Observed this on amazon and it was a ideal in shape. Ideally this model will previous as extended as the primary.

I like all the capabilities and the wattage and measurement is what i wanted.

Wanted to substitute the exact sharp unit just months immediately after getting this new property. This prior device was only three years old. Would like to have purchased other than sharp but will need to in shape accurately into a custom made place. This is the only in excess of the counter product we uncovered. Everything else was counter major or more than the stove.