Blendtec HPA-611-25 Home HP3A Blender WildSide – with 4′ blade

Good product blends seeds and other hard items.

I purchased this blender in july last year and have been using it daily and love it. I use it mainly to make green smoothies to fortify my bones and include all sorts of leafy vegetables and this way i eat a much larger serving than i would in a salad or soup etc. I add other veggies too and a little bit of frozen fruits to make it more palatable, a chunk of ginger, sometime an entire avocado including the pit. No problem: it all comes out creamy and you get all the fibers (that’s a plus compare to the juicers). The pre-programmed settings make it very easy to use: i don’t have to ‘think’ when i prepare my smoothie first thing in the morning before leaving for work and i know i will have a very healthy meal for my day away from home. I purchased ‘green smoothies’ by v. Boutenko to learn optimum ways and get ideas for combining veggies. It is a little loud but it’s really not an issue for me. The square jar allows the food to blend well and you never need to go in with a spatula to get the stuff off the sides as it happens with round jars. Washing is a breeze: the jar doesn’t need to be put apart from the blade etc.

This is the best blender and juicer out there. I bought one of these at in-store costco and it is way cheaper than amazon. I just got mine about two weeks ago and i have been juicing and creating smoothies several times a day. The cleaning part of it is also amazing. It takes literally less than a minute to clean it. It is a bit loud though but that doesn’t bother me. I own a breville and this is just ten times better than that. I’m thinking of selling my breville in craiglist. Here are the specifications for the Blendtec HPA-611-25 Home HP3A Blender WildSide:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Powerful 1560 watts, 120 volt, 13 amps, 3 peak h/p motor
  • 25 pre-programmed cycles tell the motor when to speed up, slow down and shut off automatically. includes four user-defined cycle buttons
  • Compact 15” height easily fits under kitchen cabinets
  • Includes a WildSide jar with 4” cold-forged stainless steel blade. Jar is made from durable BPA free Tritan copolyester.
  • Durable base made from industrial grade polycarbonate resists scratching and wear. flat, sealed face plate and buttons reduce unsanitary build up.

I was hesitant to spend this much money on a blender but i was wrong. I use our blendtec just about everyday for smoothies and processing.

I buy this one which is cost efficient than the vitamix 750 for myself, and bought the vitamix 750 for my sister. This one looks better, but the noise is larger than vitamix. However, the juice which is made by both the two blender is very good, almost the same.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great but noisy blender
  • Great product and Great customer service
  • LOVE IT!

After having gone through 4 blenders in the last 8 years i decided to fork the money over for this blendtec blender. I should have purchased it much, much sooner. This blender makes the best smoothies ever. It doesnt grind the seeds from blackberries, but crushes the ice to a smooth consistency.

This blender does everything it promises to do. I was a little skeptical at first, but have been blown away since i first tried it. I would highly recommend it to everyone. I’m buying another one for my parents for father’s day. I would recommend going with the 3qt size container at a minimum. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll be blending once you start.

I’ve had several blenders and this blendtec by far is this best ever. I am very very pleased with it.

Later i want to make salsa with it when the tomatoes come in season. I wish i had this years ago.

I bought this blender because i was tired of my kitchenaid that simply could not crush ice, regardless of the setting. This blender, on the other hand, is amazing as far as handling ice goes. Ice goes in, cold beverage comes out. In fact, it is so good at crushing ice that you need to put in a lot more than you think you’ll need if you’re hoping to make a smoothie or shake. This thing turns ice into cold water. My only complaints are that it comes with a plastic jar which will scratch up over time and that it is far noisier than any blender i ever owned before. Even more than our old cuisinart, which i thought was pretty noisy. I wish i had one of those blender boxes like they use in smoothie shops to cut down on the noise. I can’t make a shake early in the morning without waking up the neighborhood. Other than that it is a fantastic blender thus far.

Very happy with my purchase, did a lot of research and glad i got the 4′ blade for ease of use.

After using and burning out previous ‘cheap’ blender, i am thrilled to be using my blendtec. It’s worth every dollar spent. Does great blending job which i needed for my fruit/veggie smoothies.

Does a good job at most tasks but it is incredibly loud. The pitcher is nice and wide.

This is a great blender, recommended by other users, they were right .

We did a lot of research between this and the vitamix. Decided to go with this one due to the reviews and the price. Use it every day for smoothies and juices.

Large container, very powerful. Bought as a gift for my son and his wife. They use it mainly for smoothies, but with the power it has i am sure it would make a fine chipper-mulcher. Although i am certain the manufacturer would not recommend it.

Terrific blender that does everything. Love it and use it daily to make smoothies, soups, almond butter, hummus. Only wish i had purchased this years ago. It replaces many of my other small appliances making my kitchen better organized and frees up cupboard space used for all my small appliances. This blendtec is attractive enough earn a permanent spot right on my counter. I bought this one on a daily deal at a great price. It was worth the wait and amazon customer service was great when i had to return the first one due to a cosmetic issue with the first digital screen. Don’t hesitate to buy this one.

I’ve had this blender for almost a year, and have been very satisfied with everything about it. First, the following is information that i put together as i was making my own purchase decision. Amazon has this same product available, in different colors and with different combinations of blending containers, in a bunch of separate listings (and in both the ‘home and kitchen’ sections as well as the ‘appliances’ section) and from different sellers (both amazon itself, and third party vendors). This makes it difficult to sort out what is available on amazon, and it also makes it very inconvenient to read through the reviewer comments since they are not all collected in one entry. To help sort through all of this the following is what i found in doing my own research on this product:- i believe that essentially there are basically two blendtec models currently listed on amazon differing only in the number of cycles that are preprogrammed:— one model is the ‘total blender’ as designated by blendtec. It comes packaged with either the ‘fourside’ blending jar, or the ‘wildside’ blending jar (see below for explanation of differences), or both. — various colors are available (black, white, or red)— the blender has a 1560 watt / 3 peak hp motor— it comes with a 7 year warranty (the various amazon entries have different warranty statements. My blender states 7 year warranty clearly on the box, and on the product registration card included with the blender). — the second model is the ‘home’ or hp3a model, which is not shown on the blendtec website but is available on amazon from various sellers. This model has the same base and motor and includes 25 preprogrammed cycles (see below for more detailed explanation).

KitchenAid KSB560OB KSB560 5 Speed Blender 56 Oz : A real shame – could be amazing

I absolutely love this blender. I had my old one for many, many years and i just bought this same exact one because it is so amazing. I use it every single morning to make my protein shake – with fresh fruit and ice. It works extremely well and it is very durable.

I was researching a lot of different blenders. Well lets just say besides the $350+ blendtec’s and vitamix’s this is probably the best blender you can get especially for this price range. Crushes ice without any issues with its ice crush feature, smoothies have all come out excellent. I registered my product so hoping the leaky carafe if it does happen will get taken care off. (seems like they have fixed this issue in the newer models).

KitchenAid KSB560OB KSB560 5 Speed Blender 56 Oz. Pitcher Onyx Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 5-speed blender offers .9 HP motor and Intelli-Speed electronic controls
  • Die-cast metal base; steel-reinforced coupler; 1-piece stainless-steel blade
  • Dishwasher-safe shatter-resistant pitcher with 56-ounce capacity; soft-grip handle
  • Dishwasher-safe shatter-resistant pitcher with 56-ounce capacity; soft-grip handle
  • Dishwasher-safe shatter-resistant pitcher with 56-ounce capacity; soft-grip handle
  • Dishwasher-safe shatter-resistant pitcher with 56-ounce capacity; soft-grip handle

I tried out a few different blenders recently and did a ton of research before buying this kitchenaid blender. Honestly, i really wanted a vitamix, but just couldn’t bring myself to pay over $350. When i bought this kitchenaid i had mixed feelings. I was happy that i had purchased a blender for under $100 that had the style of carafe that i wanted, was short enough to fit under my cabinets, and was extremely easy to clean all parts. I’ve been very impressed with it’s blending abilities. The ‘crush ice’ automatic pulsing is a great way to work through apples, carrots, beets, or whatever else might jam up another blender. I’ve never had to use a tamper with this blender, and honestly cannot even remember having to stop it to adjust any of the ingredients. This ‘crush ice’ feature really works well. I put whole beets, whole apples, large chunks of carrots, and lots of ice and it just does great. I even throw in whole flax seeds in my smoothies and they disappear into the mix while blending everything else.

I used to have a two-speed cuisinart blender many years ago which was built like a tank and could liquify anything in seconds. It died about 10 years ago and i have tried one blender after another: from cuisinart (they definitely don’t make them like they used to) to oster and everything in between. None of them worked well: most took a long time to make a smoothie, or would leak, or would start smoking, or some just died on me. A month ago got this kitchen aid model. Finally found a blender that is just as good, if not better, than my old cuisinart. The kitchen aid blender is fast and powerful. I thought i wouldn’t like the fact that the blade assembly is permanent but realize this is a much better design. Very easy to clean, and everything fits very easily. In short, i recommend this blender without reservation – it’s by far the best one i’ve come across, and believe me, i tried many of them.

Like many who’ve bought this blender, i looked closely at this one because it was rated very highly by cook’s magazine. The stainless and nickel finish models are the most highly rated, but the regular one seems to have all of the same specs, and is $50 cheaper. It is a far better blender than the multi-speed oster blender it replaced.

KitchenAid KSB560OB KSB560 5 Speed Blender 56 Oz. Pitcher Onyx Black : This blender is an over-all great piece for the price. It blends everything and anything you give it down to a fine consistency. The pulse feature for blending iced drinks is great. The flush buttons are easy to clean. The big capacity jar is wonderful. When the jar sits on the base it vibrates and rattles. You can hold the bottom of the jar and this will make it quieter and down play the rattling. It needs a tighter fit with a plastic ring to eliminate this problem.

This blender is fantastic, fantastic. I bought it to make homemade mocha frappes to save money and it crushed the ice and blended the ingredients amazingly. I made some smoothies and it blended everything quickly and evenly. I really, really recommend this blender.

It makes quick work of ice, lemons, or anything else. Even accidentally touched the blades with a plastic muddler, which was quickly destroyed but the blades show no evidence of my mistake. It cleans easily with some soapy water or in the dishwasher. Love that i don’t have to disassemble the carafe to wash or reassemble to use. I know with the kitchenaid name, i can expect this to last.

My son was having jaw surgery which ment 6 weeks of not chewing. Finally i purchased this for the affordable blender and a vita-mix $$$. I have compared the two side by side for two weeks. Honestly they are pretty close. Be sure to put liquid in the bottom and start in pulse/chop a few quick times, if done i don’t think there will be container issue. The vita-mix with the variable speed has you do the same. The only downside is not having the stick to push down the contents when an air bubble occurs and my raw vegies are a tiny bit courser than the vita-mix. I figure i can take the extra 10 seconds to open the lid and push contents down and know my body will work a tiny bit more on my green smoothies.

I’ve had this blender for over a year. I make green smoothies everyday. It has enough power to make them very smooth, however, to get them as smooth as high end blenders, you have to blend for over a full minute. So it’s a minor inconvenience to save a couple hundred dollars. On the negative, the pitcher started leaking after 7 months. Green oozed from underneath. I email kitchaid and they sent me a new one.

We purchased this blender earlier this year to replace a much cheaper hamilton beach blender. Overall, this one wasn’t much of an improvement. We had the leaky cup problem reported by the other reviewers, and finally called kitchenaid to complain. They immediately sent out a new cup, no questions asked. So far, the new cup has not leaked, but everything looks the same as the old one, so i’m not sure why the other one leaked and this one does not. We primarily use this blender for fruit smoothies, and the performance has been somewhat disappointing. The motor has plenty of power, but we have to frequently stop the blender to push down the frozen ingredients into the path of the blade.

I am thrilled by this blender. I just threw away my old osterizer, which took forever to make a thick smoothy, and usually needed help with manual stirring. No such problem with the kitchenaid. I can now make a really thick smoothy in just a few seconds of blending, and it is amazing to watch. It is big enough for three good sized smoothies, is simple to use, and easy to clean. And all for $90 – what a bargain.

Easiest blender to clean that i’ve ever owned. Love the fact that you just rinse out big chunks, add a little soap, some warm water, put the pitcher back on the base and blend. Throw the lid in the dishwasher and the cleaning is done. Our pitcher has started to cloud up with lots of use. (we make fruit and veggie smoothies almost daily. ) but this doesn’t affect the functionality.

Bought this one for my daughter she and we, went thru several ‘heavy duty ‘ ones before i got her this if you need to crush ice or do frozen drinks or smoothies don’t waste your money on anything else. Had mine fo about 5 years love it use it amost daily for smoothies and margaritas. I have no issues with leaks or cracks as others, however i did read the manual and they tell you not to put it in the dishwasher ,just rinse and fill part way with water(i add a little dawn) and run on high. Also i think if you are impatient and don’t wait till it stops spinning as i sometimes do, you could possibly strip something , but i have not (yet) 5 yrs.

I purchased this blender in may 2009 and i have nothing but glowing reviews about it. I’ve mainly been using it for smoothies/shakes, so the ice crushing feature has been put to good use. A lot of the negative reviews of this blender have noted leaking, but i haven’t had any problems with this whatsoever. I do hand wash my blender, though (i’m overly cautious, especially since it’s made out of plastic), and it sounds like some have had problems after washing in the dishwasher (?). My blender still looks good as new, though – no scratches/cracking/leaks.

We use this one more than our food processor now. It does about everything we need it to do and with a higher capacity. Of course, any blender is going to be a little noisy. I was concerned about not having a glass jar, but the heavy acrylic is really sturdy.

I called kitchenaid and even though i am over half a year past warranty, they are sending me a new pitcher. Coolold review:loved this blender until the pitcher started leaking out the bottom. Tried tightening the bolt, but it just doesn’t stay. Basically the same problem many others have had and since i use it at least once, and sometimes two to three times a day, that’s just not a good thing.

I bought this mixer 4 months ago, prior to going on a diet that prescribed daily protein shakes: my old waring mixer just wasn’t going to survive the daily use. I think it’s grand: the jar is polycarbonate instead of glass, which i didn’t think i’d like – but now that i’m using it i think it’s great. It does everything i’ve tried to make it do – it even does a great job crushing ice. The only thing i really wish it had was a smaller jar for making small batches, but that’s not really all that big a problem. I highly recommend this machine: i’ve had several brand-name blenders that weren’t worth what i paid for them. I think this one will be, even though it’s the most expensive one i’ve bought yet. I like the fact that the jar doesn’t come apart – it may make it a bit more difficult to clean, although that’s not been any kind of problem yet, but it means i’ll never have to worry about a gasket leak. Oh – and it would be nice to have a slower spinup to reduce small-batch splash, but at this price point i don’t expect that kind of feature. My grandmother has a oster that she loves, but the osters made today (even/especially the ‘classic’ ones) just aren’t built as well as the older ones. I’ve looked at them, and i can’t recommend them.

Power: this blender just plain works. I replaced an expensive blender that just would not continue to make great smoothies. Buttons: the multitude of buttons helps when one wants a variety of blended results. Sometimes i do want chunky pieces in a drink — sometimes not. Clear container: i am glad the container is clear since it allows me to see if there are contents left in it. My previous brand of blender was stainless and more than once, i unwittingly had left contents in it for more than a few days. Rubber feet: this blender has rubber feet that stay planted on the counter. My last blender would ‘walk’ around during ice-crushing.

I am so amazed by my new kitchenaid blender and its ease of use. The plastic one piece unit is far better than i thought it would be. My old glass one was so much heavier by comparison. Then there is the ease of cleaning. My old one had to be disassembled, washed, and then put back together. This one has the blades right in the plastic. I’m very impressed by the updated technology used.

I got one of these a few months ago and love it, though admittedly i don’t do anything fancy with it, just shakes. The design is wonderfully simple and elegant, and cleanup is an absolute breeze, taking me no more than a minute. Interestingly, there was a huge price difference between colors when i bought, with the white one i got priced at around $75, and the cool red and tangerine models going for $15-$20 more. I figured the designer colors were positioned to appeal especially to people looking for a memorable wedding or housewarming gift, to whom price would likely be a lesser concern; i’m sure it doesn’t cost kitchenaid more to produce a red or tangerine unit (unlike the white iphone).

Had a vitamix blender but it was just not working as good as it used to (didn’t blend as smooth and the blades would sometimes not turn, the motor would just run). To be honest it was probably over 7 years old but i didn’t want to pay $500 for another vitamix. I love america’s test kitchen and they recommended this blender. But with the huge price difference $90 v. It’s too bad atk didn’t test the vitamix to compare. I just got into green smoothies and make a minimum of 2 per day. I also just had a baby and needed a strong blender to make smooth pureed baby food. Mother’s day came along and the hubby got me this blender.

Chefman Dynamic Blending System – Multi-tasking appliance – takes the work out of smoothie making

The dynamic blending system by chefman is a quality product. It has two blades one for emulsifying and one for grinding and three tumblers with travel caps. One of the caps can be poured from and the other is a lid. There is one 12 oz tumbler, two 24 oz tumblers and the 40oz blender. The base of the blender is a matte black with suction cups beneath it to keep the appliance in place. The 40 oz blender part is plastic, not glass, and marked on both sides with milliliters and cups. All of the parts fit tightly and there was no leakage when in use. It is easy to use and the instructions are clear. There are three settings low, medium and high as well as a button for pulsing.

This is a snazzy little blender. Not quite a magic bullet, not quite a full sized blender, it gives you the best of both worlds. My favorite part of this thing is actually the little suction cups on the bottom, lol. They are strong and hold the unit in place while using without being to strong to remove the machine easily for storage. It comes with 1x smaller cup size (still pretty big at 16 oz. ), 2x larger cups, and a small sized blending pitcher. There are two blade bottoms, i can’t really tell the difference between the two when using, but i like to be able to use one while the other is in the washer. It also comes with a drinking lip ring thing that is kind of pointless, and a flip top lid that is good for travel i guess. I never use either of these, although i could see the travel lid being useful. It makes me delicious smoothies in 10 seconds flat. With that comes quite a bit of noise, however, so i have to be careful not to use when my co-workers are busy (i keep it at work. )i think it is totally with the $35 price tag. From an aesthetic viewpoint, i love the look of this thing.

If you are looking for an inexpensive blender that really works well, look no further. My daughter is on a health kick and has been making her own smoothies for a while with a rather inexpensive hamilton beach blender. We always knew when she was doing so because the racket that thing made could wake up the neighbors. Her smoothies were not all that smooth, either. This blender really does a better job. It rally blended ingredients much better than her old one. The other accessories are handy, but i’m not sure how often we’ll use them. The suction cup feet really help keep it in place and the extra blades allow for flexibility in food preparation. There were two small issues, however. The lid to the main blender container has a really good suction system. Here are the specifications for the Chefman Dynamic Blending System:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Powerful 700 watt motor
  • 32-ounce BPA-free, easy pour pitcher
  • One 12-ounce and two 24-ounce BPA-free tumblers
  • Emulsifying blade
  • Grinding blade

I have waited a few months to write this review, and the chefman has only gotten better and grown dearer to my heart and more useful in my life with time. This machine rocks, well worth the price. I use it primarily for smoothies and sometimes for some saucy concoctions. It has blended all things leafy, frozen, and nutty i have tossed in and is consistent and reliable. Thank you chefman team, great product design and the company has responded to the questions i had very quickly.

The chefman rj35 dynamic blending system has a number of things for which it can be commended. Its suction feet hold the appliance firmly enough to hold it stationary during the blending process. It is pretty near perfect for working with liquid substances such as smoothies and salad dressings. The comfort top works as described and does not drip. The blending system works as described, but in order for it to do so, plenty of liquid must be present. It is very easy to clean and all parts can be cleaned separately. It satisfactorily pulverized ice cubes and frozen ingredients. You should ensure that the blade top is securely in place. If it is not in place, it will leak during the blending process and drip when you are pouring from the blender.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Chefman Rocks, A Healthier Life Enabler
  • Quick and powerful
  • Great Product

Highly rated by consumer reports in it’s price range. It does ice without problems.

I am truly enjoying all of the different uses for this blender. You can make smoothies, slushies and all sorts of mixed drinks in a way that is one-touch. The blender itself only has 4 different push button settings. The unit itself is minimalist in design but the adaptability of this blender is what makes it so good. It comes with 4 different size containers (3 are portable ‘smoothie size with lids). I have found the blades to be powerful. I have normally had issues with other products not truly chopping up ice or getting to frozen fruit well; so far i have not had that problem with this system. It has been put to a lot of use in my household and i think it is a fantastic addition.

We use this blender mostly for making smoothies and its performance is ‘pretty good. ‘ we are able to achieve full blend with no chunks hiding under the blades. We blend frozen fruit, fresh fruit, and milk. We have learned to keep the blender running for a while to ensure that no unblended chunks remain. This results in a frothy smoothy that i like. However, my owl would prefer no air would be featured in the blend. Her old ninja blender suits her better. You get lots of different jar sizes and multiple lid styles. You get rubber suction cups on the bottom for stability. You get to put all of it into the dishwasher except the motor/base. Visually, the quality is not of the highest order but it should last a while if handled gently.

Use it mostly for our daily breakfast smoothies although we have used it for other things too. It’s quick and powerful, really pulverizes kale and fruit to a nice smooth consistency and the cups make clean up easy. It’s a good size for our small counter top and we like the sleek matte design. I was a bit hesitant because i had never heard of this brand but i trusted the reviews and i really am glad i did. I don’t usually write reviews but i wanted to let other people know that we were happy with this.

I had another similar one, which cost about the same, but this one is much better. It has several speeds, the pitcher and tumblers are larger, the grinder works much better than my old one (it grinds pepper faster and less coarse). It also crushes ice very fine and much faster.

The only negative thing i can think of with this system is that it’s very loud, but the stellar performance makes that a minor detail. I gave this set to my wife to evaluate and here are her impressions:i already had a good, regular blender and was not eager to try a new one at this low price because i figured it would be sub par and a fight to get my smoothies smooth. I also had doubts about turning a liquid-filled container upside down on the base. I loaded in my yogurt and frozen fruit and very little juice just to see, the blender choke. But it made the quickest, easiest smoothie i ever made. No stalling, no poking the fruit in, no whirring around uselessly while the fruit rests on top. This blender grinds and liquefies anything i’ve put in it like a boss. I really appreciate that there are two blades and four containers in which to blend so i don’t have to hand wash or be forced to wait for the dishwasher.

Chefman offers a three-year warranty, but if you read it closely, it doesn’t offer all that much protection and the consumer pays shipping. In the event of a problem, you could be better off simply buying a new unit. That big reservation aside, the unit is nicely designed. Nothing fancy or terribly sophisticated: just smooth lines. Three buttons control the speed of the blades as they are turned by a claimed 700 watt motor. You get the choice of low, medium and high. For timing, you can use the pulse button which turns the unit on when the button is pressed and held down. Two blades are included: one for grinding, one for emulsifying. The blades are nothing more than shaped metal. The grinding blade is to be used with things like coffee beans and cinnamon sticks or thick fruits and vegetables, according to the manual.

When i first got it, i read the booklet that comes with it (it’s not that well-written but i got the idea anyway) and washed it, then assembled it. The base is very pretty, a matte black sort of affair that looks modern and respectable, and the plastic pitcher and tumblers were all in one piece and accounted for. The beauty of this gadget is that all the lids and all the other pieces are interchangeable. The lids fit everything and the bases fit everything. It’s really remarkably done and i had no trouble getting it all together. The booklet advises that ice cubes can be a problem sometimes so you want to let them sit out 5-10 minutes first, and make sure you put a little liquid in the blender along with them (water, milk, juice, etc). I did this and added unflavored greek yogurt and frozen strawberries, a couple drops of fiori di sicilia flavoring, and some sweetener. I was downright surprised at the noise it makes–it’s very loud, as noted, but not as loud as a vita-mix type blender i don’t think. I used pulse until it seemed like the ice cubes were whittled down, then medium speed with the emulsion blades (the other one is noted specifically meant only for grinding single dry ingredients, like coffee beans or cinnamon sticks). I’ve never had a blender that really did well with ice cubes, but this one got them all whittled down to snow and incorporated into my breakfast smoothie.

I have been wanting to buy blender for the past months. I was researching and reading reviews about different blenders. While researching i came into this blender and it has positive reviews. So, i decided why don’t i give a try and see it for myself. It hasn’t been long since i bought it, but i have used it four times and it works great. I like that it has different containers and the price is not that expensive for the product.

This item works really well. It’s a nice set, i do use it a lot. I like the speed it has and it’s so easy to use. I haven’t used the other blade yet, so i can’t comment on it. I don’t think it’s too loud, it sounds about normal. I also like that it’s lighter than my old blender. It’s nice to have the other cups fit the blender too, for blending different things.

There are a lot of blenders available on the market these days. I personally have tried everything from a blendtec to a magicbullet to a ninja blending system so i have seen how well some of the higher end (and higher priced) systems perform. Where does this little chefman stand in the blending world?. Well to be honest this does very well considering its pricetag. This blender only has 700 watts and only costs between 1/2 (the magic bullet cost me $60) to nearly 1/10th (the blendtec costs around $300). Can this blend and emulsify as well as the blendtec?. With a blendtec you can add just about anything and it will emulsify without a problem. This little chefman tries but is not able to fully pulverize seeds such as those from a guava. To be fair the magic bullet i own also is not able to grind down these seeds so this chefman performs about as well as a machine that costs nearly twice its price.

I now have three blenders and this is becoming my favorite. After trying this one, i find it less complicated than my more expensive one that takes up too much counter space. Or the smaller one that is only good for quick smoothies. One of the reasons this is my favorite is that it’s much easier to clean and takes up less counter space, but that’s not all.I like its power in mixing and appreciate the suction feet that keep it from slipping. Since i don’t cook as much as when i was younger, i generally use it for simpler things like smoothies and salad dressings, so don’t use it to its fullest potential. I love the yummy consistency of my strawberry shakes and my special thousand island dressing. However, my daughter is a vegetarian and she visits quite often. She commented that she loves the way it blends the spinach, avocado and other vegetables and fruits she uses to create her own ‘specialties. ‘this chefman blending system is very attractive and economically priced.

I have to say i really like this blender. It is not as good as my vitamix but it does a great job on smoothies and pureeing fruit. I have even used it to turn small steaks into hamburger – and it did okay. It turned almonds into flour pretty well too. I would have given it 5 stars but the motor part gets pretty hot when i use it to grind. But for blending, mixing and pureeing – it is great. And i love the 2 sizes for my to-go cups. They are a real bonus feature.

This blender seriously kicks butt. I didn’t think it was going to be as great as it is, but wow. We use it to make smoothies – frozen strawberries, frozen banana, almond milk, and protein powder – yum. This does a great job bending up the frozen fruit into a nice thick slush. The convenience of using the different containers to blend directly into is awesome. Blend it up then put the ‘comfort’ lid on it and drink right out of the container you blended it in. Or stick the travel lid on and take it to go on your way to work. It’s powerful, easy to clean, and versatile.

My blender before this one was a hamilton beach model. The current price on this chefman rj35 dynamic blending system model is $35. With this chefman unit i have 3 speeds (low, medium, high), pulse, an emulsifying blade, a grinding blade. I also get a 700 watt motor whereas my hamilton beach model had a 650 watt motor. And the pitcher on this chefman model is bigger. What you see in the product photos is pretty much what you get. I have had no problems cleaning this chefman unit.

Put together well, sturdy base with suction.

Amazon Renewed Cuisinart BFP-703CHFR SmartPower Duet Blender – I LOVE THIS PRODUCT

Replaces same item – still live it after many years.

I’ve only used this to chop up some vegetables, make salsa, and make milkshakes so far. Each time though its been easy to clean, chopped or blended extremely well, and looks great on the counter. I’m extremely happy with this purchase as a cook and someone who loves gadgets.

Recommended for occasional use.

I bought this for my mom whose cuisinart and blender both died within a week of each other.

The noise level on the machine is a bit loud for a blender, and i thought that was due to it being a reconditioned model. However, a family member also has one that was purchased brand new, and she says hers is very loud as well. I received the item in the time stated and it was in good condition and packed well.

Great set, unfortunately it has no milkshake blade, not even to buy separetely.

  • Oops I reviewed this on the non reconditioned Duet
  • It was rather annoying as I was halfway through making dinner
  • Nice processor/blender combo!

It has great speed and user friendly. I am confident you will like it too.

Will give it one heck of a work out thanksgiving holiday. I am very happy so far with my purchase. This is the second reconditioned item i have bought. Both came in brand new shape and performed flawlessly. I think from now on i will hunt for the factory reconditioned appliances. What a marvelous bargain they both have been.

Replacement for item lost in flood and i ordered it because i love it.

Was a little concerned that it didn’t have as many buttons as my last one but it hasn’t been a problem. I got it to make smoothies that blend for 5 min (in order to froth up and be more filling) and after 5 min it does get a little warm but so far so good.

The blender and food processor are both excellent but while the motor runs properly, it smells like it is burning up. I use it nearly every day and it still is great but still smells like it is burning up.

Features of Cuisinart BFP-703CHFR SmartPower Duet Blender, Chrome (Certified Refurbished)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 350-watt combination unit saves space and tackles a wide range of cooking tasks
  • 3-cup food processor bowl, 40-ounce glass blender jar–great for parties
  • User-friendly, 7-speed, touch pad control with indicator lights
  • Includes 1 standard blade and 1 slicing/shredding disc
  • Measures 16 by 6-1/2 by 6 inches; 90-day warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I don’t think i can spell ‘cheff’, i had a smaller food chopper, but never an actual food processor. My best friend bob asked me which pentium chip it had. Anyway all jokes aside, i am very happy with the unit and it’s performance, have already made some supiorer meils, snakes and srpeads with it. I don’t thimk i will make master cheff of the month, but the unit makes food prep a simpler chore now. Thank you very much and i will be doing business with this seller again.

The food processor pot is very small, seriously you cannot make food for 4 ppl.

I have never had a food processor before i bought the cuisinart smart power food processor/blender. Oh my it makes prep work so much easier, and slicing/shredded is no big deal. It’s just perfect for my family and i really do enjoy it. If i could i would give it a 10 star rating.And i wasn’t certain on the factory-reconditioned but i haven’t had any problems and it does give u a 3 month warrenty on it. It looks new and no problems, it sounds like a c1-30 taking off.

I’ve only used it a handful of times and last night the rotor for the food processor attachment stopped working. The rotor in the base of the machine was spinning, but there was some kind of disconnect between that and the rotor in the attachment. Is there a way i can order just the base for the food processor to replace it?. It was rather annoying as i was halfway through making dinner.

My husband loves it but i wish the food processor part of this machine were bigger. Its fine for the two of us but if you were to have a family you’d want one that is bigger. It seems to make really good shakes – so my husband says, and it chops things like cabbage and carrots pretty well.

This is the best blender/food processor i have ever had. This one will be my second one. I am ordering this because they have discontinued the style. Just in case mine breaks, i will have one waiting. Did i mention the one i have still works?.

350-watt combination unit saves space and tackles a wide range of cooking tasks

Nice blender, food processor works great too.

3-cup food processor bowl, 40-ounce glass blender jar–great for parties

User-friendly, 7-speed, touch pad control with indicator lights

Includes 1 standard blade and 1 slicing/shredding disc

Margaritaville Fiji Frozen Concoction Maker, Fun, fun, fun!

My wife absolutely loves this thing. You couldn’t take it away from her with a ball bat.

It makes perfect margaritas and comes with some great recipes too.

I have used this for several parties and am very excited to use for the summer. I recommend you pre measure ingredients before party. The machine is very loud so i keep in a separate room.

Comments from buyers

“Awesome Ice
, Great.
, Awesome machine!

One of the best purchase i’ve made. We use it all the time, all year round.

I love it, perfect the way i thought, however, the blender does miss well, it has to bee more water, if you looking for blending it doesn’t compare to ninja blender.

At first was put off by the price. But after using it, worth every penny.

Easy to use and the texture is perfect. I was initially sent a demo unit with no motor, but amazon quickly corrected the issue and sent me a new one.

I love this item for my outdoor bar. It tends to freeze up on warm humid days with a lot of use (20+ mixes). Otherwise, would have received 5 stars. But, i love this machine and have purchased others for gifts. Buy it, you will not be sorry.

We used it for christmas and everyone was impressed. Planning on taking it camping next month, but until then we have super bowl sunday and mardi gras.

I purchased this in hopes of having a better alternative to a regular blender that would (1) make cocktails/margaritas for the adults, (2) make snow cone ice for the kids and (3) make good smoothies. This really works for all of my uses and i am really pleased with it. I have made smoothies, margaritas, etc and find that the way that it chops the ice (making snow consistency) from the top is perfect. You dont get that problem a blender has where the ice is chunky and eventually it just stops blending the stuff at the top. The ice this machine produces is a dream. The margaritas it makes have an ice consistency identical to what you would get at a restaurant. I also like that this model allows you to adjust the amount of ice thrown into the pitcher (1 drink, 2 drinks, or a full pitcher). It also allows you to (1) blend and shave ice so it automatically makes the whole drink for you, (2) shave ice only (to add more ice), or (3) blend only (to further mix what is already in the pitcher). And it has a dial so you can tell it what type of drink you are making (ritas, smoothies, etc) – not sure what the effect of that dial is. The pitcher is a solid heavy weight glass pitcher with a pop open spout for clean and easy pouring. The back has a spiffy reservoir for catching water melting off the ice – so you really dont get any sloshy ‘snow’ in the pitcher. The only down side to this machine is that it is pretty tall. It will not sit on my counter top and slide under the cabinets unless i remove the top plastic ice holder.

I don’t use this much but, when i do, it’s just a perfect frozen drink maker. It is loud but who cares during a party anyway?.

I wasn’t sure about spending this much for a blender. It’s just so easy to make great margaritas, i highly recommend it to anyone.

I received this fiji model as a gift recently and have used it a few times. Below i have rated a few categories for this product based on amazon’s 1 to 5 star rating system. Build and presentation: 5 starsmy first impression out of the box is that this thing is a solid piece of equipment. I felt like i just received a high quality product with a great presentation. So as far as looks and feel are concerned, the fiji literally shined. Power: 5 starsthe fiji has 550 watts of power and i really don’t know what that means when it comes to shaving ice and blending drinks. What i do know is that this thing does a fine job at it. It shaves and blends effortlessly (even without letting the ice rest for 10 to 15 minutes as suggested). And i do believe there is a little something special about having the machine shave the ice before blending it. Noise level is appropriate since i have never heard of a quiet blender.

Just what we were looking for.

It works great as advertised.

Wow, this blender is the most amazing ‘bar toy’ i’ve ever had the pleasure of using. I’ve had it for a couple months now and use it frequently and it’s awesome.

Was very suprised at how well it ‘shaves’ the ice put in. Makes drinks as close to a pro machine as possible.

Love this, so useful all year long.

I read reviews on many different models before purchasing and am glad i did. It has a drip bin on the back to catch the melting ice. The ice bin is removable for easy cleaning. You simply set the machine to whatever you are making, add mix in the blender, and set it to shave the ice and blend your drinks.

Can’t wait for warmer weather so we can enjoy this on the deck with friends.

I love the drinks that the fiji makes. Just wish i had bought it along time ago.

Easy to use straight out of the box.

Getting ready for daytona 500, tv by the pool and margaritas flowing, great margaritas, needless to say i didn’t get to watch the end after a 6 hour rain delay, but glad jr.

If you are looking for a drink maker, look no further. Seriously, nothing even comes close to this product.

KitchenAid KSB655QAC 5-Speed Blender 56-Ounce BPA-Free Pitcher : This blender does what it needs to do. Nothing

Kitchenaid still pay’s attention to build quality that is made to last. This blender does very good job for our needs.

The small canister is an amazing juicer.

KitchenAid KSB655QAC 5-Speed Blender 56-Ounce BPA-Free Pitcher (Almond Cream Beige)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 5 Speeds/Crush Ice/Pulse Mode
  • 56-oz. BPA-Free Pitcher
  • Made in USA
  • Die Cast Metal Base
  • Varied settings to easily blend a variety of food

Blends frozen fruit well and quickly. I haven’t used it for anything else yet, but i think it will work just fine.

It blends, it crushes ice, it’s red and it works like a charm. The packaging and shipping was surpassed only by the quality of this machine. From margaritas to salsa, this blender does it all with an easy to clean pitcher in two sizes. Would buy another one though i think with the quality of this machine, it will probably outlast me.

I think this machine is just as good as a nutribullet i sit back and put me some sweet potatoes in there bra and blended with some of my favorite fruits in it blends beautiful so expensive nutribullet $125this one will like it like the stars.

KitchenAid KSB655QAC 5-Speed Blender 56-Ounce BPA-Free Pitcher (Almond Cream Beige) : Exceptionally great in every way. I was really surprised and pleased that the gaskets are built into the blender; makes for much easier cleanup. I drink high protein “smoothies” at least 4 times per week; it blends & liquifies the frozen fruit very well; also i like the “pulse” function and had never had it on previous blenders i have owned.

I am taking away one star for the weird design of the little pitcher that leaks, is difficult to clean and does not blend well. The large pitcher does not leak, is easy to clean and blends well. The motor and base unit is heavy and stable. The control buttons work well and the flush surface is easy to clean.

I haven’t really used this you but i can see the mechanism is much better than my old kitchen aid blender. On that one the coupler failed and there was no way to fix it-so the whole expensive blender had to be replaced. I liked the old one had glass not plastic, but this one comes with two sizes of jar which is nice. Why couldn’t they make the plastic on the lid and handle red also like the old model had?.

The little container doesn’t attach to the motor.

I mostly make smoothies out of fruits and veggies and i make them a lot. I also make smoothies and make them into popsicles. My last blender broke and i was looking forward to a nice one. I almost bought the ninja but read some negative reviews and decided i’d like the 2nd jar option with this model. I have never had a blender so sturdy, quiet and blend the food and ice so well. It is amazing and i am so happy i bought this product. It is super sturdy and i think it will last a long time.

I made apple butter in the blender and milk shakes and plan to do more in the future. It is a powerful machine and i fell that it works as good as a food processor.

Ive had it some time abd use it often.

Just swallowed the first gulp of my morning breakfast shake. And choked on what appeared to be shards of something. Took another sip…and confirmed there were shards in it, too. Turns out my lovely wife was making our breakfast smoothie (stupid 10-day detox…grumble, grumble) and was momentarily distracted by our howling horde. During the disruption, an orange plastic measuring teaspoon was left in the blender. I have to give praise here to kitchenaid’s blender- since it was set on “liquefy”, it did its absolute best to comply with the setting. The shards were the size of jalapeno seeds- that’s all that remained of the former teaspoon. Since the detox shake included chia & hemp heart seeds, my wife downed hers without hesitation. I have a slightly pickier palate, so i discovered the fly. The blender has not been negatively affected at all by its encounter with the teaspoon (regretfully, i cannot say the same for the spoon), continuing to shred onions and berries (no, not together) with alacrity. A very impressive little blender. Having bought it at costco, the price was right, and having tested it under what the instructions no doubt qualify as a ‘condition unquestionably voiding the warranty’, it has held up admirably well. If we’re lucky, our youngest won’t try to frappe his matchbox cars.

It’s quick, it looks great and the extra little container was a bonus i didn’t expect. Also the plastic containers are light and you don’t have to worry about breakage.

This blender does what it needs to do. But so far has been dependable. Seems to not have has much power as my last blender which was a breville but the breville did not last commiserate with the cost.

Don’t have to take apart the pitchers before tossing them in the dishwasher. They even have drip holes in the base so they don’t fill with water – nice. Pretty loud when operating, maybe louder than usual?.The ‘fingers’ connecting the motor to the blades comes together easily, one problem i had with my old unit. One negative is the pitcher is a little loose when in the base, which causes an irritating vibration and the base actually walks a little when in use. I added a few small felt cabinet bumpers to the base to reduce the problem but i shouldn’t have to do that.

It’s a nice blender, it makes fruit smoothies just fine. The only complaint i have about it is that when i bought it i was under the impression that it could blend whole fruits like kiwi in it, however once i looked in the manual it said to cut up all fruits/vegetables when making a smoothie. But other than that it’s a great product.

For the benefit of other folk like us who are transitioning out of the $20 dorm room blender lifestyle, i feel compelled to point out that by the standards you’ve been living by so far, 56 oz is a very large blender. I have never seen a blender of this size in anybody’s house. You could easily fit a pineapple in this thing. That little ‘culinary jar’ it comes with is nearly the size of the pitcher of the blender we were replacing. I wasn’t thinking too hard about it; ’56 oz?. Seems reasonable,’ i thought. Now my kitchen is the proud home of this monument to blending. We haven’t used it yet, but 5 stars for the sheer size of the thing.

Impressive piece of equipment, enjoying using 8t.

I really love this kitchen aid upright blender. Gave this kitchen aid a try when amazon featured it. . It by far makes a better smoothie than my previous blenders. It has a nice big size but not too jumbo on counter space, it has rubber feet underneath. I think the high horsepower on this kitchenaid mixed everything so well it tasted much more delicious and blended the flavors like a gourmet chef would have for both smoothies and cappuccino. I also tried the small container and i need to try that again as it sprayed out the liquid, maybe i did not press the cover down hard enough?. . So when i tried the big blender next (for the smoothies and cappucinos, mentioned above) – i made sure the cover was pressed all the way down securely (its a hard plastic and you need to press it down hard – so i figured i would use the small container for non-liquid blending and the big piece for the liquids since it was really very good / way better than what i was using before).

It was a happy ‘tuesday morning’ when i spied this for half price. Works really well, its heavy, large and pretty quiet. I love the smaller container that comes with it, perfect for making salad dressing and singe serving smoothies. You don’t have to take the bottom off to clean it (although you can) you just add water and a drop of soap and blend it, all done, rinse and dry and you are ready for the next time. It has more than enough speeds for anything you would ever want to make and its a kitchenaid which has been around forever.

Waring WPB80R Professional Bar Blender – excellent, made in the usa

My husband loves to make smoothies, so i got this blender especially for him, and it’s perfect. He calls it his ‘guy blender’ because it has a powerful (and loud) motor without a lot of fussy settings like ‘chop’ or ‘puree. ‘ it does just one thing but does it really well. Also, my guy is not into details like ‘add liquids first,’ and he has little patience for things that are hard to clean. So the fact that he’s been using it for months without burning the motor out or getting anything stuck to the blades says a lot about how solidly built and easy to use this blender is.

This blender seems to be working well so far. My only complaint, and i don’t know if it is just the blender we received, is that the twist for the cap is actually backwards (so left does not twist off and right does not tighten instead it’s the other way around). This leads to a lot of confusion when trying to take it apart to clean.

This blender is kind of cheap and does not have the power i was expecting. Will not recommend this item.

I been using mine since i got it 4 yrs ago. Only issue is that over time it starts leaking in the bottom and it makes a bit of a mess.

This is an excellent product. We use it all the time and it works great.

Only problem is that i did not read that it came with plastic jar. Other than that its a great deal.

  • Great Value, Great Blender
  • Lives up to my expectations for a Waring.
  • This is by far the best blender that I have ever owned

This warpro is great for families who make smoothies a whole lot. I like that its pretty heavy duty and we haven’t burnt it out.

I had a different waring blender for more years than i can remember. It had a plastic body and membrane buttons with an ice crushing mode. That blender made me believe that i would prefer waring for a very long time. It died only because the plastic body eventually gave up the ghost (we’re talking >10 years) and the motor mounts broke. That ended up messing with the bearings and stuff. With no hesitation i went to get another one. I was a bit skeptical about the two mode switch, but then on the other model we mostly used the pulse and didn’t really care that much about having a lot of speed choices. I see others do not care for the plastic container, but i have no issues with it, and the shape is a key part of why it works so well.

This is–in my opinion–the best inexpensive blender on the market. I eat mostly fruit and it makes the creamiest, dreamiest smoothies. For breakfast i blend bananas, oranges, water and a touch of vit c—for a dreamcicle tasting delight. I am very hard on it too–three to four uses a day–and with a squaretrade warranty added—all is covered.

To be clear, i bought this blender from target, which had the glass container version. As of this review, there isn’t an equivalent item on amazon, so i am putting my review here. The biggest performance concern is typically the motor, blades, and assembly, so i hope others don’t mind this review. After three months of use, it’s still great. I mainly make green tea smoothies using matcha, soy milk, and many half oval-shaped ice. Each piece of ice is about 2 inches long. This blender works great for that purpose. In the beginning, i had the safety (clutch?) mechanism kick in and disconnect the motor from the blade fairly often. This wasn’t inconvenient, though, since it let me know when to shake the contents to get more of the ice to sink to the bottom. After about 2 months of use (i.

I was hesitant to purchase this model based upon some previous reviews, but finally chose it after researching many different models and other companies, mainly because the blender jar is made of plastic and the power level produced by this blender model. Some reviews stated that the blender jar does not sit on the blender correctly and may be unstable, i have not found that to be the case. This is by far the best blender that i have ever owned, i’m sure that there are better blenders out there, but for the price, this blender suited my needs perfectly. I utilize my blender to make fruit smoothies and blended ice drinks.

Features of Waring WPB80R Professional Bar Blender with 48-Ounce Jar, Chili Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 500-watt professional-quality bar blender with a heavy-duty metal base
  • 2 speeds; simple toggle switch; removable stainless-steel blade assembly
  • 48-ounce polycarbonate container includes English and metric graduations
  • Secure-fitting lid with 2-ounce measuring cap for adding ingredients while blending
  • Measures 10 by 8-1/2 by 13-2/3 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Flimsy lid and jar difficult to keep in place in use, have to hold it at the top.

The liquid holder is plastic, not glass as i thought it was. The plastic is a harder plastic so it should hold up. Mixed up a drink which included some ice and frozen banana with no problem. Just wished the container part was glass.

This blender proves there is no need to have 14 different speeds to achieve great results. The simple switch operates the blender at one of two speeds. Primary use at this time is to create smoothies, but i am confident it would perform equally well for other purposes. I purchased this blender because it is made in the usa and also because it had good reviews. Consider this another two thumbs up.

Great blender simple to use.

This blender is mostly used for smoothies and it has no trouble powering through ice, carrots, frozen fruit, fresh apples, etc. Brand (we also have their professional waffle maker) because their products are simple and easy to use (no frills) and they work well. For instance, most blenders would have a billion settings like ‘puree’, ‘crush’, etc. And have 5 different speeds. This blender has three settings: ‘hi’, ‘lo’, and ‘off’ and that’s enough to do the job wonderfully. The only thing i would change about this blender is to make the pitcher glass vs. Plastic, but really, it’s not a big deal in the larger scheme of things.

The need:i was looking for a blender to replace a basic kitchen blender that i had owned for 15 or so years. The primary use of the blender is to make protein shakes that contain some frozen ingredients. Features that attracted me:• power• simplicity• warranty• pricelet’s blend:the blender is loud but not annoyingly so. Because it can power through frozen ingredients very quickly the motor noise is more like loud white noise (consistent) than my old blender was when it struggled with those ingredients. You have to hold the jar from the top when blending, which i don’t mind so much. Also, it means that i can feel it when the blender is done chopping through the more solid items in a given mix. My old blender needed 3 to 4 minutes for a good smoothie. In this one 30 seconds on low and another 20 on high does the trick – awesomethe instructions are really clear as to, for example, the order in which to add ingredients. Since this is designed for bars there is very detailed information about ice. You should know:the instructions say not to place the plastic jar in the dishwasher.

500-watt professional-quality bar blender with a heavy-duty metal base

This does a fantastic job of blending ice for drinks etc. My main concern is that the container base secures tightly to the motor but not the the container itsself. Twice now resulting in spills. I wouldn’t particularly encourage anyone to buy this item. I got mine free through a rewards program at work and i kinda regret using my points balance on this.

Great product this was purchased for my son loves it. I have had one for 20 years in yellow love itdoes everything great.

Heavy duty and made in the good ol usa. Hard to find anything made here anymore.

Very pretty, but lightweight. . I thought the container would be glass, but it’s plastic. Sent it back as the inside had something loose that rattled.

This is my 5th blender in 10 years. I had actually given up on blenders since they always burned up after a few frozen drinks. A friend suggested a waring i am impressed. I have made frozen drinks several times and it works great. Only 1 complaint, it works a little too good, if you use level 2 for more than a few seconds your ice will be gone.

2 speeds; simple toggle switch; removable stainless-steel blade assembly

48-ounce polycarbonate container includes English and metric graduations

Secure-fitting lid with 2-ounce measuring cap for adding ingredients while blending

Hamilton Beach Wave Station Express Dispensing Blender : perfect

I bought this for fruit and veggie smoothies. It has sharp blades, and can chop through harder veggies and fruits such as full-size carrots and apples if they are cut in thirds. I just quickly chop the fruits and veggies into just a few pieces and this does the rest of the work for me, which is nice that i don’t have to finely chop or mince the fruits and veggies. Tried making hemp milk in it too, and it works fine. The only thing i didn’t like was that it is top-rack dishwasher safe only, and the top rack of the dishwasher is too short to fit the clear container. The instructions gave a quick way to clean the blender by putting a little bit of dish soap and warm water and then turning on the blender in order to clean it. This is a good and easy way to clean it. For the price of this blender, i am happy with it.

It is fine for smoothies, but not for general blending.

Now everyday i will use this machine to prepare my breakfast.

I decided for health to start juicing and drinking smoothies, but as a stay at home mom, i couldn’t afford a vitamix and actually was visiting my local dave and buster’s and saw this in their store. I looked up reviews about it, looking specifically for info on smoothies and including greens in those smoothies. I saw favorable reviews around the web. I went back to dave and buster’s (i have a lot of tickets saved up) and purchased it. I’ve only used it twice, but my smoothies have been smooth, with no chunks of ice or leafy greens in them. Cleaning isn’t too bad, i would prefer the bottom came off, but i found if you give it a good rinse immediately and then clean or at least leave the bottom filled with water until you can clean it, it cleans easily.

  • Perfect for making smoothies – easy to use and easy to clean!
  • Good for daily blends.
  • We had one like this a few years ago and my wife insisted

Hamilton Beach Wave Station Express Dispensing Blender with 48 oz Jar, Black (58615)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Wave-Action System 9 Blending Functions
  • 48-Ounce Dishwasher Safe Dura Blend Jar
  • Stainless Steel Blades Dispensing Spout
  • Convenient Spout Cap
  • 350 Watts of power

Someone complained that you can’t clean the blades effectively. I was initially concerned about that, too. But if you shoot water through the dispensing hole, it will flush out the underside of the blade just fine. Cleaning right away, immediately after use is the best way to keep the blade as clean as possible. For the price, you can’t beat this blender. I’m extremely impressed with how it breaks apart the ice. No ice chips or clumps at all. More impressed with the wave station, opposed to my expensive $150 ninja blender that left ice chips and then broke twice. Very happy with hamilton beach.

Pro: good price and smallcon: not powerful enough for good smoothie. I would buy this product again if i use it for anything that doesn’t involve ice crushing.

Definitely not the greatest blender in the world, but you get what you pay for. Just an average blender really. I still use it and like it though.

The only flaw is that high impact with concrete surfaces, say a drop off the top of the refrigerator, invariably proves fatal to the blending unit.

This blender is awesome to make my smothies and mixed drinks. Everybody loves the added bonus of the spout.

Makes a great smoothee but the cover’s knob is hard to grab with your fingers. Old style had a better grab to pull the lid off.

They sent me a new one a year later because i broke it from all the misuse.

I got this blender as a replacement for my old one that had broken. This blender is so easy to use; i’ve never had a problem with it not crushing ice evenly or frozen fruit like some other reviewers had stated. Typically, i’ll blend about a cup of almond milk, a banana, some frozen blueberries, kale, and ice to make a smoothie in the morning after i work out and my smoothies always come out evenly blended in a matter of a couple of minutes. The clean up is easy as well – you can either soak it in the sink (i use the dispenser when it’s filled with soap and water to flush out any food underneath the blades) or can put it in the dishwasher.I usually will let it soak in the sink first and then run it through the dishwasher and i’ve never had any problemsdefinitely worth the buy especially for the low price.

Works great and easy to clean. Spout is a great bonus and does not clog at all.

We had one like this a few years ago and my wife insisted on getting the same style dispenser spout. Makes a great smoothie and quickly too. Only issue i have had with it was the handle for the dispenser spout snapped off (the plastic nub that holds it in place). But hey the thing works great and the smoothies i make are a little to thick to go through anyway.

Love this blender no drip easy to clean not like the other one i had that constantly leaked out the back.

For the price this is what i expected- it is cheaply made and hard to clean but you get what you pay for.

99 before tax for like a monthworks great, didnt not leave no ice chunk in my smoothie , love it for the price , love it for the design too. Im definitely gonna recommend this to a friend. Well actually a friend of mine got one after she tasted my smoothie.

My 14yrs old son love to make his favorite shakes so this blends is very easy for him to use not risks. Just don’t forget to make sure the nozzle is not folded back all the way otherwise there will be a huge mess to clean. The nozzle needs to be strait up to avoid spillage.

I’m able to puree meats with water. I can make milkshakes but if the ice cream is too firm you have to wobble the blender as it blends to get good consistency. After a couple of minutes i am able to make a nice milkshake though even with cookies in it. I find it easiest to let my ice cream soften for about 5 minutes before starting. Does not work well for smoothies that include ice, but if you use soft frozen yogurt or shaved ice it does do well. Crushed ice is not fine enough. Bit of a pain to shave the ice before being able to put it in the blender. Obviously any seeds or fiber will also pose a problem. Overall it’s decent for simple and infrequent use.

Oster Versa 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender – Versa is a powerhouse!

First let me say i’ve never owned a vitamix or any other top rated high dollar blender so i can’t really compare performance based on personal experience. What i can say however is that i’m absolutely loving this blender and i’m very satisfied with my purchase. Is it as good as another blender that costs hundreds of dollars more. I just couldn’t see spending that much money on a blender for fear of having a few strawberry seeds in my smoothie. I’m not quiet that refined at this point in my life. The blender itself seems like a sturdy made piece of machinery put together with metal. No plastics which was one of the things i liked when i was searching for a good one. It seems very durable and strong.

We ordered this blender and were fairly well satisfied. We used it daily for smoothies and had constant issues with it taking in air pockets. So in order to make it work we needed to add more liquids than we would like to. The drive gears broke on the jar and oyster promptly sent us a free replacement (thanks for good customer service). The new blender had the same size jar but much shorter (and has red handle). The power is the same but design to the jar is wayy better. So i would give that model 5 starts. Little hack we noticed: you can fit vitamix jars on this blender perfectly.

This blender is excellent for the jjsmith smoothies. Does require you to use the tamper but overall it gets a smooth texture. Here are the specifications for the Oster Versa 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The power to blend everything, wth a professional 1,400-watt motor and 28,000 rpms
  • Stainless steel blade spins at over 250 mph, thoroughly blending ingredients so recipes turn out perfect every time
  • 64-ounce bpa-free tritan jar with no-mess spout and easy to read measurements
  • Three programmed settings (Smoothies, Dips/Spreads, and Soup), pulse, and variable speed dial to instantly adjust speed as needed
  • Includes a beautiful color cookbook with recipes to inspire you; 7 year warranty

Just a wonderful and awesome as the vitamix. . Seriously everything that i have used this blender for is the same as what can be done in the versea oster. I love my blender and a few of my neighbors now want to purchase this product as well. I have made soups, dips, chocolate mousse, mixed drinks, and etc, it can be loud but not as loud as the vita mix.

I don’t have other big blenders to compare this to. Just my other oster blender with about half the watts. Wife and i have been doing this smoothie diet, so it’s blending greens, flax seeds, and frozen fruit 2 to 3 times a day and never an issue. I have notices the pitcher has turned a bit cloudy, but it hasn’t affected the performance.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Creamiest soups ever
  • Great Bang for the Buck in a high speed Blender
  • This product works wonders for me, at $179.99 this item IS a steal!

My oster versa is over two years old and is used daily. It works as well as its counterpart which is over twice the versa’s price. One small design flaw is in the pouring spout. No mater how carefully you pour, there is always one drop that is left on the end of the spout and drips when you set down the container.

I use this about 3-4 times per week to make our favorite chocolate banana smoothies (no ice). It blends them to a creamy consistency, and is much quieter than my previous bar style oster (beehive style) blender. Cleanup is easy and it will never leak unlike the the other designs where you have interchangeable blades (which are bound to leak because the seals either wear out or the collar cracks). The variable speed knob (dial it up or down) is wonderful. I also like the one touch smoothie button. I can toss everything into the blender, cover it, press smoothie and walk away. It automatically changes speeds (slow to high) and then stops when finished on its own. Note, you can not wash any part of this in the dishwasher. I find that to be quick since i have a dish soap dispenser built in to my sink. I find that if i rinse it off with hot water as soon as i am done with it, to get all the bits out, i can do a quick swirl-swish wash of it with soap later with hot water (rinse very well). I turn it upside down to let it dry on my counter – half on and half off a glass board i keep on my counter. I think it’s actually easier to care for than my old glass interchangeable blade system.

Excellent motor and blending capabilities. Foster helped me out and i now have both 64 oz jars. I agree with some other posters, though, that the jar lids and seals need improvement.

Greatly resembles a vitamix to an extent. At a much better cost to the consumer. More importantly, pulverizes greens like spinach and kale, even raw carrots and apples, ten times better than the 2 other cuisinarts i had used before deciding to spend a bit more money on a blender.

If your anything like me you can relate to wanting the best, but not paying ridiculous prices. I do not make a lot of money, so what i spend is an investment and i put time and research into my decisions because *sings* ‘i work hard for my money’. Please know i spent a good week reading reviews and researching on blenders, slowly losing hope that i was going to find one that could give me vitamix quality blending without the price tag. I stumbled across this blender, read the specs, read the reviews, watched the youtube videos, and i was sold. Same power, same metal inner working parts, and same warranty as the vitamix. The comparison on you tube sealed the deal and i bought the blender. So fitting under upper cabinets may be a challenge. Nor does the loudness of the blender, it’s loud, again, a beast. I can not say that it beats out the vitamix because i don’t think it does in regards to water like viscosity that blender achieves, but unless your super picky then that small 1% difference won’t bother you a bit. I love this blender and i would buy it again if i had to but i don’t and i have owned it for several months now with no problems. Don’t get me wrong i don’t get grainy from any of the blends i have made. Everything has been smooooooooth.

It sounds like the hellspawn of a vacuum cleaner demon and a chipper shredder and could probably mince concrete if you tried. It makes for super creamy soups, though. Is is more than a kilowatt of power spinning whirring blades of decimation +2 at 28,000 rpms. When you put soups in there it even breathes smoke. (well, steam, but it is still impressive). And it always has to take it just past your comfort zone. You hit the soup button and it starts chip and chopping away. Then it kicks it up a notch and you are all ‘whoa, that is insane. I hope that soup doesn’t come flying out of there because it is hot and it would cover everything like 16 bean napalm’.

I read a lot of reviews for this blender and i was really torn between three top contenders. Vita-mix (of course) a professional waring blender and this oster. The other big name because there were things i didn’t like about them, though for just plain power i’m sure they are in the same ball park. The waring one would have been a top choice because of it’s speed and power. It spins at about 2x the speed of the others at top speed and the reports are pretty solid about nothing surviving that beating. So if fast smooth is our goal it’s probably the one. But it carries a much shorted warrantee time than any of the others and that sent up a red flag. Between the vita-mix and the oster, vita-mix (at least the 7500 series) has some definite advantages, but that came at over 4x the price. Why might one spring for the $$$ one?. Well the oster has a soft start. That is fine 99% of the time but ‘pulse’ doesn’t really do what you expect it to do because it ramps up and doesn’t just hit speed. So for instance things like making a chunky salsa would be a lot better in the vita-mix. It’s not a big deal most of the time but it’s kind of a ramp rather than a pulse.

I’ve used the versa daily for about the last year to make smoothies, and occasionally homemade dressings, and to grind flaxseed. Best blender i’ve used, almost a different appliance compared to even a kitchen aid blender. Daughter says it makes smoother smoothies than her ninja.

Great machine, the warranty it’s outstanding. The motor it’s very strong. We had the device replace twice for issues on the blade bearing.

Pros: powerful engine that quickly and thoroughly blends frozen items. The engine makes a lower pitch when blending. (higher tin pitches make me crazy). Con: i would say it is big compared to my previous blenders.

I don’t write product reviews but felt compelled to write one for the oster versa. I absolutely love this product. Mine arrived a few days ago and has truly changed the way i cook. I had been considering getting a vitamix 750 series but just couldn’t bring myself to give up almost $700 for a blender.Then i got an email from amazon about the oster versa. I searched the internet for reviews and saw nothing but good feedback, not to mention the blender i’ve been using for the past several years is an oster that has performed faithfully. I can’t imagine the vitamix doing anytthing more than what the oster does at literally a fraction of the cost. If i had a complaint it would be that the cookbook isn’t extensive enough. The recipes in it are delicious, especially the thai barbecued chicken.

I read every review out there about the various emulsifiers available and was dismayed to realize that what i needed could cost upwards of $500. 00 for an appliance with these specifications. I looked up oster because i still have a working blender that was given to me as a gift in around 1970. I made baby food and all kinds of things over the years with it. So i looked to see if oster had an emulsifier and all reservations fell away when i was given a 7 year warranty on this product, just like the competing expensive company. 00, amazon was offering an instant coupon and i had a few amazon points, which brought the price down to 237. 00 and i think it was shipped free on amazon prime. This was not a casual purchase. For health reasons, i had been using a juice extractor to make juice combinations with healing qualities and the combinations were working for me.

The difference that using a *real* blender makes is significant. I’d been making smoothies on a very underpowered, cheap blender. I was often chewing bits that didn’t blend all the way. This has dramatically resolved that issue– blends are very smooth and consistent. The oster versa with the tall jar is much taller than i expected, mostly because the base is much taller than i expected, being used to much cheaper, older blenders. I saw comments from other reviewers saying that it doesn’t fit under cabinets, and i disregarded them, to my own chagrin. It doesn’t fit under my cabinets, but it’s really not that big of a deal to me.

Now, i tried to look for the best blender within my budget without sacrificing quality and taste, and the oster versa did not disappoint. I am mostly using this product to create supplemental dietary green smoothies, so for me it’s very important that this machine should break down things like; kale, cilantro, bok choy, celery, parsley, apple, pear, berries, etc. All the while maintaining the most liquid and uniform consistency possible. I’ll say that this machine did not let me down, it took moments to shred all sorts of veggies and fruits (including water/fruit juices) with the greatest of ease, and the taste to me was phenomenal. Pros:-it’s high performance motor cuts down greens incredibly well. -very easy to clean and maintain-the noise was a lot lower than i had expected, it’s loudest is comparable to that of the bullet, to me it sounded less. -close to perfect uniform consistencycons:-if you choose not to add ice or frozen fruits/vegetables, your green smoothies may come out warmer if you prolong high speed setting usage-is larger than where my counter meets my cupboard, this machine is pretty tall for a blender. So far weighing out the pros and cons, i would say i can sleep easy knowing that i had purchased this product for the long-haul. If i do need to report any long-term uses with the oster versa, i’ll be more than inclined to update this review.

I really like my new versa blender. Especially i love the knob that allows me to adjust the speed instantly. It has a lot of power and so blends well. The downside is that it’s base is large requiring more space and it is tricky to set the pitcher onto it at times.

Works well and no issues to date. Note that it is really loud however.

Oster BPST02-B Professional Series Blender, Great Customer Service!

I do not normally write reviews, but i do use them for every amazon purchase i make. I was going to purchase the montel williams blender we all see advertised on tv because i wanted to start making fruit and vegetable shakes. I have never purchased such a high quality blender in my life.From the glass container, to the good quality metal build to the rubber feet that stop the blender from moving around the counter top, even the blade it comes with. This product is about a good a deal as you can get for the price. To the few people who have reviewed this product stating that it will not make vegetable shakes very well, i have made one every day for the last 2 months i have owned this blender. I put cucumber, carrots, spinach, red pepper and an apple in with a few cups of water and about 6 ice cubes and this thing works like a champ. I am expecting these people were too stupid to add water and ice cubes, put dry vegetables and fruit in and turned it on.This is the only explanation i can come up with.

My fiance and i received this as a wedding gift from our registry list. We use it every morning to make smoothies. This model has only two speeds/settings: on and off. I’m a simple person, and i believe that simplicity is the way to avoid most headaches. I’ve used many blenders in my lifetime, and the multiple speeds (puree, pulse, blend, crush, etc. ) all pretty much seem the same to me. There are distinguishable differences, but at the end of the cycle, they all pretty much chop whatever you throw in there. In my case, i almost always use it to chop/blend ice. While i have not put years of use into this motor, i have put a few months of quite rigorous use on it, and it works wonderfully. I just flip the switch on and blend for a longer/shorter period of time depending on the consistency i want, and it comes out perfectly. The only thing i would consider changing about this blender is to provide a retractable cord. The length is very manageable (about 3′), and it tucks away nicely, but being able to neatly store the cord when necessary would be a nice perk. This is a simple product with no bells and whistles, just an easy-as-pie on/off, and couldn’t be easier to clean.

The only thing that you need to watch is the lid when putting liquids in. I usually use the pulse when i blend liquids so the power is not constant, but the liquids push the lid up, even if there are only like 3 cups in it. I use a hotpad over it when blender hot liquids. I used to have kitchen aid blender and this is what i bought to replace it. I am very happy with my purchase overall and love what this unit looks like. It has a very industrial look about it. I would buy this product again in the future. It is also very easy to clean. Just be very careful around the blade unit.

Comments from buyers

“good blender
, Can a blender be too powerful???
, Oster Professional Series Blender

I’m very happy with my blender; got it mostly for frozen drinks but also wanted to be able to use my oster mini food processor attachment that i had from an oster that burned up. Was a little hesitant to get another oster but after looking into other options and some ridiculous prices i decided to get the professional series one since it had a longer warranty than others in the price range and a stronger motor than my previous one. Works great, very simple to use without unnecessary buttons; frozen drinks come out nice and smooth without the smell of burning insulation i had with my previous one. If you have a refrigerator that dispenses crushed ice it’s a good idea to use it as it makes for quicker and smoother margaritas. And as far as motor noise it is as you would expect for a blender, maybe a little less noise than my previous one- if you can’t handle a few seconds of it , go ahead and spend a couple of hundred dollars trying to get a quieter one; all in all an excellent value. Update 2018- still going strong ; wow what a good product.

I bought this to replace a black & decker blender that failed–see my review for details. I wish i had bought an oster the first time. It has the look and feel and performance of a quality product made to last. All the functional parts are metal. Some plastic trim is colored to look like metal but its appearance remains good.

This blender is quick and powerful. I mix protein shakes for myself using whole carrots and frozen fruits. It only takes about 10 secs to mix an entire blender full. It crushes ice quickly as well. Was wonderfully surprised at how much power it has. Would give it a 5 star rating. Would highly recommed it for anyone.

My wife bought a cheap plastic blender from target. I used it once and was so annoyed i made her take it back. I then started to read about this oster blender. I had good luck with buying small appliances from amazon in the past, so i ordered it. This blender is very well constructed: all metal motor, thick rubber feet, thick glass container. It has two settings: on/off and pulse. Just a warning: when you use this blender it sounds like a jet engine spooling up. Let’s say i’m impressed, and that’s not easy to do. I followed a recipe for potato pancakes provided in a little cookbook that came with the blender. The instructions said to put a bunch of cubed raw potatoes in the blender with a whole onion. I thought, this blender is just going to spin or bog down, but it turned that stuff into batter very quickly.

I got this blender to make smoothies. Juice and (often frozen) fruit mixed together. This blender destroys everything you put in it. The problem is it’s only got two speeds: (1) destroy and (2) super-destroy. Sometimes you have to turn the blender off to let the ingredients settle, so the edge of the blade will actually contact them, instead of them continuously bouncing off the top of the insano-blades. It’s not a big deal and you only have to turn it off for a split-second, but even the slowest speed is too intense for some pieces of frozen strawberries. A slower second speed, or a third speed would make this blender perfect. This blender is very attractive and is easy to clean. I don’t think this part of the review makes sense with the title, but you should know i’ve put more thought into this blender’s performance and my review than merely its murderous and explosive instincts.

I’ve owned it for two years and treated it with total kid gloves for the first year (dropping in ice when the blender was already on, washing after every use) and still do, but it managed to withstand the fumblings of an extremely sloppy roommate who filled the whole thing with ice before turning it on (notorious for breaking the motor). Still pristine, the blade is still sharp, motor still running smoothly. Great for smoothies (i still drop in the ice after the blender is on, just to be on the safe side) but don’t follow the recipes they include with the blender — there’s no need to add sugar or honey if you use fresh fruit. 1/2 cup milk + 1/2 cup apple juice + 1 banana + large handful strawberries = all you need for a perfect smoothie. And great for soups (potato leek, ginger squash). Plus it is a totally sweet lookin’ blender.

Absolutely fantastic blender. Yes, it is a little loud but it is not like it is on for hours at a time – more like 10 to 20 seconds. This blender helps you attain a good consistency very quickly. We have made frozen mixed drinks, smoothies, milk shakes, etc. We have only had the blender for one month, so i cannot yet comment on longevity. Anything you buy can break, so i guess it how it works while you have it. We narrowed our choice to this and waring, and since both blenders received great reviews we decided to save some money with this one. We think we made the right choice.

Seriously, this blender is amazing. I mainly use it for making protein shakes, and no amount of peanut butter can stop the blade from spinning. With the cheap blender i had before, peanut butter would stay globby and it would clog up the blender. This oster blends all hard foods in a couple of seconds and leaves everything nice and smooth. The blender comes apart easily in a few pieces and is simple to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. However, the blender is extremely loud. You can’t hear the tv or anyone talking when it’s on; the sound even scared my cat at first. Regardless, this blender is so efficient that you don’t need it on very long to do its job correctly, so the sound isn’t much of an issue.

This is the best blender out there. I purchased it in 2009 and it’s still alive and well. I wish i had purchased a back-up, since this higher quality is non-existent today.

5 stars, really but it’s better than a 3 so i had to put 4. This is certainly a powerful blender. Sometimes i wonder if it’s going to fly off the kitchen counter the second you turn it on. I thought i wouldn’t care that there’s only and on/off button but after using it a few times, it kind of bothers me. The second you flip the switch it’s like going from 0-60 immediately and sometimes i just want to gently mix things, not pulverize them. I was surprised when i made a smoothie with almond butter that the blender didn’t smooth out the almond chunks into the mix. That was kind of the point of buying this particular model in the first place. Instead i got a smoothie with a weird gritty feeling. Overall it’s a great blender and the styling is really nice. It’s very sturdy and not cheap looking/feeling at all.

I owned one years ago and it was a war horse that finally gave out after much use. I replaced it with a fancy osterizer that had a million settings, none of which i ever used. It was pretty useless at chopping ice. My kids love this one for making smoothies and noticed that there were only 2 settings, on and pulse. I told them that was all they would need. Very skeptically they made their first smoothie and were amazed at the power and short time it took to process their iced drinks. Amazon’s price was fantastic – $63. I checked elsewhere before buying and couldn’t find it under $89.

Boy does this thing ever whip things together. A bit loud, but it does exactly what you want it to do. No lumps, no left over fruit floating around, no chunks of ice. On and off, no frills, just doing its job. After wasting money on a cuisinart, this thing is a welcomed addition to my kitchen.

After reading others reviews was a bit reluctant to purchase this item. It blends almost anything (go easy on ice) very quickly and fast, like a bartenders blender. I didn’t give it five stars because the glass container is a bit smaller so doesn’t hold as much liquid as other blenders.

I bought this blender based on all the glowing reviews here. I am happy with the blender. It can handle the smoothies i make every morning without burning out and without requiring 2 minutes to blend like my old dead blender did. Here are the problems with it:(1) it leaks from the bottom of the base. I tried to fix the problem by tightening up the bottom plastic base but ended up putting a radial crack in it. I can still use it and surprisingly it doesn’t leak as much. I can’t put it into the fridge with its contents because i will end up with puddle after an hour or two. (2) i put the glass part (with the blade assembly) into the dishwasher every night. I would take it apart, but i found that i had difficulty getting it back together without leaking. (3) the base will un-tighten itself if you don’t ensure the glass catch is next to one of the two metal catches.

I bought this blender for my wife to replace our dying unit. She absolutely loves this thing. There are no fancy button options like you will find on most household blenders. The control is merely a 2-stage on-off switch. It’s spring loaded so you have to hold it to the on position and releasing pressure will let it shut off quick. At first we thought this would be a pain in usage until we saw how fast this blender will pulverize anything you can throw at it. It can reduce the most stubborn solid to liquid in mere seconds.

I got this to make smoothies. My wife uses a lot of ice in her recipes, so i needed something substantial to get the job done. This blender is quite powerful, and if you run it too long, the blending motion will actually start to warm up the ingredients. Overall, this is a good step up from the 29. I didn’t feel the need to go to 499. 00 for a vita-mix, but i wanted something more durable than the garden variety blenders i’ve had before. Excellent blender, no frills, good build, a bit noisy.

We’ve had this blender for about a year now. If you’re buying it to make smoothies, forget it. I agree with other reviews about smoothies. We load it with chucks of frozen strawberries, blueberries, peaches, plain ice, etc. Add a little juicy juice and/or yogurt. . Wow, the power is unbelievable. However, if it can’t grab the frozen items, it can’t blend. Since it only has 2 speeds (basically 1, since the pulse button is the almost the same speed), it just can’t do the job. The blades spin so fast, it whips the bottom items into whip cream while leaving the items above the blade stuck in place.

I bought this blender in 2009 and under 3-4x a week usage, it’s still going strong with not one problem in 2017. I think that speaks to the quality. I have used it many, many times to make smoothies and it easily crushes ice cubes and makes the most wonderfully smooth frozen drinks. I wanted to buy another one for a gift for someone, but alas, it is not available.

One thing i was really disappointed with is that i still have to stir my smoothies and daquiris atleast once to get it all blended. I was hoping at this price that i could just flip the switch and walk away. I almost went with 3 stars because of that. Once you get that first stir in, the blender blends with confidence. I am happy with the purchase.

I use a blender every morning for breakfast smoothies and nearly every afternoon to puree the vegetables that i am tossing in the dinner or soups. This blender is by several magnitudes the best blender within this price range on the market. If you are only making smoothies for 2 people, or you only need a blender a couple of times a week, this blender is not only efficient, and fast, it is also durable and reliable. The manufacturer has replacement parts, should you lose a piece – because is is very unlikely that anything on it is going to break. I have had other oster blenders that lasted for 20 years – using them on average a couple of times of week. I had tried another blender brand (villaware) it was pricey, it leaked, and there were no replacement parts (i didn’t lose them, they leaked early on). Because i use blenders so much, and for so many years, i did recently upgrade to one of those horribly expensive other models. But, that is only because i needed the capacity. If you don’t need the capacity, and you don’t need your blender to make soup and ice-cream and grind your wheat, go ahead and get this one, because it makes delicious, fast, very smooth fruit and vegetable drinks. I would like to offer this suggestion for those smoothies.

Some had lots of buttons with lots of selections that mostly didn’t work that well. This blender has only one button (switch) that either pulses or blends. It is so powerful that it crushes ice easily and makes perfect mixed drinks, which is what i use it for. I have two of these blenders, one for the kitchen and one for the wet bar.