EdgeStar 80 QT Portable Fridge/freezer – Grey – so good. We tried it in the car and in

Cools instantly with very low power consumption.

We have a cabin in holopaw florida totaly off grid and this unit has saved the day. 3 amps dc on low setting and 5. It gets cold super fast and will freeze meat as well as keep milk and eggs cold at the same time. Glad i went with this bigger unit as it holds just enough for what i need. Ps digital readout on the side isn’t to accurate so just set low point disconnect on 10. 0 volts mine meter is off a bit but can’t justify sending it back for this minor reason as it works perfectly other wize.

Purchased this for the pass-through storage in our 5th wheel trailer, since we always run out of ice on summer trips to the lake. While this thing is pricey, it is exceptional in every way. It’s extremely sturdy, efficient, and even looks good. In no time, i was completely impressed with how much i could fit in the unit, and even more impressed with how quickly it cools from room temperature to 0 fahrenheit or lower.It has also worked flawlessly on 12v dc, while we’re on the road.

We tried it in the car and in the house. Would be nice if it came with a longer cord.

Great unit, holds up well over time.

We travel south in the winter and this keeps things frozen for days on end.

  • Dangerous Handles
  • Five Stars
  • woo hoo

Can’t say enough great things about this fridge.

To early to tell bought it for my rv ask me in 6 months.

It has performed well on both a/c and d/c. It holds the cold super well after unplugged even after a week. I will repost as time goes by as to if it keeps up the great job it’s doing right now. It goes on the boat this season. So far i am only using it as a freezer. I am impressed with how little it runs and it gets well below 0 degrees f. Weight is good/ light and capacity is very nice.

We’ve had this a couple of days and are pleased. I can’t say anything about service issues or how long it lasts. What i can say is, it’s quiet and it performs. For about 15 years, but the engel 84 qt. Currently costs over twice as much, and is heavier. The edgestar 80 uses more dc amps (5. However, we plan to use this mainly in the home.

The unit works very well get cold quick, doesn’t draw excessive power, my only complaint is the flimsy handles the second time my wife and i picked the unit up (both times empty) her handle popped out of the base on one side causing the unit to twist to the side, this totally dislodged my handle from the frame and it dropped to the floor, thank god it was on heavy carpeting and missed both our feet. I was left standing there with the ‘d’ handle in my hand.

Features of Edgestar 80 QT Portable Fridge/freezer – Grey

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  • Storage for both fridge and freezer foods for added convenience
  • Temperature range: -8 F to 50 F, Fast freeze mode
  • Storage capacity: 83 qts, Dimensions: 23 6/16″ H x 28 3/16″ W x 18 12/16″ D.
  • Power: 115 V/60 Hz/1 A/80 W
  • Small & large basket, Latched lid, Side handles

Make sure this fits
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Despite the fact that the first one i ordered broke two weeks into operation, i have to say i love this edgestar, and am pleased to give it another chance. This is due, in large part, to the excellent customer service i received from compact appliance when the first unit failed. I don’t know why the first one stopped running (sometimes, you get a lemon that gets by quality control), but compact appliance ignored the fact that the standard 30 days to return had already passed (by one or two days, due to the late start of my camping trip), and went above and beyond to exchange it for another model. They even paid the return postage.I love a business that stands by their product. As for the unit, the 80 qt is a nice size for week-long camping trips, it operates well with my little 200 w photo voltaic system, it doesn’t take up much space in my little camping trailer (converted from a 16′ cargo trailer), it is very quiet when in operation (a nice thing in a small camper). I have the replacement up and running now on house current as it will be my ‘cooler’ for a holiday party i am having. Then it will go into the pantry to hold fruits and vegetables at their ideal temperature for the winter (freeing up my refrigerator for other things). When it is not doing that, it will be with me on camping trips and be powered by a solar system. If i have any trouble with it from here on, you can be sure i will report it.

I have had this for 5 years and bang it around in the back of my 4×4 camping all the time. No problems and keeps stuff frozen. Runs overnight easily without draining my battery and i can run it almost indefinitely on a 100 watt solar cell.

I have had mine now going on seven years in the lower compartment of my motorhome and have nothing but great accolades for this unit. It finally quit and now i am looking for a repairman.

Really quite when it’s running and is insulated very well. Doesn’t use much power either. I have it in my small cabin running off of 200 watts of solar that powers the whole cabin. It was expensive but worth every penny since i don’t need to keep all my food in a cooler full of ice anymore.

For this first time in 17 years i can keep food frozen in the summer much better then a cooler. So nice to have the option of battery or power. In the winter we plan to use it as a fridge.

Storage for both fridge and freezer foods for added convenience

Provides cold drinks in our vfd rescue truck. Runs great off of shore line and genset.

Works like a charm, cools pretty fast, not too heavy to move in and out of vehicle (when empty) – one man can lift and move it. Seems very quiet and just works.

Temperature range: -8 F to 50 F, Fast freeze mode

Storage capacity: 83 qts, Dimensions: 23 6/16″ H x 28 3/16″ W x 18 12/16″ D.

Power: 115 V/60 Hz/1 A/80 W

Haier HCR17W 1 : Nice Refrigerator

Purchased for my daughter’s dorm room at university of the south. It is 1/2 the size of regular small compressor-less refrigerator. 7 cuft and can fit under most dorm beds that are on risers or under a dorm desk. Holds enough stuff for any college kid. Comes in black or white and has really good ratings. Amazon has the best price and it ships with prime also. A college student can get a trial subscription free with a college email address. I ordered hers on a sunday night and she had it on tuesday with my prime membership.

I bought this about 6 months ago it still works like it should doesn’t use much power and fits all my personal bedroom food and drinks or anything else u want to put in there.

Haier HCR17W 1.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator/Freezer, White

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  • Half-width freezer compartment with ice cube tray
  • Full-width slide-out wire shelf
  • Full-width and half-width door storage shelf
  • 2-liter bottle storage
  • Recessed door handle

Came on time and fits well in my office. Keeps everything cold and the freezer is cold enough to make ice cubes, if not just a little small, but i don’t use the freezer part so no big deal. Very happy with this product.

Got it for my wife to use at her office; loves it.

It is spacious enough for sodas, 3 boxes of lean cuisine entrees. Yogurts (6) a couple of small containers – like salad or fruit. I recommend this little box.

Haier HCR17W 1.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator/Freezer, White : I worried i would have problems setting this up in my office, but it is lightweight enough for an old woman to lift, and all you have to do is plug it in. It keeps everything ice cold and is virtually noiseless. Every now and again, i hear it kick in, but not loudly. By the way, the box was torn open and all dinged up when i got it. It looked like it had taken a bad fall. However, the refrigerator was so securely packaged in a box within the box that it didn’t suffer any damage.

Shipper delivered it upside down. After settling right side up for 24 hours, it started when plugged in. It cooled within the day, so it survived the illiterate handling. The factory setting has been chilling very nicely with yogurts and boxed beverages since then. Occasional delicate pops are the sounds it makes. The inside shelving is shallower than it appears. The molded door fills up interior space when closed and is molded to hold to a one-liter container and some small bottled waters or soda-type cans. The freezer is right for keeping slices of bread fresh in ziploc bags. The thing is still very new, so how serviceable it proves and how best to use it remain to be experienced.

Not only is the price the best, but i love the qualityt of haier appliances. We use it as a secondary frig for our son (2 years old). We store his milk and other essentials he needs at night. It is compact enough to fit under a standard size computer desk.

Quality fridge with the perfect size. Freezer portion freezes well and all other areas maintain that cold chill you expect from a fridge.

I purchased this little refrigerator/freezer for our equipment room at work as a place to temporarily place environmental samples we collect that need to be kept cold or frozen. It is just the right size, fitting under our work table. The little freezer, which doesn’t come with most refrigerators of this size, is just the right size. I also like the energy star rating, which is important to our environmental organization. Finally, it was delivered to my home in under 5 days in perfect condition.

You are what you say…quiet, convenient and easy to use. I sent this to my friend’s mother is 95 years old and wanted to have easy to eat snacks throughout the day. This unit has worked well for her. It is also one of the few small refrigerators that has a quiet motor…. Check this out before you buy.

Replaced an very old office refrigerator that died. This one is quiet, efficient, and cold. Strongly recommended if you need one with these specific storage features.

Pretty good for a college dorm room fridge.

A few years back i was working in dutch harbor and bought one of these from alaska ship supply. Worked fine even through super dusty conditions. Recently purchased this ‘fridge for the man cave to hold tasty beverages, wrapped sandwiches, stoli & jaeger in the freezer etc. Like the last purchase i let the unit come down to temp before i loaded items. The unit is very quiet, you can barely notice it when it fires up. Once again, a great purchase.

The unit arrived quickly and the box was actually pretty light and easy to carry. It arrived in perfect condition. It is quiet when running and easily fit in my office. It is so efficient that you have to be careful not to set it too high or it becomes a freezer.The little freezer works well for single frozen lunches or ice cubes, but is not much bigger than that overall. The refrigerator is large enough for several items, and i keep a case of coke cool, as well as lunch meat and deli salad. For my use, this was a perfect choiceupdate: as of august, 2016, this little refrigerator is still going strong, without one issue, having been plugged in since i bought it in 2013.

This is a nice little refrigerator. It cools down fast and is very quiet. I purchased it for my office to store facial masks and keep cold water on hand for my patients. My only complaint is the lack of space, which is mainly on the door, and a small amount of shelf space.

I only wish i could have changed the door to open the other way. Works well, but i should have paid attention to this detail.

This product shipped in only two days and it has more space then i imagined. Freezer is bigger than expected and the thermostat will keep your items very cold even on #4(out of 7).

Good back up refrigerator for spare, meds, etc.

. And worth every penny (so far). My ‘big’ fridge died, and it’s going to be a few weeks before i can get my new special-order one, so i needed something that would work to store a few things that needed refrigeration (milk, mostly; butter, that sort of thing). I have a small chest freezer already, so having a large freezer compartment wasn’t necessary. Saw this model, read the reviews, and decided to take a chance. This thing has been *perfect* for my needs. First, it’s small enough to sit on my kitchen ‘peninsula’ (no upper cabinets), in a corner out of the way. And it doesn’t weigh a lot, either, so wresting it from the front porch into the house and up on the counter wasn’t a herculean task (i’m a single older female with a bad back, so that should give you a clue as to how easy this thing is to move around. )second, there’s not a lot of room in it, but it’s enough to store the few chilled things i need to have on hand (most things i use can go in the big freezer, thawed as needed in the mini-fridge). And third — right out of the box, it worked perfectly. I have it set at the factory-recommended setting, and it freezes ice in the freezer compartment, while maintaining a steady 36 degrees in the refrigerator compartment. I’ve had it now for 3 weeks, and i still haven’t needed to defrost it. (new fridge is due for delivery next week. )this might be just the right size for a dorm situation — it’s so quiet i don’t hear it at all, and i sit within 6 feet of it most of the time. Even after my new fridge arrives, i’ll probably keep this in the guest room for visitors to use.

This little fridge is quiet and fairly lightweight. It isn’t able to keep up if the ambient temperature gets too high, but it’s inexpensive and works for a few months now so it gets 4 stars.

I purchased this about a month ago and i have no complaints. The noise is minimal, it gets nice and cold and best of all, the freezer actually freezes.

Danby DAR259BL 2 – Oh yeah

Bought this for my office 2 years ago. The top half is a bit colder than the bottom, however, this works well for keeping drinks really cold. (they do not freeze) it is also very quiet. Still happy after 2 years and would buy again.

It is a small black refrigerator. People have complained about being noisy, honestly don’t see why. We lost power for about 9 hours today, and stuff remained cold, so it seems to have decent insulation.

We put this in our rv for extra refrigerator space. It keeps a constant temperature and is very quiet, which is important since we put it in our bedroom closet. We can still hang shirts and blouses over the top, so it was a great solution to a constant problem. Here are the specifications for the Danby DAR259BL 2:

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  • Energy Star 2.5 cu. ft. capacity all refrigerator
  • Mechanical thermostat and automatic defrost
  • 2 full shelves and 1 half shelf for maximum storage versatility, tall bottle storage and CanStor beverage dispensing system
  • Reversible door hinge for right or left hand opening and integrated door handle
  • Scratch resistant work top and smooth-back design for flush fit against walls

After an extensive search for a compact cooler for soft drinks, wines, and snack food i found this danby 259bl to be an effective way to provide for a convenient and attractive choice. I searched several retail stores (home depot, sears, lowes, etc. ) as well ebay, amazon, and other online sites. What i found was that this is one of only two choices available that was in the form of a refrigerator without a freezer section. All the beverage coolers would have larger capacity, but without an assurance of adequate cooling temperature – and also be much more expensive. This danby unit has shown itself to be of good, if not large, capacity. It is quiet, easy to set up, and an attractive addition to my family room. It took a couple of days of trial and error to find the correct temp setting, using a pair of thermometers, but it has been fine and consistent ever since. One area of initial concern was delivery condition – which turned out to be unwarranted. Double carton packaging and careful handling by amazon resulted in perfect condition when delivered.

We installed a new wetbar on our porch and needed a refrigerator to store cold sodas, beer, and water. There are smaller units available but this one has much more capacity while still fitting under the countertop and behind a cabinet door. The inside of the door has a tray that holds one 2 liter bottle as well as an angled rack that will hold cans or fruits. The trays inside the unit are movable and while we haven’t filled it to the brim, we could probably store 60 cans. My only concern is that in the cavity of the cabinet where the refrigerator sits, the heat builds up because there is no way for it to disipate without cutting holes in the cabinet. We’ll have to wait for summer to see how bad it gets when temps reach the upper 90s.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect size for my office!
  • A Perfect Choice!
  • Fine combination of size, features and function at an attractive price

This refrigerator keeps my beverages cold and is easy on the electricity. A soft high pitched whistle is heard when the unit is running. Not loud enough to be annoying. You hear when there is no other sound source in the room. The door is hard to open when the unit sits on a rug with pile. A wood platform that is higher than the rug pile is needed. My unit is on a low end table which makes the beverages easier to reach.

Door does not close tight every time. I use this refrigerator in my office at work and it does not close tight. I have found it slightly open after a weekend of the office being closed. I have learned to double check to make sure the door is closed before i leave at night.

I purchased this refrigerator for my husband for christmas for his ‘man-cave. It worked great right from the box and cooled his beverages within hours. It holds everything he wants to keep cool and is a good capacity for his needs. It is attractive and could be used as a side table for other snacks.

We bought this while we were moving across the country for when our big refrigerator went away and we were without it for a couple of weeks. This little fridge is huge and what we loved most?. When these little refrigerators have freezers, they are wastes of space and can’t hold anything worth talking about. Danby skipped the useless freezer and gave more valuable refrigeration space.

The refrigerator is a perfect size for the office. Didn’t need a freezer, last refrigerator had a tiny freezer that made 4 ice cubes.

Why would someone want a refrigerator with no freezer?. Simple most people at work will never use the freezer, it takes up space and causes problems icing up. This refrigerator still gets drinks near frozen temperatures and is very well organized. It can hold a 2 liter bottle and 8 cans in its door shelf without even using the wire racks. The shelving is very nice quality. Its not excessively noisy but you can hear it if you sit near it.

First time it was delivered i had to return it due to after a few days it having a very high pitched sound when it had the cooling on. Amazon made the return process very easy. Put it back in the box and they had ups come by my house to pick it up. Got a new one and no more issue with a high pitched sound. (still a semi-distracting sound, a little bit more then my normal larger fridge downstairs but just the normal sound you expect from a fridge. ) very compact, space was a little bit less then i expected but still good. Would not recommend it for anyone planning to store a lot inside of it, but works perfectly for just drinks ect.

This refrigerator is a very good value. Mine works just as good as the good reviews state. The packaging was superb, the original box was packed inside another sturdy box. When i took it out it was perfect. Thie thermostat worked very well also; i did not experience any of the problems that other people did with bottles freezing and such. This unit is placed outside underneath the counter where the barbecue is. I think the last one i had lasted seven or eight years, so i am hoping to get that much out of this one.

This fridge works very well for my bedroom. When the motor fires up it is audible, but not annoyingly so. I love that i do not have to defrost a freezer. Never used those small freezers before anyway. Don’t drink canned drinks much, so the canned drink holder does not have much use. I just put small items there. Overall a good fridge though.

I’ve had it for a couple years now. Colder than the cube i had in college. Lots more room than i expected. I don’t like that cans and bottles can fall out of the slots on the inside of the door for holding cans and bottles.

Great refrigerator, great price. Set thermostat to halfway and cooled a bottle of wine if a few hours right after plugging it in. Is really quiet to me although i need to sleep with some noise like a humidifier or fan or sound machine, anything.

I eat a lot of raw leafy greens – i juice the stems, make blended drinks with the leaves, and have one large salad with leaves every day. I am truly blessed to be able shop at a local farmers market once a week for organic produce. Buying for a week at a time i have four leaf spinner bowls and only two of them can fit in my regular good-sized kitchen refrierator at any one time. The other two fit very nicely in this danby along with carrots, apples, and other raw foods. It is quiet and can freeze delicate produce; don’t set it on ‘as cold as it will go’ for live foods. Many thanks for this wonderful appliance.

I wanted my mini-fridge to fit under the desk in my office. I carefully measured and asked others, and determined that a 27” fridge would fit under my desk, so i ordered this one. When i received it, though, it didn’t fit under my desk.But then, my smarter-than-me friend realized that the plastic cover on the fridge was removable. We just unscrewed if from the back and slid it off, and lo-and-behold, the fridge fit. No more worrying about having to pay exorbitant shipping fees to send this backwhat i am trying to say is, if you have a height limit, this fridge is 27” if you take the plastic top off. The dimension descriptions failed to include this fact. Now that i figured out that i can fit this fridge under my desk, i love it.

This little refrigerator holds a great amount of sodas even large bottles. Every year i have my neices and nephews come and spend 2 weeks with me. All teens and drink soda like there is no tomorrow. The fridge holds all the sodas and i don’t need to use up all my fefrigerator space.

This compact refrigerator met all my expectations – relatively small but holds a lot of bottled water and a few sodas and snacks. The one that i received had a bend in the bottom bracket that mounts the compressor that apparently occurred during shipping – this frustrated me but the unit functioned well and looked good (you had to turn it over to see the bracket and the bracket was still structurally sound).

Like others who purchased this, my fridge was shipped only in its original box and looked like it had been dropped and rolled around a few times. It was a miracle that the fridge only had one scratch on it. Otherwise, the fridge works like it is supposed to. It is cold and refrigerates things. Amazon also gave me a discount when i let them know the fridge arrived with a big gouge taken out of the finish, but i didn’t want to ship it back. They were probably happy they didn’t have to replace my fridge. Thanks, amazon, i appreciate the discount.

GE HC46SF10SV Compact Refrigerator – Great for the office

Works great but a little noise.

The ge compact refrigerator is exactly what we were looking for.

The shipping was this box tied up with the bottom part of the cardboard entirely cut through so when i tried to lift the fridge i ended up lifting off the box. Either way this fridge thus far is actually pretty good except for the warped water catcher and stuff thrown all over the inside.

Great having it shipped directly to his house, works well and nice size.

Used in small office– works great noise not excessive cools quickly.

  • purchased 2 of these and my experience has been great. Both refrigerators look great and run well
  • Small, but big enough for a shared office of two

I like everything about the product. Arrived on time and in tip top shape. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. It is stylish and fits well into it’s surroundings.

Small/dorm fridge with plenty of space so that my officemate and i aren’t annoyed by each other’s use of it. We both stock items to share and still have enough space to bring a lunch every day. A bonus is it is a really quiet unit.

I can store pop or coffee creamer that i’ve stocked up without filling my main refrigerator. I would like the freezer section to be a little larger, but probably would forget about the food i stored in it.

Great mini fridge works great.

I had the hardest time taking the door off to place the unit in a hutch that i made for it. But, a couple of broken screwdrivers and a jackhammer later, i did manage to get it in and it works perfectly.

I use it mostly for beer, pop, and bottled water. If stacked right it can easily hold four 24 packs of what ever 12oz cans you like. The picture don’t do this mini justice. It’s much bigger inside than the picture shows.

I just picked one up in store, this thing is powerful and stands at a nice height. Freezer door is awesome feature. Says itll cost $29 annually to have it plugged in you residence. I feel as powerful as this is i was generally already curious about power consumption.

This product arrived timely and met our expectations.

I recently purchased 2 of these and my experience has been great. Both refrigerators look great and run well. Their delivery was faster than expected for free shipping. Each time the refrigerator arrived within 7 days after ordering.

Compact but can put a lot stuff in.

Excuse the fingerprints my son is a bit messy. I got it for him to keep drinks and snacks because i work long hours. It keeps everything cool and is very roomy. If this one ever goes out i definitely will get the same one again.

I just received my refrigerator yesterday so i cannot make claims for its durability, though the quality of the product and other reviews i have read on haier products indicate that it is likely to age well. I plugged in the unit immediately upon receipt and it worked beautifully. It cools very quickly, and keeps things very cold on a medium setting. The unit has far more inside space than i expected. , and the shelves can be adjusted in a number of ways to allow for the intelligent and efficient use of the space you have. The shelves are well constructed and do not look flimsy. It runs very efficiently and quietly, and seems to be energy efficient. The only caveat i have is that there is no real ‘freezer’ in the unit, but just a space sufficient to hold 2 very small ice cube trays. The owner’s manual advises that anything that can be frozen in this very small space should be used or discarded within 5 days, so if you need a freezer and refrigerator in one unit, then you should look to another model. Personally, this little refrigerator works so well that i plan to get a small haier freezer to go alongside of it.

It keeps stuff cold and looks nice.

Good quality, but shipped damaged.

Perfect for holding extra drinks (soda, water, etc).

Love it, only not happy with the small dent it came with.

Arrived early and works beautifully.

The refrigerator was the perfect size and is serving the purpose.

EdgeStar FP430 43 Qt Portable Compact Refrigerator or Freezer AC/DC : Works great in our boat

I’ve owned this fridge for two years and taken it in my suv for many overland trips. I strap it down by the handles and although they are plastic they seem to hold up very well. The unit stays very cold even when the temperature in the vehicle is high. You can spend a lot more but you won’t get a better product.

It’s quiet, small enough for the boat, and it worked.

EdgeStar FP430 43 Qt Portable Compact Refrigerator or Freezer AC/DC

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Volume: 43 qt. / equivalent to 60 12oz. cans, Range: -8°F to 50°F; Outside Dimensions: 20.8″h x 24.7″w x 17.7″d
  • 12/24 volt power lead: 6′ detachable power cord, 115 volt power lead 8′ detachable power cord
  • Flash Freeze function rapidly cools the unit to -8°F, Warranty: 90 days labor, 1 year parts
  • Compressor based cooling method freezes faster than Thermoelectric counterparts
  • For a larger version of this model please see FP630 or FP861; Inside Dimensions: 14.96″ h x 11.42″w x 18.50″d

I received my new 43qt fridge and was very excited. I have an 86 quart model that i love. After 30 seconds, i get an hh on the temperature display. Looking it up on the web, it states that the room temperature is over 104 degrees. I have nothing around this fridge for 1 to 3 feet in every direction. I have my 86 quart across the room in this same room and it is having no problems. Instead of paying almost $100 to ship this (very) heavy fridge back, i sent an e-mail to customer support via their website. I received a confirmation e-mail stating that someone would contact me within 2 business days.

Faster than forecastawsome and heavyduty producr.

It kept our smoothies frozen for over a week in south texas, we would plug it into a wall outlet and night and the cigar outlet when traveling. It is very quite on the back seat on our f-150 supercab.

EdgeStar FP430 43 Qt Portable Compact Refrigerator or Freezer AC/DC : It is heavy and the inner space is not as big as i expected.

The unit was defective, right out of the box. After checking out the ‘advanced repair’ video i took it apart and discovered one wire of the the temperature sensor was pinched and the other wire was not connected at all. Once i did the fix all is good, however vey bad manufacturing qaqc to have this happen.

This is a great product for a camper van and seems to be quality built. It uses less than 4 amps of dc current to keep things very cold. It also works very well on 120v ac. I surrounded the cooler with an additional layer of polyisocyanurate insulation (leaving all vents uncovered) and the compressor runs very infrequently. The two solar cells i use easily handle it’s current draw. I am not saying the additional insulation that i used was necessary, however, i wanted that extra cusion of performance for very hot ambient temperatures or if i needed solar cells to recharge battery. Finally, compact appliance is a company easy to work with and eager to see that customers are satisfied with their products.

Pros:great pricegets to temp easilycons:a bit heavy but i don’t have another fridge of this type to compare it toi bought this for a recent camping trip. I used it straight for 2 months before just the trip and it ran great. It was able to make ice in bottled water. It kept our frozen food icy. I got the cover for it which kept it from getting scratched and dirty. I may try to keep it in the back of my pickup exposed to the elements on my next trip to see if it can handle the elements. I will update the review if i attempt this.

Nice product work great in my 18 wheelers, money saver for over the road drivers.

We bought this to use on an extended trailer trip. We debated getting it because of the cost, but it was absolutely the right decision. We are hooked on our morning greens and fruit smoothies and this kept our frozen veggies and fruit frozen for the whole trip. We used it to refreeze our blue ice packs to use in a little cooler as well so there was no need to buy ice for the cooler. It ran off the truck 12-volt while we were driving and plugged into ac at night. It switched automatically and we never had a problem with the freezer or the truck batteries.

Works amazingly and it can run for days on my back up battery.

Great deal and so much cheaper than camping world and not all plastic.

Works well, looks good in the office.

Has operated as advertised with no problems. Has run off vehicle battery for 3 days without vehicle running.

I ran this for the first half of the year and it performed well. The casing dents easily but isn’t affected performance. I use this in my campervan which shakes the crap out of it and it still has not come apart inside, so i’d say it’s solidly built.

This unit fit perfectly into our 30′ sailboat. With duel power options (ac/dc) it was easy to keep powered and keep cold. On shore-power we ran the unit down to 0*, then when cruising and using 12v the temperature would rise to around 30* but most items stayed frozen. This unit is heavy duty, easy to use and a value for the price.

I just got my freezer, and so far, so good, though i do have a couple of gripes. First, measuring the inside dimensions gives a capacity of 40 quarts, not 43. Maybe that’s not a very big deal, but the item title is wrong. Second, the ‘fast/flash freeze’ feature is not what i would consider ‘fast’. It took 1 1/2 hours on ac power to drop from 67 degrees to -8 degrees. Again, maybe that’s not a very big deal, and the time would be improved by placing already frozen items into the freezer, but i felt it was enough to drop a star. I will be using this freezer with my own battery at a farmer’s market this summer and will update my review to reflect my experiences there. I still have high hopes that it will perform admirably.

I am a truck driver and absolutely love this damn thing.

Holds a lot of food and drink, durable offroad, keeps everything cold and fresh. This will make ice without a problem. Definitely a great alternative to engle and arb. You can’t beat it for the money.

Liked the fact that after a 6 1/2 hour trip, i only had lost a 4 degree increase in temp so everything arrived still frozen. The dc cord was not long enough to reach the 12 volt outlet. I highly recommend this product.

Worked as expected great buy for the money. It’s on our sailboat and we love it.

Avanti AC/DC Superconductor Refrigerator, Not for off grid

Performs but would not get extremely cold.

Does maintain stuff chilly, for best effects really don’t just plug in for an hour and assume the chills. Lower the temperature and come to feel content. Oh yeah and to the particular person/s who will not make buys on this system but like producing deceptive critiques based mostly on aged wives tales or hearsay make sure you end. This is not the avanti 110v 1. 7 cubic foot fridge/freezer and it does not frost up and/or freeze every little thing. In reality it does not frost up or freeze at all just retains stuff genuinely cold.

I preferred to get a moment and review this mini fridge. I was seeking for a modest fridge for the boat something that could operate on shore electric power and 12 volt batteries. I looked at other individuals that ended up more highly-priced and had gasoline possibilities but imagined i’d check out this first. It has hookups for twelve+ and ac on the back again and you slide a swap so you can not plug in both equally at the same time. When i did the device will car switch involving both of them. That functions great for long-lasting mounting. As for the perform it is effective, and gets moderately cold. I propose chilling it down prior to you start out your trip. It can take a extended time to neat and that’s the motive for 4 starts off and not 5. It does place out a great deal of warmth in back so if you install it make guaranteed to vent the back again perfectly. I see a good deal of individuals indicating it stopped performing soon after about 1 month. That is why i waited to overview this, so far 5 months into use its even now functioning alright.

Key specs for Avanti AC/DC Superconductor Refrigerator, Model# SHP1712SDC:

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  • Features full-range temperature control, soft interior light with on/off switch and auto defrost
  • Tall bottle rack on door holds a 2-liter bottle
  • Adjustable, removable shelf
  • Stainless steel door has reversible swing
  • Includes 5-ft. AC power cord and 6-ft. DC power cord

Comments from buyers

“Works Great! but needs a steady 4.5 Amps for DC (solar/boat/truck/car), Works fine good price., Review products only if you spent your $ please”

It’s working wonderfully on our sailboat.

I put this in my rv trailer, is effective very good.

Exceptional resiliance and versatility.

The fridge arrived with various significant dents as other reviewers have stated they only incorporate one/4 inch of styrofoam for packaging. On even further inspection i could see the inside ac incredibly hot and common connections ended up disconnected so i opened it up and plugged individuals back again in. I set a remote temperature sensor in the fridge and permit it great to 32 degrees (chilly as it will get on superior) then put a 20 oz pop bottle in that was entire of 80f degree drinking water. It took 3 hrs to awesome to underneath 40 levels and it truly warmed the air temp of the fridge up to forty two at a single place. If you put a whole lot of place temp stuff in there i picture it would take at minimum 24 hrs to amazing it all. Pros:-lightweight (definitely effortless to move it only weighs like 23 lbs .)-efficient (pulls a lot less than one hundred watts and keeps stuff chilly)-advert/dc modes is great-no transferring pieces besides for heatsink admirer and coldsink fan. -heaps of space, thanks to the lightweight body/insulation and absence of compressor what you see is practically what you get. Negatives:-light-weight (don’t drop it or you will certainly incorporate to the dents from shipping, also the insulation are unable to be that great at that thickness)-not pretty impressive, it will acquire very a though to neat items down and simply cannot cope with significant air temps or direct sunlight. -as other reviewers have stated you can count on it getting harmed in delivery.

Functions well in the tough and tumble world of oil area trucking. It did arrived dented in the back again. That does not subject for the reason that it is in the back again.

Consider it eats up also significantly electrical power if you are off grid which i am anyway had to acquire an additional but it continue to performs superior on grid.

This unit operates quietly, and i really like not getting to invest in ice. At the time inside, beverages remain chilled.

I have used this fridge the moment in my new custom goat trailer with living quarters. Worked quite effectively on dc energy in the trailer and ac in the household for a test operate. My only complaint is that the products was dented when shipped. We identified the dents would not effect procedure and thus not value sending back again to maker. The unit operates wonderful, just the housing was dinged.

As a aspect observe this unit can not swtich from a/c to d/c immediately as the aged unit did. With that aside i would purchase it once more.

Had a more compact edition just before, this has been a great deal quieter and never have to unplug it in the truck when heading to slumber.

Best refrigerator for my sailboat. Retains food items cold just like a major kitchen area refrigerator. It’s so silent you have to place your ear up to it to know it really is on. 7 cu ft remarkably holds a great deal of foods.

Fantastic solution and performs properly in my husbands truck. The only tiny dilemma is that the doorway will occur open up going down the street. It desires a latch of some type to preserve the contents safe and cold will driving down the street.

I ordered this to exchange my 7 12 months outdated last design of the similar. I was extremely perfectly packed and i delight in it. I am a truck driver and this design suits the pre arranged gap for it in peterbilts.

Update nine/twenty/2016took it on a five,five hundred mile trip (to burning person in nevada) running off a 24v – 12v move down converter on a 24v dc photo voltaic program with 6kw battery storage. Refrigerator temps commonly ended up between -2 and + 2°c. When the auto received warm (it was parked in the desert w/peak temps of 35°c/95°f), the fridge temp rose to a max of eight. This was great ample to hold the vital contents okay (whipped product, beer, yogurt). ——————-i ordered two models to energy a bigger refrigerator built-in in a study car or truck driven by 24v photo voltaic. I read through some of the adverse assessments and assumed the concern may well have been way too very low a present stream when connecting to motor vehicle electrical power. From my initial tests, that was accurate. You need an outlet that delivers up to a steady five amps present-day or the refrigerator is not going to operate. Also, if the battery drains and voltage drops much under 12v dc, it will not do the job. I also discovered that the unit turns off the cooling when the door is open / light on. So if you leave the doorway open/ajar, the device will in no way commence cooling. Counter to the recommended significant preliminary placing, i analyzed up the models at the med setting on a controlled dc electrical power offer for the initially cooling cycle. It drew up to 5 amps when commencing and just under 4.

Operates wonderful , was packed fantastic, stays cool and dose not use a lot of electricity. Has one particular concern for me opens through travel.

The unit is good but it was not what i ordered it does not have a latch on the door.

It will be ok when i get it to remain awesome it can be so incredibly hot listed here.

I acquired this for my father put this in his semi truck to keep foodstuff.

I applied this fridge in my large rig, excellent.

Fits beautifully in our vintage camper and makes it possible for the flexibility to dry camp on 12v batteries or use shore power.

Magic Chef 3.5 Cu. Ft. Mini Refrigerator, Stainless, Have 3 and love them all. Still working great after 3 years!

I bought three of these 3 several years back and they all however get the job done. One for my son’s dorm room, a single for my business at operate, and one for our patio. All of ours have labored wonderful with unquestionably no difficulties. It would seem folks largely compose opinions only when they are disappointed. You have to try to remember that hundreds or 1000’s are manufactured and it is extremely hard that each and every product works correctly. Also, i have constantly kept ours plugged into a surge protector. Loads of gear can be ruined by electricity spikes or surges brought about by lightening and we have plenty of lightening the place i dwell. I enjoy all our refrigerators and i would purchase this model again.

Probably the enterprise has listened to the complaints?. My experience with shopper services was amazing. Fridge stopped doing work right after about six months. Immediately after a solitary cell phone simply call, the organization despatched a technician to my dwelling () to resolve the fridge at no cost. eleven months into the 1 calendar year guarantee, it stopped functioning again with a diverse issue. I made a single mobile phone call and the enterprise agreed to refund my complete invest in selling price. Could i check with for a far more trusted product?.But the customer company was so great, i am getting the identical fridge as a replacement.

Packaging was comprehensive and utter diarrhea. My fridge had dings all above each facet. Just about every corner was so weakened that it really is was essentially smoothed out. Even so, inspite of its hardships, the fridge continue to has the capacity to get freezing cold, reliably.

Key specs for Magic Chef 3.5 Cu. Ft. Mini Refrigerator, Stainless:

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  • Magic Chef 3.5 cu. ft. Mini Refrigerator in Stainless Look, ENERGY STAR

Comments from buyers

“no crisper drawer and smaller freezer, exemplary customer service, Efficient cooling. Plenty of space.”

Refrigerator was dented on the sides and back again, but it will be less than a bar the place no 1 will see it.

Pretty good refrigerator for the value. I have had it for 3 years and only have two troubles with it. It usually takes a tiny more time than common to make ice and on the substantial setting the freezer at some point frosts up, but it’s possible that is usual for this kind of transportable device. I might get it yet again, especially if it goes on sale simply because it can be been responsible and electrical power efficient.

Just fairly unhappy that the mini fridge failed to occur with a crisper drawer, and the freezer is smaller sized than older variations of the very same merchandise.

My desires in a mini fridge are really primary: lots of storage, functional cooling, effective electricity use. This fridge satisfies all a few and is very well priced. There is not considerably to do for established up and the original cooling only normally takes a couple several hours. I keep it absolutely stocked with beverages in the garage (a concluded segment of it) to get just one though doing the job on jobs with no owning to run inside. I haven’t experienced it for 4 months still like the other reviewer but it can be been great so significantly.

Igloo FR551 5 – Very happy with this fridge

It is really been in my business office for 2 many years now, and will work completely. I bought a precut galaxy black countertop from ikea and placed it on prime and secured it to the wall. It truly is options work flawlessly.

I use it within of my room and it is silent as opposed to the previous mini fridge i had. Make certain when they ship the fridge it just isn’t damaged although. I experienced to mail my 1st just one back again because the doors wouldn’t line up and there was a substantial dent.

I required a refrigerator for a tiny area. This a person provides more storage without the need of taking up a good deal of space. It also has a excellent counter best.Here are the specifications for the Igloo FR551 5:

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  • 5.5 Cu Ft Side by Side Fridge/Freezer Stainless Steel: Fridge Space = 3.27 Cu Ft.; Freezer Space = 2.30 Cu Ft Space
  • Hard Plastic Scratch Resistant Top
  • 3 Removable/Adjustable Glass Refrigerator Shelves
  • Refrigerator Light and Integrated Door Handle
  • 1 Clear Look Crisper Drawer

Will work perfectly and is reasonably priced.

I purchased this refigerator/freezer for my office environment in feb. And i experienced no problems with it. In april i took a 7 days off and 1 of my coworkers set some items in it and thought they experienced shut the door, but they hadn’t. I came back again to a refigerator that experienced a sheet of ice on the back again wall and a freezer that was basically a block of ice. I believed ‘well there goes my refer’ place out towels and enable it defrost overnight. Good detail there is no carpeting in my place of work mainly because the floor was a sodden mess. Immediately after i cleaned up i plugged it back again in expecting the motor to be noisy or not do the job at all. The refer was so tranquil i experienced to check out a few of times to make absolutely sure it was operating. It is nevertheless pretty tranquil and it cools very well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Igloo double door is tops!
  • Very happy with this fridge
  • It also has a good counter top

We have this and use it in our airbnb rental. It has remarkable room and is effective just as it need to. I go through the testimonials and was hesitant to purchase. On the other hand, because of to it is really layout, we made the decision to consider the threat. It appears to be like like there may be some defective versions out there, on the other hand ours proceeds to do the job like a aspiration. My only regret is not acquiring a couple of more although they had been a tiny a lot less pricey.

Superior fridge – transport messed up three moments.

I know there are a large amount of poor evaluations in this article, but i purchased this much less expensive by walmart and so significantly i adore it. I needed a small fridge but i essentially will need fewer fridge space and far more freezer space, so this was best. Had to alter the placing mainly because it was too chilly to begin with, but every thing functions fantastic now. From time to time i will not shut the freezer door all the way, so it gets frosty when i do that, but other than that, the freezer is rather frost-free of charge.

This double door refrigerator freezer is a dream. No difficulties with it in anyway. Both of those sides hold an awesome amount of money of meals. I don’t know what these grievances are about. The preliminary motor scent is standard and goes absent swiftly. I will not imagine these malcontents choose time to read the instruction guide prior to starting off up the unit. It angers me that these type of folks malign outstanding merchandise and companies that are moderately priced. Please browse the instruction guide on this device. You are supposed to enable it sit for 2 several hours after shipping and delivery to allow for it to settle prior to plugging it in. The malfunctions genuinely are thanks to failing to do this and not being aware of how to reset the thermostat in situation of a malfunction.

But issues regulating temp. When freezer is chilly adequate, back again of refrigerator freezes food items.

A yr after acquiring, this has held up really perfectly. Just massive adequate inside even though being compact exterior. Very pleased with this fridge.

If you are on the lookout for a mini fridge with loads of freezer room, you will like this item.

Observing blended assessments, but so far (had it about two weeks) it is effective and seems to be great. Applied a thermometer to test fridge temp ahead of setting up, and produced absolutely sure it manufactured ice. There are things i you should not really like about it but these ended up apparent ahead of i purchased it — racks in door are uncomfortable, and i desire the fridge portion were being a tiny larger and the freezer a minimal scaled-down. But, i really don’t believe there is any other model in this rate array that is this dimensions, coloration, etc.

I’m in university and i wanted my have fridge simply because persons kept on raiding the community fridge. It is power productive forty one$ a year & it operates tremendous quiet. It gets cold alternatively speedily then shuts down. Perfect for becoming in the bedroom. I’m a lite sleeper and i are not able to even listen to it jogging at night time. In closing: it was a fantastic financial commitment at 350$. I really don’t want a ton of place for food like a total dimensions fridge. I am like to be much more productive, that is what this fridge is economical. Much less room to cool equals less operate time.

This will fantastic to set in our workplace.

Star Wars New World Premier Bb8 4 Liter Mini Fridge : Its the perfect size for his play area

I like this fridge but the handle broke within the first. I like this fridge but the handle broke within the first few weeks. You open it by turning the handle either right or left, now we can only open it by turning it left. Seems a shame given how much it costs.

It’s perfect for under the cabinets/on the counter. It’s perfect for under the cabinets/on the counter of a kitchen or a cubicle.

My son thinks this was the best gift ever at christmas.

Just can’t put to much in there.

  • Nice looking frig, careful of the hot setting
  • Great for Pumping at Work
  • I like this fridge but the handle broke within the first

Star Wars New World Premier Bb8 4 Liter Mini Fridge

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  • Officially licensed-star wars bb8 4 liter mini fridge
  • 4 Liter mini fridge holds up to 6 cans of your favorite beverage
  • This mini fridge beats all with its heat and cool function
  • Travel with bb8 using the car adaptor
  • Last note: this fridge heats and cools and can be plugged into your car

This was a hit with my teenage son for christmas. So far, it keeps everything cold.

Bought it for my wife for her birthday she love it.

Great fo small items like a snack bag of fruit, small container of half and half for the office.

Bought this as a christmas gift for a friend who. Bought this as a christmas gift for a friend who is a big star wars fan.

Nice looking frig, careful of the hot setting. Bought it for my 12yr old and he really likes it despite it not being overly practical. You really can only fit a few sodas but i knew that going into it. The hot setting gets really hot. One of my kids accidentally switched it from cold to hot. It boiled two cans of soda and blew them up, the force opened the frig door and made a big mess. Not really any fault of the frig but definitely something to consider if this is going in a kids room. I assumed it was more of a “warming” option, not boiling.

My son’s most favorite gift this christmas.

Very very happy and satisfied. I’ve been using this product since may 2016 (after my son was born). It can really keep any liquid and food well chilled. I placed this in our room & used it to store bottle of unfinished baby milk so when he wakes up in the middle of the night i will just warm it up with the bottle warmer, very convenient for both me and my husband.

It doesn’t get as cold as i would like.

Wowed my 15 yr old he loves it.

Excelent, my son is very happy.

Bought this for my son for his birthday and he loves it. For the price it is very small but he uses it for his insulin so he doesn’t have to keep his meds with his food.

Acquired for my fifteen year old son to. Purchased for my fifteen yr aged son to continue to keep in his room. He usually retains soda cans and chocolate milk in there. It does make a smooth buzzing noise when plugged in. We have loved this little fridge.

Acquired as a gift, receiver cherished it. Fits 6 cans just fine or a bottle or two of drinking water. Will make a minor bit of a admirer sounds but not ample to definitely annoy or lead to them not to use it.

It keeps my items pleasant and chilly and would not acquire up a lot of space.

Its the ideal size for his perform space. My son loves this refrigerator. Its the excellent size for his enjoy place.

Packaging for cargo was fantastic.

I considered that it would be even bigger. I have not plugged it in however due to the fact it is a xmas existing for my son, so i will update the overview right after that. Quite unhappy in the dimensions of it though.

Robe Factory NEW Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite 3D 4 Liter Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler 4L : If you tell it you love it, it will reply “I know

Shipment been given in less than 24 hours.

Pleasurable, but matters need to be cold when they go into the fridge, i most likely would not invest in again.

NEW Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite 3D 4 Liter Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler 4L

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Officially Licensed Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite 4 Liter Mini Fridge
  • Fridge also features Warming function if you’d like to heat your food!
  • 3D Molded for Life Like Han Solo Appearance Exclusive from Seven Times Six
  • Power: Plugs into a standard US outlet or DC 12V car socket
  • Interior Capacity: 6 cans of 12oz soda or 4L/.14 cu. ft. Exterior measurement: 11.5″ high 7.5″ wide 11.5″ deep

If you convey to it you adore it, it will reply ‘i know. If you inform it you adore it, it will reply ‘i know.

Smaller in dimension but terrific in good quality. When again this is kelly’s son. I also got this a christmas present. For $sixty you get a mini fridge. A little darker than in picture but cools just like my kitchen area fridge. The lights are brighter than expected. This is great to just keep a couple of diet program cokes up coming to your personal computer like me. If you purchased this, the button to open up is the next button on the still left.

NEW Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite 3D 4 Liter Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler 4L : If you like canned beer or soda, this is the fridge for you.

Fits two smaller sized espresso creamers.

Got this to set my son’s bottle in. Retains about 4 cans/ bottles.

Oh i appreciate this fridge. Granted it only holds 4 or six beers, but that is ample for me on a friday night wherever i am playing xbox. The layout is also attractive- i continue to keep this in my dwelling home as a middle piece.

Best consume cooler for any star wars supporter. I obtained this item currently and it is genuinely amazing. It came particularly as described by the seller. The products comes with a tiny tray that you can insert to make a shelf. It also arrives with equally the auto charger and the dwelling charger, which is terrific. It also has a handle on it that can make it much easier to transportation, it truly is not tremendous large possibly. It will get cold truly quickly and is precisely what i wanted to continue to keep beverages cold. This merchandise is great and would make a fantastic addition to any individual who is a star wars enthusiast that likes chilly beverages. I did receive this product at a price reduction in trade for my honest review.

I assume its overpriced but my spouse likes it. Pretty modest as described but cools sodas nicely.

Well designed and light-weight up function is awesomewill be awesome to throw a number of dews or beers in on recreation day.

Was just one of his preferred birthday provides. My son totally enjoys this for his area. Was a person of his most loved birthday offers.

Thoroughly purposeful just as explained. Fits a 6pk of pop devoid of the small shelf that arrives inside of. You can flip the lightsame on or off for results, and i have to say it truly is pretty nifty tiny product. It truly is wonderful for a swift consume in a mattress home or gameroom. It can be plugged in for a max of 4 times then it demands to relaxation for about 4 hrs. I am so considerably liking this and so does the birthday individual it was bought for.