KRUPS FME2-11 Programmable Coffeemaker : Great coffee maker

Our household is a serious coffee haven–we generally brew 2 pots a morning (those 1 serve coffee pots would never do). This is the first carafe in 6 years that does not dribble coffee on the counter when you pour it into a cup. We love the audible alert, the blue display, temperature of the coffee, & the overall design. We use the programmable feature everyday. No need to reset only fill it up the night before and voila. I too wish the white stayed cleaner, but white goes with my kitchen better than the black. Print the max fill line in the water resevoir in black.

No problems, nice looking, great coffee. Very easy to program, even if the power has been lost for a short time.

I purchased this coffee maker 4 months ago & have had absolutely no problems so far. It was a little tricky learning to program it, but i generally make my coffee fresh in the morning so i don’t use the auto-program feature very much. I do like that it has auto shut-off in case you forget to turn it off. The only problem i have is that it is hard to keep the coffee from dribbling on the counter when pouring from the carafe. Also, this product is white which requires a lot of cleaning. I use bottle spring water to make my coffee so i do not have any hard water residue problems. I will probably buy another krups when this one wears out.

I have purchased krups coffeemakers for years because i have always found them to be reliable and durable. This latest model looks like a winner. The glass carafe is made of thinner, more elegant glass than my previous model – hope it holds up as well. A couple of little things disturb me. One is that the lid attaches to the carafe by two small rubbery/plastic projections that fit into small holes in the handle of the carafe. If one of these projections breaks off, i don’t think the lid will stay on right. The second thing is that the carafe is now shaped so that it is smaller at the top than at the bottom. When you go to pour out the last of the coffee, the steam escapes onto your hand – ouch. My old carafe was straight-sided and poured out all the coffee without burning your hand. The shape of the new carafe is more pleasing to look at, but it does have this downside.

  • Krups – not as good as it used to be
  • For the Coffee Lover
  • I Am Happy

Krups FME2-11 Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, 12-Cup, White

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  • 12-cup fully programmable coffee machine with 1100 watts of power
  • 60-ounce water reservoir; built-in water filter; electronic descaling indicator
  • 1- to 3-cup aroma setting fully extracts flavor from small quantities of coffee
  • 12-cup glass carafe; LED control panel; brew-pause function; 1- to 5-hour heating plate
  • Measures 10-1/2 by 8-1/2 by 13-3/4 inches; 1-year warranty

This is a great buy and i like the looks of it on my counter. We have one in yellow for tea also. I never use the auto because it is too confusing. The bells are okay not bothersome. No trouble with the handle either. The yellow one does have an extra band to go around with the handle.

It’s a nice size pot 12 cup, the lid is stain resistant, unlike the previous krups model i had. It brews a bit slower than the last, but not unreasonably slow.

I can readily reccommend the krups coffee maker. It is easy to fill with water, the controls are straightforward, it does not leak water and is just a fine coffee maker.

I had a krups for years and loved it. So when i changed colors in my kitchen, i decided to buy another krups. At first it looked cool but the white gets stained easy and the quality isn’t as good. The glass carafe used to have a metal band around it with a removeable lid. Now the handle is glued on and the lid is attached which makes it hard to put in the dishwasher. The coffeemaker is all right, but if i had to do it over again i would pick something else.

We had a krups for about 10 years and it finally died. I went with consumer report’s advice and bought an expensive cuisinart. After trying several coffees and formulas in the cuisinart, i finally gave up and bought another krups. The new krups made coffee as good as the old one.

I already owned a krups coffee maker and bought one to replace my parents aging coffee maker. These are fast accurate and brew a great cup. I also like the water filter feature. It removes chlorine and any other after tastes.

Coffee and it didn’t work so well. The krups fme2 has worked flawlessly thus far. I hope it lasts as long as our previous krups coffee maker which lasted 5 years. With our very hard water, that is an accomplishment. The coffee tastes great too.

I like this coffeemaker alotmy first one had develpoped an air bubble, that i treated for a couple of months (it was a good way to clean the coffeeepot also), it successfully went away for months (in fact, i was definitely sure it was gone for good,then it was back again). , well, decided to get the one i have now. It’s now here at home, on standby, for when the other one acts up. Even though i’m telling you the air-bubble problem. , i still like this coffeemaker, & will stay with krups coffeemakerswilliam appelt.

It brews coffee just fine but the clock stopped working after 2 weeks and it’s too much hassle to return it.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker CM4000S 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker : Economical even though the look suggests otherwise

Nothing to complain about here, even if the item isn’t anything you’d jump up and down about. It’s a fairly basic affordable coffeemaker from black & decker, a trusted name brand. It is designed well to use a minimal amount of counter space. I love that you can program the machine to make coffee whenever you want.

Very disappointed that the clock face/control panel does not light up. This subtracts an entire star.

I purchased this machine since my kitchen aid finally died. Love this coffeemaker, it is does a great job in making the coffee. Yes, as one other person mentioned, it does beep after 1 minute of turning it on and still brews for another 5 minutes or so. But it does make a great cup of coffee, or should i say my husband makes a great pot of coffee :). Happy we purchased this, it is just as good as our kitchen aid which we had for 7 years.

I got this because i was having guests who drink coffee. It won’t get lots of use so i can’t yet comment on reliability.

  • better than “meh,” but not as good as i thought
  • Three Stars
  • Five Stars

Black & Decker CM4000S 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

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    by entering your model number.
  • Fast Brew Technology
  • Brew Strength Selector
  • Sneak-A-Cup Feature
  • Auto Clean System
  • Optimal Brewing Temperature
  • Note: Cup equals approximately 5 oz. (varies by brewing technique)

I had a black and decker before which lasted a long time and was so reliable. So i went with it again and am very satisfied again.

It makes a good cup of coffee quickly and is simple to use.

Purchased this coffee maker about 6 months ago in a rush as our prior maker died the morning before a cross country move. We purchased this coffee maker at a target store. The coffee doesnt taste too bad and i enjoy both the auto and strong brew options. What i dont like is that it beeps to say its done brewing but continues brewing for another 5 minutes after beeping. It constantly drips when the carafe is removed (the hot plate coating is now peeling off due to this). The carafe also hemorrages water or coffee when pouring. I lose almost an entire cup when pouring water into the maker – i have to hold a towel against the carafe when pouring and then have to wring the towel out.

This coffee maker is very noisy. It did produce a nice cup of coffee, but i am not sure if that is because i used a new brand of coffee as well (eight o’clock brand) my bedroom is right off the kitchen and when it started brewing this morning it woke me up. It pings and spits and is just noisy in general. That is really the reason i am taking it back today. This is what i get for buying it on the spot and not checking reviews as i usually do.

I”ve owned many coffee pots. . This was the correct purchase. Love this black and decker coffee pot especially the strong brew options.

Makes an excellent, hot cup of coffee. However, the basket is poorly designed — it will not stand on countertop, so it must be filled as it sits in the machine. One side of the handle pulled out of its attachment and i am unable to get it to stay back in. Also, the led clock is poorly lit and can’t be read in most lights. All minor points, to be sure, but worth redoing on the next incarnation of the coffee maker.

I’m putting this 12-cup coffee maker on the shelf until i really need to make a big pot of coffee. I just don’t like the coffee. Almost everything about this coffee maker works well. You can make four to 12 cups in no time. You can program the coffee maker and have fresh coffee when you wake up. You can do an automatic cleaning. But if you don’t like the coffee, it’s no pleasure to have all the bells and whistles. Perhaps if it were possible to measure water accurately for less than four cups, it might be better, but there’s no way to accurately measure the amount of water for less than four cups.

If you want a simple but well-designed coffeemaker, this is it. It is faster than my old one and makes very hot coffee (which is a plus for taste). I also like the way the basket is nested inside, which makes it difficult for the grounds to spill out. I have a little difficulty seeing the digital time display with its indication for strong coffee, but the coffee tastes fine.

I purchased this in a physical store, so i cannot comment as to the online seller. However, this is a great coffee maker. We purchased it last year because our old keurig had broken and the coffee maker we were using in our previous home was 7 years old and the clock never displayed all the way the whole 7 years we had had it. We figured we deserved a new coffee maker and i have had pretty good experiences with black and decker appliances. The machine works perfectly well and does what it needs to do – brew coffee. It’s pretty efficient and the auto feature has never failed us. The parts remove easily for washing and go back on the machine with no issues. I really have nothing bad to say about it.

I like:-how it looks;-where the controls are placed;-how the water level is marked inside the tank;-and the programmable/auto-off features. I dislike:-the loud beep when the brewing cycle’s finished that can’t be turned off;the substantial drip that happens when removing the carafe, whether or not it’s finished brewing.

Standard 12 cup coffee maker, with some programable features.

This coffee maker from black and decker sets up easily, programs simply, and brews wonderfully. It takes standard low cost paper filters, not the expensive cone shaped ones that drain your budget. The machine works fast at making the 12 cups, and does this in around 5 minutes. The alarm can be annoying, but this may be useful early in the morning when you need a fire lit under your rear to get moving. I highly recommend this coffee maker.

Usually a breville/keurig k-cup lover, i’m really liking this coffee maker, especially for family gatherings when you need to make a large quantity economically and quickly. It performs great and perks my coffee so fast and always with consistent taste. I consider myself a coffee connoisseur so i am very picky when it comes to coffee makers. This unit has the ability to pre-set on a timer and you can wake yourself up to a delicious pot of coffee instead of an annoying beeping alarm clock. I am thoroughly enjoying this coffee maker and feel that it is an excellent value for the price point. When what you need is a great cup of coffee, this is the maker. It has the look of an expensive appliance with the value and performance and the reliability of more pricey unit. One con to mention, i dislike that you cannot see from the outside how much water you are filling the tank with.

So far, we have had nice luck with this coffee maker. We enjoy the fast brewing time (5 to 6 minutes for a pot), the auto brew, the cleaning button, and the auto 2 hour shut off. We also found it easy to program. Like many have mentioned, the beeper and the machine itself is noisier than other machines. But i kind of like to hear the brewing sound. I think i must be a little clumsy. . Because with any coffee pot we’ve had, i’ve managed to spill water when pouring water in and when grabbing the pot for a cup before it’s finished brewing. (you are suppose to be able to do this, but i still get some spillage, and then sizzling). We use dunkin donuts coffee, and we always seem to get a good cup of coffee. I always put cream and sugar in mine.

Great and the coffee comes out perfect.

This coffee maker sounds like the little engine that could. There’s quite a bit of gurgling while the coffee is brewing. It’s way noisier than any coffee maker i’ve ever owned. It’s easy to use, mostly because there aren’t that many choices. I followed the instructions, cleaning the pot and insides while running plain water through the cycle once. It operates pretty much like any other coffee pot — except for that infernal noise. Then, at the end of the cycle, there’s a high-pitched beep that my dog hates. (i’m not too fond of it either. ) at least it does it only once. The clock on the front is not illuminated and you have to look at it just right to see the time.

Not a she already one car is actually makes a pot of coffee does a nice job i would use the timer yeah i’m sure it’ll be just fine.

I’ve had this for a couple weeks now and i love it. It brews fast and is easy to use.

KRUPS KM1010 Prelude Coffee Maker : Simple and works well

It makes coffee without fail. It’s a very standard coffee making coffee maker. You put grounds and water in and you get coffee. It’s not super fast nor does it take hours. 4 stars only because it hasn’t changed my life or anything.

Very happy with my coffee maker.

The guys that built the tiger tank in ww2 must have designed this because this is one giant coffee maker. For what it is being asked to do, it is just to big. They should ask how big is your kitchen before they sell you this. It also has some strange thing that semi locks down the coffee basket (don’t make any mistakes by not getting this thing just right, or you will have a mess on your hands). You would think that with such a huge machine that pouring in the water would be a snap,but even here it falls short. On the plus side it does make pretty good coffee mainly because of its simplicity (no clocks and timers ) just on and off after a couple of hours. You would think that with no bells and whistles that it would be much smaller. If you have a mc mansion this is for you but if you live in an apartment as i do, you should let this one go.

Our old krups coffeemaker served us well for 14 years. It still works, but we got so used to seeing it on the counter every day that we hadn’t realized how beat-up looking it has become. Until a few months ago, that is, when i began my search for a quality coffeemaker that had the fewest bells and whistles. The more buttons and displays on it, the less likely i was going to buy it. All i wanted was a coffeemaker that had an on/off button and that made great coffee. (this country has become so gadget-crazy. ) finally i found the krups (not that i am especially brand loyal) km-1010–and am i glad i did. While i see most reviewers gave this unit high marks, i can’t understand why *all* of them didn’t. I would have preferred a separate (from the water reservoir) swing-out cone for filter and coffee, but the setup krups has now (coffee and water under one roof) is not a big deal.

  • Good coffeee make / Well-designed
  • Just What I Wanted!

KRUPS KM1010 Prelude Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Housing, 10-Cup, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 8-cup sophisticated coffee machine with full stainless steel body and graphite accents
  • Pause and serve feature lets you remove carafe at any time to serve
  • Keep warm function keeps coffee hot for 2 hours
  • Translucent water tank with dual water level windows; removable filter basket for easy cleaning
  • 900 watts; 2-year worldwide warranty

Bought the wire mesh filter to make life easier. Highly recommended over any mr coffee, which is now made by sunbeam. Update: bought this in april 2011. Still very happy with it and filter. Makes a great cup of hot coffee. Fingerprints show up stainless. Update 2: she died in september of 2012. 🙁 not sure if i’d reinvest in another.

Hard to find just a coffee maker that uses the cone filter.

We had a braun coffee maker for many years and when it died we were unable to replace it. The krups coffee maker is super. It does not have all of the bells and whistles (which we did not want) and it is sleek and modern looking. It also makes a great cup of coffee.

“on” and “off” switch is the only button. Fragile glass carafe is the only drawback.

Replaced my 10 year old braun coffee maker. Was attracted to the sleek design and reasonable price of the krups. I make 4 to 6 cups each morning. I want a very basic coffee maker. Difficult to get the water in the resivoir. If you have upper cabinets, you have to pull out the machine far enough to get that lid up. The machine is large and this is an annoying task each morning. Once you get the lid open, it is hard to pour the water into the reservoir, as the opening is small. The filter basket is difficult to get seated correctly. It just doesn’t fit well unless you seat it perfectly and that is no simple task. If you don’t seat it correctly the water overflows and creates a mess. The worst problem (imo) is that you cannot remove the lid to the carafe. The lid is fixed to the carafe, making cleaning very difficult. Normally i would remove the lid, and place the carafe in the top rack of my dishwasher. You cannot do that, as the lid will not remove, and only opens partway. This makes it impossible to put the carafe in the top rack of the dishwasher. It is even difficult to fit it in the bottom rack and it takes up a lot more room. It is a nice looking coffeemaker, but not so functional. I’m looking for something else.

I am not a coffee snob, but at the same time, my brain is pretty much useless without a good cup of coffee. So, i took this purchasing decision very seriously. I spent countless hours reading reviews of the cuisinart dcc-1100, dcc-1200 brands, and the keurig b70, and came to the conclusion that none of their added features were worth it, given the number of negative reviews i read about smoking machines, machines that suddenly stopped working, etc. It seems the more features an appliance has, the more reasons it will have to break down. All of the above-listed machines were more expensive than the krups km1010, and i did not want to deal with any hassle of getting a refund, or paying for shipping/handling to get a replacement part. I chose this machine because i wanted something simple, did not want to spend more than $50. 00 usd, and also because of the reliability of the krups brand. Also, with the coming flu season, i do not want to ingest my coworkers’ germs that are crawling all over our office flavia machine. This machine is definitely a welcome sight in the early groggy hours of the morning. Just the right amount of decision-making for my uncaffeinated brain. But i am 5’2″ and can still see clearly where i am pouring water into the reservoir. The reservoir is placed rather close to the filter & grinds – in this regard, i think having a steady grip is more important.

Fingers crossed; but, so far i have had no issues with the krups 10-cup. I haven’t had the coffee maker too long; but, it’s been working like a top, no leaks, no stops and makes a good cup of coffee. I would recommend this krups coffee maker.

I had those krups km1010 for the last 5 years and it brew really hot coffee and it just quit. I had tried variety of new coffee maker but they don’t brew as hot as those krups km1010. I decided to purchase the same coffee maker.

I had a krups for years that always churned out great coffee. When it finally died, i went with a very expensive bunn since it was rated very high. It never put out great coffee. I couldn’t take it anymore & bought this krups. I specifically chose the one with no extras. Just an on/off button is all i wanted & all you need with a krups. Every cup has been delicious and i’ve had no issues that others have posted. You can’t go wrong with a krups.

It does not taste like plastic. Although when i researched whether krups was made in america on google they said it was and it is not. Part of the reason i bought it was because the google review said krups makes their pots in usa. Maybe some of their pots but not this one. I will keep it cuz it does make a good tasting pot of coffee without the plastic taste. The “stainless steel housing” claim is a bit debatable. Feels like silver plastic or tin. For someone who doesn’t care about it being made in china and wants an inexpensive no frills pot. Just push the button and it works. I don’t like alot of technicalities.

It is simple; push the button and wait until it’s done in 5-7 min. No filter is needed to “filter” the water, which is good. Only minor thing i have is the measurement indicators are both on the sides, so you can’t actually see the water level easily, but as i said this is minor. . I trust the brand name also; i had a previous one of different model, which lasted over 10 years.

I went through two coffee makers costing more that had problems and leaked; required resetting the clock whenever i unplugged it to clean them. This one is basic that does what i bought it for: brews good coffee.

It served me well for almost 3 yrs, but it all of a sudden decided to die on me. That’s the only reason i gave a 3 star. Has no fancy features i never use, which i liked a lot.

We’ve been using this coffee maker for several months now and have no problems with it at all and it’s easy to use.

We had been looking for a krups coffee ‘machine’ for several years, one without the added technical features–one that just has an on & off switch. We finally called krups and they gave us several places to try, large departments stores, but they did not have what we wanted. Amazon was also mentioned and found just what we wanted. This was my first order with amazon and i was very pleased with the service, from order to delivery it took only 22 hours to arrive. The krups was packaged so well even after being dropped over a fence it was not damaged. We like the way the filter fits with having to be put into a locked position, then the carafe fits tight. Coffee brews in a timely manner and excellent flavor. After 2 hours the machine goes off. Easy to clean, heavy in weight. We are very happy with this krups coffe maker.

For just plain coffee making with none of the extra’s,this works great. Easy to prepare the night beforeand just press the button in the morning.

This product died on me today. They make everything in china now so no hope for long lasting productrs.

This device is well made and solid (not made in china). Very easy to use with a single blue light that toggles as an on and off switch. Appears to be made in erope so superior construction compared to the cheap plastic chinese-made stuff you buy everyone in america now. Perfect size and very hard to break. Only flaw in this coffee maker i have found is the coffee filter holder not going in all the way. If thats not place in its slot just right, and the lid does not completely close, it fills with water and the grounds and coffee come pouring out all over the counter. That’s because the bottom of the plastic filter has to push through the hole below that drips the coffee karaffe below. So make sure thats in its slot just perfect and the lid is completely closed otherwise its a mess.

Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker, Feature rich, but small concerns

I bought this brewer about 4 months ago…we are a bit of coffee snobs and thought $$$=:):):). Well, i now have very mixed reviews. We knew this going in, but at 0400 everyone but the deepest of sleepers will awake to the loud 60+ sec loud full pot grind. #2 grounds overflow: i think the design should have a deeper/bigger basket because it is almost always overflowing/messy when you even take the basket out to dump. Too afraid to find out if i actually added a paper basket (when i use pre-ground)=huge overflow. Not always, but sometimes…haven’t been able to completely figure out why some days and not others (we ~90%/time use whole beans + grinder) #4: 12 cups water = mess. We only fill to 11 cups because whenever we fill to 12, it makes an overflow mess all over the counter. #5: coffee in the carafe stays hot consistently for about 2 hours+ (without the ‘hot rinse’).

I have had this coffee pot 6 months and really like it. The only downside isthat it took several days to figure out how to get it to work and about a month until i got the adjustments made to produce my perfect cup of coffee. I love the fact that i can use fresh beans or put in ground coffee. I have even made adjustments so i can throw in a little ground flavored coffee while still using the grinder. Having room to use a travel mug is great too. The customer service is superior. When i tried to clean it as suggested, some part would not open for cleaning. I called cs, they had me make some tests and when they were sure it was defective, told me to pack it up and return it and they’d send me a new one. They promptly sent me a brand new one as soon as they received my return.

Bought this to replace a melita grind and brew, and i’m really glad i did. It makes a good coffee, and allows you to select the strength of your brew. I’m using paper filters instead of just the gold-tone basket that comes with it because i found there were grounds in the bottom of the cup with out them. The single cup brewing option works quite well too;; in addition to strength of the brew, you can select how long it steeps and make a perfect mug of coffee. Some other people have complained that they use too much coffee, but i find that i make a smaller pot for first thing in the morning then make a single mug after breakfast if i want another cup. I’m using less coffee because i used to make a larger pot and often threw part of it away. It’s a little fiddly to get set up like you want, but read the manual; everything you need to know is in there.

Key specs for Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brewing system doses the right amount of coffee with the right amount of water while heating water to the optimum temperature
  • Built-in 0.5-lb bean hopper and integrated burr grinder
  • Carafe’ setting with brew pause feature and makes up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Single Cup’ setting from regular to extra-large cup size
  • Adjustable strength settings

Comments from buyers

“Conceptually a great idea, but in practice does not live up to expectations
, Life changing (ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration)
, Simply fantastic

So far this coffee pot seems like a winner. The coffee tastes great and the grinder functions as expected. The unit determines how much coffee to grind based on the cups you’re brewing. I knew it was on the bigger side of coffee pots though i was surprised by how tall it is. Measure the height of the unit for the space you have. Not really that much wider than your average coffee pot. The custom options are great. You can select the brew strength. You can also fill the water reservoir to the top though brew the number of cups you desire.

I received my youbrew yesterday and brewed my first cup this morning. My first impression is good. I selected ‘strong’ and can already tell i need to bump it up to ‘intense’. From other reviews i expected the grinder to make some noise. I didn’t think it was that bad though. I have their espresso machine and it makes the same amount of noise. My only new complaint has to do with the one-cup setting. When you use a cup, it doesn’t come like a shirt size (small, medium, and large). Typically the cup is labeled with how many ounces it will hold. I used a 16 ounce cup and went down 2 notches on the size, knowing the max size is 20 ounces. I chose poorly and coffee poured over the top. So why not choose the number of ounces you want?i’ll add more as i go along. . *******update*******i have had the youbrew for several days now. I am very pleased, however, it has caused me to rethink my coffee mug collection.

Firstly, the idea behind this brewer is nearly perfect. Grind, preheat water to correct brew temp, bloom the grounds (steep grounds before extraction), brew. The execution is where things fail. Here’s a listing of good and bad within each step. At first i thought i may have been doing something wrong, and just needed to ‘dial in’ the machine. But, after spending 3 hours of time playing with it the other night, i still cannot get consistent or desired results. My primary desire for this machine was to have an automatic machine that will produce a cup of freshly ground/brewed coffee first thing in the morning. During other times of the day i make coffee with other methods (press pot, pour over/chemex, clever coffee dripper)for reference, i am using mix of columbian supremo (city+ roast) and starbucks verona and yukon blend. 1) grinding – uses flat burr grinder.

To be fair, i have only had this coffee maker for a month. The being said, i absolutely love it. The amount of customization that is possible, is wonderful. The ability to make 6 cups of coffee, and still have 6 cups of water in the reservoir for the next day is a huge time saver. I usually make 2 cups for me in the morning, and just take 4 to work. I use paper filters, but it does come with a gold mesh basket. I also really like the ability to make a single cup, and have a range of coffee mug sizes to choose from. The only thing i am a bit disappointed with, is that you have to continually program the machine when you want it to come on and start making coffee automatically. It’s not set it and forget it. Not a big deal, but it’s the only drawback.

So i rarely write reviews, however felt it necessary to share my absolute love of this coffee maker. We previously had the capresso team which lasted a good 6 years, a wonderful coffee maker untill it just stopped working several weeks ago. I did my due diligence and researched every coffee maker with a grinder out there. I was tempted to just go back to the capresso, but read reviews that were not flattering about the newer versions. The breville had the best reviews out of many, the biggest complaints seemed to be noise with the grinder and other strange malfunctions. We decided to take the leap and get it and couldnt be happier. This blows the capresso out of the water, from the taste of the coffee to the little things like the ridges in the carafe spout that make the liquid flow out without any spillage. While the grinder is a little noisy, its a grinder people i dont know what people expect, it not as loud as the capresso for sure. When i first got it i was afraid it might be complex from the looks of it but its literally point and click, you just add beans and pour the water in, select the strength, press start and boom wonderful coffee. Just a wonderful machinepros: well designed, great coffee, easy to use despite looking complex, easy clean up, easy pouringcons: takes more beans than most.

I have used another major brand of grind and brew coffee maker for a few years. . Or i should say i’ve used several of them from this maker, as the grinder is forever tearing up on it. I went thru 4 under warranty. I finally decided to try this breville version of grind and brew back in 2012. I have meant to report many times how much i love this coffee maker. Two years later and its running strong and gets used at least two or three times a day. You can’t beat the build quality and great cup of coffee that comes from this machine.

I’ve owned the cuisinart grind and brew models for many years. The steaming water always entered the chamber where the beans are ground, requiring the grinding section to be cleaned regularly. Upon reading reviews, i reluctantly tried this model. I was hoping for the best as i have learned to appreciate coffee made from fresh grounds. My wife had adopted to the daily cleaning and preparation required from the old models. We are both delighted with the breville. It is so much easier to operate and clean. It makes great coffee and provides so many easy options for preparation. The coffee bean and grinding chambers remain isolated and clean.

Have been using this for just over a month. Previously i had a very high maintenance jura bean-to-cup maker and got sick of all the coddling that it required to keep running. This machine is nothing like that. It’s really well built and designed for easy cleaning. It brews great coffee with settings that go right up to intense if you need it. Every day after use it requires the grinds to be washed out and the disk that stops the steam from leaving the brew engine once the water is in. Love the design and it has a clear, easy to operate interface. It can make either a cup or a carafe of coffee (needs the same cleaning after both). The insulated carafe keeps the coffee warm for a few hours without burning it, or turning it to syrup.

I must drink decaf, and in my quest for the best cup of coffee, this coffeemaker does a very good job. I have tried everything from old percolator style to high dollar drip coffeemakers. I have had this one for two weeks now. As other customers have noted it does have some quirks. As for using too much coffee and making the coffee too strong when brewing in the carafe, yes it does, if you fill the bean hopper up. I do not leave beans in the hopper. I measure out how much i need for the amount i’m brewing whether in the carafe or in a cup. I adjust the strength button on the coffeemaker to make sure all the beans i put in are ground. There are too many variables, size of beans, amount in hopper, the rate the beans fall into the burr grinder, and grinding time to grind the same amount of coffee beans each time to create a consistent cup of coffee. By taking an extra minute in my morning to measure my beans and add only the amount of water i need, i get a great cup of coffee each morning, consistently.

I’ve had this coffee maker for many months now and i cannot say anything negative about it. My husband likes regular french roast so i fix a pot for him in the morning. Decaf can be a fragile coffee, so i buy beans and use the large cup feature. It grinds it, brews it in the basket, and dispenses it into a thermal coffee mug and it is perfect every time. I have other breville products and they are all outstanding. Great engineering, quality build.

I’ve been using a french press for several years but i was tired of boiling water, waiting for it to steep and then cleaning etc. This machine is like a spa for my coffee making. I was afraid at first that the brew wouldn’t be strong enough after reading several reviews and also when my first carafe looked like it brewed just a few beans. I then brewed a cup instead of a carafe and i had the same issue. The hopper wasn’t feeding into the burr grinder and getting clogged. I then opened the shoot and cleaned out the whole beans stuck in the hopper. I then put the hopper back on and tried it again while sitting the beans until they fell into the grinder. The result was a very dark and steeped cup of coffee. Actually to strong for my bold tastes at the highest level.

Typical robust breville build, lots of stainless steel, less plastic, from a company that knows how to make appliances. Pros:- customizable to a fare-thee-well; if you can’t get a cup or carafe of coffee to your exact taste, you’re doing something wrong. Including the ability to adjust flavor (steeping time) for cups, and flavor and strength (amount of coffee) for cups and carafe, as well as multiple sizes for both. – with this version you can easily brew a partial carafe if you want more than a cup but not a whole pot – just program the number of cups you want to brew; you can start with a full tank. With the glass carafe version: breville bdc550xl the youbrew glass drip coffee maker, you need to add the exact amount of water you intend to use (it empties the tank). If you haven’t used a brew/grind before, get used to some maintenance. This one is one of the easiest i’ve used to clean and maintain, but it’s not a pod machine; couple of minutes after brewing to dump the grounds and rinse the basket holder.

I will start by saying before purchasing the breville bdc600xl a month ago i had used the cuisinart grind n’ brew for almost 7 years. I did my homework and research before purchasing this new coffee maker and always look over several sites with many reviews. Some of the negatives that i read were mainly regarding noise of the grinder and the coffee not being hot enough. I can say from my perspective this is not the case. The cuisinart grind and brew was extremely loud as well so maybe i’m just used to that. And i’m not quite sure other than making coffee in a metal coffee pot over a camp fire how much hotter you could get your coffee. I think the breville is definitely hot and the stainless carafe is a must for me, since the previous cuisinart was also a stainless carafe i could never go back to glass. I don’t like the gold filter as it is messy to clean up so i like many other’s went back to the good ol’ brown paper filters. I also will agree with others that you will use more beans than in a typical grind n’ brew coffee maker, i attribute this to the burr grinder vs.

Despite many negative reviews here, i bought this for our family christmas gift. Made our first carafe of coffee yesterday and we are all thrilled. It was easy to clean and set up. Even my husband doesn’t think it will be a pain and he doesn’t enjoy fiddling with toys just to get a cup of coffee. 1-yes it makes noise when it grinds coffee, but it’s far less noisy than my old krups grinder was and it’s much easier to simply load the whole beans in the back and not worry about transferring the grounds. Not that i ever truly worried about that before, but this is super easy2-this is actually smaller in size than my old kitchen aid pro line drip coffee maker. It’s shorter and smaller in footprint and does much more. I have no problem with this fitting under my cabinets. I put cold creamer in my coffee and it’s stll hot. I did pre warm the carafe and the coffee was still hot 2 hours later. 4-brewed into a cup this morning and it’s so nice to have so many sizes, strengths and intensities to choose from. It remembers your last setting, but allows so many combos that this will be a blast to play with5-far more economical and environmentally friendly than the k-cups are. I’m even considering roasting my own beans so i can kick it up a notch and save even more money to boot.

I have been asking myself for years why coffee maker manufacturers don’t make an ‘all-in-one’ machine that allows the user to choose between ground coffee and whole bean, coffee carafe or coffee cup, small coffee cup or travel coffee cup, etc, etc. Imagine my happiness when i found that breville tackled these questions.I love, love, love this machine. I have had it for about a month now and look forward to using it everyday. I am the only coffee drinker in my household so the various single cup options are fantastic, and when i have coffee drinking company, voila. A carafe full of coffee from the same machine. And, whether it is a cup or a carafe, i can have coffee brewed to meet my taste as well as the tastes of others. Okay, so i do have one small complaint about the entire set up.

First, we are coffee snobs and have tried a multitude of coffee makers, french press etc. This by far makes the best coffee ever. We love the coffee and don’t even mind the noisy grinder. The bottom line is, grinding coffee is noisy. Other coffee makers with grinders are often reviewed as messy, leaving grinds on the counter. I thought i was going to be annoyed by the cleaning because to do it properly is several steps. In addition to the normal rinsing of the carafe and filter there is an area on the machine that where the grounds come out that needs to be wiped each time and a little tray below that needs to be rinsed. Happy to do it to ensure more smooth amazing coffee.

I have owned a lot of different grind-and-brew coffee makers over the years and so far the breville is the best, albiet the most expensive. After a couple of months on the job, the breville has proved capable of making excellent coffee with a minimum of guesswork and elbow grease. This is the first machine i have owned that is really designed for those who want to make less, sometimes much less, coffee than the machine’s capacity of twelve cups. I like being able to simply fill it with water and beans, tell it how many cups to make, and let the machine decide how much water and how many beans to use for each batch. The breville is large and imposing–needs a lot of space on the counter–but is also pleasing to the eye. The big issue with all grind-and-brew coffee machines is cleaning, and moving the coffee grinds smoothly from the grinder to the filter basket and then shutting off the passageway so when the water comes into the basket it does not seep back into the grinder passageway causing clogs from wet coffee grinds. Other machines have multiple parts that must be disassembled for cleaning, and eventually they can break of get clogged with wet coffee grinds. The breville has come up with a simple system with a trap door that opens and closes each time, and that seems to work very well, although even the trap door needs to be wiped down regularly to avoid clogging, something that the directions don’t mention. The only component that is removed for cleaning is the filter basket which is easy to rinse under the kitchen faucet. Also, periodic descaling is done with white vinegar instead of expensive high-end cleaning solvents which many other brands recommend.

We have had several brands & models of coffee makers through the years and not been completely satisfied with any of them. Then my wife bought a breville toaster which has elevated making toast in a way i couldn’t have imagined. It simply has convenience features no other toaster possesses. Then we saw the coffee maker in a kitchen supply store and started researching the coffee maker universe. To start, it’s expensive and physically imposing. If those two things are important, go no further. I downloaded the owner’s manual from the breville website & watched the online videos. Somebody at breville had gathered all the possible problems you can suffer with a coffee maker and designed a unit that eliminated them. And, the unit has instructions printed anywhere on the unit that you might need help. The control panel virtually eliminates screw-ups on your behalf and makes using it quite simple.

I absolutely, positively love this coffee maker. I agonized for months over spending this much money to replace an appliance that cost $45. What really drew me to this machine were the integrated bean grinder, the ability to brew a single cup without having to use k-cups, and the customization options. Like our mattress (where he prefers a softer surface and i’m happiest with something equivalent to concrete), my husband and i have differing views on what makes a great cup of coffee. I cannot tell you how many times i made a pot of coffee in the morning only to have my husband turn his nose up at it. We were spending may too much at coffee houses where we could each get our own concoction. That’s how i justified the expense. I figured it would cut down on our coffee-shop spending. Prosit makes a great cup of coffee.

I rarely write these reviews, but i thought i should given the large number of very high and very low reviews for this high-end coffee maker (and quite frankly, for most of them). I did a lot of research before buying this breville. Given the expense, i did not want to make a mistake. Keeping mind that i have only used the coffee maker for 4 days, here is what i have found:1) it is easy to use;2) it is easy to clean;3) the carafe is excellent (even if it is difficult to get the last bit of coffee out of it); and most importantly,4) the coffee is superb. It is surely better than starbucks and every bit as good as the local coffee shop i (used to) go to, where they roast their own beans and take great pride in their coffee. This breville machine makes a stunning cup of coffee. I wish to update my initial review. I’ve had this breville coffee maker for three years now. In addition to what i wrote three years ago, i can now say that the maker has been reliable. I have not had a single problem (after making about 8 cups of coffee practically every day for 3 years).

Yes, this is an expensive coffee maker, and yes, it takes up a bit of counter space, but it is so worth it. I have been on a bad streak, the past four years, as i have had 3 cuisinart coffee makers die on me, and then after upgrading to a capresso, that sucker lasted less than one year as well. Then i ordered the breville and i have been very, very pleased. Not only does it make an excellent cup of coffee, it is so easy to adjust the brewing cycles and set times. I read comments about the noise, but it makes no more noise than a hand grinder. The bottom line is, if you are a coffee aficionado, as i am, this bdc600xl is simply the best coffee maker i have ever used, period. The carafe is excellent as well, and when i return home in the evening and open the pot to clean it for the next day, the coffee is still warm after several hours.

Osaka 4 Cup, Two Stars

These are really cool to use. Ordered two and one arrived broken. They were packaged in their retail box only. Didn’t even open it, you could hear the broken glass rolling around.

Read the directions and just follow. I stirred a few more times but watched my time.

This product makes an excellent coffee, nice and strong without the bitter burn taste from other makers.

Key specs for Osaka 4 Cup (20oz/600ml) Siphon Coffee Maker, Borosicilate Glass and Stainless Steel Vacuum Coffeemaker “Skytree” with Gas Burner:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Made With Borosilicate glass that will not break from thermal shock. It will also not absorb any residue or odors, giving you fresh tasting coffee every time.
  • Stainless steel and cotton filter, this excellent filter will only allow the coffee to pass through, leaving you with a delicious clear coffee.
  • FREE bonus kit includes a replacement filter set and a coffee spoon, for measuring and stirring. Comes with a traditional soot free denatured burner AND a Gas Burner
  • Create a delicious coffee like a pro, with our detailed instructions and tips. For any defects in the materials or craftsmanship of any Osaka product, please contact our customer service team and we will be glad to assist you.
  • Enjoy your coffee by making it in a traditional Siphon Coffeemaker, Beautiful design and an unforgettable coffee experience.

Comments from buyers

“Absolutely Amazing
, Best cups of coffee
, This makes the best coffee ever!!!

Love this mad scientist coffee maker. Makes a delicious cup of coffee, i yhink in part to the all glass design. The glass itself is of support quality and easy to keep clean. This is my weekend coffee maker, just due to setup. However, good for guests as its a great conversation piece.

If you like the process of a quality brewed cup of coffee, then get this. It is even entertaining for a friend to watch the brewing process. Just expect that the clean up takes a little bit more time and care. However this product is worth it.

The coffee that we make with this is so delicious. It is fun to make, easy to use, and worth waiting for the brew. My husband and i make this our weekend morning treat. I quickly learned that the spring and hook on the filter are there to hold the filter down. I missed that part on my first try. But once we had that down we have had the most amazing coffee ever since. I definitely recommend this to anyone who appreciates good coffee.

Reordered and arrived in good shape.

My wife loves her coffee form this coffee maker.

But the reusable filter for it. The osaka butane burner works great with it. It also arrived quickly in safe packaging. It definitely was worth the excellent price it had.

I am extremely happy with this coffee maker. It can be used anywhere, not tied to the stove or outlet and is reasonably priced. Most importantly, it makes great coffee.

Works great, good quality, bad filter system needed changed to a better and easier to clean filter from different company. For the price i would buy again and recommend to others interested in this style of brewing system. Works great for teas and coffee.

I would have rated this higher, but it takes forever to heat up the water with the supplied burner. However, it does make a great tasting cup of coffee. I ended up using a separate device to heat the water and a different burner for the subsequent heating operation.

I have used it a couple times and the filter tends to flip over when the liquid rushes to the bottom and it takes all the stuff from the top back to the bottom. I’ll give it three stars since, this could be user error but the filter shouldn’t be able to flip over so easily.

Very quality siphone coffee maker. People complain about the glass breaking. It’s glass and it breaks if you don’t pay attention. I poor boiling water in the bowl to save time and butane fuel and no cracks or anything. I’m amazed by the quality and clearness of the glass (top/bottom). The handle and all other accessories are well built. Fantastic price for a great coffee maker.

Best method to brew coffee that i have found. It takes a little longer but if you have the butane burner and use almost boiling water to begin with, it doesn’t take long at all.

I had been looking at this item for a while when that i saw i could receive this product for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. I followed the instructions just as it said in the booklet. The part i was confused on was what would be best to use in the burn. It took awhile to boil but once it did the process was fast. However the second time i used it the water wouldn’t boil at all even with boiling water to start. After an hour and a half i just gave uo. The only con i saw of this item was it didn’t come with a butane burn on it own. That would have helped the boiling process and made it better.

I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review. I love the steam punk look and design that goes perfectly with my living room/kitchen décor. The package and item are smaller and lighter than i thought that they would be. I admit i was expecting a nice heavy item that would stand the test of time. Super easy to set up and begin brewing. It brews slower than a modern coffee maker but is beautiful to watch. I ran rubbing alcohol through this and it worked great and didn’t use up much of the fuel. Easy to clean and the coffee tastes great. I am a little worried about the thin glass that the fire heats up breaking but other than that i think that this is a good purchase.

New favorite way to brew coffee.

It’s a unique way to make coffee and it looks awesome.

This makes one of the best cups of coffee i have ever had. It does take some time to boil the water and get it at the right temp but it is well worth the wait. I have had a lot of coffee, made with all sorts of techniques (chemex, v60, aero press, french press, italian espresso) and this makes one of the best, if not the best, cups. Gotta have the temp right up top and the grind size pretty small (feels like sugar between your fingers) but with some trial and error you can have one great cup of coffee with this thing. I would also recommend spending the extra money on the butane burner because the alcohol burner is tough to control the flame level and that is crucial to coffee success.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker CM1050B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker – A nice little coffeemaker

Great purchase for my husband and i.

I know that some reviews mark this maker as having issues right out of the box. I cannot speak for anyone who had such issues, but i am very happy with my purchase. The auto-off burner, easy to fill reservoir, and programmable brew options are great for a piece that cost under $30. So far i have had no issues with the brewing process and the resulting coffee is very tasty. A great improvement over our normal office coffee.

It’s not as substantial as my last b&d coffee maker the lasted 8 years. It’s not heavy duty by any means. The label for the controls peeled off. I had to apply glue to make it adhere.

This is the best coffee pot i have ever had. Easy to load with coffee and water – no tricky interior parts to work around, spotlessly clean, shuts off if we forget it. Steal a cup while it’s still brewing works well.

Set this up every evening, and wake up in the morning to a fresh cup of coffee. Sorry starbucks but i will have to save money this year. I cannot keep on spending $1500+ yearly on your delicious cups, i will make them on my own from now on using this simple and easy to use b&d programmable coffeemaker. It is simple easy to use, and looks durable to me. It is my first coffee maker so we will see. If anything out of the ordinary happens. I will be sure to update this review.

This coffee pot is a good size one and really nice looking. No more waiting for coffee to brew. If your up early you can simply turn on, and the pot has the ability to allow you to grab a cup before it is totally finished brewing if ya need one in a hurry.Love how the coffee tastes also. The temp the coffee is brewed at makes a huge difference in flavor. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  • Works!
  • Holy cow it makes coffee
  • Okay but not great

‘love it’ might be an overstatement for a coffeemaker, but given how much crap is out there, my appreciation level is quite high. If you’re doing the search to replace your coffeemaker that died after just a few years, then you’re probably a little hesitant to spend a lot of money on a new one. That’s what brought me to this black & decker, which was selling for under $20 on amazon. However, i was also keeping an eye open for a unit that would last me more than just a few years – like the one i had 10 years ago. Although i didn’t try out all the expensive machines, i had a couple, and i’ve come to the conclusion that durable, problem-free coffeemakers are a thing of the past. So here’s hoping this machine has a decent lifespan, for it does make good coffee, has everything on it to make it a simple process and doesn’t leak anywhere. Make sure you twist the filter cup into the lock position and the cm1050b 12 cup programmable black & decker coffeemaker should be perfect right out of the box.

Seems like very good machine. I received it today, connected it to power and followed the cleaning instructions. Suddenly i hear boooom, and the machine turned off. It turns out that this machine supports 120v only, and i have 220v at home (i don’t live in the us. I just wish they wrote it in the manual rather than on the bottom of the machine. Anyway, it worked as expected for the few seconds it was on.

You will not find a nicer coffeemaker . My money is on this pot i bought a 2nd one at the same time for a back up over a year now im steel waiting to open the 2nd one grate pot makes grate coffee. The water is very evenly pumped out over the coffee while it brews that’s the secret .

Bought this about a year ago, replaced a commercial bunn coffee maker. And the coffee stays hot for hour.

I have had a black and decker coffee maker before so i bought another one.

Features of Black & Decker CM1050B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Quicktouch programming allows you to set the clock and program the 24-hour auto brew system at the touch of a button
  • Duralife 12-cup glass carafe is reinforced for added durability with convenient measurement markings for coffee and water
  • Sneak-a-cup feature pauses brewing to let you grab your first cup without a mess before brewing ends
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts plus easy-clean control panel makes cleanup a snap
  • Measures 13.9-inch by 11-1/2-inch by 8.9-inch; 2-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Bought this when my last $10 coffee maker died. Black – no more coffee stains on a white machine that will never come out. 2-hour auto shut off – a pro unless i’m home all dayproduces quality coffee. I also like the fact that it doesn’t have an internal purifier – i fill up with purified water and those little parts are so easily broken and hard and/or costly to replace. Never had an issue with dripping coffeeeasy to use – which is how it should be. Cons:programming it is not intuitive. I wish the pot was an insulated/thermos type pot, but i can replace that part pretty easy.

It does the job that just about every other coffee maker should perform, and without any issues. The programmable features are easy to use even if you lose the manual. It brews quickly enough that i only have to dance around in impatience for just a few minutes. The opening for the reservoir is wide enough that i haven’t yet poured any water on the counter in my pre-caffeinated state. I make the sweet nectar of caffeinated life every morning in this baby. My french press is starting to feel ignored. This lost a star because the measurements on the reservoir are very difficult to read unless it’s in direct sunlight, a condition that is highly undesirable before coffee. Pro-tip: if you don’t want to feel like stabbing yourself in the face every morning because the basket is so wiggly and fiddly, before you put the carafe in, close the top. This will reduce coffee angst by 96%.

This is definitely not the best coffee maker i’ve ever had. I needed a 12 cup replacement and nothing else in a reasonable price range seemed to be available. The basket is difficult to seat just right to ensure that you don’t get drips when trying to pour a cup before it has finished brewing and the on-off mechanism is very low-tech so you need to make sure the light is on before walking away and expecting to come back for a cup of coffee. Since it’s a basket, the quality of the coffee it makes is not as good as what you get with a cone, but i knew that going in.

This little coffee maker worked great. Poor little trooper was abused as well. On some occasions made 10 pots with this thing. People i worked with littlerly chugged the coffee.

This is a great product especially for the price. It is quiet and quick and has auto shut off after 2 hours which is amazing. The only reason that i only gave it 4 stars is because i have used it 10 times and 2 of the times the carafe was not positioned correctly and the sneak a cup function malfunctioned and resulted in coffee all over the counter. Make sure that you line it all up or else.This is the second one i purchased. My last one was white and then we moved and now everything is black so i had to change. My last one has worked just fine for over a year.

Bought this for my parents to replace what had to be the oldest made coffee maker in existence. This one is simple, off and on, inexpensive, has a schedule function if you want to wake up to a drip, and fit well in their kitchen. I’m happy with the purchase and they are as well.

Quicktouch programming allows you to set the clock and program the 24-hour auto brew system at the touch of a button

Black & decker cm1050b 12-cup programmable coffeemaker, blackthis was an excellent buy. The coffeemaker is made out of very sturdy materials. The pot actually lets you pour without coffee going everywhere because of poor design of the spout area like most. The clock and timer work great. It’s very easy to set and one button turns the timer on once you have it set. It turns itself off after awhile so if you forget to turn it off it will do so on it’s own. I would definitely send this as a gift as well.

I like the design and it works well, only glitch was the front silver ‘plate’ is plastic that didnt stick. It arrived peeling off (all the packaging intact but box was re-taped as though someone may have seen this and returned it). I just glued it in place so should be fine, but does not instill confidence when it appears to be falling apart before use.

So i have had this for about 6 months and it works great. We have incredibly hard water and even though i clean regularly, seems i always have to replace a drip coffee maker every 18 months or so. For the price this is perfect.

I bought this one to replace my old black & decker smart brew coffee maker. I was disappointed that the hot plate doesn’t keep the coffee as warm as my old coffee maker. Otherwise, coffee tastes fine and it is easy to program and clean. Guess i just like my coffee a bit hotter.

Suddenly, my coffeemaker was broken. In a hazy, non-caffeinated fog, i browsed amazon for an inexpensive, yet hopefully reliable, replacement. I found this item and read the reviews. Some of the less expensive brands don’t have the features this one had, and black & decker is a good name, so i gave it a shot. First of all, it arrived earlier than anticipated. The coffee brews quickly, the time display was bright and clear, and the coffee was delightful. I have nothing but good thoughts about this coffeemaker and will end this review now so i can finish my first cup of the day. It’s a great item for the money.

We’ve had this coffee maker about 2 weeks and we are super pleased. Unlike our old krups coffee maker, this one does not drip when you pour out a cup of coffee. Also, it is much easier to slide in and out of the warmer than our old one. Haven’t used the programmable function yet.

Duralife 12-cup glass carafe is reinforced for added durability with convenient measurement markings for coffee and water

When my last coffee maker of this type went bad, i brought up a brand new gevalia coffee maker from the basement. Hated it so i went shopping. Probably would’ve bought a bunn but the ones in nearby stores were only 10 cup & i wanted one that was 12 cup. Coffee was too hot to drink & kept getting grounds in my coffee pot (like the gevalia). Got online & found this one; which was exactly like my old one except that it cost less (i paid $40 for the last one several years ago). Love, love, love this coffee maker. You can pull out the caraffe to pour a cup & it’ll pause brewing till you put it back. Hope they never discontinue this one.

It does what i need it to do and i like that about it.

This coffee pot makes a great cup of coffee. The temperature control allows only the richest, smoothest flavors to come out of the coffee. Even though the filter moves around when you move the carafe (which can make the lid not close perfectly at all times), this pot is one of the best. If you can overcome the small ‘flaws’ you will appreciate the price and the quality.

Takes up a very small amount of counter space. . The auto shut off was an important must have feature. We also purcahased the brass screen filter so no more paper filters. . One person complained about water leaking , they did not place the drip cup properly in the machine. Buy it it does a great job .

The device works as advertised,with only 2 issues. Setup for programmed start is not what is stated on the paperwork accompanied with the coffee maker. The carafe has to be exactly seated or the water will overflow the basket and spill onto the counter top which leads to grounds in the carafe/coffee.

My main complaint is that it is too easy to change the time. Usually you have to hold 2 buttons or slide a switch to set the time on alarm clocks. On this if you accidentally hit the hour button it just changes the clock instantly and your coffee will get made at the wrong time the next day. Aside from that nit pick, it is a good economical coffee maker that holds a lot of coffee.

My husband coffeemaker was falling apart so i picked this one and i was sure glad. He said he didn’t need a new one but from the first pot on he has done nothing but rave about this maker to everyone. It makes his coffee perfect and he can use less coffee which he likes. Now when i get it ready for the morning i know that i sleep a little longer as he is enjoying his cups of coffee.

Sneak-a-cup feature pauses brewing to let you grab your first cup without a mess before brewing ends

Well, it messed up it’s primarily function. The measurements are way off. The 1st brew was for 4 cups. I filled the carafe with water to the 4c line and what do i get?. I had to add some more water to brew over the old grounds. Note: i used the same exact coffee and same filters that i use in a similar coffee maker at work, so i know that those are not contributing factors.

I got this for my mother’s house and she finds it easy to use. Also, the pot has a nice, substantial weight. It’s design includes an odd way to indicate the machine is in use by illuminating a small green light in one of the programming keys. Other than that, it’s a good buy and a good machine.

Had to replace a high price coffee maker after 6 months (quit working) so purchased this b&d at reasonable lower price at amazon, works great every day still keeps on cooking, and coffee stays hot all two hours.

I had to purchase a new maker when my pot for my gevalia broke and i was unable to replace it. Bought this and so far it’s working perfectly. I love the ability to program my maker to wake up to a hot pot of coffee right away in the morning.

I bought this coffee maker because i was looking for a model where i wouldn’t need to program 15 buttons to get a cup of coffee. It’s not as fancy as others but that’s what drew me to it. I do like the pause feature so i can get a up before the whole pot brews and although i don’t recall seeing it mentioned it does have an auto-shut off feature (after 2 hours) that was a perk. My only complaint is that it is bit noisier than i would like, but it was such a good deal that i can overlook that.

Unfortunately the carafe was cracked. But that can happen in shipping. Sent it back for immediate credit. And will definitely buy another one.

Dishwasher-safe removable parts plus easy-clean control panel makes cleanup a snap

I bought this item after our existing black and decker coffee pot went belly up. I did some research, read customer reviews and selected this one as the price was right, $25. It’s a nice coffee pot and looks as displayed however the display window on the side of the coffee maker is located on the right side instead of the left which is ok, but not preferred as my last one was on the left. I’ve also had some problems getting the number of cups reflected on the pot to be accurately reflected on the side of the maker when i pour the water in. This could be operator error but when i fill the pot to 12 cups, the maker only reflects 10 which makes the ratio of coffee to water challenging. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this.

Hamilton Beach Two Way Brewer Single Serve 12 Cup Coffee Maker w/Thermal Travel Mug Bundle : Two way brewer.

I had bought some of the pod filters and did not realize the sealer was discontinued. Those make great little filters for the single serving side. This maker is easy to use, easy to clean and makes great coffee.

I love the double functionality. It’s very easy to toggle between the two, there is a little slider on the front. I made the stupid mistake of toggling to the to-go side and not thinking about how much water i had loaded. I also love that i can set it to make coffee on a timer, nothings helps me wake up quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The timer is also easy to set up. A must-have for me is a clear carafe, because i am terrified of mold, so this was a huge plus for me.

Interesting coffee maker, coming from having a regular coffee pot and a keurig side by side,it took up way to much counter space so i decided to try this. First, this does not take conventional keurig cups, you actually put the coffee grounds in the side basket and let it brew. Although, you have to clean the basket from the grounds, and it does take a little longer than the keurig, the coffee is good and hot. With a flip of the switch on the front you go to a regular coffee maker. Coffee is good and hot and yes it does automatically turn off with 2 hours. Programming was easy, nothing to it. Since my coffee begins at 5 am in the carafe and my son uses the single cup at 4 am he has to remember to flip the switch or the programming doesn’t work. I did investigate the ninja to find way to many complaints on the machine, so decided on this. For the price you certainly get your monies worth but most importantly you don’t pay the added expense of the kcup.

Fits nice on my counter without taking up a lot of space.

  • Fits nice on my counter without taking up a lot of
  • So far so good!
  • gift for grandson

Hamilton Beach Two Way Brewer Single Serve 12 Cup Coffee Maker w/Thermal Travel Mug Bundle

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Beach Camera Exclusive Bundle – Includes Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker & Copco Travel Mug
  • Two ways to brew — single cup or full 12-cup glass carafe
  • Control panel and display with hour & minute buttons to program the brewing time up to 24 hrs before
  • Equipped with programmable timer with 2-hour automatic shutoff
  • Travel mug holds a whopping 24 ounces; Hand washing is recommended for best care

Good coffee maker easy to use, just sad that its not a k-cup for the single serve side.

Great product for single and multi cup coffee lovers.

It’s not only really nice looking but makes great coffee. My husband said he doesn’t like how slow it is but it’s worth it in the end. He gets his single serve side and i get my coffee pot side.The thing that everyone else is complaining about with it leaving a bunch of coffee in the bottom and is hard to clean, must have really big hands. I can clean it perfectly fine.

Bought this for my adult grandson and he loves it.

I drink “leaded” coffee but my husband drinks decaf. I brew a few cups for me in the morning and he uses the travel cup and the single serve.

The travel mug is really nice. I would recommend it to anyone who likes coffee. The only drawback is that it only takes pod for the one cup and they are hard to find. I just put a measure that will work in the holder and it works great.

This makes great coffee but it does not take kcups. I bought as a gift and was really disappointed to hear that. It’s did come with a cup to make single serving but that makes speciality coffee a pain and no hot cocoa. It’s being used and works great for what it is. I would not buy again only because of the cup.

The pot works great in both function. The mug that was sent with it , won’t fit in the single brew.

This is written 3 years after purchase and almost daily use, cleaning every 6 mo:works great–easy to clean, but died after 3 years of use. For a little over $100, it really should be on the other side of 5 years.

BELLA 13839 Dots Collection 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Great lil’ coffee makerand attractive too!

I’ve had all the expensive fancy coffee pots, and i hate those, so a couple years ago we went back to the typical normal coffeepot. I’ve been buying the cheap $20 ones, but i wanted something with color and an auto shut off. This teal color is so pretty and perfect against my all white cabinets and backsplash. It’s made very well for the price, too. It’s so much better than my old $20 coffee maker, and it looks pretty sitting on the counter.

The warmer keeps coffee plenty hot, and the heating timer is a great feature (that way you don’t accidentally boil a pot down to some kind of primordial ooze if forgotten). It has a timer to automatically start making coffee at a specific time (if it’s set and you remembered to put in the grounds and water). So far it hasn’t let me down.

I have had this coffeemaker for less than a month, and overall it’s ok. The best thing is that it brews a very mellow enjoyable cup of coffee. That’s enough to make me want to keep it. In addition, the design is fun and i am thrilled that it fits in my appliance corral (which means the measurements online are incorrect: actual are 13 11/16 inches high, 8 1/8 inches wide, 9 1/8 inch deep). Maybe i am a little dense, but i don’t think that programming a coffeemaker should require keeping the manual handy weeks after beginning use of the appliance. The controls are counter-intuitive to say the least. However, my main complaint concerns the carafe which is extremely fragile. My previous coffeemaker (which lasted at least 10 years), had a plastic rim around the lip of the pot which made it last the lifetime of the machine. A good thing since these carafes are not universal, must usually be ordered from the manufacturer, and by the time you pay shipping, you might as well buy a whole new appliance. A replacement carafe for the bella dots costs $30 plus change.

Key specs for BELLA 13839 Dots Collection 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Red:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Removable filter
  • Convenient pause and serve function
  • 2 hour keep warm function so your coffee doesn’t get cold
  • Automatic shutoff for your safety
  • 2 year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“OK coffeemaker-water gauge is annoying
, Splash of Color for the kitchen.
, So many pluses for this model

Coffee 6 cup coffee maker for the past year and for the past year my friends have been making fun of my tiny coffee maker. I absolutely love my bella and people who come over love the color and the design of it. The first time i used it i had forgotten i had brewed coffee, i have 3 boys under the age of 5 and i babysit anywhere from 2 to 4 extra kids every day, it’s not uncommon for me to forget that i was doing something for myself once i get busy with the kids. With my old coffee pot i’d forget i had made some and when i would remember i’d forget how long ago it was. With the bella it tells you how long ago it was brewed and often times i’ll see the timer and remember i need coffee to keep me nice and able to keep up with all the kids. I haven’t used the preset timer to automatically start the coffee in the morning simply because sometimes i want a butterbeer from starbucks instead. The bella coffee maker isn’t anything super fancy but it does the job and looks super neat. I love the color and it goes great with my bright spring colored kitchen.

It was good while it lasted, about 1. It was used heavily by two coffee addicts, so it definitely wasn’t just sitting around. I cleaned it a few times per the manual’s instructions, but the most recent clog isn’t budging. I opened it up to manually clear out the tubes, but lost the motivation pretty quickly. Too busy and i have several other manual coffee makers for weekends anyway. It definitely looks awesome. I had the gunmetal and it was very nice. User interface is different, but easy and intuitive enough.

Beautiful bellaevery time i make a pot of. Coffee i have to say it out loud in an exaggerated itallian accent ‘ballisimo, bell- an’. My kids banter back too, they know how serious mom kea out her coffee, and this is the best machine i’ve ever owned hands down.The quality is superb- machine is sturdy, stylish, got a million bells and whistles functions, flows that pretty bluish led hue, and keeps the coffee hot-‘hot for at least 2 hours before auto shut off. Amazingly affordable and the glass carafes is 3x thicker than anything else out there on be market- this has been lneodmy favorite gifts to myself. Don’t hesitate- indulge yourself. Don’t know if there was a pricing mistake but i purchased mine brand new thru prime for less than 35$ -.

Buy it for looks and you will be happy with it. I have multiple colors in my kitchen so it is perfect to look at. Do not use the supplied filter, you will have coffee everywhere because it does not strain through the bottom. You must buy paper filters to use this coffee maker. The buttons are a joke, i am not sure that they even do anything to change the outcome. The 1-4 or the strength is the same no matter what buttons i push. Since i use really good coffee and really good water, the outcome is really good. Again, buy it for looks, you won’t be disappointed. The price point is perfect too.

This coffee maker looks great and is relatively easy to set up and operate. It allows you to set an automatic brew time which comes in handy. Overall materials are nice and it looks neat in our red color coded kitchen. My only complaint was the time was a bit screwy to set up. No regrets at the moment and look forward to using this coffee maker for years to come.

This makes a good cup of coffee. Makes 9 1/2 cups in 9 minutes. Easy to set up, looks very retro. I just wonder how long it will last. I have had many coffee makers in the past and none of them lasted a year. We have bought the cheapest $8. 00 coffee maker to the most expensive and the same result.

Our last coffee maker finally died after five years. Coffee that had served us well despite the relatively low average reviews. But, halfway through a brewing cycle, it just stopped. I wanted a higher quality model, a step up, but my wife and i debated what that would mean and if it were worth it. It clearly looked nicer, more stylish, but it was a bit of risk in feature set. That pretty much sums up my response still after having it for a few months. If you have red kitchen appliances this really is a good fit. Wonderfully combines a retro look with contemporary flair. I’m really happy with it every time i look at it. But, it’s there to make coffee. And i’m not quite as happy with it for that. There’s some different settings that change the boldness of the brew, which i guess is about how quickly the water goes through the grounds.

I am so in love with my bella. It brews in about 10 minutes and the coffee is omg hot. Easy to fill with water and clean as well. I like the automatic shutoff. It doesn’t take long to reheat the coffee when you turn it back on after it has cooled either. It has been by far the best coffee maker i’ve had. I’m an all day coffee drinker and have killed several machines but this one is really standing up to the challenge.

Matches my terra cotta stamd mixer. Less 1 point for following-water mark inside, condensation put out far less coffee that the water measured, wished the inside was either fiberglass heavy duty glass or stainless steel. Pluses- retro design, lid snaps shut, permanent filter, 3 strengths of coffee to make, toner, programable, count down 2 hour timer, beeps when ready, beeps when count down timer is up. Coffee makers generally don’t have a long life. If this one doesn’t last, it would probably be the only model i would replace with another one because of the features mentioned.

We really like this coffee maker, and will buy again when the current one goes. The appliance looks amazing, cleans easily, brews good coffee (on the two bean setting). It’s easy to use, especially after reading the manual. There are only two drawbacks that we’ve found; it takes 10+ minutes to brew a full pot and the coffee is very hot. Pros, great coffee, cleans easily, looks amazing, wears great.

Okay, it was the color that sold me. Perhaps it is a little difficult to fill with water. I had to be moved out from under the cabinets since the top needs room to open in order to pour the water into the inside. In order to use the pot to pour correct amount of water, it needs to be empty before i pour cold water into it. But i just love the turquoise color. Just ordered a teal can opener. I love all the pretty colors in my kitchen. I’m not one for the stainless steel or matching white appliances.

We have had and worn out two similar better known brand name coffee makers in the past 6 years. Bought this one because it had better reviews than those better known brands with similar machines. We have had this over a month now and ihave no complaint. Unlike the other two it does not leak or drip on the table when opening the top door. This is also by far the fastest of the three starting to brew almost immediately. As i expected my wife was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of our teal unit.

For all coffee lovers, i understand there are ‘better’ ways to make coffee, i. French press/pour over, but i love drip coffee nonetheless and its convenience. I also drinks lots of coffee so those other methods can deter me from wanting to make coffee. With that said, i really like this coffee maker. First, i am very pleased with the design. Something about having a unique coffee maker besides mr. Coffee standard black is just pleasant. However, more importantly, is that it actually makes good coffee.Three different types of brew settings is nice when you make different roasts (dark, blondes, mediums, etc.

This has been a great coffee maker. The programming works great, the reusable filter is easy to clean, and it looks really cool in person. I mostly just use it to make one cup at a time, so it hasn’t gotten a ton of use in the year or so i’ve had it, but i have minimal complaints with its functionality. Probably the only thing i’d say is that the buttons and programming can feel a little complicated outside of your normal setting, but that’s probably solved by paying better attention to the instructions.

I took a chance with this bella dots and am happy so far. The pot is easy to clean and the water reservoir is easy to fill. This is pretty much itfor a coffee maker as far as i am concerned. Coffee makers i have owned over the years this one heats the waterhotter then others i have owned making for a better cup of coffee. Overall a inexpensive decent coffee maker that produces a nice hot pot of coffee the way it should be.

I got this to replace my amazing coffee maker. I got a different filter basket for this one i don’t like them with a hard plastic bottom i like the screen to be on the bottom too. I must say i am a snot with my kitchen stuff and firmly believe you get what you pay for so for me to say this inexpensive coffee maker is awesome i truly mean it.

After our old coffee maker burned out, i thought it would be a simple thing to just go find a replacement. Well, we went through 3() different replacement purchases before deciding to try this one out. Mainly because my wife liked the pretty colors (i know, i know). I was skeptical but, it turns out, this is a great coffee maker.Brews hot, adjustable flavor settings really make a difference, and it brews a better tasting cup than our old $100+ cuisinart. Plus, it looks great on our counterthe controls for the timer are a bit confusing (and not explianed very well in the manual), but once you figure them out, it works fantastic. If it lasts even half as long as our old one, it will be money very well spent.

I love coffee and this makes a great cup. I can see they didn’t just make a colored coffee pot. They put some thoughtful additions into this product. Like the way the pot does not dribble when poured or the way the grind filter sit in its holder. Just so, and you can not close it if its seated wrong. This helps avoid messy mistakes. I should know, i have done it many time before.

I am the wife of the purchaser, received as a gift from him and i love it. I use disposable filters, but have on occasion busted out the re-usable filter as back-up, nice to not have to resort to paper towels. Also, this machine is so easy to use it actually stuped me at first, i kept trying to figure out the catch. Nothing beats a cup of brew. As a nurse, i drink alot of coffee.

I’m not used to such a slow coffee maker. My old coffee maker made a 12 cup pot in 5-10 minutes. This one seems to take 15-20 to drip a whole pot. I expected it to be faster with the good reviews. I guess everyone ordering these have never used a better quality coffee pot. If you’re coming from some cheap dollar store protecter brand or cheap walmart mr. Coffee junk than this is probably the best to you. If you’re used to bunn or genevia than this is going to be a huge drop in quality. Now, onto the good and why i gave it such a high score. And i like the buttons and the blue screen. I can be patient and wait an extra 10 minutes or more for it. If i’m in a hurry, i’ll just go to the coffee shop on my way out.

I had an old hand-me-down from my grandmother for the last 5 years. When it finally broke, i went searching for something similar; simple and not too fancy. However, when i spotted the bella dots collection, my mind changed. I was originally attracted by the color options, but once i started looking into the actual machine i was hooked. The coffee maker has a timer (which i have never had before), a clock, auto cleaning function, brew strength option, and a flow stop function when you pull the carafe out (which i am sure many machines have, but i have never had before). Perhaps i am so enamored by the functions because i have never had any of them before, but beyond that it is very stylish. The water reservoir is easily filled; it’s nice and big, essentially the entire width of the machine, so you aren’t trying to pour the water into a little space. The only thing that i wish were different is that the timer is for 1 time, you have to remember to set it every day.

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker : If you like strong coffee buy something else.

Seems to make decent coffee, which is what they should all do, but the ‘no drip’ feature is poor. And when you lift the lid, all the condensation drips around the filter basket and then ultimately onto the burner. I have to wipe the burner just about every time i pour from the carafe. I would not buy another one.

Haven’t tried timer function.

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Delay Brew timer lets you brew ahead of time, so you can wake up to fresh-brewed coffee
  • Removable filter basket for quick and easy cleanup
  • Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause stops cycle if you need a cup before brewing is finished
  • 1-Hour Shut Off automatically powers coffee maker down so you don’t have to
  • Compatible with Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Thermal Carafes (sold separately)

Bought it especially because of the look. The stainless and black go well with my kitchen. Works like most coffee makers and i get a fine cup of coffee.

Bought this on the advice of a review. I recommend it whole heartedly. Coffee still produces the best most reliable product.

Great inexpensive coffee maker. Coffee is always nice and hot.

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Black : We got this coffee maker for our motorhome because our old one was too flimsy and did not keep the coffee hot. This little jewel solved all of that and more. It is easy to use and built strong enough to withstand the harsh environment of motorhoming. It is also compact for easy storage.

This model, sjx23, does not have a ‘special cleaning cycle’ as stated in the description. ) the cleaning method given in the instructions is the standard vinegar method. Everything else works as expected.

Makes coffee quick and tasty. However, on the minus side, to fill you have to bring the unit out from under the cabinet. Also, the arm providing water to the grounds has to be over grounds before water can be poured in. It has water level indicators on both sides of the carafe so good for either right or left hand user.

Totally fulfills my coffee making needs.

We have returned 2 different coffee maker for various reasons in the past month. We finally found a great one. Looks great, the coffee basket lifts out and easy to use.

Makes a decent cup of coffee. But like most items i see made today it’s disappointing that it made out of so much plastic.

The coffeemaker performed exactly as advertised. It is very dependable for brewing my coffee in the morning. The coffee comes out exactly the same, every morning. It makes it easy for me to open the cupboard above it even when the lid is up. It is a good idea to leave the lid up after cleaning the filter, as this area does not dry out very well. Overall, i highly recommend this coffeemaker.

This is a fine coffee pot that works reliably and makes great coffee. I have had it for 3+ months now. Yes there is a plastic smell the first few times you use it but it goes away and is no longer an issue.

I really like it, except that the water fill gauge is only on one side of it, which makes it awkard to fill where i have to loacte it. There really should be a gauge site on both sides so that filling is easier, especially with the very short safety cord. The manufacturer needs to consider the need for gauge sites on both sides of this appliance. Other than that, it make great coffee.

Really do not need the alarm that has finished brewing. Very strange lid is hinged on left side and not the rear. May not work for everyone but fine for us.

I’m not a coffee-aficionado, but decided to switch back to a regular coffee pot after i realized my keurig coffee really wasn’t good. This pot is reliable and does brew well. When i did receive it, i didn’t have all the parts for the filter so i called mr. Coffee and they sent it out immediately. I did quite a bit of research on this (i was really not happy with my keurig) and am very happy i picked this one.

I had a coffee pot that just wouldn’t sit right and would flood my counter. So, i bought this one about a month ago. It is simple, easy, and i would buy it again.

This coffee maker did great when we first bought it. We’ve been using filtered water and use it every day. After 8 months, it’s been taking about an hour to brew coffee. We’ve cleaned it and still, slow. Our last coffee maker lasted 4 years until it pooped out. Very disappointed with this one.

It’s a great coffee maker and one nice feature is that coffee has never dripped when i’ve taken the carafe off the burner. For a rental property that’s a great feature. We were constantly replacing coffee makers because the burner was always getting corroded.

So far so good with this coffee maker. I have heard complaints about there being no back light for the timer or that the carafet was fragile, but i haven’t experienced those problems. Tell me, how does one break the pot?. Are they being thrown around lol?.Also, for me, i have a clock on the wall in my kitchen so not being able to read the clock on the maker isn’t a huge issue. It was cheap and it’s brewing some great coffee for me.

Love the fact i can program it to brew in am.

Yes, this is a $30 coffee maker that will absolutely, 100%, put the expensive junk to shame. First, the pot can pour coffee with out spilling a single drop. When our first one arrived (we own two of the 12 cup and two of the 6 cup) i poured tentatively thinking it had to spill some. As i gained confidence i started to literally dump the coffee into my cup. The burner keeps it at a perfect temperature, not to hot, burned and bitter, even after an hour or more. We did run some vinegar and water through once when new but it still it took 3-4 more cycles to get it to produce really nice coffee. We can buy three or more of these for the price of others that don’t even come close.

DeLonghi Kmix 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker : I bought it for the COLOR

I am so pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone. I debated over which color to go with aqua or yellow and i am so happy with the yellow. It brightens up my kitchen and is so darn pretty.I don’t find the coffee bitter and i used pre-ground. Perhaps if you grind your own beans, you could over-grind them and cause bitterness, the manual does warn against that. I get 3 cupsworth out of this coffe maker based off of my cup size and amount of milk to coffee ratio. The coffee comes out at a perfect temperature for me. I add milk and it isn’t luke warm after the addition, it is still pleasantly warm. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the space for the grounds is quite small.

Bought this over a year ago. And it’s been a great appliance to have in my kitchen. Bright color, cool design, but most importantly makes really good, hot coffee. Have never had to de-lime it, which surprised me. If there is any ‘negative’ about this machine, it does not have an automatic shut-off. . So be sure to unplug, or at least turn off before you head out. . I would recommend this for anyone (although i see the price is quite a bit more now).

DeLonghi Kmix 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker, Green

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Long lasting and durable die-cast aluminum exterior
  • Simple, iconic and stunning design makes a bold design statement in any kitchen
  • Highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship
  • 8 Colorful design options are available
  • 10-Cup capacity

This coffee maker is good looking. I enjoyed it for the most part, but it drips onto the hot plate when the carafe is removed. It can be messy for that reason. Also, today the heating element retired at the young age of 1 1/2 years.

I bought this for my husband. He loves yellow and we are retiring. We bought a new home and he wanted a yellow coffee maker. I don’t drink coffee, but he loves the color and he loves the way the machine works. It is great for him and our kids.

I had this coffee maker for two and half years and it stopped working. For the price i think it should last longer. Warning it does not make very hot coffee.

DeLonghi Kmix 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker, Green : Great product and nice looking. Don’t know why so many negative reviews. Very happy with mine and haven’t had any issues. The warmer on top is not really to keep your coffee warm, but to warm your coffee cup as the hot water flows through during the brewing process. The smallest coffee maker i could find that comes in stainless steel. *****update******the 5 cup does not have the 2 hour auto shut-off switch. Checked the manual for this model. (the 10 cup has the auto shut-off feature).

I purchased the 5 cup coffee maker in that vibrant taxi cab color yellow and it arrived in 5 days. The color is extremely vivid, but does look good on a black granite counter top. My roommate chose that color and i regret that i did not order it in white, but it`s just so darn cute and efficient, i`ve decided to keep my mouth shut about it for now. I`m sure our next unrelated argument will somehow include me blurting out ‘yeah, but you got to choose that funky yellow color for the coffee maker. I`m pretty impressed by the unusually streamline design and solid construction. Think scandinavian minimalist- something you`d see sitting on the counter in a contemporary kitchen in sweden. The top looks like aluminum that has been triple plated chrome- not flimsy looking at all. When you tap your fingernails on it, it definitely doesn`t sound like cheap tin. The colored portion of the unit is aluminum but looks and feels like very thick high gloss enamel. You can use the gold mesh coffee screen that is supplied with the unit alone or add a paper filter for easier disposal of coffee grounds. The appliance is fairly small and fits under the 18 inch space below the cupboards on the counter top. You can lift the lid up about 2/3rds before it hits the bottom of your cupboards but you can still pour water into the unit if it is in a sideways position without pulling it out from against the wall to operate it. The carafe is sturdy, simple and easy to clean. Completely full, it holds exactly 2 normal cups/mugs of coffee so i`m not so sure why they call this a ‘5 cup’.

This coffee maker looks great, makes good coffee (without chemical aftertaste like my last one), but the design of the carafe could have been better. The plastic rim is mounted on the glass in such a way that it traps the last bit of liquid, even if you turn it completely upside down. About a teaspoon of liquid remains and is impossible to get out. Not a deal breaker for me, but a surprising design flaw in such a sleek machine. I like that it is just a coffee maker, no clock or other frills, just one simple on/off button, but i guess if you like to wake up to your fresh-brewed coffee, this machine is not for you. The permanent filter is great, though you can still use paper filters if you prefer.

I like the coffee this machine makes. Gave 4 stars because i got the unit on february 11 and now is march 10 and the descale light is already on. I have used filtered water only. It is still making the coffee in the same amount of time. I like the coffee and is good and hot. Noticed i can also use less coffee to make the same amount as i use to in my old coffee maker and is stronger from this unit.

Bought this in a hurry to replace a horrible conair cuisine coffee grinder brewing system which could not make a consistent cup of coffee. This delonghi is small compact and is the easiest cup of coffee you will ever make. The coffee drips extremely fast(not sure how that affects the brew quality) and very, very hot, no need to warm up your milk even. Pros: easy to use, very fast and very hot brewing. Very fashionablecons: hot plate stays hot. Not sure if the fast drip diminishes the coffee taste quality.

When i first saw a picture of this coffee maker i thought it was so funny looking. But, the more i looked at it and read the reviews, the more i liked it. I wanted a colorful coffee maker and this fits the bill. I also like the nickel/stainless metal. But, what i really love is how easy it is to make coffee. The area to pour the water is large enough that i never spill anymore. The area where you put the coffee is easily accessible, easy to clean and it fits into place nicely. It makes coffee quickly plus i can warm my cup on top. I didn’t want a coffee maker with a clock since i always unplug after making the coffee and drinking it. I didn’t want one that programmed for the next day since i rarely used that feature on my last coffee maker.

This coffee maker is ideal for everyone, especially if you have a busy life style and need to have a convenient way for enjoying great coffee. Thanks to its easy-to-operate functions, you can conveniently have your coffee ready for you while you are getting ready for work or while doing chores around the house. Also, if you have limited counter space and require a kitchen device that will not take up too much room, then this is the coffee maker for you since it is narrow and fits easily in tight spaces. You can rest assured that you are investing your money in a great kitchen product because of its strong aluminum die-cast exterior assures you that it will be around making great coffee for years to come. Pros:it has both a sturdy build and an impressive design – this excellent coffee maker has had such high reviews with how strong it proves to be because of its durable die-cast aluminum exterior. Furthermore, it is built from reliable a delonghi coffee maker part which guarantees that this device will last for a much longer time than other coffee makers. It has a small footprint – putting this coffee makeron display is no problem at all, even for those with small kitchen counters because it has a small foot print. If preferred to be kept up when not in use, it can also be conveniently placed inside a cabinet since it does not demand too much storage space. Its operation to produce great coffee is very easy to control – it is easy to make this great coffee maker function. It has a simple on/off switch and does not require any programming procedure.

I’ve had this maker for about a month and couldn’t be happier. It is pretty and makes great coffee, and is just the right size for my wife and me. Mine must be a newer model, as it does not have the ‘de-scaling’ indicator that some have complained about, and i have no problem emptying the carafe. The lack of a 2-hour shutoff is not an issue for me, as we only use it to brew morning coffee with. The price has gone up a good bit in the past month, however; i think i paid $111 for mine, and now it is going for $130. I’d buy it again though, in a heartbeat.

Product is beautiful, and i am really happy with it. The proportions of grounds vs. Water is still taking some figuring out though. It does not seem to be the same as other coffee makers, but i am wondering if maybe my coffee is ground too finely (i’ve been using the reusable filter provided). Other than that, i would definitely recommend for someone who wants a simple, well-designed coffee maker. The cup warmer is sort of pointless, but i like the aesthetic of the extra hardware for it.

This review is of the 5-cup version in orange which i love. I have had no dripping problem with the carafe as mentioned about the 10 cup version by others. It is sleek and beautiful and so easy to use. It looks adorable on my new kitchen cart and makes great coffee too. It is super fast, so the cup warmer will not heat the cup fully unless you want to let it sit a while. So i fill my cup with very hot tap water and set it on there. I posted about it on my blog (just click my profile to see link if you’re interested) with more photos if anyone is interested. The only neg is after i have cleaned the carafe and put it back, even with the power off, more coffee drips out. Just a few drops but a little annoying.

Bought this for my retired parents as a gift. It looks great in their kitchen. Only complaint is some coffee leaks down at the heater plate element so they put a paper towel under the carafe when brewing. This is after 3 years of daily use.

I’ve been using my coffee maker for about 2 weeks now, having used a keurig for years (i just decided to quit filling the landfill with little k cups). It does brew a delicious cup of coffee, even under the worst of conditions. This morning in my fog, i put the #2 paper filter in the top & filled it as usual, poured water in the tank & pressed the button. When i came back to pour my first cup, the filter fell out on the warming plate. I had failed to put the filter holder in place. Coffee still came out perfect (with a few grounds in the bottom of the pot).

I love the look of this coffee maker. We ordered it in stainless steel and it matches the other stainless steel appliances. It makes a pot of coffee very quickly. A cup is only 6 ounces, so a pot is about 30 ounces of coffee, which is perfect for 1 or 2 people. It has one button to operate and is very simple. You use the pot to measure your water for how many cups you want and pour it in the back of the unit. It has a permanent filter and you add one scoop of coffee for each cup you want and then turn it on. . Coffee is ready in 2 minutes, tastes amazing and is it the perfect temp. I will buy it again when mine breaks.

After only three years (but probably a lot of use), my delonghi that i loved so refused to make another cup of coffee. I was skeptical of going with another of the same brand, but was disappointed by so many of the other products i found out there. I wanted something at least as stylish as my last machine and didn’t need too many features. I struggled with the price of this machine and considered it for several days before deciding to make the purchase. At almost double what i spent for my last machine (and i thought that was expensive), it was certainly a stretch reasoning with myself why i should go ahead and buy the kmix. The package came a day earlier than expected, so i was already excited. Looks great, even better than my last machine. I read reviews that said the machine did not turn off automatically as advertised but mine does. The cup warmer was not a need on my list when searching for the product, so it not doing a great job in a timely manner does not affect my rating or satisfaction with the product. I do wish that i could remove the pot while brewing to pour a cup of coffee when i just can’t wait, but it doesn’t take long to brew in the first place.

Had this coffee machine for over a year using it almost every day. Very simple machine with no extra features. It is big and you need space overhead to open it. The only problem i had was that the glass carafe /container cracked (my mistake) and finding a replacement was almost impossible. I found a replacement from another company that doesn’t fit 100%. I have to maneuver and place the lid a specific way to open the drip canal. But i recommend that if you crack the carafe, don’t throw away the gray/black top. Just find a carafe of similar height and hopefully it may fit on. I specifically bought this machine for the color to match my modern yellow/green kitchen.

I have to admit, its looks are what drew me in, but it makes a decent cup of coffee in lighting speed no less. I love the yellow, it makes me happy even when i’m not using it. The quality is superb, looks very expensive and is not at all. I really like how my coffee is ready to go in literally 120 seconds. The cup warmer isn’t that hot, so i generally just heat my mug in the microwave, but it’s no biggie. Even if it breaks in a year, for the price, it’ll be cheaper than my daily chain coffee shop habit.

This coffee maker makes 2 big mugs of great coffee. I only needed a couple of cups for each morning and this works perfectly. Have to be careful to make sure the carafe is seated in the correct position or it will stop the flow and will overflow. Only takes once to learn this.