KitchenAid 12-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker – Best Coffee Maker I ever had

I put alot of research into the purchase of this kitchen aid before i bought it. I wanted coffee to taste like you would get from a coffee shop and it wouldn’t burn after sitting or get cold quickly. My last coffee maker i owned had a carafe with a glass interior lining. I liked that the coffee stayed hot. After about 8 months of searching for just the right coffee maker i finally found this one. The filter in the water container insures that the coffee doesn’t have the chemical taste that some municipal waters have. I get so many compliments on the coffee and there is always a hot cup of coffee when someone unexpected drops in. Many people have said they were going to buy this coffee maker as well. I would highly recommend this coffee maker.

Well, a much needed update: this coffee maker overflowed a few too many times and frustrated, i threw it out and i bought a top end mr coffee with a removeable water tank. It also overflowed, but we modified it, removing the water filter and substituting the brew basket from the old coffee maker. In other words, don’t buy this. After my 10 year old coffee maker started leaking, i began a search for a replacement. Requirements were: removable water tank, thermal carafe, adjustable brew strength (bold was very important), automatic brew timer. I almost gave up after searching through the popular brands, talking with friends about their failures with coffee makers, and trying out several duds. But then i found this kitchenaid and all our problems were solvedit works exactly as promised. I can fill the water tank at the kitchen sink and slip it into the back without spilling the water everywhere, i can load the ground coffee into the flat brew basket, and i can pour out of my thermal carafe without the burned taste that comes from a glass heated carafe. As other reviews noted, there are initial confusions about the carafe lid not quite working intuitively.

It makes a nice cup of coffee once you wade through the directions. Heaven forbid i ever lose the manufacturer’s booklet. The first day we tried to use it, the top was really hard to turn. We tried it in a number of positions. The next way, coffee coming out of the hole in the center and the spout. The next way, the whole lid fell off and spilled coffee all over the counter. We finally figured out where the spout was located but we still hang on to the lid just in case. It is a good machine once you figure it out, but the first couple of days, i thought i had made a major/expensive mistake.

It worked good and lasted for 4 years.

My husband and i are huge coffee drinkers. We love starbucks bold coffee. This coffee maker was a last resort after we have had both the keurig and the tassimo. We love having the 12 cup option for company or to stick in the fridge for ice coffee. And, the 1-4 cup is great when it’s just the two of us wanting a hot cup of coffee. We have tried the timed brew which also worked great. Not sure what other reviews meant when they said it was hard to use the carafe because we use it no problem, with no spilling. We use starbucks coffee and use the bold brew option on the coffee maker and it’s delicious.My husband even said it was better than dd and starbucks.

I have had many coffee makers and this one is hands down the best. It is a well built and solid. Someone else said heavy, which it is for a coffee maker. This is good, not the cheap light weight plastic like others. They must have redesigned the front door because there is no way it will spring open while brewing. It snaps open and shut very positive with a couple of pounds of force. It brews great hot coffee every time. It looks good on the counter. It started to leak after a couple of months. As a reviewer pointed out, the little rubber gasket in the lid fills with grinds (especially if you use a fine grind) and plugs up.

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I read some negative reviews all relating the the arrow on the lid of the thermal pot being difficult to see and the electronics too complicated. With the lid, no matter how you place it on the carafe, if you just turn it to the right, it will lock in the proper position. You never have to search for it. The electronics is simple after reading the instructions. The water tank is easy to remove and fill at the sink and has a charcoal filter. The basket has a spring loaded door that snaps closed to lock and doesn’t require a lid, since it sits flush under the spray mechanism. The coffee has 2 brew settings, regular or bold. The coffee is delicious, far superior to my cuisinart grind & brew, which finally died. I am very happy with this unit.

Quality product, removable water tank.

Don’t like this new model as much as the one i have. I got this as a gift and was not pleased with the fact that when you fill it to 12 cups it runs over. Also the fact that you have to take out the pot to empty the basket is not good either. You should have left well enough alone my older model works great and i am still happy with it after 5 years. Back to the drawing board guys.

So after reading several reviews, i picked this due to style and the kitchenaid brand. I have had it for two weeks, and cannot say anything bad about it. Easy to program, this works great. Love the fact that it came with the reusable filter, cannot tell you how many times i would run out of filters with my old coffee maker.Just remember if you want to use paper filters, take out the reusable on first. Clock is easy to read and the thermal carafe is much easier to clean than my old cuisinart carafe. The opening is wide enough so i can fit most of my hand in to clean it with a sponge. The top of the carafe comes off easily without much effoert, the removable tank has a wide opening to fill it. I can only say that you do have to turn it completely upside down to empty the entire last bit of coffee or you can remove the top of the carafe. If that is the biggest flaw, i’ll deal with it.

Makes a great cup of coffee, and the thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for over four hours. One note: steam does release from the top. If you place the coffee maker under a cabinet i would recommend ordering a rolling pad to place underneath. Amazon has several good quality options for under $20.

Features of KitchenAid 12-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker, Onyx Black

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Easy-to-fill & clean removable water tank
  • Refined brew process for optimal coffee flavor
  • 24-hour programmability
  • Digital display with variable brew strength selector
  • Thermal carafe with drip-less spout

Make sure this fits
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We wanted a coffee maker with a thermal carafe that fits under a standard set of upper cabinets with a 12-cup capacity. After researching the available options we realized that we basically had only one choice – the kitchenaid. We were scared away by the poor reviews but eventually decided that we would give it a shot. Pros – it makes great coffee. Oh, and the carafe keeps it hot for hours. You would think that this would be easy. But after reading the reviews for other coffee makers it appears to be almost impossible.

Had bought a capresso 10 cup coffee make 6 month ago because it was easy to fill with water. It made too little coffee and it was bitter and got cold to soon. This coffe maker has an easy to fill removable water container, makes 12 cups of wonderful coffee and stays hot until the last cup. This is a good looking stainless steel coffee maker and we love it. Out performs the old cusinart that was too hard to fill, also.

Good features:*removable water container*reusable coffee filter*beeps when the brewing is finished*thermal carafe keeps the coffee warm for a long time. *once the carafe lid is positioned correctly, it pours without spilling. Minor flaws:*the lid of the carafe is a little sticky. It took some investigation to figure out how to position it for pouring. *the coffeemaker won’t run unless the water container and carafe are positioned exactly right and the grounds basket housing is snapped shut. *even with the aforementioned failsafe, coffee occasionally leaks out onto the saucer during brewing. *the basket doesn’t hold quite enough for a full pot of very strong coffee. Major annoyance:the carafe is designed with an inside lip all the way around. This helps to keep the coffee warm, but also makes it impossible to get the last few ounces of coffee into the cup. I have to shake the carafe over the sink to empty it.

I searched for a long time for a pot that was easy to fill, made 12 cups, had a thermal carafe and was affordable. It is so easy to use and fill and is very quiet and fast. The only thing i do not like is the carafe. The carafe is heavy and does not keep the coffee hot. After about 1/2 hr it goes to warm and then gets cooler fairly fast. We like to fix a pot of coffee, put it on the table between us and refill as needed. I cannot stand lukewarm coffee and it doesn’t take long before i have to get up and put my cup in the microwave to get it hot.

We’ve been using this coffee maker for over a week now and happy to report that we are very happy with it. Looks beautiful, love the water recepticle (no issue taking it out or putting it in. Slight click when it is put into place properly), coffee is piping hot. We did have to figure out (took about 1 minute) how to click the cover to ‘open’ before pouring but really such a minor matter. We are using standard, flat bottom paper filters with no issue at all. I’m guessing that anyone who had issues with overflowing is because they are using both the ‘gold’ filter provided and a paper filter. Directions clearly say one or the other (not both). A big thank you to all who rated this previously. Your comments were very helpful.

I really like the convenience of this coffee maker and the largesize carafe – 60 ounces (12 cups). It is simple to use and makesvery yummy coffee. The instruction manuel is not very clear,mainly in the realm of how to turn on the coffee maker. You simplypush the button with the correct pressure and all is easy and well. However, if you hold the button down too long, your coffee maker willnot start brewing. I emphasize i really like this coffee maker and the only negative isthe manual.

Easy-to-fill & clean removable water tank

I did not like the fact that the finish came off the part that the pot sits on. That part just rubbed off ???>?.It is hidden by the pot sitting on it but when company is here and they lift the pot off the finish is bad on the maker base.

I have always wanted a coffee maker with a thermal carafe and when i found out kitchenaide had one. I was deligted to see it was sold on amazon. I purchased this coffee maker and have had it for about a week. It is exactly what i thought it would be. It makes wonderful coffee (for a coffee lover). I am very well pleased with the looks of this product and the taste of the brew.

Love how easy it is to refill the water reservoir. The stainless steel carafe is wonderful, as my husband drinks coffee all day long and this keeps it hot, even on his deskwe have encountered a couple of overflow issues lately and can’t figure out quite why. I always ensure i leave just a little space below the 12 cup mark when filling the reservoir and it still overflowed on me (double-checked the carafe, as well, to ensure nothing was still in it). However, we’re still continuing use of this coffeemaker and just love it.

I am a coffee lover and picky about how my coffee tastes. This makes great coffee and the bold setting is nice as it makes it just right for me – i like it strong. The coffee is good and hot, hotter than my cuisi**** that i was replacing. This is very important to me as i like it with milk so it needs to still be hot after i add the milk. The water container is easy to fill as is the cup that holds the coffee grounds, it’s not the cone kind that are harder to fill. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is that it is not attractive to me. It is larger than it seems in the picture and reminds me of r2d2. That bothered me at first but like i said, it makes great coffee so i overlook it.

Refined brew process for optimal coffee flavor

24-hour programmability

Digital display with variable brew strength selector

Amazon Renewed Cuisinart DCC-1200FR Brew Central 12-Cup Coffeemaker – perfect coffee makeer

I have been using this model since around 2001, i think. It has never failed me and works as advertised. I hear there is a newer model. It just plain works great and does not disappoint.

This coffee maker is exactly what i was looking for. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, is quiet, looks nice on the counter and most importantly makes great coffee.

This coffee maker is supposed to be reconditioned but i can’t tell it from a new unit. Here are the specifications for the Amazon Renewed Cuisinart DCC-1200FR Brew Central 12-Cup Coffeemaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Retro-style, brushed stainless-steel coffeemaker brews 12 5-ounce cups
  • 24-hour clock/timer for wake-up coffee; brew-pause; programmable shut-off
  • 1-to-4- or 5-to-12-cup brewing options provide maximum flavor
  • Charcoal water filter; decalcification indicator; heat-adjustable warming plate
  • Measures 14-1/4 by 8 by 10-3/4 inches

When i finally ditched the old plain coffee maker and tried this one, i could not believe how much better my coffee tasted. I liked it so much, i bought another one for our vacation house.

Great price, but it didn’t include the filter basket which is an extra charge. My previous coffee maker of the same model came with the filter.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • After Several Years of Dependable Service, it’s Still Going Strong.
  • makes really good tasting coffee

We bought this item after reading it’s the best overall coffeemaker in consumer reports. The only complaints we have is the control setting buttons are somewhat small and hard to read, the digital clock is not illuminated and the water-fill line is not visable from exterior of machine. Otherwise, it lives up to its reputation, makes terrific coffee (much better than our old black & decker), keeps coffee warm for up to 3 hrs and carafe is comfortable to use, easy to clean.

The coffee maker is in new condition and works excellent. Easy to use and great coffee.

Amazon replaced it very quickly and the replacement is very good, no problems at all. . This is our third cuisinart coffee maker and the best one yet. We will probably buy another one. I like the stainless better than the black. Pouring water in, not a problem – use a funnel. I am less than 5′ tall and this works perfect for me. The coffee is very good and we are particular. Our briel espresso machine is in use often. For any drips, put a tray under the machine, works perfect. A great coffeemaker and i like all the little options, especially the 4 cup and under button. We have bought many cuisinart factory reconditioned and never a problem.

I own a couple of the coffee makers and would never consider buying a different one. They are reliable, attractive and brew a smooth, consistant pot of coffee time and time again.

Gifted this to my brother for a housewarming–he specifically asked for this model and since they are no longer made new, i found this refurbished one and went with it.

I have used this coffee pot at others homes and finally got one for myself, love the size the design and it makes great coffee.

Cuisinart real broke the mold with this coffee maker. My wife and i have been using it daily for over five years now and it still performs as well as the first day we used it. One caveat however, was that we removed the charcoal filter and plastic housing. It will grow bacteria on it fairly quickly (being that it’s always damp and in a dark spot). Instead, we just use cold filtered water from the start. If you do that, you don’t need to waste your time with the gross and costly charcoal filters anyway.

Just make sure your item comes with everything it’s supposed to as mine did not have the cuisinart gtf gold tone filter which came with the original brand new one i had bought years ago.

This reconditioned coffeemaker is an excellent value. As i unpacked mine five years ago, i found no signs that it had ever been used before. My guess is that most of these factory-reconditioned units are returned, out-of-the-box, defective items that have never been used.

The coffeemaker is in very good condition, i expected somenthing that i was not going to be able to use. To my surprise the coffemaker was a smart buy. This is the firts time i buy reconditioned items. Com they give the option to return if you are not satisfied.

This works great and is a super value. Heavy duty (at least for the first month of ownership thus far). Hot coffee and good flavor extraction from the bean. It even beeps five times upon completion of the brewing cycle.

I bought this to replace the exact same model that sprung a leak. I didn’t even consider buying a different make or model.

This was my second cuisinart of a similar type. I honestly can’t remember if i purchased this on amazon or elsewhere. The first one had a short good life for 3+ years but eventually the heating element failed. This current one only after 8 months started to now have a power issue where by if you start brewing coffee, it will power off without warning. I realized the power cord coming out the back of the unit was loose going into the maker and if you moved it a little, you can then restart the maker. Oddly, once the coffee has completely brewed, it never has the issue. But this is becoming more and more painful to have to watch your coffee brew so it’s time to change manufacture.

I bought this coffee maker off amazon. Com for my husband and it has seen quite a bit of use since arriving on our door step almost 4 months ago. My only complaint with it (as other people have mentioned) is that the water reservoir is a bit awkward. But please do not let that deter you from purchasing one.I pour the water into the reservoir using the coffee pot and all but about 1 tablespoon of water pours in easily. I just let that 1 tablespoon stay in the pot and mix in with the dripping coffee. If you can live with that you will be very happy with your purchase.

I like all the cuisinart products, especially cuisinart dcc-1200fr brew central 12-cup. Easy to set up, clean and the quality of coffee is good.

Cuisinart Automatic Coffeemaker Burr Grind and Brew 12 Cup Charcoal Water Filter 5 Oz, Best for “coffee snobs”

Worked great, but now only one person drinks coffee in our house now, so it’s a bit too much. Plus it quite loud when grinding. Now even i can get my hot~water for my tea too and my hubby has his coffee quick & quietly.

We received this as a wedding gift 6 years ago this week. It died on us in january, but after using pretty much every day for almost 6 years – i think it did it’s job. It’s a good little coffee maker for the price; considering there are not too many grind & brew options. Coffee makes grind & brew that’s cheaper and breville makes one that costs twice as much. The grinder does need to be maintained at least once a week (w/ daily use) but think about it, freshly grinded/brewed coffee every morning. Plus, you can ditch your wake up alarm and just set the timer on this puppy to wake you up with the grind and smell of morning brew. Agree with some of the other posts claiming the carafe design sucks. It does, but i learned to live with it and all in all, i think it’s a great buy. Will be buying again, now that it’s met it’s bitter end.

It took a long time to figure out how to work this machine.

Key specs for Cuisinart Automatic Coffeemaker Burr Grind and Brew 12 Cup Charcoal Water Filter 5 Oz, Brushed Stainless Steel:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Elegant Brushed stainless steel styling
  • 8 oz. Bean hopper with a sealed lid to prevent moisture
  • Burr Grinder automatically grinds beans before brewing
  • Strength selector – Choose coffee strength when brewing with the grinding of beans: Strong, Medium or Mild
  • Portion Control – Program the amount of coffee you want to grind: choose from 2 – 12 cups

Comments from buyers

“The best!!!!
, Really happy with this coffee maker!
, Great machine.

(was a gift)-so far i heard, they like it .

If i had reviewed this coffeemaker a year ago, i would have raved about it. Lining up the handle, the brew basket arrows, grind on/off, strength, # of cups, water level. Whew and that’s the easy stuff.What i later learned is that you have to dry each piece completely before making a second pot, you must clean the shoot from the grinder to the brew basket every 3 – 4 uses, you have to run a vinegar and water solution through it once a week, you have to soak the lid to the pot and the cover to the brew basket to remove sediment that settles in it. When i say, ‘have to’, i mean, ‘have to’ or else your coffee will run over the top of the pot rather than into it. Also, water will get trapped and steam will escape above. This is my one hour sunday ritual and i’m getting really sick of it. I also run it through the dishwasher but i use my coffeemaker every morning and only run my dishwasher once or twice a week. However, if you are willing to put this kind of effort in.

I had a cuisinart grind and brew, but this is the first with the burr grinder. Better coffee and much easier to clean.

This makes great coffee when it works. As posted, you must clean the chute every 7-10 uses. Serious problems arise if you put frozen or cold beans in the chute because they condense moisture which will immediately clog the chute. Also take great care when pouring water in the reservoir because if it make its way into the chute, it will also clog the chute. I found that certain beans such as starbucks which has a high oil content cause early clogging. I recommend using the spray arm on the sink to fill. I made a tool from 12 gauge copper wire to clean the deeper parts of the chute that the brush doesn’t reach. Finally the pitcher can be very hard to open at times so i put a little veg oil to help that. A lid redesign is needed or a tool to help open the pot. Finally it is difficult to get the last cup out unless you are very flexible.

I have had this coffee maker for a few months and have had 0 issues with it. I use the time in the morning and just bring the carafe to work with me, stays hot all day. You simply can’t beat the taste of the coffee, freshly ground and don’t sit on a burner to bitter the taste. Parts are very easy to take off and clean. I was able to replace my kuerig (tired of paying for k-cups) , grinder, and former coffee pot with this.

We bought this coffee maker 20 months ago and still love it. We make one pot (10 cups – not the full 12) every day. I only need to clean out the grinding chute when i add beans which is about every 6 uses. It’s super easy to clean and even comes with a combo measuring spoon/cleaning brush which is what i use. We primarily use javana flavored beans but have used the non-grind feature occasionally. All in all, this is by far the best coffee maker we’ve ever owned and highly recommend it to anyone who likes to grind fresh beans for each pot of coffee. Much less clean up than our previous model and way easier than using a separate grinder.

My husband and i have been using this coffee maker for over a year and a half and we love it. We mostly use fresh coffee beans, so we use the coffee grinder feature a lot. When we cleaned it for the first time, it was easy to do and watch along with the ‘how-to’ dvd. If we had to list one complaint it would be that when you get to the bottom of the carafe and need to pour the coffee out, you literally have to turn the carafe upside down (twisting your arm a little). We don’t think that this is a major drawback because on the flip side, this carafe keeps your coffee piping hot for hours. We highly recommend this coffee maker to those that love freshly ground/brewed coffee.

We bought this coffee maker to replace an older generation cuisinart. Any of the nuisances that we had with the older version coffee maker have been fixed in this one. I am surprised how much better the coffee tastes with this coffee maker. Cleaning the grinder area is only a minor inconvenience after each hopper full of beans. Could not be happier with this coffee maker.

The cuisinart fully automatic burr grind and brew thermaltm 12 cup coffeemaker dgb900bcc is an heroic machine. It does its task of making fine coffee without complaint. Fill the machine with water and coffee, set the timer, and forget your coffee cares and worries. Your coffee will be ready, expertly brewed and hot, ready for you to enjoy, at the time you designated. This is a manifest blessing and boon to the coffee lover. This machine is very easy to clean and maintain as well; much easier than previous models.

Appreciate the convenience of having grinder on the machine but if you use dark, oily beans it requires daily cleaning of the grinder shoot. Sometimes the beans dropping from the hopper get into a bind and it will not grind without removing the beans. Area where black plastic top part of the carafe meets metal part has a leak and drops coffee onto the counter when pouring a cup. Had an issue with the button on the bottom of the brew basket holder broke off. Sent several email messages to their customer service dept without any reply for over 3 months. Found a customer service phone number – was on hold 17 minutes before a live person came online and helped me with getting a warranty replacement part.

I don’t often review products, but i am so pleased with this purchase i felt compelled to express my thoughts. Prior to buying this machine, we had the earlier version of the cuisinart grind and brew. The motor on that machine had died after 8 or 9 years. In researching replacement options, this machine had enough negative reviews to make it less than a slam-dunk decision, but the alternatives also had up and down reviews. Since our experience with the previous generation grind and brew was overall positive, we decided to give it a shot. After a month, we find this machine not only delivers superior coffee than its predecessor, but is much simpler to use in the following ways:loading beans in the machine every three or four days instead of every day;easy brushing of the chute once a week, instead of washing parts every day;settings for strength and # of cups is simplersome of the reviews said clogging was an issue with starbucks beans, but that has not been our experience. I will check back if problems develop.

This purchase replaced the same model that i had for years. I like the improved pouring spout. This machine makes the best coffee.

These product is a good coffee maker. Not thrilled about having to clean so much when doing the grinding but what the hey. It is nice to have it all in a reasonalbe sized package.

I love this coffee maker; i use eight o’ clock coffee beans and they turn out perfect. Love the feature of making your coffee strong, med, mild; i set mine to med. I haven’t had the experience of the shoot clogging up with the exception when i was a little careless pouring the water in the reservoir and the beans got a little wet. If you use oily beans then perhaps this might pose a problem.

I had one of these for 2 years and it finally died. I hesitated before replacing it because of the reviews. Whne i reviewed other other brands, i found they did not fare any better. I am glad that i did purchase this a second time. It is quieter, a little faster on the brewing time, the chute does not need cleaning very often, and the brush fits in the chute. I will give this a 5 when the grounds can be finer. They are coarse and use a lot of beans.

I purchased this before reading some of the negative reviews. While i agree that it is a bit messy to clean the filter basket, i have not run into any of the other problems noted. And, it is the only coffeemaker that i have ever owned that actually pours coffee into the cup without dribbles all over the counter. So far, this is by far the best grind/brew option i have ever owned and i much prefer it over grinding separately.

This is the best machine on the planet. It makes better coffee than starbucks. You must take care of it though. Clean the chute every pot and rinse the top with hot water. We had problems until we started doing all of the above. We have had the machine right now for 5 years with no problems now. Use illy coffee for a killer drink.

The cuisinart coffee maker & grinder is an excellent machine. I have owned it for about three weeks. It clearly makes the best coffee i have had at home. I set up the coffee pot the night before to automatically grind and brew at 5:15 in the morning. I usually, drink my coffee 30 minutes to an hour later after brewing. It pours out of the carafe just right. I read where reviewers were complaining about it leaking.

Best coffee maker i’ve ever owned.

I bought this coffee maker waaaay back and loved the coffee but hated the way the thermal carafe poured (poorly. ) well i bought a new one for a second home and wowowow they now have a new spout on the carafe and it works very well. The coffee is excellent and stays warm. Don’t worry about the strength because within a few tries you will have the settings figured out. I highly recommend this unit. Btw their is a competitor out there but beware because they do not have a water gauge on the outside of the unit. You have to tip-toe to peer inside and even then it is difficult at best to see the marks. My sister has it and it is a pain in the neck. The cuisinart unit cleans very easily too.

I have owned this coffeemaker for almost two years. Yes, it is a little high maintenance and my daughter still can’t make coffee with it; however, if you are an avowed coffee snob like me, you will never be happy with another after this model. Consistently makes the best coffee i’ve had and if you use fresh roasted beans, you won’t even want to go to starbucks anymore. We rarely go out for coffee now.If you are of average mechanical intelligence, then watching the video will give you all the relevant info you need to operate this machine. We’ve never had any issues with the grinder and we use it twice a day. I don’t use espresso beans, but i do buy fresh beans every few days so they are relatively oily and i clean the chute about once every two weeks. That part is tedious, but it is well worth it for truly exceptional coffee. If you enjoy dried out folger’s preground coffee down to the bottom of the big plastic bucket, then the fabulosity of this coffeemaker will be lost on your tastebuds. Go for something simpler to operate.

Cuisinart DGB500BK Grind & Brew – Complete cleaning really is a pain

Longest lasting coffee maker we have had – just replaced first one as it was knocked off the counter while painting – no fault of it’s own 🙂 only drawback is the grinding chamber must be cleaned after every use so more up-keep required than other makers.

My husband and i absolutely love waking up to the fresh brew this coffee maker makes.

This is the best coffee maker that i have owned to date. However, this is not perfect, here are some of the good/bad things that i find important:the good:* easy to use — just pop in the beans and hit go. Does a good job at throughly grinding the beans. * good coffee — the coffee seems weak when only brewing a small amount, you can offset this by adding one extra cup worth of beans to the grinder before starting. The coffee that is made is very good, though. * built in water filter — very nice for those of us with lots of lime in our water. Other coffee makers make you pre-filter the water, or you have to be ready to use some archaic means of cleaning out the lime, not fun. The bad:* loud — when it is grinding, sounds like armageddon is on its way. Of course, this is somewhat expected, but my other grinders are quieter. * wire filter — leaves lots of very tiny grains in the bottom of the pot. Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart DGB500BK Grind & Brew:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Grinds coffee beans and brews coffee at preset time
  • Charcoal filter eliminates chlorine and odors from tap water
  • Glass carafe holds 12 5-ounce cups of brewed coffee
  • Grinder removes for easy clean-up; brew-pause for mid-brew pour
  • Measures 15 by 8 by 7-1/2 inches, 3-year warranty

I absolutely love the grind and brew. We are so spoiled by having the super fresh coffee every day. I find the price is fine as these coffee makers were ridiculously high priced a few years ago. Getting replacement parts is easy. These type of coffee makers are a little bit of a pain to clean, but worth it due to the great coffee that comes from the fresh beans. I had a white one before and like the black because it is easier to keep clean.

We have had two cuisinart grind-and-brew pots, not nice looking at all, horrid to keep clean, and we bought the second when the first died because there were no other good pots out there. Well, for over $900 we could have gotten such a deal. In spite of the story of the pot that blew up, we decided to try it. We drink two pots of coffee a day, we want our beans ground just before the coffee is made, and the price on this wasn’t awful. We had it shipped next-day (a prohibitive cost, but we were desperate) and my husband ‘made do’ with cups from my little pod coffeemaker, which is just great but not meant for heavy-duty. Yaaayi washed the pieces, ran vinegar and three rinses through it, washed the parts again, and put together the makings of our first pot of coffee in three days. The grinder sounded more civilized than the former two pots; the fragrance emitted was divine. We poured our first cups and toasted each other. At last, we’d found the perfect coffee pot for us. We drink our coffee black, we prefer kona beans, and what we had in our mugs was as close to the perfect cup of cofee as we figure we’ll get on the mainland. Here’s what’s improved mechanically: the grinder is wider and larger–we think that’s what keeps the grounds from spitting into the water holding area; the cover over the paper filter (because the gold filter that comes with the pot allows sludge through) fits in such a way that you’ll never worry about the filter slipping and an entire pot being ruined with coffee grounds in each cup; it’s a 12-cup poti say cuisinart has listened to customer comments and refined the pluses of their machine while doing better with areas that were in the minus category. This is a win-win pot and i highly recommend it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Makes Great Coffee, Fast, Long 3 Year Warranty
  • CUISINART the BEST in Grind & Brew
  • Cuisinart Grind and Brew

I bought my wife this cuisinart coffee maker for her birthday. She’s a coffee fanatic, and the krups coffee maker we had was driving me insane. It was slow and didn’t have much capacity. There were no legible fill level markings and the carafe drooled coffee all over our tile countertop with every pour. My wife would grind the beans with a separate machine, then pour the grounds into the krup’s filter. I felt the cuisinart would solve several problems at once, and it has. A quick scan of the comments regarding this machine can lead one to the obvious conclusion that you’ll either love it or hate it. Having lived with this coffee maker for well over a year, i’ll add my comments to the heap, for what they’re worth. No question, but any affordable, coffee bean grinding device is going to be, in my experience. If you choose to use the grind option, you have to clean the mechanism after every use. This isn’t a six minute task but, understandably, it can be way too much work and hassle for some people. The machine is very user friendly. The fill marks are large and easy to read for older eyes. It has a 12 cup capacity, a large, comfy handle and i can pour it as fast as i want, without coffee dribbling across the rim, all over the place. The timer is a welcomed and often used feature. We like the automatic shut-off too. Did i mention this machine makes a makes a fabulous cup of coffee?.

Best coffee maker i have ever used .

The cuisinart grind and brew. . Contrary, to the lame reviews that the 1 and 2 star people have given to this coffee maker, i have found this maker to brew the best and hottest cup of coffee i have ever had out of a home coffee maker. Yes, great taste, that we couldn’t get out of our past mr. Yes, you have to clean it and there are a few hidden spots that you have to find at first. After cleaning it a couple times, it takes 2 minutes max to get the job done and ready for the next cup of coffee. There has never been an issue with cleaning the coffee filter area as others seem to have had a problem with. We’re using it in a work environment.

I was suprised to read the poor reviews that people have given this machine. I have had mine for about 2 years and i am satisified with it. Yes, it is noisy when grinding, but i just have it start while i am in the shower. I would recommend ditching the metal basket for regular paper filters, that makes clean up easier. There are more parts to clean, but i usually rinse them by hand daily and run them through the dishwasher a couple times a week. The extra parts take perhaps 30-45 seconds to rinse off, not a big deal in my mind. Every couple of weeks it is good to wipe off the entire base. Some coffee grounds seems to get on the edge of the base and they will harden over time. A warm wet dish towel will clean it up. Somebody mentioned that the grinder cup got stuck.

The grinder works great and the coffee tastes fantastic. Reason why it scared me was i had set up the timer for 6:45 am and my 8 month old woke me up at 6:30 am. Standing in the kitchen at that time half asleep and the grinder goes off. Take my word for it, it rocks.

I had many unfortunate experiences with coffee makers (ranging from mr. Coffee to bunn) and could not understand why i could not get a good tasting hot cup of coffee with a machine that would not cost an arm and a leg in the price range of $100. I remember when coffee makers cost $20. 00, so the prices of many of the coffee makers i looked at were a surprise, to say the least (not to mention culture shock). However, in my quest for the best coffee maker, i found this cuisinart central brew coffee maker. It is reasonably priced, makes good hot coffee and every pot is perfect. I especially like the timer feature on it, which gives me the added benefit of waking up to a hot pot of coffee in the morning, brewed before my alarm clock sounds. This coffee maker is the best value for the money and makes the best coffee (and hot too). I would recommend the cuisinart brew central coffee maker to anyone. Good product, good price, good coffee. By the way, a friend has the stainless steel cuisinart brew central coffee maker that grinds the coffee beans and she loves it. The one i purchased is not the stainless steel model and does not grind the coffee beans, but it is exactly what i wanted and i love this coffee maker (i didn’t want the coffee bean grinder, stainless steel or thermal pot.

Excellent coffeemaker – can’t find a thing wrong with it. Would recommend this to anyone. Nothing like a freshly ground cup of coffee each morning.

We’ve been making one or two full pots of coffee a day with our bright red coffee maker for two years. Yes, it takes a little longer to set up since the grinder assembly needs rinsing, we try to do this after finishing off a pot of coffee and letting the parts air dry the rest of the day. This way, setting it up before going to bed doesn’t take any longer than a non-grinding coffee maker. We fill the bottom half of the grinder basket to the top with beans and it makes great tasting coffee. This is the fastest brewing coffee maker i’ve ever had. The other day the heating element stopped working, i called cuisinart and a few days later a brand new unit was delivered to my door. The cost for the replacement was $10 for shipping the new unit and it cost me $7 to ship the old unit back in the same box. The three year warranty is a big plus since i’ve rarely had a coffee maker last for more than two years.

Works great wish i could buy more.

I have owned the dgb-500 for 18-months which equates to well-over 500 pots of coffee. I purchased it as a replacement for the dgb-300 that i liked but was dissapointed at its durability. Pros: great cup of coffee (i like a full-bodied, strong cup served hot). Convenience of programmability, built-in grinder, charcoal filters and dishwasher safe.I also love that you can grab a cup while it is brewing without making a mess (automatic flow stopper – but see cons below). Easier to clean and more durable then the dgb-300. Cons: user errors exaserbated by the fact that you make coffee early in the am when not all of your faculties are operational. Well once i forgot to put in the basket before pressing ‘on’ and the grinder threw ground coffee everywhere. Second brewing catastrophe, i forgot to put the top on the carafe (note that the top has a raised center that depresses a valve on the bottom of the basket-see ‘automatic flow-stopper’ under pros) resulting in coffee and grounds over-flowing the basket. I am thrilled with the dgb-500 and would not hesitate to purchase the same model again.

Pros:~simple to use~keeps coffee hot, not scorched, with warming plate~saves counter space and simplifies coffeemaking with built in grinder~comes with gold permanent filter, as well as option of paper filter use~ground coffee goes straight into filter, with no complex mechanisms that may cause oilier bean grinds to clog on their way to the filter like some other grind and brews docons:~grinder grinds for a preset amount of time, whether there are still beans in the grinder or not. My previous grind and brew had the option of grinding based on the number of cups being brewed. This means that after beans are ground and have already passed into the filter, the grinder continues to whir. ~loud grinder, particularly when it continues to grind after beans are no longer in the chamber. But a noisy grinder isn’t something that’s unusual for a grind and brew, i have yet to find one that’s reasonably priced that’s not noisy. ~steam enters the grinder chamber, since the water and grinder are under the same cover. This doesn’t cause problems, just makes a bit of coffee goo in the grinder chamber that’s easy to clean out.

I’m surprised to see so many bad reviews for this item. I registered for it for my wedding and i adore it. Yes, because of the built-in grinder there are 2 extra pieces to clean, but they rinse clean pretty easily, every couple of days i scrub them well – i don’t have a dishawasher, but they are dishwasher-safe as well. And if you don’t always feel like dealing with the pieces, you don’t have to use the grinder – you can use ground coffee as well. The piece that is a pain to clean is the metal filter it comes with, but so is any metal filter and if you don’t want to have to clean it, you can just use regular paper – i switched back to paper as i am often rushing in the morning and don’t have time to rinse out the metal one. I’m also very pleased with the taste of the coffee, some have said it’s weak, i like mine rather strong and i don’t think so – it came out a little weak at first but that’s because i wasn’t used to using whole beans, only ground, so i adjusted the amount accordingly and it was fine. I’m not buying another coffeemaker until this one dies.

I’m not a great one for writing online reviews, but for this unit, i just had to. If you love fresh-ground coffee first thing in the morning, and are not a morning person, this is the coffeemaker for you. When my old coffeemaker was showing it’s age and i was looking for an upgrade, my son-in-law suggested that i check these out. After checking the online reviews, here and elsewhere, for several cuisinart models, i wasn’t convinced. But my son, who has one, was insistant, so i bought this one. It made me a believer very quickly. While i had a coffee grinder, and used it with my old pot as often as possible, more often than not, i just used ground because i couldn’t deal with a grinder first thing in the morning. Once i got used to the routine, i can now clean, set up, and program this unit for the morning in 2-3 minutes.(i’m sorry, but anyone who thinks that’s too much effort doesn’t need to be grinding beans at all) i also often reuse it a couple of times a day without cleaning it, and see no loss of performance or quality.

Grinder is much quieter than my old grind &brew. I also like the clean look of the all white. Not into the now-so-popular black and stainless steel look. This is my 3rd cuisinart grind and brew. My first one was refurbished and it lasted a year. My second one (new) lasted two years and was replaced because it was still under warranty. The replacement for that lasted a year (i’m pretty sure it was also refurbished). So just be aware that the 3 year warranty on your grind and brew only applies from original purchase date.

This makes great tasting coffee but it is a pain to clean and dry the grinder, filter basket, carafe and the parts of the machine that hold these parts every time you make a pot of coffee. The white plastic parts also discolor and stain from the coffee. I would go with a black or stainless coffee maker if that option is available. I have had it for a year and the coffee is still great tasting. Just be prepared to clean it a lot. You also have to be careful that the paper filter is correctly fitted into the basket. If it folds over when you close the door you will have coffee and grounds all over the counter. This has happened to me several times.

The quality is owing in part to the fact that even the worst whole beans are much better than the folgers we drank before. That being the case, this coffee maker makes whole bean coffee a reality for someone who doesn’t have the time or desire to do much more than drink coffee in the morning. Yes, this machine requires more cleaning than a normal coffee maker, because you’re really dealing with two machines – a grinder and a brewer. Of course the grinder needs to be cleaned daily, so would a stand-alone unit. Also, if you use the gold filter, it needs to be cleaned as well. All told, i spend 5 minutes in the evening cleaning (i. , rinsing) a total of four parts and filling the machine for the next day. The result is the best coffee i have ever had.

Capresso 440.05 MT-500 10-Cup Electronic Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe : BEST COFFEE EVER

I read a ton of reviews while looking for a coffee maker. After my first purchase (cuisinart) died after 3 weeks. I decided to spend the big bucks on the capresso. I was worried about using the carafe, many reviews said it was a pain to use and spilled all over the place. I don’t know why some people cannot figure out how to use this carafe. You screw on the lid tightly (the dot on the top of the lid should be about a quarter of the way past the pour spot) when you are ready to pour coffee, you move the dot over the pour spout. The reason the carafe is designed this way is to keep the seal tight and the coffee warm for as long as possible. Also the flavor is great, the programming is easy, and the machine looks great on the counter. Definitely recommend this machine.

I bought this coffeemaker to replace another capresso coffeemaker that i have used almost daily for over 8 years. It is still going strong and still makes great coffee, but my kitchen is all stainless steel and i decided to treat myself to an upgraded look. This pot is really beautiful and has a few improvements in design – the plastic coffee filter holder is sturdier, and the all steel construction is even better at keeping the coffee hot for hours. Plus, it looks expensive and i found the price at amazon to be really great. (added comment several months later – i used the my old capresso coffeemaker last month when i had christmas dinner and needed a second coffee pot to make enough coffee. To my surprise the old capresso made much better coffee – richer taste and used much less coffee. My guess is that the new capresso is much faster so the water goes through the coffee grinds faster and therefore some of the richness is lost.

I had the old coffetec for nine years — it was marvelous, though it did leak on occasion, but even so it was the best coffeepot i ever owned. It finally died this year and we replaced it with the 440. I do think this machine makes good coffee, and it gets very hot, but — the design of the machine is flawed, and we have had one problem after another:* the carafe leaks unless the little ball is perfectly lined up with the spout — and even leaks when it is at times. This is clearly a design flaw; it should be harder to spill coffee; or, i should say, it shouldn’t be so *easy* to spill. * the filter assembly that is supposed to hold the coffee while you pull the carafe away doesn’t work. It’s almost funny to watch it continue pouring at full speed when you pull the carafe away. This is not a big deal as you likely want the full pot to brew before taking it, but if you are sleepy and don’t realize. * the most serious flaw is that coffee collects at the top of the pot (on the inside of the lid) and needs to be wiped off and cleaned constantly — as you might imagine, this leads to coffee grinds falling into the basin, and then being pulled into the water heating elements.

First off, i purchased this machine a few months ago and specifically waited to try and see if any bugs would arise. I was a little nervous buying this machine, since there were a few negative reviews. Luckily i didn’t listen to them, because this is a great machine. I replaced a cuisinart grind and brew thermal with this capresso mt500. I also own a gaggia syncrony digital espresso machine, so i would consider myself a coffee-lover and i believe i know good coffee. (at least in my own mind)-over 90 pots brewed, not one spill. If you are spilling coffee, you are grinding your beans too finely. I use the included gold basket. -simple design, easy to clean. A lot easier then the cuisinart.

  • Makes good coffee, but design is flawed in a number of ways
  • Well worth the wait
  • After all these years still loving it!

Capresso 440.05 MT-500 10-Cup Electronic Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brews up to 10 5-ounce cups in just 8 minutes for maximum flavor, aroma
  • Stainless-steel vacuum carafe keeps coffee hot up to 4 hours
  • Stainless-steel ThermoBlock heating system reduces calcification
  • Brew-pause for mid-brew pour; digital, programmable clock/timer
  • Measures 9-3/4 by 13-3/4 by 10 inches; 1-year warranty

Coffee stays warm for several hours and the stainless steel is both easy to clean and not so likely to break as the glass liners. The program is easy to set and you can wake to warm coffee.

Nice programmable coffee maker. Brews a delicious pot of coffee. I can’t go without my cup o’ joe in the morning. My coffee is ready when i am.

I’ve been using this coffemaker for about 6 months now and i figured it was time for a review. I was leary buying such an expensive coffemaker, but after the bad experience i had with a cheaper krups (aka crap) maker, i decided that it was worth it. I bought mine during one of amazon’s coupon events. The coupon notes indicated that capresso wasn’t eligible, but it worked anyway and i saved $25. It is fast, elegant looking, and makes great hot coffee. I don’t find much to complain about compared to some other reviewers. To me, this design is as good as any brew-through/sealed caraffe design and its not hard to use at all. The lid is easy to screw on and has precision threads. It fits under the basket easily and does not require any special alignment or fiddling like some have suggested. I have not had problems keeping the inside of the caraffe clean like some have mentioned. I use a few sprays of bleach spray every month or so and it keeps it looking like new, no stains whatsoever. The water/coffee is very close to 200 degrees according to my restaruant meat thermometer. With the caraffe closed, my coffee stays more than hot enough for up to 6 hours after brewing and never gets stale/oxidized or burnt.

I’m very pleased with my mt-500, despite a few annoyances. First and foremost, i can now brew coffee that is every bit as good as what they serve at a first-rate coffee house–without the hassle of hand-dripping my coffee through a melitta funnel. For me, flavor is the most important thing. If coffee doesn’t taste in the cup the way it smells as you’re grinding it then i’m just not interested in drinking it. I don’t know what people are talking about when they report that the coffee isn’t hot enough. The whole reason this maker blows the others away in terms of flavor extraction is precisely that it gets the brewing temperature up just under the boiling point where it should be, rather than 30 degrees lower, the way most other makers do. You can’t water get too much hotter than 200 degrees fahrenheit, and that’s too hot to drink anyway. If it’s getting cold because you’re adding half cream and sugar to your cup, then the coffee flavor doesn’t much matter anyhow, so you might as well just wing it in the microwave for a bit to warm it up. I do agree that the design of the carafe’s lid and brewing funnel could use some work. If you’re careless, you could end up with a mess.

I’ve purchased a number of coffee makers over the years – bunn, quisinart, mr. – constantly searching for the best. I found it in this capresso. Not only is it a beautiful addition to the kitchen – it brews the best cup of coffee – ever. Easy to use – easy to keep clean – the thermal carafe keeps the coffee piping hot and fresh for hours. I highly recommend this coffee maker – best on the market.

We are serious about our coffee and this machine makes good coffee. It also looks nicer than any other coffee maker we’ve seen. We were surprised that the machine makes about 1/3 less coffee than other 10 cup coffee makers. For this coffee maker, a cup of coffee is 4 ounces. It also requires about 1/3 more coffee grounds to make the same strength coffee as other coffee makers. It requires 1 tablespoon of finely ground coffee to make each 4 ounces of strong brewed coffee. That said, it does make good coffee and seems well made compared to other machines we have tried. Our experience is that none of these machines are really finely crafted machines. Next time we will try a different brand that makes more coffee with less coffee grounds and might be less expensive.

I bought this a long time ago as i thought it looked very cool and would look good in my kitchen. Only problem was cleaning the carafe which was impossible. It is not capresso but any stainless steel carafe as you cannot clean the coffee stains that accumulate. I called capresso and they suggested denture cleaner to clean it, but that turned me off. I finally got rid of it at a garage sale.

I pride myself on being a coffee afficionado. Nothing but the best beans for me. I needed to get a replacement coffeemaker after my cuisinart 12 cup began to leak. Based on the reviews i read, i decided to go for a premium capresso 440 mt 500. The controls are easy to use, and the coffee brews fast. Most importantly, the coffee tastes great–far superior than tasted through my cuisinart brewer. The water head seems to cook the coffee more thoroughly than my previous coffee maker. Also, the thermal design keeps it warm and not bitter for three hours. The standard gold filter provided is a nice touch. The capresso coffeemaker is definitely worth the money.

Have really enjoyed the coffeemaker. Like that it is automatic, can brew just 3-5 cups and it still taste good. It seems more like a commercial coffeemaker than for residential.

I’ve been using my mt500 3-4 times per week for about two years now and it has given me nothing but pot after pot of good coffee– no trouble, no overflows, no problems. This is a fantastic machine. I have never met another auto-drip which can make a better cup. And believe me, i get around. I have exactly two minor complaints with the design: (1) the carafe lid is a pain and your friends will make a dribbly mess of pouring out of it until you show them the magical secret of the dot (which lines up with a cutout underneath), and (2) the filter basket gradually acquires a scent of old coffee that no amount of dishwashing can get out, which you can eventually taste ever-so-slightly in the coffee. As far as i know, though, there is no such thing as an auto-drip filter basket made of anything except plastic no matter what model you buy, so consider this a hopeful suggestion for the future rather than a complaint. There is exactly one thing you need to know about this machine: it puts water onto the grounds at the right temperature and the right speed, and does so consistently. I’ll say it again: i’ve never had better from an auto-drip. Regarding the complaints of coffee not being hot enough: if you’re using a thermal carafe, you should rinse it out with hot water right before brewing, otherwise some of the heat in your freshly brewed coffee is going to go toward heating up that cold, stainless steel liner. This has nothing to do with this coffee maker or carafe in particular; it’s just a fact of life when you use a thermal carafe. Suggestion: do the hot water trick while you’re waiting for the beans to grind. (you *are* grinding the beans right before brewing, right?.

Very attractive unit; looks nice on the counter. I like the carafe; it pours without spilling and empties all the way to the bottom, unlike the previous brand i was using. To address the problem of overflowing: i have overflowed it a few times times, and it was my fault. It has never overflowed when i used it properly. The first few times were because the little ball in the lid was stuck. Rinsing the lid every time after i use it has solved that problem. Just give it a shake after rinsing and again before replacing to make sure it rattles, and i never forget to do that now. The other times it overflowed were when i forgot to screw the lid on and once i even forgot to place the carafe in place. Sometimes i’m not completely alert before i have my first cup. Being terribly absent-minded doesn’t help either.

Sure you can buy a coffee maker for $25 but it won’t make the coffee nearly hot enough to extract all the flavor out of your favorite coffee. The capresso has a feature that can slow down the brewing process and make the coffee taste like coffee from your favorite coffee shop. It’s easy to operate which is a plus as well. It should be marketed as the bmw or coffee makers.

First, i read all of the other reviews and decided on balance to go ahead and buy this coffee maker. I was reluctant, due to the price and the few comments about overflow issues. We just opened it up, read all of the instructions and brewed up the best cup of coffee i’ve ever had at home. We used to own a coffee shop, so we are not novice drinkers, but nor are we the type that owns an espresso machine. We just want a great cup of coffee first thing in the morning. So, i rate this a *5* for performance (brewing coffee, ie: very hot, very flavorful, no compromise here, simply the best cup ever) a *4* for design (you do seem to need to pay attention the first time you use it, then you see what goes where and why those overflows happened, then you don’t do those things that cause them) and finally a *3* for price (even though it is the best i’ve ever used, i would still like to see priced it at under a hundred bucks)go ahead and get it, you won’t be disappointed.

I have had one of these at work since 2004, just purchased another one for home – it has been rated in the top 5 at consumer reports for the past 4-5 years i believe, to me the built in filter holder and stainless steel water ways is what makes it superb – and of course it makes excellent coffee, especially if you use caribou-coffee grounds. If you are amongst us that understand why you never fill water using the carafe, then this is the right coffee maker for you. The only reason it does not get 5 out of 5 is that it is so expensive.

Unit is solidly made, with few moving parts. Easy to add the water, easy to remove and replace coffee basket. Carafe keeps it hot for over an hour, but not the four hours claimed. Very pleased with this unit.

This is the first drip coffee maker i’ve used where no bitter or sour tastes unexpectedly ‘enhance’ the coffee’s own unique flavours. My blends actually taste as they should, amazingly from the convenience of an automatic drip system. Aside from possible freak production issues, i’m not sure why some unfortunate folks are having spillage issues during the brew cycle. We’ve only experienced that when either (1) the filter holder’s spring-loaded opening has gunked up from lack of cleaning (i. , our fault) or (2) someone forgot to check if there was still coffee in the carafe before brewing a new batch. Fortunately, both causes have been easy to prevent since experiencing them. The top of capresso’s thermal carafe is easily rotated clockwise until a natural stop is reached; there is a convex dot on that top, and it should not be lined up with the spout when fully closed – in fact, it *won’t* be if you simply rotated until it stopped. The carafe top must be in this ‘closed’ position for the drip to work properly. Simple as thatafter the machine’s brewing light turns off, swish the carafe contents briefly and then rotate the top counter-clockwise until the convex dot lines up with its pour-spout. At this point, you can pour the coffee from the carafe, and it resists dripping from the spout quite well. When done pouring, turn the top clockwise again until it stops – simply to keep the contents warm and to avoid potential spills when moving the carafe around. It really is extremely straightforward, i feel: close the carafe to brew coffee, open the carafe to pour your coffee, close the carafe to keep it hot. The materials are well-chosen for this maker, and it takes up only 9′(side-side) x 10′(front-back) on the countertop. I owned a prior capresso which had much more plastic content, and it looked almost new after 4 years.

Swiss small appliance manufacturer with swiss design and precision engineering through and through. This machine makes coffee faster than a bunn pre-heated water machine. Ten cups of really hot coffee in under 8 minutes – truly amazing. Wonderful, well thought design – they even put rubber feet on the bottom of the stainless steel carafe. If you buy do not order the ‘amazon suggests’ gold tone filter and charcoal filters. The machine ships with the gold tone filter and the owner’s guide says the charcoal filter is for chlorine in tap water. Since this is a serious coffee drinker’s machine, you’re likely using quality water.

I was disappointed that the coffee wasn’t hotter and the pot sounds ‘tinny’. I ordered it because it has a pause and pour feature, caraffe, and the last one i had was excellent. If i still had the box i might send it back.

Bodum PEBO Coffee Maker – Five Stars

I cannot rave enough about this treasure made in copenhagen. I have used every conceivable type of coffee maker in the past, but this one is simply the best i have ever used. It is beautiful to look at, very easy to use and clean, and makes the best cup of coffee i have ever tasted. I ordered the electric version of this brand, but when it arrived, it had a defect, so i returned it immediately. I am so happy i didn’t order the electric one because it was twice the amount of money that i paid for the non-electric one. I am going to tell all my friends about it–unfortunately you can’t buy it in any stores, only through amazon. Congratulations on carrying this absolute gem of a coffee maker. Joanne evens, granite bay, ca.

Makes the best cup of coffee i have had other than an espresso machine. Very easy to use and clean, just keep butane refills handy for the burner. Takes time to make coffe but well worth it for a great pot of tasteful coffee.

Last try, coffee got stuck in top funnel and wouldn’t let water filter down. Pleaese let me know how to correct this issue. Here are the specifications for the Bodum PEBO Coffee Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Its exceptionally effective vacuum brewing method extracts all precious oils of your favorite coffee.
  • The vacuum brewing process is entirely sealed off so no aroma can escape.
  • In addition, the brewing time and temperature are perfectly calibrated, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee with each brew.
  • Depending on the amount of water used, the PEBO can brew delicious coffee within 5 to 11 minutes, serving anywhere from 4 to 8 cups (0.5l/10oz,max. 1.0l/34oz).

Simpler to use day to day than the bunsen burner style siphons you often see. Brews a great, even low acidity cup, and it’s always fun to show off ‘science coffee’ to your friends. Only downside – really easy to break the top glass. Had to replace it twice (which was *not* cheap). Still, that’s my fault and not the siphons.

It’s like something out of a chemistry lab. I found it easy to figure out. For me the coffee tastes less bitter and with a more delicate flavor than autodrip. I think it makes for a nice, gentle, gradual brewing process, not to mention fun to watch. The only thing, if anything, is storage. If you’re strapped for space in your cabinets it may end up having to live on your stove or counter. Watch out that it doesn’t get knocked over as it’s a little on the tall side when put together. It does make for a great conversation piece if you leave it out as ‘counter decor’ when not in use, though.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • So far, so good!
  • Near perfect Coffee Maker
  • Bodum Santos Vacuum Coffee Makers

Makes great coffee and tea, plus it’s fun to watch, i highly recommend it.

I have now been using the bodum vacuum device for about six months, and i have experimented with all kinds of coffees, grinds, and brewing techniques. I am something of a coffee snob, roasting my own beans and experimenting endlessly for that perfect morning cup. Here are some tips to get the most out of using the bodum vacuum pot. Using the lines on the carafe, always fill it between the 6- and 8-cup marks. Because some of the water stays in the carafe during infusion, trying to brew less than six cups will result in not enough water rising into the infusion globe. Filling to more than eight cups will not leave enough air in the carafe to expand and force the water upward. (remember, water does not expand very much as it is heated, but air does. This device depends on the air that is sealed into the carafe expanding during heating, forcing the water into the infusion globe. Also, remember the carafe is calibrated in tasse, which is about 120ml or 4 oz, so if you fill to the eight-cup line you will get two or three good-sized mugs of coffee.

I’ve owned both the electric santos and now the stove top version. The electric one pooped out when my non inclined room mate just threw the electric carafe into the sink to clean it not taking the time to become familiar with it. I bought my first stovetop santos and same roommate broke the carafe when she thought it was ok for the carafe to remain on full heat when no water was in it. So of course one would say oh this thing is too fragile. The santos is simply the best coffee maker i’ve ever owned. After you get it all figured out it has to be the cheapest and easiest to operate. And the taste is just exquisite after some dialing in. Bottom line is take your time, become familiar with it and remember if you do not want this thing to break on you, at least an eighth an inch of water has to remain in bottom of carafe or it will break. And handle it like a new born baby. This takes experimentation you have to play around a little to dial in that perfect taste. But once you do, you’re going to be in coffee paradise.After it’s all said and done this is really an extremely easy way to make the absolute best coffee.

My last coffee maker was the electric bodum santos, since discontinued, and i’m a big fan of this company and their vacuum coffee makers. There are lots of great reviews here with lots of raves and many great suggestions on how to use the product, so i won’t reiterate what’s already been stated by others. My five-star rating speaks for itself. I do want to add a brewing suggestion that might be helpful to some of you though. I like my coffee strong–starbucks’ average brew has become like drinking brown water to me–and one of the things that disappointed me about the electric santos was that it had no way to brew the coffee longer for my taste preference. The user was just stuck with the preset bodum brewing time. My only recourse was to use a lot more coffee, which is not an ideal solution. Thankfully, i was forced to try this product after my electric santos broke a few months ago because this is now the only vacuum-style bodum makes. With this one you can keep the pot on the burner and let your coffee brew as long as you’d like, to your taste.

This unit is indistinguishable from the santos coffeemaker that i purchased in the 90’s. I pour the resulting brew into a vacuum carafe which keeps it hot for several hours.

Had this for a year now, and am comfortable that i know this thing in and out, so writing a reviewthe glass is strong enough to withstand minor impacts, and really heat resistant, to the point that i did put it on pretty high heat stovetop while filled with water, or on lower heat while still empty, and it’s still performing strong. Tweaks i recently applied and improved the coffee maker:1) gasket that locks in the upper chamber to the lower chamber: in my opinion is a little too large, this results in too much water always remaining in the lower chamber even at full boil. What i did was simply slice off about half cm from the top of the gasket. As a result i can now push it further up and the upper chamber sits slightly lower, so less water remains in the lower chamber. Careful tho: if you slice too much and no water at all remains in the lower chamber, you risk to overheat and therefore heat damage/crack the lower chamber. 2) filter: no matter what, if my coffee wasn’t really coarse, the filter would clog and the vacuum effect would stop working, resulting in my coffee sitting in the upper chamber for way too long, sometimes nearly 10 minutes. I applied a cloth filter (paper filters would also work), and i never experenced clogging since—————-note: in my experience (this is the reason why i don’t give this product 5 stars) the upper chamber during extraction sits in the vicinity of 87°c, while perfect extraction is supposed to happen around 92/94°c. So far i tried to cover the coffee maker with it’s own cap as well as with a cloth in an attempt to retain a little more heat, but i couldn’t fix it. Note that i rarely use it for more than 0. 5l, while this is made for 1l of coffee, and i noticed when i once did only 0.

I think this type of pot brews the best coffee. The coffee seems smoother, never bitter.

I’m not a coffee snob by any means; in fact, i drink it only occasionally. But this thing is so cool to use, i might start having coffee more often. It’s very easy to use, and makes (imho) a darn good cup of coffee. (isn’t that what’s most important?) it adds the feeling of ritual to the brewing process. And it absolutely entranced my 2-year-old (‘hot’. I didn’t find the temperature to be a problem; in fact, it was at optimal drinking temperature when i poured it out and added milk. I would recommend this to anyone who likes coffee — addicts and occasional drinkers alike. I can’t use this anymore, as the bottom container broke about 5 months after i got it.

I have bought two of these over the past 10 years; it is my preferred method of brewing coffee insofar as it doesn’t take very much time, i can brew plenty of coffee at once. A while ago i was careless and broke the upper carafe, hence the need to replace the unit. I had gotten nearly ten years out of it, so no complaints. However, just a few weeks ago i went to clean the filter and pulled gently on the chain and in snapped and broke< rendering the coffee maker useless. I searched for the part of sure enough. Unavailable on the manufacturer's web site, and none could be found on amazon or anywhere. Availability, is apparently not until late 2014 or january of 2015vacuum coffee brewing is outstanding if you are a coffee aficionado, but i am largely convinced bodum has an issue with this part and has pulled it from the market until they resolve the issue. In the meanwhile, i went over the chemex and have discovered the pleasure of pour-over coffee brewing, and while i love the results of my bodum, chemex makes even better coffee but does require more time. A tip for you coffee addicts out there. While many 'experts' will advise a ratio in the neighborhood of 2/1 ounces of water to grams of coffee beans, if you want the ultimate , deep dark and rich experience, try a ratio of 3/1.

I love the coffee that these make. In both cases the little chain that hooks the filter in place broke after a few uses. I fixed it with some stainless steel jewellers wire.

You can make your coffee stronger but not bitter. Even if you leave it on the heat too long it doesn’t over cook your coffee. Very fun to watch and also pretty easy to clean and use. The dry grounds come right out and there isn’t much to take apart. Easier to clean than a french press and the coffee even tastes a little better. And easier to use then a french press. You don’t have to time how long you wait after the water boils – you just put it over heat and watch while you do other things. A great way to make coffeeit isn’t tippy either which is what i thought it would be. It does take some care to move around and the handle angle on the bottom pot isn’t the best. But it is easy to ignore those things.

I have had this product for a few years; this one was purchased as a gift for someone. Great way to make coffee, extremely easy to clean, and flavor is difference comparison to a drip filter is something to talk about.

Just watching this thing work is fascinating. It’s requires the most amount of interaction to use a vaccum coffee brewer. But that amounts to: ‘fill lower glass with water, put spring thing and rubber thing on top glass, put top glass on lower glass, add coffee grinds to top glass, put on lid, activate heat. ‘ so basically, it’s super duper simple to use, don’t let that discourage you. The coffee that comes out of the nonsense brewer is absolutely fantastic, and as always from bodum the quality of the important bits are great. The handle on the bottom glass should really be thicker, and there’s a plastic cone thing that doesn’t seem to have any purpose. I think it’s supposed to be a stand for the top glass, but it’s waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to small to be used as such. Overall, if you like coffee, get a vacuum brewer.

So i love siphon brew this item has a major flaw it’s the filter. This is pretty handle is cool and functional but the filter needs work.

Hello, i bought this item back in march, and learning to use it has been quite a learning curve. However, i am now able to brew coffee with it 100% of the time. I have a few recommendations based on my experience that i am hoping will help anyone who might be having a problem. Don’t buy this if you don’t have a good burr grinder. If you use a chopper-type blade grinder, your grind will be uneven and it will clog the filter, guaranteed. The reason the pulldown phase either doesn’t work or stalls out is because of the grind imho. I used the tip of not refrigerating my coffee beans; i’m not sure it helped, but if it prevents too much dust from forming in the ground coffee, that’s a good thing.

Vacuum press coffee is some of the best i have ever made. And this kit is one of the simplest to use and reuse i have ever seen. Gets regular use for company.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker – 12 cup – – Great cup of coffee

Bought this coffee maker for my mom for christmas, and it makes just about the best tasting coffee i’ve had in a long timeeasy to set up. . No dribble or dripping, a five ‘beep’ signal when it’s done perking and a two ‘beep’ signal at the two hour auto-shut-off. It’s the least expensive of the cuisinart line, but for the money, it’s the best tasting. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a great coffee maker.

I bought the cuisinart coffee maker with a thermos carafe. Not bad, but disappointing in two respects. First, the coffee was not hot enough, and second, the carafe did not pour well, due to the need to have a sealed top, i assume. So i tried again with a more standard cuisinart coffee maker ((dcc-1100c). It replaces a braun, which had worked well for years but suddenly died. This model is pretty close to ideal. Coffee good and hot, a setting for a small number of cups that actually works well, a great carafe, and, of greatest importance, excellent coffee.

I was somewhat disappointed in this cuisinart coffee maker. First of all pouring the water into the small opening of the reservoir is a difficult process that causes water to spill into the coffee filter. Also i do not like that the water indicator is only on one side of the machine. It would be nicer if you could see the water level from both sides. The coffee has been good and does come out hot, but loses heat as it sits in the pot. So felt it was a little pricey and don’t like the idea of having to replace the water filter every 2 months, but i guess if you have filtered water in your fridge than you don’t need to use the water filter in the coffee maker.

The previous one lasted exactly a little over 3 years, just as long as the warranty. Anyhow, it makes a good cup of coffee and keeps it hot. I’ve used other brands of coffee makers that stop working after only one year. I consider this to be the best of the brands i’ve used for taste and quality.

We have been using one of the insulated carafe type makers which made coffee fine but was difficult to pour. This new one is easy pour and makes good coffee. We have only had it about a month, and have not experienced any problems.

Coffee maker arrived on time and was easy to understand directions. I would recommend this product to other customers.

  • Cuisinart got it right this time
  • Not quite what I thought
  • My wife is happy with her new coffee maker!

I concur with everything said. I’m very happy with the quality of the coffee but, yes, the reservoir is an issue. It’s very awkward to pour in the water, and i always wind-up wiping water off the counter or pouring some into the basket. Also, the way my pot needs to be positioned on the counter means i have to rotate it each time to be able to check the water indicator. I think it does make excellent coffee though (which is most important to me) and the unit was more affordable over others i considered.

I have purchased several coffee makers over the last few years, and i can findly say i love my coffee makerwe have owned two hamilton beach, and one bunn. Not happy with either one of them. I purchased this coffee maker after reading different reviews, and liked what i read. We have had it for a month now, and still pleased with this coffee maker. Pros- reasonably price the hottest coffee ever. Love the preset brew (coffee ready when i wake) nice apperance/ i have the whitecons- i have no complaintsi would totally recommend this coffee maker to anyone looking for a nice hot cup of coffee 🙂 *****.

This maker brews coffee very well. You can really taste the difference compared to a low cost machine. Don’t forget to put the lid on the carafe or you will have a huge mess.

Features of Cuisinart Coffee Maker – 12 cup – White

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  • 12 Cup Coffeemaker
  • Programmable
  • Brew Pause
  • 1-4 Cup Setting

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12 Cup Coffeemaker


Brew Pause

1-4 Cup Setting

KRUPS FME2-11 Programmable Coffeemaker : Great coffee maker

Our household is a serious coffee haven–we generally brew 2 pots a morning (those 1 serve coffee pots would never do). This is the first carafe in 6 years that does not dribble coffee on the counter when you pour it into a cup. We love the audible alert, the blue display, temperature of the coffee, & the overall design. We use the programmable feature everyday. No need to reset only fill it up the night before and voila. I too wish the white stayed cleaner, but white goes with my kitchen better than the black. Print the max fill line in the water resevoir in black.

No problems, nice looking, great coffee. Very easy to program, even if the power has been lost for a short time.

I purchased this coffee maker 4 months ago & have had absolutely no problems so far. It was a little tricky learning to program it, but i generally make my coffee fresh in the morning so i don’t use the auto-program feature very much. I do like that it has auto shut-off in case you forget to turn it off. The only problem i have is that it is hard to keep the coffee from dribbling on the counter when pouring from the carafe. Also, this product is white which requires a lot of cleaning. I use bottle spring water to make my coffee so i do not have any hard water residue problems. I will probably buy another krups when this one wears out.

I have purchased krups coffeemakers for years because i have always found them to be reliable and durable. This latest model looks like a winner. The glass carafe is made of thinner, more elegant glass than my previous model – hope it holds up as well. A couple of little things disturb me. One is that the lid attaches to the carafe by two small rubbery/plastic projections that fit into small holes in the handle of the carafe. If one of these projections breaks off, i don’t think the lid will stay on right. The second thing is that the carafe is now shaped so that it is smaller at the top than at the bottom. When you go to pour out the last of the coffee, the steam escapes onto your hand – ouch. My old carafe was straight-sided and poured out all the coffee without burning your hand. The shape of the new carafe is more pleasing to look at, but it does have this downside.

  • Krups – not as good as it used to be
  • For the Coffee Lover
  • I Am Happy

Krups FME2-11 Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, 12-Cup, White

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  • 12-cup fully programmable coffee machine with 1100 watts of power
  • 60-ounce water reservoir; built-in water filter; electronic descaling indicator
  • 1- to 3-cup aroma setting fully extracts flavor from small quantities of coffee
  • 12-cup glass carafe; LED control panel; brew-pause function; 1- to 5-hour heating plate
  • Measures 10-1/2 by 8-1/2 by 13-3/4 inches; 1-year warranty

This is a great buy and i like the looks of it on my counter. We have one in yellow for tea also. I never use the auto because it is too confusing. The bells are okay not bothersome. No trouble with the handle either. The yellow one does have an extra band to go around with the handle.

It’s a nice size pot 12 cup, the lid is stain resistant, unlike the previous krups model i had. It brews a bit slower than the last, but not unreasonably slow.

I can readily reccommend the krups coffee maker. It is easy to fill with water, the controls are straightforward, it does not leak water and is just a fine coffee maker.

I had a krups for years and loved it. So when i changed colors in my kitchen, i decided to buy another krups. At first it looked cool but the white gets stained easy and the quality isn’t as good. The glass carafe used to have a metal band around it with a removeable lid. Now the handle is glued on and the lid is attached which makes it hard to put in the dishwasher. The coffeemaker is all right, but if i had to do it over again i would pick something else.

We had a krups for about 10 years and it finally died. I went with consumer report’s advice and bought an expensive cuisinart. After trying several coffees and formulas in the cuisinart, i finally gave up and bought another krups. The new krups made coffee as good as the old one.

I already owned a krups coffee maker and bought one to replace my parents aging coffee maker. These are fast accurate and brew a great cup. I also like the water filter feature. It removes chlorine and any other after tastes.

Coffee and it didn’t work so well. The krups fme2 has worked flawlessly thus far. I hope it lasts as long as our previous krups coffee maker which lasted 5 years. With our very hard water, that is an accomplishment. The coffee tastes great too.

I like this coffeemaker alotmy first one had develpoped an air bubble, that i treated for a couple of months (it was a good way to clean the coffeeepot also), it successfully went away for months (in fact, i was definitely sure it was gone for good,then it was back again). , well, decided to get the one i have now. It’s now here at home, on standby, for when the other one acts up. Even though i’m telling you the air-bubble problem. , i still like this coffeemaker, & will stay with krups coffeemakerswilliam appelt.

It brews coffee just fine but the clock stopped working after 2 weeks and it’s too much hassle to return it.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker CM4000S 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker : Economical even though the look suggests otherwise

Nothing to complain about here, even if the item isn’t anything you’d jump up and down about. It’s a fairly basic affordable coffeemaker from black & decker, a trusted name brand. It is designed well to use a minimal amount of counter space. I love that you can program the machine to make coffee whenever you want.

Very disappointed that the clock face/control panel does not light up. This subtracts an entire star.

I purchased this machine since my kitchen aid finally died. Love this coffeemaker, it is does a great job in making the coffee. Yes, as one other person mentioned, it does beep after 1 minute of turning it on and still brews for another 5 minutes or so. But it does make a great cup of coffee, or should i say my husband makes a great pot of coffee :). Happy we purchased this, it is just as good as our kitchen aid which we had for 7 years.

I got this because i was having guests who drink coffee. It won’t get lots of use so i can’t yet comment on reliability.

  • better than “meh,” but not as good as i thought
  • Three Stars
  • Five Stars

Black & Decker CM4000S 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

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  • Fast Brew Technology
  • Brew Strength Selector
  • Sneak-A-Cup Feature
  • Auto Clean System
  • Optimal Brewing Temperature
  • Note: Cup equals approximately 5 oz. (varies by brewing technique)

I had a black and decker before which lasted a long time and was so reliable. So i went with it again and am very satisfied again.

It makes a good cup of coffee quickly and is simple to use.

Purchased this coffee maker about 6 months ago in a rush as our prior maker died the morning before a cross country move. We purchased this coffee maker at a target store. The coffee doesnt taste too bad and i enjoy both the auto and strong brew options. What i dont like is that it beeps to say its done brewing but continues brewing for another 5 minutes after beeping. It constantly drips when the carafe is removed (the hot plate coating is now peeling off due to this). The carafe also hemorrages water or coffee when pouring. I lose almost an entire cup when pouring water into the maker – i have to hold a towel against the carafe when pouring and then have to wring the towel out.

This coffee maker is very noisy. It did produce a nice cup of coffee, but i am not sure if that is because i used a new brand of coffee as well (eight o’clock brand) my bedroom is right off the kitchen and when it started brewing this morning it woke me up. It pings and spits and is just noisy in general. That is really the reason i am taking it back today. This is what i get for buying it on the spot and not checking reviews as i usually do.

I”ve owned many coffee pots. . This was the correct purchase. Love this black and decker coffee pot especially the strong brew options.

Makes an excellent, hot cup of coffee. However, the basket is poorly designed — it will not stand on countertop, so it must be filled as it sits in the machine. One side of the handle pulled out of its attachment and i am unable to get it to stay back in. Also, the led clock is poorly lit and can’t be read in most lights. All minor points, to be sure, but worth redoing on the next incarnation of the coffee maker.

I’m putting this 12-cup coffee maker on the shelf until i really need to make a big pot of coffee. I just don’t like the coffee. Almost everything about this coffee maker works well. You can make four to 12 cups in no time. You can program the coffee maker and have fresh coffee when you wake up. You can do an automatic cleaning. But if you don’t like the coffee, it’s no pleasure to have all the bells and whistles. Perhaps if it were possible to measure water accurately for less than four cups, it might be better, but there’s no way to accurately measure the amount of water for less than four cups.

If you want a simple but well-designed coffeemaker, this is it. It is faster than my old one and makes very hot coffee (which is a plus for taste). I also like the way the basket is nested inside, which makes it difficult for the grounds to spill out. I have a little difficulty seeing the digital time display with its indication for strong coffee, but the coffee tastes fine.

I purchased this in a physical store, so i cannot comment as to the online seller. However, this is a great coffee maker. We purchased it last year because our old keurig had broken and the coffee maker we were using in our previous home was 7 years old and the clock never displayed all the way the whole 7 years we had had it. We figured we deserved a new coffee maker and i have had pretty good experiences with black and decker appliances. The machine works perfectly well and does what it needs to do – brew coffee. It’s pretty efficient and the auto feature has never failed us. The parts remove easily for washing and go back on the machine with no issues. I really have nothing bad to say about it.

I like:-how it looks;-where the controls are placed;-how the water level is marked inside the tank;-and the programmable/auto-off features. I dislike:-the loud beep when the brewing cycle’s finished that can’t be turned off;the substantial drip that happens when removing the carafe, whether or not it’s finished brewing.

Standard 12 cup coffee maker, with some programable features.

This coffee maker from black and decker sets up easily, programs simply, and brews wonderfully. It takes standard low cost paper filters, not the expensive cone shaped ones that drain your budget. The machine works fast at making the 12 cups, and does this in around 5 minutes. The alarm can be annoying, but this may be useful early in the morning when you need a fire lit under your rear to get moving. I highly recommend this coffee maker.

Usually a breville/keurig k-cup lover, i’m really liking this coffee maker, especially for family gatherings when you need to make a large quantity economically and quickly. It performs great and perks my coffee so fast and always with consistent taste. I consider myself a coffee connoisseur so i am very picky when it comes to coffee makers. This unit has the ability to pre-set on a timer and you can wake yourself up to a delicious pot of coffee instead of an annoying beeping alarm clock. I am thoroughly enjoying this coffee maker and feel that it is an excellent value for the price point. When what you need is a great cup of coffee, this is the maker. It has the look of an expensive appliance with the value and performance and the reliability of more pricey unit. One con to mention, i dislike that you cannot see from the outside how much water you are filling the tank with.

So far, we have had nice luck with this coffee maker. We enjoy the fast brewing time (5 to 6 minutes for a pot), the auto brew, the cleaning button, and the auto 2 hour shut off. We also found it easy to program. Like many have mentioned, the beeper and the machine itself is noisier than other machines. But i kind of like to hear the brewing sound. I think i must be a little clumsy. . Because with any coffee pot we’ve had, i’ve managed to spill water when pouring water in and when grabbing the pot for a cup before it’s finished brewing. (you are suppose to be able to do this, but i still get some spillage, and then sizzling). We use dunkin donuts coffee, and we always seem to get a good cup of coffee. I always put cream and sugar in mine.

Great and the coffee comes out perfect.

This coffee maker sounds like the little engine that could. There’s quite a bit of gurgling while the coffee is brewing. It’s way noisier than any coffee maker i’ve ever owned. It’s easy to use, mostly because there aren’t that many choices. I followed the instructions, cleaning the pot and insides while running plain water through the cycle once. It operates pretty much like any other coffee pot — except for that infernal noise. Then, at the end of the cycle, there’s a high-pitched beep that my dog hates. (i’m not too fond of it either. ) at least it does it only once. The clock on the front is not illuminated and you have to look at it just right to see the time.

Not a she already one car is actually makes a pot of coffee does a nice job i would use the timer yeah i’m sure it’ll be just fine.

I’ve had this for a couple weeks now and i love it. It brews fast and is easy to use.

KRUPS KM1010 Prelude Coffee Maker : Simple and works well

It makes coffee without fail. It’s a very standard coffee making coffee maker. You put grounds and water in and you get coffee. It’s not super fast nor does it take hours. 4 stars only because it hasn’t changed my life or anything.

Very happy with my coffee maker.

The guys that built the tiger tank in ww2 must have designed this because this is one giant coffee maker. For what it is being asked to do, it is just to big. They should ask how big is your kitchen before they sell you this. It also has some strange thing that semi locks down the coffee basket (don’t make any mistakes by not getting this thing just right, or you will have a mess on your hands). You would think that with such a huge machine that pouring in the water would be a snap,but even here it falls short. On the plus side it does make pretty good coffee mainly because of its simplicity (no clocks and timers ) just on and off after a couple of hours. You would think that with no bells and whistles that it would be much smaller. If you have a mc mansion this is for you but if you live in an apartment as i do, you should let this one go.

Our old krups coffeemaker served us well for 14 years. It still works, but we got so used to seeing it on the counter every day that we hadn’t realized how beat-up looking it has become. Until a few months ago, that is, when i began my search for a quality coffeemaker that had the fewest bells and whistles. The more buttons and displays on it, the less likely i was going to buy it. All i wanted was a coffeemaker that had an on/off button and that made great coffee. (this country has become so gadget-crazy. ) finally i found the krups (not that i am especially brand loyal) km-1010–and am i glad i did. While i see most reviewers gave this unit high marks, i can’t understand why *all* of them didn’t. I would have preferred a separate (from the water reservoir) swing-out cone for filter and coffee, but the setup krups has now (coffee and water under one roof) is not a big deal.

  • Good coffeee make / Well-designed
  • Just What I Wanted!

KRUPS KM1010 Prelude Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Housing, 10-Cup, Silver

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    by entering your model number.
  • 8-cup sophisticated coffee machine with full stainless steel body and graphite accents
  • Pause and serve feature lets you remove carafe at any time to serve
  • Keep warm function keeps coffee hot for 2 hours
  • Translucent water tank with dual water level windows; removable filter basket for easy cleaning
  • 900 watts; 2-year worldwide warranty

Bought the wire mesh filter to make life easier. Highly recommended over any mr coffee, which is now made by sunbeam. Update: bought this in april 2011. Still very happy with it and filter. Makes a great cup of hot coffee. Fingerprints show up stainless. Update 2: she died in september of 2012. 🙁 not sure if i’d reinvest in another.

Hard to find just a coffee maker that uses the cone filter.

We had a braun coffee maker for many years and when it died we were unable to replace it. The krups coffee maker is super. It does not have all of the bells and whistles (which we did not want) and it is sleek and modern looking. It also makes a great cup of coffee.

“on” and “off” switch is the only button. Fragile glass carafe is the only drawback.

Replaced my 10 year old braun coffee maker. Was attracted to the sleek design and reasonable price of the krups. I make 4 to 6 cups each morning. I want a very basic coffee maker. Difficult to get the water in the resivoir. If you have upper cabinets, you have to pull out the machine far enough to get that lid up. The machine is large and this is an annoying task each morning. Once you get the lid open, it is hard to pour the water into the reservoir, as the opening is small. The filter basket is difficult to get seated correctly. It just doesn’t fit well unless you seat it perfectly and that is no simple task. If you don’t seat it correctly the water overflows and creates a mess. The worst problem (imo) is that you cannot remove the lid to the carafe. The lid is fixed to the carafe, making cleaning very difficult. Normally i would remove the lid, and place the carafe in the top rack of my dishwasher. You cannot do that, as the lid will not remove, and only opens partway. This makes it impossible to put the carafe in the top rack of the dishwasher. It is even difficult to fit it in the bottom rack and it takes up a lot more room. It is a nice looking coffeemaker, but not so functional. I’m looking for something else.

I am not a coffee snob, but at the same time, my brain is pretty much useless without a good cup of coffee. So, i took this purchasing decision very seriously. I spent countless hours reading reviews of the cuisinart dcc-1100, dcc-1200 brands, and the keurig b70, and came to the conclusion that none of their added features were worth it, given the number of negative reviews i read about smoking machines, machines that suddenly stopped working, etc. It seems the more features an appliance has, the more reasons it will have to break down. All of the above-listed machines were more expensive than the krups km1010, and i did not want to deal with any hassle of getting a refund, or paying for shipping/handling to get a replacement part. I chose this machine because i wanted something simple, did not want to spend more than $50. 00 usd, and also because of the reliability of the krups brand. Also, with the coming flu season, i do not want to ingest my coworkers’ germs that are crawling all over our office flavia machine. This machine is definitely a welcome sight in the early groggy hours of the morning. Just the right amount of decision-making for my uncaffeinated brain. But i am 5’2″ and can still see clearly where i am pouring water into the reservoir. The reservoir is placed rather close to the filter & grinds – in this regard, i think having a steady grip is more important.

Fingers crossed; but, so far i have had no issues with the krups 10-cup. I haven’t had the coffee maker too long; but, it’s been working like a top, no leaks, no stops and makes a good cup of coffee. I would recommend this krups coffee maker.

I had those krups km1010 for the last 5 years and it brew really hot coffee and it just quit. I had tried variety of new coffee maker but they don’t brew as hot as those krups km1010. I decided to purchase the same coffee maker.

I had a krups for years that always churned out great coffee. When it finally died, i went with a very expensive bunn since it was rated very high. It never put out great coffee. I couldn’t take it anymore & bought this krups. I specifically chose the one with no extras. Just an on/off button is all i wanted & all you need with a krups. Every cup has been delicious and i’ve had no issues that others have posted. You can’t go wrong with a krups.

It does not taste like plastic. Although when i researched whether krups was made in america on google they said it was and it is not. Part of the reason i bought it was because the google review said krups makes their pots in usa. Maybe some of their pots but not this one. I will keep it cuz it does make a good tasting pot of coffee without the plastic taste. The “stainless steel housing” claim is a bit debatable. Feels like silver plastic or tin. For someone who doesn’t care about it being made in china and wants an inexpensive no frills pot. Just push the button and it works. I don’t like alot of technicalities.

It is simple; push the button and wait until it’s done in 5-7 min. No filter is needed to “filter” the water, which is good. Only minor thing i have is the measurement indicators are both on the sides, so you can’t actually see the water level easily, but as i said this is minor. . I trust the brand name also; i had a previous one of different model, which lasted over 10 years.

I went through two coffee makers costing more that had problems and leaked; required resetting the clock whenever i unplugged it to clean them. This one is basic that does what i bought it for: brews good coffee.

It served me well for almost 3 yrs, but it all of a sudden decided to die on me. That’s the only reason i gave a 3 star. Has no fancy features i never use, which i liked a lot.

We’ve been using this coffee maker for several months now and have no problems with it at all and it’s easy to use.

We had been looking for a krups coffee ‘machine’ for several years, one without the added technical features–one that just has an on & off switch. We finally called krups and they gave us several places to try, large departments stores, but they did not have what we wanted. Amazon was also mentioned and found just what we wanted. This was my first order with amazon and i was very pleased with the service, from order to delivery it took only 22 hours to arrive. The krups was packaged so well even after being dropped over a fence it was not damaged. We like the way the filter fits with having to be put into a locked position, then the carafe fits tight. Coffee brews in a timely manner and excellent flavor. After 2 hours the machine goes off. Easy to clean, heavy in weight. We are very happy with this krups coffe maker.

For just plain coffee making with none of the extra’s,this works great. Easy to prepare the night beforeand just press the button in the morning.

This product died on me today. They make everything in china now so no hope for long lasting productrs.

This device is well made and solid (not made in china). Very easy to use with a single blue light that toggles as an on and off switch. Appears to be made in erope so superior construction compared to the cheap plastic chinese-made stuff you buy everyone in america now. Perfect size and very hard to break. Only flaw in this coffee maker i have found is the coffee filter holder not going in all the way. If thats not place in its slot just right, and the lid does not completely close, it fills with water and the grounds and coffee come pouring out all over the counter. That’s because the bottom of the plastic filter has to push through the hole below that drips the coffee karaffe below. So make sure thats in its slot just perfect and the lid is completely closed otherwise its a mess.