EdgeStar CWR1661SZ 166-Bottle Built-In Compressor Wine Refrigerator, Good for the price

I received the wine fridge just a few days after placing the order. It arrived intact without any freight damage. I followed the instructions regarding how to initially begin using the fridge and it has worked exactly as advertised (flawlessly) from the moment i plugged it in. I store this unit in a garage so compressor noise is not an issue for me. Overall, however, i think the unit operates very quietly. It will not hold 166 bottles unless all of them are the standard wine bottle size. I have five different wine bottle variations in my current inventory but i was still able to place 125 bottles in this unit without filling it to capacity. This is an excellent wine fridge for the money.

We bought this unit and it was delivered to us damaged. The door has a big dent in the frame that has caused the frame to separate. While this damage does not appear to inhibit functionality, i can’t stomach paying so much for a damaged item. I have followed up with the seller and am waiting for them to make this right. Update: the seller got back to me and offered a new door. Once i’ve received the new door, i’ll update this review to be more positive. Update #2: the replacement door also arrived damaged, badly. A 2nd replacement door was then sent by the seller, which arrived undamaged. I think it should be noted that the boxes were not damaged, so i don’t believe this damage was done during shipping. The unit now looks and functions as it should.

Bought it in nov 2014 and has been working great since. The wine is kept as desired and temperature keeps good. I have in the living room inside ac 78 degrees the most.

Key specs for EdgeStar CWR1661SZ 166-Bottle EdgeStar Built-In Compressor Wine Refrigerator:

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  • Temperature range: 40-65 degrees F; LED display control panel & Internal LED lighting
  • Dimensions: 69 1/2″ H x 23 7/16″ W x 26 3/4″ D; Safety lock; Flat bar door handle
  • For built in or freestanding application; Single temperature zone; Tinted glass door for UV protection
  • Note: Designed for standard Bordeaux bottles, to accommodate larger bottles a shelf will need to be removed; For dual zone version of this model please see CWR1551DZ
  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will be curbside, inside delivery is not available. A valid phone number is required for delivery purposes, please ensure the correct phone number is provided in your shipping information when placing this order.

Comments from buyers

“Pleasantly surprised
, Attractive and easy to set up.
, Awesome Wine coolers!

. Excellent company stands behind there work.

We love this wine fridge and it is the envy of all our friends. This product didn’t disappoint and being tall and thin means it doesn’t take up a tremendous amount of space perfect for a corner.

After reading other reviews, i was a bit concerned about the shipping experience. My unit, however, showed up on time, the driver placed it in my garage and it arrived in perfect condition. People should be aware that the delivery driver is supposed to allow the customer to inspect an item prior to acceptance, even if that means the driver has to wait for the customer to remove all the packaging material. I purchased this for the bar in my restaurant and am very pleased with the unit itself. As others have stated: it’s quiet, looks very nice, holds the advertised number of bottles and maintains temperature. You do have to be a little careful pulling out the shelves, but i think for the price it’s a great deal.

Proskeeps my wine at the temperature i wantedlooks good in my barsolid constructioncompany was easy to deal with and rapid to correct door dent in unit i received. Very happy about thisreasonably priced. Cons (barely)hate the cheap freight companies that deliver these types of things – i don’t blame the supplier, that it just the state of the local freight companies. I really hate it when they schedule a delivery and then fail to show up that day,pallet under original shipping box was practically worthless. Unit can be a little louder than other refrigerators. As with all wine storage, non standard sized bottles will reduce the overall capacity of this unit.

It worked great for four years. I troubleshot it and determined the circuit board was faulty. Edgestar is shipping a new board at half price ($25). They recommended a surge protector which i will also install ($12 on amazon). Hopefully this will fix it and give me at least another four years. I have now installed the new board and it’s working great now.

The wine cooler has delivered as billed. Easy unpack, easy setup, runs like a champ. We even changed the door swing easily before we started using it. The only issue is that the expected delivery was 3 days overdo. Otherwise we are very pleased with the unit.

Have had this for nearly two years and love it. I can fit approximately 150 bottles due to many of our bottles being the rounder pinot-style. I was worried about noise and longevity, the former not being much of an issue at all and time will tell for the latter. Considering buying a second one.

I recently purchased the edgestar 166-bottle wine refrigerator. When i received the unit, it had a small dent in the side that the company graciously offered a replacement or small credit. I was very pleased with the quickness of their response. Overall, i think the unit is ok. I think the outer design is nice. It seems to cool fine and the capacity is not quite what they described, but neither are the different size bottles you get from different vineyards. I say would the capacity holds close to 150 to 155 bottles. My issue with the unit is 1) when the compressor comes on, it makes a loud noise and then quietens down. Not like the other refrigerators i own. 2) the rack don’t provide the best support when you pull them out if filled with wine.

Great wine storage unit and at a great price.

Overall, i’m happy with this purchase. We have had it for several weeks now (freestanding), and it seems to function as i had hoped. Update: after about 18 months, the unit stopped working. I called edgestar, and they determined that the problem was with one of the circuit boards. They sent me the new board (about $79) and links to instructions to install it. When i had problems with the installation, i called, and they went above and beyond to help me through it. While i’m not thrilled that something failed after 18 months, that seems to be a common story for most brands, from what i can tell. And the level of service provided by edgestar was outstanding. I would definitely buy from them again.

I just received my wine refrigerator. I had another brand that was three years old and going out. Quickly, i bought this one based on some reviews and the price. I will say for $1000 if this one last over three years, it was probably a good investment. I wasted 10 hours waiting for the truck before going to bed. My only wish on this model is the wine racks. I believe they are below average. Sure they appear to be holding up, but not made from wood and being on a roller makes the model look cheap.

This vendors product was exactly as advertised but the shipping turned out to be less satisfactory. When i ordered the product it was clearly stated that shipping was included in the price. However, what was not stated at all was that the delivery company would only leave the wine fridge at the loading dock of the building. Further, when it arrived it was crated which made it nearly impossible for us to inspect the product for damage or operational integrity. Plus it was left to us to get this 250 pound fridge across the entire parking garage and up to the apartment where we uncrated it and inspected it for damage, the driver was long gone by then. Fortunately the wine fridge turned out to be in good condition and so far has worked well. I suppose that when i saw that there was no additional delivery charge i should have realized that that was too good to be true.

Working well, easy to set-up. We have pinot noir bottles so we removed every other shelf and we just double stack bottles to fit. Will lose a little space, but figure we can still get 150-160 bottles in there. Seems to stay within 3 degrees of set temp. Now just hoping the longevity is there.

We have had this product for almost two months. So far it has exceeded our expectations. We made sure it sits level on the floor, we turned it on and let it cool for 24 hours before we stocked it. It is relatively quiet, and it does hold all different size bottles. We are very pleased with this product.

I purchased this wine cooler a few weeks ago, other than the hassle of getting it down the basement, it has been great. The temperature stays steady, the door works well, almost all of my red wine bottles fit easily. The larger ones i put on the bottom. The shelves are average, but for the price this is well worth it. Very easy to load and adjust temperature.

Iwe have had this for several months. The temperature is right on and it’s very quiet.

The 166 bottle wine refrigerator is exactly as presented. It is quiet and holds 166 standard wine bottles. It holds the temp +or- 1 degree of set point. The only issue i have experienced is that after a power failure the temp setting reverts to 54 degrees, which is not a big issue. I have only had it for 1 month but, at this point i would definitely buy it again.

This is a great product for the money spent. I would really like to find another that has slightly larger shelves accommodating pinot / syrah bottles and has smoother slide out shelves.

So far so good once we got it into the basement. It was hard to get down the stairs but looks great and works well.

Easy setup and customization. Liked my first one so much, i bought a partner unit – looks like a custom unit.

It’s only been a few weeks without any compressor issues. From all the reviews of pretty much any wine cooler, the compressor usually fails after 1-2 years. Some last 7, so you never know. This one is a great bargain. It keeps temperature +/- 2 degrees, but usually +/- 1 degree. You will have trouble fitting the bordeaux or pinot/syrah bottle. Careful of the labels getting scratched. This seems to be a common problem with most wine coolers.

NewAir Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator : Five years running perfectly

Great product and can only reiterate all other positive reviews. As i say in the headline, however, be very explicit as to where you want it delivered. I made the mistake of choosing my current address rather than my new home address. When the company called me to arrange delivery, i was told i’d need to confirm the delivery address day-of with the delivery company, air & water customer service. When that day came, i was told it was on the truck and the address couldn’t be changed. Misleading, but it’s my own fault.

We’ve had this wine fridge for over two years now and i love it now as much as when i first purchased it. It is still in great working condition – keeping the dual zones cooled at their proper temperature. It is a very quiet wine fridge – we have an open concept living/dining and i never hear it. For the price, we feel we got a great value and the fact that its still going strong over 2 years later, makes us feel like we chose the right product. I would highly recommend this wine fridge to anyone looking for a reliable, nice looking, moderately size wine fridge – for the price, you can’t beat it.

NewAir Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator, Dual Zone 46 Bottle Capcity Fridge with Triple-Layer Tempered Glass Door, AWR-460DB

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 46 Bottle Capacity: Convenient 46 bottle storage, perfect for red and white wines.
  • Cooling System: The dual zone compressor cooler allows you to set the temperature as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 66 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Digital Display: Quickly monitor and set temperatures in both temperature zones with ease using the push button controls just inside the door.
  • Interior LED Lighting: Cool blue LED lighting is included to better illuminate your collection.
  • Adjustable Wood Shelves: 5 beach wood shelves pull out to make for easy bottle loading when needed and convenient accessibility.

After doing a lot of research, it was the best in terms quality/price.

Runs very quite and maintains the temp pretty close. Fit perfectly inside our cabinet area we had built for it. I would recommend this to everyone.

The motor is quiet and the specifications exact to the description. The number of bottles stored is accurate. Storage of champagne bottles needs to be on the middle shelf due to the size of the bottles. Service for the sale was great too with delivery as promised.

NewAir Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator, Dual Zone 46 Bottle Capcity Fridge with Triple-Layer Tempered Glass Door, AWR-460DB : I purchased this wine fridge after enslaving myself with looking at reviews. I finally found this product and purchased it. Since my kitchen is close to my living room, i wanted to make sure if was quiet yet powerful. I was very pleased to find out this fridge did everything i needed and more. I never heard the fridge while watching tv or eating dinner and i had plenty of space to fit some of our more “interesting” wine bottles we have with some shelf rearrangement. Overall, buy this if you’re looking for a great wine fridge with dual zones.

Have had this for several months and have not encountered any problems.

First, i should mention that the unit arrived with two damaged wood shelves. Not surprised, since the shelves are rather flimsy. The rep i spoke with answered promptly and ordered me replacements. The rear grill came slightly bent, but this is not a major issue for me since the unit works fine and the back is not visible under my counter top. No dents or damage to the front or sides. The product packaging for shipment was fairly well done. The unit is extremely quiet and it cooled to the proper temperature very quickly. It seems to be holding it’s temperature consistently and accurately. The design and aesthetics are very appealing. Blue led lights inside look great. This wine cooler is everything i expected and more. I would have given it 5 stars if it weren’t for the broken shelves.

This is a very nice wine cooler. It looks good, it’s very quiet and the temperature control works well when you realize how it works. The temperature setting is apparently the temperature of the air that is delivered to the rear of the cabinet. The temperature of the wine can be 5-10 degrees warmer depending on where you measure the temperature. The warmest temperature measured is near the door. I spent some time measuring the temperature at the bottles and adjusting the setting after waiting several hours for the bottle temperature to settle, once set, the temperature is very stable. The takeaway from this is not to believe the temperature readout on the front panel is the temperature of your wine. Now the damage issues:the first unit arrived with the outer box soaked in something that looked like motor oil. I refused delivery and re-ordered. The second unit arrived with no damage to the outer box or the inner box but the cabinet was damaged in the back and the top right rear corner; the grill in the front was pushed in on the right side and the door was detached from it’s hinge points.

I purchased this cooler two months ago and it arrived with a defective temperature control board. It cools but you can’t tell what temperature you are setting until the next morning when it seems the temperature has settled inside the cooler. Once you open the door and adjust the temp again, the numbers start blinking and become completely illegible. I have been passed on to three different companies who seems to think the other company is responsible to handle the problem. I am still without any options to get the unit fixed or replaced at this point. In other words, warning to anyone who has to deal with a service issue related to this product. Or any wayfair manufactured product for that matter.

Once i plugged it in it took only about 1/2 an hour to reach the desired temperatures and it is so quiet. The dimensions given in the product description were accurate an the unit fit right in under my counter.

It started properly and has run perfectly. After returning two cheaper units which failed immediately, this is a satisfying experience. This is how products should perform. Update at 5 years = still flawless, no attention required.

Customer service and delivery were exceptional, very helpful. We haven’t yet used the wine cooler but it is plugged in and very quiet. Only surprise is the interior material could be of better quality for the expense.

Super quiet and great experience with shipping. Packaged very securely and my husband and i were able to install it under our counter where the previous wine cooler was.

Looks nice, has dual zone digital temperature controls, and storage for 48 bottles. The problem is that it does not work right. The temperature fluctuates daily as much as 10 degrees and does not jibe with the temperature that i set for the zone. I have to deal with a company called new leaf for authorize warranty service and to supply the parts. They got a local service person out to my house who found that several control parts were needed. The local company ordered the parts from new leaf in february, but the parts have not been delivered. New leaf does not appear to be doing anything. They do not return phone calls, and their excuse is always the same.

Keeps wine chilled as promised. I’m not able to get as many bottles in it as it indicates, yet i come very close. Glad i bought it after doing my research and choosing it over others.

We have been looking for the right wine refrigerator for 2 years and read countless reviews. I have to comment because a lot of people have complained about the noise. Yes we have an open concept house so our dining room is close to our family room so we can hear it from time to time. But overall it is quiet and runs smoothly. We are pleased we waited so long to purchase the best wine refrigerator at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend this product.

Shipped in perfect condition – after 3+ months it has run just the way it should / good storage capacity / temp right on – great value & no problems.

Not as quiet as i would like, and top portion cools below temp chosen.

We’ve only had it for a couple of days but so far it’s working great and looks great.

This fridge is extremely quiet. Shelving could allow 1/2′ more space between them as all bottles are not the same size. Hard to reach claimed bottle capacity if you like pinot noir. Cooling claims are a bit suspect. There are 2 shelves for the cold zone. With the thermostat set at 40 degrees(the lowest setting) the built-in thermometer says the actual temp is 40 degrees, when in fact the true temp for top shelf is 41 degrees and the second shelf is 46 degrees as measured by my accurate thermometer. The true temps for the ‘red’ zone’s 4 shelves are 52, 53, 53, and 55, top to bottom, while the unit is set at 50 and the read out reports the temp is at 50. This is ok in my house as we move the whites to the kitchen fridge to get to 36 degrees for pouring. Knowing what i now know, i would still buy this unit over again. It is located in the bar area of the lr and we don’t hear it at all.

EdgeStar CWR181SZ 12 Inch Wide 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – /Stainless Steel : Five Stars

When our wine cooler arrived, it had been damaged during shipment. Living direct stepped up and replaced the unit immediately. They could not have been more responsive. The unit is great, very quiet.

Each rack holds 3 bottles, one facing the opposite direction of the other 2; and the temperature remains very steady within a degree of the set number. 5 liter bottles present an issue – they fit but some are so tall they have to fit at an angle, so only 1 fits on the rack. You could store sodas in here, too. This is just right for our wet-bar area.

Perfect size in our new kitchen.

Very nice little wine cooler with a very cool blue light inside.

  • Love it, fit perfectly in place of trash compactor
  • Enjoy your white wine at the proper temperature.
  • Almost perfect.

EdgeStar CWR181SZ 12 Inch Wide 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Black/Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Temperature Range: 40-65� F; Digital temperature control w/ blue LED display; Single zone cooling
  • Built-in or freestanding installation; Reversible tempered glass door; Ultra-slim, space-efficient design
  • Blue internal LED lighting; Black dot matrix protection on glass; Black cabinet and stainless steel trim door
  • Carbon filter included; Frost-free; Capacity: 18 standard 750 mL wine bottles
  • Dimensions: 34 1/4″ H x 11 5/8″ W x 22 5/8″ D

Fits well in the place of old trash compactor; looks good. Bottles of various sizes don’t fit perfectly; sometimes hard to remove.

Haven’t discovered how well it works yet.

The unit is just as advertised. It does make some racket form time to time, but normally i don’t notice except when the icemaker and wine cooler run at the same time.

Elegant lookfits perfectly in my kitchen.

Professional grade wine cooler, with front exhaust / ventilation. I compared this model & specifications to those on the shelf at lowes and home depot prior to purchase. This cooler is compact, but well designed. It is easy to setup and install, as well as quiet and thus far reliable. The blue interior lighting is a plus, and looks spectacular. Our wine is always chilled to the perfect temperature. Definitely worth spending the extra money for the difference in quality.

I is compact, fits into the space very well and keeps the wine perfectly.

Little noisy but not enough to bother us.

This replaced a very old, inoperable trash compactor, fit in area perfectly.

Fit right in our old trash compactor. Love the sophisticated blue color inside that you can turn on and off. Can store good amount of bottle.

Has lots of room for both sizes of bottles.

This cooler perfectly fills the space of a trash compactor – providing a little space all around for ventilation. Occasionally, the cooling system starts-up and there is a mild hum (little louder than my refrigerator).

Quiet, cools well, looks great, well made.

Looks great in our new house. You can’t beat the price for the product you are getting. Holds the temperature of the wine, within a couple degrees.

Love it, fit perfectly in place of trash compactor which wasn’t being used. Only complaint – hence 4 star rating – i had to remove two lower shelves to allow normal wine bottle to stand up.

Seems to be very excellent product.

Excellent under-counter wine cooler with plenty of storage space. Very quiet even outside the cabinet – bronze metal door looks sharp. Interior shelves are little too close to each other – when you pull out the drawer, the wine bottles catch the wood décor of the upper shelf. Other than that, we are pleased with our purchase.

Not sure how they define ‘quiet’, but it really isn’t. It isn’t annoying, but i hear it every single time the compressor turns on.

Cooler is running for over a moth already. Can’t confirm capacity as right now it’s being used for beer and water but it’s quiet and works great. I did not want large cooler and this one fits the bill.

EdgeStar CWR1211SZ 121 Bottle Single Zone Built-in Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and, Very nice wine cooler-quiet

I have had this unit for a few months and it cools properly, is relatively quiet, and bottles fit into the unit well.

Holds less than 121 bottles due to various size bottles but this was expected. You did not mention the filter it apparently needs replaced every 3-6 months.

Works great but will not hold 121 standard wine bottles side by side. It has 12 shelves that hold 6 bottles each for a total of 72 bottles. Holds temperature steady and easy to set up.

Key specs for Edgestar CWR1211SZ 121 Bottle Single Zone Built-in Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and Black:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Digital temperature controls w/ LED display; Temperature: 41-65 degrees F
  • Slide-out, wood-trimmed wire shelves; Internal fan to evenly circulate air; Auto defrost; Replaceable built-in carbon filter; Security lock; Built In and Freestanding Capabilities
  • Tinted glass door; Reversible double-paned tempered glass door; Flat faced stainless steel handle
  • For a dual zone version of this model please see CWR1101DZ; Dimensions: 54 4/5″ H x 23 7/16″ W x 26 3/4″ D
  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will be curbside, inside delivery is not available. A valid phone number is required for delivery purposes, please ensure the correct phone number is provided in your shipping information when placing this order.

Comments from buyers

“Nice unit, shelves could use some work, hard to move once loaded with bottles
, Very nice wine cooler-quiet
, Came on time. Loaded it. Holds less than

As most people noted, it doesn’t hold 121 bottles because most bottles aren’t standard size. I have 100 in there now with room for about 10 more. It looks sleek, and it runs nicely. As others also mentioned, it runs about 3 degrees warmer than the set temp, which doesn’t really bother me, i just set it at 52, and it keeps at 55. The one issue i had was with the delivery. I was home alone when the delivery came, and i’m 5’4′ and pretty petite. When the guy came to deliver, he was going to just leave outside my driveway. He says he’s not allowed to enter the house, which i understand, but i was like, really?.He managed to wheel the dolly so it just hung over the door jam so he could let it down inside my garage, which, fortunately, is where i wanted it anyway.

Easy to install and start up. There are many wine bottles that require slightly taller space and i had to remove 3 racks to create these taller rack areas.

Pull out shelves are a little cheap feeling for how nice this unit appears to look. Also holding all 128 bottles requires staggering the bottles forward and backward necks touching and makes the shelves very heavy. The shelves do not have good bearings or rails so they become rather stiff when loaded up with bottles. I would recommend putting in some drawer rails. Working on finding some that fit to make the shelf movement smoother.

Overall pretty happy but would like more space between shelves for burgundy bottles.

Returned whynter wine cooler which was noisy and ran all the time. This unit is much more quiet. Only draw back was attaching the handle which was noted in another review. Messing with the door gasket is something i don’t wanted to do. Only been running for two days, but everything seems fine. Will update if any negative pops up. Most wine is boudeau and fit nicel on the pull out shelves, i placed the burgundies on top shelve. Remove one shelve on the botton to accommodate champagne.

As all the reviews say, the bottle capacity isn’t 121. If the shelf spacing were properly distanced, it would be a lot better. Instead, you have to remove shelves which reduces capacity dramatically. So, champagnes, burgundies even heavier bottle new world wines don’t fit on the shelf as is. So i lost 1 shelf so far to fit the larger champagne bottles. The big reds are stacked on the bottom. Door handle installation involves removing the gasket. Sounds easy but i don’t want to rip the gasket.

This is great for holding all of our wine- i love that we can properly store wine and see what we have.

The temperatures varies around 2 degrees f and humidity between 55% (when compressor on) and 85%. It makes like a wind blowing sound because of the fans (even when the compressor if off) but it is not a problem in the kitchen. I would definitively recommend it after 2 weeks of use.

This fridge looks nice and keeps wine nicely chilled. The three complaints i have with it are twists on some of other peoples’ complaints. 5 stars if that was an option. In terms of fitting bottles, i was prepared for the larger bottles not to fit. However, with the smaller bottles, you have to put them ‘necks in’ in order to maximize how much wine it holds (note this is not how it’s shown in the picture). This makes the use of wine tags useless. Also, the shelves only slide half-way out, so figuring out what you have in back is nearly impossible.

EdgeStar CWR1101DZ 110 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and – Pros: Product is well constructed and attractive. It

Love the look and size, but as mentioned, many shelves are just a tad too small, meaning those shelves have to be forced/dragged open with wear and tear on labels. It also lowers number of bottles we can store. It is difficult to reach bottles in the back because shelves are not too sturdy. Both temps are holding steady, though, so we will put up with the less-than-perfect shelves.

I have to disclose upfront that i sent my unit back due to some controls issues however; having said that, it was a beautiful unit and would have been perfect if not for the controls issues.

Purchased this unit about a year ago, back to report. After much review reading, i decided this would be the safest choice, and i was right with a couple exceptions:pros: the unit is indeed quiet (we sleep in the same room as it) and reliable, and arrived in perfect shape. Cons: keeping one zone on the coldest setting for my whites resulted in a gigantic condensation ice block in the back of the machine. That said, it was easy to take the interior rear panel off with a screwdriver, and melt the block down using a blowdryer. Bumping the temp up to 45 degrees has fixed the ice problem completely. Also, the rumors are true, the shelves are very close together making it difficult to store champagne and bordeaux bottles. Here are the specifications for the EdgeStar CWR1101DZ 110 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Upper Zone: 41 – 54 degrees F; 55 bottle capacity; Lower Zone: 54 – 64 degrees F; 55 bottle capacity
  • 110 wine bottle capacity; Two (2) independently controlled zones; Stainless steel trimmed slide-out wood shelves; Digital temperature controls w/ LED display
  • Undercounter or freestanding application; Blue interior LED lighting; Tinted glass door
  • For a single zone version of this model please see CWR1211SZ; Dimensions: 54 4/5″ H x 23 7/16″ W x 26 3/4″ D
  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will be curbside, inside delivery is not available. A valid phone number is required for delivery purposes, please ensure the correct phone number is provided in your shipping information when placing this order.

I bought this about 1 1/2 years ago because it was one of the lower cost wine refrigerators for the amount of bottles it held. It had several positive reviews. My experience was good, until now. The temperature controls stopped working about a month ago. I had the refrigerator set to 54 and 58 degrees for the two zones. The temperature is now sitting at 68 for both zones. Just found out it’s the compressor. Still cheaper than the alternative of buying a new one, but knowing this, i would have rather spent $1,500 on a better product up front.

It keeps our wine at the proper temperature, since we are amateur wine makers and bottle our own wine, the issue of various bottle shapes isn’t a concern for us.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Almost perfect
  • Pros: Product is well constructed and attractive. It
  • Very nice but slightly flawed product

Nice and exactly what we wanted.

It keeps temperature well and locks. It is simple and well constructed. On the con side: it is not super quiet so it is more suited to a kitchen than a living room. The racks are also too tight for some specialty bottles or champagne bottles. They can also be tight enough to rub the labels on more ordinary bottles, so you need to be careful about delicate labels.

Posted measurements were off by an inch which had implications for a pre-built kitchen this was sliding into.

Pros: product is well constructed and attractive. It is also very quiet and maintains temps within 1 degree of setting. Cons: space between shelves is not sufficient for high-end cab bottles (the type of bottle that tapers from top to bottom). Needs about 1/8′ of extra space. Bottles (labels) get scraped and you have to force the shelve in or out as the bottles rub the shelf above.

It only fits wider bottles on top shelves. Doesn’t have wide range of temperatures in either zone.

Arrived when promised, very well packaged, maintains temperature very close to setting, attractive design. Larger diameter bottles drag on the shelf just above them, but workable.

Nice looking & works well so far.

Dual-zone operation, modern design, built-in or free-standing use, two individual temperature ranges for red and white wine, digital controls, and holds 110 bottles (or so) depending on the diameter of the bottles. It’s quiet, looks great and holds more than enough to party with.

EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel/ : Looks just like the wine coolers that cost twice as much

Fits perfectly where my trash compactor was.

Nice blue light, gets nice and cold ( i like why whites extra chilled). Shelves a bit flimsy when pulling out, but it does the trick overall and for the price.

EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel/Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Normal Racking: 1 bottle on top shelf and 4 bottles per full size shelf; Reverse Racking: 1 bottle on top shelf and 5 bottles “reverse racked” per full size shelf
  • Internal fan to evenly circulate air; Auto defrost; Built-in carbon filter
  • Black dotted door tinting; Blue interior LED lighting; Reversible double-paned tempered glass door
  • Undercounter or freestanding application; Rubber bushing absorbs vibration and noise from compressor
  • For a dual zone version of this model please see CWR262DZ

I had an identical unit for about 3 years and the compressor died. It was going to cost as much to fix it as replace it. I couldn’t find a unit as good at this price. The unit is well made, is quiet and holds the temperature well. It works well as a built in-unit and i like the look. I’m hoping whatever the issue was with the compressor has been fixed and this one lasts much longer.

I gave it five stars because it does what it’s supposed to, and looks nice. One complaint is that at times it is quite loud.

EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel/Black : Works but the gap from the countertop to the cooler is very noticeable.

It is perfect under our counter.

This wine fridge was easy to install and is working perfectly. I have no complaints and am very happy with the purchase.

The perfect size for the space we have and easy to install.

My only dislike is the shelves are too close together. Standard cab bottles barely fit. Stop using bordeaux bottles for measurements. I would rather hold 25 bottles with some room to maneuver than hold 32 bottles of bordeaux that needs to age for 20 years.

Expensive for the size, but this seems common to this smaller sizeruns well and no problems over the past couple of yearsnot as quiet as we’d like, but does not loud enough to interfere with conversation, etc.

This wine cooler works great. Could only get 25 bottles to fit, because i have most reds. It looks great and for the price, i would recommend it.

Although it is early to really rate this product so far so good. Product was double boxed well. Came with no scratches or dents. Size is consistent throughout build. 7/8 inches wide and that is what it was exactly. It went into a 15 inch slot exactly. Product cools quickly and temp is within 2 degrees as per manual. I simply set it at 53 to obtain a temp of 55. As with other coolers, these are designed for a 450 ml bottle or smaller. The litter size will take up more space and you will not get 30 bottles into the unit. If you use 350 ml bottles no problem. Unit noise level is minimal as expected. It replaced a wine enthusiast unit that was defunct in 8 months. This is a built in wine cooler with the venting in the front. Any unit with no venting up front is not a built in or under counter regardless of what they say. It would be free standing and will overheat and blow if under the counter. Small wine coolers cannot be dual zoned adequately. There is only one compressor and the difference in temp is regulated by a larger fan in the colder section.

The product was sold at a competitive price. It’s specifications met our requirements and it arrived on schedule and in good condition.

I wish it had a light in it.

Reasonably good wine cooler for the price. Leveling features easy to use. Would have liked to seen an auto on/auto off feature for the light to avoid having to manually activate.

Only time will tell how it lasts. I am waiting a few weeks to make sure before putting my good wine in it.

Though i have only had it for a couple of weeks, i judge it to be a fine wine cooler. Appearance and functioning are fine. My only critical observation, not a complaint, is that the racks are narrow. A bit of wiggling is occasionally needed to slide the rack back when a bottle has a slightly-larger-than- average diameter.

After reading several reviews i purchased this wine cooler. It is quiet and keeps wine at correct temp. I would recommend not plugging in for 24hours after delivery, just in case delivery service has turned on its side during transport.

As advertised, quiet, runs as it should. Easy to unpack and install, well packaged.

We tried this in a trial basis but the kitchen extension into which it is to be placed is to be built this week, so the real proof of the pudding.

A little tight to fit in the bottles, but well worth the money.

Koldfront 30 Bottle Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler – – but works nicely and looks so much better than the unsightly trash

Bought quite a few months ago. No challenges with it as of dec. Retains the wine properly chilled. It is at this time freestanding in my den. Hope to get it put less than the kitchen cabinets someday quickly.

. Especially the blue light. I did have a number of complications making an attempt to in good shape the more substantial than standard sized wine bottles, but just remove a shelf and the dilemma is solved. The only time my temperature variations is when the door is open and the alter is like two degrees. With regards to the sounds concerns if your residence is lifeless silent and you are in the similar area then indeed every now and then you will listen to the motor(lover) but mine is sitting fairly near to my samsung refrigerator and my fridge is accomplishing a pretty awesome position drowning out any noises from all of the other appliances.

It is aesthethically pleasing, and keeps the bottles at their advised temps. It cycles a tiny loud, but i am hoping that when it receives put in into the cupboard it will buffer some of that sounds. The cabinets are placed a smidge slender, so some of the fatter bottles have to be labored in much more thoroughly.

This cooler matches nicely exactly where my previous cooler in shape, but it really is quite loud. It keeps the wine at a very good temp in a very noisy way. I would not buy it yet again or advised it. If you find this absent from a seating spot is should really be okay. If not, you will hear it flip on and off every time.

It precisely healthy in the house left by our terrible trash compactor. It operates great, and seems to be excellent. The smooth blue lights are an eye catcher, also.

  • Fits nicely under the cabinet
  • Just what we wanted!
  • This cooler fits nicely where my old cooler fit

This changed a 30 12 months outdated trash compactor. The cooler healthy correctly less than the counter and appears to be good. We have freed up fridge place and are savoring our cooler immensely.

Matches nicely underneath the cabinet. A small tricky to level the back ft to get it stable which success in mild vibration in the course of the cooling cycle. The admirer kicks on and off to flow into the chilly air and this can be distracting if the device is in an spot exactly where the seem would hassle you. Keeps a excellent constant temperature and it seems good.

Somewhat noisy, but will work nicely and appears to be like so a great deal better than the unattractive trash compactor that no more time labored. I would have presented it 5 stars but the lovers make it noisy. It appears to be very and is effective effectively and i am happy that we obtained it. I would propose it otherwise.

Accurately as explained, and really silent operation.

Fedex shipped it and as common, they did a very poor work. Outer box was torn and the cooler was still left upside down. I allow it sit for 48 hours before plugging it in. It has done properly in trying to keep wine and champagne chilly. When it warms up to 43 it will neat down again.

Features of Koldfront 30 Bottle Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Capacity: 30 wine bottles, Six (6) full size, slide-out wire shelves, One (1) small slide-out wire shelf
  • Normal Racking: 1 bottle on top shelf and 4 bottles per full size shelf, Reverse Racking: 1 bottle on top shelf and 5 bottles “reverse racked” per full size shelf
  • Temperatures: 40-65 degrees F, Internal fan to evenly circulate air, Auto defrost, Reversible double-paned tempered glass door
  • Powerful compressor-based cooling, Rubber bushing absorbs vibration and noise from compressor
  • Internal Dimensions: 25 1/2″ H x 12″ W x 18″ D External Dimensions: 32″ H x 15″ W x 23 3/4″ D

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Is effective excellent, retains a lot of bottles. Make slight buzzing audio but its ok.

In good shape nicely to swap previous trash compactor.

It is doing the job very effectively and keeps the temp that set it at.

I beforehand had one particular of the evaporative coolers and placed it in a ventilated, less than the counter place. That simply just is not a very good strategy. That sort requires to be in the heart of your area with very little all-around it to work. So, i went buying for a new cooler specifically to go below the counter, which demands a compressor device. The room i had formerly held a trash compactor that labored, but actually was not helpful. We pulled it out for the reason that we did want a wine cooler in the slot. This unit fit flawlessly in the open up place, sliding in conveniently. ( do examine peak when viewing numerous units. Some may well be far too higher to in good shape below your counter. The device blends with our black appliances, and it retains the wine at the temperature we picked. There is no trick to the set up. Plug it in, slide it into the available area, set the temperature, load the bottles, and you are done. No will need for any assistance ( until you want to open a bottle and share it ). So if all is well, why only 4 stars ?.

Arrived on time, specs delivered permitted for a ideal suit and product is good.

This is a very good item for a wonderful rate.

Capacity: 30 wine bottles, Six (6) full size, slide-out wire shelves, One (1) small slide-out wire shelf

It is silent, i do have to change the temperature on occasion, but i am so happy with the cooler and the price tag is very pretty affordable.

I have had it 1 12 months now and have not experienced any problems with it.

This is my 2nd koldfront in 4 a long time so allow us hope this has a for a longer period lifetime span. The sizing was the choosing factor. The unit was sent by two days soon after order and was 3 days in advance of scheduled supply so that was great.

Excellent wine fridge. Arrived promptly, works correctly. Holds temperature and is roomy.

Quiet, cools swiftly and holds temp inside of 2 deg.

I purchased this for the spouse for christmas to change the horrible old trash compactor that utilised to grace our kitchen. No issues or problems nevertheless. It operates peaceful and looks fantastic.

Normal Racking: 1 bottle on top shelf and 4 bottles per full size shelf, Reverse Racking: 1 bottle on top shelf and 5 bottles “reverse racked” per full size shelf

Temperatures: 40-65 degrees F, Internal fan to evenly circulate air, Auto defrost, Reversible double-paned tempered glass door

Powerful compressor-based cooling, Rubber bushing absorbs vibration and noise from compressor

Kalamera 30 Bottle 15″ Built-in Wine Fridge : Quality Control Problems

Met expectations and works well.

Looks gorgeous in our wet bar area of the kitchen. Blue lights can be left on or off. We paired this with the kalamera beverage fridge and they look great together.

I received your wine cooler in excellent condition. I was able to power it up to determine if it would run properly. My only problem in our new kitchen will not be ready for a few more weeks. At that time i will be able to let it run installed and make sure everything is running well.

Our old fridge this size was super loud.

  • We paired this with the Kalamera beverage fridge and they look great together. The product is quiet
  • Quality Control Problems
  • Looks and works great. Not much louder than the SubZero I used

Kalamera 30 Bottle 15″ Built-in Wine Fridge

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ★CLASSIC, SOPHISTICATED APPEARANCE: Frost-Free Stainless Steel Frame and Handle, Glass Door, and Sliding Beechwood Racks Make This Wine Cooler an Elegant Accent in Home.
  • ★LOW VIBRATION AND NOISE LEVEL: Unique Compressor Technology Uses Effective, Even Cooling with Low Movement, So Your Wine Fridge is Quiet and Wine is Perfectly Cooled and Tastes Great.
  • ★SPACE-SAVING: The Kalamera Wine Refrigerator is Only 15” Wide, So You Can Fit in Almost Any Size Room or Space.
  • ★SINGLE ZONE, ONE TOUCH CONTROL: One-Touch Control Sets Cooler from 40-66°F, So Your Wine is Perfectly Chilled All the Time.
  • ★VERSATILE: Installs Under Counter or Freestanding, So You Can Choose Where to Display Your Wine Cooler. ★If you want 15″ Built-in Beverage Cooler, please click to Link: http://a.co/3wmqN3y ★ Any further information needed before purchasing, you could contact us at [email protected] or call 866-554-6688.

It’s gorgeous and fits perfectly under our cabinets. I was able to put 28 bottles in not 40. Wine bottles are various sizes.

When i began shopping for a wine fridge, my main concerns were quality, longevity, number of bottles held, and that it be relatively quiet. I also was looking for a unit around the $1000 price point. Within this more narrow field i found just a few contenders. My biggest concern after reading the previous reviews was noise. But it rated highly by most on the other points, so i took a chance. It is very quiet, with just a barely noticeable hum from just a few feet away. The unit sits in a bar of built in cabinetry in our bonus room, and our sofa is only about 5 feet away, so any noise could be distracting. I can tell i will have to be creative with bottle placement to get it to hold even close to the 46 they state it holds, but that seems to be the case with all models.

Quiet, keeps temp, led light is cool feature.

Beautiful stylish and perfect fit. I love the wood craved shelves that lock in place on each row.

Easy operation, will buy again.

Love it, very attractive and is extremely quiet.

It’s a nice looking wine refrigerator- but it is very noisy. I have owned a number of different wine refrigerators over the years and this is by far the noisiest one i have ever owned.

High quality material and good design.

This is a nice looking unit, but i’m surprised more reviewers haven’t commented on the drawers. They are made of a thin wood and they do not seem sturdy at all. The racks are not on rollers and they don’t pull out more than half way.

Fridge arrived in excellent condition.

The product itself is as advertised. It looks great and is very quiet. The manual, however, looks like it was an afterthought written by non-english speaking engineers who have never actually used the product. The stated temperature range was incorrect, and the high point of the upper section (50 degrees) is cooler than what we’d like because we generally have more reds than whites. There were no instructions on how to install the handle, so we carefully peeled back the rubber gasket and found the holes there. We did call their support about the temperature difference and received a call back the next day, so we’re pleased with their support.

He loves it but other than that i have no information.

At initial we purchased the 12′ wine fridge, primarily based on opinions of kalamera’s stellar consumer provider. It turned out the 12′ fridge did not search proper in the island we had been possessing built so we splurged and got the even bigger one (even with the sticker shock). My partner loves the picket cabinets and he specifically enjoys the blue gentle (which i simply call the disco light-weight) within the fridge. Won’t be able to remark significantly on operation simply because the tiled kitchen exactly where the island is found is so cold that we really don’t genuinely require to run it during the winter season months. I am going to attempt to appear again and generate an update in the tumble.

I have only had this for a couple times, but so far, so excellent. It arrived properly packed, without having destruction and is cooling as marketed. Sound from cooling/admirers is not substantial in my brain. This explained, there is a big difference in search and experience involving this and the ~$2000 and up wine fridges one particular can get, but for the value, i am impressed and incredibly pleased.

The fridge arrived in great shape. I let it sit ideal side up for a working day right before plugging it in and both of those zones function as they must. The racks slide in and out properly with or with no wine bottles on them and as a reward the higher rack in both zones functions very well when loaded with 750ml champagne bottles. For the reason that i just received it all i can say is it seems to be good in my recently remodeled kitchen and i am pretty pleased with it —— i hope to be happy with it for a very long time. If it stops carrying out i will update and regulate my assessment down from the five stars i’m offering it now.

Waited a more than a yr ahead of providing this critique: this item is excellent.

A very little noisier than we hoped. Just after 30 days it appears like a superior purchase.

Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN – 56 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator – I’m well pleased with the product and the excellent service from the

The device is tranquil, sound and is undertaking a fantastic position keeping the wine cool. I might endorse it for anyone seeking for a wine fridge. The option of two types of doorway handles was a awesome solution.

Wonderful product and excellent shipping and delivery.

A must for any wine collectors. . Love this cooler its the 4th cooler we have procured and is by considerably the finest in high-quality and features. The cooler did clearly show up with some challenges that the manufacture did resolve speedily and easily. The buyer services supplied by kaylyn from the beverage manufacturing facility was very little small of breathtaking thank you. I seem forward to buying one more a person of these models as shortly as my wine collection grows.Here are the specifications for the Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN – 56 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 56 BOTTLE CAPACITY: The Allavino VSWR56-2SSRN utilizes specially designed FlexCount shelves to store more bottle types than any other wine refrigerator. It features 5 shelves that can fit up to 9 bottles each and a bottom shelf that can fit up to 11 bottles for a maximum storage capacity of 56 bottles. This maximum capacity can be reached with many different bottle sizes and is only affected when adding in larger Pinot or Champagne bottles.
  • DUAL ZONE DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Store both red and white wines in this dual zone unit, which features “red”, “white”, and “sparkling” indicator lights that let you know at a glance that your wines are being kept at their optimum temperatures. Each zone’s temperature can be individually monitored and adjusted using an intuitively designed control panel with clear digital display and user-friendly push button controls, which can also be used to activate the cool blue LED lighting.
  • INNOVATIVE NEW SHELF DESIGN: Allavino’s revolutionary new FlexCount shelving features sturdy metal racks that are strong enough to support the weight of bulk storage without sagging, yet thin enough to maximize your available storage space to accommodate larger diameter bottles without sacrificing overall storage capacity. These shelves glide out smoothly on ball-bearing tracks for easy accessibility and feature wood slats that cradle your bottles to help minimize harmful vibration.
  • POWERFUL COOLING TECHNOLOGY: Allavino FlexCount Series wine refrigerators combine sophisticated elegance with cutting-edge technology to create the perfect wine storage solution. They utilize a new 25% more energy efficient advanced cooling system that delivers powerful cooling while greatly reducing noise and vibration. Fan-forced cooling circulates air throughout the interior to speed up cooldown times and help prevent drastic temperature fluctuations that might harm your wine.
  • BUILT-IN VERSATILITY: This wine cooler’s front-venting design allows it to be built into cabinetry without requiring extra space on the sides for air circulation. It also features a fully finished cabinet that makes it an attractive freestanding addition to nearly any room in your home. This wine refrigerator measures 33.9″H x 23.4″W x 23.6″D, and comes with both curved and towel bar handles that let you customize your unit to best fit in with surrounding decor.

Suit particularly below my counter slot which i have constructed specially for this cooler. Maintain wonderful temps due to the fact i have gained this two weeks ago. You have 2 options on the manage, in which you can decide on from (they despatched equally in the box). It is also a clear and very good looking wine cooler. I was quite skeptical about this cooler following examining some critiques outside of amazon but i am happy i selected this. This cooler is quite large and it vents on the bottom front of the cooler.

Basically employing solitary temperature. Mainly working with single temperature. Not guaranteed how balanced it could be with no separation of areas. Pretty as an undercounter installation even with entrance vent for cooling admirer.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Not quite great.
  • Product Quality Mediocre At Best, But Good Customer Service
  • Looks great, only reason for 4 stars is the screws

Desired to be ready to give this item a five-star rating, but many challenges avoid me from performing so. A person – there is a quite sturdy odor to the refrigerator when you take it out of the box. Even although we remaining the door open for two times prior to plugging it in, the smell nevertheless lingers. Probably, but not positive, it truly is from the wood shelving’s off-gassing. Two – even much more seriously, the two temperature zones require that the reduce zone be five levels hotter than the top rated zone. (we even verified this with the shipper. ) unfortunately, the decrease zone has built-in cabinets that hold the larger sized bottles of champagne. This would seem to be anything that could be set reasonably effortlessly.

Wine cooler was straightforward to unpack and set up. My wine is cooling in type.

Pleasant style and design and appears to be fantastic, but its a tiny additional noisy than i would like.

Excellent products in general, like the simple fact it has higher and lower shelving and you can fit in a good amount of money of wine. My only gripe would be that the temperature appears to be to fluctuate rather a little bit, not by considerably, but i have identified it complicated to get a steady frequent temperature.

Study guidance, go away sitting amount for at least 24hr right before plugging in. I ready 3-four days, no complaints so much, it can be been virtually a thirty day period. Even have some of my liquer (vodka) in there.

Quite good product or service, as far immediately after ten times of usage, the item appears to be accomplishing good.

Attractive and functional, but. Interesting and functional with two cooling zones. I selected this device typically owing to the advertised potential of 56 bottles. Nonetheless, most of the cabinets are spaced much too closely for lots of 750ml bottles. The standard narrow bottles match fantastic. On the other hand, these with marginally bigger diameter do not get properly. They jam and the labels tear when opening and closing drawers. If i were being shopping for all over again, i would seem for would opt for a smaller sized whole potential, but a little bit higher area between the shelves.

Wine cooler has labored out great. We seemed substantial and minimal for a replacement wine cooler. Technical specs experienced to match because of to built-in. We opted to order a less costly cooler as the preceding a single only lasted 4 yrs. When we observed that anything at all in our price variety was made in china, we zeroed in on a us agent so any challenges would be dealt with by them. Beverage manufacturing unit in shape us flawlessly and we had a challenge with supply. Bf out resources this to a third occasion. I referred to as bf and spoke to emmie about our problem. She quickly put me on hold and named the delivery co.

I haven’t experienced any troubles with fan sounds or scent like other users. Only gave 4 stars simply because the bottle dimension is centered on typical bordeaux bottles. It won’t handle california cab, pinot or bigger measurements as well. So you will not likely be equipped to get as quite a few bottles as advertised. Also two zone temps do tend to fluctuate two-four degrees from exactly where they are set.

Incredibly effectively completed and keeps the temperature completely as established. For getting a compressor device, present very small sound (absolutely sure better if compared to a compressor-free device, but decrease than my preceding ones). The packaging was really properly produced, and the delivery products and services worked perfectly and on-time. It arrived devoid of any scratch. The only downside is that to fit 56 bottles, as anticipated, ought to be all standard dimensions. But even now, matches more than enough bottles for me.

It would make extra sounds than i anticipated. Considerably louder than my prior wine cooler.

The lock is just not really protected. . Considering that i have not i had this unit for extra than a 7 days, i am just providing info about the lock. The lock was a must-have product for me on a wine fridge, but the lock in this turns out to be a massive hex critical. Any substantial hex essential would open this fridge.Just some thing to retain in intellect if a lock is vital to you. I want that i experienced identified this before i bought it.

Wonderful quality for a dual zone at this price tag position. . We shopped thoroughly for a entrance ventilated designed in wine cooler that delivers dual zone, modern style, dimensions that in good shape our place. This a single fit all of our standards, arrived in great condition and is performing incredibly well so far. It is perfectly built and maintaining the temperatures that we have established for the two zones.

From the minute i purchased right until they shipped at property. ??✌️??thanks.

Extensive temperature fluctuations and fairly noisy. Does hold the number of bottles marketed.

The finest consumer provider one can ask for. The very best buyer provider a person can talk to for. Their shipping and delivery men failed to do the occupation right the first time but just one e-mail to client assistance and they dtsyed on it right until it was total.

Kalamera 12” Wine Cooler 18 Bottle Single Zone Touch Control Built-in – It looks great and fit perfectly in the trash compactor space

A beautiful addition to my kitchen. A stunning addition to my kitchen area. It fits neatly under the countertop, retains my wine properly chilled, and finest of all – it truly is sooo silent. My kitchen area is open up to the dwelling space, and i never ever listen to it.

We experienced a twelve inch trash compactor and matches properly with our other kitchen area appliances. Matches perfectly where by we experienced a twelve inch trash compactor and matches properly with our other kitchen area appliances. Superb array of temperature. Extremely satisfied with our obtain.

Nice design and tranquil functioning way too. . When ups dropped off the unit a single of the wooden pallets was damaged and the unit was listing. It was kept upright for the most section which is vital. I open the device in my garage and inspected it for any destruction. This is changing an avanti 12 bottle thermoelectric wine fridge that just died after 7 a long time. (i would not propose thermoelectric fridges considering that they all have a brief existence span). This fridge is taller, deeper and holds additional (of course). Great design and style and tranquil functioning also. The inside lighting is ample to gentle the top rated three cabinets when full. The instruction manual that comes with the unit is really generic. If you want to flip the door from correct hinge to remaining hinge, there are elements involved to do this, but the door itself has to be flipped one hundred eighty degrees. This would make the kalamera identify tag on the glass door upside down. I propose cleansing the interior right before employing. There was a layer of industrial dust within. I have the fridge cost-free standing for now, but will finally have it put in beneath a counter. Integrated with the fridge accessory package is a corkscrew, hinges, manual, two keys & rubber stoppers. Also integrated is a detachable dampness trough, inside, at the base of the device to include humidity to the interior. The wood cabinets are really wonderful but do not look to be sealed with everything that would safeguard them from dampness.

  • Quiet, fashionable, and works as promised – we love it.
  • Love this wine fridge
  • Nice little unit

Appears to be sharp, is super peaceful and functions excellent. All (4) ft can be removed. However, this leaves screws uncovered on the bottom so be very careful if you are attempting to slide it less than a counter on a wood floor (scratch town). I genuinely are not able to get in excess of how peaceful this cooler is. I have a kegerator in another home that is one hundred situations louder than this. My only caveat is that i desire you could set the temp decrease than 40 degrees as i like my wine colder but all in all, pretty slight.

The cooler is incredibly nice and has very good shelves. The cooler is very good and has pretty wonderful shelves. The controls are easy to use and the blue led lights make the presentation quite sophisticated delivering really nice ambient gentle. My only grievance is the cheap screws and washers for the handles. I suggest modifying them to thicker stronger washer. All round i am extremely happy with my wine cooler.

Features of Kalamera 12” Wine Cooler 18 Bottle Single Zone Touch Control Built-in with Tempered Glass Door

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • ★FITS IN SMALL SPACES & BIG CAPACITY: Cooler is Only 12” Wide, So It Fits Virtually Anywhere in Any Size Home. The Unit Could Hold 18 Bottles of Your Favorite Wine in Different Size, and is Only Affected When Having Larger Bottle, Like Pinot or Champagne. It’s the Perfect Choice for the Wine Lover Having Various Wine Collection.
  • ★EASY TO OPERATE: One Touch Single Zone Temperature Control Sets Thermostat 40-66°F Precisely Where You Need It for Perfect Chilling of Most Wines.
  • ★ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: Frost-Free Stainless Steel Door and Handle with Double Layered Tempered Glass Window and Sliding Beech Wooden Racks So Your Wine is Beautifully Showcased.
  • ★PROTECTION FEATURES: Embedded Carbon Filter Protects Against Odors, so Your Wine is in Perfect Condition.
  • ★TEMPERATURE MEMORY FUNCTION: Restore the set temperature in the cooler after it is back on from power lost, which keeps your wine collection from going bad with increasing temperature. ★Any further information needed before purchasing, you could contact us at [email protected] or call 866-554-6688.

We adore our adorable minimal wine fridge so much. It was delivered swiftly, and we ended up in a position to set it up very easily. It is truly tranquil, and appears to be to be cooling our wine nicely. If you are thinking, it does keep a couple one. 75l bottles on the prime shelf, and champagne-like bottles fit on the best or base shelves. Are unable to wait around to full our bar transform and put our wine cooler into its new place. In the meantime, we’re ready to use it as a cost-free standing cooler.

I imagined the cabinets were adjustable and they are not, but the frig will work well.

The item was in a excellent problem – and it does in good shape 18 common sizing. The merchandise was in a superior situation – and it does healthy 18 regular dimension wine bottles as they say (six shelves, 3 for every shelf). The bottom shelf has a small more substantial house – in which i have held two a little thicker champagne bottles. Normally you can use only the typical sizing wine bottles which are not too thick – which is good as i can come to a decision to only purchase conventional dimension bottles. Disadvantage: the one significant challenge is an totally fixable dilemma by the producer in the upcoming models: the energy plug is a regular ability plug which demands all-around few of inches of house. Also the electric power wire is not detachable – and cannot be replaced with a flat wall clinging electrical power plug. This is a lousy style and design option specifically for a built-in set up but also for a free of charge standing installation as the unit stands just about two-3 inches absent from the wall. I experienced to acquire a different flat plug adapter to be in a position to set the wine cooler flush versus the wall: https://www. Com/gp/product/b007vjyw1q/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=utf8&psc=one.

Quiet, trendy, and operates as promised – we enjoy it. . Changed my unused trash compactor with this and couldn’t be a lot more pleased. I’ve only had it in and working for just about a week – but it works as marketed and seems to preserve a wonderful a even temperature. Certainly with a fridge this compact at this price tag point you only get a single temperature zone. The bottles in shape 3 for each shelf with the center bottle facing top out. The blue led light adds a great touch and general the fridge seems to be fantastic.

Door can be mounted appropriate or remaining swing. Will come with a bottle opener as a present. You can set up the door left or appropriate swing.

It appears to be great and healthy flawlessly in the trash compactor room. With substantially hesitation the installation went easily. It appears to be great and match beautifully in the trash compactor space. It can be silent and the backlight is charming.

This is a fantastic fridge, perfect dimension. This is a terrific fridge, fantastic dimensions. I didn’t give it five stars due to the fact i do wish i could see the temp devoid of possessing to open up the door.

This arrived without having a scratch, no dents or problems in anyway. I let it sit for a working day to make it possible for the coolant to settle from shipping and delivery then plugged it in. It is peaceful as a church mouse, you cannot listen to it managing at all. I remaining the manage off as it trapped out too far for my software, but that is no fault of the item. I am at present seeking for some type of plugs for the holes. I looked at numerous diverse manufacturers for fairly a number of weeks, and settled on a kalamera, and to date, i couldn’t be happier.

Require much better instruction manual. The only explanation this merchandise did not get a five star score is the directions are totally insufficient. The refrigerator is properly crafted and displays very good healthy and end. It cooled down inside of thirty minutes of installation on a pretty sizzling day. The wine was amazing for meal just after only 3 hours. Cabinets in this slim of fridge are generally a dilemma but these appear to do well.

This purchase entirely satisfied my needs. I acquired it principally for champagne and my bottles in good shape correctly. I like the developed in appear in my kitchen. The temperature holds and the device is silent. The measurements have been fantastic. I would advocate this products to all people. Every person that has viewed this unit would like their have.

I acquired the 12” kalamera wine cooler on sept. I want to thank the persons on this website who had beforehand purchased the kalamera wine coolers (of a number of dimensions) and answered my issues about proportions, odor and assistance. The unit arrived by fedex with out any challenges. When i unpacked it and open up it up, i noticed a hefty chemical odor (like a solvent or glue). I contacted kalamera and they told me that the odor would go absent as quickly as the device was turned on. That is particularly what occurred. Next i found that there was not more than enough room behind the unit to in shape the typical 3-prong plug. I required a flat (or ideal angle) plug behind the unit. The only way to do that was with an extension twine. I was not positive what gauge wire extension cord to get and once more contacted the maker. They told me that “rated latest of the unit is one.

Just loud plenty of that you can hear it. Established it at 40 degrees and it was 38 so few degrees cooler. Compared with other testimonials mine arrived in excellent problem no damaged glass. The blue mild seriously tops it off. Would absolutely suggest this wine fridge. Only matter to worry about is who has to manage it in shipping and delivery. With any luck , its a caring man or woman.

I enjoy that i can in good shape 18 bottles into nearly the. Following a few of several years our aged 12-bottle wine fridge gave out. It was going to value more to maintenance than it was worth. When searching around for a substitute, i was pissed off to go through so numerous comparable stories with units below $two hundred. I determined to up grade a bit and went with this kalamera product or service. I enjoy that i can in good shape 18 bottles into almost the similar house as my outdated twelve-bottle device. I’ve only experienced it for a 7 days, so i won’t be able to talk to its extended phrase trustworthiness, but at this point, i am really satisfied with it. It looks to be of fantastic high-quality building. It cooled down speedy, has front venting and is extremely tranquil.

Perfect smaller dimension wine cooler. Great small dimensions wine cooler.

It slipped ideal into the room formerly occupied by a trash compactor and seems to be excellent.

Really like the dimensions, compact but adequate bottle house accessible. Thanks for the cork opener, great moreover.

Really like the blue gentle it truly sets the mood. This wine fridge is anything i was on the lookout for. It has design, love the blue mild it actually sets the mood . The biggest matter for me was how silent was the operation this device is so quiet i experienced to set my ear to the aspect of it to listen to if it was jogging.