Calphalon 2 Slot Stainless Steel Toaster – Great toast

I like the 2 slot toaster and it doesn’t have quite as many buttons on it as some models. Easy to use and the toast always comes out the way i like it done. Easy to keep clean on the outside and an easy crumb tray to empty.

Easy to useeasy to cleaneasy to empty the crumb traycord length is lacking (but that goes with any toaster, so you have to deal with it)a little expensive, but sturdy enough.

While a little more pricey than a lot of the toasters on the market, this beautiful sleek toaster is well worth the cost. It is simple to use with just one knob. Settings are super easy to change. With just the touch of a button. This toaster toasts more evenly than any toaster i have ever used. The lever is great too, once the toast pops up the lever can be raised up which raises up the bread that was toasted, making it easy to grab with fingers instead of having to use a toaster tool. I love this toaster and would highly recommend it.

Tired of toasters that toast one side?. Tired of digging out sticking bread?. This toaster seems to toast fairly evenly. Not perfect, but in a world where almost no toasters understand the words ‘even toasting’ this gets closer to the ideal than any others we’ve tried. We’ve had it for several weeks and are quite pleased. The next few months will be the real test.

This may be the best toaster i have ever owned. Consumer reports had it right when they rated it very highly due to the even toasting on both sides and to the edges of the bread. I am not going to give it 5 stars though because it won’t fit slices of high end bread without trimming — dave’s killer bread, orowheat 12 grain, etc. Everyone has emphasized thicker breads such as bagels, but no one has built longer slots for breads such as above or san francisco sourdough rounds. Still, best toaster i have ever owned.

This was bought for office use and worked real well at first. However, after several weeks it doesn’t toast evenly on both sides. Perhaps we over use it and this would be a good unit for home use.

  • Terrific Toaster
  • Top Rated is Relative
  • Solid performer. Lot’s of options.

Will no one ever make an infallible toaster?. This one frequently toasts just one side as if it automatically switched to bagel setting. Perhaps what we need is a simple narrow slot toaster and put the bagels in the toaster oven. Just push it down and get quick, evenly toasted bread.

I am probably not as particular about my toast as other reviewers are but for both ordinary bagels and toast i’ve had no issues with the toaster. If you expect a very even toasting all the way across the bread you may be disappointed but in my view the quality of the toast is not affected by a slight variation from side to side. It is much better than my previous toaster that never toasted consistently.

This toaster is absolutely amazing. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone. There are multiple settings, which are great. The defrost setting works great on frozen waffles, pancakes, etc. And the bagel setting is perfect for bagels and english muffins. The crumb trays make it super easy to clean too.

Toasts very quickly, fastest toaster i have ever owned. The lift-up handle that raises the toast for removal is a nice addition. Reduces need to unplug toaster and dig out shorter pieces of toast. Dial and push buttons work well. Reheat is particularly good for toast that i have forgotten about because i got sidetracked. As with any new toaster, there is a learning curve on how dark or light the settings should be for different types of bread. I used the defrost button on a toaster waffle and it burned it pretty bad. Better to just toast it or else turn the darkness knob down. Cord can be securely routed underneath the toaster to come out in any direction which helps keep the cord out of the way. Body of toaster stays relatively cool.

This is a very good looking toaster. It’s actually metal rather than plastic that looks like stainless steel. I’d planned to keep it hidden in the ‘appliance garage,’ but i keep it out all the time. The reheat feature is useful and works well. Being able to wrap the excess cord out of the way on the bottom is handy as well. The slots are large enough to accommodate the thickest bread. I like that you can raise the bread up higher to easily remove toast that’s a little below the top of the toaster. What i don’t like is that with one slice of bread, it comes out considerably darker on one side than another. Also the width of the slot isn’t wide enough to handle some bread.

Features of Calphalon 2 Slot Stainless Steel Toaster

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  • Extra-wide slots for bagels and thickly sliced bread.
  • Bagel, Defrost and Reheat settings.
  • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.
  • Extra-lift lever for safe toast removal.
  • Opti-Heat System for accurate temperature control and even heatdelivery.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I’ve had a few toasters in my day and this one is certainly one of the better ones for the price. Having said that a couple caveats. If only toasting one slice at a time, it does not toast both sides evenly but i’ve yet to find one that does. It does a good job with two slices of bread, english muffins, or bagels. It is rather strange that the cord comes out of the front versus back but i stash away after use so not real issue for me. Tray removes easily for cleaning.

This is the best toaster i have ever owned. It actually toasts the bread without drying it out and its fast and fairly evenly toasted. The levers have a nice feel to them and sunday i will try the bagel mode, but expect it to work well also.

Way too short a 18*’cord that comes out from the front of the toaster for some reason and the control knob gets knocked and turned everytime we put it on the shelf. Doesn’t toast equally on both sides of the toast. Crumb tray leaks and leaves a mess anytime you pick up the toaster.

Like so many people say, i spent way more time than i should have choosing a toaster. For me, the reason was my husband hated the last one i got and mentioned it almost daily. So the next one i knew would have to be a lot better or i would have to listen to his whining some more. This one seems to have placated him. The bagel setting works great. All in all just a great, simple toaster.

Bought this because of the high reviews elsewhere, but it very inconsistent. Some of the bread toasts perfectly, but others being toasted at the same time are too light.

Bought this toaster on the recommendation of consumer reports, which usually is pretty good. Unfortunately, this particular toaster did not live up to expectations. Biggest problem is uneven heating. The top of the what ever you put in it browns well, while the bottom only warms up and gets dry. The bagel setting does the same thing. I can’t recommend this appliance. I’m unhappy enough to get rid of it, but happy enough to hang in there hoping things get better. I remain a pessimistic optimist.

Extra-wide slots for bagels and thickly sliced bread.

Does a good job on the bagels. It is a bit slow, but that’s better than burning everything if you turn your back on it for 30 seconds like my last toasted did. I like how easily the crumb tray slides in and out for cleaning. The top and sides wipe clean easily, and the sides seem to resist finger prints. I’ve had it for over a year and it’s still going fine. The crumb tray is attached to the back, and the cord is attached to the front, just the opposite of the most sensible arrangement.

Before i purchased this toaster i had another one that cost 3x as much and worked for about six months. I’ve had this one for over a year and it works daily with three kids jamming pop tarts, bagels, toast, etc into it. We use the bagel and defrost setting at the same time to defrost bagels we buy at costco then slice and freeze in individual baggies.

Toasts evenly and does a good job at both light toasting and dark toasting. Depending on your bagel size the openings can be a bit slim. We’re in new york where bagels are quite large. The toaster has a crumb catcher but i’ve had many crumbs fall under that and i can’t get them out. Seems like it will last a long time.

Very well made and consistent toasting results. I’ve never owned a really nice toaster before, and i was surprised that a toaster could actually toast so evenly. One issue is that the crumb collector is very small and does not actually collect enough of the crumbs – a small inconvenience for such a good appliance,.

This is a very good toaster and consistently provides a well toasted bread. I have to say that the toaster was purchased on the basis of consumer reports recommendation and i found their ranking of the product well justified. We prefer ‘dave’s killer bread’ which is a bit wider bread and did not fit our previous toaster but is easily accommodated in the calphalon toaster, and the toasting is just magnificent.

Im betting it will meet the quality i was looking for. Toasts very fast and looks great. I am unhappy with the online warranty process though. The form didn’t like my address and then it didn’t like my email address. All done with that waste of time. If i need the warranty, this archived review will have to be it.

Bagel, Defrost and Reheat settings.

Looks attractive, but performance is just average. I like my toast very toasty. The darkest setting isn’t powerful enough to thoroughly toast heavy breads such as pumpernickel, and the bagel setting leaves a bagel hardly toasted at all. If your’re a white bread type of person, this probably won’t bother you, though.

Okay, so i’m a little crazy about my toast. I like it a very specific way. This calphalon toaster has lots of toasting options; frozen, bagels, reheat and full range of light to dark. Because i tend to like darker toast, i often use the frozen setting. Doing so gives a much darker, deeper toast (dialed all the way to dark on the setting). For whole wheat bread, this unit does a great job making a nice, even toasted slice of bread. One thing i did notice, on the regular toast setting (not bagel or frozen) the toast doesn’t appear very hot. This doesn’t matter as much to us anymore as we no longer butter our bread but it would be nice to have a hotter slice of toasted bread. Overall, i am super satisfied with this purchase. Having 4 slots gives us plenty of toast without having to wait and it delivers a great finsihed product.

I was never one to give toasters much thought until we replaced our functional toaster that served us for years before giving up the ghost. In all those years with the old toaster, i guess i just got use to the fact that it did a mediocre job and had quirks. When we got the new calphalon toaster, i was surprised at how well it did it’s job on a variety of bread products. We use whole wheat, bagels, and raisin bread on a regular basis. Using the instructions, each one had its own setting that would consistently cook it to perfection.

Works well and toasts promptly. Best with 2 slices in, not one (as with most toasters, i read). Slots should be longer – doesn’t fit one of the brands of rye bread we buy. The finish is easy to clean.

This is a substantial toaster. Everything about it show that you got what you paid for. I got tired of buying $30 ‘good deals’ from wal-mart that lasted 6 months and didn’t work well on their best day. Only reason i didn’t give it a full 5 stars is that it still takes (1. 5) trips to fully toast an english muffin. However for standard bread it’s very even and the controls hand very well.

I just received this in the mail this past weekend, and it is wonderful. It does well with poptarts and regular bread. I am eager to try bagels in itit is very nice looking, lightweight, and perfect for my household of 2. I’ll have to expand to a 4 slot when we welcome more people into our home.

This is one of those classic style toasters you always see depicted as tossing the toast in the air, not as extreme but funny to see when it happens. Style is nice, cost is nice, works well. Inside toasting elements appear to brown the bread more than the outside elements which is manageable. The setting for bagels shuts off the outside elements completely in order to avoid overdoing the bagels exterior. Set browning dial halfway for toast, all the way for english muffins and work from there for your needs.

Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

When the toasting cycle is completed, the lever releases with a sound of a fine tuned piece of machinery. You get the feeling of how well built this toaster is. The shade selection gets precise results. The modes work just as described. When a manufacturer provides a 16 page user guide and a quick start guide, for a 2/4 slot toaster you know they believe in their product and want customers to not miss any features. Other reviewers have complained about stickers on the toaster. Step 1 in the guide states to remove all stickers/labels before using. Mine came off with no residual marks. Also, only the top is polished ss. The rest is brushed, looks great and doesn’t show smudges.

Purchased this based on consumer reports recommendation. Works well except for bagels from my local bagel shop are slightly taller than the slot so a piece of the bagel was untoasted. When the bagel was frozen, that part would be cold.

The only things i toast are bread and english muffins. I like my english muffins pretty crispy and the calphalon was unable to toast to my taste in one shot (at maximum). My previous toaster was much better at this. On the other hand, i like being able to push the lever up to make muffin removal easier. I also think the calphalon creates a more consistent piece of toast. Also, it is easy to pull out the bread crumb drawer underneath (even though the drawer is located on the opposite side from the controls). The four controls are good and easy to use (cancel, defrost, bagel, reheat).

At last, a toaster that toasts. This is my third toaster in 6 months, a frustrating process at best. My latest effort was a kitchenaid that took forever and left me with a dry, unevenly toasted product. I purchased the calphalon because amazon listed it as 1800-watt in the product description. It arrived today and i toasted an english muffin in it side-by-side with one in the kitchenaid. At the end of a very short toast cycle i had one evenly toasted, crispy but not dry english muffin and the other one hot but not even begun toasting. The element of the calphalon glows a glorious red and does a perfect job. The element of the kitchenaid never gets red and the cycle indicator showed it was approximately 1/3 through the toasting process when the calphalon popped up the perfect muffin. If you are looking for a fast and efficient toaster that produces an excellent product, this is the toaster for you.

After purchasing two toasters that committed suicide with a year and a half, we decided to defer to consumer report’s recommendations. This toaster was rated at the top. I guess ‘the top rated’ is a relative term to quality. The slot openings are short, so toasting artisan bread, or any bread that’s longer than the norm, isn’t doable without cutting the bread. Anything toasted results in uneven browning, both in terms of each side, and particularly top to bottom. The darkest setting isn’t, by far when toasting english muffins. I didn’t think the cord located at the front of the toaster would be much of a problem — it is. Likewise, the removable crumb catcher located at the back rather than the front is a pain. The exterior is far from a ‘cool touch. ‘ the ability to raise the toast after it pops up so fingers aren’t burned is mediocre at best.

Dear calphalon, the toaster works just fine, but please explain why you placed a large sticker squarely on the stainless steel front?. I cannot get the residue off, and while i am sure no one else notices, i can see the large mark.

Extra-lift lever for safe toast removal.

This toaster was everything it promised and then some. It not only looks great on the kitchen counter but bagels & english muffins come out perfect every time, even when you toast one right after another.

I bought this for the family lake house. The controls buttons are too small. I have to point them out to people who just overlook them. That’s okay, but they miss the very nice bagel/english muffin feature.

You’ll have to get use to the shade setting. Plenty of width for the bread or anything bigger. Easy tray at the bottom to get the crumbs out. My old toaster required pulling on a hinged bottom door.

My husband and i are really glad that we chose this particular toaster recently. It’s quiet while toasting and even the ‘pop’ is gentle. The shade dial from light to dark is quite accurate. It toasts english muffins very well. The toaster stays cool to the touch throughout toasting. The crumb tray is easy to clean and replace. The toaster uses very little space on our kitchen counter. We would recommend it to whoever says they’re looking for a really good toaster. The only downside in the toasting is that one-eighth of the longer/wider slices of bread may not be fully toasted.

Just received this toaster and it works very well, browning both sides of the bread. Appliances must be attractive as well as functional for me, and this toaster’s simple clean lines meet this esthetic requirement as well. I’ve only 2 minor issues with this toaster: 1) interestingly, the handle fell off as i was wrapping the cord to store it beneath the toaster, and 2) i think the overall design would have been more appealing if the top were brushed stainless steel like the sides. (it’s shiny and will be prone to showing fingerprints). Regarding the handle, it was easy to re-attach, but i hope this isn’t a bad sign of poor quality/craftsmanship.