Bunn VP17-2 BLK Pourover Coffee Brewer : Great Brewer – Works Excellent

Look at costco before buying it here. It works great for large or small groups.

This, along with my commercial bunn coffee grinder, is my favorite indulgence. I have owned a bunn designed for home use for 20 years and i finally took the plunge and bought this one. Bunn is the industry standard and for good reason. Every aspect of this brewer is quality. Bunns work differently than most home drip machines in that they have a water reservoir that holds about 2 1/2 “loads” of water at any one time that is constantly kept at brewing temperature – the machine is “on” all the time. This is what allows you to brew a pot of coffee instantly. No waiting for the water to heat up. The switches on the front are for the warming plates, which i don’t use. I prefer to transfer the hot brewed coffee to an air pot so it doesn’t get bitter but still stays hot.

Pour over coffee brewing is just that. I usually set the coffee up the night before at work so the first one in just has to push the start button, but you can’t set this unit up. The pot brews the instant you pour water into the reserve. But it brews coffee steaming hot within a minute. You dont have to turn it on. It has warming plates to keep the coffee hot. Would be better if the plates had a self timer.

Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a high quality, high output coffee machine. You can tell it’s well built.

  • You can stick this Bunn in my oven any time!
  • Awesome machine! It’s a little larger than I thought
  • Pricey, but Excellent

Bunn VP17-2 BLK Pourover Coffee Brewer with 2 Warmers

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  • Low-profile pourover coffee brewer with 2 separately controlled warmers
  • Stainless-steel construction with simple black decor
  • Brews almost 4 gallons of coffee per hour; completely portable, requires no plumbing
  • SplashGard funnel deflects hot liquids away from hand for added safety
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Bought for our church functions to replace the old burned out one.

It is just perfect for our office. We don’t have a lot of space so this being only 6 to 8 inches wide has made a big improvement on space.

Works well after adjustments. I was super frustrated that i bought this to get hot coffee shop coffee, and it was not even close. Then i read this reply to another customer complaint. There is a temp probe that dangles inside the hot water tank. It is connected by very thin wire. This probe was touching the sides of the hot water tank inside. Once i adjusted it i had really hot coffee. This should be an automatic check for anyone who has one of these shipped because there will be a high probability of this probe touching the sides. Here is the reply i found helpful:**************************************************************harry mccall3 years agoreport abusethe water temperature is factory set by bunn at 200 degrees. The vp-17’s (whether it’s a ending suffix -2; -3; -4 or -5) basic brewing unit is the same in all bunn vp-17’s. Inside this main unit, all vp- 17 units have two heaters: the smaller secondary heater element a non adjustable “keep hot” coil wrapped around the vp-17’s stainless steel hot water pot inside the unit. This is used to keep the water hot after the main element brings the water up to the set brewing temperature of 200 degrees (as the bunn service manual states). The main heating element is the one that affects the vp-17’s max brew level and this one is adjustable, but you need to verify that the water is at 200 degrees first.

Great brewer – works excellent. Got this to use at our church; probably more than what we needed, but i had a bunn at another church i pastored and really liked it. Brew’s good coffee very fast and efficiently and the warmers keep it nice and hot. The only thing i’d put on a wish list would to have the ability to adjust the warming plates. After the coffee sits there for a while it will actually begin to boil.

Very happy with new machines. This machine starts brewing coffee as soon as you pour water in. The switches are only for turning the warmers on or off. I appreciate the simplicity, no water hook-up and no plastic hot water dispenser hanging off the front of the machine.

Great coffee maker, i bought it for church use. I wish it had a power switch for the unit and not just the warmers;.

I bought this machine but i did not get the documentation of the same. I need those papers to transport to brazil.

Excellent service with amazon. This is the same model we had for 32 years. I hope to get 32 years out of this one. Excellent service with amazon.

We have a small breakroom where 20 employees gather in the morning for their coffee break, so we needed a commercial coffee maker. We had a giant (and ancient) 4 station bunn originally, but the coils burned up when someone neglected to refill the water tank and left it plugged in. This one is much smaller, and works beautifully. If you have to make a lot of coffee in not a lot of time (and be able to keep a pot warm while you make a second pot), this is an excellent choice. Be advised: this does not come with the coffee pots. We had two from our old machine, but make sure you buy two to go with this.

The process was cumbersome since it wasnt purchased through bunn, but now that we have a working unit, it is efficient for an office of 40.

Hate that it takes so long to heat up. Machine was just what we needed. Hate that it takes so long to heat up, but like the machine.

Decanters are sold separately. . In my opinion, product description does not make good efforts to let potential buyers know that product is shown with 2 decanters which has to be purchased separately. Decanters shown pictures are around $24 each. There are less expensive, all-glass ones which works just as well.

This is our 2nd bunn coffee maker. The other one particular is about twenty years previous. Even though they are expensive, they are truly worth the money. We make our tea and coffee in ours.

You can stick this bunn in my oven any time. We adore our coffee easy and boy does this bunn deliver the products. Pair issues to position out:– it does not come with decanters. We picked up a three pack of bunn decanters below on amazon – two common, one decaf and they work wonderful. Not high-priced both– get the twelve-cup bunn filters, not the 10-cup filters– it will come with a pouring pitcher bundled, no want to purchase 1 separately– instruction guide mentions a ability button, on the other hand there is no electrical power button. Just plug the machine in and the heating begins– the equipment normally requirements to stay plugged in to get the job done correctly.

Our business office team is pretty delighted with this products. Enjoy the design & selling price was excellent.

. And that is make coffee, but it does it damned perfectly. I am not going to notify you the particulars of how a bunn makes coffee the past reviewer did it really well and if you have ever eaten in a restaurant, doughnut shoppe, or coffee shop you have most likely witnessed 1. You could request why because this is genuinely intended for business use. Effectively i have owned this unit for approximately four several years devoid of a hiccup. Grind the beans, pour the pre-measured quantity of filtered (i made a mark with a long lasting marker on the drinking water jug) water and viola – the exact identically manufactured cup of coffee day just after day in a lot less than two minutesi necessarily mean i am drinking coffee in much less time than most makers are just pondering about heating the drinking water, and it is the exact cup day soon after day after working day. It does charge far more than your common property device, but this point is constructed like a sherman tank and if you truly required it could make more than enough coffee to consider care of a little military. Four gallons an hour – can you picture how very long (like maybe days) it would acquire your typical property coffee maker to brew that a lot coffee.

We use it every single wednesday and sunday for church solutions. It is effective terrific but demands teaching. It does not set up and operate as a normal residence coffee brewer. Study the instructions carefullyi would give it a five star if bunn would simplify its procedure of this coffee maker.

Quite straightforward to use, can make good coffee and it can be super rapid.