BUNN Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine : of the line juice machine but it does a great job at making a very delicious cup of juice

This juicer (in my opinion) is one of the best out. Did a lot of research on various juicer and found this to one of the best. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

This product works well for the most part; it juices fruits and veggies with ease. The one thing i noticed however is that it the machine itself could be a bit higher so that you can place a regular size glass under the spout. It is a bit inconvenient & time consuming to have to use a smaller size glass/container and then have to transfer the juice to a larger container.

Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine

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  • Special patented juice extraction technology with extra-large round feeder and super sized detachable pulp collector
  • 3,600 rpm motor has lifetime guarantee and whisper quiet operation
  • Commercial quality with good housekeeping seal of approval
  • Bonus power juicing recipe guide
  • Built-in safety features
  • Countertop juicing machine with an extra-large feeder chute
  • Powerful 3,600-RPM motor offers whisper-quiet operation
  • Surgical-quality stainless-steel cutting blade; super-sized, removable pulp collector
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts; includes recipe/instruction booklet
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Have had this juicer before. The catch tray is useless, doing opposite of what it is for and causes a mess so i don’t use it but otherwise i like the juicer.

I use this product almost everyday. It’s easy to clean and i found that if i use a plastic grocery bag in the mulch container it’s easier to clean too. If you’re into composting then you can use the mulch as compost – or depending upon what you have used to juice, use the pulp in recipes like chile and meatloaf (for veggies), or breads and cakes (for fruits) it adds a lot of flavor and texture.

I borrowed a jlpjb from a friend, and used hers for a month before i purchased one. Found it was easy to clean, operate and did great. Inexpensive enough to be affordable, you can also get parts online like a blade, etc. Worked with all kinds of veggies and fruits. I would recommend this machine to anyone starting juicing, i love mine.

Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine : This machine produces great juices but it get clogged a lot. I also find that the pulp i’m supposed to throw out has a lot of juice. Not bad fir the price, but they could do better.

The knife was not sharp enough, to cut the fruits. Which was very disappointing, but i replaced it with my older juicer’s.

I purchased this juicer because the one i had just like it for over 4 years needed to be replaced because the big plastic screw that holds the blade cracked away little by little, but the power was still going strong. When i saw this one used, i decided to by and was very pleased with my order. When the juicer arrived, ur looked as if it was brand new and it arrived very quickly. Overall, i am very pleased with my order and i love when my purchase exceeds my expectation.

Then after heavy use it started to produce more pulp/ leave more juice in the pulp. It also started leaving bits of pulp in the juice if the filter basket was not cleaned frequently. It still works great and i love it. I just love it a little more for the first few batches. We managed to can 10 gallons of apple cider this year with the help of this machine. Can’t wait to try it on other produce.

I have only owned three juicers but this is the best so far. The large opening takes apples and oranges easily. Unlike most centrifugal juicers, it is actually able to get some liquid out of leafy greens. Not as well as an auger juice extractor, but well enough that you can get value from the greens that you buy for juicing. Disassembly, cleaning and reassembly is fast and easy. Almost all of the pulp makes it into the ejection bin and what little sticks to the top cowl is easily scooped off with the fingers and dropped into the bin. The pulp is very dry which shows that most juice was successfully extracted. This juicer is also much quieter than my last one. I bought it used-as-new and it really was as-new. I would buy the same model again if i needed another one.

I like the size because you can make a lot of juice at one time.

I bought the juicer so i could make juice for my three year old son who will not eat veggies, and i want him to have good healthy juice that is not loaded with sugar. Juicer works quickly and quietly and i am very happy with it. My son loves the whole process nad is happily drinking vegies every day. 🙂 it can be a bummer to clean but the quality and flavor of fresh juice makes it a non issue.

This juicer works real good on lemons, oranges and even grapes but don’t recommend it for mangos, pineapples or even apples, just not heavy duty enough for those, but for the price its a good deal. Make sure to clean it well after each use and it works fine and hopefully will last longer.

Love this juicer as a first time juicer this was so nice. Easy to clean and very easy to prepare and use. I highly reccomend for the price it is awesome. I only switched because i wanted to upgrade to a cold press juicer.

Just wanted something more simple then the greenstar juicer for my morning celery juice from medical medium. Easier clean up, and i’ll do it more.

Product does as advertised and is useful. And the price cannot be beaten. Will buy this product again.

After reading many reviews i chose to buy jack la lane juicer. I find it easy to use and many receipes to follow in their book. Makes great juice without pulp. Fruit and vegtables are ground into a course pulp and dumpedinto the lage container in the back of the unit. The shredder is very sharp and does an amazing job. One must take every precaution when handling the shredder as to notinjure oneself by cutting a finger. A brush is recommended when cleaning it. Be sure to rinse and wash the entire removable parts of the unit as soon asyour preparation of fruits and vegtables are complete as the clean up at thatstage is a breeze. I would not recommend letting it stand and get dry, as it is harder toremove, i am told. I wash mine by hand though it maybe put into a dishwasher.

Love it, still running strong after many, many uses. Don’t put the parts in the dishwasher though.

The jack lalanne is not a top of the line juice machine but it does a great job at making a very delicious cup of juice.

I own a jack la lanne for about 2 years now. Since then, i`ve bought my boyfiend a very expensive breville elite juicer, which is very good, much easier to clean an assemble and dissemble, but it just doesn`t make as much juice out of the same amount of fruit as the jll. The left over pulp is moist and you can still squeeze a little juice out of it with your hands. Than i bought my dad a breville regular juicer, and it is basically the same as the elite, only cheaper. Now for my brother i have bouth the jll. In my opinion it is the best, the pulp is dry, it really takes all the juice out of the fruit. If you want more juice, buy this. If you want ease to use and clean, buy one made of stainless steel.

Easiest to use and clean and lasts forever.