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Okay, title may be a bit of an exageration, but. This steamed had to replace its b&d predecessor that, after about 18 years, finally steamed its last brussels sprout. Simple design, extremely effective workhorse. I steam all kinds of things, from beets to eggs to chicken (and rice, of course). I’ve even made split pea soup in this thing. It’s one of those things that you think you’ll seldom use, until you use it.

Had this for years, still works great.

I could eat broccoli for the rest of my life and never want for anything else. I used to steam it in the microwave but it’s not as good as steaming traditionally. This steamer is very nice, it holds a fair amount of veggies and cooks quickly. The manual comes times for lots of different stuff but that’ll get lost in no time. They were smart and included a sticker on the back with times for some of the more common foods. This is bulkier and messier than just steaming in the same bowl i’ll use to eat the food but it’s not too bad. The pieces do well in the dishwasher and don’t take up too much space if you separate the basket grill and angle the white plastic base plate inside of the basket. It’s a little more hassle but seems worth it. You can even hard “boil” eggs thanks to some clever little divots that prop the eggs up. I made some rice with it and it turned out well.

I had a previous black & decker rice steamer. I dropped the lid & broke it into 2 pieces, so i got another black & decker. Unlike the previous one, with which i was very happy, this one has a window so that you can check the water level in the reservoir and add more water without removing a thing. The water window has a “maximum” and “minimum” level, which is very helpful. It also has a place for adding seasonings of your choice. Some steamers do not have a timer, and i would not have a steamer without one. I know exactly how long it takes to cook rice and set the timer accordingly. It never will be be over or undercooked. I have been using distilled water, and i think it probably helps to extend the life of the steamer.

  • Great little steamer
  • Making veggies has never been so easy!
  • Fantastic!

Black & Decker HS1000 Handy Steamer with Flavor Scenter Screen

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  • Food steamer and rice cooker for healthy meals in minutes
  • 4-quart steam basket; 5-cup rice bowl; built-in egg holder; drip tray
  • 75-minute timer with auto shut-off and signal; external water-fill inlet
  • Built-in flavor-scenter screen for flavoring foods with herbs and spices
  • Measures approximately 12-1/5 by 9-1/5 by 10-2/5 inches

Since getting this i must say i eat more veggies than i ever have in my life (and i’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years). It’s really very simple to use and very convenient: rinse veggies and place them in basket, fill the device with water, turn the dial and voila. In the designated time, you have perfectly steamed and delicious veggies. There is a screen in between the basket and the base where you can put spices to enhance your meal with flavor. I use it for rice too and there is a place for eggs in the basket. I love my handy steamer and can’t imagine living without it. One of the most valuable things in my kitchen, without a doubtwhy 4 stars instead of 5?.The basket is made of plastic and after having it for less than a year, the bottom of the basket started to crack.

This black and decker steamer works wonders, i was amazed at how it worked with steaming my veggies. I continue to use this steamer on a weekly basis.

Had a b&d steamer for years but the large bowl cracked. It was still operable but i wanted to replace it. The new steamer has a different (oval) configuration, and requires the use of the flavor assembly in order for the business end to work. The “flavor assembly” allows you to add herbs or other stuff to flavor what you are steaming. It’s alittle corroded after only 3 uses (i added nothing to the actual flavor screen,but the steam probably corroded it a little. For the price it is an excellent way to prepare rice with never, never a sticky mess.

I’ve had this steamer for about 3 months now – purchased mostly for rice but i wanted the added ability to steam veggies as well. Everything i have tried has come out perfectly from rice soft and hard boiled eggs to potatoes to cauliflour, etc. I will agree, as other reviewers have stated, the rice bowl feels a bit flimsy which i don’t like, and you do need to be careful when taking off the lid lest you burn self. These are the only reasons i gave 4 stars _ think with just a bit better material for the bowl and a bit better design on the lid, these issues could have been resolved. Filling it is not really an issue if you use a spouted cup (i use my pyrex measuring cup). The times within the enclosed booklet are dead on. Love this, it has earned its spot on my counter as i use it at least 3x per week – and i just purchased one for my daughter as well.

I’m eating way more veggies because they taste better coming out of this steamer. Because of this, much of my diet has increased veggie intake, and i’ve lost 18 pounds in 3 months. Highly recommend for folks who have trouble getting your vegetables down. I steam fresh string beans in here, as well as asparagus, squash and peppers. They are just so much more yummy. Add goya adobo seasoning to your veggies that you’re steaming (right in the steamer itself, i dont’ really use the flavor scenter screen – i like the seasoning right on the veggies) and you will absolutely love it.

I have never bought an electric steamer before so i don’t know how to compare. The veggies are tasty cooked in this and you can get perfect rice. Once you have it loaded and turned on– you don’t have to remember anything else. The timer will let you know when all done. It does seem a little flimsy and the clear plastic would not take a lot of abuse.

I would not recommend putting the basket in a dishwater as it will eventually get brittle and crack, hence my second one,.

We had a version of this that was about 13 years old. It lasted a long time and finally it began dying on us. I was glad to see that they’re still making this guy. We use it mostly for rice, but we like that it’s oval shaped so you can steam asparagus and other longish vegetables. If you need to make a lot of rice, this is not the steamer for you. You can’t really make more than 1 1/2 cups (before cooking) rice. With the old one, you could do 2 cups. I imagine there’s a better steamer out there, but the price is right on this one and if it’s even half as reliable as its predecessor, i will have gotten my money’s worth.

Not as good as original models but it does the job.

It works like a charm and the design is excellent. I had a black and decker steamer for many years and it finally gave up the ghost, which is why i bought this one. By the way, the new one is not as heavy to lift and easier to clean than my old one.

This steamer does its job well, but the components are quite flimsy. I worry it won’t last as long as black & decker’s earlier model that i had for many years. It does have a greater capacity than the previous version, which i enjoy.

I’ve been looking for a steamer like this for almost a year — and i’m glad i waited until i got the best. Great performance; great price.

Very nice , easy to clean and use.

When my old steamer died, i had a hard time finding another steamer. Our local stores don’t carry them, so i was pleased to see this online. This one really has everything i need. The size is just right, and veggies and rice are done exactly the way i like them. The bottom reservoir is easy to fill, and best of all, the timer is manual-no digital parts to break or replace. Would make a great christmas gift.

We purchased this steamer to replace one we’ve had for years. The old one finally gave up. It’s a great appliance to have; no worries about over cooked vegetables, simple to use and easy to clean. My only concern was that the basket is a little flimsy and not as sturdy feeling as my old basket. Other than that, we got a great product for the price we paid.

We had an earlier model of this steamer for over 17 years and it worked perfectly. Since we have hard water in our area, we finally got too much of a calcium buildup on the heating element so we sadly had to say bye-bye to it, then we purchased this similar product and have used it many times and love it just as much. We mostly use it for rice, but it works great for vegetables too. We are very happy with this steamer and have also purchased one for each of our daughters.

This item was purchased as a rice cooker, however, the 6 slotted boiled egg cooker is fantastic. The egg shells peel off easily. I am considering buying another just to have on hand.

I have been shopping and hopping from one rice cooker to another, in search of perfection + ease of cooking. Recently bought a conventional fuzzy logic rice cooker; the cooker is fantastic, but the non-stick coated inner pot is now a turn-off after my recent education about its evils. So, this food steamer was my next investment. There is no escaping the no brainer rice perfection. You fill the bottom compartment with water all the way to max, place your rice container (with rice plus suggested water measurement) and then turn the thing on. It takes 60 mins to cook 2 cups of dried rice to result in 4 to 6 cups of cooked rice (depending on the variety you use). The timer switch is an old-fashioned dial, but does its job and turns off faithfully at the end. After that is all rice heaven.

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Black & Decker HS1000 Handy Steamer with Flavor Scenter Screen
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