Brita Wave Pitcher – Perfect size, fits well in my fridge

Not bad if your water is not bad.

This wave pitcher arrived to replace our 4 year old brita grand, which had warping from a dishwasher. The wave is similar in size and volume. A few key improvements were made, mostly in the top portion:1. A ‘funnel’ insert has been included in the wave’s design. With the grand, water in the top compartment could knock the lid off. The funnel also causes the top compartment to be nearly watertight. With the grand, unfiltered water in the top would mix with filtered water if you poured before the water had finished filtering. Now, you don’t have to stand and wait for water to completely filter before pouring.

Started using this filter and tap resistant cover helps keep filter particles from floating up (that used to give impression that water is really filthy). Found it very nice looking and it holds a good amount of water, esp with guests. I am guessing the filter replacement technology counts the number of times lid was opened to indicate replacement time. I sometimes dont fill up full filter-so replacement sign can be a little early. But pretty nice looking filter compared to white and purple ones.

Save money and the environment.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fixes most of the glitches from the Brita Grand, but may cost more to operate in the long run.
  • Found it very nice looking and it holds a good amount of water
  • Perfect size, fits well in my fridge

We bought this as a christmas gift for my daughter – she loves it and says that she is drinking more water than ever.

Love the color combinations.

Looks really slick and great on the countertop. The water tastes good as well.

I hate the taste of tap water and didn’t want to keep purchasing bottles water. The water tastes great and this pitcher pours well. I am happy with my purchase.

I hate to have to write this review with only 4 stars, because the pitcher is great. My only problem is that the counter in the lid doesn’t work, at least, it doesn’t count. You can set it and it flashes (so it’s not a battery problem), but it doesn’t flash when the pitcher is tilted to pour. I assume there is a pendulum type switch or a rolling ball that may be stuck, i don’t think they would use a mercury type switch in a water pitcher. I’ve taken the lid off to see if i tipped it over further it would register, but that didn’t work. Bad as i hate to, i guess i’ll have to return it. Wish i could keep the pitcher and they’d just send me a new lid. The pitcher filters much faster than our old one (i guess due to the new filter design) and the design of the pitcher itself is much improved.

Better than i was expecting. . Pours great and you don’t get water that is waiting to be filtered and it’s attractive.

I like the ‘funnel’ design in top and the handle placement makes it more balanced and easier to lift than previous models.

I had been happy with my old brita until it cracked. This new one is so wonderful because you know exactly how much water to put in it and it fits so perfectly in the fridge door with its new slim design. I love fresh brita water, it is so refreshing.

Perfect size, fits well in my fridge, gives a better taste to the water, now i enjoy a cold drink of water.