Breville USA BEM600XL Handy Stand Mixer – Great little mixer

After trying two stand mixers, both long standing well known brands, and having them break upon 2nd or 3rd use, i decided to go with an unknown. This mixer is light weight and easy to use. The two motor concept is new to me but i easily adapted. I have used it almost every day since i received it and have no complaints. I have used it both as a stand mixer and as a hand mixer. I find the design of this mixer to be very well thought out. The added timer on the digital speed display is a bonus. I will note that the digital speed display is difficult to see when one is short.

Everything has a quality appropriate to the price range. No glaring faults except perhaps the noisy bowl rotate motor. The mixer it’s self is quiet and powerful. The boost button cleans clogged beaters without fuss or slinging batter everywhere.

Looks very nice and work great. Easy to use easy to clean love that it detaches from the base to become a hand mixer. I also love the turning mixing bowl. The only beef i have with it is that i paid $16 more than what is being advertised now. If you need a reasonable mixer grab this. Here are the specifications for the Breville USA BEM600XL Handy Stand Mixer:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Fully Detachable Hand Mixer
  • One motor drives the beaters while a second independent motor drives the bowl, allowing power to be put where it is needed
  • Heavy-duty V-groove spring loaded beaters with patented soft tips ensure excellent mixing results
  • Electronic load sensing for heavy mixes
  • BPA Free Materials

I gave it only 4 stars since i gave it as a gift and haven’t used it personally. It has many nice features: the timer, the protection on the end of the beaters, the slight flare of the bowl that makes it easier to add ingredients while mixing, and of course being able to use it as a hand mixer. If my current mixer breaks i will buy one for myself. I did read that some thought it was too loud. I did check for that before giving it away and it seemed fine to me.

Why isn’t the name ‘breville’ better known?. I suppose those who are serious about quality are aware of it – as i have become. Since acquiring this mixer, i have developed the habit of baking something every week, my favorites being biscuits and scones whose heavy batter would be a challenge for a less well-built unit. I have even started making cakes (no frosting) and am looking for other excuses to use this mixer. It has a solid feel, is easy to use and takes up minimal space when not being used. My other breville product is a convection / toaster oven which is used on a daily basis. When the plug got jammed against the wall and the cord became pinched, creating a short-circuit problem, breville replaced the entire unit with a re-manufactured unit – that is as good as a new one. I plan on buying another breville product in the near future – a food processor.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • please know this is nothing like a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and there really is
  • Terrific mixer for those who want a lighter, smaller, detachable machine!
  • mixer for only a short time but I am amazed at its mixing capabilities

I wanted a kitchen aid, but they are so heavy i wouldn’t be able to move it off of my countertop when not in use. This mixer is much lighter and much less expensive, ​and i am quite happy with it. It was also the only brand of mixer i liked with a detachable hand mixer.

I do a fair amount of cooking using this and i love that it separates to be a handheld mixer as well as stand mixer. The lock in bowl is wonderful too as other stand beaters i’ve had in the past did not offer this feature. It works great, only thing lacking is a mixing paddle, but a hand scraper and the beaters and dough hooks included all work perfectly. The choice of various speeds with the boost is a good feature as well. I definitely recommend this appliance.

I had a kitchen aid professional mixer and hated it. This breville mixer is perfect. Easy to use, easy to clean, not heavy like the kitchen aid. I also like that i can detach the mixer from the base and use it as a hand mixer. I would highly recommend this mixer.

I previously used a hand mixer with mixed results(no pun intended). I cooked a pound cake, using the breville. I do not know if it was expertise on my part, but i give credit to the new mixer. My cake was perfect, and i received many compliments. I am totally satisfied with the product. It is not too heavy, just right. I would recommend this to anyone who do not want to purchase or use the heavy duty mixers.

Great for mixing medium to light weight batters. Love the offset bowl which is super for adding ingredients without stopping the mixer or making a mess. This mixer reminds me of my mother’s old mix master which we used for years. Probably not the mixer for lots of heavy mixing chores but for cookies, pancakes, crepes, etc.

It is heavy duty enough to be an investment, not a disposable appliance. I like the settings, easy to use and clean and best of all it is quiet. I don’t feel the need to get ear plugs to use it.

If you do a lot of heavy baking, please know this is nothing like a kitchen aid stand mixer and there really is no substitute. However, if you’re looking for something less heavy duty this fits the bill. I needed a new hand held beater and when i saw this, i liked the fact that you could use the beater independently or attach it to the base for jobs that require several stages of mixing. It’s hands down the best hand held beater i’ve used and i have had cuisinart and kitchenaid beaters in the past. It has 12 speeds and the 1st speed is very low, which is nice when beating in dry ingredients so they don’t get blown out of the bowl. It’s also nice how the speed increases slowly and speed 12 is very powerful. I’ve used it in the stand several times and it’s just not that great at mixing the contents of the bottom of the bowl. For example, when i’m done mixing i stir the ingredients around and right in the center of the bowl at the bottom there are unmixed ingredients. It just takes a bit more work to mix that part up by hand. That being said, some hand held mixers can be upwards of $100 and not as good as this one and you get the option of attaching it to a base, which i think is a great deal overall.

Mixer has excellent power and good mixing capability. Offset of blades in mixer bowl makes for less having to scrape sides. Does good job of scrapping bottom. A little noisey on the metal bowl, so i gave it one star less. Hight recommend for everyday mixinng uses.

I used to have the big heavy kitchensid mixer. If only it had all those nice attachments. But this is a very good product, i’ve never been disappointed with a breville products.

Had plenty of power for mixing cookie dough, blades easily unsnapped for cleaning (licking), and smaller mixer size was a plus in my tiny kitchen.

I was searching for a mixer that is lighter and took up less room than a kitchenaid. It is especially good for apartment dwellers with smaller kitchens. The mixer part separates from the stand so it can be used as a hand mixer. This makes it very easy to store. The blades are powered by a motor and the stand is powered by a separate motor which makes the bowl go around. It has many speeds which are electronic and high and low. It does an excellent job on all types of batter and whipping cream and egg whites. The breville mixer is made in such a way that it is easy to clean. There are few ‘nooks and crannies’ where batter can lodge.

Works great, but it is noisy. Makes great breads, cookies, frosting and cakes.

I received this mixer for christmas from my son and i totally love it. I am retired, and at the place where i no longer want to stand in place mixing ‘forever’, and this little guy does the mixing for me . It’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t ‘kill me’ when i take it down from the shelf. Yet it is very sturdy on the counter top when mixing anything. Yes, maybe the mixing blades do have some extra little parts that help to get the sides of the bowl mixed, but, all you have to do is soak them while you are cleaning up the kitchen, and viola. It amazes me how many women complain about how difficult things are to clean. In my day, we called it ‘use a little elbow grease’ you will be very happy with this little mixer. Especially you retirees that are tired of standing.

It was given as a christmas gift for my aunt, whose broke. It was ver4y difficult finding a removable hand mixer.

This machine is easily stored and still powerful enough to knead pizza dough. I have used it on several different things and it preformed well both as a hand mixer and a stand mixer.

The twin motor system where one motor drives the beaters while the second motor drives the bowl, what a cool idea. But unfortunately the experience shows that usually all those cool ideas fall short on execution so i can tell you honestly that i was rather skeptical ordering this mixer. To my pleasant surprise with this cool idea breville delivered on the execution as well. This mixer does very well everything advertised and i am sure that it would be very useful addition to anyone’s kitchen and you do not even have to buy separately a stand mixer and a hand mixer because it has both of them in one.You can use it as a stand mixer or just as a hand mixer if needed, because it has completely detachable hand mixer. However, i have to say that even though, the motor which drives beaters is nice and quiet, the motor which drives the bowl is noisy, but it can be turned off independently if not needed. Also i think this mixer would be perfect if its beaters would be made out of stainless steel with no possibility to rust.