Breville BSG1974XL the Original Sandwich Maker : the ultimate hot pocket

So easy, even the kids use it.

I was in awe at how much more expensive this item is here on amazon. I nearly purchased this for $30 more using prime.

Breville BSG1974XL the Original Sandwich Maker

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  • Cooks 2 large toasted sandwiches in minutes
  • Premium quality PFOA free non-stick coating for easy cleaning
  • Scissor action automatically seals in ingredients and cuts sandwiches in half
  • Deep pockets for more filling
  • Stands upright for convenient storage

Very happy with this breville is the best.

I like it, although it could be a tad bit bigger. There needs to be an easier way to eject the sandwich without scratching the surface. Wooden tongs and wooden utensils still make it difficult to remove the sandwich.

Replaced our old sandwich maker – took forever to find one like the old one and this is it. My favorite ‘sandwich’ is tunafish in a tortilla and grilled – yummy.

Breville BSG1974XL the Original Sandwich Maker : Recommend this product without hesitation. I can even use bread which is smaller than the large square and the sandwich filling does not leak out of the machine all over the back of the appliance as it did with our old (not breville) sandwich maker.

This is not like those cheap plastic ones where it feels like it’s going to break when you clamp it shut.

The pockets for this sandwich maker is deep enough for you to fill your sandwich with more ingredients.

This appliance is fantastic. Very well made, easy to store, and produces delectable toasty sandwiches. Worth the price, i have recommended this wonderful item to many people.

I bought this machine after snapping handles on lesser models made by cuisinart. I’ve had it now for a little over 3 months and i have to say this is the best sandwich maker i’ve used to date. The machine seems to take my stacked sandwich creations and just swallows them up.The pockets are deep as in: 2 slices of bread, thick slice of cheddar, slice of tomato, 0. 5 in cube chunks of chicken big and it closed right down on all of that and made perfectly melted ooey gooey sandwiches. Don’t waste your time on lesser machines. Any of the cuisinart or t-fal machines with the integrated handle (the handle is part of the casing) would have just snapped. This unit also doesn’t seem to have some of the nooks and crannies that build up oil and goo like some of the other machines. It’s very easy to wipe it down to clean it off.

Not all sammy’s turn out automatically amazing using this method. Sometimes i put too much butter on which i didn’t think was possible, however there’s other oil’s and spreads you can use as well which often work very well. As you gain skill and experience using it, you will probably find it a useful kitchen appliance (which i cannot say the same for a half dozen or ten other kitchen appliances that i thought would solve all of lifes problems that are now sitting in the corner of our basement collecting dust waiting for a yard sale that never seems to happen. **great for cooking eggs/sausage on one side and toast on the other.

Heavy construction, well made, heats quickly, easy clean-up, indicator light. Use it several times a week. Breville name means quality to me. I’ve also owned a breville juicer.

Ok i am either good at using kitchen appliances right out the box or breville makes excellent easy to use products. My first purchase from breville was the bsg800xl smart grinder and theesp8xl cafe roma which are a perfect pair for making espresso which i am drinking now. There the right size, design and priced just right. I decided to stick with breville for the sandwich maker. I use to make my sandwiches by toasting the bread in the toaster or on the frying pan or oven. I stopped doing that a long time ago. Lately i had the urge for going back to old school but wanted too see what options were out there for toasty sandwiches. So i read about sandwich makers i thought was kind of strange ‘what sandwich maker??’. After looking at videos and reading reviews i was hooked. I knew that’s what i wanted.

This was more expensive than similar sandwich makers in the class, but works very well. The deeper pockets allow for a fuller sandwich than the previous maker i had in the past. No stick surface works well. I found that there is no need to butter bread, but a light coating of cooking spray makes a less greasy and more tasty sandwich. Worth the price and is best in class.

The only best sandwich maker on earth.

My kids think they are chefs with this product. They certainly can now cook better than my wife.

We were watching a movie and there was a sandwich maker in the kitchen. I don’t do impulse buys, but this took me back to a happy childhood. After some research i decided to spend the money on a breville. Great quality, nice and heavy construction. Cleans up easy and the non stick surfaces are truly non stick. All in all, money well spend.

This is my fourth sandwich maker and by far it is the best one, i had 2 problems with other makers, first the plastic latch that close the unit is flimsy and get broken after a while, second though the removable plates sounds like a better way to clean the plates but actually it is not because there is always a gap between the removable plates and where it go and the grilled cheese spill into his gap and contact the heaters causing smoke. This unit is sturdy and very well made, my only complaint is that it takes giant slices and a really huge amount of filling to get the shell shaped sandwich, i use 2 toasts 2 cheese slices, 1 tomato slice, 1 salami slice, couple of mushroom slices and still my sandwich was too thin to take the shell shape. It is worth the money instead of buying a cheaper one that would be replaced in couple of months, i have got it from the manufacturer website for $50, amazon should review the price.

Lights signify when is warm and when sandwich is ready. Would be kind of difficult to mess up. Would not hesitate to buy again or give as gift.

I’m so glad i didn’t buy one of those cheap sandwich makers. This is a solid well made product, it will definitely last a life time and makes beautiful sandwiches.

I am so happy with this purchase. It is the best sandwich maker in the market. Takes a little extra counter space but is sturdy and built to last.